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we all fall down

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Todoroki Shouto barely hears the loud ringing of the alarm clock beside his ears.  He clicked the button lazily, his body screaming for him to get back to bed the moment he sat up with his eyes half closed. He glanced at the alarm clock as if he doesn’t know the time he sets it every night.  It was way too early in the morning, the sun still hasn’t even come up yet and his shifts start at 6’o clock in the morning.

An annoyed huffed left his mouth as he stood up and went out of his bedroom. There was already a cup of coffee prepared for him at the table and he was greeted by his older sister sitting comfortably on his couch “Hey…” she smiles at him, her hair messily falling down her shoulders and he was sure he could see traces of her black eyeliner still running down her eyes. He clicked the light switch besides his bedroom door, flinching a bit when the light suddenly hit his eyes.

“Good morning. You’re here early.” He stifled a yawn as he went over to the table and took the mug of coffee. Fuyumi looked away from him but Shouto could still see the slightly smudged lipstick at the side of her lips and the thin lines of eyeliner under her eyes.

He blinks “…Have you been crying again?”

He took a small sip of the coffee and his mouth almost screamed at him, it was disgustingly cold and stale. So it wasn’t probably for him… he sighed as he placed it back on the table. Fuyumi completely ignored him as she stood up from the sofa and grabbing the mug from the table...

Shouto eyed her as she silently walked over to the sink and before he could realize it. Fuyumi let out a choked sob and ran to hug Shouto. He wasn’t exactly the type of person who knows how to comfort others and he’s not good with showing affection either. But this isn’t the first time his sister broke in his apartment to cry on his shoulders early in the morning so he lets his sister cry on his shoulders as he runs his fingers through her hair.

“Is it dad again?” he asked quietly making sure that he wouldn’t startle Fuyumi. His sister shook her head against his shoulder and wrapped her arms even more tightly around his brother “N-No I wasn’t able to talk to him in weeks…” she answered but then she looked Shouto dead in the eye “The d-doctors called me last night. They said mom is having another breakdown… I-I don’t know what to do.”

“W-What if dad decided to bring her far away? You know how much he despises her.” She pulled back from the hug and looked around Shouto’s apartment as if someone was watching them. Shouto took a deep breath in and pressed a small kiss on Fuyumi’s forehead “I’ll try to visit mom later, okay?” he stood up from the floor and helped his sister back to the couch.

Shouto missed their mom. But she hasn’t been the same for many years and Shouto is afraid to admit that he might have been a little scared to see her… the way her cold eyes bore unto his soul when he visits her. She doesn’t even say anything. His mother would just stare at him for as long as he is in her room but she never acknowledges him.

Fuyumi wiped the tears from her cheeks as she snuggled back to the couch with her hands wrapped around the pillows. None of them said anything and Shouto went to the kitchen to prepare his coffee.

For almost a year and a half, his daily routine has always been the same. He wakes up early to go to work and he goes home early just to drink alone and just let himself wallow in his drunken sadness until he falls asleep.

He stares at the bubbling coffee that is slowly being brewed in the coffee maker until his sister cuts him off from his thoughts “I’ll prepare the bath for you.” She said sweetly. Shouto didn’t bother to look at her as he hears shuffling of her shoes on his wooden floor.

He frowns as he look outside the windows of his apartment, seeing the street lights still illuminating the busy streets below him.

Mornings back then usually wasn’t this lonely.


Shouto arrived just exactly on time despite the unusual amount of traffic on the streets this day. He closes the door of car, eyes scanning the amount of people that were surrounding the gates of the police station.

He wrapped his arms around his coat and ignored the pushing of people in front of the gates “Todoroki! I guess I’m not the only one who can’t get in.” he glanced behind and found Uraraka smiling cheerfully behind him. She held her bag in her hand and a donut in the other.

“What is going on?” Shouto asked the shorter girl as he pulled her away from the crowd that was surrounding the gate. Uraraka took a big bite of her donut before answering “They’re reporters. Didn’t you know? The team managed to find the dead body of All for One.” She answered wearily “That’s one down… I guess. Although we aren’t the ones who stopped the villain at least he’s gone now.”

By now, Uraraka has finished her donut and is staring at Shouto confused “You don’t look so fine. You feeling cold?” the young police officer asked him worriedly. Shouto shook his head “Ah… nothing.” He gave her a small reassuring smile in response.

“You always don’t have to be secretive, Detective.” Uraraka frowned. Shouto led her to the back of the gate in which they found their superior, Toshinori Yagi looking around anxiously. He looked way too tired despite being early but they both knew her probably spent the night at the office again.

“Good morning, you two. I just need some fresh air… it’s a big mess inside.” He answered before the two of them could even ask the older man what is going on. Shouto shrugged “I figured.” He said blandly “We need your help most, detective. Get inside, I’ll catch up later.” He took in a huff of cold air before smiling tiredly.

The two of them went inside the station and Shouto immediately wanted to go home. Everyone was out of their minds, busy with paper works, calls and busy keeping the horde of media calm outside the station.

Uraraka whines “This is going to be a long day.” She gave Shouto an awkward pat on the back before she dashed to her desk with a grim expression. Shouto rubbed his eyes in annoyance and this is going to be a tiring day… maybe he should text Fuyumi to buy him something strong to drink for tonight.

He went to his office and already found a stash of folders and papers that were neatly placed on his table.  A blonde haired man sitting on his chair with his foot placed on his desk “Bakugo… Don’t sit on my chair like that.” He blinks and Bakugo slammed his hands on the desk.

“You’re late.” He fumed as he stood up with his arms already crossed on his chest.

“No I am not. It’s barely ten minutes since the start of my shift.” He answered calmly as he scanned the piles of paper on his desk, carefully removing his coat of his shoulders and placing it on the back of his chair.

“You didn’t watch the news last night, did you? Almost everyone came back in here after the news. Apparently, you and round face had a goodnight sleep, huh?” he took the coat from Shouto’s chair and hung it properly. Shouto rolled his eyes but ignored the words from his assistant and took the report from his table, reading it slowly.

“Strange, right?” Bakugo continued “A fucking criminal mastermind that could not be caught for decades found dead in the middle of the city. What a world we live in.”

All for One…

Also known as Midoriya Hisashi.

A well known mastermind in Japan but he is more prominent in the city of Musutafu.

He’s been known for killing multiple government official and well known citizens. He ran a cult of people believing in his twisted ideology of purging the system.

He also did handful crimes like kidnapping for ransom, violence around the city by his cult, robbery and he’s been a suspect in the city’s drug distribution.

He’s what kept the city’s police department awake at night for decades.

His dead body was found by a drunken couple in the middle of night at the middle of city’s slums. He wondered how no one found him earlier. It seems that he was shot multiple times in different part of his body. One on the shoulder, one on his hips and the other on his arm but that wasn’t the cause of his death. He could easily survive all of those but instead he fell from a ten storey building down to the concrete floor.

He flinched when he finished reading the report and he placed it back on the table “Do they have a possible suspect for his death?” he asked Bakugo. The blonde nodded “Probably some of his goons planned his death. Or some other villains got his hands on him.”  He then walked back to Shouto’s desk and handed him a small plastic containing a bullet.

Shouto blinked “9mm bullets? He used a hand gun to kill a criminal mastermind.” He inspected the single bullet. It was a cheap one, something that you can buy everywhere in the city. It is almost ridiculous as if the murderer was trying to mock the dead man.

“Shots in the body are not accurate and there are a few of these bullets fired around the area. The killer must be an amateur with guns.” Bakugo added. Shouto took in the information and glanced at the picture of the criminal’s corpse “We have to wait for the full results to come later.” He mumbled but before Bakugo could reply they were interrupted by the loud slamming of his office door.

 “We received a video tape from him… Come you guys need to see.” Kirishima Eijiro came in panting as he dragged the two of them down and a projector was already in place as the video started. Shouto’s eyes didn’t leave the screen and his ears took in every single word that the villain spoke.

The video was quick… it barely even reached two minutes. The villain knew he was going to get killed and he was coming for someone… for his son. He wanted his son to carry on his actions.

He almost wanted to throw up at the disgusting smile on the man’s face.

“Fuck...” he heard Bakugo swear. Everyone around the room was visibly terrified and Shouto wanted to ignore the bile forming at the back of his throat.

Uraraka was indeed right… This is going to be a long day.


It was almost late at night and a woman came in crying “M-My name is Inko Midoriya… Please keep my son safe.” She sobbed. She was a pudgy woman in her early 50’s with short forest green hair and bright green eyes. Shouto wouldn’t expect a kind looking woman to be a criminal’s wife.

Bakugo immediately came running and comforted the woman… it took her a few seconds to recognize the boy before gasping “K-Katsuki! You’ve grown so much. I haven’t seen you in years.” She cracked a small smile despite her teary face and Bakugo sighs softly “I’m glad you’re safe, auntie.”

Shouto brought her to his office and gave Inko a warm cup of coffee since the bag under her eyes shows that she hasn’t gotten much sleep like everyone else. She sat calmly on the chair with her eyes half closed as she took in the warmth from the mug.

“You’re Todoroki Shouto, right?” she smiles once more. A beautiful smile that reminded Shouto of his mother “I’m surprised you didn’t follow your father’s path to become a politician.” She chuckled. Shouto nodded “My father hasn’t always been supportive of this… but I really want to help people.” he sat in front of her and Bakugo was standing behind Inko’s chair protectively.

Inko smiles “I know that you’re going to be great.” She placed the cup of coffee on the table. Bakugo snorted behind her earning a glare from the heterochromatic man. Shouto then coughed “Ahem… Can we go back to the topic now?”

Inko nodded and he saw the smile fading from her lips only to be replaced by pure anxiety “My son… Izuku… We’ve been hiding from Hisashi for years. I took my son away and ran, never looking back.” She sniffled; her voice low and Shouto could already see her bright eyes watering.

“I need someone to help protect my son… I’ll do anything. Please keep him safe.” She was shaking as she gripped unto the side of her dress. Bakugo placed his hand on her shoulders “Do you know where your son is located?”Shouto asked.

Inko shook her head “Right after he finished his studies… he went into hiding. He changed his name and I never saw him after that.” She explained “Please look for him. Mikumo Akatani. I’ve tried to find him for months but I never got a clue where he is. The professors from where he worked at told me that he has never shown himself in person since he had a proxy.” She was crying now. Tears streaming down her cheeks and Shouto couldn’t do a single thing to help her.

“My-My baby, he must have been so scared.”

Bakugo’s eyes softened “You should stay with us for awhile. Mom would be glad to see you again.” He helped her up from her seat and led her outside the office. The office was silent once again and he carefully picked up the piles of paper that was on his desk before placing it all backing in a single folder. He’ll fix it later.

Bakugo returned with a soft look on his face as he slumped down on Shouto’s chair.

“I hope you don’t mind me intruding but how do you know her?”

Bakugo gestured his hands in a lazy manner “She was a friend of my mom. They’ve been friends since middle school... I think. She used to visit us a lot when I was in college but that’s the only time I met her.”

He shook his head as he trailed off he bit the side of his lips to keep himself from saying anything more. He looked confused “Never thought she had a son.” He shrugged as he continued on organizing the folders on Shouto’s desk.

“Maybe you should organize your stuff better so that you don’t have to look hard when you actually need something” Bakugo muttered and Shouto could see Bakugo’s lips twitching in annoyance

“Last time I checked, I’m not the assistant.”

 It didn’t take a split second before a flying folder hit Shouto at the back of his head.


Morning came slower than what Shouto has expected and he didn’t get to sleep a single minute. If he has to praise someone it has to be Bakugo, he doesn’t seem tired at all. He was busy talking to Toshinori and the older man still looked as stressed as he was yesterday.

The media still won’t quit even if Yoshinori has told them about the situation. Good thing that they don’t crowd the building anymore.

“Todoroki! We found him!” Uraraka’s excited squeal echoes around the large halls of the station. She held her phone in her hands, a cute black and pink phone case despite her phone’s old model. She handed it to him revealing an image of U.A. high school “They said that he’s the one helping research plans and projects of the school. He’s also been in many partnerships with some big tech companies... Wonder why he isn’t popular.”

“He wants to meet up.”She yawns as Shouto handed the phone back to Uraraka. The young police officer looked dead tired; they’ve been working overtime for a few days. Her usually neat bob is tied in a bun, the lines under her brown eyes are dark and heavy and her smile looked strained. She leaned on the wall with a tired look on her face.

“I sent an email to Bakugo. All the information I could find about him are written there.” She explained tiredly, her eyes half closed “I want to go home.” Shouto smiled at Uraraka as he helped her walk back to her desk. She instantly rested her head at the back of her chair before giving Shouto a tired thumbs-up.

Shouto promised himself to treat her to dinner after they finished this case; she’s been one of the most trustworthy co-workers Shouto had. Now that he has noticed it... she’s been working a lot of overtime these past few months. He knows that she’s not well off financially but she could at least ask for help. He doesn’t want her to overexert herself again.

Shouto sighed tiredly when he saw Bakugo walking towards him, before even saying anything he handed Shouto’s light brown coat and car keys to him “She seems really tired, huh?” Bakugo commented quietly as they walked out the station. The gust of cold air made Shouto shiver despite wearing a thick coat. He silently thanked Bakugo for handing him his coat.

“What’s the address Uraraka gave you?” Shouto asked as he started his car while Bakugo tiredly leaned his head at the car’s window “It’s a bit far from here, boundary between Hosu city...” Bakugo examined the map given to him by Uraraka “This address is in fucking nowhere. There are no buildings a few miles from here.” He showed his phone with a confused expression plastered across his face.

He was right. It was in the middle of nowhere.

Shouto shrugged, he’s way too tired to argue with Bakugo and besides he trusted Uraraka enough to follow the map she have given them.

“I guess we have to trust Uraraka then.”



The trip didn’t take long, the streets are not as busy since yesterday night; everyone seems to be cautious after the All for One’s death. They stopped in driving in the middle of woods in which for some reason had a proper road built despite the lack of residence and establishments around the area.

Bakugo was the first one to get off the car since they found an entrance to a bunker exactly at the address that Uraraka gave them. Todoroki frowned as he close the door of his car, his heart hammering. He didn’t know why he felt nervous but the eerie feeling of the woods didn’t help either.

He walked near the entrance of the bunker finding the metallic door locked shut; he looked above him and saw a video camera pointed directly at him. Bakugo then showed his badge to the camera “We’re from Musutafu police department.” It took a few seconds before a small beep resounded around them and the metal door opened.

A tall man stood in front of them, his face devoid of any emotions. He wore thick, rectangular glasses that framed his muscular features and the dark blue suit he is wearing was enough to intimidate Shouto.

“We’ve been expecting you. My name is Iida Tenya.” His voice was low and deep as he shook the hands of the two police investigators “Come along now, Mikumo is waiting for your arrival.” He didn’t even bother asking the names of the two as he started walking.

“...Wait... this bunker... all of this is underground?” Shouto asked as he looked around the concrete walls of the bunker.

“Yes. This bunker is 100 acres underground. It resembles a maze, so don’t get lost.” Iida warned as they led them to another turn. The hallways were narrow but it was illuminated nicely despite being underground “Jeez... How does he live here?” Bakugo whispered behind him. It didn’t take much long until they reached another metal door that opened as soon as they faced it “He’s meeting you now.” Iida gave them a short bow before the door closed and only the two of them were inside the room.

The room was spacious with a huge table in the middle, multiple monitors at the edge of the room that displayed all footages from the security cameras. It was littered with bookshelves in every corner, structural plans pinned across the walls and a miniature scale of the city.

A man stood in front of them, he was shorter than Bakugo and Shouto but he couldn’t make out his features due to the dim lighting of the room “Good evening, gentlemen.” His voice was soft and way different from what they expected from a genius engineer.

“O-Oh! I’m sorry I forgot to turn on the lights.” The engineer gasped as he shuffled behind him and clicked the light switch.

He’s a handsome man for Shouto’s standards, messy green hair and bright green eyes covered by circular framed glasses. Freckles dusted his cheeks and he gave them a shy smile. He wore a simple white collared shirt that was tucked lazily unto his pants.

“You’re Mikumo Akatani?”

“Umm... Yes. But you can call me Midoriya Izuku. That’s the name my mother gave me.” He rubbed the back of his neck nervously as he approached them “I assume there is no need for me to hide my identity since my father threatened me by sending a video to the masses.”

Shouto nodded “That’s why we came here so that we can protect you.” He assured when he noticed the nervous expression on the engineer’s face. “Thank you. I appreciate that... However, I think I’m perfectly safe down here.” He smiled once again as he motioned around the room.

“Your mom asked us to protect you. Since your father publicly stated that he will come for you, it is our duty to make sure you are safe.” Bakugo explained calmly but Shouto could hear a little bit of irritation in his voice. Midoriya bit his lips “I-I can’t just leave here, you know.” He stammered “This is my home and my workplace” he sat down his chair as his eyes glanced to the monitors.

Shouto nodded in agreement “We’ll work this out later.” He intoned gently to the man only to be elbowed by Bakugo in the stomach “What do you think you- Ow!” he yelled in pain as he pushed Shouto to the side angrily. Shouto then glared at Bakugo with his fingers already around the blonde’s arm.

Midoriya then laughed heartily causing the two to stop their short argue. Realizing that the duo was staring at him, heat rose up his cheeks and he turned his head at the side causing Bakugo to snort. It took Midoriya a few moments before he could calm himself down and face them again “I apologize for my immature behaviour.” He let out an awkward cough “I suppose we have to talk business now.”

“Ah yes, of course.” Shouto smiled “We have to make a report about this... if it is alright with you can you tell us about your past experiences.” Shouto said calmly making the green haired boy frown in response.

“I guess that’s fine. This is going to be a long story.” He stood up from his chair and went over to the cabinet beside him. Shouto then could hear the clinking of glass; Midoriya placed expensive looking rocks glasses on his desk. He turned around holding two different liquor bottles in each hand, he grinned lazily.

“Care for a drink? I have whiskey and rum.”


Shouto poured the fresh coffee on his mug, eyes staring blankly unto the grey wall. He didn’t expect for Toshinori to actually agree to Midoriya’s term of staying here. Now he has to stay here as well as Midoriya’s guardian... sort of.

 Midoriya was sitting awkwardly at the counter of the kitchen “I-I’m sorry. I didn’t know your boss will actually force you into this.” He apologized looking over to Shouto with a worried expression on his face. The half haired boy shook his head in response “Its fine. I was just surprised, that’s all.” He took a sip of the coffee and sat on the opposite side of the counter.

“Well... You guys look really stressed. Maybe you can relax here.” Midoriya suggested with a small smile playing across his lips. Despite the whole place being a maze, there are only two rooms that Shouto has been to: Midoriya’s office and his living quarters which actually didn’t look that bad despite it being underground.

It was nicely decorated and the room Midoriya prepared for him, although quite small it was very comfortable... Maybe because he never had a goodnight’s sleep for a very long time.

“Ah. Thank you. You’re right.” He eyed Midoriya who was walking over the kitchen stove and pulling out an apron he took a hanging at the side of the counter “Have anything in mind for breakfast?” he asked.

Shouto gave him a shrug “Anything is fine... I guess.”

“Good! I hope you’re fine with a traditional breakfast.” Midoriya exclaimed enthusiastically as he started cooking. Shouto watched the young engineer cook, humming to himself as he does so. It almost reminded him of his childhood, when he watches his mother and Fuyumi cook at the kitchen. It feels nostalgic. Way different from how he usually starts his morning now.

“Anyways, Todoroki, I’m sure you’ve met my proxy.” Midoriya said trying to spark a conversation with the detective as he cracks an egg into a bowl. Shouto frowned “Yes. He’s a really stern man.” he then earned a small chuckle from Midoriya.

“Don’t let that bother you. Tenya is a really nice person... I promise you. He comes here rarely though since he doesn’t want me to be in danger. He’s done so much for me these past few years. Sometimes I think about how to repay him. I can’t think of how I’ll live without him... I mean who would do all the groceries for me?!” he babbled grinning ear to ear.

Despite the fact that he’s lived alone for a long time Shouto was surprised that he’s really good with talking to other people. Shouto on the other hand was the opposite... not that he hates socializing but when he doesn’t find anything interesting enough to hold a conversation with.

He nodded as he listened to Midoriya’s stories not noticing the smile that formed across his face. It was    a pleasant feeling. The laughter of the green haired boy, the smell of well-made coffee, and food, the sound of the pan sizzling as Midoriya cooks. It wasn’t bad.

He also didn’t realize that he started joining in the conversation himself.

“How did you manage to build this?” he asked curiously. Midoriya turned to him “Well... I’ve worked with a lot of influential people in this city. I’ve designed, innovated a lot of things for them. I’ve just asked them for a favour.” He answered still with a smile but Shouto couldn’t ignore the glint in his eyes and the slight bitterness that was present in his voice. Shouto wanted to ask what’s wrong but the disturbing smile playing at the sides of Midoriya’s lips made him stop.

Midoriya served the breakfast. It was surprisingly simple but he hasn’t eaten breakfast like this for a long time; Rice, Miso Soup and Tamagoyaki. Midoriya is good with cooking, despite the simple meal he made; it tasted amazing to Shouto. He thanked Midoriya for the food and they both ate in silence after that.

The day passed quickly since Shouto was busy sending his reports to the office, answering to Bakugo’s call and emails. He sat silently on his chair, his laptop placed on the table in Midoriya’s office. The engineer was busy on the other side of the room, writing something on a thick notebook.

He glanced at the blueprints scattered at the table. A plan for what seems like a battery? He doesn’t understand the design perfectly. Midoriya might have noticed him looking over to the blue prints “Those are my plans for a generator.” He stood up and walked over to him “A cleaner one. I’m thinking of ways to make it self sufficient so that we can save financial costs in the future.”

Todoroki scanned the blue prints and the notebook Midoriya has given him. It’s a rather ambitious design, a lot of people have tried to do something like this and he doesn’t think that anyone succeeded. If they did, the world would have been a better place already.

“I’m planning on building a prototype sooner or later but with the things happening… its impossible.” He sighed disappointed.

Fuyumi might like it. She has always been the smartest one in the family. This could be something that can actually change the city.

“…My sister can fund it.”

Midoriya blinked in response “W-What? Come again?”

“My sister is in charge of Todoroki Tech Company. I could get her to fund this project and then we could build the prototypes quickly. Let see if it works and then we could get to business.” Shouto explained and Midoriya’s face changed from confusion to shock.

“I forgot that you’re actually a son of a multibillionaire.” Said Midoriya as he leans his back to the wall looking more stressed than ever “So your sister is the head of the company?” he asked. Shouto nodded “My father couldn’t handle running the company and the whole city at the same time. So he decided to give the responsibility to Fuyumi.” He almost wanted to laugh when Midoriya’s face scrunched.

“W-What if it fails? I can’t stand the thought of that.” He shuddered in response clutching his sweater as he nervously adjusted his glasses.

“You’re a genius, Midoriya. You were the one who designed most of the best infrastructures of the city. I trust your plans.” He reassured and Midoriya’s tense shoulders slumped a little bit as he let out a deep breath and smiled “Thank you, Todoroki.”

He wrapped his arms around the detective and Todoroki didn’t notice the tears rolling down the Midoriya’s cheeks. When he pulled back from the hug, Midoriya smile didn’t fade.

“I won’t let you down.”

That exact moment when Midoriya locked eyes with him everything felt different. His green eyes shone brighter despite the tears that were slowly spilling down his cheeks. He removed his glasses wiping the tears from his “Hahaha- That’s unfair. You made me cry…” he sniffed laughing a little bit.

Midoriya made a soft noise before embracing Shouto once more, this time Shouto returned the hug feeling the warmth of the shorter boy. The soft sobs Midoriya makes, the warm smile he has and those bright eyes that lightens up the room around…

He couldn’t ignore the way his heart skipped a beat.

In that exact moment, Shouto fell for Midoriya Izuku.