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I'm Your Home

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‘he’s gorgeous!’ Johnny exclaimed, dramatically throwing himself onto their leather sofa, in between Mark and Jaehyun.
‘how am I ever supposed to learn or do my job if my boss is that stunning? I need a new job’ he sighed, stuffing a slice of pizza into his mouth as he pouted.

‘Johnny, come on, so many guys would kill for your internship, I’m sure you can get over your hot boss’ Jaehyun punched his arm playfully, Mark agreeing with him.

‘yeah but, let me show you’ he pulled out his phone, typing the name Chittaphon Leechaiyapornkul
(or as close as he could get) into the search engine, hundreds of photos of the young, attractive, Thai millionaire showing up.

‘wow, he’s really handsome’ Mark looking over Johnny’s shoulder.

‘yeah, I can see why you’d be distracted’ Jaehyun slipping the phone from Johnny’s fingers and inspecting the photos closely. ‘are you going to ask him out?’

Johnny snatched his phone back, scoffing at Jaehyun's ridiculous suggestion, there was no way he could ever be brave enough to do that.

‘ah, so you’re just going to admire him from a distance before he either magically falls in love with the intern that’s been staring at him for months or finds someone else’ Mark teased, throwing pieces of the popcorn clutched tightly to his chest at Johnny.

Johnny groaned louder, sliding down the sofa.
‘I think he already has a boyfriend, anyway I have no chance, I’m just an intern. Let’s watch the film before I go to bed and ignore you both’ he whined, something Johnny had become good at around Jaehyun and Mark.

They spent their Thursday evening as they always did, squashed up on their slightly-too-small sofa in their slightly-too-small apartment, not meant for three people, watching the worst film Mark Lee was able to find that day. It’d started one dreary Thursday in an attempt to console a heartbroken Jaehyun, who had been dumped after just three weeks (more a damaged ego if he was honest), and quickly turned tradition for them. They were happy, they loved each other a lot.
Even if Jaehyun never cleaned the bathroom, or Mark left his clothes randomly around the apartment. Johnny still loved them.

Eventually, he retired to bed, staring at a few more photos of Chittaphon before slipping into a pleasant sleep.

Early starts were the bane of his existence and he almost threw his alarm clock out of the window when 5.30am rolled around.

Fighting not to fall asleep again, he dragged his exhausted body into the shower, just about managing to shower before throwing on his usual grey suit, his hair slicked back. His bed looked so inviting as he stomped into the kitchen, where thankfully for him, Mark had already made breakfast for the three of them. He was sure that if Mark didn’t cook, he would starve.

Shooting Mark an appreciative smile, he ate the pancakes given to him, scrolling through his social media, mostly for Chittaphon- related news, of which—for once- there was none.

Grabbing his bag and jacket, Johnny headed for his bus stop. He waited for 15 minutes—because of course the bus was late and he’d look bad infront of Chittaphon on his first week—bouncing on his toes trying not to freeze.

The bus journey dragged, getting stuck in traffic from road works, meaning it took almost twice as long and Johnny was 15 minutes late.

Hoping to soften the blow, he snuck into the buildings coffee shop, buying a cup for Chittaphon, who he knew they’d force him to apologise to. He held his breath as he exited the lift, pushing the large, heavy oak door open and setting his bag down at his desk.

‘Seo, you’re late’ he heard his manager, Choi Siwon (a very tall, very handsome and very intimidating man) speak across the room.

‘I know, I’m sorry sir, the bus was late and there was traffic and I-‘

‘its not me you need to apologise to’ he cut Johnny off mid-sentence ‘you know where Chittaphon’s office is’ Johnny had been bracing for that. Running a hand through his hair, his picked up the coffee, making his way down the hall to the CEO’s office.

Tentatively, he knocked on the dark wood door, he would have just turned back if it wasn’t for the ever present Choi Siwon.

‘come in’ he heard the familiar Thai accent, he was always on the radio or the TV for some reason, always amazing.

As Johnny, entered his brain decided that was the appropriate time to stop functioning. Ten look stunning as usual, almost ethereal. His tan skin and chestnut hair, brown eyes not moving from their spot on the computer screen, his presence was memorising. His glasses sat about half way down his nose, making him seem cocky and in charge, Johnny couldn’t stop staring. Chittaphon tore his eyes away from the screen, turning to face Johnny.

‘are you okay?’ his brow furrowed, and Johnny almost passed out, he looked adorable. ‘excuse me?’

‘oh’ Johnny snapped out of it. ‘I’m sorry, I came to apologise, I was late because of the bus and I know I should get up earlier but the bus was late and I’m sorry’ he tripped over every word.

Chittaphon looked unimpressed.

‘Seo, right? Johnny Seo? The bus was late but you had enough time to get coffee?’ he gestured to the cup that was currently burning Johnny’s right hand.

‘yes sir, I’m Johnny. Its not mine, well I did buy it but for you, as an apology, it was just from downstairs, I swear’ he placed the cup on the large dark wood desk, that seemed to match every piece of furniture in the building. He picked it up, inspecting the cup before taking a rather cautious sip, eyes fixed on Johnny, his heart was beating so fast he wasn’t entirely sure how he was still standing.

Chittaphon smiled and he placed the cup down on some papers.

‘my favourite, how did you know Johnny Seo?’ his fingers tapping on the desk, one by one.

‘oh I, I didn’t know what to get you, so I bought what I usually order’ he tried to control his breathing, it’d be embarrassing if he actually did faint over his boss.

‘you have good taste Seo’ his smile was dazzling.
‘since you were so nice, I’ll let you off this time but if you’re late again you’ll be in trouble, got it?’ he smirked, Johnny had never wanted to kiss anyone as much as he did right now, it was almost overwhelming.

With that, Johnny sheepishly made his way back to his desk, setting up his work under the intimidatingly watchful eyes of Siwon.

The hours dragged by, he even decided to walk down to a small cafe down the street for his lunch, just to pass some time. His friends were right, anyone would kill for his internship, but Johnny wasn’t sure he could take much more of it.

It was a pleasant day, a slight breeze making the heat more than bearable. Much better than being stuck in the office.

He slipped into the little cafe, greeting the boy who worked behind the counter. Johnny had made himself a regular, back when his friend had a crush on the boy, but now he often visited himself.

‘hey Sicheng, usual please’

‘of course’ he smiled, getting to work on Johnny’s lunch.

‘how’s it going with Yuta?’ he half teased, Johnny was fond of both Sicheng and Yuta.

‘great thanks, he’s taking me out tonight, I think we’re meeting up with you guys later?’ he smiled, thinking of Yuta, he’d never had the courage to ask the boy out and was just grateful Yuta did.

Sicheng handed over his lunch, refusing to take payment, Johnny just slipping the money in the tip jar instead.

‘you are, Im looking forward to it Dong Sicheng, or should I start calling you Nakamoto Sicheng? I’ll see you later’ Johnny laughed, leaving Sicheng a blushing mess, everyone already knew how in love the two boys were. It was endearing.

Johnny strolled back to the office, returning to his seat to eat his specially prepared chicken salad, trying not to take too long to eat, meaning he could still use his break to make up for the time he’d lost that morning.

Other than himself, the office was abandoned – nobody wanted to eat at their desk. But Johnny didn’t mind too much, it meant he was able to watch Chittaphon going about his business, unaware of just how beautiful he was.

Strutting into the office, Chittaphon carried two coffee cups in, followed closely by Siwon. They were laughing about something that had happened to them, Johnny was just content seeing him smile. Siwon wondered off into his own office as Chittaphon approached Johnny, holding one cup out to him, who just stared, a little bewildered.

‘paying you back’ his tone soft as he flashed his stunning smile. Johnny’s heart pounding.

He accepted the cup, taking a sip.

‘thank you, you really didn’t have to’

‘I know I wanted to’ he was leaning against Johnny’s desk, eyes following his every move.

‘thanks’ he couldn’t believe this was real.

Chittaphon rested his hand on Johnny’s shoulder for a second before retiring to his office. Johnny must be dreaming. Though the daydreams he usually had about Chittaphon weren’t anywhere near that appropriate.

His mind stayed on the Thai man for the rest of the shift, he tried so hard not to overthink the coffee but of course, his thoughts wondered