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Chapter 1- Ian's Sweetheart


It was early Friday morning, the light barely touching the sky, when he opened the door to the apartment, drenched in the sweat of early summer, heat in Chicago was sweltering, even in May. The snow he was used to, but not the heat.

His sweats clung to his body and he was thankful for not wearing a shirt on his run this time. It would have clung to him as well. At least inside was nice and cool, the air conditioner on high as it dried the sweat in its tracks.

Ian leaned against the kitchen counter, trying to catch his breath when Mickey walked out of their room, a grumpy look on his face that immediately turned into a smile upon seeing him.

“Hey baby,” Ian grinned and accepted Mickey’s kiss hello.

“Hey back,” Mickey smiled and moved to grab a cup of coffee. His eyes unable to look away from his bare chested lover.

Ian noticed and smirked. “Too bad you already took a shower, huh?” he ran his hand down his chest, all the way to his hips.

“Too bad is right.” He tongued the corner of his lip. “Maybe I need another one?”

“Oh yeah?” He grinned and moved to back Mickey against the counter. Tattooed hands swept down his body, not caring how much sweat covered his chest. “But then you’d be late for work.”

“Dax won’t mind, you know I do most of the work anyways.” Mickey argued.

Ian eyed his body hungrily, seeing everything in the all black Dickies work pants and shirt, black helped cover up the dirt and grease from the shop. His thighs pressed tightly against the material, his muscled arms pale and bare.

“You do seem a little dirty baby.” Ian smirked and leaned forward to kiss him.

Mickey moaned softly into his mouth, running hands to his sides and around his back. Ian cupped his face with both hands and deepened it, sliding his tongue deep inside to taste him properly before he pulled back.

“Time for work baby.” Ian smiled at Mickey’s scowl. “You get me all to yourself tomorrow.”

“Well tomorrow ain’t soon enough.” He grumbled when Ian pulled back and drank his coffee. “Speaking of which, is he up yet?”

Ian looked down the hall to see movement under the door. “Yeah, I can see him moving around. Might get some time in before I gotta go to work at 9.”

Mickey nodded. “Good. Make sure you talk to him about that damn essay due on Monday.”

Ian shook his head. “No way Mick, that’s your territory. I have no say in that.”

“The fuck you don’t. He listens to you more than me.” Mickey shot back, eyebrows raised to his hairline.

“Fine.” Ian huffed just as the door opened and Yev came walking down the hall in all that natural Milkovich swagger. Grinning at him with the same blue eyes his daddy had, but that tuff of blonde hair was something else. Buzzed on the sides and longer on top.

“Hey sweetheart.” Ian gripped him by his shirt and pulled him close. “Missed you.” He growled against his lips.

Yev groaned and wrapped his arms around Ian’s neck, eyes lingering on his bare chest. “Missed you too, especially when you were supposed to crawl into my bed after work.”

Ian grinned at his cheekiness. “I didn’t crawl into anyone’s bed, I hit the couch and was down for the count.” He ran his hands up the back of Yev’s shirt, feeling that soft, satin skin. “Miss me that bad?”

Mickey scuffed and rolled his eyes.

Yev shot him a glare and pulled Ian even closer, nearly standing on the tops of his feet. “I did miss you that bad.” He pushed his hips forward and rubbed against him. “See? I still do.”

Ian groaned and gave Yev a slow roll of his own hips, feeling exactly how much he missed him. “Hmm, I see how that can be a problem. Maybe I can spend the morning making it up to you?”

Mickey shook his head. “Nope. School.”

Yev huffed. “I got up early on purpose dad. I wanted some time before school.”

Ian grinned at his eagerness and kissed up a smooth cheek. “How thoughtful of you, my sweet.”

Mickey rolled his eyes again, but his lips threatened to turn up into somewhat of a smile.

“How much time until school?” Ian asked, but was already distracted by the left side of Yev’s neck, it would be the perfect place for an imprint of his teeth.

“Bout an hour.” Yev moved closer, knocking their heads together. “Shower with me?”

“Before or after?” Ian smirked, already knowing the answer. Yev liked him all sweaty after his run.

“After.” Yev nipped at his bottom lip and turned away, smirking. “Comin?”

Ian groaned and watched his perky ass shift in his boxers. “Not yet.” Yev giggled down the hallway and by the time he got to his room, his shirt was gone, and blue eyes teased him to chase.

“Gotta go.” Mickey grabbed his coffee and keys. “See you later?”

Ian moved away from one temptation to the next as he moved to kiss Mickey’s coffee flavored lips. “Let’s hope so, unless that kid keeps me locked away.”

Mickey chuckled. “He’s almost 17 Ian, you remember what we were like at that age.” He lifted his brows again.

Ian growled. “Damn right I do. Fuckin you all over the South Side. Dirty alley ways, locked in freezers, the bathroom at The Alibi.” He shivered from the memories alone. “Tomorrow, since it’s our day, we are gonna do a throwback and fuck in one of those places.”

It even made Mickey shiver as he reached for the door. “Fuck yes we are.” He gasped when Ian kissed him, tugging his lip between his teeth as he pulled away. “Gotta go. Love you.”

Ian grinned. “Love you too baby.” He watched Mickey’s ass as he left and as soon as the door closed and locked, he darted down the hall and into the bedroom.

Yev was already inside, that beautiful naked body kept away from him by the dark blue sheet over thin hips. Ian growled, making Yev smile before he slipped off his sweats and stalked naked to the bed. Yev’s legs parted for him as he slid against his thighs, grabbed his delicate wrists and pinned him to the bed.

“Ian, please.” Yes lifted his hips, trying to feel him.

Ian grinned. “Slowly sweetheart, we have plenty of time.” He needed a few hours of Yev, then more sleep before his last shift for this week at The Fairy Tale.


The sleeping thing didn’t happen. After his tumble with Yev, watching that beautiful body as Yev rode him hard, Lip called.

Now he was up town, tired and sweating and practically dying from the heat as he and Lip sat on the porch of his new house. Lip needed help unloading a trailer. Typical. It’s not like he wanted to curl up, post-sexual bliss and sleep until Yev got home.

When Lip handed him a beer, Ian popped the top and practically downed the entire bottle as Lip took a next to him, doing the same. He leaned back after it was finished, burped and started to pant all over again.

“Fuckin hell Lip, you had to do this shit today?” Ian whined and watched as sweat dripped down his face.

“Only day I had off. I needed it done.” He smiled at the empty trailer. “And it’s done.”

“Yeah, but I’m fuckin exhausted.” He closed his eyes and felt his muscles protest just sitting still. “You realize I haven’t been to bed yet?”

Lip cursed. “Shit Ian, sorry. Thought you traded shifts.”

“Wouldn’t let me. They need a manager for the last shift and Chase didn’t want that shift.”

Workin all those years at The Fairy Tale really paid off. Put money in the bank to pay bills while he saved for management classes. Now he was a manager, the benefits were sweet, and he no longer had to shake his ass for tips. At 30, he was a little past that phase.

“Sorry man. Maybe you can squeeze a nap in before tonight.” Lip squeezed his shoulder. “Thanks though Ian. Everyone else dipped out on me.”

“You can only trust family bro.” Ian spoke softly, feeling his heart beat slowing with each breath. “And no to the nap, maybe after I get some ass.”

Lip snorted. “You and me both man. You should have seen this girl last night. Jesus, she was something else.”

Ian grinned over at him. “I’ll take your word for it. I have no interest in the mysterious ways of women and their parts.”

“Yeah, you’re all about that dick life.”

Ian nodded, praising the heavens to men and their dicks...and asses. “Fuck yeah, dick life, should make it into a t-shirt.”

“Don’t tell me Mickey is still makin you work for it.” Lip lifted his eyebrow. “Seriously man, you should have ass on demand by now.”

Excitement pulsed over his body. He did have ass on demand, from both his boys. The occasional dick too when he was in the mood to switch with Yev. Mickey still hadn’t given in yet, but Ian liked to think every other day he was wearing him down.

“He don’t hold out on me, not any more. If anything, he’s hungry for it.” Ian grinned when Lip pretended to gag. They'd gotten used to sharing their sexual conquests by this point, even his everyday gay ones. “But recently Mickey isn’t my only source.”

That took Lip by surprise. “Please don’t tell me you’re cheating on him. That’s fucked up.”

Ian glared. “No way Lip, I did that shit before and it broke us apart for 5 years. Ain’t about to do it again.” He shook his head. Lip had no idea about Yev and probably wouldn’t approve. “Naw man, he knows. We kinda have a set schedule for it all.”

“A sex schedule, with a third party?” He chuckled. “Fuck Ian. I didn’t think you’d ever want someone more than Mickey.”

He didn’t either. Until Yev. “Not more than Mickey, just as much really.”

Lip nodded, he’d been there with Mandy and Karen before. It didn’t end well, and he didn’t up with either of them. “So, who is it?”

Ian smiled widely. He had no qualms about his choice anymore. After spending countless time on the subject, weighing all the pros and cons, over and over again, he gave up and accepted what he wanted. He wanted them both, they both want him…happiness ensues.

“It’s Yev.” Ian said proudly, he was proud of both his boys. Unashamed to want what he wanted.

Lip's mouth dropped open so wide, his cigarette fell onto the step between his feet. “Yevgeny Milkovich, like your boyfriends son?” He asked incredulously.

Ian nodded. “The only Yev I know.”

“Holy fuck Ian! He’s just a child.” Lip moved off the steps, pacing.

“No, he isn’t. He will be 17 soon Lip, he isn’t a child anymore.” Ian bit back. Yev hated to be called a kid.

“He’s always going to be Mickey's kid. And he’s okay with this?”

“Of course he’s okay with it. I wouldn’t go behind his back.” Ian picked up Lip’s smoke and finished it while Lip had his little breakdown.

“How did this happen Ian? What, you just toss a coin and decides what Milkovich you want?” Lip asked loudly, unsure of how he should feel about this.

Ian stood and pushed Lip back. “Fuck you Lip. It isn’t like that, okay? Mickey and Yev aren't involved that way. They both want me, and I want both of them and we make it work.” He narrowed his eyes, daring Lip to challenge it again.

Lip paced around, pulling at his hair as his mind raced too fast for him to catch up. Ian, Mickey and Yev? They were all okay with it? What the fuck.

“I never should have told you.” Ian stood and palmed his keys. “Tryin to do this brother bonding shit and you are still as closed minded as you ever were.”

Lip huffed and grabbed Ian’s arm before he got out of reach. “Just calm the fuck down, okay? It’s not like you just told me a sex position you tried. You told me you are fucking your boyfriends son. I’m entitled to freak the fuck out a little.”

Ian stayed put, glaring at him.

“Just tell me, yeah?”

Ian nodded and moved back to the stairs. “Yes, I get that it’s unconventional, but it works. We all make it work.”

Lip nodded, managing to stop pacing and listen.

“It just happened. It was fucking amazing and I couldn’t not have it again. I love them both Lip. They both understand.”

“How’s it work?”

“We keep days. Evenly. Just to keep it humble, to keep everyone satisfied.” His mind tried to go into detail, but he put a stop to that until later. “The sex shit is simple. They split up the week.”

“Like three a piece?”

Ian nodded. “My choice on Sunday. It’s odd, but it works. They both understand.” He sighed heavily. Wanting so bad for someone to know, someone understand. To have someone to talk to it about like it was any other hook up or relationship. “I know he’s young, but he isn’t a kid. And don’t pull that ‘I’m his second dad' thing cuz I’m not.”


Ian shook his head. “No. If I was, it wouldn’t happen. Yev just showed up in our lives. Mickey didn’t even know he had a kid Lip. Just showed up at our door saying he was Mickey’s son.”

It had been a whirlwind for sure. They had no idea how to handle a 15 year old, one they had no connection with, but they adapted. Ian adapted a little too well and locked into Yev, just as Yev locked onto him.


Ian nodded. “Yeah, so we didn’t raise him. I’m not a second dad. It’s not gross like that. We care about each other.”

“That’s not as bad as what I was thinking.” Lip felt…confused, sorry. “I guess I just didn’t expect it.”

Ian accepted the apology for what it was. It was as good as he would get. “Me either. But I’m not sorry it did.” He stood up, tired and ready to go home. “I gotta go, he’s gonna be home soon.”

Lip nodded. “Thanks again for the help and Ian?”

Ian stopped and looked back.

“All this, you can talk to me about it, okay?”

Ian smiled. “Thanks man. Maybe next time.” He got into his car and drove home, happy that someone knew, someone he cared about. It was a good step.


Ian moaned in his sleep, tossing his head from side to side. Spreading his legs wider as someone settled between them. He was in that half-awake, half asleep state and knew someone was touching him. He felt it. Hands on his thighs, soft hair brushing against him.

It felt so fucking good. So right, that he didn’t want to open his eyes. Just in case it turned out to be a dream, he wanted to stay there. Stay there and be engulfed in undeniable pleasure.

“Mmm.” He moaned as lips crawled up his thighs, kissing softly, sucking his skin and teeth scraping gently across it. “Please.” He begged as his cock twitched, begging for attention.

“Wake up Ian.”

Ian shook his head, fighting to keep this all to himself. Those lips moved up and he felt a tongue lick around his balls, sucking on them lightly. “Fuck!” he pushed his hands under the sheets and grabbed that silky soft hair, guiding that mouth all over his body.

“Ian, wake up.” Yev whispered, licking up his cock.

“What if it’s a dream?” Ian half panted, half whined. “Please, touch me.”

“It’s not a dream.” Yev bit one hip. “Please baby.”

That was enough to make him open his eyes. Only one person called him ‘baby’ and he was suddenly very excited that this wasn’t a dream. He looked down and Yev was blocked by the sheet.

After Lip’s, he came home, stripped down and passed the fuck out in Yev’s bed. Now, he had Yev on him, sucking at his thighs, licking around his balls, up his dick. Teasing him. Pleasing him so fucking well.

Yev’s back pack was by the open door, his shoes and clothes beside it. Yev was already naked. Fuck yes.

Ian groaned and lifted up the sheet just as Yev’s tongue circled the head of his cock. “Hey sweetheart.”

Yev smiled. “Feel like a dream still?”

Ian shook his head, cupping his face and brushing hair out of those blue eyes. “Better than a dream my sweet little Yevy.”

“This is where you were supposed to be this morning.”

“I’m sorry.” Ian sat up enough to grab Yev under his arms and pull him up, making their cocks slide together, groaning as they fell back into a kiss. Swirling their tongues together, nipping at each other’s lip. “I thought you forgave me this morning, hmm?” Ian mumbled between heated kisses. “You forgave me over and over again Yevy.”

“Ian.” He whined as he planted his knees on the bed so Ian’s strong thighs split wide for him and he could feel Ian’s ass against him. “I did forgive you.”

Ian’s entire body trembled in excitement as Yev rubbed against his ass, delicate hands sliding up and down his thighs before squeezing them hard enough to sting but fuck, it felt good.

This morning had been all about turning Yev out. Wrecking him. Losing himself in his beautiful, soft, pretty body. Making Yev moan and scream, making him claw his back and push his heels into his ass, urging him on, begging him. It was all about making Yev feel good.

Now was the switch and he was ready for it. “How was school?” he managed to ask while he watched Yev’s pale chest, nipples hard and that sexy pink color, same as Mickey’s.

“Difficult.” Yev mumbled as he leaned down to nip Ian’s bottom lip. “Couldn’t stop thinking about this.” He pushed his hips forward. “I feel so pent up today.”

Ian groaned. “I see that sweetheart.” He smoothed a hand down Yev’s chest, pinching one nipple hard enough for him to gasp. “You wanna fuck me?”

Yev nodded and split his legs wider. “Been awhile. Fuckin miss it.”

Fuck, he missed it too. It was so easy for him to assume control, he just fell into it. But he liked to bottom for Yev. He fucking loved it.

Ian leaned up to suck against Yev’s jaw, leaving a pinkish line of red marks, all the way to his collar bone, where he sucked hard and left a pretty hickey there. “I’m all yours Yevy.”

Yev groaned and kissed down his chest, scooting back to move down to his stomach, then his hips. Ian whined when Yev teased his cock. Quick licks, over before he could comprehend it and he did it over again.

“God, I love your mouth.”

Yev smiled as he laid flat against the bed on his stomach. “I can see that baby. You gonna come too early?”

Ian snorted. “I never come early. Never.” He gripped him behind the neck and brought Yev’s mouth down against his cock. “Let me see your tongue.”

Yev stuck out his tongue and waited.

Ian moved Yev’s head up and down, getting every inch of his cock wet. Seeing Yev drool for him. “Such a good cock sucking mouth.”

Yev groaned and pushed Ian’s thighs up. His fingers raked down them, making Ian gasp and tremble.

Ian latched onto Yev's finger when it was pushed into his mouth, sucking hard and fast, slicking it up. Saliva left a trail from his mouth, to Yev’s thumb as he pulled it out. As soon as that wet finger brushed over his hole, his hips bucked, moving his cock along Yev’s tongue.

“Yevy…” Ian moaned as it slid inside. He released his head and moved them to the side to grip the bed. Yev moved back, biting and sucking across the inside of his knee. “How you wanna do this sweetheart?”

Yev removed his thumb and leaned over to grab the bottle of lube that was left on the nightstand. “Flip fuck?”

Ian nodded and watched Yev slick up his fingers. “You goin first?” He lost his breath the second Yev slid one wet, long finger inside him. “God!”

Yev leaned back to watch Ian’s ass grip his fingers. God, he was so tight. He quickly slipped another one inside, feeling that flush of heat as Ian pushed down against his fingers. “Wanna go last.”

“Y-yeah?” He mumbled and let one hand drop down to stroke his cock. Smearing the pooling wetness down his length. He knew why Yev wanted to go last. His little blonde hair, blue eyed sweetheart had the same little fetish he had.

Yev nodded as he bit his lip. He slipped a third finger in, and as Ian rocked against them, his cock twitched, eager to get inside him. “Fuck yeah.”

Ian was covered in sweat, face and chest flushed red. One hand pulled at his cock, the other gripped the bed. “Why Yevy?” he grinned when blue eyes stared up at him with so much heat, he could hardly stand it.

Yev growled and pushed his fingers in deep to reach Ian’s prostate. The reaction was instant, Ian let out a deep, loud whine, fucking into his fist as he rocked against his fingers. “You know why.”

“Fuck...fuck Yevy, please!” Ian circled his wrist, stopping that blinding pleasure from tipping him over the edge. “You’re gonna make me come like that.”

Yev grinned and moved up to kiss him quickly. “Wouldn’t want that, would we?”

Ian shook his lead, licking across Yev’s full bottom lip. “No, because I can’t wait to be in you again.” He growled lightly, watching blue eyes flutter. “I wanna hit it from the back.”

It was Yev’s turn to tremble. Especially when Ian took on that natural dominant roll. It was part of who he was. He was unable to fully let go, to fully submit.

“Yeah?” His voice shook as he let Ian slide back enough to sit up. “Don’t make me come though.”

Ian got to his knees, cupped Yev’s face, fingers threaded into blonde hair and kissed him. Yev whimpered into his mouth, trying to suck at his tongue. Kissing him was goddamn addicting. Those soft, quiet mewling sounds, like a little kitty.

“I know Yevy, I still want to flip.” He nibbled his jaw when they broke apart. “I know how bad you want it.” he growled into his ear. He got onto his knees, kissed those puffy lips before he helped Yev turn. “You want it so bad.”

Yev bent forward until his forearms rested on the bed, and his ass was in the air. “What do I want?”

Ian licked his lips as he admired Yev’s tight, perky ass. Milky white and not a mark on it. He leaned forward to kiss the dimples in his lower back, his hands sliding up to his shoulders. Ian kissed down, over plump cheeks, giving his ass a loud smack.


“I know you wanna come in me Yevy,” Ian licked his hole slowly, feeling his legs shake, “you wanna fill me up so fucking bad so you can eat it out.” Ian whispered against him, licking again and again.

Yev nodded quickly, pushing back against Ian’s tongue. One hand braced on the bed, the other moving down to stroke his cock. “You love it.”

Ian smirked at his cockiness. At nearly 17, Yev knew what he liked sexually and wasn’t afraid to voice it. Yev liked to switch, he liked to give it just as much as he liked to take it. And he did both equally well. Exceptionally well. He also had a little bit of a come fetish. Just like he did.

“Fuckin right I love it.” Ian kissed both cheeks, nipping at one of them before licking across his hole. “You’re still open from this morning.”

Yev nodded as he reached forward to grab the lube. “Yeah I am. You stretched me good.”

Ian moved away, despite the growl in his belly. He could eat Yev for hours and not get enough. He knelt on his knees and took the bottle, slicking himself up, as well as adding more to his hole. “I always do.”

“Damn right you do.”

Ian tossed the bottle to the bed and put his hand right on the back of Yev’s shoulder, pushing his upper half to the bed. “My pretty little Yevy.” He lined himself up, teasing him with the head, slowly pushing it in, just to take it back out the moment Yev tried to push back.

“I need it Ian.” Yev whined and reached back to grip Ian’s thigh. “Give it to me.”

Ian groaned and kissed up his back. All that smooth pale skin. Void of any marks. Not even freckles had the nerve to appear. He was so fucking perfect and sweet and his only; he had the pleasure of losing himself in his body, kissing him, sleeping together. Dates. Romance. All of it.

Ian started to push in, his eyes crossing with how tight he was, draping himself along his back, kissing him. “So good.” He whined and kept sliding in, feeling Yev’s legs shake, feeling his ass swallowing him down. “Breathe sweetheart.”

Yev took a deep breath and exhaled a deep whine, pushing back to make Ian slide in deeper. “Don’t hold back.”

One last push and he was all the way in, closing his eyes as that feeling threatened to overwhelm him “I never do.” He gripped both of Yev’s hips and began to thrust, slow and deep. Snapping his hips hard, his balls slapping against Yev’s ass. “Still so goddamn tight for me.”

Yev gripped the sheets, his entire body moving with each swing of his hips. Each thrust had Ian’s cock pushing against his prostate in such a perfect way. “Right there Ian, fuck that’s good.”

Ian pulled out and helped Yev roll to his back, pale thighs split wide as he pushed back in. “Shit!” Both arms went around Yev’s body, pulling him up off the bed and half into his lap. He wanted to look at him, to see his eyes roll back. “So beautiful.”

Yev locked his arms around Ian’s neck, his legs around his hips and let Ian bounce him up and down on his cock. “M' gonna need to switch soon.” He breathed against Ian’s neck, feeling that thick head hammer his prostate.

“Feelin close already?” Ian held both of his shoulders, literally making Yev bounce in his lap.

Yev nodded and clawed his back. “Too close, please Ian.”

Ian slowed, barely thrusting his hips as they both panted. His hand moved from Yev’s shoulder to cup his face and pulled him into a breathless kiss. Yev melted against him, pulling his hair and running his hands down his chest.

“Baby,” Yev whined as the kiss slowed. “Wanna fuck you.”

Ian nodded and helped Yev move off his lap, slowly sliding out of his warm, inviting body with a gasp. “Anything you need.”

Yev moved fast, backing Ian up on the bed until his back was pressed against the headboard. Ian watched him with hungry eyes, watching his lanky but delicious body. A swimmers body. Yev grabbed a pillow and Ian lifted his ass for him to stuff it under.

“So damn sexy when you want it.” Ian bit his lip and watched blue eyes darken, switching from needy bottom to powerful top. Something he would never get tired of seeing.

Yev smirked, crawling in between Ian’s legs until his own were propped under Ian’s thighs. “Me? Look at you.” He ran his hands up long legs, squeezing his thighs. “All spread out for me like this.” Yev knocked their heads together. “And you’re so needy when you want it.”

Ian pulled him forward for a kiss, pushing his tongue in deep just as he felt wet fingers between his cheeks. He groaned when Yev pushed two in at a time, stretching him open. Ian spread his legs wide, letting Yev work his fingers in deep.

He broke the kiss with a shaky breath. “I’m good Yevy, come on.” He held onto both of his thighs and watched Yev slick himself up, jerking it a few times, teasing both of them. “Please.”

Yev grinned and watched Ian’s face fall apart as he pushed in slowly. Green eyes wide, both of Ian’s arms holding his thighs open. “So tight Ian, fuck.” He groaned and pressed their heads together, both breathing hard.

“You don’t fuck me enough.” He kept his eyes closed, trying not to come on the spot. Yev was stretching him wide, pushing inside of him. “I need it more than once every few months.”

Yev chuckled, grabbed Ian’s hands and made him grip the headboard behind him. He grabbed Ian’s thighs, pushing then further apart as he gave a deep thrust. “Fuck baby…next time, just tell me you need it.” He closed his eyes and felt Ian squeeze him. “Gotta get you a plug, have you open and ready next time.”

“Holy shit!!” Ian whimpered, seeing Yev stretch him open and plug him until he was ready. Pushing into his prostate, teasing him. “Gonna get one before work.”

Yev nodded, pushed Ian’s thighs up over his shoulder and fucked into him hard and fast. Ian always did take it so good, dropping that dominant side for just a moment, to give up control. “So good.” He kissed Ian’s lips. “Always so good for me.”

Ian nodded fast, nearly hyperventilating as he panted, moaning and begging. “I feel it Yevy, fuck! I’m so close.” His hand moved to grip his cock, stroking hard and fast.

“Me too baby!” Yev growled, snapping his hips hard and fast, pushing Ian roughly into the headboard. “Gotta come first Ian, give it to me.”

“Fuuckk, fuck!” Ian kept stroking as he came, working his ass up and down Yev’s cock, spilling over his hand, shooting up his chest. “Yevy!”

“So sexy…” Yev growled as he came, pumping him full, feeling like his entire skeleton was being ripped out of him. “Ian.” He kissed him, slowly moving in and out.

Ian slumped against the bed, sharing lazy kisses, smiling as he pulled back and saw Yev smile. “God, that was good.”

Yev chuckled. “Told you I missed you.”

Ian pushed sweaty blonde hair back, “yes you did.”

When Yev pulled back, Ian let out a deep, satisfied sigh and closed his eyes. Yev didn’t rush to get a towel, he simple slid down the bed, kissing over his hips, licking across his cock and biting his thighs just before settling between his legs.

“That was a big one,” Yev smirked when Ian tried to push his head down. He swiped what leaked out with his finger and slowly pushed it back inside, fingering Ian with his come.

“Yevy…” Ian whined.

Yev finally gave in and pulled out his finger. He pushed it up to dip it into Ian’s mouth, smiling as he sucked it clean. “You wanna push it out or make me work for it?”

“Work for it.” Ian licked his lips. “It’s better that way.”

Yev pushed Ian’s thighs up, slowly pushing his tongue inside to coax it out. He pulled back, groaning when his tongue came back dripping wet. “So much better this way.”

“Don’t swallow it all, I want to taste too.” Ian rose up on his elbows and watched as much as he could.

Yev put both of his thumbs on his hole and spread him wide, growling as his come leaked out. He quickly dipped back down to make sure none of it went to waste. “Fuck yes.” He groaned as felt Ian tug at his head.

“Yevy…let me taste.” Ian whined and pulled him up by all that blonde hair until he was settled between his legs again. Yev had come everywhere. Slickness coated his lips, dripped down his chin, even on the tip of his nose.

“Want some?”

Ian nodded and licked the mess off his chin, then moved to kiss him. Groaning as the taste dripped off Yev’s tongue and tangled with his. “You kinky little thing.”

Yev grinned when he pulled back. “Got it from you, once you showed me how sexy it was, how delicious.”

Ian smiled proudly. He loved showing Yev the ways of sex, the dips and curves and tastes, the smells. He loved everything about being his first, deflowering him properly and turning him into a little come addict like he was.

“Good.” He leaned up to nip his bottom lip. “Now, if only your dad enjoyed it as much.” He shook his head fondly. “I’ll get him there.”

“I have no doubt about that.” Yev laid on Ian’s chest, eyes closed, sated and fucking happy.

“You gonna nap with me, before I gotta leave?” Ian asked as his own eyes closed and he ran his hands up and down Yev’s back.

“Til when?”

“Got til about 8. Then I gotta get in the shower.”

Yev kissed Ian’s chest, falling asleep quickly. “Wake me for the shower.”

“Of course Yevy.” He smiled and kissed the top of his head. “I love you.” He pulled the sheet up over them, since the door was open, and Mick was bound to be home soon.

“Love you more Ian.”