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Best Laid Plans

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There was a creeping feeling of unease settled deep in Will’s gut. He was far too aware that what he was doing was a terrible idea, and yet...

It wasn’t about satisfying his curiosity at this point. He knew , just as surely as he knew the sun rose in the east, and that the moon pulled the tides. It was an almost elemental, fundamental truth.

Hannibal Lecter was the Chesapeake Ripper.

Witnessing him, blood dripping down languidly from his full lips, mere feet away from the body of Tobias Budge, whose head was caved in. The doctor looking coolly unaffected, barely paying mind to the cooling corpse at all...

Will had been inside the heads of countless killers - had felt the taint of their minds; thoughts and desires not his own seeping inexorably into his consciousness until he felt his reality begin to blur.

He’d hated that feeling.


Dipping into the mind of the Ripper was almost counterintuitively calming; like slipping beneath the surface of a deep, dark lake. It was cold; the type of bone-deep chill that shocked the senses so completely that you simply ceased feeling.

It was never a murderous rage of fiery passion. It was calm, precise, and singularly beautiful.

Will wanted desperately to hate it. Time and time again though, he’d returned to the crime scene photos. He’d even ended up writing his thesis paper on the Ripper during his Masters; he couldn’t seem to pull himself away from the haunting scenes. The Ripper was a cooling balm to his riotous thoughts, and slipping under his influence felt... right.

Day after day since meeting the man, Will felt himself losing more of the willpower to keep playing their game, wanting to just give up and submit to the mastery and skill of Hannibal’s subtle coercions and suggestions. Will would have to be blind to not realize that the frightfully terrible advice that Hannibal imparted during their sessions and dinners were meant to twist Will; to help him embrace the darkness that he was constantly struggling against.

It was his desperate desire to push back against the tantalizing horror of succumbing to the Ripper’s cold embrace that had brought him to make this terrible decision.

He needed something to definitively tie Hannibal to those gorgeous horrific murders; something to finally get the doctor put away under lock and key - away from Will .

As much comfort as the older man brought with his kind words, actual therapeutic suggestions, and generosity, it was always such a double-edged sword, and Will didn’t think he had much longer until it drew blood. Until he drew blood.

So Will had decided, reckless though his plan was, to try and catch the Ripper, if only for the sake of his own morality.

And didn’t it say something that too large a part of him wanted to just keep playing ?

With a frustrated sigh, Will finally exited his car, mind made up. His hands shook as he walked up the dark, midnight-quiet street. His gait was unsteady, and his panting breath misted in the cold air in harsh plumes.

The unease grew. He couldn’t help but feel guilty, somehow. What he was planning was unspeakably rude .

Checking that the coast was clear, he slipped up the front drive of Hannibal’s stately house, and knelt in front of the door.

With his near constant state of heightened observation, previous experience as a cop, and the mindset of hundreds of killers clogging his mind, Will had noted the first time he had visited Hannibal’s home that the older man had no alarm system.

Clearly, a killer on the level of the Ripper would hardly find the need to install something so pedestrian, particularly as he would probably welcome the chance to have his prey come directly to him.

Huffing slightly in amusement at the dark thought, Will turned the handle and pushed the door open on near-silent hinges, having sprung the lock with an old set of lockpicks.

A waft of unexpected scent hit him like a wall, and he gasped in horrified recognition even as he was already stepping inside, hurrying and eager to get the door closed behind him to avoid being caught in the act of breaking and entering by any passers-by.

Will froze in a moment of panicked non-reaction at the wave of rut-scented air that met him. His mind was whirling in disbelief, self-castigation ringing in his head as his inner thoughts were backdropped by a voice hissing ‘ stupid stupid stupid stupid so fucking stupid-’

Hannibal had left him a detailed message two weeks prior, informing Will of the need to cancel their standing appointment on the eve of the 29th of October, as Hannibal had a vacation planned, and he would be out for a full week. Courteous and considerate as ever, he had also left the number for a colleague to call in his stead, should an emergency arise.

He was supposed to be on vacation , Will thought, filled with horrified dread. But he didn’t say what he was doing .

Will wasn’t an idiot; he had cased the house for days leading up to this attempt, and it had looked as though Hannibal was gone.

But o f course Hannibal had decided to go off of his suppressants to allow his rut to naturally reset his system. Most people did it at least once a year - most normal people. Will could have sworn that the older man had done it just a few months ago...

Fuck fuck fuck -

Though his thoughts only managed to cloud his mind for a handful of seconds, that moment of inaction was more than enough time for the worst to happen.

Out of the darkness of the foyer, a strong, clawed hand reached out and wrapped around his neck, and Will felt himself being slammed directly back into the door.

Eyes still struggling to adjust to the low light, Will hadn’t even notice the silent, naked form of Hannibal Lecter until the alpha was upon him.

Shaking hands came up to try and pry the crushing force away from his neck, his breath already coming out in choked gasps as he felt the pinch of his airway closing.

But it was futile to try and fight an alpha in rut, let alone a thoroughbred like Hannibal clearly was. Somehow the man appeared even more potent and dominant, naked as he was, than he normally did in his immaculate, bespoke suits.

He was gorgeously muscled, long sinewy lines of tanned skin, his chest blanketed in a thicket of grey hair. A thick, heavy cock bobbed between his legs; Will’s eyes quickly darted away from it, looking up.

Red eyes were just barely visible above Hannibal’s snarling lips, his sharp teeth gleaming white in the dim moonlight streaming in through the window high above them.

Will shut his eyes tightly and hissed out a gasping; “Please, Hannibal-”

He shut up immediately at the deep rumbling growl that sparked up in Hannibal’s throat. The alpha mercilessly ripped Will’s hand away from his own, pinning it easily to the door beside Will’s head. The unchecked, rut-fueled strength made Will feel weak as a child before him.

It made him feel helpless; omegan .

Tears welled in his eyes, brought on by frustration at the very thought, exacerbated by the natural distress of his lingering air supply, and his explicit fear.

Hannibal had every right to kill anyone who had entered his territory during his rut.

And why would the Ripper even hesitate to kill him? Will’s mind flashed with the image of it, sharp red splashes of blood, the rip of teeth into his flesh, the feel of Hannibal’s claws tearing at his skin.

Mixed with the heady cocktail of pheromones that Hannibal was putting off in cloying waves, Will couldn’t help but moan brokenly at the thought, his gut clenching, cock twitching, heart stuttering.

Was he so fucking pathetic that the idea of Hannibal ripping him apart was this hauntingly sexual? He cried out as Hannibal’s claws dug harshly into his neck, drawing blood.

Teary eyes opened wide as Hannibal leaned in suddenly, scenting directly against the skin of his neck. The squeezing pressure didn’t let up even as Will felt the wet drag of Hannibal’s tongue lapping at the dip of his collar bones, where a trickle of blood had pooled from the wound that Hannibal’s thumb had inflicted on the curve of Will’s throat.

“Hannibal, p-please.” Suddenly terrified beyond reason, Will started thrashing in the hold, the choking pressure made worse as he pushed against the hand around his neck. “Let me go! D-don’t -”

His free hand, which had been pushing uselessly against Hannibal’s chest, started to reach up to claw at the man’s face, desperate to get away. Red eyes flared, and another growl erupted from the man as he released Will’s neck, and with a flurry of movement, grasped Will’s wrist and spun him, violently slamming him face-first into the door. The alpha pulled Will’s wrist up behind his back - the arm straining at the rough handling, the old injury on his shoulder screaming.

Will realized belatedly that he was screaming as well, still trying to break away even as Hannibal pinned him with all that brutal strength, broad shoulders pressed tight against him as he shoved Will’s legs open. The hard, twitching length of the alpha’s cock was a searing line pressed against Will’s lower back and ass. It felt huge against him.

Will’s eyes rolled, white with terror - or was it desire? He was gasping, greedy for air now that he was free of the chokehold. He felt delirious with the influx of oxygen and rut-pheromones, and barely resisted as Hannibal took a handful of his curls and yanked his head to the side.

His vision whited out as Hannibal’s sharp teeth ripped into the side of his neck - this wasn’t right, no-no-no-no-

Hannibal had purposely avoided his mating gland. Will started crying, though he couldn’t tell if it was due to the searing pain, or the anger at being denied. He wanted-

He didn’t know what he wanted. He wanted Hannibal to rip out his throat with his teeth; he wanted to feel Hannibal tear him to pieces and consume him, his flesh still warm.

He wanted to mate -


“Will.” The word was harsh, sibilant, and coated in Hannibal’s thick accent. His tongue rasped at the heavily bleeding wound on Will’s neck. He sucked at the blood, and took a deep, heavy breath of the scent of it. “ Omega.”

A cold shiver of dread wound down his spine. He’d been on suppressants and scent blockers since before his first heat, when he’d read the writing on the wall and decided to shut his biology down, hard , before it could even manifest. A male fucking omega. A one in eight hundred thousand chance. Male omegas were coveted, fetishized, sold, fuck toys .

He’d run from this moment his whole life.

Of course Hannibal fucking Lecter would be able to unearth his secret, despite Will now being on military grade suppressants and blockers. With a palate like his, the man could probably taste whatever pathetic amount of omegan hormones still trickled through his veins.

He couldn’t run from Hannibal.

He couldn’t run from his true mate.

With a startled gasp, Will was pulled away from the door, and before he could even attempt to struggle again, he was tossed over Hannibal’s shoulder in an efficient fireman’s carry.

There was a moment of disbelief before Will started to laugh, his throat scratchy and catching over the noise.

Of course a man accustomed to carting around the deadweight of bodies would be able to heft Will easily; coupled with his rut-fueled strength and the fuck-or-kill alpha mindset, Hannibal was no better than a caveman dragging his omega off to breed.

His shoulder still ached from the rough treatment, but despite himself, a warm heat was growing in his belly. It was completely unsurprising to him that he appeared to be a masochist. He’d only ever engaged in purely vanilla sex, only ever with sweet, beta women, but deep down, he’d always known what he really craved...

The rush of pleasure through him at the promise of rough treatment at the hands of an alpha in rut made Will feel boneless; eager.

He allowed himself to be carried, resigned to his fate; looking forward to it even. He could go willingly, fight it and be taken regardless, or Hannibal could potentially still kill him.

Though, perhaps he’d fight back just for the fun of it. Hannibal would probably enjoy the challenge, up to a point.

During their first meeting in Jack’s office, Will had been completely bemused when he’d caught scent of Hannibal. The alpha had looked unassuming; legs crossed, body language open, an entirely benign entity.

Stark, austere, fashionable, well-kempt, upper-class, refined, controlled. He was opposite to Will in so many integral ways. How this man could have possibly set off the alarm-bells in the back of Will’s heavily repressed omegan instincts as mate was completely beyond him.

But when he’d walked in on the aftermath of the man’s fight with Tobias Budge and his breath had caught, mind overwhelmed with the dark beauty of it, it had all clicked, and he’d whispered, “ Oh...”

And then he’d gone back to repressing those hated omegan instincts, desperate to escape his biology, and he’d hatched this trainwreck of a plan to have his mate put away, to free himself from the constant temptation of knowingly bonding himself to the Chesapeake Ripper.

Yet somehow, he’d ended up in his waking nightmare. A nightmare that always left him shaking and wet .

The master bedroom was rife with the scent of rut and alpha and Hannibal , and Will found himself quickly pressed to slippery silken sheets under Hannibal’s larger bulk.

Snarling sharply up into Hannibal’s face, Will thrust his hips up, twisting his body and managing to free one of his hands. He brought up a knee into the larger man’s side, using his free hand to shove the alpha up and off of him slightly, enough to roll away and off the bed.

With a snarl of his own, Hannibal followed, his hands whipping out immediately, one honing in on the tender flesh of the back of Will’s neck - the omegan gentling pressure point, and the other wrapping around Will’s waist to drag him back against Hannibal’s chest.

Will’s limbs went weak in the hold, and he let out a supplicating whine, tilting his head instinctively to bear his neck. He seethed inwardly at the involuntary display. He’d never let anyone touch him there.

The moment that Hannibal loosened his grip on Will’s neck, accepting the omega’s show of submission, Will drove an elbow back into Hannibal’s ribs.

There was a grunt of pain behind him, but the hand around his waist didn’t loosen. Instead, it was joined by Hannibal’s other hand, and suddenly Will’s shirt was being ripped open, buttons scattering with little plinks across the dark hardwood floor.

Will started to struggle away, but Hannibal was quick to catch Will’s wrists behind his back, somehow manipulating the fabric of his jacket and shirt into a rough tangle around his hands, binding him.

Hands curled around his hips, and he found himself being lifted and thrown bodily back onto the bed. Will felt another deep clench in his gut, a flash of heat flaring through him at the sheer, brute power of the older man, and he whined again despite himself.

He’d landed on his front, arms still trapped behind him, and he immediately pushed his knees up beneath him, ready to struggle away again, but that hand was suddenly back on his neck. It was startlingly hot and sure as it squeezed hard over his gentling pressure point.

Will went limp under the touch, his face half pressed into the musky, alpha-scented sheets as he tried to catch his breath.

Hannibal gave him a gentle warning squeeze, the nails of his claws pricking delicately at his skin, and Will’s undeniably hard cock twitched in his pants.

Leaning down to press himself over Will, Hannibal scented him deeply, letting out a pleased rumble at the scent of the younger man’s flushed arousal. He nuzzled at Will’s hairline, licked at the sluggishly bleeding wound on his neck, and Will couldn’t help but think that the alpha had enjoyed their little chase.

Boneless now, suffused with the scent of Hannibal all around him, Will lay docile as Hannibal deftly undid Will’s pants with one hand and shoved them down just low enough to expose his ass to the warm air of the room.

Will’s poor, aching cock was still trapped in the confines of his underwear, and he whined, wiggling slightly, earning himself a harsh spank and rumble from Hannibal. When he shifted, he could feel the prickly drag of the teeth of his zippers against his cock through the thin material of his underwear, and he whined again.

Despite being overwhelmed by his rut, and nearly incapable of speech, Hannibal was still capable of being a completely sadistic asshole, and Will could feel the censure in the action as Hannibal spanked him again, demanding stillness.

Will huffed, settling, and was rewarded for his good behaviour when Hannibal removed his grip on the back of Will’s neck and immediately wrapped both hands around the globes of his ass, opened him up, and pressed his face eagerly between to begin feasting on Will’s hole.

The noise Will made could easily be described as a squeak, and he immediately began to thrash forward and away in surprise at the feeling.

Snarling at the interruption, Hannibal wrapped his hands more firmly around Will’s hips, and yanked him back into place, delivering a sharp, almost skin-breaking bite to Will’s cheek.

Will’s hiss of pain quickly turned into a moan of indecisive pleasure as Hannibal delved in again. The man’s breath was hot against the tight furl of Will’s hole between the wet drags of his tongue. He felt himself getting damp from the eager attention, and he was mortified that he couldn’t tell if it was from Hannibal’s saliva or his own slick come out to play, in spite of his suppressants.

Hannibal let out a hum of pleasure as his tongue finally thrust inside, and when he sealed his mouth around Will’s opening, the younger man couldn’t help but feel like his taste was being savoured.

The idea of that mouth tasting him drove Will wild, and his legs began to shake as the heat in his belly started to flare into a blaze. His cock was throbbing , and he wasn’t sure he could take much more.

Will let out a devastated moan as Hannibal started to work him more vigorously, having no way of describing it other than that he was being fucked by Hannibal’s hot tongue. The slick muscle was piercing into him over and over, deftly manipulated to circle around his hole in random patterns that left Will panting at the tease, the alpha’s teeth occasionally dragging over the reddened, puffy rim.

The most Will had ever had was his own fingers shoved up inside during his phantom-heats, barely slick enough to fit two in. He’d never let anyone fuck him, and he sure as hell had never had anyone’s mouth on him.

Hannibal lapped him up, sucked at him, and rumbled his enjoyment all the while as he devoured Will so thoroughly that the younger man had no choice but to come.

Nothing had ever felt this good, not his own fingers, not jerking himself off. And even though his cock was still trapped, the light pain of his zippers against his straining length as he thrashed and bucked in Hannibal’s tight grasp helped send him hurtling over the edge.

He pressed his face deep into Hannibal’s bedding as he came, his ass juddering back against Hannibal’s tongue, seeking more . He keened, tears coming to his eyes as the orgasm washed over him; he felt so fucking empty and he wanted something in him .

His burning need felt almost as terrible as one of his phantom-heats, and a sudden terror rose again in him, despite the knowledge that he couldn’t possibly be in heat, that it was likely just his reaction to the rut pheromones, to his true mate; it was just him being weak . He started to rear back, ready to try and fight back again, but Hannibal seemed to sense his sudden anxiety, and was there again with a hand at the back of his neck.

“Hannibal, I-” Suddenly there were two fingers pressing into him, and his teeth snapped shut.

They slid in almost easily. Two fingers , slick and slippery and thicker than his own and perfect . “F-fuck.”

Will’s back arched as they bottomed out, pushed inexorably in and in and in until Will felt contentedly full. “Oh... God, yes...”

And then, with the unerring accuracy of a doctor, Hannibal crooked both fingers and began to torture his prostate.

Held as he still was by the back of his neck, Will could do nothing more than shake under the onslaught. Hannibal didn’t thrust the fingers in and out, didn’t stretch him, didn’t do anything other than bear down and rub and massage and coax at his prostate.

“It’s t-too much, Hannibal,” he gasped out, his stomach clenching and cock twitching. “I can’t take it, I can’t, I fucking can’t !”

He’d just come, but it appeared Hannibal was single-minded in his goal to make him come again.

With another light squeeze at his nape, Hannibal hushed Will with a soft sound, and kept up the assault, “Come.”

The single word startled Will, but more than that, the sharp, authoritative alpha command swept over him like lightning, and suddenly he was coming. His cock was barely half-hard; it dribbled out another line of come into his already sticky underwear, but the pleasure was focused more on his hole, which spasmed rhythmically around Hannibal’s fingers, sucking at them, and, Will realized, coming around them.

He was orgasming like a true omega, filling his channel with slick like a woman.

That was what Hannibal had been after - a slicker hole to fuck.

Hannibal kept up the steady rubbing, forcing him well over the edge of orgasm into a prolonged, spiraling descent of almost-painful pleasure, leaving Will’s entire body shaking, his mouth opened in one long, piteous moan. He could feel the slickness now between his cheeks, wet as a bitch in heat now after the forceful orgasm that had been wrung out of him.

He thought he’d been boneless before, but now he lay, insensate, as Hannibal withdrew his fingers with a wet squelch.

Through half-lidded eyes, he caught the movement at the corner of his vision of Hannibal bringing his hand to his mouth, eagerly tasting his slick again with a pleased curl to his lips. His eyes fixed on Will’s and he looked almost amused behind the predatory lust.

Their eyes still locked, Hannibal lined up his cock and slammed home.

Breath punched out of him, Will’s eyes rolled back at the pain and sudden fullness, and it took him a moment to realize that he was coming, again .

He let out a long, gurgling curse as he shivered through his orgasm on the alpha’s thick cock, his back arched fully and cock sputtering out another sad drip of come. The walls of his hole spasmed, and he would have pulled completely off of the monstrous intrusion if he could move.

Hannibal was fucking enormous, and as soon as Will came down again, he started cursing the man out in colourful language.

“You complete fucking sadist.” He hissed, still trying to adjust to the fullness. His rim was burning with an edge that travelled all the way down to his toes, which curled inside of his boots. “You pretend to be a fucking gentleman but can’t even work up the decency to prepare me properly before shoving your dick into me.”

Hannibal chuckled, even as he swatted at Will’s ass, which Will could imagine was punishment for his poor language. He tightened further around the length inside him at the slap, and groaned as it made him feel even fuller somehow.

Seeming to hear and understand Will’s unspoken plea, Hannibal held still inside of him, massaging his nape lightly as he let the younger man adjust to the penetration.

Will was honestly impressed with the amount of control that Hannibal possessed, this deep into rut. He’d expected to be fucked bloody, but instead had been eaten out, fingered, and now allowed a respite.

He shifted, trying to get over the pain inside of him, and bore down slightly. The gentle touch on the back of his neck was helping to relax him, and soon the sharp, stabbing feeling subsided into a pleasantly aching burn. His cock began to fill again, and his hole started to squeeze and flex around Hannibal.

“I...”  Will began, unsure. “It’s... you can-”

Sensing the shift in Will, and likely smelling his increased pleasure, Hannibal eagerly drew his cock back, before pressing it inexorably back in.

Will felt every fucking inch of it dragging against his puffy, sensitive hole, the width of it holding him open in a way he had never been before. He immediately found that he loved the sensation.

Long and thick as the alpha was, Will felt a near constant pressure against his sweet spot, and knew it wouldn’t be long before he was having a prostate orgasm again, which would make him slicker.

He wanted to come again. He wanted that fat cock to slide into him more easily, to have it fuck him faster, harder.

Amazed at himself, he lay there and let Hannibal slowly tear down the walls of his self-denial. He never thought that he would let anyone fuck him, let alone an alpha. He had feared what Hannibal meant to him since the moment he met the man, but now...

He shut his eyes as the slow, methodical drag of Hannibal’s cock brought him to another, smaller orgasm. Just a gentle swell in his lower belly that had him clenching down sweetly. He hadn’t even known that he could come in such disparate ways.

“Hannibal, please...” There was a desperation in his voice, but he barely knew what he needed.

With another soft squeeze on his nape, Hannibal let go, resting the hand next to Will’s head, while the other tightened it’s hold on his hip.

And then he started fucking Will.

Whatever he had been doing before, it was clearly still in deference to letting Will adjust. Now this, though?

This was rut-sex.

Will felt like a ragdoll, dragged back onto that thick cock, before being slammed forward as Hannibal simultaneously fucked up into him with powerful thrusts. The slap of Hannibal’s hips against Will’s ass almost drowned out his gasping moans, but didn’t quite manage it.

Hannibal’s claws dug sharply into his hip, and the scent of blood tickled Will’s senses, somehow sharpening the hunger in his gut. He came again, this time feeling an openness deep in him, his body desperate to fill it with the sucking drag of his hole over Hannibal’s cock, urging it deeper.

He could feel a seeping slickness now between his thighs, over his balls, across his cheeks. It was smeared everywhere, and he could suddenly smell them.

Not just Hannibal, alpha, and rut, but Hannibal-Will, alpha-omega, rut- heat .

“Oh fuck-fuck-fuck-fuck-fuck,” He chanted in time with the thrusts. “Feels so fucking good... fuck yesss...”

He was lost in it, and he fucking loved it . He arched his hips up, trying to make his ass more easily accessible. Presenting .

Hannibal snarled, slamming in that much harder, that much deeper, and purred, “Good omega.”

Will screamed in a whiteout of pleasure, this orgasm hot and sharp, with a heat that he felt in the depths of his soul. He’d pleased his alpha.

“Alpha, please, please-” He didn’t know what he was begging for, but beg he did. Tears were clinging to his eyelashes again, and he couldn’t find it in him to hate himself for it. “More, please - fuck me harder, give me your fucking knot!”

The sharp crack of Hannibal’s hand against his ass caused a quick, sharp orgasm to wash over him at the stinging pain.

As the omega convulsed around his cock, Hannibal growled and tore at the clothing around Will’s arms, and suddenly Will was free. No hold on his neck, nothing binding his hands.

He planted his palms against the bed and shoved his ass back on Hannibal.

“My perfect omega.” Hannibal hissed, pressing down to blanket himself over Will’s back, his sweaty chest coming up against Will’s rumpled up t-shirt, which made the omega whine. He reached down with one hand to try to yank the offending clothing off, but lost his balance as Hannibal continued to pound into him at a punishing pace, only managing to ruck it up to his armpits.

One of Hannibal’s hands slipped under him, and Will thought he would help with his shirt, but instead the alpha merely trapped Will’s nipple between his fingers and pinched, squeezing and twisting.

“Oh,” Will gasped at the feeling, never having paid any attention to his nipples at all before. He came with his eyes wide and mouth open, and then started whining and trying to squirm out of Hannibal’s grip as the man refused to let up his torture.

With a sob, Will realized that again, he wasn’t coming down from his orgasm, rather it had peaked and was dragging. He tried desperately to get Hannibal to let up on his abused tit, but the man simply cupped it, squeezing and pinching at his sore nipple and driving Will wild. The alpha pressed his full weight down as the omega bucked and cried, sobbing under him at the overwhelming feeling of coming for so fucking long.

“Too much, too much,” Will gasped, and somehow he almost managed to squeeze down so hard on Hannibal’s cock that the man was almost pushed all the way out of his body. The alpha growled as he bullied his cock back into Will’s violently spasming hole. “Hannibal please.”

Will’s placating whimpers did nothing to ease Hannibal’s abuse. The man simply swapped hands to Will’s other nipple, and picked up his pace, fucking Will that much harder.

Sobbing, Will was almost so out of it that he barely noticed the thickening of Hannibal’s knot. Will was sopping wet at this point, stuck on the painful threshold of constant orgasm from the abuse of his chest, and Hannibal was very easily going to slam his thick knot into him.

“Oh god, alpha please!” He screamed, trying to open himself more, bearing down on his alpha’s cock, wanting the thick stretch. He could practically taste it.

Hannibal was purring now, and he buried his nose in Will’s hair before dragging his mouth along the side of Will’s neck.

There was a light prick against his skin, and Will felt his hindbrain kick into overdrive. He tilted his head, baring his throat; his mating gland.

He wanted it so fucking bad.

“Please, alpha... Hannibal.”  He begged. There was no rational thought left in him. He just knew that this was his true mate. A mate who would kill for him. Hannibal would provide for him. He would rip their enemies apart and he would feed Will their still warm, bloody hearts. He would breed Will so fucking well and would protect their children. He would give them the world because he was a magnificent, monstrous, perfect alpha. “I need it. I need you.

With a frightening growl, Hannibal fucked his knot into Will’s eager hole, and Will moaned long and loud at the pleasurable pain of it, still coming.

Hanging on the precipice, Will waited, not breathing, his whole being divided between the fullness of Hannibal’s knot in him, and the barely perceptible pinch of his canines against his mating gland.

And then suddenly, the heat of Hannibal’s body was gone.

There was a painful tug of the knot against his hole as he was jostled by Hannibal’s abrupt movement, but they remained locked together. Hannibal’s legs were still between his, his hips still against Will’s ass.

But his teeth were not in Will’s neck.

Panicking, Will felt his chest constrict. His eyes opened wide, and he pushed himself up to look back at Hannibal.

Hannibal’s eyes looked clearer, the lust that had eclipsed them earlier was a banked fire now. The amusement was gone.

He looked blank.

Will’s hackles rose as he felt an almost thunderous anger rising from the alpha. It was cold and frightening.

He ducked his head, baring his nape in a show of pure, animal fear.

“William.” Hannibal began, his voice completely flat. “What you’ve done is incredibly rude.”

The sinking feeling of dread that had been with him earlier in the night was back now, robbing him of the heat of arousal. If he wasn’t still stuck on Hannibal’s knot, he thought he might try to run.

Though that might have been a death sentence; trying to run from the Ripper after he’d thoroughly pissed him off.

“I-I’m sorry Hannibal.” He stuttered out. “I... I shouldn’t have broken into your home.”

“No, you shouldn’t have.” Hannibal agreed, icily calm. “I can’t imagine why you felt the need to do something so inadvisable.”

The scent of rut was still coming from Hannibal, yet it clearly had been curbed by his release, and Will was baffled by how completely clear-headed he now seemed.

“It was stupid. Really stupid.” Will admitted. “I probably can’t ever apologize enough, but I... I regret my actions. I didn’t mean for... this to happen. I didn’t know you’d be home.”

Hannibal hummed, a displeased, shattering noise. But still, he hadn’t killed Will yet.

“I am a very private person, Will.” Hannibal began, “and I cannot describe to you how little I appreciate having that privacy invaded. Particularly during such a vulnerable time as my rut.”

Will started to apologize again, but Hannibal continued over him, “I have lived this long without having shared my rut with anyone, and have chosen to remain unbonded. It would take a truly exceptional person to earn my interest; someone who I feel I could trust and share all aspects of my life with, and it is not a decision that I would choose to make lightly, or in the heat of the moment.”

The beginnings of guilt that he’d felt earlier now blossomed fully into a searing knife to the gut, making Will shiver. Coming down off the endorphins and adrenaline left him feeling wrung out, like he was dropping. And now this?

Hannibal didn’t even want to bond with him.

“I-I understand...” Will whispered. “I’m sorry to have put you into that position. I really didn’t mean to.”

Hannibal made a noncommittal noise, before taking a deep, calming breath, and pulled out of Will, knot still half-formed. Will hissed at the pain of it, but didn’t fight it. The fact that Hannibal had managed to get his knot down so quickly spoke of extreme bodily control.

“And I am sorry for my actions, influenced as I may have been by my rut.” Hannibal offered, sliding from the bed. “Perhaps it is best that we both put this incident behind us.”

Still facing away from Hannibal, kneeling unmoving on the bed as the man’s cum slowly streamed from his aching hole and dripped onto his pants, Will felt cold and empty.

“That would probably be best.” He agreed, trying hard not to let the brokenness seep into his tone. He isn’t sure it works.

“If you’ll excuse me, I would like to freshen up while I’m still able.” Hannibal was moving towards his ensuite, “You’ll forgive me for not showing you out.”

Will nodded, still staring down at the bedsheets and refusing to look at Hannibal.

Hearing the door to the bathroom click shut, Will finally moved to start pulling his pants up, grimacing at the ridiculous amount of come still leaking from his hole, and the tacky build up in the front from where he’d come countless times.

Shoving his t-shirt down, Will levered himself off of the bed as quickly as his sore muscles allowed. His shoulder was aching with a dull, pulsing throb, and his triceps hurt from having his hands bound for so long behind his back. The bite mark on his neck, so close to where he’d wanted it, made his heart ache more than anything, and each twinge of it blackened his mood further.

He walked unsteadily and bent to pick up his ruined shirt and jacket, having to bite his lip to hold in the groan at the strain on his lower back and ass.

He’d fucked women before, in the guise of a beta, and had never understood the aversion to the “walk of shame.” He’d always been eager to leave, never wanting to linger beyond the moment that his sexual urges were met.

But this... He practically fled Hannibal’s house, trying to hold in a sob of frustration.

Never in his life had he felt so fucking miserable, so used and broken and omegan.

He hated crying. He hated being this much of a slave to his emotions. He hated that an alpha was making him feel this way.

His gait was just as shaky on the way back to his car as it had been when he’d approached Hannibal’s house earlier in the evening, though this time due to his soreness.

He had to ease himself into the driver’s seat, hissing as he did so. He shut the door behind him, and turned the car on to allow it to warm up.

Within moments he was surrounded by the scent:  Hannibal-Will, alpha-omega, rut- heat .

He wanted to cry, but instead, he snarled, put his car in drive, and started driving home, towards the approaching dawn.