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is it gravity (or are we fallin' in love?)

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Kara refuses to be held fully accountable for this. In her defense, it’s not her fault that Lena Luthor is the way she is. Lena Luthor, who on a regular basis bring old, balding overconfident men down to tears and fruitful apologies. Lena Luthor, who cries when watching old Disney and Pixar films while eating Ben & Jerry’s. Lena Luthor, who has a personal wicked rampant agenda, attempting to lure Kara into kale whenever possible.

And with Lena being Lena, Kara can’t purely be faulted for finding her best friend just down-right attractive. She simply appreciates beauty and genuine human (or alien-to-human in her case) connection when she sees it. And it’s not such a bad thing to find your best friend attractive so much that you want to kiss her. If it goes against the Rules & Guidelines on HowToBestFriends101, then she must’ve missed it in the book.

Correction: she chooses to disregard the book. Screw the non-existent book.

(But really, she just tries not to think about it.

Too much.)


It starts like this:

Kara orders a venti-sized iced caramel frappe in Starbucks on a Friday late afternoon. Behind her, she can feel Alex just eye-rolling by the queue line, judging her and burning two holes in her back. So what if she’s a basic Starbucks chick. She just happens to love the good ol’ caramel frappe the most in the menu (“You just lack taste, Alex.”).

Kara won’t hide it. She loves this drink, would drink it everyday if she could. But unfortunately it’s a $5 drink and she falls poor victim to the addicting clutches of sugary overpriced coffee. So she pretty much considers it a luxury drink. So, when it’s a good day, naturally, she has to treat herself. Though she spends way too much money enough on food already, she takes self-care very seriously.

And Kara decides it’s a good day (or has been so far) because she had woken up in the morning feeling refreshed and well-rested despite the exhausting Supergirl duties she had yesterday and finishing up all her deadlines just in time right after that.

It’s a good day because before she had headed out for work, she'd been stopped by her favourite friendly old neighbour who gave her two boxes full of Krispy Kreme doughnuts (“This is for looking after my cat while I was away, Kara.”) and of course Kara took it, accepting her gratitude because who is she to refuse food and genuine appreciation?

It’s a good day because she’d been attacked by two (2) overexcited leashed corgis in the elevator whilst the owner blushed and apologized profusely. But Kara had only grinned, snapped pictures on her phone of the two corgis splooting on the floor, had snapped like how James took his camera shots— all professional and serious (“Snapping pictures is serious business, Kara, pictures deliver messages and feelings. It’s Art.”). The photos get sent to Lena and Kara got a: Cute, cute. Then: Dork.

And lastly, it’s a good day because Snapper didn’t shout at her at all. Today he tolerated her and low-key praised her last-minute miracle articles and that’s a big win from Kara’s book.

And this all leads to Kara treating herself to overpriced coffee.

But of course, nothing can escape from the grasp of Murphy’s Law. Anything that can go wrong will go wrong. But hey, Kara tries. Always.

So just before game slash movie night happens, Kara gets held up by three drunk rogue aliens, causing ruckus at a bar, rumbling about “world domination” (with air quotes), and Kara stops them before it really escalates, placing all three of them in the govt. watch-list. Then a bush-fire occurs far out in a rural area and Kara flies there, successfully getting in control of the situation. When she gets back to National City and lands on her local alley, she switches back to her civilian clothes, looking all normal except the bits of ash sticking to her skin and hair. Before she even gets to think about buying new stocks of Ben& Jerry’s tubs, it starts to rain.

Like, really, really, rain.

Kara wants to bang her head on this street light but decides not to. She really wants to. But she’d rather not deal with the implication of all the passerbies witnessing a random woman knocking down a huge, long street light with her mere forehead.

By the time she gets to the entrance of her apartment door, she’s drenched, soaking wet from head to toe with her glasses all fogged up and wet.

Alex answers the door and Kara is immediately greeted with a snort and an amused grin from her sister.

“Looking good, kiddo,” Alex remarks and opens the door wider, gesturing for her to get in.

Kara only grumbles, pouting. “I got held up, sorry I’m late.”

Everyone is already here and the smell of quality food (potstickers, pizzas, doughnuts, and overall meat) fills her nose. So maybe her mood improves by 40%.

(Who is she kidding. 90% more like.

She’s shallow like that when it comes to food.)

“Kara!” comes the familiar, soft voice, and Kara can’t help the huge crooked smile that breaks out in her face. And within seconds, Lena is already standing in front of her with furrowed brows, looking a touch concerned. “Wow, aren’t you wet. I’d hug you, but,” she gestures to Kara, smirking.

“Then hug the wet,” Kara cheekily grins before attack-hugging Lena (a half-hug only though, so Lena doesn’t kill her) and Lena immediately jerks away, hands coming up to her defenses. “Be the wet!”

“God, Kara, no,” Lena chuckles, grimacing, and she steps away with her hands crossed and with a flirtatious smirk. “There are plenty of ways to get me wet. But not like this.”

A collection of groaning is heard from the background and Kara just grins. “Maybe later.”

“Disgusting, just get a room already,” Winn fake-pukes, shuffling a deck of cards. The others chime in in agreement and Kara doesn’t miss the small it’s too early for this from Nia.

“Again, maybe later," Kara shrugs, and this earns her a lovely laugh from Lena. “I’m off to shower and change, guys. So, slow down on the food munching, Grandmaster Food Demolisher finally on board!”


It's interesting, really. She had never meant for this thing with Lena to grow this big, but it just started happening more and more recently. The playful bantering, flirting, suggestive innuendos— surprisingly (or unsurprisingly) it all comes easy between them. But it wasn’t like this before, no. The main reason this new thing developed between them were due to their nosy friends. At first, it started with innocent questions and observations (“Lena asked you to accompany her to the gala?”), (“You hang with the Luthor often, Kara.”), (“Did Lena Luthor just sleep in your couch?) and then to the nosy questions (“Are you sure you guys aren’t girlfriends?”), (“Are you girlfriends yet?”) (“No? Then the universe must really do a great job maintaining balance and order— you two together are the epitome of a power couple.”).

Truth be told, she was extremely bothered by it at first. Denied such claims vehemently. Lena Luthor is her best friend, for Rao’s sake. The thought of her dating Lena sends her in a spiral of fluttering mess and she is in no way worthy of her. Too good for the world, Kara thinks, and she hates that not many see Lena for who and how she really is, with or without the CEO mask.

Why not just go with the flow and love the ride, Brainy had told her one day when he found her sulking at the DEO training rooms after Alex gave her an intense ten minute interrogation about Lena on how she spotted Kara sharing her food with Lena the other day (“You were sharing your food with her, Kara, this is serious business.”).

Why not just go with the flow and love the ride. So Kara did. And before she knew it, she started going along with it. This whole thing never seemed to bother Lena that much and quite frankly, Kara wished she could be a little like Lena and not care so much about the swimming opinions about her. Then as time went on, to counter her friends’ teasing, she’d just learned to go along with it and went full-force. Lena had been quick to go along with it the first time. And the second time. And the third. Then suddenly it just kept happening, but it’s mostly only when they’re provoked. Watching their friends’ faces fall, groaning in disgust as they flirted shamelessly and hung out together (much more than they should) pleasures Kara immensely. Because honestly, it’s funny and she loves a good laugh (especially when it makes Lena laugh, too.). She can’t always be the butt of the joke.

So they continue and do what they do best:

Being Kara and Lena, and being Kara and Lena when together.


When Kara steps into the living room, all clean and fresh, her eyes zero in on the food. She digs in ruthlessly and by the time she’s close to being satisfied with enough fill in her stomach, she’s interrupted.

“Kara, will you hurry up and join us already, please,” Alex grumbles, and she’s sat on the sofa next to Kelly with a huge bowl of popcorn by her lap. Kara blinks. She wants in on that bowl. “Your girlfriend’s been all pouty and lonely. Seriously, look at her. It’s gross.”

Kara ignores the girlfriend remark. She looks at Lena, who holds a glass of wine and sat in a lazy-cozy way on the couch with her legs tucked in, wearing the simplest sweater and baggy pants. Somehow despite such a normal and comfortable appearance, she still ends up looking expensive. Her face is half-hidden behind the rim of her wine glass as she takes a sip. Kara can see the hues of red on the tip of her ears. And then Kara’s gaze falls to the popcorn bowl. Easily persuaded by the two options, she comes.

(Yeah, she’s shallow like that.)

After arguing and debating what movie to watch for a full five minutes, they finally reach a verdict. Logging into Alex’s netflix account and choosing account: Parasite Number 2, she clicks on Bird box.

If anyone says anything when Kara slots herself besides Lena, all easy and familiar and perfect, Kara ignores it.

If anyone notices anything when she feels Lena’s hand on her thigh during most of the movie, Kara doesn’t say anything.

And if anyone makes a remark about Kara keeping Lena close almost to the point of invading her personal space, it’s easily lost because Kara is just simply a cuddly person in nature.

“Okay, that movie was sick,” Nia whistles, and Kelly clucks her tongue in agreement.

“Agreed, the ending was so cool! But like… I still can’t get over the children’s names. Boy? And Girl? Seriously?” Winn huffs, shakes his head, “who even names their children that.”

“They did get a proper name in the end, though,” Kelly says. “Was getting worried they’d be called Boy and Girl for the rest of their lives.”

Kara feels and hears the low throaty chuckle beside her, and she gulps.

“Getting blindfolded, though? I can’t imagine walking around blindfolded outside,” Alex utters, wrapping an arm around Kelly’s shoulder, face featuring a scowl. Then her face twists into a grimace when she looks at Kara. “Although if miss clumsy were to be blindfolded, she’d go around knocking and tearing up all the hard things in the city combined.”

Kara pouts. “Hey, I’m not that clumsy!”

“You are actually quite the clumsy person, Kara, no matter how much you like to deny it,” Lena tells her, giving her a slight jab in the abdomen. Alex sticks her tongue out at Kara from the support. “But at least you're clumsy-cute,” Lena winks. Then Alex's jaw drops, narrows her eyes in betrayal.

“Still clumsy nevertheless.” Kara bites the insides of her cheeks. 

When everyone starts cleaning up all the rubbish and empty alcohol bottles in the living room, Kara goes to the kitchen to place the dirty bowls on the sink. Moments later, Winn comes up beside her, gives her a slight nudge on the shoulder.

“So when are you two finally going to get it together,” Winn eyes at her as he helps her with the dishes. “Like, together together.

“Winn,” she sighs. “Buddy. My buddy. No,” she flatly says.

He shoots her an incredulous look.

“Come on, Kara. No matter how much you two dance around each other just to annoy us, I have eyes. I mean, anyone with eyes can see it. God, you really don’t see it?” he huffs, unimpressed when Kara shoots him a blank look. “How you guys look like from another’s perspective. How she looks at you. Seriously, you two should just date already.”

Winn,” she stresses, and tries not to look the slightest affected from his words. “For the nth time, we aren’t like that. Also, I have eyes too and I see things just perfect.”

“I disagree. I mean, you have x-ray vision too, but it’s not like your x-ray vision can see truth, or whatever,” Winn shrugs.

“I don’t know why you’re so convinced that there’s something between me and Lena other than a normal basic friendship.”

Winn groans. Like he's in actual pain. And then a moment later he gasps loudly, eyes wide. “Oh, man! You’re like that woman who recently got diagnosed for not being able to hear voices from men! Except you’re the eye version and you can’t see truth.”

Kara should be used to this. The constant pushes and reminders. Still, no matter how tired the topic is, she still flushes at it. Lena Luthor. Her best friend. Dating her. Kara starts to worry for Winn; he's never been this delusional.

“Stop teasing her, Winn.” Lena slips into the kitchen with two dirty plates. Kara keeps her eyes trained to the sink. “Or else we’ll start making out right in front of you. And maybe finally get you to puke for real.”

Kara almost breaks a plate. Tries her very best not to go beet-red. Sure, they let out suggestive comments here and there every now and then. But Kara isn’t always prepared and will always feel affected because it’s Lena. When Kara looks at her left, she sees Lena already looking at her, expression playful yet unreadable. But there’s a slight tug at the corner of her lips.

“Yeah, Winn,” she clears her throat, and finishes washing the last plate. Winn’s eyes bulges and he looks like he’s about to blanch at the thought. “Are you thinking about it, Winn?” Seeing the poor look in his face right now gives Kara a chance to turn things around. “Maybe we should make out, Lena,” she says simply, shrugging. Lena smiles slyly, takes steps closer to Kara and shoots Winn a strong threatening don’t-test-us look.

Oh, the power of the arch of her eyebrow.

“Okay, okay!” he steps back in haste, almost tripping, and shakes his head like he’s having none of this right now, “Jesus, fuck, nope. Not thinking it. Definitely not here to see it. God, I can't — I'm going. I’m going to have nightmares.” He stomps cutely out of the kitchen like a child who doesn’t want his veggies, a little red on the face, huffing.

Kara grins at Lena. Lena grins back, and soon they break into laughter and manage the best high-five they’ve ever had.


Everyone’s left her apartment except Lena after half an hour. At this point she’s not surprised anymore, and doesn’t stop for a moment to think about the why’s. Sometimes Lena stays in a little longer. Sometimes in for the night. This is just one of those nights. And they’d just watch another movie together, play a game, or talk and just talk.

“I’m sorry if I was a little too much,” Lena says, joining her by the couch after bidding Alex and Kelly goodnight by the door, “— before, I mean.”

Kara blinks.

“You weren't,” she assures, picking up a bottle from the table. She reads the label of the bottle. “Not at all. You know you’re real smooth, you know? You keep me on my toes. And you know how to shut people up. His face was so priceless, Rao I wish I'd snapped a picture of it.” Kara can’t help but break into a chuckle recalling his face.

Lena just looks at her and Kara sees the tipsy haze behind her eyes with her cheeks and ears tinting red and pink. Kara pushes a thought away. Puts it in an itty box.

“I know things have been a little different recently between us,” Lena says a moment later, and she, too, picks up one of the remaining filled glasses on the table. “But we've never talked about it, you know? I just want you to tell me if it ever gets too much. Or if I should stop. I would never want to do anything that would make you feel uncomfortable.”

Lena’s biting her lip, looking so sincere when she says it. Kara tilts her head to the side. It kind of confuses Kara, but she just shrugs.

“It’s the same for me too. Vice-versa, Lena,” she reassures, grinning. They remain sitting on the couch in silence for a minute until Lena breaks it.

“What bottle is that?” she scoots closer to Kara, trying to read the writing on the bottle.

“It’s new,” Kara tells her, and easily flicks the lid off with her thumb. “Humans can take this too, but not too much though. It’s really, really strong.”

“Interesting.” Lena stares at the bottle in thought. “Well then. You up for a little more drinking? I’m already a bit tipsy, but we can finish the remaining few bottles here. If you want.”

“Sure,” Kara shrugs. “You’re staying in for the night, then?”

“If that’s okay.”

“Of course it is,” Kara grins. “Now, are you up for a little alcohol tasting? I promise this one’s safe, you just have to be careful of your consumption or you’ll easily black-out drunk.” She looks up in thought for a moment. A wasted drunk Lena. She’s never seen that. The woman holds her alcohol far too well.

Kara takes a good swig from the bottle straight and then gestures for Lena to try and taste. The raven-haired woman looks skeptical for a moment before giving in. She brings it to her mouth and chugs once. Lena almost gags, almost coughs.

She took it like a champ. Kara’s impressed.

“God, that is strong,” Lena winces, and quickly she takes a full swig of her own bottle, drinks like it’s a chaser. Kara just laughs at her fondly.

By the time they’ve finished the remains, Kara’s pretty tipsy. Not drunk, but tipsy. And Lena looks like she’s fairing no better. For the past hour, all they’ve been doing is talking about the nothings and everythings. It’s pretty normal in Kara’s Kara and Lena drunk talks book.

“That’s disgusting, Lena,” Kara wrinkles her nose. She can’t feel her nose. “Kale flavoured soju? I’m truly appalled. I am,” she giggles, leaning herself to Lena’s side— shoulder, arm, and thigh touching. Lena feels so nice and smells so good. Again, Kara’s naturally a cuddly person. She can’t be blamed.

“It’s really not,” the younger woman retorts and she looks dead-set about this, “I would really try it. Honestly? It should be made a thing. Brought into existence.”

Lena looks so serious, like she’s about to really order it into existence knowing she’s a text or phone call away from her contacts. Kara knows Lena really could if she wanted. But instead of thinking about the Abomination Drink, she finds herself staring at Lena. Whose face might be a little too close to her own right now. Face etched with a lovely, dopey smile with her twinkling emerald-green eyes and cheeks flushed lightly.

Something about her right now in this moment makes Kara want to kiss her. Well maybe she has thoughts sometimes. It’s nothing new— Kara never usually allows herself to linger about it. Always forces it to the deepest part of her mind whenever it comes up.

Alex and the gang and especially Winn would probably tease her endlessly if they knew, but she’d never ever admit that out loud. Ever. She’d rather drink Lena’s Abomination Drink before that happens.

So what if Kara thinks about kissing her insanely hot best friend sometimes. Every now and then.

So what.

When Lena’s facial features soften, Kara blinks out from the haze. She doesn’t miss the way Lena drops her gaze to her lips for a split second before coming up to meet her in the eye.

So what, so what, Kara chants in her head.

Kara leans forward, just a bit, and hears how Lena’s breath hitches a little. Her body moves from its own accord before she's able to process and consider it. It's too late to back out now.

“Are you… going to kiss me?” Lena whispers, voice all so soft and gentle and the beating of her heart spikes up in Kara’s ears.

“Can I…?” Kara whispers back, inching closer and closer slowly, and gives Lena all the time to pull back or away from her. Kara wants to kiss her best friend. So what. Head swimming in thoughts, her mind goes overdrive, thinking about how soft Lena’s lips would be on hers, how she’d taste like, or how —

Kara’s not entirely too sure who closes the gap first, but she thinks it must be Lena because she’s all about consent. The way their mouths meet is a complete utter mess; they almost clash teeth because both can’t help but break into a drunken smile and a second later they chuckle at that, nose brushing together. But they quickly recover and get it together. Kara leans in and feels the full and plush lips against her own, and there’s a frantic hunger in the way their lips meet for the second time.

Soft, she confirms for herself.

And then the next thing Kara knows is the sudden weight on her lap, and arms snaking— wrapping around her neck. Holy shit. Lena Luthor, her best friend, is sat on her lap, straddling her and kissing her senseless.

Now, Kara’s pretty much a master of self-control. She has to be. She’s forced to be. Ever since she landed on Earth, she’d spent most of her time practicing and learning how to handle literally everything on Earth with care. From beach balls to Rubik's cubes, from knitting to handcrafts, drawing/painting to playing instruments. She’s so, so careful in her touches— in all forms of physical contact. So she’s not foreign to touching a human. And intimately at that.

Heart hammering her ears, Kara breathes Lena in. Lena always smells so fucking good, and Kara just wants to drink her all in. Her expensive perfume with a pang of alcohol, it floods her senses easily, making her feel a little dizzy and lightheaded. Running her hand along Lena’s waist, she takes a hand to Lena’s delicate back, presses her closer to her front.

Lena parts her lips, just enough for Kara to slip her tongue inside. Kara can’t help but smirk when she hears the soft noise Lena makes in the back of her throat— so she cranes her neck in a way to deepen the kiss, gaining better entrance to Lena’s mouth. The press of Lena’s body against her own deepens and Kara can feel just how much pressure her back is being pressed onto the couch. Rao does she find this extremely hot.

Kara almost whines when Lena pulls back, and for a moment only the sound of heavy breathing is heard in the room. Fluttering her eyes open, she sees Lena staring at her with half-lidded eyes.

“More?” Lena whispers, voice low and rasp. She licks her lips painstakingly slow, which now looks thoroughly kissed. Kara can’t help but take a moment to admire the view: Lena’s mussed hair and puffy lips, her eyes dark and glossy, her neckline askew, and the attractive flush from ear to throat and chest heaving. It kind of makes Kara a little nervous.

“More,” Kara breathes, and closes the distance. With Lena starting to get all touchy— her hand gliding from Kara’s collarbone, jawline to the back of her neck slow— Kara slips her hands down and cups Lena’s ass, gives it a tight squeeze. This elicits a guttural moan from Lena’s mouth. And right there and then, Kara just kind of fucking melts at the sound, as she sighs onto the kiss with the intimacy of Lena’s tongue running along hers. “You’re gorgeous. You’re so gorgeous, you know that?” she whispers against Lena’s soft lips, and feels nails scraping at her scalp, “hot, so beautiful, so stunning. Rao, Lena.”

Kara feels the twist of a smirk forming on Lena’s mouth. Honestly, she can't find it in her to care about her lack of eloquence right now. She’s having a full-blown make out session with her best friend. Can she be blamed?

“I do know that,” Lena says with a quiet shaky exhale and pulls her head back slightly for a pause. “I also know that I’m quite very huggable,” she leans in, murmuring against Kara’s cheek before she grabs the nape of Kara’s neck, connecting their mouths together once more, “kissable,” she continues on against her mouth, all slow and full of tongue and— Rao, Kara’s never been so filthily kissed like this in her life, “...and fuckable.”

And just like that, Kara’s gone and fucking writhers under Lena. Completely and utterly turned on, she grabs— tugs on Lena’s hair with just the right pressure and lowers her head, breaking off the kiss. By the hitch of Lena’s breath she can tell she’s been caught surprised, but Kara doesn’t focus too much on that and starts pressing hot open mouth kisses on Lena’s neck.

“Kara,” Lena whimpers softly and lets her head fall back, allowing Kara better access to her neck. Kara’s hands travel down to Lena’s thighs, fingers digging extremely carefully into fabric and skin as she trails more wet kisses on Lena’s neck, “Kara…”

“I want to mark up your pretty skin.” Kara gives a long, slow purposeful lick at alabaster skin, “Can’t stop thinking about it, kind of want to mark you up so bad—”

“Leave marks then,” Lena pants breathlessly, and Kara wonders briefly if they should slow down. Everything she is doing with Lena right now must go against the HowToBestFriends101 book but then again it’s not like it’s the most terrible thing to do in the world— kissing your willing and eager best friend silly that is.

So Kara does what she’s been allowed. She carefully sucks a hickey into the base of Lena’s throat, drinking in her pretty gasp. “Thought about this sometimes, you know,” she murmurs against hot flushed skin, and feels wandering hands slip under her shirt. “You under me, but this works too.”

“Is that why you get all flustered around me sometimes,” Lena teases, her hands gliding soft against Kara’s bare skin.

Kara flushes. Ignoring the comment, she travels back up swiftly to reclaim Lena’s mouth, her tongue slipping back in instantaneously. This evokes a low filthy moan out of Lena and the vulgar sound just makes Kara feel extremely weak.

She’s just about had enough and considers taking her shirt off until she registers a fumbling of keys in the hallway out her door. For a second she thinks of ignoring it until she realizes it’s coming from behind her door —


Biting back a groan, she grimaces and pulls Lena back softly by her shoulders. The raven-haired woman looks at her in confusion, then face slowly twisting into concern. Kara’s quick to shake her head, whispers, “Alex is coming.”

Eyes widening, Lena jerks away— almost stumbles backwards but Kara catches her just fine and soon they’re both in a frantic mess to fix their breathing and disheveled hair and crumpled shirts. Kara hears the keys drop on the ground and a curse shortly after.

She fixes herself fast enough and before she stands up to get the door, she’s stopped by a hand cupping her cheek. For a second she thinks Lena might kiss her again and the thought kind of worries Kara—

“Sorry, there’s a little,” Lena utters, voice deep and husky, and starts stroking the corners of Kara’s mouth hastily though with rapt attention as if to remove a blemish, “— okay, good. Perfect.”

The door opens and for once their hands are kept to themselves.

“Hey!” Kara chirps in greeting, her voice a little high-pitched. She’s not sure if being interrupted was for the better before things started to really escalate, but right now she feels so uncomfortably turned on she has to will herself to relax. Alex looks at her before looking at Lena. Kara gets up from the couch and walks towards her sister, “Did you forget something, Alex?”

“Yeah…” Alex drawls before she shakes her head, letting herself inside. “I was knocking but you weren’t answering, figured you’d gotten to sleep or something.”

“Sorry, I was dozing off to sleep. The knocking didn’t really register in,” she half-lies. Then thinks about the Abomination Drink.

“You guys drank more?” Alex utters in disbelief, squinting at the table before she rolls her eyes. “Anyway, Kelly left something.” She paces around the living room and then to the kitchen.

“What did she leave?” Lena gets up to help and Kara follows her shortly after. She tries not think about where Lena was sitting just a few moments ago.

“Phone. Ah— found it.” Her sister grumbles a Kelly you clumsy under her breath and starts heading back to the door with Kara. Alex gives a last look back to the two. “Alright. Don't stay up too late. I’ll see you tomorrow, Kara.” She turns to look at Lena, shoots her an arched brow. “Luthor.”

“Goodnight to you too, Alex,” Lena says simply and smirks.

“Oh, say goodnight to Kelly for us, too!” Kara tells her sister.

Kara closes the door and a minute later, Alex’s footsteps are far away enough from her apartment floor.

She finally turns to face Lena.

“Well. That went smoothly,” the younger woman jokes.

Things don’t have to be awkward, in Kara’s honest opinion. Lena’s face is neutral, doesn’t look like she hated what just happened at all. And with the easy smile and shrug from Lena a second later, it’s clear she won’t make a big deal of it— not unless Kara does. So why should Kara?

Kara grins. She walks towards Lena, tucks the loose string of hair hanging in a wonky way behind Lena’s ear.

“Wanna head to bed and just cuddle? Not gonna lie, I kind of need a few more minutes to calm down first. That was… um, intense.”

Lena blinks before the corners of her lips tug upwards. “Trust me, I’m more affected than you are,” she mumbles lowly but audible, taking a hand up to rub a side of her face with a shaky breath. Her head drops and hangs on Kara’s shoulder. “Maybe I might even need a cold shower.”

“Lena,” Kara flushes.

The younger woman bursts into a warm chuckle before she looks up to Kara. “Back to being shy now, are we? Okay, I'm joking,” she says, then narrows her eyes, smirking slyly, “Or am I?”

Lena,” Kara stresses and Lena just laughs harder, tilting her head to a side, looking all extremely charming and entirely too smug. She half-considers continuing what just transpired between them moments ago just to make Lena shut up and wipe that grin off her face. Half-considers just cuddling and chilling instead. She decides to choose the latter. “Alright, so I got you a new toothbrush by the way. It’s in the bathroom.”

“New toothbrush,” Lena gasps dramatically. She stretches her arms and legs before heading towards the bathroom. “Kara, I will actually die a little inside if you got me another toothbrush with the Shrek design with his face on it.”

Kara doesn’t say anything and heads towards her bed to change. And then a moment later:



So, yeah. Kara’s sure she can’t be held fully accountable for this. Shortly after, they both settle in her bed like it’s just another normal sleepover night. They don’t talk about what happened and it’s all comfortable silence there. Kara’s the big spoon to Lena’s little spoon and they slot together like perfect puzzle pieces.

And so no matter what anyone says, all things considered, they’re not dating. She’s her best friend. Even if they flirt shamelessly with each other. Even if they recently had a mind-blowing make out session.

They won’t date, Kara’s very sure.

They won’t.