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Aizawa Acquires Three Kids and a Boyfriend

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Shouta sighed and sat back in his chair, running a hand through his raven hair.

That was the last paper, which means he was finally able to start heading home. He looked over to the clock on his computer and winced, 11:30. It would still take him about fifteen minutes to get home, and after that who knows how long to get Eri down for the night.

Luckily it was Friday, and Shinsou had agreed to look after her while he stayed after school. Speaking of, the boy was probably still at the house waiting for him.

Shouta pulls out his phone and dials the boy quickly, holding it with his chin and shoulder as he starts to clean up his desk to head home.

"Aizawa? What's up, sensei?"

Shouta sighed and slipped his bag over his shoulder, "I'll be about fifteen and then you'll be able to go home. How is Eri?"

Shinsou laughed, "Don't worry about it, and Eri was fine. We did her homework and played dolls for a little while before I put her to bed."

The pro hero sighed in relief, "Okay then, thank god. You could've left already once she was asleep you know, no need to stick around once the job's done."

Shinsou chuckled and Shouta detected a hint of nervousness, "No, I'm totally down to 'hold down the fort' until you get home. See you when you get here."

Shinsou hangs up and Shouta contemplates as he walks out to the parking lot. What had made Shinsou nervous? Was it the fact that Shouta had said he was coming home?

Or, ’ Shouta considered, narrowing his eyes at the thought, 'Is it because I told him to go home?'

Resolving to figure it out once he reached the apartment, slipped his bag into the saddlebag on his motorcycle and swung a leg over it. Putting on his helmet, he torqued it a bit before speeding off in the direction of home.

As he drove through town, he felt his phone start vibrating in his back pocket. It was probably Hizashi, though how he knew that Shouta was done grading papers is beyond him.

Once he reached home he pulled out his phone and, sure enough, it was Hizashi who had been messaging him.



Cockatoo -sent 11:34 pm-

Hey look its you!!!

[Image descript: a small black cat dressed up in Eraserhead's goggles and binding cloth]

catzawa -sent 11:50 pm-

what the hell is wrong with you



His text set off a barrage of rapid-fire text from Hizashi, and he put the phone back in his pocket with a smirk after turning off vibrate.

He got off his motorcycle and stretched, popping his back with a wince. He can't wait to get into his apartment and get to bed.

As soon as he enters his home, however, he is met with a sleeping Shinsou Hitoshi at his table. The boy's head is rested in his arms over what looked like the English textbook for Hizashi's class.

Shouta sighed and brought a blanket over to cover the boy before yawning and heading to bed himself.


The next morning, Shouta awoke to the smell of eggs cooking.

He left his bedroom with a yawn and found Shinsou and Eri making breakfast. Shinsou, just getting done with the eggs, put them in bowls and held them out to Eri, who happily put in the furikake.

"You didn't have to do this, " Shouta said, startling the two kids and making them look over at him, "You could've woken me up if you wanted breakfast."

Shinsou shook his head and gave his mentor a small smile, "Don't worry, I'm used to making breakfast."

Shoot a reluctantly nodded at him and took the bowl he was offered by Eri. It was a little overcooked, but otherwise pretty delicious. He complimented Shinsou and Eri on a job well done, earning a happy cheer out of the girl.

"I'll take you home after we finish breakfast, okay Shinsou?" Shouta said, putting his and Eri's bowls at the table.

Shinsou winces, and curiosity and worry swirled in the teacher's gut as he replies nervously, "No, no, that's alright Aizawa-sensei, I'll just walk home."

Shouta frowns, then gets an idea as his eyes find the leftover eggs and furikake.

"Hey, Eri? Since this breakfast is so good, why don't we call Hizashi over so he can have some?" He asks, and the girl cheers as he hands his phone over to her, "Lord knows that man hasn't eaten anything yet today, " he whispers to Shinsou with a roll of his eyes.

Shinsou gives a small smile back and they go back to their meal, listening to Eri chat away with Hizashi. They're still quiet by the time the loud blonde knocks on the door and Eri runs to greet him.

Yamada Hizashi walks in, Eri on his hip and long hair in a half-bun, and raises an eyebrow at the duo with a grin, "Okay! Now, where are my eggs?"

Shouta points to the kitchen and Shinsou gets up to put his empty plate in the sink. Just as Hizashi is sitting down, Shinsou packs away all of his schoolwork and slips his bag onto his back.

“I'll get out of your hair now, see you at training Aizawa-sensei, Mic-sensei.” The boy turns to leave as Hizashi pouts.

“How many times do I have to tell you to call me-, ” the door shuts, “Yamada.”

Hizashi sighs, dejectedly taking a bite of eggs, and Shouta sits still for a moment, listening, before abruptly standing up.

“Stay here and watch Eri for a bit, ” he tells Hizashi by way of explanation and slips on his binding cloth before slipping out the window and onto his fire escape.

Climbing up to the roof, he goes to the front of the building and waits a moment for Shinsou to exit. Seeing the identifying purple hair, he waits for a few steps before following.

The fact that he didn't want to go home was reason enough to worry, but not wanting his teacher to see where he lived reeked of trouble. Shouta just hoped he wasn't homeless or something.

He realized, however, that it was much worse when Shinsou slowly entered a house where the yard was covered in toys and the house had mismatched curtains.

Foster care, ’ he thought once he had gotten a few rooftops away, ‘He didn't want to go home because he's in foster care.’

Shoot a could understand this, he himself was in foster care for a while after all. He could only imagine, with his quirk, how they treated him. Where they the reason he never asked questions?

Shaking his head, Shouta stopped thinking about it until he got back to his apartment and swooped back in through the window. Eri, who was used to this, continued coloring, while Hizashi jumped and stared at him as he began pacing back and forth.

“Sho? What's wrong?” He asked, standing and walking over to stand beside where his friend was walking a trench into the carpet.

“He didn't want to go home last night and didn't want me to drive him home this morning.” Shouta sighed and ran a hand through his hair, “He lives in a foster home, Hizashi, and I can't stop thinking about it. I mean, they were horrible to me about my quirk, I can't even imagine the things they say and do to him about his.”

Hizashi smirks, shaking his head at his best friend, already seeing where this was going to end up. He went to sit back down, asking, “Hey, Sho, you had to get certified or whatever to adopt Eri right?”

Shouta stopped pacing to look at him confusedly, “Yeah?”

The radio host sat down and rested his elbows on the table as he leaned in, “Then do something about it.”

Shoot a froze, thinking for a moment, before walking over to Eri at the table, “Eri? Do you like Shinsou?”

The horned girl looked up at him and smiled, “Yeah! He's nice and he helped me with my homework and colors with me and makes really good mac and cheese!”

The teacher chuckled at his young ward's enthusiasm, “How would you feel if I told you he could be your new big brother?”

Eri gasped and clasped her hands together in a begging gesture, “Really?!”

Shoot a smiled down at the girl, “Yes really.” He stood up and looked around with a frown, “Though, I'm not sure how we'll all fit here.”

“You could always use that mansion I inherited, ” Hizashi pipes up, smiling wide, “It's got a ton of bedrooms, no rent, and apparently all bills are paid in full for around 60 years into the future.”

About a month ago, Hizashi had gotten a visit from a social worker, claiming that his paternal grandfather had passed away and left him his mini-mansion near UA since he knew Hizashi taught there. Hizashi and his moms were no idiots, so the researched and checked the guy out and everything turned out legit.

Which means, Hizashi now owned a mini-mansion that was closer to his work than his current residence and was offering it to him so he could have enough room to adopt a child.

Shouta surprised them both by walking over to behind his friend and practically lying on top of him, wrapping his arms around his front to turn it into a hug.

“Thank you,” He mumbled into Hizashi's back, causing the blond to chuckle and lean back into him.

“No problem, you know I'd do anything for you, Sho.”

Shouta ignored the butterflies caused by his saying that in such a fond tone by straightening up and quickly going to collect his jacket. As he slipped it on, he looked back over at Hizashi and Eri and gave a weak smile.

“Could you watch her while I go to the courthouse? I want to get this over with as soon as possible.”

Hizashi grinned at him and winked, “I got the little listener! You go do your thing!”

Shouta closed the door quicker and harder than normal to hide his blush.



catzawa -sent 8:40 pm-

i almost just killed that caseworker

but i didn't cause that wouldve affected my adopting shinsou

Cockatoo -sent 8:55 pm-

Did you just get out of the meeting with her?

How'd it go????

catzawa -sent 8:57 pm-

she had the nerve to fucking wince when she saw i was adopting shinsou and suggest i try someone else

i hate people

Cockatoo -sent 9:00 pm-

But not me and Eri right????

catzawa -sent 9:15 pm-

no not you and eri

you two are fine

Cockatoo -sent 9:17 pm-

You scared me you ass!!!

catzawa -sent 9:17 pm-




Shouta felt his heart stop when Shinsou walked into the living room of the foster home.

The boy’s eyes flickered between him, the caseworker, and the foster mother. He looked slightly scared, and Shouta had to bite the inside of his cheek to keep himself from bolting over to him to shield him from these people.

He was so focused on Shinsou that he barely even registered the caseworker telling him the news, only the wide-eyed look the boy gave him once he heard. Shouta’s mouth quirked into a small smile and Shinsou broke into a wide grin, running and throwing himself at his mentor, now father.

“Thank you, ” he said quietly, unshed tears present in his voice.

Shouta chuckled, “Don't thank me, thank Hizashi. He’s the one who got me to realize I wanted to, and he's practically giving us a place to stay.”

Shinsou pulled back, raising an eyebrow at him, “Practically?”


“WELCOME HOME SHINSOU!!” Hizashi shouted as they walked through the door, thankfully without his quirk, and Eri pulled a small party popper he had probably given her.

Hitoshi, Shouta had been told to call him by his given name now that he was the boy's father and he was quietly thrilled, looked to Shouta for an explanation.

“Long story short, Hizashi inherited a house and the only reason he didn't live in it was that he'd be lonely but now we're gonna stay here so he is too.”

Hiroshi nodded and Hizashi cheered, “Yeah! And I made daifuku to celebrate! So go put Shinsou's bags up and meet us in the kitchen!”

He scooped Eri up and sat her on his shoulders as he walked out of the room. The new father and son laughed quietly at the display and Shouta looked over to Hitoshi.

“I hope you're aware that we're now the only sane people in the house.” Hitoshi shrugged and grinned in response.

“I don't care as long as we get a cat.”