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Rule #3

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Grant always wondered how he ended up in situations like this. There was usually something to blame like, for example, himself. Blame makes sense, blame gives a cause. But.... this. This was something new. He didn’t know who to blame for this.

All he had on his to-do list for the evening was to shower, brush his teeth, and then sleep for as long as possible, he swore. He even cut down time by brushing his teeth in the shower. He was all than more ready to pass out until he heard a noise coming from inside the hotel room. Grant sighed and prepared for another fight where, of course, he would have to fight in a towel because that’s the kind of luck he has.

He grabbed a gun (Yeah, he showered with a gun, it doesn’t matter why) and had it cocked as he moved towards what he assumed was a threat.

“Can I help you?” He asked the brunette sitting on his bed.

Grant fought the urge to duck back into the bathroom and decided to feel slightly pleased that she got to see him like this. It wasn’t like he was unattractive after all. He lowered his gun.

“I’m here to distract you for 20 minutes while the team searches your car.” Skye responded.

He blinked. First of all, considering the current clothing situation, how is he not supposed to take that as an innuendo? Second of all, why would she tell him if she was supposed to be distracting him? Third of all, he’s in a towel right now and he feels way too exposed to come up with a witty response. He ended up sort of coughing out,

“I’m in a towel?”


“Do you mind if I get... changed?”

Everything he said felt like it sounded like a question, that’s how off guard he felt at that specific moment.

“You’re blushing, Ward. It’s pathetic.”

He stood there, gaping at her for at least three seconds. Grant doesn’t like to allow himself to look at her, or think about her in any hopeful sense. He started to create rules for himself when it came to Skye out of some weird punishment for what he had done to her.

This situation had to break some rules. He was standing in front of her, mostly naked, allowing himself to actually meet her eyes.

She was looking at his chest. (She was looking at his chest what does that even mean?) This was decidedly against the rules. He wasn’t allowed to think about her looking at his mostly naked body. He was never allowed to think about this moment again.

“So I’m supposed to just sit here for twenty minutes while my car gets ransacked?” Grant tried to think about anything else but what was happening right now and tossed the gun on his dresser.

They both knew he wouldn’t use it on her anyway.

He headed to the closet in hopes of throwing on a t-shirt, some underwear, and some goddamn pants before he probably died of anxiety and overthinking because the only person he’s ever loved (Who absolutely hates him but that’s beside the point) is staring at him in a very vulnerable moment.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you.” She spoke as he pulled a pair of jeans out from the closet.

Before he could ask why she cut him off with a look that made him sure Skye could probably see into every single fantasy he ever allowed himself to have in his life.

“If you’re planning on getting dressed and leaving to stop them you should probably think about how that towel is going to have to drop eventually.”

“So your plan for keeping me stuck here is just hoping that I don’t put clothes on?”

He wanted her to catch the innuendo and start arguing because he knew how to do that. He knew how to argue with her. He did not know how to be respectful and think completely innocent thoughts while he was almost completely exposed in front of her and she can’t stop looking at his stomach and…

He snapped his head away from her because he wasn’t allowed to think about her in this way.

“I know you and I know that if I keep watching you then that will a) make you shut up because of whatever teenage embarrassment you have going on right now and b) force you to stand here in a towel for however long Coulson needs you to because if you dropped that towel in order to get changed you’d probably pop a boner from some weird humiliation kink.”

Grant made a strangled noise that sounded like a choke to his own ears which made her laugh if someone filled with that much hatred could laugh.

“What’s wrong, Ward? Do you feel uncomfortable? Have I done a nice job exploiting your weakness, this time?”

This was against the rules. If there was one thing he wanted more than her, it was his own emotional self harm. He picked up the jeans and his underwear, dropped the towel, and put them on. Grant couldn’t let this situation continue for any second longer.

He got changed and with a side glance he confirmed that yes she most definitely watched him get dressed and he wasn’t sure how to feel about it. He was still very confused because honestly what is going on? How is this his life?

“It was nice seeing you again.”

Grant didn’t bother fighting the sweetness in his voice, instead finding the best use of his time for heading towards the door and getting ready to stop the team from whatever they were doing.

He felt a hand on his arm and froze. She touched him, he didn’t deserve that. Maybe if he stayed still the hand would linger. Maybe, just maybe, she’d hold onto his arm for a few more seconds. He knew that he sounded like an obsessed sociopath but he’s come to terms with the fact that he might actually be one.

“We both know you’re not allowed to leave yet, Grant.”

She touched him and said his name, this is just going against all of his rules so far.

“What rules?” Skye asked as he looked like a deer in headlights.

“Excuse me?”

He was hoping that he didn’t say any of that outloud and that her inhuman powers didn’t include mindreading. She faced him.

“You just said, ‘this is going against all of my rules.’”

She cocked her head to the side and now suddenly she was in between him and the door and walking him backwards. He was cornered. He couldn’t lie, he couldn’t leave, all he could do was just stare at her and then curse himself for staring at her because that’s not what he should be doing.

“Ward, you owe me and you will owe me for the rest of your life. We have fifteen minutes left so you might as well make them interesting.”

He scratched the back of his neck and sat down on the bed she cornered him into. How does one begin to tell their arch nemesis/ soulmate how they refuse to let themselves think about them.

“I don’t know where to begin,” Grant could tell she wasn’t satisfied that so he continued, “I just need to make sure I keep… emotional distance from you.”

“What is that supposed to mean?” She crossed her arms and snorted and fuck she was so attractive.

“Being around you hurts, Skye. I’m sure you understand that.”

“What did I ever do to you?” She always had to go with the offense.

“I never said you did anything,” He sighed putting his forehead in his hands, “I just said that being around you hurts.”

“I don’t give a shit, I don’t want to hear this.”

“You asked!”

“No, I asked what the rules were, not your self-victimized pity talk. I don’t care about how you feel or how much you want to kill yourself over never being able to fuck me. I just like watching you squirm so tell me what the rules are.”

It was the same gaze from earlier. The, “I can see everything you’ve ever thought and I’m making fun of you for it,” gaze.

“What’s rule #1 Grant?” She pressed.

“Why would they be numbered?”

“Because it’s you. What’s rule #1?”

Grant sighed, giving up.

“I should think of you as little as possible and never in any hopeful way.”

Skye snorted, “Damn, straight.”

Ouch. Honestly he gets that he’s the bad guy in this story and he’ll never get redemption but that doesn’t mean her using his love for her (Or more like obsession) as a way to humiliate and hurt him was fair, right? He realized that nobody in the entire world would take his side in this argument.

“What’s rule #2?” Skye probably didn’t like the awkward silence.

“If you and I are alone in the room I shouldn’t look directly at you.” He reluctantly continued.

“Okay, that’s just overkill.”

He looked at her and she saw it, really saw it. His eyes were full of pain and a word she refused to even think. It was so much that she averted her eyes. Grant knew she wouldn’t be able to stand being looked at like that but he couldn’t help it. She was everything to him.

“Rule #3 is that I can’t think about you.” He continued, hoping that he could rip this last bandage off quickly.

Maybe if he disgusted her, she’d leave him alone so his heart could stop beating so damn fast. No such luck.

“That’s rule #1, Grant.”

“I know, but rule #3 means I can’t think about you…” He suddenly wished she wasn’t standing so close, “Like… that.”

He wished either of them were normal enough to just drop it because this was a really inappropriate conversation to have for two people who are supposed to want to kill each other.

“You know I’m not gonna let you off the hook, Ward. You’re gonna have to be more specific.”

He couldn’t say this outloud. He just couldn’t. Grant wouldn’t. He reached his point of absolute cringe tonight and he wasn’t going to say it. So he just locked his jaw and stopped avoiding her gaze and stared her down. She wasn’t going to win this one. She’s tortured him in the past ten minutes enough.

Skye probably figured he was going to be stubborn because she began to grin a smile that didn’t reach her eyes.

“Oh!” She leant in closer. “Do you mean that you can’t… touch yourself?”

He didn’t answer. She wasn’t going to get the answer she wanted. He’s had enough.

“Does Grant Ward not allow himself to masturbate because all he can do is think of me when he tries?” Skye drapes her hands on his shoulders and he flinched away from her.
“Has poor little Grant Ward not orgasmed in a year because I will never forgive him?”

“I never pegged you as cruel, Skye.” He responded, hoping to derail this into an argument,“Hurt and rageful? Sure. But cruel? It doesn’t suit you. I get you want to make me squirm and to feel powerless for your own amusement. But we have five minutes left and I’m too exhausted for this.”

“Baby.” Her voice turned into a cold whisper. “You have no idea how cruel I can be.”

Before he could stop her- or even register what was happening- he was on his back with her mouthing on his neck. It’s not like he had enough self control to stop the one person he will always want from giving him a hickey. Every man had his limits.

“Grant, tell me about what you’re not allowed to think about.” She said, rubbing her hands up and down his chest. “And everything you’ve ever wanted can come true.”
She really was playing dirty at this point.

“Skye. Please.” She found her way up to his ear and started biting on it hard.

This wasn’t fair.

“Give in, Grant.” Skye demanded.

Okay, fine.

“Uhm Well there’s this one where,” He gasped at her ministrations, “where you tell me that you’ll forgive me if I- oh god,” he could feel her hands moving much lower, “if I make it up to you, yo- you know sexually.”

It’s been a long time for him so he was absolutely furious when she immediately retreated.

“Thank you for telling me rule #3, Ward.” She found herself staring at the poor man with a hickey on his neck and a growing erection.

All he could do was glare at her. She pushed him past his limit and he felt like he wanted to cry from how much pain he was feeling. Emotionally and physically. He was sleep deprived and now horny and way too broken hearted to be toyed with right now.

“So now that we’ve broken the rules can you do something small for me?”

“Skye, your timer is up you have to leave. The team is done and they’ll be wondering where you are.”

“I’m just asking for something small. You owe me.”

He wanted to leave and get out of here. He felt like absolute shit for giving into this and her. But how could he not? She was everything he’s ever wanted.

“What could you possibly want? It’s-,” Grant checked the alarm clock, “2:15 am, you’ve lost your mind, and I just can’t do this anymore!” He got up and walked around her towards one of the bedside chairs.

How could he stand knowing that he touched her and was touched today? He wasn’t allowed that he didn’t deserve that.

“I lied about the team, Ward. And now I won’t leave until I get what I want.”

“What do you want?” Grant asked bitterly.

“I want poor little Grant Ward to have an orgasm thinking about me.”

“What the fuck?” Escaped his mouth before he could even stop it. “Why do you do this to me, can’t you just leave me alone? Haven’t you had enough fun?”
That cold grin again was all he saw. Who made her this way? Was this his fault?

“No, because the one thing that destroys you will be me. And you don’t have the self control to turn me down because you want this. You want to destroy yourself as much as I want you to destroy yourself. Now you are going to take off your pants and start touching yourself while you tell me about every contingency to rule #3.”

“What makes you think I’ll do that?” His hands were shaking.

“Because I’m asking nicely and I’m the woman you would do anything for.”

He tried staring her down again.

“You’re not scary, Ward. Now start stripping before I never talk to you again.”

He hated himself for how much he was secretly enjoying this. He slowly slipped off his shirt. Grant felt her gaze and it was humiliating and fantastic all at once. This was going to be the best and worst thing to have ever happened in his life.

“So how shall we start, baby?” She let the pet name fly out with malice, “Want to start touching yourself or would you like to tell me about how you wish I would give you a blowjob.”

Sighing, Grant pulled down his pants. He hesitated with his underwear and instead gripped himself through them.

“Tell me about the dirtiest one, Grant. The one that could make you hard just thinking about it.” She said, sitting in the chair across from him, resting her hands on his calves before helping him remove his underwear.

“You would…” He stopped and let out long breath, enjoying the feeling of his hand on his cock for the first time in over a year.

“Come on pretty boy.” Skye cooed, “What’s your dirtiest fantasy?”

Might as well be honest. Grant spent so long trying not to think about this ever since he had a dream about it. He woke up post orgasm and realized the mess his body left for him to clean up. Here goes nothing

“You would uh fuck me.” He waited for her to be surprised or for her to make fun of him, “With a strap-on.” He clarified. Not many straight men admit to liking that.

He heard her laugh at him but at this point when is she not laughing at him.When she got over what he assumed was her surprise, he saw her bite her lip. She was absolutely gorgeous.

“How would I fuck you?” She asked as he groaned. “Would you like it slow for you to feel every inch? Or would you like me to fuck you like the whore you are.”
Grant bucked into his fist when she called him that.

“Slow at first. Really slow at a torturing pace. Slow enough for me to know how you have total control over my pleasure.”

He sped his right hand up while his left hand gripped his own hair. He was openly moaning her name as he started to allow himself to lose control. He closed his eyes and let out an embarrassing high pitched whine. He was close. All of this was way too much.

“And then you would grip my hips and leave cuts with your nails as you fuck me really-” he gasped. “Really hard. And I’d be so ready for you, I promise. I promise I’d do anything for you, I’d want it so bad.”

“Open your eyes and stare at me you slut.” She snapped.

This was too much. He met her eyes and to his horror she was still laughing at him.

“You’re pathetic, Grant.” Another whine because she used his first name. “Soak in this. You’re masturbating right now. In front of me. Telling me about how you want me to fuck you in the ass. You’re so loud, it’s embarrassing Grant. The entire hotel can probably hear you.”

Her words were starting to really really affect him. He felt it in his stomach first. It was tightening and then he felt himself get really really sensitive. He could visualize the cliff he was about to topple over before everything exploded. He moaned her name as he felt himself orgasm. His head snapped back and his back left the mattress. Left hand still gripping his hair, pulling as hard as he could. Hips thrusting up into the air and everything feeling fucking fantastic.

Grant collapsed back onto the chair when he came down from his high.

“That was quite a show, Ward,” He heard her say, “This was fun, we should humiliate you again sometime soon. But only if you beg for it when the time arises.”

“Would you ever let me?” Grant asked her as she started walking away. “Reciprocate, I mean.”

He really wanted to reciprocate. He would make it so good for her.

“You will never be good enough to touch me Ward.” And with that, she left him as if the universe hadn’t just simultaneously began and ended in this hotel room.

Reluctantly, he got up and wandered over to the bed. He knew he wouldn’t be able to sleep tonight. She enjoyed taking everything away from him.
Grant always wondered how he ended up in situations like this.