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Split Movie OneShots: Only The Sexy Vol 4

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Welcome to VOL 4/Book 4 of Split One Shots: Only the Sexy.

Request anything kinky, sexy, etc etc etc.

Comment what you want to see happen with who/or pairing and some details. The more detail's the better I can write it :) But please nothing to over the top complicated lol

"Okay just to let my readers\requester's know. If you ask me to do a story that has certain things in it that is a little more taboo in nature, Then don't get upset if I don't write it out in graphic detail if I decide to write it for you. I do try my best to make everyone happy doing these story's for you all. I write in the ways I'm comfortable with. Nothing against people who like different things because I have things I like too. If I'm not writing to your standards/liking There's many more great writers on here that would be more then happy I'm sure to write your ideas out. Thank you and I'm more then willing to work with you. :)"

Every Character in my stories are 18 and older. :)

Have fun reading my little Smut lovers ;) lol


(No longer taking X reader requests  *Sorry *)

( I do take:   Character x Oc,   Character x Character,  Character x Character x Oc )


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