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The Hunter and the Hunted (12)

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The evening has arrived, the moon is full, and New York has brought its most wicked citizens out of the wood work for a night of debauchery and perversion. In the hottest gay bar in Manhattan, Avenue 6-9, a black light event is about to start; at this moment the lights in the club are still lit with the house white lights until 9pm. Ash and Shorter enter in with their fake IDs, and all eyes are on them the instant they walk in.

Ash was wearing a fit black tank top that had "Come and get me" painted crudely on the front with white paint, torn jeans, and his usual red high top Converse shoes; on his face had "Beauty" painted in green under his right eye. Shorter was wearing a fit white tank top that had an Eastern dragon painted in black on the front, torn black jeans, and his usual white/red Jordans; on his face had "The Beast" painted in purple under his left eye.

To make their "relationship" convincing they walked in with Shorter wrapping his right arm around Ash's neck as Ash played with Shorter's fingers surveying his environment. There were so many men gazing at the American beauty, but Ash completely ignores their eye contact. Some men tried to cleverly graze Ash's waist, and Ash pushes their hands away as they force their way through the crowds of people. They manage to find a booth that could fit more than 2 people and chill out where they can observe everyone including the entrance to see when Rolando and Jamie come in if they haven't already. Since they came to the event early they killed time with a bit of conversation...

"Shorter, humor me, have you been to a gay bar before?" Ash asked as he sips his drink.


Ash stops drinking due to the unexpected answer, "You have?"

"18th and some of the guys."

"I'm listening" Ash is intrigued at the story he's about to hear.

"You know what happens when there's fresh meat around, people just come up to you to say 'hi'."

"Yeah...just to say 'hi'..." Then Ash says under his breath while he drinks, " your ass."

"...and they would give me drinks under the table. I wasn't gonna refuse free booze so I kept drinkin' em and they kept givin' em to me. Nothin' really happened; they were all actually quite nice."

"Lucky you. So nobody once tried to kiss you?"



"There was this one guy..."


"He tried, but he didn't get too far. He puked on me and that ended the night."

Ash was disgusted, "Jesus, rainbow play much?"

Shorter says in confusion, "Huh? Rainbow play?"

"Never mind." Ash quickly drops the upcoming convo about certain fetishes. Ash takes a lemon Starburst out of his pocket and eats it. He scoots over closer to Shorter and continues the chat...

"You know, Shorter, now that I think of it. There's something that's always been in the back of my head."

"What's up?"

"When we were in Juvie you never gave me a clear answer if you were into guys...Are you?" Ash looks into Shorter's sunglasses, but then sees a familiar face behind Shorter in the crowd that just came into his vision as they walked into the club, "...Aw, Shit! We got company." Unfortunately, Ash's eyes met with Ricardo's, one of the most annoying guys he's met in Juvie; One night of sex with Ash and Ricardo has been fixated with the blonde ever since. Ricardo makes his way towards Shorter and Ash.

Shorter looks behind him to also see Ricardo and grimaces, "Fuck me running! I thought he was locked up for a while."

"So did I. This got a fuckton more bothersome. Shit. Leave it to me, and follow my lead."

"Whatever you say."

Ash then puts his left leg over Shorter's right leg to make it look like they're intimate. Shorter puts his arm over Ash's leg as he follows Ash's direction. Ricardo walks up to their table and is standing in front of Ash. He couldn't believe that he is able to see Ash again; he marvels at Ash's shining blonde hair, his green eyes that look like galaxies unexplored, his soft lips that hide a tongue that feels like velvet, his firm yet delicate body that has legs for days, and his smooth, milky white pale skin that shows any and every mark made on him whether it be bite marks or otherwise.

Ricardo says, "Well, well, well, aren't you a sight for sore eyes."

"Dick hard-o...a sight for sore eyes indeed. When did you get out? I thought you were put away for good."

"Just got out for good behavior a few weeks ago. I wanted to take in the nightlife and as my luck would have it I bump into the most precious gem in this club. To be honest, seeing you makes me wanna do bad things." He stares at Ash ravenously.

"What can I say; I bring out the worst in everyone."

Ricardo then stares at Shorter who is also staring back. Shorter had a rather annoyed look on his face.



Ricardo looks at how Ash and Shorter are sitting and notice their legs intertwined and Shorter rubbing Ash's leg intimately, "You both are fuckin' now?"

Ash interjects, "He's protecting me tonight."

"From who?"

"Wouldn't you like to know." Ash is trying to keep an eye on the club entrance, but Ricardo purposely moves in the way of Ash's eyesight and blocks his vision. Ash rolls his eyes at Ricardo being an annoying pest, and gives attention to Ricardo.

"You know I want you, Ash. At least give me a little taste tonight. Whaddya say?" Ricardo says in a serious tone.

Ash really needs to see the entrance to the club so in order to get Ricardo out of the way he gives into his begging, "Say 'please'."

"Pretty please?"

"Well...since you asked nicely. Just a taste." Ash spreads his legs wider and let's Ricardo get closer to him. Ricardo eagerly gets up close to Ash and they kiss passionately. While kissing Ash continues to look at the club entrance. Ricardo comes up for air and looks into Ash's eyes, "Damn, it's been so long, Gatito!"

"You missed me, Papi?"

Ricardo growls, "More than you know."

Ricardo starts to lick and kiss Ash's neck and pulls Ash's waist towards him; with Ricardo out of the way Ash keeps watching the entrance while Shorter has been watching the rest of the club floor this whole time. Then, Ash sees what he's been waiting for; Rolando and Jamie walk into the club talking and meeting with friends. Ash taps Shorter on the shoulder and directs his eyes to them; Shorter looks at them then looks back at Ash as confirmation. Now that the target has been sighted Ash needs to get rid of Ricardo.

"Time's up, Ricky. Get up."

Ricardo does not want to leave Ash, "Come on, Ash. Don't you wanna go all the way tonight?"

Ash starts to call Shorter for protection, and Ricardo quickly responds, "Alright, alright...I can take a hint." Ricardo starts to separate from Ash and attempts to beg once more, "Maybe later tonight?"

"Not tonight. Not any other night. Please don't ask anymore, Ricardo."

"Tease" Ricardo says with an upset frown. He gets up and walks away from the booth looking back to see if Ash was looking at him, but to his disappointment, Ash was looking elsewhere. He walks over to the bar to have some drinks to help ease his rejection.

Shorter didn't like the way Ash handled Ricardo. That rejection could make or break this entire operation. As he was about to say something Ash already knew what his friend was thinking, "I know what you're about to say, Shorter. Just keep your eye on the prize."

Ash and Shorter, having spotted Rolando and Jamie, are keeping an eye on them watching for the right time to take action. Rolando and Jamie were at the bar getting intimate and talking to each other until one of Jamie's favorite songs is heard, and Jamie heads over to the dance floor while Rolando stays at the bar spectating. Ash takes this moment to get to Jamie first; Ash says to Shorter, "It's show time."

As Ash gets up from the booth to head to the dance floor Shorter grabs Ash by the wrist and says, "I'm gettin' an uneasy feeling, Ash."

Ash replies to comfort Shorter, "This is gonna be a cakewalk..." He gets closer to Shorter where they're face to face, "...I promise. Do you trust me?"

Shorter hesitates, but responds, "Yeah."

"Then watch me work..." Ash kisses Shorter softly; Shorter is feeling more relaxed from feeling Ash's warm tongue in his mouth while tasting the pleasant flavor of the lemon Starburst he had eaten a while ago. "We can do this, Shorter. For Eiji."

Shorter replies in confidence, "For Eiji." Shorter let's Ash go, and Ash walks with a hunter's stride towards his prey.

Jamie is having the time of life dancing to his favorite song on the very crowded dance floor, but the crowd became non-existent when he sees the most beautiful creature he has ever seen in his life from across the floor. Among a crowd of dancers silently stood a tall, athletic, bleach blonde Adonis staring straight into Jamie's eyes. Jamie was captivated; so captivated that all of his senses, except for his sight, had fallen away.

Ash starts to sway his hips with subtlety as he keeps his eyes on Jamie; he knows he has him where he wants him. Ash starts to feel the music and begins to dance like a free-spirit; keeping his eyes on him Ash starts to lift his tank top showing his soft, pale figure with the house lights catching the contours of his abs.

It's 9pm, and the house lights are turned off making it pitch black for a few seconds; the crowd goes crazy waiting for the party to finally begin. The black lights turn the entire club into a dark world filled with fluorescent beings wreaking havoc in their hedonistic antics. When Jamie's eyes adjust to the black light he realizes that the blonde from before has now appeared right in front of him.

Ash's eyes in the black light are now more sinister as he's wearing fluorescent green contacts making his eyes glow as he stares with lust into Jamie's eyes. The rhythm of the music ramps up into a steady pulse, and Ash wraps Jamie in his arms and starts to grind on him. As the crowd kept getting bigger and more intimate the temperature started to also rise making everyone sweat with the music thumping like a beating heart. Ash smiles at Jamie to lighten the mood as he moves some of Jamie's hair from his face to behind his ear and traces his jaw line with his fingers.

Jamie smiles back at the mysterious blonde that has taking a liking to him. The way he moves, the intensity of his stare, the smoothness and wetness of his skin, and the loudness of the music sends Jamie into a trance as he is more than happy to be caught in this whirlwind of ecstasy. Jamie starts to feel hands from under his shirt followed by fingernails gently grazing his back making him moaning for more. Jamie returns the favor by putting one hand under his dance partner's shirt, caressing his abs, and pulling his waist in closer to him with the other hand.

To make himself more exotic Ash plays up his Northern Irish accent, "I'm really diggin' you, Sunshine. What's your name?"


"Jamie. That's a pretty name."

"What's yours?"

"Ashlynn..."Ash says to conceal his true name, "They call me the 'Wildcat' of Manhattan."

Jamie is amused and chuckles, "Why?"

"Come play with me and I'll show you. My friend and I would love to have a playmate for tonight."

Jamie has second thoughts, "I don't think I should..."

"Are you with someone?"

"Yeah, he's watching us."

"Oh, is he? Who?"

Jamie directs his attention to Rolando who has been staring from afar at the two of them. Ash then turns around and stares at Rolando with his glowing green eyes while pressing his swaying backside up against Jamie. Ash makes sure to make a lasting impression for Rolando by feeling every curvature of Jamie while keeping eye contact.

Rolando is mesmerized at the scene before him; two blondes dancing for his viewing pleasure. However, the bleach blonde that has "Come and get me" glowing on his shirt is truly tempting. Rolando takes a sip of his drink never dropping eye contact. He says under his breath, "What a pretty kitty he is."

"That's a pretty kitty alright, but he has really sharp claws" A drunken Ricardo says as he overheard Rolando.

"I see. You know him?"

"You could say that. That pretty kitty is Ash Lynx. Dangerous in the streets...and in the sheets" Ricardo readjusts his erection from under the bar counter, and takes yet another shot of vodka, "He's called the 'Wildcat' for a reason."

"Ash Lynx, huh? That name sounds familiar..."

"It should. He used to be Dino's pet, and if you know Dino you know he runs Manhattan. I'd watch out if I were you."

"I'll keep that in mind" Rolando takes a few more sips of his drink.

By this time Ash has turned back around to Jamie to convince him to get him off the dance floor, "Your Daddy can watch us if he wants."

Ash whisper into Jamie's ear, "I can't help but notice how aroused you are, Jamie. If you play with me I'll make damn sure you get what you came here for..." Ash licks Jamie's neck and in his most innocent voice says, "Please?" Ash kisses Jamie softly at first, and then Jamie responds by kissing more passionately since he's been waiting for the chance to get a kiss. Jamie can't control himself from his lust anymore.



"Take me."

Ash is pleased of how easy this is for him so far; he smiles at Jamie and rushes him off the dance floor for a bit more fun. Ricardo seeing Ash taking Jamie away from the dance floor is in pursuit and follows them to satisfy his voyeuristic horndog desires.

Rolando, still at the bar, was very pleased to see Jamie having fun and even more so having fun with a potential playmate. When he had finished his drink he waved to the bartender to have another drink and turned back around to find his Jamie and Ash Lynx have disappeared. Rolando walks into the crowd and is on the hunt to find Jamie.