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At The Beginning

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This chapter aims to inform you about what you will read, I will post here one-shot all have a single link to a private server on Discord on an AU Marvel (Alternate Universes). We have renamed this alternative universe "HYDRA Family" or "Order by pain". The principle lends itself primarily to roleplaying (Role-play or RP) But far too many ideas came to me with this AU, so I wrote a lot of things that have the main character: Wilson Fisk, Matt Murdock, Danny Rand, Jessica Jones, Alexandra Reid, Dean Winchester, Harry Hart, Dex Poindexter, Brock Rumlow and Phil Coulson because they are characters that I play in RP, with whom I am attached and familiar. The bones will be posting as much as possible following the timeline, but I could not always do it because some happens when they are 7 years old and 30 years old. So I can not guarantee that everything is fluid, only there will always be a little setting in context before the promised chapter! 

But what is the HYDRA Family? And just a different world, everything happens before Avengers 1, Iron Man etc., the events are different, sometimes similar. Simply put, this is an Orphanage created by HYDRA that trains young children to become HYDRA Agents. So there are several things to take into account: We wanted to show something that is not very present in the MCU and rather ridiculous sometimes in the comics; How can HYDRA have so much loyalty? And do some characters that we know as "nice" can go on the "dark side" and especially how they squeeze? 

Well, we just wanted to kill each other on a server 

So here is the list of adults present: 

-Alexander Pierce 


-Harry Hart / Pierce (Kingsman) 

-Wilson Fisk 

-Alexandra Reid 

-Phil Coulson 

-Stephen Strange 

-John Constantine (DC) 

-Frank Castle 

-Erik Lehnsherr 

-Carol Danvers

-Charles Xavier



And here are the children:

-Brock Rumlow 

-Tony Stark / Pierce

-Steven Pierce (Cape HYDRA) 

-Steve Rogers 

-Winter Soldier / Bucky Barnes 

-Wanda Maximoff 

-Pietro Maximoff 

-Lorna Maximoff 

-Clint Barton 

-Natasha Romanova 

-Matthew Murdock 

-Dean Winchester (Supernatural) 

-Castiel (Supernatural) 

-Benjamin Poindexter


-Loki Laufeyson 

-Danny Rand / Reid

So a summary is needed to get you in the mood. 

The few characters not to be touched by the AU are: Steve Rogers (always kind) / Phil Coulson Always true to SHIELD)

Yes it was very short ... 
I do not tell you more because the most things are explained in the OS: Why we Dean, Castiel and Harry are present etc 
Comments are always a pleasure! And if you want to take the game just write in the Tags: HYDRA Family 
I think there is material to deal with and it could be fun to do that with your favorite characters? I will maybe agree to write some OS in this universe if you have good ideas to suggest, Drama / Violent / Fun short anything! The OS have links between them but it's not really a FF, plus a collection I think?