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Ieyasu's Struggle

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Ieyasu stood straddling Nobunaga’s thighs where he sat, his body pressed against the broad warlord’s chest. The back of the devil’s neck was cradled in the palm of the blonde’s gloved hand, the thumb absentmindedly stroking the wild hair at the nape of the devil’s neck lightly enough to raise goosebumps as the boy set his other hand against the raven-haired male's shoulders to balance himself. There was a kind of guarded curiosity in Ieyasu's eyes while a little smirk quirked the corner of Nobunaga’s mouth upwards.

“Is this really necessary?” As guarded as always even in a bizarre moment like this, Ieyasu frowned deeply, forming faint wrinkles. If he kept it up, Nobunaga figured the boy would form permanent wrinkles at a young age.

“Of course it is….are you questioning my orders?” Nobunaga devilishly smirked, fully aware even in this situation, Ieyasu wouldn’t disobey him.

Dread pooled up inside of Ieyasu. “No….however you must see how this must look-“

Nobunaga cut him off by placing a finger against the younger male’s lips.“Enough. Must you be so stubborn? You complain and yet….I didn’t tell you that you had to touch back.”

The fingers that had been playing with Nobunaga’s hair stilled. Ieyasu could feel his cheeks heating from more than just the warm temperature of the night.

“There you go again….reverting back to your old ways.” Nobunaga remarked, a trace of displeasure visible in his voice as he wrapped one arm around the male’s slim waist, his other hand reaching up to cup Ieyasu’s paling face. 

Even though Ieyasu stayed stiff, his spine as straight as a rod, something seemed to change in his facial expression. “I...I am not.” He whispered, the faintest color of pink appearing on his youthful face.

“Heh…” Letting out a low snicker, Nobunaga stroked the boy’s face with the back of his thumb before suddenly dipping forward, their chests pressed together as his mouth came into contact with Ieyasu’s.

“Nn…” Though this wasn’t the first time Nobunaga had kissed him, it always took the modest blond a while to adjust to such gentle touches. But finally, to his lord’s great pleasure, he started to respond, lips parting.

“There we go…” Nobunaga purred in approval, his tongue poking out to meet Ieyasu’s. To Ieyasu’s great dismay, he found himself returning the kiss, and the other kisses that followed after it. He become so involved in the sweet touches that he didn’t even notice he had relaxed, leaning into the Devil’s supportive, soothing hold.

But on the feeling of Nobunaga’s hand creeping up on his thigh under the fabric keeping them separate, reality kicked in for Ieyasu. Ripping their lips apart, Ieyasu slipped off of Oda’s lap and ran out in a hurry without a simple goodbye to the devil.



How could Nobunaga touch him like that when….when Hideyoshi clearly adores him? He wasn’t a fool. All the, “Yes, My Lord!” and “Of course Lord Nobunaga!”

God, hearing such doting words uttered with such loyalty just made him want to vomit in his mouth from how sweet it was. Or hell, make his teeth rot. And knowing the way Lord Nobunaga enjoyed utilizing people, it would only make sense for those two to be up to something together. Further yet, it sure would explain all the times the two shared long, heated stares.

“Tch…” Hurrying along the corridor, Ieyasu didn’t even realize how stuck in his thoughts he was until he turned the corner and ran right into a wall of purple.


Taking a step back, Ieyasu adjusted his scarf only to sigh deeply, pinching the bridge of his nose.

“Just great….another idiot.”

Mitsunari Ishida smiled the way he always did, his eyes softening.

"Good evening, Lord Ieyasu. You seem like you’re in quite the rush..."

"Ugh. I’m going to get a headache at this."

As innocent as always, Mitsunari’s eyebrows raised, a look of concern playing on his fair features. “Headache? Shall I make you some tea to help with it?”

“No...jeez...if you really want to help my headache, leave me alone.” Ieyasu started to walk off, only for Mitsunari’s hand to grab his wrist, holding it tightly.

“Eh? Just what are you doing now-” Whirling around, Ieyasu nearly lashed out, his hand raised only to still when he spotted the darkening look on Mitsunari’s face.

“Lord Ieyasu...did Lord Nobunaga do something to displease you again?”

“Eh?” Thrown off course, the boy’s wide emerald eyes locked with narrowed violet eyes. It seemed Mitsunari wasn’t actually the fool he painted himself out to be. But how did he guess-?

“Let go of me.”

Mitsunari smiled sadly, shaking his head no slightly. “Normally I would obey Lord Ieyasu, but right now, I fear I can’t.”

“Just let go of me!” Trying to yank his arm away, Ieyasu found himself whirled back, but this time being cradled in Mitsunari’s hold, fingers curled around his chin.

“Lord Ieyasu, I’ve been wishing to say this for a long time. Whenever I see you with Lord Nobunaga...I….get so angry.” Strangely enough, the male’s face was set in a tight posture, lips in a thin line and his eyebrows furrowed in a frown that would make blood run cold with how his eyes burned with unbridled rage. He hated feeling this powerless. Loathed it with every fiber of his being. Oh, how he wanted to tear Ieyasu away from their Lord! He had heard the moans, seen the marks littered across Ieyasu’s throat and noticed how smug Nobunaga always looked after having a “private meeting”.  And in his frustration, he had forced Lord Ieyasu to hold still and hear him out.

His face turned into a look of anguish. “These feelings I feel...I..I believe I am in love with you Lord Ieyasu.”

Lord Ieyasu’s eyelids fluttered and he squinted with a grunt as if he had the world's largest headache. Damn it, it felt like a migraine.  “Don’t say such things. There’s no way you love me.”

The blonde got little of a warning before he was yanked forward, tugged along and brought into Mitsunari’s quarters where he was pushed onto the futon already set out for the evening.

“Since you do not believe me, I will prove it to you. Allow me to.” The hushed words, made something in Ieyasu’s heart ache. God...just what was he getting himself into?

“Fine. Show me.”

“Thank you Lord Ieyasu.” Mitsunari smiled gently, his eyes brightening in barely contained happiness.

“Just get to it before I vomit.” Ieyasu groaned, feeling his cheeks turn rosy.

“Yes…But Lord Ieyasu?”

“Tch, what!?”

“I love you.” Mitsunari murmured, still smiling.

“Y-You...just get to it!”

“Yes…” Stripping Ieyasu, a shuddering moan slipped past the blond boy’s lips before he could stop it. It seemed Ieyasu's sensitize body was reacting naturally to the feeling of the cloth brushing against his sensitive skin.

Hiding his growing smile, Mitsunari moved to tenderly kiss the lord’s skin, lips gracefully gliding over Ieyasu’s neck down to his collarbone and then further down to lightly tease a trail of kisses down his chest.

He took his time in loving Ieyasu's body, kissing, lightly licking and even gently nipping at sensitive skin. His hands caressed his lover's body, running along muscled thighs and over taut chest muscle, to trailing down arms and teasing the sensitive, pink nipples.

"So beautiful..." He murmured as his hand reached to gently stroke his lover while his tongue moved to glide over the male’s entrance.

A veil of morning sunlight masked the previous night’s chill, causing the air to feel not quite like autumn as Ieyasu's lips parted, soft, barely audible moans oozing from him. Sounds that he would deny later having produced, but god...he was loving every second of this.

Shy at first, Ieyasu’s hands ran up and down Mitsunari’s skin, his touches seemed almost demanding, gripping as if he was scared that at any minute the warm body above his skin might vanish. And even though his touches had faint desperation to them, the rest of his body language lacked emotion. His mind was somewhere else....

Mitsunari took note of Ieyasu's distant mind and the demanding feel to his touches. Now he was definitely worried.

Pausing, Mitsunari moved up to kiss Ieyasu's lips and stroked his cheek.

"Focus on me...stop thinking." He murmured, hands gliding along thighs to lift them around the young lord's waist. He slid into Ieyasu with a soft moan, his cock being swallowed inch after inch until he was fully sheathed within his lover. He gently rolled his hips and kept kissing Ieyasu's skin and lips. "Only me...focus on just me, Lord Ieyasu."

He did his best to distract Ieyasu, giving the man everything he could muster to make love to Ieyasu. And when it was all said and done and Mitsunari reached his limit, he remained within Ieyasu and held his face within his hands.

"You don't have to hide things from me, Lord Ieyasu. If something is going on, then you should be able to come to me...what's happening?" He asked softly, his eyes glistening with concern.

"Talk to me...I promise to stay with you forever and support you even if you don’t return my feelings and I can't do that if you don't talk to me about what's weighing on your mind. Don't lie and say nothing is wrong because something definitely is and it worries me to see you so distracted, even now.”

Distracted still, Ieyasu barely made a sound as he came and only went violently red in the face as the purple-eyed male cupped his face. "I'm not," He swallowed, and covered his eyes with his hands, not wanting Mitsunari to see how he struggled.

"I can't afford to tell you now, just trust me....please....I'll tell you when the time is right." Even though he wanted to stay in Mitsunari's arms, the boy tried to sit up and push his lover off, but he only let out a muffled whimper when Mitsunari's cock rubbed against his sweet spot.

Mitsunari did not relent in his insistence on this matter. He kissed Ieyasu softly and rolled his hips lightly into the warrior underneath him.

"Lord Ieyasu, whatever it is, you don't have to face it alone. Am I that unworthy of being trusted with whatever troubles you?" He whispered as he slowly began to fuck the man some more, softly moaning into his ear. "Please Lord Ieyasu...I do not wish to see you struggling with this..."

"No, no! I didn't say you're unworthy of being trusted, it's just that-" Ieyasu sobbed, clinging to Mitsunari as the man didn't stop and rather kept making love to him, sending ripplings wave of pleasure inside of him.

"C-Can't lose you...please..." Admitting his fear, his choked words were cut off by soft moans. Struggling to control himself, the lord's fingernails lightly scratched Mitsunari's pale back.

"So trust me." Mitsunari whispered as he thrust a little harder as he made love to his new lover. If making love to Ieyasu was what it took to get him to open up, then Mitsunari would thrust all night if he had to.  Therefore he did not relent as he wildly made love to the lord underneath him, ravaging him roughly, deeply and intensely. He wanted to make Ieyasu know who he belonged to through carnal, lustful sex that made his instincts scream Ieyasu’s name.

“M-Mitsunari…I…” Ieyasu pressed a kiss to the taller male’s mouth, moaning even as he swept his tongue against the man's lower lip and sucked it in between his teeth to nibble at it. He scratched his fingernails lightly against the nape of Mitsunari's neck as he drew away, just enough and in just the right spot to trip Mitsunari into the faintest of shivers.

“You idiot, you knew that I loved you, didn’t I?” He whispered, causing Mitsunari to flash his signature smile.

“Yes, but I also know that Lord Nobunaga holds a part of your heart too.”

Ieyasu threw a hand over his eyes so the man couldn’t see how his eyes teared up. It seemed Mitsunari knew more than he let on.  “T-Then why are you doing this, knowing that I love you both?”

“Because I must have you, even if that means I must share your heart.” Mitsunari began to teasingly yet skillfully stroke Ieyasu's hard cock in ways that he knew would cause great pleasure. Fingers glided over the shaft, teasing the head and pumping in slick, languid motions that would make a man buck his hips in need within minutes.

Burying his face in the side of Mitsunari's neck, Ieyasu whimpered needily and started bucking his hips into his lover's hand.

“M-Mitsunari, a-ah-!”

Mitsunari continued his hand's skillful ministrations and nipped Ieyasu's earlobe lightly before softly moaning into his ear.

"That's right...moan as I touch your body Lord Ieyasu....and cum for me while groaning your pleasure so sweetly."  

The sky outside of the room was a beautiful shade of purple and orange, clouds thinning and dispersing as the hours passed. And as Ieyasu came with a soft cry, Mitsunari's face loitered a soft smile, one that he wore whenever he was content.

“F...Forgive me for loving you both…” Ieyasu whispered out, still clinging to Mitsunari.

“There is no need to ask for forgiveness…”


“Sssh…” Mitsunari whispered, kissing the top of Ieyasu’s head. They both weren’t sure how the rest of the day would turn out, but Mitsunari was just glad that he had gained the courage to tell and show Ieyasu how he felt. Ieyasu, on the other hand, was a bit put out that he’d been forced to admit that he loved the dense idiot, but...on the other hand it had also been liberating.

The true question was though, what would Nobunaga do? He would surely find out sooner rather than later that Ieyasu had slept with Mitsunari. So...if or rather, when Nobunaga finds out….will he tell him the truth? That he loves both of them?

Sighing shakily Ieyasu kissed Mitsunari, praying that everything would work out smoothly.