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Memories upturned

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The day had been normal. With training and the promise of leaving school with his new parents for the three day weekend, Yurai Shoto was doing well, amazingly so. He was having a fantastic day, boringly average, which was good enough for him. Hitoshi and Eri were both doing well, too, with Hitoshi just being tranferred into his class after Mineta went a little too far.


However, good things can’t last, especially not for the ex-Todoroki, who had taken his mother’s name instead ofhis  father’s the instant he had the chance, despite the fact that his father’s agency was still going to be his the instant his father stepped down. Nothing could change that now, he knew. But with his boyfriend accidentally spooking one of the general studies students, he finds himself in a body that simply is not his. He has to pause, looking over at the body that is his. Memories rush into his head. Not his own, not just Midoriya’s, not just their’s. Kirishima and Bakugo both come into the mix, their memories all meshing together.


Thankfully, both Aizawa and Present Mic stood behind them. Both adults were quick to attempt to change it back, but the blonde shakes her head in front of her. “My quirk switches their bodies and minds! They get each other’s memories and a twenty-four hour trip in each other’s bodies! Sometimes twelve hours or just six! It all just depends! If they’re already close, it should just be six hours!”


Shoto quickly moves to his body, gripping at their hands. Ice and fire were mixing haphazardly. “You need to calm down. If your blood pressure goes too high, you can end up setting the entire school on fire.” He expects an angry frown in return but is instead greeted with sad eyes. He knew bakugo had his body, as it wasn’t that hard to find Midoriya in Kirishima’s skin and Kirishima in Bakugo’s. But their eyes were all focused on him. “No matter what you do, you have to keep any and all emotions regulated. My quirk is very emotion based and it’s the way I ended up freezing Sero in the sports festival.”


His eyes are full of tears. “Hold on, hold on, we have all of your memories, Yurai,” the other chirps softly, voice cracking and raising. It’s so different from his normally held high voice. “All of it.”


Aizawa and Present Mic both pause. The blonde quickly chirps, “We should get Toshi, huh?”


“Yes,” the shorter confirms with a nod of his head.




No one knew much about why Todoroki Shoto was no longer Todoroki Shoto. THey understood he was Yurai Shoto and that he had been out of school for two weeks exactly, retuning with his scar being so much more severe and a new one on his right eye, all while his siblings making their debut as heroes and his father still continuing his work just fine. There was never any context given at all, just a sudden rebranding for the teenager. Now, though, three teenagers had a front row seat to memories that only a select few adults at the UA, handful of police, his family, and so very few others actually knew. Each and every moment with Endeavor that Shoto had spent with him were open for their viewing. The past harshness, the promise to be better, that promise getting broken, all of it was on display.


Shoto sat in front of his father, hands in his lap, eyes downcast on the desk. His father sat in front of him, flames angrily licking at his face. “Shoto, do you know why I specifically called you in here?”


The teenager thinks about any and all circumstances, brows furrowing just a pinch. He hums, eventually shaking his head. “No, father, I don’t,” he concludes for the older. He was on top of his studies, he was the second highest in the class, he was just all in all doing phenomenal compared to normal. He doesn’t understand why his father seems so angry.


“Explain this,” Endeavor explains as he presses a computer forward, screen directed at the teenagers.


It was a few simple photos. Some were posted by Midoriya, others by Kirishima and even two by Bakugo. They all showed pictures of simple things. One had been a night where the four were laying in a cuddle pile, laying over each other with Shoto dead in the center, Kirishima mostly on top of him. The photos there had been taken by Uraraka and Tsu, he knew that much. There were some from small dates nights, others from random occurrences. There was one of the four on an official date night where Shoto had paid with his own money, not his father’s. Where he had gotten it, no one needed to know.


“They are my boyfriends,” he explains simply, confused. “Is there something wrong with that?”


“You may only pick one, Shoto.”


“Okay, but why,” he asks, confusion even more clear. “I don’t understand why I have to pick only one? I love all three of them.”


“Because, Shoto, you can only marry one in the real world. This isn’t going to last at all.”


“That’s not true. There are three people currently married and they are all pro heroes, as well as another group of four. I can legally marry all three of them.”


Endeavor shakes his head. “I do not permit it. Shoto, I have put up with enough of your shit here. First pretending to be a boy, then saying you’re gay. If you are going to pick a boy, only choose one.”


Shoto was even more confused. “What does the first thing have to do with this? Is it because of Mom?” He just barely gets to finish his words before a palm strikes his cheek, harsh and leaving dark marks. It was bruising quick and dark. “What-”


Do not bring her up in this, Shoto. Our marriage has nothing to do with this.”


From there, things only seem to escalate. That is until Shoto can just barely see his phone screen. It doesn’t help that the device is almost completely shattered as well as a corner being partially melted. He frantically types a message to the chat, though it comes out as more of a quick keyboard smash.


Todoroki Shoto has messaged chat Emergency Contact Only, Teachers, Shinso, and Todoroki


Todoroki Shoto- bleastr fuckibngbhn helo me


Shoto had no idea why he was in the chat and he knew that despite it only being for emergencies, it was used far more often than that, often by the teacher’s themselves. Shoto had suspicions that he was in the chat because All Might had his own suspicions about Shoto’s home life, as well as Aizawa. The two had gotten Fuyumi to accept him going to the dorms, not Endeavor, and Toshinori knew him from when he was just a baby, close friends with Rei until tragedy struck the home.


He just barely manages to slip his phone into his pocket, his father stomping into the room once again, his anger clear. The beating begins up once again. Shoto passes out just minutes before his teachers find him, though he was clearly still in so much pain, despite being passed out. He looks dead to the teachers.


When he wakes up, he’s hooked up to multiple machines, face wrapped carefully, his newest burns aching despite the painkillers he was on. His speech is slow and he’s just barely able to speak about it to his teachers. He starts crying, which only irritates the burns. The process to get Shoto adopted by Aizawa, Yamada, and Toshinori is all too quick. Hitoshi and Eri come into the hospital the day he gets the bandage off, Eri holding his hand and wearing a happy smile, despite the situation. Hitoshi does his best to help lighten the situation, but the three adults and three children aren’t exactly the happiest bunch when it came to that situation. But they settle, thankfully.


“So, you four have switched bodies,” Toshinori concludes.


“They have all of my memories,” Shoto pipes up, brows furrowed.


“All of-”

“All of them,” Bakugo stresses from within Shoto’s body.


“Then let’s mutually agree not to bring them up until we’re ourselves again, got it? We sleep in our own actual rooms in the dorms and then we can discuss this once the twenty-four hours is up.”


Aizawa’s brows furrow as well. “Shoto, that isn’t exactly-”


“If we have all of each other’s memories, then this is far from a good situation. Izuku and I both have our fight with Stain. Mind you, we aren’t even supposed to talk about it.” His arm is softly thrown to the side, but he was far from relaxed. “They also know that my brother is the one that captured Katsuki and that he left when I was-”


“Shoto, Shoto, hey,” Hizashi speaks up, tentatively moving towards his adopted son. He gently puts his hands on his shoulders, careful with any and all touch. “I need you to breathe for me, okay? Don’t forget that Midoriya’s quirk is also emotion-oriented, just like those black tentacle thingies.” He motions with his fingers, though it’s calm and teasing. “We all need to just calm down about this and think rationally.”


“So…” Eri pauses, her legs swinging as she perches atop Aizawa’s desk. “You won’t be coming home tonight?”


“No, Eri, I won’t be,” he admits quietly.


“What about movie night?”


Toshinori leans beside her. “We can do movie night tomorrow.”




“Schedules,” Shoto reminds, looking uncomfortable, “We have to stick to our schedules.” His fists ball. “How about one big movie night? All of Dorm One-A and whoever wants to join from One-B?” he suggests. “I know it’s different and it’s not what we planned, but-”


“Sleepover,” Eri chirps, nodding frantically, “yes!”




“I’m sorry, Katsuki,” Shoto speaks softly, “but I just cannot kiss myself.”


“But you’re kissing me,” he whines to the other, annoyance clear.


“Would you kiss your own body?”


“Fuck yes I would, I’m hot.”


The younger scoffs, sitting on the floor in the middle of a pile of blankets. He pulls his little sister beside him. It wasn’t hard to explain that his body had been switched with the others, as Ashido, Sero, and Hagakure had all been through the process weeks prior.


However, actually being affectionate with his boyfriend’s was rather awkward. But there wasn’t going to be much longer that he had to stay in Midoriya’s body. It was oh so incredibly awkward, but at least he has a movie to distract his tired mind.




When Shoto awakens, he’s in his own body, curled up in a pile of blankets with his lovers. It isn’t his own room. In fact, it’s Bakugo’s, which is a tiny bit odd because Shoto doesn’t even remember the end of the movie, or even what it was. He slips out of the room, though, making a quick getaway. He feels bad for it, yes, but he’s gone and he’s out of the room, much more comfortable with being by himself now.


Shoto isn’t ready to discuss what was going on, what had happened. They knew about Dabi abandoning him when he needed him most, about his siblings' attempts to protect him only making everything worse, about every attempt to escape failing until he was forced out of the life, and so on. His burdens were painfully burning in his mind, all things that only he and his family knew. He hadn’t told Shinso, Eri, Yagi, Aizawa, or Yamada. THings were far from good, from okay.


He slips into his room, a soft flame flicking from his fingertips as he moves through the room. With one blind eye and the other shittily blurred, it was more so patches of nothing, but he was getting through it just fine as it seems. He pulls off his binder and slips onto the tamati matt, ready to fall asleep once again. It wasn’t even one in the morning yet.


But with anxiety, that sleep is so dreadfully hard, making the process flip through twice as long.


He could deal with everything in the morning. For now, he just needed to relax, to get through this all.