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The Protege

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Chapter X

Then I lost her again


The third cup of coffee wasn't enough that night. The caffeine stopped being processed correctly by her fatigued body, tired by the constant worry towards Fareeha and this mission like any other, mainly because the girl showed signs of nervousness and apprehension, something that since Angela arrived at Vishkar, she had not shown. Perhaps, after all, Fareeha had every reason to fear discovering the truth about those missions. And to be honest, Angela as well, but she had to show confidence to perhaps pass on a pinch to her beloved gallant lady to endure such trial.

Sleeping was out of her plans for the moment, and until Fareeha returned safe and sound, Angela could rest fully that night. Therefore, the option that seemed most desirable was to work in the lab starting from the morning that Fareeha left for an unknown town. Missions usually took two days, and maybe taking a nap wasn't such a bad idea considering that information. That was something that would be discussed later with herself.

Standing in front of the work table with a series of various liquids in test tubes, Angela analyzed a sample under the microscope, adjusting the zoom of the device until a clear image of the components inside were shown. The doctor knew that she couldn’t work precisely in her photochemotherapy research in that place, that was out of the question, so working on a new serum -or rather perfecting one already used- seemed an ideal option.

The liquid was yellow, shiny, and even touching it outside the test tube through the glass she could feel a warm and peaceful feeling, positive vibes and a promising future, as ridiculous as it seemed. It might sound as absurd as it came to be, but the serum worked, and her only patient had shown encouraging results since the first dose. Angela felt bad on the inside because the first time she gave her this dose was without her consent, like the rest of them and until that very same day.

Her mind fought between telling Fareeha or keeping the secret, but the second was seen as the best option as she didn’t want to break the trust they had formed with this relationship in secret. Finishing her day with this perfected treatment, she kept a small amount in a test tube, covering it with a cork to analyze it more closely in her office. Angela took her cup of coffee and downed the last contents of it, leaving it on the sink to wash later. She turned off the lights of the empty lab and made her way to the office to drop the serum.

Everything was quiet; corridors, offices, cubicles and other rooms, filled with the uncomfortable silence of the night. Her heels were pretty much every distinct noise that filled that floor, echoing with every step taken. She was close to reach her office door, grabbing the keys from her lab coat as they clinked. The double doors at the end of the hall swung open, revealing a more than upset Mirembe looking everywhere, her dark eyes fixing on Angela’s blue aquamarine once she spotted her.

“Mirembe? Are you okay?”

“Come with me. Now.” The older woman grabbed her wrist, pulling her toward the doors she entered.

“What’s going on?”

“There was a mishap in the mission; two agents wounded by bullets among themselves. They didn’t fail the mission, they met the objective, but they definitely had a problem. I can’t say more until I’m a hundred percent sure.”

Speeding her pace through the halls with Mirembe still holding her wrist, they reached the elevator, the wide space of it suddenly shrinking as Angela’s senses started to tell her something was off, obliviously wrong, and Mirembe letting her go and pressing the elevator buttons with irritability told her as well. The ride seemed to last forever, going from the second floor to the basement’s third floor.

With the little information Mirembe gave her, Angela couldn't clear up many of her doubts. Two agents wounded by firearms, but which group? And more specifically, who? Fareeha was among them? What had happened to cause such action between the members? This and many more questions revolved in her head. All she wanted was that Fareeha wasn't inside that terrifying equation, but this bad feeling told her otherwise.

Once again, everything was as quiet as the night demanded, only the humming of the elevator was the only she heard, and perhaps her heart beating in her ears. Mirembe was moving her foot up and down, making Angela even the more nervous about the whole situation. A soft chime, and the elevator doors swung open, only to be followed by a drowned scream. Tearing, ripping, high pitched and filled with fear and nothing else. Angela felt a shiver run down her spine, following Mirembe when the woman started to walk at a fast pace.

“I-Is that a Meka…?” She had to ask for her sanity, she was getting dizzy by just hearing such a guttural and desperating scream.

“…That’s your protégé.”

Angela stopped in her tracks. She touched her chest, feeling her heart beating faster all of a sudden, and her eyes pleaded to Mirembe to tell her she isn’t, that the person filling the entire floor with her wail wasn’t Fareeha, her ever dedicated, strong and selfless girl. She had never heard Fareeha scream like that, her voice a high pitched tone, easily confusing her with Yuna or any other girl in the place. Fareeha never shouted like that, not even when she felt bullet wounds when she was in service with Angela, and there were several times.

What were they doing to her? What was happening? How much suffering had to happen for her voice to be transformed and was about to materialize in pure fear? She took one step, and then another, beginning to hurry her way, and without realizing it she was running down the corridor, sprinting, looking for the source of the sound and the place that housed her. Without waiting for Mirembe she knew exactly where to go, despite never having visited the place. With each step Angela took, the sound intensified, and it was increasingly painful for the doctor to process it.

She arrived in front of doors, a weary Mirembe regaining her breath as she tried to reach Angela in the place. Her hands tried to take her ID several times, but the shaking of her hands wasn’t helping. Luckily Mirembe stood forward and swept her own ID into the notch, beeping in green and giving her access. The doors opened, and the scream was immediately muffled, but it was definitely there. She faced Satya, standing in an irritated position and looking forward through the glass, Fareeha sitting on the other side as electrodes were being placed in her temples.

“Satya, what is happening?” Mirembe was asking her in quite the untamed voice, something unusual in her. Satya wasn’t looking her back, but her eyes were fixed on the girl trying to free herself, as a blue bright liquid –similar to that of hers- was injected in Fareeha’s bloodstream, making her clench her eyes and start sweating, trembling with every second passing. “You are not giving her th- Satya, stop!”

“If she wants to disobey her superiors’ orders, she knows there’s consequences to such anarchist behavior.”

“This is not the way to punish her! That serum is still in experimental phase!”

“She almost made a disaster out of the mission!”

“Satya, you can kill her!”

“Stop…” Angela begged as the two woman started a heated argument. “Please, stop…” Now she meant to whatever was being done to Fareeha. The machine kept beeping faster each time, her pulse at an impassive rate, the display showing alarming results. Angela’s mind went in full doctor mode, working and analyzing her patient’s vital signs with horror. Uncontrollable muscle spasms, cold sweat, clenched teeth, unusual noises, unconsciousness. The monitor beeping even faster, and Angela’s senses kicked in again. “Stop! Stop!”

Angela ran to the door that led to the room where Fareeha was, not caring about Satya's orders or Mirembe's advice. The door opened abruptly and the two people inside looked back at her with surprise, Angela immediately pushing them away from Fareeha. She tugged on the cable that connected the battery that was giving electrical current to the electrodes and removed the needle from her arm when Fareeha stopped responding, the liquid almost burning her hand as it touched her gloveless fingers.

A seizure. Cardiac arrest. The symptoms were unmistakable, Angela had already seen them several times in the emergency room. The fear that was attacking her sanity now was even more irrepressible, especially while looking at Fareeha motionless, unconscious, and not responding to her voice. Suddenly, she stopped moving when an intermittent sound was heard on the monitor behind her. No pulse. No heartbeat.

“…Fareeha?” Angela called her softly at first, disconnecting the electrodes from her head. She wasn’t moving, the machine kept beeping long and steady. “…Fareeha!”

She was breathing no more. Her body was losing the warmth that she longed for every night. Angela had to push away that part of her that was screaming for her beloved and letting the doctor in her completely take over her mind, although desperation said something else. Thanks to the adrenaline rushing through her veins, she was able to lift Fareeha from the chair and lay her on the floor, ready to perform CPR on her body.

Angela knelt next to her and pinched her nose, blowing into her mouth twice and began chest compressions. One, two, fifteen times. Two more breaths. Four cycles, and Angela rechecked for signs. Nothing. Not a change. Two more minutes, and Angela was growing desperate, trying to maintain the compressions steady. Thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, mouth to mouth. That wasn’t the way how Angela wanted her lips to touch Fareeha’s once again, never like that.

“Don’t you leave me!” One, two, three, four, five. “Don’t you dare, Fareeha!” Six, seven, eight, nine, ten. “Stay…” Fifteen. “Stay…!” Mouth to mouth, two more breaths. Five minutes, no response. Angela knew very well that that time was her limit, irreplaceable brain damage, but she wasn’t willing to surrender now. She was staying for hours if that’s what was going to take for Fareeha to wake up, to find a pulse, a heartbeat. Anything.

“Ziegler, she’s gone… You have to let her go-” Mirembe reached her, placing a hand on her shoulder only to be slapped away.

“Don’t touch me! Leave me alone! She’s coming back!”

“Angela, you have to let her go! You've been trying to revive her for five minutes!”

“I’m not leaving her! She’s coming back!” She was growing more desperate as the time passed, there was a few drops of sweat trickling down her neck, and she was tired also. “She’ll be fine… She’ll be fine.”

“Tsk… You’re doing no good…” She decided to ignore her and continue with CPR. “Take off, I'll cover you.”

For a moment Angela hesitated, but she really was tired and needed someone to help her while she went for the proper equipment. Fareeha’s body was losing her usual warmth and she was becoming paler by the minute. Despise not wanting to part from her side, she let Mirembe move her to be replaced by her, performing CPR with a steadier speed and force, something Angela was lacking now.

She dropped to the floor, exhausted, more tired than usual, watching as Mirembe tried to revive her. She remained there, looking at her, the tears now came out freely, and she needed to control them. Angela looked for a tissue in her lab coat’s pocket, but her eyes opened wide when instead she felt something cold yet warm, a glass test tube filled with her own experimental serum.

Getting up, she went to a table and got a syringe, filling it shakily with the content of her test tube, tapping the bubbles out of the barrel as she pushed the plunge. It had to work, there was no other way. Running to Fareeha, she pushed Mirembe softly and with a pair of scissors she got from a tray, started to cut the black uniform, exposing her covered chest and moving slightly the fabric of her sports bra, uncovering a small portion of her chest enough to reach her heart with the needle. Angela took a deep breath, and sunk the needle carefully through the flesh, feeling it touch a spongy tissue.

The liquid slowly began to be injected into her heart, a shot of adrenaline that was disappearing from the barrel with each controlled push of the plunge. Once all the content disappeared, Angela retracted the needle and tossed it to the ground, beginning again with the compressions, hoping that it was enough. Nothing mattered more than bringing her back, or Satya screaming at two people to get her out of there, or Mirembe telling her that she was crazy for doing that.

Angela was not going to give up until she felt a pulse, a heartbeat, a breath. After fifteen more compressions, she placed her ear on her chest, waiting and begging to hear a heartbeat. And she heard it. Her eyes widened in surprise and relief, immediately placing two fingers on her neck to check her pulse. Faint, but there it was. Fareeha's chest rose less than a centimeter, and her body began to regain a bit of her normal color.

“I-is she breathing…?” Mirembe asked her astonished. Angela nodded, feeling the tears ran down her cheeks once again, this time carrying a different emotion. “Get her upstairs to a room! Now!” She yelled to a couple of staff members along with Satya. They took a portable stretched and lifted Fareeha with it, running with the unconscious woman to take the elevator and Angela following suit as well, sprinting at her side, looking at her breathe again.

Because she was her assigned doctor, caretaker and patron, Angela had a lot of freedoms and permits with Fareeha lately, and among them was taking care of her and isolating her from everyone, at least until she healed completely. The room was totally empty except for the two, more medical devices than she would have liked, Fareeha having oxygen tubes in her nose as her chest rose quietly, still unconscious, in a coma after more than two weeks. As long as she was alive, Angela didn’t mind how much it could take her to wake up, she would be by her side until she could do no more.

Carefully, she removed the gauze that was covering Fareeha’s tight, checking the bullet wound and tapping the piece of cloth back when she saw it healing successfully, doing exactly the same with her arm. She remained always at her side, dragging a chair the moment Fareeha was placed on the bed, and she refused to leave. Angela started to neglect herself even more, avoiding lunch as not to leave Fareeha alone for a long time, even a shower seemed bothersome enough.

She was a mess, inside and outside. On one hand she was tired as never before, never did a patient of hers demand so much of her time and effort than Fareeha was needing right now, or rather Angela needing to remain by her side. On the other hand, the lab coat had more stains than normally acceptable, she wore the same clothes for two to three days, and her hair was a matted mess tied in a ponytail. Her eyes had dark bags under them, she looked paler, thinner, weaker, but as long as she could remain by Fareeha’s side, it was all worth it in her mind.

Angela needed to be there the second Fareeha woke up. She sat on the same chair she always did and leaned forward, propping her arms over the mattress and next to Fareeha, nestling her head over them, ready to take another quick nap. She closed her eyes and started to drift when a knock on the door startled her and she got up to answer it. Tiredly, she opened it to reveal an annoyed Mirembe with a visible frown. Angela was used to her reprimands as of lately.

“For the love of God, Ziegler. Take a break, eat breakfast, take a shower and go to sleep. I’m taking over her now.” Angela shook her head, closing the door when Mirembe stepped inside.

“No, it’s fine. I still need to check on her.”

“She’s in a coma, she’s not going anywhere.” Angela huffed, tired of her scolding.

“Is there something you need? Or else I’ll ask you to leave.”

“You’re a mess of a woman. What was the last thing you ate?”

“I don’t know. A chicken sandwich.”

“The one I brought you? That was almost two days ago when I left. This ain’t healthy, Angela, you need to eat properly and rest.”

“It’s okay, I’m drinking water.”

“You don’t live alone on water. You need food, you are neglecting yourself and when Fareeha wakes up, what do you think will happen? She’ll see a woman in terrible conditions, you will only make her feel worse with her doing whatever she did.” Mirembe had a very valid point, what Angela least wanted was for Fareeha to wake up and worry more, she would surely scold her even after being unconscious for weeks. Nodding slightly, she gave Mirembe a reason.

“Okay… I’ll go get some breakfast, take a shower and perhaps a quick nap…”

“Good, I’ll watch over her. She’s going nowhere.” Both smiled, Angela ready to leave the place and try to take care of herself. Something irked her and she stopped before opening the door.

“That reminds me, do you have any idea why Fareeha attacked? I'm sure she had a very good reason to do so.” Mirembe just raised an eyebrow, taking the same chair where Angela was sitting previously.

“Why do you think that?”

“The helmet… It wasn’t working on her.”

“What do you mean?”

“We were doing the last checkup and Fareeha was still herself. She said she could recognize everyone, she could recognize me... So I'm intrigued to know what really happened so that she, fully aware, was able to shoot her teammate and try to stop the mission.”

“That’s not what the helmet does, was it a malfunction?” Angela shook her head.

“I doubt it, but since the helmet reacts in pair with the hard-light serum in her body, it could made it useless.”

“That could be a possibility… I’ll ask Fio for the recordings. But first, take care of yourself and come back when you’re rested.” A nod, and Angela left the room for the first time in four days.

She really was neglecting herself, her head throbbed with every step she took, and the cafeteria wasn’t exactly close. She opted to go to her bedroom, take a bath and feed herself once clean and presentable, being locked up with Fareeha for four days wasn't healthy, but her body and mind refused to separate from her. Once in her bathroom, Angela undressed tiredly, shedding off her lab coat, shirt and pants, only remaining in underwear and looking at herself in the mirror she could easily see how bad she was treating her shell. Ignoring that, she went into the shower, cleaning herself quickly to leave the place and head to the cafeteria.

She wasn’t hungry, she didn’t want to eat now, and flopped herself on the bed, letting the sleep catch on her, which was fast and effective. Her dreams were focused more than anything on formulas and her, always Fareeha. She saw them both in the apartment, both returning home. Angela took her time trying to figure out how she could get her out of there without causing a big mess, how she could get her back home. Their home.

Angela woke up after a three-hour nap, desperate to have wasted so much time sleeping when she promised herself to do it for a couple of hours only. One more hour lost. She quickly changed into a decent outfit to head to the cafeteria in the same way, taking breakfast as soon as possible in order to return to Fareeha's side. Once opening the door of the room where the girl was, she definitely not expected the surprise that would await her.

“What are you doing here?” Tariq looked back at her, Angela’s face that of a mix of anger and worry. “Get out.”

“I came to see her. I’m her teammate, I think I have enough rights to visit my friend.”

“Well, you have some guts coming here after you shot her twice.” Angela was visibly challenging him, and he answered in the same way, standing up from the chair and crossing his arms.

“I did what I had to do in order to complete the damn mission.”

“And I can see how much of a friend you are.” The doctor walked to him, standing in front of the man and looking at him with a more than defiant look, ready to snap at any given moment. “Leave. Now.”

“I’m not leaving, she’s my teammate and I care for her.”

“I don’t give a damn, get the hell out of here.”

“Are you seriously kicking me out?” He started raising his voice. “I’m her friend! Something she seems to be lacking of in this place while you snatch her all the time!”

“Excuse me?! You are just not coming to this room to start pointing fingers at me! You are the one who hurt her and subsequentially put her in this bed! You don’t even deserve to look at her!”

“And what makes you think you’re deserving her attention more than we, her teammates, her family, do?! Just because you think you own her?! That’s it?! She means nothing to you, she’s just your experiment and you wanna keep playing with her!” She took a step forward, facing Tariq at eye level, the intensity that was in her eyes even overpowering her emotional control.

“For starters I’m not her owner nor anyone else in this goddamn land! I don’t own anyone and nobody- listen to me, nobody owns Fareeha! And don’t you dare ever again to put your words in my mouth or hers! You don’t know what she means to me! So get the hell out of here before I personally and literally kick you out of the room!” The door opened, and Mirembe –carrying a laptop- was standing in the doorway looking at both of them yell at each other.

“What in the world is happening here? Would you have some respect for the sleeping beauty in here, please?”

“Get out, Tariq. And you too, no one is allowed here anymore.”

“Angela would you-”

“Get the hell out of here!”

“Would you at least listen to me and see that I brought what I promised you before?” Weighing her options, Angela stopped and looked at Mirembe in the eyes, earning a pleading look.

“I want you to leave, Tariq, and I want you to step inside for five minutes, then you can leave as well. No one is allowed inside here ever again once you leave this place.” She didn’t wait for anyone to retort her, and Tariq left the place, giving her another threatening look before opening the door prior leaving. Angela knew it wasn’t the last of him, but she had to state who she was and how important she was taking Fareeha’s care. “Get inside, Mirembe.”

“Your command, Dr. Ziegler.” She closed the door and sat in front of a table, Angela dragging the chair next to Fareeha and sitting next to Mirembe. “This is the deal. Nobody knows that Fio gave me this, not even that she managed to take these recordings. Unfortunately she only managed to recover the audio, the videos are encrypted and it’s out of our reach.” A nod. “To be honest, I've never heard a recording, not even Satya. She has the power to do so, but refuses since she states is a waste of time and thus, of resources.”

“Proceed, please.” A finger moved to a key, and with a press, the sound of voices and background noises began to play. If mild, there was some interference, distorting some of the conversation. “This is creepy… Now I’m glad I didn’t listen to them before.”

‘In position. Infiltrating in three… Two… One…’ Fareeha’s voice, even though normally collected and calm, seemed to be hidden a hint of fear, Angela feeling it clear as day. After a few more minutes of just hearing footsteps, Angela was growing tired, Mirembe even more so.

“Why do they have to speak in Arab? I can’t understand a single thing over here, for God’s sake. Do you speak Arab?” Angela shook her head and Mirembe grunted. More footsteps, and more of the same. The older woman stood up, pacing in the room and waiting for some more as Angela kept hearing Fareeha’s breathing. “How long until-?”

‘Stop. Stop! Don’t shoot! Both scientists looked at each other. ‘Stop! There’s children in here!

“No…” Angela covered her mouth in horror. “Tell me they didn’t-”

‘This is an orphanage, for fucks sake! Lower your weapons and retreat! Abort! Stop!’

Suddenly, a gunshot was heard, then another, and Fareeha's grunts filled the audio, trying to suppress the urge to scream. Angela could easily feel the pain in her limbs, both treated by her, wounds carefully taken care with her unparalleled affection for her. Mirembe stood up once the audio recording stopped, covering her mouth with a clenched fist. Angela simply stayed sitting, looking at the screen, then at Fareeha.

"She tried to stop them..." She whispered. "She tried to do the right thing and yet... And yet they punished her and put her in that bed..."

"Ziegler, you better-" Angela stood up, her face contracted and red, brows knot, fists clenched.

"They killed her! And it was a miracle she came back! I don't even know what's going to happen now! So don't tell me to calm down!"

"All I'm trying to say is that you have to think things better, don't rush, don't get crazy, clear your mind." Angela relaxed for a second, tensing all over again.

"You're right... I need to be alone with her only. Leave the room, no one is allowed here but me."

"That I can't promise you if Vaswani is lurking around."

"You let me deal with Satya, the rest is not allowed."

Listening to her and taking the laptop back in her hands, Mirembe left the room, leaving Angela alone with Fareeha once again. She felt the tears threatening to run down, but wept them immediately, she wasn't going to cry in front of her lover, even if she was unconscious. Dragging the chair back at her side, Angela sat next to her and placed a hand on top of Fareeha's one, squeezing a little in reassurance.

"I'm so proud of you... You did the right thing, Fareeha, you always stood for what you thought was right... I could never be prouder of you, I just want you to wake up so I can take you out here." She leaned forward, placing her cheek on the matress. "Please..." She closed her eyes, trying to rest a little bit more, only to feel slight pressure in her hand. Angela almost stood up frightened, but as soon as she realized it was Fareeha's hand squeezing hers back, she retracted. "F-Fareeha...?"

Angela didn't wanted to move, expecting Fareeha to do any other movement by herself. And then, another movement, soft yet strong enough to latch her fingers with her, digits intertwined, hand pulled closer to her. Angela looked at the hand, tiny droplets of tears trickling down her eyes, then she looked up, at her face, only to face deep amber eyes partly open and staring her back.

"Hi..." It came as a whisper, but a word enough to spark an insurmountable happiness again in Angela's heart.

"Oh my goodness..."

"I had a weird dream, Angie..." She whispered again, Angela getting up and hugging her body with all might. "I'm sorry, I-"

"Shut up, it's not your fault. It's not. The only things that matter now is that you're here, that you're alive and you're awake... I thought I lost you again..." A hand stroked her back slowly, caressing the slenderness of her body.

"I'm here..." Angela let her breathe, sitting next to her and wiping the tears dripping down to her lap and chest. "Angie? Are you okay?"

"You ask me if I'm okay after you have been in a coma for two weeks?" She chuckled and composed herself, taking a deep breath. "You are unbelievable... I'm better now. How are you feeling?"

"I'm thirsty..." Angela got up quickly, taking a water bottle from the mini fridge and twisted the cap open, taking Fareeha's chin and tipping the bottle into her mouth, prompting her to drink. Slowly, half the bottle was emptied. "Thanks."

"You're welcome. How are you feeling? Are you hungry?" A shake of her head. "Do you need anything else?"


“That’s very sweet, but I’m being seriou.”

“So am I. Can you lie down with me?” Fareeha asked her, slightly moving her hand and signaling the doctor. “I’m tired.”

“Then rest.”

“Not until you join me.” Angela sighed, smiling all the while, and complied to Fareeha’s request, lying down next to her and hugging her body as not to fall off. “It wasn’t that difficult, wasn’t it?”

“More than you think.”

“How so?”

“I feel you so fragile…” Angela’s hand rested peacefully on top of Fareeha’s abdomen, stroking softly the covered skin with her thumb. “I feel like the wrong touch might… Might separate you from me again.”

“Thank you.”

“...Thank you?”

“I had a weird dream, I told you… I fell into a frozen lake, I was drowning and you tried to reach me… Tried. And I fell, and everything went dark…” Angela’s hand clenched in a fist, her eyes closed, trying to suppress the urge to feel more than that. “But then I opened my eyes and you were there, with me inside the lake, and you took my hand and pulled me to the surface… You saved me.”

“You died…” Fareeha stopped talking, almost holding her breath. “For several minutes and I- I tried to bring you back, but you stopped breathing, your heart stopped beating and you had no pulse, you had no life, I saw you dead and… I can’t, Fareeha, I can’t do it anymore… I can’t lose you for a third time…”

“Don’t cry, I’m here. I’m never leaving you again.”

Slowly, Fareeha was able to sit up, taking the oxygen tubes out of her nose and, although with difficulty, managed to pull Angela to her side, sitting the same, and the doctor's heart began to beat strongly, her cheeks turning red, and when Fareeha took her face with both hands and she kissed her softly, again felt an immense relief navigate her body. Angela responded in the same way, tenderly, trying to retain as many emotions as her beloved could grant her, and with ease, Fareeha provided.

“I promise you to never leave you ever again, that was the worst mistake I’ve ever done in my life.” It perked Angela, blinking a couple times.

“Do you remember something?”

“You can tear that letter because I’ll go back to you no matter what.”

Angela’s eyes lit up when Fareeha smiled and pulled her back to her lips. It felt eternal, just the two of them sharing a moment of intimacy longed for quite the time, Angela taking care of her like she never took care of anyone else and even when it was a selfish wish, she only desired to put her whole attention in the girl trying so hard to hold her and show her how much she wants her. It was time to get out of there, and the plan was near to be finished.

The doctor parted from the show of affection when she felt she needed air, taking a big breath, only to be pulled back by Fareeha. Angela laughed at the attitude of her patient, Fareeha simply smiling but not caring, but when she pulled Angela and laid her on top of her, the doctor began to worry.

“Fareeha, what are you doing? I’m-”

“I want to hold you longer, I missed you.”

“I missed you too…” She looked at Fareeha for a beat, looking intently into her eyes, dark with affection and want in them. “I love you…”

“I love you too.”

And she didn’t need Fareeha’s hands to pull her back, for she slowly lowered her head and began kissing her again, and again, until her lips demanded more, her hands roamed for warm skin, her senses. She let herself be taken, be grasped of every part her body and a pair of arms surrounding her waist, feeling her closer. Neither of them heard the door open, nor the fact that a man was standing in the doorway looking at them, until he spoke and startled both of them.

“Fareeha…? What the fuck is going on…?!”