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of two worlds

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"young master kwon, wake up," a familiar voice rings. "there's a meeting today, have you forgotten?"


"ah, right," soonyoung yawns as he gets up from his bed.


"you have five minutes to prepare-- actually, make that four," the woman says as she checks her wristwatch. "oh, and by the way-"


"what is it now?" he turns around groggily. it's too early for this.


the woman, suddenly apologetic, hands soonyoung his phone. "your mom called." she bows as she leaves the room.


soonyoung should be used to this life by now, shouldn't he? he's been here for twenty years.


he checks his phone, and sees that his secretary was right-- his mom had called and left a message for him.


today's the day, isn't it? do well!


soonyoung shuts off his phone at an instant. she just wants the money.




"this will all be yours, one day," soonyoung's dad says, holding soonyoung's hands. "sooner than it seems."


soonyoung nods; he's never wanted to be the president but he accepted the position to make his father happy. soonyoung nods, agrees to every word his father says, because he knows nothing would make him happier than his son inheriting his empire.


"my empire," his dad pauses. "our empire now, soonyoung. take care of it; it's all yours."


his empire.