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One Red Nose and a Wedding Prequel

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Winter in London, one of the coldest Christmases ever,family from America are coming, and I certainly aren’t happy, at all.

-“honey, come down to say hi to your aunties and uncles!”- Carrie calls her daughter who is hiding in her bedroom, not wanting to come down.

Miranda is really upset, she knows no one, and the people over there are all old and boring, she just wants to get in her nappies and wait for Santa Claus.

There’s a knock on her bedroom door and her dad opens the door and peaks inside taking his glasses off and walking inside, cautiously.

-“where could my little monster be?”- Charles asks to no one in particular, knowing Miranda was laying in the floor by the bed.
-“stop it, I’m not coming down”- Miranda said while sitting, Charles walk over his little girl and sat next to her.
-“why my love?”-
-“they are boring, no one wants to play with me”-
-“well do you remember Fi?”-
-“yes, your best friend”-
-“well Fi has a daughter, and she is your age, and she is also very bored and she is downstairs and no one wants to play with her”-
-“you are lying”- Miranda looked straight into her father’s eyes.
-“I’m not darling, her name is Faith”-
-“but I don’t know her, why is that?”-
-“because she was living with her dad, but now she is back here, and you should make her feel welcome, don’t you think?”-
Little Miranda was convinced she had to meet this girl, so she stood and offer her hand to her father so he could stand up, Charles took her hand and pretended to use her as support to stand up and walked behind her to the door.
-“wait! Should I change my clothes?”-
Miranda was wearing a Christmas themed pajama with raindeers all over it.
-“only if you want to”-
-“okay then”- Miranda open the door again and walked down the stairs where everyone was.

Her mother was talking to her American uncle who she had met earlier but she didn’t walk to her, she looked again to her father and he pointed to the couch in front of the Christmas tree where a brunette girl wearing a black dress was sitting looking at the tree and the lights.

Miranda let go her father's hand and walk towards the girl.

-“hello, I’m Miranda”-
The girl had tears in her eyes, so she dry them with the back of her palm and looked to the cheeky girl in front of her who was offering her hand.
-“you are wearing nappies”- the girls said.
-“yes, I am, I was upstairs but then my dad said you were here and bored and I wanted to invite you to play with me”-
-“why?”- Faith asked.
-“everyone is old and boring”- Miranda walk closer to the girl and sat next to her in the couch.
-“I’m Faith”-
-“I know, my dad told me, you are Fi’s daughter, and you were with your dad, but I don’t know where”-
-“not anymore”-
-“are you sad about your dad?”-
-“I don’t know why he isn’t here”-
Miranda didn’t know how to answer or to comfort Faith.
-“do you like Princesses?”- Miranda asked
-“when something makes me sad, my mom puts on the Telly princesses movies, and then I’m not so sad anymore, I can ask her to play some movies for us, so you aren’t as sad…”-
Faith nods in agreement and Miranda jumps of the couch to go for her mom.
-“mom, Faith is sad, can you play us some movies?”-
Carrie stops her conversation and looks at her 5 year old and then to the couch where little Faith is cuddled with a pillow.
-“sure hon, let’s go upstairs and play some movies for you girls”- Carrie agrees and Miranda runs grabbing Faith and leading her upstairs, Carrie plays Beauty and the Beast and lets the girls in her room watching the movie.

Downstairs Charles is talking with Mathew and Fiona who is wearing her characteristic black attire.

-“looks like our girls are getting along”- Carrie mentions while grabbing a glass with wine.
-“I’m not surprised, they are almost family”-
Carrie smiles knowing Fiona means no damage with her comment, she always suspected she was in love with Charles, but they were never getting together, she had no reason to hate her.
-“they certainly are, like cousins”-
-“What are you going to do with her father?”- Charles asks Fiona.
-“nothing, he made his choice, now I have to step up and be a good parent to my kid, she has me, she will be okay”-
-“well, with your money, there’s one less thing to worry, and you have all of us to help out with anything you need, right?”-Mathew says smiling to Fiona while the group nodded.
-“I know”-

The alarm rings, Charles hits the clock to shut it, Carrie is not beside him, which is normal, she works early, he stays in the same position until he realizes why his alarm sounded.

He stands up as fast as he can and grabs something to wear, then runs to his daughters room to wake her up for her first day in kindergarten.
-“darling, wake up we are running late”- Charles moves his daughter who only groans.
-“I don’t want to”- Miranda says and puts the covers over her head.
-“it is not up for debate my love, you are going, come on get dress”- Charles picks the uniform and puts is in the bed so she can get dress and goes downstairs when a knock on the door startled him.

Fiona and Faith were standing outside, with a bag of biscuits and hot chocolate.

-“dear lord thank you, come in girls we are running late”- Charles grabs the food and the girls walked inside the house.
-“you are always late for everything, I figure this wouldn’t be an exception”- Fiona says sitting in a stall while little Faith just stood with her school bag in her back.
-“Faith, darling, why don’t you go upstairs and help Miranda with her uniform, I’m sure she will be happy to see you”- Charles said.
Faith let her bag on the floor and went upstairs and saw Miranda struggling with her skirt, Faith walked toward her and fixed the skirt
-“thank you, I’m so happy to see you, we are going to school together isn’t it great?” Mirada smiled largely while grabbing a comb for her wild curly hair, Faith only nodded shyly.
- “how are you so excited?”- Faith asked sitting in the bed.
- “ because it's going to be amazing, a new adventure, and we will meet tons of other kids and have new friends, I don't have a lot of friends”-
- “me neither, I never know what to say” -
- “ you can say hi, my name is Faith and something about you, like what's your favorite colour?” -
- “ my favorite color is purple”- Faith answers to the mock introduction.
- “ now I know something about you, and we are friend, see! It's very easy!”-
Faith smiles to the girl and stands taking Miranda's hand and walking to the kitchen where their parents are laughing.
-”Are you girls ready?”- Charles asks to the pair who are ready to go to school for the first time.
-”I'm hungry dad!”- Miranda yells at Charles who's grabbing everything to head out.
-”you can eat in the car, your mother will kill me of you don't make it to the first day!”-
-”and I will kill you too, hurry up!”- Fiona says grabbing the food and walking toward the car parked outside.
Both girls got on it and while Miranda was smiling and excited Faith was worrying and with a frown in her face.
-”why aren't you excited my love?”- Fiona asked the little girl.
-”I just… I don't think the other kids are going to like me”-
-”I like you”- Miranda says smiling and holding Faith’s hand.
Faith took Miranda’s hand and smiled at the other girl.
-”You are incredible my love, if any kid doesn't see that they aren't worth of your friendship, but, open up to the possibility baby, you might find friends for life, like Charlie and me”- Fiona says from the front seat.
-”and if they are mean, you've got me, I won't let them treat you bad”-

Charles got in the car and drove the girls to their first day Miranda still very excited but never letting go of Faith walked to the door and said hi to her father and Fiona.

-”they will be fine, they have each other”- Charles told Fiona who was getting emotional saying goodbye to her little girl.
-”I know they will, it's just hard to see her leave”- Fiona says.
-”you'll die the day she finds a man a gets married”- Charles says half joking.
-”or she will be like us and will never get married, and she'll stay with me forever”-
-”I really hope that doesn't happen”-Charles says now being serious.
-”it won't, she is a better human than you and I, both of them are”-
-”yes they are”-


-”I didn't do it mom, I wasn't even there, you have to believe me”- Faith tells her mother who had to picked her up from school because she got into a fight.
-”if it was the first time this happens I would believe you, but it is not my love, and I don't know what to do for you to understand, you are so smart and you get in so much trouble”- Fiona answers calmly to her daughter who gets in fights week after week.
-”they always start this things, and I don't do anything”-

Suddenly there's a knock in the door, Fiona opens and Miranda is standing there.

-”Darling, what are you doing here?”- Fiona asks the little girl.
-”she didn't do it Fi, they were bugging her and the teacher didn't stopped them, she just defended herself, really, she did nothing”- Miranda said desperately.

Faith stood from the couch and saw Miranda in the door with her mother.

-”what are you doing here?”- Faith asks standing with her arms crossed behind her mother.
-”I … I saw what they did to you”- Miranda said shyly.
-”you know nothing, you should go home”- Faith goes to her room no looking back.
Miranda looked down sad, she saw how some girls decided it would be fun stealing Faith's clothes after gym class, leaving Faith with only a towel, the kids made fun of Faith because she was shy and didn't hang out with anyone, but the bullying got more intense as the school year passed, until Faith got tired and started to fight back.

-”I don't understand why you girls stopped hanging out, you were really good friends and you were really good for each other”- Fio a says letting inside the little girl who was sad.
-”it's my fault, but thing are going to change”- Miranda said.
-”it's no one's fault,I'll call your mom to pick you up”-

Fiona called Carrie telling her how Faith got into another fight in school.

After the weekend Faith got back to school, with her usual shy face, she sat alone in the back, suddenly Miranda walked inside but instead of sitting with her friends, the popular group, she walked past them and sat next to Faith.

-”what are you doing?”- Faith asked, after she noticed the girls that tortured her looking at Miranda.
-”I'm sitting down, getting ready for this amazing week”- Miranda answer smiling to the moody girl.
-”you are in the wrong chair, your friends are over there”-
-”they are my friend, but you are my family, and I want to hang with you”-
-”we aren't family, my mom and your dad are best friends, but you and I aren't, stop feeling sorry for me, I'm fine”-
-”you are not fine, and I won't leave”-
-”it wouldn't be the first time you leave”-
-”I'm very sorry, but it won't happen again, you are my best friend, I don't care about those girls”-

After years of being only Miranda and Faith, a group of girls started to hang out, but one of their entertainment was bullying the shy girl, Faith, Miranda being young and impressionable started to hang out with them and stopped paying attention to her oldest friend, leaving her alone.

The girls went back to the way they used to be, inseparable, best friends, the girls stopped bullying Faith.

A few weeks later Charles sister, Scarlett would get marry, Miranda would be the flower girl and she was very excited.

-”mom please, I need Faith to pick the dress, she needs to see it!”-
-”she is grounded darling, and she is going to see you in the wedding”-
-”no, she has to be the first person to see me, she is my best friend and she is going to love it, and it will make her smile”- Miranda was begging.
-” okay, I'll call Fiona, but if she says no, it means no darling, deal?”-

Fiona let Faith go with Miranda to get the dress, both girls were very happy, even though Faith was getting in less trouble at school, in part because people stopped messing with her that is to Miranda.

-”okay so, you are going to love my dress, it's purple! Your favorite color!”- Miranda said excited.
-”you are going to look beautiful”-
-”so are you, what are you wearing?”-
-”I don't know, my mom probably is going to buy something for my, or she already bought something”-

They arrived to the place and Miranda went to the dressing room to try the dress, then she came out.

-”what do you think?”-
Faith and Carrie stared at the girl with a purple dress smiling.
-”you look like a princess my love”- Carrie said.
Faith just smiled, if that's how princesses were in real life, she wanted to be the prince.


-”I can't believe Freddy asked you out, he is so cute”- Miranda said to her best friend who was lying next to her in bed.
-”well I'm not going out with him”- Faith answered.
-”really?”- Miranda smiled but then acted curious.
-”really, I don't like him”-
-” you can get someone much better”-
-”I don't know about that, maybe I will be like my mother, end up alone and sad”-
-”your mother is not alone and sad, she is successful and happy”- Miranda said.
-”sure, she is so happy”-
-”don't be like that, you are great and Freddy likes you a lot and he is smart and good looking and not a wanker”-
-”why don't you go out with him, you seem more infatuated with him than me”- Faith said.
-”stop it!”- Miranda pushed Faith and both girls laughed.

Suddenly the door opened, and a teary Charles walked inside.

-”girls , something happened”- Charles sat down in the bed and both girls got serious.
-”dad, what's wrong?”- Miranda stopped smiling.
-”your aunt Scarlett, she had an accident”-

Charles looked down and took his glasses off.

Faith went as fast as she could to her house where she found her mother in the kitchen, crying alone.
Faith ran to her and hugged her.

-”I'm so sorry mom”- Faith cried with her mother.

The next day everyone dressed in black and headed to the church for the service for Scarlett, everyone was sad and crying.
Faith stood next to her mother holding her hand and in the front row she saw Scarlett's husband, Charles, Carrie, David and his wife and Miranda, they all looked sad and teary.

After the service everyone wathered at Charles and Carrie's place watching videos of Scarlett.

Miranda was at her room.

-”mom, do you mind if I go with Miranda?”-
-”go my love, she shouldn't be alone”- Fiona says and before her daughter left she hugged her.

Faith went to Miranda's room and knock the door, there was no answer.

-”it's me, can I come in, please?”- Faith said lowly.
-”yes”- Miranda answer with her broken voice from crying.
Faith walked inside and closed the door behind her and sat next to Miranda in the floor.
-”you know, she was the most amazing person ever”- Miranda said, talking about Scarlett.
-”yes she was, I remember when I was like 7 or 8, and my dad came to my place, my mom was a wreck after he left and she came over and just held her for hours, she was that person you could just lay in and let everything out”-
Miranda smiled thinking about the good things of her aunt, and Faith cried the tears from her cheeks, and softly held Miranda.
-”I'm sorry you lost her”-

A few weeks passed and Miranda was starting to get back to her happy self.

-”so, I was in band practice and Freddy asked me about you”- Miranda said to Faith while both girls were walking to the library.
-”what did he asked?”-
-”if you were seeing someone and that's why you don't want to go out with him”-
-”what did you told him?”-
-”that I didn't know”-
-”why would you do that?”- Faith stopped walking and got upset.
-”because I don't know! We've been friends since we were babies and I know nothing about your love life!, Not even if you have a crush with someone, you tell me nothing, I tell you everything, you knew about every single crush I had and you are the first person I want to tell about my first kiss when it happens!”-
-”I have nothing to tell Miranda! I can't believe you! You know me, I don't have any “first” story to tell you, and tell Freddy I'm not interested in him or in any guy, because I really aren't!”- Faith stormed out, letting Miranda alone.

Faith didn't understand why she got so upset with Miranda asking her about boys, she didn't care about them.

She got home and her mother was sitting in the studio working.
-”I'm home”- Faith said.
-”weren't you going to study with Miranda?”- Fiona stopped working and looked to her teenage daughter.
-”she had something else to do, so I came home, I can study alone”-
-”I know you can my love, you just look a little upset, is everything fine?”-

Faith was now furious everyone had a say in her life, she was tired.

-”I'm perfect, can everyone stop asking me about my life! I'm fine! And I don't need a dad or a boyfriend to be happy!”-

Faith walked to her room and closed the door.

Fiona tried to talk to her daughter not getting an answer till later when Faith got out to eat.

-”did you got in a fight with Miranda?”- Fiona asked.
-”no, I didn't, I'm fine”-
-”you look angry, did your father call you?”-
-”no, he didn't, it's just one of those days, I'm sorry I took it out on you”- Faith says as she take an apple.
-”are you sure?, You can talk to me darling…”- Fiona tell her daughter.
-”yes mom, I'm fine”-

The next day Miranda was waiting for Faith in the parking lot where Faith parked her bike.

-”I'm sorry”- Miranda said with her head down to Faith who only looked down.
-”no, I'm sorry, I don't know what happened to me, you did nothing wrong, I just… I'm sorry okay?”-
-”no, you were right I had no right to tell you all those things, you can have secrets and you don't have to tell me everything if you don't want to, I shouldn't have pushed you with the Freddy thing”-
-”I… It's just that… I don't know why I don't like him, you were right, he is perfect, and still I don't want him, but maybe I need to give him a chance”- Faith says grabbing her bag and walking towards the building with Miranda behind.
-”or not, you should date him because he wants to date you, you'll find the right boy”-

Miranda smiled to her friend and got into her classroom.

Later that day she saw Freddy and Faith talking so she left.


-”Freddy hates this movies, I'm glad I can watch them with you”- Faith says sitting in the couch in Miranda's living room.
-”he is dumb”- Miranda says laughing.
-”shut up! He is not very bright but he really tries, my mom is so worried”- Faith laughs and throws popcorn at Miranda.
-”why is she worried?”- Miranda asks.
-”she thinks he might be pressuring me”-
-”is he?”- Miranda asked, getting serious.
-”no, I mean I don't think so, he knows I'm not ready for… You know…”-
-”he better don't try to do something you don't want to”- Miranda says a little upset.
-”don't worry I'm a big girl and I can look after myself”-
-”I know you can”-

Suddenly Miranda's phone rang, she looked at the caller, it was her boyfriend Alan.

-”you can answer you know”- Faith said after Miranda ignored the call.
-”he knows I'm with you”-
-”probably that's why he is calling”-

Faith and Alan didn't like each other, he was popular, she was the emo girl who got perfect grades always and stole his girlfriend from him.

-”we should get Alan and Freddy together, that way they would stop bugging us when we are hanging”-
-”Freddy would kill himself before hanging out with you boytoy”-
-” I know, I don't even know why I'm with him”- Miranda says.

Faith pauses the movie and turns to Miranda who looks sad.

-”what do you mean? Did he do something?”- Faith asks worried.
-”no! Of course not, he is a tool but he wouldn't hurt me, it's just, I feel there's something missing, like I don't feel anything when I kiss him, and I really try hard to make us work, but I don't even know if it's really worth the effort”-
-”you should have to try so hard, it had to be something easy, or not easy but even if it's hard it had to make you happy, I don't think you look happy”-
-”I expected to have my first boyfriend and feel so in love like my dad says he was when he saw my mom, the world would stop and everything would change, but I'm with my first boyfriend and I don't even feel excited to see him, I feel there's something wrong with me”-
-”there's nothing wrong with you, you are the most perfect human being, he just isn't the right one,I mean,I don't know about the whole love at first sight like your mom and your dad, my example of love is not as nice as yours, my mom and my dad can't even be in the same room for more than ten minutes without wanting to kill each other, butI can tell you even though I don't feel that way with Freddy, he is a good guy and he lets me be”-
-”wait, are you telling me you aren't in love?”- Miranda asks.
-”no, I mean I care for Freddy but love is such a strong word, I guess that's why I really don't want to have sex with him…”-
-”why are you still with him then?”-
-”why are you with Alan?”-

Both girls just stared at each other not saying anything, then the front door opened and Carrie and Charles walking in with grocery bags, Miranda got up and helped her parents and behind her Faith did the same.

-”what were you watching girls?”- Carrie asks the girls that were uncharacteristically silent.
-”Brokeback Mountain”- Miranda says.
-”is it the one of the cowboys?”- Charles asks.
-”yes, the gay cowboys”- Miranda answers waiting for her parents reaction.

Carrie and Charles didn't seem fazed by the statement, Miranda didn't know why that bothered her.

Both girls finished helping with the groceries and went upstairs, leaving the movie unfinished.

-”I think I better go home, it's getting late…”- Faith says nervously.
-”can you answer my question first?”- Miranda says looking straight into Faith's eyes.
-”I think you know the answer”-

Faith got home and sat in the couch, Fiona notice her daughter's arrival and went with her.

-”I thought you were staying over at Miranda's”-
-”no…, Mom why don't you like Freddy?”-
-”I like Freddy, I think he is a good boy, I just want him to keep his hands off my daughter”-
-”should I want his hand on me?”- Faith asks her mother who looks worried with the question.
-”what do you mean?”-
-”forget it, I'm tired and I'm saying a lot of stupid things…”- Faith tried to get up from the couch but Fiona grabbed her hand to stop her.
-”no, tell me what's going on, you can tell me…”-
-”you will get mad at me”-
-”no, but I'm worried and I need to know what did you mean, is he trying to pressure you because if he is I will…”-
-”No mom! He isn't! He Is good and wouldn't do anything I wouldn't want to do, I'm the problem, I should want him, I should be crazy about him, about his touch, I should fantasize about him, but I don't, I feel nothing when I'm with him!”- Faith said frustrated with herself.
-”but it's normal my love, you haven't found the right boy, you are just 16, there's a lifetime ahead of you”-
-”that's the problem, there's someone, that makes me feel all that”- Faith says with her hands in her face, wanting to cry.
-”that's great baby, but you should tell Freddy, it's not okay to cheat on people”-
-”I'm not cheating on him, and I'm not with anyone else, you know, I'll go to sleep, forget what I said”-
-”Faith! Wait!”-

The next day Faith woke up earlier and left before her mom so she couldn't question her about last night, but when she opened the door Miranda was standing there.

-”Mornin’”- Miranda said standing from the bench next to the door.
-” what are you doing here so early?”- Faith asks closing the door behind her.
-” I have an answer”-
-”to what?”-
-”to why was I still with Alan”-
-”can we go somewhere else, like to the diner?”-
-”yes, let's go get breakfast”-

Both girls walked in the sidewalk not saying anything until they arrived to the diner and sat.

-”last night after you left, I called uncle Mathew”-
-”I needed to talk to someone who understood this”-
-”what do you mean with this?”-
-”stop playing dumb, you are the smartest person I know, and not book smart, you are actually smart”-
-”okay, let's say I understand what you are saying”-
-”which you do”-
-”whatever, why do you still with Alan?”-
-”why are you with Freddy?”-
-”Miranda! Are you for real…”-
-”you said I knew the answer, then you know my answer too”-

Both girls stared into each other's eyes until their breakfast arrived, they ate and said nothing.

-”I like you”- Miranda said.

Faith was not only speechless, she was completely sure she was dreaming.

-”Say something please”-
-”I don't know what to say”-
-”tell me you feel the same, tell me you hate me, tell me I'm a fucking carpet muncher, but don't leave me like this”-
-”I'm confused”-

Faith stood up, and left.

When she arrived home it was still very early but her mom was already up in the kitchen.

-”where were you so early?”-
-”I think I'm in love”-
-”what!?”- Fiona almost broke her cup of tea when her daughter told her than.
-”I thought you weren't feeling this way for Freddy”-
-”it's not Freddy”-
-”okay, who is it then?”-
Faith felt small, she never felt that vulnerable in her life, her mother told her she was just like her, always strong, right now she felt so weak.
-”okay, I'm going to tell you, but you have to promise me the world is going to be the same after I say it, because I never said it out loud and I'm so scared, because I don't know how this is going to go, and I'm terrified…”- Faith told her mom as she was walking from one side to another.

Suddenly there's a knock in the door Faith opens and a crying Miranda is there.

-”you can't leave like this!, You always do this!, You get scared and run away! I'm tired of running after you! I told you something big and you just left me!”- Miranda yells at Faith who was at the verge of a panic attack.
-” I don't know how to deal with this!”- Faith screams at Miranda breaking down.

Fiona looks at her daughter and Miranda and realized what's going on.

But suddenly Faith is in the ground having trouble to breathe, Fiona ran next to her.

-”Faith! What's happening!”- Miranda is in the ground holding Faith.
-”she is having a panic attack! Help me get her to the couch!”- Fiona says holding her daughter.

Fiona and Miranda carry Faith who is breathing unevenly.

-”how do I help her!”- Miranda says crying.
-”water, get some water!”- Fiona says holding her daughter to make her relax.
-”it's okay baby, try to breathe, relax”-
-”I'm… Mom… I…”- Faith tried to talk but can't.
-”Don't try, it's okay my love”-

After a few minutes Faith had calm down, and was sleeping in the couch, Miranda was sitting in the floor looking at her.

-”Miranda, come over here darling, she is going to be fine”- Faith called Miranda to the kitchen and offer her some tea and biscuits.
-”I'm sorry, I feel like it was my fault, I came here and yelled at her and…”- Miranda tries to apologise to Fiona who only smiles.
-” oh honey, don't apologise, it's not your fault, she is my kid, and I know sometimes she can be a handful to deal with”-
-”but she is worth the try”-
-”what do you mean?”-
-”nothing, sorry…”- Miranda says.
-”you are so much like your father”- Fiona says looking into Miranda's eyes.
-”everyone says that, I think I'm more like my mom”- Miranda answers.
-”yes of course, but I mean your personality, you are so much like Charles when he was your age”-
-”really?”- Miranda smiles.
-”he was so upfront about his feelings, I guess that's why all the ladies were head over heels for him, the sensitive boy”- Fiona smiles.
-”that never got married”- Miranda says.
-”he found the love of his life, he didn't need to get married, look at your mom, she got married and divorced in less than a year of marriage, or me…”-
-”do you believe that, love should be worth the try, like even if it seems like it will be a disaster is it worth the try?”-
-”I do, I believe that if the love is real and required, all the hard work would be worth at the end, your dad only needed ten seconds to realize that he wanted to be with you mom forever, and your mom had to marry a guy to realized he wasn't the right man for her and that she loved your father, it's different for everyone”-
-” I know but I mean, how do you know you are making the right decision, because I see my parents and they are perfect with each other, and I see my uncle Mathew and his boyfriend and they are happy, your brother Tom and your distant cousin, Uncle David and…”-
-”okay, stop, love is not the same for everyone, if you want to know the secret for a successful relationship, or the way to find if it's your true love you are in for a life of disappointments”-
-”how will I know if I'm making the right decision?”-
-”that's the thing with love Miranda, you don't, but you trust that the person you share it is in it with you, and that's how you know everything it's worth it”-

Miranda smiled when a groaning came from the couch, Faith was sitting down, Miranda ran to her an sat in front of her.

-”hi”-Miranda says softly.
-”let’s go to my room”- Miranda nodded and helped Faith getting up and walking to her bedroom, closing the door behind them.
-”okay, so you need an answer to why I don't break up with Freddy”-
-”because…the person I want, and I have wanted since I'm 10 years old, was never going to want me back, so I settled for Freddy, who did want me”-
Faith took a step closer to Miranda and held her hand, interlocking their fingers, her hands were sweating and she was trembling.

Miranda looked at their hands together and took a deep breath, suddenly she felt it at the pit of her stomach, something she had never felt before.

-”why didn't you said anything before?”- Miranda asks let go of one hand and caressing Faith's cheek were a year was falling.
-”you rejecting me, I couldn't bare with the thought”-
-”you realize that I have always like you… I wouldn't have rejected you”-
-”you like Alan”-
-”no, I don't, he is handsome and all that but he is not the person I want… He is not who makes me feel nervous when he walks through the door, or who makes me have… Very nice thoughts…”- Miranda says blushing.

Both girls stay like that for a few minutes not letting go of each other until Faith's mom knocked the door telling them they had to go school.

-”we’ll continue this later okay?”- Miranda says softly letting go of Faith's hand heading downstairs.

When they get to the entrance, Faith stays behind.

-”I think I'll take the day off”- Faith tells Miranda.
-”are you sure?”- Miranda asks worried.
-”I have to talk to my mom, I think it's time to face the music”-
-”okay, but if you need anything, I have my phone okay?”- Miranda says.

Faith walked inside the house and saw her mother sitting in the stairs, waiting for her.

-”are you ready to tell me?”- Fiona says smiling to her only daughter.
-”Miranda”- Faith just says the name, knowing her mother will understand what she means.
-”and you thought I was going to be surprised?”- Fiona smiled to her daughter who was looking down ashamed.
-”you are not?”-
-”my love, it's impossible not to fall for that girl, and you are my daughter”-
-”I'm sorry mom”-
-”why are you sorry?”-
-”you always say you want to make the things easier for me, and I know that's why you took me from my dad, and that's why you try so hard to get me, and I just went I make it harder for myself”-
-”oh Faith, I'm sorry for making you feel like this, baby, I'm not disappointed, on the contrary, you are incredible, and so smart, and you shouldn't think that you are the reason why me and your father split up, cause you weren't, but baby, I want you to be happy, and to be proud of who you are, and no miserable, and Miranda is the person who makes you feel this way, and I'm so happy about it”-
-”oh my God!, I need to talk to Freddy, what am I going to tell him, poor guy…”
-”tell him whatever makes you feel comfortable”-
-”are you really okay with this?”- Faith looks to her mom again who has tears in her eyes.
-”I'm more than okay with this, but of course we are going to have to set some new ground rules”-
-”mom I don't think…”-
-”it's not up for discussion Faith”-
-”okay”- Faith agrees.
-”mom, can I ask you for a very big favour?”-
-”can you not tell Charles and Carrie, I don't thinks that our place, that's Miranda's place “-
-”my lips are sealed”-

They hugged and the day passed normally, Faith asked Freddy to come over so they could talk.

He arrived in his skateboard and knock the door, Faith opened and walk outside with him and they sat in the porch.

-”Freddy, you are such a good person”-
-”I think you are pretty great too”-
-”let me finish, you are nice and considerate, and humble and pretty much the perfect boyfriend”-
-”but… I don't think you are perfect for me”-
-”Freddy, I think you should be with someone who sees all that things in you and feels the same way”-
-”you don't love me? That's what you are trying to say?”-
-”I care about you a lot, and I really like hanging out with you, but I'm not in love with you and I don't think I ever will, and you should be with someone who feels that way about you”-
-”did I do something wrong, because I can fix it, please “- Freddy was begging and his voice was breaking.
-”no! You did nothing wrong, at the contrary, you did everything so good, that's not the problem”-
-”we don't fight, we are happy together I don't get it”- Freddy said not holding his tears anymore.
-”I'm really sorry, but it's not fair for you to be with me when I will never be in love with you”-
-”how can you be so sure that you won't fall in love with me”-
-”because I'm in love with someone else!”- Faith knew that what she had just done was awful, but she also knew that it was the only way for Freddy to understand.
-”are you cheating on me?”- Freddy was getting angry.
-”no!, I would never do that! I'm being honest with you about my feelings!”-
-”who is him?”-
-”Freddy, stop!”-
-”who is the wanker! Tell me!”-
Freddy stood up and started screaming scaring Faith.
-”I won't tell you, you should leave, this is over!”-

Freddy walk back and left angry.

Faith went to her room and slept till the next day.

At school everything seemed normal, Freddy ignored her in class which was understandable, but Mirada was nowhere to be seen.

Faith called her phone and got no answer.

Later that day Faith went at her house to look for her, Charles opened the door after she knocked.

-”hi Uncle, is Miranda home?”- Faith asked.
-”she is sick darling but come in…”- Charles invited the younger girl in.
-”what happened?”- Faith asked leaving her back in the entrance.
-”she's got a fever, nothing to worry about, maybe she'll eat something if it's coming from you, can you take this to her?”- Charles handed Faith a tray with soup and crackers.

Faith got to Miranda's room and opened the door, everything was dark.

-”hey, it's me, I'm gonna turn the light on okay?”-
Miranda groaned from her spot in bed and covered herself with the blanket.
-”what are you doing here?”- Miranda asked.
-”I brought you food so you don't starve to death”- Faith left the tray in the table and walk to the bed, taking her shoes off to join Miranda in the bed.
-”what are you doing , I'm contagious!”- Miranda tried to stop Faith from joining her, she didn't succeed.
-”I don't care,I need to tell you something important”-
-”what happened”-
-”I broke up with Freddy”-
-”what?! When!?”-
-”yesterday afternoon”-
-”that's huge”-
-”I know, but it felt so good, I mean, poor guy, but I'm so happy right now”- Faith said smiling to the sick girl beside her, then she grabbed her hand and like the day before interlock their fingers, Miranda smiled.
-”I also broke up with Alan”- Miranda said.
-”how did he take it”-
-”he said he knew it was coming, he wasn't angry, I'm pretty certain he has a side girl”-
-”are you upset?”-
-”are you joking?, I couldn't be happier!... How did Freddy reacted?”-
-”he was mad, but he'll get over it, he is a good kid, he'll find a good girl for him”-
Miranda moved so their faces were in front of each other.
-”now what?”- Miranda asked.
-”I have no idea… I just know that I want you”-
-”I want you too”-

Faith took a breath and got closer to Miranda until their noses touched, Miranda closed her eyes but didn't move giving Faith the opportunity to move if she wasn't sure but that didn't happen, Faith put her hand in Miranda's neck getting her closer, until their lips touched, it was soft and slow, both girls taking their time tasting each other for the first time, they had no rush until Faith touch Miranda's forehead and realized she was burning up, breaking the kiss.
-”you are so hot”- Faith said opening her eyes and putting her hand on Miranda's forehead to feel her better.
-”thank you, you are really hot too you know”- Miranda said still with her eyes closed.
-”no you stupid!, like clinically hot, let me get your dad”- and like that Faith was out of the room and in seconds Charles was in the room touching her forehead.
-”I think we need to go to the hospital my dear”- Charles said fixing his glasses.
-”no, I'm fine dad, please don't take me to the hospital”-
-”you have a very high fever, I don't think is safe to wait, I'll call your mother, she'll decide”- and Charles left the room.
-”I hate hospitals”- Miranda said groaning.
-”I know, but I'll go with you, I'll keep you company”- Faith says smiling to the weak girl.

And they went to the hospital and everything went fine.

A few days later the girls finally had a chance to talk, they arrived at Faith's house after school, there was no one home, the girls hadn't kiss again after their sick kiss, they wanted to discuss everything first.

-”okay so do you wanna go to my room, or do you want to eat something?”- Faith asked nervously.
-”no, let's go to your room”-

They headed upstairs and sat on the bed.
-”okay so I'll start, I know this is weird, we know each other since we were practically babies, but I'm sure that I like you, I've always liked you, even when you had that emo fase, I liked you”- Miranda says confident.
-”I feel the same way, I'm sure that I like you a lot, and that you make me feel so many things that scared me, but it's you, you've always been my best friend, I don't want to fuck this thing up”- Faith said with fear.
-”we won't, it will be worth it, I mean we are still best friend right?”-
-”even though you and I like each other, there's something more that a normal friendship, we are going to be in each other's life forever”-
-”you are right”-
-” and the only difference now is that, well we are you know, together…”-
-”are we?”-
-”yes!, If you want to of course… We still need to figure out a lot of stuff, but I want to figure everything with you, I'm not scared about that, you are the person I trust the most and I want to explore all of this with you”- Miranda said getting shy at the end.
-”with explore you mean…”-
-”I mean… Everything normal couples do…”- Miranda grabbed Faith hand and kiss her.
-”I want that to, it's so weird, I never wanted any of that, and now, since the moment we kissed I can't stop thinking about it, it's like you came and changed everything”-
-”you changed my life”-