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If You Don’t Fuck Me, So Help Me God

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Jungkook had been playing overwatch for six whole hours now. Six hours of constant screen buzzing, graphics flashing and various characters screaming when they get killed by the opposing team. To say it was irritating would be an understatement.

By now, Taehyung was absolutely fuming. He had been trying to read a book that Namjoon had recommended him, but with Jungkook’s childish game spazzing out every five seconds, the traditional soothing of paper and words seemed a mere fantasy.

“Can you stop playing that for like, a couple of minutes?” Taehyung asks; welll more demands. His voice is laced with ‘fuck off jungkook’ but is swirled in with his usual husky tones of the more harsh syllables, any words he would say would have any normal human in a puddle.

Jungkook was not normal. He had been playing this game for six hours straight and not at any point exclaimed any sort of human interaction with anyone who entered their hotel room. The two youngest of the freindship group being forced to share a rather average room.

“Yeah in a minute” Jungkook mumbles, spamming various keys and buttons on his controller. His character swiftly dodging various attacks and hits, Jungkook was an incredible gamer but Taehyung would never admit that, he would just complain about Jungkook’s complete lack of human decency or consideration.

“Now Jungkook” Taehyung sternly asks, his eyes not leaving the pages of his book as he hopes for some sort of chance to delve into the soft corners of the pressed pages and the inky stories they withhold.

“Yeah just give me a minute!” Jungkook yells, not necessarily at Taehyung but it’s enough to anger the elder. Taehyung has never made Jungkook feel like he had to call him hyung and respect him and so on, but moments like these made Taehyung mad that Jungkook would act like a spoilt little shit.

So, with the elder up to his limits in the amount of bratty jungkook bullshit he could take, he shifts off the bed he was once so comfortably perched in, his back going from being against the soft and plush headboard to now being hunched over.

Taehyung had managed to grab Jungkook’s controller, throw it across the room but safely onto a small arm chair. Turn Jungkook’s swivel chair he was sat on away from the beaming television and switch the games existence off from their life completely.

So here Taehyung was facing Jeon Jungkook up close and personal, no biggie, right? Oh so wrong, because dear old Taehyung couldn’t deny having a huge soft spot for jungkook, the warm velvet irises that swelled up with heart or the soft skin of his face. And let’s not forget the features that made Taehyung’s heart ache in more ways than one, the way Jungkook’s arms would tense when he lent over or moved any muscle, his abs that would be so glorious they couldn’t help imprint through the younger’s shirt and that’s just Taehyung thinking about Jungkook’s ‘upstairs’.

Apart from the general tension Taehyung could feel, the mood had gone silent. Jungkook wasn’t mad, maybe a little bit annoyed but he too was looking closely at his hyung, Taehyung’s face being rather ... well perfect. Every feature, every freckle having a pristine place in his general making. Everything about Taehyung was so gentle and yet he radiated this energy of warmth, but it was an addicting, manly warmth in the sense that his presence was stronger than a thousand men.

So with each male staring at one another’s features; one of them had to break the silence.

“That was rude” Of course it was Jungkook. The younger had a smirk playfully dancing on his lips, Taehyungjust rolling his eyes even though he was still hunched over with either arm on Jungkook’s chair arm rest. The two of them keeping this rather odd position maintained.

“You were being an ass” Taehyung grumbles, now stood up straight but directly in front of jungkook who was sat in the chair rather relaxed and calm. Taehyung’s lower parts of his thighs brushing against Jungkook’s comfy position where his knees rested out in the typical sitting position.

“You’re an ass”

“You wouldn’t get off that fucking game!”

“You were being boring with a book”

“Books aren’t boring! They’re fun!”

“Oh fuck me you’re boring hyung”

“Fuck You? I swear to god it wouldn’t be like that” Taehyung laughs but is met with Jungkook’s confused yet amused smile, his gaze going straight through the elder who was now a blushing and embarrassed mess.

Jungkook pulls at Taehyung’s thighs, making the elder yelp out in protest but cave in to be straddling Jungkook on the swivel office chair. The smirk on Jungkook’s lips is one Taehyung wanted to slap off but also one that could be kissed way more effectively.

“W-What are you doing?” Taehyung asks, well at first he stutters, his voice being so quiet his vocal chords don’t warm up properly and it all just comes out shaky. Jungkook of course grins and rubs small circles into Taehyung’s skin of his legs, the back of his thigh being soft and calming to touch, however Taehyung has all kinds of tingles and chills running marathons up his spine.

“So you think I’d top?” Jungkook husks, the younger also being able to have that sultry vibe in his pitch which Taehyung never knew was his secret sexual elixir - until now. And god he could get drunk on it, jungkook being all dominant was a sight that didn’t bore, thank god for adrenaline otherwise Taehyung would’ve never stopped jungkook from playing his game in the way he did.

“I- I didn’t sa-say that. I mean n-no, but m-maybe.... yes” Taehyung literally spammed all his words out, answering the question in no means of shortness which pleaded jungkook, he liked seeing his elder all confused and weak for him, having someone older than you by two years now on your lap and flustered made anyone feel good. Sadist? Maybe.

“Well I’m going to get back to my game now” Jungkook laughs, shifting to have Taehyung shimmy off him by default but no one should be left with a raging erection, especially not Kim Taehyung.

The elder grabbed jungkook by the back of his neck, not pinching the skin but enough to have jungkook manipulated in his touch for him to swing them onto the bed and have jungkook under him. The swivel chair moving away out of pure force as the bed was only a slight turn away from their current position.

Jungkook was startled to say the least, having your hyung straddle you and now pin you down on a bed wasn’t everything any generic male expected in this day and age but boy, it was a lucky thing.

“If you don’t fuck me, so help me god,
Overwatch will be your only sexual activity you get in your whole life” Taehyung growls into Jungkook’s ear, the shell of the younger’s skin echoing the almost dominate tone even if the words meant nothing of the same thing.

Jungkook raidly nods, pulling Taehyung’s neck down to smash their lips together in a burning fight of angry yet heated compassion. Taehyung being so needy from the swivel chair scenario already means that grinding against the younger below him came accidentally natural, the rubbing of their members making them both emit sinful moans that no one ever thought two of the males would produce for one another.

“F-fuck” jungkook moans, hurriedly running his hands down Taehyung’s back and now cupping the male’s ass with his hands, trying to pull Taehyung closer if it was even possible. The action of practically massaging Taehyung’s rear making the elder groan louder than before.

“Ngh ah- Kook ah!” Taehyung exhales louder at the end of his string of moans due to jungkook suddenly deciding to kiss and pretty much bite on the skin of Taehyung’s neck. The aim being to leave several red and purple marks the morning after.

The heated sexual tension now being soon forgotten, the two of them wrapped up in the idea of fucking one another senseless until they forgot their names. Jungkook having moved to be on top of Taehyung and various items of their clothing thrown off their bodies.

Jungkook’s muscles of his chest were a sight to see, Taehyung merely lapped up being in their presence, if he were to even call Jungkook’s abs a being themselves - they might as well be a god I mean look at jungkook.

Let’s not forget that jungkook was getting his far share of visuals, Taehyung moaning and exhaling heavily under every touch being enough to have jungkook cum just at the sight. The elder was in pure euphoria and jungkook couldn’t help feel happy that he was the cause of it.

“F-fuck me Jeon” Taehyung whimpers, he’’s led on the oh so convenient double bed with nothing but his flimsy white boxers on, squirming at every lustful touch jungkook gives him.

“What about prep?” Jungkook laughs, trailing various bites down Taehyung’s skin as the elder onto Jungkook’s brown locks, the softness being almost yanked out of hair. A final kiss to Taehyung’s clothed member being enough to send him over the edge.

“Ah please! Just hurry up!” Taehyung whined, like literally he full on whines. Jungkook grinning from ear to ear does as he’s told, pulling down the waist band of Taehyung’s boxers and giving a couple of teasing kitten licks and small kisses to keep Taehyung on his toes.

“F-fucking ah!” Taehyung moans, he’s impatient to so say the least, I mean who wouldn’t in this scenario? But jungkook enjoys every second of Taehyung’s bratty behaviour, the constant whining making jungkook feel much more cockier and having his ego inflate with pride.

“Calm down princess, you’ll get what you want” jungkook smiles, it’s sincere but also has the subtle message of ‘you won’t walk for a week’ stirred in with it.

After removing his own underwear and lining his lubed up cock with Taehyung’s enterance, he looks towards his hyung to make sure there’s full consent, he may be horny but he isn’t going to do something that somebody doesn’t want.

“I-it’s okay, I want it” Taehyung smiles, taking Jungkook’s hand and kissing the back of it to reassure the younger. A feeble nod being Jungkook’s response as he finally resumes to his hornier and hormonal state.

From soft and caring to merciless and rough, there really is no dynamic with jungkook. His hips almost snap like a switch flicking back and forth, pounding into Taehyung with no real sense of vanilla like sex - definitely not. Jungkook wanted to make this the best fuck of Taehyung’s life.

“Fuck!” Taehyung curses in a string of various moans, groans and sharp breathes. Jungkook grunts and whispers incoherent words of how good ‘his Taehyung’ is and how beautiful the elder truly is like this. The glistening sweat painting their tan bodies to make them appear like golden gods, the constant heavy breaths making them sound like sinners but look like figures of wealth.

The constant movement is making Taehyung become overstimulated, his release and high is so near, like crashing waves in a damm, it’s going to be a huge release of euphoric waves. The knot like sensation building on and on as Jungkook’s thrusts become sloppier and looser, his kisses down Taehyung’s neck and body also wetter and messy - god this was so hot. Taehyung couldn’t believe where the two had gotten them selves, not that he was necessarily complaining.

“F-fuck gonna cum” Jungkook groans, his stamina being strong enough to keep going but he’s slowing down in terms of his once rapid pace. Each hit still causing Taehyung to be shocked with pleasure and making him feel like he is about to be bursting with the waves of tingling pleasure any second now.

“Me too koo-“ Taehyung replies shakily, his breath hitches but soon he’s releasing his own orgasm, jungkook soon after, the last few wet and happy kisses shared are slow and calming. The two breathing - more like panting on one another’s lips, a few more quick pecks before jungkook collapses on top of Taehyung, pulling out and buring his face into the crook of the elders neck.

“That was amazing” jungkook whispers, leaving really soft and almost unnoticeable kisses on Taehyung’s skin as the elder blushes at the act. Their chests rising up and down in sync as jungkook rolls off the elder and lays beside him.

“You have to carry me to have a shower” Taehyung giggles, resting his head on Jungkook’s broad chest who is too smiling. His hands gently brushing though Taehyung’s sweaty and disheveled locks, but he’s beautiful.

His hair is shinning and the beads of sweat on his skin are diamonds. He’s a golden angel who right now couldn’t look any more gorgeous.

“Stop staring and take me for a shower!” Taehyung foolishly laughs, making grabby hands for jungkook to pick him up. The younger shaking his head with a slight lovesick grin, moving off the bed to then pick up a naked Taehyung bridal style to take to the en-suite - thank god for enuistes.

“Bubbles?” Jungkook asks, looking towards the elder who is sat in the running water of the bath. The elder just looks up with a bright smile and thinks for a second, his answer not making sense.

“Yeah?” Taehyung replies, the clear mistake here being that bubbles isn’t a pet name for Taehyung and the elder soon realises his mistake, nodding his head at the bottle of pink soap jungkook was holding.

“If I was to call you anything Tae, it would be kitten” jungkook grins as he meets his Hyungs soft eyes once again, the elder almost melted in an amalgamation of soft feelings within his heart.

“I-I like that” Taehyung grins as the bubbles soon form around him, like thousands of tiny baby kisses from soft soapy suds. Jungkook soon getting behind Taehyung in the bath as the elder rests back on the warm and broad chest of the younger.

“Well maybe I’ll have to stop playing overwatch more often to call you it, won’t I kitten?” Jungkook sighs happily as he rubs the sides of Taehyung’s arms comfortingly, the elder soothed into a relaxing state of happiness within the hot bath and loving hold, the strong grip of Jungkook’s arms and chest making him feel at ease.

“Yes you will” Taehyung grins, taking one of Jungkook’s hands again, much like earlier and trying to press a kiss to the back of it. This fails of course as these two have discovered they are pure softies, jungkook turns Taehyung’s head before he gets the chance to kiss his hand and instead connects their lips. It’s soft and passionate, calming yet roaring.

It’s like a fiery overwatch game mixed with a warming book. Perfect.