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Now or Never

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It was like any other day in Hawkins.Hopper rolled into the station late, shared a few sarcastic words with his co-workers, grabbed some coffee, a doughnut, (flo gave up trying to make him eat healthier years ago) and the paper. He Headed to his office and shut the door. Since the closing of the lab years ago and the kid leaving for college, life had become very mundane. Leaning back in the chair with his feet on the desk, Hopper casually sipped his coffee and skimmed the paper. After reading the obituaries he went to flip to the next page, but something caught his eye.



Hopper's eyes were glued to the article taking in every word. It was just like every other engagement announcement, told about the man's life, woman's life, their life together, and a little about the upcoming wedding, accompanied by a photo of the two. She looked really happy in the picture, like she had no more worries and wasn't haunted by years of torment. This made Hopper happy, he was glad that someone had come along to make her life better. Yet he was confused and sick to his stomach. He didn't even know she was seeing anyone, let alone engaged! Weren't they friends? He always wanted more out of there relationship, but was afraid of not being good enough. He guessed that's why they fell out of touch, it got to difficult just being her friend and not something more.

After a while, Hopper couldn't deal with his feelings, so he went to the safe across the room. Inside were some important files, money bags, a gun, a couple liquor bottles, and an orange bottle. He contemplated, the sleeping pills worked quicker, but with him not taking them for so long he would actually go to sleep. So he settled on the booze. He retrieved the bottle, sat in his chair, opened it, and fell in.

The day of the Hudson - Byers arrived faster than he expected. Surprisingly, Hopper had been invited, but he decided against going. He would do something he would end up regretting if he went.

“Dad. Dad? Dad!" A sweet voice called. “Wha?" Hopper awoke from his drunken slumber on the couch, half dressed with an afghan thrown over him. Jane was twirling in front of him in a mint green bridesmaids dress, white heels, and her hair was in an updo. Hopper smiled like he hadn't smiled in months. “You look beautiful darlin’!" " Thanks Dad!” Jane exclaimed and ran out the door. With that he was left alone. “Fuck it!" Hopper went over to the medicine cabinet, grabbed the sleeping pills, tossed a few in his mouth, and followed with whiskey.

He hopped the mix of pills and booze would take effect before the church bells rang. They didn't. They rang and rang and rang. All of the sudden, Hopper shot up in bed in a cold sweat. His heart was rapidly beating and his alarm clock was blaring. It was a dream. Too real of dream and he had to stop it from becoming reality.