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It's in the Air

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Honestly, Kaz was a little surprised when Poe brought them in to land on a planet that was far greener and more pleasant-looking than any place they had been to before. He had kind of gotten into the habit of expecting Poe to take him to dead planets and industrial waystations. This was almost… nice, he thought, as he hopped out of the cockpit onto firm, grassy ground beneath a partially obscured but bright sun.

“You’re sure this is the place?” he asked Poe. “Looks kinda like my last vacation with my parents, minus the people and the beach.” And the constant disapproval and disappointment, but that was a whole other thing.

“Yeah, sorry, no beaches, and hopefully no people, unless we got followed, and we didn’t get followed,” Poe said, like it was an impossibility anyone could have trailed him without him noticing. “Beebee and Ceebee, you two stay here and watch the ships; be ready to go if we run into trouble.”

“Trouble’s kind of a given,” Kaz pointed out as the droids beeped their agreement, taking a hurried step to catch up with Poe, too distracted by the bird he’d seen soaring from branch to branch overhead. It was a brilliant purple, eye-catching. “Every time I go somewhere with you something goes wrong.”

“That’s the fun of it.”

“Fun? Running away and getting shot at isn’t really what I call fun.”

That earned Kaz a sideways look. “What’d you join the Navy for, then?”

“To fly? I mean, we were at peace.”

“Seemed that way, anyway,” Poe said, clapping his hand on Kaz’s shoulder. He squeezed and pulled back. “You’ve learned to handle all this pretty well, though.”

Kaz blinked, opening his mouth to ask Poe what he meant by that and then closing it. Poe tended to go more for sarcasm than compliments and that had almost sound like a compliment; Kaz didn’t want to find out Poe had meant something else.

Or that he was actually talking to BB-8.

“Why are we here, though?” Kaz said instead, glancing around. Still just a fertile, if empty, part of the planet, as far as Kaz could tell. The trees overhung the dirt road they were walking down, branches swaying, tiny pink flowers scattered through the leaves. He sneezed, probably breathing in some pollen or something. He thought he could almost see it dusting through the air but he was probably just being paranoid. He had gotten sick on vacation on this Inner Rim world when he was a kid, alien flowers that didn’t agree with his respiratory system.

Poe sneezed then, too, so maybe Kaz wasn’t being paranoid. Maybe the First Order was trying to weaponize pollen. It wasn’t the weirdest thing he had seen since Poe recruited him.

“First Order was interested in the planet so we’re taking some readings, looking into it,” Poe said, which was hardly more information than he had given Kaz back on the Colossus. He was focused too intently on his datapad, clearly only half paying attention to Kaz.

“Maybe they’re looking for a place to take shore leave,” Kaz joked, touching one of the flowers on a lower-hanging branch, pulling the branch back lightly and letting it snap back.

“Yeah, maybe General Hux wants a suntan,” Poe said, still barely listening. He sneezed again and rubbed his nose.

Kaz shaded his eyes and looked up, watching two more of those vibrant purple birds circle each other in mid-air. He sneezed and the birds scattered.

“You got allergies, kid?”

“Not usually. There was this one time--”

“Uh huh,” Poe said, brushing him off. He plucked a flower and held it to his nose just before he sneezed violently.

Kaz laughed.

Poe rolled his eyes and pocketed the flower. The path they were following branched and they took it to the left, Kaz half a step behind Poe, the trees a bit thicker and closer together, the light dimming as there was more foliage to block the sun. The air smelled sweet.

In spite of the shade, the sun merely peeking through, Kaz was beginning to feel oddly warm, heat spreading from his core and out, sweat faintly beading at his temples. He tugged at his collar. He wondered if Poe felt too warm in his leather jacket, his hair curling over the collar. Poe had nice hair, Kaz thought, thick and wavy and dark, probably really soft. He guessed Poe wouldn’t take too kindly to Kaz indulging the urge to touch it.

The thought made something tense in Kaz’s belly and he had to clench his hand not to reach out. So stupid. He felt himself flushing, and then flushed deeper at the heat seeming to pool lower, like he was…

He swallowed and pinched his palm. “Relax, Kaz,” he muttered to himself.

Poe murmured, “Hmm? What’s that?”

“Nothing,” Kaz said, and bit his lip. He liked the way Poe’s voice sounded, the tenor of it. He wondered how Poe sounded when he lost control, if his voice got deeper or ragged, if he moaned, if he talked too much, if he choked back cries.

“What the hell,” he said, and couldn’t stop himself from pressing the heel of his palm to his groin.

Poe glanced back at him and raised an eyebrow. “Is it just me or did it get hotter?”

“Yes!” Kaz said, clinging to that in relief. So he wasn’t crazy.

Possibly horny, but that was… a thing he wasn’t going to think about.

Poe raked his hand through his hair, ruffling it, and Kaz couldn’t stop himself looking. He also couldn’t stop himself from watching a tiny drip of sweat as it beaded down the side of Poe’s face to his neck. He imagined licking it off and kissing Poe’s collarbone; he wondered if that would make Poe groan or knee him in the balls.

“Kaz, do you,” Poe said, and then stopped. He stopped walking and Kaz almost slammed into him. Poe reached out to steady him and his hand seemed to burn around Kaz’s forearm. He didn’t let go.

Kaz felt light-headed, nearly dizzy; his thoughts were swimming with how much he wanted to kiss Poe, how much he wanted to feel Poe’s body against his. It wasn’t like he had never noticed before, okay, Poe was a handsome guy, that was just a fact, but he was also kind of an asshole who saw Kaz as just a kid. A kid he had recruited, though, so that was something, wasn’t it? He wouldn’t have done that if he didn’t believe in Kaz, and if he didn’t –

He had moved closer without meaning to, so that he was pressing into Poe, looking down into Poe’s flushed face as Poe licked his lower lip.

Barely suppressing the groan that threatened to burst out from between Kaz’s lips, he breathed out, “I don’t feel right,” and couldn’t stop himself from leaning in, pressing closer, feeling the heat of Poe’s body. He felt like he was going to explode, like he just needed to kriffing touch Poe, needed… blast, needed him.

“Fuck,” Poe said, and pulled Kaz into a hard kiss.

Kaz sighed into it, and it was good, but it wasn’t enough; he felt the wet heat of Poe’s mouth, the touch of his tongue, and wanted that on his dick; he needed something, anything, pressure, damn, he needed pressure.

Before he could do more than register that this wasn’t enough, Poe was shoving him forward, still kissing him, a little sloppily as they moved, until Kaz’s back hit a tree with a thud that almost hurt but wasn’t enough to distract him from Poe.

“Are we,” Kaz started to ask, but that took his mouth away from Poe’s for too long so he gave up. He hoped Poe couldn’t tell that he wasn’t exactly an expert at this; there was a part of him that wanted to blab everything but his mind was so fuzzy he couldn’t seem to make it come out.

Probably for the best.

He slid his knee between Poe’s legs and Poe ground down against it, moaning, and there was Kaz’s answer, that was how Poe sounded, and it went straight to Kaz’s dick.

Poe was pushing at Kaz’s shirt, tugging it out from his belt, bending to kiss up Kaz’s stomach, and Kaz whined in the back of his throat while he clutched his hands into Poe’s soft, soft hair. “Poe,” he said, “damn it, are you, are we, are we doing this?”

Shut up, Kaz, he said to himself.

“Looks like it,” Poe said, and bit Kaz’s chest lightly.

Kaz squirmed and made a truly embarrassing noise. Poe smirked at him when he straightened back up, kissing him again, pressing him back against the tree.

“I don’t know what that was,” Kaz gasped out, and let Poe kiss him and kiss him.

He kept rolling his hips, rubbing, needing the pressure, and realized he was basically humping Poe’s leg, which was also embarrassing, but Poe was doing it right back so maybe it was actually kind of okay. He couldn’t quite get his brain to follow any more complicated impulses so it wasn’t like he could stop.

Anyway, it felt way too good to stop.

He could feel this heat building and building, like the only thing that could satisfy was Poe’s touch, Poe’s hands on him, Poe’s mouth, Poe’s dick rubbing just right, just there, ah, kriff.

He must have said that out loud, or said something, made some sound, because Poe was chuckling, the sound of it faintly ragged, like Poe was equally into this but still had the capacity to find Kaz amusing. That was fine, Kaz supposed; he wanted Poe to like him, wanted Poe to think something of him beyond the faintly inept spy who caused as much trouble as he helped. He wasn’t sure he’d realized just how much he had wanted that until now, which seemed an odd moment, but everything about Kaz’s life since he’d met Poe had been a bit odd.

Or more than a bit.

Poe’s hands were on Kaz’s waist, warm against his skin, and he was breathing roughly into Kaz’s neck. They weren’t doing much more than rutting against each other but Kaz couldn’t remember anything ever feeling this good in his life. Something was digging into his back, some errant piece of tree bark sticking out or something, but he didn’t care; all he could think was more, more, damn, Poe, there.

His release came almost as a surprise, surging through him like relief, and he whacked the back of his head on the tree. Wetness was dripping down his leg, staining his pants, and he couldn’t catch his breath. Poe was a heavy weight slumped against him.

He had come in his pants. Blast. He probably would have been humiliated except he realized that Poe had done the same.

That made him feel a little better. Poe was sort of like the person Kaz wished he was, and he was probably way more experienced, so he couldn’t feel too bad about it if Poe had come in his pants, too.

He could still smell flowers on the breeze.

“Okay,” Poe said, and pushed himself away, making a face at the mess of his pants. He reached up and plucked another flower, gingerly holding it between his fingers, before tucking it away with the other in his jacket pocket. “Think we probably shouldn’t breathe any more of this stuff in. I’ll have it looked into back at base.”

“So the First Order is weaponizing pollen,” Kaz said. He still felt too flushed and he kind of wanted to kiss Poe again. His mouth looked incredibly tempting, and so did the spot beneath his ear where his hair curled.

Poe snorted. “Or they ran afoul of the same side effects we did. Come on, let’s head back before it gets too crazy.”

“Crazier than us having sex against a tree?” Kaz tried to joke, knowing even as he said it how lame it was, laughing weakly.

“Yeah, crazier than that. Clothes could come off next time, who knows?”

Kaz found himself briefly distracted watching Poe’s ass as he started walking, imagining how it must look bare when it looked that good in his pants. He pinched himself and followed.

What happened now? What had that been? A faint hazy sensation lingered in his mind, clouding his senses with more pure want than he tended to feel on a typical mission, so Kaz knew… he knew he hadn’t been fully in control and he knew Poe hadn’t been, either. He didn’t think this would have happened otherwise. But he wasn’t mad about it, and he… if he was honest, he had really… enjoyed it, and thought he’d like to do it again, without the weird alien pollen influence.

But how was he gonna say that to Poe, out loud, without sticking his foot in it?

He always stuck his foot in it. He could tell by the way Poe generally looked at him that he thought Kaz was young and dumb, but he also thought that when Poe smiled at him he really meant it, and sometimes he seemed kind of proud. Kaz wanted Poe to be proud of him and he wanted Poe to kiss him, too; he didn’t know how to make sense of it.

Or how to say it.

Kaz was still trying to figure it out when they reached their ships, when Poe greeted BB-8 and CB-23 with enthusiasm and had CB store the flowers in a compartment rather than have them on his person any longer.

“Poe,” Kaz said, but Poe was already climbing into his cockpit.

“Thanks for the help,” he said, just enough of a sly edge in his voice that Kaz couldn’t tell if he was talking about the mission or about getting off.

The back of Kaz’s neck was heating up. “That’s it?”

“Like I said, probably not the best idea for us to stick around knowing how this stuff affects us, at least not before we have more information. I’ll be in touch; always am, right?”

In touch. Damn.

“Yeah, but…”

Poe put his helmet on and began the lift-off sequence. “See you around, Kaz.”

“But…” Kaz couldn’t let Poe leave like this; Poe couldn’t seriously just be leaving. “Hey, hey, Poe, are we, like, boyfriends now?”

“Don’t think so hard, kid.” Poe gave him a small salute as he took off into the air.

Kaz sighed and watched Poe’s X-wing disappear into the distance. “Maybe I was thinking just enough,” he muttered, “unlike some people.”

BB-8 chittered from the ship and Kaz sighed again.

“Yeah, yeah,” he said. “See you around, Poe.”

Hopefully soon.