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Pink and Red and Pretty

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You Dong Dong stands next to the bed, trying to keep his hands by his side, trying to remember not to cover his crotch. He’s wearing boxers still but he might as well be naked for how exposed he feels.

Han Chen strips, hanging up his jacket and taking the rest of his clothes to the hamper in the bathroom. You Dong Dong can hear him brushing his teeth in the bathroom and he shivers, feels his nipples pebble even though it is not anything approaching cold in the apartment. His skin raises in goosebumps from the anticipation, his stomach churning with nerves. He wants to lay down on the bed, wants to get under the covers, cover his bare skin even though it’s not anything Han Chen hasn’t seen many times before.

By the time Han Chen comes back, You Dong Dong is shivering just a little bit, his shoulders hunched up and his head bowed under the weight of the waiting. Han Chen stands in the door between the bedroom and the ensuite, drying his hands off and surveying You Dong Dong. “I told you to keep your hands by your side.”

You Dong Dong jerks his hands back to his sides from where they had crept to cover his crotch.

“Stand up straight.” Han Chen tosses the towel back into the bathroom and stalks across the room, his movements easy, almost predatory. He comes to a stop in front of You Dong Dong, close enough to feel his breath, close enough that You Dong Dong can see him, his bare feet, bare legs, his cock half hard and resting against his thigh.

He reaches out, his fingers under You Dong Dong’s chin, and lifts his head up. He leans forward, kissing You Dong Dong, his mouth clean and minty from brushing his teeth as he licks into You Dong Dong’s mouth.

It’s reassuring after being left to stand all alone and You Dong Dong wants to melt into it, wants to lean forward and wrap his arms around Han Chen’s neck, but he can’t. Han Chen told him to stand still, with his arms at his side, and he’s already disobeyed once.

The attention is wonderful, making sparks of heat and pleasure shoot up You Dong Dong’s spine, his cock getting harder as Han Chen pulls back, swipes his thumb hard over You Dong Dong’s bottom lip, pulling it down. You Dong Dong opens his mouth on reflex, his tongue coming out to meet Han Chen’s thumb as he presses it in to his mouth.

“Are you sure this is what you want?” Han Chen asks as he moves his thumb in and out of You Dong Dong’s mouth. “You could get down on your knees and suck me off instead. You know these lips look great when they are wrapped around my cock.”

You Dong Dong shivers, his knees going weak, almost kneeling out of reflex at the words, but then he strengthens his resolve, wills himself to stay upright. “I want it. Please.”

Han Chen smirks, his eyes dark with lust, and withdraws his thumb, smearing the spit down the corner of You Dong Dong’s chin. “Okay then, come here.” He walks around You Dong Dong, pulling him along as he goes, and sits at the end of the bed.

You Dong Dong stands in front of him, feeling like a million butterflies have taken up residence in his stomach. He’s wanted this so much, for so long, but there is a difference between a fantasy, a difference between receiving a few slaps as Han Chen fucks him from behind, and what they are about to do.

He can’t even believe that they are going to do this, that he somehow got the courage - with the help of a few glasses of beer one night - to tell Han Chen that he could go farther than just a few slaps.

That You Dong Dong would like for him to go farther.

“Take these off,” Han Chen commands, reaching out to run his hand over the front of You Dong Dong’s boxers.

You Dong Dong starts, even just the light stimulation to his cock making it jerk inside his boxers. He takes them off as fast as possible, leaving them tangled on the floor as he steps out of them.

Han Chen reaches out, running a finger down You Dong Dong’s length. “Already hard. You’re that excited to get started? Or was it just enough that I told you to stand still and wait for me?”

You Dong Dong opens his mouth to answer but Han Chen raises the hand that was touching him away, and pats his own leg, cutting him off. “If you want it that bad then just lay down here.”

It’s awkward to climb onto his lap. You Dong Dong is often aware that he moves like he’s not completely in control of his limbs, but he feels it even more now as he struggles to lay down across Han Chen’s thighs, to not knee him or stick his elbows anywhere inconvenient.

Finally he gets settled, balanced with his cock between Han Chen’s open thighs, one arm braced on the bed and the other wrapped around Han Chen’s calf. He feels like any sharp movement might end with him on the floor but Han Chen’s hand on his waist is a comforting restraint, keeping him in place.

“All finished squirming?” Han Chen asks and You Dong Dong knows that if he could twist around to see his face that Han Chen would be smirking down at him.

The teasing makes the butterflies fly around more, makes You Dong Dong have to swallow a few times before he can answer. Han Chen strokes a hand over his buttock, firm pressure that soothes You Dong Dong enough to unstick his tongue. “Yessir.”

“Good.” Han Chen brings his hand down, slapping over the other buttock.

You Dong Dong jolts, the contact sharp against skin that is sensitive from anticipation but not ready to receive it. He waits for another but Han Chen just strokes over the spot instead, digging into the skin before he lifts his hand away.

You Dong Dong waits. Waits until he can feel his skin raising in goosebumps from the waiting. He doesn’t know what he needs to do to receive another slap, if he needs to say something or do something. He opens his mouth, breathes in to ask for another, and that’s when Han Chan brings his hand down again, hard, in the same spot as before.

The words that You Dong Dong was trying to formulate come out in a shout instead. The strike is hard enough to make his hips rock against Han Chen, his cock grinding into Han Chen’s thigh. He moans, trying to rock again, trying to get more pressure against his cock.

“Stop squirming,” Han Chen orders before bringing his hand down again and then again. It’s a flurry of slaps, distributed over the skin of You Dong Dong’s buttocks, and even down over the tops of his thighs.

You Dong Dong finds himself squirming under the assault despite the admonishment, tenses his muscles to try to hold still but that just makes each whack sharper and he can hear himself moaning almost continuously, each exhale bringing a high pitched “Aaaah” with it.

Han Chen stops, lifting both hands away and You Dong Dong takes a moment to stop rocking, to stop squirming between the pressure of Han Chen’s thigh and away from the flurry of slaps.

Once he’s still again Han Chen brings his hand down, rubbing against You Dong Dong’s lower back. “Had enough?”

“No!” You Dong Dong jerks, trying to kneel up, but the hand on his back holds him down, keeps him in place. “Please, sir, please. Keep going.”

“You look so good like this,” Han Chen says, rubbing over the hot skin of You Dong Dong’s ass, his fingers digging in. “All pink and red and pretty for me.”

You Dong Dong can feel his cock twitch from the praise, feels how it’s leaking wet against the bare skin of Han Chen’s thigh. His breath hitches as he breathes in, tears forming in his eyes. Han Chen doesn’t give him a warning before bringing his hand down again. He strikes the same spot over and over, until You Dong Dong feels like it’s too much, feels tears leaking from his face, mixing with his sweat and turning the blanket under his face wet.

He’s glad that Han Chen had nixed the belt for the first time, had insisted that he use his hand instead. If he had used the belt, given in to You Dong Dong’s fantasies, then it might have been too much.

“Can you come like this?” Han Chen asks, not letting up in his slaps as he speaks, distributing them evenly over the meat of You Dong Dong’s ass now. “Can you come just from rubbing yourself against my thigh while I spank you?”

You Dong Dong moans, bites down on the wet blanket, his cock jerking, spurting even more precome out just from the words. Han Chen moves his slaps down to the sensitive crease of skin where You Dong Dong’s ass meets his thighs, the pace of his blows slowing even as they grow heavier with each slap.

“Come for me,” Han Chen commands and You Dong Dong sobs into the bed as he grinds his cock into Han Chen’s thigh, his orgasm wrenched from him.

Han Chen stops as You Dong Dong comes, kneading into the hot, sore flesh instead, almost adding insult to injury but You Dong Dong whimpers under the attention, his cock continuing to twitch even after he’s spent.

Han Chen slowly eases up the pressure, until he’s simply stroking over You Dong Dong’s back, his ass, his thighs, his fingers just brushing over the skin but it’s enough over You Dong Dong’s sensitive skin.

“So good for me,” Han Chen murmurs, “you did just what I asked.”

You Dong Dong shivers under his hand, panting into the bed as he tries to put himself back together. He doesn’t think he can move, doesn’t believe he’ll be able to control his limbs but Han Chen’s dick is digging into his stomach, its hardness a testament to how turned on he is, and when he pulls on You Dong Dong’s shoulders to get him to kneel up, he does. He lets himself be guided in a controlled flop onto the bed as Han Chen stands up over him, reaching down to grasp his own cock in his hand.

You Dong Dong reaches out, clumsily brushing his hand over Han Chen’s thigh as he tries to help but Han Chen catches his hand, lacing their fingers together and holding them against his thigh as he continues stroking himself, his breath coming out in short gasps as he spills, his come splattering over You Dong Dong’s chest and stomach.

You Dong Dong rouses just enough to respond as Han Chen leans down to place a sloppy kiss on him, his tongue fucking into his mouth. You Dong Dong can’t help but whine as Han Chen pulls away but Han Chen’s hand stroking through the come on his chest soothes him. “Let me clean you up,” he says before he leaves.

Time blurs around You Dong Dong as Han Chen leaves and then returns, a warm washcloth swiping over him and then he’s being manhandled up the bed, the covers being tugged out from over him and then tucked around his side before Han Chen climbs in beside him.

“Next time I’ll have to plan the clean up better,” Han Chen says as he wraps an arm around You Dong Dong’s chest.

“Next time,” You Dong Dong sighs, turning over and burying his face into Han Chen’s neck, breathing in the warm scent of his sweat.

“Yeah,” Han Chen says, his voice warm and affectionate. “Next time.”