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Family Affair

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“Bella what happened?” Alice gasped. As she saw her roommate stumble into the apartment.  Her face was covered in bruises and it was clear her arm was broken. Blood was oozing from her forehead, and her lip was busted.

“” the word came out garbled.

“I’m kill him.” Alice growled getting Bella to the couch and setting her down. “You need to go to the police and to the hospital.” Alice insisted.

Bella shook her head. “No.”  she was still having difficulty speaking.

“Why not?”

Bella motioned towards a pad of paper and a pencil which Alice passed to her. Luckily it wasn’t Bella’ s dominate arm that was broken.

The cops don’t care you know how powerful his father is. I told them last time he broke my hand and they did nothing he just told them I caught it in the door.

“He’s done this before.” Alice shrieked. Bella gave a shaky nod.

Last year before I moved in with you.

Why didn’t you tell me?”

He said he’d kill me if I told anyone else. I believe him.  She shivered. That’s why I stayed with him I feared for my life.

“Oh Bella.” Alice put her hand over her mouth and tried to stifle a sob.

“Fine. We won’t go to the police or the hospital but let me at least call a doctor.” A steely look came over Alice’s eyes. “James isn’t going to get away with this though Bella mark my words.”

Don’t put yourself in danger. Bella scribbled down getting an eerie chuckle from Alice.

“Oh don’t worry he won’t touch me. My brother’s will make sure of that. Now can I call a doctor?”

“How do you know a doctor that will come to the apartment?

Bella there is so much about me you don’t know. I think it might be time to let you in on a few secrets but believe me you are safe, do you trust me?” Bella nodded. “Okay then give me a moment I have to make some phone calls.  With that Alice stood up and went to her room. She grabbed her emergency cell phone and called Emmett’s  emergency phone.

Emmett Cullen was sitting in his office over looking New York when the shrill tone of his emergency phone went off. He quickly grabbed it and looked at the number on the display screen.

“Alice what’s wrong?” He demanded. He knew that if she was calling on this line then there was no time for pleasantries.

“It’s my roommate Bella. Her boyfriend has assaulted her and this isn’t the first time. He has threatened to kill her if she tries to go to the cops or leave him. Last time the cops didn’t believe her and believed his story that she hurt herself in an accident.

“Assaulted her how?” Emmett demanded.

Her face is busted up . her arm looks broken I’m not sure if she has any other injuries she is having difficulty talking as is writing everything down.”  She heard a growl come from the other end of the phone.

“Was she sexually assaulted?”

“I don’t know.” Alice whispered horrified she hadn’t even thought of that possibility. “She said last time he broke her hand.”

“His name is James Hunter right?”

“Yes.” Alice swallowed. “I never really liked him he gave me the creeps but Bella seemed to love him and he didn’t give me any actual reason to hate him but now…”

“But now he must be eliminated.”  Emmett finished the sentence.

“His father is powerful though maybe more powerful then you.” She whispered thinking of the elder Hunter. She heard Emmett  snort.

“He is a coward who likes to throw his money around. Two can play at that game. Don’t worry James Hunter will be taken care of and no one will ever know what really happened.” Emmett assured her.

“I also need you to send Garrett to the apartment Bella is refusing to go to the hospital but she needs medical attention.”

“Okay I’ll send him to you. Alice Bella is going to have questions is she trustworthy?”

“You know she is.” Alice seethed.

“I don’t know her that well I’ve met her a few times and of course her back-ground check came up clean. When we ran it before she moved in but you are the one who lives with her every day so I’m saying Mary Alice Cullen can she be trusted with the truth?”

“Yes, well she may freak out for a moment but at this point I think she will do anything to get James out of her life and with her being an Orphan she won’t feel the need to protect anyone.”

“Okay Alice I’m trusting you, Garrett will be there soon. After he patches Bella up, I want you to both go to mom and dad’s do you understand?”

“Yes Emmett .” Alice nodded even though he couldn’t see her.

“Okay Alice throw your phone away as soon as you get off and I’ll be getting both of us new emergency phones.

“Right.” Alice said knowing protocol. She hung up her phone and then wiped it down before smashing it into a bunch of pieces and throwing it in a trash bag. She put it by the door and then went to Bella. “Okay Bella the Cullen family doctor is coming here. After he fixes you up, we’ll be going to my parents house to be safe.”

Alice I can’t put you out like that.  Bella wrote down.

“It’s no problem believe me.”  Alice assured her.  Just then a knock came on the door. Alice hurried to it. “Who is it?” she called out.

“Garrett.” The word floated through the door.  

Alice opened the door and pulled the doctor into the apartment. “Thank you for coming on short notice Garrett.” Alice said. “This is Bella.” She led him forward and she knew Garrett was trying not to grimace at what Bella looked like.

“Okay Miss Bella my name is Garrett and I’m going to fix you up. I know this is a delicate question but I need to know did he sexually assault you?” Bella grabbed the paper.

He tried that’s when he got really angry because he couldn’t and then he strangled me and broke my arm. I fought him and I got away. I scratched up his face. She pushed the paper towards the doctor who read it.

“Son of a bitch.” He muttered well Alice once again tried to stop the tears from flowing out of her eyes.

“Oh Bella.” She whispered.

“Emmett is not going to be happy about this.” Garrett muttered.

“Okay young lady we are going to fix up your arm. You’re going to need a cast and a few stiches on your forehead.  He fixed up her arm. Stitched up her forehead and looked at her throat. “Okay your voice needs at least two days  to rest. Which this being Friday should help” He advised Bella. “Miss Cullen is this it?” he nodded towards the bag with the broken phone.

“Yes.” She nodded.

“Okay, Embry is down stairs to take you to your parents are you two ready?”

Bella grabbed a pen and the paper again. I need to get some clothes.

“Don’t worry about that I have plenty of clothes that you can wear you can be my newest test model for the new line.” Alice told her.

Bella was too tired to fight. She just shrugged and stood up. She followed Alice downstairs and got into an SVU driven by who must be Embry.

As the girls were driven to the Cullen compound Emmett Cullen was getting everything settled for what would need to be done later that night.

He was seething at what happened to the young woman who was his sister’s roommate and even more when he got the full report from Garrett. “It’s not pleasant boss.” He warned handing over his findings and some pictures he had taken of Bella.

Emmett growled and threw the papers. “How are we doing this?” Edward asked Jasper by his side.

“We are making it look like a suicide. Where is Seth? he will forge the suicide note. Soon Seth was coming forward and Emmett gave him a sample of James Hunter’s handwriting no one dared ask how he’d even came to acquire such a thing. Emmett had his ways.

James never saw it coming. He was grabbed. The gun forced in his hand and the trigger pulled. Once he was assured to be dead. The letter was dropped by his side his finger prints pressed into the paper.  Emmett made sure that he wouldn’t be found for a last a month give Bella time to heal before the cops came to question her.

“That should cover it.” Emmett said, and everyone know that Emmett wouldn’t get caught because he was ruthless and he was meticulous and he didn’t make mistakes.

Carlisle had stepped down after seeing how well Emmett could run things. He was always ten steps ahead of law enforcement and kept all his dealings legit well the ones anyone could find anyway.

As James’s dead body was left to rot. Bella and Alice were inside the Cullen residents.

“Oh you poor dear.” Esme cooed over the younger woman.

Alice not that I don’t apricate all of this but what is really going on it’s all so clandestine.  Bella wrote down.

Alice sighed and shook her head. “Bella what I’m about to tell you is going to be hard to take but I promise you, you’re safe.

Now you’re really scaring me

“Bella what I’m about to tell you, you can’t tell anyone else is that clear? Bella nodded, “Okay,” Alice took a deep breath.  “My brother, Emmett you remember him, right?” Again, Bella nodded. “He is a mob boss. All the males in my family are part of the mob.”

Bella’s eyes got wide. Holy shit she wrote. Wait does that mean….

“Don’t write it down Bella yes Emmett has taken care of your little problem he should be here any moment with my other brother and Jasper to tell us what our story is going to be when the cops show up at the apartment.

Bella just mutely nodded. She didn’t even try to write anything down.  Her mind was whirling with all the information she’d just been given. Just then the door opened and three men walked through causing her to jump.

“Bella.” She looked up to see a large man with curly brown hair. He was Emmett she remembered him from the few times she’d met him at the apartment.  She didn’t say anything her mind was still whirling with the information Alice had just given her. Emmett sat down next to her and she tried not to cringe.

Hi Bella wrote.

She got a smile from Emmett and it eased the harsh lines on his face. It reminded her of the guy she’d met before the carefree goofball that was Alice’s eldest brother. Not the ruthless killer that was standing in front of her.  “This is my brother Edward  you’ve met him before and I’m sure you remember Jasper.

Bella gave a small smile to her roommate’s boyfriend. She nodded. “Jas.” Alice whispered going into his arms. He held her close as they both watched Emmett talking to Bella.

“Okay Bella I want you too know that your problem is taken care of. Alice come here please.” He motioned towards his sister. Alice sat down beside Bella waiting to see what her brother would say. “We have made it look like a suicide that he killed himself because you two broke up. Now we’ve assured that he won’t be found for some time. That will give you some time to heal.” He grimaced at her injuries and it was a bit shocking for her. He was disturbed by her injuries well at the same time talking of killing someone.

“You two will need to act normal like you know nothing.” Edward put in.

“I’m going to be staying at the apartment with you until it’s all settled.” Jasper added.

Bella let out a breath she had no idea she’d been holding.  She felt her hands shaking. “Hey.” Emmett said causing her to look up at him. “You are safe okay we won’t let anything happen to you, you’re one of us now.”

“I think Bella could use some sleep.” Esme cut in noticing the destress and weariness on the younger woman’s face.

Yes thank you Bella wrote.

“I’ll get you some PJ’s.” Alice said racing up the stairs. Bella followed Esme up the stairs and was soon situated in a luxurious room.  Bella nodded her head in thanks when Alice handed her the PJ’s.

“Get some rest dear and let me know if you need anything.” Esme instructed her.  With that she closed the door and Bella was left alone. She changed and crawled into the big bed. She let a tear fall. How had she landed here?” how had she allowed James to bring her to this place, this place where someone had murdered for her and she didn’t even feel guilty about it. She shut her eyes trying to numb herself to the whole situation and get some semblance of sleep.

That night everyone stayed at the Cullen residents Rosalie Edward’s wife even came over so that he was sure she was okay.

“What happened?” Rose asked when she came through the Cullen doorway. Edward took her into his arms and held her close. He whispered to her what had happened. She gasped. “That is horrible.” He pulled her back and wiped the tears from her eyes.

“She’s safe now. We made sure of that.”

“Still.” Rose bit her lip. She herself knew what it was like to be in an abusive relationship and it broke her heart to know another woman had also went through that. She would an ally in the corner of that other woman. She would protect her with her life. Just like the other Cullens. She was one of them fully now.

  They just needed to feel close to each other. One of their own had been attacked. Even if Bella hadn’t known she was one of them. They had always considered her since the day she moved in with Alice and they cared for their own. Esme had filled Carlisle in on what had happened and he just said. “That poor girl.”

Nothing would ever be the same for Bella Swan after that day. She was now and fully in the world of the Cullen Mafia Family.

A/N so I have been trying to get this storyline write for like a week now. At first it was going to be a Bella/Edward story but there are so many mobward/Bella stories so why not an Emmett/Bella Mob story. I’m out of my depth with this story so if you want mo