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Déjà View

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"What is this?" Quinn asked as she examined the box that girlfriend had just handed her. It was a simple question. In fact, it was one that Quinn could have answered herself. It was clear that what she held in her hands was a box set for a TV show. That much was easy enough to piece together. What Quinn couldn't figure out though was why Rachel was on the cover. And Rachel wasn't the only one, Quinn was on there too as well as their entire high school glee club. It wasn't actually them though. Someone named Lea Michele was playing the role of Rachel, while Dianna Agron played Quinn. It was really weird.

"Us, apparently. By the looks of it someone got the bright idea of selling our story."

Quinn's eyes snapped up to meet with Rachel's. She looked deeply into those brown irises and she could tell that her girlfriend was serious. It seemed like a silly conclusion but Quinn was about to say that, especially since it was clear that Rachel was upset. And to be honest it her idea the only thing that made any sort of sense. "Well, maybe you should write a letter or something," Quinn suggested. There was a slight risk in Rachel going overboard when writing said letter, but at the very least she'd get down to the bottom of things.

"I plan to, but first I want to watch it."

"You want to watch it?" Quinn asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Yes, I do."


"To check its authenticity," Rachel stated matter-of-factly. "You want to watch too?"

"No thanks Rachel," Quinn politely declined.

"Oh, come on it'll be fun," Rachel insisted. Quinn couldn't see what could be so fun about reliving their high school years, but she knew right there that she would end up going along with her girlfriend's wishes. Anyone who knew Rachel would know about her determination; she would always get what she wanted, but Quinn wasn't going to make it easy for her. But then Rachel pouted. "Please Quinn." Quinn could never win against that pout.

"Okay, fine." Rachel squealed with joy and took Quinn into a hug before giving her a big kiss. Afterwards she quickly led her into the living room. She put in the first disk while Quinn got comfortable on the couch. Once Rachel was done she sat on Quinn's lap and was immediately wrapped in her arms. The show started with a look at the Cheerios practicing and then went to introduce their former glee club director, Will Schuester.

Soon after Lea Michele came on screen. As she saw her, a chill went down Quinn's spine. Not only did Lea look exactly like Rachel; she sounded like her too. "She's cute." The words slipped out of Quinn's mouth before she could stop herself. Rachel briefly stopped watching the show to glare at her. "What? I'm sorry but she is cute, and besides she looks just like you. It's a compliment," she insisted.

Rachel's expression softened and she turned her attention back to the screen. "I guess you're right. I'm sorry." Quinn kissed the back of her head to tell her that it was okay. To be honest, Quinn kind of liked when Rachel would get all jealous. Rachel's possessive side would come out, and they'd usually have some really hot sex. But after another scene a red slushie was tossed onto the pretty face of the on-screen Rachel. Rachel's smile disappeared and with them went Quinn's plans for the afternoon.

Quinn gave her girlfriend a squeeze and a kiss on the cheek. "Maybe we should stop," she suggested. She didn't like the idea of Rachel reliving their high school years, and frankly Quinn didn't want to relive them herself. But Rachel straightened her shoulders and shook her head.

"No, I want to keep going."

There was no point in arguing so Quinn didn't, but she made sure to hold Rachel extra tight to remind her that everything was different now. They were together and they loved each other very much. It had taken some time, but before high school was done Quinn had come to accept her feelings for Rachel. She took a leap of faith, hoping that those feelings were reciprocated. Rachel liked to think that their love was something epic. Quinn liked to think so too. If nothing else though, she knew that their love was something special; something magical.

Quinn then saw herself on screen, or more accurately she saw Dianna Agron. The on-screen Quinn was typing hateful messages on the on-screen Rachel's latest MySpace video. It was creepy how accurate the show was, but for Quinn it mostly just hurt to remember how mean she used to be to Rachel. But then Rachel squeezed her hands and she felt a little better. Rachel had forgiven her a long time ago for how she had acted back then but that didn't stop Quinn from feeling guilty about it.

If she could, Quinn would go back and do everything differently. But she couldn't. All she could do instead was to make sure that she'd never hurt Rachel again. She rested her chin on Rachel's shoulder and nuzzled into her. "I love you so much."

"I know Quinn, I know."

They continued to watch, seeing the auditions for New Directions as well as rehearsals where they attempted their first group number. Rachel cringed as she saw them perform. She knew firsthand how bad they were to begin with. It was painful for her to watch as an outsider with no way to critique their number and provide suggestion on how to improve it. Admittedly, there was little that could have been done in the first place anyway.

In all honestly Quinn didn't think that they were too bad, but she wasn't part of New Directions back then so she couldn't know how good or bad they really were. After their lackluster performance the on-screen Rachel stormed off in typical diva fashion. Quinn thought it was cute, but she made sure not to voice her thoughts aloud a second time. Even though she loved her girlfriend's possessive side, Quinn didn't want to make her mad or upset.

Quinn focused her attention on the show which continued to give her the creeps. All the actors on screen looked like their friends and former classmates. If Quinn didn't know better she would have thought that their high school lives had been recorded. On screen, Will was trying to recruit some of the more popular kids. He was failing miserably. That part Quinn knew about first hand. She knew what was to come, but she was curious as to the how and why. But before she found out Quinn saw a scene which was quite disturbing. Her mouth fell agape. Without even looking at Rachel, Quinn could tell that she had a similar expression on her face.

"Did-did that really happen?" she asked her girlfriend.

"I-I don't know."

Quinn decided not to discuss the topic any further. She didn't really need to know how Mr. Schue found out that Finn could sing or why Finn had agreed to join. Neither of those things really mattered anyway. What did matter was the chain of events that Finn's actions would lead to. Quinn would never admit it but if it wasn't for Finn she would have never gotten together with Rachel. Of course, Quinn would soon find out why Finn had joined, but she couldn't quite believe what she saw.

"Did Finn ever tell you about that?"

"No he didn't, but…"

"I know. This is weird." Quinn didn't have much time to dwell on that though because in no time the on-screen Rachel was fawning over the on-screen Finn. Quinn actually snarled at the television and held onto Rachel more possessively. Rachel helped calm her by linking their fingers. She took one of Quinn's hands up to her lips and kissed her knuckles.

"Now who's being jealous?"

"Yeah, you're right. I'm sorry."

It was hard for her to watch but Quinn knew that Rachel no longer had feelings for Finn. Rachel's heart belonged to Quinn just as Quinn's heart belonged to Rachel. And it was that knowledge that helped her get through New Directions first number with Finn among their ranks. The terrified look upon the on-screen Finn's face helped too.

She had to wonder if he really looked like that during their first number together. It wouldn't have been surprising if he did; Rachel could get pretty intense sometimes. Quinn let out a small laugh. It was funny to think about Finn getting all scared because of Rachel. Admittedly, there had been a few times when he was afraid of Rachel.

Quinn's anger dissipated and she tried to enjoy the show. She didn't like it very much though, seeing a look-a-like of her girlfriend being intimidated by Vocal Adrenaline. Sure their performance was impressive but it wasn't that great. Jesse wasn't even there, and even if he was Quinn knew that Rachel was better. And maybe Quinn was a bit bias on that opinion, but she knew; Rachel had more talent in her pinky than Jesse had in his entire body.

And okay, maybe Quinn had issues with Jesse too but he had egged Rachel. You'd want to punch him too if you were Quinn. Anyway, even without him performing New Directions was discouraged enough to disband but of course it was quite obvious that they were going to get back together. Quinn knew this as a fact as she had seen their performance of "Don't Stop Believing" and even for those who hadn't, it was still obvious. A lot of things on television were obvious.

Seeing the number again brought a tear to Quinn's eye. It didn't matter that the woman on screen wasn't really her girlfriend; the performance was as beautiful as Quinn remembered. She had to reach over and grab a tissue to wipe her face dry. "Hey, are you okay?" Rachel asked, taking the tissue from Quinn's hand so she could wipe her girlfriend's tears away herself.

"Yeah, I'm fine," Quinn managed to answer.

"You want to take a break before the next episode?" Rachel offered. Quinn nodded. She wanted the time to regain her composure. Though the show was apparently based on their lives, she wasn't sure how accurate it was. And there was also no telling what they were going to see next. Quinn knew that some memories would hurt, some would make her cry, and some would make her laugh. There would also be others that would make her feel warm and loved. That wouldn't be too bad. No, not bad at all.