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Lord Thanatos

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Head held high, he was walking with all the grace and decorum of a proper Malfoy towards Gringotts Bank. Diagon Alley was dark and empty, the usual hoards of excited witches and wizards home at this early hour of the morning. The gleaming white marble of the Bank, the biggest light source in range, glowing with an eerie sort of power that made you wonder just how much the Goblins were keeping from the wizards who so readily trusted them with their gold.

He walked up the glowing white steps towards the bank and through the first set of gleaming double doors. He looked up at the warning, posted for all those stupid enough to think they could steal from the Goblin race. He was so distracted by the foreboding words that, when he ran into the hard chest of another man, he stumbled back, tripping over his feet. Two large, strong hands steadied him by his hips. The stranger carefully pulled him onto his feet and let out a rumbling chuckle that made Draco shiver. He looked up to see the most gorgeous man he’d ever seen.

The man was roughly 6”7’ with a broad chest that tapered down to slim hips. He was well muscled, but not overly so, a solid beater’s build. High cheekbones and a defined jawline indicated the man was from pureblood lineage. His tan skin seemed to glow despite the lack of light. Raven black hair was tied into a messy bun on the top of his head, short strands escaping and falling to the greenest eyes Draco had ever seen. He was strangely familiar looking, but Draco couldn't place where he'd seen the man before. He was sure he would recognise those eyes anywhere. The man wore fitted black slacks and a black, tucked in button down; sleeves rolled up. Draco found himself staring at the tight muscles of the man’s forearms before he realised the man’s hand were still on his hips. He cleared his throat awkwardly and muttered a thank you before taking half a step back.

“I - wow - ahh, who are you?” Draco stuttered out as amusement shon in those emerald green eyes. “I mean I’m Malfoy, Draco Malfoy. A pleasure to meet you.” He said, extending his hand for a shake.

The dark man’s eyes took a slow trip up Draco’s body as he bowed slightly and took his hand, dropping a chaste kiss onto Draco’s knuckles. His knees went weak and Draco thought this man would actually be the death of him. There is no way someone this extraordinary would leave Draco in one piece.

“The pleasure is all mine Draco Malfoy. I’m Hadrian Peverell.”

With that, Hadrian Peverell turned and walked through the double doors and down the steps to Diagon Alley. Leaving Draco staring at his back and the way his slacks hugged the shapely curve of his ass. Draco knew he was completely gone, he’d never seen anyone as stunning as Hadrian Peverell.