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One Day at the USJ

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Baby Shark doo doo doo da doo doo doo! Baby Shark doo doo doo da doo doo doo!...


Shouto woke up with groan. I hate this song! Damnit Natsuo! He rolled over and checked his phone. He turned off the alarm, glaring at the ringtone chosen. He gave a cursory glance at the date, April 13th. Another Thursday. He sighed. Well, laying here was not going make the day go away anytime soon, so he got up. After getting dressed, he shuffled towards the kitchen. He paused in the doorway.

His sister was in the kitchen cooking. It was not unusual for her to cook dinner sometimes, but breakfast was rare given that both of them tended to avoid their father in the mornings. They usually grabbed a small mobile breakfast that they usually ate in the car on the way to school/work. Sometimes they talked. Since Natsuo was home for a bit and their father was away for a bit, she had been cooking a fair bit more this week.

His sister was currently muttering to herself as she placed food on the table. Shouto finally stepped into the room. She jumped slightly, when she noticed him. He swiftly apologized for scaring her. She waved it off with a cheerful grin.

“Morning, Shouto!” she said softly. “I made breakfast.”


“Thanks, nee-san. Let me guess, Natsuo wanted breakfast…” he commented as he sat down. She laughed.


“Oh stop it, Shouto! You know what Natsuo is like when he comes home to visit. He had asked for breakfast, so here I am.” She teased.


“He’s leaving today, right?” Shouto asked as he ate. Fuyumi nodded.


“That ready to get rid of me, little brother?” teased Natsuo as he slid into his place at the table. Shouto rolled his eyes. The siblings ate in relative silence. Breakfast ended and they all went their separate ways.


The school day had started out normal enough for Shouto. He had changed the alarm tone on his way to UA. He had made it to class and exchanged a quiet greeting with Yaoyorozu. Then Aizawa-sensei announced that there was a field trip planned for the day. They had piled onto the bus, putting the class representative’s planning to waste. He had listened to the idle conversations as they had traveled.

Some of the conversations had been mundane. Others had been somewhat interesting. He had been giving half an ear to the conversation that Asui and Midoriya were having about Quirks. They reached their destination in time. The training building was impressive. However, whatever they were supposed to be doing there was quickly derailed by a villain attack of all things. Shouto had been swept up in a black cloud and deposited in what looked like a landslide.

He had climbed to his feet, glaring at the thugs surrounding him. He threw his right hand forward and a wave of ice quickly engulf all of the villains. They all protested en masse. All but one of them. He had a rainbow colored mane of hair and a smirk on his lips, despite his shivering.

“Well, it is t-t-t-truly an honor! T-t-t-t-todoroki S-s-shouto! Who would have thought I would run into you of all people. How’s the o-o-old m-m-man?” he taunted. Shouto scowled.

“I don’t know who you are, nor do I care… but I do want to know why you attacked us?” he deadpanned. The villain’s smirk turned into a vicious grin.

“I don’t know why they’re here… but I know why I am here…” the villain singsonged.

“Ok, why are you here then.” Shouto growled as he commanded the ice to creep further up the man’s shoulders and throat.

“Insurance! Ol’ S-s-s-sensei doesn’t think the kid can do the job. So he sent me to make sure it was done…” he said shakily.

“And… what job is that?” Snarled Shouto.

“Tell you what… if you agree to a wager, I’ll tell you…” the villain said with a cackle. Shouto ground his teeth in frustration. He could hear the sound of explosions and other quirks. His classmates were in trouble.

He did not have time for this cretin’s antics. He scoffed and moved to another villain. A simple threat of encasing them in ice had them babbling. They were here to kill All Might! He thought it was a lofty dream if not a suicide mission. But the thug claimed that they had a monster that could do the job for them. They were just hired to harass and kill the students.

“As if a manufactured beast could beat the Symbol of Peace… pathetic.” Shouto sneered at the villain. The rainbow haired villain gave another shaky cackle.

“Well! It seems the Endeavor arrogance is genetic!” he hooted. Shouto saw red.

“I am nothing like him…”  Shouto hissed.

“So certain of yourself! I’ll tell you what Todoroki Shouto… I bet that you are just like Endeavor and The Symbol of Peace will die today and there is nothing you can do about it…” he purred. Shouto gritted his teeth in frustration.

“Lies!” Shouto hissed. Anger and indignation burned in his chest. His vehemence had surprised the teen. Why was he upset? He had never really immersed himself in the hero worship culture that pervaded Japan. His father made sure of that. But Shouto did have a healthy respect for the Heroes who did their job well and without ulterior motives. All Might was one of those Heroes, despite being number 1. He had helped, secretly, with several of All Might’s unpublicized clean up and restoration projects. The man did a lot for Japan besides beating bad guys. Shouto could respect that. But it still didn’t explain his anger, though… Now is not the time to be distracted! Keep your eye on the enemy. He thought fiercely.


“Well then, you better prove that I am lying then, young Todoroki!” taunted the villain. Shouto took off for the plaza, ignoring the thug. He eventually made it to the plaza and his heart throbbed in dread. All Might was trapped and bleeding. He was halfway into one of the portals, being held in place by a grotesque monster.

He threw his ice forward. He froze most of the monster, wanting to avoid hurting the Pro Hero by mistake. All Might pried himself loose from the monster’s grip, injured but thankfully still alive.

“The Symbol of Peace will not fall to the likes of you.” Shouto hissed in disdain. The villains and All Might exchange words before the Pro Hero ordered for the students to retreat. Shouto and, surprisingly, Midoriya protested this.

“But what about—” the freckled boy spluttered, before covering his mouth. Before Shouto got too curious, the sound of cracking ice and ripping flesh drew his attention to the monster again. It had torn itself free of his ice, leaving an arm and leg behind. Shouto could only stare in mild horror as the creature regrew its missing limbs, screaming all the while. It lunged at Bakugou, who had been pinning the warp villain to the floor.

All Might managed to save Bakugou, shoving him over to the side next to Midoriya. The hero ended up sliding into the wall on the other side of the plaza. Shouto was amazed that man was still standing. Then a fight of flying fists began that nearly blew all the students off of their feet. Finally, All Might caught the monster, called a Nomu apparently, with an upper cut. The creature went flying, it smashed through the USJ ceiling and vanished from sight. This is it. He thought. The power of a Pro Hero! A shiver of excitement went through him at that. A small voice inside him whispered, That is what I want to be! Shouto quickly shoved it down.

After a stare down between All Might and the villains, things happened in rapid succession. The villains made to attack All Might again, but the Hero was not moving. Before Shouto could begin to process what was wrong, a flash of green had invaded his vision. Midoriya had leapt in front of All Might. His destructive Quirk seemed to have done a number on his legs. Shouto’s heart stopped when a warp opened in front of the boy and a pale hand shot out of it reaching for Midoriya’s face. Then gunshots rang out and the hand disappeared.

Midoriya had landed in front of All Might with shocked cry. Iida’s voice rang out not long after that. He had returned with some of UA’s faculty at his back. Shouto sighed in relief. The remaining conscious villains fled via warp gate. Shouto helped Asui and Mineta carry Aizawa up to the entrance so he could be treated. Activity swarmed around Shouto like an angry bee hive. When it all died down, he was entering his home with instructions to rest today and tomorrow.

That had been an unexpected mess. But they had survived, mainly thanks to All Might. Shouto found himself wondering if he could measure up to the Number 1 Hero one day. Not out of a need to be the best like his father, but to just measure to the kind of presence and influence that All Might did. To maybe… be the kind of person All Might was. These thoughts plagued the youngest Todoroki as he drifted off into an exhausted slumber.


Baby Shark doo doo doo da doo doo doo! Baby Shark doo doo doo da doo doo doo!...


Shouto woke up with groan. I thought I changed that yesterday? He rolled over and checked his phone. He blinked. That can't be right. He looked again. April 13th glared back at him. That… what? That couldn't be right. The 13th was yesterday. He was pretty sure. They had gone to the USJ and been attacked by villains. At least, that is what he remembered happening? Unless… he dreamed it?


Shouto eventually got up and got dressed for the day, even though he couldn't shake the feeling of deja vu that was plaguing him. Nevertheless, he gathered his bag and headed for the kitchen. Fuyumi was once again in the kitchen muttering to herself. That weird feeling grew stronger. She quickly put the food on the table. She jumped slightly, when she noticed him hovering in the doorway. It was just like yesterday… had he really dreamed yesterday?


“Morning, Shouto!” she said softly. “I made breakfast.”


“Thanks, nee-san. You sure are cooking a lot…” he commented as he sat down. She laughed.


“I am definitely cooking this week since Natsuo came home to visit. He had asked for breakfast, so here I am.” She offered. Natsuo?


“I thought he left yesterday?” Shouto asked as he ate. Fuyumi frowned.


“Are you that ready to get rid of me, little brother?” teased Natsuo as he slid into his place at the table. Shouto rolled his eyes.


“Yes, given that you saddled me with that God awful song this morning.” He snarked back. Natsuo laughed. After that, the siblings ate in relative silence. Breakfast ended and they all went their separate ways once again.


Shouto made his way to U.A., removing that annoying song as his alarm. Natsuo had a weird sense of humor. He followed a trio of students into the school gates. He recognized a mop of green hair ahead of him. Midoriya. His mind flashed back to the USJ, the kid had willingly jumped in front of All Might. That took courage. Then again Shouto wasn't sure if he had dreamed the USJ or not. The group had reached the classroom and sat down.


Shouto received a shock during homeroom. Aizawa-sensei announced a field trip and that they needed to change into their costumes. Shouto blinked stupidly for a moment. This already happened… that or U.A. was taking a tough front approach to respond to the attack. He was thrown completely, however, in the locker room.


The others were excitedly talking about the trip and getting to wear their costumes again. Didn’t they do this, yesterday? He shook his head, but got dressed once more. The class clambered on the bus and once again small talk took over. Shouto tried not to gape as Midoriya and his friends started up the same conversation from his… dream? The teen was beginning to believe that something was wrong. Was he reliving the same day?


Shouto numbly listened to Bakugou scream at Kaminari. When they pulled up to the building, Shouto's heart sank. It was the USJ. There was nothing but confused buzzing in Shouto's brain. He blinked stupidly as Thirteen went over their spiel again. Suddenly, the black hole opened up in middle of the plaza. And he was warped away once again before he could even protest.


The teen was jarred out of his thoughts when he landed in the landslide area. He quickly jumped to his feet. He found himself surrounded by thugs once more. A quick twist of his ankle had them all trapped once more. He scanned the cabal, noticing that the multi colored haired villain was not among them. So there was one difference. Could they have done something with their Quirk?


Shouto took a deep breath. That could be an explanation, he was caught in a Quirk. But how would he get out? An explosion from another area, jarred him from his thoughts. Right. There is still an attack going on. Shouto races to the plaza knowing the villains objective already. He gets there in time to see All Might already in the process of suplexing the Nomu. The teen saw the beginning of one of the villain’s portals and immediately sent out his ice. The Portal was covered by the ice and Shouto wrapped it around the Nomu, yelling,


“Get out of the way, sensei!” All Might looked stunned but did not hesitate. He let go of the monster and leapt back to his feet. Shouto completely encased the monster in ice. A strange silence came over the plaza. Midoriya was behind him staring wide eyed. The villain with the hands started screeching wildly and clawing at his neck in frustration. The warp villain looked stunned. Despite the orders being screamed at it, the monster didn’t move. Shouto relaxed minutely. The creature couldn’t break the ice. Or maybe it couldn’t hear? Shouto mentally shrugged off the thought as he watched All Might stare down the villains. They spat out some nonsensical speech about a next time and warped away.


A few moments later Iida burst back into the building with the rest of UA’s faculty behind him. The remaining villains were quickly routed and rounded up. Shouto followed along with the class, dazed. He was trapped in a Quirk with no way out in sight. What was he going to do?


“Hey Todoroki-kun! That was amazing!” Midoriya said, popping up next to him. Shouto blinked at the bright smile that the boy shot at him.


“Oh, thanks… I gu-” his response was cut off as Bakugou butted in,


“Don’t think so high of yourself, half and half!” he barked. Shouto rolled his eyes. He turned back to Midoriya and finished his earlier statement.


“Thanks, Midoriya.” The boy in question beamed harder. Shouto felt a blush creep up his neck. A swift call to his ice erased it. The students climbed back on the bus chattering nervously about what happened. Shouto settled into his seat and stared out the window. How was he supposed to get out of this trap? Was he still in the USJ or somewhere else? Was he dreaming still? There were so many possibilities that Shouto was not sure where to begin.


Upon their return to UA, their class was dismissed for the rest of the day and tomorrow. Just like before. Shouto wandered home, hoping that this was just a really weird, anxiety driven nightmare he was having and that when he awoke it would be all over. He spent most of the afternoon doing anything and everything to convince himself that it was just a dream. Even going so far as to get in his pajamas and get ready for bed. If it was a dream, maybe if he went to sleep and woke up again, he would wake up for real. It took him awhile to sleep, but eventually he drifted off.


Baby Shark doo doo doo da doo doo doo! Baby Shark doo doo doo da doo doo doo!...


Shouto shot up in his futon. No… not again.