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Hypnosis Mic Requests (Scenarios/Drabbles)

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"H-Hello, and welcome to- Wait, what was my line?"

Frustrated, Doppo resisted the urge to mess up his hair and let his eyes run over his lines once more. He paced around the room, anxious because he was going to be on the air in less than a day.

While stuck in his thoughts, the creak of the front door caught his attention.

"I'm home!~" Hifumi chirped as he entered the house, two bags of takeout food in hand. "Sorry that I couldn't cook tonight. I had to work overtime again."

A smile was plastered on his face, although the two of them knew how stressed he was.

Doppo weakly smiled at his roommate, walking over to assist him with the boxes of takeout. 

"...Take it easy." He muttered. Leaning his head on the other's shoulder, he relaxed.

Hifumi glanced at Doppo, slowly letting the corners of his mouth drop. Although few words were exchanged during times like these, it was more than enough to comfort him.

"Okay. I'll keep that in mind, Doppo-chin."