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Detours to happiness

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Detours to Happiness

Chapter 1

Cosmic Love

“Jughead! Jughead! Wake up please.”

As soon as he realized that it was Betty who was shaking and calling him, he was fully awake.

He immediately knew what she needed and grabbed for the bowl beside them.

Jughead rolled her more to the side, raised her head a bit and held her hair out of her face.

He waited until she was done, grabbed a tissue and wiped her mouth clean.

When he saw the way she looked at him, he said: “Betts, don't you dare apologize. It is natural that I help you. I caused this mess, or at least I am one part responsible for it... so I never want to hear an apology, okay?” He said softly.

“Okay...” Betty answered quietly.

“Urgh why do I have to have this morning sickness so bad,” Betty sighed.

“Isn't it normal?” Jughead asked curiously.

“Yeah, but some women have it more and some less,” Betty explained.

“We're gonna get through this...” He said, caressing her face tenderly and then he added: “But now... we should head home and pack our things for our honeymoon.”

“Honeymoon?” Betty asked surprised.

“Yep. Did you really think we wouldn't go somewhere else for our honeymoon?” He asked and grinned widely.

She smiled back and asked: “Where are we going?”

“It's a surprise,” Jughead said with a smirk and pecked her lips.


Back at their home...

“What are you doing?” Betty asked Jughead when he suddenly knelt down to unbuckle her feet.

“I am gonna carry my wife over the threshold, as a proper husband is supposed to,” Jughead answered, and before she could say something she was already in his arms and he was carrying her into the house. Her three Assistants followed her with her wheelchair.

“Welcome home, my beloved wife,” Jughead said and grinned like a fool as Betty squealed and laughed happily.

He sat her back in the wheelchair and kissed her long and soft.

“Lets pack. Take some fancy dresses with you. I’m taking you out,” Jughead ordered softly.


In the Afternoon as they arrived at their honeymoon place...

How the hell does my husband always find these hidden, wonderful places? In addition to that, they’re always wheelchair accessible, Betty wondered in awe as they entered the lonely house in the woods and mountains near Montreal.

“When did you search for this place?” Betty asked.

“When you bought your wedding dress. Do you like it?” Jughead asked.

“I love it,” Betty said and smiled widely.

Jughead leaned forward and whispered: “It has a large bathroom with a master bathtub. I haven't forgotten my promise.”

Betty couldn't help but shiver at his comment, blushing a little.

“But first I have a surprise for you this evening. A special honeymoon date. So get ready my love,” He said, a smug smile playing on his lips.

So she did.

God he was such an amazing man, she thought, while she got ready with Veronica. That long flight they had taken before was definitely worth it.

She choose her new silver blueish floor length dress. She hoped she wasn't to overdressed, but she wanted to look pretty for her husband and she knew that he would love the dress.

“Do you know where he is taking me, V?” asked Betty.

“Nope. No Idea. He probably didn't tell me because he knew that you would ask me,” Veronica said as she applied her makeup.


Jughead couldn't wait to show her the honeymoon surprise. Even if she might be scared at first. He was so thrilled when he found this amazing wheelchair accessible house hidden in the woods of Canada. She was so happy that he took her on a honeymoon in the first place. She’ll be thrilled when she discovers what else I have up my sleeve for her... he thought to himself with a smile.

He knocked on their bedroom door and asked: “Hey, sweetheart. Are you ready?”

“I am. How do I look? Am I too overdressed?” She asked, a little insecure.

He couldn't answer for a few seconds. He was too mesmerized by her.

She was always beautiful... but he thought he would never get used to it.

She wore a silver blueish long dress, with French lily pattern on it. Her hair fell over her shoulder in loose curls.

The light make up and the dark pink lipstick made her eyes twinkle even more. She looked fantastic and radiant.

“You look amazing,” He breathed in awe.

“You too,” Betty said with a smile as she saw him in his black tux with a plain white shirt and a black tie.

“Okay. Let’s go then,” Veronica piped in and they went to their date.

As soon as Betty saw what he had planned for them, she gasped.


“Jug, I can't go in there...” She said, afraid.

“Babe... you don't have to be afraid. It's a special balloon for wheelchairs. You don’t have to get out of it. You can simply drive into the basket. Come on. I’ll be with you. Nothing is gonna happen,” He assured her and found it highly endearing that she was so afraid.

“But what if my wheelchair is too heavy and the balloon becomes unbalanced?” Betty asked, still scared.

“Then we're gonna die tragically like Romeo and Juliet,” He joked and chuckled. “Come on. This will be fantastic; a moment you'll never forget.” He embraced and kissed her.

“You trust me, right?” He asked her and brushed a loose curl out of her face.

She nodded and he said: “Then let me show you how wonderful this experience can be… fly towards the sunset with me.”

“Okay, but don't leave my side,” She pleaded.

Jughead chuckled and responded: “I think that's gonna be easy... we're in a hot air balloon, up in the sky.”

She clapped his arm playfully and said: “Hey, don't laugh at me.”

“I am not laughing at you. You're just too endearing,” Jughead defended himself and kissed her.

Then they went to the balloon. The large basket opened in the front, like a carved-in gate, so she could easily enter. There were belts placed in the ground of the basket, to fix her wheelchair, like in her car. Jughead positioned her so that she could see everything and fixed her wheelchair.

There was also table with two glasses and a bottle of wine.

“Sorry about the wine. I ordered the flight before you had told me that you were pregnant,” He apologized grimacing.

“It's alright,” Betty said.

Jughead could see how anxious she was.

“Hey, babe, relax. We're safe here,” He tried to calm her. Then he gasped and asked: “Oh no. Are you afraid of heights?” He hadn't thought about that.

“Not exactly. It just doesn't seem really safe and stable,” She said, afraid.

“Don't be scared. It's gonna be amazing,” Jughead said calmly.

He stepped behind her and massaged her tense shoulders.

“We're starting,” The captain of the balloon said and Betty tensed instantly. Her eyes widened as the balloon rose from the ground.

Jughead whispered into her ear: “Betts, I wouldn't do anything that could be dangerous for you or our baby. You know that I am kind of overprotective,” He declared softly.

Betty laughed nervously.

“Can you do something for me?” He asked then.

She just nodded shakily.

“Close your eyes, babe. Just focus on my voice, my hand, and how the balloon just stays stable and doesn’t shake in the slightest,” Jughead instructed. As she did as she was told, he felt her slowly relax under his hands.

“You're right,” She said, smiling happily.

When they flew fully in the sky, over the mountains and woods, he ordered: “Open your eyes now love.”

As soon as she saw the view, she gasped in awe.

“Juggie, this is... oh my god...” She breathed.

“I told you it was gonna be beautiful. Look at the colorful sky. Look at the beautiful nature. Beautiful and infinite. Just like our love and marriage,” Jughead declared and she cupped his neck from behind and leaned in to kiss him long and leisurely.

Before she got carried away by the kiss, she was reminded that they weren't alone, so she backed off a little, but their noses were still brushing against each other’s and whispered: “How is it possible to love someone this much?”

“I don't know, but I do know that I can't live without you and this feeling anymore,” Jughead rasped.

“Yes, cause you married me,” She said and smiled widely.

He smiled back and laid his cheek against hers, while he embraced her from behind, placing his palm over her belly, just enjoying the view and the moment.

After a pregnant pause; He said huskily: “We're going to be a family.”

She laid her hand over his palm and looked at him, fresh tears twinkling in her eyes. A moment of silent communication between two soulmates. A moment of beauty, love, and joy, where no words were needed.


Back at their honeymoon house...

When they were finally at home and in their room, Betty lost no time and grabbed him by his tie to pull him down for a kiss.

They both smiled against each others lips and Jughead straddled her before he lost his balance.

She was so happy and she loved him so much. She had the feeling that there were not enough words to describe it, so she just tried to put it all into that passionate kiss.

She cupped his neck. She didn't even know how she could do it, but she didn't care. She always felt so safe that she didn't think about those things anymore, and that made even more possible.

She just let herself flow with the feeling. She felt every bit of it. The way his skin felt under her fingers: smooth and warm. The way his breath was grazing delicately along her face. The way his mouth and tongue tasted. Every taste and touch empowered her even more.

Betty felt different ever since she married him… like she could embrace the world. She didn't know if it was her new state of life, the unconditional love and trust she felt towards him and what was never taken for granted by him, or maybe it was just the pregnancy hormones.

“I love you, Jughead. I just love you. How can you be so amazing?” Betty asked and was nearly euphoric and overwhelmed. “How do you always know how to calm me? How can you always push me over my boundaries and fears without pushing me too far? I never trusted anyone so unconditionally like I trust you.”

Jughead looked at her and couldn't stop smiling. It filled his heart with joy so see her that happy and euphoric. She was radiating.

“Because I know you and I love you. I am your husband and you're my perfect match. We're soulmates,” Jughead answered huskily.

“Yes. Yes we are,” She breathed and tears fell out of her eyes.

“I just... I have the feeling that with you there is nothing impossible. We can conquer everything. We can really do this!” She declared happily through tears. She grabbed his hand, gently placing it over her belly.

He cupped her cheek with his free hand and kissed her softly

“You're are going to be an amazing mother and we're gonna do this together, step by step. I am not leaving your side,” He assured her.

She just looked at him for a few seconds and then she breathed: “Make love to me, Jughead Jones.”

“First, let me show you something,” He said softly and smiled.

He drove her to the large bathroom and she gasped as soon as she saw what he had prepared earlier.

“When did you do all this?...” She asked in awe.

“When you got ready for our first part of the date,” He said.

“I put the candles on small tables beside the bathtub because I didn't want something happen while carrying you inside... but as soon as we're in, I’ll rearrange them, so that we're surrounded by candles and rose petals,” Jughead explained.

His wife just looked at him and didn't say a word.

After a while he asked: “Babe... Would you take a bath with me?”

Her eyes lit up immediately.

“Yes, but only if you make love to me after,” She answered with lust-filled eyes.

He grinned mischievously and began to kiss along her neck. She leaned automatically into him, so he had access to the zipper of her dress. As he said before, he knew her body language very well.

Betty’s hands moved to his shoulders and wanted to remove the jacket of his suit. She slid it over his shoulders and then he helped her.

Undressing Betty had become one of his professions. He didn’t need to think about it anymore. it had become natural and smooth.

Jughead groaned a little as he saw a peek what she was wearing underneath. It was a navy blue bra with a lacy back and of course it opens in the front, he thought smugly.

“You've become pretty good at that,” She sighed.

He rasped against her neck: “Well we had a lot of practice. I now know how your body works and you barely tense around me.”

She smiled into the crook of his neck.

“Because I trust you,” She said quietly and a little vulnerable.

She looked at him as her hands slid to the hem of his shirt and pulled it out.

Then Jughead straddled her lap again, so she could reach him easier and could be closer to her.

He kissed her again and quickly found the smoothness of her tongue. Jughead realized that she started to fumble with the buttons of his shirt, but pretended not to notice it and his plan worked. She was so occupied with him kissing her, that she didn't even realize that she already opened his shirt halfway. Sure, it took longer and she had to try it a couple of times, but she did undress him without even knowing it. He gave a proud smirk.

It's not that it bothered him that he had to undress himself. He was completely fine with it. He knew how often she thought about those small things... he just wanted to show her that more was possible than she thought. He figured it out many times before, that it was sometimes just anxiety or a lack of confidence in her abilities that made her cerebral palsy more intense.

When she unbuttoned his shirt completely, he whispered against her mouth with a smug smirk playing around his lips: “Thank you for helping me.”

“With what?” She asked, confused.

Of course she hadn’t realized it, he thought and grinned even wider.

“For undressing me,” He added and she looked up at him. He stepped back a little and her eyes roamed over his bare torso.

“I did it?” She asked in disbelief.

Jughead just nodded, came back to her, and said: “Now it's my turn again. I finally want to see everything what is hidden under this dress.”

This time, he kissed her lustfully and passionately. It was almost impatient. Suddenly, he couldn't undress her fast enough.

He helped her to stand up and her dress fell its way down like loose waves, followed by her panties. She shivered as their eyes met, but not because she lost balance. It was because she was just as aroused as he was.

He sat her back down and said: “Sorry, next time you get the chance to fully undress me, but I really need you to get in that bathtub with me.”

Jughead quickly undressed himself, put his shower sandals on and lifted her into his arms.

The bathtub was large and square formed. He positioned her in one of the corners so she could support herself. Then he pulled her a little bit to the right side so he could easily place himself behind her. He pulled her forward a bit and settled behind her. His half hard cock was slightly poking her backside, but it didn’t seem to bother her.

Jughead turned the water on. It felt like deja vu for both, only that this time their sensual lovemaking and new experience wouldn't be interrupted … the sense of deja vu heightened their senses and anticipation even more.

But before Jughead could let himself get carried away by his desire, he had to complete the scenery. This romantic gesture and part of her bucket list had to be perfect and unforgettable for both of them. It was, after all, another ride on their sensual journey.

He placed all the candles around the bathtub and they were both covered in hot water, he stopped the water, grabbed a bunch of rose petals, and let then fall into the water and onto her chest.

He noticed that he hadn't removed her bra and gently unhooked it. Some rose petals that had fallen on the bra, now sat in the small valley between her breasts.

He shoved the bra aside slowly and undressed her gently, swallowing his saliva. His mouth got watery from the piece of art that laid on full display in front of him.

“Jesus, look at beautiful. Someday I’ll have to shoot you like this. This was what all the artists in the previous centuries were talking about when they talked about pure beauty and art. I can't believe that I got so lucky.” He leaned down and kissed her neck.

She sighed in pleasure and let her head rest on his chest.

He caressed her arms lightly with his fingertips, feeling goosebumps appear under them. He traced his fingers along her cleavage, her collarbones, her neck like he was drawing her, burning all of her beauty in his mind.

“Someday I’m gonna challenge my inner Leonardo Da Vinci and draw you,” He continued.

“You draw?” She asked, surprised.

“I haven't done it in years, but I would start again. To capture such a beauty deserves all forms of art,” Jughead rasped.

“Jug, I am not that beautiful,” She said quietly.

“Okay, that's kind of progress. From I am not beautiful to I am not THAT beautiful,” He said and she giggled a bit.

“Betty Jones, you are the most beautiful woman I've ever seen in my life. I was mesmerized by you since our first moment... I still am. I can't stop admiring you... touching you…” While he spoke his hands traveled feather-like along the defined contours of her body. “… and to see how your body and desire are awakening under my touch is even more mesmerizing and arousing,” Jughead declared.

One of his hands wandered to her breast and the other moved downwards.

“I think I could get used to moments like this. You with me in a large bathtub. Candles surrounding us, reflecting on your skin. You, completely relaxed on my chest, slightly blushed by the anticipation of what will come...” His voice was husky and promising.

“Jug, stop talking to me like that!” She breathed, it almost sounded like a moan. Jughead couldn't help but smirk. He loved to tease her and he figured pretty easily that he had to arouse Betty’s mind in order to arouse her body, and he just loved to do that.

“Why, cause you could come just like this, by me fucking your mind?” Jughead whispered and slightly brushed her peaked nipple with his damp fingertips. She writhed lightly above him and shoved her legs together to get some ease for her aching core.

“Holy shit, Jug,” She whimpered desperately.

“You know another reason why I like this position?...” He spoke again as his other hand wandered tormentingly slow between her legs. “I can easily use both of my hands to pleasure you and I can feel every reaction. I can see it on fully display.” His hand wandered slowly between her legs, while he rasped alluringly into her ear.

“Fuck, babe, even in the water, I can feel how wet you are,” He groaned lightly and slid one finger into her. His cock was fully hard now, begging to be in her, but he wanted to drag out this moment for as long as he could. He added another finger into her pulsating core.

As soon as he did that, her legs opened further and she fell onto his shoulder with a deep moan.

“That's good, huh?” He asked rhetorically and added his thumb to circle her clit.

She whimpered softly, her eyes closed halfway in pleasure darkened by lust. He could feel and see everything. His cock was now hard as a rock, He bet she could feel it too because she was shoving her ass perfectly against his hard length without even realizing it.

“Jug… I am... fuck I’m...” She couldn't finish the sentence and almost cried in pleasure.

He wanted her to come around him, so he slid his fingers out of her, re-positioned himself, swung his arm around her waist, and lifted her up. It was pretty easy because she was fully relaxed.

“Jug, what are you doing?” She asked.

“I want you to come around me while I fuck you in this bathtub,” He declared and it sounded almost like a demand. He positioned his length with his free hand in front of her entrance and guided her delicately down.

She instantly tightened around him when he entered her. He couldn't suppress the lustful groan that escaped his lips as he felt her walls clenching around him. This position was new for them both and intense. He felt her quiver as he filled her completely, leaving no inch out.

“Oh my god.” She breathed.

“Are you okay?” Jughead asked softly.

She nodded and said: “I just need a minute... you're so deep.”

“Does it feel good?” he asked. He didn't want her to feel uncomfortable.

“Yes. So good. Just intense and different.” Then she added: “I don't know, if I’m able to move like this.” He could hear the sadness in her voice.

He positioned a few candles differently, so she had space to grip the edge of the bathtub and said: “You don't have to. I can be the one in control.” His hands held on her hips and then he began to move slowly.

“Holy shit. This is...” Her moan got stuck in her throat as he found a steady, slow rhythm. The new position seemed to stroke her walls and clit at the same time. It drove her wild, but it wasn’t only her. He thought he had never been so deep in her, and because of the new position she felt even tighter.

“I know... fuck, you feel so good around me, and we have barely even started,” He panted into her neck and attached his lips onto her pulse point, feeling it pound against them.

Betty gripped the edge of the tub and began to move too. She tightened even more because of the strength she used to lift herself up.

“Fuck,” Jughead groaned as she slowly rode him.

He could see that it cost her more strength than the other time... she couldn't use her heels to lift herself up.

He gently grabbed her hand and loosened it from the tub.

“No, I want to make you feel good,” She said desperately.

“You are, babe. Can't you feel it? Can't you feel my cock throbbing inside you? You making me feel so good, Betty, and you know I like to be in control. Just relax and feel me. Let me fuck my wife,” He whispered into her ear and quickened his pace.

Jughead felt her relax against him and that made her more responsive to his longing thrusts. She laid her head onto his shoulder and she was completely lost in the feeling.

Then her hips began to roll instinctively, led by pleasure. Their bodies moved perfectly with one another.

Jughead didn't know how their lovemaking could get any better. Every time he thought it couldn't get more mind blowing, but he was wrong every damn time. It wasn't just physical, it was spiritual, almost transcendent. It felt like he was catapulted out of this world, but at the same he felt so conscious and aware of it that it almost scared him.

It was cosmic: so much more than a primal and fleshy experience. They were forming their own cosmic love, seeing stars.

He felt himself getting closer to the edge, so he demanded softly: “Come with me love, let me feel you come, and take me with you to another universe of pleasure.”

Jughead thrusted into her and leaned back a little bit more with her so that he reached another angle inside of her, stroking her clit and hitting her g- spot with his length.

The water quivered in sync with their bodies. He reached between her legs and rubbed her clit, while he kissed her and swallowed her pants.

“Baby, please. Take me.” With that, he slapped her clit lightly, because he couldn't hold it any longer and knew this would give the last push to fall with him.

They both came so hard that even the water didn't stop quivering. Their moans echoed through the bathroom and filled the room with a melodic sound of lust and desire.

When their breaths steadied a bit Betty giggled and said: “Fuck, we flooded the bathroom.”

“Totally worth it.” Jughead answered, still out of breath, sitting them both up.

“What the hell was this?” Betty asked.

“A cosmic love experience,” Jughead said and grinned widely. “You’re still pulsating,” He added smugly.

“I’m sensitive. I’m pregnant and I think I bruised my hand without knowing it,” She said, surprised.

He took her hand in his and kissed the light bruises that had appeared on it.

“You must have hit the bathtub,” Jughead stated.

She just grinned and said: “Totally worth it.”

Seeing her smile like this was everything. He hoped he could elicit it every day in their future life. It felt wonderful and just like life was supposed to be.

“Jug,” Betty interrupted his thoughts: “I want to make an appointment at the OB/GYN... would you go with me?”

“Of course. Why do you even need to ask?” Jughead asked, surprised, and then he saw her concerned look.

“I don't know...It's just gonna be... a lot... I think. This won't be easy and I don't want you to realize that this was the wrong decision...” She answered, obviously afraid.

He grabbed her chin gently, forcing her to look at him.

“I am a grown ass man that knows what I am signing up for. I want this. No matter how hard it'll get. I want a life and a child with you. All this makes me so happy, Betty. I wouldn't want to change a thing. I can't wait for this journey with you and can't wait until we're parents,” Jughead declared earnestly.

“I couldn't be prouder to be your wife and the mother of your child, Jughead Jones,” She said with tears shining in her eyes. She smiled at him and kissed him.

Life was just perfect and how supposed to be, Jughead thought as he closed the small gap between them, a happy smile playing on his lips.