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Bella Swan? No I'm Kayce Mikaelson

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Oh, great Sparkles is back note the sarcasm please remind me why thought that pretending to love him was a good idea? He's so clingy and overbearing "Hello love" I internally cringe and roll my eyes he's not even British I've about had it with him and his creepiness I mean he watches me sleep that's just borderline stalkerish I am over 1000 years old I don't need a damn babysitter. I am so close to just telling him to shove it. He is wearing on my last nerve.

3rd Person

{In Mystic Falls}

(Jeremy is tied in the kitchen. Kol has a meat grinder in his hand)

Kol: Now, like I said, I don't fancy the hunter's curse. So, I'm just gonna chop off your arm, but don't worry. I'll heal you right up with a bit of blood after. Sorry about the sting. Now, which arm is it? Is it left, or right? I'll just chop off both to be safe (Elena arrives and attacks him. She manages to stop him with the meat grinder) Elena: Jeremy, now!

(Jeremy kills Kol. Klaus is in the doorway and has seen his brother's death)

Klaus: What did you do?

Elena: We didn't have a choice. He was trying to cut off Jeremy's arm

Klaus: Lies. He never would've gotten inside if you hadn't have set a trap for him Elena: You said you were gonna put him down, too

Klaus: I was gonna make him suffer on my terms! I want to burn this house to the ground, but I'm not gonna be the one that kills either of oh no I'm gonna let Kayce do it.

Jeremy: You kill us or you let Kayce do it you'll never get to the cure. You'll never be able to make any more hybrids

Klaus: You really think I care for an instant about my bloody hybrids? I want the cure, so I can destroy it. I would've killed you all the second we dug it up, but now I'm just gonna watch you burn instead

(Then he holds his head and kneels, in pain. Bonnie arrives)

Bonnie: Invite him in. Do it

Jeremy: Come in (They run, Klaus tries to attack them but he can't touch them)

Bonnie: Living room. Go (They go in the living room. He's trapped)

Klaus: Witch, you can't do this to me Bonnie: You have no idea what I can do now

Klaus: I will hunt all of you to your end! Do you hear me?! Do you?! You're all screwed anyway

[Rebekah's House] (Rebekah is crying)

Rebekah: I don't believe you. Kol is not dead. He can't be

Stefan: Listen, Rebekah. They didn't have a choice. Kol started this when he went after Jeremy. He went after you, too. Do you remember? I mean, he was never gonna let us find the cure

Rebekah: So, you knew. This whole night, you knew, I hope you know you're all dead when Kayce finds out what you did there will be no one that can save you from her. Not even Nik.

Stefan: I'm not gonna let the people that I care about get hurt. Not Jeremy, not Elena, not even Damon. And you can hate me for it. Now he can't hurt you, either. And I want us to find this cure together, you and me. Not just for Elena, but for you. So, you can have what you want. You can be who you want. You can be human again. Everyone deserves a second chance right

Rebekah: Why would I trust you?

Stefan: I don't know. I guess I could give you my word, but at the end of the day you'll just have to take a leap

[Salvatore's House] (Elena and Bonnie are watching Jeremy)

Jeremy: Didn't work

Bonnie: It took time for Finn's line to die off. Remember? It'll work

Jeremy: What if it doesn't?

{With Klaus}

Klaus is on the phone with Rebekah

R: who's gonna tell Kayce about Kol?

N: I'll do it I'll call her

R: you do realize she's gonna kill them all right?

N: yes, I do realize that and I'm gonna let her.


Everybody is just gathered around at the Cullen's house then I hear my phone go off and everybody turns toward me I roll my eyes like umm hello I do have a life outside of you people

K: Hello

N: hey Kace

K: what can I do for you big brother

N: I gotta tell you something and you're not gonna like it one bit

K: what's wrong Nik?

N: something happened to Kol, Kayce

K: what?

N: I'm sorry Kace but he's dead

I can feel the tears welling up in my eyes

K: no, he can't be you're lying to me

N: I'm not lying Kace

K: yes, you are this is some kinda cruel sick joke

N: I wish it was Kace but it's not, I couldn't stop it I wasn't invited in the house all I could I do was watch

K: who did it? Because whoever is responsible will pay for this I'll make sure of it

N: Elena, her brother, and the Bennett witch and probably the Salvatore brothers too

K: well they have no idea what they've just done, they just put targets on their backs, they just signed their own death warrants. I'll see you soon Nik

N: see you soon Kace and the witch is all juiced up with some kind of magic, dark magic

K: okay then thanks for the warning I'll deal with it

With that I hang up the phone I can feel tears rolling down my face and Sparkles looks at me all concerned "love what's wrong? Who are those people?" I roll my eyes "just stop it okay"

He looks at me confused "stop what love?"

"Well for starters stop calling me love because I'm not your 'love' " "what are you talking about of course you are Bella darling what's gotten into you?" " and second stop calling me Bella it's not my name, and you really know nothing about me"

Then I look up and over at Carlisle "it's nice to see you again" Carlisle looks at me with a piqued interest "Bella what are you talking about?" I give him the famous Mikaelson smirk "Oh my bad I looked different the last time we met" then I take my necklace off that is keeping the glamour on right there I don't even care about this anymore. I am so done with all of this.

Alice looks at me "Bella what just happened?" "What just happened is I'm done with this all of it and stop calling me Bella my name isn't Isabella Swan it never was she doesn't exist I made her up as a means for my cover here because I was bored, my name is Kayce Mikaelson and this is it I'm done and I'm leaving Forks I'm needed in my hometown" Alice looks curious and asks "for what?" "Somebody killed my brother and now I have to go and dish out some form of punishment for it...... ohhhhh I finally get to inflict pain, one of my favorite things to do."

Edward looks at me with a hurt look "so none of this was real?" "No I was just bored and in need of a form of entertainment" "so what your just gonna leave like nothing happened?" "Yeah pretty much and once I leave nobody, but you guys remember Bella Swan it'll be like I was never here, so toddles"

With that I storm out of the Cullen's house and to my car and pull out of the driveway and I don't even bother going back to Charlie's because those aren't even the clothes I normally wear so I head straight towards the border of Forks once I'm past the sign that says now leaving Forks Washington I step on the gas I need to be in Mystic Falls as soon as possible so Mystic Falls here I come once again but this I'm out for blood, so the Salvatore brothers, Elena, Jeremy, and that little Bennett witch bitch better watch themselves because a pissed off Kayce Mikaelson isn't something you want to deal with.