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Sent to Destroy Me

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Do Kyungsoo is by no means innocent. She is not and her web browser alone is enough proof for that. Having turned twenty five and still having no boyfriend since birth, no one could blame her if she is in some way thirsty. Damn, kids these days lose their virginity at fifteen and there she is, ten years older than them and still untouched. She groans at her misery as she closes yet another window as the porn video she was watching ends.

Junmyeon, her flatmate, is arriving in a few minutes and she has called to let her know earlier. She only ever tells Kyungsoo that she is coming home when she has something important to say. Anxious, Kyungsoo passed the time by browsing for any good porn material and touched herself. She’s pathetic and she knows it but the last thing that she would do is go out and look for some random fuck just to ease her virgin desires.

She got up and made sure that she looks presentable before fixing her room a bit and heading towards the kitchen to prepare some snacks. Junmyeon talks easier when there is food. Looking through their pantry, she easily found her quick fix brownie mix and took a mixing bowl from one of the cupboards. Good thing she picked up the one that only needs water so she’s mixing in no time and placing the mix in the rectangular baking pan.

The doorbell rang just as the brownies were cooling and she’s on her phone, browsing through her feed. Kyungsoo dusted herself from anything unwanted on her clothes and hurried to open the door for her flatmate.

Kyungsoo’s jaw dropped when she saw no Junmyeon but a sexy, tanned male wearing a beige turtleneck sweater and with black, shiny hair. He is easily one of the most handsome men that she has ever seen in her life and that left her mind blank. She could only gape stupid at the stranger when she should’ve asked who he is and why he is ringing her doorbell.

She was snapped out of her fantasy when Junmyeon popped out of nowhere with a sheepish smile on her lips. Kyungsoo gathered enough senses and cleared her throat on impulse. She wanted to slam her head on the wall as that is one cliché move to tell someone that you have been doing something embarrassing. She didn’t miss the small smirk on the guy’s lips and she couldn’t help but blush.

Kyungsoo seriously needs help, ASAP.

“Uhm, Soo? This is Jongin,” Junmyeon pointed at the handsome stranger. Kyungsoo gulped when she remembered the name of Junmyeon’s brother. She wasn’t totally expecting to see this when she finally meets him. Junmyeon did leave out how hot her younger brother is. “Andcanehestayhereuntilhecanhaveaplaceofhisownplease?”

If Kyungsoo is a worrier, Junmyeon’s easily eaten by her nerves so to let her flatmate speak freely, she moves to the side to let the siblings in. She didn’t fail to note how Jongin is just the right kind of tall for her and she shivers. She can’t possibly be fantasizing about him now. He’s Junmyeon’s younger brother and it’s just… awkward. Junmyeon went in first, followed by her brother and Kyungsoo could swear that he purposely brushed his arm against hers. She has left enough space for them to not crowd the door and yet, she felt Jongin.

She hopes that she will not go crazy.

Junmyeon was easily led to the block of brownie that is still waiting to be sliced. Kyungsoo smiles at her endearingly because even though she is older than her (not by much, really), she is so easy to please. So she overtakes her so she can slice the brownie for individual servings. She stopped her thoughts from going wayward when she reaches out for an additional plate and carried the tray to the living room where Junmyeon and Jongin were talking. On the way, Kyungsoo spied a luggage by the hallway leading to the door, most likely Jongin’s.

She sat across them and laid the plates and glasses. “Can you repeat what you asked, Myeon?” she started. She then turned to Jongin who seems to have been watching her before she looked. She will deny that it made her even more flustered because it’s stupid to have a crush at first sight to someone who you’re most likely to treat like a younger brother. “Please help yourself,” she gestured towards the stack of brownies and quickly averted her glance, hopefully not in a seemingly rude way.

Junmyeon who is completely oblivious to the rising tension between her companions, smiled at Kyungsoo again as she gulped down her first brownie bite. “You see, Jongin here is starting to work part-time in the dance studio two blocks away. It is easier for him to travel from his uni to here rather than to our house so I was thinking if I could keep him here while he’s looking for his own place,” she’s twiddling her thumbs and looking at Kyungsoo with a pleading expression.

Kyungsoo knows that she will agree anyway, what with the elder paying for seventy percent of the rent (even though she is the one in charge for their food) and how can she say no to those soft and gentle looking eyes? She sighs and nods her head, pulling a big smile from Junmyeon and another smirk from Jongin. She could see that even just from her peripheral view. But then, she remembered…

“Unnie, we only have two rooms,” Kyungsoo winced. Is she going to be banished to the couch? “H-How--?”

“Oh!” the elder exclaimed, her smile seemed to have been plastered on her lips. She must really love her brother, huh? “Don’t worry about that. Jong and I can share my room. It’s quite big for me to be honest so no problem, right?”

Sighing in relief, Kyungsoo nods. At least she gets her own room still and preserve her privacy. “Then I see no problem.”

The elder jumps up her seat and pulled her for a hug. “Thanks, Soo! You’re the best! It’s just that I don’t want Jong to…”

“Hush, unnie,” Kyungsoo chuckled as she hugged Junmyeon back. “You don’t need to say more. I’m good.”

The other let her go and sat back on her previous seat, regarding her brother with judging eyes. “Introduce yourself properly, Jongin. You haven’t spoken one word since we arrived,” she slapped his thigh lightly and looked at Kyungsoo apologetically. “Sorry, Soo. He’s usually a good kid. He won’t bother you, I promise.”

It’s not like he needs to do anything to bother me, Myeon.

Kyungsoo had to look at Jongin again, out of politeness and social obligation. He stood up, all towering and aura foreboding, then bowed low in front of Kyungsoo. “Thank you for agreeing, noona. I’m Kim Jongin. I’m in your care.” He then straightens up and barely concealing another smirk from his lips. Kyungsoo’s heart is racing inside her chest and warning bells go off inside her head.

She hopes that she doesn’t do anything stupid.




It was not long until Kyungsoo found out the main reason for Junmyeon inviting her brother to leave with them temporarily. The dance studio where Jongin is part-timing is owned by Zhang Yixing, who she has been crushing on since the time that she has seen him in the café that they own. Well, Junmyeon basically owns everything except the recipes, which are Kyungsoo’s. Jongin living with her gives her reason to bring her brother to and from work and then pay him a visit during lunch.

Isn’t Junmyeon being smooth?

It also wasn’t for long that Kyungsoo realized something about Jongin. He is very much aware of himself and what he does to people. The problem is that he knows how to use it and for some reason, Kyungsoo thinks that he is purposely riling her up.


There is no reason for him to be walking around the house half-naked. Kyungsoo thinks that any guy who will be in his shoes would be modest enough to keep their top on whenever your sister’s friend, business partner and housemate is inside the house, in a common area. There is also no reason for him to stare at Kyungsoo so intently that you would be stupid to not notice it. There is no reason for him to compliment Kyungsoo’s food each and every time but he always does. There is no reason for him to not use the room he’s sharing with Junmyeon whenever he practices but there he always is, swaying his hips, jumping on his toes and fluidly moving his arms to the rhythm that Kyungsoo couldn’t help but feel.

They even have the same taste in music. What the hell.

And all the time that Kyungsoo is being very much aware of Jongin’s presence, she couldn’t help but develop feelings for the younger. Sure, he’s just three years younger than her and on his last year in uni but he’s still Junmyeon’s brother who Kyungsoo treats as her big sister. It feels like she has been having eyes on her own brother, making her cringe at the thought.

But still, Kim Jongin is one fine piece of ass, totally Kyungsoo’s type, and her thirst is just getting worse as days past and she sees more and more of Jongin. It is sweet torture but she can feel it driving her mad someday.

Defeated and disappointed at herself, Kyungsoo stirs her carbonara sauce to mix everything properly. Maybe she should’ve volunteered to stay with Junmyeon until closing and they could’ve just ordered take out for dinner. She could only do so much thinking and focusing on cooking that she didn’t feel another presence joining her in the kitchen until she could feel it press lightly on her back.

“Oh, fuck!” she shrieked as she felt some on the sauce splatter on her when she dropped her ladle in surprise. It’s quite hot and even though she’s used to crackling oil, she could still feel the slight burn. It’s tolerable but it’s not nice.

A quick hand reached to turn off the stove and spun her around next. She instinctively looked up and saw a worried-looking Jongin. She could feel warm palms on her waist and they are not doing anything to calm her frantic heartbeats.

“I’m sorry, noona. I didn’t mean to scare you. Are you okay?” he asked unmoving from their position. It’s too warm and too close and Kyungsoo is melting inside that she could only nod, she can’t feel her limbs properly. Jongin seemed to like her answer, his shoulders sagging and his face softening. He didn’t move and inch though. In fact, Kyungsoo is getting cross-eyed as Jongin leaned closer and closer until his breath hits her cheek. By then, Kyungsoo’s already spaced out because this is the first time that a super attractive person has come this close to her and she can’t deal.

She almost passed out when she felt something hot and wet caressing her cheek. Kyungsoo’s pretty sure that it’s Jongin’s tongue and oh god, she could feel a burning inside her, her thighs clenching close in response. Did Jongin just licked her?!

He moved back and the smirk that has been doing things to Kyungsoo is even cockier up close. He’s not even trying to hide it as his hands started to rub at her hips. This is too much for her virgin yet pervert self to handle. She closed her eyes shut when he leaned forward again and this time, she felt his breath on her ear and Kyungsoo is just wishing for this to be over. She’s on the verge of dying from feels.

“You’ve got sauce on your face, noona,” he purred and Kyungsoo is sure to have her soul sucked out of her body. She only came to be after who knows how long but then Jongin has already left but she could still feel his burning touches imprinted on her.




From that pasta night, things have started to grow more flustering for Kyungsoo. Her heart can’t even rest for a minute whenever she and Jongin had to share space inside their house because Kyungsoo is too wound up and Jongin is too damn sexy for his own good. She has never felt this way before and she’s been having a stronger urge to cleanse herself because her incognito window has always been open these days.

There was one time that she has been too engrossed into reading a recipe off one of her cookbooks and thinking of ways she can improve it and make it her own when a weight plopped down beside her. It’s not a surprise that it is Jongin as she could see his ebony hair as he settled his head on her lap. She didn’t know when they have gotten close enough for Jongin to be this comfortable with her so she’s about to call him out when the sight of his abs that looked like a mouthwatering chocolate bar assaulted her eyes.

Needless to say, she was silenced as she was frozen on her spot, not comprehending why she’s subjected to such hardships in life.

The subtle touches whenever the space between them lessens and Kyungsoo is within reach. A brush of their knuckles, his fingers lingering on hers when she passes him something, the firm hold on her waist when he passes behind or in front of her, him leaning too close into Kyungsoo’s personal space whenever he gets a chance to and the one time Kyungsoo swears feeling him grope her ass.

Jongin leaves her so frustrated and she can’t help but release some of her pent up frustrations by working her imagination to near overdrive. She thinks that it is unhealthy to masturbate at least once everyday and so to minimize the Jongin effect on her, she decides to just spend almost all day in the café. She wakes up earlier than what she’s used to so she could still leave breakfast for her housemates and cooking dinner at the café’s kitchen so she can assign herself to close up without starving Junmyeon.

Thankfully, Junmyeon didn’t ask the sudden change of her routine and Kyungsoo has finally felt peace after a few weeks of living with Kim fucking gorgeous Jongin. She shakes her head to dispel thoughts about him when they creep into her consciousness and has gotten easier the more she sees less of him.

It was a good two weeks before her calm was disturbed by no other than the handsome devil himself. Jongin showed up at the café, clad in his work clothes. He’s wearing a grey tank top, black skinny jeans and off-white sneakers. It’s an outfit that Kyungsoo is no stranger to but she hates it as much as she loves it. It has always made her drool over the younger and it’s turning her into her overly thirsty self that she has been trying so very hard to resist.

To top it off, he’s also sexily sweaty and sweat shouldn’t be sexy but Kyungsoo has long accepted that everything about Jongin is sexy without even trying. She’s so dead when he spotted her by the counter and strode towards her with purpose. He pushed his hair back and smirked at her.

Kyungsoo just blinked but Jongin was faster when he reached over to tug her closer so he can plant a kiss at the corner of her mouth. The elder’s brain cells short-circuited and she’s rendered frozen once more, the normal reaction she has when Jongin tests her sanity to its limits.

“I missed you,” he whispers before letting her go except from her hand that he took time releasing from his hold. “I never see you around, noona.”

Good thing Kyungsoo has gained some kind of strength during the time that she fought off Jongin-related thoughts so it took her quicker to realize that he has said something. It took a little while for the words to register and she’s blushing, of all things. Jongin is not blind and when he sees her reaction on him, he gets cheeky and winks at her.

“I—I’ve been busy. The café’s quite busy,” she reasoned before looking up when the door opened, three college girls entering. She’s back to work mode as they approached the counter but she could still feel eyes boring into her from where Jongin is perched. She tried her best to focus on the customers than on Jongin who has moved to get behind the counter, closing the distance between them.

She can’t blame the girls for ogling at the man beside her when she excuses herself to prepare their orders. She’s called Minseok, their barista who was on break, to come in and do their coffees. When she’s done with their food and neatly placed them on a tray, she’s being pulled into the kitchen by a hand on her wrist. As soon as the door closed behind her, Kyungsoo is trapped between the cold wall and Jongin’s hot body. She gulps at the proximity and her heart is running wild, the worst that she has felt it since ever.

She took in Jongin’s hooded gaze and she has watched too many porn videos to know what his look means. Her brain is slow to function why she’s receiving such a look from Kim Jongin because it doesn’t make any sense. She’s Do Kyungsoo, a simple lady who has always been fond of baking and decided to make a living out of it but she doesn’t have enough capital which Junmyeon has kindly provided for her.

She’s never went out of her way to date because no one seems to find her interesting enough to take her out. This being a testament that she is not as beautiful as others because she doesn’t dress to impress and is wearing her nerdy glasses most of the time because of her bad eyes. She’s has been quite lonely for some time already and so she has resorted into getting off from porn but never from something like a one night stand. She may have skewed morals but nothing grave to put her to jail.

In short, there is nothing running for Kyungsoo towards attractiveness so how can Jongin, the epitome of attractive, could regard her with eyes boring such intensity that’s enough to completely shut her off.

“Can I tell you a secret?” Jongin spoke lowly and Kyungsoo is a puppet under his strings as she replied with a wordless nod. “I know what’s been keeping you up at night, baby.”

Yep. I’m gonna die. Ground, please open up and swallow me.

Jongin closed in further, leaving no space between them and it gets harder to breath for Kyungsoo. There’s too much Jongin around her. “I heard my name one too many times from your pretty lips,” he breathed on her ear, starting goosebumps all over her. “And yet, we’re playing hide and seek,” Jongin is too close and Kyungsoo’s vision started to swim.

“No one can play hide and seek alone, noona. Since you’re at it, I’ll play,” her eyes are blown wide as she pants helplessly. He took her overall state and it has pleased him, judging from the amused glint in his eyes. “Hide away as much as you can but you’ll soon be running to me, Do Kyungsoo.”

Kyungsoo jolts back to reality when she felt her lips being devoured by Jongin’s. This thing looked too easy from the videos that she has watched but nothing compares to the real thing. Her lips are being hungrily nipped at and a tongue is eagerly prompting her to open up. An involuntary moan opened her mouth when she felt a hand under her shirt and pushing her bra down to tweak on her nipple. The younger was quick to capture her mouth in a kiss in which she’s slowly getting into.

All the talks about how great it feels when someone touches you intimately wasn’t downplayed. Kyungsoo now knew pleasure like no other as she’s being explored like never before. She knew her nipples are sensitive as she could cum by only playing with them at times but having it done for you gives her a mind numbing sensation. She’s gripping Jongin’s tank top like a lifeline as he completely dominates her virgin self.

She was allowed to breathe when Jongin moved to nip on her neck but relief was short lived when a hand pushed her sundress up from the hem and down her panties. She moaned shamelessly when a finger started to prod on her clit, making her knees buckle. She’s quick to cup her hand on her mouth as she remembered where they actually are. Their kitchen wasn’t soundproofed, after all.

Kyungsoo whined pathetically when she felt Jongin remove himself from her. She was about to beg for him to continue when she saw him bringing his hand that she felt on her sex on his mouth, licking around his digits and it almost made her cum right there and then. She found that pretty disturbing when she sees it being done in porn but when Jongin did it, it’s too damn hot.

In a flash, he’s kissing her again, this time slower and sweeter and how can Jongin easily turn Kyungsoo into mush? She’s being let go yet again after one last peck on her lips.

“At this rate, I will have you running into my arms in no time, baby.”

Kyungsoo’s stunned at how she loves hearing Jongin call her baby and there’s fucking more?! Before Kyungsoo could beg for Jongin to give her more, more and more, he’s thankfully out of the café, saving Kyungsoo from doing something stupidly embarrassing like throwing herself at the sexy, tanned devil sent to destroy her. Instead of having her thirst quenched from the taste of what she has been wanting for, it only made her crave for it even more.

Dammit! Maybe she should start apologizing to Junmyeon just in case she discovers Kyungsoo’s sins rooted from her one hell of a fucking hot younger brother.