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Everything starts with a miniscule growth on the tip of your thumb.



“Mom! Mom-!! Look, look at my thumb!


“–Oh?? Would you look at that, how cute Ei~ you have a little pebble on your thumb.”


“Mhm-! What can I do with it? Will it grow more?? Look, look!” the smooth texture of his thumb rippled like a wave, the surface shifting and fluctuating before hardening forward onto a jagged edge – Big red eyes watched the mutation in wonder, a deep-seated fascination rooting within the ruby red orbs.


The woman studying this, frowned. “Ah.. That’s really nice sweetheart. But you don’t have to do anything, just ignore it. Think of it as a unique trait we all have, alright?


At her retreating figure, the boy stops his appraise to follow suit “Huh? But—


“–Dinner will be ready soon Ei, prepare the tables for me will you?”


Her tone speaks for obedience. The boy only had a momentary instance to lament his discovery before obeying accordingly, the entrenched fear within him too afraid to push for more. More attention is dangerous, and slowly… The glint of excitement had dampened its glow, and the boy nods - letting the rough texture of his thumb revert back to its pale canvas. 







   “What?! You’re gonna leave just like that you deadbeat bastard–?!!”


The harmony of crashing plates echoed through their chipped walls, a loud crash of wood being slammed shook the house, followed by more distraught screams exchanged between his parents. Kirishima lay in bed with a gun, the item that took residence on his bedside table now clutched tightly within his arms as the ravenhead tunes in wordlessly to the dark harmony of the night. Following the beat of screams as it escalates louder and louder, only to pitch its last breath with a shrill climax of his mother’s cry.


Kirishima’s heart wavered at that - Hands tightening on the gun handle. And before he could think further, his feet had brought him downstairs in a mad dash.


The living room was shrouded in darkness when he entered. Minimal lighting illuminating the only two figures present, and there sobbing on the floor is his mother... Even in darkness, he could see bruises marring the left side of her cheek, blood trickled from a gash on her forehead - and for a brief moment Kirishima fears the same fate. 


His eyes hesitantly drift across the leftover debris of their living room chair, strewn across their tile in a mess of splinters. It looked like a hurricane had passed through here.


“Eijiro.” His gaze then snapped to the deep obsidian of his father’s eyes, hollow with age.




“…Daddy is leaving little one. Take care of yourself all right? I’m sorry. Goodbye Eijiro,”


The door closed with a thump, and he thought it was the most serene melody to end the night.


Kirishima was ten when his father left.


The echoing wails of his mother’s cry that night still reverberates within his memory.




It’s a picture of a failed evolution he remembered his teacher once mentioned in Biology class, a simple duel between man and creation defeated by the might of human wit.


There wasn’t supposed to be us, he recalls. Our existence was a mere mistake embarked by Mother Nature’s failure. Or really, in official science terms– Natural selection. Inferior genes such as ours were destined to be wiped out a long time ago, his teacher preached. But instead, the Meta-humans that should have resided this land thinned out and grew to extinction.




He remembered his friend yawning to the tale next to him. He understood that it all sounded more like an elaborate conspiracy his teacher might've been perturbed about than actual history… but to Kirishima, the whole notion only oils the gears in his brain.


Our ancestors couldn’t have survived by sheer intelligence… there had to be an even greater defense that could rival the purebreds. But what it is still remains a mystery.


“Than could it be advanced weaponry?” Kirishima inquires, snapping his friend beside him to consciousness at his vigor.


“Great guess Kirishima-kun, but sadly, during that time sticks and stones would still be lost to pure unadulterated power. Or well, if we’re going to really theorize.. the circumstance that a weapon itself is stronger than those Meta-humans then sure, it could be possible.”


Haa?? Sensei, what kind of weapon that would be stronger than those quirky humans?” His friend remarked from beside him, awake and finally involved in their discussion.


“Hmm, well… what if the weapon was forged by the quirk?”


And that was the last straw as the class clamored with disapproval. His friend cackled beside him, but Kirishima had a hard time relating himself when his brain starts to ruminate of the possibility instead.


Was it possible? That underdogs like us with a quarter of their power shooting off our thumbs; to be able to forge a weapon like that?? 


Kirishima was fourteen when he began searching for answers.




“I love you Eiji.”


His arms cradled him from the world. Kirishima burrows deeper in it, the smell of pinewood swaddling, convincing him of nothing better in this world but his arms, and that's because nothing felt safer than being in it.


“I love you so much baby.” 


His lips touched his boyfriend's plush one - And that night, Kirishima finally get to feel the tender touch of a lover for the very first time. The high of it bringing him to completion, letting himself be engulfed in the solace he's been missing all his life. Kirishima having experiencing content in a long while, buries deeper within his boyfriend's arms.


At sixteen, Kirishima fell in love. 


It was short-lived. 


- - 




“Eijiro.. Yh– You’re gay??


“Stop… [Hic] Please...” 




“[Sob] I’m sorry, I’m sorry... Please, don’t hate me.”


“Wh— you. My son... gay.  I- [hic] Eijiro.. How could you?! You’re fucking disgusting!!”


“I can’t help it! Please mom. I can’t help— who I am... I thought you’d be able to accept me.”


“[Sob] What did I do wrong? Huh Ei?? What did I do to make you into this rotten being...” she paused, realization suddenly flashing across her eyes, “It’s because of your dad.. Isn’t it?!


And that was beyond his breaking point. “—DON’T! [Hic] Don’t bring dad into this... he has nothing to do with who I love!”


“Love.. [Scoff] You make me sick.”




The thunder that hailed upon him that night bit more than skin and bones. It seeps through his thin clothes, the coldness wet and weeping, showering him to the very core. 


Curling near the trash, Kirishima engulfed himself deeper within his arms, hoping the darkness could shut the world off. Precisely his world, everything was just too loud for him right now... he just wanted to disappear.


A drowning step billowed amongst the rain. The steps sounded hurried, worried even... Kirishima burrowed deeper, shielding his body further into the darkness of the alley.


Then the steps stopped before him. 


“Ah– Hey there kid.. what are you doing in a place like this?” A kind voice inquired, but he was too scared... refused to acknowledge it, so he kept quiet in hopes that the woman would leave.


“Giving me the silent treatment?? C’mon kid, let’s get you inside, you’re soaking wet out here…”


He felt a hand pull his wrist. Kirishima’s heart gave a terrifying lurch at that, and his hands were quick to slap the grip off.


Don’t.. I’m dirty.”


The woman looked at him quizzically, her blonde brows Kirishima now noticed against her contrasting pink hair was stitched together in a confused frown. Then her arms reached out a second time to tug him forward, “I don’t care that you’re dirty kid, I just had a long day.. we’re both dirty. Now come out of the cold, doesn't hot chocolate sound tempting right now?”




“No buts… come have a hot chocolate, you can explain yourself later.”


“I— t-thank you, m’am... I promise I won’t take much of your time.”


The woman guffawed at his statement, before giving his back a good-natured clap “Nonsense kid! I bet my son would be delighted to see you,”


“Ah.. that– that’s not necessary.. I’ll just have my hot chocolate and go- ”


“Oh c'mon, I don’t want to hear that, you have to stay! My son is a good boy, just like you obsidian~!”


“Uh… Ob- sidian??” something painful twitched within his memory.


“Mhm, a certain vibe I sensed from you.. Reminds me of the stone Obsidian,” Kirishima felt fingers petting his inky hair “what is your name kid?”


A moment of doubt saved him from answering. Kirishima contemplates the repercussion, his uncertainty eventually pushing him to secrecy “I... I’m Eijiro ma’am,”


“Eijiro... [chuckle] nice to meet you kid, you can call me Mitsuki.”


Kirishima was sixteen when he became disowned.


Kirishima was also sixteen when he fell into the dark vices of the underground world.








It’s become quite an occurring affair when it comes to havoc from drunkards in his beloved red light district. Perhaps too frequent, that it has become a part of their scene now, visitors overtime just grew accustomed to the antics, so when a scream starts to turn heads, it barely fazed the redhead. 


Fuck you bitch! You’re ugly anyways, fuckin whore.” A blonde man stalked out of their nicer strip club with livid blue eyes. Kirishima cocks his head in interest, noting the polished suit and feathered fedora the man sports – He almost looks respectable, if it weren’t for his uncouth attitude halting the streets of the night. 


“Fuck off Monoma-!! You’re a freak. Get the fuck out of here already, I won’t miss your rat dick anyways!” one of the escorts cussed.


“Oh~ Do you think this’ll top last week’s insult?” Mina drawls from beside him, cosmopolitan half finished in her manicured grip.


“I dunno… ‘Your dick felt like a queef’ is pretty unbeatable...” He chuckles back.


Mina snorts at the aforementioned insult, “Yeahh, you’re right. ‘Your dick felt like a queef’ does remain unbeatable!” She took a sip of her cosmo in toast, her honey gaze still focused on the feud outside their bar.


Bodyguards have started to swarm the escort now, and Kirishima could see the drunkard fighting a losing battle. He snorted when the man attempts an intimidation tactic by stomping his foot like a pampered child,  what pride he must have...


“If you won’t join me then- may lady death embrace you!!” The man promptly swiped a glock off his coat, aiming two shots towards the guards. The sound rang as two burly bodies fell with a grunt– Blood pooling beneath them.


The crowd screamed a terrified plea, dispersing hysterically like hawks off the field. Kirishima and Mina quickly stood from their perch with weapons readying beside them.


“Is he-“ Her speech was disrupted when Kirishima gave a stern nod. 


“Be careful, he’s a member.” Kirishima points to the bare slither of intricate tattoo peaking through the man’s collar.


Fuck.” Mina poised her gun, “Eiji, you stay here. I’ll deal with him—“ 


“No need,” He lulled Mina back down “I want to know what a member is doing on my turf.” Venom dripped off Kirishima’s tone. Mina, his right hand wo’man’ sat back down, respectful of her leader’s decision. “Che– He’s a bold one… I’ll stay and cover for you from here then. Be careful Eiji…” 


Ask him what he loved about Mina? They always come to a consensus without a hitch. Kirishima nods, boots clacking as he stalked out their bar. Nearing the scene, Kirishima could now see that the lines of his tattoo are bold.. uncolored.


A status of a bottom feeder, inferior.


“Look what we have here~ Welcome to the red district sweetheart, what do you think you’re doing on my turf?” Kirishima intervened, giving a languorous sway to his hips as he walks, shark like teeth glinting under the polarized light of the neon sign.


The man paused his ministration, head whipping to face Kirishima with a terrible scowl that would probably send a mere citizen running, but it was just another form of greeting for Kirishima. He giggles when those scowl loosened, morphing down into a frown at the sight of him. “You—“ the man’s jaw slackens, hazy blue eyes raking along Kirishima’s frame with blatant lust.


And Kirishima doesn’t blame him... he looks absolutely ravishing in his tight leather dress, its scant fit proudly showed off his sinewy frame. The black of the leather also gave an enchanting contrast to the vibrant colors stretched across his arms and chest.  Kirishima looked seductive,  even to a man’s eyes.


Monoma squeaked with each step he took. Likely acquainted with the symbol of power beneath his tattoos. “P-Please.. I don’t want any trouble!” The alluring sway of the Kirishima’s hips doesn’t stop the ravishing heat from his parched eyes, but the bloody glare in spite does prove the runt’s ultimate demise.


Fear starts to perspire down Monoma’s back, and he made a mistake when those bloody gaze seized him in its sight… crimson as blood, penetrating with its sultry gaze before fluttering behind long dark lashes. An entrancing motion Monoma couldn’t shake off.


“Well… aren’t you going to answer me?” he flinched when a spear grazed near his jugular, threatening to severe his neck in two. 


“—I’m sorry I caused trouble s-sir, I-I didn’t know this was your turf- honest!” Monoma looked down and froze. Eyes’ bulging with the familiar sight of fear. Kirishima notices when the blue of his eyes starts to brim with unshed tears, raking across the scarlet of his spear - Ever glossy and alluring, like that in the tale of the unbreakable spear... 


The man’s terror pulled a mischievous smirk to Kirishima’s lips “Little idiot~ why lie? You know damn well this turf belongs to me, to the Kowarenai group. And I sure as hell won’t accept you uttering a scapegoat excuse. I know you’re from a gang, spill .”  The spear inched closer to his Adams apple, nicking the delicate skin there in warning.




The mention of said gang made Kirishima lower his stance, which was just enough opening for the man to crawl back from danger.


Kirishima traced the man’s eyes for answers. “Show me.”


Monoma’s face shook with terror, shifting from side to side for an escape.

Oi. Show me,” Kirishima pressured. Earning him a shaky nod as Monoma finally unbuttons his shirt wordlessly, showing more and more of the bold lines of his tattoo. Kirishima traced its shapes of running waterfall adorned by monochrome Sakura’s, to the phoenix claws curling past his ribs. He stops, “All the way off. Show me the back,”


Monoma managed to turn without stumbling, fully displaying the soaring phoenix on his back as a whole – The mark of affiliation to the Bakuhatsu group.


“A real troublemaker I see…” mirth evident within his tone, Kirishima licked the thirst at the thought of said group’s notorious explosive leader. “Well then, you can tell your boss, Bakugo. That the red district is my domain… If he wishes to rob it, then he could face me personally,” his smirk unveils the jagged edges of his sharp teeth, a clear threat to the pathetic scum quaking before him.


Death is worse than dignity, and the man knew not to put his hand in the lion’s maw – Kirishima snorted as he watched the pathetic sight, Mina joining in behind him to spectate the other bolting with his tail between his legs. 


“Pfft! I’m looking forwards to this..”


“Okay, that’s really fucking funny. But Ei, this is not a declaration of war… right?” a hint of fear bled through her tone.


“No… But I can make it to be~”


Kirishima took the pleasure of seeing his right hand woman & best friend shudder. Cackling all the way back to the bar.







A relatively modern city adorned with its high-rise buildings and skyscrapers, comparatively grandeur to its neighboring cities.  The sea bearing its frame actually bends inwards in a rift that splits into its core, which overtime, has become a tourist attraction for its mysterious depth. 


The city itself upholds a very chic yet preppy facade, adjoined by their modern structure and their modish citizens. White collared workers swarmed the streets in the day, working the light of day until the moon falls, and when the nights are young, come the time when the bona fide businessmen & women that served behind the shadows to come out and play. They are not criminals… these are citizens of Aiiro that are respectable enough to testify to their crimes publicly, people that are not afraid to get their hands dirty, a figure you can entrust, powerful enough to leave their tracks visible for all to see — at night, Yakuza reins the city.


Kirishima is amongst them. An avid fighter, commended since the day he was graced with a weapon, one self-made fighter that clawed his way out of the prostitution ring to fight alongside the yakuza. In the days of his service, Kirishima stood loyal to his master, wordlessly unbidden to his master’s will, and subservient to his power. A behavior expected from his title.


Though before his history with the Yakuza, Kirishima started half his life in the precinct of whores, he breathes the air of lust, and slept soundly to the fluorescent light of the neon XXX... At first, that life was enough to keep him afloat. He was deserted… and staying alive was all that Kirishima knew, and he did best at it.


Work, sleep, eat, and repeat. He was a creature of habit, consistent with what he had, and overtime, Kirishima managed to climb the corporate ladder through his beauty and endurance — And at the age of twenty-one, sex has become a proclivity Kirishima excelled at. It became his only means of survival in the industry at the time… And in his line of work, Survival is only reserved for the fittest. Hence where it all went rogue, and Kirishima ended up falling in the hands of a man that would both, change and chain his life.




“My gorgeous dog.” The man’s palms were rough with scars. Kirishima’s breath hitched when the man’s tip inched closer to his core, hitting the spots of pleasure that made him see stars.


“You did such a good job disassembling their scheme Red… Unfailing as usual. Though I heard the autopsy, what did he do to necessitate severing his jewels my peony?”


Unh– yes master.. keep going!” Kirishima grinds deeper down the length fucking him raw.


“Answer me first.” The man’s motion halts, thick shaft unmoving within him.


Kirishima growls at that, shark teeth an accompanying threat to his displease. But of course, the little whore knew better than to defy his master.


“—He said he didn’t possess the spear.”


Oh?” the man’s hips then continued his ministration “Why were you looking for that in the first place Red-??” 


Kirishima reminds himself to moan once more, making sure to keep track of his thrust to match the man’s sway. “But. You’ve been seeking for it master… can I not be of help to your already scouring army??” his tone lilts impishly just like his master loves it.


“Red..” the man lowered his torso to cusp Kirishima in a hug. “[Chuckle] My loyal dog.. How pleased I am to watch you come home to me every time.” 


“Master…” Kirishima returned the hug— Palms feigning comfort to the sea of scars on the man’s back. 


“You do not have to worry about that my little peony… It’s a secret, but I’ll always tell my favorite dog… Your master already have it in his grasp Peony, you don’t need to worry your pretty little head anymore.” the man’s fingers stroked firmly down the mirroring red peony on his hips.


It’s instantaneous. A warm feeling showered down Kirishima’s head at the revelation, so unexpected that it left him feeling lightheaded. Kirishima craned his neck to the pillow, and the man atop him smirks. Grinding his hips deeper within him - Kirishima groans a sinful moan, hips trembling when the shaft within him twitched. The man flipped him with a growl, demanding him to ride the rest of their session atop his burly body. Kirishima went to work, hips passionately stirring the man to orgasm. 


“kh– Red!” the man groans, ropes of warmth pooled inside him not long after. A dawning relief to Kirishima, knowing this stimulation will soon be the end to his oppression.


- - -


That night after a thorough fuck, Kirishima managed to slither his way out of bed. His steps were light like a cat when he wandered across the mansion, down to his master’s grand vault where he kept his entire valuable item. Kirishima knew the codes… It was the perks of being his master’s right hand dog really, and with swift work the door gave a creak under his ministration. Kirishima walked past the abundant stacks of gold and varying shining stones to where his master kept his prized weapons.  


He scoffed when his eyes flickered to the sight of one Gold plated AK’s. Such a gaudy weapon of choice, that wouldn’t do much pliancy in the field if you ask him…


Kirishima’s attention only skids when his eyes drew attention to a rectangular chest sitting on the jade table. His heart skipped a beat. Thumb calling to the item within it when his trained fingers rushed to hack the lock without further thought, and with deft precision, it gave way under his palms – Kirishima stashed his quartz hair stick back into his braid, an expensive possession gifted to him by his master that has become quite a versatile item under his cunning hands.


And when he opened it, inside shone a final betoken to the end of his servitude. Kirishima exalt at the Yari spear plucked off the samurai’s tale. It’s just like what Mitsuki-san once told him…


It’s truly a beautiful sight when the ruby shaft welcomed Kirishima to its glory. The scarlet hue of it glossy and alluring, begging Kirishima to coat it with more red. 


Kirishima’s eyes coast downward then, marveling at the carbon body next. The staff was crafted intricately with a Mamushi snake, its scales matte black as the serpent slithered down the handle to bind the spear. Sharp fangs hug the base of the blade, jutting out just over the spear to create a sharp edge to the weapon’s frame. 


Kirishima took a breath, utterly bind by its beauty, muscles moving to the force of its call, he brushed a tentative finger over it, before composing himself for the weight of the weapon, his thumb brushed the underside when suddenly the spear rattled with strange force.


Kirishima’s heart jumped, and jerked to a pause when he felt the snake suddenly slither underneath his grip. Fear kept him still. Motionless and lost of what to do when two menacing obsidians stared back at him. Kirishima prays this would not be the end of him—


The snake simply stared though, not giving any indication of attacking before slithering back to coil its body around his thumb. Kirishima froze in fear, hoping the snake to reform back onto the spear when its snout suddenly bumped to his now hardened thumb. At the contact, the smooth surface rippled off his thumb, a familiar feeling Kirishima has grown accustomed to when his quirk began to travel upward to envelop the entirety of his palm,


Kirishima yelps, dropping the spear in a fit of panic when the growth finally stops, halting just over his wrist before reverting back to the span of his thumb. And only then, did he realize the snake has stopped moving.


“The Unbreakable spear…” Kirishima gawks. The weapon’s ruby tip glinted under the shining spotlight, and Kirishima contemplates picking it back up when his thumb throbbed with eerie longing. “It’s alive??...” He kneeled cautiously to stroke the smooth carbon, “Mamushi snake-san??” 




His thumb continued to throb incessantly, and with little resolve and due bravery Kirishima took a calculated move and stroked a thumb across the snake. The weapon rattled with the same strange force before the serpent began slithering again, its body slinking around the handle when it suddenly stops.


Kirishima’s thumb now raised afar from the spear.


“My thumb.. is the key?”



- - -



“Red?” The man stirred awake, awareness hanging by a thread as he slowly trained his eyes to the black hissing blur. “Red?!—” He scrambled upon clarity, the man’s anguish gazing back at Kirishima in surprise. “My peony.. why.


The nickname had him grit his teeth in disgust, “Don’t call me that! Your period of command is over. You’re old, and worn... I’ve watched your men bow under my feet more than they have yours. And master.. It is only natural for dogs to stray under weak guidance, I’ll be taking your throne now.” The spear slashed through the man’s neck like fabric,  forever changing Kirishima’s destiny for the great.




“Eijiro-sama-! Welcome back, I heard there was an attack yesterday??”


“Barely.” He makes a show of picking his teeth. 


“UWOH!!!!! SO MANLY—!!!” The redhead ignores another one of Tetsutetsu’s many flatteries. His shoulders felt tight at the moment, so instead he took the liberty of resting his weary body on his chair, a serrated matte black wood with red wine cushions that hugs his butt just right.


“Hey Eiji~” Mina snickers from the sofa across him, holding up a clear cup of shot glass with a crystal blue liquid in it. 


“What is that??” Kirishima gawks at the alien blue gleam it radiates, his morning fatigue entirely forgotten. “New concoction??”


“Mhm. I heard from the grapevine that the previously mentioned ‘Bakuhatsu’ group are interested in our specialty for erotic psychoactive drugs.” The blue of the liquid gave a glint under the light, mesmerizing to the eyes “And I’m sure with this, we can wring more money from them hotshots~”


Kirishima snickers. All teeth and charm as he gave Mina a pat – “you’re a genius Mina!” he grabs ahold of the glass, curious eyes ogling the worth of the sea jewel stimulant. “How high are you gonna amp the tag on this??”


“Mmm... I don’t know~ maybe the price of two Bakuhatsu members?” the threat was delivered with a jesting tone, but Kirishima could catch the venom trickling beneath her façade.


So he doesn’t argue with that. Mina has always been the mother hen of their group, protective of even their mutts, and her trust of them has really become the pillar to his empire’s triumph. It was a trait Kirishima definitely commended of her, Mina’s loyalty to the Kowarenai group never wavers through the years, and it's the most beautiful miracle he could ever receive in this industry he runs.


“Negotiable, you can discuss that with the Bakuhatsu group.”


Mina flashed him a blinding smile – knowing he just gave her leeway to her cunning amends for retribution. “Sweet~! You can give that a test drive if you want, guaranteed it’ll take you to cloud nineteen. Because honestly, Nine just doesn’t do it anymore..”


“Pfft!!” Their laughter’s were cut short when Tetsutetsu approached them with a tablet in hand – Looking positively stern.


“Eijiro-sama, Ashido-san, I’ve just got a call from an associate of the Bakuhatsu group. They said they are interested in considering marketing one of our psychoactive drugs, and are requesting to meet you and Mina-san tomorrow at eight.”


“Hmm~ do we finally get to see their dynamite of a leader???” Mina hums from the couch, throwing her creamy tan legs off the air in mock boredom.


“They didn’t specifically state that their leader would be there.. But I assume he would.” Tetsutetsu fidgets with his tablet, probably checking for some emails and notes pertaining to the meeting.


Kirishima held back a sigh, already feeling fatigue weighing down his shoulders at the prospect of yet another diplomatic work. “Leader or not, business is business.” Kirishima decides to be the bigger person, because Mina sure as hell won’t.


Ughhh~! I hate diplomatic Eiji!! Bring back the fun Eiji that would laugh at my dick jokes…” Mina’s whine further validates his point.


Kirishima huffs another sigh, "Mina.." he snatched the glass off the table and proceeded to gulp the blue concoction down the hatch.


“—Let’s rise to the top and make them our Bitch!”