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The Dreamscape

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I was tired, but the Dreamscape didn't want me to rest just yet. When I entered the house, there were all sorts of zombies inside. I wasn't scared though because I didn't care enough. I had nothing to kill them with, so I avoided them. Somewhere in the house, I could hear the sound of lasers being fired. I don't know why, but I followed the source of the noise. Perhaps I had the feeling that it would be safe. Whatever the feeling was, I was only glad to find out it was my parents firing at the zombies.
I did the most logical thing and stood behind my parents. My sisters were there too. I only had two sisters, one was older than me, and the other was younger than me. We were exactly two years apart in age. My big sister, Inara, was only a bit taller than I was and her hair was a bit shorter. She had a baby face and looked like a female version of my dad. Neera, my little sister, was, of course, the smallest. We all had the same hair, skin and eye colour for the most part. Except that Neera has dark brown hair.
I liked seeing my parents work hand in hand in trying to protect us. They loved us so much that I felt that it was unconditional. These zombies didn't stand a chance. The zombies were all males and scientists. Their skin was green, and their eyes just couldn't remain in their sockets. I'd hate to be them. Suddenly, a whole swarm of them broke into the house!
Mom and dad tried to keep them at bay, but the amount was overbearing. They were getting too close now. My sisters and I wanted to move, but we were surrounded. Our parents tried to remain calm, but we were crying. I wasn't ready to die as yet. I didn't get to grow into a beautiful woman, get married and have children. I would be dead before I got to live. Everything seemed hopeless.
Then something... strange happened. Just as we were about to be eaten alive by zombies, this force field appeared. It was in the shape of a man, and it was green and transparent. Somehow, it managed to kill all the zombies. Then it disappeared. Everything was back to normal. Well, normal enough. After that entire ordeal, we just went about as nothing happened. Perhaps almost being eaten by zombies wasn't enough to traumatize this family. Mom went to sleep, dad went to work, Inara went to play video games, and Neera went to play in the pool. I went upstairs to see if the orbs and the moons were still there. Fancy that, they were! This time I really wanted to see where it would take me. I'm glad that something was the same for once. I climbed onto the orb like I did the first time and I didn't have to wait so long for a blue crescent moon. I hopped on as soon as I saw it.
It flew up to the sky and took me to the clouds. There was a kingdom made of clouds. There was a princess there too. She was so beautiful with her long blue hair and dress. But she was upset about something I didn't know about.
"Why are you so sad?" I asked as I approached her.
The princess wept, "I've lost my precious tiara!"
She threw herself down on the cloudy floor and cried harder. I wasn't sure what to do. I could get her a new one but she doesn't wear the toy tiaras that I wear. Her own is real and made of diamonds. I couldn't afford that. I didn't even have money because I was just a kid.
"You'll get it back," I assured her.
"How can you be sure?" She screamed, "A bird knocked it off my head, and it fell all the way down!"
"But maybe it didn't?"
That's when this man arrived. He was a knight with blue hair and blue armour. He was so handsome, and he had the princess' tiara. Her face glowed when she finally noticed it.
"Oh!" She beamed, "You got my tiara back!"
"I went on a dangerous quest to get it back for you," the knight admitted.
"That was so kind of you!" The princess gushed.
I watched in glee as he placed the tiara on her head. I thought I was seeing a blossoming romance. She gave him a single kiss on the cheek. But then she just left!
"Hey, wait!" I called. But she ignored me. Then I turned to the knight, "How could you let her go like that?"
"Ah, let her be!" He said, "She got what she wanted, and now she is happy!"
"But you were supposed to fall in love!"
"Why?" He asked.
I answered, "You got her tiara back!"
The knight looked at me with a funny look. I didn't know what struck him as strange. At the time, I thought I knew how love worked. So I didn't like it when he laughed at me. How could he find me funny when I was being serious? Boy, I could slap that man.
"Ah, child!" He laughed, "That is not how love works. There's a lot more to gaining one's affection than doing a good deed for them."
I grumbled, "But the knight always gets the princess."
"Ah, you'll learn when you fall in love." And with that, he went his way.
It goes without saying that I was immensely upset, so I decided to take my leave too. I ran all over the Kingdom of Clouds, hopping from cloud to cloud, going where my feet would take me. The Kingdom of Clouds was a serene place, minus the princess. I almost wished that I was the princess.
Eventually, I made it to the Rainbow Border. It was what separated the Kingdom of Clouds from Earth. There was a rainbow road too. And it was just as dangerous as the one from the Mario Kart games. Perhaps it is that rainbow road. At least I was on foot, and there were no races.
I walked along, admiring the scenery. I wasn't even watching my step. There was this dip I didn't notice, and I fell down one way and slid down the other. It led me to Miss Olga's house. Like last time, I didn't want to stay because I hated Miss Olga. She was too busy watching TV to taking notice of me, even though her curtains were open for once. Miss Olga's house was one of a few locations that remained mostly consistent. It will always be that old sky blue house I resented for years. Today, right next to Miss Olga's house, there was this dark grey hallway. Of course, I had to go in. Anything to get away from such a mean hairdresser!
Where it led me? We'll see...