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The noises coming from his computer were the main reason he was so happy to live in the outskirts of City Z, where no one else dared to venture. His building stood derelict in the middle of the city, maybe only one other person living on a higher floor than him. They never made any noise, and he never saw them, but he always saw a light in the room two from the left, down a floor from the top at night.

A moan slipped out of his speakers and he sighed, disappointed that his test didn’t work. After his incredible transformation, nothing fazed him anymore. Not even free porn.

He was about to close his browser when he saw a flashing link for a camgirl. Her username was “MaskedSexper” and she must have been popular since she was a partner with the website. For this month, she was streaming for those without a subscription for promotion.

What did he have to lose? He clicked the link and his eyes widened at the view. His mouth ran dry at seeing her.

The stream just started, and she was speaking to her camera on a bed – fully clothed and with an ornate but light masquerade mask on – answering questions from the chat. “My day was alright. I went shopping for bits and pieces for my apartment, since it still looks like I haven’t fully moved in! I also treated myself to some ice cream in City Y-“ City Y? That’s close by.

He eyed her hair tied up in a top knot on her head, the complicated makeup darkening her eyes and lips seductively. He looked more closely at her mask and found that it was a pliant lace, not hard plastic. Probably more comfortable for her in the long run.

Saitama sat in shorts and his oppai sweatshirt, watching this woman speak, like she’s looking right through him. Like she was talking to solely him and not the hundreds of people in her chat. She was mesmerizing with the soft light behind her.

The poll results from last week are in! It seems more than 70% of you really want to see me in a maid outfit, huh?” Her voice suddenly sunk into a husky purr, and he felt it slide down his neck and chest like a hand.

“Woah, that’s different,” he said, pulling at his sweatshirt in surprise.

When he tuned back into her, she had a pink vibrator in her hand. His hand twitched. “Should I use the pink vibrator or the dragon dildo that everyone loves? Which one do you want to see me cum around?”

A dragon dildo? She didn’t discriminate. He felt a tingle in his abdomen as he watched her hand shoot off camera only to pull a huge irregularly-shaped dildo into frame. He unconsciously smacked his lips and leaned forward to bring his face closer to the screen.

Dragon shaped dildo it is! You’re all naughty!” she admonished, and Saitama felt elation at the small victory. On her bed behind her was something to help her recline comfortably. “So who’s going to pay for my shirt to come off? I know someone wants to see the ensemble underneath…

“If I had money, you’d have all of it,” he mumbled, watching her run her hands down her chest, quickly cupping her breasts before moving down to her stomach and thumbing the hem of her pants.

A notification popped up on the corner of her screen showing a tip for 15,000 yen from bigdickhero. “Ah there you are, big dick hero. I don’t think you’ve missed one of my streams; I’m happy to see you’re here!” She slowly pulled her shirt off for the benefactor, showing off a corset top that hugged her chest and waist beautifully, and Saitama had to wipe drool off his chin.

Before she could ask about her pants, another notification popped up for 20,000 yen from heroicthrust69. This came with a comment: Come on baby, those pants need to go. Off they went, and the panties matched the corset, tiny but still enough to leave to the imagination. Saitama felt that tingle in his abdomen again.

I wore this special for today, since it’s the first day of our promotion. I wanted the very best for you,” she purred, spinning her body to crawl on her hands and knees to the camera. It seemed to have lifted a bit for a better view of her chest, but Saitama wasn’t watching the camerawork. “So we know the toy we’re using today, but does anyone have any special requests? I’m feeling generous today, so I will allow for two suggestions to add to your experience.

Saitama’s eyes drifted to the chat where people were going off about what they wanted. Double penetration was one, clit vibrator was another one, and something that caught his interest was using her power to fuck herself.

You want me to use my power to fuck myself? You want to see my pussy that badly, huh? I might need some incentive for that one,” she whispered, and there it was: notification for 50,000 yen from HeroAdmin515.

Thank you Hero Admin – I will happily use my power to fuck myself, but I’m still going to start off with the dragon dildo. I’ll make sure the angle is perfect for you~.”

A twitch brought his attention to his shorts, and he gasped. He was half hard! Not even the normal porn could do this!

Another notification came in, for 25,000 yen asking for the Esper to moan out “Daddy” for them. She considered it.

How about master instead? Is that okay? You must be kind of new to ask,” she asked, adjusting her mask slightly. Saitama watched her chat again and noticed a bunch of people chewing out that one guy for asking. Apparently, it was in her FAQ that she wasn’t into the daddy-kink. A ton of members told her master was more than fine, and Saitama found himself nodding as well. Master worked well for him, if his shorts were telling him anything.

Ah, I’m glad. I’ll make sure I moan nice and clear for you. What should I take off first? My corset or panties?

She watched her chat for a bit before smiling coyly. “Seems the clear winner is corset,” she said, taking hold of the strings and lightly tugging it. She painstakingly pulled, making Saitama hold his breath. It was finally loose enough that a nipple slipped out and he groaned, adjusting his cock in his pants. Still not fully hard, but mostly there!

The woman was finally topless before her camera, the view adjusting to just a little higher.

Who wants to come here and take my panties off for me?” She chuckled watching the explosion in chat, sliding her thumbs into the waistband. A few donations, one after the other, came in for that – and they weren’t cheap.

Ah~” she exhaled, easing her panties down her legs and pushing her breasts together. If they were perkier, Saitama would have thought they were fake, but they don’t look big enough to be fake…

When her cunt was fully exposed to her camera, his cock finally reached maximum hardness. She’s working! He shimmied out of his shorts and wrapped a hand around his dick, giving himself a light squeeze. Finally, he was feeling something!

What he would give to bury his face between her legs. Her cunt was well-groomed with enough hair to prove she was passed pubescence. She was also dripping already, her juices shiny and Saitama bet she tasted amazing.

Should I play with my myself for a little bit? Should I bring myself to the edge first, then shove that giant dildo in?” Her fingers moved unhurriedly up and down her thighs, almost hypnotizing him as he moved his hand in the same pace. As she reclined, she continued to read the chat, no one noticing that the camera angled itself a bit more and the fact she was looking up and not at where a desk could presumably be.

Aw, you don’t want me to edge myself for you? Why not?” she pouted, petting over her pubic hair, but not going much farther down.

“Oh god, just do whatever you want!” Saitama moaned, his hand unwittingly speeding up a tiny bit. He watched her hand finally slide to her lower lips before she coyly pulled them apart. He could see everything, and he whined at the sight. He moved his tongue around in his mouth to collect spit before it met his palm, continuing the motions.

A flood of high donations came in after that peep, and she chuckled, leaning forward to grab her toy. “I wanted to make sure I looked wet enough for this beast; was I wet enough? As much as I love the stretch, I would hate to chafe.

The dildo she had in her hand was an amalgamation of dark colors with the strangest shape and a tapered end. While she read the chat again, she mindlessly pulled the tip of it between her lips, sucking on the tip lightly.

Saitama could feel his blood boil by now, his hand far more eager on his cock, and she wasn’t even fucking herself yet. He watched the toy slip from her mouth and trail down to her breasts, where she shifted slightly to have them hug the silicone toy and then continued down to her bellybutton.

She then let the toy go for it to hover in midair, caught by her ESP. Saitama’s eyes grew as it floated to her pussy and started to slowly insert itself.

“Fuck,” Saitama breathed, feeling a constant pressure in his belly from his ministrations. Her moans were full, not the half-hearted shit he heard in the other video he tried to watch. Genuine. Like she actually enjoyed herself.

Oh Master,” she groaned, the floating dildo picking up speed, “Oh, you’re in so deep! You fill me up so well!” Holy shit Saitama was not prepared for that line. His own hand stopped to squeeze specifically around the head of his cock, feeling his balls tense up for a second.

The woman moved her hands to toy with her nipples, her head thrown back at the multiple points of stimulation. “Master!” she cried out, her hips lifting into the air. She must have been close because she suddenly pulled the dildo out to flip over onto her stomach. Her camera followed the movements like someone was there positioning it for her, but Saitama finally realized it was her ESP holding it up.

He could have cried at the sight of her hole stretched from the toy, biting his lip as the dildo inserted itself again. His thighs twitched and he felt himself crawl closer and closer to his orgasm. It was pounding into her from the looks of it, and he watched her fingers slink down to her clit, rubbing lightly.

She somehow managed to keep up with chat, doing little things he realized they were asking her for. One hand came up to spread her cheeks wider when someone asked for it; she clenched her asshole at another request. All the while, donations and tips were rolling right in.

Something changed in her face, Saitama also noticed, and before he knew it, the dragon dildo disappeared, but the movements were still going. An invisible force was thrusting into her, allowing her audience to see inside her cunt. Saitama moaned at the sight. Fluids flowed freely, sticky juices running down her legs and onto her sheets.


That whisper. He groaned at the unexpected feeling of a second invisible hand guiding his own. He didn’t know if it was her ESP somehow broadcasted to him, making his dick feel like it was in a tight hot hole, but it pushed him over the edge nonetheless.

“Fuck!” he yelled, his abdomen tight and his ball sack tighter, white viscous ropes shooting out over his hand. He closed his eyes to try to calm down, make the white noise in his ears disappear quicker. When he looked at the screen again, Esper had that pink vibrator from earlier pressed to her clit.

I’m close, Master; I’m so close,” she moaned out. Saitama’s mouth went dry again.

Master!” she exclaimed, orgasming hard around her own power, her juices dripping onto her bedspread in dark puddles, her pussy clenching graphically for all to see.

Of all of Saitama’s training, a woman’s pussy was going to make him pass out! He shook his head, trying to breathe through his nose to move passed it. Holy shit, she was good.

She fell to the side, catching her own breath and adjusting the mask slightly. Her breasts heaved when she breathed, making Saitama forget about grabbing something to wipe himself up with. What happens now?

You guys…are going to be the death of me,” she giggled, pushing any hair that came loose away from her face. Her chat was praising her performance, sending her walls of emojis and a bunch of donations. The woman breathed a laugh at it, grabbing some wet wipes and cleaning herself off. Which reminded Saitama of his own predicament.

As he cleaned himself off with a couple of tissues, he listened to her converse with her chat. He couldn’t believe his good fortune; he found something that made him feel! Just when he thought that he was doomed to feel nothing for the rest of his life, a camgirl managed to make him excited! How the hell did he make an account on this thing?

So my plan for tomorrow’s stream is the maid outfit that you all voted on, but I have to pick that up from a shop. I’ll do that first thing tomorrow. And – oh! HeroAdmin515 you’re so incredibly generous to me. I will happily pick up new lingerie for you,” she said, watching his ridiculously high donation flash across her screen. “Will any color do you for? Or do you prefer something that will match the maid outfit?”

Saitama watched for the response while throwing away the used tissues in the trash next to him. He was banking on something white. White shows wetness better.

“Woah! I was right,” he said to himself, getting up to grab a glass of water. The woman must have had the same idea when a water bottle came into view.

I’ll make sure I get the sexiest white lingerie I can, Hero Admin. Any other requests for tomorrow?” Saitama sat down and made sure he saved her web address to his favorites. He wanted to ask for one, but he had to create an account to add to the chat. He knew he had to tune in tomorrow.

Okay, I have to go now, my lovelies. I will see all of you tomorrow,” she whispered, pressing her fingertips to her lips to blow a kiss, and Saitama could have sworn he felt that kiss on his mouth. “Have a beautiful night. Good bye!

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The next morning found Saitama in his hero suit, walking along his road with his early bird savings hanging from his arms. He was planning on making ramen, since almost everything was on sale that he needed. He planned on eating well, so when MaskedSexper started streaming tonight, he’d be ready. He wanted to see if the same results could be achieved just like last night.

He was giddy at the thought of it! Could she be his dream girl? He didn’t know enough about her personality to truly answer it, but through purely physical prowess, she definitely fit his bill. Her curves, her physique, her stare; she was a sexual being through and through.

When he was finally at his apartment building, he heard a loud bird call before seeing a giant bird monster flying around. He looked down at his groceries and sighed. He was about to put them down when suddenly the bird abruptly stopped his wail mid-squawk. Saitama watched the bird smack into an invisible wall before it fell to the ground.

“Huh,” he sounded, seeing a flicker of some kind of forcefield surrounding his building, “that’s new.” When he got close enough, he stuck his foot out near the boundary, hoping it would let him get to his apartment. His toe went through no problem, so he shrugged and went up to start cooking.

Halfway up the stairs, he heard a gasp and quickly looked to where the noise was. A girl stood there, her eyes hidden behind spectacles. He eyed her huge hoodie and short hair.

“Hey, you must be the other person living in this complex, right?” Saitama said, carefully standing a good distance away from her. She seemed shrunk into herself, like she was scared. “My name’s Saitama. I live on this floor.”

“M-my name is Bambi. I live on the fifth floor,” she said meekly. She bowed his way before slipping by and bolting down the stairs. Saitama watched her jump the last four steps and fly around the corner. Her enthusiasm must have to do with the sale at the market, he thought. Understandable.

When she heard the bald man continue into his apartment, she huffed a sigh of relief. Behind her back was a shopping bag from a well-known lingerie store, and she definitely didn’t need him to guess at what it’s for. She lifted her giant hoodie up to tuck the bag into the front of her jeans, fixing it so it wouldn’t make a noise, and started to walk down the street. She needed to get to City B to meet up with the owner of the lingerie store, and then her best friend.

Once she made it to the outskirts of City Z, she could finally hop on a train to get into the heart of City B. La Belle Femme hid itself well on the business avenue, known only to those who could afford the custom lingerie that they sell. Each work was one of a kind, created by one of the best-known designers Japan had to offer. Bambi was once chosen to be a model for her, and she always called her back when she needed inspiration. Today just so happened to be one of those days.

When she walked into the office, Nanjo immediately clicked her tongue, rolling her eyes at the large sweatshirt and glasses Bambi barged in with.

“Why do you do this to yourself?” she tutted, going back to her fabric. “You are young and beautiful, with an amazing body, and you cover yourself up with the ugliest clothes you can find.”

Bambi set the bag of lingerie on the table next to her. “You know exactly why. I don’t want to bring attention to myself. It’s dangerous out there.”

“Did it fit?”

“Like a glove,” she sighed, “but my audience wants to see me in white.”

“Ugh, men and their virginal colors. Did they ask you to dress up in any particular way?” Nanjo asked, glancing up at her. “Must be schoolgirl.”

“No. Maid actually. I’ve already got that outfit. Do you have anything ready-made that I could borrow?” Bambi peeked over at what Nanjo was working on and a smile took over her lips.

“As a matter of fact, yes. I was working on this for you anyway,” she sighed, her lips also pulled into a smile, “you are my muse you know. I’m also working on garters for this piece, so you need to wait a bit longer.”

While Nanjo continued to work on her creation, Bambi went over to the industrial espresso machine and started to make two cups, knowing exactly how she liked her coffee. She couldn’t disappoint her with coffee.

It was silent between the two of them, except for the scratching of her pencil on paper, or the whooshing of a sewing machine. Bambi had her nose in a magazine showing off all the latest trends in wedding dresses, mostly because it was right next to her, sipping at her coffee.

“Aaaand done!” Nanjo announced, pulling at the garters loosely to make sure the seam held. It was made of a delicate lace, the pattern like feathers. It looked beautiful and would contrast with her skin tone wonderfully. “I know you like leaving some things to the imagination, so the panties have enough fabric to hide the important bits, and the bra is a front hook for a different kind of seduction.”

“Ah, you always know what I’m looking for without me having to say anything.”

“I’ll give this to you for free if you model in my next trunk show,” Nanjo said flatly, her eyes full of fire. Bambi gave her a hard look.

“If you keep pestering me, I’m going to start buying from someone else,” she threatened.

Nanjo gasped, “You wouldn’t dare!”

“Test me.”

“Ooh, I spoiled you,” she seethed, slapping Bambi’s ass as she walked by, “A spoiled brat created by my own two hands.”

Bambi laughed loudly, picking up the bra from the table. “It can’t be this month, but I can do next. I have my promotional period this month, so I won’t have much time for your show.”

“Deal,” Nanjo said quickly, almost knocking over her cup of colored pencils. “Oh, and take the other one with you too. You can keep the red number for another day. Maybe you can get a boyfriend with it.”

“As a close internet friend always says: ‘Men ain’t shit’. I don’t need a man for anything.”



“Please Tats-Mumen Rider! I need your help!” Bambi found herself begging of her best friend, the well-known C Class Hero Mumen Rider. He was still in his hero gear, so therefore he was on the proverbial clock. Can’t let his real name slip!

“Bambi, w-we’ll talk about it after we get some food. Just be patient,” he said, walking beside his bike. She couldn’t see his eyes behind his goggles, but she assumed he was rolling them. The blush, however, spread across his cheeks – that he couldn’t hide. He was the only person who knew what she did for a living, and while he wasn’t against what she did with her own time, he didn’t want to be dragged into it. He was a hero, and a very recognizable one. He couldn’t be involved like that.

“It’s not like they’d see you! You’d be wearing all your armor. Well, except your pants. That would need to be off,” she said, biting her thumb nail in thought, “But there’d be no way of knowing it was you. They could think it’s a guy I grabbed off the streets that looked like you and I dressed him up.”

Mumen just sighed, parking his bike next to the ramen shop he was rather fond of, and ducked under the noren tapestries that protected the shop from wind and dust, and sat down. Bambi huffed down in the seat next to him. She watched him take off his goggles and helmet, finally seeing his face today. His glasses went over his eyes in the next instant, and her Tatsuomi was off the clock.

“I could kiss you right now,” she deadpanned, “now that I can see your face.”

“You’re not getting me to star in your s-show and that’s final,” he said, waving to the owner of the shop. He was reprimanding her gently, as he usually did. He wasn’t a pushover; he just didn’t see the need to speak aggressively to her.

“I received a ton of suggestions of having a “hero” join me, and all I could think of was you! I trust you, Tats. I can’t trust anyone else but you,” Bambi swallowed heavily, making him turn to her. She looked like she was on the verge of tears, but he wasn’t sure if it was a continued act, or if her past really was haunting her. He took her hand in his and sighed again.

“Say I said y-yes. What would happen?” he asked with a blush before the owner came over with two specials – tonkatsu ramen with extra pork for his best customer.

“We can do whatever you’re comfortable with. You get full reign of what I can and cannot do to you. I wouldn’t force like hardcore stuff on you, Tats. You know that. Tell me your limits and I can work with it,” she explained, staring him dead in the eye.

At this point, his ears were an attractive red and his Adam’s apple bobbed as he gulped. He turned to the food in front of him, chewing his lip while Bambi watched him. He was conflicted.

As a red-blooded male, he was jumping at the chance to have sex with someone as outrageously beautiful as she was. As her best friend, on the other hand, he didn’t want to ruin their bond by bringing sex into the relationship. She would never be his; she’s way too good for him. She also wasn’t a huge fan of heroes, either. Not that that got in the way of their friendship, but he knew she had a general distaste for them. You’re the only selfless and compassionate hero in this world, Tats! Everyone else is selfish and doing it for their own bank account or fame. They don’t give a rat’s ass about anything but themselves.

Tatsuomi regarded her highly. He may have even been a tiny bit envious that she had ESP – she could easily be an S-class hero! I’m too selfish to be a hero. I only do things in my own self-interest. The world doesn’t care about me, and I don’t care about it.

“Eat your ramen before it gets cold,” he said, picking up his own chopsticks, “we’ll talk more after we eat, okay?”

Bambi huffed, but complied, sulkily putting noodles into her mouth. Tatsuomi chuckled but didn’t say anything. She snatched some pork from his bowl and shoved it into her mouth, about to go for another piece but he batted her chopsticks out of the way. “Yah! Get your own!”

“Your meat tastes better,” she said, sticking her tongue out at him. He couldn’t help the laugh that time, and that lightened the mood.



After they finished and paid, Tatsuomi had his helmet and goggles on and was pedaling with Bambi standing on the bars of the back wheel, holding onto his shoulders. Sometimes she would lean against him and do a Titanic pose, making both laugh. That was until his phone decided to ring.

She tried to steal his phone from him to no avail, not wanting his attention to be diverted from her. They were having a good time!

“Mumen Rider!” he called into his phone, his tone turning heroic, “Monster? Near my location? I’m on it!”

He hung up and turned down the nearest side street, making Bambi lean against his back and slip her arms securely around his shoulders. She said nothing, surprising her friend. He thought she would have at least grumbled her irritation, saying they should just go back to her place anyway, but she was silent.

“What level was it?” she asked against his ear, making him shiver.

“Just Wolf. Something I can handle easily. There’s a B-class hero in this area too,” he said, reciting what was explained to him through the Hero Association’s call. She only gave a thoughtful ‘hm’ in answer, her chin resting in the crook of his neck.

The noises got louder as they neared the location, hearing yelling and what sounded like a dinosaur roar shaking the glass of the building next to them. With a practiced jump, Bambi dismounted from Tatsuomi’s bicycle as he drifted to a stop.

This monster was not a Wolf class anything. The hero that came to stop it was none other that Tank Top Black Hole, and he was hanging from the giant dinosaur’s tiny yet muscular human arm, screaming for help. Bambi watched him flail with her arms crossed. When Tatsuomi tried to move forward to help, she stopped him.

“Nuh uh, no way you’re going anywhere near that thing. That is at least a Tiger level, and I don’t want you to get hurt,” she said, hooking her fingers into his helmet’s buckle to keep him from moving.

“Bambi, I have to do something! He needs help!” His neck craned at an awkward angle from the grip she had on him, but she was steadfastly not letting him go. He watched as Tank Top Black Hole was thrown to the ground, bleeding from a cut on his forehead, before the dinosaur with human arms stepped on him to make sure he couldn’t get away. “Please, we need to do something!”

“Help!” the pinned hero yelped out. Bambi felt nothing for him. Especially that asshole, the number two reason why she hated heroes. Number one being Sweet Mask, the blue haired idol that was more a monster than Tatsuomi would ever see.

Mumen Rider gritted his teeth in dismay. What could he do to have her help? She wouldn’t even break a sweat with her ESP, she was so much stronger than him. He knew she wouldn’t without incentive. He sighed.

“I-I’ll do that thing with you. I’ll be in your cam show as a hero if you help him!” he gritted out, feeling hot embarrassment run through him. If it was the only way she would agree to help, he was going to take one for the team. It wasn’t the worst thing; he was just worried about the implications after the fact. Would he disappoint her, and she would never talk to him again? What if he fell in love with her and it was completely one-sided?

“Deal,” she said quickly, taking him off guard. She let go of his helmet and pushed forward, standing in front of the dinosaur monster. It barely registered her presence before a giant hole was psychically punched through its chest. She watched it fall, sneering at Tank Top Black Hole before turning back to her best friend. “All done!”

She can be so scary sometimes, Mumen thought, watching her skip toward him happily. Bambi stopped in front of him with a smile.

“I’ve got big plans for you, Tats. Let’s go back to my place to talk it over.”



The bald guy was outside when they arrived, and Bambi gulped at the sight of him. The bag was fully hidden this time, so she wasn’t worried about that much. What would he say about seeing Mumen Rider with her? Just play it cool.

His eyes swept over to the pair almost immediately, and he gave a small dopey smile. “Hey, you ran off kinda fast earlier. I wanted to ask you something,” Saitama got out, making Bambi stop in her tracks. “Oh hey, you’re a C Class hero, right?” he directed at Mumen Rider.

“I’m C Class, Rank 1 Mumen Rider! I’m just helping a citizen get home safely,” Mumen said, his cheeks pink. Whether Saitama noticed or not, he didn’t let on. He just nodded.

He turned back to the woman and asked “Do you know if anyone else lives in this building? I saw a forcefield or something protecting it from a flying monster earlier.”

Bambi’s eyes widened a bit at that, but shook her head, genuinely confused. “No, I think it’s just you and me in this building…”

“Hm, then I wonder who’s doing it. Either way, I just wanted to ask,” Saitama shrugged, waving his leave back into his apartment.

Tatsuomi followed his friend up to the fifth floor, wanting to say something, but knew enough not to say anything out in the open. She didn’t realize she was that powerful? That she could create forcefields? Once the door was closed tight did he say anything.

“Bambi, that’s your forcefield isn’t it?” he asked, taking off his helmet and goggles to hang beside her door. His shoes followed and he slid his glasses on.

“My power is not stationary. It’s psychokinesis, therefore it’s all movement. A moving forcefield, like the one I took down that dinosaur thing with, is me. But I can’t do an immobile shield,” she answered, tossing the lingerie bag on her desk and sitting on the chair in front of it.

“What about those comments from your viewers?” he asked, remembering a conversation they had a bit ago about her power, “those people said it felt like they were being touched by invisible hands. Remember? That’s movement, but you still refuse to claim it!”

“Tats, that’s way too strong! I can’t throw my power like that through a computer either! That’s insane!” she said, her voice rising in pitch. “You make me out to be some super-human ESPer, but that isn’t me. I can only do small things!”

He sighed, knowing he was fighting a losing battle. He couldn’t convince her that she was stronger than she thought. After they talked about it, Tatsuomi ‘watched’ her stream to see if the comments were true, and while he sat there mortified as all hell, he did feel the sensation of hands running over his shoulders and chest. She managed to project her power. He wanted to try keeping her stream up in a different tab to see if it made a difference, but he wasn’t able to do that recently.

“S-so what do we need to talk about?” he stuttered, changing the subject. His face turned bright red again, and Bambi couldn’t help the predatory smile.

“First off, I just want to say again that you have all the power in this. If there’s something we go over that you don’t like, you have every right to say so. If there are certain things you are uncomfortable with, you can tell me and I can make sure I never do it. If you have ideas, I’m all ears.

“I was planning on some kind of roleplay,” she explained, watching him sit down in the small reclining chair she owned. “The viewers want to see a hero, so I was thinking about a hero/villain thing. You being the hero, of course. Maybe you could be my captive; I can have you loosely tied to a chair, maybe a scarf in your mouth or something.”

Tatsuomi leaned his elbows on his knees, trying to hide the excitement growing from the thought of it. She didn’t even get into too much detail yet!

“Your upper body would be completely covered by your armor, helmet, and goggles, so your identity wouldn’t be given away. I won’t put ‘Mumen Rider’ anywhere on my website, so that no one can search for it either. How does this sound so far?”

Tatsuomi could only nod. She laughed at his inability to speak, his face as red as a tomato. “Y-y-yeah, that sounds good so far. Have you thought about this a lot?” he asked, watching her laugh turn into a fond smile.

“Just the safety part of it, really. I had you in mind since I saw the suggestion, since you’re the only man I trust in this world.”

He couldn’t stop the smile back and licked his lips only to bite them in thought. Bambi watched him think, hoping that he’d be comfortable with the idea of it. She wasn’t going to take advantage of him or anything like that – unless he wanted her to of course!

“What do you have planned for the, uh, sexual part?” he asked shyly, not being able to keep eye contact with her.

“I figured something straightforward,” she said, rising from her swivel chair. She stood before him, making him lean back and gulp hard. “I could suck you off for a little while, then ride your lap while you’re tied up. I mean, it would be really cool to include a creampie, but I’m not currently on any birth control, so I don’t want to risk that. No offense, Tats. You’d make a wonderful father.”

A laugh bubbled up in his chest, but he tamped it down. He let out a sigh in its stead. Tatsuomi felt self-conscious that she hovered over him, the only guy in the room with a raging hard on, and he only became more aware of her presence as she shifted slightly to have his legs between hers. His eyes widened as his gaze started from her hips all the way up to her fiery eyes.

“I could give you a small taste, if you want. Now that I think about it, it’s probably best you get some practice in. It would be bad if you clam up on screen,” she said, her voice almost a whisper. Bambi wasn’t touching him, he could quite obviously see, but when invisible hands moved up from his knees to his upper thighs, he jumped. She leaned over him, careful not to bump glasses, and nuzzled her nose against his.

He noticed her cleavage for a millisecond before shooting his eyes up back to her face. “B-Bambi, I –“

A phone alarm suddenly rang, making Bambi straighten up again. “Shit, I have to get ready. You can stay if you’d like, Tats.”

He breathed a sigh of relief when she distanced herself from him; he felt like a thousand weights were pulled off him. “I should probably head home. I’m not sure I’ll survive if I stay here!”

Bambi laughed, picking up the lingerie bag from her desk. Tatsuomi admitted to himself that he would like to see her outfit for the night, but was afraid that he’d get caught up before his agreed upon time. She smiled up at him, and he couldn’t help but return it.

“You have two days to think about it. If you don’t want to do it, please let me know. I don’t want to make you feel like you have to for my sake, but you’re the only man I trust,” she trailed off, looking down at their feet.

“I know, Bambi. I think we’ll be okay doing it, but I’m just worried what it would mean for us. As friends, y’know?”

“I understand. For me, sex is just a matter of trust, not a symbol of love. But I know you find it to be something intimate. Again, you can say no.”

He bit his lip in thought. “I think what you described is safe enough for me. As long as you don’t bring out any weird stuff, it should be okay.”

She grinned at him. “I promise the only ‘weird’ thing I’ll do is tie you to a chair and gag you. That’s it.”

He shook his head, but still carefully hugged his friend, making sure his bicycling armor didn’t hurt her. He pulled back abruptly when she blew a raspberry against his cheek. “I hate it when you do that!”

“You secretly love it! I know you do~”

Chapter Text

The backdrop of all of Bambi’s videos happened to be in the apartment next to her real apartment (the one where the owner didn’t even know she was using). Then again, the owner didn’t know she and now-named Saitama were even living in it. Eh, he wouldn’t care since no one lived in this area of City Z. It was far too dangerous to do so.

She briefly wondered why Saitama lived out here too. Was he also an Esper? He had some kind of hero outfit…the yellow jumpsuit, red boots and gloves, and a cape. Maybe he was just a weirdo.

As the sun set through her window, she applied her foundation at her vanity, going through the motions to make her face and get ready for the show tonight. The makeup would be light tonight to fit with the maid role, but still enough to be alluring.

When she finished, she sprayed her face with setting spray before waving her hand to try and dry it quicker. She slipped her robe from her shoulders to then dress in Nanjo’s beautiful white piece, the fabric sheer enough to hint that something was there and the lace in a feather pattern was perfect for tonight.

I really need to invest in some heavy-duty sticker masks. This always ruins my hair.

Bambi flipped her hair forward, the blood quickly rushing to her head as she pulled her most innocent mask over her short strands and over her eyes. She then flipped her hair back and laughed at her reflection in the mirror. Her hair was tied up in a top-knot with a practiced flourish.

The maid outfit she managed to find wasn’t the most masterfully made – Nanjo offered to make one for her, but Bambi didn’t want to owe her anymore than she had to. She was like the devil dealing in souls, that one!

She wrinkled her nose in disgust as she noticed more and more loose strings hanging off the dress. Grabbing her nail clippers, she tried to remove the worst of them herself. When she was satisfied, she hooked on her garter and stockings, slipping the flimsy dress over her head. A hum of tolerance slipped passed her lips. Good enough.

A robe was always hanging near her door so she could slip it on and move somewhat discretely between the apartments. Bambi peeked out from the peephole in the door before opening it a sliver to make sure no one was around. Now that she had a face to the body living a few floors down, she had to be even more careful. He saw her face and would know it’s her; they’re the only two in the building!

The lock was busted – it wasn’t Bambi, it was a giant monster that attacked their building! – which allowed her easy entry into her set. There was a comfortable full-sized bed that flipped up into the wall as a space saver maneuver. It allowed for more use of the room if she wanted to do something different. Most of her viewers were okay with the bed.

Geisha night, on the other hand, was planned for her free month, so she was thinking of going full-out with a kimono, small tea ceremony, futon, and vibrating panties. She thought of doing her hair and makeup as well, but she wasn’t that good at those things. She was giddy with the thought of it.

Bambi readied her equipment by placing it on the bed: a feather duster, nipple clamps, an anal plug, and a small bottle of lube that should last her the whole night. The tools were all cleaned prior (except the feather duster, that’s brand new) so she would be ready at 9 pm on the dot.

She fiddled with the small camera that was hooked up via Bluetooth to her laptop as it booted up, using her power to make sure she could hit the right buttons for zooming and streaming.

Fifteen minutes to go.



Saitama was fit to bursting when he sat at his computer chair, his screen in a steady loop of “Stream Starting Soon” and his speakers up so he could hear every single little sound she made. He found a travel bottle of lotion on sale for 100 yen and a small pack of heavy duty tissues to clean himself up (he ran out yesterday).

He remembered she mentioned something about a maid uniform, and just the thought of that made him drool, especially if she paired it with the whole ‘master’ thing. He doubted she’d have a hard time getting him excited today!

Just as he finished his thought, his screen changed from the sign to her sitting gracefully in a pricey office chair, flexible lace mask over her eyes and a feather duster in her hand. Saitama suddenly felt lightheaded.

Good evening, my lovelies. I’ve missed all of you since last night! Are you ready for the stream tonight?” she asked, her lips sinfully curling around each word, drawing him in and not letting go. The feeling of fingertips running over his jaw and to the back of his head drew goosebumps from well under his skin. He didn’t even know he could get goosebumps.

How was everyone’s day today? I hope you all had a wonderful day and enjoyed the sunshine, even for a little bit,” she opened, allowing her followers to engage with her. Saitama was so glad he caught the beginning to see what she normally did. He wondered if she just jumped into the hard stuff, or if she worked up to it. Sexper did seem very personable and genuine.

At this thought, two people already sent her donations so they could further participate in the conversation, essentially asking for personal attention. The two detailed work and a birthday bar-crawl, respectively.

Oh! Happy birthday DongBae! I should really invest in merch that I can send to you guys when your birthday is near! Would you guys like that?” she asked, shifting in her seat so he caught a flash of her panties before her leg crossed over the other.

“That’s dedication,” Saitama commented, eyes raking over the woman on his screen. The few people who were tuned in agreed.

I think a keychain with a white mask on it would be cool. It’s not overly obvious what it’s for, but the people who know will get it,” she thought out loud, tapping her fingers against her mouth.

Someone sent in a small donation with a comment about being able to create something for her – starting a small partnership to create merchandise for her. Sexper gasped, “Send me a private message and we can talk then, sweetpea. I would love to commission some items!

The chat gave Saitama whiplash by how many people were commenting by now. The small group of 20 or so viewers suddenly jumped up to 200. Steadily climbing, too, from the looks of it.

She carefully watched her chat and spoke to them, engaging further with her audience, and Saitama felt like he was listening to an old friend chat about her life. He propped his head on his hand and watched her with a small smile, listening to her giggle and talk about whatever her viewers brought up.

Oh, I must have been going on! I have to tell you what I’m planning for today’s stream. As you can see, I’m wearing a maid outfit, as voted on by you guys. How does it look?” she asked, standing and twirling to show the keyhole-top maid outfit off. Her skirt rode up enough to show the garters, and Saitama licked his lips.

Also by request, nipple clamps and a butt plug,” she grinned, the mentioned items suddenly floating by her head. She bit her lip coyly before the nipple clamps settled into her open palm. “I guess I’ll start with these.

Saitama gulped at the thought, then shivered to think of his mouth replacing them. She didn’t need those clamps, just him!

Sexper stalled by reading the chats and waiting for three donation notifications before cupping her breasts and massaging them for her audience. She tossed the clamps into the air for her power to catch them as she slowly undid the button at her throat. It allowed her a little more maneuvering room to pull the top down enough to show off the white brassiere Nanjo made for her. A few more donations rolled in while she ran her fingertips over the material, slowing coming together at her sternum to grasp the hook there.

The hook came undone, but the material continued to block the view of her enraptured audience. She bit her lip to the camera, waiting for that one donation she knew would come her way. She saw his name in the chat. She knew he was there.

Saitama’s eyes grew bigger at the giant donation from some guy named “SweetlyMasked3282”. He was staring at the donation and completely missed Sexper’s dark glare at the name.

How kind of you to drop in, Sweetly. I haven’t seen you on in quite some time,” she murmured darkly, knowing who was behind that username. She could even imagine his smug smile as he sat back in his chair at her reaction. He was rather predictable that one.

She finally pulled the material away to expose her breasts, and Saitama completely forgot about how many zeroes were before his eyes. He salivated at the sight and could feel his arousal starting to grow in his shorts. Sweetness!

The clamps she had were a pair of simple adjustable ones with little heart-shaped padlocks on them, the perfect touch of color in her rather uncolorful wardrobe choice for this stream. They were adjusted beforehand to make sure they were tight enough to stay on for the entire night, but also loose enough to keep blood flowing through. She didn’t need to cut off circulation to feel sensitive there.

You know how sensitive my nipples are. I just wish I had an extra hand here to keep playing with them,” she pouted, grabbing one from where it was hovering in the air and placing it over her nipple. She hissed at the pressure, her back arching at the sensation.

Saitama gasped at the line, getting caught like a fish on a pole. His erection was 100% at her words and ready to stroke. His toes curled watching her apply the second clamp, and his hand slipped into his shorts to pinch the tip of his cock.

The padlocks swayed as she moved, catching the glare from her computer. Then, his view suddenly filled with her breasts when it zoomed in on them, and he whimpered at the sight. She ran the tip of one finger over the sensitive bud and gave a small moan.

Another large donation flashed across the screen, with a comment challenging her to a scenario. If completed, they would donate twice the amount afterwards.

So you want me to insert the butt plug and dust my room as if I don’t have the plug in? And the clamps can’t make any noise? That sounds difficult…” she questioned, drumming her fingertips against her chin in thought. “I’ll happily give it a shot, but my audio equipment isn’t the best. I don’t think you’ll be able to hear it clear enough to punish me.

Thoughts quickly flashed through Saitama’s head about what he would do to her as a punishment. Tie her up, blindfold her, and edge the hell out of her with his mouth and hands. The lotion bottle was in his hands only a moment later. As he struggled with the cap, Sexper fiddled with the plug.

Two things: I need to switch plugs and then I want to do an audio test for you guys. This plug won’t look nice in these panties,” she said, moving out of frame. Saitama stopped struggling with the lotion to stare dumbfounded at his screen.

“Where’d she go?” His dopey eyes widened comically at the plug she brought back into frame. The previous one had a loop at the end for grip, but this one was tapered at the end to the shape of a butterfly.

Did you hear the clamps jingle? I’m going to go back against the other wall and bounce to see if you can hear them,” she said, putting the plug down and adjusting the bra she still had at the sides of her breasts. “Just send me some thumbs up if you can hear it.

Sexper pushed her rolling chair back and stood, Saitama’s eyes bouncing along with her chest and definitely heard the rattle clear as day. He strained his ears to hear anything as she walked away, but her gracefulness didn’t allow any audible sounds until she got to the far wall behind her. His mouth went dry as he noticed her breathing was a little labored and her chest was rising and falling like she ran a marathon.

She gave the camera a sultry look before bouncing, and the metallic ringing was heard loudly enough at Saitama’s volume level. He stared at the chat with his nostrils flared, watching the thumbs up that he couldn’t give. He didn’t know how the damn chat buttons worked.

Okay, so the test was a success. It’s just the slightest movement probably won’t be picked up well,” she said, grabbing the bottle of lube next to her as she came closer to her desk. “It’s unfortunate that I can’t have someone here to punish me when I do make noise…

He watched her squirt the lube all over her plug, then let it float in midair so she could pull her panties down. She used the bed for leverage and visually relaxed, making Saitama hold his breath, his hand still on his cock. Gasping at the sight of her exposed asshole, he watched the plug float to her hole and it slid in with a little resistance. A breathy moan escaped from her lips and his hand started up its motions again. Sexper wiggled her butt at the camera before she stood fully, experimentally taking a step to the side.

So what do I need to do to please you, and therefore get to cum myself?” she asked, quietly striding to her desk to pick up her feather duster. The original donator laid out the path she needed to take, and if she managed to complete it, then she could fuck herself with her favorite rabbit vibrator - plug and clamps still needed to be in place.

Saitama’s eyes watched about two inches from his screen as she walked the prescribed route, taking care to half-heartedly swipe the duster over various items. Then the obstacle course took a more difficult turn: she had to bend down and “clean” under the bed. That butterfly was still seated in her ass, and the clamps didn’t make one peep. His eyes lazily drifted over to the chat to see they were giving her encouragement, and he too hoped that he could watch her fuck herself with her favorite vibrator.

The top shelf of a bookcase was her next objective, then the other side under the bed, and he watched her bite her lip to keep all noises silent. If he looked closely, he could see a bead of sweat roll down her neck.

Sexper successfully completed the course set out by her benefactor and was rewarded with another huge donation. “I get to cum now? Good.

Saitama gasped at her salacious look and the phantom hands that suddenly caressed down his back. His own hand started to speed up again as the feeling ran up his thighs and over his balls, and he keened out loud, feeling the pressure in his balls ramping up for an intense orgasm.

His eyes focused on Sexper, her pussy finally on display, the butterfly plug still in her ass as she quickly used a fat blue rabbit vibrator to hit her G-spot and clit simultaneously. The more impatient she got, the more the phantom hands moved on Saitama’s body, making his eyes roll to the back of his head. Apparently, his hand was moving too slow on himself and was quickly replaced with the invisible hands.

Just as Sexper howled out her orgasm, he cursed as he came, the feeling starting at his toes and making him shiver all the way to the top of his head. White ropes of ecstasy shot out over his keyboard, and he groaned at his poor planning. Shit. Now he’s going to need to clean that off.

Huff…huff…we should do that again some time,” she chuckled, wiping the drool from the corner of her mouth as she watched the donations roll in again. A lot of people were talking about feeling hands on them again, but she ignored them to remove the clamps and plug from her body. The vibrator standing in the corner of the screen was covered in vaginal juices, and Saitama licked his lips at the sight.

Sexper removed the maid outfit and reclipped her bra, sitting peacefully on her office chair. That was until the sirens went off. Tiger-level warning for the area.

I’m going to leave the stream up, for as long as we have internet, and I’ll be back shortly. Just want to make sure my apartment building isn’t touched,” she said, throwing on a robe and running out of frame.

It didn’t hit Saitama that if the sirens were that loud in her video, that she’d be nearby. He jumped into his outfit and out the door, still pulling his gloves on when he saw a body fly up to the roof.

Her hair up and mask still on, Bambi carefully swept her gaze over the city. She didn’t see any monster. She watched a streak of yellow run down the street in her periphery vision, but she figured it was that bald hero on the third floor. If the monster dared venture out here, she’d get it. Otherwise, he could take care of it no problem. She guessed. She didn’t know anything about Saitama.

“What?” she breathed, watching as the monster – well at least its head? – flew into the air about a few kilometers away. She used her ESP to blast the head towards the wasteland part of the city. That was a big monster!

Shaking her head, she floated down to her apartment landing and went back in, checking on her stream. She didn’t lose internet.

“Crisis averted! Thank the guy in the yellow jumpsuit and cape!”

Chapter Text

Today was a “foreplay” day – meaning it was a break for her poor pussy and ass. Bambi typically sat in front of her laptop topless and would talk about future ideas and schedules. She needed to meet up with Tatsuomi to go over his debut and make sure he knows what he will put up with and what is flat out no.

She had the news on behind her as she was cleaning her dishes from the night before, half-heartedly listening to it as she scrubbed at her coffee cup. She looked up from her dishes and out the window into the living room to see black clouds rolling in. Or one big black cloud. She simply shook her head and made note to bring her umbrella.

Suddenly, a loud clap sounded from outside, making her jump. As she calmed her heart, Bambi dried her hands on a dish towel and walked out of the kitchen portion of her apartment and looked to the balcony doors. Another loud clap sounded, making her fix her glasses on her nose to see the cloud better. It was moving too fast relative to the white fluffy clouds behind it.

Her eyes swept over to the tv, now talking about a massive attack by mosquitoes. She whipped her head back to the black cloud when she heard yet another clap. But then there were about eight in succession, definitely not relating to the cloud. She wasn’t about to open the door to figure out its origin.

At least for now. She’d brave it for Tats and no one else. Besides, no bug will get through her barrier.

She left her apartment with a secret hidden under her pink sweatshirt dress. She had a matching pink parasol over her head as well, because why not? The hair that could be pulled back was in a small ponytail, her glasses still on her nose.

Thankfully she didn’t have far to walk since Tats also lived in City Z. But when she knocked on his apartment door, only silence greeted her. He must have been called off for his hero duties like the perfect little lapdog he was. Bambi breathed in through her nose and sighed out of her mouth. She had him pencil her in at this time specifically for this reason.

She turned around, spinning her parasol between her fingers and raised a barrier around herself, watching it move and swirl over her from five inches around her. She started to walk down the main road again, before stopping at the sight of a blond boy in a ripped short sleeve shirt, jeans, and knee-high boots. What was he doing out? Didn’t he know about the mosquitoes?

He shifted slightly and almost blinded her with his arm glinting in the sunlight, and she realized his arms were metal. He walked with a purpose in the direction that she was planning on going.

She didn’t even register on his radar.

Keeping a good distance, Bambi followed quietly behind him. The huge black cloud was soon over both of them. She could hear his deep voice when he spoke to himself but couldn’t make out what he was saying. Then the giant mosquito woman was over their heads.

The blond boy shot fire from his hand, catching Bambi (and the mosquito woman) off guard. He can shoot flame out of his hands? She was in awe hiding around the corner of a building; he started to fight the thing full-out and pulled out some incredible moves like a violent ballet. He tried to shoot at her again, but she dodged all his streams of fire to slice off his arm.

Bambi gasped in horror, but the boy didn’t seem fazed by it. The legs he somehow managed to sever were thrown aside while the mosquito woman made her escape.

That’s when she heard the pfft of a spray can – Saitama was running while waving a bug spray can and he seemed incensed. Her eyes were brought back up to yet another black cloud of bugs; they were circled around where the woman went to. The hair on the back of her neck stood, realizing she was powering up with the blood collected by those vampire insects.

Just as Saitama was pointing in the opposite direction, citing they should probably run for it, the cloud quickly descended from the sky. Bambi was quick to tighten her barrier around her and quickly tossed a barrier around Saitama, thinking he wouldn’t be able to withstand the onslaught from them.

She threw it around him just in time – the blond boy shot lightning out of his hand, catching the cloud on fire in a blaze that almost completely took out the surrounding buildings.

When the fire dissipated and the smoke cleared, the blond boy was still standing. And Saitama. Without clothes on. Bambi wasn’t sure how that happened, since her barrier was successful, but damn he was in good physical condition. Maybe her neighbor might come in handy…

It was then that everyone’s attention was brought back to the woman, now in red, and how her form had changed. Then she decided to attack the building that Bambi was hiding behind. Quick as lightning, she used her ESP to envelope her body and flew to the left into the open street. Now she was in clear view of all three of them.

Mosquito’s attention was only on her for a split second before she decided to seek revenge on Blond Boy by destroying the ever-loving shit out of him. He couldn’t get a break in edgewise.

“Saitama! You can kill that thing, right?” our girl shouted to the naked man, dropping her parasol to the ground to push her sleeves up.

“Yeah. What do you have planned?”

She tried to keep her eyes up and not at the forbidden fruit hanging ripe for the taking, and growled, “I’m going to protect whatever’s left of Blondie up there, and you kill the bug.”

Bambi remembered the previous day and how (she assumed) he was the one to defeat that monster a few blocks down from their apartment building. She wanted to see him in action. Just in case.

The mangled body of Genos caught their attention when it suddenly started to glow a very intense blue-white and that’s when the barrier pulled his form towards them like Bambi was using a lasso to wrangle him up. Saitama open-palm slapped the bitch into the closest building, catching both women by surprise.

She could only stare at him in shock. One hit? How strong was this guy if a cyborg couldn’t take it down? That was what Blondie was, right? That’s when they noticed a drone flying down to collect his battered body. He didn’t fight it, so it must have been a trusted person bringing him back for repairs. She wouldn’t mind seeing more of him…



Saitama left her with a lot of questions. Luckily she knew where he lived so they could have a follow up conversation about what the hell she just saw. Both the strength and the dick. She might be leaning more towards the dick than strength, but she wasn’t sure yet. As she was walking, she twirled the damaged parasol over her head and thought about Saitama’s cock.

“Hey! I’m back!” she heard behind her, turning to see Mumen Rider on his bicycle. He was panting slightly, as if he’d been cycling for a good while now. “You didn’t wait too long, did you?”

“No, but I did run into some trouble. But it’s obviously gone now,” she chuckled. Bambi waited for him to hop off his bike and climb up the stairs with it, watching his pert ass undulate with every step he took. His cycling really paid off. She couldn’t help but lick her lips at the sight.

“Tats, are you ready for this conversation?” she asked as they walked into his apartment.

It was a lot bigger than hers, but not nearly as furnished. He made a decent sum of money working as Class C Rank 1, so he could afford things no problem. He explained that he didn’t want too much stuff just in case his apartment building got plowed over. He also paid rent, the dear little angel he was. He didn’t feel comfortable squatting like Bambi.

“As ready as I’ll ever be, I think. Just go easy on me,” he nervously chuckled, taking his helmet and goggles off.

“I love watching you turn back into Tatsuomi after you’ve been Mumen Rider for who knows how long,” she said, squeezing his arm in a friendly manner. She plopped down in front of his kotatsu and grabbed a new manga that was sitting there to flip through it. She knew he needed to change into something more comfortable, and he didn’t like for her to watch.

He changed into a T-shirt and shorts and it almost short-circuited her brain whenever she saw more skin than normal. He has skin under his hero outfit?! He sat to the right of her at the kotatsu and huffed a sigh.

“Do you want to start?” he asked, unsure how to really start the conversation. Tatsuomi was also incredibly embarrassed to be talking about sex so openly with his best friend. He promised her that he’d do it, since she used her power to kill that dinosaur monster a day or two ago.

Bambi looked at him and took in his posture and bit her lip in thought. “If you aren’t comfortable with this –“

“No, no, it’s not that I’m uncomfortable, I just – I’m afraid of what I’ll do,” he cut in, rubbing the back of his neck.

Her eyebrows rose at his statement. “Oh?”

“I…I’m afraid that I’ll fall in love with you. And you aren’t interested in love. I’d just be setting myself up for heartbreak. You mean the world to me, and I just don’t want to mess it up.” His voice went soft at the end, making Bambi regret asking him in the first place. “I-I mean, I’d love to have sex with you; I just wish it were under different circumstances. Like we just got back from a nice date watching the sakura blossoms and we’re just so full of love for each other that we can’t help it. You know?”

She couldn’t stop herself reaching for his hand on the table. “I’m sorry that I can’t be that way, Tats. I would give everything up to give that to you. But I can’t. If certain things didn’t happen in the past, then maybe it would be different.” He shifted his hand, so their fingers intertwined, and they just held hands. “I can’t even give it a shot for you. I’d fuck it up so quickly that it would ruin everything. You’d never talk to me again.”

“I doubt that,” he whispered, raising her hand to gently kiss her knuckles. She couldn’t help the warm smile that lifted her lips as she gently took her hand away.

“You’re going to make someone very happy, Tats. You’ll be everything they need and then some. Don’t let me ruin it.”

“You won’t. But I still want to help. I’m the only one you trust! And I owe you!” he laughed, trying to lighten the mood again. “What do you have in mind again?”

She shook her head with a smile but reiterated the plan again. “Relatively vanilla stuff. You’ll be tied to my office chair and I do all the work. No harm will come to you, I promise.

“I’m going to start by teasing you a little, caress your back and shoulders to relax you, then give you a blow job. If you orgasm from that, then I will stall for you to recharge, then ride your lap. I’ll make sure there’s a condom for that. Pretty run of the mill, really.”

Tatsuomi’s face was red by the end of her speech, but he didn’t seem uncomfortable anymore. Just embarrassed. “Can-can we do a dry run? Just to make sure I understand,” he asked, fiddling with his fingers.

“Sure,” Bambi answered, standing and grabbing his office chair. She lowered the chair by sitting on it, making sure it was a good height for her legs. “Sit with your hands held behind the chair. Pretend you’re tied up.”

He did what he was told, and she bit her lip in thought. If he was into casual sex, she’d so hope he was a bottom. I mean, it’s obvious he’s a bottom, but like my kind of bottom.

Once he was situated, she removed his glasses, staring into his beautiful brown eyes; his gaze always made her feel so naked. He had strong eyebrows and a straight, narrow nose. She took off her own glasses and stepped to the desk to place them safely down.

There was a huge possibility that she was going to hate herself after this, but she was too damn selfish to care in the meantime. Tatsuomi was there for the taking, and not as Mumen Rider. As she stepped over his legs to situate herself on his lap, she ran her hands over his shoulders and up to the back of his neck, massaging lightly. Her fingers crawled into his hair and she couldn’t help the need to kiss him.

His eyes were glazed over from her ministrations and he realized he was breathing a little harder than he wanted to. When her thumb grazed his jaw and her eyes dropped to his lips, he knew he was a goner. She could do anything to him and he’d be okay with it. His shaky hands found purchase on her thighs and he lightly squeezed.

Neither of them paid attention to it.

Her mouth descended onto his in a chaste kiss, something she didn’t know she could manage. Chaste wasn’t a word in her vocabulary.

He gasped at the feeling, his hands now moving up to her hips in enthrallment. Tatsuomi escalated the kiss when he was ready, pressing hungrier lips to hers and she could only follow his lead – mostly so she wouldn’t scare him away with how quickly she could intensify his experience.

When he finally poked his tongue against her lips, it took all her self-control not to grind down into his hips. She could feel him against her, growing harder by the second, but gods, she wanted to know what he tasted like.

Bambi opened her mouth and swallowed a groan from him as he explored her tongue with his, tentative touches and intimate swipes against hers. She finally had to pull back from him.

“I forgot how nice it was to kiss another person,” she chuckled breathlessly, taking in Tatsuomi’s blown-out pupils and flushed face and neck. He panted in response, unable to string together words to form a complete sentence. “Do you want me to continue showing you what we’re going to do?”

He could only nod, but that wasn’t good enough for Bambi. “I need verbal consent, Tats,” she whispered huskily, on the verge of forgetting her own rules.

Yes,” he breathed, his fingers digging into her waist.

“Your hands should be behind your back,” she whispered directly into his ear, licking the shell of it. He whimpered, but his grip was removed, and he entwined his fingers together to try and stop himself from doing it again.

She stood up and looked down at him with a small smile. “This would be the part where you lose your pants.” She then fell to her knees, her fingers gripping his shorts coyly, before she folded her arms over his lap and rested her chin on them, looking up into his eyes. He still looked fucked out, and she barely did anything to him.

She pulled one arm out from under her to tiptoe her fingers up his thigh, sliding into a belt loop. “How about a wet run instead, Tats? I can show you how good I am…”

His heart skipped a beat at her tone and stare, his cock pulsing in his shorts. It was difficult to miss. Bambi bit her lip and pulled away, kneeling with her back straight.

“If you want me to, you’ll need to take your pants off,” she said, throwing the ball in his court. If he took his pants off, there was no going back. If he couldn’t bring himself to do so, then it saved them a lot of problems down the road. She didn’t expect the response she got.

“But my hands are supposed to be tied behind my back. I can’t take my shorts off,” he said, making the dom in her spike. Ooh, the insolent

“You’re lucky you’re not mine to play with. That would earn you a good spanking,” she threatened, standing up again to stand over his lap. “Maybe I should make you cream yourself without even taking your clothes off.”

His eyes widened. “You can do that?”

“With enough practice, of course. And I’ve had a lot of practice.” She started to lower herself down to his lap again, but decided to sway her hips, readying a good lap dance for him. “I know your friends go to the strip clubs; have they ever brought you?”

He shook his head, mesmerized by the movement over his crotch. She stepped away again and his heart stalled when she lifted her dress enough to see red panties. Then a bra, then bare collar bones. Oh gods, she’s taking her dress off, he thought, I’m going to die in this chair.

His body felt cemented to the chair as she straddled him again, this time grinding down onto his erection, making him gasp. Bambi cupped his jaw in her hands and pressed kisses around his mouth, and he wanted nothing more than to taste her again.

“Kiss me,” Tatsuomi finally managed out, and she did.

She pressed herself against him, hoping he could feel her heart beating out of her chest, moaning into his mouth. Her hips started up a consistent rhythm moving on him, making him shiver and grip his fingers harder. Their tongues touched again, and he groaned, provoking her to bite lightly on the muscle.

He whined into her mouth as he felt himself get closer and closer to the edge.

Tatsuomi couldn’t stand it anymore and released his hands so he could pull her into him, his arms wrapped around her back to pull her harder into his lap and thrust up to meet her. She moaned in reply and that was enough to make him orgasm.

“Ah…! Hah…hah…hah…wow,” he panted, trying to calm down from something so intense from almost no skin-on-skin contact. His heart raced in his chest; Bambi could hear it with his grip pressing her tightly to him. He buried his face into her neck, and she giggled, his nose tickling her.

“How was that for a dry run?” she laughed, wrapping her arms around him to hold him while he cooled down.

“I’m in so much trouble when it comes to you,” he answered after a beat, finally loosening his hold on her. He kissed her neck sweetly before looking into her eyes. He hoped to reciprocate everything she did for him, in one way or another, but his inexperience stopped him.

That, and his phone ringing.

“Fuck,” Bambi spat for him, and removed herself from his lap. She caught him making a face as his shorts shifted when he moved. But he still reached for his phone like the good little hero he was.

“Mumen Rider! A monster? I’m going to need ten minutes-“

The door slamming shut caught him off guard. He didn’t even notice her whipping on her dress and leaving. His heart sank.

“Yeah, I’ll be there.”




Saitama stared at his screen, the familiar “Stream Starting Soon” permanently etched into his vision. The tissues and lotion sat behind the screen after he read the description of today’s stream. MaskedSexper needed a break occasionally, which he understood, so he wanted to see what she would talk about with her audience.

There was a connection that he could feel whenever he watched her streams like she was an old friend that finally managed to learn how to use Skype – or he finally learned how to use it. Either way, it felt like friends connecting technologically after a long time. He just got to see her pussy on camera.

The black screen cut out to show Sexper in a little black teddy, her mask on, hair down, and wearing a small grin on her lips.

Hi all! I hope I didn’t leave you waiting too long. I was having issues getting into this thing,” she said, pulling at a strap on her shoulder. She shifted in her seat, and Saitama’s eyes bounced with her breasts.

I can finally give you a proper update for tomorrow. I managed to find a “hero” willing to play with me, so you’ll have some roleplay to feed your fantasies for a little bit. Another poll I had up suggested I find a female partner, which I will attempt to do as well, but I don’t know a whole lot of women willing to go into dangerous areas. I can’t just pack up my set, and take it to them, so we will have to see about that one.

Saitama gave a dirty giggle at the prospect of watching her with another woman. He also wondered which “hero” she got and why she was using quotations. Was she going to grab a porn star and dress him up like a hero?

He drooled at the thought of her tying him up as a hero, having her way with him.

A notification popped up for a donation for her to lower the top of her teddy, and she laughed.

I just started this stream! I need to leave you in suspense somehow. Give me another ten minutes then I’ll drop the top,” she promised, pulling her hair behind her ear.

A new subscriber notification came up next, and she did her normal welcome routine. As she checked chat, she noticed the new fan wanted to get a quick intro to who she is, how she started streaming, and why she got into it in the first place. This information was conveniently in her FAQ, but she thought to humor them and give a basic answer, just in case new people were watching from her free month.

I’m MaskedSexper – a clever mash of my favorite accessory,” she said, pointing at her black lace mask that perfectly complemented her teddy, “my profession, which sells sex, and I’m an Esper. My friend recommended the name.” The word “friend” didn’t have the friendliest inflection in it. She almost ground out the word, but Saitama didn’t notice.

I started streaming a few years ago to pay my way through college, and it stuck. There was also an attempt to recruit me into the Hero Association, but I’m not interested in being a hero. I had bad run-ins after another with ‘heroes’, so I didn’t want to be one. A lot of people told me that it’s lost potential, but the Hero Association already has a bunch of Espers. Tatsumaki and Fubuki for instance. I wouldn’t stand out.

And so, here I am. Any other questions?”

Saitama nodded his head in understanding. Sure, being a hero was rough. The morality of the whole thing meant being good – it was a whole different playing field where one couldn’t fall into the deadly sins. Many do, such as envy and greed, which reflects poorly on the hero establishment. Those were usually put into their place by others, especially by online presence. When you’re harped on by the internet, things only get harder for you.

He wanted to know what her personal issue was with heroes, so he quickly stretched his fingers and began poking at each key to start typing a sentence. He found out that you can comment as a guest!

I don’t have the best set up. I’d even go to say that it’s amateur as hell. Just my laptop and a small camcorder. Sometimes I just use my laptop camera, like right now. My streams don’t normally go over three hours, so it works out in the end,” she said, answering someone by the handle of SUCCJin124.

Saitama finally finished typing and sent the message out into the world, hoping she would read it and answer.

Oh, I haven’t been able to read any books lately. I’ve been so busy that I don’t have time to sit down and read. I also can’t listen to audiobooks because it just isn’t the same for me. I like envisioning the story in my head, so I need to drop everything and read a physical book,” she laughed, answering the question from Vageater7.

Saitama found himself smiling at her laugh, loving the sound of it. He really liked the streams where she talked about herself and her day. He liked the sexy ones too, but this was nice. Very ‘girlfriend experience’.

Ah,” she started, covering her mouth with her hand, “My issue with heroes is kind of a therapist-patient type of thing. It was a traumatic experience for me, and a long history of abuse by one. I can’t go into more detail than that, but my trust in heroes was violated and I haven’t moved past it. The only hero that I truly trust is Mumen Rider, the Class C Rank 1 hero. I’m sorry I don’t feel comfortable saying more.”

Saitama’s mouth dropped, not expecting that kind of answer. He was expecting something superficial, like they were dumb or not good at their job. But abuse at the hands of a hero? Which one?

He remembered meeting Mumen Rider just a few days ago. He did seem like a genuinely nice guy, so he was glad that she had someone she could trust.

He wasn’t paying attention to the wall of comments chewing him out for bringing the stream to such a low point, but Masked did.

You guys can give them a break; they probably didn’t know. I’m not hurt by their question. Maybe one day I’ll fully open up and tell you all about it. Withholding names, of course. Thank you for being so protective of me!

The chat melted at her words, and so did Saitama. Ah, she was too kind.

She was also kind enough to finally tease her viewers with lowering the straps of her teddy. She didn’t fully pull it off yet, but she ran her fingertips over her nipples to harden them. She was answering questions from chat without a hitch in her voice, as if she wasn’t touching herself.

A big donation from HeroAdmin515 made the top fully come off, her perky breasts available for viewing. Saitama really wished that he could taste her skin.

(In a different part of City Z, another man sat hypnotized by the view of his computer screen, the phantom feeling of her lips and hips still haunting his body. He couldn’t help but be excited for the real thing tomorrow.)

Sexper spent the rest of the stream chatting with the occasional pinch or rub, and Saitama drank it in. He (also) couldn’t wait for tomorrow, to see her bang that ‘hero’ she was bringing in. He hoped the guy delivered and could last. Would she make him use Viagra or something? Saitama wouldn’t need that…