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The Protege

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Chapter VIII

Then I let her in again


Normally her nights were an empty agreement for five years. With no adventure, with no motivation, with no purpose, maybe that of continuing to work and fill it with silly ideas that were enough to make her say that she had something to do on her weekend. Her nights would be lacking of people to hold dearly or have some fun-calling activities, but if they were full of red wine, cigarettes, and strolling naked or in her underwear around her apartment while listening to music of various genres, that would fill her at that moment. And in Vishkar it was no different, especially due to the fact that now her friends weren't by her side.

But now, tonight while watching the laptop's screen in which she used to work on her own personal projects, the opportunity knocked at her door, and Angela quickly got up to answer, hoping that the only person able to make her night such a wonderful one would be on the other side. Fixing her hair a little, she realized she was in her sleepwear, and Angela cursed under her breath, but it was too late to change into another outfit. Adjusting her posture, she opened the door and felt immense relief to see that indeed the person who she most expected to see was standing in front of her.

“Fareeha?” She had to ask just to be sure as she cleared her eyes. It was past two in the morning and she was getting tired already.

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t be here and-” She had to stop her fast, to reassure her.

“It’s okay. Can’t sleep, darling?” That one slipped from her mouth, but Fareeha didn’t seem to be bothered by it, and she nodded. “Neither could I. I tried and failed miserably, so I ended up working up late once again.” She chuckled, running her hand over her head.

“That’s unhealthy.”

“Heh, it is…” Fareeha was still her worried self towards her without being conscious of. It was positively adorable, making Angela want more of her. “Let’s work on this together, the two of us. Come with me.”

Stepping aside, she invited Fareeha inside without asking her directly. The invitation was accepted, and Fareeha went inside the comfort of her bedroom. Angela closed the door and felt that everything stopped, her body moving in slow motion when she realized that Fareeha was in her room again, weighing now the importance of that action. She shouldn't be there, she shouldn’t even go near the quarter's floor of the Vishkar's staff, but there she was, and inside her bedroom, the most private space Angela had as of now.

Fareeha had already been a few times there, but those times were always to talk about more important things, never because of the fact that she couldn't sleep. And now Angela's body felt lighter, the presence of the girl enough to remove all the stress and throw it out the window, relaxing her body in an impressive way. How wonderful it was. Fareeha kept standing, perhaps waiting for an instruction from the doctor, but she just received a hug from behind, a pair of slender hands intertwining in front of her abdomen.

“I didn’t want to bother you so late, but my legs led me here. When I least thought of it, I was in front of your door.” Angela shook her head, nuzzling in her back and feeling the warmth and coziness of her shirt against her skin.

“You are far from bothering me. If so, the lack of your presence is what really upsets me. I want you here at all times, if I’m being honest…”

“Heh… Perhaps I can manage to escape every night.”

“I wouldn’t mind.”

“I’m half joking.” It was Angela’s turn to smirk.

“Then half make it happen.” Fareeha turned around and hugged Angela back, her height towering hers. “Do you want to have a sleepover? I can fix you a tea. Chamomile, this time.”

“I’m fine, I don’t need chamomile. I just-” She dragged Angela to the bed, sitting her on her lap when Fareeha’s rear touched the mattress. “I don’t know why it's so easy to be like this around you… I just need to sleep with nothing in mind today. My body begs for a good night rest…” Angela would be lying if she said she wasn’t blushing, her face was redder than before, but a soft, hard beat in her heart overpowered any other sensation. Not even the fatigue seemed to be subduing to such a feeling.

“I-If that’s what you want…”

And she lied in bed next to her. Gladly only the lamplight of her bedside table was turned on, and with a simple press of a button, she turned off the light. Now both lying side to side, face to face, she could see tension in Fareeha’s eyes, but also something as charming as what she used to feel for her: love. That word again, the one she refused to ever let go, and tonight, she was glad she never did. The moonlight filtering from the blinds was enough to light Fareeha’s face, but not hers, and she was thankful, for she couldn’t bear the situation calmly. She was beyond delusional, drunk with endless affection.

A smile was shared to her, sincere, and Fareeha’s eyes slowly started to close. Half lidded, refusing to succumb into slumber. “Sleep.” Angela barely whispered. “Have some rest. You deserve it.” And she did, that morning workout wasn’t as bearable as before, Fareeha's body couldn’t hold so much straining as before, and it was obviously normal she would be exhausted as never before. But she was improving mentally, and that was all what mattered. Fareeha, her Fareeha, was coming back slowly, and Angela didn’t want anything else at the moment but to see her at peace, even if it meant to share a few hours of forbidden sleep with her.

For quite several minutes, Angela stared back at Fareeha’s face. She was asleep, resting, beautiful as ever, innocent, and no worries in her mind and body for the moment. Angela traced every detail she missed before, like the tattoo slightly fading, or a couple of wrinkles on her forehead she knew were due stressful hours, but she still did that cute little frown when sleeping. Her mouth was partly open, but her lips never lost the fullness of them. Plum and tempting as ever, and Angela wanted to touch them with her own, but she was as tired as her, and preferred to sleep next to such an amazing woman, scooting closer so their foreheads were touching.

However, the peace didn’t last long. Angela woke up an hour later to Fareeha stirring in place. Her frown deepened, now her lips were pressing together in a thin line, and she could see a twitching here and there in her face, her hands, even her shoulders started shaking, and there was a thin layer of sweat in her brow. That wasn't normal, Angela never saw that in her, but she very much knew those were the nightmares she was having, a rush of memories and bad dreams mixed together in what seemed a painful knot in her brain. Those seemed to be scarce now, but they didn’t make them any less dangerous and the doctor decided to ease her.

“Fareeha?” She called her softly, but there was no response, only more stirring. “Fareeha, darling…”

Nothing, just movement, and a faint shaky breathing followed by soft groans similar to that of moaning. Decided to wake her up as passive as possible, Angela touched her head, tucking a few strands of black hair sticking to her face.

“My love… Wake up…”

She decided to use her honesty once again, as that was the only thing that she seemed to feel now, her love overcoming any other feeling, emotion or sensation now. Her love to protect her, to make her feel safe, to make her feel she deserves that and more. And it worked. Fareeha opened her eyes abruptly, her breathing was heavy and rapid, but the shaking and tensed features disappeared. Black eyes stared at her, and Angela’s heart wanted to break when tiny droplets of tears started gathering in Fareeha’s eyes and she tried to blink them away.

“I’m sorry…”

“It’s not your fault…” Angela shook her head and embraced her tightly, burying Fareeha’s face in her chest. “It’s not your fault.” She repeated, assuring her as she stroked her hair and kissed her forehead. "Never your fault."

“I want to get out of here… I can’t handle it anymore…”

Her words weighed like iron. The place was a torture chamber, a slaughterhouse, and Fareeha was locked inside for more than two years. The dread stirring inside Angela wanted to make her feel as good as possible, to hold her and never leave her again, to kiss her for many, many years to come until she gets tired of doing so, but she knew that tiredness would never come. And thus, she held her face with both hands and brought her lips to her own in a soft, lucid kiss.

“Leave with me.”


“I’ll get you out of here... Both of us.” Angela didn’t know how much those words meant to Fareeha, but the way her eyes lit up said it all. “Just wait for me a little longer until I come with a plan…”

“…Why are you doing this for me?”

“Why?” It could be a disaster to tell her the truth, but if she didn’t say it, it could very much be painful to both of them. Perhaps half the truth would be the idea. “Because I care only so much for you, I want your happiness at all costs. I have never stopped looking for you, my heart refused to surrender.” And another kiss. “I… I desire you so much. So, so much, it hurts… It hurts that you’re not by my side at all times, that I lived without you for five years…” And another deeper, more meaningful kiss. “And I missed this so much… Knowing and feeling you alive is a magnificent sensation…”

“Even if I’m a mess and I’m still trying to remember parts of who you are?”

“The mess I don’t mind, we both are, to be quite honest.” That elicited a soft laugh from Fareeha. “And for the other part, I think it’ll be amazing to discover who I am, for I lost track of myself only for too many years, I don’t know who I am anymore.”

“You’re Dr. Angela Ziegler.”

“I know who Dr. Ziegler is, but who is Angela?” Fareeha blinked, getting closer to her. “Who is this person behind the doctor façade?”

“You are an angel.” Angela wanted to stop breathing, and she did for so long she needed the air more than anything now, but Fareeha’s eyes started to search desperately for hers, her brow slightly knotted. For a beat, she closed her eyes only to open them. Her pupils were completely dark, Angela could see so much affection in them, as if drawn to something she desired with more than anything. “You are my angel.”

“You used to call me that- do you remember…?” Her angel. Hers, only hers and no one else’s. Angela eyes started to water. She was remembering her, if only for a fragment, it was one of the most important ones, and the doctor was lucid.

“You are my savior, my muse, my queen, my goddess… I partly remember who you are… You are my Angela. Mine.” The word echoed in Angela’s head, heart and soul like a hammer, pounding harder with every remembrance. Hers.

Yours…” She confirmed, no suspicion but pure truth. Once again, she took her face in her hands and brought her closer, kissing every part she could kiss, from her forehead to her chin and ending in her lips. “I’ve been only yours…” She muttered between kisses, no longer caring for the tears streaming down. “And I’ll ever be, as long as you allow me… As long as you want me… As long as you don’t leave me again.” A pair of strong arms surrounded her waist, bringing her even closer and deepening the kiss. In a swift motion, Fareeha turned over their bodies, now Angela lying below her.

“I don’t want this to stop… I want more.”

“Take it… Take as much as you want.” Angela was numb by the sensations and barely thought of her words when Fareeha spoke, even she could see the taller girl wanted the same.

“Are you-?”

“Yes, yes… Whatever you want from me is yours. I'm yours.” The blonde encouraged, and Fareeha needn’t no more.

Fareeha kept kissing her, the hands on her waist squeezed softly the flesh as a tongue trailed inside her mouth, caressing every crevice with hunger and trying to take as much as she could since Angela gave her a green light to do so. She was being eager, and Angela was into a whole plain of existence that, along with Fareeha, was beginning to remember, to savor once again with every touch, the one she was forgetting and her body daily tried to remind her.

For quite the time, they stayed like that, just sharing kisses of different intensities. Slow, hungry, deep, softly, whatever they had to offer, it was such an indescribable experience, Angela being the one who felt the tingling sensation all over her body with every touch of her lips. Without thinking, a moan slipped when Fareeha introduced her tongue even more and caressed the sensitive skin of her hips, earning a soft smile from the woman on top of her. Fareeha knew she earned victory.

“…May I?” Fareeha said finally after several minutes playing with the hem of her nightgown. Angela was still surprised by how caring and considerate she was, even when she lost part of herself while staying at Vishkar against her will. Angela was more than pleased to oblige, to give her everything she wanted.

“You may.”

She said with a smile, shyly returned as well. Fareeha moved back a bit, enough to allow Angela to sit, and slowly slid her skirt up with her rough hands, revealing the pale skin of her thighs that, Angela knew perfectly well, was one of -if perhaps- the favorite parts of the girl, and the doctor let her took charge of anything else, staying put, immovable. Slowly, the pink fabric of her underwear began to show, and Angela felt a chill from the exposure of the damp fabric against the cold air of the room.

Like a hungry animal, Fareeha looked at her underwear, and continued to slide the robe upwards, bulging beneath her bare breasts, and with another look in her eyes, Angela gave her permission silently, shaking her shoulders slightly so that the piece came out with ease. The doctor felt her nipples harden more by the exposure and the hungry look of Fareeha, that expression that years ago she didn’t look and desired with all her being in those lonely nights.

In a smooth and firm movement, the robe fell to the floor, and Angela tried to cover her exposed arms lightly with her arms, but quickly dismissed the idea and placed both of them on her abdomen, looking Fareeha in the eyes with longing. She could have expected any reaction of panic, fear, even excitement and desire, but never of tenderness. Never. The taller girl came slowly to her and gave her a tender kiss on the lips, keeping an inch from her once they parted.

“You are gorgeous, just like I dreamed.” Angela giggled both by the ticklish breath over hers and such a comment.

“You did not have wet dreams with me, Fareeha.”

“Heh more times than I can remember…” Another kiss, this time deeper. “But this is even better. The real you is even better.”

With a slow step and crawling towards her, Fareeha put Angela back in between kisses, caresses to her naked abdomen and exposed legs, never taking her touch away from her or her lips from hers. Angela was in heaven for a moment, experiencing the lost touch of her lover once again, feeling how she was being serviced with only so much dedication and care, and the soft moans falling from her lips were adding more intensity to such activity. But the blonde needed more, and she parted from the kiss with heavy breathing, looking flushed and urged to keep forward.

“Clothes off.” She said, pulling at the hem of Fareeha’s shirt. “Off, please.” Fareeha obeyed in a hurry, hurling the shirt somewhere in the bedroom and doing the same with her short shorts, remaining only in panties like Angela. “Fuck…” She had to curse at such a sight, it was impressive even when she looked at her bare upper body more times as of lately.

“I didn’t know you cursed.”

“Only when I’m… Astonished.”

“Haven’t you seen me several times before?” Angela giggled and pulled her back, pressing a chaste kiss on her lips.

“Yes, but this is not even remotely close to what I’ve done before to you… Go ahead, do whatever you want this time and take the lead.”

“Are you my experiment now?”

“Is that’s how you want to call me?” Fareeha had to laugh at the implicit comment, feeling the blonde’s lips stretching in hers.

“Unbelievable…” Fareeha kept moving, the hand that caressed the blonde's hip was now moving down more, towards her thighs, eliciting a raw moan from the doctor. Suddenly, it moved to her inner thigh, and Angela almost squirmed in place. “What if I want to…” Her hand began to touch the fabric of her panties, teasing slightly with a finger hooked on the hem. “…To try here?” The need and sultriness of her voice was enough to send a shiver down Angela’s spine.

“Y-you are more than welcome to do what you want w-wherever you want…” It left in a whisper, and when Fareeha smiled at her, she knew everything was lost.

That hand slid out back to the surface, only to slide down on the lace fabric and touch the doctor's most sensitive spot, wet from her arousal. Angela gripped at the sheet below her and pressed her lips to avoid screaming, chanting to the skies for the sudden perfect touch after half a decade of it being snitched away from her life. Fareeha’s hand kept moving in soft circles over her panties, and her mouth went lower to Angela’s neck, licking the flesh underneath and sucking only slightly on her pulse joint, now a moan released after trying so bad to avoid doing so, Angela's hand immediately went to her mouth to hush every noise coming out of it. It was uncontrollable, and she couldn't believe that with that alone she was so close to ecstasy. As if Fareeha had realized that something else was needed, her kisses on the neck went to her collarbone, and then they hovered on a milky chest, her eyes turning to see Angela for permission, and the doctor nodded quickly and desperately.

The sensation was unmatched when Fareeha's mouth touched her nipple, her hand did an excellent job of silencing the intense moans while this magnificent woman was dedicating to service her, and it was clear she was enjoying it by her facial expressions. Now Angela was even closer to the edge, she felt her core tightening, a heat concentrating in her groin with every passing second, and when Fareeha slid her panties to the side and sunk two fingers inside her, it was all over. An orgasm exploded like one she used to feel, she used to enjoy like anything else, and her whole body quivered as a drown moan rippled from her throat.

Fareeha kept pumping her fingers, more and more slowly, ending to a soft sliding enough to help her come down from her high. A few tears gathered in her clear blue eyes, and Angela groaned in disappointment when said fingers left her entrance. A few fluids were released from her womanhood due the overload of stimulation when she lacked of such for a long time. Her heaving chest was relaxing now, and she looked dearly at Fareeha, even when her hand was still pressing her mouth. Fareeha smiled sweet and teasingly, removing such pale hand from her mouth to press a kiss, making her gasp and breath a shaky breath.

“I did it well enough?”

“More than enough… Thank you.”

“It felt so natural...” Fareeha had to acknowledge it, now earning a caring smile from the blonde as she cupped a cheek, the Egyptian leaning on her touch.

“You did that many times…”

“I did, huh?”

“Yeah... And every time you were… Always so caring, so worried about my needs… You’re perfect.”

“I’m far from being perfect, but thank you.” Ever the modest girl.

“And now it’s your turn.”

“M-my turn?” Permission, allowance again. She needed a green light from her.

“That is if you want me to proceed, of course.” And for a moment Fareeha thought, she seemed in a battle between what was right and wrong, but in the end she surrendered, and with a shaky nod of her head, she allowed. “Good girl.”

It was Angela's turn now to change positions, Fareeha lying on her back and waiting for the doctor to continue. Angela would immediately have asked permission for each movement, but seeing the enlarged pupils and a rather noticeable stain on the girl's underwear, she knew that she didn't need more than a few yes and no in certain scenarios. Carefully, Angela straddled her hips and began kissing her, starting with the crown of her head, going down to give her nose a peck, and then to her lips, staying there for a minute and leaving her breathless.

As she did, Angela descended from her chin to her neck, her strong and marked shoulders, and to an exposed breast, immediately latching on one as a hand massaged the other. Angela’s tongue circled her nipple with care, like she remembered doing and how Fareeha actually liked it, and it seemed to work, for the younger woman’s breathing began to speed up and a hand stroked softly her golden locks. That was Fareeha’s signature move when she enjoyed something the doctor did, playing with her hair and squeezing her thighs, although the later were far from her reach. While servicing her, Angela paid attention to the hand grasping at her hair, the one that she remembered naked now covered in beautiful tattoos of a dark ink, combining perfectly with her skin.

Angela knew she needed more, both of them, and she left her breast and crawled further down, kissing and licking the flesh of her toned abs and down to her navel, biting slightly her hip bone, earning a soft groan in response. One look at Fareeha, and Angela knew what to do next. She slid her panties down to her ankles and off of her body, revealing her more than needy cunt and exposing it completely, and Angela’s hunger was strong. One more look and dark eyes looked at her desperately. Angela needed no words.

“Oh my…!” Fareeha moaned loudly when Angela’s tongue touched her sensitive folds; lapping at her needy glistening cunt with unparalleled hungry and desired to make her feel even better as to how she made her feel. But her rasping voice, paired with her loud moans and grunts was a warning signal for many outside. Angela stopped for a moment, slightly pressing her lips on her navel and gave her a soft kiss on the skin prior looking in her eyes, black orbs looking back at her in a flushed face.

“Honey, Mirembe is next door, so we better keep it quiet. Can you do that for me?” Angela asked barely above a whisper.

“Y-yes, ma’am…”

That word, that phrase she remembered perfectly and could never forget. It stirred a lot of sensations, new ones building up and old ones resurfacing from a deep part of her soul. As if it were a shot of adrenaline, Angela felt more impelled to please her, to remind her why she was the only one who was allowed to touch her, to feel her, to truly love her without expecting anything in return. And in a swift motion, she went back down, this time pushing her tongue deep inside her, bringing her tan body by gripping her legs and pulling her closer to her face.

Fareeha was a squirming, moaning mess at her touch, even more than Angela remembered, attributing it perhaps to the lack of attention or maybe to a bad experience inside there. That was something Angela didn't want to think about at the moment, to know if someone else touched her when her mind was foggy, and perhaps later, if she ever remembered it, it would be something she would ask. For now, only her pleasure was the most important thing.

Angela kept with her caresses deeper, more specific and more dedicated, giving special attention to her sensitive bundle of nerves, circling it with her tongue on scarce moments. She could feel and see Fareeha was near the edge, her toes curled, her eyes were pressed together real hard, and the hand grasping at a bunch of her blonde hair was tightening, close enough to hurt her but soft enough to not restrain her. It was when Angela saw the opportunity to bring her to the edge just as she did, and releasing only one of her thighs, Angela kept sucking and licking at her clit when she inserted two fingers, feeling her walls stretch in pleasure with barely any effort.

The blonde nudged at her sensitive spot in her front wall, curling her fingers to tease as much as she could, and Fareeha took one of the pillows on Angela’s bed, bringing it to her face and biting it as much as she could do to muffle the screams. It was a win, and Angela felt how her fingers were close to be crushed between velvet walls, Fareeha’s legs closing at both sides of her head as her head was being pushed even closer to her arousal. The younger woman’s back arched and the grip and bite on the pillow increased, quite the grunted moan suppressed thanks to the thickness of the cushioned item.

Suddenly, she fell back into bed, Angela still paying attention to her orgasm as the sensation lessened more and more, and Fareeha's breathing was agitated, heavy and rapid, a thin layer of sweat was covering her ever perfect bronze body, accentuating her abs with every release of her breath. Angela freed her and gave her a soft kiss on top of her clit, enough to make Fareeha flinch and gasp in surprise, eliciting a chuckle from the doctor, who crawled back at her and lied next to her protégé, dragging the sheet back up to cover their waists. Once Fareeha’s breathing normalized, she returned her gaze back to Angela.

“Okay I…” Fareeha cleared her throat, leaving the pillow aside. “I don’t remember ever feeling that… Or I do, but I think I forgot how it felt, I-I don't know...”

“Was it good?” Of course it was, her body spoke for itself, but Angela needed assertion.


“Amazing how?” Fareeha chuckled softly, Angela flashing a wide smile to her.

“Why are you asking me?”

“Because I know you get flustered pretty easily, and I want to know if I still have my touch.”

“Your touch, heh. I like your touch.”

“Oh, that I know.”

They both shared a few laughs, filling the room with quiet sounds of sheets rustling and bodies adjusting their positions, later being Angela who remained on her back and Fareeha was the one lying on her arm as the blonde surrounded her, cuddling her body and stroked her dark hair, kissing the crown of her head with paramount affection. Both stayed in silence, sharing the comfortable sensation of their bodies connecting, limbs entangled perfectly and fitting like a puzzle.

Angela stayed with her eyes open for quite the time, her fingers still running though black strands of hair, and she felt how Fareeha’s breathing began to slow, slower every time, and carefully she peeked at her face covered by more of her hair, but her eyes were closed and her lips slightly parted. Her factions reflected those of tranquility and peace, of pleasant dreams and mind rest, and for the entire night and perhaps for the past years, Fareeha had no nightmares, and Angela slept as peacefully along with her.

After that night, Angela's nights weren't the same anymore. After having experienced such peace and comfort in her arms after five years of keeping them empty, her body cried out for her company, and Fareeha always made sure to remind her of it during her physical and psychological exams. For Angela it was a pleasure, because initially Fareeha escaped from her quarters to sneak into her bedroom when she had nightmares, which were five or six days a week, but when she began to get used to it, she ended up doing it every night. And this very morning, after three weeks, was no different.

The chamber was dark, and the sun was still hidden on the far horizon and beyond the dunes of the Thar Desert. The soft sound of the alarm began to beep, Angela listening to it in the distance although she knew that it was right next to her. Heavily, she opened her eyes slowly, eyeing the numbers on the alarm clock. Four in the morning. She hated waking up so early. Getting up at five in the morning was torture enough, but now, one hour less of needed rest, it was hell. However, everything was worth it, as the girl who slept next to her, hugging her body as if she were going to escape from her life, rested peacefully at her side.

This was the part that Angela both loved and hated. Waking up next to her only to just to wake her up too and tell her it was time to leave before the others realized she was hiding in her bedroom, and even more, sleeping with her -both ways-. Carefully and trying not to startle her, Angela shifted her arm, slightly numbed by the body on top of hers, and whispered softly in her hair.

“Fareeha… Reeha.”


“It’s time. Wake up.”

“Hm?” That was adorable, Fareeha only answered in grunts of discomfort.

“You need to leave.”

“No…” Instead of letting go, the pair of arms surrounding her waist tightened their grip, almost drawing the air out of the helpless doctor.

“Fareeh-! Stop…!” She slapped a hand, and luckily she was able to let go off of her. “Every morning, Fareeha… Please, get up, or else you’ll get us in trouble.”

With a final grunt, Fareeha released her body completely and shifted in the blankets, rolling her body over so she could sit properly on the bed. As much as Angela wanted to let her stay for the rest of the morning, it was going to be easy to be caught, and thus, both their lives could possibly be in danger. She saw how Fareeha got up and walked to the chair in front of the small desk, grabbing the neatly folded gym clothes and changing to that outfit. Even in the dark, Angela could perfectly distinguish her toned body, and wearing only underwear was even more so.

The nights weren’t just about sex, but about pleasant conversations and meaningful questions, although sometimes just lying side by side in silence was just as delightful. Angela could not agree more that this was the ideal psychological therapy for the girl, because it was in this way that she managed to clear her mind. Once Fareeha was dressed in her workout clothes and her sneakers were tied, she walked back to bed, standing in front of Angela’s side and bent over, placing a soft kiss on her cheek just before heading back to daily routine.

“I’ll see you in a few hours.”

“Mhm, eat your breakfast and take a shower after training.”

“Yes, mom. I will.” Carefully Fareeha walked to the door, only to be hit on her back by a flying pillow. She laughed softly prior to open the door, peeking to both sides to see if the coast was clear.

“Tell your boyfriend I said hi.”

“I could very much trade you for him if you want.” Fareeha teased, earning an amused glare from the doctor.

“You are terrible.”

“I know. That’s why I’m here, isn’t it?”

Angela rolled her eyes when she left and closed the door, but deep inside that comment hurt. The doctor knew she was there because she was right at some extent, she did something wrong, but Angela wasn’t exactly in the right place to judge her actions without knowing the reason. However, knowing Fareeha’s ever good intentions and sense for justice, things couldn’t be as bad as Vishkar and the Egyptian government portrayed. Setting that thought aside, she tried going back to sleep.

The clock kept moving, changing its numbers, and Angela was still wide awake. Her mind swirled in a whirlwind of emotion, thoughts of how uncertain their future was and how she could come up with something smart enough to take them both out of there. Fareeha had her suggestions, but the plan always involved getting her teammates out of there as well, every person had their own demons and some were innocent, such as Hana and most of the Meka team, which Angela could easily understand.

However, the plan was only getting Fareeha out of there and only her. For Angela, everyone could die in the process, even her, but Fareeha had to remain safe above everyone.

Still thinking in many options to solve such a difficult issue, time moved at an impressive pace, the clock now stating past five and it was close to beep again. Decided to beat the annoying alarm, Angela got up and went to the bathroom to take a quick shower and be on her way to start her day as usual. The cool water of the shower probed to help her turn on her brain and activate her body, it always did. The missing ingredient was coffee, and so, she changed to her usual uniform and went to the cafeteria, knowing Mirembe would be already there judging by the time on the nightstand clock.

As she had expected, Mirembe was sitting at a table along with Fio, the personal pilot of the high ranks, both having a pleasant and friendly conversation. The biggest woman noticing that Angela was in front of the coffee machine pouring some of the bitter liquid in a mug, waved her hand and motioned the doctor to sit with them. Once her coffee was poured, sweetened and she had a tray with breakfast consisting mostly on fruit, toast and scrambled eggs, she sat along the two women.

“Morning, Angela.”

“Good morning, both of you.”

“Did you have a good rest last night? Nothing bothered you?” Mirembe asked with a lifted eyebrow, taking a bite of her sandwich.

“I am rested enough, thank you for asking. Why such a question?”

“How long are you gonna keep hiding the fact that a Raptora is sneaking to your bedroom at midnight?” Angela spat her coffee when she heard Mirembe, immediately blushing from drowning with her drink. After a brief coughing fit and some napkins to clean her dripping mouth, Angela looked back at Mirembe, then Fio and back to the older woman, and her face was just as impatient as ever.

“E-excuse me?”

“Look, Fareeha has insomnia problems and heavy nightmares, you know it well, but I do even more. I've been with her for two years and I know the girl perfectly to know that every night she's outside next to the warehouse or in my bedroom sleeping on my couch because she can’t in her bedroom with four males snoring like pigs. Not that I don’t snore but those boys –especially Saleh- are like lions roaring.”

“I-It’s not that-” Mirembe placed a finger in front of her, shutting Angela immediately.

“I don't need you to lie to me. I have seen the girl in the hall past nights and she has never knocked on my door. It's obvious. But if something, that has brought her peace of mind and, let me tell you, she has improved a lot since one month ago in her workouts and her numbers have risen, so that means that Vaswani is happy, and if she is happy, nothing bad will happen to her.” A beat, and Mirembe lowered her hand, looking intently at Angela. “Just remember that she has a mission in a week, and it’s an important one.” Angela composed herself at Mirembe’s last words, and set the coffee aside.

“And what exactly do the missions mean? I have been told that they are going to missions to some towns and that is all, I don’t know what they are dealing with or what they are doing exactly.”

“That's when they show what they're made of, literally. However, your protégé has nothing in her body. How's that going to affect her on a mission, hm? Have you thought about it, doctor?”

And Angela really was ignorant knowing on how that would affect Fareeha. She didn't know much about the missions and didn't take the trouble to investigate further since her priority mission was Fareeha's well-being, mental and physical, and how she could help her out of that hole. The plan to escape was almost ready and set in her mind, and even some details were discussed and polished with Fareeha as they lay quietly in bed every night.

That special place where they shared a sensation of unequaled peace, of unity, of stable emotions, which could only be achieved in her bed, embraced one another with their entangled members, whispering questions and answers and other trivialities. And yet, peace couldn't last for long, because Mirembe's words echoed in Angela's head, and once again, the woman was right. Angela could only hope and trust that Fareeha would do the right thing, show that she was more than capable of belonging there and at the same time, demonstrate to her and to herself that they were capable of escaping from that place.