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The Sins

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The Virtue was right in front of him. The attack was already underway. But as they advanced the skies became dark and the ocean became violent, as if the ocean was telling him to turn back. Izuku’s gut told him they should retreat, but he couldn’t, he couldn’t return to the Admiral empty-handed. Not again.


Merciless waves crashed into the Dauntless as heavy rain fell.


Izuku was paralyzed. Memories flowed into his mind as the rain came down. The water was washing away his sanity, bit by bit.


Why now? Why did this have to happen again? Izuku thought to himself as he watched his men frantically move around the ship. This happened the last time he tried to come after the Sins. But this time he had them in his sight, and he wasn’t going to just leave without a fight.


A crashing wave shook him from his thoughts. While he steadied himself he looked around assessing the situation, everything was still in order, they could still do this, nothing was stopping them.


Or so he believed.


The men stopped their movements when the faint sound of a bell came from one of the other ships.


The Lemillion was under attack.


“Captain! There is an assault on Commander Togata’s ship!”


Mirio. “What’s the situation? Can you see the attackers?”


“No Sir.” A man answered as he stared through binoculars.


The captain’s hand pushed his wet green hair out of his face, he sighed, “Continue to advance until we have more information. Trust Togata to handle—


Another bell coming from the starboard side cut him off.


“The Destroyer is under attack!”




Izuku froze. This couldn’t be happening. Could his strategy be this flawed?


“Captain! Your orders!” His ears were muffled by the sounds of his men calling for him and the sounds of the relentless storm. The now heavier rain blurred his surroundings.


Izuku’s mouth went dry. His body was stiff and trembling. He needed to be strong.


Finally, he found his words. “Advance!”


Izuku tried to relax his body the best he could. Togata and Kirishima were strong, they could handle the enemies. He made an effort to reassure himself.


Another bell. Tenya.


“Captain! The Ingenium… It-It’s on fire, Sir.”


How is that even possible with the rain? He thought.


Before Izuku could even think of a response the sound of a ship being destroyed brought his eyes to the port side, it was coming from the Lemillion. All Izuku could hear were screams accompanied by splintering wood.


Izuku fell to his knees.


God was against him.


Izuku stayed silent. Thinking only of his next move. The Lemillion, Destroyer, and Ingenium were being attacked. His ship was next.  


He came to a decision and stood to his feet. Positioning himself on the side of the ship, making it so that his entire crew could see their captain. “Halt the advance.” He spoke with determination in his voice. “It seems like the fight will be coming to us men. Ready the canons, and prepare to fight.” He shouted.


A roar of approval came from his men as they activated their quirks and unsheathed their weapons.


Then everything stopped. The rain. The waves. His Men. Even the Dauntless wasn’t moving anymore.


A chill in the air made Izuku draw his twin pistols on instinct alone.


All of his men were down. But how?


The captain frantically looked around the deck to find the cause.


The sound of ice crunching beneath boots brought his attention to the front of his ship. 


A dual haired man came into view. And he knew who his opponent was.


The Sin of Pride.


“I’ll admit I was expecting more from famed Captain Izuku Midoriya.” His voice was surprisingly soft, nothing like the voice Izuku imagined the most dangerous man in the world to have.


Without a second thought, his guns were aimed unwaveringly at the man.


He moved closer, almost as if he was challenging Izuku to shoot him.


“I assume you know who I am.” He deadpans.


Izuku only nodded.


He gestured to the gun “Then you know why that’s a bad idea,” said with a cocky smirk, as he circled Izuku.


He was unable to move. Chills moved up his spine as he felt the other man looking him over.


“Your Commanders will be joining us any moment now.” He informs.


The mention of his commanders, his friends, broke him out of his stupor. He whipped around to face Pride, finding only an easy smirk. He snarled and raised his pistols, aiming them at the center of his smug face.


“If you’ve hurt them in any way,” Izuku warned.


“No, no, nothing life threatening I promise,” he chuckled. “See for yourself,” he nodded past Izuku.


Keeping one pistol locked on Pride he turned just enough to see his commanders, in shackles, being led onto the deck. He took a quick stock of the state they were in; mostly unharmed save for Iida, who leaned heavily on Togata. His injuries were the worst of the three.


Behind them were familiar faces, the faces he’d been studying for months.


The women were the easiest to recognize. Greed walked behind Iida, tracking him with wide brown eyes and a ravenous expression. The stolen jewels hanging from her body clinked and chimed with every step she took. Next to her, skipping and scantily clad, was Lust. Izuku’s breath caught in his throat, the posters he’d poured over were mass printed in black and white. The warm tan he assumed Lust to have was actually a striking fuchsia. Through the night he caught a bright yellow glint in her eye, briefly disappearing as the pirate woman winked in his direction.


Opposite of Greed shuffled a man hiding beneath a large cloth hood. His pointed chin was all it took to give away that he was the sin of Sloth, the most reclusive of the Sins. Whereas naval documents held further information into the appearances of his crewmates, Sloth was wholly unknown. His poster brought more questions than answers and every fact they had was nothing more than a probable theory.


His gaze returned to Pride and he was met with dual-colored eyes. Pride’s face moved closer stopping only inches away, their noses almost touched.


Izuku’s eyes widened and his body stiffened.


“We need to talk.” His voice was even softer than before, though still threatening. 


Izuku watched as he stepped between him and his men. He positioned his fingers over the triggers anticipating anything to happen next.


“So Captain. You have two options.” His fingers started combing through his red and white hair. “You and your commanders can come with us, willingly, and your other men are set free.” Hands now moving to the two swords attached to his hip, “Or. You die. Along with all of your men,” his voice was no longer soft, it was rough, cold and absolutely terrifying.


Which left Izuku speechless. He needed to choose his next words carefully.


After there was no response Pride moved closer to the Captain. Eyes focused on him. He only stopped when he came face to face with the barrel of his guns. “Trust me.” Voice softer now and confident, “You’ll want to choose option one.”


Izuku looked to his men, uncertainty filled his eyes, and they knew that. They sighed and nodded to him, they were prepared to do whatever he needed.


“So, what will it be, Captain.”


Izuku’s eyes locked on Pride’s.


Clearing his throat, he spoke, “We will come with you.”