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The Darkest Depths

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Sora awoke in the Realm of Darkness.

He shivered and rubbed his hands on his shoulders. The silence was somehow comforting. He made his way to the waters edge and stared at the abyss.


 “I guess this is my home now.” He resigned. He took his shoes and socks off and stepped his feet into the water. It was cool to the touch but he didn’t mind. 


He looked out onto the horizon and felt his heart ache in his chest as he had memories of a time not too long ago where he was here before. He felt a tear fall down his cheek as he thought about that moment, and who he was with. 




He stepped further into the dark water as the memories started to become more painful. He submerged himself into his own agony.




It was silent. The water carried his body in a suspended state. He was curled in fetal position as he drifted deeper into the abyss. His clothing had since disintegrated as he floated further into the darkness. The only proof he had ever even existed in the realm of light was the crown necklace around his neck.. The memories stabbed at his heart like knives as he struggled to remember, desperately not wanting to forget. His friends, his power.


He felt himself cry more tears and fell into a deep sleep.




His mind was blank as he succumbed to the darkness in his heart. Sora floated further in the abyss. The pain of missing his friends eating away at him. 


Oh how he missed them. He tried even to remember their names. His heart ached more in his chest, the pain starting to consume him. He wished that the pain would stop.


Suddenly, there was a presence near him. It felt familiar as it reached for him.


‘Join with me,’ its voice called.


‘Join?’ Sora questioned


‘Join you heart with mine.’ The voice said, ‘Let me take the pain away.’ 


Sora wanted the pain gone. This voice felt warm to him, and so he welcomed it. He uncurled his body and allowed the presence into his heart.


He felt a brush of lips against his and then suddenly a blinding pleasure surged through his body. He made a small gasping sound at the feeling of the presence entering him. He arched his body, basking in it, and then, felt complete. He curled in on himself again with a small smile on his face as he continued to drift.


‘Our hearts have touched. Now, I will always be with you.’




Sora continued to drift. Days, Months, Years. He had no concept of time. Of how long he had been here. His memory was weak as he tried to recall, and then felt a stab of pain in his heart. 


‘Let me help you’ the voice had said and started to take away his hurt. The blinding agony within Sora’s heart. He cried as he tried to remember. The presence curled in around him, encompassing his body. Sora welcomed its warmth, feeling his heart sigh in relief. 


‘Let me take all the pain away,’ it molded to Sora and pressed up against him. Sora moaned at the sensations and allowed the presence to take him completely. 


Sora cried more tears as he struggled to remember, the pain of what he forgot chasing him, and the presence then took his lips into his and started to take away all his pain. Literally swallowing it. Sora moaned again feeling the pleasure peak out through the blinding pain.


The presence shushed him and continued to help him through the pain, soothing his cries. ‘It will all be okay little one. I am with you.’


The pleasure started to pierce its way through the pain, and soon Sora could not feel any pain at all. He cried out as his body shook as everything came crashing down.




He felt the presence flow back into his body and relaxed feeling at peace again. He curled back up and smiled softly.




They drifted like that for awhile. Anytime Sora started to try to remember his past or his friends, Vanitas would show up from within his heart and help ease his pain. 


He thought about his friends a lot. He wanted to remember their faces and what they sounded like. When he tried to recall everything came up fuzzy and soft and his heart ached. He felt tears fall down his face but he never opened his eyes. Permanently shut since he fell into the watery abyss. 


Soon, Vanitas was there, surrounding him. Hushing him as he cried, his heart full of sorrow. 


‘Let me help you little one,’ Vanitas whispered into his ear as he pushed into Sora, and kissed him deeply, swallowing his cries and sadness. Vanitas chased the flavor. It was intoxicating. Sora’s cries were positively divine. He licked at his mouth and arched up into him.


Sora shook his head as he struggled on a memory. It was hazy but it was strong he could sense something important was within it because his heart started to burn and Sora cried out in despair.


Vanitas moaned and chased it. Devouring the emotion. He would take all Sora’s pain. He pushed back into him and held him tightly, his thrusts becoming harder as he tried to make all Sora’s pain fade away.


Sora cried out as the pleasure crested and he felt at peace again, the memory gone from him. 


He curled in on himself again and felt a tear fun down his cheek as they sunk deeper into the abyss.




Time seemed to go on. Sora’s pain only seemed to grow with each passing moment. He felt memories burn within him and cried more tears as he tried to recall something, anything. 


Vanitas appeared like always and frowned seeing Sora in distress. ‘I’m here little one. Let me make it all better,’ and he enveloped Sora’s body once again.


Sora shook as this particular memory burned deep in his heart. It was of someone , he could tell that much, but that was all he could grasp as the pain was excruciating.


 ‘Please!’ Sora screamed in despair and agony and Vanitas molded his body against his.


Sora moaned brokenly when pleasure started to peak through the never ending pain. He reached up and grasped his crown necklace in his hand as Vanitas pushed into him repeatedly and cried harder. It was different this time. Something was happening. Sora’s heart started to race as he shook with each of Vanitas’s thrusts. 


Vanitas swallowed everything Sora gave him. It was the sweetest nectar. His heart soared as his power grew within him. He pushed into Sora harder, wanting Sora to release his pain onto him. He chased it.


Sora’s tears fell like raindrops down his face as he held on tightly to Vanitas’ back. He arched up when the pleasure was too much and felt his heart twist suddenly and screamed.




Sora opened his eyes, and they shined bright purple.




Riku emerged in the Realm of Darkness, armed with his keyblade, and Mickey followed behind.


It had been nearly ten years since that faithful day, when Sora had saved everyone in the Keyblade Graveyard. Riku clenched his fist when he remembered it and walked further into the realm of darkness. 


“We should be on the lookout Riku, anything could happen in the Realm of Darkness,” Mickey reminded him as the made their way deeper into the realm. 


They had came to the darkness for some answers. They were dealing with some issues in the realm of light and thought that maybe the darkness would somehow give them the key to finding a solution.


The walked farther into the world and Riku remembered the time him and Sora had been here all those years ago, it seemed like a life time ago. His heart ached in his chest as he thought about Sora. 


Many of the keyblade wielders has since given up hope of Sora’s return. It had been almost a decade since. They had all returned to their normal lives. At first they all had searched but after awhile and coming up empty handed every time, the group had started to loose hope. 


Riku never once stopped believing. He knew Sora was out there, somewhere. He just had no idea how to find him. His heart ached in his chest again and he held his hand to it. He looked out into the water of the dark margin and frowned. 


“Sora..” he whispered, and felt a twang in his heart. It hurt. He never had allowed himself to cry about it before, but suddenly, looking out onto the sea of the darkness, his emotions boiled over. As if something was calling to him.He fell to his knees and sobbed.


“Riku! Are you alright?” Mickey said completely shocked at Riku’s sudden change in demeanor. He had never seen Riku cry before. 


Suddenly a roar from the waters made them both look up in shock. The tower of heartless was back!


“Riku watch out!” Mickey cried as they separated into their fighting stances. They fought the demon tower and struggled to whittle it down. 


They struggled and panted for breath, the tower seemed to not be affected by their slashes. 


“Mickey what do we do?” Riku called over the horde of heartless. Suddenly the tower rose high in the sky and shot through the air. 


They watched as it wheeled back and took aim at them. 


“Mickey!” Riku yelled and pushed him out of the way, before the demon tower swooped him up in its wave. 


“Riku!!” Mickey cried out and reached for him. 


Riku struggled against the heartless horde squeezing his body. He took his keyblade and stabbed it into the tower, and it curled up in pain, releasing him. He quickly turned and slashed at it, yelling out in furry.


A figure was suddenly spit out from the tower, a dark glow surrounding them. The tower then fell back into the water to retreat.


Mickey stood and Riku armed his keyblade. “Who are you?” He questioned poised to fight.


The figure then came into view the darkness falling away from his body. It was a young man, in what looked to be a black gown of sorts, which wrapped around his neck and fell in front of his body like a wave, fabric just draping like liquid over his form. A silver crown sat at the throat of the fabric. His hair was long, but still held the familiar catlike tuffs at the top and Riku felt his heart twist.


“S-Sora?,” he choked, disbelief in his eyes. Was it truly him? After all this time? Now of all times? And what was he even wearing?


The figure then opened his eyes and looked at him with piercing violet. Riku’s heart wanted to burst from his chest, ‘it was Sora!’ his heart yelled and he started to approach him.


Sora through his hand out. “Stay back,” he warned. His voice cold, and rough.


Riku stopped mid step.


“Sora?? Is it really him?” Mickey asked from beside him, unsure. 


Riku stared at him. He knew it was. He may look different but it was still Sora.


“Sora! please what happened to you?” He cried wanting answers. How was Sora in the realm of darkness? Was he here the whole time? Riku suddenly felt angry, if that was true, then they could have done something much sooner. Not ten years later.


Sora frowned. “You happened.” He turned and stood on top of the water. “After saving you all, I woke up here, in my new home. I accepted the darkness and my fate.” He said as he walked the surface, his gown like garment flowing across the floor in dark waves. “I tried to hold my memory together but this place has torn me apart. I have accepted my sentence, and I’m doomed here for all eternity.”


Riku huffed. “Sora but you are alive! You can come with us! Back to the realm of light where you belong!”


Sora grit his teeth, “I don’t belong there any longer. The darkness in my heart has become to much too bare.” He held a hand to his heart and then felt Vanitas stir within him. Sora hushed him and asked for more time. Vanitas watched on, his eyes narrowing. He wanted to stop Sora’s pain and this person he was speaking to was the cause of it. He wanted to stop it and destroy him. It festered inside him, gnawing at him. 

But he waited. As Sora had asked him.


“It would only cause more pain.” Sora finished. He stood tall and walked away.


“Sora!” Both Mickey and Riku ran after him. Sora stopped and turned, his eyes narrowing at Mickey. Mickey.. he tried to remember.. Mickey was the one who hid Riku away from him before... when Sora has been searching for him all those years ago.... Yes, it came back to him, it was Mickey who had kept them apart for all that time... that was right. Sora felt these memories of Mickey as they were dampened by the darkness in his heart and was consumed by them.


He snarled and threw his hands out, shooting a beam of darkness at Mickey and knocking him back. “Stay out of this! I have nothing to say to you,” his voice laced with venom. He created a force field around him and Riku, and stood tall as they started to circle the circumference. 


“Sora please just stop fighting, we can go back home together!” Riku tried again desperate and Sora laughed.


“Go home together? Oh Riku I am home now.” In his hand he materialized a keyblade, but not his kingdom key. This one was a copy of Soul Eater. Riku’s first keyblade, all those years ago, and Sora held it up. 


Riku swallowed. Sora looked powerful in his stance, the keyblade shining and his gown flowing. His violet eyes piercing. 


“You are the one who needs to leave Riku. Or did my sacrifice mean nothing to you. I brought you all back and now that I’m dealt my fate, you want to cheat it. Well, we’ve cheated one too many times Riku. This can’t end well you know. What is dead must stay dead, Riku. I shouldn’t even exist anymore for what I’ve done.” Sora yelled. His heart starting to burn. He wanted to exist, but he couldn’t, not like this, not after he cheated Death. 


“Sora I’m not gunna leave you now that I’ve found you again.” Riku said as he stepped closer.


“You didn’t even come here for me, Did you?! You came here for some other reason, and just so happened to stumble on me. You never cared, did you? You were all probably happy I was finally gone. I never saw a search party, none of you even tried, did you?!” He screamed as he felt tears fall. His heart beating wildly as the burn of the darkness increased. Vanitas tried again, but Sora stopped him, begging for more time.


“Of course we tried Sora! I never stopped believing, never.” He pointed to his chest angrily. “Don’t say I didn’t look for you. I spent every waking minute of the day searching. But you were gone. But I never gave up hope.” He grounded out in anger. 


“Well you didn’t look hard enough.” Sora spoke and it hurt. Riku gritted his teeth. 


“Please Sora, come back with us! There’s nothing holding you here, you can come back to the realm of light.” Riku persisted in his efforts.


“No Riku, I can’t !” He yelled and swung his keyblade in anger. Riku dodged and held his own up, Braveheart clashing against the smaller blade and creating sparks.


“Sora no! I don’t want to fight you!” He said as their blades clashed in-between them and the pushed against them. Sora twisted and thrusted his keyblade out again.


Riku pushed him, trying to avoid hitting him with his keyblade and Sora flew back. His gown flowing wildly as he flipped around and leaned on his feet. 


“Why won’t you just quit!” Sora screamed as tears fell. His heart bursting inside him. Why did it have to be Riku...


He felt Vanitas again and sighed, feeling him coat his heart in an armor like fashion. He closed his eyes and breathed deep before summoning a second keyblade in his other hand, and Riku gasped, preparing himself for another fight.


“Is that-? “ Mickey called but was silenced as the force field grew dark and clouded. Mickey was no longer visible. 


Sora’s eyes opened and they were bright yellow. He swung down both blades in his new fighting stance and smiled wickedly. “Well Riku? Shall we?” Vanitas was showing through. He lunged and swiped the keyblades at Riku, who bounced away and blocked. His keyblade crashed into Sora’s twin blades and he gritted his teeth. They broke apart and Riku panted, how was he supposed to win?


Sora swung again and Riku dodged. He never tried to swing at Sora, and and stayed on the defense.


Sora growled angrily and bashed his keyblades into Riku’s. “Fight me you coward!” He sliced and diced and continued to slash at Riku’s keyblade creating sparks around them.


“Why won’t you fight me!” Sora yelled as the separated and panted for breath.

Riku shook his head, “I can’t fight you Sora. I love you. “


Sora blinked and gasped slightly. “You what?” The keyblades both hanging limp at his sides. 


“If you won’t come with me to the realm of light... then I guess you’ll just have to let me stay in the realm of darkness with you. You can do that or destroy me. Those are your choices.” Riku said, and stood his ground.


“You’re not serious,” Sora scoffed, “Riku you belong in the realm of light , you shouldn’t even be here right now!” He screamed and felt anguish. Vanitas quickly absorbing it. 


“Those are your choices Sora, now are you going to choose?” Riku said and stepped closer, hand open for Sora to take. Sora held his keyblades up in defense to create some distance and stepped back.


“Riku you’re a fool! I don’t want to destroy you!” He continued to step back, afraid. Why couldn’t Riku see Sora just wanted him to be safe. It wasn’t safe here and he wouldn’t wish this agony on anyone, let alone Riku. His heart twisted as he thought of Riku. 


Tears started to form in his eyes again, and then the yellow of his irises slowly faded back to the striking shade of voilet. “Please!” Sora cried out, “Just leave me in my agony.” He fell to his knees. The keyblades vanishing from his grip.


Riku was at his side instantly. “Sora!” He reached out and placed a hand on Sora’s back. He felt blinding pain searing through his hand and pulled it back as if he was burned. “Sora-!” Riku gasped.


Sora’s heart thumped wildly. His chest ached. “Riku.. “ he whimpered and curled in on himself, with his head in his hands. “It’s hurts so much. I missed you... so much.” He cried in anguish. Vanitas soothed him from within his heart. But it wasn’t enough, the source of the pain was to close to fully suppress it.


Riku looked at him and his heart broke. “Sora..” he fell to his knees and dropped his keyblade, and clutched Sora close to him in an emotional embrace. The pain radiating off of Sora’s body and onto his was astounding and he almost choked on it. But continued to hold him and he felt a tear roll down his face. “I’m here , I’m here now Sora. I’ll never leave you again, me and you it doesn’t matter where we are,  remember what you said when were here last time? Anywhere can be our home as long as we are together. You are my home Sora. And I want to be yours.”


Sora felt Vanitas slip out of his mind and back into his heart, his pain slowly fading away. He felt more tears rain down his cheeks and sniffled. 


He hugged Riku then and whimpered.


 “I want to go home Riku..” his body shook with sobs as he folded into Riku’s hug, letting all the emotions flow over him. It was so intense that he started to fall into a deep sleep while in Riku’s arms. Riku’s words in his ears and he closed his violet eyes.


“It will be okay Sora, you’re home, rest now.”




The next time Sora opened his eyes it was to a blinding light in the sky. His eyes burned and he held a hand up. “Where-?” He sat up and squinted his eyes. Suddenly, Riku stood in front of him. 


“Sora!” He said with a smile.


“Riku?” Sora asked and squinted around the light , his vision blurry.


Riku moves closer and stood in the lights path shielding Sora’s eyes from its direct shine. Sora blinked up at him, the light creating a halo around Riku’s head making him look like a literal angel.


“Where are we Riku?” Sora asked unsure, it was so very very bright, he couldn’t tell where they were.


Riku smiled “You’re in the realm of Light, Sora. “


Sora blinked at him with bright Blue eyes and let the information sink in. “The realm of light?” He felt the sun on his skin, and then his heart soared. The sun, the sky, he looked up to them and started to cry. It was real. He was home.


“You’re home!” Mickey cried and hugged him, and Sora couldn’t believe it. He sat in shock. 


Riku waited until Mickey was done before speaking up. “Your home Sora,” he smiled to him and held his hand out.


Sora blinked again and brushed the tears from his face. “Riku...” he took Riku’s hand and stood, and then noticed he was still in the gown he had gotten in the realm of darkness... only it was sheer white now, a black crown crested at the neck. He thought about it briefly before choosing to ignore his state of dress and instead hugged Riku close to him. 


“I thought I’d never see you again,” Sora whispered, hugging Riku tightly. “I couldn’t even remember you Riku, every time I tried... “ Sora held his hand to his heart and more tears fell. “The pain was pure agony Riku. I didn’t know when it would ever end.”


Riku brushed the tears away and held him close. “It’s over now Sora, Your home now. You don’t have to hurt anymore.”


Mickey kindly let them have their moment before speaking up. 

“Uh Sora? I’m sure there’s a few other people who would be really happy to see ya,” he suggested and Sora smiled through more tears. 


His friends. Donald, Goofy...Ventus, Aqua, Terra... Axel, Xion, Roxas...Namine, Kairi. He remembered their names and almost fell into Riku at the shock. “My friends...” he choked out and struggled to stand. Every emotion coming down on him at once. His heart squeezed and he felt Vanitas stir again. 


‘It will be okay little one, Join with your friends now. I will be with you.’ He said comfortingly and Sora nodded. 


“I’d like to see them!” He cried out, afraid to loose them now that he just got them back.


Mickey and Riku grinned and they all left together to head for the mysterious castle.