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Forgive me Father, For I have sinned

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Father Roberto Reyes slammed the door of his cab and sighed, looking up at his temporary home for the summer. St. Agnes Orphanage for Girls was part of the Rockland Parish in the Archdiocese of New York City but it might as well have been on the moon, it was that far away from East L.A.

He hefted his duffel bag over his shoulder, grunting. Priests didn't have many worldly possessions, but he had a thick stack of case files weighing it down.

There was a specific reason he was sent across the country on a moment's notice. St. Agnes was dealing with a problem that was his supposed specialty.


A melodious bell chimed afar, signaling it was 6 pm, and right on time, the heavy wooden front door creaked open.

“Father Reyes,” a nun with a fair coloring and bright blue eyes greeted him. “I'm Sister McKenna. Thank you for your prompt arrival.”

Robbie nodded curtly, as he strode into the entryway. He was a man of few words, and he intended to wrap this charade up.

Gabe's birthday was in a month and he intended to be back home by then.


Unbeknownst to Robbie and Sr. McKenna, the senior girls' dormitory was in a flurry of excitement, and very impious behavior.

“Did you see the new priest? He's fucking hot!”

“Was too busy staring at that ass. Damn .”

“Girl, he can spray me with his holy water anytime!”

The girls dissolved in giggles and turned to Mary Sue, who at nineteen, was the oldest girl at St. Agnes.

“What do you think about the creepy stuff happening, Mary er, Skye?”

“Demons are fake,  and so is that dumbass priest,” Skye smirked, tapping away at her computer. “He couldn't exorcize his way out of a paper bag.”

They were all used to Skye’s worldliness so the girls went back to salaciously gossiping about the new priest, or as the girls called him, the fresh meat.

They were betting among themselves who would be the first to suck him off and drink his seed.




Robbie knew there were no such things as devils and demons, not the way the Church preached anyway.

He’d joined the priesthood in a desperate attempt to control the bloody urges of the Ghost Rider and it had worked initially because of the sequestered nature of the Brotherhood he’d joined.

And thank goodness it did because he used devil worship and exorcisms as a cover for the bloody rampages of the Ghost Rider at night.

If anyone noticed that Robbie was always the one who found the bodies, they never commented and that's how Robbie knew that the reports of demon activity at St. Agnes was all bullshit, the Rider told him there was no vengeance needed in that place.

When he found the person responsible for taking him away from his brother and the quiet parish in East L.A,  he was going to make them pay.


Dinnertime was more lavish than usual at St. Agnes.

“Father Roberto Reyes is visiting for a few months,” Sr. McKenna announced at dinnertime. “I expect you to show him the deference that he deserves.”

Robbie scanned the sea of faces down the long mahogany dining table. Which one of these hellions was pulling the prank to make it seem like there was demon activity?

His eyes rested on a dark haired girl who looked older than the others, with an air of superiority.  She was smirking at him as if she saw through his priestly facade. She folded her arms, the movement drawing him to her modest cleavage and by the time he caught himself staring, she grinned, tossing her hair, her eyes laughing at his indiscretion.

Robbie bristled.

“Would you like to say grace, Father Reyes?” Sr. McKenna asked.

“No,” Robbie’s voice was commanding. “Let that child do it.” He gestured to the dark-haired girl, who was now scowling. “If it's not an imposition, of course.”

Silence descended in the room, partly because of the gravelly voice of Father Reyes and partly because every person at St. Agnes knew that Mary Sue Poots, who had the temerity to rename herself, Skye, was a powder keg when ordered about.

She despised authority.

‘I'm not a child,” Skye stated calmly, and little did she know her husky voice was like a touch on Robbie’s cock. “My name is Skye. And I'm nineteen , almost twenty.  An adult.”

Robbie’s dick was now at full attention hearing she was over 18, and he hastily moved his chair closer to the table. Skye was glaring at him now and if there wasn't an enraptured audience he would’ve scowled back.

Did she think he would be afraid of her?

“My apologies for calling you a child.” Robbie inclined his head. “Where I come from, almost twenty-year-olds are making their own way. Not living in an orphanage.” Robbie’s eyes were steely. He was a proud man and didn't like to be challenged, especially when at that age, he was already the legal guardian for Gabe.

And apparently neither did Skye, because she scraped her chair back and after throwing him a withering glance, she stalked from the Dining Hall, her hips moving in a bewitching fashion.

“I am so sorry Father Reyes,” Sr. McKenna gasped, wringing her hands as the girls all burst into hushed chatter. They could always count on Skye for entertainment.

“The apology should be mine,” Robbie murmured, dragging his eyes from Skye’s retreating form. “Let us bow our heads.”

"Bless us, O Lord, and these, Thy gifts, which we are about to receive from Thy bounty.” He cleared his throat, willing the image of Skye’s ass from his head. Heat coursed through his blood as he thought about Skye on her knees, in front of him, mouth open to receive the bounty of his cock.  Through Christ, our Lord. Amen."



“God, I hate him,” Skye growled, as she slammed into her dorm. How dare he embarrass her like that? In front of everyone? It's not her fault she didn't know her real age till a year ago when she was already in the wrong grade.

She angrily opened her laptop.

Father Roberto Reyes was going to pay.