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A Mutually Beneficial Relationship

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May 17, 2018


The tiny coffee shop huddled despondent among the huge city buildings. Washed out under the overcast sky, it hunched in itself, fighting against the drizzle. Hundreds of people rushed by it, outside on the crowded street. The half a dozen customers glanced up as the door swung open, heralded by a blast of cold wind. Unlike the outside, the interior of the place was warm and cheery, with bright lights and colorful walls. The customers neglected to return to their conversations as the door swung closed behind the new entrant and instead all turned an eye to the man.

One could tell at first glance he was an Adonis among other men who each pale in comparison. One look and both women and men no doubt swooned at the sight of him, no matter their sexual preferences. A single word passed from his lips without a single fleeting thought would have even the straightest of men flushing shades of red that no one ever knew was naturally possible.

The man had hair that was a lovely dark whisky, the color of fallen leaves browned and sleek with the first rain of autumn. And his eyes were a soft hazel, framed by graceful brows. His skin was tanned. He had prominent cheekbones and a well-defined chin and nose. He’s wearing a wool overcoat with the collar popped, which partially covers a stark white turtle neck that’s pulled tight against his muscular chest. The man glances around the café for a brief second, before he makes his way towards the front, and faces all of the customers.

“Sir, can I help you?” One of the baristas asks softly.

There is a smile on the man’s lips, but it doesn't reach his eyes. His eyes are blank, emotionless when he gives the smile. They stay just like that as he brings his fingers up, and snaps them. There is a finality to it as the sound echoes throughout the place, for as it responds every single person drops dead. Their eyes are still wide, and their mouths in silent ‘o’s. The man inclines his head forward, that cold, dispassionate smile dissipating into a thin line.

The man makes his way across the now eerily silent space, and settles on a table in the very back where a young, college-age couple was sitting. He sighs, grasping the shoulder of the male, and none too gently throws the corpse onto the floor. The body hits the ground with a loud ‘thud’, it’s neck limply lolling to the side so that it’s unmoving gaze sets on him. He grabs the woman by her straw blonde strands, twisting his fingers until he’s gripping her scalp, before tossing the body on top of that of her lover. It’s fitting, really, that the couple’s bodies should be so close together, even in death.

The man, satisfied, sits down. He looks down at the table, and notices a small white porcelain cup on a matching saucer. He picks it up by the handle, and brings it to his nose, he sniffs gingerly. Green gunpowder tea and mint leaves with a subtle hint of sugar. He brings the cup to his lips and takes a sip. The liquid was still a little warm, but his tastebuds - his vessel’s tastebuds – do not favor the drink. Something in his head goes off like a siren,”Too much sugar!” He holds the cup over the two bodies at the side of the table, and turns it upside down.

Lucifer brings the cup back to the table, setting it back down on the saucer with a gentle ‘clink’. At the sound, something begins to stir in his mind – his vessel’s mind – again. He sees a man with piercing green-eyes offering him a beer, the faintest hint of a smile on his lips. Perspiration runs down the side of the cold glass, and it sticks to his hand when he delicately clicks it against the other man’s bottle. He takes a sip. The liquid is not at all tasty and it is bitter.

Sun bathes over the other man; golden brown freckles litter the man’s upper-face. They drink their beer in silence. He sees his vessel’s face, reflecting on the dark brown glass he holds in his hand. The other man bumps his shoulder, and his smile becomes more prominent.

Lucifer pushes back the memory with a grimace. He would never understand the subtle things in the memory, the things that were purely, disgustingly.. human. The faint smiles, the skin-to-skin contact that was so desperately needed, the silence as they drink.

Lucifer flinches slightly, raising his fingers to his temple. “Sam,” The archangel says softly,”It’s quite alright, if you wish to speak then just do so. You have nothing to fear from me.”

N-No this isn’t possible.

“It is, Sam because here I am,” Lucifer says for the simple fact that it is.

Y-You… How? What happened? I don’t.. I can’t remember a damn thing.

Lucifer straightens in his chair, a smile tugging at his lips as he answers,”Think back, Sam. What is the last thing you remember?”

I don’t…. I can’t – The cave.

The feral vampires, all fangs and guttural growls, had surprised them. Sam was trying to hold his own, but then as he was preparing to dish out another strike, one of them intertwined their clammy, bony fingers around his wrist. The hunter gasped as another one knocked him down on his knees, breathless, he feels them incline his head forcefully to the side. He smells their rotting breaths intermingling with the other foul smells lurking in the cave. And then a dozen needles drove down into his throat.

Sam had called out for Dean before his jugular vein was ripped out of his throat along with a huge chunk of his flesh. Blood spurting everywhere, dank darkness all around him, on his knees in the dirt and helpless at the cold hands of a bloodsucker. The pain flared white hot, radiating out to his whole body. When he felt himself being thrown to the floor, dragged away, the needles driving down for another attack, he blacked out.

Dean! Where is he? Where the hell is my brother? ...Castiel, Jack - Where are they – What happened…?

“That is a long story,” The archangel responds with a tired sigh,”But there is nothing for you to worry about. I brought you back, and in a way, you did the same for me. You, Sam Winchester, have provided me with the perfect vessel I have so long craved.”

I didn’t say yes. I would never, ever yes.. not again. I would’ve told you to go to hell.

Hell - that was the fierce word, the word to threaten children if they were too bad, the word to send shivers down a spine. Images of fiery demons whose barbed tails coiled and snapped, their whips sharp, their horns like mighty rocks thrusting from their heads. He remembers wings reaching far and wide to swallow the man that dare stand before them. A cage with two beings of light that prey upon a single mortal, while the other cowers in the corner; too feeble to even open his mouth for his brother.

...this isn’t like before… The last time, I didn’t have this much control. I can actually –

Lucifer is startled as he feels his fingers begin to shift, but not of his own accord. The archangel frowns, inclining his head forward as he asks,“…Before?,” Then realization dawned upon him and he smirks,“Oh, you think I am your Lucifer. No, Sam, your Lucifer is dead, I made sure of that myself.

Dead? No. That’s not possible. None of this is.

“Sam, this is not like any other possession you’ve endured. In fact,” The archangel halts for a moment, contemplating how to explain this to his vessel,”.. it’s less of a possession, and more of a mutualistic relationship, which explains why you still have some control over your vessel. In fact, I bet if you put enough focus into it, you’d be able to gain full usage of your body back. Go on… try.”

Sam surges forward at once, managing to surprise Lucifer. The body the two of them were sharing jerked back, and his hand gripped at his heart as his body went into convulsions. Suddenly, his shoulders began throwing themselves forward and nearly shooting past his head as spit and vomit began to collect itself in the back of his throat. Gasping, Sam vomited on the floor of the coffee shop.

Lucifer chuckles in the back of his mind. That didn’t go as smoothly as you wanted, did it?

Frowning at the floor, Sam slowly straightened and used the back of his forearm to wipe the spit from the corners of his mouth. Then his eyes laid on the multiple corpses littered throughout the room. The hunter gaps softly, his hand going over his mouth as he takes a step aback, nearly tripping on the couple mangled on the floor. At that, he nearly vomits a second time.

“Did… Did I do this?” Sam questions.

They’re here as leverage, so that you’ll listen to what I have to say, Sam.

“If they were leverage, they’d be alive,” Sam snarls.

Lucifer snorts at that. Too much noise. But, we both know I can bring them back, just like I brought you back. I may not be your Lucifer, but you know… You know what I can do.

“Y-You brought me back? Why?”

Oh, well, I’m getting to that.

Sam shakes his head, running his fingers through his hair as he chokes out,”What do you want?”

What do I want…? Sam, I think that it’s rather obvious… given the circumstances.

“What do you want?” Sam screams, his nostrils flaring as the fingers in his hair clench, damn near pulling strands from his scalp.

Lucifer’s voice is low and soft but powerful enough to send chills through Sam’s body. Sam I want a chance to prove to you that you are mine… Wholly and completely as all vessel’s should be. Your world’s angels, they’ve taken the sacred, profound relationship that an angel and a vessel are meant to share. And they’ve twisted it, tainted it! You obviously want me to give you up as my vessel… Fine. But I’m not giving up you up, not until I at least get a chance to show you…

“What are you getting at, Lucifer?” Sam asks, pacing, wincing when he nearly steps on the hand of one of the bodies,“Just tell me what you want from me.”

Gladly. I’m willing to walk about this world, your world, Sam, but leave it as it is. I will do it, just for you. On one condition. You give me a single month of your time. I wish to use that time convince you, that as angel and vessel, we are meant to stay together. To be one. How’s that for the deal of the century?

Sam’s mouth is dry, and his heart is beating too fast,”What happens if you can’t convince me? Will you leave… but leave my world alone?”

After that month, I will leave, yes. I will seek out another vessel, of course, and will I allow your world to suffer for what my world did? No.


Because, Sam. I know that this world’s Lucifer was one of the many that… tarnished the relationship we are supposed to have. I want to believe we can have this, have us, without having to hurt you.

“You’re in my head... You’ve already seen what he’s done,” Sam says quietly,”Every single damn thing.”

"I hope you’re not expecting me to apologize, Sam. I don't regret anything I've done. You're mine, remember?” Lucifer traces a finger over Sam’s bare arm, his voice low as he claims. He’s still wearing the president’s face as his lips pull into a smile,”But I can be good. This thing between us, the going around and around without stopping, it’s making me dizzy. We don't have to be at odds anymore. We can fix this."

"You’ve said you’d change a hundred times before. You didn't,” Sam answers, curt with disbelief as he pulls away from his touch,”You don't want to, Lucifer. You’ve never wanted to before. Tell me, what’s different now?”

The archangel gives a stubborn shake of his head and hisses,”Sam, we don't have anything pulling us apart now! There are no strings on us! No script to follow. From this point forward it’s just you and me.”

We both know that's the farthest thing from the truth,” The human scoffs, sitting up to button his shirt.

Lucifer's gaze slides over all of Sam, and then he pats the bed again. Sam doesn't even look in his direction. The human keeps his gaze on the ratty motel blanket kicked to their feet, the sweat and blood tinged sheets clinging to their damp bodies. The archangel reaches a hand out, gently settling it upon his cheek, making the latter flinch as he tries to move away.

True. You’ve always had a nose for sniffing out my lies,” Lucifer compliments, tone too sugary sweet as he rubs his thumb over Sam’s smooth cheek,”You were made for me for a reason, Sammy.”

Sam doesn't pull away from the touch, but his voice breaks as he states,”Like a cage is made to properly contain an animal."

Aw, you don’t give yourself enough credit, Sam,” And Lucifer slumps halfway back down on the bed again, fidgeting,”I want you to come away with me. Run away like you always have, run to me, but this time, when you find me... stay with me. I would never make you feel alone, abandoned, like a toy that’s never played with. You would always be with me, I'd be right there, like you want me to be - Like you’ve always wanted me to be. And I would give you anything, everything that you’ve always wanted -“

Don’t," Sam's voice wavers. His fingers are still clasped on the final button, and they hang there for a moment. Then they settle on his lap.

There is no going back. Don’t you understand? You can't undo what that idiot angel friend of your’s did, and I'm not just going to move on,” The archangel declares pulling his hand as if burned,”If I could, I would have by now. But I can’t. Neither of us can.”

The human stands, steps into his discarded boxers and pulls them on. Then he turns to the latter, his lips parted ever so slightly as he utters,”I am moving on. I’m leaving, and I’m not coming back, Lucifer. Not this time, not ever again.”

Sam. I know you love me. And I don't want to hurt you. We both know I can be so, so good to you, when you don’t force my hand,” Lucifer’s voice starts to shake and he stands up behind Sam, his arms going around his waist, pulling him close to his chest,”We both know you want me. Why is it so hard to admit that you missed me? That you still want me? Need me even?”

Get off,” Sam gasps, overwhelmed. Lucifer kisses his neck, and then his hands are on Sam's waist, undoing Sam's belt,”You’re not keeping me here.”

No, I’m not. This is your choice,” Lucifer remarks, his hands moving from his belt to settle on his flat, toned stomach,”But before you make up your mind, you should probably go pee on a stick first.”

Yes. I’ve seen it all, Sam. But I am not him. I am from an entirely different world, where I’ve been influenced by different events and characters.

“But you hate… despise humans,” Sam didn’t know much about this Lucifer, but this is the one solid fact that transverses through both versions of him.

Yes, all except you, Sam. Lucifer responds honestly, his tone is soft, almost warm. And do I want the rest to live? No. But if I have to forget about the rest of them, to have you? I will.

“No. You would never give me up as your vessel,” Sam spits out,”I’m not giving you a chance to trick me, to spew your lies. Let me go, now -“

Oh? And why would I do that? “Spew my lies” as you say?

“Because it’s what you do. You promise the world, but only present ashes,” The hunter chokes out defiantly,”You cannot do good, much less be good. So if you think I’m going to let you manipulate me... use me again, you truly are a stupid son of a bitch.”

Lucifer sounds almost hurt when he exclaims. But you do not know me, Sam. I am not your Lucifer!

“You are one in the same.”

Really? And what have I done that makes it so you draw this conclusion?

“You possessed me without my consent -“ Sam was still waiting to hear how in the hell he managed that one.

Had I not you would be dead.

Sam grits his teeth, and snarls,”I have been ready to die countless times, but others never seem it fit for me to do so.”

...You wish to die?

“I have for long time.”

Sam, when I explain things... you will see that I am not the same as your world’s Lucifer. I am different. Had it not been for me -

“I don’t care!” Sam growls, with a scathing tone,”Dean will save me. He won’t let you have me -“

Dean? Your brother, Dean? Don’t make me laugh!

“Dean will save me. He’s done it time and time again.”

Oh, has he? Sam, I’ve been inside your head. From what I’ve seen, Dean seems to have let you down time and time again. Locking you up in a metal box when you were drinking demon blood, and clocking you before you could even explain yourself! Dismissing your feeble cries for help. Got pissed at you, you, when you ran away from your not-too-happy home life. Oh, sure, he’s saved you...

“No-” Sam began, raising his voice before stopping himself,”You have no idea what you’re talking about.”

Let’s not forget about... how he feels about you. I’ve seen it, Sam. The way he stares at you. The way he holds you a little longer than necessary. The obsession -

Dean is sitting on a small wooden chair that makes his hulking frame look twice as massive, his bulging arms and legs tied tightly to those of his seat. The chair is placed in the middle of a life-sized devil’s trap. The older man looks up, shadows dancing across the sharp structure of his face as his lips part into a jutting smirk. His emerald green eyes suddenly flash and turn black as oil spills—reflecting nothing, absorbing everything.

Seriously, Sammy. You should hear some of the dirty thoughts that I have locked away deep, deep down. Shit, I bet you’d love to know just how crazy I am to see you in these handcuffs,” Dean purrs, his tongue gliding over his lips. Then he’s pulling up against the hand cuffs, leaning forward.

Dean goes on and on, describing in vivid detail how his feelings for his brother aren’t exactly brotherly. “When you were barely ten years old, I knew I was going to Hell because when you turned on your side and your lips brushed against my neck... God. Right then and there, I wanted to kiss you senseless, steal your fucking breath -“

Sam remembers sobbing in the bathroom for hours after his brother was cured, trying to stifle his vomit.

The pure unbridled want he has for you -

“N-no, no, no, no,” Sam gasps out, nearly heaving again. He closes his eyes and wrings his hands in his lap.

It’s actually kind of cute. I mean you’re both strapping young men with daddy issues – It’s a fangirl’s dream!

“Stop! Just stop,” Sam is close to emptying the contents of his stomach as he pleads,”Please, just stop.”

…So you see, Dean isn’t going to save you. Not this time around anyway. How would he anyway, Sam? He’s just a human, just like your dear, sweet mother. And don’t even get me started on that subpar angel friend of yours. He probably gets winded moving a pencil. Oh, and, Jack… How could I forget? Poor kid…

Sam’s posture stiffens and his muscles go rigid. “Jack,” He chokes out licking his dry lips,”What happened to him? What did you do?”

I didn’t do a thing to him. You have this world’s Lucifer to thank for that. In a last ditch effort to gain the upper hand, he stole his own son’s grace. And a nephilim’s grace, well, it’s the only thing that keeps them stable and without it, he’ll soon begin to fall apart. Unless of course, you agree…

“No, I-I can’t… I swore that I’d never, ever… Not again.”

You’d let your own flesh and blood son die just so you can have a tiny semblance of control? Sam, even if you do say no to this once-in-life-time deal, I won’t let you go. At least with this deal you at least have a chance of going free. Of saving your son!

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. This is definitely a trap. Sam argues with himself, but then another thought bubbles up. Lucifer can’t lie to him. As angel and vessel they can try and lie, but the other will always be able to tell. Even then, his world’s Lucifer, the one he knew, never lied to him. This is one promise that the devil always kept, and this one was likely no different.

Practicality soon follows on its heels, Sam’s realism always reliable. And if it all goes to shit, well, he’s bought Dean and Cas and everyone more time. He doesn’t the know the extent to this different form of possession he’s having to endure – mutualistic relationship – but he does know he does have some form of control over his vessel. He and the devil can switch in-and-out of control, although not smoothly. Deep, deep down, Sam knows what is best.

“Fine. Let’s do this,” Sam finally decides before his voice can betray him,”But I have my own terms,” He swallows heavily, before continuing,”I listened, so you bring everyone in here back, but you erase their memories of ever being dead, okay?” He feels some form of recognition resound in his head, so he goes on,”I want you to explain every single damn detail of what’s happened since… Since you possessed me without my consent. Then as soon as you’re done explaining, we are going to Jack and you are giving him enough grace to save him! And finally, during the remaining entirety of this month, we won’t go near any of the people I care about. I don’t want them – I don’t want them to see me like this.”

All fair. But don’t worry Sam, I will allow you some free reign throughout the month. For now, I will be taking the wheel again.

Before Sam can even voice an objection he feels Lucifer taking control from him; taking what was rightfully Sam’s. The hunter pushes back, unwilling to give up control that easy. He begins pushing memories at the devil, a desperate attempt to try and distract him. He gives up what little, precious privacy he has because he’s desperate not to lose control again… to be pushed back into the black.

Sam’s eyes rolled into the back of his head. His body began to rack back and forth, he threw himself to the ground, and began to have what he could only call a seizure. Then he felt it, all control over his limbs slipped away, and he felt himself being pushed back, back… far away. He’s still there, he can still hear, see, taste, smell, but he is simply not there.

Lucifer chuckles, and states,”Sam, that was very foolish of you to try. Though I do commend your efforts. For now, I’m afraid that I’m going to have to keep a tight grip on these reigns.”

Despite the ever-enveloping black within this nothingness, Sam could still see through his eyes. He wasn't sure how, because there was no discernible light source, but he didn't complain. He would have gone completely mad if he was kept completely in the dark as he was the last time Lucifer – his Lucifer – possesses him. Distantly, he hears Lucifer snap his fingers, and all of a sudden all of the coffee shops residents are up and about, bustling like nothing happened.

Lucifer turns on his heel, and exits the shop. He puts his hands in his coat-pockets, and goes forward with his collar popped against the cold wind, and light drizzle of rain. As they walked further and further, less people began to pass by, until they were entirely alone. That’s when the devil began to speak again,”I’ll start from the beginning, or the end, I suppose… the cave,” Lucifer began as he continued walking down the street,”Is how I first found you. You were given an offer by my counterpart, and when you denied him... He was none too pleased.”

Metal squeaks overhead as a single fan above rotates back and forth, back and forth. The sound is almost maddening, to those still alive to even hear it. The feral vampires roaming about the cave paid no mind to it, for their pointy ears only perked at the sound of footsteps. Their ears had peeled when a solitary figure made their way into the cave, but as waves of them dove forward, they were parted like the Red Sea. For their potential prey was not prey at all, but an archangel - An archangel that did not appreciate having jaws snapped in his direction. So, the few creatures that did not get the memo that they were in a little over their heads, were gone with a snap of fingers. The ones that had managed to stay in line simply followed the higher being into a deeper part of the cave, until they were all swarming at the entryway were one of their earlier meals still lay.

Sam Winchester lay still on the dirt floor, his brown hair was scattered in multiple places, stained with dried blood; crimson. His hazel hues were wide open, but his irises held a sudden horror. His lips were parted ever so slightly as if his final breath was still being exhaled. The archangel, Lucifer, rests his eyes upon this corpse, not unblinking but slowed. It is his lips that give away hit intention, not quite smiling but tilting as if they mean to. In short, he is staring and there seems no end to his fascination. The only time his gaze breaks is when he reaches a curious hand forward, and tangles his fingers in the latter’s hair, turning his head to the other side.

Lucifer pulls his fingers away, and settles on a rock a few feet away. “Wake up,” He commands, his voice resounding in the cave.

Sam lies still for a moment, before he comes gasping to life. The hunter clutches at this throat, gasping and breathing heavily as he scrambles across the floor on his arms. He hoists himself partway up, settling himself on his elbows as he attempts to even his heavy breathing. With a grunt his eyes flicker around the seemingly empty cave.


Sam chokes on his own gasp, stumbling back a few feet. With his back against the wall, quite literally, he dares lift his gaze to the supreme being before him. Without even realizing it, his thumb slots into the deep scar in his palm, digging into the jagged plot of flesh. When the archangel doesn’t flicker away with a snarky comment, he knows that this is real.

“Hey, Sammy,” Lucifer greets, his mouth settled in an almost wolffish grin,”No. Yeah,” He lets out a long sigh,”I mean, you could do the whole pinch yourself, rub your eyes thing, or you could put on your big boy pants and just, you know, cut right to the realization that yep, it's me.”

“Y-you -- you... You brought me back,” Sam inquires his voice one of confusion.

Lucifer steps closer, and confirms,”I did,” He ran his fingers against Sam’s lower shoulder and then up his neck, the drying blood coming away, and then he stuck out his tongue and very sensually ran his bloodied fingers along it,”You're welcome.”

Sam flinches and closes his eyes. Lucifer’s vessel was alive, so alarmingly and tantalizingly alive, warm and breathing and vulnerable. Lucifer felt some part of himself ache to feel him, in love with reigning over him, hearing his whole body moving and working. He put his hand to the human’s cheek-His eyes flew open.

The human’s lips turn into a thin line and he growls,”Why?”

Oh, well, I'm getting to that,” The archangel says, slowly pulling his hand away.

“T-The rift. The rift,” Sam’s eyes widen in abrupt horror as he realizes,”Rowena.”

She’s okay. I mean, I-I was gonna kill her, but she blasted me here before I had a chance to, so... It's great, self-defense,” Lucifer shrugs and says,”But, uh, I was coming here anyway.”

Sam gives an almost imperceptible shake of his head as he points out,”But we drained you.”

“So how did I have the juice to pull off my little Lazarus trick? Uh, that's a long story, but I was basically tracking you here, and then I came across a handful of Michael's angels and I...” Lucifer rocks back and forth on his heels as he purses his lips and states,”...ate 'em. I guess it's not really a long story, is it?”

Sam takes a tentative step forward and narrows his eyes. “What do you want?”

“What do I want? I want what everyone wants. I want a personal apology from Pop. I want rerun-free, year-round episodes of Drag Race -“

“Yeah, got it. Okay, right. We're done here,” Sam grits out. He slowly leans down, still keeping an eye on the latter as he picks up his backpack.

“Are you going?” When Sam doesn’t answer he pulls out a flashlight and offers it,”Here. It's dark out there.”

Sam pulls out his own flashlight from the side pocket of his backpack with a scowl and clicks on the light. He turns on his heel, and takes a few steps forward before facing his flashlight forward. He stumbles back and nearly drops his flashlight as growls like the sound of a thousand nightmarish ghouls resound. The feral vampires that had ended his life once before stood mere inches away, all of them gathered in a pack with a seemingly invisible barrier keeping them from coming any closer. God, Sam had never seen them in close light. Not even when their teeth and claws tore at his still warm flesh. His eyes are glued to on one in the front. It’s skin is wrinkled like a dried prune and thick like leather, it’s bipedal with long arms and a small head. It’s jaws were made up of inch long teeth, all serrated like a steak knife.

“Yeah, they're sorta... sorta all over there, and I'm holding them back. They're just waiting for a little snap of the fingers, but I didn't want 'em flooding in here and eatin' ya again,” A grin spread over the archangel’s face, wide and open, showing his teeth. In that moment his motives were laid bare; he was a mocker, one who enjoyed whatever torment he could inflict on others,”After we finished our convo.”

The growling continues as Sam turns around, nostrils flaring with a cry of,”What do you want,” escaping his lips.

The grin turns into a thin line and Lucifer slowly edges closer to Sam. He hisses, like the snake that he is,”I want what you already have -- a relationship with our son,” He sharply,”Okay, there was a time that I would, you know, just grab him, but... I've grown.”

Sam actually scoffs at that, barely suppressing a roll of his eyes. He takes a step back away from the latter, before saying,”Yeah, sure you have.”

The archangel ignores him, takes another step forward, and continues,”I have, Samuel. I want our son, and you're gonna help me. How? Well, I don't feel like he'll give me a chance unless I come bearing gifts,” He sticks out two fingers and flicks the human’s nose as he says,” Yep. Boop! That's you. Look, Sammy, I'm -- I'm not asking you to -- to like it or to like me. All I'm asking is that you acknowledge the truth, that I was the one who brought you back to life, that I was the one who lifted you from the darkness and into the light. Okay?”

Sam’s slender fingers pressed into the skin of his forearms, nails biting in the layer of dirt and crusty blood, drawing fresh beads of blood. He takes another step back, and flinches as he feels the solidness of the wall behind him. It felt as if his whole body was shaking, like his bones were rattling. Heart pounding so hard against his ribcage as his pulse pressed outward, jerking the veins within. But none of this ever made it to his facial muscles or skin. His complexion remained pale and matt, and his eyes steady.

Apocalypse World, Michael's armies -- you really think you and your family can handle that stuff alone?” Lucifer takes the final step closer, cornering the latter into the wall, and he trailed his fingers down the edge of his jawline,” You need me.”

Sam flinches away from the touch, keeping his head turned as the fingers instead settle in his hair. “And what if I say no?”

Lucifer clears his throat and his fingers scrunch into Sam’s mess of hair. Sam tried to pull away but Lucifer tightens his hold and pushes his head back until his throat was exposed. And for a second as the archangel dipped down, he wondered if he’d imprint on his neck as the feral vampires had just a few hours before.

Lucifer licks his lips, and draws away after a moment and whispers,”Right, let me just make this really, really, really easy -- easy enough for even you to understand, Sammy. I'm gettin' to Jack one way or the other. The only question is, you coming with? Or that?” The vampire’s growls steadily grow louder, almost as if they all anticipated the blood bath that would come,”Your move, champ.”

Sam stares intently into Lucifer’s eyes, his nostrils flaring as his breath begins to quicken again. Lucifer reached out again, running the back of his hand across the latter’s cheek.

The human’s breath caught. His eyes widened. No mistaking that gesture, the intimate nature of it. The sensual lingering of a cool hand just under his eye, a fingertip over his lip. His lips brush the human’s cheek. Not innocently, like a tease but rough, scalding, and demanding.

S-stop,” Sam manages to grit out, his lips trembling as the single finger against them presses harder.

Your heart," Lucifer whispered, staring at the spot over Sam’s chest,”It’s like a bird in there, just fluttering in a mad panic."

Putting his hand over his chest as if covering himself, Sam swallowed once, pulling his head away from the archangel’s hand. Then all of a sudden, the angel was closer to him, holding him in his arms like a snake around a mouse, flush against his body. A kiss, coppery and hot, pressed to his mouth and stole entry, forcing a long taste that the human could not stop. He slanted his head further, deepening the kiss. Without thinking, he’s reaching out an arm to shove him away from him. But his efforts to cease the latter’s touches were half-hearted at best - no sense in wasting energy fighting a losing battle.

Sam lets out an involuntary whine. Lucifer feels every frantic, fluttering heartbeat as he presses against Sam’s chest, and only relents when spots begin to dance across Sam’s vision from a dangerous lack of oxygen. When Lucifer realizes Sam isn’t kissing back, his lips go completely still against his, before he removes them entirely. There is a line of saliva as their lips pull apart, but the archangel doesn’t move a damn inch further. The human’s lips are red and swollen, his eyes are blown wide, and his breathing is quickened.

Lucifer’s voice is uncharacteristically calm as he, utters”Don’t tell me you’re deciding on crossing your legs now? Do you recall back in the cage, when I fucked you relentlessly to see if maybe I could get us to pop out a kid? Of course when that idiot angel friend of your’s stole your body that plan went right out the window - But year’s later, I finally got what I wanted... A son fresh and hot from the oven, made by my favorite human.”

Sam crinkles his nose in disgust, and spits out,”And what about Kelly?”

“Oh,” Lucifer utters, mock surprise in his voice,”The incubator.”

The human pinches his lips together,”She was more to our son than you or I will ever be.”

“Still keeping your role in the whole thing on the down-low, huh?” The archangel hisses,”Whatever. It’s time to make up your mind, Sammy. So tick-tock. You coming or not?”

Sam has a grim twist of the mouth before he answers,”You know my answer, Lucifer. You know what my answer will always be… Go to hell!” And with arms open wide he walks into the flock of snarling beasts with the archangel screaming his name behind him.

“That’s when I found you,” Lucifer says stopping in front of the revolving doors of a large hotel,”And our mutualistic realistic relationship began.”

Chapter Text

 The cave isn’t empty. While there is a corpse, bodies don’t tend to make good company. Nor do feral vampires. No, there is something living in the cave. Though one can’t promise that it’ll be good company either. In the deepest darkest corner of the cave, a glowing mass is gathered. It is the last remaining bits and pieces of an archangel.

 Lucifer is still recovering from his last battle with Michael, and he was thought to be dead. It was his vessel that had suffered the fatal blow, his older brother had thought he’d dealt. So, the pulsating ball of grace had hidden in the putrid, rotting pits of the first cave he’d come across. He hadn’t expected to encounter anything other than some uninteresting mud monkey corpses. But this one, this one was different.

Sam Winchester’s soul still lingered in his corpse - Trapped in a world that was not his own. Lucifer rose from the center of the cave’s floor, hushing Sam’s soul in soothing tones, cold air wafted across the cave with every shush. The archangel’s true face made the mere human soul wish he could go blind and insane, but the angel would never let him. It hurt and he could feel it there. But it was sublime. Beautiful beyond words.

Lucifer reached out, a tendril along Sam's cold cheekbones, back and forth until the boy’s old tears were gone. It ran another tendril gently down and up Sam's hair, the cold dipping running through each strand. The tendrils of light pulled tight around his waist, catching the corpse and lifting it up. The soul watched as the thing lifted him in the air, holding his body like his older brother would when he was a wee infant.

Lucifer fuses into him with his tendrils of grace. He twists and molds his very essence into the veins and arteries, commands flesh to knit itself back together, and watches as it obeys. The corpse’s throat pieces itself back together, healing into a smooth expanse of skin. The heart in his chest begins to beat steady like a drum, blood returning to the eerily pale skin. A rosiness rises in his cheeks and his lips begin to fill and moisten.

Suddenly, the body draws a breath and Sam’s eyes snap open. His hands reach out, grabbing at something that isn’t there. Before he can have any semblance of control in his newly formed body, the archangel pushes forward seizing the reins. And there’s no resistance. This was not like any other possession. No, this was different. Rather than claiming the body as his own, he felt like he was lugging forward a sack of meat with puppet strings.

Sam Winchester’s body fit Lucifer like a glove, even though he wasn’t even in full possession of the body. “You’re different,” The archangel utters flexing his hands forward, and making fists,”You feel different than anyone I’ve ever shared a body with. You feel... right. Who are you, Sam Winchester?”

Lucifer was peeling off the clothes he’d outfitted on Sam’s body as he finished talking. He tugged off the pea coat, draped it over the couch and then began to pull off his white turtleneck. Sam was silent, uncomfortable at the sight of someone else stripping his body. Almost as if sensing his discomfort, Lucifer stops for a second and sighs.

 “If you want, you can wash your own body,” Lucifer says motioning towards his new nude body,”I don’t believe I feel... comfortable enough to bath us.”

 Please. Sam pleads.

Sam gasps and nearly cries in relief as he can feel control shift over to him. Lucifer is complacent in the back of his head, humming softly to a song he doesn’t know. He masks his way into the bathroom and steps into the shower, toes flinching as they touched the chilled ceramic. He turned the dial, old and metallic, releasing thousands of lukewarm drops, darkening his hair and trickled down his back.

“Can you continue?” Sam asks aloud.

Lucifer’s humming stops and he states. I can, but I thought you’d want a break. It’s a lot to take in.

Sam scoffs and tilts his head back, the water cascading over his unshaven face. “I can handle it,” He pinched his lips together and states,”Now continue.”

Lucifer is silent for a moment, before there’s an audible sigh. Very well. Then there’s a chuckle and what sounds like a wolf whistle.

“Something to add?” Sam growls, grabbing the complimentary thing of shampoo and squirting it into his palm. He begins scratching it into his scalp, running his fingers through his long hair.

I’ve possessed many a man, Sam Winchester, but none of have been nearly as well endowed as you. Lucifer says with a casualness that’s disturbing.

Sam nearly slips in the shower, but manages to grab the curtain just in time. “Lucifer,” He hisses, crossing his legs. He’s silent for a moment before he sputters,”Just - Ugh. Just get on with it!”

Hat’s off, there, Sam. That was one potent combination of verbal diarrhea and stunned silence. Sam rolls his eyes as he hears another chuckle from Lucifer. Alright, then - I’m just going to skip the whole awkward trek to the camp.

siren went off, alerting the entire camp of an intruder and within seconds all of the hardened and wary hunters were pulling out angel blades and easing out their guns. Somehow Dean knew, even before Sam practically dragged himself through the gates, even before his eyes took in the torn and frayed flannel and jeans and the tousled mess of bloodied hair. His little brother was pale and dirty and covered in blood, and his face was stone cold and resigned. But, he didn’t care because there he was – alive and staring into his eyes.

“Sam,” Jack gasps, relieved. Next to him, Castiel lets out his own relieved sigh and smiles shakingly. Mary’s hands go over her mouth as her supposedly dead baby boy takes unsteady steps further into the camp. Even Gabriel grins from ear-to-ear at the sight of his human friend.

“...Dean," Lucifer questions with Sam’s voice, taking a shaky step in his direction. He stares at his vessel’s brother as if it’s the first time, inclining his head to the side. His neck is coated in crimson, cracking dried blood but there’s no sign of any wound.

“Sam!” Dean exclaims taking a step forward, wrapping his arms around his brother and pulling him close. Lucifer tenses agonist the body pressed against him as if it was a serpent that had enclosed him rather than his vessel’s brother. He’d prefer the serpent, if he was being honest.

As Dean releases him from the embrace, Lucifer takes a step back giving him the closest thing to a smile he can manage. A blonde woman, several inches shorter than him, comes forward with a small smile and her arms open - Not another hug! But he’s pulled into her, so he pats her back and tries to bite back his aggravated noises. His fellow angels at least have the decency to just give him a back pat and a smile. Though he sees the sub-par seraph try to go in for a hug and quickly evades it, pretending not to notice it.

Lucifer thinks that at last the reunion is over, when all of a sudden the nephilim, Jack, launches at him like a rocket. His arms ravel around his torso and he presses his head against his chest. The archangel remembers the nephilim from his vessel’s memories; this is his alternate self’s son. And his very own vessel was the one who conceived him. Apparently this was supposed to be a secret, but as he eyes the boy he notices that he holds some similarities to Sam Winchester. His warm smile and the way his eyes crinkle with it. His long, gangly limbs -

Lucifer’s thoughts are interrupted by Dean, who questions,”Wait - H-How? T-that son of a bitch, Lucifer, said that h-he left you for dead.”

The archangel quickly scrambles for an explanation,”Um, angels. Michael’s angels,” He rubs the back of his neck and avoids the eyes of all of the beings gathered around him,”They brought me back, so that they could bring me back for interrogation. But I managed to get ahold of one of their angel blades and, that was that.”

“Well, the bastards on this earth don’t know us,” Dean says with a chuckle,”They don’t know not to mess with the Winchesters. Come on, Shaun of the Dead, let’s get you changed. You look like hell.”

Sam was glancing around the room, holding a towel around his torso as he drips onto the carpet below. He eyes a suitcase in the corner of the room, resting against the couch. He grabs it and tosses it onto the bed, unzipping it to find a pair of silk pajamas that even come with a set of matching house shoes. He holds them up for examination and frowns.

Unlike you, I have taste. Lucifer hisses in his head. He hums in thought. I was thinking of getting them monogrammed -

Sam rolls his eyes and drops the towel to the floor. He grabs a pair of underwear from the suitcase, and proceeds to dress himself in the ridiculous pajamas. He mutters angrily under his breath as he does so. Lucifer is still chattering nonsensically in his head, going on and on about the fun he had shopping for “them”. The archangel had apparently even gone to the trouble of procuring a good amount of money so that they wouldn’t have to live in squalor for the remainder of their deal.

“Oh, boy,” Sam mutters, sarcastically,”Why’d you stop telling the story?”

You were thinking about the pajamas. Lucifer says a matter-of-factly. I was distracted by your straying thoughts.

“Whatever, just... Go on.”

Lucifer is led to one of the many run-down cabins that made of the rather pathetic excuse of a base. The rebels weren’t exactly know for their cleanliness, but for dad’s-sake he’d just nearly avoided stepping in a pile of human feces! Did they not dig holes?! He groans as he avoids another pile, and begins rummaging through his vessel’s jacket pockets. He finds the device human’s referred to as a phone and begins fumbling with it.

Dean suddenly steps forward, a hard look on his face. Lucifer quickly shoves the device back into his pocket and shakily greets,”Hey,” He gulps audibly,”Listen, I’m sorry about all this.”

“Are you good?” Dean questions.

“I’m alive. Yeah,” Lucifer confirms with a shrug.

The hunter shrugs and shakes his head. “Well, then you got nothing to apologize for,” And then he grabs him and pulls him into another hug, settling his head against his neck.

The archangel pats the latter’s back and internally groans as he feels the arms around him tighten. This bro-hug showed no signs of ending. It lasted five, ten, fifteen, thirty seconds - Surely it couldn’t last any longer? He was wrong. Then he heard a sharp inhale and what sounded like a subtle groan. Did he just... smell his vessel?

“I thought I’d lost you man,” Dean says at last.

“I wish,” Lucifer mutters.



Dean shakes his head and clear his throat, before questioning,”What are we gonna do about Lucifer?”

Lucifer jolted at his name, almost snapping his fingers out of habit. Then he recalls him mentioning their universe’s devil. The one that had left his current vessel for dead.

“I’ll handle him,” The archangel says at last,”I will, uh... Uh,” He struggles to remember the latter’s name,”Dean. Let me handle him.”


“Where is he anyway?” Lucifer questions out of curiosity, inclining his head to the side.






Lucifer follows Dean to a much larger cabin in the middle of the camp. There he sees Castiel leading his hand-cuffed counter-part by the shoulder. His counter-part’s vessel is one he recognizes, the one he’d used in his last fight with his older, pain-in-the ass brother. It didn’t last too long and had incinerated. He wonders why his counter-part didn’t make more of an effort to procure the vessel he wears now. He’ll have to comb through his memories later to find out.

Other-Lucifer stops in front of Mary Winchester and cheekily says,”Hey, mama,” He gives a shit-eating grin and asks,”Miss me?”

Mary cocked back her arm as if she were winding a watch. With a tremendous force, she released it, and it arced forward, headed straight for the other archangel’s smug face. Her fist landed with a thud on his left cheek, sending ripples of fat cascading back towards his ears, then back forward. He looked like a sputtering seal.

Lucifer stumbles back into Castiel’s arms with a grunt and asks,”That’s a yes?”

“Let’s go!” Castiel growls.

“Nice shot,” Dean compliments standing beside his mother.

Yeah,” Lucifer agrees with a smirk,”No kidding.”

The clothes that the archangel had been outfitted in didn’t quite suit his fine taste. He supposed they were better than the torn and frayed rags he’d been in before, but he still wishes that his tailor hadn’t been eaten by a horde of ghouls. That lowly human outfitted each and every one of his vessels with a talent that not even he could deny. Now he was stuck in a vessel wearing a grey sweater with a camo jacket and what looked to be a pair of mom-jeans.

“Look mom, we need to find Jack and get the hell out of dodge, before we’re all stuck here,” Dean states bluntly.

“I, uh... Boys, um,” Mary looks at her feet, and goes on,”About that... I’m not going back.”

“I’m sorry. What?” Dean questions with a look of disbelief on his face.

I fought beside these people. I respect them. I respect their cause. You can’t expect me to just abandon them.”

Lucifer almost started to laugh, but quickly passed it off as a cough when he got weird looks from both of the hunters.

“Mom! You heard what that dick-bag said!” Dean exclaims throwing his hands in the air,”We have thirty-one hours-“

“I - Dean...” Mary trails off,”Sam... I know what you went though to come find me.”

Both Lucifer and Dean scoff at that statement in unison. From what the archangel has seen of his vessel’s memories that was the understatement of the year.

“But these people are being slaughtered. They need me here!”

“No, we need you, mom. We do,” Dean growls with a deep set frown, that makes his eyes crinkle,”We have been mopping up the world for years. Years. We have been knocked down. We’ve been possessed. We’ve lost friends. We’ve lost family. We’ve lost each other. And we never walk away, ever. And sometimes we should’ve because not every fight everywhere can be won. It just can’t,” He turns to the archangel now with an expectant look,”Right? Tell her.”

Lucifer has to control the urge to roll his eyes. He takes a deep breath and utters,”I think that maybe... mom made up her mind.”

“See,” Dean says with a nod, before he reels,”Wait. What?”

Oh for the love of - The things he does to escape his ass-hat of an older brother. He does his best impression of a reasonable look and states,”Mom doesn’t want to leave these people. So why don’t we just take ‘em with us?”

“They’ll never leave their home. They’ll never leave their cause-“

Lucifer interrupts,”I’m not saying abandon the fight. I’m saying we get them somewhere safe, then we all figure out a way to take down Michael,” He sighs and motions to the space around himself,”Then once we do, they can come back and save their -“ Shithole. “-world.”

Mary gives him a warm smile,”You’d do that for them?”

“Well, we got... What, nine busting out? What’s a few more? How many are we talking?”

Mary bites at her lip and mutters,”Twenty-five.”

“Son of a bitch,” Lucifer hisses, making both of the hunters turn and look at him in surprise.

“You’re never going to finish, are you?” Sam questions sitting up from his comfortable position on the very large bed. He runs his hands up and down the soft comforter, admiring the intricate designs that dance beneath his hands.

You are growing tired. Another disadvantage to this predicament we are in. You’ll still need to do human things; eat, sleep, relieve yourself, ecetera. Lucifer explains. It’s best if we continue in the morning. Now sleep.

It was as if a candle had been extinguished in his head. He fell limp against the mattress, his lips parting to let out a final soft breath as he slips into a deep sleep. His eyes flutter close and he’s out. Rather than dreaming, he instead sees memories that he’s tried to block out.

“But the thing is, with Nephilim, well, they need a human parent. And considering how close we are, well... It’s just meant to be,” Lucifer states with a nonchalant shrug, pointing a finger at Sam’s flat stomach,”Not just counting the fact that you’re the only human that I even tolerate.“

Sam wants to scream, cry, shout - Voice any kind of objection. But he feels the energy coiled below his belly. Feels the power, the change there. And knows Lucifer’s plan worked, that the pregnancy took. He was carrying a nephilim, and that’s all he could think about as he slowly placed his hand on his belly.

He hears the archangel’s voice is in the distance, but not the one he knows. The one that holds him now. How about this one? And the memory changes.

“Sam, come on, I can feel you, scratching away in there. I’ll take the gag off, okay? You got me all wrong, kiddo.” Lucifer spoke through Sam’s mouth, “I’m not the bad guy here.”

I will tear you apart from the inside. Do you understand me? Sam screamed inside his mind.

“Such anger… young Skywalker.” Lucifer smirked, “Who are you really angry with? Me? or that face in the mirror?” 

I’m sure this is all just a big joke to you.

“Not at all, I’ve been waiting for you for a long, long time. Come on, Sam. You have to admit - you can feel it, right?”

Feel what? Sam knew exactly what Lucifer was talking about though, he could feel it, the power, the strength, the infinite possibilities.

“The exhilaration! And you know what that is? Because we are two halves made whole! M.F.E.O. Literally.”

This feels pretty damn far from good.

“I’m inside your grapefruit, Sam. I can feel it all. the loneliness, feeling out of place in that ‘family’ of yours. And why shouldn’t you have? They were foster care, at best, I’m your real family.” Lucifer implored, know that Sam was beginning to fall for it.

No, it’s not true! Sam whispered, trying to find a grip on the situation.

“It is, and I know you know it. All those times you ran away, you weren’t running from them, you were running towards me,” Lucifer sighs, giving his reflection in the mirror a pitying look,”This doesn’t have to be a bad thing, you know. Dean’s alive, I could bring your folks back too. I want you to be happy, Sam.

I don’t want anything from you!

“Not even a little payback?” Lucifer said ask he turned to face the people behind him.

What? Sam hesitated.

“Look closely. None of these little devils look familiar to you?” Lucifer smirked.

That’s Mr. Bensman… One of my grade school teachers.

“And that’s your friend Doug! from your time in East Lansing.” Lucifer exclaimed, “And Rachel… your prom date.”

Sam’s mind snapped. Memories flooded of these people, the ones he trusted, and here they were their true identities revealed. 

“Azazel’s gang watching over you since you were a rugrat. Jerking you around like a dog on a leash. I know how you feel about that. me too,” Lucifer smiled, knowing he had won, “So what do you say you and I blow off a little bit of steam?”

Sam wakes up with a startled gasp, sitting up in the bed. He grips either side of his head and groans loudly through his gritted teeth,”What’s happening? Fuck - My head!”

I set a little internal alarm, just in case anyone you know gets in danger. Can’t just go around losing leverage to little jerk-off idiots, now, can I? Lucifer purrs.

“Jesus,” Sam groans as the pain in his head eases. His eyes settle on the alarm clock,”It’s still night?”

Lucifer sighed. I wanted you to get as much sleep as possible so that you could be functioning at full capacity. So I made it so that you’d sleep for a full twenty-four hours.

“I’m not a fucking battery,” Sam growls sitting up in the bed,”My son, Jack, is he alright?”

Lucifer lets out an exaggerated groan. He’s fine just a couple of bumps and scrapes. It’s the rest of your brood that I’d be worrying about if I were you. That idiot in the dirty trench coat — does he never wash it — got them into quite the sticky situation.

“What kind of situation?”

Demon. Specifically a power hungry demon by the name of Kipling. In my world he was known for always making half-assed attempts to take the throne in my absence, despite the fact he was hardly more than a village idiot with an ego. I even had a pair of stocks built specifically for him so we could throw eggs and tomatoes at him -

“Focus!” Sam snaps as he begins to strip down,”We’re intervening before anything goes down -“

And what makes you think I’ll go for that? They can handle an uppity demon on their own just fine. You worry too much! It’s going to gray that beautiful head of hair of your’s - !

Sam sits down on the edge of the bed in the middle of pulling on a pair of dress pants. He runs his fingers through his unruly bed-hair and let’s out a shaking breath,”Lucifer, please. I don’t like this situation. Not one bit,” He runs a hand over his face and continues,”Please, please, just get them out of there.”

Please? Please. Ah, you got me, Sammy. You know how I admire a man that says please. One problem, you don’t exactly have a handle on my powers - So I’m going to have to take the reins.

“...Do it.”

Sam feels Lucifer push forward, pressing him back down into the dark as gently as a lover pushes one into the bed. The human feels himself being eased into the same spot where he observes what’s happening when he’s not in control of his body. Lucifer let’s out a soft chuckle and flexes his body, making a fist and undoing it as he adjusts to having control again.

“I’ll say,” Lucifer starts with a smile,”That went a lot smoother than last time. See how much easier things are when you’re willing? We’re working in tandem now, Sam.”

I wouldn’t linger on it too much. Now, do your thing.

The archangel raises a single hand in the air and presses two fingers together. “As you wish,” He says before snapping his fingers. Suddenly he’s outfitted in jean-blue button up with a white dinner jacket and matching dress pants.

Was changing really necessary?

“Like I’d let us enter the scene in pajamas,” Lucifer states, standing in front of the body-length mirror to adjust the jacket over their shared body,”Besides, I’m one for dramatic entrances.”






Kipling let’s out an annoyingly overexaggerated sigh and leans back on one of the bar stools. “But a King has an image to maintain. And I’m not afraid of you. But they are. So take the deal, Dean, before I stop trying to be Crowley. And I show you who I really am. So what do you say, darling?”

Dean inclines his head forward, pursing his lips together, before answering,“How about - Hell no.

“A-are you sure because I know things. All sorts of things,” Kipling exclaims with a faltering smile.

“Okay, buddy. I think I’ve heard enough.”

“I guess its true what the say - The bigger one really is the smarter one. Much, much smarter. He would at least consider a once in a life time opportunity like this,” The wanna-be Crowley hisses, his hands balling into fists at his sides,”It’s a shame he’s a little... preoccupied.”

“Shut your fucking trap!” Dean yells pointing a finger in the demon’s face,”Don’t you dare even mention him.”

Kipling’s lips twitch into a smirk and pulls out an angel blade from his jacket. “Then I guess there’s really no point in keeping you or any of your buddies around if there’s not going to be a deal -“ He’s interrupted by the overhead lights starting to flicker and sway from side to side.

Kipling glances up, slowly pulling away the angel blade he was brandishing. The lights cease flashing but the speakers crackle to life with Mark Morrison’s “Return of the Mack” playing. All of the other demons burst into nervous chatter, a good majority of them starting to edge towards the exits.

Abruptly there’s a rush of air and a towering figure is leaning against the bar, his back turned to everyone in the room. There’s a tumbler in his hand with an amber liquid filling it about halfway and three ice cubes clinking against the sides. He twirls it in his hands and downs it with a wince.

“Hello, boys,” Lucifer greets in a piss-poor English accent. He smirks and turns on the bar stool so that he’s leaning on his elbows against the bar table.

“S-Sammy?” Dean utters, his Adam’s apple bobbing.

“Sam,” Jack whispers, slowly straightening in the arms of the demon holding him.

Nearly every hunter in the room states in enraptured horror at the body of their friend, companion, brother, being manipulated by that of an archangel. The devil’s eyes flash red over his vessel’s natural hazel hues as they flicker over everyone in the room. They finally settle on the demon responsible for the whole mess.

“L-Lucifer,” Kipling chokes out his eyes wide as saucers. His lips form a shaky smile,”What brings you here? Surely this Winchester isn’t any of your concern?”

Lucifer is humming along to the song playing over the speakers, making motions with his hands so that his drink refills without any hands on work. “Love this song,” He states taking a sip of his drink,”Sorry, you were saying?”

“Had I known that you were truly back, I would have never, ever made a move for the throne -“

“I have no interest in the throne,” Lucifer says coolly, his tongue running over his lips as he continues,”The only reason I am even lifting a finger here is because my vessel asked oh-so-nicely. I’ll let him decide what to with you. Sammy?”

At the nickname, Dean snarls,”Don’t call him that.”

Shut it, Dean. Sam growls from the confines of his head. Do what you will with the demons. Just let everyone else go.

“Very well,” The archangel concedes with a nod, before taking a short pause,”...Sammy.” He stands up and rolls his shoulder blades back, the shadows of his wings unfurling against the wall of the bar as he makes both of his hands into fists.

Simultaneously all of the demons fall to their knees, their eyes burning white hot as their mouths contort into shapes matching their screams. The temperature of the room steadily rose as steam emanated from all of the bodies, the smell of burning flesh nearly inducing vomit from all of the humans. Abruptly all of the bodies fall to the ground completely, dead.

Lucifer sighs, slowly lowering his hands to his sides and states,”No need to thank me,” His eyes go over everyone on the room until they settle on the former-nephilim,”You, we need to have a quick chat.”

Jack opens his mouth to object, but Lucifer is already beside him putting a hand on his shoulder. With a rush of air they’re both gone.






Jack stumbles against a row of garbage cans when they land, wheezing as he tries to take in his surroundings. He’s in a dark alleyway and there’s a light drizzle over his head. A few feet away, Lucifer is on his hands and knees, splashing vomit onto the wet pavement below. After a few seconds he wipes his mouth on his sleeve and shakily stands.

“W-What do you want?” Jack questions, taking a few feet backwards.

Lucifer holds a hand forward, a soft look on his face,”J-Jack, it’s me. It’s Sam,” He coughs into his free hand, wincing as he assures him,”It was rough taking control so that I could talk to you, but I managed. I-I don’t have long.”

“Sam?” The young man questions uncertainly.

“Yeah,” Sam says with a shaky smile. He opens his jacket and pulls out an angel blade, pressing it against his forearm,”Um, I’ve got just a little time, but I’ve got something to give you.”


Sam winces as he digs the blade into his arm, and a thin silver line begins to float from all of the blood that goes down his arm. “Quick,” Sam exclaims pointing to a soda bottle on the ground,”It’s not sanitary but it’ll work. Get help from Castiel, he’ll know how to put it back quick and safe. You’ll be back to your old self in no time.”

Jack collects the grace in the bottle and quickly screws in the cap. He holds the bottle to his chest for a moment before he looks up at the latter. Sam turns on his heel, about to walk away when he hears him yell something at his back.

“I-is it true?” Jack chokes out, his eyes flooding with tears,”What Lucifer said? That you... That you’re my real father?”

There’s a heavy feeling in Sam’s stomach as he turns around. “H-he told you?”

Jack inclines his head to the side, confused. “You don’t remember? Our Lucifer, not the one that’s possessing you now,” He questions with wide eyes,”...What happened to you Sam?”

“I’m not quite sure, Jack,” Sam utters, gulping audibly,”I remember opening the portal, the cave, the vampires... Lucifer. But everything after is just blank. So, h-he, uh, Lucifer, told you?”

Jack’s voice is shaky, disbelieving,”So, it’s true? You’re my father, too? B-But... I don’t understand! How?

“It’s a long story,” Sam says with a shake of his head,”And someday, I’ll tell you but right now I have to get out-“

Jack shifts his eyes contact towards the sky as his chin begins to tremble, but continues to speak,”Why didn’t you tell me, Sam? Why didn’t you -“

“Because I was ashamed,” Sam admits softly.

“Ashamed? Ashamed of me -“

“No! God, no, Jack,” Sam exclaims,”I was ashamed of myself! Of what I-I did... What I’ve done. I have so much to be ashamed of, Jack, so much that I can almost suffocate in it! But when I learned that I was having you,” Unconsciously his hand shifted to his abdomen,”I knew that I’d finally found something that I could give my life for. Something, someone, better than myself that I could give life and breath to. You are the only good thing that I’ve brought to the world, Jack. The one damn good thing on this god forsaken planet that I’ll be leaving behind when the dirt hits my chest!”

“S-Sam...” Jack shakes his head, gentle tears going down his cheeks.

“I am ashamed of many things, but you will never, ever be one of them,” Sam grits out, his eyes starting to water,”I thought that if you had Kelly as your mother you’d be better off. I mean, you already had the literal fucking devil as your father! Imagine if you’d known that I was the one... I just didn’t want to screw you up, like I’ve screwed up so many things before.”

“You still should have told me.”

“I know. I know. I should have told a lot of people, Jack - No one except for Lucifer himself knew,” Sam grits out, trying to blink away the tears blurring his vision,”I’m sorry, Jack. I’m so sorry -“

Jack wraps his arms around Sam’s waist, burying his face against his chest as he cries softly. Sam ravels his arms around his son, pulling him close against his chest and settles his chin on his head. Then he gently shushes him, using his thumbs to brush away the young man’s tears as he rocks him in his arms. In one another’s embrace embrace, the cold wind felt like it had halted and the cars became silent in that back ally.

“...I love you,” Jack utters,”Please, please, tell me you’ll be back soon.”

“I love you, too, Jack,” Sam whispers, kissing the top of his son’s head,”I love you so much. More than you will ever know. And trust me, I’m trying. I’m trying to come back and I’ve done something that I’m not proud of...”

“I don’t care. J-just come back. We need you,” Jack sniffles, looking up at his father,”I need you, Sam.”

Sam kisses his forehead one final time, running his fingers through his hair. Then there was a ruffle of wings and he was gone.