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The Protege

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Chapter XIV

Then I had to take control back


The headache alone was one thing, the body pain was another completely different.

Normally and during a hangover her body would have responded in the same way, but Angela would never wake up at such hours of the morning. She sighed and slowly opened her eyes, looking at the clock on the nightstand next to her and confirming that the clock marked barely three in the morning. Too early. Going back to sleep was the most reasonable action to take, but something didn't let her do that, and that was the body next to her.

Turning around with heaviness, her eyes focused on the woman lying next to her, trembling slightly, sweating and growling in a fetal position, complaining of every movement as she clenched her fists and her toes curled, a frown marked furiously in her brow and her mouth slightly open. Even when she was sleeping, that wasn’t normal. Slowly, Angela leaned on her elbow and with her free hand pushed back the strands of hair that stuck to her forehead due to the sweat.

Five years ago and during her few weeks sleeping with Fareeha her nights were peaceful, Fareeha slept soundly and got up once to the bathroom almost at midnight, only to return with her to bed and not disturb her again. But usually and in the few nights that she was able to sleep with her in Vishkar's facilities the heavy nightmares Fareeha had weren't strange, her body twitched once in a while and her awakenings were unexpected. However, this time, it surpassed all those heavy, problematic nights. That was never normal from a medical point of view, but this was on another level. And waking her up as delicate as possible was the best way to help her for the moment.

“Fareeha?” Angela called her softly. “Fareeha.” This time a hand was resting on the girls shoulder, a glistening layer of sweat covering the skin. Abnormal. “Fareeha.” This time louder, and shaking slightly that hand touching her she moved Fareeha’s trembling body. No response. More grunting, more twitching. “Fareeha, please. Wake up….” Angela begged in the softest voice her mouth and throat could muster. It wasn’t working, if something, Fareeha seemed even more disturbed, and tears began streaming down her cheeks. Beyond acceptable. “Fareeha!”

A voice in a tone high enough to wake her finally emerged from her lips, making Fareeha to suddenly open her eyes and sit down desperately. Her chest expanded rapidly, her breathing was agitated and the hand resting on her heart trembled with each breath, up and down. The free hand touched her face and as she felt the tears under her palm it soaked more, Fareeha crying softly as she curled and hid her face. It broke Angela’s heart looking at her like that. Her ever dedicated and brave protector touching rock bottom.


“I-I’m so sorry, I didn’t meant to wake you up a-and-”

“Shh, it’s okay. It’s okay, you’re okay…” Angela was quick to take her in her arms, hugging her protectively and waiting for Fareeha's body to stop shaking as she combed her jet black hair back, removing strands stuck to her face by the sweat. Fareeha was almost melting under her touch as the doctor kept lulling her, whispering sweet nothing in her ear. “How are you feeling?”

“B-better.” Stuttering wasn’t exactly fine, but it was an improvement.

“Do you want water? I’ll bring you water.” Without waiting for her to answer, Angela got out of bed and went to the room's mini-fridge, taking out a water bottle and returning to bed. She twisted the cap open and handed it to Fareeha, who despise doubting, she took the bottle and drank half the content in small sips.

“Thank you.” So much better. Angela ran her hand over Fareeha’s forehead and dried the remaining beads of sweat in her skin, glistening under the artificial light of a couple apparatuses inside the hotel room. What didn’t fit was that Fareeha was quite serious, looking at the bed under her somewhat distracted as if it was the most interesting thing in the world.

“Are you doing well? Do you feel ill?”

“I uhm…” She placed a tan hand on her chest, then she retracted it right away as she closed her eyes. “I feel dizzy, that’s all… I’m good.” It was easy to see she wasn’t, but if Fareeha wanted to leave the topic right there and then, she would not push further.

“Okay… Did you have a nightmare?” Fareeha looked at her from the corner of her eye, and her gaze dropped back.


“Do you want to talk about it?”

“Not really, no…”

“Well, if you ever want to talk about it, you know I’ll always listen to you.”

“Thank you.”

Angela resumed her position on the bed, burying herself under the covers and inviting Fareeha to do the same. What the young girl needed most was rest, and the blonde was more than willing to help her soften the trauma of such a nightmare. Fareeha obeyed once she stabilized and returned to Angela's side, holding her loosely and burying her face in the crook of her neck. Her breath caressed the white and smooth skin of the doctor, immediately sending goosebumps all over her skin. Such a delight.

“Angela…” The blonde already had her eyes closed when Fareeha called her again after several minutes of shared silence.


“Does alcohol make you have nightmares? I mean, really bad nightmares…” That's why her head hurt so much. Angela remembered that night and the uncontrollable amount of alcohol that both consumed that, despite not having been so much, definitely affected her body greatly.

“It does. I don’t want to be too technical and enter doctor mode but alcohol does mess with your body and thus, your head.”

“I see… But I don’t get why this didn’t happen before. Why when I was drinking with my friends these nightmares were not like this…”

“What do you mean?” A beat. “Do you want to talk about it?”

“Yeah, I guess…” Fareeha took a deep breath and placed her head on Angela’s shoulder, the position even more comfortable to speak. “When my mother and I returned to Egypt, it wasn't on good terms. The government was looking for us, or rather Hakim and his men...” Fareeha frowned and tensed, Angela could easily tell and feel, as well as knowing that part of her disturbance was Tariq, a man who she trusted and cared fondly for him, yet she was betrayed. “We really try to hide as much as possible, finish what we started and make a new life away from everything that would hurt us. And of course to you...”

“I love when you add me as an important factor to your equation, but not like this.”

“You’re not a negative factor, just so you know.” She whispered that more or less, making Angela smile.

“I’m glad. Please do continue, I’m listening.” Deep breaths.

“We tried to run away from there, leave everything again and go back with dad to Canada, but we were ambushed and unfortunately managed to hurt mom, and she wanted to stay and I escaped but... I couldn’t...” Angela could feel Fareeha swallowing, even the sound crashing against her ear. “I sacrificed myself and made them see me and they caught me, but not my mother, and I don't know where she is now... I could only trust the Gods.”

“She was wounded?”

“A shot in the eye. She was bleeding and I didn’t want her to be with me because the blood trail would give us away, so I had to divert the attention of Hakim's men to me.” Fareeha snuggled back into her initial position, burying her head in such a way that Angela couldn't see her, and the strength surrounding her thin, pale frame became more present, the arms of her beloved squeezing harder. “I keep dreaming of her, Angela…”

“Of course you are.” A hand stroked her head to remove a few strands of hair covering her forehead, and Angela shifted to give her a soft kiss in her temple. “You don’t know where your mother is.”

“I keep dreaming she gets caught… That they hurt my mother...” Fareeha’s voice cracked, soft sobbing replacing it. “They threaten her, they beat her, they degrade her, t-they kill her right in front of my eyes ... A-and I can’t do anything…” The crying intensified, tears now shed without containment. “T-tell me it’s the alcohol, Angela. Tell me the alcohol it’s doing this a-and I swear I’ll never take a drop of alcohol in my life.” Her tone even seemed to change, confusing Angela at the beginning, but Fareeha's combination of alcohol, poor memory and overall unstable emotional state wasn’t a good mix.

“Alcohol may help you to have nightmares, but you need to clarify that in your mind and normalize your life before making such hasty conclusions. You must go back to Egypt and-”

“I’m not going back, Angela…” It felt muffled, an occasional sob escaping.

“I will not tell you when or under what circumstances you have to act, but eventually you need to return to find answers.” A moment where Fareeha said nothing. But then a grunt. “Fareeha?”

“I have to-” Fareeha sat down once again, her face was pale and there were more drops of sweat on her forehead. Her eyes were lost in nothingness and Angela immediately knew what would happen.

“Fareeha, don't do it here. Go to the bathro-” She didn’t finish, for the girl immediately threw up on the bed, getting up and tumbling her way to the bathroom to keep retching even more. “For fucks sake…” She still wondered how could she forget such important detail about Fareeha right now; after almost three years of no alcohol consumption, it was natural her body would reject the drink faster than usual. A sigh, and Angela picked up the phone on the bedside table, pressing a button a dialing hastily and irritated.


“Good nig-morning, yes. I need clean sheets…”

Ilios didn't possess a great variety of tall buildings, and only a few extended throughout the center of the city. Some stood out, and among them was the prominent hospital in the region, one of the many to which Angela was a supporter and in conjunction with other doctors and scientific media were part of the medical circle of excellence in the world. This was a perfect opportunity to divert the media attention to her in the right place. Vishkar was a subject that should never be touched, at least not now that she was taking a very great risk in bringing Fareeha with her.

The hospital wasn't as ostentatious like hers, but nevertheless it did the job. The white walls and marbled floors were a pleasing combination to the eye, and her high heels clicked with great power over the bright tile. Fareeha's steps at her side gave her a sense of peace like no other, knowing that she was at her side to protect her and at the same time, be a support pillar for when she needed it. And knowing how things used to work, that would be more necessary every time.

Both arrived at the reception, Angela wearing a white dress tight to her body and Fareeha her classic black suit with white shirt -her usual uniform- who despite being used to it, the tie was something she always denied but had to accept for now as those were part of Angela's working conditions. Clearing her throat, the doctor approached the receptionist and with a passive voice, made an appearance.

“Good morning, I’m here to see the director.”

“He’s on a meeting right now. Can you state your name and occupation?”

“Dr. Angela Ziegler, he needs no more information than that for he knows who I am.” The woman looked tired, annoyed even of the long day and the task of enduring countless people demanding an appointment with her superiors. Angela knew the procedure perfectly, so she tried to be as gentle as possible. “I need to talk to him in person, if it's not too much a problem. I'm an old friend.” With a tired hand, she picked up the phone next to her and pressed a single key.

“Dr. Bartalotti, there is a woman- doctor who wants to see you.” A pause, and her eyes looked at both Angela and Fareeha. “She says she’s a friend of yours, Dr. Ziegler.” Another moment, and now she seemed with urgency. “She’s not alone. She’s with… I’m sorry, who is she?”

“She’s my bodyguard.”

“She’s coming with a bodyguard… Yes, yes… Understood.” She hung up the phone and put her whole attention on the two women standing in front of her. “The doctor will see you now. Take this corridor and the last door is your office, he’s waiting for you.”

“You’re so kind, thank you.” With a nod of her head, she excused herself and walked the path signaled. Fareeha was quick to follow, and soon enough they both were in front of a large wooden door. Two knocks, and a thick voice was heard inside.

“Come in.”

Fareeha, as chivalrous as ever, was the one opening the door for Angela, but not before the doctor smoothed any wrinkle that might be in her perfect white dress, making sure everything was in place, as well as her hair held in a messy bun and her earrings shining preciously as the light touched them. The doctor heard a chuckle as she flatted her skirt, only to turn to her side and see Fareeha smiling at her. Angela quirked an eyebrow.

“What is so amusing?”

“Trying to impress someone else beside me?”

“Oh, Fareeha. You know this is all business, I have to look the best of me at all times.” Another chuckle enough to ignite sparks on her heart.

“I know, I’m just teasing.” Fareeha leaned forward, her lips almost touching a milky pale ear, whispering cautiously. “You look gorgeous as always.”

“M-my thanks…”

She wanted to hide the blush before going inside the office. It was somehow in vain. Fareeha pushed the door open and a large studio awaited; several bookcases, a small living room and a large mahogany desk were at the end. Behind it, there was a large and robust man, with a dark beard as thick as his voice. He looked far more intimidating that what he really is, and his visage softened immediately after looking at Angela.

“Angela!” His thick Italian accent making him even more threatening, but the doctor knew deep inside that was just a façade. He got up and gave her a fond hug, his large frame almost engulfing her. “It’s been years! And you look just as beautiful as ever! What is your secret to not grow old?”

“Oh, Antonio. Let’s thank genetics to that.”

“Certainly, age looks good on you.”

“Charming as always.”

“And who is your companion?”

“Fareeha Amari.” Fareeha mentioned her name and extended a hand in salute.

“She’s my bodyguard.” Angela stated proudly.

“Please, have a seat. Both of you.” He motioned at both chairs in front of his desk. Angela took her place, as well as Antonio, but Fareeha remained standing up at Angela’s side. “Will you stand still, miss?”

“I will. Please, carry on with your meeting as if I weren't here.”

“A very committed girl she is.”

“Isn’t she?” Angela proudly said once Antonio commented about her Fareeha. The doctor was proud of her lady, but proudly saying she is more than that would take a lot more of time.

“Well, I must admit that I am surprised and intrigued by your visit. Without prior announcement, without any indication. I thought you were still working at the hospital, we even exchanged emails a couple of weeks ago.”

“We did. I was working overseas but I never cut contact with my other partners, and I will not stop doing it.”

“And speaking of partners, have I been the first to receive this surprise visit? There are other associates who say that you have not been seen in the hospital for more than a month, that you left without saying anything and there are some rumors running around.” Angela knew that the conversation would led to that with any of the doctors she would talk to, so her plan to maintain total discretion in the matter was complete in her mind, it just needed to be executed.

“I cannot tell you if you are the first or the last, what I only ask is discretion. Given that these are surprise visits, to put it one way, I must check that each hospital is using my medical procedures properly. If the news leaks out that I am doing these checks, that hospital that has leaked such information will be severely affected and there's the risk of lossing my support as well.” She wasn’t smiling, not even moving her eyes. Her visage serious, her posture perfect, hands folded on her lap and ankles crossed.

“I understand, Angela… Don’t worry, I promise not to say a word.” He motioned with his big hand and zipped his mouth.

“Thank you very much. I appreciate it.”

“And talking about rumors-” Here it comes. “Have you heard about Vishkar?” It was obvious such delicate topic was about to be touched. “Scientists experimenting with humans; prisoners and murderers. What do you think?”

“I've heard the rumors.”

“And the rumors say that you were involved.”

“The rumors are just that, rumors. Also, how could I find myself there if I'm here with you in Greece? I've been traveling a lot, I do not have time for rumors and much less so scandalous rumors of such magnitude. That's right, I've heard that they try to link me to it, that's why I've decided to make my visits a little more public to divert that bad attention. I'm sure you can understand.”

“Your intelligence is matchless, Angela.”

“As well as your intuition, Antonio.” Both shared some glares, before Antonio burst in laughter, startling Angela a little. Fareeha seemed unfazed, already expecting.

“Aah I missed your challenges, Dr. Ziegler! It is always a pleasure to see each other again. I hope to travel to your hospital once you finish your tour.”

“And I’ll be more than happy and obliged to have you there.”

“Speaking of intuition, mine says she’s not only your bodyguard. Am I wrong?” He pointed a meaty finger at Fareeha, the girl still unfazed, unattainable. Just perfect.

“You’re right. She is my best friend as well.”

“Rumors point the other way.” More rumors.

“Excuse me? What do you mean?”


Lovers.” Angela repeated. “I suppose the mere fact that she follows me everywhere I go despite being my bodyguard is proof enough that she is my lover. Of course.” The doctor rolled her eyes, replying sarcastically.

“Am I wrong?” This time he asked to Fareeha.

“I’m sorry, but that’s something that it’s up to Dr. Ziegler to only answer, not mine.” A smirk from the man.

“Rumors are a powerful source of conflict. I advise you take this information carefully.” Antonio got up and fixed his suit, grabbing his white lab coat on a perch on the wall. “Well, why don’t we start what you came for? We have a lot of ground to cover despite being early.”

“I’ll be more than happy.” Antonio walked to Angela's side to reach out and help her to stand on her feet, but Fareeha quickly stepped in and extended her hand, eliciting a giggle from the doctor, who finally took her hand and thanked her protector with loving eyes. “My thanks, Fareeha.” A simple nod, and she put her arms behind her back. Always alert and with relaxed posture.

“Isn’t she chivalrous?” Antonio laughed, Fareeha simply blushed slightly and looked at a side. She was that, chivalrous, selfless, dedicated to what was right, a protector, a righteous woman and a silly child. That was her Fareeha and more.

“I agree with you, Antonio.”

“Let’s be on our way.”

The tour of the hospital was tedious, taking several hours of time to carefully review each procedure patented by Angela, including assisting in operations to ensure and, indeed, everything was in order for her relief. However, there were a few slips of beginners where she quickly had to intervene and correct, helping and teaching these new members of the hospital's medical team. Angela Ziegler was a legend, and for those interns it was quite a spectacle to have her in front of them.

Angela knew that Fareeha would be more than bored. Seven hours doing absolutely nothing but looking pretty straight out of a door without speaking was a tedious task, but she thought of infinite ways of thanking her, in addition to the payment she already had and that Fareeha immediately denied her. If money is not what she wanted, she would find another way to let her know her eternal gratitude.

The cold tile of the floor froze her bare feet, her heels forgotten in a separate room to be able to assist properly in the surgery. A scrub, coif, and facemasks were her only protection inside that operation theater, and successfully everything turned out as expected. One more surgery to her mental list, an unforgettable one for her new pupils. Tired, she removed the accessories from her head as well as the gown and left them on a bench, washing her hands and taking her heels to wear them again. The tiredness was already becoming noticeable and after an empty stomach, it was even more so.

When leaving the theater, Fareeha was already waiting for her with Antonio and a couple of nurses, however the only person who mattered was the one that stood out in black uniform, hair pulled back in a low ponytail, charming smile in an androgynous and perfect face . Her feet carried her wearily toward her, wanting to hold her but holding back, this time just sighing and looking into her eyes.

“Let's go back to the hotel, Fareeha.”

“Of course, Dr. Ziegler.”

“Dr. Bartalotti, it was a pleasure to see you again. I will stay for a month to support the practices and give a seminar in order to improve the procedures here. We need to keep every medical staff like a well-oiled machine.”

“It will be a pleasure for us to have you here, Dr. Ziegler. We will make improvements to accommodate you and to support us in the best way. We appreciate your aid eternally.” The man closed the gap between her and gave her a soft hug, patting twice her back. She was sure a good massage was going to be needed after such rough show of affection.

“Many thanks, we’ll be on our way.”

Once ready and with their belongings in hand, both left the hospital, the sky was already dark and starry, and the city began to fill with life once again. Fareeha was quick to stop the first taxi she found, pulling over immediately in front of them. Once inside and accommodated in the backseat, Angela let out a weary sigh, leaning her head on her lover's shoulder. Her hair was petted on soft strokes, Fareeha’s hands running through blonde locks affectionately.

“This is definitely not what I thought…” Angela murmured and closed her eyes, taking Fareeha’s almost natural scent in one single breathing. “It's been years since my last surgery, and making two in a single day was not exactly what I expected...”

“And why did you do it anyway? I assumed that a simple talk would be enough to make an appearance.”

“It’s a sacrifice. The more I get involved with all of this, the more real it seems and not just as a simple deviation. I can talk and talk but that doesn't show anything, so I have to get down to work, take off my heels, put on my scrub and latex gloves and bury my hand in some chest cavity, and all this with extreme precision and knowledge of the human body I gathered throught the years. My God, I'm not a specialist but I still have to assist them…”

“I understand." A beat. "How does it sound to you if I prepare you a nice hot water bath in the hotel, I give you a foot massage, order something for dinner for both of us and watch a movie? No work, just the two of  us relaxing.” Angela’s heart almost burst with comfort and love, even her frown was that of disbelief.

“You’re the perfect woman, Fareeha…”

The days passed slowly, every hour a torture for Angela. Getting used to a more active life in the medical field again was not an easy task, and the surgeries took a lot of time and effort, something that she stopped practicing for years and that only by resuming could she normalize. Three weeks, and the tiredness didn't seem to go away. If anything, it just seemed to increase, and as soon as she touched the bed a blackout was soon to follow.

Fatigue was normal, but what wasn't was the fact that Fareeha was still having nightmares. Sometimes light and let her sleep at night, and others so intense and livid that she needed to take several pills provided by Angela to be able to recover sleep. Her work, coupled with Fareeha's sporadic screams at night, was a dangerous mix for her dream and her sanity, and she was reaching the limit.

That night like the others, Angela threw her shoes in the small living room, her purse fell wearily on the couch and her dressing gown barely reached the coat rack, Fareeha perfectly rearranging each garment that the doctor was throwing around the hotel room. A groan, and from the kitchen bar she took a pack of cigarettes and a lighter, going to the terrace and lighting one immediately. Fareeha didn't wait long to have one of her own in her mouth, taking a long drag and exhaling it in the fresh air of the city.

“I never believed that I would reach this level of fatigue again.” Angela barely said, taking a puff and holding it in her mouth, the smoke filtering through her nose and parted lips. “I swear that my eyes close once the hospital exit doors open. I'm exhausted.”

“I know I’m not helping…” Angela knew exactly what she meant.

“It’s not your fault-”

“But it is. I don’t know what to do anymore. I even tried to exercise at night to tire myself and sleep without any pretext, but only a couple of times it worked.” A long moment of silence. “Am I broken?”

“You are not broken, Fareeha.”

“Honestly I'm making your nights miserable.”

“No, you are making my days glorious. Your nightmares... Well, I just want to make them disappear. I just want you to feel at peace so I can feel the same, I want your happiness.”

“And I want yours.” Angela smiled, and leaned on Fareeha’s shoulder. The mere fact of touching her was as comforting as any hot bath or any glass of good wine. She closed her eyes and let the air caress her face and move her hair. She had to admit, it was a precious night enough to admire it. “Let’s go out.”


“You don’t have to return to the hospital tomorrow, and both you and I deserve a good drink. It's a shame to waste being in Greece and not having a single drink of ouzo. Let's go out, just you and me.” Angela looked down at her, reaching into her eyes and smiling softly. She had to laugh at that, and she put  out her cigarette in the ashtray available on a small table next to two lounge chairs on the terrace.

“You know what? You're right. I have five years without going out, five years of no having fun, and I think it's time to take that up again. Get dressed, I'll choose the place.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

Angela didn't take more than a few minutes to take one of the dresses hanging in the closet; red, short, with a plunging neckline and quite fit to the body, a pair of pearl necklace and earrings, and high heels to match. Fareeha simply took a pair of jeans and a black shirt, plus a light jacket that Farerha was sure she wouldn't take off, because the nights proved cold for the bodyguard.

After reviewing several places on her phone, a bar not far away was seen as the perfect choice, so they both promptly headed to the place, Fareeha escorting her up close and Angela clutching her arm so much for stability with her heels in the stony streets, to simply feel protected and at the same time assure everyone that she belonged to her.

The live music itself was a show inside the establishment with dim light, the bar barely lit while everyone paid attention to the stage. Angela knew that the place felt a bit like Eichenwalde's, and it was a perfect reminder to Fareeha about what awaited her at the end of this tedious road. Once seated on a stool in the bar, Fareeha was quick to take the bartender’s attention amidst the cacophony of neon lights, music, cheers and applauses.

“Can you bring us two ouzos, please?” It didn’t take long, and the bartender took out two glasses and a bottle under the counter, pouring the drink in front of them and going on his way to serve other customers. She raised her glass and held it in front of Angela, the doctor doing the same. “To you, Angela.”

“To us. Yamas.”


They clinked glasses, drinking alcohol in one gulp. And that was just the beginning.

One more glass. Two more. Two beers, a bottle of wine, and everything became blurred. One in the morning. The headache strangely went away and only a warm feeling remained, engulfing her body in such a way she used to know. Without knowing how, Angela was in front of the stage with a large crowd clapping and dancing to the music while she held a sweet alcoholic beverage in her hand. So many years, and it was incredible that she has forgotten that magnificent experience of loosing herself. Not even Amelie or Hanzo were able to get her out of her routine.

A pair of strong arms embraced her, swaying with her and taking a sip of her drink through the straw, blowing a cold drift of air into her neck. It was exquisite, and the sensitivity of her skin send shivers all over her body, from the nape of her neck to her legs. The doctor was pulled back to the bar, totally intoxicated but aware of her surroundings and herself, and Fareeha made a gesture to the bartender again, Angela barely could hear her yelling while she was handed one more shot of ouzo.

Angela recognized that mischievous, sly glare, and simply let herself be carried away by the current. What wasn't expected was Fareeha placing the glass shot between her breasts, several men shouting around her like hungry animals. Her cheeks blushed more than they already were, but it didn't matter, like nothing at that moment, and unconcernedly she showed even more skin of her cleavage amid laughter. She had seen Amelie do that with Gerard, but Angela never imagined that, after calling her vulgar, now she would find herself in the same position. And she was enjoying it far more than she expected.

“What?! You want this?!” Angela yelled between the crowd’s cheers, the loud music not helping to let her be heard.

“You know damn well I want that!”

Fareeha leveled in tone, and brought her face to her chest, taking the shot with only her mouth and intentionally spilling a little on her cleavage, which Angela did not care in the least and kept laughing. Once Fareeha took the drink and the screams intensified, she took her from her wrist and led her to the barstool once again, taking a napkin and wiping the alcohol as best as she could in clumsy movements.

“Sorry for the mess!”

“That was intentional!” She yelled back, the place louder than a couple of hours ago.

“Was it?! I’m sorry, I didn’t notice it!”

When their eyes met for a split second, the music seemed to stop, as well as all movement around them and only they were in that space in limbo. Fareeha took the lead and embraced the moment, giving Angela a gentle kiss that lasted for a long time, then the desperation crashed against both and she kissed her franctic as she stroked her thigh with one hand. Even that simple caress -gently squeezing her skin- ignited the fire in her navel. It felt like years not having her hands and lips on her, after such tired and trying nights there was no room for fooling around, let alone intimacies. Fareeha seemed to sense it as well, the tension loosening yet building once again for a complete different reason.

Fareeha's hand on her thigh moved further up, and up, playing with the edge of the dress just to move from its initial position and went between her legs, this time touching the wet fabric of her thong, lewdly moving the fabric into a side and probing with a finger between her moist lips. Angela moaned, not caring at her surroundings due to the high amount of alcohol in her blood stream. Luckily for both of them, most of the attention was being paid to the live band and the dance floor, the dim light favoring them.

Suddenly, a finger sunk inside her and her loud moan almost attracted attention. In and out in soft motions, a thumb grazing her clit as the kiss intensified and Fareeha’s body was hiding Angela's trembling body. It felt marvelous, and the doctor needed more of that and not just teasing. The hand was retracted quickly only to grab Angela once again and led her to the bathroom.

The door closed abruptly behind them thanks to the strong hand of Fareeha, who put the lock on the door once the place was emptied and took Angela in her arms, sitting her on the sink bar just to take a thigh with a hand and one cheek with the other, bringing her lips close to hers and tasting the strong taste of alcohol in her mouth. The short sleeves of her dress were lowered, showing her perfect breasts under the tinkling light of the bathroom. The cold air of the place affecting her sensitivity. Fareeha quickly payed attention to her breasts, grazing her nipples with lust and hunger unlike past years.

Angela’s hand tangled in Fareeha’s hair, and the hand stroking her thigh went further up, yanking the thin lacy material of the thong down to her ankles, hanging loosely in one just above her red high heel. And in one swift motion, two fingers were probing once again in her entrance, teasing up and down between her dripping folds and gathering the needed moisture to allow an easy entrance. Soon enough, said fingers were inside of her, curled and teasing at her front wall, a thumb grazing her clit as a rapid movement of her hand made wet, lapping noises with each stroke.

The blonde wanted to scream, to yell, to beg for more and pray for mercy, everything yet nothing else at the same time. She was fast to approach the edge her first orgasm of the night and even of the past weeks. A third finger sunk inside her and a warm concentration in her pelvis burst in an intense orgasm. Angela moaned loudly, and tried to muffle her screams with one hand, only to be pulled savagely to the side and down to the marble countertop, Fareeha’s breath touching her ear.

“I like my music loud…” She bit her earlobe, Angela almost melting. “…And your moans even louder.” Without realizing it, Fareeha was on her knees and her face mere inches apart from her dripping cunt and overstimulated bundle of nerves. Angela heard a couple knocks on the door and a fumbling of the knob, she looked down in horror, telling her lover with a single look that they were in problem. However, she met playful eyes. “Say it.”


“You know what to say.”

'Goodness.' She breathed deeply and called back. “It’s occupie-!”

Angela didn’t finish, for a tongue lapped her hungrily and a loud moan erupted from her lips. Angela could feel every part of her tongue touching and tasting her womanhood, making her shiver and tremble as she wrapped Fareeha with one leg and the other was placed on the countertop for leverage. She felt that she was going to fall at any moment, her overstimulation due to the first orgasm quite present yet.

Fareeha was doing a marvelous job, the tension of the past weeks completely disappeared with a couple of drinks and her attention on her sex, and there was nothing more magnificent in that moment of madness and spontaneity, only her face was the only thing capable of overcoming all. With a pale hand she stopped her head, stroking her hair in a sign of good work while she was loosely leaning in the mirror behind her.

The hand that caressed her earlier returned to its initial position, stroking her entrance as Fareeha's mouth paid attention to her clit, sucking gently on what two fingers were entering her again. The climax was close again, Angela could feel it approaching quickly. The music on the outside did an excellent job of masking her moans, her howls and pleas, until taking with both hands a black head let out a strangled cry, the heat and an anesthetic sensation taking control of her body between spasms.

Fareeha stood up again, posing both arms next to the blonde and licking her lips, placing hers to Angela's ones, melting into a desperate and hungry kiss that Angela returned more than cheerfully.

“That was… That was amazing, Fareeha.”

“I’m not done with you.”

“You’re not done with…?” She blinked a couple times, still drunk in lust and alcohol, and was lifted from her position and her dress was being fixed vaguely, her breast tucked back inside the fabric and the skirt pulled down again. Fareeha took hold of Angela’s hand and led her to the door, only to slightly tumble with her underwear tangled in her heel. “Fareeha wait, my-”

“Leave it there, you won’t need them.”

“Are you crazy? I can't leave my underwear lying around-”

“Let’s take another drink and pay the bill to go back to the hotel and finish what we started.” Her smile was blinding, innocent yet devilish. Angela had to shake her head, take her underwear and stuff it in Fareeha’s jeans pocket.

“You are impossible…"

"Is that a no?"

It was Angela's turn to take over, to have back control of her body despite the intoxicated state she was suddenly living as of tonight. But one thing was clear: she needed to remind Fareeha who was in charge.

"Let’s go.”