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Aoi was an angel. There was no doubt about it. He was kind, gentle, and always seeking to bring out the good in others. He even had a little tuft of hair that resembled an angel's wings.

But it wasn't until now that You realized just how ethereal the blonde was.

The two were out on location for some filming. But although it was still morning, the air was humid and the sun was hot. When they were finally given some free time, the two retreated indoors to find solace in the cold air.

"It's really hot today!" Aoi yawned as he stretched his arms over his head. The sleeves of his t-shirt slid down and crumpled at his shoulders as he did.

"Yeah." You tilted his head and winced when he felt his neck crack. "It's a perfect day to just lounge around with a magazine and some iced tea or something."

"And yet we have work," Aoi laughed. "Here." He held out a water bottle. "Remember to stay hydrated, okay?"

You looked up at Aoi. The blonde smiled at him. And for just a moment, You swore that there was a holy aura surrounding the other boy.

"Thanks." He took the bottle.

Ever since that day, every time he saw the blonde, You found himself staring a little longer than he should. It was as though something was drawing him to Aoi's aura. Like there was something about his presence that he found irresistible.

One day, he was rehearsing lines with Yoru in the Procellarum kitchen. To the side, in the share room, Rui and Iku were lounging on the sofa, softly talking as they waited for a commercial break to end.

"There's a lot of lines here," Yoru mused as he flipped through the script. "Let's see…you're just watching in these scenes, and then you're doing some movement here…"

"Yeah." You nodded. "Oh, here's my scene."

"Okay, I'll do some of the lines before yours then." Yoru cleared his throat and began to read off the script. You's eyes skimmed the pages as Yoru read on, following each line leading to his first sentence.

"And we're back!" the television chimed in the background. "Tonight, we've got a special guest here in the studio! Everyone, please welcome Satsuki Aoi!"

You's head instantly popped up to look at the screen. Aoi was walking out onto the stage in his idol costume. The blue and black fabric shimmered under the stage lights as he crossed the stage. His smile was as bright and welcoming as ever as he greeted the crowd.

"You!" Yoru prodded You's arm, startling him back into reality.


"You're spacing out." Yoru rattled the script in his hand. "Come on, you wanted me to help you rehearse, right?"

"Right. Sorry." You shook his head, trying to ignore the fact that Aoi was still on the share room television. "Uh, my line..."

As the weeks progressed, similar incidents began occurring in more frequent intervals. One day, You spotted Aoi chattering softly with Arata outside the dressing room. The blonde had his chin on Arata's shoulder and was looking down at Arata's phone as the two talked about a sweets shop.

You would be lying if he said he wasn't a little jealous.

Another day, while out running errands, he spotted a magazine with a photo of Aoi on the cover. Without a second though, he was flipping through the pages and reading the interview with the blonde. He felt his heart do a small leap when he spotted his name in one of Aoi's responses (even though it was just the blonde talking about his curry).

One other day, You was lounging on the share room sofa, flipping through channels when he suddenly landed on a rerun of one of Aoi's old dramas. The blonde was talking to the female lead with a gentleness that persuaded You to drop the remote and continue to watch the show.

And another time, You had gone through and saved all photos of Aoi from a stage play the blonde had recently done.

By that point, You was positive that he had a problem, but for some reason, he wasn't keen on fixing it.

Yoru, on the other hand, begged to differ.

They were in You's room to do some studying when Yoru suddenly set his book down and asked to talk.

"You," he began, "I, well…I've noticed something about you recently."

"What?" You asked.

"You've been starting to get really unfocused. But only at certain times." Yoru's eyes, which usually shimmered with a motherly gaze, pierced into You's violet irises. " you have a crush on Aoi?"

You blinked. "What? Are you insane? What makes you think I'd like a guy like Aoi-chan?"

"Don't lie to me, You." Yoru crossed his arms. "I've been watching you for the past few weeks. You keep staring at Aoi whenever we have jobs together and always flip through magazines and read the articles he's in. Not to mention you pay more attention to the shows he's in when he's on screen."

You stared at the table, trying to avoid all eye contact. "Your point?"

"I know you, You. I've known you for over twenty years now." Yoru pursed his lips. "You like Aoi, don't you?"

You swallowed. "So what if I do?"

"Well, I can see why." Yoru paused. "You should tell him, You."

You blinked. "Yoru, you know that we're idols, right? Dating is kind of out of the question."

"Yeah, I know. But..." Yoru sighed. "We're still humans with emotions, right?"

You examined his childhood friend's expression. Yoru's eyes, which normally glistened softly like the moonlight, were filled with a firm conviction.

"You think so?"

"Take a chance, You." Yoru smiled. "It's not like you to turn down a challenge."

"…You're right." You sighed. "It's not."

Yoru giggled. "That's the You I know."

Aoi was in the share room when You climbed down the floating staircase to Gravi's floor. The blonde prince was laughing as he dangled a rabbit chew toy above Croquette's head.


He turned. "Oh, it's You." His smile was so bright You felt as though he was staring at the sun. "Good evening."

"Evening." You paused. "Can we talk?"

Aoi blinked. "Sure. Just one moment..." He threw the toy over the sofa. Croquette yipped and dashed for the toy. It squeaked sadly as the shiba inu gnawed at it. "Okay, that should be fine." Aoi brushed his hands off on his leg. "What is it?"

"…Can we go somewhere private?"

Aoi shrugged. "If you want."

"My room then."

"Fine by me."

As they climbed up the stairs and walked through Procella's floor, You felt his heart do a somersault. Nevertheless, within moments, he had closed the door to his room, sealing him and Aoi off from the outside world.

"Feel free to sit."

"Is something wrong, You?" Aoi asked as he sat on the sofa. You followed suit. "You seem quiet. It's not like you."

You was known for being rather popular with girls—a flirt, people would say. With his charming confidence and flattering words, he could ensnare the heart of anyone he wanted.

And yet, for some reason, just being in front of Aoi made his mind go blank.


"I like you," You blurted, perhaps a little too suddenly.


You sighed and ran a hand through his hair. "I like you, Aoi-chan. Like, I'm in love with you."

Aoi stared at the redhead. "Wait, you mean..." His ears flushed pink. "Um...y-you're joking, right?"

"I mean it." You locked eyes with the blonde. "I love you, Aoi-chan."

Aoi looked away. "I…"

"You don't need to give an answer," You said. "I just want you to know."

"…No, it's fine." Aoi's fingers curled in a nearby pillow. "It was just…sudden. That's all."

You frowned. "You're taking this better than I thought you would."

"Well, of course." Aoi turned around, eyes sparkling with tears. But not tears of sorrow—rather, tears of happiness. "I like you too."

You froze. "What?"

Aoi smiled. "You the sun. Bright, bold, and shining. He always knows what he wants and will move to get it." Aoi paused. "Not to mention that he's handsome too."


"I love you, Haduki You," Aoi whispered. "I'm glad that the feeling is reciprocated."

"I see." You took a deep breath. "Well, in that case…"

Aoi yelped in surprise when You pushed him back. Before he could register what was happening, You leaned down and smashed their lips together.

A wave of happiness flooded over You as he kissed Aoi into the sofa. The blonde was responding positively despite his initial shock. His eyes had fluttered shut and he was curling his fingers in You's shirt as he kissed back.

"You could have given me a warning," Aoi breathed when they broke apart for air.

"No fun in that." You lifted Aoi's hand and pressed a kiss to his knuckles. "I'm so tempted to just take you right now, Aoi-chan."

Aoi turned his head and murmured something under his breath. You quirked an eyebrow.

"What was that?"

"Nothing," Aoi said.

"Come on." You pressed his lips to Aoi's ear. "Tell me."

A shiver crawled down Aoi's spine as You's gently bit on his ear. A soft moan escaped his mouth as the redhead gently tugged at the soft flesh.

"I...I said I wouldn't...mind..."

"Mind what?" You blew on Aoi's ear, sending a tremor down the blonde's spine.

"If you…" Aoi's face flushed red. "Took me…"

"As you wish."

Aoi squeaked when You grabbed his waist and lifted him over his shoulder. He desperately grabbed onto You's shirt as the redhead travelled deeper into the room. With a grunt, You dropped Aoi on the bed and crawled on top of the blonde.

"You, I—" Aoi was cut off by a kiss, this time much more passionate than the first. You gently nibbled on Aoi's bottom lip, coaxing him to open up and allow the redhead's tongue to happily explore his mouth. When they finally broke apart, there was a trail of saliva connecting their lips.

"I'm a little lightheaded," Aoi gasped.

"Really? You okay?" You asked, concerned.

"Yeah." Aoi smiled softly. "It's just that...the person I've wanted for years is finally sweeping me off my feet and into his bed."

"...You're way too adorable." You kissed Aoi again, this time more gently.

"Am I?" Aoi murmured.

"God, you don't even know."

"I thought You was always dreaming of me in bed though."

You pulled Aoi's shirt over his head. "Well, you turn me on so much with how cute you are."

Aoi tugged on You's shirt, prompting the redhead to pull it off and throw it aside. "I do try."

"Yeah?" You slipped his fingers under the waistband of Aoi's pants and pulled down. He then placed his hand on the twitching bump in Aoi's underwear. "Well, take responsibility, alright?"

Aoi gasped at You's touch. "W-wait..." A moan escaped his lips when You squeezed the lump. He could feel his underwear getting wetter by the second. ""

You chuckled. "You want me to take it off?"

Aoi nodded. You teasingly lifted the waistband of Aoi's underwear.

"Are you sure, Aoi-chan? I won't be able to stop myself if I go any further…"

"D…do it, You!" Aoi breathed. "I…I want this!"

"…You are super bad for my heart, Aoi-chan." You pulled down. Aoi groaned in relief when he was freed of the confinement of his undergarments. You examined the twitching cock dripping with arousal beneath him.

"This much just from kissing and dirty talk?"

"S-shut up." Aoi's ears were red. "I'm not…exactly…good with this stuff…"

"I beg to differ." You bent over and licked the liquid drizzling from the tip. Aoi yelped in surprise. "Mmm. All of this for me..."

"Y-You..." Aoi grimaced. "I-I can't…for much longer…please…"

"Patience." You smiled. "I want to savor every bit of you, Aoi-chan."

"Y-You...please...I want..!" Aoi squeaked when You took the tip in his mouth. "A-ahh!" You bobbed his head, eyes examining Aoi's expression as the blonde squirmed. "Y-You..!"

"Hmm." You hummed as he began to suck lewdly. "Aoi-chan tastes good."

"Mngh..!" Aoi bucked his hips, trying to find more of that blessed warmth for himself. His eyes were hot with tears from arousal. "Can't..!"

You felt something warm hit the back of his throat. He stopped sucking in order to swallow, determined to take every last bit of Aoi's first release for himself. When he finished, Aoi was staring at the ceiling, gasping for air.

"Thank you for the meal." You wiped his mouth.

"I...I want more."

You raised an eyebrow. "More?"

"This." Aoi grabbed the lump in You's pants. "Give it to me."

"...You're a bold one." You smirked. "Aoi wants me to stuff him now?"

Aoi nodded.

"Alright." You unbuttoned his pants and tugged them off, discarding them on the floor. Aoi sat up and nudged the wet bundle waiting for him. Slowly, he lowered the waistband of You's underwear and took the cock in his hands.

"...It's bigger than I thought."

"Aoi-chan has thought about this?"

"Mmm." Aoi rubbed the tip. "I thought it'd be hot and sexy. Like You."

You instantly pushed Aoi back onto the bed. He flung his underwear to the side, pressed his lower body against Aoi's, and began to grind, eliciting a groan from the blonde.

"Y-You...ngh...please...I want..!"

"You want me to go in bare?" You asked. "I don't think I'll fit."

"D-do what you need to! I...I want you!"

You felt his privates swell even more. He attacked Aoi's mouth with his tongue in an instant. They fumbled around, hands desperately groping at skin and rubbing foreign regions together. Eventually, You reached a shaky hand out for the dresser. He broke the kiss (causing Aoi to whine) so he could turn and look into the drawer.

"Got it." You flipped open a bottle of lube and squirted some on his fingers. "Lift your legs."

Aoi did as he was told. You placed them on his shoulders, then tilted Aoi's bottom up so he could see the hole. He tapped it with his finger, then pushed in.

"Hgh!" Aoi jerked.

"Relax." You wriggled around before adding a second. "Okay still?"

Aoi opened his mouth to respond, but let out a loud moan instead as You scissored deeper.

"That good, huh?" You chuckled. "Maybe just a little more…"

The third finger slid in. After spreading them to stretch the hole, You curled them slowly, causing Aoi to buck his hips and moan loudly. A smirk spread across You's face as Aoi writhed uncontrollably, completely at the mercy of his fingers.

"Y-You! I want...please..!"

You pulled out his fingers in an instant. Aoi felt something cold being squished onto his hole before something warm kissed the entryway.


Aoi's eyes darted towards You. The redhead's bangs were hanging over his eyes, nearly hiding their hungry gleam from sight.


You pressed his lips to Aoi's ear. "I can't wait to eat you up," he purred.


Without warning, You shoved straight inside as deep as he could. Aoi instantly let out a loud scream that was quickly muffled by a sloppy kiss.

"You okay?" You murmured, shaking his hips and grimacing at the way Aoi's innards squeezed around him. "You're super tight."

"It's…hah…deep…" Aoi grimaced when You shifted. "Ngh, You…!"

"Sorry." You began to slide out, but Aoi whined and began grabbing and groping You's sides. "Aoi-chan, I don't want to—wait." A mischievous look crossed his eyes. "Don't tell me…you actually like it?"

Aoi turned away, face burning with embarrassment. You snickered.

"Oh, I'm going to enjoy this."

"W-what...ahhHH!" Aoi's body jerked when You pulled out and slammed back in. "W-wait! I can't..!" He lifted his hips into the next thrust and let out a loud moan. "Y-You! Please…m-more..!"

"Dammit!" You swore and began thrusting violently fast. "So...damn...erotic!"

"Agh!" Aoi squirmed uncontrollably. Tears of pleasure leaked from his eyes and dripped down his cheeks. "M-more! You! Deep! Please!"

"Trying!" You grunted as he made another thrust. Aoi's body convulsed and he let out an unusually loud scream. "Aoi-chan?!"

"There! Right there!"

"Oh? I found your good spot?" You gritted his teeth and pulled out. "Well, let's play with it then!" He thrusted straight into the spot again.

"You! You...ngh...ah!" Aoi threw his head back as You's pace hastened. "So...good! Can't...hold on..! C-coming..!"

"One more..!" You slammed in. Aoi broke in an instant. The feeling of Aoi's second release on his chest caused You to jolt and suddenly break inside.

The two remained attached for a moment as they carried out their highs. Their eyes locked with one another as You's release began to leak out of the hole.

"Sorry," You breathed.

"Don't be," Aoi whispered.

You slid out slowly. He examined the sperm and sweat dripping from their bodies and staining the bedsheets.

"Man." You shook his head and chuckled. "I never thought this would happen."

"Hmm?" Aoi hummed weakly.

"You know. Confessing. Kissing." You laid down beside the blonde. "And this." He gently tapped Aoi's nose.

Aoi turned away, ears completely red. You laughed and wrapped his arms around the blonde.

"Come on, let me see your beautiful face!"

Slowly, Aoi shifted so he was facing You. He tilted his chin up so blue eyes met with violet. Even with tear-stained cheeks and swollen lips, the sight took You's breath away.

A little angel, You immediately thought. And now, he's all mine.


Aoi blinked slowly. "Yes?"

You leaned down and pressed a chaste kiss to the blonde's lips. "I love you."

Aoi smiled and snuggled into You's embrace. "I love you too."