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Symbiosis: Prologue


To say that the last year had been stressful would be the understatement of the year to Peter Benjamin Parker.

Having died, and then being revived after the Avenger's efforts to undo Thanos' universe-wiping snap, Peter had decided to plan a vacation to Europe with his friends, if anything to take his mind off things and relax for once. Of course, that hadn't gone the way he'd wanted.

His friends were an odd bunch, but a loveable one. There was Mary Jane Watson of course, the redhead reporter-aspiring girl that Peter had known since childhood. In their trip to Europe, the two had taken a shot at a relationship, although that crashed and burned a few months later. However, being friends since forever, the two decided to let it slide and remain friends. The relationship hadn't really escalated anyways.

Then, there was Harry Osborn, the rich kid of the group. Peter's greatest friend since forever, Harry had moved off state during middle school when his father decided to move the company away from New York. However, when Avengers tower was sold to Oscorp, the two had been reunited during their senior year as Norman Osborn moved the company back into Manhattan.

Ned Leeds was also another great friend, and one that held a rather special place, mostly because he knew of Peter's... other job, for lack of a better word. The two had been near inseparable since middle school, much like MJ and Harry were.

During their senior year, a new student, Gwen Stacy, had entered Midtown High. The blonde had been a bit closed off at first, but ever since the group practically adopted her she'd become close to everyone.

And finally, there was Y/N. He had entered Midtown High right after the Vulture tried to steal from the Avengers' plane during their relocation. He'd moved into NYC because his dad had a new job opportunity there. Ever since he entered the school it was like he didn't ever quite fit in. He'd been bullied by Flash Thompson and his group of football jocks, a feeling Peter was all too familiar with, so he'd made his best efforts to befriend him and bring him into the group. Turns out he was quite a fun guy to be around, but he'd still been rather shy and awkward with people outside their own group. He never quite figured out why, but there was something about Y/N that made him feel butterflies in the stomach, but that was another story entirely.

His friends had even helped him get a job as a photographer at the Daily Bugle, it helped out his financial situation nicely, providing all the money that an 18 year old high schooler could need. His special abilities even helped him get some pretty unique angles for his pictures.

And yet, just as he had made a multitude of friends, he seemed to make an almost equal, if not greater, amount of enemies.

The Sinister Six were just about the biggest thorn in Peter's side imaginable. Peter figured out their existence when he was suddenly swarmed by six different villains in what was supposed to be a calm night of patrol in Hell's Kitchen.

First of them was Vulture. This freaking guy. A few years back he'd attempted to hijack an Avenger's carrier plane. The result of that had been an arrested Adrian Toomes, but also resulted in a ruined Homecoming and Liz, his ex-crush (is that even a thing?) to move away, because as luck would have it, Toomes was her freakin' dad. Toomes gave Peter the creeps, because the guy was freakishly smart. He'd figured out his secret in a single car ride to the homecoming. That was what worried Peter the most, but oddly enough, the guy didn't seem to have spilled his ID to his villain friends, whether it was because of some odd sense of respect for saving his daughter or what else Peter didn't know, but he was thankful.

Up next was Mysterio. This one held a rather special place among the villains. Peter had met him last year during his trip to Europe, when Nick Fury practically hijacked his summer vacation to team him up with the guy. Turns out the "elementals" they'd been fighting had been nothing but illusions created by Beck in order to make himself look good. Peter had to expose him after that, no matter how much it hurt, because he'd admit that he'd come to like the guy... before he discovered he was a fraud, of course. Mysterio hadn't ever forgiven him after that, and joined the Sinister Six to get his revenge.

Then there was Scorpion and Shocker. Usually, Peter wouldn't be too worried about the latter. When they'd first fought, it was in the school parking lot. All the guy had were a pair of glorified punching gloves and a jacket, and Peter had easily taken him down with a single web after Ned threw him his web shooters, and that was with his crappy suit. But that was Shocker 1.0. Shocker had to be taken a bit more seriously ever since he got a yellow full body suit, packed to the brim with armored padding, and upgraded his gauntlets to be able to shoot sonic blasts... that complicated the issue a bit more.

Scorpion on the over hand, Peter hadn't ever heard of him until he showed up with the rest of the Six, armed to the teeth in a green cybernetic suit with a bladed, venomous tail. He figured that the group's mysterious benefactor had developed the suit for him in order to bring Peter down. Since Scorps hadn't exactly kept his ID a secret, Peter conducted some research on the guy, and he remembered Mac Gargan from the arms trade at the ferry back when the Vulture had first surfaced.

At least that explained why he wanted to kill him.

Much like Scorpion, Rhino was another villain that first surfaced with the Six. He figured that, like Gargan, the team's leader had developed his unique Rhino suit for him. Aleksei Sytsevich was a special flavor of thug. The guy was massive, and had been quite a bother to put away, and that was before he got the suit. Peter had fought the lumbering russian a few times during bank robberies until he finally managed to catch the giant and put him in Ryker's.

It didn't take a genius to figure out that the same prison break that broke out Toomes and Gargan also broke out Sytsevich, who was promptly offered to join the Six by their leader, Doctor Octavius.

Doc Ock was the biggest pain of them all. Peter had read up on him a few times. The guy was a genius, and his prosthetic tech promised to change the world... Up until a tragic accident fused Ock's arms to his body and turned him insane. Octavius had practically dissapeared until he resurfaced weeks later as the malevolent Doctor Octopus. Peter had been forced to stop some of his attacks and bank robberies. Ock had been fed up with it, which is why he presumably summoned the other villains to kill him.

But don't even get Peter started on Venom. That guy was on a whole other level. It had all started when the symbiote crash landed on Earth. Looking for a host, it had latched on to Peter. He didn't exactly know what to make of his new suit, but he decided to keep it, up until he figured out it was sentient and taking over his body, which explained why Peter was feeling rather aggressive for the days leading up to the symbiote's forced removal. After Peter managed to get his living suit off, it had gone missing, until it resurfaced, bonded to Eddie Brock, who hated Spidey for accidentally ruining his career.

Brock hated him almost as much as the symbiote hated him for rejecting it. Thus, newly bonded, the two rose as the hateful Venom, who continued to be a pain in Peter's ass, even today.

Speaking of which, Spiderman was currently fighting the half alien.

Spiderman quickly got back up from the crater Venom had thrown him into, cracking the ground under him. As he shoke off the dizziness from the impact, his spider-sense didn't react as Venom tackled him, launching them both multiple meters forward, the lumbering giant dragging Spidey the entire distance.

THAT was another thing Peter hated about Venom.

Since the symbiote had bonded to him prior to bonding to Brock, his spider sense didn't detect them as a threat, which made fighting him way more difficult. Venom also worried him deeply, since the symbiote had been able to tell Eddie of his real identity.

Thankfully, Venom couldn't really do much without publicly unmasking him, which was the main reason for their battles.

Peter was also thankful that Venom didn't affiliate themselves with the Six, or he was certain that they would have spilled already, putting his Aunt and friends in danger. He couldn't allow that to happen, so he kept fighting.

"WE ARE TIRED OF YOUR CONSTANT RESISTANCE, SPIDERMAN, THIS ENDS TODAY!" Venom hissed, still trapping the wall-crawler under their weight.

"Hey Venom, ever heard of personal space!?" Spiderman quipped as the grabbed a trash can with his webs, pulling it and smacking it on Venom's head. The impact didn't really harm the giant, but it disoriented him enough for Peter to kick him and get loose of their grip.

After getting free, Peter leapt up and webbed the ground, catapulting himself towards Venom and kicking them hard, sending them flying into a wall, heavily cracking it due to the impact. "How's that for resistance." Spiderman joked as Venom slowly got up from the crash.

"Hey Venom, didn't you hate getting shocked?" Peter asked as he activated the taser web setting on his web shooters, shooting two lines of electrically-charged webs right into the giant's torso. As the webs impacted, a horrible screech of pain poured out of Venom's mouth, as the symbiote's dark body convulsed violently to the electricity.

"ENOUGH!" Venom roared, gathering enough strength to grab the lines of webs attached to their chest, and pulling hard, sending Spiderman flying towards them, and shutting down the electric flow coming from the webs. Venom gripped Spiderman by the throat as the pull brought the webslinger close to the giant.

"Hmm, killing you now would almost be too easy, wouldn't it? No... the whole world has to see who you REALLY ARE!" Venom growled, getting some slobber on the web-head's mask.

"Ugh Venom please, brush your teeth already! That's nasty!" Spiderman said, struggling to get the words out due to Venom's grip.

"Hmmm, still quipping huh?" Venom said, grinning wickedly when he saw a nearby Daily Bugle chopper circling nearby, recording the fight.

"This ought to shut you up." With Spiderman still in his grip, Venom scaled the nearest building, holding up the wall-crawler like a trophy, giving the chopper a direct angle of the hero.

"So... this is your plan? Public execution?" Peter asked weakly, scanning his surroundings for anything that could break him free.

"No... worse... When we unmask you, the whole world will know of your identity, Parker... And after they do... We will keep you trapped like the insect you are, as you're forced to watch the Sinister Six tear apart your friends and family! Wouldn't that be fun, we must confess, it will be a fun show to WATCH!" Venom taunted, wasting no time in reaching for the mask as the chopper recorded the pair.

"NO!-" Was all Peter was able to say before Venom's grip tightened, choking out his words. He couldn't let that happen, he couldn't let his loved ones down, not again. In a split second, he looked around for anything he could use on the rooftop. He spotted a transformer, and he aimed his webshooters at the electric source.

"This is... gonna... hurt..." Peter said in a low voice, as he shot a line of webs at the transformer. The webs conducted a huge current of electricity into his body, but also chained to Venom as a result. The giant roared in pain to the sudden discharge of electricity, and recoiled back, breaking his grip over the wall-crawler.

"YOU WILL NEVER HURT THEM!" Spiderman shouted in anger, running up to Venom in rage and punching them, hard, sending them flying into the transformer. The electricity flowed through the symbiote, cackling with each shock, as Venom shook violently, black tendrils shooting out at random to the overload of energy.

"NOOOOOOOOO!" Venom shouted, the electricity distorting their voice, rendering it to a horrible scream, nearly incomprehensible. The discharge proved to be too much for the pair, and the symbiote violently detached from Eddie, dashing for escape from the wallcrawler, rushing into the nearest vent entrance, and disappearing.

"No! Don't leave me! Come back!" Eddie shouted, reaching for the vent, but Spiderman webbed his hands to the floor, trapping him in place.

"You're not going anywhere Brock." The web-head said, turning his head to the vents. "Damn it! It's gone..."

At this rate, the symbiote could be anywhere. He had to find it, soon, before it found someone else. Venom was too destructive to be allowed to roam free, and now it could be anywhere in New York City. Yep, stressful was definitely an understatement.