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Brothers Bound By Blood.

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It was a real delight when Haly's circus found out that Mary Grayson was pregnant. Children were a novelty in their line of work - especially with how demanding the circus life was - and how little time they had to raise any children. As soon as the Grayson couple found out, they were determined to make it work, somehow. One child couldn't be too hard to look after, could it?

As it turns out, at one of Mary's ultrasound sessions three babies had been found in her womb. John and Mary were fine with one kid, but two or three? There simply wasn't space or time to be a full-time parent of three children. They shared worried looks in the office, and both seemed to come to the conclusion that it just would never work.

Not with the vigorous training, limited space in their trailer and a lack of resources that had just barely enough to support one baby - let alone three. They'd both immediately agreed that they'd keep the oldest, and put the other two up for adoption. It wasn't much of a hard choice, they'd crunched the numbers and accepted the reality. They couldn't afford more than one.

Mary had kept on doing her normal routine until her pregnancy started to show, around ten weeks along. That's when she started to lay off the intense training and stressing shows, allowing her husband and the rest of The Flying Graysons to take over and work out a routine that would work without her. That didn't mean she stopped exercising altogether, she'd just taken it easier and still did stretches daily to make sure she didn't lose her flexibility.

The triplets were born on the 1st of December, 1996, in Bucharest, Romania.

They had three boys - all with blue eyes and black hair. Their eldest child they named Richard John Grayson, after John and his brother. Their middle child had been named Daniel James Grayson and they named their youngest Harold James Grayson. All quite noble names that had a bit of history in both sides of their family.

They got odd looks when they named two children with the same middle name, but it just happened that they had named each 'James' after a different relative. Mary named Harold's middle name 'James' after her grandfather, a prominent figure in her life, and John named Daniel's middle name 'James' in memory of his uncle - who had been murdered when he was younger.

Haly's circus was on a tour around Europe at the time, and the Doctors had recommended to her that it was best to keep the three babies on breast milk for six months at least, to make sure they had the absolute best development and health before she'd put them up for adoption.

John and Mary agreed, even if reluctantly. They could keep a few infants around for a few months, all they did was eat and sleep, right?


Daniel had been a handful, crying almost all the time, and it wasn't quite clear what he could possibly be wanting! Harold had kept quiet, mostly, only crying when he was either hungry or had a soiled nappy, keeping to himself really. Richard, whom they had nicknamed Dick, however, had been so curious all the time! He would grab anything in reach, whether it was Mary's long hair or John's fingers, if it was in reach, it was his.

Dick had started crawling as soon as four months, shuffling to anything and everything.

After a few hectic months, the six-month mark happens to close on in. They just so happened to be in London at the time. Mary had to admit that she had grown a little attached to the other two infants during the time she spent with them, but the simple fact was that they couldn't handle a family of five with them in their tiny trailer, especially not when the three kids would eventually outgrow the space.

There was already a single bed loft built into the top of the trailer, which could support one child, but three? There wasn't a single option that they could think of to raise a big family.

So on that day, June 1st 1997, they signed away their rights to guardianship over Daniel and Harold to a local orphanage run by nuns. The circus made a small donation to the orphanage so that they could support their sons better than they could, and they all held soft prayers that Daniel and Harold would be adopted soon enough. John gives the orphanage his personal email so they could keep in touch and hear about their children over time.

A small unknown fact about the Grayson line was that they held a very rare type of subdued magic. Romani magic, very subtle but also very effective. Even though John was the Romani one out of the couple, one of the traits of Romani magic was that when its prophetic powers recognise that a Romani person had met their soul mate and was completely compatible, it would shift the non Romani's blood ever so slightly so that the magic would be intertwined among their very genetic code.

It was how the Romani line had stayed pure, through the prospect of true love. True, Mary had not been born with the Romani magic, but she had gained it through a soul bond. She'd blessed three identical amulets, a small silver plate with an intricate design around a centred black pearl all attracted to the end of a chain, with a protective charm that would only manifest when they were in life-threatening danger, and only once.

She'd also placed a concealment charm on them, so that even though people could see the amulet, they'd say nothing of it, and wouldn't even have a second thought about it or ask them about. Even the wearer wouldn't question its presence or have the thought to ever take it off.

That is, until the concealment charm wore off, which on her estimations would be in their mid-teens. The specific protection charm that she had placed would never wear off until it had been used.

Since she couldn't raise two of them, she owed them that much, she owed them her protection.


Jack and Maddie Fenton were in the UK for an international paranormal activity convention. They'd started off their trip with a visit to an orphanage that had supposedly once been haunted in the past by a former resident who had died in a tragic event. Their initial plan was to go in, get some leads on their personalised ectoplasm detecting devices and then get outta there. All that went out the window when they saw a certain blue-eyed baby with black hair in the nursery.

They'd been doing routine scans and Maddie all of a sudden felt a pull towards the baby, and she fell in love. Tears welled in her eyes as she thought back to the experiment that had gone south and taken away her fertility. She'd immediately picked up the baby in her arms and looked at Jack with a pleading look.

He'd given in at once after he'd seen the happiness on his wife's face. They'd already had a daughter, yes, but a son to boot? They'd requested for an adoption meeting as soon as possible with the nuns and within two weeks they were returning to America with the newest member of the Fenton family, Daniel James Fenton.



Lily and James had been looking for an heir for the longest time. James being an Auror had constantly put himself in the front line of the wizarding war. A few years ago he'd been hit with dark magic, unable to get up a shield in time that could prevent it, he'd been hit right in the chest with an infertility curse. They'd talked to everybody - even goblins - about how to reverse the curse only to find out the same thing every time, the only way James could ever be able to have a genetic heir would be to blood adopt.

Which was highly illegal if the blood adoption in question included a high potency blood replacement.

Lily had looked around for a reputable orphanage with known ethical practices. St Catherines located just north of London sounded promising. It hadn't disappointed.

When they'd found a healthy enough child, just old enough to be off of breastfeeding but young enough to form an attachment to another woman as his mother. She'd carefully looked through the papers he had come with, particularly the part where it said that his birth parents were still alive and kicking, and he had two brothers that he'd been separated from.

The nuns assured her that the parents wouldn't come back looking for him, and the other two children were in perfectly safe homes.

Lily had asked why Harold had been given to the orphanage in the first place.

"The couple that had them were acrobats in a circus - they simply didn't have the time or resources for three children. They kept one, their oldest, and their middle child has already been adopted by a pair of scientists. He's half Romani from Romania and half white from Russia."

The Potters nod and look down at the sleeping almost eight-month-old baby.

"He's perfect." Lily breathes. James wholeheartedly agrees with her.

"This is the one," James confirms, taking small Harold from his wife's arms. Lily then takes out her wand and Obliviates the stunned nun, unaware that there's another nun watching from a darkened corner. They use magic to alter the adoption forms to make it seem like Harold was never there in the first place, also unknowing that there had been made an electronic copy of everything. They apparatus out of the orphanage to their home in Godric's Hollow.

Lily takes out a pre-prepared blood adopting potion, which had one of the highest potencies of any blood adoption ever, a 20% blood transfer. The highest legal potency of a blood adoption was 10%, so the child would have 5% of each adoptive parent in their genetics, but still be the child of their original parents.

Blood adoptions were extremely illegal if the child was underage without the express permission of the child's parents, the child and the new parents.

But James and Lily were desperate enough that they did it anyway. By the end of the night, they had altered Harold so 20% of him wasn't a Grayson anymore.

He had a new birth certificate written in a blood quill by both of his new parents.

'Harry James Potter'

'Born 31st July 1997'