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Alterations Happen As They Will

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She was gorgeous, of course. They all were. It was an odd beauty, almost alien, but it was beauty, nonetheless. I was instantly captivated.

She plopped down in the plastic chair across from me at the lunch table. I wasn’t sure how she made a plop look graceful, but she managed to do so, while gently flipping a chestnut curl back over her shoulder and eyeing me curiously.

Of course, her eyes were gorgeous, too. Bright gold. An odd color to match her odd beauty. What was this angel doing sitting across from me?

Her mouth quirked up into a half smile before she gently bit her lip and leaned forward. I heard the girl next to me huff out a breath and lean back in her seat.

“Hi,” the angel breathed out softly. Her voice was the sound of high pealing bells, all light and airy, ringing clear in the noisy cafeteria. “What’s your name?”

I realized my mouth was hanging open. I snapped it shut, swallowing. I suddenly couldn’t remember how to speak with her golden eyes on me, staring me down. I fidgeted in my seat. The girl next to me spoke up, all snark. “His name is Edward.”

The girl across from me smiled again, a gentle curve of her lips. “Edward,” the sound of her voice saying my name sent chills down my spine, “It’s nice to meet you. My name is Isabella McCarty, but you can call me Bella. Would you like to come sit with my family and I?” She gestured to a table occupied by the other four supermodels, the ones that shared her ethereal beauty.

“Sure,” I replied without thinking. Her small smile widened into a grin.

“Awesome. I think you’ll really get along with my twin, Emmett. Oh, and Jessica?” she turned to the girl sitting next to me, “I promise I’ll give him back later.”

And then Bella winked at me. I could have sworn I felt my heart stop in my chest. Unbidden, a flush rose on my cheeks. I threw my head back to hide it, laughing a little too loud for the small joke she had told.

Jessica swiveled to look at me, eyes sharp. I shrugged and collected my food to move to Bella’s table. “I’ll be back later!” I said with a wave. Jessica looked pissed. Oops.

Bella didn’t say another word to me until we were seated at her family’s table. A big, burly guy was on my left side and Bella was on my right. I turned to look at her, half-formed questions at the tip of my tongue, but she held up a pale finger to silence me.

“Okay,” she began, “hear me out for a minute. I’ve always been very, very good at reading people,” the blonde supermodel across the table from me stiffened, “but I’m having trouble figuring you out. What’s your deal, dude?” Bella questioned, her voice lilting and sweet.

I sighed slightly. If these were the kinds of questions she had for me, I was in for a long lunch.