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orange slices and strawberry seeds.

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Kim Taehyung was...special. He had a burning passion for fruits and even a soft spot on a strawberry would make him break down, which is why it was such a stupid idea for him to go to the Farmers Market. Why? Well, he had been known for avoiding stations for having soft or gross looking fruits, leaving about two stations to choose from who were waaaay overpriced. But, he had no choice since grocery stores were oh so mean to the perfectionist.

Jeon Jungkook, he tried his best. He was definitely bright, he just lacked some reasoning. Leading them to here.

"Sir, I'm sorry! I didn't know what you meant!" The cashier was nearly on his knees, begging his customer to forgive him, his head down. Taehyung cocked his head and crossed his arms, his bag of slices and seeds in his hand.

"What the hell did you think I meant, huh? I specifically said three oranges and five strawberries!" The other male felt his face get hot and he twisted his feet anxiously.

"Some customers just like seeds and slices..."

"WHY THE HELL WOULD I JUST WANT SEEDS AND SLICES? What's your name?" The boy looked up and Taehyung felt butterflies swarm in his chest. The dim male pouted and gave him an apologetic gaze.

"Jeon Jungkook. Once again, I'm very sorry. I'll give fruit for free. Please don't yell at me." He had tears pricking in his eyes and Taehyung felt his heart being tugged at. Well now he felt guilty as hell.

"Yeah, I'm sorry. Just give me the fruit and your number as refund." Jungkook gave a beaming smile and Taehyung nearly melted, keeping a nice grip on the fruit bag. Jungkook scribbled his number on a receipt, handing his customer three times the fruit he requested. Taehyung gave a smile, took the fruit with receipt and scuttled away.



Taehyung walked through the door, dropping the huge bag of fruit on the table. Immediately, he heart little footsteps.


On cue, the small male came speeding into the living room, his nightgown bouncing. It was 11 am.

"Tae! You said you'd only get a little fruit!" Taehyung rolled his eyes and chuckled.

"You said you'd only get a little bit shorter." Jimin huffed and crossed his arms, quietly giggling. "Besides, it was all free. Some cute store clerk gave it to me. And before you contradict, I got his number." Jimin closed his mouth and bounced up and down.

"Now, let's get snacking."