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White girl, Keira's story

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Lance doesn't know what he will do.. turn left? Maybe but it isn't feeling right to him. Turn right… could be a great decision, could also be bad.

You know what every turn he could take could lead to pain..

Maybe listening for once would be good.

"Turn right."

Right it is..

Lance takes a right turn buy immediately gets electrocuted. He curses for some time as the stock still goes to his body. "Keith what the fuck!"

"That was not my fault! The map clearly shows me that you needed to go right!"

"Like I would believe a guy with you hair style!" Arg why did Coran again partner up him and Keith… arg the stupid name is even hard for him to say.
"You did that on purpose!"

"I did not!"

Shiro has had enough of it and stops the boys.
"Quit it! This isn't how you act towards your team mates."

"But he!" Both Keith and Lance shout."

"Wasn't I clear. Quit it! Now you two go cool off. We'll see if you two can do this without any mistakes another time." Shiro shuts off the electric maze and Lance can walk safely again without the fear of being electrocuted.

Both Keith and Lance are angry and frustrated. They don't even look at each other as they go their own way. Keith wants some quiet time in his room, and Lance goes to his lion. At least blue will be at his side.

Really man what was Keith thinking. That asshole just let him walk against the wall like that! Of course he'll have no trust in that guy whatsoever! Really of all people to fight a galactic war with it had to be him.

Always stealing his spotlight with some cool ninja moves.. of course he could do them even better!

Lance enters the hangar with his lion standing proudly in front of him. Would it be alright to take her for a joyride? It's his lion so why wouldn't it be okay.
Okay last time he did a joyride he got chained down to a tree and his lion got stolen.
But how much more can it go wrong?

He will just be back before anybody even notices. He needs to get his head off everything right now.

So Lance steps in his lion and flies away.


"Eh… guys why did the Blue lion leave it's hangar?" Pidge asks as she looks at the screen in front of her. Lance has been gone for 15 minutes now.. not that long.

"What?" Shiro looks over Pidge's shoulder to the screen and indeed sees she is right. "Lance what are you up to? Pidge make contact with his lion."

"Yes Shiro." She says as she makes contact.

Allura walks into the room and sees Shiro's angry face. "What's going on?"

"Lance took off with his lion." Pidge says.

Allura sighs and walks towards Shiro. "Are you already preparing your speech you'll give him when he gets back."

"I sure are…"
Allura can't help but smile at how funny it is when Shiro is angry. But then they reach the blue lion and her whole mood does a 180 turn. Lance really is a idiot sometimes.

"Sorry guys kind of busy right now!"

Pidge sees the red dots on her screen surrounding the blue lion.. that means galra ships. "He's getting attacked!"

"Why didn't you call us!" Shiro says a bit angry.. and he is allowed to be angry. But more importantly he is worried about Lance.

"I am kind of too busy! And I am not wearing my armor." Lance shouts as he fires at the galra. "Makes it a little harder.. aggemn.. too..e n he.. conrjdhbe"

Shiro hits the alarm button that makes a alarm sound through the whole castle. Everybody knows this means get to your lions as fast as possible.
Lance is in serious problem. His radio suddenly went dead and that can't be a good thing.
"Lance! Lance respond." Shiro shouts

They all go to their lions and fly out of the castle.

Keith is first to say. "What's happening why did the alarm go off!"

Allura is the one to explain. Both Hunk and Keith weren't there so they still need to be informed.
"Lance went out without giving us a notice. Now he is under attack and not responding anymore."

"That idiot.." Keith says actually worried.

"We need to get to him!" Hunk says worried about his best friend.

"And then yell at him!" Shiro says starting the booster of his lion. But Keith is still faster.. And not only just because his lion is the fastest.
He kind of feels like this is his fault.


"Fuck.." why did I need to jinx myself.

Lasers are shooting around him.
There are too many.. he can't do this alone.
He failed.. he was a idiot and he failed.

He shouldn't had gone away.
Or at least inform the others.. maybe Hunk could've gone with him.

But he didn't think it through again just like always. And now it probably ends.

Lance just hopes they will imprison him and not kill him. Maybe the others are able to save him. But he can't do anything anymore. A beam is already pulling him in. But his radio turns on one more time. "Guys I'm sorry.."

"Lance! We're coming for you okay." Keith says.

But Lance can't respond anymore. The radio is shut off again. Funny.. maybe the last time he hears his friends.. it will be Keith's voice talking to him. He rather have like a beautiful princess… but he'll take it.
It's fine.. he's glad he at least heard one of them one last time.


He is gone..
The other paladins arrive at Lance's last known location. And they don't even see the Galra that attacked him anymore. They were too late.

"Shiro… what now?" Pidge asks. They are all… a bit hopeless. Their friend is gone, and they don't know what to do so everybody waits for Shiro to tell them.

"... I.. I think we need to go back to the castle. There we could search for the ship Lance is imprisoned in."
Shiro says.

"What! No! They can't be far away!" Keith yells. "We need to try!"

Allura from the castle responds to what Keiths says. "I think Shiro is right Keith. They could be on the other side of the galaxy by now with some of their ships. We don't know.."

"Yeah we don't know! So why are we giving up!" Keith shouts.

"Keith.." Hunk is worried too.. but he sees Keith is not thinking clearly.

"Keith.. trust me. We'll get him back." Pidge says. "Lets go with Shiro's plan." And so they go back. They hope they can find the location of Lance soon. His lion's connection is weak but it must be possible.


"Tell us!"
A fist hits Lance in the face. It's dark in the room he is in.. He can only see the scary Galra that has been screaming at him for hours now already. It's fucking him up.. It hurts so much.
"Tell us everything about Voltron blue paladin!"

Another time the Galra hits him. It hurts so much. But he already failed too much already, he can't fail again. He won't fail again. "I won't tell you anything!"

The Galra growls.. He underestimated the blue one. He thought the blue paladin would've broken down hours ago, but he is stronger then he thought. Maybe he'll need a couple days more. "Fine then.. but you will regret this."

Lance knows he wont regret it.. but he also knows the Galra is angry. And you don't want them angry.
But it is fine. If he has to die like this at least he will die protecting the team.

Lance doesn't know what happened to his blue. He hopes the team can at least get her back. It won't be good if the Galra kept her.

He only has been here for a couple days now, but he's probably already black and blue. They have kicked him and his nose is probably broken. He hopes that if he gets out of here the healing pod will heal everything, he doesn't want a deformed nose.

Would the others be worried? He hopes they are.. and they must be right? They will get him out of here.. he knows they will.


"I can't crack him ma'am.."

The witch stops with what she's doing. No Galra ever really understands what it is exactly what she's doing. But it seems to be something you can't mess with. The witch doesn't even look at the Galra guard as she says. "What else did I expect of you.."

She turns around and walks towards the door. "Tell the prisoner that I'll be seeing him."

"Yes ma'am." The guard says saluting.


Lance sees the guard returning. He doesn't want this.. he doesn't want to get hurt again.

"Hello blue paladin."
Lance doesn't say anything back. "Well that isn't very nice.. I just said hello."

The guard walks towards Lance. "Since you won't speak I'll need somebody else to make you talk. And you are not going to like her. the witch is coming for you blue paladin."

"Who is this witch.." Lance is getting nervous. This doesn't sound good at all.

"Haggar.. she came to this ship just for you. Aren't you special. Well you're more like dead of course." The Galra laughs. When he stops he looks at Lance and asks. "Why didn't you laugh?"

Lance frowns... but that makes the guard laugh even more. "Oh well.. I won't be able to ever see you again.. It was nice knowing you paladin."

"I can't say the same.." Lance says with hate in his eyes.

"Well that's not nice.."

"You're not nice."

The Galra leaves laughing. He was never trying to be nice.. so it is more of a compliment.

Now Lance is alone in the dark room. The ground is cold.. his face hurt.. his wrists hurt because of the chains they used to bind him to this pole.
His eyes are used to the dark room now though.. luckily.

Now he will have to wait for this witch.. He isn't looking forward to it.

He doesn't know how long it will take for her to arrive. Maybe it will take hours.. but it isn't like he can go anywhere.

And after what felt like hours.. he doesn't know the exact time the door opens. He sees a figure coming towards him. He can't clearly see this person but it looks like this is the witch that other Galra was talking about. He is getting scared. The witch just walk towards him not saying anything.

He can now since she is closer see that the woman is wearing a robe.. and she is wearing the hood so it covers her face.

Finally the witch starts talking. "Little blue.. Still the easiest to catch. Little Blaytz always got in trouble too." Lance decides to not say anything to her.

"Poor little child.. fighting this war at such a young age. Why don't you let me finish this war so you can go home. Give up.. tell me the location of your friends and you can go."

Again Lance is silent. He will not betray his friends.

"No? No answer.. Why not? I see that you're a sweet boy.. and also a smart boy. Why don't you be smart about this and give me all the information I need." The witch doesn't come any closer. Lance can't see her face very well... actually not at all.

"I won't hurt you Blue.. you have my word. But only if you just work with us."



"No.. I won't betray my friends."

"Quite honourable I see… just like Blatz." The witch walks closer now. "I like that.."
The witch removes her robe.. Lance turns his head away, maybe she's naked underneath there and he doesn't want to see that.

"Blue paladin? You can look.. I'm dressed and not haggar."

"What?" Lance immediately looks towards what was supposed to be the witch. But instead in front of him is a beautiful girl. She looks like a human? How…?

"I'm sorry for scaring you.."

"You didn't!" Lance yells trying to sound brave… but his voice cracks so that is a failure.

The girl laughs.
"Yes I did. I saw it in your eyes. So I'm guessing my Haggar impression was great. Good to hear that."

But Lance can't really laugh. Why did this girl pretend she is that witch? And is she really pretending. Lance isn't sure about that. Before you know it this girl is still the witch and tries to get his trust by pretending she isn't the witch. He may make some questionable decisions sometimes, but he isn't stupid.
"Who are you?"

"I'm a friend.. I got notice that the Galra captured the blue paladin. So I decided to help."

"How can I be sure of this?"

She knows that the blue paladin isn't trusting her.. and she can't blame him. She would be careful too if this happend to her.
"You can't really. I guess you will just need to trust me. It's or trust me, or the real haggar will come here… and you won't like that."

"I don't…"

"So? Are you willing to accept my help. Please be a bit quick with your decision cause I really don't want to be killed."

Lance looks at the girl. She really isn't witch like. Maybe a bit stereotypical of him to think.. But it looks like she's human. Well… her eyes kind of look like Allura's. So maybe she isn't?

But she doesn't have pointy ears.. she doesn't have marks..

Looks pretty human to him.
But now he looks at her, she kind of looks like the human version of Allura.


"Blue paladin?"
She tries to get his attention.

"Fine.. I don't have any other choice."

"Yeah.. you indeed don't." The girl activates something that looks like their Bayard and it transforms into daggers. "I'll try not to cut you."
Then she puts the dagger at the chains and simply cuts them like it is nothing.

Finally his hands are free again.

The girl looks at Lance's wrists. They are bloody and look like they hurt a lot. "Can you fight with that?

"Yes.. I'll have to. But I don't have any weapons. They took my bayard. I need that back before I can leave." Lance explains.

The girl smirks. "Well luckily you have me. Someone that goes on missions prepared. I know where they keep your lion and weapon." She starts to walk towards the door.

"How do you know this?" Lance is still doubting if he can trust this girl. She didn't even tell him her name.

"I'm just amazing.. that's it."

A bit cocky much.


Lance and the stranger sneak through the hallways of the battle ship. Lance still has so many questions to ask her. And he doesn't fully trust her yet.

She is just so… weird, but not a creepy weird. More like a I don't know anything about her weird.

"Do you know any hand on hand combat?" She says almost whispering.

"I.. no not a lot." Lance answers honestly.

"How does she even train you.." She mutters.


"Nothing.. Just try to stay alive okay. If I can get you to your lion you should be fine." She runs away hiding against anything she sees that could be used as cover. She doesn't really want to fight, but she knows she'll probably have to soon. But this paladin doesn't even know how to really fight. Like okay he isn't that old and they haven't been paladins for long, but she learned it at a young age.

What even is this paladin..

Cause he kind of looks like her…

Lance follows her. He has waited long but now he wants to at least know some stuff about his.. hopefully saviour "So.. What is your name?"

"Why are you asking?"

"Well you know… to trust you more."

"I don't know your name as well.. and I'm not complaining." She says still looking if there are guards somewhere near them.

Lance sees this as a chance. He puts on his smooth face and says. "Well I am Lance.. but you can call me anytime."

"Well okay Anytime. Can we now continue trying not to die?"

"No.. no I didn't mean my name is Anytime.."

"But you just said..?"

Lance sighs.. why does this never work. "Forget it.. It's just Lance."

The girl looks confused.. "Okay then?"

Maybe there will be another chance Lance…
"So can you tell me your name now? Please?"

The girl seem to be doubting for a moment. But then she sighs. "Fine.. It's Keira."

Lance smiles. "Well nice to meet you."
Her name reminds him of Keith though..
Even when he's not here he keeps getting reminded of him.

"Can we now try to get out of here without one of us dying. I also could have been far gone from here getting some food.. so be grateful I love the universe more then I love food."

"Yeah.. not dying sounds good."

They continue sneaking around when Keira said all was clear and no guards could see them.

Lance still doesn't get how this girl can look human.. but be here. How did she know he was here. How does she know where his weapon is. It's all a bit weird… but he is actually gaining some trust in her.

She indeed doesn't ask him anything.
Why would the real witch that wants information not ask him anything. He'll still be careful of course.

Suddenly Keira makes them stop.
"Be quiet.."

"I didn't say.."


"Okay okay.." Lance decides he doesn't want Keira to be angry..

"Wait here.."
Then she disapears. She goes into a room without saying what she'll do there. Lance will just need to trust her that she'll come back. He doesn't like it though. He's here without weapons and without backup.

It doesn't take long before he hears a couple people falling to the ground and some screams. He wants to help but knows that if he would he'll probably do nothing useful. He really needs to learn hand on hand combat. He has learned some from the garrison but it wasn't much. He hopes it is enough if somebody does attack him.

The sounds stops.. Lance looks towards the door Keira disappeared into. He hopes this means Keira will come back.

And she does. "Alright I'm back. Good to see you didn't get found. Here catch." She throws Lance's bayard at him.

"You got it." Lance says

"Now you can save your own ass when we get attacked." Keira starts to walk off again.

Lance walks after her
Really.. who is she?


"There she is.. your lion." Keira points to the end of the hallway they are walking in.

"There will be a lot of Galra here right?" Lance asks.

"Lance… of course there will be. Your lion is there and they are not going to leave it without protection all alone so we can steal it again."

"Sarcasm right?" Lance asks.

Keira looks at him to see if he's serious. "Yes.."

They walk around the corner and immediately see the blue lion in the middle of the big hangar. There is a lot of cargo here for other ships. Keira is happy with that, it means cover if needed.
"It seems we are not getting though here without fighting. Have my back okay?"

Lance nods and readies his gun. This is a sign for Keira that she can go. She hopes Lance is somewhat of a good shot. Keira climbs over the cargo they were hiding behind and attacks a close by guard. She quickly gets him to the floor but another takes his place fast.

As she finishes him off she hears a yell from behind her. She didn't count on a coward attack from behind. But Lance shoots him down within a second. She nods to thank the paladin.

He lucky is indeed a great shot.

The whole ship is  alerted that they are there. And Keira knows she has to be fast now. If everybody knows it means that haggar will know too.. or at least very soon.

They get rid off all the guards blocking their way and they both run to the blue lion.

And they are in luck. Just as Lance sits down and shuts the door of the lion Haggar appears. But inside the lion they are relatively save from her magic. But since they don't know what she can really do they fly out of the ship as fast as possible.

Now Lance at least knows Keira isn't the witch since Keira is here with him and the witch almost killed them a second ago. If they were a little slower who knows what had happend.

Keira puts her hand on the chair and says to Lance. "Alright lets get away from here… far away from here."

"Hey we made it." Lance smiles. "We did a great job the two of us.. you know Lance and Keira.. sounds great right."
Yes… he is trying to flirt. Not that Keira notices. But well A+ for trying.

"We were lucky.. nothing else. One second later and we would've been dust.. that witch is powerful." Keira looks at Lance. "And don't forget that we aren't save yet. Just fly away from here maximum speed.. then we'll see if we will live."

"Yes Keith.."


Lance laughs. "Oh you just sounded like a guy I know.. He's the red paladin and a pessimist."

"Or just a realist.." Keira says and she has a point.
"I'm sure that a red paladin of voltron would be cheerful if something good happens.. they are just always prepared if that isn't sure yet."

Lance raises a eyebrow. "You sound like a expert."

"Well maybe I am.." Keira says then she chuckles . "But it is funny how that Keith and I have similar names."

"Well he isn't the nicest guy… so eh."

Keira looks at Lance a bit confused. "Oh really? How so?"

"He and me just… clash a bit."

"That doesn't mean he isn't nice.."

Lance shrugs his shoulders. He's sick of talking about Keith. "Lets talk about something else."

Keira doesn't really get it.. it seems like Lance doesn't like Keith, but they are able to form Voltron. But forming Voltron is about deep trust in each other and friendship. Something is a little off.. but it must mean Lance doesn't actually hate this Keith.

Oh well it isn't really something she should worry about.. and of course she doesn't know this Keith.

Keira who has been looking out for Galra ships the whole time now looks at Lance.. he looks pretty beaten up. "You okay?"


"Are you okay?" She asks again

"I'm fine.. thanks for asking." Lance answers.
Keira looks at Lance.. he clearly is in pain. You can see that by the way he moves his hands.. they are hurting.

But just take a look at his face.. it's all black and blue. But you can still see how he looks like without them. And it looks like her, well not her her… but like her kind. Weird…

"So Keira.. can I ask you some questions now?" Lance asks. He still doesn't know anything about his saviour... and that is a bit weird to him. He doesn't know how she got to him.. or why she asked for the location of his friends.

But mostly he doesn't know why she looks human. Little does he know she doesn't know why either.

"You can ask.. but if I answer is something else."

"Okay first how did you find me?"
Lance starts… relatively simple. He doesn't want to scare her off.

"A friend of mine told me that you were in trouble. She insisted I should help, so I did. She also located where you were and she is now following me to pick me up when I'm done." Keira answer… a bit vague, but Lance will take it.

"Following you?"

"Yeah.. from a distance. You won't see her."

"Okay then? I hope she is nice."

"The best."

Keira isn't going to give any more information about this friend of hers.. and Lance knows this, so he goes to the next question.
"Why do you look human?"

"Human? What's that?"

Okay so she can't be from earth then. Otherwise she would've known what Human is. "It is what I am.. my race. We come from a planet named Earth. Does that sound familiar?"

"Nope.. but I did notice I look like you. You even have the same ugly ears as mine."

"You too already thinking my ears are ugly. They are not ugly…" Lance says with a pout.

"I'm sorry if I insulted you Lance.. but it is good to know there are more people like me then.. I should do some research about your planet, even if I'm not from there." She is from a planet.. probably far far away from this earth. It couldn't be impossible that her mother…. No then she would've known the planet.

But maybe it is at least similar..

"So you don't know why you look like me? You're not from earth so… you aren't human?"

"I don't think so... I don't know."

"Okay then.. then last question." Lance knows this is a bit risky. "Why did you ask information about Voltron's whereabouts?"

"Cause my friend would like to know.. don't worry I'm a friend.."

"And that friend?"

"She too."

Lance is still doubting everything about this girl.. but so far she is only mysterious and not lying. And weirdly enough Lance actually trusts this girl. And no he isn't blinded by her beauty like other times we are not going to mention again…

She reminds him of Allura.. a bit of Keith too but that is because of what just happened a moment ago, and of course her name.

"Okay I think we are far enough now.. You can slow down a bit and relax.. you're save.."

"You sure?" Lance asks.

"Yeah the lion doesn't have any trackers, they can never know where we are." Keira answers.. then she turns Lance around without him knowing first.. he got a bit spooked because of that, he hopes Keira didn't notice… She did but she didn't say anything about it. "But first let me help you."


"You're wounded.. and pretty badly."

"It's fine.." Lance tries to sound all confident and stuff, but Keira knows better. She grabs the first aid kit all the lions have.. luckily easy to find. She kniels down and starts to first clean Lance's wounds. Lance knows that the healing pot can heal him up just fine… but for now this is great. Maybe it will heal even better.

The wound cleaning stuff does hurt a lot though. Even more then the stuff his mami put on his wounds as a little kid. But he'll have to bite through the pain.

"I know that it hurts.. but it needs to be cleaned. The dirty metal of the chain didn't do great for the hygiene.. and well you don't want dirty stuff in your wounds."

"No… no you don't." Lance responds.

After cleaning the wound Keira puts bandages it up and the most painful looking wounds are dealt with. "I hope this is alright?"

"Yes thank you very much... thank you for everything Keira. Without you that witch would've continued torturing me.. And I think she would've killed me in the end."

"Oh yes she would've.. but no need to thank me." Keira gives Lance a small smile. "The universe needs you so why wouldn't I risk my life for you. I'm not really needed so.. at least not as much as you are. So remember that from now on okay.. the universe needs you.. so don't do stupid things."

"I wont.." Lance knows he should listen to this advice. She is right.. If he dies who knows if the blue lion will accept someone else..

"Good.. now can you maybe drop me off on a planet? doesn't really matter where."

Lance looks at Keira with confusion. "You aren't coming with me?"

"I can't.. but I hope I can see you again."

"Why can't you?" Lance asks.

"I just can't.. okay.." Keira again answer vaguely.

Lance is now a bit used to Keira being vague and mysterious. He knows she won't tell him and that she must have good reasons for her actions. She told him in that Galra ship. She comes prepared.
"Alright.. so you won't be meeting my friends then. Well at least they would be grateful when I tell them about you."

That makes Keira realize something and she says. "Lance.. don't tell your friends about me."


"You can't tell your friends about me. Understand that? Whatever you say doesn't matter… just don't mention me."

Okay she really is a bit weird. "What why not?"

"Just… please Lance. Do it for me.. You kind of are in debt with me now and by this you will pay that off.. just don't mention my name or how I looked like at all.. please Lance.."

Lance looks into Keira's eyes.. they look desperate. "Okay… If you say so."

Keira smiles at him. "Thank you Lance."

Lance doesn't understand this girl.. but she probably knows best. He just hopes there is a good reason he can't tell his friends about her… Maybe she just likes her privacy… yeah he just hopes it is that.

Lance flies towards the nearest but safest planet he was able to find. The least he can do is let Keira wait for her friend at a save place. He doesn't want that planet to explode or something when she's there… would be a bit… painful.

As she walks out of the lion he waves at her with a small smile. He actually really liked her.. not in a romantic way immediately, not that she isn't beautiful and if he would know her longer he surely would want to date her... like come on she's gorgeous!

But if she had stayed longer he wouldn't have mind.. getting to know her sounded fun.

"Bye blue paladin.. I hope you get to your friends safely."

"Bye Keira.. you be save too."


As Keira looks at the blue lion taking off she has to smile.. it's good to see that Voltron has a great paladin..

He may be a bit inexperienced… but there is something there, she can see it. He'll be a great soldier someday. And now his gun skills were already great, she wonders where he has learned those.

A couple moments later the blue lion is out of sight and her friend can come to her safely without being seen.

And she doesn't have to wait long. A couple doboshes after Lance has left a beautiful white lion comes flying towards her.

"Ah there you are white! I'm alive don't worry."
The lion lands in front of her and she runs towards the lion. "Were you worried?"
It is like the lion answers with that she did.. but of course the lion can't speak in words.

"Thank you White for saying I should help him.. It was a good decision."

The White lion agrees with her softly.. and She hopes her paladin can maybe find a way towards the others now.. even though the princess may not want to see her paladin again..



End of chapter 1…