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I work on a four week cycle for my updating my stories. 


Current week (18-24th March 2019) is week three on my schedule. 

So week Four will be 25th - 31st March 2019 and then Week One will be 1st - 7th April and so on and so forth, round and around. 


If you're not sure what week it is, look at what i have most recently updated and it should give you an idea. 



Week One

Daughter of Love and Mischief

Soulmate series book (Currently: The Sparrow)

Come Back To Me

Bathed In Moon Light

Beast Series (Currently: Beasts Assemble)

World's Collide

The McCall Doppelganger

Allure of a Demigoddess

Midnight's Gods


Fallout: End Of The Line

The Clone

She's Rhythm he's Soul

Twist of Barbwire (To be uploaded)

The Witcher and The Lion




Week Two

Kiss Of A Nephalem

The Shifter Hybrid


Witch Of The Pack

Calming The Beast

Sweet Ada

Dreadwolf's Dragonborn

Lost & Found

Falcon's Saviour

Dragonborn Comes

The Black Swan

Fang Of Ferelden

With Three L's



Week Three

So Close Yet So Far (s1)

The Swan Hybrid

Never Cry Were-wolf & Cry Were-wolf

Infinite Defenders Series (Current: Silk Spectre/Legacies)

Alpha Hybrid Series (Current: Dark Secrets)

When We Collide

Rise of the Phoenix 

Game Of Survival

Crossover Within A Crossover Series (Current: Avengers: Jedi Master)

Four Horsemen

The Black Raven

Trixie Winchester Series (Current: Red Sky Reality/Million Reasons)

Home Is Behind

Fire & Ice

Long Way Home


Week Four


Some Of It's Magic

Infinity's Stones

His Dove

Strange Magic

The North Star

The Other Winchester

A/B/O Series (Current: Mother Nature)

His Wonder Woman Universe Series (Current: To Be Human)

Winter's Shadow

I Will Still Rise

Lost Past:New Future

Sin Or Virtue

High Voltage

The Dragon Queen



Weekly (These get an update once a week, as I have a lot of them written already)

Mischief's Queen

Mississippi Queen

Devil's Hybrid

Whirlwind (To be uploaded)

He's Fast; She's Weird