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The Last Prayer

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At first, it was just a hum; the kind one might annoyingly swat away, absolutely sure a fat fly was buzzing far to close to the ear.

Mere weeks later and for quite some time, the sound morphed into distant chatter; hazy, like the final incoherent echoes of conversation. It had made, then, potential graduate student, Uzumaki Naruto constantly swivel his head like a whip, dead intent on locating this elusive chatter. He heard it everywhere; in the middle of class, walking through the markets, training in the woods, relaxing in his apartment, and his frustration grew every time he couldn't locate its source. Presently, however, as he drags his feet away from Konoha's hospital, the last thing on his mind was some annoying chattering sound he couldn't identify.

The day was bright and the pure white clouds were large and puffy against the baby blue of the sky. Certainly, a joyous day for many in the nation of Fire, unless you were Naruto and Umino Iruka. The thoughtful and caring chūnin-sensei had selflessly saved his life from the traitor, Mizuki, just days before, using his body to stop a large shuriken that was meant for him. For his troubles, Naruto's favorite academy sensei is now paralyzed from the chest down.

Walking that long sorrowful path toward nothing and no one, the only voice in Naruto's head was the list of injuries the nurse was adamant the young genin had caused that night by needlessly moving Iruka-sensei in a panicked rush to get the injured chūnin-sensei to the hospital.

“Because of your carelessness,” the nurse yelled, “his spine, spinal nerve roots, intercostal nerves, ribs, and lungs were extraneously damaged. Because of you, he'll never have a career as an active Konoha shinobi again! He'll be lucky if he can ever walk again. Now, get out! He doesn't want to see you!”

Truthfully, Naruto didn't understand most of what she said. It all sounded terrible, but the part that struck him the most, the thing he blames himself so utterly over, is being the reason Iruka-Sensei can never be a shinobi again.

Before he knew the extent of his sensei's injuries, Naruto was supremely confident the scarred sensei would be fine in a couple of days. Naruto himself recalls being stabbed before and he was always fine in a day or two. He had been so excited to visit the chūnin to show off his brand new hitai-ate, to regale him with how they passed Kakashi-sensei's bell test, only to be yelled that Iruka-sensei doesn't want to see him. The difference in walks to and from the hospital is like a moonless night and a pleasant day.

Why wouldn't he be fine? He was supposed to be,’ Naruto can't help but think. ‘That shouldn't happen to good people.’

Lamenting over the grievous injury of his single mentor—his fourth special person after Ji-chan, Teuchi-jiji, and Ayame-nee—he unknowingly found himself on the best spot overlooking all of Konoha. Admiring the robust village, now cognizant of why the majority hate him and the thing inside him, it only fueled his need to make things right again, to desperately fight this horrible feeling in his chest from festering. Jiji had taught him long ago that nothing changes if you stay unhappy about it.

“Smiling is contagious because happiness is contagious,” Naruto recites, recalling Hokage-jiji explain to him after another crowd had hurt him. “When we are happy, people can feel that energy, and it can make them happy in return. That is why I think the best weapon against hatred and loneliness is love and friendship.” The old man would smile happily at a frightened five-year-old Naruto, and Naruto, though sad and confused, couldn't help a small smile spread his lips. From that point on, Naruto grew to understand the old man's words with every passing day, and tried to fight the village’s animosity with his best smiles and goodwill.

If I became the best shinobi in the village, and then the best Hokage of all time, I just know Iruka-sensei would be happy,’ Naruto mentally declares as if combating the guilt within with his sheer determination. He may not be the smartest shinobi in class, but even he knows the steps to take Jiji's white hat; work harder than anyone and protect your village. ‘I couldn't stop Mizuki-teme from hurting Iruka-sensei, but I won't let anything bad happen to sensei again! I know it!

Na.. rut..o.’

Naruto whipped around, hopping on his feet, looking for whoever called his name. It was faint, wispy really, but he's certain he heard it. “Hello!” he cautiously calls. “Who's there?”

There's no response. After a few seconds of silence, Naruto straightens up from his guarded stance. Confident it must've been his imagination, he hops off of the Yondaime's stone visage to train; To make Iruka-sensei proud. Team seven's first meeting as an official Konoha squad isn't until next week, and with clenched fists, he's determined to be the best one in it.

It won't be for nothing Iruka-sensei! Just you watch,’ he mentally pumps himself up as he dashes to his favorite training ground: Training Ground 28.

It's a small thing compared to the better newer training grounds, or the older revered ones nearer to the center of town, but it's less likely to have any shinobi already training in it. Using rotting, weathered targets hanging from various branches of several trees for his shuriken and kunai practice, he concentrates on attempting six simultaneous shuriken throws. He's gotten fairly good at throwing two shiruken per hand with decent accuracy, but three per hand is frustrating him to get right. As he's just about to release the spinning missiles, he hears it again.,’

It's louder, seizing his muscles for a split second and breaking his concentration, scattering his precious few throwing stars everywhere but on target.

“Uah, wh-wh-wh-who's there!” Naruto yells out, searching desperately around, in shadows, in the canopy above or bushes below, extending his senses for any sound that's not of nature. “Whoever it is better come out now or I swear I'll make you eat dirt!” he adamantly yells with a pointed finger. No one comes out. It was silent, unnerving, and he was still and rigid for a solid five minutes. He nearly relaxes his guard when he heard it again.

Can...ou hear... e?

Naruto begins to wonder if he's going crazy because it was starting to sound more like this unrecognizable male voice was in his head rather than somewhere around him where unrecognizable voices ought to be.

“W-w-wh-who,” Naruto stammers, asking aloud but dreading a response... very much so dreading it.

I can... ear you,’ the voice said, and Naruto runs. Like a bolt out of a bow, he sprints full out with no real direction in mind other than away. ‘How's… that,’ the voice asks. ‘That better?

I'm going crazy, I'm going crazy, I'm going crazy...’ Naruto mentally repeats, casually noticing the voice feels even clear despite sprinting away from it. Feeling nothing but adrenaline in his legs, he runs flat out, making the trees look like a blurry paste around him.

You're no... going crazy,’ the young but deep voice states, interjecting his reply in Naruto's thoughts.

Suddenly, Naruto ends his panicked sprint with a bit of a slide, ninja sandals ripping earth until he comes to a stop, shouting, “wait a' minute!” Looking around the forest again, he asks, “is this a prank? That you Konohamaru? ...Sasuke-teme? ...Kakashi-sensei? Whoever it is, you better believe I won't rest until I get you back ten times worse!”

It's not... a prank,’ the voice says. ‘Though that'd be a... pretty awesome prank.

“AAHH,” Naruto groans in startling surprise, bringing up his fingers nails to be nervously gnawed on by his teeth. “This is genjutsu! Some kinda crazy illusion... trying to- to make me do something stupid, like steal women’s panties or eat vegetables. I won't do it!”

This isn't genjutsu, Naruto,’ the voice says with a chuckle. ‘Kami, it feels so weird calling you that.

“Why would that be weird, you weirdo. It's my name! How do you even know my name!?” Naruto tosses back strongly, walking around bushes and behind trees, doing his best to locate a physical person nearby who's responsible for this jutsu, and yet he finds no one.

I know it's your name,’ the voice says, still seemingly sounding amused. ‘Because it's also my name.

But for a couple of skeptical blinks, his entire body freezes as his patience momentarily yields and reboots. “....this- this may be a wicked prank, but I'm still not falling for it!” Naruto yells. “I'm the one and only, future Hokage, Uzumaki Naruto! Now get out here so I can kick the crap out you!”

Well, listen up, Uzumaki Naruto: the Next Hokage,’ Naruto starts, lightly mocking the boy's use of his full name and aspiration. ‘What I’m about to tell you is going to be hard to believe, but you and I share the same name because we're actually the same person. I'm the you from the future.

Two more blinks at the unexpectedly ludicrous revelation and an exhale of admiration, and Naruto can't help but think with a small measure of respect, ‘Uwwaaahh, even I wouldn't have thought of a prank like that.’

Thanks, but since I'm you, technically you did, or will... No, I mean, this isn't a prank,’ the voice mentally replies to Naruto's thought.

“You can read my mind!?” Naruto calls out, nearly falling from the branch he was using to scale a tree in search of the hidden prankster. After regaining his balance, he hops to the ground, beginning to entertain the notion that there's no one to find because there was no one around.

Oh, this is going to take a while... time we don't have,’ the voice couldn't help but exhale. ‘Look, I really am you from the future and I can prove it. You should be Genin by this point, at least that's what I was aiming for. Our- your Jōnin-sensei is Hatake Kakashi, and your teammates are Haruno Sakura-chan and Uchiha Sasuke.’

“Beh! That doesn't prove anything,” Naruto quickly retorts, still looking around. “They announced it in class. Everyone heard.”

Fair enough,’ the young deeper voice concedes. ‘How about something only we- you would know? Like the first time you had Ichiraku's Ramen. We- you were eight-years-old and Teuchi-jiji found you unconscious in the alley where he dumps his trash. You were scared but he was kind, and let you sit in his stand. Ayame-nee bandaged you up while Teuchi-jiji made you a bowl of pork and beef ramen. We knew instantly, outside of Ji-chan, he was one of the few safe adults in the village. And Ayame-nee was just as awesome. Who else could know that but us?

Naruto doesn't respond for a few moments, absorbing the nature and the truth of the voice's accurate claims. He did meet Teuchi-jiji and his daughter when he was eight. The civilian adults stopped attacking him long before that but teenage bullies were another matter entirely and would chase him down every time they spotted him. It's true no one would know what Teuchi-jiji and Ayame-nee did...

“Wait,” Naruto sluggishly speculates aloud. “They would know. Jiji and Nee-chan could've told you.”

I mean I doubt they ever would, but fine,’ the voice states. ‘We're low on time so I'll name a few things quickly; stuff only we know. We- first developed the Oiroke no Jutsu(Sexy Technique) because you noticed how girls are treated better and how much more attention they’d get. You found a box of Barely Legal and Raw Kunoichi magazines in the dump, peeped on girls in the bath houses, and finished the jutsu in six months.’ Though wide-eyed in shock and red in the face, Naruto refutes nothing as the voice continues, ‘you found your green goggles in the park by the academy. You stayed there for nearly three hours waiting to see if anyone would come back for them. When no one did, you kept it on your head in hopes someone might recognize them. You found a fat toad in that pond by the Hyūga compound. You became best friends and named him Gama-chan.’ Naruto can hear the levity in his voice all but disappear when he continues, ‘we were really sad when some of the Hyūga kids killed him. That was a hard month, but while you were scavenging the dump, you found a toad wallet that reminded you of Gama-chan and kept it. Your shinobi tools were mostly scavenged from corpses in Training Ground 44. Everything else in your apartment is a hand-me-down, clearance sale, or found in the dump because nearly all the shops in the village make you pay more. You sent a letter to yourself when you first learned how to write because you never got any mail and you wanted to know what it felt like-

“Okay,” Naruto finally said, calling an end to the voice's rather depressing tirade of his life. “Uh... whatever, I still don't think you're me from the future, but, I'll hear you out. Start by telling me how awesome I become. How fast do I become Hokage?”

First,’ the voice interrupts, cutting off some of Naruto's excitement. ‘You have to know I won't always be with you like this—speaking to you like this isn't a constant thing. What I'm doing takes a lot of effort and concentration to keep up. I'll explain what that is next time. As we speak, it's getting harder and harder to stay, so until I can get a better handle on this, for now, I can only talk for minutes at a time, maybe twenty if I really try.’

“Sounds complicated,” Naruto grumbles. “Why can't you tell me now?”

Not enough time,’ the voice says. ‘I'll be back, though—once I've rested—but for these last few minutes, I just want to explain a bit of why I'm here. The short version is, there's a fourth great shinobi war, and basically, we lose. Lots of people we know will die, and the rest are trapped in a never-ending, unbreakable genjutsu. I'll explain more next time but, the reason we lost is because I wasn't strong enough. Team seven, our friends, our village, the entire shinobi world is a slave to this really bad guy because we weren't strong enough to stop him. It was all too easy to manipulate us—the nations, I mean—because we were all too busy hating each other and fighting amongst ourselves to stop and think. In the end, we couldn't stop this cycle of hate, which meant, we couldn't stop him.

“Are you serious?” Naruto huffs with wide eyes.

Hehe, yeah, I guess that would be hard for anyone to accept,’ the voice admits. ‘But it's true. There's something else, and this is going to be really important. You already know Kage Bunshin, right?

“....Yeah,” Naruto slowly acknowledges.

Good,’ the voice affirms. ‘What you probably don't know—or won't know until years later for some odd reason—is that any knowledge or experience your bunshin experiences, you'll learn as well after it's dispelled. T-Try this... if you don't... believe me.’

“Oi, oi, Naru-nii, you okay?” Naruto asks uneasily, sensing the struggle in the Voice's speech.

I only have... seconds,’ Naru-nii barely manages to get out. ‘Make... a Kage-Bunshin. Make... it... talk... to Teuchi-jiji... or Iruka-sensei... somebody. Then... dispel it. You'll... learn... e.. e.. every... thing.... it.... learnned.’

Quiet fills Naruto’s expectation of further conversation. After several moments of silence, Naruto can't help but call out, “Neh, Naru-nii? Naru-nii, you still there?” Other than the wind breezing through grass, leaves, and branches, and the birds singing, Naruto is met with silence.

Head tilting to the side, Naruto scratches his smooth hairless chin, pondering everything that's happened. He questions the merits of this complicated prank... if he can even call it a prank. Humming inquisitively against the rustling sounds of blowing trees, he slowly reflects on the voice and how it knew things about him that no one else could know. Naruto was fairly sure if the voice continued, it would've only mentioned more anecdotes about his outcast of a life, so, it's either the most elaborate prank in the history of pranks, or...

“Meh!” Naruto shrugs forming the hand seals for the Kage Bunshin. He's always been a practical guy, not that he wouldn't love the brains to think his way through problems but the academy pointed out to him a long time ago he just wasn't smart enough for that kind of rational approach. What's more, he isn't really doing anything dangerous, or suspect, like how Mizuki tricked him into stealing the Scroll of Seals.

“Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!” From a quickly evaporating puff of white smoke, nine shadow clones of himself pop into existence. “He said one... but whatever,” Naruto mumbles, taking a commanding step in front of his troops. “Alright, listen up. I want three of you to go... somewhere. Ah! One goes to Ayame-nee, one to Ji-chan, and one to... Iruka-sensei. Break into his room if you have. Just see him. You can dispel after that.”

With little more than a quick look between the nine, three immediately break off. How those three knew they were the ones, the original didn't know, nor care. “What about us,” one clone calls.

“The rest of you go to look for the shuriken I threw earlier. When you find one, leave it there and dispel. I guess I'll learn where it is.”

“Yosh!” The rest of the clones call, fists in the air, and Naruto watches them rush off to get to work, all the while shrinking a bit at what he's heard. It's not every day you're told the fate of the entire shinobi world rests on your shoulders, much less failed when it mattered. Lives of families, friends, strangers, ninja, civilian, and everything in between somehow are depending on him and he doesn't know why. Ji-chan is the strongest person he knows. Why wouldn't they rely on him instead?

If for some absolutely insane reason, everything Naru-nii said turns out to be true, he can't help but compare it to Iruka-sensei. He failed to keep his sensei safe, even ended up hurting him worse in his great panic, and that was only one person. What Naru-nii is talking about is for the fate of everyone; Ji-chan, Teuchi-jiji, Ayame-nee, Iruka-sensei, Sakura-chan, maybe even the people that hate him. Naruto can't see how everyone could depend on him like that. Wouldn't he just fail to keep everyone safe as he had his favorite sensei? Naruto felt restless, like he's been sitting for too long and itching to get up. All these questions he has no answers for is making him doubt himself.

“This has to be a prank!” Naruto calls out. ‘How could it not be?’ He thinks, when suddenly information, a memory, knowledge he didn't have of a lost shiruken he tossed somewhere in the woods, pops into his mind. It feels like a little strained pulling, like someone quickly ripping a single strand of hair from his head. As he takes in the entire memory, he questions how true it is, how real this is. His first step to fetch his newly recalled shuriken is interrupted with another flash-memory, leaping into his mind, cause the ache on his brain to momentarily sharpen. Before too long, Naruto learns where all six of his shuriken went and has a headache similar to prolonged brain freeze for his efforts. The concentrated, lethargic pricks of pain don't last long—a couple minutes or so—and it's not nearly the worst pain he's ever experienced. However, it's an effect he makes a note of nonetheless.

With all his worn throwing stars in his pouch, the first of his shadow's conversations floods his mind. Naruto squints his eyes at the pinch to his brain as a whole conversation with Ayame-nee plays out in his mind. It was a simple conversation. Nothing of note or relevance other than the usual, ‘hey, Ayame-nee,’ and, ‘how's it going?’ Though she had finished their short conversation with a phrase she's often directed at him. “Nothing but the freshest ingredients for our favorite customer.”

No sooner had he thought that sounds just like her, did another memory materialize in his mind. He was in the Hokage tower. He tried to see Ji-chan but his secretary had informed him that the Hogake was in a council meeting.

“That should be easy to double check,” Naruto says to himself. Whether the voice knew about the meeting or not didn't matter. He himself didn't know about the meeting, so if there is, in fact, a meeting, the Voice will have told him something about this jutsu that neither Kakashi-sensei or Ji-chan informed him of. He's not angry with them, but he certainly doesn't understand why they wouldn't mention this neat little trick. If he wasn't a serious shinobi of the Leaf, he would certainly be planning the biggest chronicle of pranks for the year.

The final memory he received on the path home. It was a hurried memory. His clone had been found trying to get past the entrance, and they chased after him. The majority of the staff may be talented in saving lives but he's been chased for most of his. He managed to hold them off until he finally found Iruka-sensei. He was asleep, propped up on his bed with at least five pillows and a harness around his torso, keeping him up. It was the last image before his clone ended its existence, but it was enough consolation just to see Iruka-sensei.

He didn't look great,’ mentally Naruto admits and if he were honest with himself, he's having a hard time keeping the guilt from assuming control. So much so, in fact, he stops his journey back home in favor of returning to Training Ground 28 to continue training. He may or may not have spoken to his future self... he may or may not have been duped... but he wasn't going to waste any time on his path to get stronger. If everything Naru-nii said turns out to actually be true, he will not fail again, just like he won't fail Iruka-sensei again.






“Thank you very much for granting me audience, Hyūga-dono,” Kurenai clearly and evenly tells the Hyūga Clan Head, her palms placed daintily on the floor in an upside down V as she bows her head respectfully. The large receiving chamber in the main branch's home of the Hyūga compound was as traditional as every other resident on the large property. Despite the antiquated style of the sitting room, the hardwood furnishing, the tatami mats, the gold and silver trim lining the beams, counters, and zaisu, was immaculate. It gave the impression of wealth within tradition. The sliding doors were closed for privacy and despite there being no windows the well-lit room was not stuffy.

Hyūga Hiashi sat rigid, kneeling on an elevated platform ahead of the bowing kunoichi, while Kurenai sat kneeling ten paces away, her lush ebony hair flowered the sides of her bowed head. Such deference to a man that wasn't her Hokage was unfavorable to her, but sadly unavoidable. The beautiful kunoichi was taught well and studied hard.

Though coming from very little, she had unassailable drive; a drive to make her father proud, a drive to prove her mother wrong, a drive to exalt the reverence of Konoha's Will of Fire. She worked hard to be the best genjutsu master in all of Konohagakure, as much for herself as for her deceased father, but what made her most proud, is that every ounce of hard-earned skill and knowledge gained is in profound service of future generations. Their distinguished gains as shinobi of the Leaf is her greatest honor. In mind, body, and soul, her goal is to help the youths in her charge in any and every way she can, so they might pass on their Will of Fire to the students in their time.

Determined, Kurenai knows she needed to be respectful to Hyūga Hiashi for her goal, far more than she would otherwise be. In truth, she doesn't approve of the Hyūga system, but for her charge, she'll bow and give reverence to the arrogant slave owner, even if she'd much rather trap him in a hellish never-ending nightmare for the rest of his miserable life.

“You’ve declared this meeting was in regard to Hinata,” Hiashi stated in a deep, belittling tone nearly to the point of offensive. “Speak.” The man had little eyes of steel, the kind that would express the same amount of emotion to an infant as an enemy. He peered over her, exhuming nothing but vain misogynistic pride.

Now that he's spoken to her, Kurenai raises her head to meet his brass gaze and address him. “As you are no doubt aware, I am your daughter's Jonin Sensei.”

“You are not who I would've chosen were I given the honor of petitioning for recommendations,” Hiashi easily explained, as if his callous judgment on the choice of his daughter’s sensei was beneficial to how Kurenai viewed herself.

For her part, Kurenai didn't betray her ultimate goal for the growing ire toward the Hyūga head. Instead, she continued as if no insult was given. “It is because of my inexperience that I wished to speak with you. It is why I've also spoken with the Aburame and Inuzuka Clans.”

“Continue,” Hiashi commanded like he would another of his servants.

Putting great effort in keeping her face neutral of any animosity swirling within her ample bosom, Kurenai continues, no less bothered than by a sunny day. “I would not wish to violate any clan's laws, inadvertent or not, as I educate your heir. If there are any subject matters with regard to confidential Hyūga affairs you would prefer I avoid, I'd like to be aware of those boundaries beforehand so I can make the appropriate adjustments to my training regiment. I would also be grateful for any input you can offer me with regard to Hinata-san's training thus far and your hopes for her future progress. I wish to make up any lack of experience with a great amount of preparation, determination, and humility should outside counsel be helpful.”

“I see,” the Hyūga Head states with spiritless interest. “Your willingness to make up your shortcomings is admirable, no doubt serving you well in your short career, however, it is unnecessary and a waste of your efforts.”

A twitch of the skin between her brows is the only indication that she's taken aback by his words. “May I inquire as to why that is?”

“I have no doubt you'll soon learn Hinata has no talent as a kunoichi and is sorely lacking as the heiress to the Hyūga clan,” Hiashi easily answers the beautiful Jōnin-sensei. “As a veteran shinobi and her father I can say, with regret, Hinata is a disappointment as a daughter, an heir to our great clan, and as you'll soon learn, as a kunoichi. I offer you words of caution, as a token for the appropriate respect shown here. Conserve your time, skill, and effort where my daughter is concerned. Save your consideration for the students who have real need of it.”

Before the death of Kurenai's father in the Kyuubi attack, he instilled in her the foundation her every decision, her every act, her every ambition draws strength from. Kurenai believes that the Will of Fire passed along to the rising youths of today is more vital to the village than the role of Hokage—after all, the Hokage is only one man. The Will of Fire is an immortal ideal that's lived on from generation to generation since the founding of the village. It was her absolute imperative to serve her village, her home, by instilling this value in those shinobi of the Leaf that need it—Anko being a prime example of that. When everyone else shunned her, feared her, reviled her very name for her association with Orochimaru, Kurenai extended a friendly hand and honest friendship. A decision she’s been happy with every day since.

For the Hyūga clan head to disregard his own flesh and blood, and disrespect the future of this village to such an extent, Kurenai had to bite the inside of her red lips hard enough to draw blood to keep from losing decorum and failing her mission. She still had need of formal civility, and more than anything, she won't allow him his way.

“I understand your position, Hyūga-dono,” Kurenai starts evenly if not slightly more sweetly than earlier. “However I've had the opportunity to witness her abilities and I am confident she can make a great addition to Konoha's forces. I am most grateful and honored for your advice, however, I have faith that Hinata-san will flourish in the future as a kunoichi, and if I may be so bold, as the Hyūga clan's heir.”

“Your confidence gives me pause for concern,” the pompous clan head drolls. “If you've indeed witnessed Hinata's skill level and still claim that she will make a fine kunoichi of the Leaf, than I question your competence. Hanabi has defeated her in every exchange. Not only does Hinata lack the acumen to master our Clan's techniques and fighting style, but she has no resolve, no tenacity. Her spine is weak and her mind brittle.”

How the arrogant, high-born scum can say that about his firstborn daughter with a straight face, Kurenai will never know, nor care to understand. It's very clear to her this man has given up on Hinata's future. From everything she's heard, what she's been told, as well as watching Hinata herself, Kurenai certainly expected a domineering figure, imposing in his reproachful role as a founding clan of the village, but this goes far beyond Hinata's timid selflessness. Kurenai would bet everything she owns that this man hates his daughter, or at the very least, holds a deep grudge against her. She's certain there's a reason, an explanation of sorts, but at the moment, the why isn't important. Her decision is clear. She must take Hinata away from this man's clear psychological abuse if Hinata ever has a chance of reaching her potential and gain her Will of Fire.

“Soon, Hanabi will enter the academy, and exemplify the true strength of the Hyūga clan,” Hiashi proudly states with even a hint of affection. “As for your request, Hinata is capable enough to keep clan affairs to herself. You need no summary of her training thus far. It will not change her grade nor her fate. You may leave.”

Kurenai wasn't leaving. She was practically vibrating with conviction and with resolve, stating, “I wish to make a request, if you would do me the honor of listening to my selfishness.”

He remained still as a statue, however, the rumbling groan she can hear from within his chest gave away his irritation. After some tense moments of stretched silence, his tense jaw responds, “speak.”

“I wish to take Hinata-san as my live-in ward,” Kurenai promptly responds with all the steadfast tenacity she could possibly imbue in her tone.

“She doesn't lack parental care,” Hiashi grounds out, his ire quite clear in his tone. “She does not need your custody.”

Regardless of the Hyūga's desire to end discourse, Kurenai is driven to continue. He father taught her to fight hard when it matters, as he did when the village was attacked by that detestable demon, so too will she against this one. “I do not ask to foster her as a parent-less child, but to develop her capabilities and confidence in our shared profession as shinobi of Konohagakure. I firmly believe she is still more than capable of improvement and I have great faith she can make her clan and village proud.” She may have put too much emphasis on 'can,' but maybe he needs to hear Hinata is not beyond hope as much as she needs to hear it—that there is somebody in this village who believes in her. And Kurenai is going to make sure Hinata knows she has all the support she needs in her sensei.

“As her sensei,” Kurenai continues. “It would be unsatisfactory if I could not perform the duties requested of me by our Hokage to the best of my ability and raise a valuable kunoichi for our great village.”

“Enough!” Hiashi bellows, certainly hearing his own failings in her own doctrine. Kurenai flinches at the boom of his voice, slightly jerking her head and lush dark locks to the right. It's not that she was scared or startled by the man's outburst; quite the opposite in fact. She saw an opportunity, a strategy only women can employ. It's been her daily experience that men find her attractive—even among other beautiful women—and unbeknown to most men in the village, they are beguiled or pacified by her charms. In this case, her flinch and slight jerk bounced the buoyancy of her ample breasts, showing a full view of exposed cream colored cleavage he could easily view from his elevated position.

She can already see him calming down, but does not smile, lest he feels mocked for his gender. Even if the little show didn't outright lure him from his convictions, it assisted enough as he continued. “You dare presume I've failed in my duties as clan head and as her father. I will not hear it! I know what is right for this clan along with this village. For you to say otherwise is an egregious offense to the hitai-ate you wear over your brow.”

“I do not presume anything of the sort,” Kurenai calmly returns, thinking how much worse his response could've been. “I only wish to suggest a perspective not previously available. Consider, Hinata may respond more advantageously under the guidance of another kunoichi. As a woman, I may better understand her mindset, her needs, and address them to the benefit of her growth.”

The seconds tick on in silence. Kurenai is certain the pompous man is weighing his options against his disinterest against his public image. That's exactly the position Kurenai wanted to back him in. If she's truly too far gone and he's given up on her than her request shouldn't matter. And should he deny her request, it's more clear than ever how much contempt he holds for her. Furthermore, the Hyūga's image could not possibly appear weak. The Hyūga are too proud to accept any outside assistance with one of their members, much less the heiress. She's fortunate that's not an issue here since Kurenai is already her assigned sensei.

The tense silence seems to stretch on forever until Hiashi finally addresses her. “You play a dangerous game Yūhi-san. Your attitude towards me is not as well hidden as you believe, not from my eyes; for no one can see better than the Hyūga. Regardless of your childish beliefs, you have a duty as her sensei. If it is professional prerogative that Hinata needs supplementary lessons, I will allow you to take a vested interest in her growth. As the head of this great clan and her father, I am not so proud that I would deny my daughter additional aid, no matter how misplaced it may be. However, if I see no significant form of improvement by the end of the Chūnin exams, Hanabi will succeed her as heiress.”

He didn't have to say the rest for Kurenai to understand what's at stake. The Hyūga clan needs only one heir. Like Hizashi before her, born only seconds after Hiashi, Hinata too will be branded with the clan's cursed seal, despite being born of the main family branch, a fate no better than slavery by many accounts.

“You paint a lofty picture of my daughter,” the man continued almost snidely. “Let it not be said that I did not give you the opportunity to realize such passionate claims.”

It would be an undue waste to challenge the time stipulation, but she won't simply take such a concession lying down. She's never been the type to roll over and show her belly; not since her father. No, for her students, she'd slit the man's throat without hesitation. With just as much tenacity as she's demonstrated thus far, Kurenai continues, “to further aid her progress, I request she stay with me in my home. It is a simple three bedroom home in the Shinobi District with all the amenities necessary for training.”

Almost with a tooth-grinding growl, he responds, “you may house her for the week at your own expense. As for the weekends, unless she is training or on a mission, she stays with her clan.”

Kurenai promptly bows, the cool steel of her forehead protector touching the back of her hands placed firmly on the floor. “Thank you for your time and consideration, Hyūga-dono.”






Waiting patiently behind a wood bean within the large traditional home of the Akimichi clan, Chōji watches his mother speaking with Nara Yoshino-san by the doorway. Spying on the two woman laugh with such gusto every few minutes was a bitter reminder of how much he wanted that kind of friendship, not that Shikamaru wasn't great. The Nara heir was like the brother he always wanted, and if their parents were anything to go by, they always will be. It made Chōji glad to know that he would have a best friend in Shikamaru for life.

It's the third member of their newly formed cell he's hoping will emulate the friendship and partnership their parents seem to effortlessly have. So far, Yamanaka Ino's been demanding, vain, and just shy of outright abusive towards her teammates, and while he agrees with her that Asuma-sensei's smoking is bad for them, he certainly does not care if Uchiha-kun would think her skin is splotchy and sickly because of it. Shikamaru explained that's just how girls are but, Chōji's seen how their parents interact, so that can't always be the case.

He'd spent a whole night making Welcome-to-The-Team dango, three different flavored sticks for each of them. Asuma-sensei and Shikamaru accepted theirs gratefully, not quite as happily as he would've preferred, but certainly much better than Ino, who flat out rejected his gesture, yelling at him about her strict diet and how Uchiha-kun wouldn't appreciate a… fat… girl. He knew she didn't mean to call him fat, but it didn't hurt any less than when other kids said it. In fact, now that they were teammates, it easily dashed his hopes of forming the type of bond their parents easily share.

Even Chōji can see how pretty Ino is, and her figure is more feminine than the other girls, so he couldn't see how a few sticks of dango could really hurt. Watching the mothers in front of him conversing joyfully, he wondered if that could happen soon between himself, Shikamaru, and Ino. His mother suddenly lets out a boisterous laugh and hops on dexterous toes toward the product room connected to their large red-brick kitchen.

Chōji follows her down the clean halls of their large house and can't help but ask his mother, “Okaa-san, what does Yoshino-san want? Is it about the celebration barbecue?”

His mother slightly tilts her head towards him as she continues to walk forward, answering, “no sweetie, that won't be until this weekend. Yoshi-chan just needed to pick up a pill is all.”

Walking through the large brick kitchen, feeling the wall of heat before a single step was taken, Chōji generously asks, “do you need any help? I can carry it for Yoshino-san.”

“That's sweet of you to offer, but she'll be fine,” his mother happily tells him, a bit of pride slipping in her tone.

“Shikamaru never needs anything,” Chōji points out.

“Not too unlike his father that one,” she answers as she moves to the safe in the product room. Chōji never really took note of the safe, nor was he ever curious of the contents within.

When his mother opened the steel security box, she watches his mother pull out a pill, unlike the three colored pills he's familiar with. It was slightly larger than even the red pill, but he couldn't help asking his mother, “why is it blue? I've never seen that pill before.”

Closing the safe, and spinning the levers until it clicked, his mother stands at her full height. Eying the blue pill cautiously, she hums like she does when she's considering her words. The Akimichi clan aren't like the Nara clan. They have a much less elegant way with words and can sometimes take a moment to gather their thoughts.

“Ahh, well, this is a special pill, so ninja boys and girls can be... friendly with each other,” she answers as she picks up the pace on her way back. “Don't worry your beautiful little head about it. I'll, uh, have your father speak to you about it later, okay sweetie?”

Chōji watched her scurry off, all the while thinking, questioning really, the possible existence of a ‘friendship pill?’ Chōji wondered about such a pill and the secrecy behind it long and hard. Clearly, this was a clan secret, after all, why keep it in a safe if it wasn't? But for his clan to need an actual friendship pill, can only mean it's harder for his clan to make friends than others. So difficult in fact, they needed a special chakra pill for it. Chōji would not take this responsibility lightly. He loved his parents and would never want to disappoint them. Without even being told, he knows he'll keep this secret for them and the clan, because, despite the teasing, shaming, and hazing, he was proud to be an Akimichi. With designs slowly forming in his mind, he looks for a post-lunch, pre-dinner snack, as he considers the details of how this might help his newly formed team.


Chapter Text





It didn't take long for Naruto to utilize his clones in his training. He was repeatedly knocked flat on his back by them, however, since he would spar with no less than three clones at a time. It was impossible to fight off an uncoordinated taijutsu attack by three clones no matter how little technique and strategy they used, so he hit the floor often, but Naruto didn’t have it in him to give up here—not with so much on the line. He hadn't made any progress all afternoon, as all three clones looked down on him relatively clean and amused. It annoyed him but he wouldn't have it any other way.

It was the Voice—Naru-nii for lack of a better name—that helped finally knock one of his clones on their back. Facing off against the clone in front of him, doing his best to match, block, or parry strikes, but leaving his back wide open to attack, he hears a, ‘hey,’ that seemed to be behind him. Naruto blocks the clone in front with a tense forearm, while sending a blind kick behind him. At the solid contact, Naruto counters the clone in front of him in a grapple before dispersing all three clones.

“Naru-nii?” Naruto calls out slightly out of breath to his surroundings, before recalling that the Voice is in his head. Still, to the energetic blond, it feels far more normal talking aloud than it does thinking conversation between himself and his future self. “You back?”

Haha, Naru-nii, huh?’ the voice in his head laughs. Now that Naruto hears it, the Voice's voice does ring fairly close to his own. It's deeper, more mature, yet with a hint of playfulness. ‘So I take it you believe me?

“Nope,” Naruto flat out states. “But I don't think you want to hurt me, and I wanna know more jutsu and stuff. So, what else ya' got?”

Haha, I can get behind that,’ Naru-nii remarks, no less amused. ‘We don't have a lot of time, so I'll explain your training first. After that, if there’s enough time, I'll tell you more about what happened.

“Mn-hmn,” Naruto sounds in complete approval. “This is going to be sweet! I can't wait to burn Sasuke-teme to a crisp with fire-jutsu! The look on his face,” Naruto calls out laughing at the pranksters vivid imagination.

Huh, I can almost see it,’ Naru-nii comments. ‘Well, listen up because every second counts.

“Hai!” Naruto yells enthusiastically.

The most important thing you’ll ever learn is chakra control,’ Naru-nii asserts. ‘Now before you start complaining, you need to understand that this is like the backbone of every awesome jutsu you use. Think about Ramen without the delicious broth—it's like that. Kakashi-sensei is going to teach you chakra control in... let's see... have you guys started your first D-rank mission yet?

“No,” Naruto answers. “After we passed the bell test, he said we'll start in a week, so mnn,” quickly checking his fingers, “six days from now.”

Than he won't actually start teaching you guys chakra control for a little over two months,’ Naru-nii states with an annoyed huff. ‘This is vital stuff, man. Now that I think about it, Kakashi-sensei should've known you could learn this a lot faster than Sasuke.’

“REALLY!” Naruto yells boisterously.

Hey, now, I may not be using my ears to hear you but that still hurts.’

“Shesheshe, sorry,” Naruto returns.

We're going to be using a training method a lot of other shinobi don't try because they either don't have the chakra reserves for it, or they die.’ Naruto's neck stiffens and his eyebrows shoot up as Naru-nii continues. ‘The reason why it'll be okay for us is because we have large reserves, and on top of that, we heal really fast, so our brain won't pop.’ Naruto lets out a sigh of relief and Naru-nii continues to explain. ‘Yosh, are you near a tree?

At Naru-nii's behest, they move to a secluded spot deeper in the forest to train as the future Naruto explains the idea behind chakra control and how he can learn tree walking faster than anyone due to his Kage Bunshin. ‘Well, not everyone,’ he corrects himself. ‘Sakura-chan got it on her first try. She's got scary good chakra control.

“Alright Sakura-chan,” Naruto bellows, taking a break as his clones kept trying to climb the tree, with very little success. “I always knew she was special. She even beat the teme!”

Yeah, she's got the best chakra control out of all of us,’ Naru-nii fondly replies before seriously stating, ‘you know, we're going to have to help her out. She may have wicked chakra control but her reserves are pretty low, and more than that, she told me a bunch of times how she wished she trained more seriously when she was younger.

“Yosh!” Naruto quickly agrees with him. “This is going to be great! When she sees how much stronger I am, she's definitely going to forget about that teme and go on a date with me! I'm fired up!”

I don't think we can help her like that,’ Naru-nii sadly tells the blond boy.

“Huh? Why not?” Naruto can only tilt his head up since technically there's no one to turn to.

Answer me this, who does Sakura love right now?

“Tch!” Naruto spits his answer, both of them acutely aware of the black-haired, self-proclaimed, avenger. “That's only because she doesn't know any better.”

Whether she has good reasons or not, it’s still her choice to make. Just like no one can tell you who to love, no one can tell her who to love,’ Naru-nii slowly expresses.

“But- That's not fair,” Naruto calls out. “He doesn't even like her! All throughout the academy, he barely looked at her! How can she be okay with that? He thinks he's soo much better than everyone because he’s an Uchiha and a little better at some things, but he's not.”

Listen, Naruto, I want to ask you something else and I want you to answer me honestly,’ Naru-nii maintains. ‘Do you love Sakura-chan?

“Damn right I do!” the boy quickly answers without a moment's hesitation. “She's the best and the smartest and even though she's not from a ninja clan, that didn't stop her from being the top kunoichi in our class.”

What's her favorite color?’ Naru-nii asks, pulling Naruto up short. When he couldn't answer Naru-nii continues, ‘I guarantee you it's whatever color Sasuke likes. Her favorite food is probably whatever Sasuke likes. From her style to what she eats, everything about what she does has Sasuke in mind.’ Naruto turns contemplative and uncharacteristically silent; they both are, but Naru-nii is the first one to grow anxious enough to ask, ‘you still there?

“...Mnn. Why are you telling me this?” Naruto whines. “It's really bumming me out here.”

Sorry,’ Naru-nii sympathetically expresses. ‘But the reason why I asked if you love her was because I already know you do-’ “Then why-” Naruto interrupts but is quickly interrupted himself. ‘Because I'm going to ask you to do something you won't like but will be better for her.

“Huh?” he tilts his head, lost as to what he means.

Naruto, I want you to love her enough to help her get strong rather than trying to impress her to be your girlfriend or go on dates. Right now, she doesn't know how strong she can really be because she's doing everything for Sasuke. It's like trying to study when you can only think about ramen.

“Ahh!” Naruto quickly understands. “It's impossible to learn anything like that.”

Right now, she barely trains, spends most of her time on her looks, or studying topics she thinks Sasuke would like. It would be better if she were training to get strong so she can protect those she cares about, but she's just not there yet, so we have to help her realize that quicker. Trust me. You think she's the best now, wait till you see her destroy a cliff with her fist!

“Uwwahhhh, that sounds absolutely perfect! She already has a wicked strong punch,” Naruto happily says. “So how do we get her there?”

I have a plan, but it all depends on you not pushing her with dates and stuff. I know that'll be hard since we've always loved Sakura-chan, but I promise you it's going to make her better. And later, when you see how proud she is of how awesome she is, you'll be happy you did this for her.

“...If it's for Sakura-chan, I think I can do it,” Naruto confidently states. “If it'll make her strong, I'll do anything.”

Hell yeah we will,’ the voice eagerly agrees. ‘Alright, now let's get back to training. We got a long way to go and I don't have much time left.

“Can you at least tell me how you're talking to me from the future?” Naruto asks.

You believe me now?’ Naru-nii jokingly asks.

“No! I just... want to hear your explanation, is all,” Naruto slowly reasons.

Fine, but remember to keep this to yourself,’ Naru-nii ardently suggests. ‘You go telling people you're talking to a voice in your head that’s from the future, they'll call you crazy and commit you to the insane ward... if you're lucky.

“Got it,” Naruto nods apprehensively. “They probably wouldn't believe me anyway.”

Well, remember the unbreakable genjutsu I mentioned before?’ Naru-nii asks to which Naruto tilts his head to try and recall. ‘You know, the one that has everyone trapped? It's called Infinite Tsukuyomi and it enslaves everyone in the entire world in a dream-state, feeding off their chakra.

Naruto's face crunches as if tasking something horrible before asking, “so why aren't you trapped in the genjutsu too?”

It's not enough to close your eyes or cover your ears. If your body receives any sensory information—sight, sound, touch, taste, smell, than that the illusion has you. I'm pretty good at Fūinjutsu and I trapped myself in a sealed expanse—a dimensional pocket—completely cut off from the outside world,’ he explains. Though Naruto doesn’t completely get it, Naru-nii continues. ‘Where I am now, everything is white and I can move around but I can't get out. I spent... well, I don't know how long it's been, but I tried to figure out a way to stop the Infinite Tsukuyomi before I get myself out of this seal, but I couldn't think of anything. That's how I started looking into traveling back in time. I felt confident I could do it but that equation is so complex, I could inscribe it on the white floor perfectly for a whole year and it still wouldn't be enough. Not to mention I probably wouldn't have the chakra necessary to actually power something like that.

“So how'd you do it,” Naruto can't help but ask, as he watches his clones struggle with the first three steps of the bark. “How did you get your voice to travel back?”

Mnn, I didn't... well, not really,’ Naru-nii quasi-answers. ‘Kurama and I figured-”

“Kurama?” Naruto breaks in curiously.

A friend keeping me from going insane,’ he easily answers before moving on. ‘We figure the only ones who were probably not affected by the Infinite Tsukuyomi, or heck, even time, was Kami-sama himself.’

“Are you Kami-sama!” Naruto whirls around asking to no one around. “Am I going to be Kami?!”

No!’ Naru-nii quickly calls. ‘Will you just listen, sheesh. I'm not Kami and I wouldn't know where to begin to try and find one to even ask for help. But it didn't have to just be Kami. We figured it could be a shinigami as well, and I knew exactly how to get close to one. Our family has a really nasty sealing jutsu that calls on a shinigami. It has this tanto in its jaws, two red horns popping out of its long white hair, and prayer beads in its left hand. The problem with using this nasty technique is that you have to sacrifice your life for it.

“Are you-” Naruto gulps. “…You're not dead are you?”

It takes a hell of a lot more than a Shinigami to kill me, don't ya know,’ he asserts with glee. ‘I sort of tricked it, actually. If the Shinigami isn't affected by the illusion, and more than likely time because they're eternal, chances were good I could figure out some way to ask for help. But the more we thought about it, the less confident I was that we could convince it. But you know what? You and I have prayed occasionally, usually for amazing stuff like more ramen and fancy shinobi tools. Other people pray for all sorts of things. That's when I realized shinigami's prayer beads might be able to hear all prayer and if the prayer beads receive wishes from people, than it might also be able to send as well. It was the biggest gamble of my life and I don’t care for gambling, but I went for it, and here I am. I summoned him, I stole his prayer beads, and told shinigami-sama I'd give it back to him after I was done using it.

“You pranked the shinigami?!” Naruto yells. “Uwaahhh, he must've been pissed at you. Wait! Does that mean he’s pissed at me too! You’ve doomed my soul to hell!”

Calm down, you’re not doomed. He wasn’t really all that pissed, actually,’ Naru-nii chuckles as he said. ‘He agreed and I've been struggling to use this thing ever since. Like I said when we first talked, it takes all of my concentration and effort. That's why I can only do this for twenty or so minutes a day... or at least until I get better it.

“Wow,” Naruto says. “You're crazy man... awesome, but definitely crazy.”

Thanks, but for my loved ones, I'll fight anybody.’

“Hell yeah,” Naruto calls with a clenched fist.

Yosh! Lets master tree walking,’ Naru-nii challenges good-naturedly. ‘I’m thinking we can get to water walking before you meet Team Seven next week!

By day's end and several hours into the night, Naruto lay panting, sweat soaked through his favorite blue and bright-orange jumpsuit, with a splitting headache, but he was making progress. He and his ten clones can already make it halfway up a tree before they exert too much chakra and are blown off. After dispelling his first clone, a day's worth of training nearly knocked him out, easily getting the headache started. By the fifth, for some reason, his mind felt strained, hollow-like, and chalky. After dispelling the final clone, he had a pounding headache, his bones felt hotter than the surrounding muscle, and his overtaxed chakra, for lack of a better word, felt like it was choking to move.

He needed to rest before he can make his way home. Even the way the night wind pulled at his hair hurt, but the pain cascading throughout his body was worth it—not that he expected it to last much longer. Injuries never seem to last long with him. Despite the labored breath of his comatose body, he felt happy. This was hard work. It's days like this that are the currency he needs to make his dreams of being the greatest Hokage ever come true. He just knew it. Tomorrow he would train even harder, Naru-nii will tell him more about his plan for Sakura-chan, and he'll be water-walking by next week.






Sakura was leaving one of the vendors her father's trade caravan is closely affiliated with carrying her prize securely in her grasp. So precious was this treasure, she couldn't risk leaving it in her bag. It will remain in her protective hands the entire walk home. Sakura was euphoric as she realizes nothing could stop her in her quest now, not with this absolute treasure. Armed with this fragrant weapon, she was sure to reach Sasuke-kun's heart now.

Sakura wasn't from a wealthy home and certainly didn't own property like many of the clans in the village, but her father came across all sorts of valuable items traveling through his trade routes, and her mother always ensured some form of commission for their family from her seat on the civilian council. Her father came across the latest silks, tools, wardrobe, and other odds and ends he finds throughout the country, and now, clutched in her strong grip, the most sought after bottle of perfume in all the elemental nations. Every kunoichi or civilian girl with a man in her pure heart has read about its amorous properties in one or all the beauty magazines. It's the nearest to a guarantee a budding girl with prospects of love in her heart could have... ‘and it was all mine!

And if Kami-sama hasn't smiled down wonders on her enough, walking towards her now is none other than her eternal rival and strongest competitor for Sasuke's affection; the only girl who doesn't seem to know when she's lost.

“Well, would you look at that,” the platinum blond with pupil-less blue eyes starts mocking. “Wonders never cease. Somehow all the flies in the village managed to avoid hitting that gigantic forehead of yours,” Ino hurtles. “Shooting stars happen less often than that.”

Sakura was impervious today. The platinum blond’s biting jab did nothing against the strength of her alluring weapon. Sakura allows a wide mischievous grin to spread her cheeks till they hurt, actually causing the beautiful blond to become cautious. Slowly, and quite deliberately, Sakura raises the incredibly distinctive, highly sought after expensive bottle of perfume with the showmanship of her delicate hand. It was a tiny thing she could easily hold between her thumb and index fingers, but the effect was as immediate as it was glorious.

Ino knew instantly what the pink-haired girl had and while Sakura is quite sure the Yamanaka clan have far more in their coffers than they need to purchase Ino a bottle, she doubted their clan head, her father, would shell out such an unreasonable amount of ryo for such a small bottle of liquid gold, especially when its only purpose is to make his daughter more attractive to boys.

Ino turns irate, before denial mars her beautiful face, then becomes angry again. Before Ino can even utter a syllable of righteous indignation, Sakura starts laughing heartily as she walks triumphantly passed her arch rival. Sakura didn’t have to speak, her weapon was that strong and this battle is won. It's Sakura's victory.

“Enjoy it while it lasts!” Sakura hears the platinum blond beauty yell at her through the busy market street. “I- I'll get an even better bottle! You'll see!”

Other than having Naruto-baka on her team, absolutely everything was working out in her favor. Sakura hadn't seen Sasuke-kun since they passed Kakashi-sensei's bell test last week, so she was more than looking forward to seeing the perfection of his beautiful face and the amazement of his Kami-given ninja talent tomorrow. In her eyes, it was a foregone conclusion that he was a once-in-a-lifetime shinobi and no one could ever top him. She just had to make sure she looked perfect for him. After the tragedy he's been through, it's what he deserves after all.

Eagerly running home she couldn't wait until tomorrow. She absolutely needed to prepare and the more time she had the better the results will be. She had thought to spend some time training and honing her skills—after all, she was the top kunoichi of their class—but one look at her hair and she knew it didn't shine quite as vibrant as she knows Sasuke would like. One look at her nails, and though her profession as a kunoichi kept her from adding any color to them, she could still make sure they were perfectly manicured, not that she knew if Sasuke liked properly maintained fingernails, but she couldn't risk disappointing him if it indeed mattered. Add to all of that, her new premium fragrance in hand and there was no way he could ignore her tomorrow.






D-Rank missions suck,’ Naruto mentally tells Naru-nii.

Last week flew by in a hurried blur of training, strength training, eating ramen, hurting all over, sleeping, training some more, then repeat, repeat, repeat. It was the hardest week of training Naruto had ever experienced in his life, more so than his entire six years in the Academy. It wasn't to say that he didn't try as hard in his school days, but the bits of progress he was making under Naru-nii was different than the scraps he could scrounge together from hard-hearted sensei who didn't seem to care about his education in the least.

In his youth, when his school texts were stolen, they would never give him another one. When he didn't understand something, the sensei's were always too busy to help him. He was even banned from the library. If Naru-nii ever turned out to be a fake, Naruto couldn't see himself becoming terribly upset about it. Naru-nii was teaching him in earnest, even if it was for only twenty to thirty minutes a day.

The training was even tailored made for him. Every day of the past week he spent most of the morning—when he managed to wake up before noon—practicing his taijutsu against three to four clones as another four or five would be practicing chakra control. After he managed tree-walking, he had four days to master water-walking, and though it was much harder, by the end of last night's training, he and his clones were lightly jogging on the small lake in Training Ground 3. Soon after the throbbing head pain of dispelling his clones abated, he was giddy the entire trek back to his apartment.

Naru-nii pushed him, not cruelly but because he cared, and it was worth it. Even when Naru-nii was resting from using the prayer beads and couldn't coach him, Naruto gave it his all. He may not have experienced the things his older counterpart had, but thinking about Iruka-sensei, it wasn't hard to imagine. By the end of the week, Naruto definitely believed Naru-nii. He believed that this was his future-self talking to him, training him, as well as the story he told. It also meant that something stronger than even his future-self would be coming in a few years, and he absolutely needed to be the one to stop it.

It wasn't all doom, however. Naru-nii would tell him other interesting things; how he has really high chakra reserves, tenketsu points that were larger than normal, followed promptly by what tenketsus points are, his elemental affinity type and how it's used. As a physical learner, Naruto has yet to fully grasp most of the information explained to him, but Naru-nii doesn't seem to have a problem repeating something or trying to make it easier to understand.

Yeah, I wasn't a fan, at all.’ Naru-nii responded.

How long are we suppose to do D-Ranks for?’ Naruto mentally asks him as he and the rest of Team 7 exit the Hokage Tower.

A heck of a lot longer than you’ll like,’ the older version answers. ‘Have you been dismissed yet?

Tilting his head to look at his Jōnin-sensei reading his little orange book, Naruto mentally answers, ‘nearly.’

Don't forget the plan,’ Naru-nii maintains.

I won't,’ Naruto sternly declares. ‘If it involves tricking people, I'm pretty good at that. Though, usually it's to get back at someone or make myself laugh.’

Now we use that talent for a little bit of good,’ Naru-nii happily asserts.

Yeah, yeah,’ Naruto groans, unhappily about the plan, and physically shrugging. ‘Hey, how come you didn't tell me Kakashi-sensei was going to be three hours late!

Hahaha,’ Naruto heard Naru-nii laugh.

“That's not cool man!” Naruto yells at him, looking and pointing upward.

“Na, Naruto?” Kakashi calls curiously. “What's not cool? And who are you talking to?”

Naruto whirled around in panic before quickly trying to school his features, failing miserably at it. “Aha... well, uh, I only meant, if we're done for the day, that- that stupid cat scratched us up pretty good, right?” Sasuke and Naruto did most of the engagement, while Kakashi coordinated, and Sakura provided support. But since Sasuke doesn't heal as fast as Naruto, Sasuke was the only one with plenty of red claw marks on his arms and face.

“I'm going to shave that stupid cat's hair off and skin him alive,” Sakura angrily announces. “No one does that to Sasuke-kun and gets away with it!”

“Na, na, I was scratched too Sakura-chan,” Naruto weakly offers.

“So,” she hurls back at the blond before moving to Sasuke's side.

“I think we're done for the day,” Kakashi tells his team. “You all did fine work. We'll meet tomorrow by the bridge, seven am. Don't be late.”

“That goes double for you!” Naruto yells at his sensei but Kakashi had already shinshin'ed away. ‘Don't worry, I got something you can do while you wait,’ Naru-nii tells his younger self. ‘And it's totally going blow his mind when he sees.

Cool,’ Naruto responds, almost missing Sakura ask Sasuke if he wanted to train, or eat, or take a stroll, or shop together, all of which he ignored with a barely concealed scowl as he started walking toward his home. Sakura stood deflated sniffing her wrists, asking herself, “maybe I didn't use enough?”

Besides smelling really nice, and admiring her long pretty pink hair, Naruto didn't know what to make of her efforts in relation to what he was prepared to do for her. It's not every day you give up the girl of your dreams so she can grow strong and in exchange for your sacrifice, she likely ends up with another man. It's a lopsided sinking feeling that drags his feet and slumps his shoulder, but, he wanted—more than anything—for her to be happy and strong, and Naru-nii did tell him they'd be really good friends in the future and even better teammates, so that was a positive in his book.

“Ne, Sakura-chan-” Naruto starts but is quickly interrupted by an ill-tempered Sakura.

“If you even think of asking me out on a date, I'll hit you so hard you'll land on the other side of the village!” Sakura's murderous green eyes and lethal tone made Naruto take a cautious step back, putting his palms up to show he's not a threat.

She spins around to head home when Naru-nii tells him, ‘I know it's hard but, remember, you're doing this for her—for the girl we both love.’ Taking a moment to gather up some courage, he runs after her, calling out, “Sakura-chan!” She hadn't gotten very far but as she turned to the call of her name, she's already raising a fist to carry through on her threat. “Wait! Wait! I'm not trying to ask you out!”

Her fist still up and clearly in a bad mood, she hollers back, “than what?!”

Splitting his attention between her clenched fist and her beautiful green eyes, he nervously answers, “I- …I want to help you.”

She stares suspiciously for several long seconds before finally lowering her fist and irately asking, “how?”

Taking in a quick breath, and relaxing some of the tension in his shoulder, he clarifies for her precisely how he and Naru-nii had planned it the last two days. “I thought of a good idea to h-help you... get closer to... Sasuke-teme.” That was far harder to say than Naruto was expecting—he spent many grueling hours obsessing over it—and somehow the stomach churning and choking chest feels worse than he imagined. Worse still, his knees felt weak, and his eyes started to grow hot with prickly moisture.

This was the love of his life he was helping set up with not just another boy, but his eternal rival. The aching strain in his chest was partially ignored in favor of answering her question.

“What? What do you mean? How?” She took a step forward, forgetting her earlier agitation for the possibility this could mean for the future she imagined with her love. She was fully expecting to be a snarky brat for the day and drive her parents crazy after the perfume seemed to fail, but maybe there was hope of turning her day around... even if Naruto-baka was the reason for it.

“Okay, first,” Naruto started, rushing to get this day over with. He's already planning on a full contact brawl fest against as many clones as he can make. He even makes a mental note to give them clear instructions to beat him to a bloody pulp, certain that no matter how badly he was beaten or broken, it wouldn’t hurt as much as this. “Do you know what Chakra Control is?”

“Of course, you idiot,” she tells him, using her near eidetic memory to recount to him, “it's the ability to sufficiently control and conserve your chakra. They taught us that in the Academy.”

“Really,” Naruto genuinely asks. “I don't remember that.”

“That's because you're an idiot who can barely remember what side of the kunai is sharp,” she hurtles back.

“Ha, ha, you didn't have to say all that,” he weakly tells her, covering the sting of her verbal jab with a weak smile, though she doesn't seem to care. Eager to move on, he continues, “yeah, well, I know you're the top kunoichi of our year so you must have really good chakra control. In fact, I bet it's perfect!”

Sakura eyes him wearily, never one to particularly like his compliments or advances but she couldn't really say otherwise. “Maybe,” she simply states. “I've been told I have good control over my chakra, but aside from the leaf concentration training we hardly use any jutsu in the academy, so I can't be sure. Why? And what does this have to do with Sasuke-kun?”

“Everything,” he says with a strained smile, doing everything he can to appear happy to help her even though he was dying inside. “I got the perfect way for you to put your hands all over him, and the best part is, he'll be happy you did!”

Sakura was visibly vibrating with excitement, thinking, ‘if what he's saying is true, than I'll be able to touch my Sasuke-kun whenever I wants, and then he'll be happy I did, and then we could probably start dating, and then we could maybe even possibly... kiss.’ Sakura's entire body swoons at the thought, turning beet red, her half-lidded eyes were dilated, and her heart and stomach were swapping from warm to fluttery.

This could be a big win for her. Even though she used an entire life's supply of luck to be on Sasuke's team, that wouldn't stop Ino form trying to gain his attention. Hell, Ino might not even stop if Sasuke and herself started dating. With Ino’s admittedly mature beauty and charm as her enemy, it wasn’t enough that Sakura and Sasuke were on the same team. Sakura couldn’t get complacent. She needed to do anything and everything possible to be with Sasuke because she’s certain there isn’t another Kunoichi alive who would treat him right. Whatever Naruto thought of—if his claim panned out—would be for the amazing future she planned to have with Sasuke-kun.

“Sakura-chan... Saaaakura-chan,” Naruto kept calling for three minutes before she finally regained her senses.

“Tell me!” she demanded, rushing him a little with clenched fists. He startled, taking a step back as she insists on knowing, “what's the idea?”

Smiling somewhat happily to see her enthusiastic reaction, though still hurting by the reason why, he tells her, “you become an Iryō-nin!”

“Huh?” Sakura asks, face dropping with disappointment.

“Think about it,” Naruto starts. “Sasuke-teme is a mid-to-close range fighter, so every time he gets hurt—even a little scratch on his cheek—you would be the one to heal him, which means you have to touch him. If you knew Iryō-ninjutsu right, you could've healed all his scratches and he would've been super thrilled you did. Plus, it would round out the team, right? Kakashi-sensei, Sasuke-teme and I are the fighters, so we'd need someone to patch us up if something happens.”

Sakura continued to peer suspiciously throughout his entire explanation, though the reason changed from, ‘how idiotic his idea sounded,’ to, ‘Naruto-baka thought all of that after their first official meeting together?

“Besides think of all the cool things they can do, like healing people who are hurt and saving lives. With your control, you could be, like the best healer in all of Konoha. Plus, I'm sure they have some really famous Iryō-nin too,” Naruto explains. Naru-nii was very adamant about how he said, ‘some really famous Iryō-nin too,’ because he was pretty sure Sakura-chan would automatically think of the village’s most famous Iryō-nin, since a lot of kunoichi look up to her.

Both Narutos keenly understand that in any good prank, the more the person getting pranked thinks on their own to agree with you, the better the result will be. And looking at the realization dawn on her face at the mention of ‘famous Iryō-nin,’ he was pretty sure she remembered the one Naru-nii briefly talked about.

After a few seconds of deep thought—if her pondering expression is anything to go by—she finally speaks up, “I- there's no way... I- I couldn't-”

“You could!” Naruto passionately interrupts her. “And I can prove it!”

Now completely flabbergasted by the annoying blond, Sakura can’t help but gripe, “how?”

“Come on,” he calls as he runs over to the nearest tree. After she catches up to him, he tells her, “I bet you anything you can Tree-Walk on your first try. That would definitely tell you if you can do it!”

“I don't know how to Tree-Walk, Naruto,” she returns genuinely. “Kakashi-sensei hasn't taught us that. He hasn’t taught us anything yet.”

“Even if he didn't teach you, I still think you can do it,” Naruto returns his enthusiasm for training driving the point home. “All you have to do is focus a steady amount of chakra to the bottom of your feet and use that to stick to the tree so you can climb. If you use too little, you'll slide off. If you use too much, you'll get shoved off, and break the tree. Think of it like a magnet. Come on, give it a try. Remember, this isn't just for the team... it's also for... Sasuke-teme.” He sighs at the anguish, but she doesn't seem to notice.

With a determined look on her face, she nods and turns to the tree. Generally, Sakura's accustomed to learning new techniques with the direction of a sensei, and not an idiot like the one beside her, but for Sasuke-kun she's more than willing to try this at least. Because if this was as possible as Naruto seems sure it is, than maybe she could use this to get closer to Sasuke-kun than any other kunoichi could, especially her rival, Ino-pig. Molding her chakra has always been as easy as stretching and she effortlessly manipulates the flow of energy to her feet. Her first step is a tentative one.

She did have to admit, however, that a small part of her liked the prospect of moving in a direction similar to Tsunade-sama of the Legendary Sannin. Like many Kunoichi in the village, Tsunade-sama was a heroine of hers. She grew up hearing stories of her strength, her legendary healing ability, and her beauty. So many girls in the academy aspired to be her, whenever students had to create a report of their favorite shinobi, a good eighty percent of the girls chose Tsunade-sama.

So when her first step stuck, easily, followed by her second step—also as easily—Sakura began to wonder how well she may actually be able to do. With her third step, she was completely parallel to the ground but felt no danger of falling. She was in complete control, and honestly, a part of her couldn't believe it.

“Way to go Sakura-chan!” she hears from the ground beneath her.

Another part of her couldn't believe Naruto was the one who led her here. He's not a sensei, nor is he smart, or talented; he's the Dead Last of their class, and yet he urged her to Tree-Walk before anyone else. When she made it to the top of the tall tree, she was a little winded, but funny enough, she was proud. Not that this was anything to be proud of. She knows this is only a first step many shinobi can easily do, but, to know she was now among them, gave her a small sense of pride.

Reaching the ground, Naruto couldn't help the huge grin on his face as he proclaims, “I knew you could do it! On your first try too! That's so badass!”

“Yeah...” she huffs, winded but mildly enjoying the praise, even if it is from the baka. She leans against the tree to rest some.

“Are you okay,” he asks with a heavy amount of concern in voice. ‘She had small chakra reserves in the beginning,’ Naru-nii answers him as Sakura just waves him off to say she's okay.

“You probably have low chakra reserves,” Naruto sagely repeats to her, making Naru-nii laugh a little. Sakura looks at him questioningly as Naru-nii tells him, ‘I think she's on board. Now you have to talk to Ji-chan.’

I remember,’ Naruto mentally replies.

I'll probably disappear before your done so let me just explain what you're going to do every time Kakashi is late, which sucks to say, will happen all the time.’

Do you know why that is?’ Naruto asks. ‘I mean, why he shows up late?

I do, but I can't really get into that now,’ Naru-nii proclaims. ‘Next time.

So, what am I doing?

There are a couple of exercises that'll help you master your Fūton chakra,’ Naru-nii sagely explains. ‘There are so many badass jutsu that you'll be able to learn after these exercises. It'll be super hard to beat you then.’

“Uuuawwwhh,” Naruto moans, salivating at the thought, and finishes with, “I want!”

“Want... what?” Sakura slowly asks from the tree, before pushing off to walk to him.

“Nothing!” he quickly tells her remembering he's not alone. “I think we should start walking to Hokage Tower.”

“What? Why?” She gasps, not at all expecting Naruto to say that.

“Cuz, I think Ji-chan can help us,” Naruto earnestly responds to his pink-haired teammate.

With an exasperated sigh, Sakura begrudgingly decides to educate him. “Naruto-baka, we can't just walk into Hokage Tower like that. Everyone there is extremely busy.”

“Don't worry,” he tells her already starting to walk. “It'll be fine. Besides, you need some intro stuff to be Iryō-nin.”

“Well, why can't we just get them from Kakashi-sensei,” she asks, running after him.

“He's not here and I don't know where he lives,” Naruto naturally tells her. “Do you?” She just shakes her head, her beautiful long pink hair flowing easily with every shake of her head as they walk toward the tower they had left only twenty or thirty minutes ago.

So,’ Naru-nii starts as the teammates walk in silence. ‘The exercise goes like this; you take a leaf, any leaf will do, place it flat on your left palm, cover it with your right palm than try to cut the leaf in half using just your chakra.

That sounds crazy,’ Naruto returns. ‘Can I really do that?

Hell yeah you can and so much more,’ Naru-nii answers with complete confidence. ‘When you're trying to cut through it, that's when you're manipulating Fūton natured chakra through your hand. Try to think of it like making your chakra as thin and as sharp as possible. Don't worry if you don't get it right away, it took me a while and I had thousands of clones doing it at the same time.

Mnn, sounds tough, but it wouldn't be worth it if it wasn't,’ Naruto reasons. ‘So do this when Kakashi is late? Should I make clones while I do it too?

Mnnn, not yet,’ he answers. ‘I want you doing something before he eventually shows up. Though, you probably oughta make some clones in the morning and have them practice Water-Walking while you wait. Dispel them when sensei shows up so you're not dead on your feet for your missions.

Urrggh,’ Naruto mentally groans. ‘All our D-Missions had better not be like this, or I'm going to snap at some point.’

Hahaha, yeah. I'm just about out,’ Naru-nii states. ‘Tell me how it goes tomorrow.’

Mnn! Will do, Naru-nii,’ Naruto mentally returns but with a very real smile.

“What are you smiling about?” Sakura asks suspiciously with a hint of disgust.

“Uahhh,” Naruto groans, fidgeting a step before awkwardly answering, “the real question is why aren't you smiling? I mean our team just got a whole lot stronger with an Iryō-nin.”

“Baka,” Sakura calls back, though lacking the same heat she might have if he had insulted Sasuke. “I'm not an Iryō-nin yet. I don't even know how you plan on getting me material from Hokage Tower. We may be genin, but they don't just see anyone.”

“Well, I don’t know about others but we’re going to see Ji-chan,” Naruto informs her. “I don't usually have a problem with seeing him, though sometimes he’s pretty busy.”

Sakura is skeptical of her blond companion, but sure enough, Naruto, without being prompted to by the Chūnin secretary, without being summoned by the Hokage himself, without even hesitation to second-guess himself, simply grabs the doors handle and walks right in, as if he were walking into his house.

“Hey Ji-chan!” the young blond calls out.

Slack-jawed, Sakura can't believe Naruto-baka would call the leader of their entire village, the strongest shinobi, ‘Ji-chan,’ as if they were related. No, not even if they were related because even blood relatives to the Hokage would show more respect than that. ‘He really is an idiot!’ she couldn't help but think, ready to drag him to the floor, to bow and beg for forgiveness, that is until the Hokage just chuckles.

“Back so soon Naruto-kun?” the pleasant elder asks the grinning blond. “Eager for another D-Rank mission?”

“Blechhh!” Naruto tongues. “You can keep those!”

The Hokage couldn't help an aged belly full of slow laughter. It truly was a nostalgic pleasure to see the young repeat the same experiences he had when he was a genin. “What can an old man help you with today,” the Sandaime asks, then peers to the pink haired girl still standing by the door with quite the look of surprise on her face. “Isn't this your teammate?”

“Mnn!” Naruto happily hums, turning from the Hokage to Sakura, then back.

“Ah, forgive me, Hokage-sama,” Sakura starts stepping in and bowing respectfully. “I’m Haruno Sakura, member of Team 7.”

“Yes, I recall,” the Sandaime easily says, taking out his pipe and prepping for a good puff. ‘It's always an interesting break when Naruto shows up,’ he thinks. “What can I do for you?”

“Na, Ji-chan, do you have any scrolls or something that can help Sakura-chan do Iryō-ninjutsu. She's got wicked perfect chakra control, and it would be super cool if our team had an Iryō-nin in it.”

“Mnnn,” he hums in sheer amusement, aged eyelids lifting with genuine curiosity. For this Naruto to ask for such a thing was the best surprise of a rather taxing week. “I agree having an Iryō-nin on the team would be quite advantageous, but Naruto-kun, how do you know this?”

“What do you mean?” Naruto asks quirking a brow. “Once we become genin, we have more access in the library. I was looking for cool jutsu but I found one about chakra control. Since Sakura-chan has perfect control, that means she'd make a great Iryō-nin, right Ji-chan?”

“It most assuredly helps, greatly in some cases,” the Hokage answers, looking at them both. “Why come to me, then; instead of your Jōnin-sensei?”

“It's not like I didn't think he'd help, but he left after our mission and I don't know where he lives, so I can't ask him,” Naruto explains. “Besides, we just need something for Sakura-chan to start with. She's got like a perfect memory, so I bet she can remember things better than I can,” he finishes with a smile.

“Oh, I don't know Naruto-kun, you can remember a lot, it seems,” the elder tells him. Getting up, the Hokage moves toward the far wall, with several long shelves filled with many scrolls topping many more. “Mnn, I happen to have a collection of scrolls on Iryō-ninjutsu that spans from beginner to intermediate.” Looking through his many scrolls, he finally pulls two out, then turns to a nervous Sakura. “Now, these are very precious to me, so you have to promise to be careful with them. They were gifted to me by one of my students so you'll have to return them when you're done, understand?”

“Yes! Of course Hokage-sama,” Sakura quickly conveys. “This is such an honor, I'll be extra careful with them, I promise.” She cautiously takes the scrolls with both hands supporting each end as if she were holding a sickly baby.

“Alright,” Naruto calls from his seat. “I knew you could help, Ji-chan!”

“So, how's your training coming along Naruto-kun,” the elder asks retaking his large seat.

“I'm going to be the greatest Hokage ever!” Naruto bellows proudly. “So my training is top secret right now... but, what I can tell you is I'm working on my chakra control. Neh, Ji-chan, did you know I have high chakra reserves, which is why I can make a lot of Kage Bunshin and be okay after?”

“My, my Naruto-kun, you are growing before my weary eyes,” the older man smiles. “Yes, I suspected that could be the case. You should continue to train on your control, so you can finally take my job.”

“Damn right I will!” Naruto agrees vehemently.

“Speaking of, I should get back to work,” the sagely elder tells them. “Thank you for entertaining an old man for a few minutes at least.”

“Any time,” Naruto calls and they start to leave, but Naruto has to pause at the door. Turning to his first ever friend, Naruto asks, “Neh, Ji-chan, do you know if Iruka-sensei is okay? They won't tell me anything. They won't even let me see him.”

“I'm afraid I can't release his medical information, however, I can tell you he will live. And if they won't let you see him, just remember, you're ninja, and ninja always find a way.”

Thinking of his future counterpart, Naruto can't help but agree with a sad smile and a nod before leaving. Meeting Sakura just by the outside entrance, still carrying the scrolls like precious treasure, he immediately recalls how all this started by trying to help her win Sasuke's attention. On top of Iruka-sensei's injury, and now effectively giving Sakura-chan to another man, Naruto was not having a good day.

He grumpily dumps his hands in his pockets as she cautiously walks up to him, half her attention on the scrolls and the other half on him. “I thought you left?”

“I did. I am,” she huffs. “I just wanted to ask you… are you- you're not related to Sandaime-sama, are you?”

“Wha? No,” he throws back. “Why would you think that?”

“You were calling our Hokage, Ji-chan,” She adamantly states as if it’s the most obvious thing. “That is so disrespectful! He's the leader of our village and a very powerful political figure,” she loudly retorts as if he only needed to be told louder for him to get it.

“I've always called him Ji-chan,” Naruto returns with a non-committal shrug. “That's just... I don't know, that's how I normally talk to him.”

Further confused, she follows up asking, “how often do you talk to the Hokage?”

“Mnnnn,” he hums, tilting his head up to the bright blue sky, thinking back. “More so when I was younger but I'd say at least twice a week, now. Sometimes once every two weeks if he's really busy.”

“You're lying!” her instant reaction quickly says.

“Wha- Am not!” He defends, his brows furrowing in disbelief rather than anger. He can stand a lot but he doesn't think his own teammate should call him a liar. “I wouldn't lie about that!”

“You have to be!” she throws back. “He's the Hokage and you're nothing but a Dead-Last baka!”

The shock could not be clearer on his face, one that quickly transforms into sad resignation. That's just another layer to the type of day he's having. He woke up late for the meeting but his own sensei was over three hours late. Then there was that Kami awful D-Rank mission, followed by this gut-wrenching plan to help the love of his life win the heart of another man, and now this. The girl of his dreams thinking so little of him, she couldn't even recall being in the Hokage's room not five minutes before while he chatted with the old man like he always does. The idea of crawling in the earth and dying seems nearly as appealing as training… nearly. The silence between them is stifling for several moments before he says, “if I'm going to give you a lot of practice healing the teme, I better go train.”

And train he did. While his clones worked on his chakra control, Naruto runs, trains his muscles, then runs some more, and repeats. Hours and hours of it, until his stomach had twisted itself into a tight not and threatened to eat itself if he didn't get some ramen. The last thing he did before going to sleep, was leave a cup of instant ramen on the nightstand of Iruka-sensei's room. Naruto didn't expect him to be awake, but he hoped with everything he had that his favorite sensei would see and know that he was thinking of him.


Chapter Text





Despite the tickle of concern in the back of her mind, Kurenai is leisurely waiting in her favorite tea shop. It was his idea, which made her suspect, if anything, that he wanted her in a good mood. The question of why he wants her in an amiable mood doesn’t fill her with a wonderful feeling. If she listens to her minor feeling of dread, it tells her clearly, ‘he’s trying to soften the blow,’ which, at times, makes Kurenai hate her psychology training.

She's been working with her genin team—Hinata in particular—for a week now and though there hasn't been many setbacks, she hasn’t witnessed any progress beyond what one might expect of heirs of great clans. Hinata, herself, barely speaks and when she does it's always clipped and hyper-formal. Even with the beautiful girl staying in her home, it's hard to get her to open up about much of anything.

The gruff, broad-shouldered Asuma arrives then, expressing minimal remorse in his usual non-cavalier manner. “Sorry I'm late.”

The way his large frame casually settles for comfort rather than proper posture makes her smile as she comments, “so long as I don't see you reading a little orange book next time, I think I can forgive you.”

He chuckles at the ludicrous insinuation before he orders the finest tea in the shop, something of a warning sign in her eyes, but she only smiles. He then tells her, “I just came from Hokage Tower. Princess Tomoko will be visiting the village.”

Kurenai listens intently but her mind is moving a mile a minute. Being the son of the Hokage, who's also closely acquainted with the nation's Daimyo, the Lord of Fire country naturally entertained the notion of joining their families to strengthen their power; the Hokage's son with one of his daughters, princesses of Fire country.

It's the reason Asuma never truly connected with her, or at least that's what he told her. He wanted to spare her the unavoidable heartache should the whimsical Daimyo ever decide to follow through with his ideas of union-through-marriage. Kurenai told herself it made sense, and he informed her early on when they first started dating. It hadn’t stopped him from being with other women but Kurenai was the only one that earned the heart of the truth from him. Though Asuma ended it before they had become too serious, Kurenai always held out hope that the gruff Sarutobi heir would finally be free to lead his own romantic life. So it hurt her every time she heard about one of his notable escapades or saw him with a loveless beauty of the night.

Never being one for a purely physical relationship with a man, Kurenai herself had tried to date others, shinobi and civilian alike. Unlike her dear friend Anko, Kurenai found it hard to connect emotionally as well as intellectually with anyone she may be seeing. She just couldn't help thinking about Asuma—couldn’t help comparing whoever she was with to the smoking Jōnin. Couldn’t help thinking, ‘what was he doing? What would he think? Would it hurt him to see or hear about me with another man as much as it does her when she sees or hears about his relations?

With her looks, Kurenai comes across many interested men. That was never the problem. She tried to focus on their positives and if the sex was good, the relationship would last longer. But after some time, she would always find faults with them, then fixate on that like a blaring red warning sign signaling the doom to come before ending it. It was almost like she was ending things with others so as to not hurt them in the same manner Asuma does in his relations. When she realized that, Kurenai had to stop. Consequently, the last time she had sex was a solid year ago, the exact time she decided to simply put forth all her abundant energy into being promoted to Jōnin.

More often than not, marriages among the elite were generally based on alliances for monetary gain or political maneuvering to avoid war. Marriage for love is a distant concern, if at all addressed. Happiness was not a reason to get married. And now a beautiful princess of Fire country is coming to the village, in all likelihood to meet her future husband, the same man that’s already claimed Kurenai’s heart. At Asuma’s comment, Kurenai said nothing, raising her fragrant and scintillating tea to her lips for a sip.

“I'll be honest,” Asuma continues. “By the end of her visit, I'll know more or less what my future looks like. Kurenai, I know this isn't fair, but I hope you'll be apart of my life no matter what way this thing lands. You know I'll do my duty if I have to, but if it doesn't have to come to that... I think… I feel that would make me happy,” he tells her with his gruff smirk.

She almost returned a smile, but if this didn't pan out the way they both want, that would lead to a hope that would hurt worse than any other time before. “Why don't we just enjoy our tea and catch up,” she says, preferring to wait and see instead of diving into what ifs. “We've been so busy, it's been a spell since I've seen you. How's your team? Please tell me you’re not smoking around them.”

“If you saw what I was dealing with, you'd light one up too,” he returns with a small measure of exasperation. “Not a single one is motivated to train. Shikamaru only cares about napping and sky gazing. It's like he skipped adolescence, adulthood, and went straight into elderly. Ino only cares about her figure and the Uchiha brat—bossy as hell too. Choji's a sweet kid—made us all celebration dango to celebrate forming the team—but even his own clan might think he eats too much and he lets Ino walk all over him.”

“Sounds like you got your hands full,” she mentions sympathetically.

“Better than Kakashi's, but yeah, they're a pain,” he responds. “Still, I like ‘em well enough to train ‘em good. Plus, they saved me from having to go to the Daimyo's palace. Can't exactly take the brats with me, can I?”

Kurenai didn't want to ask but she couldn't not know, “is that why she's coming here?” Every little bit of information aids her constantly active mind in forecasting what the likely future might be.

“Otou-sama made it clear to the Daimyo that training shinobi for the good of the country supersedes something that may or may not happen, so he extended an invitation for her to come here.” Kurenai just nods before he asks, “how's your team? You haven't been Jōnin for more than three months and now your training genin. Nervous?”

She can tell he's teasing and smiles as she tells him, “I haven't had them long, obviously. It's only been a week, but I'm reasonably optimistic. Shino-kun is diligent. Kiba-kun is impulsive; type A personality with a lot of energy. Hinata-chan is very shy but very caring. I'm working with her the most. I think she can be an amazing kunoichi if I can just find the right incentive to get her moving.”

“I'm sure you'll figure something out,” he responds. “You've always cared like that,” he states meaningfully and Kurenai can’t help but wonder if he means in general, like any sensei or as a possible mother someday in the future they would both be happy with.






We want to learn Rasengan in two months,’ Naru-nii explains to his past-self-student. ‘It took the fourth three years to master this technique. Divide three years by the two months I'm giving you to learn this and you'll need no less than twenty clones while you train.’

I'm learning a technique made by the fourth Hokage?!’ Naruto gasps with twinkling amazement. ‘Finally! Not that I don't appreciate you teaching me, but I was starting to get sick of all the control exercises. I like being able to fight on top of water, but nothing beats ninjutsu, ya know?

You’d be surprised,’ Naru-nii hints as he sometimes does about things he never has the time to fully explain. ‘Beyond the border there’s a pretty big world out there with a lot of weird ninja who can do some crazy stuff that beat ninjutsu.

I guess,’ Naruto answers, accepting his future-selfs assertion.

Anyway, this is an A-Rank technique. It’s an offensive, short range jutsu. You ready?

“Hell yeah!” Naruto yells in his mind as much as the outside world.

Alright, are you deep in the forest? Near a water supply? Far enough away so no one stumbles in on your training?

Yeah,’ Naruto responds, recalling the strength training to get to a secluded area. ‘Three hours deep, and a stream nearby, just like you said.’

And you brought a bag of balloons and rubber balls?’ Naru-nii asks.

“In my bag,” Naruto answers patting his travel backpack filled with the items requested, a lot of ramen, and some camping gear.

Good. To start, make five clones and have them use half the bag to make water balloons.

Naruto does as instructed, and Naru-nii spends the remainder of his time explaining the first step of learning Rasengan: Rotation. Even with all the tips Naru-nii gave him, it's a lot harder than he expected but giving up has never been his style. Along with his clones, Naruto spends the rest of the day trying to churn the water's rotation in different directions using nothing but his chakra. He didn't notice it was nightfall until he fell flat on his back, exhausted to sickness from the hours of chakra use. Deciding he didn't have it in him to trek the three hours back to his apartment, he prepares several cups of instant ramen as he slowly dispels one clone at a time, ending his day knocking out in his sleeping bag.

To warm up, Naruto spends the morning training his body with strength training and close quarter taijutsu against his clones. After lunch, he again focuses on the first stage of Rasengan. Hours later, he hadn't been able to pop the water balloon, but instead of spending another day in the forest, he figured he could practice in his apartment, plus he didn't have the discipline to stretch out his ten remaining cups of ramen for more than a day.

Dirty, smelly, grimy, hungry, covered in twigs and petals of flora, Naruto drags his feet out of the forest. Finally closing in on the village, Naruto doesn't notice the purple and white Starling bird dive down with great speed toward his head, pulling up at the last second to scare the blond into jumping back and tumbling to the dirt floor.

“What th-” He calls but the bird swipes at him again. Naruto runs away covering his head with his arms the entire time but the purple and white bird doesn't relent, chasing after him. The frustration makes him swipe and miss as he yells, “leave me alone, bird-chan!”

It seems to have it out for him until he finally manages a lucky hit and knocks it to the ground. He felt relief for the briefest of moments until he realizes the pretty bird isn't moving, then crippling remorse floods his entire aching system. Though panicked, he gently picks the injured bird up and rushes to the village.






“Uwah!” Ino gasps, clutching her head as she sits up in her bed. “That baka!” she yells, tensing her entire body down to her curled toes, waiting for the throbbing ache in her head and the spinning sensation in her realigning body to subside. The worst of it passes after twenty minutes, but it's only the worst, and Ino fully expects to sport a headache throughout the rest of her day. Allowing herself to fall back into her pillow, heavily panting—as if she just sprinted for an hour straight—she recalls the last few moments before being forcibly ejected from her jutsu.

Not long after her father taught her their family's Shintenshin no Jutsu(Mind Transfer Jutsu) Ino would use it as often as she could. Though it counted as training, her main point of attraction was transferring her consciousness into the minds of animals, mostly pretty birds so she could thrill at the majesty of flying high in the sky with the entire world below her. It made her feel small compared to the size of the land, yet empowering for having the sight to take in in the first place.

Recalling the shock to her system when that idiot landed a lucky hit reminds her of the very nasty downside to the jutsu. There is a lot of pain that comes with being forced out of the mind transfer. Despite the throbbing anguish in her head—going so far as to make her forehead and neck sweat—she immediately sits up again, focusing deeper on one detail of her out-of-body attack on the Dead Last. It's a dull growth of monumental realization as she slowly leaves her spacious bedroom, and ends up running by the time she reaches her father's study. The room is normally only used by him but it has all their books on botany, from roots to poisons and all the various ways they can be used.

With her pounding headache, Ino has to put great effort into focusing as she quickly skims through various books and scrolls. After some time, she finally comes upon several specific books that might help her remember why that distinct petal stuck to Naruto's disgusting jumper is so important. It must've been years ago, but she knows that petal came from an orchid. Fifteen minutes of searching and Ino wonders if she’s made a mistake with the book currently in hand and has to read through all the books to find out why this is so important. Make no mistake, Ino knows it's important, she just couldn’t say why yet. That is until she finally finds it on the highest row, the fourth-to-last book.

“Rarest Flowers in the World,” she breathes, and the image of the petal on Naruto's back, under the white flap, begins encouraging bits of information she'd long stored away when she first read this book. Flipping through the pages, Ino surely finds the target of her query.

“The Fire Slipper Orchid,” she reads aloud, slowly moving to her father's comfortable chair behind his desk. With the photo alone, she instantly confirms the petals from the book and the one stuck on Naruto's jumpsuit were the same. “One of the rarest orchids in the five nations; characterized by its red stripes and long side petals. Primary area of growth is forests within elevated areas from 950ft to 1300ft above sea level. Not only is the flower rare, but it can take up to fifteen years to blossom!” Ino broke eye contact with the book in great surprise, easily understanding why the orchid was so rare. Returning her attention to the reading, she learns exactly why her spectacular mind was so fixated on the petal. “Because it's so difficult to find much less grow within a controlled environment, this orchid species has a high market value where it is sold for as much as seven hundred and fifty thousand ryo per stem!”

Eyes wide, Ino leans back in utter shock at its value, the compounding aches in her brain doing little to slow down thinking of all the possibilities. Her most immediate concern being that bottle of perfume she absolutely begged her parents to get. She has an allowance and was more than ready to use it all if it were enough. She tried everything, but her parents wouldn't give her the remainder, they wouldn't give her an advance, and they wouldn't even give her extra shifts at the flower shop since it would cut other employee hours.

Ino needs that bottle and whatever else would give her an edge. She's already losing more ground to the Forehead than she’ll willingly admit to—lest she stumbles into a great ice-cream filled depression. For the thousandth time, she wondered why she couldn't be teamed up with Sasuke-kun instead of Team 10. And for the thousandth time, her brain told her it was because of her father's partnership with Shikamaru and Choji's dads. She felt the injustice constrain her chest every time she thought of it. It was wrong to assume she would make a good team with the lazy-ass and the fat-ass simply because the three clans grew up close.

It's not that she hated her teammates but they definitely stood in her way, blocking Sasuke-kun from view, and letting the Forehead that much closer to her man. She'll be the first to admit she didn't need to be irrationally angry with her teammates; she knows it's not really their fault but she just can't help it. It gets to her every time the Lazy-ass just wants to sleep, or the Fat-ass just wants to eat, which happens all the time. The constant crunching of salty chips slowly drives her mad until she can't help but snap at them. It's not how she wants to spend her days and they—including her smoke-stack of a sensei—don't even seem to care.

Ever since the team assignments, she's been having one miserable day after another, ‘but this,’ she thinks, looking at the picture of the beautiful orchid. “This changes everything,” she comments to herself, smiling all the while. She hadn't felt very pretty in a while but the possibility of finding the rare, expensive flower is rejuvenating. Doing the calculations in her head, her eyes go wide. “That's at least an A-Rank mission without the hard work or splitting it with the team!”

Quickly standing to her feet, hugging the book happily, she realizes aloud, “and if there's more than one stem, that's… way over S-Class pay... just for me!” Her mind is a cloud of euphoria for seemingly hours until one unpleasant thought bursts that intoxicating bubble of happiness... Naruto.

Groaning in pain, she rushes back to her room. Rather than changing into her typical shinobi gear, she merely hops into a white mini skirt and her purple halter top that shows off her taut stomach and rushes out the door in search of the orange idiot, praying the entire time, “I hope that idiot didn't destroy it.” If the red and black stripped petal was stuck on his back, than clearly, he must've landed on one. Ino prays to Kami that the rare, highly-valuable flower wasn't too badly damaged, or that there's at least one more stem out there.

Finally finding him in the market, exiting a food stand with a disgustingly distended belly—looking just as filthy as she remembered from her time in the Starling—she rushes straight at him.

“Naruto,” she calls the orange-clad boy, suddenly feeling the physical exertion of running around the village for over an hour with dull throbbing head pain. It hurts so bad, she wonders if her swollen head is as bid as Sakura’s. With her hands on her knees as her strained and hot lungs painfully catch her chalky breath, she notes the golden-blond idiot is clearly curious about her sudden appearance. ‘And why wouldn't he be,’ she imagines. Ino knows this the first time she's ever sought him out, much less this desperately.

“Hey…uh, you okay?” he asks with a clear note of concern in his voice.

She puts up a single finger, hoping he understands she wants him to wait. After a minute, she grabs him by the shoulder. “Hey- What the-” he complains as she pulls the red stripped petal that was stuck on him; caught under the white turtle neck of his atrocious jacket. Examining the soft, colorful, fine-haired petal. It was indeed the extremely valuable plant from the book of rare flowers. Turning to him she demands to know, “where did you get this?”

The startled agitation was clear on his face, and his eyes squint with suspicion, but he looks at the petal in her hand and answers, “what is it?”

Her eyebrow twitches but Ino valiantly holds in her frustration. Taking a deep calming breath she looks around and notices all the faces, some looking at her with lewd gazes, but some looking—well, glaring—at the boy next to her. The worry in her mind, however, isn't in how much thigh or stomach she's showing, or even in how innately Naruto seems to annoy everyone. It's in the idea that someone in this busy market place might know the value of what she's holding in her hand.

Without a second thought, she commands him, “come on,” as she grabs him by the collar of his filthy jumpsuit, pulling him along with her. After twenty minutes of marching, they're in a small deserted park, and she turns to him, staying as close to his sweaty musk as she can stand so he doesn’t grate her patience too much. Normally she would've said something by now, but this is too important to risk.

“Naruto,” she starts. “I need to know where you came across this flower.”

“You sure that's a flower?” he asks peering at the flattened petal. “Doesn't look like one.”

“That's because you-” Ino cuts herself off and takes a breath. The last thing she wants to do is make this unnecessarily harder by insulting him too much. “Look, this is a flower petal from an orchid that I'm looking for. I think it was stuck to your back because you fell on it. So I really need you to tell me where you've seen a flower with this kind of petal.”

Naruto hums in deep thought for several seconds before answering, “I'm not sure. I don't really pay attention to flowers, especially when I'm training.”

“Is that what you were doing today,” she asks excitedly, scanning his rough and sweaty exterior. “Where! Where were you training?”

“Uhh, well,” he starts nervously. “I... I can't say,” he weakly finishes, but she's not taking no for an answer.

“Naruto, please,” she pleads, her bewitching face instantly forming an adorable charming look she uses on her father when she really wants something. She even bends her knees so she's looking up at him, using the psychology that says men normally prefer to look down into a girl's eyes than up. She's also quite aware that he ought to be able to see a bit of cleavage, not to say she's the most abundant in that area, but she's certainly ahead of many kunoichi, developing quicker than most. She can easily tell it's working by the way he flusters and tries to avoid looking too far down. “I really, really need this,” she whines prettily. “Won't you help me?”

“Ah, ano,” Naruto fumbles, looking at her chest a moment before clearing his throat and looking at her pupil-less blue eyes. “Uh, sure!” Not completely for effect, she jumps up happily with a giggle. “I... I'll help, but, you absolutely cannot tell anybody where I'm taking you; it's my secret training spot.”

“I guess. Where is it?” she asks curiously. ‘How could any training ground in Konoha be secret?’ she mentally asks. ‘All active shinobi use them, you idiot.

“It's in the forest, about three hours north of the Hokage monument,” he answers.

“What?” she gasps. “Why would you train so far away?”

“It's secret training that's going to make me the strongest ninja in Konoha!” he happily tells her. Though she doesn't believe for a second that the Dead Last in their class can beat anyone, let alone be the strongest anything, she says nothing, content to play along until she has her treasure secure in her hands. He continues to say, “that also means I can't show you what I'm doing. I don't mind taking you where I was, but you can't see my training. Sorry,” he awkwardly tells her as if she cared.

She may have completed a step in her journey, but now she has to travel three hours through a dense forest without any assurances that the flower is there or still intact if it is. “You're sure you don't remember seeing it,” she asks again, moving the petal closer to his face.

“Sorry, Ino-chan,” he replies. She ignores the chan as he continues, “I more or less remember where I was, so I can take you there, but I was too focused on my training to remember any flowers.”

He chuckles at his own idiocy and it annoys her, but she moves on. “I have a team meeting tomorrow morning. It shouldn't be anything serious, like training,” she clarifies. “He just wants to tell us something important, so I can meet you afterward; by the Hokage monument.”

“Sweet,” he says brightly. “I'll see you tomorrow.”

And with that he was off, leaving her in delicious anticipation of better days to come. “Finally,” she yells. Ino felt she needed something good, and for it to happen as soon as tomorrow, was thrilling. Ino walked home content and ready for good fortune to take her.


Meeting at their usual tea shop, Asuma-sensei took a single drag of his cigarette prompting her to yell, “either put that out or tell us what this is about, sensei. That's horrible for my skin, you know!”

“I actually agree with her,” Shikamaru tells his sensei. “This is our day off and it's really early.”

“It's nine am,” Asuma corrects the lazy boy with a smirk.

“Like I said,” is all Shikamaru responds with.

“…These three,” Asuma mutters to himself before explaining why he called their meeting. “I called you all here because Konoha will be hosting one of the Fire Daimyo's daughters, Tomoko-hime. During her stay here, I'll be her escort, so I won't be able to stay with you for most of the day like we've been doing. That doesn't mean I want any of you to slack off.”

“Are we going to meet the princess,” Ino asks hopefully.

“Maybe,” Asuma answers after taking a sip of his tea. “You're my students after all. That's pretty much it. Any questions?”

“Are we still doing D-ranks?” Choji asks between a handful of chips, his constant, audible chewing annoying Ino to no end.

“We'll do a few for sure, but maybe not every day,” Asuma answers the Akimichi. “Anything else? No? Alright, dismissed?”

Asuma is already lighting his cigarette as he leaves his genin team and exits the shop. Before Ino can get more than a step away, Choji calls out to her. “Ino-chan wait!”

“What is it,” she throws out, annoyed, though making a small note of how weirdly Shikamaru is looking at his fat-ass of a friend.

“I know you didn't like the celebration dango I made for us becoming a team,” he starts to explain as he takes a container out of his pack where he keeps his potato ships. “I thought I'd make one special for you though.” He opens the container to show a single stick of a yellow, a red, and a blue dango. “This one is super low calorie, barely any carbs, no sugar, no salt and fat-free. It's basically little better than water.”

He presents the special dango to her and instantly she feels bad for some of the horribly insulting thoughts she had of him. Regardless of how everything turned out, she knows none of it was their fault, and since she’s going on a long hike, she decides to take the stick of dango. “Thanks Choji. That was really nice of you.”

The smile on his face surprised her. It wasn't so serious a thing he needed to be overjoyed over. ‘Maybe he worked really hard on this,’ she thought as she ate the first two with delight. ‘And I did throw away that last one he made.’

“Maybe we can hang out since we have the day off,” Choji suggests with a hopeful vigor, turning to Shikamaru. “What do you say Shikamaru? We can go to the park and play, or if you want to shop, Ino, we could do that too.”

“Sorry,” she starts, ripping the last blue dango from the long pick, before throwing the slim piece of wood into Choji's bag. “I actually got plans today. Maybe next time.”

“What are you doing,” Shikamaru asks with bored suspicion. To the pineapple-headed boy, she seems slightly more chipper and less bossy than normal.

“No way,” Ino mocks him in fake shock, before adding, “is that genuine interest I hear?” She smiles broadly at them before turning and leaving. She manages to hear the pineapple head, mutter, “troublesome,” before she's out of earshot and on her way to the Hokage monument. Luckily it's not more than fifteen minutes away from her team meeting spot.

“Yo!” Naruto calls when he sees her. “Morning Ino-chan.”

Rolling her eyes at the chan he adds to her name, she returns a glum, “no time for chit chat. Three hours there, three hours back, and I don't know how long it's going to take to find it; we don't have any time to waste, so let's go!”

With a weak chuckle he turns around and they begin their hike at a run.

It starts five minutes in. For some reason, Ino grows warm, very warm, nearly flushed. As they jog over through leaf invested grassy floors and over large tree roots, Ino begins to wonder about her physical well being. The Dead Last isn’t going any faster than she can handle but the excessive warmth is beginning to pool primarily to her lower back, hips, and thighs, though it doesn’t exempt her neck, cheeks, and bouncing breasts.

Ino tries to ignore it as her fogging mind reasons it was something she ate, however, soon, the salivating warmth invites a certain weakness to her feverish muscles. It was as if her well-conditioned control had been sucked out of her body, replaced by this tingling allergy spreading from her irritably stuffy pelvis down her humid thighs, up the flat of her toned abdomen, the swell of her torrid breasts and her languid red neck.

Ino had to stop jogging. Her uncooperative leg muscles were twitching and the sweat between her vibrating legs felt sticky. She didn’t even realize how long she’d stopped for until Naruto is standing right in front of her—not even breathing heavily—expressing, “it's going to take us longer to get there if you don't hurry up.”

Jumping at the chance to utilize the heat of her anger rather than the oddly sensitive heat of her body, she musters enough airy voice to shout back, “Sh-Shut... up.” It’s the weakest comeback she’s ever felt. “Just keep jogging,” she finishes. Naruto shrugs before taking off again.

Following after the golden-blond, Ino couldn’t understand why her body was reacting this way and what makes her start to panic is it’s only getting worse. With every step she took, Ino felt her breasts and the apex of her inner thighs getting hotter and hotter. A sensitive heat that continues its invasion to odd places she never really thought to feel before, like her ears, the back of her knees, between her toes, her ass cheeks, and even—to her horror—her sphincter. She can feel it twitch with a growing itch.

Ino was soon walking again, breathing heavily despite only jogging for five or ten minutes. She brings out her canteen of water, desperate for it’s cooling relief but only finds the clear liquid can do nothing to bate this demanding heat growing within her. In fact, the trickles of water that splash away from her cherry red lips, and stream down chin and neck, seem to ignite her sensitive skin further.

Nearly an hour in and she's sweating shamefully profusely. The way her fishnet stalkings and white bindings stick to her sodden skin, and her damp purple top wrapping desperately around her tender C-cup breasts and pebbled teats only fuels how incredibly obscene she feels at the moment. The raunchy Royal-Purple rags of her typical outfit cling to her, stretching and pulling with every dragging step ahead, but that's not where her attention is drawn. No, all of Ino's focus is on the incredibly heat gathering in her core and her stone hard nipples.

Though embarrassed, the fog of her mind and the special kunoichi training help her avoid reacting on those shameful feelings, lest she turn back and end her mission for coming out here in the first place. It also helps Naruto is always leading them and can’t see her, which is a relief as even the gentlest of breezes hazes her mind euphorically as it plays with her tingling body. ‘It’s odd,’ she thinks when her forgetful mind questions why she’s following the hypnotic orange of the blond’s jumpsuit.

As Ino wonders if they’re playing a game of slow tag, her hand drops to the tender junction between her legs and the slightest of contact nearly takes her knees out, electrifying her with the most pleasure she’s ever felt. So unaware of her surroundings, she didn't even realize the moan that she heard came out of her mouth until Naruto was right in front of her. She can barely make out how concerned he looks over the simple recognition of his maleness.

“Neh, are you okay,” he asks, putting his warm hand on her shoulder. Ino bursts at the contact. She couldn't understand how a hand touching her bald, fleshy, sweaty shoulder can feel so deliciously thrilling. Ino simply couldn’t think but for the urging of her basic needs and lurches forward, sending them both to the grassy floor.

On his back with Ino landing on top of him, her hips react without consent, or in Ino’s cloudy mind, without awareness, grinding her sodden crotch against his thigh, moaning freely of her ever-building pleasure. Ino becomes a being of continuous amazing sensation, lamely reasoning the strong muscle pressing against her needy crotch is contracting more pleasurable feelings with every single thrust. She isn’t even aware of the blond boy the strong thigh muscle is connected to as her hungry hips beg for more titillating stimulation, unconsciously grinding her leaking core against it repeatedly.






Naruto had no sense of what to do. He didn't know what Ino was doing. He didn’t know why she was doing it—or why his thigh was growing more and more wet. But the fact of the matter is, Ino—one of the prettiest girls in the village—was straddled his left leg. ‘Squishy,’ his mind sums it up. The purple flaps of her skirt gathered out of the way so he can clearly see her moist bandaged crotch rub itself vigorously against him. Her C-cup breast bounce inches away from his wide eyes and her constant weeping moans are regularly exhaled across his face.

This is… This is like sex,’ his mind yells, feeling the friction from his leg build to his crotch, stretching his pants. Looking at the mesmerizing way Ino ride his leg, Naruto can’t help the bulge growing any more than he can say, “so hot.”

The act itself was familiar, if not exactly like how he had researched. Naruto easily remembers pictures of girls riding boys but he didn't understand why Ino was doing that with him. From all his research into sexiness for his jutsu, he learned that having actual sex should be with someone you love… unless you pay for it, in which case, there’s no love in that.

But Ino kept on doing it. Rubbing her lower part on his thigh, moaning and whimpering loudly, inching closer and closer to his raging erection. Naruto notices the bandages loosen a moment before her sudden scream cuts through the serenity of the forest. Then, as if her voice shorted, her head snaps back, alarming him as her pelvis slides up his thigh and press against is his steel erection. She shivers and shakes uncontrollably, and the pained look on her face would worry him more if the tight warmth of their thighs squeezing against his dick didn’t feel so good. She stays static and spams for at least twenty seconds before she collapses on her back, her legs going limp straddled over his lap.

To Naruto, there’s a lot going on from moment to moment that’s more captivating than the next, but also none more so than the other. Her feverish red cheeks on her erotically satisfied face is no better or worse than the delightful groans of pleasure humming from her saliva covered mouth. Nor was the drenched, softness of her girl part pressing against his rock hard rod between them any better or worse than the way one of her hands begins roughly rubbing her breast. He couldn't reason how this was happening, but he’s never been one to shy away from asking.

Leaning forward, her legs flop like jelly, spread open and Naruto inspects the flush and heavily breathing girl as he crawls over her prone form a bit to reach her head. “Na, Ino, why did you- MNN!” Naruto is physically silenced when Ino tilts forward to wrap her arms around his neck and drag him down for a fierce kiss. She presses her full and soft lips hungrily against his. Naruto was stunned yet again when she opens her mouth to snake her tongue deep into his mouth and blend saliva.

At her upward thrust, Naruto regains enough sense of mind to pull back, quickly asking, “I-Ino, a-are you alright?”

Ino’s benumbed mind didn’t understand his question or his reluctance simply voicing her womanly needs. “Fill me up, Naruto! Make me feel good Naruto. Make me feel good!” she moans as she starts sucking on his neck while she pinches and pulls on one of her peaking nipples.

“You want me to-” he tries but he’s losing focus, asking, “how- Are you sure-”

“Just fuck me, Naruto!” she yells, losing control of her hips as the try to connect to any stiff surface of his. “Please,” she mewls. “I’m hurting! It hurts soo much without your dick!” She yells before forcibly taking his lips again.

Naruto was harder than he's ever felt in his life—to the point his dick hurts from the constriction—and Ino was kissing him like her life depended on it. Without thought, Naruto’s pelvis juts forward, pressing an impossibly constrained erection into the fleshy wet heat between her legs. A needy Ino moans into his mouth at the contact before she immediately pushes him up enough to pull her purple top off, her platinum blond hair whipping back with it. Naruto’s pelvis thrusts into her again and again, reveling in the pleasure of the wet warmth as she removes the safety pins of her binding. She couldn’t peel it all off but that wasn’t the immediate need.

Feeling his perfect and constant thrusts, she moans weakly as she nearly rips off the strangling ribbons and that sound spurned him on. Years of training in reading body cues to understand an opponent is telling him she’s desperate for this. He can hear her want in her animal cries and feel her need in her impulsive plunge back.

“Take off,” Naruto hears her groan.

“Ino,” he gasps his question, losing his ability to articulate the thought, ‘what do you mean?

“Take off your fucking pants, already!” she yells as she finally frees enough of the white trapping to liberate her gleaming, pulsing pussy to the open, forest air. It tingled enough to make her moan and she began exploring the sexual organ bringing her amazing pleasure with both hands. It wasn't until she heard the zipper being drawn down like a chainsaw, that she came back to some form of minor awareness and realized this was Naruto on top of her. Naruto was the one making her feel good, but she couldn’t think as to why that would be bad.

Naruto was wildly stimulated and his thoughts didn't stretch further than the most immediate and sustained pleasure, which couldn’t be bothered to completely take off his pants or even think to remove his jacket and undershirt. He didn't waste any time liberating his rock hard rod from the tight confines of his boxer; showcasing to Ino the thick length of his want for her.

Looking down at it, Ino couldn't really compare him to anyone since she hadn't ever done this before and most of the pictures she's seen were diagrams for educational purposes. Naruto was long, thick, with throbbing veins and round golden-pube balls, but what really surprised her was how shapely the head of his dick was. Her hands instinctively reach for his hot meat stick. Despite it’s aggressive posture, it’s smoother than she expected. She wonders if it should be so hot until she feels it pulse in her hand and hears him groan in satisfaction above her.

To Naruto, he felt cold and he only had a mind to be inside hot wetness. Ino felt hollow enough she might disappear and needed him to feel full again. She lined him to the entrance of her aroused canal, pressing his eager shaft against her swollen lips before he promptly thrusts into her. The two teens groan in unison, each feeling different sensations but equal in immense satisfaction. Ino’s legs quake as all energy is sucked out of them.

He’s splitting me,’ Ino’s mind yells with clenched teeth, easily feeling Naruto’s veined member plunged to the end of her soaking snatch pulsing impatiently. Naruto pulls out slowly with a wet ‘shloop’, dragging out a deep groan from Ino before stuffing her sloshing pleasure cavity. Instinctive for more, he pounds away into her, lost to anything but the pure pleasure in this gorgeous once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. The size of him forces pain to register in her mind, but her drug-addled mind needed too much pleasure to tell him to slow down, or Kami help her, to stop.

The new, intrusive experience didn't hurt much, if at all. She was vaguely aware that it was supposed to; not that her hymen was intact. The majority of kunoichi lose that barrier of flesh through rigorous exercise and training. In Ino’s mind-numbing arousal, it isn’t long after he first stuffed her to the brim with his meat that she’s moaning loudly by his relentless thrusts, filling her with unbearable satisfaction in spite of how much he was stretching her to accommodate his girth. With the amount of fluids flooding her love channel, it didn't take Naruto more than four or five thrusts to completely sheath himself inside of her. “You- Kami, Ino, you feel sooo good,” Naruto hotly groans between grunts. “It’s so tight! Hot! Wet!”

With ever etch of her pleasure membrane deliciously being pulled by the thick head and veined girth of his member, Ino moaned continuously. With every thrust, Ino's hazy mind bursts with long echoing pleasure broadcasting to every inch of her body. It seemed like no time at all before Naruto was pounding his thick meat with fluid ease and she was moaning for more.

MNN, yes, Naruto! More!” Ino gasps. “Pl-Please, harder! I’m- I’m- I’m almost-” she begged, as his bulbous head would tongue her cervix with fluid ease, pulling fantastically at her squeezing walls on its way out before his entire shaft would fill her sponge-tunnel completely again ripping an “AHHNN!” out of her every time.

Ino was lost in a whirlpool of pleasure as a result of Naruto's devastating rod and her moist vagina squeezes his sensitive shaft hungrily, begging for its nourishment. “Ino!” Naruto calls, feeling like he’s getting close to deliciously breaking apart. Naruto knows he’s close and he knows it’ll be great when without warning, the frothy walls of her vagina snap shut, clamping on his sensitive dick, sending him over a peak that feels explosive in pleasure. Naruto buries himself with one final thrust burying himself in her quaking hole to his balls and empty weeks worth of gelatinous cum inside of her.

Feeling the molten semen filling her small cavity triggers a second more powerful orgasm and Ino’s eyes roll into her head, her toes curl intensely like they’ve grown a fourth joint to bend further and she clings to Naruto’s dick as she blacks out from the sheer waves of euphoria drowning her sweaty body. As her body held and squeezed a groaning Naruto, he wasn’t aware that she had passed out.

As he fills Ino’s sanctuary with line after line of his thick ejaculate, what Naruto couldn’t be told is unusual about how he cums was that penises do not swell at the base to twice their girth. That’s an animalistic characteristic not found in normal humans but as Ino was unconscious for her first ever creampie, she would have to tell him after the second round.






Sound is the first thing Ino becomes aware of.

“Oh,” she hears him grunt lewdly in tandem with a repeated wet smacking noise. “Ssso good Ino-chan! You feel soo goood,” Ino hears, slowly opening her glossy eyes to the hypnotic rocking of the tall trees above and the boy eagerly fucking her. Ino’s boneless legs were wrapped securely around the cunt-humping blond and she was flush against him with his head beside hers. The pleasure all rushes back to her like growing pains and very quickly, Ino automatically returns his amorous affection without question. Fucking him just is and her cerebellum is immediately rushed with an overpowering amount of mind-numbing pleasure, triggering miniature quakes up and down her arched spine and throughout her sweaty body.

“You're so beautiful!” The half-naked blond praises her between a long series of flesh-smacking thrusts. “So beautiful!”

Ino met him eagerly thrust for thrust and she couldn't fathom as to how. He felt so much stronger than her, bigger, hotter, impossibly perfect inside of her. His grip, his thrust, the molten steel pounding inside her, reach her upper walls easily to that lovely spot that seems to shoot unimpaired jolts of lightning throughout her entire body, forcing her to arching her lower back deeply and spread her legs as far as she can to give him all the access he wants. He was unrelenting and she accepted the pure bliss of submitting to him unashamed. The tension in her lower stomach builds faster than she's ready for, adding that extra bit of concern for her sanity.

“Keep going! Keep! Fuckin’! My little cunt!” she happily yells, letting the waves of mounting pleasure roll over and over her into a higher precipice. “Whatever you do, don't, AHHN! Don’t s-s-s-stop.Ahn, ahn, it's- It's coming again,” She yells deeply and freely. “I'm cumming, I'm cumming, I'm CUMMMINGGGGGG!” She moans greatly, hoarsely as the astounding pressure within explodes with pleasure, short-circuiting all brain function but for the eternal satisfaction of squeezing his hot, thick dick as she cums endlessly.

With the quick shifts and jerks of her furnace-like gyrating hips, Naruto couldn't overcome how pleasurable her canal hosting him felt. With a final grunting thrust, he buried himself as deep as physically possible and discharged copious helpings of his thick seed inside her quaking meat sheath. With his most delicious waterfall being squeezed into her, Ino oddly wonders why his dick is swelling so much—an isolated thought that didn’t last.

As if her orgasm triggering his orgasm wasn’t enough, feeling the boiling pool filling her so deeply, extending her walls and etching into sensitive fold, Ino saw white as her head shoots back and her scorching body is wracked with another wave as mighty as the first burst, quaking and spasming mini contractions throughout her weakened constitution. She simply held on with taunt arms and her stuffed pussy, feeling more attached to him than Ino could’ve ever thought possible. Her plugged pussy quaked continuously, holding a copious amount of his spunk as her fevered body squeezes his spitting rock hard appendage like a vice as if trying to memorize every vein and curve of his impressive manhood.

Naruto’s weight dropped on her like a sack of crushing water but as even the roots of her platinum-blond scalp feels amazing, so too does the pressure of his weight on her. Time was meaningless as the warm mesh of perpetual pleasure rendered the lovers motionless.

The last vestiges of restraint, of ration, of any lucidity, had long abandoned her—both of them, in truth. They've long since given up trying to explain the why of losing their virginity to each other. It couldn’t matter when there was so much ecstasy to be had. Ino’s hazy mind can’t even process the connection of losing her virginity to someone she doesn't love—the Dead Last of their year, of all people—nor that it was little more than wild animals rutting savagely in the open forest floor.

They stopped for the sake of resting their highly trained lethal bodies, however as ninjas, they didn’t need much. With Naruto’s boundless stamina and Ino’s abnormal addiction to pleasure, both teenagers give in to their primal and unquenchable urges, satisfying each other again and again as if nothing else existed. Her mind was silent of any doubt or plan or consequence. The singular thoughts forming loudly in her loopy head is of submission, and in an odd way, liberation.

In their momentary rest, he works his tongue and lips down her body, to the swollen center of her love-tunnel. Naruto ate her out and she came so hard she squirted. He lapped it up, spouting something about ramen broth, and to her dull astonishment, Ino happily returns the favor.

It was odd being faced with the appendage responsible for all her pleasure; from a boy she never—even in her wildest dreams—ever thought she would let in her mouth let alone her body. And yet here she is, too high on the wonders of bliss and the source of it all to care about taking a firm, possessive hold of his base and licking the bulbous head. Her tongue brushes the underside of his thick shaft, and instead of disgust, she relished in the obscenity of their combined taste—a frothy nectar made of her pussy juice mixing with his scrubbed cum. Ino lapped it up, cleaning his shaft thoroughly before taking him in her mouth, very much to his great pleasure.

She never expected to like taking a man in her mouth. It's not a topic of conversation among the girls her age but she's heard from other clan members. The older kunoichi would seem to repel at the way men expect this act and so Ino always thought it was strictly a man’s pleasure at the woman's expense. But when Naruto groans loudly, almost feebly, it gives her such a rush that she can control him like this, that she sucked him off like delicious candy. She can almost play him like a puppet, and it made her wet.

“That feels- that feels… so great, Ino!” he would moan, both hands on her head. “You- Your mouth… is amazing!” And it always thrilled her to hear. When he came, she didn't expect to like his tight, strong, and needy grip on her head as he groans to the high heavens. She also didn’t expect to like his thick spunk being pumped down her throat. But more than anything, she didn’t expect the cum-pumping cock in her mouth to swell at the base to nearly twice its girth.

That’s different,’ is her only scrutiny on the impossible reaction as she swallows load after load like sucking on a baby bottle. It was satisfying in a primal way to be used so desperately for his pleasure and Ino craves more. Flipping him on his back so she can straddle his waist, his thick manhood was stirring her pleasure sensitive sex seconds later. The afternoon sun soaked the wanton lovers as she rode him, her long silky hair, undone and catching the lowering light and Naruto couldn't believe how beautiful she looked.

Despite the eagerness of her gyrating hips, lifting and grinding down on his meat pole, his sky blue eyes never left her erotic face contorted in absolute pleasure. When her pupil-less powder blue eyes lock on his intense gaze, she felt penetrated in a way she wasn't expecting. By now, she wouldn't bat an eyelash at the bliss of taking his large cock in her or even releasing his wonderfully hot load in her young womb, but the eyes are the window to the soul, a part of her that was more vulnerable than even her body.

Riding him felt different then, bigger, not simply in the act of intercourse but in the meaning behind him. He was looking at her like there were no tomorrows, like she was the world and time stood still. What they were doing was larger in that sense, and through the electric haze clouding her mind, she was compelled to turn away. Looking at the sky as tears stroll down her cheeks, Ino knows they don't love each other. They don't even know one another; not really.

He sits up adding a delicious angle of penetration, finding a spot that sent shivers up her spine as he wraps her clammy torso in his strong arms, calling her attention back to him. “Don't, please,” he pleads, his eyes expressing far more than his words. “Let me see you. I just want...” he groans as she meets his upward thrusts. “...To see you... your beautiful... gorgeous... wonderful... face...”

His beautiful blue eyes relay a wealth of information that wouldn't allow her to look away. He was giving her the best of his everything, and that courage, to be so free and trusting with himself, with her... the thrill impulsively forces her body to clamp down on his greedy appendage. They both groaned deeply at the sudden tightness, only allowing themselves a moment to enjoy it before he snaked his arms around her back and kept thrusting into her, all the while staring deeply into her vulnerability.

The face she shows him—this euphorically pained face that no one's ever seen—and the way he craves for her the same way she craves for him, the tightly wound, massive coil in the core of her stomach snaps, seizing her entire body with gigantic crippling shocks and aftershocks. Her scream is loud and hoarse, as her body contorts and contracts wildly. With one final thrust, he buries himself to the balls and brilliantly coats her thirsty walls with whatever he has left, transferring even more powerful aftershock battering her exhausted and spent body before he plugs her with his unique cock.

After the massive inferno of pleasure is reduced to a humming simmer, she falls forward as his back finds the mushed grass. Both gasping for breath, Naruto holds her against him indulging in the feel of her soft breasts and hot moist skin against his. Ino can almost feel his smile as she rests her head by the side of his. When his now softened penis slips out, he groans almost sad about it. With the exception of swallowing one of his loads, Naruto preferred to finish inside of her.

It must've felt great for him,’ her lucid thoughts suggests. She couldn't know that he really likes the connection, the closeness, the affection, the way she squeezes him hungrily for every ounce he has to offer. She just couldn't know what this means to him because to her, his reputation was enough to avoid learning any more about him.

At the first attempt to leave, Ino barely reached for her purple top before Naruto was on her again. Holding herself against the trunk of a tree, he fucked her from behind, her legs spread wide enough for his ease of relentlessly deep pumping. Ino couldn't hold herself for long and kept sliding down the smooth bark. It was only due to Naruto's tight hold on her shapely hips that kept her remotely upright, until her taut core of pleasurable snaps with concussive force, and yet again, an explosion of mind-numbing pleasure rips through her spine and up her cranium, overloading her entire existence with unabated pleasure.

As she rides wave after wave of unceasing pleasure, her spasming meat pocket holds onto Naruto for dear life, causing him to break his spunk-bank yet again to deposit a frothy helping of his thick cum. Gathering the super-heated pool of his man-milk in her filling uterus triggers her ascension to a realm made entirely of intense bliss and Ino succumbs to a litany repeated orgasms.

After much needed rest, they try again to leave, with either of them mindlessly voicing, “… I think… we should…” And they move to reach for their clothes only for Ino wind up on all fours with Naruto gripping her hips and probing the wrong hole. “Wai… wait… Naruto.”

“Hmm?” he manages to ask as he uses more force to poke through.

“That's… my… ass,” she says before a wicked moan rings in the air. Though Ino should feel repulsed by his mistake, her drug-addled mind recalls the itch of her ass. The scratch that was pulsing profoundly a fingers length inside her bowls. Naruto’s reach was longer than her finger and his thrusts were insistent.

“That’s so hot,” Naruto states, seemingly of the belief that she’s as okay with this as she is with everything.

Ino finds the more she relaxes her bowl and ass muscles the more satisfying it becomes. Though she prefers he stuffs her pussy, she finds she delights in anal play as well. The steadily increasing rhythm of his hooking bulbous head scratches her buzzing itch so deliciously, Ino is moaning just the same as if he was assaulting in her soaking pussy. The way his balls hits her clit with every moist smack of their crotch was like being choked with pleasure until she couldn’t breathe and died in ravenous euphoria. At the feeling of his thick pole filling her bowls, Ino passes out again from the intensity of the body-breaking feeling.

After each intermission to catch their breath they would try again to leave—to go back to the village—but every time would end in failure. After hours of sex, Ino's not ashamed to admit she absolutely loves the feeling of his molten man-milk being vigorously pumped into her ass, pussy or mouth. The rolling hills of bliss crashing lethally against her weakened body seemed to her like the only joy that could exist, and Naruto always seemed ready and eager to give it, knocking her out time and time again, to then wake to him devouring her breast or eating her out. Despite their growing exhaustion, the lovers find oblivion in each other until they both collapse.


Chapter Text





It was well into the night when Ino walked into her home on unsteady legs, dragging her travel pack on the floor behind her.

“Honey is that you,” Ino hears her mother call from the other room. Ino absentmindedly deduced her mother was in the kitchen, likely putting away any leftover food. At the sweet sound of her mother's voice, Ino wants to cry. A great pang of unholy contamination is crammed into her chest as her vision fills with fat globs of tears that don’t shed. Unable to trust her voice not to share her inconceivably horrid ordeal, Ino clamps a desperate hand over her mouth, shaking the globules of tears to rush down her cheeks and hand, as she just hums, “Mm-hmm!

To Ino, it felt like the entire story of her raw grief and debauchery could easily be detected in her tone alone. Despite how utterly filthy she feels, she wants to run to her pure mother for her solid protection and be told that everything was going to be alright. But she also wants to hide with just as much desire—to never let her mother know exactly how unclean her daughter has become. Her mother easily responds, “okay. Your father and I are going to sleep. If you take a shower, keep it down. There's food in the fridge if you're hungry.”

Ino hears faint feet walk away, then silence. Crunching her appealing face in misery, the painful quiet of her home only aids the loud memories of her day, continually flooding her mind's eye and shaming her tears to fall faster down her semen-stained cheeks, dirty fingers, and button chin. She can already tell from the heat drowning her eyes, that she won’t stop crying anytime soon.

Ino slowly makes her way to her bathroom, eager to wash off the crusty lust-covered insanity of the day. No matter how many hours it takes, she doesn't plan on leaving until the job is thoroughly done. Though deep down she knows no amount of water or anti-bacterial body wash will ever erase what’s been done to her once innocent temple, it won’t stop her from trying. With never-ending memories of her acting like a corner whore as her fuel, how could she not scrub and scrub until she bleeds?

In the bathroom and turned away from the mirror, Ino was struck with indecision. After everything she and Naruto did—how completely they satisfied their every animalistic desire—she’s determined to decontaminate every millimeter of her well-used body, however, where to begin? Everywhere is her goal because he sucked, licked, or coated white every inch of her with such musky vigor, scrubbing one area of her anatomy meant not disinfecting another, and she just wanted it all off. Ino wants to feel new again—pure and innocent—but she isn’t anymore and she never will be again; birthing a fresh batch of tears.

It was taking every bit of her clan’s mental training to keep from breaking down. A daunting task when she simply considers the magnitude of losing her virginity at such a young age. It’s an impossible task when she further considers how she also lost her anal cherry to the same idiot. In fact, any which way she’s heard a woman can pleasure a man, Ino did it with Naruto… of all people.

Oh Kami, I sucked him off!’ Her mind yells, effortlessly reliving the greedy blowjob she gave him both in her mind and on the lingering sensation of her swollen lips. Giving Naruto her first kiss would’ve been bad enough but kissing, and licking, and sucking his fluid covered cock just didn’t make any sense to her. The buzzing of her cock-experienced lips tells the story of how she returned the favor—happily and willingly—stunning her perpetually, asking herself, ‘how? How could I have done that? With him? I’m not that girl. I’m not…

Worse than her vivid recollections, her body is still humming with residual delight at the physical memory of him against her—of him in her. Ino's mind could not think of anything else. ‘He fucked me. He fucked me like a dog… and I loved it… who am I?’ Her mind asks, and her tears answer, ‘you’re sad.’

Tears mix with the water as she simply decides to start. She would have to wash everything his hands, mouth, and dick invaded, rubbed, sucked and pinched, thoroughly and repeatedly. She can easily feel the most tender parts of her body, and would deal with them, but the most sensitive issue is the copious buildup of sappy fluid still inside of her. He not only licked, sucked, and fucked her pussy, he erupted—deliciously she hates to admit—several large loads inside of her.

For the trek back she had to use her filthy bindings to keep the pool of man milk from constantly leaking down her legs. If anyone saw her walking with trails of semen running down her thighs, Ino wouldn’t survive the shame. It made walking back extra challenging as she felt the shifting weight of semen if she swayed too much. Sadly it was nearly impossible not to as her legs were terribly weak, and the natural grace of her walk already adds a racy sway to her eye-catching hips—a favorite feature of hers that now has finger bruising from his strong grip.

Gripping the banister, she tries to stop thinking about all the vivacious activity that involved her nether region, already feeling herself growing warmer. “Stop it Ino,” she warns herself, her tone almost pleading, but she can't; all the while wondering how her body can still feel so responsive after nearly eight hours of full-on intercourse, oral stimulation, anal play, or massaging exploration.

When she feels the heat of her tender folds grow slick with wanton anticipation, she rushes to the shower, turns the cold tap to full blast and stands under the shower head. The shock of its icy pain cascades through her system, doing what she doesn't seem capable of doing on her own; cooling down. The day started with so much hope and promise. Ino had not expected it to end with her crying under the loud shower head, wailing so loud she's certain her parents or at least her mother would rush in and check on her. No one does and there she stays.






“Ne, Naru-nii, why didn't you tell me I was going to have sex with Ino-chan?”

WH-Wait, what? ..What? ...What?’ Naru-nii garbled as if coughing and choking at the same time. Naru-nii was coughing so hard, Naruto actually worries the prayer would cut off. With his hands clasped at the back of his blond head, the de-virgenized genin walks to the unpopular training area to continue his chakra control training. He finds it much easier to talk aloud than in his head, and continues. “Is this like when I asked if you knew who my- our parents are, and you said yes but there's a good reason you wouldn't tell me?”

I never said I wouldn't tell you,’ Naru-nii returns with a somewhat raspier voice. ‘I said it's for the best if the only thing you know right now is how bad-ass they were. I said I'd tell you if you kept all this stuff about me and the future a secret.’

“I have!” Naruto throws back to no one in particular, as he's the only one traveling down the dirt road.

I don't go back on my word,’ Naru-nii passionately replies.

“Me neither!” Naruto returns.

Humored, Naru-nii continues, ‘I'll tell you after you learn Fūton Rasengan, but trust me, it's just like keeping the Kyūbi a secret, the less people know the better. Now... what the hell is this about Ino?

Twisting his face curiously, Naruto asks, “didn't you have sex with her too?”

No!’ he bellows. ‘No! I haven't had sex with anyone! Plus, I only have eyes for Sakura-chan.... not that I didn't notice how some of the other girls were... ‘developing,’ but still, you’re saying you had- actually had sex with Ino? Yamanaka Ino? Long blond hair, blue eyes, curvy, always wears a purple skirt and top? That Ino?

Naruto was nodding his head with a big smile the entire time, finally finishing with, “yup!”

How?!’ Naru-nii yells in truly astonishing disbelief.

“Wait, how come you haven’t?” Naruto asks, believing they must share the same experience if Naru-nii is from the future. Even someone as dense as Naruto knows that much. “You're supposed to be the Me from the future. Doesn't that mean that you know everything that's going on now, like, in the past?”

No! Er, at least I don't think so,’ Naru-nii slowly comments, as if trying to gather his thoughts at that moment. ‘I'm in a complete seal, remember. I'm cut off from everything. It was the only way to ensure I could have an uninterrupted chance of fixing everything. I have the memories I came in with, but I don't know how different things are since talking to you. I mean, you’re learning stuff faster so I gotta imagine that’ll change things... but damn man, that’s a hell of a change.

“Oh,” Naruto gripes, before nervously adding, “that sucks… for you, I mean.”

SHEUUT UPP,’ Naru-nii yaps, easily recognizing his own smugness in his past counterpart. ‘Wh-what about Sakura-chan?’ the older Naruto asks.

“Ugghh,” Naruto groans griping his heart, nearly tripping over in guilt. “I know, I know! I'm worthless! I'm shit! How could I say she's the love of my life, then turn around and have sex with another girl? I couldn't sleep at all last night. I couldn't even look at her today!” Naruto yells up at the skies.

Hey, now, don't beat yourself up too much,’ he mildly puts. It’s a generalization with a hesitant tone that spoke to how out of his depth Older Naruto is in this conversation. ‘And Ino... I'm sure she likes you just as much as you like Sakura-chan.’

“I thought you knew me?!” Naruto bellows. “I don't just like Sakura-chan. I love her!”

I know,’ Naru-nii sympathetically agrees. ‘I couldn't even picture my life without her in it. Even now, the only reason why I pushing on is because she's one of my precious people I'm trying to save, and I won't let her down. It helps me, knowing training you protects her and keeps her safe. But, none of that means she'll love us like we do her, you know? Nor does it mean that Ino couldn't love us- well, you, like you love Sakura-chan.

“But Ino doesn't love me!” Naruto returns still looking around as if there's someone there. Sulking at the memory, he plunges his hands in his pockets and kicks at stones while he walks.

What?’ Naru-nii asks clear confusion in his tone. ‘Uh… I don’t get it.

“She told me so,” Naruto asserts. “When we- ...after we, uh, finished, she shoved me with an Academy Double-Palm, yelled at me, told me she'd kill me with poison ramen if I ever told anyone, and then she left. Even though it was hard for her to walk she wouldn't even let me help her home. She yelled at me to stay away.” Naruto can't help feeling like he'd done something wrong, or why else would she be mad?

Okay, I need more details,’ Naru-nii responded. ‘Start from the beginning because this isn't making sense,’ he said before quickly adding, ‘if there isn’t enough time left to help you train, than keep working on the first step. Now, what happened?

The younger of the blonds explained to the older how she asked him to help her find a plant, how they met near the monument, how weird she was acting, then how she essentially jumped him. With a fair bit of trepidation, an embarrassed Naruto even admits he didn’t do a good enough job stopping her, simply submitting to her demands.

Wow,’ Naru-nii gasps absolutely stunned before Naruto further explains, “I was kinda scared at first and tried to stop it, but… you know, she's Ino-chan, and she looks like she does, and- and it looked like she was hurting! I swear, it was like she needed my help… like, with her p-privates, which is totally bonkers, but I... I did it…” Naruto trails off lost in memory for a moment before exhaling a deep sigh then continuing. “When I realized she wanted to do that adult stuff, well, she's so pretty and Kami, did it feel good.... uggh, but that shouldn’t matter, should it?! I'm horrible, aren't I? I'm a sick pervert.”

You're neither a sick pervert or horrible,’ future-Naruto responds. ‘I honestly don't know how to explain that situation. It doesn't sound like you did anything to start it, but she seemed pretty upset at the end… I just don't know. That’s a tough one.

“Should I... tell Sakura-chan?” Naruto weakly asks, his face crumbling and on the verge of tears. “Uwah, I just feel terrible! I think about how much I liked doing that with Ino-chan, then I think about how I betrayed Sakura-chan, and I get so confused! It's crazy! It was wrong because I love Sakura-chan, but it felt so right, and that means- it means-”

Stop!’ Naru-nii commands, getting his younger self to stop. ‘Listen carefully, because I only have a few more minutes. I don't think you should tell Sakura-chan. And I only say that because, well, she doesn't really see us that way... at the moment. It’s super easy to feel how guilty you are over what you did with Ino, even when you have someone else you’re in love with, but I think telling Sakura-chan is less about her, and more about you punishing yourself. And in our experience, we both know that never solves anything. The only thing I can say is try and focus on what you can control.

“What do you mean,” he asks, clearing the corners of his eyes of budding tears.

I mean, you'd still protect Sakura-chan and even Ino-chan if you had to, right?

“Yeah,” he lamely answers.

Of course you would, because they're still your comrades as shinobi of the Leaf. Despite everything, at least you can say you always want them to be safe. How about their happiness? Do you want them to be happy?

“Of course,” he responds as if that's obvious.

There you go. That's another connection you share, right? They're still people that know you, and who recognize you. That's important. It means you can also, at the very least, be a good friend to either of them, because a good friend would want them to be happy. I can't tell you what's up with Ino, since that's way beyond my expertise, but if she's not acting normally, what do you think a good friend would do?

Thanks to years of not knowing the answer to questions asked of him in the Academy, Naruto immediately responds with his go-to answer, “I don’t know.” Hearing Naru-nii’s sigh makes Naruto take a moment to actually ponder the honest answer asked of him. “I guess… I guess I'd ask her if she's doing okay? No, I… I'd make sure she was okay, and that I didn't do anything bad I shouldn't have.”

If that's how you truly feel, than I'm sure you'll figure it out,’ Naru-nii pleasantly tells his younger counterpart.

“Aww, can't you just tell me?” Naruto asks.

Sorry, I can honestly tell you this is way outside of my wheelhouse,’ his future self admit with a bit of a chuckle. ‘Maybe find someone you can trust who knows more about that kind of stuff. I mean, I still can't really believe it. You and Ino. That’s insane.

“Yeah,” Naruto nods several times in agreement. “Me neither. I use Kai or pinch myself like forty times a day just to make sure I'm real and that it happened.”

No doubt,’ he says, though Naruto can hear his tone is fading. ‘Just remember, whatever happens, you know in your heart you'll always protect them.

“Damn right,” Naruto returns, but his future counterpart was already gone. Feeling a little better, Naruto spends nearly three hours running around the village, looking for Ino while his clones practice the first step of Rasengan in his apartment.

He spent the entire week looking for her without success. His disappointment even masked all the positives that week had produced. Sakura-chan actually came up to him… to talk! He wasn't thrilled about the topic, as she only wondered if he might be a little more forceful in his spars with Sasuke so she can treat him; any excuse to touch him apparently. He didn't know if she was progressing well, but she seemed ecstatic about her study.

Kakashi-sensei and Sasuke-teme remained as distant as usual, but he was starting to surprise them with his taijutsu. Suddenly it wasn't quite as easy for Sasuke to beat him when they sparred. Hell, his high spirits couldn't be denied when he finally got a chance to talk to Iruka-sensei.

He snuck into his room after visiting hours and fortunately for the young genin, his favorite sensei was still awake. He didn't say much since he was still recuperating and very tired, but the older man made sure to tell him he didn't blame him for what happened before sleep took him. Naruto stayed in the darkroom for what felt like hours and would've stayed longer if a nurse didn't need to check the monitoring equipment.

His most vital success was finally completing the first stage of learning Rasengan. Naru-nii happily congratulated him, wishing he could be there to give him a celebratory Popsicle. Naruto didn't understand it, but he knows he would've liked that. Having only just succeeded in bursting the water balloon, he felt it was perfect timing as it would give him an uninterrupted weekend to start on the second stage of the amazing technique: Power.

It had been one of the best weeks of his life, but it always paled when his thoughts migrated to Ino-chan. Naruto had to make sure she was okay, and if possible, talk about what happened. So every day, he'd search for hours. He ran into several people multiple times, including Team 8 and their sensei, but never Ino. Despite running into the team three times, she was never with them.

He immediately wanted to ask about her, but an image of her yelling at him, angry for asking about her frustratingly kept him from taking the direct approach to learning what he wanted to know. So, he ignored the impulse to ask them directly… until the third time he ran into to them looking for her. After days with no luck, he instead—in his roundabout way of trying to learn where's she been—jokingly asks, “Ino-chan finally got tired of dealing with you two?”

Chōji immediately defends his teammate, spouting back, “no! She's just sick!”

“Oh,” Naruto returns, genuinely unhappy to hear. “Sorry, I didn't know. Hey, do you guys want to train? I've been working on some killer new moves!”

They naturally turned him down, as he expected they would, and the moment he was far enough away, he raced to the Yamanaka compound. Having already explored most of Konoha as a neglected orphan, he knew exactly where he was going, and how to scout out the clan home. It wasn't as large as some of the other clan residences, like the Hyūga, Nara, Inuzuka, or Aburame. Aside from their large greenhouse, the Yamanaka didn't need quite so much space.

After thirty minutes of covertly surveying the perimeter, he couldn't spot her through any windows, balcony, or in their flower shop, leading him to debated his next move. It isn't that he couldn't think of a way. He was just worried about the fallout as it could easily lead to issues if he was found out. It had only been five days since their shared experience and everyday Naruto grew more and more worried, and so, after an agonizing over the pros and cons for several minutes, Naruto just shrugs and henge's into Shikamaru. The spiky-haired lazy-ass wasn't hard to imitate and as Ino’s team member, it wouldn't be odd if he showed up to check on her.

Knocking on the main house door, a woman he wasn't sure was Ino's mother—as she didn't have blond hair or blue eyes and seemed very rigid—opened the door. Still, in a sweet voice, rich with familiarity, she instantly recognizes the bored expression of her daughter's teammate. “Shikamaru-kun, what a surprise. I had no idea you were stopping by.”

After showing the perfect imitation of Shikamaru's unenthusiastic exhale, Naruto calmly responds, “I wasn't going to. I was just close by and wondered how Ino-ch- Ino was doing.”

“Oh, isn't that sweet of you,” she says, either ignoring the slip or not drawing attention to it. “That must be your mother's influence. I could never see Shika ever showing that level of concern. ‘Too Troublesome,’ he'd say. Unfortunately, dear, she's still unwell. Here, wait inside, and I'll see if she's up for a visit.” she states, naturally moving aside and waving him in. Naruto nervously enters and Ino-chan's mom verbalizes her daughter's need to always look presentable. “I know the importance of always presenting your best face, but teammates and strangers are two different things, I feel.”

Naruto only hums a bored agreement as the madam of the house retreats to her daughter's room. After five minutes, she returns with an apologetic face, and seconds later, he leaves their home. Deflated, Naruto returns to his apartment in failure. He spends that night wondering how he can see her without causing too much ruckus. Of course, he could break in, like he's been doing to see Iruka-sensei, but he didn't think that would turn out well on Clan property. It was the next day, with Naru-nii's help, that Naruto figures out what he can do.






Ino sat in her bed, legs bent under her so that her butt rests on her feet, staring forlornly at a pictured frame in her hand. The picture within the regularly polished oak frame was of her graduating class—after they had passed the exam but before team assignments. There were twenty students in the picture but Ino was only staring at one: the raven-haired, onyx eyes of Uchiha Sasuke. Gazing at the pale imitation of his likeness, her mind is a mess of thoughts about him, about her, about what happened, about it all. Deep down, Ino knows she's destined to be with him, though it always irks her no one else could neither see or accept that. Not that it mattered. In the end, she knew they would end up together. Simply put, she had a critical advantage.

Unlike his other simple fans, she was heiress to one of the Noble clan's of Konoha. She couldn't claim to be the only heiress in their class, but that was yet another sign that fate favored her inevitable union with Sasuke-kun since Hinata-chan, the Hyūga heiress, was perpetually shy and showed no interest in the Rookie of the Year to begin with. No, out of all the girls that could be with him, she was the only one with the pedigree to be by his side, a fact Forehead always ignored.

On top of that, much like all the girls rate all the boys by looks—Sasuke-kun being the clear victor—Ino was officially voted most beautiful girl in their class. She may have just missed out becoming top kunoichi but that's always been more academic than practical. With beauty and clan alone, it was obvious she was the clear choice for Sasuke-kun's affection. And still, she had more to offer him.

Her clan are specialists of the mind—mind-walkers, therapists, councilors, healers. On multiple occasions, her father explained the many ways their clan serves Konoha, and one of them happened to be healing mental anguish after surviving traumatic events; a vital service in a military village. She recalls vividly how her father felt such sympathy for Sasuke-kun after the massacre of his clan and his family. Her father cared deeply for his well being, making her care too, but at the time, he worried more for Sasuke-kun's mental state, and what that loss will do to him.

Ino will admit she lacks the expertise to properly treat his trauma—no matter what form that took—but she knew Sasuke-kun needed her more than anyone to help him heal from his suffering. She was the only one that could understand him, that could save him. They were made for each other. That's why it brakes her heart every time her memory wanders to the event that took place last week. She's meant to be with Sasuke-kun, to help him, to be his strength, and yet, she thoroughly debased herself with another boy; the weakest, loudest, Dead Last of their class, and worse yet, she was out of her mind in bliss for every second of it.

Thank Kami, the idiot wasn't in the photo she was desperately clutching at. He hadn't passed the final exam, and despite the oddity of him showing up to team assignments, no one cared. However, after what happened—what they had done—Ino didn't need his photo to accurately picture him. It had been seven days to the day, and she can still picture everything about his strong body so perfectly. Just thinking about him, undressed and on top of her made her chest tight and her mouth water as much as her loins.

Biting down hard on her plump lower lip, this was the burden she'd been dealing with all week. Thinking about him lights a fierce fire inside her and since her debauchery, it’s been a constant penalty Ino was frightened would last the rest of her life. She would wake up in the middle of the night to heart-pounding wet dreams, her sheets soaked with sweat and vaginal fluid, and more often than not, her practically useless fingers between her perspiring legs.

Her body quite simply craved him, to feel his thickness inside her, to feel his steaming man-milk flood her… To Ino, it was the very definition of a drug. A schedule I Stimulant she was forcing herself to quit cold-turkey by taking it upon herself to relieve her body’s frequent cravings. If she didn’t orgasm several times a day, she was afraid her fragile resolve to avoid him would break and she’d run to the loser for a full night of being gutted and buggered by his weird dick.

After much thought and a lot of memory diving, Ino knows the way his penis ejaculates is most certainly not normal. It’s not even common among humans. It’s not even a medical condition to have. What Ino does know, is it’s an extra layer of spice to her depressing shame. Somehow the penis that deflowered her—that ruined her—has a bulbous gland at the base that expands during ejaculation… ‘exactly like a dog!’ her mind screams.

Why would he have that?’ she would always yell in her mind. ‘Is he part dog?’ Ino is fairly well informed by many of the older kunoichi in the bathhouse and the workers in the Yamanaka shop. If the Inuzuka clan had a feature like that, she would’ve heard about it months if not years ago. The fact that she, Yamanaka Ino, heiress to their clan was knotted like a bitch by a blond idiot dog-boy is the greatest shame in her young life. ‘Why did he do this to me?’ she mentally whines.

Ino knew she was supposed to be with Sasuke-kun, but her body can't seem to forget Naruto. It's why she stayed in bed, cried often, and shut the world out. Her parents were obviously worried. Her mother, in particular, tried to connect with her detached daughter, guilting Ino into lying to them, assuring them that she’s just sick and will feel better soon. She’s not sure they buy it. She knew her team was worried as well. Asuma-sensei and even Shikamaru have come by to see her, but she didn't want to see anyone; she couldn't.

Somehow, in the back of her mind, she expected them to know the moment they took one look at her. She somehow believed they would see his thick semen caked on her face and know it was from Naruto—which she’s aware enough to admit was idiotic. Clearly, if her own mother couldn't see how excessively deflowered her only daughter now is, then Ino doubts anyone else will. It may be an irrational fear, but still, how could she just return to the world as if nothing had happened?

A woman always has at least two masks,’ Ino recalls her mother telling her some time ago as they were arranging bouquets. It was an extension of the lessons given only to kunoichi in preparation for the specific dangers women face as well as methods of coping; in other words, how to compartmentalize.

Some women need more than two, but one mask is for the world, and the other, if you're lucky, is for the one who accepts all of you.’ At such a young age and with more spirit than most, Ino never liked that concept. Masks were meant to hide, and Ino felt far too pretty to be hidden. ‘You wouldn't hide a flower,’ her mind at the time reasoned. Ino understands far more now.

It's another layer of her week's torment, as Ino's nearly certain Naruto has seen both her faces. She can't be sure, but every time she remembers his words, pleading to let him see her, to connect with her, she's fairly certain she had allowed what has to be her greatest moment of weakness. Through their eyes, souls connected and it was the highest peak of pleasure Ino's ever felt, more still, the strongest orgasm her body won't allow her to forget.

At the perfect recollection of his infinite sky-blue eyes peering into her very soul, her breath becomes shallow and quick. She grips the frame harder as she feels her body heat up with a searing focus between her legs, and her hardening nipples. She can feel moisture begin to dampen her panties and she clenches her teeth to fight it. After a full week of this, none of this is new, but fortunately, with every episode, she has an easier time managing the urges than the day before, to the point she doesn't need to masturbate in order relieve her of her spontaneous lust.

Eventually relaxing, her eyes slowly open to the photo in her hand, looking at herself beside Sasuke-kun, happy and proud. It feels like a lifetime ago, and she longs to return to that time, but slowly she's coming to the disheartening conclusion she'll never be the girl she was in that photo, beside her love, posing beautifully for the camera. It's a depressing thought. Her innocence is gone. It was enthusiastically taken from her repeatedly, and she'll never get it back.

No,’ she hates to admit. ‘It wasn't taken. I gave it away.’ Ino would honestly blame that Dead Last idiot if he wasn't so stupid, or more specifically if she hadn't been the one to initiate it... to push for it. She's not so horrible as to accuse him of rape simply because she momentarily went crazy for him and he eventually became very willing. Additionally, it would only cause her irreparable shame if it became public knowledge. How could she show her face once everyone learns who her first time was with?

Would Sasuke-kun ever look at me after that?

No, he wouldn’t,’ she honestly answers. Ino knows the only way forward with the boy of her future is to put last week permanently behind her, and ensure not a soul ever finds out. That starts by returning to her routine, acting normal, meeting her team—her new mask—then finding the right time and public place to make sure that idiot takes this secret to his grave. Naruto may have lavished in her most intimate constitution, physically and spiritually, but that doesn't mean she won't kill him if he breathes a word of it to anyone. It'll be hard to look at him when they do meet, but she has to make sure he's aware that his life is forfeit if he ever talks.

Hell, even if he inadvertently draws any unwarranted attention, I may just kill him,’ she mentally declares, enthusiastic for his murder.

“Ino!” she hears her mother call fearfully urgent from downstairs. “Come down here, now!”

Quirking a suspicious brow, the platinum-blond didn't want to leave the sanctuary of her room, but her mother's tone was frantic and was soon followed by her father’s with just as much alarm. “Ino! Get down here!”

Making a silent prayer to her raven-haired love in the photo for strength, Ino sets the frame back on her nightstand, before moving to her bedroom door. Ino grabs her silk robe on her way out because she knows her father doesn't appreciate her love of short-shorts and tight tops. Making her way downstairs, she calls out, “where are you?”

“Front door,” her mother calls out.

Huddled outside the front entrance of their estate is her father, mother, and two of her distant cousins—likely on their community watch patrol. They were bunched around a large chunk of dug up earth the size of a large picnic basket, easily poking at her curiosity. Apparently, the large, heavy looking square of freshly cut out earth with its roots sticking out the bottom, was left for them to discover. While certainly unexpected, she couldn't understand why call her so frantically or why her father was leaning over and inspecting the top.

Ino began to wonder about enemies the Yamanaka clan may have incurred when her mother turns to her, absolutely thrilled by the large box of dirt with vibrant green grass on the top. Her father was inspecting something on the top as her mother joyously tells her, “Oh! My, beautiful, wonderful, amazing girl! Someone out there is extraordinarily worried for you!”

Ino is exceptionally confused until she steps around her father next to eager mother and her pupil-less blue eyes bulge. Her father confirms what she instantly knows. “It's a genuine Fire Slipper Orchid,” he chuckles in disbelief, then turns to his daughter.

“Here,” her mother says, holding out a simple white paper board one might use to get an actor's autograph. “It came with this!” she finished exclaiming. Ino understood all three of them knew what the orchid was worth, but she didn't understand her mother's excitement until she read the note in surprisingly uniform characters.




Though normally very reserved, her mother is sashaying from one foot to the other, before asking her daughter the pertinent question that seems to be on all their minds. “Soooo, who's it from?”

“Yes,” Inoichi added, clearly uneasy about the gift and dreading what it could mean for his little girl growing too fast for his liking. “Please, tell us his name. I'd love to know who'd bring you quite the gift.”

“To thank him,” her mother exclaims, looking at her father warningly. “Not interrogate him.” Her father’s face grimaces, ready to argue yet, wisely picking his battles and remaining silent.

“What makes you think it's from a boy?” Ino hotly asks, quirking her brow in suspicion at her father as his overbearing fatherly instincts are already triggered.

“Honey,” he plainly returns. “That block weighs at least fifty pounds and this type of orchid doesn't grow anywhere nearby. Someone quite strong carried this a great distance to bring it here. So...”

Ignoring the pleasurable pulse between her legs as her body agrees Naruto is quite strong, Ino can’t help but think, ‘I'm going to kill him.’ In front of the man that raised her, his all-seeing eye staring at her, Ino falters desperately for a believable explanation, as the anger of her mind and arousal of her hot body interrupts her ability to lie. She wants to ease her father's suspicions, but lying to him has always been difficult; nearly impossible. It’s why Ino generally speaks her mind because if lying doesn’t work, than it’s a waste of time to try. But she can’t exactly tell him, ‘Daddy, this is definitely a thank you gift from Uzumaki Naruto, you know, the worst student in our class, because I fucked him every which way I could for hours.’ It’s likely to give him a heart attack.

An errant thought in her mind wonders if this gift makes her a prostitute, a terrible yet somehow thrilling idea that awkwardly makes her blush at the worst possible time.

Her father’s eyes easily picks up on her blush and judging by how his shoulders tense and how deeply he inhales, he didn't like it. Her mother mewls happily in her throat, then quickly rotates the teen by her shoulders, forcing her to march forward and away from a protesting head of their clan. Her mother leads them away as she tells her husband, “Ichi, be a dear and store the orchid in the greenhouse. I'll examine it tomorrow.”

Being bypassed didn't help his fatherly anxiety as he calls out, “Wha- wait! Ino, I demand you tell me who's it from?”

His demand had no real heat to it and her mother easily returns, “if you can clear the table and do the dishes, I'd appreciate that,” before they make their way up to Ino's room. “Now,” she starts once they've both settled on her bed. “Ino, I know this is a... meaningful time in your life. You're just starting your career as a kunoichi, you're growing into a very beautiful woman, and making sense of the balance between the two will be challenging. So, even if you don't tell me everything, I'd rather you not lie, okay? Say what you can.”

I'm going to kill him,’ Ino thinks, nodding her head since she didn’t trust her voice at the moment. It's the only thought she could agree on as her mind desperately tried to think of a way out of this.

“I won't ask too much, because I want you to feel you can trust me with anything. But I do have to know, did a boy send you this?”

Recalling several countermeasures ninjas can use when engaging in duplicity, Ino felt the best way out of this was mixing omission with truth and letting her mother form her own opinions, because after all, there's no way they would believe the truth without sufficient time and proof. Ino takes a deep breath and asserts, “you know I have my heart set on Sasuke-kun.”

“Is that who sent it?”

As much as Ino wanted to sing to the high heavens, ‘yes,’ if her parents—especially her intelligence gathering father—ever decide to investigate her claim, that lie could make things far worse for her down the road. Ino shakes her head no, her long blond hair flowing freely with her sway. “I... don't want to say who, mainly because the person who sent the orchid, just isn't my type, like at all! My heart is set on Sasuke-kun, so, in the end, whatever he was hoping for by bringing it here was for nothing.”

“Oh, I don't know if it was for nothing, sweetheart. What does psychology tell us about this gesture?” Her mother asks. As a former psychologist, she's highly observant of behaviors, beliefs, feelings, relationship concerns, and even somatic responses. It's a very good reason, Ino's always felt more mature than many of the other girls from the Academy, though Forehead always manages to make her act like a child. “Come on, Ino. We may not be geniuses like some of those Nara men, but we know the mind rather well, and there's quite a bit of information we can deduce here. His card, for instance?”

Ino's shoulders slouch at having to suffer through this because of that idiot. “...I don't know, he has neat handwriting.”

“Well, that's true,” her mothers agrees, looking it over again. “Someone who possibly deals with seals on a regular basis?” Ino can tell her mother's fishing, so just shakes her head to deny the suspicion. “Can't blame a mother for trying. Anyway, let's consider the message. All he wrote was, ‘I hope you feel better.’ No elaboration, not even his name, which denotes caution to reveal too much, but concern enough to go this far for you. There's also the possibility he doesn't care about credit. He used, Ino-chan, which implies informality due either to his upbringing or he's simply that close to you. He's more than likely an engaging person, which is reinforced by the fifty-pound block of dirt he carried-”

“We don't know if he carried it all the way here,” Ino interrupts. “He could've used a cart or something.”

“No,” she returns. “You don't know he carried it all the way here. Had you checked underneath, you would've seen hand prints. A young person’s hand print, likely around your age.”

Trying to give nothing away, Ino stays quiet long enough for her mother to say, “Listen, sweetheart, I don't want you to think I'm pressuring you into telling me something you'd prefer to keep to yourself—so long as you're not in any danger, of course. You've always been a headstrong girl, and your decisions, good or bad, have been your own for a long time now. I just don't want you to dismiss facts because they don't align with your beliefs. I know how you feel about the Uchiha boy, but life is full of unexpected challenges and it's always worth the time to consider if these challenges are hazardous traps or fortunate opportunity. You know your father and I'll support whatever makes you happy.”

Ino stays quiet, unsure of how to think about her mother's caring words. They make a lot of sense, making her feel proud to have a mother like her, but of course, the older woman has no idea who the boy is or what they've done together. Maybe in another situation, she'd devote a fair amount of thought in the advice, but in this case, it's Naruto and there's no need for further reflection.

“Do you want to tell me more or would you like to be alone?” her mother gently asks.

“I'll think about it for a while, thanks, mom. I'll let you know if I do anything.”

“Okay, goodnight.”

“Night,” Ino says, offering her mother a decently sized smile, while mentally thinking, ‘he's dead.’






“How long have you known him for?” Kurenai asks her student and ward. The dishes were clean and put away and they were settling down on Kurenai’s living room's couch sharing a portion-healthy tub of orange sherbert ice cream—Hinata's choice, to Kurenai's unexpected delight. Hinata avoids any eye contact as she tries to burrow deeper into the couch cushions. “Hinata-chan,” Kurenai starts with a small smile. “In this house and with me, you never have to worry about what you say. You're safe to express yourself however you like here. I won't judge or belittle you for it and it will never be shared with anyone; from your father to the Hokage himself.”

The girl nervously asks, “w-why are y-you asking me a-about Naruto-kun?”

“Well, I noticed how you reacted when we ran into him,” Kurenai easily points out. “As a woman and your sensei, I could see that you're more aware of Uzumaki-kun than any other boy.”

Kurenai didn't think it was possible for the girl's cheeks to get redder but they blush another shade brighter as she quietly answers, “I-I wouldn't s-s-say I k-know him. H-he.... we w-w-were in the same c-class.”

Kurenai could easily detect the omission in the girl's averted eyes, tone of voice, and flustered face. She was too easy to read, yet another part of her skills they needed to work on. Having lived with the heiress for over two weeks now, running into Uzumaki-kun is about the only time Hinata-chan reacted differently. They had run into him as their team exited Hokage Tower, and while Hinata blushed stunningly from face to neck as the orange-clad ninja greeted them, Kurenai noticed the girl's beautiful white eyes focus unlike any time she'd ever seen. They were sharp, sure, assertive.

The raven-haried kunoichi isn’t sure why, but it was clear the girl had a crush on him. She easily recalls looking over the other team's profiles, discovering like everyone else, that the young blond was the Dead Last of the class. Furthermore, he was an orphan with no exceptional talent. While she heard he defeated the traitor Mizuki with Kage Bunshin, she also heard he can't produce a single Bunshin, leading most to the conclusion that it must’ve been sheer dumb luck the boy brought down the traitorous Chūnin.

Still, it's more than possible Hinata's interest in the blond stretches beyond clan or talent. It's feasible there's something that Kurenai is missing that could be a key driving force for the shy girl's future. Kurenai needs to learn if Naruto-kun is something she could utilize to help drive her ward, or if it's another dead end. Honestly, Kurenai hoped this panned out. She was eager to prove Hiashi wrong, but more than anything, she didn't want to fail Hinata-chan.

As things stand, the Hyūga heiress was timid to a fault. While manners, kindness, and consideration of others were good traits to have, Hinata-chan takes it to a detrimental level, adversely impacting her own growth simply to avoid any kind of confrontation, a fact Kiba-kun is starting to take notice of and unfortunately, enable. Kurenai needed to break her meekness, and if possible, light a fire under the girl's belly.

Testing a theory, Kurenai gently asks, “he was the Dead Last of your year, wasn't he?”

Kurenai was happy, no, thrilled to see that it had the desired effect when Hinata-chan looks directly into her red eyes and somewhat sternly tells her, “T-that wasn't his fault. The instructors were mean to him.” As quickly as the girl's confidence appeared, it had departed.

Slowly sliding a moderate helping of ice cream passed her red lips to her lapping tongue, Kurenai can't help but be happy by the small bit of progress. It wasn't much, but it was something, and like the fragile light of an ember, she'll slowly coax it into a grand fire. Eager, yet gentle with her young ward, Kurenai follows up by asking, “what do you mean it wasn't his fault? He did the work, didn't he?”

Kurenai didn't really care to know one way or another, knowing what the boy contained within him always made her recall how her father died that night. However, for her ward, her student, she would happily hear about Uzumaki-kun's educational ineptitude.

Again, the girl's determination was back, making Kurenai feel a swell of triumph in her chest, as Hinata-chan answered, “he- he did do the work, b-but you can't blame him for his results. Many of the assignments th-that he did turn in deserved passing grades, but every sensei besides Iruka-sensei, failed him. He was never treated fairly by nearly all the staff, but even still, he kept on trying. He didn't quit. Even though he failed many times...” Hinata seemed to realize how much she said in that short moment, as did Kurenai. It's the most she's ever heard the timid girl speak at one time.

“How did you know his answers were correct?” Kurenai is genuinely curious to know.

“…B-Byakugan,” Hinata answers ashamed for how she abused her clan's unique talent, and Kurenai smiles inside.

If this girl is willing to use her clan's ability for this boy, than chances were good he would be a vital part in helping Hinata. It's quite clear by now, Naruto is the key to motivating this girl, and with that revelation, Kurenai only needed to figure the method by which to take advantage of that. “So you mean to say ‘Dead Last’ is not an accurate assessment of his ability.” Hinata-chan nods. “That would make sense. Being made Genin despite most of the sensei's treating you unfairly… he doesn't give up easily, does he?”

“He doesn't,” Hinata strongly offers.

“Is that why you like him?” Kurenai gently asks. She doesn't want to push the girl too much but it's already been two weeks and there were little other options. Hinata turns bright red, and Kurenai could feel the warmth emanating from her. “It's okay, you don't have to answer,” quickly easing the indigo-haired girl’s anxiety. “Do you know why I asked to be your temporary guardian, Hinata-chan?” The light-eyed kunoichi shook her head, no. “One of the hardest decisions life will constantly challenge you on, is choosing to walk away, or try harder. We're not so different, you and I, and you even remind me of myself when I was younger. The point is, I believe in you Hinata-chan, and I'm going to help you see that too, so the both of us can always choose to try harder.”

Hinata nods one strong time, and Kurenai can easily see the tear at the corner of her eyes.

“One of the first things I'd like to remedy is your reaction to Uzumaki-kun,” Kurenai tells the girl, who squeaks at the prospect. “How would you like to act normally around him?”

“I-I-I-I-I c-c-c-c-c-couldn't,” Hinata stutters impressively.

It would've been cute to Kurenai if it wasn't a set back for their ultimate goal. Still, it's in the right direction and Kurenai just needs to continue pushing on. “Let me ask you a simple yes, or no, question. Would you like to act normally around Uzumaki-kun?” Not trusting herself to speak, Hinata shuts her eyes and just nods her head vehemently. “Than that means you can. Don't worry, Hinata-chan, and trust your sensei. I think I know a way to help.”


Chapter Text





The gorgeous Jōnin-sensei exits the bustling streets of Konaha’s Market District and into the decently-populated Jōnin bar, Elite Spirits. Her goal is simple: find Kakashi. While Kurenai was eager to implement her plan for Uzumaki-kun, the first challenge she believes will posse an issue would be informing the genin’s assigned Jōnin-sensei, and getting his express permission to interact with his student.

Kurenai can understand the significance behind the obscure rule of one sensei to a triplet of students. At such an impressionable time in their education of a very dangerous profession, a single sensei can better map out a timeline for growth and skill traits design for each student. A single sensei is integral to the development of their, hopefully, long careers, thus understands where the genin ninja is in their education and where they should go over a long period of time.

Even if the student receives lessons from another Sensei, it usually means the primary sensei doesn’t match well with the student’s clear talents, or simply is too inept to care. For example, a close-range taijutsu fighter would not be a good match for Kurenai’s long-range, genjutsu instruction. Unfortunately, Kakashi is the furthest you can get from inept, and he seems to be a suitable match for Uzumaki, so any leeway Kurenai might’ve had for borrowing the blond won’t apply to this.

Fortunately, Kurenai doesn’t have to traverse the entire village looking for the shameless porno reading Jōnin. After leaving the cemetery, she finds the silver-haired Jōnin in their group's usual section of their bar. Walking through the moderately crowded, off-duty Jōnin and turning down two invitations for drinks, Kurenai sits across from her fellow sensei. Even if Kurenai’s relatively certain her subtle tricks will work on the non-too-discreet pervert, she decided early on she wouldn’t need to use her feminine wiles on a friend and senior Jōnin. It would be underhanded and there’s always the possibility he takes the care of his students as seriously as she does.

After quick pleasantries and a firm demand from her to put his orange-covered filth away, Kurenai informs him, “I wanted to make you aware that I'll be using one of your students.” Asserting confidence that she will have the thing she wants, even if it depends entirely on someone else has a better chance of success than simply asking, which is a sure way to hear no.

“Which and to what end?” the aloof Jōnin asks.

“Uzumaki-kun,” she casually answer before adding, “and the reason is of a personal nature, but what I can tell you is it's to help one of my students.”

“As a punching bag,” he casually inquires.

Kurenai gives a head tilt and look of disbelief, answering, “no, nothing like that.” Kurenai understands some shinobi—particularly those in clans—use younger or weaker ninja as little more than punching bags for a prized pupil in order to instill confidence in the favorite, which goes against everything she believes in. Kurenai wants all her students to succeed honestly; to learn and grow on the merits of their hard work and not on a fabricated sense of confidence. “I would never do that nor would I ever condone that behavior.”

For Kakashi’s part, he simply nods once, but he doesn’t speak of her friendly appeal to use his student. A quiet moment or two passes between them before he simply hums, “...hmmm.”

“What's the problem?” Kurenai asks, hoping to convince him there isn’t a problem and his student’s growth will not be hindered in any way.

Kakashi leans in a little and tilts his head as he asks, “have you approached him before informing me?”

She wasn’t expecting that and answers, “no, I know the procedure.” And he should know her well enough to not even bother asking, prompting her to ask, “why?”

He falls back again, shrugging once, conveying, “lately, he isn't acting like I expect, is all. Will you be instructing him in any way as a shinobi?”

“No,” she quickly asserts. Truthfully, while she may want the blond to succeed and inherit the Will of Fire, she would prefer not to be tasked with that assignment. As challenging as Hinata-chan is, she can’t imagine trying to mentor that blond failure as well.

“Will you be attempting to sabotage his development in any way,” he follows up and before she can answer, he quickly adds, “and so we're clear, that has everything to do with your father.”

“No, Kakashi!” she says with a little more heat than necessary. She doesn’t talk about her father much. When all her friends have terrible stories of their own, it’s just accepted that while it may drive the shinobi, it doesn’t have to be spoken aloud. When she does speak about her father, it’s only with her closest friends. While she’s never told Kakashi, she’s not surprised he knows. It’s his job to know psychological triggers of ranking Jōnin, and during the mental eval to become Jōnin, she abruptly learned how much her father has shaped the Kunoichi she is today. “I require Uzumaki-kun’s assistance for a simple function that will not impair his training in any way while simultaneously helping my student.”

“Fine,” he easily answers as if she asked him to pass the salt. He then wonders aloud, “are you staying?”

Kurenai smiles for her little victory and for the invitation, answering, “no, I need to get a move on this.” A little giddy, she teases, “why? Will you miss me?”

As always, unless Kurenai was sex written out on the page of a dirty book, the silver-haired Jōnin doesn’t seem interested as he casually shakes his head, ‘no,’ before nudging his chin toward the door. When Kurenai tilts her head to the right, in walks Asuma with Princess Tomoko by his side.

With the princess’ delicate white-gloved hand resting on his strong, outstretched forearm, it looks like a delicate rose growing on a thick log. Kurenai's internal organs seize at the sight of them. Tomoko-hime is clearly beautiful and immaculate. He’s well-groomed down to his beard which is neatly trimmed, lining his masculine jaw in such an appealing and powerful way, it makes her ache to see him. His uniform is brand new wrapped impressively around his wide shoulders and Kurenai can't help but recall the last time she had her arms wrapped around them, holding on desperately as they made passionate love. It seemed too long ago.

Kurenai breaks out of her daze the moment Asuma's eyes sync with hers. Brown and red irises locked together as they are, she can’t help the way her mind thinks of him; his smell, his touch, his gruff laugh, his passion for her, the love they share. There's a lot in his eyes and she’s relatively sure he sees a lot in hers until he abruptly turns away from her in favor of speaking with the gazing princess. As the princess’ guide, Asuma was clearly explaining the establishment and its elite clientele but Kurenai can't deny that hurt. It hurt like a kick in her stomach.

“You okay?” she suddenly hears Kakashi ask, bringing her out of her heart-thoughts.

Schooling her features like many kunoichi have been taught—extensively—she answers in her calm voice, “fine,” before walking around the gathering and leaving.






Walking up the final flight of stairs, Naruto can hear before he sees someone knocking on his door. He had just finished some intense training with his clones, so he was sore, tired, dirty, just getting over his migraine, and his chakra coils felt chalky, like fire-damaged, but checking out the curvy figure knocking on his door, oddly enough, made him feel much better. His eyes land on the bubble of her butt before eventually moving up to her lustrous mane of ebony hair.

She noticed him as he approached and he recognized her as Team 8's sensei. Even under the ugly glow of the old flickering fluorescent lights of the hall, he can still see how extremely gorgeous she is. He's suddenly very mindful of his appearance in front of such a stunning beauty, but as he's just come back from training, there's really nothing he could do about it.

“You're Team 8’s sensei,” Naruto absentmindedly comments, stopping just in front of her, when suddenly, he realizes he doesn't know her name.

“I am,” she responded. “I'm Jōnin-sensei, Yūhi Kurenai.”

Forgetting his exhaustion for the polite beauty before him, he smiles as he returns, “I’m Uzumaki Naruto, future Konoha Hokage!” It’s not very often he meets others who don’t immediately look irritated or disgusted to see him. So he wants to impress her with his best attitude.

Arrogant,’ Kurenai mentally asserts. Easily recalling his Academy grades, she just can’t see how anyone could boast about a future when all evidence says otherwise. That sort of delusion is a pitiful pitfall she’s trying to help Kiba-kun steer clear of—though in Kiba’s case, he does possess credible ability and his clan has always been headstrong, so Kurenai isn’t sure how much success she’ll have with the Inuzuka. Uzumaki-kun, however, isn’t her student and doesn’t care nearly as much. Still, Kurenai does need his help, so she presents him with a tight smile, asking, “can we speak inside?”

“Sure,” he exclaims before opening his door.

She regretted it as soon as he opened the door. His residence was a complete mess. She felt stricken by the clutter, trash, unwashed clothes, and he didn't even seem to notice. The old, rancid, musky odor is so overwhelming, Kurenai’s eyes water as they feel infected. Realizing her uniform will more than likely retain the infectious smell forever, she plans on throwing it away later. Her worry graduates to her skin and hair, to which she makes a mental note to buy several bottles of odor neutralizing conditioner and pray it’ll work. ‘How is he not embarrassed,’ her mind yells.

After moving the only chair in the small space to the filthy couch, and taking a seat he waits for her. She isn’t sure why he doesn’t remove the old ramen cups, the clutter of papers, an adult magazine off the old stain couch for her to sit—not that she would—as it would be the hospitable thing to do when she remembers he’s an orphan and probably doesn’t know any better. Refusing to sit anywhere, and eager to leave, she forgoes setting him at ease with polite conversation and jumps straight into the purpose at hand. “I would like you to help a student of mine. Do you know Hyūga Hinata?”

Tapping his chin, he hums, “Mnnnn, yeah,” guessing himself, “dark hair, white eyes?”

“Yes, that's her,” Kurenai politely confirms, though wonders how he can be so oblivious about a girl he attended school with for four years. “This might be tricky to understand but don't be afraid to ask me any questions when you don't understand something.”

“Got it!” he responds with gusto.

“So, I want to help Hinata become more assertive-”

“What does assertive mean?” He interrupts.

Inhaling in disbelief, she slowly answers, “it means confident. I want Hinata to be more confident.” After he nods she continues. “This is where I feel you can help. She's noticed how confident you are, and I believe if you were to talk with her, than she will learn to be more confident as well.”

“So, you want me to tell her she should be confident?”

“Not exactly,” Kurenai patiently states.

“I'm confused,” Naruto interjects.

“Let me finish, Uzumaki-kun,” she states.

To which he happily expresses, “you can call me Naruto!”

He’s really testing her patience, but in order to keep him comfortable, she corrects herself. “Naruto-kun, the thing that's difficult for Hinata is that she's very very shy, which is why she’s never talked to you before. Now, before you say anything, my plan is to convince her that she's only talking to a genjutsu version of you. If she believes it’s only a genjutsu that she’s talking to, I believe she'll eventually feel safe enough to talk to you in person and grow more confident because of it.”

“Soooo, you want to trick her,” Naruto simplifies as only the best pranksters can.

With a tighter smile, Kurenai digs deep to answer, “...I wouldn't use those words exactly, but if it'll help you better understand, than yes. A simple play to help ease her anxiety.”

With squinted eyes, deep in thought, he asks, “and you know how to use genjutsu?” It sounded like fantasy the first time he heard of the discipline, and he’s been told many times he doesn’t have the head for it.

“Yes, Naruto-kun, I do,” she answers tightly, doubting her reputation as the best for a moment. “Now, would you assist me in helping her?” She didn't need to tilt her head and look at him with soft eyes, but she wanted him to agree quickly so she can leave. Asuma had already annoyed her enough today. Add to that she’s standing in front of the seal containing within the cause of her father’s death on top of the gagging odor of this apartment, and her annoyance is rapidly eating away at her patience.

Even with a slightly pleading look on her attractive face, Naruto answers, “I don't know. How long will this be for? I have a lot of training to do.” Normally Naruto is all for helping, however, he’s dedicating every waking moment to his training with Naru-nii. Knowing what some of the future will bring and those it’ll hurt is a powerful driving force, and Naruto is making progress he doesn’t want to slow down for anything… unless it’s for Sakura-chan… or Ino-chan.

Maybe he’s too dense for that type of subtle play,’ she wonders before speaking, “evenings would be best, every day until she's better. I’ve already asked your Jōnin-sensei and he’s approved, so any training Kakashi has you doing can wait.”

Quirking his brow low in agitation, Naruto nearly laughs when he asserts, “I didn't mean Kakashi-sensei's training. All he ever teaches us is team drills. We spar in the mornings before we do D-rank missions and that’s it!” Crossing his arms confidently, he smirks as he proclaims, “I meant my own training. It's super important and I can't waste any time.”

Though mildly glad he seems to take independent training seriously, Kurenai has her mission and for Hinata’s sake, she will have her way. “Surely helping out a fellow genin is important to you.”

“Yeah, it is,” he answers, adding, “but so is my training. There are no shortcuts to becoming the greatest Hokage ever, which means I have to train hard every day.”

With a bit more genuine a smile, she replies, “that's admirable, but Naruto-kun this is also for the village. I can see how much you want to be Hokage, and strong, powerful leaders always put their village first. Help Hinata. You may even make a friend out of it.” Desperate to leave, Kurenai lowers herself to his eye level, so her chest swings forward some and he can see a bit of cleavage before sweetly asking, “can I count on you, Naruto-kun.”

Eyes wide by her forward posture, he hesitates for half-a-second before aggressively nodding with slack lips and declaring, “okay!”

“Good,” she quickly states, standing straight again and already leaving. She can't stay for another second. On her way out she makes sure he meets her at the Hokage tower at six sharp… right in the middle of his training time.

Usually, after missions he tends to have six or so hours to train, but this help Kurenai-sensei needs for Hinata will cut right in the middle of that. Still, he wants to help Hinata since he doesn’t recall ever having any problems with her, and so decides to leave clones in his apartment training while he helps Hinata. He doesn’t get why she’s so shy that she won’t talk to him, but hopefully, it won’t take her long to become confident.

The young genin learns the very next day that Naru-nii is a big fan of this plan.

That sounds great,’ Naru-nii chimes. ‘That means things are working out well over there. Hinata-chan is one of the strongest kunoichi Konoha will ever have. Since she was always so quiet and shy, I never knew how badass she actually was. Trust me, if she can get rid of that early, than it'll definitely be better.

“Cool,” Naruto states surprised to hear the declaration.

Abruptly, Naru-nii asks, ‘so, any luck with Ino?

“No. A clone saw that she's back with her team,” he states, taking one of Naruto’s suggestion to use a clone for surveillance and reconnaissance. “She looks fine, almost like nothing happened. I figure I’ll try and talk to her when she's alone.”

And you haven't told Sakura-chan?

“She's too busy healing every little scratch on Sasuke-teme to notice me!” he says angrily, blaming Naru-nii for his constant agony of witnessing his teammates. “And I'm the one that gets hit the most when we spar! You would think she can spare a bit of Iryō-jutsu for me!”

I really wish I could see you to help with your taijutsu,’ Naru-nii comments yet again. Prayer beads are for voices and if it does include a visual connection, then Naru-nii hasn’t figured it out yet. ‘I learned a lot of good stuff I wish I can show you. You should ask Kakashi-sensei if he has any scrolls or something that can help.

“Yeah I will,” Naruto mumbles.

Are you close to getting the second stage yet?

“No,” Naruto grumbles. “This part is crazy hard!”

You have to remember to focus and retain until the final second,’ Naru-nii reminds him. ‘Don't worry, I think you're doing great so I'm sure you'll get it soon.’


Naruto is waiting at the Hokage tower when Kurenai arrives promptly at six. He didn’t trust himself to be on time and so arrived ten minutes earlier. Though he was lamenting not training, the mesmerizing sight of her approach made him feel better about it. As attractive as she is, Naruto would still prefer training which is why he has teams of clones training in his place. A team of ten are in his apartment working on the second stage of Rasengan while another team of ten are in the forest working on chakra control, so it’s not a complete loss.

Kurenai explains how this play was going to go. “I've already explained to Hinata that she will be seeing a genjutsu version of you, but she will not know that it’s actually you. For this to work, it's imperative-”

“What's imperative mean?” he curiously interjects.

Exhaling deeply, she corrects, “for this to be effective, it's important that she continue to think the entire scenario is genjutsu and not the real you.”

In hopes of probably getting out of this, Naruto asks, “why not just make an actual genjutsu of me?”

“Because, I don't actually know you and the ‘you’ that she sees needs to be as authentic as possible for this to cover any and all unforeseen variables. Also, if you see me materialize out of nowhere, you cannot react to me in any way. If you react to me, it may tip her off that you're the actual Uzumaki-kun and then we fail.”

“Wait, I said you could call me Naruto.”

“I prefer Uzumaki-kun,” she returns a little chilly. “Do you understand how this is going to go? Can you repeat everything I explained to you.”

As the pranking king of Konoha, he feels insulted but humors her nonetheless. “I’m going to pretend I’m a genjutsu you created to talk with Hinata-chan. And if I ever look at you, she’ll figure us out.”

“Close enough,” the raven-haired Jōnin mutters before they prepare for the play. Expertly hidden by Kurenai-sensei, Naruto watches Kurenai-sensei enter the kitchen where Hinata is washing the dishes. Kurenai asks, “are you ready Hinata-chan?”

Shocked, nervous and red in the face, Hinata asks, “Wh-wh-wh-what? Now?”

“No time like the present,” Kurenai easily states while mentally thinking of showing up the girl’s asshole of a father. “Now, remember, it's only an illusion, but it will feel very real. And don't use your Byakugan.” Kurenai doesn't expect the girl to see through her genjutsu but she wanted to make certain the girl didn't spot Naruto from where he's hidden.

“S-se-sensei,” Hinata nervously starts. “D-d-don't you n-n-need a good understanding of Na-Na- of the person you'll be m-m-making an illusion of?”

“You shouldn't underestimate your sensei, Hinata-chan” Kurenai confidently yet playfully relays. “I’m very good at what I do. Now, are you ready?” Hinata takes a few deep breathes before nodding. “Okay, you can keep cleaning if your hands need to keep busy, and keep in mind you can do no wrong here.”

When he got the signal, Kurenai disappeared and he walked into the kitchen, casually greeting her, “Hey, Hinata-chan.”

Her eyes round to near perfect circles under raised eyebrows and her cheeks blush a deep shade of red. “Na-Na-Na-,” she tries and her pupils roll back into her skull as she passes out.

“Hinata!” he calls as he quickly catches her. Whipping his head around in search of Kurenai-sensei, he yells, “is she okay?” Kurenai reappears beside them, checking on the young girl. “What happened? Did I do something wrong?”

“Kami, what are we going to do with you?” Kurenai slowly comments of her ward, ignoring Naruto's concern in favor of checking her pupil. “She's fine. Go and hide and we'll try it again.”

Hesitantly, Naruto gently lays her down and returns to his hiding space. It takes Kurenai a few minutes to gently coax the girl to consciousness. Confused as to why she's lying on the floor with her Sensei over her, gently stroking her hair, Hinata asks, “Sensei,” when it all returns. Hinata can't help but turn away ashamed of her failure. It wasn't even a real Naruto and she passed out from his close proximity.

“It's okay, Hinata,” Kurenai reassures the embarrassed girl. “This is a good first attempt. You have nothing to be ashamed of.”

“…I passed out,” Hinata weakly counters, clearly alleging it’s something to ashamed of.

“This time, maybe,” Kurenai asserts. “But the next time maybe not. Don't worry about how you react because the only way you can fail is if you quit and I will not let you quit. Now, do you think you can try again?” With a slight sniff, Hinata nods her head, yes. “Okay, how about I keep him silent? He'll just stand there so you can get used to it. That's all this is, Hinata-chan, practice.” The girl nods again and they get off the floor. After a quick moment to gather her expectation, Hinata nods at Kurenai.

“Okay, here we go,” Kurenai says, giving him the signal before she disappears like a mirage in the desert; a jutsu of beauty in Naruto's opinion.

Naruto steps into the kitchen, and immediately forgets he isn’t supposed to speak. “Hey Hinata-chan!” he says with a bright smile, causing the girl to squeak and hop back.

Looking around, Hinata can't help but ask, “I-I-I-I- th-th-thought h-he wasn't g-g-going to-”

“He wasn't,” Kurenai says from nowhere with a little more force than she intended, and quickly covers for the blond's slip up. “I only wanted to shock you a little, by doing something you didn't expect. And look, you haven't passed out, so you're getting better already.” Hinata can barely look at Naruto, her index fingers poking each other nervously, but it's true. At least she's conscious. “He'll stay quiet now, if you want to walk around him.”

Hinata takes her time, moving close to him, always avoiding eye contact but at least trying to look directly at him. After several minutes of Hinata observing from several paces away, Kurenai can see Naruto start to fidget. He never struck her as a patient person, and she can see he's starting to become antsy. Hoping to avoid another blunder from the boy, Kurenai suggests, “why don't you do some housework together. That might make it feel more normal.”

For the next two hours, Hinata and Naruto do chores while Kurenai observes her pupil under the unseen cloak of her genjutsu. Though Naruto wanted to help Hinata-chan, he couldn't help but feel this is a complete waste of his time. He's big enough to admit he doesn't understand much more than tricking Hinata into thinking he's a fake-Naruto when he's actually real, but he can't believe this is the only way to cure the girl of her shyness.

Maybe Kurenai-sensei hasn't tried everything,’ he thinks, ‘because this is barely better than a D-Rank mission.’ He hopes there’s something else Kurenai can do because he can't see himself just doing housework for two whole hours with a girl who can barely look at him every single day. ‘Better than the glares,’ another part of him mentally admits. As previously discussed, Kurenai alerts Naruto to be ready for a quick and stealthy exit. The Raven-haired sensei had already left the door open for him so he can wait outside for her before Kurenai's voice ends the session.

“I think that's enough for tonight,” the beautiful sensei announces, materializing out of thin air. “Hinata-chan, before I dispel Uzumaki-kun, would you like to say anything to him? Remember, he's only an illusion.”

Hinata looks from her sensei to the general vicinity of her long-time crush. She opens her mouth to bid him goodnight, but little more comes out than, “g-g-g dd n-n-n-ni t-t.”

She takes a breath, exhausted for some reason as Naruto-kun smiles at her, replying, “Night, Hinata-chan!”

The girl’s sensei places a gentle hand on her shoulder and has a proud smile on her caring face. It reminds Hinata too much of how her late mother would be with her and overcome with emotions of gratitude, acknowledgment, and affection, the indigo-haired kunoichi couldn't help but hug her sensei dearly; for what she did, for what she's doing, and for believing in her when no one else does.

Hinata feels as if she’s discovered someone who seems to genuinely care about her, regardless of her clan or ability. It's as if her sensei sees more in her than she can in herself and Hinata hasn't felt anything like that since her mother's death. Until now, she hadn't known how much she missed that feeling. Holding her sensei tighter, as if to make sure the feeling doesn't disappear, Hinata is comforted by the woman’s warmth. It's slightly scary, but Hinata feels as long as her sensei is a part of her life, she could amount to something even she would be proud of.

This is why it's all worth it,’ Kurenai thinks as she holds her brave pupil. Dealing with the arrogant Hiashi, the Kyūbi container, even having to bear witness to Asuma escorting Princess Tomoko by his manly arm. At this moment, nothing mattered but the compassionate girl giving her one of the most appreciative hugs the red-eyed Jōnin's ever felt. Kurenai felt euphoric gratification by helping a girl who was in desperate need of it, by the good that may come of her growth in the future, and by the next generation that might inherit her Will of Fire. ‘Yes, everything is worth this,’ the devoted sensei easily determines as she lets out a comforting exhale. After a few more minutes of embrace, Kurenai pats the girl on her shoulder, suggesting, “why don't you get ready for bed. We have an early day tomorrow.”

Stepping away, Hinata bows respectfully. However, before she leaves, she shyly asks, “will we be doing more of these training sessions?”

Kurenai smiles at the girls reddening cheeks, neck, and forehead, and answers, “yes. Every day until you see that there's nothing to fret over.” With a final nod, the girl goes to get ready for bed, while Kurenai quietly slips out the door.

The impatient blond was on the porch, restlessly waiting with his arms crossed and fingers tapping his clothed bicep. “What-”

Kurenai quickly put her hand over his mouth, lifting an index finger over her full cherry red lips, silently telling him to be quieter. Ignoring his question, she whispers to the blond genin, “be by Hokage Tower same time tomorrow and I'll come get you when I can.”

“Isn't there another way,” he quickly asks. “This is boring! And I have a lot of training that I have to do.”

“No, this is the best way,” Kurenai quickly shuts him down. The last thing she wants is to lose a handle on him when Hinata made more progress in two hours than the past two weeks with her. “You're doing okay, just try to pay more attention next time. Good night.” And with that, she turns and leaves him.

Upset, angry, annoyed, Naruto felt each one of these emotions until he returned to the excessive mess of his apartment. The exhausted-looking clones were still working on trying to pop the rubber ball and Naruto became even more upset that he couldn’t be here with them. Naruto felt the first stage was very difficult, but attempting to amplify the volume and density on chakra spinning in multiple directions immediately sounded impossible. Even with Naru-nii's tips, it doesn't look like there's been any progress, but as he grabs a rubber ball and moves to the last spacious area in his one bedroom apartment, he’s determined to take the challenge on, even if he has to work on it throughout the night.






Sakura happily walks the moderately busy streets of Konoha, holding a birdcage with the purple starling Naruto-baka had brought to her. The idiot knows she only just started training in medical ninjutsu, yet for some odd reason, he thought she could heal the bird's injured wing—not that she minded all that much. It was a beautiful bird, but the goal of her training was her team, more specifically Sasuke-kun—if she was being honest with herself—not healing birds.

It's the reason Sakura has been so happy this week. She finally managed to heal a few cuts on his arms, three bruises on his back and bicep from when Kakashi-sensei sparred with them and the most marvelous one of all was the small cut on his cheek. She had been so nervous, yet so thrilled to be so close to him—to feel his body heat—her hands were shaking from sheer joy and womanly thrill.

Her absolute jubilation is the only reason she's taking the mostly healed Starling across town to the idiot's apartment. Her parents do well and they have a two story house in some of the better civilian blocks while Naruto's one bedroom is somewhere between the civilian markets and bars. She didn't recognize the area as she's never stepped foot in this part of the village. It’s easily one of the seediest parts of Konoha most are warned to stay out of.

She noticed a few rougher necks standing or passing by would either monitor her as a mark or just plain ogle the roundness of her sixteen-year-old posterior. Like every kunoichi in the village, Sakura had to take special classes on the affects women can have on men, so she understands—as repulsive as it makes her feel—their carnal gaze of her body is in part due to her being a ninja—a very popular fantasy among civilians, she's been told—as well as the positive physical affects daily chakra use and physical conditioning can have on a body. Molding spirit energy with physical energy as Kunoichi often do, they develop slightly faster than civilians her own age. Her breast may not have grown much as of yet, but her derriere was developing nicely. With her long lustrous pink hair, hips, butt, and toned legs, Sakura appreciates what she has, and judging by the attention she receives, others do as well.

In stark contrast to her attractive features—her long pink hair being the most noteworthy—it seemed like everyone in the area was ugly, dirty, poor, and or unsavory in some other way. Dirty laundry hangs outside on laundry pins, garbage littered much of the area, some of the streets were muddy, and the smell of raw meat from the market permeated the air. She actually spotted a dirty broken toilet on the road. Sakura made a vow when she neared Naruto's four-story apartment that she would never visit him again.

“That idiot better be grateful,” Sakura spits out as she makes her way to the top floor. Fortunately, his is the only occupied apartment on the top floor, and once outside his browning red door, she kicks it a few times, rather than mar her knuckles on the rusty surface. She hears a, “coming,” a few seconds before the door opens.

Naruto, in his abhorrent orange jumpsuit, instantly smiles at the unexpected visit, “Sakura-chan! Hey!” It should feel nice to see someone regard you this happily, but Sakura can't stand him. ‘He's just so clueless... well, aside from his suggestion I study Iryō-ninjutsu.’ “Come in! Come in!” He happily beckons.

“No,” she tells him. “I'm not staying. I just came to give you this.” She raises the birdcage with the purple Sterling keeping perfect balance on its swinging perch. “I wouldn't even have come here today but okaa-san is making me. Tou-san's allergic to the feathers, so, here.” She shoves it forward and he automatically takes it.

“Uh, well, thanks,” Naruto says. “It's so cool you managed to heal her, really, but I think I'm just going to let her go.”

“Baka, that's the first thing I did,” she responds. “She leaves and then she comes right back.”

“Okay,” he tells her. “I was heading out, actually. I could walk you home if-”

“No way,” Sakura returns. “Thanks, but I can't let someone see us together without our teammates. They might think we're friends or something worse,” she says making a queasy face that sort of hurt Naruto to see. It sort of reminded him of the face Ino-chan made after the last round of sex. He hadn't seen her at all during the week, and thus far he was beginning to think the flower she was looking for didn't work as well as he'd hoped.

Since that amazing experience with Ino, Sakura-chan's constant scorn, and Kurenai's cold attitude toward him, Naruto is starting to wonder what it is about him that women don't seem to like. Outside of Ayame-neesan, he didn't have much interaction with women, but even then talking with Ayame-nee is only ever for a few minutes when she has a break from work.

He just doesn't understand what woman want from him, and on top of that, he doesn't understand how Sasuke-teme can be the object of their affection when he acts like he doesn't even care about them. Sure he's the last Uchiha, and he seems to have a face girls like, but he never smiles, or cracks jokes, or plays pranks. Naruto was so excited to be on the same team with Sakura-chan, and even after he gave up pursuing his love for her growth, she's still treating him as if nothing's changed.

Still, she did bring the pretty bird all the way here, and if he was ever given the option of being friends or not, he'd always pick friendship. So, Naruto smiles as best he can, which barely pushes at his cheek and offers an olive branch. “Well, maybe next time. I have an old camera that prints out the photos right away, if you want to keep a picture of her. You can even name her if you want.”

Sakura pauses for a moment, considering the offer. She did love the way the purple shines, and starlings are one of her favorite birds. Sakura nods, saying, “make it quick though. I want to get out of here as fast as possible.” Running inside, Naruto quickly grabs his old camera and his last cartridge and takes a picture of the pretty bird. Handing it to Sakura, she reminds him, “and don't feed it Ramen, or you'll end up killing her after I went through all the trouble of healing her. Get bird food, please.”

“Mhn!” he sounds in the affirmative. “Do you think they have ramen flavored bird food?”

“I'm leaving,” she yells over her shoulders.

With a shrug, Naruto reenters his home and sets the bird cage up in a nice spot near the window and opens the cage door, just in case the bird wants to fly.






The week had been a test of wills for Ino. She hadn't given much thought to how difficult keeping up appearances would be. The days were unremarkable, and her routine could be as normal as any other day, but the moment it feels her deflowering was truly well in her past, something would jolt her back to that day, to that reality, and sadly, the physical response that came with it.

Her walk to meet her team could be peaceful, until she saw two dogs, or cats rutting desperately for that release, and instantly her mind returned to Naruto taking her doggystyle just as desperately, spreading her just as deliciously until she came, knotting her like she was his bitch. And until Ino can return home to relieve herself, the rest of her day is a constant battle against the rousing desire of her moistening quim.

A conversation with her mother about clothes could be as normal as it ever was, until she grips anything cylindrical with a curve, testing the firmness of a cucumber or banana, anything with sausage links, or sucking on a Popsicle, then Ino would immediately excuse herself. Couples with blond hair, stretching in a provocative fashion, or even bathing can all trigger a physical response. Ino found herself getting horny a minimum of five times a day. So she threw herself into training, finding the exhaustive focus a good remedy for her arousing thoughts of blue-eyed blonds.

She, of course, kept her ‘old Ino’ mask on with her team as much as her parents, but she couldn't quite be as domineering as she used to be. So much mattered far less than it did a couple of weeks ago. Her figure was still important, but the innocence she was saving for Sasuke-kun is gone now, so how pure could that gift for the man she loves really be; she'll always know what she did. She makes certain to chastise and heavily critique her teammates and sensei when she felt they didn't meet her expectation, but again, she lost her virginity to their class's Dead Last; a bigger idiot than Kiba. And she did it happily, with a hunger comparable to Chōji and his chips. How can she expect from them when she’s failed her own expectation?

She knows her mask is creating the image she needs to present, but it's also a constant reminder of why she needs it in the first place: Naruto. The boy who's apartment she’s currently walking toward under a knee-length cloak. Ino wouldn't willingly search the blond subject of her trepidation but she was given little option. If she wanted the money form the orchid, than she needed to see him.

It was so simple for her parents to wonder if they now had the only Red Slipper in Konoha, or if there were more. Her parents explained if there were indeed more of the expensive orchid, than they would sell the orchid on her behalf and give her all the money, but if not, than the best option for the clan would be to try and cultivate more. It would take years but ninja are patient and planned for the future wherever possible. It would be well worth the wait if, in fact, they were the only clan or business with the ultra-valuable flower. But of course, they needed to ask the source who found it in the first place, and she wasn't going to ever disclose his identity to her parents, ever, which meant she needed to ask him in person.

She concealed herself under a heavy travel cloak with the hood up and he lived alone, which was fortunate as the fewer people that spot her there, the better. However Ino's luck as of late was not a thing to rely on and as Ino spots Sakura walking toward her, she was certain fate is against her as well. If Ino had only kept still, Sakura may not have noticed her, but the knee-jerk reaction of turning away caught the pinkette's attention and the green-eyed kunoichi was on her in moments.

“Ino-Pig,” Sakura says with a smile that's too self-assured. More than anyone, Ino knows how insecure Sakura can be. Even in her strongest moments the pinkette was always doubting herself. It's the safety net Ino always relied on when fighting over Sasuke-kun. Ino always knew that Sakura felt undeserving when it really mattered, and that's why she never truly worried about Sakura's advances. The pink-haired kunoichi was her own worst enemy, thus never really a contender for the beautiful Uchiha's affections.

But the victorious smile plastered on her face informed Ino otherwise. Her rival for Sasuke’s heart was very happy, too happy, as if in a few short weeks, life had generously handed the pinkette a large home, a beautiful husband, and a prized career. It didn't look good on her face. A month ago was the last time Ino saw her rival, and even with that majestic perfume, Sakura never looked this happy. Ino was getting a horrible feeling in the pit of her stomach.

“It's been soo long,” she says, her tone with an annoying level of levity. “We really should catch up. I'll go first. Sasuke-kun is mine and I'm going to be a medic-nin possibly as talented as the legendary sannin herself. How are you?”

Forehead’s interest in how she’s doing is so clearly fake, Ino needn't bother answering. Her anger however focused squarely on the only statement that mattered. “You know, living out your delusions is indicative of a psychological break, a severe medical condition by all accounts. But allow me to help you on your path to recovery. Sasuke-kun is NOT yours!”

“Oh, well, I can understand how you might think that,” she mocks, her cunning smile broadening as she flicks her long pink hair back. “It has been a while, after all. But, now that I'm the teams medic, I get to touch Sasuke-kun every time he's injured. The tiniest scratch mars his beautiful body, and I'm there, my hands all over him. I've touched his arms, his back, his chest, which felt amazing, his face, which is it’s own heaven, and pretty soon, he's going to invite me, the only girl he's ever really cared about, to his home, so I can touch him some more.”

Ino had no idea Sakura was training to become a medical ninja. It would be a brilliant move if not for her rival advancing so much further than herself. ‘That Forehead’s touching him?’ Ino's mind torments her with. Every female with any sense for seduction knows that skin contact is very influential in getting what you want. She's heard so many stories from her mother, female clan members, or the woman in the bathhouses, that Ino's regards its use as practically a jutsu. ‘And now Forehead’s taken an amazing step forward to take my man!

“Just think,” Sakura continues, relishes in how silent the most confident girl she's ever met is. Sakura knows how devastating this revelation is. She herself would be utterly crushed if the tables were turned, but for the first time since they announced their rivalry for Sasuke-kun's traumatized heart, Sakura finally feels well and truly ahead of Ino. The blond heiress always had so much going for her after all—beauty, confidence, intelligence, perhaps not of her level, but she wasn't stupid either, and is an heiress of a prominent clan of Konoha. It just wasn't fair. Now, however, nothing her platinum- blond, former-friend could do would ever compare, and Sakura couldn't help but twist the knife just a little bit harder.

Moving closer than necessary to the Yamanaka flower, Sakura practically sings near her ear, “Sasuke-kun and I have only been teammates for a month and I already get to touch him practically anytime I want. Who knows what might happen when it's just the two of us… by ourselves… sweaty and hot-blooded from intense training… in his comfortable home… so near a bed.”

For the first time since her newfound outlook, Ino's mask broke. Her hands move of their own accord, pushing a surprised Sakura back, not enough to fall, but more than enough to extend her hands ahead of her, directly at the heart of the pink-haired demon. The action was faster than they can rationally explain, or properly counter. Ino only reacted like a wounded animal desperate to survive against a predator toying with their prey. Maybe two weeks ago, the news would've only stunned her, if not ruined her day, but now, after everything she's lost to the worst person to lose it too, after fighting her daily carnivorous desires for more, Ino couldn't take any more beatings her life's been taking.

Her hands move fast, not with her explicit authority, but not without her consent either, as she forms her clan's signature hand seals. “Shintenshin no Jutsu,” she declares like a strong war cry.

Ino's body dropped to the ground like a puppet with its strings cut as Sakura, now under Ino's control, assesses the pinkette's body movement and hand grip. Not a second after she used her family's technique on a former-friend and now eternal adversary, Ino-Sakura picks up her unconscious body and continues her trek as she was originally doing, all the while mercilessly forming the plan to make all the hurting stop.

Kicking at Naruto's door, Ino-Sakura calculates how much time she has before she'll have to dispel when she thankfully hears, “just a second!”

Ino-in-Sakura’s-body was very worried her blond defiler wasn’t home and would have to do something less effective, but at least in this, things are working out. Calling through the door, Ino yells, “Naruto, it's me Ino.”

“Ino-chan!” she hears him yell through the rough metal door. She places her foot on the door just as he tries to open it, stopping him from ruining her plan. She didn't exactly have time to explain to him why she looks like Sakura and is hold a body that looks like Ino. She yells back, “Look, I don't have a lot of time to explain, so you need to do everything I say, okay?”

“Um, why do you sound like Sakura-chan?”

“Naruto!” She yells back, already anticipating the chakra exhaustion if she doesn't finish in time. “Unlock the door, go to your bedroom, find something to tightly cover your eyes and sit on the bed.”

“Uhh, really?” he asks from the other side of the metal door

“If you don't do it now, I'm going to leave and never come back,” Ino-Sakura throws back, and within a matter of seconds, the door's three locks click unbolted and the sound of footsteps running away is heard.

Ino-Sakura quickly gets inside and places her body gently on the old ratty looking sofa. It's the first time she's been in Naruto's room and other than coming to the conclusion that it's utterly disgusting, she ignored it. Lucky Sakura's sense of smell isn't as developed as hers, not to say she didn't detect the sharp tang of garbage among other moldy odors, but Sakura's sense of smell dulled it more than her own body would've detected. Moving to his bedroom, she leans against the door frame, calling out, “you're blindfolded right?”

The moment he replies, “uh, no,” she notices an insta-camera. “What? Why not?”

The dolt surprises her some by asking, “how do I know it's you and not some trick?”

“Fine,” she states, admitting that made sense, but she was on the clock and went with the most obvious proof. “You and I had... sex… two weeks ago in the forest… a lot of it,” she adds, feeling Sakura's cheeks heat with blush. She grabs the camera as he tells her he's ready.

Walking in with purpose, she's quickly on her knees in front of Naruto's seated position on the edge of his unkempt bed. His blindfold seems intact and unlikely to see Sakura's notable features. Her original plan was to fool Naruto into thinking that it was Ino in the henge form of Sakura, but that would've involved more complications than she can plan for in the heat of the moment. Ino also wants this to be uniquely Sakura's penance, and with the old camera, it completed her plan neatly. That is to say, a perfect plan after she gave the boy a blowjob.

She hates that she’s both dreading it and looking forward to it. It's not as if she hasn't had him in her mouth before, but she's been working hard to quash her craving for that feeling he gave her two weeks ago. It was a daily struggle, sometimes hours long to refuse that longing, and she was getting better as time went on, but now her hands are on his strong thighs, moving up to the ambrosia that gave her a taste of pure bliss. She wasn't sure what would happen afterward, how hard her fight would become, but if it meant Sakura's mutual destruction, it would be worth it.

Set in her task, she sets Naruto at ease. He doesn’t seems to know what to expect and is nervous. “Naruto, I can't stop thinking about what we did, and I want to do some more now, but I'm really nervous, which is why I asked you to put the blindfold on.”

“I guess I can understand that,” he casually mentions. “But what did you want to do?”

She moves closer—between his legs—and begins to unbuckle his trousers, fettering with the zipper before bringing it down. The sound is deafening, nearly causing Ino to second-guess herself, but she squares her shoulders, reaches for his toad covered boxers. “Lift your hips,” she asks, and she slides both trousers and boxers to his ankles.

It's smaller than she remembered, but as she moved closer, the heat of her exhale and proximity sent a thrill through Naruto that had him hardening in no time at all. Of course, he also had his memory of the girl he gave his virginity to, which he masturbated to at least seven times a day.

Ino was very surprised by the size of his erection, now wondering how the hell something this big fit inside her little slit. The physical echo of how it thrust into her to the hilt made her—within Sakura's body—wet... very wet. Juicy enough to make the girl ponder her rival's physical health, that is until Ino feels her chakra slip. She wonders if Sakura is fighting it as she leans down and licks the tip of his hard manhood.

He moans to the touch, adding a little thrill to her already soaking center. It all comes back to Ino, and in no time at all, she's licking the underside of his throbbing pole. Ino grips the base of his veined member with her right hand, wondering about his bulbous membrane as her left-hand massages his balls. She sucks on his head as she strokes him and Ino can feel herself get into it. Hearing the groans escaping his throat tells her she’s doing good, but she doesn’t have much time. Ino needs the money-shot.

With a final suck of his thick crown, Ino’s promptly wraps Sakura’s open mouth around his cock. Taking him in her small mouth a tentative inch at a time, Ino barely remembers the camera, grabbing it in annoyance before returning to the saliva covered meat in front of her.

Bobbing her head up and down as he groans in blissful satisfaction, Ino is more enthused than she originally planned and squeezes his balls for the fun of his pleasured growl. When he thighs tense from a particularly hard suck, her mind reminds her for the second time of the camera. Knowing instinctively how the photo would look from the perspective of the old camera, she angles her bobbing head as she wantonly tries to take him in her throat—noting he has too much meat for it. A click and a hum later has the thick paper falling to the ground, clearly showing a still capture of Haruno Sakura, on her knees, sucking Uzumaki Naruto's long, thick cock, and best of all, loving it.

Ino-as-Sakura took another photo of her managing to take a little over half his thick length down to her small throat. Naruto couldn't last much longer, but Ino didn’t know that as he didn’t warn her and blew his boiling load, hard, like a water pistol, in her mouth, cheek and pink hair. The smell of his cream was instantly in her nostrils as much as numerous shots were in her mouth, and Ino missed the feeling. She honest to Kami, felt numb with tingling pleasure.

Some of the cum Ino-Sakura swallowed, some she left nestled between Sakura's teeth and tongue like runny yogurt. Ino made sure there was plenty enough white cream on her rival’s face and hair, and it was exactly what Ino needed to take Sakura down. When he stays hard, Ino feels such a rush of excitement ripple through her. Nipples like pebbles, Sakura’s panties and shorts were soaked from Ino’s recollections and the heat vibrating from Sakura’s core nearly makes her discard the plan for a night of orgasms. It took all her will to pull away.

While the boy caught his breath, Ino gathered the photos, but rather than check them, she hurries to leave as she can feel her jutsu ready to dispel. “You better not mention this to anyone,” she says closing the bedroom door behind her. As she picks up her body, she can hear Naruto redressing himself as he calls to her, “wait!”

Ino-Sakura moves fast as she replies, “you better not even think of coming after me! I still-” Ino cuts herself off, concerned that finishing that sentence might imply she's unsure if she wants to be with him, and that simply can't be possible since Sasuke-kun is the only man for her. Managing to just close the apartment door before he can see them, she tries again to keep him from coming after her. “You're still not-” she pauses again, as the thought of him not being good enough made her falter. Unsure why, she continues, “you don't make me feel good at all!” she lies, and quickly adds a low blow to keep him away. “You don't even know what you're doing, so, so-” Cut from finishing, Ino-Sakura rushes to the dirty and tatted stairwell, lays her actual body down and puts the photos in Ino's pock just as the last of her jutsu gave away.

Sakura's vision slowly takes in the grungy, pale yellows and greens of a stairwell with a flickering light above. Palming the ache of her head, Sakura didn't know how she got there, but she knew the setting disgusted her. Rubbing her forehead a few times, she's puzzled by a thick fluid on her skin. Bringing a bit of it to her green eyes, she rubs it between her fingers and it reminds her a bit of the face cream she uses. When Sakura begins to question the slimy liquid in her mouth and teeth, Ino groans awake. At the sight of her rival, Sakura’s memory rushes to tell her that they were on the street only moments before.

Getting to her feet, Sakura is about to question the platinum-blond kunoichi when she feels a foreign substance slide down her throat. Curious still, Sakura wonders why her jaw and throat ached, which shouldn't be the case. Sakura is further mystified when she pulls a blond hair from between her lip and teeth. It's at that moment Sakura remembers her former-friend using some sort of jutsu on her; a jutsu she can only assume was taught to her by her Jōnin-sensei or her clan.

“Ino-” Sakura tries than quickly rubs her jaw, before continuing, “what did you do?!” Ino slowly rises to her feet, ignoring the question for the gold content in her pocket. “Using jutsu on a fellow shinobi is vile even for you, Ino-Pig,” Sakura screams, still working her jaw, spitting out what she could and swallowing some of the salty substance too far back to spit. Vaguely observing her quiet rival as she spits, Sakura doesn't grasp the blonde's interest on the cards in her hand, but at the moment, she's too angry to care.

“You think it's okay to overreact like that just because you lost Sasuke-kun to me? What you did is a punishable offense! And you can bet your ass I'll tell the Hokage about this. You'll be lucky if you're still a ninja after this.” Having to take a break, Sakura finally feels something is more wrong than she can understand. Ino should be scared, she should be apologizing, she should be on her knees groveling. Instead, she's smirking, or outright laughing depending on which card she looks at. Ino shuffles from one to another, questioning each one as if trying to decide which is the best, and Sakura finally asks, “w-what are those?”

“Oh, these,” Ino finally speaks as if every threat Sakura declared on the blond was never spoken. “They're pictures, Forehead. I thought even you would be smart enough to see that.”

Sakura couldn't see the front of the pictures but she dreaded what they might depict without fully comprehending why. “What did you do?” Touching her face at the drying substance, Sakura fearfully asks, “what is this?” Several seconds pass as Ino shifts her sights between two photos she seems to be deciding over. “INO!” Sakura tearfully yells, feeling arrested somehow.

“Mnn?” Ino playfully returns looking at the cum covered, pink-haired girl who's ready to cry. Ino smiles wickedly. ‘This girl thought she had the upper hand,’ the blond's thoughts happily express. “You're not going to tell Hokage-sama, or anyone for that matter-”

“The hell I'm not-” Sakura tries to interrupt but is cut off by a louder Ino.

“And you're going to stop all attempts to be anything more than Sasuke-kun's teammate.” That stunned Sakura even as Ino continues. “Outside of trying to be the best teammate possible, nothing else is permitted; no more asking for dates, no more trying to seduce him, no more gifts, no more special treatment. Unless it’s something that you do for your other teammates, it’s not allowed. Hell, if I ever find out you dreamed about him, well, I won't be very happy.”

“How dare you!” Sakura screeches. “Who gives two shits about your happiness! Nothing you say will ever keep me from being with Sasuke-kun!”

“No, not what I say,” Ino plays. “But I bet this picture of you sucking Naruto's dick will,” Ino states as she extends a photo of a girl with pink hair sucking Naruto's dick, happily, cheerfully. The absolute, dumbfounded expression of unsettling shock on her pink-haired rival’s face was like a quick release of all the pent up stress and anguish Ino's suffered these past few weeks, like a radiating tingle running up and down every part of her chakra exhausted body.

Sakura was speechless as she glared at her clear visage with a large penis in her mouth, cheeks caved in as she sucks at his man meat like trying to suck the grease out of a sausage. No matter how much Sakura stared at it, unable to believe it with her heart of hearts, but undeniable to her sharp mind, all she could see was her face wantonly sucking Naruto-baka's dick. ‘His dick!’ Her mind yells.

“I also got a money shot,” Ino tells her, casually overlaying the petrifying polaroid with another stunner of said blond-bushed penis firing white goo all over her face. In a fraction of a second, Sakura knows the fluid substance she felt on her face, hair, and in her mouth... that she swallowed…, “…Naruto's sperm?”

The irrefutable truth Sakura's mind slowly spelled out was that she, under control of Ino, gave the worst loser of their class, a boy she didn't even like, let alone love, a blowjob, but sinking her deeper in despair was that she can taste his seed, thick and slimy, as her mind automatically tries to break it down to her great disgust. However unlikely, Sakura could sense the foreign secretion traveling down her throat and her stomach lurches, as if trying to jump out of her mouth. Sakura immediately doubles over and starts vomiting, heavily. It was unattractive, to say the least, as if a large quantity of bile was being forced through a throat too small. Though it'll do nothing to help her forget the taste of it, she’d welcome the burst of acidic burn her mouth and the putrid smell if it burned away Naruto's semen.

“Not bad, right?” Ino sarcastically asks after the worst of her retching ceases. “I'll assume you already know what these ten pictures mean, what with being the top kunoichi in our class after all. You know what I can do with these if you upset me, or who I can show them to if you don't do as I say.”

After some dry heaving, having already expelled the content of her stomach on the disgusting floor, Sakura tearfully asks- yells, “Why?! How could you do that?”

“Well, I can't say I liked it,” Ino lies. “But he was nearby and I was really working on the fly. If we were somewhere else, I might’ve done something else instead.”

“Something else? …You- You raped me!” Sakura screams, eyes filled with running tears and pleading.

“And you were being a bitch!” Ino furiously returns, gripping the rails as a dizzy spell hits her. “Equal only to how piss-poor of a kunoichi you are! ‘Sasuke-kun this and Sasuke-kun that,’ like a dumb little lamb, lucky enough to be oblivious to anything or anyone else. You were innocent, Forehead, but now you know how easily everything can change... Now you know how easily it could all be taken away,” Ino trails off, fighting back her own tears from a drained body. Forcing fervor she didn't feel, Ino continues, “forget about what you want. All is fair in love and war, so unless you want Sasuke-kun to see these pictures of you sucking the Dead Last’s dick, you're going to be the smart Forehead I know you are and do as you're told.”

Sakura said nothing. Even as Ino left, Sakura could not utter a sound of protest. Her resistance died along with her hopes for the raven-haired boy in her heart.


Chapter Text





Naruto never made it to that night's session with Hinata-chan. Though Naruto isn't an expert in picking up on subtly, even he can see they're making decent progress, despite how boring all the housework was. Hinata-chan was almost looking directly at him for two seconds before she turns away. She can also say, ‘hi,’ and, ‘bye,’ to him without fidgeting much. As she is very shy, Naruto handles the bulk of the talking, not that he minds, since she seems content to listen and in less than two sessions, he finds it's actually nice talking to someone who's willing to listen. If this wasn't orchestrated by Hinata-chan's sensei, he'd be happy to be friends with the shy girl outside of all Kurenai-sensei's rules.

The beautiful sensei had a lot of rules and sometimes they were hard to remember when he gets caught up in a story. It forces him to repeat her guidelines over and over in his head: ‘Don't ask or mention her clan. Don't talk about specific events from school. Don't be too personal or ask her too many questions. If you run into her, act as you did before the sessions.’ And on and on. After every session, Kurenai-sensei would critique how he engaged the meek Hyūga heiress, reciting some of the comments she doesn't approve of verbatim—even he didn't remember everything he said in the session—adding more to his opinion of the adult kunoichi.

For a sensei, she was beautiful, smelled really nice, and he liked the way she would lean over sometimes, but she was very controlling over every part of the sessions, even governing the way he talks. Apparently, she thinks he's too cocky, but he's fairly sure she just doesn't like him much. She hasn't done anything outright to express her hatred of him, not like many of the villagers had when he was younger, but with every interaction, he felt more and more convinced she didn't see him as anything more than a tool.

Still, Naru-nii had already told Naruto how incredibly strong Hinata-chan can and will be. Hastening her training so she can be that much stronger is definitely better, which is why Naruto feels bad about missing the session the day Ino came over. After the unexpected turn of events, one orgasm wasn't enough to settle him and he couldn't leave without taking care of his raging hard-on. His hand helped but a cold shower worked better, however under the bone-deep cut of freezing water, he couldn't stop replaying Ino-chan's words in his head...

You don't make me feel good at all!’ he recalls Ino trumpeting endlessly. A painfully sobering recollection rivaled only by a sentence equally as destructive, ‘You don't even know what you're doing!

Her words struck him as deeply as being seen as a failure does because in this case, it’s actually true. He didn't know what he was doing. In fact, he didn't even think about making her feel good at all, focused solely as he was on the immense pleasure he was feeling. If he were painfully honest with himself, he wasn't thinking of anything but satisfying the lust of his ravenous hunger. ‘Why wouldn't Ino stay away from me when I couldn't even make sure she felt good too?’ On top of his guilt over his betrayal of Sakura-chan, it pained him to realize he was using Ino-chan to satisfy himself, and he never noticed until she had to yell to get it through his thick skull.

He was selfish, and when he'd thought about the heedless way he'd rush into anything, it's demoralizing to realize he'd failed Ino-chan. If his mind loved training, and his stomach loved Ramen, than his body, apparently, loved sex. It was like discovering a whole new world of joy, with untold but truly amazing kinship, and Naruto was desperate for more exploration. He's been eager for that feeling since that day, but unlike training, he had no guide of reference, or, more importantly, a girl to ‘train’ with. After all, he may be able to relieve himself every morning and night, but the connection he craves can't be done alone.

Throughout his life, loneliness has been his constant companion, and though he'd never admit how much it bothered him, he could feel the solitude even in crowds. Training, ramen, pranks, all helped stifle the constant heartache of alienation. This new world he fortuitously discovered with Ino-chan, could not be explored by himself like his other favorite activities. He absolutely needed someone else. Though it would be a dream come true if it were Sakura-chan, he knows pursuing her as he did would only get in the way of her self-discovery.

Naruto made this monumental discovery with Ino-chan, a very beautiful girl in her own right, and likely more popular with the boys than Sakura-chan. The Yamanaka may not have his heart the way Sakura-chan does, but he did make a connection with her, if only for that afternoon. Aside from sex that day and the blowjob the day before, Naruto knows next to nothing about the pretty blond. If Naruto wants to explore this new amazing branch of activity, he has to be good for her as much as she is for him.

Sadly he doesn't know what that means or entails, thus he stayed up well into the night torturing his mind for a solution to this complicated dilemma. He didn't even train, which only highlights the plight of his impasse as losing several hours of training actually amounts to days when he uses his clones. On top of the remorse of missing the session, he was feeling guilty he hadn't trained, especially with the knowledge of what's at stake, but fortunately, he's given the chance to catch up lost time.

“Listen up my cute genin,” Kakashi begins abruptly, showing up in a swirling circle of leave after being two hours late. “I'm sad to report Sakura-chan has fallen ill, so she won't be joining us today.”

“Is she going to be okay,” Naruto fretfully asks, worried straight away about Sakura-chan. “How bad is it? Is she in the hospital? Are we going to visit her?”

“Ma, ma,” Kakashi starts, waving a free palm to calm the blond down. “Her mother said it was just a cold. She's resting in her home, so we shouldn't interrupt her recuperation.”

“It's just a cold, dobe,” Sasuke calmly points out. “Unless her existence is too weak for this world, it shouldn’t kill her.”

“She's not weak,” Naruto throws back angrily. How anyone could love this pompous, emotional Shut-In is beyond him, but Naruto’s animosity has more to do than Sasuke’s indifference. “She's our teammate, teme! And you better start treating her like one or I'll-” Naruto angrily slams his right fist into his left palm. “Kick your ass!”

“I'd like to see you try, Dead Last,” a scowling Sasuke challenges.

“Hey, now, where did our teamwork go,” Kakashi easily states stepping between the two. “Sasuke, Naruto's right. You should treat your teammates better. And Naruto, just because you don't agree with your teammate, doesn't mean you fight them. Now, since the third genin of this team is out, I'm willing to give you a three day weekend, but I want you both to continue training and conditioning. We may not have missions but maximizing the strength of your body and skill never takes a break.”

“Kakashi-sensei,” Sasuke tamely calls. “I need you to oversee my training.”

“I guess I can take a look,” Kakashi says just a bored.

“Ne, ne, Kakashi-sensei,” Naruto eagerly chimes. “I need you to look over my training too!”

“If I have some time, sure,” Kakashi replies, taking some of the wind out of the blond's sail. “How's that task Kurenai-sensei wanted going?”

“What task?” Sasuke quickly asks. “Is another Jōnin-sensei training the dobe as well?” Sasuke is clearly irritated by that notion.

“Relax, I'm the only instructor for all the members of Team 7,” Kakashi tells the raven-haired avenger, who crosses his arms. “Naruto?”

“It's fine, I guess,” Naruto tells him, recalling another of Kurenai-sensei's rules explicitly forbidding him from telling others how he's helping Hinata-chan. “It's super boring though.”

“Alright then, dismissed,” Kakashi announces, and Naruto is off, hell bent on making up lost training time. His thoughts couldn't be more apparent if he said it aloud...

I'm going to get the second stage of that damn jutsu down today even if it kills me!

Naruto's only break of the day came in the form of Ramen, then he would sprint back into training deep in the forest, keeping well away from unexpected witnesses. When Naru-nii joins him for thirty minutes, Naruto goes all out trying to master this stage of the Rasengan.

You have to work through the pain,’ Naru-nii would explain, though it was impossible for him to judge his progress since he couldn’t see Naruto’s progress. ‘And focus as much chakra into that point as you can. Use the pain as a gauge. The more it hurts, the more force you infuse in the chakra. That's how you blow that stupid ball up!’ Naru-nii exuberantly calls, firing Naruto up.

With nineteen clones, all twenty Narutos spend the day trying to burst the rubber ball, pushing meeting Kurenai-sensei as far as he possibly could until he couldn't afford to train another minute without being late. Naruto decided to rush back and let his clones continue training. He was nearly back in the village when his mind warped painfully, like someone tried to squeeze a huge influx of nineteen individual memories and experiences in the small jar that is his brain. Before everything went black, he singles out the cause. Somehow one of the clones managed to burst the rubber ball to such a degree that all the clones were dispelled, knocking Naruto unconscious.

He woke up in the morning on the forest floor not fifty yards from the top of the Hokage monument. Fortunately, his head aches with minimal throbbing, which is surprising considering how fast he heals. Heading home, his guilt for missing yet another session contends with his joy for completing the second stage of Rasengan. Triumphant joy won out and he simply commits to apologizing to Kurenai-sensei before that night's session.






“Hey, babe, you're ruining the dango for me,” Anko tells her best and only girlfriend.

The red-eyed beauty says nothing, knowing any reply she gives will only make it clear how much of her mind is full of stress. Kurenai’s daily routines pale in comparison to the two positive pillars in her life at the moment; two faces at the forefront of her thoughts, one with indigo hair, looking disappointed that her sensei failed her, and the other face looks at her apathetically, as if he doesn't even care enough to hate her.

“I know this whole thing with the Daimyo's daughter sucks but you gotta keep it together,” Anko continues after swallowing her green dango with delight. “You can't ever be sure how these things'll turn out, you know. There could be an engagement until minutes before the wedding when it's called off because some other Daimyo or prince needs some kind of alliance. And even if Asuma marries her, it's not like it's for love.”

“You're not very good at cheering people up,” Kurenai deadpans, pushing her red, white, and green dango away for her tea.

“I usually rely on a lot of alcohol to do the heavy lifting,” Anko happily states as she grabs her friends uneaten dango. “Look, your little lamb is with her family for the weekend, I have sometime before tonight's interrogation, let's get some drinks and have fun, yeah? Make a couple cute guys drool?”

“I guess,” Kurenai agrees, exhaling. “I think that could help.”

“And please get laid,” the busty kunoichi adds, quickly provoking a friendly glare from the red-eyed beauty. “What? It's been ages already, and enough is enough. You’ve been all business since you got your brats and I’m telling you, you can’t keep going without a bit of dick every once in a while. You might not have another opportunity to cut loose.”

“You know it’s not like I’m opposed to some overnight company,” Kurenai levels. “It’s just...” Kurenai trails off, an image of Asuma appears bright and impressive in her mind and heart. As much fun as a night of non-committed pleasure with a stranger can be, it's a paltry substitute to being with someone you genuinely love. If anything, it just means she has more of an emotional expectation from a partner that Anko didn't seem to care for.

“I know,” Anko says sympathetically. “We both have men in our lives we can't forget, though in my case it's because I want to murder him… brutally. It's why I keep it strictly physical, babe.”

“I would if I could,” Kurenai freely admits with a smirk. “Kami how much easier life would be.”

“It's heaven,” Anko returns with a broad smile. “For now anyway. I'm sure it'll change eventually—way down the line if I'm lucky.”

Kurenai and Anko understand how change is inevitable. It's one of the many principles taught to every shinobi of the Leaf; in their line of work, they can't allow that moment of being stupefied if something doesn't go as planned. Plans often fail, and that failure can cost lives, so they both know in order to survive, they must be able to adapt. Being adaptable means surviving longer and they all want to survive.

After a moment of silence, Anko admits to her dearest friend, “personally, I think this is the moment for you guys, but whatever happens, at least you'll know where you stand with him. That sounds better than all this stress and anxiety.”

“We're trained to endure,” Kurenai replies with no real conviction.

“No one can endure when love is in the mix,” Anko easily replies. “Field Shinobi have no value if they chose loved ones over the mission and village. It's why Anbu literally conceal their persona from society, always detached, simply so the mission always stays first. If for some fucked up reason you and Asuma don't work out, at least I can expect to see one hell of a Team Eight for the Chūnin exams,” she jests with a wide grin.

“I don't need that kind of motivation to create the best team for the exams,” Kurenai returns a little more forcefully than she intended. Kurenai brings her cup to her ruby red lips, unable to shake the image of Hinata-chan's beautiful face breaking from sadness after being told for the second night in a row that they won't be having a session. The kind-hearted girl tried to be accepting of her sensei's decision but she couldn’t hide the abundance of sadness pouring from the girl. The young Hyūga was making so much progress, it broke her heart in an entirely different way from Asuma to have to stop. It made Kurenai eager to find Uzumaki-kun and yell at him for his part in what her dear student is going through. Unable to find the boy only added to her already high levels of agitation.

“Yeah, yeah,” Anko says, easily batting away Kurenai's frustrations as nothing more than a girlfriend having a bad day. “I got some reports to finish up. I'll see you tonight.”

Kurenai searched for the blue-eyed blond menace for some time before giving up and heading home to ready herself some for the night. She didn't need her S-Rank level of dress for casual drinks among friends at the usual Jōnin only bar, but it's always a bit of a thrill to look sexy enough to catch a man completely off-guard. Wearing comfortable shorts that showed plenty of leg and a tight red top, she meets the others at Elite Spirits.

It was gratifying spending time with Anko and catching up with Genma, Guy, Yūgao, Hayate, and Kakashi. Despite how early in the evening it was, Kurenai had already earned her intoxicated buzz. That's not to imply she drinks heavily, quite the opposite; she's a very modest drinker, however, her typical strategy when out with Anko was to drink early and taper off for most of the night, so that a usually intoxicated Anko rarely notices. It also has the extra added bonus of no hangover the following day.

“Kakashi,” Kurenai speaks up, taking a seat next to the Copy Ninja, “would you care to explain to me where your student is hiding?”

Playing with a saucer of clear liquid, the elite Jōnin asks, “I assume we're talking about Naruto?”

Nodding stiffly, she states, non-too-happily, “he's missed two meetings. These delays are unacceptable.”

Sensing her clear agitation he chuckles lightly, hoping to ease the tension a bit. “Mah, well, that kid is a ball of energy, you know. He doesn't do boring well.”

“He told you what I wanted help with?” Her eyes widen, getting more upset than surprised.

“No,” Kakashi quickly tells the brunette. “He just said it was boring. He's generally out most of the day but the best places to find him are Ichiraku's or his apartment. I suggest trying Ichiraku's first. It smells better.”

Content with the info, she simply tells him, “as his sensei, you're ultimately responsible for his faults, so I expect you to buy my drinks to make up for it.” Genma and Hayate laugh and without a response from the famous ninja, she simply leaves and returns to Anko's side, momentarily relishing in getting one over Asuma's friend.

It seemed fate did not approve.

Neither Anko or Kurenai expected Asuma to enter the bar, a muscular arm entwined with the delicate arm of princess Tomoko, only she wasn't dressed as royalty of the Fire Nation. Instead of the large ornamental gown, pristine in its cleanliness as it was complex in its appearance, she was wearing a tasteful, yet alluring royal red dress, cut a few inches above her knee so when she sits most of her thigh will show. Her hair was loose, silky in its buoyancy, and long, reaching her lower back. Her face and neck were elegantly longer than Kurenai first observed, which only made her look that much nobler. It was with great tribulation and heartache that Kurenai kept drinking more than she should.

It was explained to them—because naturally, Asuma would bring her to their table—that the princess wanted a break from her perfect life to congregate below her station. Kurenai listened to every word, memorized every gesture between them, but the phenomenon that made her heart sink into her stomach was the way Asuma would only look at her red-irises when it was due in polite conversation. It clearly demonstrated that Kurenai was no more or less important than anyone at the table. It hadn't stung immediately but the longer it simmered, the worse that realization became, and with her growing anxiety, so too did her drinking grow.

When Anko eventually realized that Kurenai had consumed far more sake than she should've, she gathers her highly inebriated friend and bids them all good night. With her girlfriend's arm wrapped around her neck, it took Anko ages to reach Kurenai's house, all the while listening to Kurenai's tearful apology for her behavior.

“I'm sso sssorry, Anko,” Kurenai slurs a remorseful apology. “I let it get under my skin. I let her... ugh-”

“It's okay,” Anko kindly returns as she lays the beauty on her couch. “If she wasn't a princess of our country, I’d’ve kicked that bitch’s ass for you.”

Looking up at her friend dearly, Kurenai couldn't stop the tears any more than she could stop the smile that spread her sad face. “Thank you! I wanted... I was beside myself with anger! Not even at her, but, just… at everything!”

“That's what rough sex is for, babe,” Anko comments, but Kurenai is too in her head to hear it. Worried, Anko's concern compelled her to ask, “do you need me to stay? I can get someone else to torture my prisoner for me.”

Pulling out of her thoughts, Kurenai simply shakes her head, “no. No, thank you, Anko. It's inappropriate to shirk your responsibilities. I'll- I’ll be fine. Plus I know how much you love their screams.”

“I do,” Anko grins. “Okay, I'll check on you tomorrow,” she declares before leaving her.

Kurenai stumbles into her kitchen, swaying heavily toward the cabinet. Pilfering through the contents of the top shelf, her hand finally lands on the bottle of sake she stored for occasions such as emergencies or celebrations. She hugged her sake, taking it with her to the backyard, where Kurenai drank directly from the bottle as she envisioned the princess on one of the target’s she has set up thirty yards away.

Launching a kunai, she misses the imaginary forehead for the imaginary ear. She pictured Asuma on another target and missed just as badly. In between swigs, she imagined many faces; the Hokage, for allowing this, Hiashi, for Hinata-chan's predicament, her mother, for leaving, her father, for dying, Uzumaki, for being content as the vessel for that monster that took her father, Anko, for not torturing the princess, Hinata-chan for being so weak-willed, and clearer than all their faces, herself, for all her failures. Every face was spared a kunai to the forehead, all except her own, which she shot with deadly accuracy.

“Helloooooo,” a loud familiar call sounds from the front of her home. ‘Why do I know that voice?’ Her mind sluggishly asks as her sloppy feet shuffle to the front door. Halfway there and the person wouldn't stop knocking, irking her enough to yell, “alright! I'm coming!”

Slowly, Kurenai takes in the sight of a tan boy with blond spiky hair and deep baby-blue eyes. ‘You…’ her irately mind narrows in on. He missed sessions when he had no right to. He’s at her front door when he has no right to. He smiles at her when he has no right to. With angered fueled recognition, she allows herself a moment of selfishness; a moment of release of the poisonous anger her character and virtues always keeps in check. Looking at Naruto, remembering Hinata-chan dismay for canceling the last two sessions, thinking of her father, it was easy—too easy—to let go of the anxious rage bubbling within her.

“Yo!” Naruto calls with half a smile, and Kurenai felt body move, as if detached from her will, with a single-minded purpose to attack and destroy the source of her scorn. With the speed of a first-rate Jōnin, Kurenai punched the unsuspecting boy, hard, in the nose. She felt the satisfying crunch of a broken nose as she sent him back several feet. It was the only sound in the cold night of her neighborhood. Landing hard, his hands are already covering his bleeding nose as he rolls to a stop.

She walks calmly toward him, devoid of sympathy, regret, or hesitation, as he awkwardly yells, “whaa da phluck!” As he gets up, Kurenai kicks him with all her considerable strength in the stomach, knocking all the oxygen out of his lungs as he flies through her picket fence onto the hard deserted street. He rolls to a stop and his desperate hands feebly fixates on painful wounds no amount of rubbing would ease.

Still walking towards him, patient as the setting sun, she watches him gasping for air through his bloodied mouth clutching at his stomach with both arms until he finally notices her approach—her face, in particular. Naruto forces his feet under him and decides to run rather than fight. Like a bolt from an arrow, he dashes away as fast as he can until he feels an immensely sharp pain rapidly spreading from the back his thigh throughout his body, making him trip than tumble through the dirt floor.

Adrenaline gathers his baring and when he awkwardly looks to the back of his left thigh, he sees a kunai sticking out. Turning to the fierce Jōnin, still calmly walking toward him, still making that face, he grits his teeth, grabs the kunai's handle and yanks it out before fleeing. Thankfully she doesn't pursue him, and Naruto doesn't stop running until he reaches his apartment. Unsure of what to make of what happened, he throws himself into bed and burrows himself in his sheets.

Kurenai returns to her home, to the sake bottle on the kitchen counter, and drinks the night and her worries away.






It's Sunday, and Ino is cheerfully making her way through the market with a bag of syrup-coated anko dumplings. Her elation is so effortless, she barely feels the need to dawn her mask that reveals nothing to the world of her worries or struggles. It amazes her how easy it is to hide her strong cravings for an inferior boy she doesn't like when she has relative control over the rival for the boy she does love.

But Ino's wise enough to understand she really only has the illusion of control over Sakura, and not unquestioned control. Ino knows Sakura would much prefer those photos never saw the light of day, but if Ino backed Sakura too hard into a corner, the pinkette could do something radical that might bring everything into the light. They were ninja, after all. Secrets came with the territory, but also how to manage them. Ino needed to be tough but fair. Establish the rules, follow through, and punish if Sakura challenges the order of things.

Sakura's family live in the civilian sector just past the markets. It's a nice two-story home for a successful tradesman and elected official, and unlike her clan home, Sakura’s home has modern architecture. A design Ino remembers loving when she visited as a little girl. Knocking on the door of the Haruno residence, Ino meets Sakura's blond-haired mother.

“Morning, Mebuki-san,” Ino cheerfully announces with a smile.

“Ino-chan?” Mebuki calls in question. “Oh my, what a lovely surprise. I haven't seen you in so long. My, look how beautiful you've grown!” Mrs. Haruno exclaims examining the beautiful flower in front of her from top to bottom.

Ino shyly poses, thrilled by the older woman's rave adoration. “Thank you, Mebuki-san. It's great to see you again. It really has been too long.”

“Much, but, you're here now,” Mebuki asserts. “I take it you've come by to see how Sakura is doing? Her sensei has come by and one of her teammates, but she wasn't up to seeing anyone.”

“Which teammate?” Ino cautiously asks, hoping to Kami Sasuke-kun didn’t care.

“The blond one,” Mebuki replies with a crinkle of her nose, as if smelling a foul odor, allowing Ino to release a relieved breath she didn't know she was holding in.

“Well, I know I haven't been by in a while but I think maybe a female friend will do the trick,” Ino alleges with a bright smile. Mebuki returns the smile and allows Ino in before going upstairs. As Ino had anticipated, Sakura was ‘well enough’ to see her, and a few minutes later, Mebuki leaves a tray of tea and biscuits on Sakura's desk. “I can handle that Mebuki-san,” Ino tells the older blond, taking the kettle and pouring two cups.

“If you need anything else, I'll be in the kitchen,” the mother tells them as she leaves.

The silence in the room is staggering, but it doesn't bother Ino in the slightest. She takes the cups and extends one to Sakura. This is a basic test Ino uses to gauge where to begin, and Sakura is smart enough to know taking the cup isn't just polite but to some extent, submissive. While not a rule anyone should simply assume, it is a decent indication where they both stand. One of them will be the submissive, the unresistant, the tame, and the other will be the dominant, the assertive, the lead, because if they're both assertive about their positions, the probability of things spiraling out of control is high. With the pictures in Ino's possession, Sakura's predicament can easily turn into something worse; something the green-eyed beauty would never be able to live down...

...Hence Sakura begrudgingly takes the offered cup, and Ino smiles a little.

Watching Sakura’ defeated manner from the seat by the bed, Ino can't help but remember when she was bedridden, though the shock of what she went through immobilized her for a whole week. Comfortable in her position, Ino takes a sip of her tea, enjoying the slightly sweet and fragrant beverage when Sakura finally asks, “how could you?”

“That's what you want to start with?” Ino returns. Sakura's defiant stare is answer enough and for the prosperity of her power over the pinkette, Ino chooses to answer honestly, “to tell you the truth, you caught me on a bad day. We haven't been friends for a while so you wouldn't know, but I've been having a bad time of it lately, and that day, you were definitely the tipping point.”

“Because I was talking about Sasuke-kun,” Sakura reasons aloud.

Ino nods as she answers, “I snapped.” Play-snapping her manicured fingers for effect.

“So because you were PMS-ing, you took out all your bullshit on me?!” Sakura angrily retorts.

Taking an insta-photo from her pocket, Ino calmly states, “I don't know if you want to give your mother a reason to come up here, but, it wouldn't go well for you if she did.”

Sakura struggles to force herself to calm down. They stay silent a few moments making sure Mebuki hadn't heard her daughter yell and was on her way. Once they were sure, Sakura asks, “so, I expect you’ll be going after Sasuke-kun now. B-But, you should know I won’t just sit by and let him end up with a cruel, manipulative, rapist bitch like you!”

Forcing down her own insulting rebuttal, Ino can't help but feel uncertainty, hesitation, when she entertains thoughts of her and Sasuke-kun now. She loves him and more than anything wants to be with him, but the daydreams of their first kiss, their first date, their first time, their first child.... they've become no more than ash. With the exception of her first child, there aren't many significant firsts that she hadn't already given to that blond idiot.

Ino is still very much within the powerful orbit of her womanizing and the partner who helped find her was Naruto. Even now, she wakes up at least once a night to a frenzy of feather-light, micro orgasms erupting throughout her sweaty body from the most erotic, Naruto-centered fantasies. Worse still, she's already used the pictures of herself as Sakura enthusiastically sucking Naruto's penis to get herself off three times.

No, thoughts of Sasuke-kun aren't as pure or perfect as they used to be, and Ino isn't sure how to deal with that. Fortunately, her love for him isn't challenged every day since genin teams usually don't interact in the first few months. In fact, she hasn't seen Sasuke-kun since the academy.

“We're not here to talk about me,” Ino responds, brushing aside Sakura's concern for the boy they both love. “You should worry more about yourself, since I'm here to make sure you understand the rules.”

“What rules?” Sakura suspiciously asks.

“Oh, Forehead, you didn't think I'd make you figure that out on your own, did you,” Ino chides, fanning herself with the photograph; its backside facing Sakura so she can't see what it depicts. “I'm sure I don't have to tell you what'll happen if you break one of these rules-”

“And I'm sure I don't have to tell you what'll happen to you if I tell the Hokage what you did to me,” she hastily returns. “Using family jutsu on me, raping me, blackmailing me! Those are all crimes!”

“They certainly are, but Sakura, I'm the heiress of the noble Yamanaka Clan; one of the four honored clans of Konoha. Obviously, my family wouldn’t allow me to be sent to prison. If you consider the fact that you and I are fairly inexperienced ‘‘brats’’ prone to making bad choices in our youthful age, I feel confident I'll be okay; confident enough to take the risk. You, on the other hand, will have to live with the very public shame of being the girl who sucked off the Dead Last of our year; a boy everyone hates. I have no doubt that stigma will stick with you for a long time. Maybe other guys will try to get some of that action for themselves because they think you're easy, and don't think you won't consider it either since I doubt Sasuke-kun will ever be with a woman who was with that idiot. Team Seven will probably disband after-”

“But it was you!” Sakura cries.

“It was your mouth,” the platinum-blond returns. It was not lost on Ino how she, in actuality, is the one carrying that shame of being with Naruto, and the daily urges that come with it, but much like Sakura, she doesn't want anyone to know either. “As it clearly shows in all the photos.” Ino shows her the photo of Sakura on her knees, her pink hair a mess, taking Naruto deep enough that the tip of her nose was rubbing his blond pubes.

Sakura turns away, disgusted by just the flash of it. This reaction works well for Ino as her original plan was to give Sakura a copy for her to always carry around, but after inspecting how hungry Ino—in Sakura's body—looked as she devoured his thick prick, the platinum-blond decided it might be too easy for Sakura to notice and possibly deduce Ino's wanton shame. Sakura looks defeated, exactly where Ino wants her.

“The rules,” Ino curtly picks up. “As I said before, you're going to stop all advances toward Sasuke-kun. No dates, no presents, no walks alone, I don't even want you to sit by him. No makeup, no perfume, or skin creams; you won't need any of that since you're no longer trying to impress him. If there's anything else I'm forgetting, don't try that either. There is no loophole to this rule, and you will follow it, not only to the letter, but in its spirit as well. Do we understand each other?” Slowly, dejectedly, with a grimace on her face, Sakura nods once.

Ino continues, “I realize you're teammates and since there's nothing I can do about that, rule two is you have to hang out with Naruto more.” The flames of indignation race back to Sakura's jade green eyes. The furious kunoichi tightened her shoulders and clenched her fists ready to punch Ino's nose through the back of her head. It took all of Ino's considerable effort to mask her startled panic and subsequent fear for her physical well-being, remaining as still as possible. It took several moments for a fist-raised Sakura to stop huffing her seething outrage and forcibly unclench her fists.

When Ino was sure Sakura was calm enough, she continues, “I'm not saying you have to date the idiot, honest. Even I wouldn't be so cruel, but I do want you to train with him-”

“I can't,” Sakura growls, holding back her anger. “I just can't! I know the moment I see him, I’ll feel this overwhelming urge to kill him! Literally, kill him!”

“Makes sense, but if you do, he won't know why,” Ino comments.

Baffled, though through rage filled eyes, Sakura demands to know, “what do you mean? He's in the picture. Obviously, he was a willing participant in raping me!”

“No, actually, he didn't even know it was you,” Ino says as she displays the photo again. “You know it’s Naruto because of his pants, his hands, the jacket, his mouth, chin, and a few of his birthmarks, but what you can barely see is the edge of the photo is a blindfold I made him wear. Now, I didn't really need to blindfold him, but it helped with this neat little jutsu Daddy taught me. By the end, I made Naruto forget the last ten minutes and he went straight to sleep.”

Wide-eyed and hopeful, Sakura desperately asks, “ he doesn't know?”

“Or he thinks it was a dream,” Ino suggests, easily enforcing the lie to a willing Sakura. It’s clear she doesn’t want anyone to know, and it also helps her plans if Sakura doesn’t do anything reckless. “But again, the blindfold helped make the jutsu possible since he didn't actually see anything. I doubt he even remembers you walking into his gross apartment, telling him how much you loved him instead of Sasuke-kun, getting on your knees, ripping down his pants-”

“Alright!” Sakura bellows. “Alright.”

“He doesn't know, or else he would've been knocking on your window every hour since then to see you,” Ino reasons, impregnating the lie. “Rule two; spend more time with Naruto. In fact, you're going to join him every single time he trains, without fail.”

“Ino-pi- Ino, please,” Sakura pleads. “If Sasu- if the others, anybody really, sees me spending so much time with that Baka, they'll think I like him.”

“Maybe, maybe not,” Ino shrugs callously. “I don't care either way, but unfortunately for Sasuke-kun, he’s stuck with the two of you, and I will not have either of you slowing him down, or causing him injury because you're both too stupid and weak. I want Sasuke-kun to stay safe from enemies and incompetent team members, so, keep learning Iryō-ninjutsu, but from now on, you're training with Naruto as well. Is that understood?”

Sakura simply nods.

“Rule three,” Ino continues. “I expect a report every two weeks, obviously written by you, on certain topics.”

“What topics?” Sakura curiously asks, more surprised by the rule than the curiosity of the topics.

“Whatever I choose,” Ino answers. “I could ask for a report on the best ways to give a blow job and you'll do it.” Sakura blushed, though angered by her reaction and the memory of her trauma. Ino pays her little mind as she continues, “I want objective, comprehensive reports using your own experiences as examples. The first topic is on obsession, specifically on love obsession. If you finish early, start on the next topic, superficial love. If you finish with that one, start on the third topic, what is real love? Provide examples with a minor comparison to obsessive love; all due two weeks from each other.”

Sakura actually looks surprised by this rule, and can't help but ask, “why?”

“Are you kidding me,” Ino asks with a mild look of disgust on her face. “You're like the poster child for obsessive love. I've been telling you for ages that you’re love for Sasuke-kun isn’t real, but you always brushed it aside thinking that I was trying to trick you. I bet you never once considered that the Yamanaka clan are students of the mind, of society, and that I've been exposed to more social/behavioral sciences than you ever have. If you don't want to believe me, fine. I'll make sure you read how perfectly you fit the definition of superficial and obsessive love.”

“You won't change my mind,” Sakura asserts. “I love Sasuke-kun no matter what you make me read.”

“I actually wanted to help back then,” Ino explains truthfully. “But you don't even realize because you have no frame of reference. If he was a murderer or a rapist, would you still love him? All you cling to is this, ‘I love him no matter what,’ bullshite! But you don’t have the self-respect necessary for love! Now you have no choice. If you want to stay ignorant after a couple dozen reports, fine. At that point, I’d say you’re beyond medical treatment, though for your sake, I hope you’re lucky and decide to grow and learn.”

“Is that all,” Sakura practically spits. “I'm getting really sick of seeing you spout your utter horse crap.”

Getting up and moving to put back her empty cup of tea, Ino answers, “you break any of these rules, Sasuke-kun sees them first, then your parents, and so on.”

“What guarantees do I have you won't just show him on a whim, or to prove some point?” Sakura angrily asks after the retreating blond. “What if you find out that he loves me just as much as I love him? Are you going to poison our love just because you had a bad fucking day?”

“I don't know,” Ino easily states. “I suppose I'll ask him why he thinks he loves you, after, of course, we give him a full medical work up to make sure he's not being controlled somehow,” she says with a winning smile. “As for your guarantee, you don't have one. It's not like I'm asking you to do anything heinous here; just train, and read. Pretty easy compared to the damage I can do, so just be a good girl and do as your Ino-hime commands.”

Sakura says nothing as Ino drops a white bag on her bed, tell her to, “enjoy the dumplings,” before she leaves.


Chapter Text






Alright,’ Naru-nii’s voice calls. ‘Great job learning the second stage so fast.’ Naruto chuckles happily. Learning the second stage of Rasengan has really been the past week's only saving grace. More than ever, Naruto was eagerly training with several clones on the second stage until Naru-nii returned. Naru-nii then asks his younger self, ‘you ready for the last stage?

“You bet!”

‘Alright!’ Naru-nii then passionately explains, ‘the third stage is containment, and it's even harder than the last two stages. Obviously, I'll give you every tip I can, but your body is going to have to learn it. Blow a balloon to the same size as the rubber ball-

“Another balloon?!”

Why do you think I had you buy those as well?’ Naru-nii gently asks thinking it should’ve been obvious.

“I thought they were celebration balloons,” Naruto admits. “You know, to celebrate when I learn this technique.”

Naruto can’t see Naru-nii shake his head but he can hear his long exhale. ‘Like I said, you want the air balloon to be the same size as the rubber ball. This is to help you visualize the shape. You're going to combine a hundred percent of the first two stages—rotation and power—but contain it in a sphere. So if you pop the balloon, you fail. If the balloon even wiggles a little, you fail.

“That... sounds impossible,” Naruto can't help but gasp, completely shocked.

Man, I really wish I was there to show you, but you're me, and this is for our special people, so I know you'll get it.

At the mention of special people, Naruto can’t help but wonder about his own, or lack thereof. Academy graduate and a ranked member of Konoha’s Shinobi forces, and he’s still getting assaulted by ninja. Everyone still thinks he’s not worth their time. Naruto feels like he’s getting stronger but nothing’s changed. “...Hey, Naru-nii?”

Yeah,’ Naru-nii voices.

Thinking about his most recent attack by the Jōnin-sensei he was helping, Naruto asks, “do people still hate me in the future?”

...mmm, I don't think my teammates started looking at me differently until after our first real mission. The other genin probably looked at me differently after the Chūnin exams, and the villagers, not until years later. Why?

“Has a Jōnin-sensei ever beaten you up?”

Loads of people have beaten me up,’ Naru-nii isn’t afraid to admit. ‘But you know, instead of letting them get to me, I put my everything into proving them wrong, showing them and myself, that I'm not what they think I am; that I'm worth more. And you know what else?

Listening intently to the best thing that’s ever happened to him, Naruto eagerly asks, “what?”

It'll take some time, but hard work is the only way of making your dreams come true. You wouldn't give up on being Hokage just like you wouldn't give up on Sakura-chan, Kakashi-sensei, Iruka-sensei, Ji-chan, Teuchi-jiji and Ayame-neesan, even the teme. Oh, and I can't forget the one and only Ino-chan... that still blows my mind… Ino…

“You and me both,” Naruto laughs.

Have you talked to her?

“Actually, she came by the apartment,” Naruto chuckles like a gleeful maniac at the memory of her lips wrapped around his dick, then his mood sours when he recalls the sting of her departing words. “I think she’s having a hard time, like she’s not sure if she likes me or not.”

Can’t really help much there, mini-me. Sorry,’ Naru-nii says, lamenting having so few answers for his past self. ‘If there were some way to train for that, believe me, I would tell you.

“I know. It's okay. Thanks anyway, Naru-nii,” Naruto happily tells the future voice. “Now let's get cracking! I want to master Rasengan by next week!”

Ha! Don't look down on the technique created by the Fourth!’ Naru-nii warns good-naturedly. ‘This is an A-class jutsu for a reason.

Naru-nii gave him every tip he had learned before he couldn't remain any longer. Naruto spent all the afternoon and part of the early evening in the forest training; until a dinner break made him return to his apartment. He would've loved to dine in Ichiraku's but the weekends were hectic for the friendly uncle and his daughter, so Naruto thought of his instant cup of Ramen fondly, until he stepped on the fourth floor of his building to find someone waiting for him.






Waking up on the kitchen floor, in a puddle of dried vomit is the unsightly result of a long night of heavy drinking. Her hangover was massive, and painful, to the point she almost didn't want to move from the vomit covered floor. Just thinking of how pathetic she is made her head throb. It didn't all come back to her right away. Under crisis, Kurenai's mind worked one step at a time, and the current step was gathering enough resolve to remove herself from the repugnant stench of vomit mixed sake.

For the first hour, Kurenai thought of nothing but swearing off alcohol as fatigue, nausea, migraine, and dehydration stunt all her movements; from taking a cold shower, to changing into comfortable clothes, she forces herself through it all; even cleaning her kitchen of the drowning stench of ammonia and vomit. It is as Kurenai is thoroughly disinfecting her tile floor that her higher reasoning—the method by which she governs her entire life—begins to process everything that happened.

“Oh, Kami,” she swears, rubbing her throbbing temples soothingly as flashes of last night start to filter through the splintering pounding of her poisoned mind. Kurenai suffered every-which-way she could feel misery, however, proper agony is reserved for those she interacted with. Not only had she made a fool of herself in front of her friends, respective peers, and forced Anko to drag her home, but she violently attacked a weeks-old genin.

“Kami, I threw a kunai at him as he ran away,” Kurenai shamefully voices as her memories clearly replays the entire incident. As terrible as she felt about attacking a weak unguarded boy nearly half her age, she was more worried about Hinata-chan. For whatever reason, the girl absolutely adores the Jinchūriki and he, above anyone else, can help her the fastest.

And I assaulted him with a weapon!

Kurenai stopped cleaning and reached for the sake bottle on its side, hoping for a little bit left to ease the magnitude of her fuck up. ‘What the fuck is wrong with me!’ she states in alarm, tipping the bottle over her lips and finding no dampening relief in the empty bottle. A flash of a saddened Hinata-chan with the Caged Bird Seal on her forehead feels prophetic, making her feel powerless to stop it. Growing increasingly anxious, Kurenai felt like she was panicking more than she could control and rushed to the nearest seat.

Taking deep and even breaths, Kurenai tried to slow her thoughts and clear her mind of self-deprecating reflection. Her shinobi training for torture situations tells her not to endure pain necessarily, but to consider one's life as the duty of the village. The concept that a ninja is more than a body, but a nation, keeps the mind sound through turmoil, and in this case, serves her well as she voices, “Yūhi Kurenai. Kunoichi of Konohagakure. Rank, Jōnin. Registration number 010881.” As she speaks, thoughts of Asuma didn't seem quite so disparaging.

“Yūhi Kurenai. Kunoichi of Konohagakure. Rank, Jōnin. Registration number 010881,” she repeats and thought's of Hinata-chan with the cursed seal on her forehead didn't seem so inevitable.

“Yūhi Kurenai. Kunoichi of Konohagakure. Rank, Jōnin. Registration number 010881,” and again, thoughts of her father didn't seem so disappointed in her failure. She repeats the coping method several times before she calms down, and focuses on what she does best, critical thinking and planning. As there is little she can do about Asuma, and any focus on him only increases her agitation, Kurenai reflects on Hinata-chan, and how to get her training back on track.

The indigo-haired genin is making so much progress in her team training, even smiling more. In one week, with hard work and unwavering diligence, the beautiful kunoichi was starting to come out of her shell. Missing the last two sessions—the sadness in Hinata-chan's eyes because of it—Kurenai felt shame for snapping the way she did on Uzumaki-kun. She knows it wasn't right, but for Hinata-chan's future, she'll have to fix her error somehow.

She spends the rest of the afternoon re-hydrating as she cleans, all the while trying to anticipate the boy's needs for the possibility of bribing him. The ideal situation would be if he understood that she was far too drunk and angry to make good decisions. ‘Certainly, he must know alcohol inhibits thought of consequences making it easier to make bad decisions… Who wouldn’t know that?’ If he does, than she can finesse a way for him to return to the sessions, but the critical analysis part of her mind felt the likelihood of that happening was very low. At dusk, she does a moderately intense work out to increase blood flow and ease tense muscles before showering and searching for the boy.

Armed with Kakashi's intelligence, her first stop was the ramen shop as it was closer than his apartment. Asking the busy girl if she's seen Uzumaki-kun, the girl informed her he generally doesn't come by on the weekends. After thanking the waitress, and coasting the market toward his apartment, Kurenai was praying it wouldn't take long to find him. Fortune must've been paying attention because barely a moment after knocking on his rusting door, Uzumaki-kun steps off the stairs onto his floor.

The panic on his face is immediate, throwing out a rash finger and yelling, “stay back!”

Kurenai expected a reaction but not to this degree. She can see him inspect his surrounding, prompting her to raise her hand in surrender as she states, “Um, Uzu- Naruto-kun-” is all she gets out before he hops on the wall of the apartment, and to her surprise runs up the wall toward the roof.

Kakashi's already teaching them tree-climbing chakra control?’ is her only consideration before she realizes she now has to chase after him; a task that she's heard many times in the Chūnin bars is very annoying. Hopping on the wall, she gives chase. They leap from rooftop to rooftop, and to her great displeasure, he’s making her work for it. The boy was smart enough to travel toward the market before jumping and landing down in the streets to try and lose her in the crowd.

Kurenai keeps the high ground, for the inevitability that he would disguise himself to move with the crowd. Unfortunately for him, villagers and people as a whole project easily if you pay enough attention. She can separate a crowd of routine everyday destinations from subtle yet cautious attempts to blend. Red irises scan the throng of villagers like a hawk and soon enough, she spots her prey casually looking around before walking again. It was a good disguise, she notes, but he’s obviously lacking experience in body language.

Kurenai retains a safe distance above as she tails him. When the genin is confident he'd lost her, he enters an alley to cut across to the next street and that’s when she drops in front of him. “Relax!” she starts quickly putting empty hands up. “I'm not here to hurt you.”

“Maybe not this time!” He throws back, jumping in the academy standard fighting stance. “But who knows when you’ll be in a mood to beat on a Genin again!”

He wasn’t wrong,’ Kurenai guiltily thought, adding, ‘but this isn’t getting us anywhere.’ “Naruto-kun, I came to apologize for what happened last night-”

“Oh, you mean apologize for stabbing me in the leg with a kunai!” he yells drawing some attention from the passerby.

Realizing they should talk in private, she suggests, “how about we go somewhere else. We're not too far from my home.” They’re actually very far from her home, but Kurenai didn’t want to have this conversation around anyone with even decent abilities in surveillance and reconnaissance. This may be a military village but attacking active shinobi, lower rank or not, is taken very serious. Not only is it possible the walk could cool him down but her home is private. He looked warily at her offer, as if about to say no when she adds, “please. I'd really like the chance to make it up to you.”

Very reluctantly, he agrees, but he stays behind her the entire walk to her home, giving her the unsavory opportunity to add a little more sway to her hips to break down some of his justified anger. For the setting, Kurenai picks the comfortable couches and gestures for him to have a seat so she can strategically sit across from him to cross her legs whenever needed. She didn't like the idea of using her wiles on someone so full of teenage hormones to manipulate him, but this was too important to leave to his immature process of assessment and resolution. She’ll offer him what she needs to in order to reestablish his help, but she needs to be sure he’s not too emotional to say no.

She expected the normally talkative boy to yell at her straight away, but he says nothing, and many seconds pass in painful silence. Within those seconds she analyzes his appearance and overall demeanor. He's clearly suspicious of her and not at all shy about showing anger. He's very dirty—training being the most obvious reason—but with dried sweat, bits of blood, dirt, grime, grass and mud stains littering his body, he looks as if he's been thrown to the ground for hours.

Finally, she offers, “how about you wash up a bit and I'll make us some tea. You remember where the bathroom is,” she states, moving toward the kitchen without his compliance.

Before she takes more than three steps he interrupts, “can't you just say what you wanna say so I can get out of here?”

“It'll only take a second,” she counters. “Go on, wash up and I promise I won't keep you long.” She exits into the kitchen and is relieved to hear him get up and head to the bathroom. ‘Come on water, cool him down,’ she mentally hopes. Though he was grumbling the entire way, it's definitely positive that he's following her suggestions. Settled exactly as they were moments later, his cleaner face still blatantly mistrustful, he impatiently started tapping the floor with a shaky leg.

I guess not,’ she thinks, recognizing no difference in his attitude. In hopes of breaking the ice with a compliment, she happily comments, “I had no idea Kakashi-sensei started training your team on the Tree-Walking exercise. You did it quite naturally.”

“He didn't,” Naruto answers hotly. “I'm going to leave, and I'll fight you this time if you try to stop me, or you can say whatever the hell you want to say, so I can get back to my training.”

A dog with a bone worse than Akamaru,’ Kurenai thinks before gracefully jumping right in. “Naruto-kun, I sincerely apologize for what I did to you.”

“You know, I expect that from stupid civilians, or retired shinobi, but not Jōnin sensei.”

It's understandable how many react to the sight of the blond. She too, will occasionally see the rampaging monster over the boy. But rather than let this be some emotional tirade, she replies, “you’re right. I should’ve known better and I am sorry. I was upset and took it out on you when I shouldn’t have, but, part of it was due to you missing our last two sessions. Hinata-chan was doing really well and you may have hindered all the progress we’ve made.”

“I wasn't trying to skip out,” Naruto irately returns. But as he couldn't exactly bring up Ino’s blowjob nor his longest lasting boner ever, he simply said, “something came up,” without going into more detail.

“Look,” Kurenai starts. “Why don't we forget this happened, start fresh, and you can come by tomorrow for another session.”

“No way,” he quickly puts down. She can tell from his eyes alone how dauntless and unwavering he is. ‘Not shy to authority at all,’ she mentally recognizes.

“Naruto-kun,” she slowly says as she sensually crosses her long creamy legs. She catches him sneaking a healthy look as she continues, “I understand you're upset and again, I am sorry, but think about Hinata-chan. You're helping her exactly like I'd expect a Hokage would.”

“I'm not upset, I'm pissed,” he loudly returns. “And Ji-chan always talks about ignoring crazy people who’re trying to take advantage of you. So you can forget it, sensei. Figure out another way to help Hinata-chan cuz I don’t want to work with you again.”

Kurenai allows the silence to linger as long as she dares, to give the boy some time to cool off. She expected some resistance, but her hopes for a submissive response from the blond dwindle to non-existent. She can't outright force him and negotiating with an altruistic motivation seems like a weak leg to stand on, leaving the beautiful kunoichi with bartering. There isn't a person alive who doesn't want something, and boys his age want all the latest ninja equipment, ninjutsu, or maybe just money.

Remembering the state of his door, and the area he lives in, money might be the best option, prompting her to say, “I prefer this method of helping Hinata-chan. But if working with me feels that difficult for you, how about I offer you some ryo for your assistance? Buying yourself something nice simply for talking to a girl doesn’t sound bad, does it?”

Naruto looks at her dumbfounded, a reaction that Kurenai finds unexpected. On the outside, her smile remains just as pleasant, her posture is perfect, swelling out her breasts further with her hands clasp together on the top thigh of her crossed legs, not for a moment betraying her thoughts as he says, “you shouldn't pay people to be friends with your student. That just sounds wrong.” Kurenai had not expected that level of integrity from him and she's silent long enough for him to add, “Hinata’s nice and I want her to get strong, but I've got a lot of training to do too you know.”

When Naruto stands to leave, Kurenai hastens to offer, “I'll help you with your training.” If the blond was a master negotiator, she's certain he would've noticed the weakness in her bartering position.

Instead, he turns and looks at her suspiciously, responding, “Kakashi-sensei said I'm not supposed to train with other sensei. He says it could throw off our teamwork if we have more than one sensei at a time.”

Stalling for time to consider the boy's other interests, she voices the cannon fodder, “Naruto-kun, this is very important. All you have to do is be yourself, I don't see what the problem is.”

“That's because you don't care about me,” he hotly returns, thinking of how often he's mistreated and is rarely given the chance to speak about it. With Naru-nii and the fate of the future dangling in the forefront of his mind, he seriously asks her, “you think you're the only one with stuff to deal with? I've got plenty of troubling stuff too, and your stab-happy ass is definitely not helping!”

“Okay, then let me help you,” Kurenai quickly hops on the opportunity. “If you're really going through troubling issues, I feel we can work something out that can help us both. If you continue helping me with Hinata-chan’s sessions, I'll help you with whatever I can.” Noting his pause to ponder the offer, she can’t help but mentally exhale and think, ‘finally, progress.’

Kurenai didn't know about Naru-nii, the prediction of the future, Naruto’s training to prevent that, or the absolute secrecy he swore to his future-self he would keep. Kurenai was also unaware of Naruto’s dependence on those now forty minutes a day with Naru-nii, when he can talk to someone who cares about him like family, helps and guides like Iruka-sensei, and most importantly, completely believes there’s something great in him. Naruto would never reveal that secret to anyone he didn't trust, so he certainly won’t be discussing that with her, but that wasn’t his only problem.

Kurenai didn't know how sexually conscious Naruto has become. She couldn't see him pondering about training and mastering an area of his young life he or Naru-nii knew very little about. Of course, Ino-chan's words play across his mind like a brass winded instrument blaring in his head, “You don't make me feel good at all!” he recalls Ino yell from beyond the barrier of his front door. And of course, “You don't even know what you're doing!”

Naruto really didn't know what he was doing. Naru-nii couldn't help and some of the books he's looked through are more story based than instructional. Naruto needed an ultimate guide to the female body and how to manipulate it like he does his chakra. He needed a sensei for sex. Kurenai didn't know any of this, but felt a little nudge would move her closer to what she wants. As Naruto ponders whether he should ask—if it's even proper to ask—she challenges his hesitation by inquiring, “do we have a deal? We'll even shake on it so neither one of us backs out of it, okay?”

She is a woman, and really hot,’ Naruto thinks. ‘Since she’s older, she should know more… unless she’s virgin,’ Naruto grimaces, then shakes his head. ‘A woman this beautiful is probably beating them off with a stick… or kunai,’ his mind reminds him. “Well,” Naruto hesitantly begins, cheeks turning a tough pink. “There is something I need to learn more about.”

“Alright then,” Kurenai says with a smile, bringing her index and middle finger up to her chest, as if activating ninjutsu, than extends her paired fingers out in harmony. “On the Konoha honor of reconciliation, we’ll promise to help each other out.”

Naruto easily recalls the Seal of Reconciliation from Iruka-sensei's classes, but can't help a nagging uncertainty about the differences between each of their needs. “You don't even know what I need help with.”

Keeping her hand extended, Kurenai confidently replies, “we're simply agreeing to help each other if it's at all possible. Obviously I won't steal, kill, or abuse someone with jutsu for you. And I can't teach you something if I have no experience with it.” Tilting her head with her winning smile, Naruto guardedly joins his paired fingers with hers in amiable harmony.

“Okay than,” he agrees, with a firm two-finger shake.

“Good,” Kurenai happily states. “I'll see you tomorrow, same time. This is important, so please be there.”

“I will,” Naruto grumbles.

Moving back to the couches for a celebratory tea, Kurenai asks, “so, what would you like me to help you with?”

Naruto grows incredibly nervous fast, enough so for the beautiful kunoichi to notice. His cheeks grow warm as he looks away from her and scratches his head. “Mnn, haha, well, I uh, ...n- hel… mak- um, gir ls- f-feel-… gd.”

Despite his garbled response, Kurenai honed in on the last three words and slowly, very reminiscent of when she attacked him, walks to him. “Uzumaki-kun, I didn't quite catch that. As a self-respecting and very dangerous woman, I suggest you choose your next words wisely.”

“...I,” he balks a moment at the intensity of her antagonistic red irises, but gritting his teeth, he bravely returns, “I need to learn how to make girls feel good!”

She grabs him by the dirty collar of his jacket and forcefully hoists him up.


“Do I look like some sort of harlot to you!?” Kurenai growls. “Put me do-” he tries but she cuts him off. “Or that I would prostitute myself to you for your perverse fantasies?!” He struggles, as he yells, “let go,” but she doesn't. “I always knew you weren't very bright, but I never thought you were this stupid!”

“You're choking... me!” She drops him like a sack of potatoes before Naruto angrily whirls on the woman who physically assaulted him for a second time now. “Fine, jeez! You don't want to help me, I get it! Just don't expect me to help you either!”

Taking a deep breath, she practically growls, “we shook!”

“I'm not the one backing out!” he hurls back, rubbing his throat.

“I said I'd help you, but not with that!”

“Fine!” Naruto yells. “It's not like I'm forcing you too. I- I just... don't know a lot about... that, and you said you'd help as long as I don't ask you to kill or steal, or use jutsu on people. And we shook, so, well, that's what I need!” It's silent for a long time, and Naruto mutters, “whatever,” before walking to the door.

His hand on the door’s knob, he opens the door half way before Kurenai’s extended hand slams it closed from behind him, sullenly compromising by countering with, “... I can get you books.”

“Oh, wasn't I too stupid for you a minute ago?” he sarcastically asks. “I can't say I've tried all the books but I've read some and they're not- …they don't say what I need to know.”

“You're worse than Kakashi,” Kurenai mutters exasperatedly. She turns and walks a few paces down the hall before facing him again, pinching the bridge of her nose. “What exactly is it that you're asking?”

“Uh… I can't say exactly what,” he slowly struggles to reason aloud. Keeping in honesty of reconciliation, he continues, “it's like I need to learn what to do when I'm with a girl so she doesn't... regret being with me. I want her to feel really good, so- so, if you can show me how to do that, than I'll definitely help you!”

Her analytical mind tries to separate her desire to kill the blond from the ultimate goal. Despite the weight of the choice ahead of her, the mission is Hinata. Naruto's a boy. It’s common for young boys to be curious about the female body. Kurenai knows at a planned point in the future, a shinobi-sensei will take his young pupil—if he’s single and willing—to Redlight Alley in Konoha or a gambling town in the nation, to properly shed the vestiges of his innocence, but that isn’t for several years if she remembers correctly. It's almost unbearable to Kurenai that Uzumaki-kun—the Jinchūriki—would want this of her. ‘But the final step is just beyond this,’ she thinks. Hinata's fate—the village’s next generation—is resting on her shoulders. If she hadn’t fucked up maybe she wouldn’t be here suffering for it.

“…We're not ever having intercourse,” Kurenai phonetically puts down.

Naruto shrugs, completely fine with that stipulation, stating, “as long as I learn what I need to, that's fine.”

“Why do you need to know this?” she asks. “You're still so young.”

“Why do you need to help Hinata-chan so badly?”

“She's my student,” Kurenai easily answers.

“I don't live with Kakashi-sensei,” he snaps, clearly pointing out Hinata seems to mean more than her other students.

“I have my reasons,” Kurenai returns irately, wondering why this conversation feels so one-sided.

“Than so do I,” Naruto just as easily replies.

“Are you dating anyone?” Kurenai asks, changing tact. “Because this is the kind of thing you both learn together... a very long time from now.”

“I'm not dating,” Naruto answers glumly, instantly picturing Sakura-chan's face, followed by Ino-chan’s. “I want to know because I want to be the best. Isn't that enough?”

“I... will attempt to figure out a decent way of helping you, but if that's not enough for you, tough. It's all I'm offering.”

“Sweet! Ne, can we start tonight? Please? Please?” Naruto begs with a sparkle in his perfectly blue eyes. “I've been dying to know what a girl is supposed to feel like when a boy puts his thing inside of her.”

In that very moment, Kurenai realizes she drank her last bottle of sake and there's nothing else in her home that could possibly make this bearable. “H-How about you let me gather the material... to teach you and- and we'll start tomorrow.” His suspicion is apparent in his squinting eyes, but after a moment he shrugs and agrees.






Lying awake in her bed, Hinata stares at the dark oak of her ceiling wondering when she’ll have another one of her special lessons with Kurenai-sensei. The Hyūga heiress wasn’t sure about the genjutsu in the beginning, far too nervous to see a fake Naruto-kun, but after that first time, Hinata slowly began to learn, if anything, it’s slightly better than her dreams. In her mind at rest, Hinata is strong, brave, assertive, and more than anything, always by Naruto’s side; helping him, supporting him.

She may have difficulties within her clan, but at least she’s given a first-rate education, a warm place to sleep, food, training, a beautiful sister, and despite how cold her father is toward her, she would much rather have him in her life than not. She loves her family and would willingly give her life for theirs. Given what can happen to her, should the seal be placed on her forehead, Hinata is always comforted knowing that her little sister will be spared that fate. So long as Hanabi is safe, Hinata knows she can endure.

Hers is not a terrible life and she only has that perspective because of Naruto-kun. Using her perceptive eyes, she knows with absolute certainty that nearly the entire village hates him, or is completely indifferent to his existence. Naruto-kun is treated like vermin since he was a child, and yet he doesn’t give up. He doesn’t even look sad. He always tries, always smiles, and with a strength that completely baffles her, refuses to ever accept their fate for him. He fights. Always fights. And she loves him for it. Despite the fact that Kurenai is using genjutsu to help treat her crippling insecurity, the genjutsu-Naruto-kun feels so real, she can’t help falling for the illusion.

Thinking of the depth Kurenai is willing to go for her, Hinata is so grateful to have her as a sensei, making her want to try harder all the more to move past her fears. For the goal of being able to talk to Naruto-kun properly, in real life, Hinata will do the best she can. ‘I just hope we can keep doing the special training session,’ she mentally huffs before finally succumbing to sleep.






The balance of power between them shifted with every turn. Naruto did well in the next session, very well in fact. To Kurenai, it almost seemed like he can project warmth and happiness because Hinata-chan never smiled more. It certainly embarrassed the young Hyūga to smile in front of him, but Hinata couldn't help pay so much attention to Uzumaki and would forget her shyness from time to time. It was one of the best sessions yet, and in that singular moment, watching her student's honest smile, Kurenai couldn't be more relieved.

Later that night, her every step toward Uzumaki's residence filled her with dread. With the manuals in hand, the knowledge she was about to impart on a boy eight years her junior, made her stomach turn. Knocking on the rusted, faded-red door, she wished she drank another saucer of sake before coming here. When Naruto excitedly opens the door, she was absolutely relieved to see his apartment was filthy.

There were several full trash bags in the corner along with oddly organized piles of trash. ‘Recycling,’ she thought, noticing several tall stacks of ramen cups nearly as tall as Uzumaki. Clothes in a pile on the floor, dust, and for some odd reason, partly-cut leaves were littered everywhere. The smell was just as bad as the sight, and Kurenai knew this was her best way out of this uncomfortable situation… at least for a few days.

“I refuse to spend one minute in this squalor of a room,” she told him. He tried to argue that he could clean it all if she gave him fifteen minutes but rather than watch him shove everything into a closet, she tells him, “I will point out everything that needs deep and thorough cleaning as well as washing before I leave. Consider this your first lesson; girls like a clean man.” The single charming point in that entire apartment was the beautiful, majestic purple Starling he kept by the window with its cage door open. She noted it didn't leave and figured it must enjoy being there, though why that could be, she'll never know.

Despite the filth and stench of the room pressuring her to flee, she quickly told him there wasn't a single spot that didn't need cleaning. She made sure he understood that sweeping something to the side or dusting wasn't enough and he needed to disinfect absolutely everything, as well as promising that she'll never teach him anything in such a polluted environment.

That didn't work out well the following session when Uzumaki was noticeably upset throughout the entire two hours with Hinata. He was quieter than normal, sullen, clearly upset, and Hinata-chan thought it was her fault. Kurenai could literally see the girl retreat into her shell. Moments after Kurenai ‘dispelled’ her ‘genjutsu,’ she managed to convince Hinata-chan that his behavior was simply a test to see how she might act to an upset Naruto even though she did nothing wrong and further explained how the girl could remedy the situation in the future.

By nightfall, she was pounding on Uzumaki's door. Walking in, she was momentarily stunned by how clean the entire apartment was. The floors were clear, swept, and actually shone. The walls were unblemished of the trickle down stains she saw the night prior. The stove, counter-top, table, and chair seem sterile and uncluttered. Even the smell is a mix of disinfectant, lemon, and freshness. It was shocking to see and realize he had done it in a day when she was expecting it to take at least three. Still, her purpose did not waver and she demanded to know why he acted that way.

“I- I'm almost sure you just wanted to leave yesterday,” he told her with an edge of uncertainty, but still adamant. “I told you I could clean it fast. We even could’ve gone to the roof, but you wouldn't even listen. So excuse me for being angry with you.”

“Uzumaki-kun, you have to understand that this isn't easy for me,” Kurenai tries.

“You think this is easy for me? How am I ever going to learn what I need to know if someone won't teach me?!”

“Because this is the kind of thing you learn with a girl who likes you as much as you like them.”

“Girls don't like...” Naruto cuts himself off to avoid feeling depressed. “We shook, right? You said you would, so either do or don't, because I have other things I could be training on.”

With a disgruntled huff, a much too sober Kurenai stressfully explains in painfully blunt detail the many points of anatomy for both female and male genitalia, as well as the numerous pleasure zones for each with a few scientific diagrams. It was terrible for her and only made worse by his many questions. It was clear he didn't understand the difference between locating and exploring a girl's erogenous zones, from just sticking it in and out. He had far too many questions for the hour allotted to explain this incredibly uncomfortable topic.

But Uzumaki did much better the following session with Hinata-chan. There didn't seem to be noticeable progress on Hinata-chan's end but there wasn't a decline either. With enough liquid courage for the following sex lesson, Kurenai was able to feel a little less perturbed by the whole affair and answer more of his awkward questions; ‘why do we orgasm? What’s the difference between girl orgasms and boy orgasms? How do I make sure she orgasms? Are you supposed to make sure you fit your entire dick inside her or is part of it okay? What if you can’t? I heard it feels good for a girl in her ass?’ And on, and on, and on.

With every session she eventually learns two shots of sake is best for the hour long session though in her inebriated state it worries her when she thinks the way his whiskered cheeks redden is cute. If the topic for the night is particularly stressful, Kurenai will ingest three shots.

His constant and often repeated questions showed her he couldn't mentally rehearse with knowledge and theory alone. By their third night, she realized at some point this wasn't going to be enough. She's been around him long enough to realize he's a more practical learner, and sure enough, the next day he nervously asks, “can you, please, um, show me, please?”

“The pictures are enough,” she flatly puts him down. He lets it go until the next day, when he again asks, “can't you please just show me? Just to see how- how a girl looks when s-she... cums. Please!”

“No, Uzumaki-kun!” Kurenai asserts forcefully. “Use the diagrams and visualize according to the information!”

He asked again the following night and her response did not change.

Though it was the weekend and Kurenai didn’t have Hinata, it would've been very easy to argue fairness—trading sessions for sessions—to get out of ‘coaching,’ however he's slowly but steadily growing despondent. She can almost feel him withdrawing as she left his apartment, dispirited. So, in order to show the genin her dedication as an instructor, she came by Saturday night. Though she had to turn down his request, yet again, she promises to come by the following night as well to prove her participation and keep him from backing out.

Sitting at the bar, alone, is difficult for Kurenai. Not only is the sight of a woman sitting by herself good incentive for bachelors to approach and offer one's company, but Kurenai is one of the most beautiful kunoichi in Konoha. She was turning away company left and right since she was already planning on heading to Uzumaki's shortly. She also wanted the time alone to ponder.

Kurenai was considering adding rubber models to the lesson plan and if worse comes to worst, actual genjutsu to make him see examples of what is being discussed. Taking this humiliating endeavor so seriously isn’t something she’s comfortable with because Kurenai never wants this to become a normal thing she does, but the faster she teaches him what he needs to know, the faster she can be done with it, so going further may actually end this quicker.

“Buy you a drink,” a familiar voice asks from behind her.

“No, thank-” Kurenai begins to say before turning and recognizing Genma complete with his toothpick. “Oh, hey,” she says offering a small smile. “Thanks for the offer but three's more than enough.” ‘Enough to teach a young boy about sex,’ she mentally adds, downing her last shot.

“Just as well,” he says, before taking the seat next to her and leaning over. “Listen, I went ahead of the others just to make sure you weren't here.”

Furrowing her brow curiously, she asks, “what are you talking about?”

“The princess,” he starts, taking a breath before explaining, “wanted to take another break from nobility and come back here, tonight. I- well, we just thought it would be better if you weren't here to see them.”

To see them,’ her mind quickly repeats three times. Suddenly short of breath while her heart tightens as she mentally adds with repetition, ‘to see them,’ as in, ‘a couple,’ as in, ‘to see them as a couple.’ Kurenai’s lungs deflate but her chest feels incredibly tight as a burning prickling sensation breaks throughout her skin. For some reason, she feels the warmth of the sake in her system, but cold in her weakened bones.

As the rejection and hurt start to settle in, Kurenai throws up two fingers for another couple of shots as Genma continues, “I get that this isn't ideal but I don’t think she'll be here much longer. Nothing's been announced and who knows what might happen even there were an announcement.”

Kurenai can't comment in any way about them or the situation—preferring instead to avoid more heartache—as she throws back both shots in quick succession, and simply asks Genma, “can you cover this. I'll pay you back,” she adds as she leaves the bar. She takes no more than four steps outside when Asuma and princess Tomoko in fine, yet civilian clothes, are walking towards her. Kurenai freezes and is about to at least wish them good night, but Asuma, escorting the princess, walks around her with a simple, “Yūhi-san,” before clearly ignoring her very presence.

Kurenai could have stood there all night trying to understand what exactly happened. She could have replayed that series of motions over and over in her mind and never understand it. She could have run inside and demanded an explanation but she already knows. She already knows because this was exactly what he warned her about; why he, as the son of the Hokage stayed an arm's length away from anyone. It didn't stop the tremendous hurt, but it did provide some heart-weeping clarity.

Kurenai stopped at the convenience store for a bottle of sake on her way to Naruto's—saving it for when she returned home—but Sunday night in Uzumaki's neighborhood, the locals weren't exactly shy about heavy forms of public displays of affection and half the bottle was already gone by the time she reached Uzumaki's ugly door.

He let her in and they take their usual seats at the dining table. She can tell he noticed how different she was speaking and acting but didn't comment otherwise. After thirty minutes of horribly disjointed explanation, Naruto again asks, “ne, ne Kurenai-sensei, can't you please just show me what it looks like, so I know she felt good? You said it's harder for girls, right? So how would I know unless you show me!”

“Uuuzumaki-” she slurs.

“Please, please, please, just once,” he begs her with prayer’s hands. “Just this one time and I know I'll understand more if you do! Please!”

“I try ssso hard... for my v-village, my ssstudents...” she glumly says, disinterested and dejected with images of Asuma and his beautiful princess replaying in her mind as she mentally adds, ‘why?

“I'm your student,” Naruto pleads, suddenly next to her, breaking through her fog of dismay. “I'll try hard for you!”

Yūhi-san,’ she hears him echo in her mind.

Why?’ Her mind repeats in a tired defeated fashion. ‘Why bother…’ and she mentally checks out. Kurenai slowly gets up and on uncoordinated legs walks to his bedroom, exciting him to no end. Skipping happily, he eagerly follows her into his thankfully clean bedroom and commands the blond to, “ssshut off the lights. Leave… the door open.”

Slowly moving to the light switch, he comments, “I won't be able to see if I shut off the lights.”

Her fingers fumble with the button of her white shorts as she responds, “thasss why I sssaid keep the door open. The light from the living room’ll be enough.” She'd prefer to remove as much of her sense of sight as possible. Though the absurdity of this thoughtless decision hasn't sunk in as well as the sake has, she still feels some embarrassment for someone seeing her well-maintained nether regions.

She hasn't been with anyone in over a year and judging by Asuma’s cold shoulder, it would appear her bed will remain devoid of love for the foreseeable future. Lying on the edge of Uzumaki’s bed as she untangles her shorts from her feet, her uncoordinated weight nearly tilts her forward. When she realizes Uzumaki is kneeling a few inches away from her knees, Kurenai easily observes his breathing has quickened and his eyes are laser focused.

“Uzumaki-kun, girlsss can easily become nervous if a boy ssstares too much,” she slurs as she removes her black lace underwear, though her long toned legs remain closed.

“But I want to see,” Naruto whined. It's been so long since Ino-chan, he’s finding it incredibly difficult to control his excitement. “Since it's you training me, it's alright, right?”

“Training... “ she slowly repeats. “... I...” With the constant image of a princess and son of the Hokage walking together in her mind, her arguments, her worries, her rationality, her soberness, her sense of caring, all fall silent and absent. For this singular moment, nothing matters. Nothing. “....don't care.”

Kurenai spreads her legs and allows Uzumaki full view of her vagina. “Thisss isss my pussy,” she crudely says.

“It looks way better than the pictures,” Naruto says inching closer and closer between her legs to take in as much of her pretty pink slit and clear white skin.

Kurenai barely registers his radiating warmth but can certainly feel his breath on her skin. Despite the close-up underage audience, Kurenai starts touching herself; using her middle and index to circle the petals of her pussy. “I ssstart by ssstimulating my labia, or pussy lips,” she explains to him what she's doing and why. She further explains, “it doesssn’t have to be excessive clitoral stimulation…” but her mind slips the longer she continues to play with herself.

Her juices are leaking down the underside of her spread legs and Kurenai falls back in the bed, eyes closed as one hand searches for much needed release while her other hand snakes to her aching breasts, massaging the hard nub of her nipples and the ample bosom of her chest. She pulls and twists her hard nipple through her top, moaning, “Mnnn… Aahhnn… mmn, ysss…” Kurenai forgets about a lot on her back and in the dark: Asuma, the princess, her deceased father, her precious ward, and her genin team, but most importantly, she forgets about Uzumaki.

Mnnnn… yesssso closeso close… haahnn… hhnnn… I’m- MMMMNNN.

Naruto is inches away from her soaked and digging digits when Kurenai groans a loud moan, plunging two fingers in her cunt while her thumb massages her erect clit. Her pelvis bucks madly when she cums as concentrated pleasure shocks her quaking body, filling her with stress relieving bliss much like her moans and whimpers fill the dark room. In her blissful ignorance, Kurenai didn't expect, at all, for Uzumaki to launch his head forward, tongue leading the charge as his mouth engulfs her twitching cunt, eagerly licking and swallowing as much of her pleasure juices as possible.


His unexpectedly rough tongue was a shocking reminder that she was not alone, but in her inebriated, pleasure-flooded mind, little thought was spent explaining the presence of an eager tongue in her weeping cunt. She just saw a black ceiling and felt pleasure coursing. Pondering who simply didn’t matter to Kurenai as the digging, muscular organ lapped up her expelling essence, its bumps scraping at her clit in the most delicious way while her only thoughts were on how much she missed this feeling.

He was eating her out for every ounce of nectar, like a man whose thirst is days old from an inordinately long drought. She grabs his blond silk mane and presses him further into her drenched crotch, crying out, “deeper!”

Abruptly, restless fingers begin to probe her throbbing, pink pleasure hole as a moist hot mouth latched onto her fun button, sucking and prodding her clit with gleeful abandon. Naruto couldn’t believe how hot her wet pussy felt, how hard she clenched or how much she spasmed. Her cunt was like the best glove ever and he wanted to put more and more inside.

Learning with his body had always been the best way for Naruto to become better. Though he was incredibly excited, he'd listened to her moans and mewling, feels her twitch or grip and tried to detect which spots made her moan the loudest. He wasn’t sure what he was doing or if he was any good, but he loved it.

As she feels the build of another intense orgasm approach her high edge, her hands grip his hair as she uses his face to roll her throbbing labia for more surface contact. The heat of his face only complimented the way his tongue played with her ultra-sensitive nub, as his warm fingers would thrust and curl in and out of her sopping wet love tunnel.

She lost track of time, of location, of her identity as the strong meat coil at the pleasure pit of her stomach would continue to wind with his every attack of affection. Tongue, fingers, sucking, the heat of it all making her excited and lightheaded. Naruto found her womanly body amazing and like a third helping of Ramen, it wasn’t enough. She was tight, warm, wet, and her ever-growing mewls and moans were the best sounds he’d ever heard.

“I’m… I’mmmmnnn, your tongue, yes… ahn, ahn, yesss,” her voice would tickle his ears. “I’m almost… suck me off- MMn, yes! Suck me!”

Moments after realizes how close to oblivion she was, the grand wet coil of amassing pleasure snaps with the concussive power of a canon, rolling waves upon waves of shocking pleasure throughout her delicate body. Her arching back snaps up and down as sweaty black locks shoot back with the snap of her marvelously moaning head. Her toes curl and every muscle in her body twitches repeatedly in a delicious frenzy; even her eyelids prickle with minute pops pleasure. She holds an eager Uzumaki against her crotch as he licks and sucks every fluid jetting out of her, gripping her gyrating hips to keep her as steady as possible.

Her legs abruptly fall limp over the edge of his bed, her body boneless as she’s singularly aware of the constant rolling pleasure of her long coming orgasm. In her elated euphoria, her eyes were closed so as to enjoy the happy buzz travel up and down her taut body. Judging by the pulling joints at her hips, Kurenai couldn't understand how her legs spread wider, nor could she see what an inviting sight her dripping pleasure hole was for a desire-heightened blond with a thick dick. Gripping her hips, she only felt the head against her opening a moment before Naruto thrust his thick manhood to the hilt, earning a grunting moan from Kurenai.

Her mind is as dark and hazy as the room, filled with animalistic pleasure as the two sweaty bodies began rutting against each other. Kurenai didn't need a face or rational thinking; she just needed to forget and a good hard fuck and Naruto was all too eager to relish in the wet furnace of Kurenai's gripping center. Feeling her rolling walls grip and suck at him in desperate wanting, her moans, her hands stroking the pebble nubs of her breasts, her long strong legs easily wrapped around his waist… it all aroused him to paranormal heights. He didn't last long, but he didn't soften either. Naruto would thrust into her soft folds even as he ejaculated into her flooded depths. He was starving for her delicacy as much as he starved for his ramen, and just like his favorite food, one helping wasn't nearly enough.

Naruto pumped his raging hard on into her quaking quim for a length of time that just felt insufficient. They moaned together with his every energetic thrust moving closer and closer to the fantastic end. The smack of skin, moans of ecstasy fill the room as much as the creaking of Naruto’s old bed.

He reaches his height again before Kurenai joined him, both gyrating against each other, vibrating intensely as they came together and it's the first break his thrusting hips take. Yet he only spends it sucking and kneading Kurenai's perfect C-cup breast, extending her pleasure with continuous micro orgasms while the knot at base expands to plug her stuffed cunt. Kurenai didn’t know what the additional pressure was but it pulsed snugly against all her spots at once and her mind couldn’t cope. A little scared, Kurenai simply held on to the hard body on top of her enjoying the magnitude of her overflowing bliss.

His energy, his passion, his rapture was intoxicating and Kurenai lost herself to the moment; to anything her mind would consider meaningful, purposeful, respectable. All that mattered was the trance exaltation. Within those parameters, it didn't matter that she moans, begged, and screamed for more. It didn't matter whether she was on her hands and knees as he took her from the back, slapped his ass for more, or that she forced him on his back while she rode his thick, meat pole. It didn't matter that he filled her womb with his virile seed, knotted her to mindless orgasms, or that she begged for more. The only thing that mattered was the lush delirium that took her away from all her responsibilities, and it's subsequent hardships. All that mattered was a paradise of dick and mind-numbing, body-crumbling orgasms.

The room was filled with the stench of sex and fluids as they would chase their cosmic orgasms repeatedly, often reaching that bliss together. Though in the early hours of the morning, Kurenai's orgasms would simply erupt continuously, one after the other until she passed out.


Chapter Text





Years of training as a shinobi disciplines the body into an effective, efficient and powerful weapon, so like many shinobi in the Hidden Leaf, Kurenai's body has developed a natural internal alarm clock, always armed to wake her well before dawn. With busy days fulfilling the many duties requested of a shinobi, early morning or late in the evening are a shinobi’s best times for personal training and her steadfast alarm is no different this morning. However, Kurenai is slow to learn exactly how far a cry from normal the present actually is.

Kurenai awoke with a splitting headache. Her head throbbed so bad, her vision blurs slightly with every painful beat. The gorgeous kunoichi groans miserably, bringing a shaky hand to her sweaty, throbbing temple. Her mind slowly begins interpreting feelings and sensations she absorbs from her senses. She was on her side, her mop head of hair resting on a pillow and she was closely hugging what feels like the best body pillow in the world or a radiating sack of comforting warmth.

The warmth paired well with the delectable aches, circulating randomly throughout her hips and lower spine. The warmth between her legs held the most tremors, making her mind focus on the pleasure of her nether region rather than the dry pain of her throbbing head. It was not difficult to focus on the hard-fought sated peace warming her from core to spine; the type of warm after-aches one can only experience after a night of numerous orgasms. Squeezing and stretching against her body pillow surprisingly encourages the warm pillow to hug and squeeze her back, fearfully hastening her rational faculties and memories.

As the memories of the previous night's depravity floods her mind, she feels ticklish breathing and wet lips on her chest. Further confirmation of the ravages of last night was not needed, yet even still, looking down is the most shameful proof of her moral descent. She is completely entwined with the young blond genin. Uzumaki has his strong arms wrapped around her, under her own arms, with her traitorous legs wrapped over his waist, locking his thinner pelvis perfectly together with her own. An errant thought of how well the blond fits against her is quickly throttled and dumped to the side as tears well to her eyelids before they overflow and roll down the sides of her head.

I'm never drinking again,’ she mentally asserts, wondering how her tribulations can be so suffocating that she’d be desperate for anything, be it alcohol or pleasure, to overwhelm her sorrows.

As if nothing more could be as humiliating, his hip jerks as he sleeps, making her clench, informing her in the most embarrassing way that his flaccid penis is still inside of her. As if thinking about the soft penis head just past her entrance, her pussy grips at his appendage, unnecessarily confirming what she can already feel. His hips jerk again, though this time, she can feel him growing steadily bigger.

Trying to move the blond away by his shoulders, he instinctively grips at her body tighter as he quickly grows much larger. Without her consent, her body grows warmer than it should—intimately so—as if her body didn't understand immoral pleasure isn't supposed to make her feel good. Instead, she frantically grips the sides of his head and pulls him to face her stern red irises, calling, “Uzumaki-kun! Wake up- Mnn,” an unauthorized moan interrupt her call to the slumbering boy lightly jerking between her legs massaging her insides.

He thrusts his semi-erect penis further into her moistening love tunnel and her body overlays the present pleasant sensations with the blissful aches of last night. The rush wakes him, groggy though he looks and his next thrust is more confident, burrowing himself halfway into her semen lubricated, tight, meat tunnel.

“U-Uzumaki!” she calls, repressing the tandem combination of lasts night's pleasures and the current dopey tramping. “Stop... this instant.”

“Mnn,” he mumbles questionably, before becoming more aware. “Yes, again!” he calls as he moves away from her.

“No-” she starts but then he lifts her resistant leg to get out. She almost felt embarrassed by her body's want to keep him there until he lifted her leg higher, so the inside of her thigh was resting flush against his chest. One leg pointed to the ceiling, the other between his, he's lined perfectly with her still on her side.

“Wait- Uzumaki-kun, stop,” she calls as she fights her unbelievably palpable urge to continue. It's as confusing as this entire situation, when he returns, “why? You said this one-” he thrusts his hips forward, reaching the kiss of her womb to her great delight. “Is,” he pulls out. “One,” thrust forward again. “Of,” pulls out and thrusts back in. “Your… favorite… Positions.” he finishes, punctuating each word with a pull-out and push-in for deep penetration.

When..’d I ssayy tha’,’ her creaming mind wonders as she tries to hold down her pleasure filled moans. The position always brushed her G-spot in the most delicious way, and no longer than a few minutes of energetic pounding and she was already moaning with every impact against her spine-arching weak spot. Her legs weakened considerable, which is apart of the reason she enjoys the one leg against his chest. He can wrap his arms around the boneless limb and keep pounding away.

MMn… MM… MMnn… MNN! No- AAHN! You ha-ha- MMn, AHH! Have to- stop,” she weakly expresses between moans barely above a whisper, repeating as best she can. For who's benefit, she couldn't say. She couldn't understand why his cock felt so good, and soon she couldn't care. She was debased and moaning for more. “Mmnn, ahn, ahn, aah, yes! Yeessss!

Hearing the wet ‘shlurp’ with his every plunging, ‘smack!’ and knowing it was the mixture of his underage cock in her dripping pussy, excited an immoral pleasure she didn’t know she possessed. Close to release, she sped her finger play against her swollen clit, expanding and unbearably tight coil set to be the death of her when detonated. Naruto could feel the way her ribbed walls were sucking him in with his every motion to pull out. The moist heat was the most wonderful feeling he can think to feel, but the way he felt when her body wanted him, was the most erotic thing ever.

“Stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop,” she kept repeating despite her hands working her hard nipples, and sensitive clit. Naruto would've been confused by her words if her actions weren’t saying something else, but he couldn't stop his hips even if he tried. Holding her in this position as he pounds her slick walls flushed, he's mesmerized, unable to do anything more but relish in his rising bliss.

“I'm cumming- I'm cumming- I’m cumming- I’m CUMMMMM-,” Kurenai screams as the great coil of bliss erupted and her vision blurs to a mesh to a surreal mess of colors and light. Her entire body flooded with spasms of electric ecstasy, curling her toes, gyrating her taut hips and tight butt, sending rivulets of unceasing pleasure up her spine and into her cranium. For many moments, Kurenai was nothing if not the rolling waves of buzzing euphoria. Her jaw slacks and her red oval lips trumpet her heavy breathy moans until she felt her entire pelvis lift off the soaked sheets, confusing her.

Naruto lifts her by the sweaty, muscular thigh still wrapped in his arms and buries himself as deep as he can go. Kurenai has enough mind to wonder why the boy's phallus expands until she feels molten man juice shoot load after load deep into her fertile womb. She saw white at the feel of such a massive ejaculation of hot thick semen pressing into quaking rupture of her accepting tunnel.

She regains awareness moments later, and thankfully a sweaty Uzumaki-kun is resting face down next to her, breathing heavily through his huge grin—very nearly making her smile by how elated he looks... but not near enough.

She takes the opportunity to move off the bed and away from him. He's not a threat by any stretch of the imagination, but Kurenai is not feeling like herself and her body is more sensitive than she ever remembers feeling before. Her usually strong legs, weak from the long night of pleasurable exertion, tremble to hold her weight. Taking a step away from the bed, a large—much too large—amount of thick semen oozes down her legs.

“I need to shower,” she groans with embarrassment as she rushes to the bathroom. Twisting the nozzle for heated water, she vaguely notes the pearl-white glutinous ejaculate is flowing past her knees. Impatient for a hot shower, she touches the water to learn it's still freezing cold. Confused she tries the cold nozzle, but it changes nothing. Assuming he has no hot water, Kurenai, simply jumps in, violently snuffing out all the warmth, lust, and throbbing from her sensitive body. It was the shock that she needed as she feels more semen stream down her shapely legs.

Kurenai unintentionally analyzes the sheer amount and concludes the blond must've climaxed several times inside her. Aware most grown men ejaculate at most four to five times in a day, she can only assume teenagers are much more zealous, restoring there vigor faster than normal. ‘Or it's possible Uzumaki is unique,’ she considers as she recalls the plugging feeling.

Anko has mentioned running across truly unique sexual partners either on vacation or missions. Kurenai has heard of all sorts of abnormalities from Anko; odd bumps, subdermal implants, three testicles, and a really odd one who urinated his ejaculate. Kurenai recalls the busty kunoichi’s tale of discovering a chubby civilian—not the seductress’s usual target—with a birth defect of two penises. In her sheer excitement, Anko actually kidnapped him for the longest weekend of double stuffed debauchery that ranks in her top five. Anko was saddened when she learned his experience with her resulted in a phobia of women, ruining his ability to get aroused by women.

As for Uzumaki, he seems to be able to swell at the base of his penis when he ejaculates, but Kurenai is sure that it doesn’t happen every time. The raven-haired beauty has also heard Uzumaki has very high stamina levels. Flashes of intense memories that prove the statement true makes her blush, despite the ice raining down her humming body. As she washes her dark locks, she shakes her head of vulgar thoughts. None of what happened last night should've happened, but now that it did, Kurenai considers this new predicament. Though parts of her just want to wallow in sorrow, she compartmentalizes her emotions as any well-trained shinobi can, and considers her options as rationally as possible.

Kurenai can't kill him. If he wasn't so important to the village, she would consider it, but as a Jinchūriki, he sadly must remain alive, which means the arrogant blond can talk. He can tell anybody he wants that he lost his virginity to one of the more popular kunoichi in all of Hidden Leaf.

While her reputation to her peers and the civilians of her village is very important to her, Hinata-chan's opinion is far more important. If Hinata-chan ever found out her sensei—the person she’s supposed to trust her future to—had sex with the love of her young life, it would crush her to nothing. Kurenai can't even picture the indigo-haired Hyūga ever recovering. Kurenai needs to make sure Uzumaki stays quiet. More importantly, Uzumaki-kun is vital to her plans to encourage and empower Hinata-chan.

How the hell did this boy become such an important piece in my plans?’ she mentally bemoans. As much as she’s dreading it, it's more than likely—especially after what they did last night—that the price for his help will go up. She hates the rational threat assessment but he's a hormonal boy, after all. She's not expecting an abundance of self-control. He'll want more, ‘but will I pay it?

Stepping out of the shower she notices her clothes horribly folded on the bathroom counter. Despite the cold, she feels mildly better as she changes. Stepping out of the bathroom, she finds Uzumaki-kun in his boxers waiting for her with a broad smile. Though fully clothed, she feels completely naked under his intense gaze.

“Ne, Nai-chan-” Naruto happily calls, attempting to take her hand.

“Do not call me Nai-chan,” she yells at him, hopping back a step. He tenses in surprise by her outburst. Without preamble, she points to the shower, and he cautiously enters for a shower of his own. When Naruto exits the bathroom, he finds her behind the dining table. She points to the only dining chair he owns, commanding him to, “have a seat.”

“Are you okay?” he tentatively asks, doing as she asks as his deep blue eyes stare straight into her large red ones. “What's the matter? Did- did I do it wrong?”

“Uzumaki...” Kurenai couldn't even properly express her chaotic thoughts. So much about this was wrong, not least of which was how vigorous she participated in their coupling. She would be furious with him if not for her own part in allowing it to happen in the first place.

“Uh, I can do better,” Naruto tries to cut her off. “I promise, I'll do better next time! Just give me one more chance!”

With a long exhale, she continues, “last night shouldn't have happened nor will there be any more nights like it again. Not only am I an adult eight years your senior, but I outrank you. And while I can't entirely lay the blame on you, it'll be a mutual mistake that will never happen again.”

“Wha- but it wasn't a mistake!” Naruto argues, getting to his feet. “It was great! The best! There's nothing wrong with that.”

“Of course there is!” Kurenai can't help but snap back. Obviously, there's little chance a young boy going through puberty is going to turn down the opportunity to lose his virginity, especially to a woman who is as well-received as Kurenai is, but it didn't mean that he couldn't have stopped it. If he wasn't so insistent, if she wasn't so... woefully dejected, suffering the deep sting of rejection from the only man she truly loves, if she wasn't drunk, if her world hadn’t tilted last night… than everything would've remained as it was.

“You don't realize how wrong it is because you're a child who doesn't know any better,” Kurenai asserts.

“Wha- Well, if you're such an adult, than why was it okay last night,” Naruto returns. “You liked it then, right? You came just like you said girls do. That means you liked it! And I may be young but I'm a ninja first!”

She lets out another long sigh, then warily says, “Uzumaki-kun, Ramen is your favorite food, right?” She asks, trying a different tactic as he nods vehemently. “If I purchased an extra large bowl exactly how you like it, and threw it on the ground, how would you feel?”

“Tha- You can't! That's so wrong, it'd break my heart. I'd probably fight you, or just get really mad,” he easily answers letting the mental picture spur his ardent words.

“What if it made me feel really good to do that? I'd buy several bowls exactly how you like it just to throw it all in the dirt,” she continues to ask.

Eyes wide with fear, he easily asserts, “than I'd definitely kick your ass! You can't do that! If you're not going to eat it, don't buy it!”

“There are no rules saying I can't do whatever makes me feel good after I've purchased the ramen with my money,” Kurenai argues, seeing his growing confusion, she clarifies. “What I'm trying to say is, just because something feels good doesn't mean you have the freedom to do it. Even though there isn’t a rule against it, everyone agrees buying food only to throw it away is wasteful and wrong. There are certain expectations in a civilized village that everyone should follow, for example, don't waste; eat what you buy. Don’t murder, don’t rape, don’t vandalize, are more examples even though there are rules about those. In this case, you don't sleep with a person eight years younger than you! If you weren't a genin, this would've been illegal and I would've gone to prison.”

“What!?” Naruto blurts out. “But this isn't murder or any of that bad stuff!”

“What I'm trying to convey is, simply because something feels good for you, doesn't make it right to society. We should not have done what we did.”

She can easily see the wheels of his mind spinning before he asks, “but- but, I'm a genin, right? So- So, that means it’s okay, then,” Naruto reasons.

“It's still not okay!” Kurenai maintains. “You're not supposed to do that with an adult!”

“I don't care about what I'm supposed to do,” Naruto yells back. “If all I ever did was what I'm ‘supposed to do’ than I wouldn't even be a ninja! I wouldn't have pushed Ji-chan to emanc- imantipat... to make me an adult so I can live on my own. I'd probably still be in the orphanage, getting hurt, and I wouldn't even think about being the absolute best Hokage ever! I don't let people I don't know—who don't even care about me—tell me what I can and can't do!”

Kurenai couldn't help pick up on a few key phrases in his emotional retort. An emancipated adult, being hurt while living in the orphanage, and a small question of who this Ji-chan that helped him become emancipated sparked her curiosity. It was a very revealing speech, and it certainly gave Kurenai’s analytical mind more insight as to why the loud obnoxious blond was the way he was. It would almost be admirable if he had any skill or ability to show for it. It also led her to ponder his view on what they had done. ‘This is just training for him. At the most, training with a partner,’ she mentally hypothesizes. Willing to test her theory, she asks, “Uzumaki-kun, do you love me?”

Taken aback by the question, he comically ponders the question a moment, his cheeks stain red before he answers with a question of his own, “is that like a precious person? Like Ji-chan, Teuchi-jiji, Ayame-nee, or Iruka-sensei?”

He doesn't completely grasp love it appears,’ Kurenai reasons before responding, “no, I mean like a romantic love; a girl for instance?”

“Mnn, I... don't know. I mean, I'm super psyched you're helping me, and you feel really really good.” Kurenai can't help but blush at the quick flashes of physical and mental memories the boy invokes. Judging by his reddening cheeks and the shifting from side to side, it's easy to interpret he's recalling last night as well. “I would definitely protect you, no question, but... but I still think about Sakura-chan, a lot... even though I know I can’t ever be with her...” he says despondently. Oddly enough, Kurenai understands that completely. “But I think, as long as she's happy and strong, I'll be okay. Plus, I can still protect her if she needs it.”

As a rule for his sessions with Hinata-chan, Uzumaki isn’t allowed to speak about other girls, so Kurenai's never heard any of this before. It's slightly surprising to Kurenai that he actually has this side to him and even though she's fairly certain he sees their coupling as little more than training, she tells him, “listen, we can't ever do this again. It wouldn't be good if anyone found out. Lots of terrible repercussions can happen to you, to me, to my students if others learned about this and I don't ever want that to happen.”

Naruto tilts his head curiously as he asks, “so, you want to keep it a secret?”

“Yes,” Kurenai asserts. “A very important secret. Absolutely no one must ever find out.”

“Well I'm really good at keeping secrets,” he tells her with a vibrant grin. “I'm even keeping my training super secret!”

“Okay, good,” Kurenai humors him so long as he understands.

“So that means we can keep training as long as no one knows,” he asks.

Kurenai can feel the land mines ahead, yet answers, “no. No, we can't. We can't ever do that again. It's not proper for many reasons.”

“But I learned so much,” Naruto proclaims. “How do you expect me to go back to books and pictures after that?”

“Uzumaki-kun, I don't think I can keep helping you with... with what I've been helping you with. I think we should end this here,” she softly voices, but to Naruto, it may as well sounded like a canon. He's stunned until he hears her moving to leave.

“Wait, wait,” he rushes after her, getting in front. “You promised! You said you'd help!”

“I can't do that again,” Kurenai maintains, walking away.

He follows her desperately. “But- but, it was good, right? You liked it, right? Please, I'll do better! You don't have to leave me,” he pleads, wrapping his arms around her waist, trying to keep her from leaving... to keep another connection he’s made from abandoning him.

Rather surprised, yet saddened to see, she weakly protests, “Uzumaki...”

“It's fine if no one knows, right? I won't say anything, so- so- so, just stay,” he tries with a trembling voice. “Or I'll be a Jōnin too, if that's what you want. Then it'll be fine since we're the same rank! That works perfect, ne?”

“Uzumaki-kun, let me go, please,” she somberly asks, and after some hesitation, he slowly lets her go.

She walks around him to the door as he continues to plead his case with pitiful claims. “I already know a B-Rank jutsu and I'm learning an A-rank right now! It won't be long before I make it an S-rank jutsu. It won't take long, I promise it won't... Please, Nai-chan.”

Opening the door, she debates reassuring him, threatening him, explaining why it has nothing to do with rank, clarifying what has to happen and why, but instead she leaves, closing the door on him behind her.






How can dawn start and end so differently?

Naruto sat on the grass Indian-position, well away from his teammates, with a leaf in his left palm, and his right hand covering it. The entire time he waited for his Jōnin-sensei, he pondered about another. The night before had been the most amazing thing he's ever felt; possibly second to his afternoon with Ino-chan. Without allowing himself to recall the events for fear of popping a tent in front a distant Sakura-chan, he wonders how waking up could be that marvelous but less than an hour later, he drove another person away. He was starting to wonder if he was cursed somehow. Sakura-chan doesn't want anything to do with him, Ino-chan is just as distant, and now Kurenai-chan literally closed the door in his face.

Naruto had never been so quiet around his team, but they don't seem to mind. Though he can't help how miserable he feels, he's happy to see Sakura-chan again, healthy and best of all, standing far away from the teme. Sakura-chan might not want to stand by Naruto, or look at him apparently, but at least she's not by Sasuke-teme. He made sure she knew he was glad she was feeling better but again, she refused to look at him and only mumbled something he couldn't understand.

Like himself, she's also working on her talents. He can tell she's looking over a scroll on Iryō-ninjutsu, but he can't tell what specifically it is. Kakashi-sensei had been really surprised when she asked for more reading material on medical ninjutsu, or as surprised as a man with only one visible facial feature can be. It stung Naruto when she didn't give him the credit for her new direction, but their sensei had been supportive and supplied her with several scrolls for her to go over. Naruto would've surely loved it if she gave him the credit for the idea, but at least she's learning. So, instead of pestering and interrupting her, he tries to enhance his focus on his own training. He's still trying to cut the leaf using his chakra while he has three pairs of clones working on the final stage of the Rasengan a decent distance in the forest.

This would've been the first morning in a long time he would've preferred to stay home and wallow, but, he couldn't last more than ten minutes before dark thoughts started to materialize in his brain. Like many times before, he told himself all would be different once he became Hokage, and just like before, he started training. Though his thoughts constantly strayed to Kurenai-chan, he continues to push past the things he couldn't control for a better tomorrow. It's not the only drive sustaining him, but it's the best one he has.

When Kakashi-sensei shows up three and a half hours after the scheduled meeting time, he allows the uncut leaf to fall to the floor and begins dispelling his clones one at a time.






It's more difficult to look at the blond idiot than she had anticipated. Part of her wanted nothing more than to beat the boy's teeth into his brain then rip his dick off with her bare hand and stuff it in his mouth, but sheer will held her at bay.

Team 7 was quieter than normal. All throughout team drill training and the two D-Rank missions they had done, there was little more conversation than what was absolutely necessary. It unnerved her already ragged nerves. Sakura was simply too accustomed to hearing him yell, laugh, loudly slurp his disgusting noodles, ask her out on a date, bother Kakashi-sensei about training, challenge Sasuke-kun, or shout about becoming Hokage. It was actually strange to go without hearing the Baka say anything.

A fearful side of her wondered if he knows, and he's simply being quiet about it. The reckless side of her reasoning wonders if he's just scared that she'll tell someone, so he's staying distant. Maybe both Ino-pig and Naruto-baka were in on it to get between her and Sasuke-kun. Ino-pig would get to be with Sasuke-kun and Sakura would be blackmailed to be with Naruto-baka. ‘It had merit,’ her mind told her, but it's not like he was avoiding her. Even if she ignored him, he had told her he was glad she was better, and he didn't really seem nervous or scared, just introspective or focused on that stupid leaf... again.

The rational side of her mind reasoned that his uncommon behavior had nothing to do with her because it just wasn't in Naruto-baka's nature to avoid things. He's too simple to not talk to her about it. He didn't bring up what they had done—what she was forced to do—because he truly didn’t know and that, at the very least, told her that Ino-Pig was telling the truth about him being unaware—which only disgusted her more. Sakura still can't understand how Ino-pig could be so jealous of her that she would go so far as to take that idiot's cock in her mouth... it was gag-inducing.

“Sakura-chan,” Kakashi softly calls, interrupting her thoughts. “You're looking a little green. Are you sure you're feeling better?” She smiles weakly at her sensei's concern.

“Are you alright Sakura-chan, don't push yourself too hard,” Naruto quickly adds. She ignores Naruto-baka.

Sakura eyes the raven-haired avenger in hopes of hearing a comment of concern for her health from him but when none was forthcoming, Sakura reassures her sensei, “I'm better. And thank you for checking on me.”

“Ne, Sakura-chan,” Naruto nervously starts. “I checked on you too.”

She turned away, and his heart broke as Kakashi calls out, “alright my cute little genin, you're dismissed. See you all bright and early tomorrow.” He disappears and Sasuke-kun promptly turns toward his family's compound. Sakura felt her body’s great urge to follow, going so far as to begin moving along with the beautiful boy, as if pulled by some invisible string, eager to ask if she can accompany him, but she doesn't make it more than two steps before she remembers the photos; the life ruining photos in Ino-pig's possession that she won't hesitate to show Sasuke-kun or her parents if she disobeyed.

Her head was swimming and her stomach felt like upending its content, which hasn't been much lately. Turning around she spots Naruto walking away as well. She urges herself forward, to follow the blond for the sake of her love, but knowing how she now has to spend her time off—and with who—is more than enough incentive to root her to the ground. Sakura can't follow Naruto. ‘Doesn't Ino-pig get that he disgusts me,’ her mind yells, further adding, ‘and now that I’ve done what Ino forced me to do, I’m disgusted with myself as well!

Her breathing deepens but she's short of breath. Unable to stand, unable to follow one boy, forced to ignore the other, Sakura simply runs. She runs home to the comfort of her room and the safety of her own bed, to the picture of her love on the bedside table, but as she turns into her street, Sakura runs into a smiling Ino-pig.

“I knew you'd crack,” Ino chuckles.

“I can't do it!” Sakura pleads the tears already rolling down her cheeks. “I feel like I'm going to die!”

“You couldn't possibly be more pathetic than you are right now,” Ino says looking at her with disgust. “Lucky for you, I won't let you cry your way out of this one, so, stop being such a dry cooch, because you're making the rest of us real kunoichi look bad.”

“Please, Ino-chan- Ino-sama,” she begs, using a more affectionate honorific. “Anything but being around him!”

“Ino-chan is fine, and do you think this is some sort of vacation I’m forcing you on? Just a lovely time at the hot springs?” Ino asks looking at the green-eyed girl with disgust. “It's not supposed to be easy! Now, since you've disobeyed a directive, I'll have to punish you.”

“No please, don't show him,” Sakura begs. “I- I'll do it! Okay? Please, Ino-chan, I'll- I'll be around the baka. Just don't show Sasuke-kun!”

“Come on,” is all Ino commands as she steps around the pinkette.

“No, Ino-chan please,” Sakura pleads. “Anywhere but there,” she begs with her old friend, rival, and current blackmailer.

Ino simply yells behind her, “let's go, now!”

With little option, Sakura reluctantly follows. Though her tears dry during the trek, she only starts feeling a little better when she realizes they're not walking toward the Uchiha district. They travel through some of the less active, much older training grounds, further than she's ever gone. Reaching Training Ground 28, Ino finally finds their target, oddly enough, sitting on the grass, legs crossed, hands on his knees like the perfect picture of meditation. What they couldn't see were the five pairs of clones much deeper in the forest practicing the third stage of the Rasengan on some unfortunate trees.

“Well, there he is,” Ino tells the frightened girl. “Go. Now.” Resigned to her fate, Sakura drags her feet as Ino continues to say, “you train as long as he does then you go home and work on your Iryō jutsu or the report that's due in two weeks.”

“Will you at least tell me,” Sakura gravely asks. “If you do ever decide to show that, will you at least warn me?”

“I’ll promise you I won't ever show Sasuke-kun or your parents, or anyone, really, unless you give me a reason to. What happens is up to you, Forehead. As punishment for today's infraction, you get a final warning and a picture.” Ino takes one of the polaroids out and hands it to Sakura, who quickly takes and hides it. “Don't throw it away,” Ino instructs. “It's to remind you when you need it, so always keep it on you. I might randomly ask to see it one day and I'm sure you can guess what'll happen if you don't have it.”






… … … Kurenai-sensei?’ the voice gasps with airy disbelief.

“Yeah,” Naruto says with a mixture of giddiness and sadness.

Long black hair, kinda shaggy, red eyes, pretty, very sexy,’ Naru-nii, lists off still heavily skeptical.

“Yeah,” Naruto answers easily.

… … You’re shittin’ me,’ Naru-nii continues to gasp.

“Even I wonder sometimes, but it’s true,” Naruto states, taking a step back from the hurt of the door she closed on his face to realize that he had sex with an absolute stunner of a woman.

… … I never thought she would help like that,’ Naru-nii gasps. ‘I mean, I’ve heard about infiltration specialists learning a ton about sex and using it for missions… but… Kurenai-sensei? She actually went that far? Are you sure you're my younger self? You look like me right? Blond spiky hair, blue eyes, whiskers on your cheeks?

“Yeup!” Naruto returns, smiling broadly.

That’s insane,’ Naru-nii huffs. ‘I didn’t think it could get any more insane than Ino-chan!

“So that never happened to you either, then?” Naruto asks.

I already said I hadn't slept with anyone,’ Naru-nii answers still in awe. ‘I didn't know if anyone liked me like that, you know?

“That's the thing,” Naruto ponderously comments. “I thought they liked me, but then they leave afterward totally pissed. Ino-chan threatened me if I didn't stay away and Kurenai-chan even said what we did was a mistake.”

Naruto can hear the curiosity in his future-self’s voice as he asks, ‘then why would she have sex with you if it was a mistake?

“I don't know!” Naruto calls back. “Woman are soo confusing.”

Naru-nii then asks, ‘you think you might be able to find out?

“Maybe,” Naruto wonders aloud. “Unlike Ino-chan, Kurenai-chan didn't specifically say she’d kill me if I didn’t stay away.”

Alright,’ Naru-nii states. ‘Let's save that for later. We should get back to training.

“…I don't think I can,” Naruto weakly admits. “I want to train, really, I do, but I can't stop thinking about last night.”

Mnn, well, I can see that even if I don’t get it,’ Naru-nii sympathizes. ‘Don’t worry though. We can always go over some more plans,’ he suggests.

“What kind of plans?”

Well, I'd love it if we could do summons, but that can't happen until you meet your Godfather,’ Naru-nii thinks aloud.

Annoyed by the information Naru-nii withholds, Naruto asks, yet again, “why can't you just tell me who he is?

He'll be in Konoha soon, don't worry,’ Naru-nii reassures him. ‘I've already told you he's really strong, and a pervert, but I'll make sure you know more before he gets there. Anyway, he's the one who teaches you to summon.

“Fine,” Naruto lets it go for the umpteenth time. “What other plans do you have?”

A bunch of stuff really,’ Naru-nii states generally. ‘Sage Arts, Fūinjutsu, Fūton-ninjutsu, but those won't be for a while,’ Naru-nii voices. ‘Right now though there’s one thing you can do that'll help you out a ton.

“Really! Really! What? What is it?” Naruto rushes excited to focus on something that wasn’t about last night.

I want you to start talking to Kurama,’ Naru-nii answers.

“Kurama?” Naruto quizzically repeats. “Didn't you mention him before? You said he's a friend.”

Yup, and he's your friend too,’ Naru-nii asserts.


It'll take some work—well a lot of work—but yeah.’

“No problem!” Naruto calls, easily accepting the hard work of it. “If you say he's a good friend and help me get stronger, I'm in! Where is he? Where can I find him?”

He's in your stomach,’ Naru-nii reveals, to Naruto’s “Huh?” Naru-nii continues, ‘he's the Nine-Tails in your seal.’

“You want me to be friends with the Kyūbi?”

Yup! Now, I know what you're thinking, ’ Naru-nii starts with a serious voice, prompting Naruto to listen carefully. ‘But it's not like how the others say it is. All that nonsense about him being the epitome of evil and nothing but pure hatred is wrong. I'm going to tell you another secret so keep it to yourself or Ji-chan will be forced to detain you until you explain how you know things you shouldn't.

Nary-nii explains Kurama's background, specifically how he was used like tool by a bad guy as well as the amount of hate he has for everyone who simply treated him like a monster. Throughout the explanation, Naruto understood all too well how it feels to be treated like a vile pest and followed Naru-nii's instructions on how to reach him.

You don't need to try hard, just concentrate on a cold, scary feeling, and follow it. It'll be unsettling at first but you'll get used to it the more times you visit the seal. I gotta go now, but remember, this is just a meet and greet. Unless they absolutely have to, friends don't keep secrets from each other so if you want to tell Kurama about me, go ahead, or if you just want to curse him out, I get that too, but if you try understanding him I think it’ll go better. It took me a while to truly understand his pain so don’t worry if you guys aren’t friends right away.

Got it! If you say he’s your friend than I feel like he can be my friend too. See ya, Naru-nii,’ Naruto thinks as he focuses on making his way to the seal. He can't tell if he's doing a good job until he feels that cold despair Naru-nii had mentioned. He had no idea how long he followed that feeling; even less when the pitch black of his focus faded into a low-lite dank sewer. Despite the creepy unease, Naruto continues until he enters a huge cavern with just as large dull golden gates on the other end of the grand expanse.

Fat water droplets dripping in shallow waters is the only sound in the room, and for some reason it carries, adding to the gloom of the devouring feeling creeping up his spine. Far too uncomfortable, Naruto can't help but call out, “Hello!” as loud as he can. “Any demons home?!” he adds walking further into the room.

Two large eyes slowly open displaying large feral red irises with the vertical pupils of a predator. “You will regret coming here, boy.”

“Huge!” Naruto can't help but say looking at the giant beast behind the gold bars.

Baring white teeth larger than Naruto himself, a low growl slowly reverberates throughout the chamber. It's sinister red eyes glare down at Naruto, who had forgotten to expect it and is wondering why he’s even there. Despite the strong creepy killer intent, he held just firm enough not to back away.

After several moments, the Nine-tails growls words. “Come closer boy.”

Slowly, Naruto moves toward the large gates with the seal in the middle, calling out with a shaky voice, “h-h-hey! You don't scare me! I know all about you!”

“You know nothing brat!” The large feral monster bellows so loud it shakes the room and rattles Naruto’s teeth.

But Naruto doesn’t relent, shouting back against the enormous monster ahead as well as the creeping fear within. “I know your name! Not the Kyūbi but your real name! I know you were forced to attack the village! And I know you miss your father!”

The room settles enough where Naruto feels like he can breathe again as the large beast pauses. “....” Before asking in a single long drawn out word, “”

“I was told,” Naruto answers honestly, staring unflinchingly into large red eyes. “Listen up you dumb fox! I want to be your friend, so- so, my name is Uzumaki Naruto! Greatest Hokage there’ll ever be!”

“Friend?!” Kyūbi laughs. “A detestable human will never be friends with the strongest of the tailed beasts! You will tell me who told you!”

Naruto smiles, confidently, throwing off the fierce intimidation of the demon fox. “I'll tell you.... as long as we come to an understanding.”

The Kyūbi grumbles for a stretch before finally saying, “…Speak.”

“You let me use as much of your chakra as I want, whenever I want, and I'll tell you.”

“A deal with a demon… you have the guts of a doomed fool,” the Nine-Tailed Beasts declares. “While my teeth may long to make a bloody mess of you, I accept.”

Feeling more courageous, Naruto asks, “ne, can you tell me your name?”

“Are you so foolish you would lie to me?” the Nine-Tails challenges. “You claimed to already know it!”

“No, no, I do. I know it,” Naruto reassures the grand chakra beast. “I just want you to tell me like friends do. Come on, you can call me Naruto if you want.”

“Tell me what I wish to know and I'll consider it,” the large fox responds.

Nodding, Naruto tells the large fox everything Naru-nii told him thus far. Naru-nii said it was okay and mentioned how they became partners, and Naruto wanted that as well, so he left nothing out; the group Akatsuki, Tobi, who is an Uchiha working for Madara, taking the other bijū, the Ten-Tails, The God Tree, and Infinite Tsukuyomi. Naruto finished by explaining what Naru-nii did to speak with his past self and by the end, the largest mass of dark chakra was silent... very silent… silent enough that Naruto missed the creepy fear up his spine from earlier. Kurama didn't even purr angrily. He held his silence so long, in fact, Naruto starts to fidget and quickly asks, “ne, are you alright?”

“I need time with this,” Kurama conveys. “Return in two days.”

When Naruto awoke he smiled to himself. His body resists movement but he gets up and stretches nonetheless. He can't say exactly how long he'd been sitting, but he can feel that it must've been for a few hours. Turning around, he's completely floored by the pink haired girl sitting in the shade against a tree, reading.

“Sakura-chan?” Naruto curiously calls. The girl's shoulders deflate but she looks at him. The resigned expression on her face makes him wonder if she's sad, but his excitement begs the question, “what are you doing here?” She had the hardest time looking at him. It would've reminded him of Hinata-chan if it weren't for the constant scowling.

“I... I came to train.... with- with you,” she begrudgingly explains.

Eyes wide and light as air, he hops over to her with eager happiness. “Really! Really, really! You really want to train together?”

“It's just training okay!” She throws back, allowing her anger to look directly at him without wavering. “Nothing else! We're just teammates training, nothing more, nothing less, got it?!”

“Yeah, sure,” Naruto eagerly responds, absolutely thrilled Sakura-chan actually wants to train with him. ‘Maybe the day isn't a total bust,’ he thought as he was already making plans to ask Naru-nii for any training tips for Sakura-chan. “What do you want to do first?!”

“I'm the team's medic so I have a lot of reading to do,” she states and he seemed to deflate. “But, Kakashi-sensei said if I'm ever in the field, I need to be able to protect myself just as much as I need to heal others, so, I should also work on getting stronger.”

Naruto quickly agrees, and they start with the physical training taught by the academy and the regiment Kakashi-sensei had taught them. They had planned to spar for the rest of the afternoon but Sakura was so physically drained that she lost focus easily and would get tagged by the simplest attacks. Laying sprawled on the grass, limbs spread and panting heavily, Sakura-chan can't help but ask, “how… are you... not tired?”

Naruto simply gave her a non-commutable mumble of, “I don't know,” whilst shrugging his shoulders. He proceeded to make four clones to fight against while she rested. Eventually, she joined in, raising the odds to five against one.

Like a general, Sakura took demanding control of the clones. With her superior analytical intelligence, Naruto quickly learns her unexpected strategies continuously take him down. The pinkette uses timing to easily make his clones open Naruto’s blind-spots for perfectly synchronized attacks, forcing him to really pay attention to his weaksides. From the memories he receives later, Sakura-chan is so enthusiastic about beating him to a pulp, she actually yelled at any clone who utters a word concern for their boss.

By evening, Naruto called the training to a halt, much to her extreme gratitude. Though the clones did most of the work, after every round she only grew more and more tired. If Sakura-chan's exhausted body hadn’t practically ran home, he would've felt weird ending such rare quality time with Sakura-chan just so he can see Kurenai-nee. It was an odd feeling, loving one girl who didn't love him and trying to get the attention of another who may like him.

Standing by Hokage tower, he was rubbing his temple to sooth the headache from dispelling his clones. Unfortunately, mastery of Rasengan still evades him. After an hour and a half, he assumes she's not coming, and after another hour, he's certain of it. Rather than letting his disappointment drag him down, he helps himself to several extra large bowls of his favorite dish in the world, then returns to the forest for a late night training session.

The following day was a great surprise. Instead of following Sasuke-teme after being dismissed, Sakura-chan came up to him and asked when he was going to train. Though she was strict and standoffish, he was happy she wanted to train with him.

“How about now,” Naruto replies.

“Now?!” she bellows. ‘We just finished team duties for the day and he immediately wants to train afterward,’ her inner self yells.

He nods fervently. “Sure, why not? The more training we get in, the stronger we’ll get.”

Praying to Kami for a small number, Sakura can't help but ask him, “how many hours a day do you train?”

Naruto tilts his head to the side, squinting his eyes to think on a reply. “Mnnn... well, when I'm not eating, sleeping, or with our team, I’m usually training. So, on the weekdays it’s more than six, but no more than ten hours. Weekends is pretty much all day.”

Choking on her gasp, she eventually asks, “how is that possible? You train all that time with nothing to show for it?”

“Hey, that's not true,” he defends himself. “I'm working on a wicked cool move right now!”

“What move?” she asks, not at all believing him.

“I can't say,” he defends even if he feels she won’t believe him. “It's a secret until I've mastered it.”

Pushing him to break and admit his lie, she says, “you might as well tell me since I'm going to be training with you.”

“Training with me?” he gasps. “Really? For how long?”

“I,” she sighs. “I don't know. A while... I guess. But it's just training!”

“Sweet! Let's get crazy strong Sakura-chan!”

“Ugh, Kami, kill me now,” she weakly responds.


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“The name I was honored with is Kurama,” the Kyuubi begrudgingly tells the little blond.

“I know,” Naruto smiles his response.

“Yes,” Kurama snarls. “It would seem you do,” the large jailed beast snarls and grumbles, clearly not enjoying their interaction.

“So... how do we keep all that crap from happening?” Naruto bluntly asks. “I don't want to let that guy control us any more than I want him controlling you.”

“No one controls me! I am the greatest of the nine Tailed Beasts,” Kurama proudly informs the uncaring boy. “However, that fucking Uchiha with his wretched eyes is not to be underestimated. It is the only reason I will help you. So, remember boy, I hate you and all your kind!”

“Alright!” Naruto yells, ignoring the present jab for the future possibility of friendship. Naru-nii has never lied to him so if he says they become awesome partners than Naruto has faith that they will someday.

“Did you not hear what I said, filthy human?” Kurama exclaims. “I only wish to ensure my own survival. If your future counterpart is trapped within an inescapable seal, than my future self is also trapped and that is unacceptable!”

“I get it,” Naruto proclaims jovially. “I get why you don't like us, and I can't say I blame you; always alone, thought of as a monster, or used like a tool. I mean, no one even bothered to learn your name! Naru-nii says your hate is your right, but I don’t have to hate you and you're one of my teammates now. Maybe soon we can be real friends, so let's do our best!”

“Companionship with a human?” Kurama laughs. “That will never happen.”

“I have it on good authority that it will,” Naruto confidently jests with a wicked grin.

“It won't! I won't let it! Now leave!”

Naruto snickers at his ability to get under this powerful creature's skin before straightening his hands up in peace. “Alright alright, don't be mad, okay? I'll be good. How do you want to train?”

“…At the moment,” Kurama growls irritably. “This seal allows for you to draw from my chakra however that trickle of strength will not be enough to defeat our enemies. You will have to become mentally more adept to handle my chakra.”

“Naru-nii said that it’ll always be hard until we both find peace. He said uniting against a common enemy is good, but we should try to understand each other so we can truly be strong and I think that sounds better.”

Learn what true strength is,’ Kurama recalls his father saying, making the large beast falter. “I… I will always hate your kind.”

“That sucks,” Naruto pouts. “Well, I don’t hate you and I’ll definitely make sure all your brothers and sisters are okay!” Naruto extends his fist, just like Naru-nii told him, so Kurama can feel his honesty.

Kurama feels a drop in his malice for a proportionate rise in melancholy, silently contemplating his jailer’s extended fist. After several moments, he lays his head on his front paws, clearing his throat before he mundanely replies, “…maybe. For the moment I’ll freely give my chakra. The more you use, the better you'll be at handling it both mentally and physically. With your own growth, so too will my power steadily rise to my former glory, so you must continue to train for I will not accept subjugation.”

Naruto simply smiles as he drops his fist and responds, “hmm, maybe with more chakra I can make more clones and learn jutsu faster. That’s pretty sweet. I’ll start today!”

Before Naruto leaves, Kurama starts, “…One other thing,” then pauses for a long time. “ did something some time ago. Something that was far more... contrary than the few moments I’ve sensed your pain.”

Naruto looks at the giant fox confused. When his mind comes up with nothing, Naruto simply states, “...I don't get it.”

“Within this seal, I can only grasp extreme sensations; sorrow, agony and the rare moments of gaiety. Sensations of sorrow is the more common one, but recently, what I’ve sensed may have been what the opposite of pain is. It was, possibly, this peace you speak of. It happened another time as well. Not as recent. Time is unnecessary to a timeless creature such as I, but, I’d say it happened many moons ago. Do you know what I'm talking about?”

“No,” he flat-out answers him. “Not a clue.”

“You're trying my patience, boy,” the large demon growls angrily. “Have you not done anything new recently, during the day, or at night, which felt decidedly… enjoyable?”

“....Something that felt enjoyable?” he mutters, then the image of Kurenai-sensei and Ino-chan pop in his mind. “Oh! You mean sex! That's what I was doing a few nights ago, and again in the morning. You felt that?”

After an awkward clearing of his throat, the great and somewhat shy Bijū answers, “I sensed it,” to which Naruto mumbles, ‘perv.’ “I sensed it with my previous wardens as well, but their filthy arrogance would not allow them to speak with me as I do you. You will tell me more.”

“Really,” Naruto asks, slightly skeptical a divine chakra beast would want to know about sex. “What do you want to know?”

“Everything,” Kurama says leaning forward and resting his large head on his front paws.

Happy to talk to someone about his experiences, Naruto tells Kurama everything he learned and a lot of what Kurenai taught him. The the Bijū simply listens. Despite the topic, Naruto felt a sort of ease to the conversation and wondered if this was the peace Naru-nii was talking about. By the end, Kurama can't help but say, “as the container of the strongest Tailed-Beasts, I order you to amass more mates.”

“What?” Naruto gasps. “I don't even know how it happened to begin with!”

“Learn,” is all the beast says before falling to slumber.






It's ridiculous. He's ridiculous! Who the fuck trains so hard?

It only takes Sakura three days to realize Naruto is a training fiend, and somehow, more capable than he lets on. His training regiment was as shocking as when she discovered his personal relationship to Hokage-sama. Suffering under the intensity of his training, she learned Naruto can already walk, run and fight on water just as well as on land. Even with her perfect chakra control, it took her all day to walk comfortably on water, and unlike the blond ball of energy, she can't stay on water for longer than twenty minutes.

Sakura also thought creating corporal clones of himself was impressive enough on its own—after all she recalls how he failed the final exam in the Academy—until he revealed the secret to how Kage Bunshin helps him train. Despite, the fact that it would kill a normal shinobi, regardless of rank, clone-learning came across as the biggest cheat she’s ever heard of. It explained why she had to continuously adjust her strategy when she and his clones would attack Naruto, which only annoyed her more.

He still wouldn't tell her why he was playing with a balloon just yet, but after watching the way it pops with a massive swirl of wind, she's fairly sure he's working on some form of chakra manipulation. ‘That isn’t normal,’ her stunned brain reasons. Ninja don’t learn chakra manipulation at all if they can help it, and when they do, it isn’t for years and years in the future. ‘How is that idiot doing that when we’ve only JUST graduated!?

Sakura learns fast that she can't even keep up with him. Not only does she take more breaks than he does, but his breaks are much shorter. It's little wonder why Sasuke-kun is usually tired by the end of their spars, ‘not that Naruto-baka could actually match Sasuke-kun.’ But it’s apparent that the blond is able to simply outlast him.

This is ridiculous! For that Baka to train like this, how does no one know!

It’s just so easy to ignore or hate him, Sakura wonders who would believe her if she even told anyone. ‘No one,’ her mind answers.






It would appear that Kurenai needs more than a week to forget about her monumental mistake. It would be an easier thing to do if Hinata-chan didn't ask every night to train with ‘genjutsu-Naruto.’

“Did-did I do something wrong?” she asks on the fifth night. “Is that why you don't want to train me with genjutsu?”

For the fifth time this week, Kurenai was tempted to simply create a genjutsu of Naruto, but as close and knowledgeable to the boy as she’s become, she didn't truly understand him and didn't want to risk Hinata possibly recognizing a difference, lest the young Hyūga feels betrayed and all their progress comes undone.

“No, of course not,” Kurenai softly starts. “Why would you think that?”

Hinata looks Kurenai in the eyes with a great strength she wasn’t capable of weeks ago. “You- ...We haven't trained with genjutsu-Naruto-kun at all this week, and all you'll say is that we need to take a break. I just thought I must’ve-”

“No, you didn’t,” Kurenai cuts her off. Despite the immoral lengths the raven-haired Jōnin had to go through for her young ward to reach this level of confidence, she’s thrilled about the progress the girl's making, however, now that she's finding her voice, perhaps the beautiful princess needs more of an explanation. “Hinata-chan, how long have you been here?”

“Mnn, a little over a month and a half,”

“And wouldn't you agree we've grown comfortable with each other?”

“Yes,” she blushes.

“I know the training we've been performing has certainly helped, but it's all been in a controlled environment, hasn’t it?” Kurenai gives the indigo-haired girl a moment to try and grasp what she's saying, so hopefully, Kurenai never has to ask Uzumaki-kun for help again… or even see him if she’s being honest with herself. “When you're comfortable, like you feel here with the genjutsu version of Uzumaki-kun, it's far too ideal than what you can expect out in public. Which is why I think you need to attempt befriending the real Uzumaki-kun-”

“Eeeep!” Hinata yips. “I-I-I-I-I c-c-c-c-ouldn't,” she stutters, completely bumming the beautiful Jōnin to see.

“Hinata-chan, I stopped because I believe in you. I know you can do this,” Kurenai conveys with genuine heart. “Start with whatever makes you comfortable; a simple hello, or ask him how he's doing; however you feel most at ease. I did a fairly good job representing him, so I don't think he'll embarrass you in any way.”

“Y-y-y-you...” she takes a calming breath. “D-do you really think so?”

“I know so,” Kurenai smiles at her young ward and for the first time that day, she’s happy. Happy for what her charming pupil is courageous enough to do as well as for the blond genin Kurenai is all too happy to avoid.

Hinata-chan has to return to the Hyūga compound in another hour or so but, she'll be back first thing next week. The beautiful Hyūga is the only true bright spot in her week and while it gets sadder and sadder every time her cherished student leaves, Kurenai is uplifted to know she'll be back. With every passing week, Kurenai finds she wants Hinata-chan to come back with more fondness.

Weighed down by her own reprehensible actions with a boy—the Jinchūriki, of all people—not just for her lapse in judgment but also for how fondly she recalls the memories, it was as if her naturally analytical mind was pushing to study the experience, evaluate every orgasm and even compare it to her past lovers. The fact that the boy even rates close to the top only makes her mind want to evaluate the boy’s performance even more. Morbid curiosity and a strong sense of shame have been her constant companion this past week and she makes sure she keeps as busy as humanly possible to avoid thinking about it.

As if personal disgrace wasn't difficult enough to suffer through on a daily basis, Kurenai tries as hard as she can to tune out the constant speculation many villagers and shinobi seem to have about the fate of the Hokage's son. Marriages have always been well received in Konohagakure, and everyone is eagerly looking forward to the good news so they can prepare for a week-long festive celebration in their honor.

Of course, Kurenai’s well-known association as a former teammate of Asuma’s has many of the younger or ignorant shinobi as well as villagers asking if she knows any romantic details between the princess and the Hokage’s son. She’s asked with sheer excitement whether she’s walking through the village, shopping, or lunches, and they can't help but chat with her about all the places they've seen the happy couple come and go, aggravating Kurenai to the point of constant and ever present nausea.

It wouldn't be so rampant if the princess wasn't returning to the capitol so within the week. Her departure Saturday morning is why Kurenai decided to stay in and read in the quiet of her home rather than join the rest of the village in bidding the princess farewell. On the couch with a scroll in hand, she hadn't expected a knock at her door. She hadn’t expected a red-faced and sweaty Hinata-chan behind her door, and she certainly hadn’t expected Uzumaki-kun behind her.

“Hinata-chan?” Kurenai oddly calls, observing her treasured student with the biggest mistake of her twenty-four years of life behind her. “…What are you doing here?”

“S-s-s-sensei,” a wide-eyed and nervous Hinata stutters. “I-I-I-I-I w-w-w-was ho-hoping, w-w-w-we can h-h-have lunch.... h-h-here?”

Kurenai can easily see the deep pleading in the girls eyes and despite never wanting to see the blond again, she instantly wants to help her student, offhandedly voicing, “why don't you come in...” Ignoring the cheers in the distance for the princess and taking a second to look at a very eager Uzumaki-kun, she has little choice but to add, “the both of you.”

Settling in the living room, Kurenai is at least happy to see Uzumaki-kun look around as if he's never been in her home. “Nice home, sensei. Smells real nice.”

Masking her trepidation, Kurenai fains a polite smile, responding, “thank you, Uzumaki-kun.”

Playing along, he asks in a surprised tone, “you know who I am?” It offers her some relief when she thinks, ‘at least he’s good at this.’

“You're Kakashi-sensei's student,” Kurenai returns. “I know the members of every newly formed genin team.” Naruto nods with a hum, and Kurenai turns to Hinata, asking, “Hinata-chan, will you help me with the tea?”

“Ah,” Hinata yelps, recalling her manners. “Of course.”

“Make yourself at home, Uzumaki-kun,” Kurenai states before sensei and student walk into the kitchen. As Kurenai begins to fill the kettle, she turns to Hinata-chan, eying the girl to explain.

“Ano,” a very submissive looking Hinata starts and Kurenai didn’t like the girl’s slumped shoulder, the near tearful look in her eyes, and her nervous twiddling fingers. It makes Kurenai relax a little as Hinata explains, “I was at the farewell mass f-f-for princess Tomoko… and s-so was N-N-Naruto-kun.”

Considering that Hinata knows nothing about what she’d done with the young Hyūga’s life-long crush, Kurenai asks a gently as possible, “Hinata-chan, why would you ever think to bring him here without my permission?”

Looking wounded, Hinata stutters, “I-I-I-I know, this was a bad idea sensei!” Hinata bows twice before Kurenai can place a comforting hand on her shoulder. Still, Hinata adds, “I'm sorry! I’m s-so sorry! I wasn't thinking.”

“Hinata-chan,” Kurenai starts, staring intently in the girl's eyes. “Breath. You haven’t killed anyone. I’m just curious. Please, explain yourself.”

As Kurenai sets the water to boil, Hinata calms herself before stating, “I saw him, and-and I said h-hello, and he-he was exactly like in our training. I was so happy that I hadn't fainted, and I asked if he was hungry, like we’d done in the sessions. I was sooo nervous, Sensei, but he-he said, yes! But there were so many people and I felt like my heart was going to explode, so-so-so I thought we could have lunch here, b-because I thought of what you said sensei, ‘do it however I'm most comfortable.’ So I thought… here… Please, sensei, please?”

Kurenai felt the double edge of her words cut her as she mumbles, “Hinata-chan...”

“N-no more than lunch, then we'll go,” Hinata-chan pleads with her big lavender-white eyes.

Unable to disappoint those beautiful pleading eyes, Kurenai sighs, “fine. But only for lunch. I want you to feel comfortable here but next time ask before you invite someone over, understand,” she states the question, giving no room for misinterpretation.

“Yes, yes, oh yes! Thank you sensei,” Hinata happily cheers. “Can-can you tell him I have to use the washroom,” she nervously asks, wiping off the nervous sweat form her forehead and Kurenai just nods.

Walking into the sitting room, his eyes snap onto her entering form. His face starts turning bright red as he stares, wide-eyed, drinking her in and it’s only then Kurenai becomes aware she’s in her comfortable, yet form revealing house wear: white summer shorts that showcase a lot of toned thigh and a red, spaghetti string halter top. Her lustrous dark hair was down and she can easily imagine what a sight she is in his hormonal clear blue eyes. He almost didn't notice he was automatically walking toward her until she put her hand up.

Snapping out of it, Naruto at least has the decency to look abashed. “Sorry,” he says and his first question to her is obviously, “will you come back, please?”

“Uzumaki-kun,” Kurenai cautiously warns. “I hope for your sake you're not using Hinata-chan as a way to get closer to me.”

“I don't use friends,” he confidently proclaims. “But she invited me, and I wanted to come an say I'm sorry if... if I didn't do it right, or if you're angry with me. So, um, can't you please come by tonight? I haven't told anyone, and I won't, so, so, you'll come by right?”

“You're still thinking of this like it's training when that isn't how it should be,” she tells him, keeping a tracking ear on Hinata in the bathroom upstairs. “How can you not see this isn't good for either of us? For our futures? No, I cannot in good conscious encourage this any further.”

“Than explain it to me,” Naruto asks, desperate for clarity. “Why was it okay that night but not the next morning?”

Hearing signs of Hinata finishing, Kurenai attempts to make a deal with him. “If I explain why it happened and why it can’t again, will you stop this?”

“I don't know,” Naruto curiously states. “I'd have to hear it first.”

“You don’t have to hear it first. You can just agree,” Kurenai states with mild frustration.

“But what if I hear it and I still don’t stop,” Naruto genuinely asks. “I don’t want to lie and say I will when I won’t know for sure until I hear it.”

Expelling frustrated air from her tight chest, Kurenai simply agrees, “...Fine.” ‘Anything to end this,’ she thinks. “But I'm not going to your apartment. Just come back here after you walk Hinata-chan home.”

He happily nods before Hinata-chan returns and they have a light lunch, though Naruto is just as hungry after they finish their small bowl of salad. Kurenai and Naruto kept most of the conversation going but Hinata-chan smiled often and spoke twice. It almost seemed worth it just to see the girl be so brave against her reinforced and chronic insecurities.

For herself though, being around him, smelling him, catching him lusting over her, Kurenai couldn't help the warmth continuing to grow in her center. He even had to nerve to brush by her close enough to take in her scent. Her traitorous body easily recalls how this boy manhandled her and physically responds with rising sensitivity, radiating heat, and pooling moistness. Aroused, her body yearned for attention, though luckily for her, it didn’t have to be with him.

Excusing himself to use the restroom before they leave, Kurenai wonders how much to tell the boy when he comes back. As the two genin exit her home and clear her white fence, she wonders if he would understand the yielding combination of being deeply hurt, being reckless and inebriated… How much she just wanted to forget her upsetting troubles… how much he helped her forget. ‘Could he accept that as the reason she degraded herself enough to have so much sex with him?

Even if he sprints, an aroused Kurenai doesn't expect him back for another thirty minutes, and rather than a shower to cool herself down, she walks upstairs to her room and pulls out her vibrator. On her bed with a pillow under her waist for elevation, she closes her eyes and opens her legs. Spread and comfortable as she was, Kurenai works her electric phallus in and out of her wet snatch with practiced ease. The loud buzzing in the air is ignored and her mind takes her back to her most recent sexual encounter. She lets her naturally analytical mind replay each moment, each position, each orgasm, easily soaking her pleasure-aid in her sleek juices as she feels the pleasure coil of her body grow more and more tense, threatening to snap in pure euphoria should she continue.

Mnnn… ahnn… uh, uh,” she mewls, coating the length of the vibrator as she fucks herself to that starving release. Kurenai can feel it won't be the best climax, but it'll more than take the edge off before he returns. Stuffing herself repeatedly she somehow recalls his smell more clearly, helping her transport sensations back to the time she was on her back and a thick, blond-bushed cock was fucking her like a wild animal. Feeling herself right on the edge, she stuffs the vibrator in deep when her walls clamp down, sending shocks of pleasure up her spine and brain.

Oouuuuuughghhghgh,” she moans loudly, releasing her toy to massage her stiff nipples and breasts and revel in the waves of pleasant sensation… that is until Kurenai bolts upright at the foreign feel of a rough tongue lap up her expelling juices from her quaking cunny. Quickly understanding who the blond head of hair between her legs belongs to, and the pleasure from his enthusiastic licking and sucking, she can only gasp, “wait!” before another wave of pleasure has her strong grip ripping at the sheets of her bed. “MMMMMMnnnnnnn, Oh, oh, oh, oh uhnnn,” she moans as his clumsy tongue slowly allows her decent orgasm to subside. Though Kurenai is reeling in gratifying pleasure, she has enough sense to try and force away Uzumaki-kun's eager tongue.

“U-Uzumaki,” she calls but as she tries to force him away, he's far too impassioned and pushes forward, either intentionally or accidentally, plunging his long muscular organ inside her sodden center. “Mnnnfff,” Kurenai cries as the blond’s mouth eagerly covers nearly all of her snatch, licking within and sucking without in tandem, making her arms weak and forcing another spiral of pleasure to build and coil in the base of her ecstasy.

MMMNNNNN!” she feels the boy's voice vibrate her already sensitive petals, ripping out a deep moan of her own. “mmmmmnnnnn!

As she grips his hair, she vaguely wonders why she hasn't stopped him, but the way her quim dilates with expanding bliss only just manages to delay any need for an immediate answer. She'll figure it out later. “Just,” she gasps, as her mind says the rest, ‘finish!

With ‘finishing’ being her body's sole concern now, Kurenai plays with her left breast, pinching and pulling her pert pink nipple as her right-hand circles and rubs her clit exactly as she likes it. ‘His tongue is weird,’ her mind yells lovingly, and she focuses on his unique pleasure inducing organ. With his constant rough-tongue lapping at her quivering sensitive wall, and his mouth sucking and drinking everything she expels, it doesn't take her long to reach the edge of another immense drop.

“I'm almost... MMNN... I'm almost, cumminnnn-” Kurenai snaps her head back, her spine arching tight with blissful rapture, sending waves of pleasure throughout every humming cell in her hot and sweating body. Her thighs twitching is delightful as her pelvis gyrates uncontrollably against the boy's face. Her second orgasm is larger and more intense than the first, and she sees white for several moments as her body quivers and trembles deliciously, soaking in the velvety delight of oblivion.

Barely coming down from exotic devastation, she realizes Uzumaki is still lapping and sucking at her opening, desperate for more and keeping her in a constant state of euphoria. Still, with more clarity now, she pushes his head away with as much force as her twitching muscles can, which she hates to admit isn't much. Pushing Uzumaki's head away, she rolls from him and off the side of the bed onto very shaky legs. She actually has to brace herself on the dresser by the window.

“Nai-chan,” she hears him call as she calms her breathing, quickly collecting her higher reasoning while looking to the blue sky out the window.

When she hears him step closer—without looking at him—she points and calls out, “wait!” He stops but only for a second, then actually hears his pants shuffling down. “Just stop Uzumaki,” she calls one more time.

“Please, sensei,” he weakly implores, voice thick with hunger. “Please, I need you so much. I just-” he stops and she hears more rubbing.

“No,” she cuts him off, and yet again he takes another step forward. It's like he's incapable of thinking, so she calls louder, “stop-”

“Please! One more time,” Naruto states, taking his painfully hard cock in his hand and jerking it for any stimulation. He quickly realizes it's not good enough. Only she can sate his hunger. His lust filled eyes are pained as he expresses a great need. “Just need to be inside one more time-”

“Uzumaki,” she calls, turning around to look at him. His eyes are still dilated, almost black with desire. His cheeks and neck are inflamed and he isn't even looking at her face as he pleads. He only has eyes for her feminine treasures. Clenching her fist, she's ready to punch him to his senses when she hears loud popping behind her outside. Turning to the window, she can see streamers, balloons, confetti floating up in the distance. The loud popping of fireworks from that location in the sky informs her it’s Main Street and happy Konoha villagers are bidding farewell to one of their country’s beautiful princesses; no doubt hoping for an optimistic announcement in the near future.

An announcement that in many ways eradicates promises at the heart of Kurenai; her body's womanly yearning, her dearest male friend and possible life-partner, and her devotion to the future she felt on a daily basis. Until that moment, she expected the beautiful future would’ve eventually happened—some way, somehow, her and Asuma would get there. Despite her ardor, she trusted in a benevolent future only to learn it was a child's fairytale. The festive party in the distance for their country’s beautiful princess and the Sarutobi heir is bluntly telling her she's wrong.

Without her verbal tell off, Uzumaki's face dives into the wet hot pocket of her nether region between her round cheeks and taut thighs. His hands grip her hips and pull hard, mashing his mouth and tongue against her delicate folds, covering as much moist honey-hole with his cheeks and mouth as possible.

Mnnnfff,” Kurenai moans at his energetic push. “Uzumaki...” she tries, but her eyes won't let go of the view outside her window. Kurenai suddenly feels trapped by the vision before her, hurting her by denying her simple wants, and the pleasures between her legs born of indecent desire.

“Uzumaki, if you don't stop... mmmnn,” she gasps as he sucks and laps her delicate nether lips. ‘Why stop? The princess is finally leaving but that isn’t what matters.’ She knew the truth the moment he completely ignored her—the moment he walked around her—it’s how Asuma is. The gruff man had told her without uttering a word, and that thick, heavy pain resting in her chest sentenced her emotional convictions to death. The wishes of her village outside had become all too real in her heart, and it broke her.

The warmth of a rough tongue is removed from her sensitive quim for cool air, a curiosity that is quickly met with a stiff answer. “Uuggghhnnnn, haaah,” she moans when he stuffs his bulbous crown into her sodden snatch. Her knees shake with the sudden spread of her wet walls, lowering her even more despite her grip on her dresser.

Her voice is silent as she ponders the escape being offered by the blond… the simple way to deflect the core crushing hurt from her broken love. Spying on the festivities through the window for the last time, she slowly closes the curtain, closing that little bit of pain along with it. If she couldn't be happy in her heart, than shouldn't she, at the very least, be allowed the joys of the body. Uzumaki-kun isn't ideal, but it’s just one more time and no one has to know. For the moment, she’ll forget about her staggering loss and lose herself in pleasure.

The only real issue is Hinata-chan's crush on the boy. Even if Hinata were made to be a branch member, her family would never agree to such a union, much less marriage. In the long run, Uzumaki-kun and Hinata-chan can never be together and that ought to matter the most if only by a little. Kurenai can steer her beautiful ward in a direction with a higher chance of actual happiness... not unlike herself.

Yes,’ she manages to think and feel as he spreads her deeper. ‘Better I should guide Hinata-chan to find love elsewhere.’ Her mild cognitive ability is interrupted by a pang of bliss from a strong dick nearly striking her g-spot, sending a strong jolt up her spine. Pumping away eagerly for more of her rich honey, she strives to guide him. “Ahn... ahn, ahn, MMNN, a little- little to the- ahhn, the left- ahn, to the left, ye- yesss... mnn, yes, there, right there,” she moans loudly squeezing her moist hot walls that much harder as he enthusiastically hits home with every thrust.

Meeting his heavy thrust, she notes it's not his technique that's making her so aroused, it's the staying power of his intense pounding. His determination is like a feral animal, with enough muscle and excessive stamina to plow her sensitive walls and sexual discipline asunder.

She can tell the lust-filled blond is relishing in her reactionary squeezing and it only spurns him further, harder, faster, spreading her good and hard, over and over while their crotch and thighs are drenched in their frothy fuck. “AAHNN, ahhn, aha, haaah, m-make me forget! That's- yes! Mnn, Mnn, Mnn! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck-Mmnn!

The loud constant wet smacking of sweaty flesh, the smell of his sexual musk mixing in her nose with her own, his desperate grip on her hip muscles… His absolute youthful vigor is enough to push her further and further to that inevitable explosion of mind-numbing pleasure. She moans gutturally with his every thrust, over and over, feeling his insatiable need to break his peak inside her hot center. His raw vigor more than makes up for his lack of technique, and Kurenai is happy with that... for now.

“Nai-chan! Nai-chan!” he whimpers, as his thrusts speed up. Kurenai can hardly believe how depraved her saliva mixed moans are as he pounds into her with powerful strokes.

MMMnnn! MMM! AAHHN! YYESSS! KAMI! KAMI! DEEP! YOU’RE SO-MMN!” she cries as the strong beautiful kunoichi’s mind starts to melt.

She's right on the edge of shattering when without warning, he slams in as deep as he can go, and blasts his thick man milk into her boiling cunnie. Not unlike before, it's a tremendous amount and possibly even hotter than she remembered, easily pushing her over the edge and detonating a third powerful orgasm. His sweltering body hugs her tightly as her jittery walls clamp down on his thick erupting member, sucking and pulling him in as deep as she can while he floods her vaginal canal with his baby batter. Her mind dumbs as her body shakes and tumbles with his. All her thoughts and awareness cease to exist, leaving only waves upon waves of boundless pleasure while he fills her with a copious amount of his seed.

Eventually they slump haphazardly to the floor like two boneless sacks of hot water; one blissfully spent, the other, waiting a moment before his second wind kicks in. It wasn't a long wait. He has eyes after all. Pressed against him, soft and slick with body-cooling moisture, is one of the fittest and most beautiful women he'd ever seen, panting and trembling happily with his dick still snug inside her. The irregular jittering and shaking of her slush walls easily keep him from softening and the thought that he had flooded her insides with his thick cum is more than enough motivation for Naruto to forget all about his body's exhaustion. Naruto wraps an arm around her waist, elevating her some, happy to gut her again.

MMnn,” she moans, as she's unexpectedly lifted, causing her already sensitive sex to grip him that much harder. Witless with dizzying pleasure, Kurenai can only muster enough coherence to tell the eager blond, “Ughh, w-wait, Uzu- Uzumaki-”

“Call me Naruto,” he interrupts, as he slides out of her with a loud slurp, causing her to groan at the sudden loss. She turns over with his assistance, holding the dresser for much-needed support.

“I'm still sensitvvVV- Ahhn,” she’s mush on her knees with her face against the dresser as he thrusts into her again, taking a moment to appreciate the hot snug muscle, before sliding back out, enjoying the friction of his head deliciously dragging the ribs of her sensitive, cum-covered sex. He thrusts in again with just as much want, with even more depth, reaching the furthest part of her soaping cunt. Kurenai moans through the absolutely blissful pounding of her hungry insides, until they cum together and to her surprise, feeling his knot expand and lock them together as he stretches her uterus with pudgy spunk.

Eventually, they end up naked on her large comfortable bed. It's the first time he has a clear view of her entire nude figure and he’s easily transfixed. Kurenai, with her long, matted dark lock, full red lips and matching eyes, and her athletic hour-glass curves, was a kunoichi of the sexiest caliber and Naruto couldn't help but feel like an utter failure at his paltry attempts of his sexy jutsu. No one could possibly be sexier than her. It takes him several moments to get over his enthralled shock, and only after she called his name, before instantly becoming glutinous for her womanly perfection.

The exciting view spurs on a whole new marathon of energy and he's stuffing his steel cock inside the beautiful kunoichi with all he has. In the superheated bedroom, his eyes take in the sensual curve and sublime arch of her glistening spine, the way her drenched raven locks stick to her flush skin, as if she only just stepped out of a hot shower. Of course the almost pained expressions of her flushed face, from the wide O of her lushes cherry lips to the near-catatonic look when she has an eye-crossing, toe-curling orgasm. Her moans during her rise to great peaks, her panting pleas for a respite, and the way she pleads his name to go harder, faster; it all adds the indescribable bliss he feels being connected to her, inside and out. Everything about her turns him on, mindlessly.

He's heard of drugs and their effects on people, but until this moment, Naruto never fully grasped what it really meant to be addicted to something. Whether slamming into her slick, buttery-hot goodness, sucking and fondling her large breasts, or simply drinking everything that comes out of her, he absorbs it all habitually, as if her luscious body is a warm basket of perpetual sunshine and happiness. Naruto’s only hope of coping with the incredible surge of aroused energy is by putting it all inside of her; using it all on her. He doesn't know how he reaches that conclusion. Whether it's to honor her, to thank her, to conquer her, he couldn't say, but he knows giving her everything is the only way to feel peace.

In the moist musk and heat of Kurenai’s bedroom, they stay together in one form or another for hours, whether directly plugged into one another or his mouth and hands licking, sucking, kneading, or massaging her; all to her extreme disbelief. She knows this is a whole new experience for him and boys tend to be much more energetic than adults but Uzumaki doesn't seem to fit the mold. He isn't quick—energetic, certainly—but he stays active for as long as she does and they often find themselves gushing together.

He busted his sack no less than nine times, knotting her four times, and though she would've preferred if he finished outside, most of his thick spunk finds it's home in her fertile walls. No matter how many times she warns him to cum on her rather than in her, he'll be too lost in his own pleasure to acquiesce to her pleas, hugging her tightly as he unleashes endless rivulets of semen. Unable to muster more than mild protest, toward the end, she simply makes a mental note to talk to him about it later. Fortunately, all active kunoichi are on the pill for one simple yet horrible reason. After hours of vigorous copulating between resting, they naturally fall asleep on her ravaged and cum stained sheets. Despite the radiating heat, Naruto holds her tight and with some embarrassing honesty, she admits to herself it’s not terrible.

Kurenai is the first of the pair to wake, aware that the delicious ache sparkling throughout her satisfied body is because of the blond ball of energy laying on top of her. Snug between her strong legs, he holds her tightly with his head resting comfortably between the mounds of her breasts. Aside the wonderful, floating ache, Kurenai appraises the gently slumbering boy atop of her. Once again, it's difficult for the red-eyed Jōnin to come to terms with what she's done…again. Not impossible, but difficult. She doesn't love the boy—that much is certain—but she can honestly say he more than meets her physical needs; though she can't help but wonder if it's simply him, his knotting uniqueness, or if her dry spell has just been that long.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder,’ she thinks, before correcting herself. ‘Or in this case, the lust.’ An unrelated thought of how nice he smells despite the reek of sex and sweat in the room, makes her mumble, “I'll need to air out the room soon.”

Even if Kurenai knows it's morally wrong, at least it wasn't illegal, and truthfully, no one needs to know. It was simply training him, as payment for helping her with Hinata-chan... which sounds absolutely horrible to her. ‘…Fuck!’ Her mind curses. ‘This is wrong,’ she knows, ‘but, it can be okay so long as no one feels unfairly treated.

As the adult, Kurenai understands she's the one most responsible here, for both the good and bad. She knows the young genin only needs to allude to abuse, and she'll easily go down for it. So, in the unlikely event this ‘arrangement’ ever comes out, as long as he doesn't testify to being taken advantage of, then in the eyes of the shinobi council, it'll simply be two consenting adults engaging in legal private affairs. Though she’s certain that’s not how the civilian council will see it, she also knows they have no real sway over her career. Barring any extreme demands from him, if she can keep him content, then she shouldn't have much to worry about.

His stomach growls loudly, surprising her out of her thoughts. She can't help but giggle at his pained expression as he snuggles even closer against her humming body, giving her a pleasant sensation from their warm skin-to-skin contact; sticky and grimy though they are, it only seems to add a thrill to the pleasant glow she feels everywhere.

The low lighting of the room informs Kurenai it's early evening, and after hearing Uzumaki’s growling stomach, she's much more aware of her own hunger. Hoping she doesn't wake him, she attempts to extricate herself from him but as she moves, he only holds on tighter, easily making her feel like some sort of security blanket. Recalling reports of his living conditions does explains why he’s so attention-starved and pulls pranks. Living alone for so long can make anyone crave physical contact like hugs, pats on the head or shoulders, or even the tussling of hair.

“Well, he has to wake up at some point,” she mumbles to herself before running her fingers through his silky blond scalp, calling, “Uzumaki-kun? Uzumaki-kun?” Slowly, a smile spreads his cheeks and he mushes his chubby cheeks into her soft valley, tickling a giggle out of her as he exhales on her stiffening nipple. ‘Kami, giggling this much, I must be swimming in oxytocin and endorphins.’ Looking at his pleased face makes her aware of her own smile. Content to favor him, she runs her fingers through the silky spikes of his golden-blond hair; that is until her stomach interrupts her with a very audible grumble.

“Uzumaki-kun!” she calls louder, grabbing the sides of his head and lifting him up. “It's time to get up.”

“Hahn?” he sounds through a slack jaw, one eye closed the other half open. “Nai-chan?”

That name...’ she mentally chides. A slow deep inhale is calming, but for that pen name, she needs two deep breaths before she continues. “Uzumaki-kun, I need you to let go.” Instinct makes him tighten a bit before softening his grip as she adds, “I need a shower. We both do. I also have to prepare dinner.”

“Oh,” he calls happily at the mention of food. He moves a bit away from her, enough to see her nude form under him, and Kurenai can actually see his eyes glaze over, as if falling under some slave genjutsu simply by the sight of her.

Though it’s thrilling to her warm fuzzy center to witness, she quickly moves away from him before he loses any more mental control. Nabbing a pillow to cover herself, Kurenai easily advises him, “calm down. Take a breath. I think we've had enough of that for one day.” Looking at his semi-hard penis she points to the bathroom, commanding him, “actually, go take a shower now. A cold one.”

Red in the face with embarrassment, he starts moving when he's struck with a thought he voices, “since this is your house, shouldn't you use the bathroom first?”

“It's the other way around. As your host, I offer you first turn,” she tells him, to which he nods in acceptance. “Please take a shower and get dressed.” She didn't want to tell him it was going to take her some time to get his insane amount of cum out of her. Now that she's standing, she can already feel it oozing out of her and drag down the inside of her toned thighs. Even if she ran to Hinata-chan's bathroom down the hall, she was certain she wouldn't get there fast enough to avoid leaving a trail of white globs on the wood floor.

He put soo much in me,’ she mentally marvels, feeling it leak out with a jovial thrill. It's fortunate that her own juices thinned the concentration of his semen, but it's still a large quantity he seems to enjoy sowing as deep within her as he can. Since a vagina is the second most natural place for semen to be, she isn't worried about getting it all out, as her body will do that on its own, but with this much, she’ll have to take most of it out herself.

Once showered, dried and dressed in unflattering flannel pants and red camisole top, she makes her way to the kitchen. Setting her hair up and in a towel to dry, she finds Uzumaki sitting on a stool spinning on it's swiveling cushion. With her entrance, his smile broadens drastically, his clear blue eyes drinking her in with the thirst of a man dying of dehydration—the length of her fine neck, the exposed cleavage of her larger than average bust, and the flannel that cannot hide her perfect posterior. His clear desire for her after everything they've done throughout the afternoon is the only reason for her blush—to think he's eager for more is, to her mounting disbelief, flattering.

Kurenai simply isn't used to such raw, lavish attention from someone she's been sexually active with. There are plenty of shinobi or villagers that undress her with their want-filled eyes, but unlike the baby blue eyes gazing hungrily at her now, they haven't seen her naked—they haven’t fucked her to a mindless stupor—so there’s always a buffer between her and them. Uzumaki-kun has seen, tasted and fucked all of her. When he gazes at her hungrily, it's more profound. Immoral or not, to Kurenai, his eyes will forever be different.

Aware of the ‘cuddle hormone’ still coursing her system, Kurenai isn’t so alarmed when she feels a giddy heat in her stomach, a little hop in her step, her straighter posture, driving out her enticing C-cups that much more forward; even her scalp tingles affectionately, making her lush dark locks feel more vibrant. ‘Post coital bliss,’ she mentally identifies the affectionate playfulness as she walks over to the pantry. Overlooking her blushing feelings, she can't help but comment, “I thought you’d be halfway to your beloved ramen stand by now.”

Half looking away and blushing madly, he shyly questions more than says, “I thought... I was hoping, maybe, we could eat together?”

Is he trying to be cute, or are the elevated hormones just making me more amiable to his mannerism?’ She mentally asks bringing out some red potatoes. Kurenai isn't sure he should stay, but, she's certain nothing more will happen. Add to that they need to talk about this unexpected development, and she says, “I suppose that's fine.”

“Sweet!” he exclaims. “Ne, Nai-chan-”

“Please don't call me that,” she quickly cuts him off. “Kurenai-sensei, sensei, or even Yūhi-san is fine.”

“But you keep calling me Uzumaki instead of Naruto,” he counters.

“I prefer to keep our association professional at all times,” she responds. Ever since her father, she’s always felt more comfortable keeping that distance with everyone. “Which is why neither of us needs to address each other so personally.”

“But we’re alone,” he points out before asking, “why keep it professional now?”

“We have to be careful with how we act around one another, more specifically in public,” she explains as she opens her fridge. Absolutely certain he’s unaware of how hungrily he’s eying her, she squats down to gather the ingredients for her salad rather than bend over and give him an enticing view. “If you call me cutesy personal names in private, there's a higher chance you might accidentally give that information away in public. I know we don't have much cause to interact in public but you can never be too careful. It's not unlike your field prep class at the academy for away-missions.”

“I, uh think I might've missed that one,” Naruto nervously says.

“That’s not possible,” Kurenai returns. “That course is a requirement for graduation. You can’t become a genin without passing all required courses.”

“Uh, well, I missed a bunch of stuff because, um, I'd always get sent home,” he returns with a bit of a chuckle. “It wasn't until Iruka-sensei got there that I actually got to stay and learn as much as I could.”

Kurenai looks at him oddly, somewhat curious as to how he managed to become genin if he missed many school days. Leaving it to ponder another day, she continues in an educational tone. “Part of field preparation for a mission involves leaving behind any unessential personal items, so no rings, pictures, or anything of sentimental value. The reason being, if you're captured by an enemy, they won’t be able to use the things or people you hold dear to break you.”

“Huh, that makes sense,” Naruto nods, before thinking a step further and wondering aloud, “I don't get what that has to do with us.”

Us?’ she thinks. ‘Really?’ With a sigh, she answers, “while the village is not our enemy, you and I now... share something personal that neither of us want anyone to learn of. If anyone found out, they could try to use it for their own advantage, or could simply tell Hokage-sama to get us in trouble. So, no more ‘Nai-chan,’ Uzumaki-kun. Kurenai-sensei, sensei, or Yūhi-san are acceptable.”

“Ku-sensei?” he tries.

Letting out a breath of disbelief she whirls around to the sunny blond, telling him with authority, “no. Not that either.”

“Nai-nee?” He asks, eyebrows raised.

“No,” she says a little louder.

“Kurenai-nee?” he counters.

“I'm starting to lose my patience,” Kurenai warns him. He gulps and chuckles nervously as he responds, “Kurenai-sensei, what are you making for dinner?”

“Dark greens and spinach salad with a side of asparagus, sliced almonds, and red potatoes, with a vinaigrette…” she answers before pausing. His queasy, disenchanted face makes her roll her eyes.

“Ne,” he starts. “Is there any possibility of eating meat with it? ...or just eating meat?”

“I only eat meat when I have no other option,” she informs him rather offbeat.

“Um, do you mind if I go get some and come right back? I just... salads are just... they don’t fill me up at all!” he bellows. “I've been suuuuper hungry since lunch.”

Evaluating how needy he is for a more hearty meal, she huffs and moves to the freezer. “I have some steaks I can make.” She hears him whoop as she fondly looks over the large packaged steaks; sorely recalling the gruff Jōnin she had bought them for. “They're thick cuts. Some of Akimichi's best,” she warns him. “Will you be able to eat that much?”

He gives her the most confident chuckle before answering, “not a problem.”

Nodding, she fixates on preparing dinner all while he fixates on her. It's silent between them as the sizzling of the steak crisps and crackles and the room is filled with its tasty scent but it’s not uncomfortable. Nearly done, Kurenai catches Naruto rubbing his temple instead of gazing at her, as if trying to ease the pain of a headache.

“Dinner's nearly ready,” Kurenai says, unable to grasp how such a domestic scene is taking place in her home with Uzumaki Naruto, of all people. “Set the table,” she adds trying to temper her fear-inducing wonder.

He does as instructed but as she's setting their meal down, he still looks to be in a bit of pain. Preferring to wait until they've eaten and are comfortable before having the ‘big talk’ on how they move forward, Kurenai breaks the silence. As he's already mentioned a number of bizarre remarks, it's easy to engage in light conversation. The most pressing query she needs him to clarify for her, however, is, “how did you manage to escort Hinata-chan home and return so quickly? You were in my room less than seven minutes after I let you out, and I know for a fact she lives nearly an hour away. Please tell me you did not blow her off so you could come back here.”

“I didn't, I wouldn't,” he quickly reacts. “I- well, I made a clone when I went to the bathroom and my clone walked her home. It dispelled right afterward so I know she made it back okay.”

“Your clone?” Kurenai quirks her brow confused, thinking of a number of rebuttals.

“Kage Bunshin,” he easily adds, eagerly cutting up his seasoned steak.

Curiosity drives her to ask, “how? Kage Bunshin is Jōnin level jutsu, and I recall you failed the final's Bunshin no Jutsu three times.”

After swallowing a good chunk of delicious meat he can't help but say, “this is soo gooood! Hmm, I was told that I have large chakra reserves and ten- tekn- ...large chakra holes.”

“Tenketsus,” she corrects. “The nodes on your body by which chakra is released.”

“Yeah, that,” he happily agrees. “So, it makes it harder for me to use jutsu that only need a little bit of chakra, like Bunshin no Jutsu. It's why I've been working super hard on my chakra control all this time.”

“I had no idea Kakashi-sensei was so dutiful with his team,” Kurenai surprisingly muses, having heard from Asuma of the silver-haired Jōnin’s burdens. Maybe it really was a good idea they all went behind Kakashi's back to have the Hokage order the strong shinobi to become a sensei. It's not that shinobi don't understand his loss and grief, but it was becoming clear to his friends that Kakashi wasn't moving on from the deaths of Obito and Rin, years after the fact. “When I heard he'd been privately instructing Uchiha-kun, I was worried Kakashi-sensei was being unfair but I'm glad-”

“WHAT-” Naruto starts but immediately chokes on a nice chunk of beef. After beating on his chest a few times, the chunk of half-chewed meat is dislodged from throat to plate. Though repulsed, Kurenai can't help but wonder about the strong reaction as a teary-eyed Naruto yells, “he's been teaching Sasuke-teme on the side?! How come? For how long? What about me and Sakura-chan?”

His wide eyes of disbelief and angered brows easily tells Kurenai he had no idea his sensei was providing extra training to one of them and tries to clarify, “didn't you just say… wasn't Kakashi-sensei the one who told about your chakra reserves and your tenketsus?”

“No!” Naruto bellows. “I had to find that out on my own! What the hell? I ask him all the time to train me outside of team stuff, and he never does. It’s always like, ‘if I have time,’ but he never has time. I never knew he was training Sasuke-teme. This sucks!”

Rather surprised by the unexpected outburst, Kurenai searches for the best words to ease the irate genin. Knowing Kakashi's bloody history, Kurenai understands the senior Jōnin is likely experiencing some form of shame-birthed debt toward the last Uchiha. Deep regret over his fallen teammate, Obito, which Kakashi likely feels he can only atone for through personally training and guiding Uchiha-kun. While there may be an understandable reason, Kurenai can't help but feel for Naruto. In the boy's eyes, it just looks like favoritism toward his class's Rookie of the Year.

“Well, Naruto,” she starts, deliberately using his name to calm him a bit. “It seems to me like you're going in the right direction. Mastering chakra control is absolutely key to becoming a great shinobi. There isn't a great warrior alive who has terrible chakra control.” She adds an easy smile but it barely phases the upset blond, so she continues, “also, I bet Uchiha-kun can't use Kage Bunshin. It's a difficult technique to learn, not to mention very dangerous.”

“Huh?” Naruto abruptly questions coaxing him a little out of agitation. “Dangerous how?”

Kurenai pauses again, wondering if this blond oddity is actually using a technique without knowledge of its harmful disadvantages. “The physical ramifications of dispelling your clones.” At his blank stare she continues to further explain, “after the amount of information or experiences is transferred back to the original, it affects you physically in harmful or potentially lethal ways. It can easily be too much for the mind to handle. Many shinobi have gone insane, destroyed their chakra circulation system, or become brain dead from overuse. Some have even died. It's why Kage Bunshin is a forbidden jutsu and any shinobi that can use it are warned to never keep it active for longer than ten to fifteen minutes.”

“Huh, I didn't know that,” he comments noncommittally.

“How could you not know the side effects of such a dangerous jutsu? Didn't Kakashi-sensei warn you how overuse could kill you?”

“Mnn, now that I think about it, I don't remember him ever telling me about that,” Naruto ponderously feeds back. “But then again, I keep my clones out for way longer than fifteen minutes, so I never bothered to ask him.”

Setting aside Kakashi’s potentially fatal negligence, she focuses on his declaration of, ‘way longer than fifteen minutes.’ “...How much longer?” she asks, growing more and more vexed by this conversation. It's either an extreme lack of guidance and responsibility on Kakashi's part, or this blue-eyed blond is a baffling fool.

“It varies really,” he starts, garishly chewing on his steak with a happy hum. “But generally for several hours, like five or six, I guess,” he easily answers.

“That's not possible,” Kurenai staggers to say, eyes wide with healthy skepticism. “You've would've long been brain dead, if not dead-dead after half an hour!”

“Uh, I don't know about all that but I always have clones training,” Naruto tells her. “Even before we... you know, I sent out twenty clones to train and only dispelled them a couple minutes ago.”

Kurenai had long since put her utensils down, in awe at the tremendous discovery she stumbled upon, but now she has to get up and pace, only stopping to make absolutely certain. “You're sure?”

“Sure about what?”

Frustrated, she answers, “that you can keep your clones activated for more than five hours!”

“Oh. Yup,” he answers.

She paces again but remembering her hunger she picks up her plate of salad for the ride and eats as she paces. “Do you still have a headache?”

“Nope,” he answers after swallowing his cut of steak. “Gone already.”

“Amazing,” she gasps, ignoring his happy chuckles. His body must be highly abnormal to be able to deal with such drastic side effects. The only theory she can think of thtat might provide an answer is the power of the Kyūbi, but she doesn't know nearly enough about that to make any educated conclusions. “This means that any experience or knowledge your clone... Kami,” she gasp in awe. “With enough clones you could learn techniques that normally require years of training in a matter of weeks.”

“Yup,” Naruto calmly answers, focusing more on his steak than Kurenai's amazement.

Recalling their chase from his apartment, she asks for confirmation’s sake, “have you learned Tree-walking?”

“Yeah,” he answers between chewing.

“Water-walking?” she quickly asks.

“I fight against my clones on water all the time,” he responds with a smile. “It's better than hitting the ground but man, am I tired afterward.”

“Amazing,” she answers letting out a huff of air. “So, what are you working on now?” It's the first time Kurenai has ever felt excited talking to Naruto. She just couldn’t deny the ambitious sensei within was enthusiastic to hear his response.

A look of hesitant nervousness blooms across his face. “Sorry, Nai-ch- er, Kurenai-chan,” she rolls her eyes at his slip as he continues to say, “it's sort of a secret right now, but, I can tell you it's really awesome!”

“I don't think you realize how amazing this is Uzumaki-”

“Naruto!” he interrupts. “Everyone calls me Naruto.”

“…Naruto,” she easily concedes, interested only in advancing the conversation. “With proper guidance, you could be one of the strongest shinobi in the nation.” As a sensei and strong inheritor of the Will of Fire, it's not hard, by any stretch of the word, to marvel at his potential and envision his future.

“That's the plan,” he exclaims with glee. “Watch, I'm going to be the greatest Hokage ever!”

‘…Holy shit!’ her mind explodes. It's been soo easy to ignore his thoughtless boasting as delusional wish-fulfillment, but at the moment, there's a real possibility he may, in fact, be able to achieve his dream ‘…with training, of course. How can that idiot Kakashi ignore this?’ To ignore or not see something this massive, Kurenai has to wonder if the silver-haired elite even cares about their village at all. She's big enough to admit she never cared for the boy, but it's not like he's been shy or hiding his desire to learn. It only took her a few questions to see his potential. ‘And Kakashi’s had so much more time and opportunity to ask!

Kurenai is already making plans to talk with the copy-ninja when her earlier intent to make sure Uzumaki-kun stays content pops to the forefront of her mind. The blond would obviously feel more grateful, possibly even indebted to her if she helped train him where his own sensei has failed. Though there is a well practiced, yet unwritten rule that states, unless the primary sensei asks for the assistance, then another sensei approaching the student is widely considered unacceptable. It wouldn't be a good situation for Kurenai if her training Naruto ever came to light, but it's not any worse than what they've already done in the dark. As long as everything remains secret, there shouldn't be any issues.

As she paces the room, automatically eating her salad, she's struck with the ultimate deciding factor. If Uzumaki-kun does ever make it to Hokage level, that may be the ultimate service she can provide the village. Her Will of Fire has always been about guiding the future shinobi of the village—it's why she's trying so hard for Hinata-chan. Helping Uzumaki-kun is such an obvious extension of that drive, it only makes sense to guide him; unwritten rule be damned.

Turning to the boy as he finishes the last ounce of the once-large-steak with a satisfied smile on his face and sauce on the corners of his mouth, she's momentarily stunned. She hasn't even finished her salad yet. “Someone was hungry,” she comments, before moving on. “Uzu- Naruto-kun, if- …would you like it if I helped you?”

“You're already helping me,” he inquisitively tilts his head, then his cheeks redden as he quietly adds, “and I probably like it more than ramen! …probably.”

A light blush coats her cheeks at the memory of their activities but she moves forward. “I meant with your training. You said you'd like to keep your current training a secret for the moment, but if I promise you I wouldn't reveal it to anyone, would you like me to help you?” He's stunned speechless, almost laughably so. His eyes widen, his jaw slacks just enough for his mouth to open and his shoulders slump as he drops his fork. “Come now,” she says with a small smile. “It's not so shocking that a sensei would like to help a genin become stronger.”

He tries to laugh, but it's a pitiful sound as he shuts his eye-lids, squeezing out a small bit of moisture as he says with a croaky voice, “yeah, you're right.” He tries to hide how he wipes his eyes with the cloth napkin that wipes his mouth, but she easily spots it, making her wonder just how alone the blond bundle of energy has been. “Um, let me think about it and I'll get back to you.”

She nods and grabs her dish and glass to take to the sink as she asks him over her shoulder, “if you're done, can you bring me your plate and cup?” “Mnn,” she hears him hum as he grabs his dirty tableware.

Walking up behind her, Naruto can't help but admire the gorgeous ebony-haired beauty who's taking such an interest in him. To Naruto, who has so few precious people whom care about him, it was furthermore unbelievable simply because it was a woman. Ji-chan, Teuchi-jiji, Iruka-sensei were all males he could completely be himself around. With the exception of Ayame-nee-chan, Kurenai was the only female who doesn't seem to mind being with him. He was beginning to believe that he’s actually gained another precious person; someone beautiful, strong, clean, who talks smarter than almost everyone he knows.

Further focusing his gaze to the lithe gesture of her spine as it travels down to her round rump that no thin pajamas could ever hide, Naruto’s gaze locks on the perfect roundness of her rear cheeks, making his pants feel much tighter as he quickly stiffens. He sets his plate and cutlery on the counter as she starts washing, and then hugs her from behind, quickly taking in the alluring scent of her long moist hair, and sexy softness of her body. As the top of his head only reaches her nose, his arms easily belt around the underside of her breasts, lifting them so they rest lusciously on his forearms.

“Uzumaki-kun,” she gasps, bracing herself on the counter as she easily feels his rigid hardness grind just under her bubble bottom.

“I won't let you down Kurenai-chan,” he confidently pronounces.

Taking a moment to absorb the weight of his confident claim, she simply responds, “let's both do our best.” When she feels his grinding become more impassioned, his hands cup her breasts and gentle lips on the skin of her back, she has to pull away, but he holds on. The moisture rising between her legs forces her to half turn in his embrace. She puts a hand on his shoulder, telling him, “wait.” He doesn't let go but he stops grinding his thick erection against her, looking straight up at her, pupils dilated and unmistakable hungry for her.

“We got a little sidetracked,” she tells him, not pushing him away but ensuring he doesn't progress anymore. “But, we still have to talk about how things between us are going to go moving forward.”

“You... you're still going to train me right?” Naruto nervously asks, obviously dreading a horrible response.

Does he always wear his emotions on his sleeve?’ she thinks as she feels him tighten his grip a little. ‘Oh well, there are worst things,’ she mentally sighs with reason before responding, “short answer... … … …yes. I... Oh, Kami, I can't believe I'm saying this,” and struggles to add, “I'm... willing… to continue… what we're doing.”

His face lights up with the biggest smile she's ever seen from him, and just as he's about to cheer, hug her, or possibly, fuck her to death, she loudly adds, “However, I want to be clear here. If we move ahead with this... arrangement, there will be no confusion about where the lines are drawn. We have to have boundaries or it's just shameful depravity. The only way I'm willing to continue is if we establish rules, so, take a seat and we'll discuss them after I finish cleaning.”

He looks like he doesn't want to let go but eventually does, crosses the index and middle fingers of each hand and speaks, “Kage Bunshin no Jutsu.” Three exact clones of himself pop into existence from a cloud of white smoke. Naruto takes her hand and heads into the sitting room as he tells his copies, “clean up in here and dispel after. Thanks!”

“You got it, boss,” she hears one call out as she allows Uzumaki-kun to lead her away, but only until she realizes his destination is upstairs, after which she halts his pull. Stopping before reaching a single step, she pulls him back and brings him to the couch in the sitting room instead. Due to the open curtains, it's less private than her room which means he'll have to behave.

He looks disappointed but since he might be a sex fiend for her, she isn’t worried. “The rules,” she starts. “At its essence, you asked me to teach you how to be a good or better lover, so that's what this will continue to be; a course of study with practical experience. That means I'm your sensei, and you are my student. I'll lay out how each session will go and what you'll be learning. So, first rule is always do as your sensei tells you. If I tell you to stop, you stop. Will that be a problem for you?”

“Um, I don't think so,” he comments as he tries to think ahead. “Will you still feel good, and will you tell me if I'm making you feel good? I really like...” Kurenai notes how easy it is for him to get aroused as he swallows and continues saying, “how you look and feel when- when you c-cum.”

A blush grows hot on her own cheeks and the not-so-gentle reminders of all her orgasms this afternoon begins to dampen the panties between her tense legs. He catches her legs tighten together before she crosses them. Even though she's in her pajamas, he's seen her nubile body and she can easily see her clothes hide nothing from his eager eyes. Palming his hot cheek to raise his eyes to look directly into hers, she answers his question. “I don't think you have to worry about whether I'll feel good or not. I don't, um, foresee a problem there. And yes, I will be more... informative about the whys and hows of what you do and how it might make a girl feel.”

“Oh, sweet,” he says with a grin. “What else?”

“Second rule and this is very important,” she states and he nods in rapt attention. “You will stop climaxing inside of me. Unless I specifically say otherwise, we will be using condoms from here on.”

“Um,” he bemoans as he tries to counter. “But, it feels really really good this way.”

“I don't care,” she easily tells him. “I may be on the pill but there's always a one percent chance I could get pregnant, and with the sheer quantity of your ejaculation, I'd rather not take that risk. As for the feeling, I'm sure it'll feel just as good. This is a deal breaker for me so without a condom, nothing happens, got it?”

He huffs, somewhat defeated and simply nods.

“Third rule. This very intimate and physical thing we're doing, is not, I repeat, not about love,” she declares. “At least not romantic love. We can respect one another, protect one another, maybe in the future become good friends, but we will never be a romantic couple. Even though we have sex or kiss, or do many other intimate things, that does not mean we’ll go on dates, get married, or anything like that. I'm teaching you the art of pleasure so you can use these skills either for the good of the village, such as on missions or for the special girl you one day decide to marry. Does all of that make sense to you? I don't want to break your heart because you were hoping we might become romantic one day.”

He looks dejected throughout her explanation, but also thoughtful, as if he's truly trying to puzzle out what she needs him to understand. After several moments of deep thought, he asks her, “will you be okay?”

“What do you mean,” she asks genuinely confused, hoping he’s not cocky enough to suggest she’d fall in love with him.

“I uh, have a girl I really really like, who would make me the happiest guy in the world if she liked me back… but she doesn't. If we weren't teammates I think she might actually hate me, so, I'm definitely happy that I have this with you. But, what about your love? I don't want you to miss out on the love of your life any more than I'd want to miss out on mine… if she was actually interested I mean.”

He doesn't know,’ she thinks as her stomach becomes a little weak. ‘How could he know,’ she questions as her chest constricts and her throat goes dry. ‘The cheers of the world outside was so easy to ignore until this moment,’ and she wants to cry again, though not simply because of her recently fractured and sore heart, but because in addition to that, this boy isn't so possessive as to deny her love for someone else solely to stay with him. Kurenai can't be absolutely sure he means it but all her psychological training is telling her that he doesn't seem like the type to hide or be deceptive; hell, even when he can't tell her something, he doesn't lie to cover it up. He simply tells her he can't say.

Compartmentalizing is easy for Kurenai’s mind and she keeps it together as she tells the blue-eyed blond, “that's sweet of you to say-”

“I mean it Kurenai-chan,” he tells her firmly, balling his fists. “You're a precious person to me now, so I want you to be happy too.” He stands on his feet to boldly announce, “I know I asked for this, but if you ever find someone you can love, than you absolutely have to be with him.”

Kurenai almost snorts and holds back a sad pitiful laugh. ‘How can this boy, with all the seriousness he can muster tell me that with a straight face?’ she mentally ponders. ‘Because he doesn't know,’ her mind then easily answers. ‘And it's not like he actually positioned himself between Asuma and I. A princess accepted that position happily.’ Kurenai realizes her constant heartache for Asuma shouldn't be placed on Naruto's doorstep. ‘Heartbreaking hopes with Asuma, too much alcohol and bad decisions led me here. Even now, this boy has little to do with my heart, but at the very least, he’s opened my eyes to even more I can do in service to my village.’

She can almost feel great honor in turning the Dead Last of the latest graduates into one of the strongest shinobi's the village has ever produced, and while this isn't how she would've ever decided to accomplish that, Kurenai knows her father would say, ‘it is what it is but more importantly, what we make of it.’ It'll take Kurenai time for her heart to mend, but at least with Hinata-chan, Team Eight and now Naruto-kun, she won't have much time to obsess over her gnawing pain.

“Naruto, thank you,” she says with a mild but very real smile. “I believe you, and if I ever feel I might find happiness with someone, I'll let you know.” He was being sweet and her smile was genuine until she realized he hasn't sat back down because of the cleavage she was showing. His eyes look dark and she can practically see his brain function slipping away for his clear desire of her.

“Naruto, calm down,” she tells him with little success. “As your sensei, you promised to do as I say, so calm down,” she commands.

Naruto's eyes lighten and clear of its lustful fog, but he looks wounded, and he's still erect. “I... sorry. I just- I really really want to be inside you again. It's hard just looking at you.”

“I... thank you,” she blushes at how blunt with his desires he is. “I know it feels good but, we had a lot of sex this afternoon, and a grand majority of woman tend to be sore, or tender down there after such long and repeated sessions. They need time to heal.” That seemed to do the trick as he takes a step back worried, asking, “I didn't hurt you, did I? I'm so sorry, Nai-chan. I didn't know!”

“No, no, you didn't hurt me, but I am quite sore,” she eases him while omitting the pleasant humming of it. “It's not a bad soreness but we shouldn't do any more today.”

“Oh,” he sighs, adjusting his pants. “I understand,” he sadly says.

For the briefest moment, she thought of comforting him with her mouth, but quickly shoved that thought aside. It isn't necessary to his education at the moment, and more than that, he needs to learn self-control. Still, something is better than nothing, and she gives him a little hope by telling him, “however, I'll feel better tomorrow and I can teach you more then.”

“Really?!” he yells catching her off guard. “Really, really?”

“Yes,” she answers him with a smile, but stipulates, “we’ll meet at your place an hour before midnight. Less chance of being seen that way.”

He hugs her for a long time, eventually taking in the scent of her hair and rubbing her back. “Clearly you have a lot of energy to burn,” she notes, interrupting his rising arousal by standing and moving towards the front door. “So I'll make you a bet. You go train, and if you make any significant progress in your secret training, I'll give you a treat I'm sure you'll really like.”

His eye bulge like saucers and he's out the door in seconds, much to her amusement.






Naruto mastered Rasengan that night.


Chapter Text





“Naru-nii!!!” Naruto yells excitedly. ‘Ow,’ Naru-nii yelps as Naruto continues to say, “that’s gotta be the best technique EVER!”

Wait... you mastered it?’ Naru-nii asks with disbelief. ‘You really mastered Rasengan?

“Damn right I did,” he excitedly claims. “I couldn't sleep—just had way too much energy, so with Kurama’s chakra I made a ton of clones and we trained all night. I've been blowing holes in trees all morning! If I ever peg someone with this, they're history!”

Great job! Hell, man, I think you learned it a lot faster than I did,’ Naru-nii happily remarks. ‘Though, I didn't know about the way my clones could help me train until years after I’d already learned it... which really bums me out, actually.

“Yeah! I thought Kakashi-sensei might've told me all about Kage Bunshin, but it was Kurenai-chan that told me about the side effects. Actually, I need to talk to you about her.” Naruto tells Naru-nii about the day before about how much more involved she'll be in his life as well as her offer to help him train.

…I’ve always been told I was lucky, but I never believed it till now,’ Naru-nii mumbles, and Naruto even hears a slight sniff.

“Naru-nii?” Naruto calls worrisomely.

Right, you lucky fox,’ Naru-nii states after clearing his throat and focusing on business. ‘Mnn, from what I remember, Kurenai-sensei was always wicked smart,’ Naru-nii recalls aloud. ‘She's a genjutsu master, which is really hard to do. Team Eight have always been pretty strong, so I know she's a good sensei.

Pfft,” Naruto's tongue out spits. “Who isn't a good sensei compared to Kakashi?”

Trust me, I know how much it sucks that he's training Sasuke-

“Damn right it does,” Naruto protests. “AND he never told me about Kage Bunshin training!” Naruto interjects.

Yes, yes, AND his not telling you about Kage Bunshin training,’ Naru-nii humors his younger self. ‘But even still, you're doing crazy good too, way better than me at that age. I know you want them to acknowledge your strength, but the most important reason for that strength is to protect your friends, your precious people and most importantly, the love of your life... Kurenai-sensei-

“Traitor!” Naruto calls as he hears Naru-nii laughing his ass off. “You know Sakura-chan is always in my heart!”

I know, I know, I'm only teasing,’ he jests with a laugh. ‘It's just... man, I can't believe it! Kurenai-sensei!

“I'll forgive you this time,” Naruto admonishes humorously. “And only because I completely get it. I love Sakura-chan, but Kurenai-chan… that’s a woman!”

That, and someone willing to help you get stronger,’ Naru-nii states easing off the playful banter. ‘She's someone we need to protect, so I'm going to make sure you're strong enough to protect everyone.

“Yeah,” Naruto agrees, his tone turning more serious. “It's the promise of a lifetime!”

Damn right it is!’ Naru-nii calls with just as much enthusiasm.

Naruto then asks, “so, what do you think about Kurenai-chan helping us? I really, reaaallly think she should… you know cuz she’s smart and all.”

Naru-nii laughs heartily. ‘Yeah, I bet you do. Um, I don't think it's a bad idea, but I still think we should be careful. If she starts wondering how you know things you shouldn't, it might turn out bad for everyone and get in the way of training. You won’t be able to help anyone if you’re locked in an interrogation cell.

“Meh, I bet it'll be fine,” Naruto responds confidently. “So, what do I tell her when she asks how I learned Rasengan?”

Naru-nii is silent. ‘… Damn,’ the future-Naruto curses. ‘Uhh, I'm not sure if you can. It's not written down in any scrolls and the only two people alive that know it are Ero-sannin and Kakashi-sensei.

“So then what do I say when I use it?” Naruto wonders aloud, recalling his many daydreams of using his new jutsu to save princesses from evil warlords. “When I use it in front of Kakashi-sensei or if Ji-chan finds out, wouldn't they ask me how I learned it?”

...that's a good question,’ Naru-nii slowly admits, seemingly lost in thought. ‘I can't believe I hadn't thought of that. I was just super focused on training you, I hadn't thought what others might say, you know?

“Soo…” Naruto sounds, leaving it open-ending for Naru-nii to fill.

Hey, why am I doing all the thinking here,’ Naru-nii retorts. ‘You help too. We’re both pranksters, dattebayo.

Rolling his eyes, Naruto asks, “mnn, can’t someone have told us?”

Hmm, if we said somebody taught us- well, taught you, than we'd have to say who they are. And we definitely can't say either Ero-sannin or Kakashi taught us cause I'm sure they’ll deny it if Ji-chan asked them. If we say we learned it from a scroll, I'm sure you'll have to, if not hand it over, than at least show them proof.

“Mnn, mmn,” Naruto hums in agreement before asking, “can't I just say I taught myself?”

Well, you could,’ Naru-nii skeptically assuages, adding, ‘I doubt they'd believe you, especially when you consider who the jutsu belongs to...

“-The fourth Hokage,” Naruto finishes.

Exactly,’ Naru-nii confirms before an idea forms in his time-distant head. ‘Now that I think about it, there might actually be a way to kind of explain this, or at least make it impossible to prove otherwise.






Naruto had left her thirty minutes ago after Sakura begged for a two hour break. They'd been training since she found him in Training Ground 28 at nine in the morning. Even with her perfect chakra control fueling her attacks in the most efficient way possible, her endurance is so pitiful, she can never outlast him. She spent the last thirty minutes on the grass, sore, sweaty, panting, and hungry.

Despite how difficult training with Naruto is, Sakura can’t say she hates it. She's noticed the differences from day to day, and she can proudly say she’s getting better. Every day she can do just a little bit more, and after a week of constant training with the idiot, she's not dreading it as she had in the beginning. She still hates Naruto, but the training, at the very least, is a clear benefit.

Still, she needs to get up, head home, take a shower, and finish the first report for Ino on ‘Obsessive Love.’ Staying away from Sasuke-kun was an ever-present gnawing pain eating away at her intestines. While training with Naruto was a constant feeling of failure—not simply as a woman, but as a kunoichi—the most difficult rule for Sakura to follow is composing the report Ino expects. With a comprehensive analytical mind, Sakura can’t help but pick up on patterns and cues, assign memory markers, and compare discrepancies between her personal experiences and the text she’s reading. For some odd reason, they were claiming the expression of her love for Sasuke-kun was unhealthy.

It was ridiculous to her. Clearly, they didn’t understand, which made writing the report all the more difficult. As the Kunoichi of the Year, Sakura has written many reports, all of which received perfect grades. It was easy with her memory and now that perfect recall has been tarnished with this poisonous psycho-babble. However, despite her denial, the research Ino is making her write stayed in her mind, taunting the purity of her emotions. There’s actually a disorder called Obsessive Love Disorder and Sakura remembers it all:

Obsessive Love has addictive qualities, such as speaking extensively about the object of their love, making repeated advancement toward the object of their love, alienating friends and family for the sake of the object of their love, self-destructive/self-sacrifice for the object of their love, a tendency to feel extremely good or extremely bad depending on the attitude of the object of their love, an inability to focus on one’s social, educational, or familial responsibilities outside the object of their love.

Sakura was forced to read, memorize, and even use her own life as examples for each warning sign, effortlessly forcing her sharp mind to recall exact examples. Sakura remembers talking to everyone about Sasuke-kun. Her parents, in particular, would never hear the end of everything she’d seen Sasuke-kun do in the academy that day. She’d always ask Sasuke-kun if he wanted to go shopping, for a walk, to breakfast, to lunch, to dinner, training, anything she could think he might say yes to. Likewise, anyone who also loved Sasuke-kun was naturally her enemy. In addition, anyone who didn’t support her love for Sasuke-kun became impediments she couldn't allow; this included practically every personal relationship she had—not that she had many. Sakura recalls ignoring her father when he cautioned her to concentrate less on a boy and more on her studies.

Ino became your rival overnight,’ a voice adds.

Naturally, Sakura would sacrifice her life for Sasuke-kun, but can that really be called obsessive? The Hokage loves the village and everyone knows he would gladly lay down his life for theirs. How is Sakura any different? If Sasuke-kun hated something, she hated it too. Sakura heard he liked long hair and she let hers grow out. Naruto, in particular, felt her fists more times than she can count for his every slight against Sasuke-kun.

Sakura felt miserable—her insides dead and decaying. Day in and day out, she hurt at the direction her life is being forced to take all because of Ino. Sakura had devised a few plans to steal the blackmail material, but of course, she couldn’t be sure if she got them all or if Ino made copies, which meant the risk Sasuke-kun would learn of her shame. She thought of personally speaking with the Hokage, pleading that he discreetly demand the embarrassing photos from the Yamanaka. But of course, Ino can lie and say she doesn’t know what they’re talking about, which would become a she-said-she-said, or Ino could spread the photos before they’re retaken. There were just too many variables that would end with each plan breaking her heart.

And that would destroy her ultimate goal; Making sure her love for Sasuke-kun survived. If Sakura has to spend some time with the blond ball of energy and not ask Sasuke-kun out, then she’ll do it. As long as there’s a slim chance she can beat this blackmail, her love remains viable in the long run. For now, Sakura puts all her anxiety and frustrations into training. It’s the best and only method for coping with this waking nightmare.

As much as she hates to admit it, she is getting something out of this indentured servitude. And for some reason, she’s actually learning from Naruto. If it wasn’t for him, she wouldn’t have learned her elemental affinity was Earth with a minor in Water. Having explained his leaf training, she was actually fascinated. How the Dead Last of their class is training in nature manipulation years—possibly decades—before it’s feasible is beyond her. Sakura was sure she wasn’t ready for that kind of training and even pondered if Sasuke-kun is. She simply didn’t have the reserves or endurance for that kind of intense conditioning, which actually warmed Sakura to the possibility that Naruto isn’t quite the hopeless idiot she always assumed he was.

Though she felt like asking him questions, Sakura just couldn’t allow herself to engage with the blond to that extent. There’s no telling how he’ll take it and the last thing she wants is for him to constantly hit on her again.

Like how you had with Sasuke-kun,’ a stupid voice in her head patiently asks. Squeezing her eyes shut, Sakura grips her un-conditioned and dirty hair and screeches to the open skies above. ‘I’m dying,’ she thinks, hating her thoughts, hating her memories, and hating Ino most of all. ‘This is death!






Ino slumps pacified into her mattress, burying her head into her pillow to stifle her screams of pleasure as her second orgasm rocks her quivering sensitivity. ‘OOhhhhhh, that wassss,’ she mentally groans as her fluid thoughts melt into the sugary hum of the tail-end of her orgasm. Returning to her senses, she unclasps the photo bent out of shape in her tight grip, adding yet more folds to the image of her-as-Sakura sucking Naruto's dick.

Ino’s grown accustomed to this daily ritual, dutifully performed at the bare minimum, three times a day—before and after sleep, and at some point in the middle of the day. Initially the dreams and memory were more than abundant stimulation to reach her gushing peaks, however, with every passing day, she could feel the potent effect dwindle little by little. It wasn't until her manipulation of Sakura, when that excitement shot up near the level of the first week after her deflowering.

She should absolutely hate what she had done with Naruto, and to an extent, she does, however, it was and wasn’t of her own volition, strange as that sounds. Ino knows she wouldn’t have ever done that with Naruto, but she did, and only because she felt out of control with her arousal. So despite knowing she should hate it, her conditioned mind can never get around the painfully honest fact that she really really wanted it to happen. Not necessarily with him, but she certainly loved the feeling to rip through her again; shredding her pleasure centers to white oblivion. Ino couldn’t help wanting to pass out, squeezing a solid dick so hard it feels like she’s trying to swallow him.

Calm down, Ino,’ her mind huffs, already feeling her excitement build at the thought of Naruto’s dick filling her unprotected womb with his baby-batter. To this day she can't figure out why that overwhelming feeling of ecstasy struck her, but it had and she forced Naruto to satisfy her carnal cravings. It's this very fact that keeps her from truly hating him, or what happened. It's why she now pleasures herself every day.

Ino worries she might be a sexual deviant, a pervert; the very thing all women instinctively hate about men. This internal revelation disturbed her like nothing else has, forcing her to constantly wonder, ‘can girls be perverts too?’ Ino knows women gossip and play, sure but that is not an image for the general public. Unlike men, women respect themselves too much to catcall, peep, stalk, or steal underwear. And while she doesn’t feel the need to catcall, peep or stalk Naruto, she knows that somehow he had changed her, possibly opened up a part of her she never knew existed, or may not have learned existed until much later in her years.

She was a girl before—a ninja as well, extensively trained in the elementary stages of the art of killing… or catching stupid cats—but now she was a woman; awakened with needs she didn't know how to completely deal with. She felt much better than the first week after being with Naruto, but her mind was holding on to those images, those sounds, and those intense feelings she experienced with him. Her mind was replaying them every night and her body reacted to them every time. Setting down the bent photo, Ino is starting to wonder what else might help her explore her salacious curiosity… what more there is to learn about her body… and how much she may end up liking it…






“I mean it, Anko,” Kurenai adamantly reminds her best friend as they walk the streets of Konoha’s bar block. Kurenai is wearing her sexy berry-red cocktail mini-dress with bustier-style cups and narrow shoulder straps. “One drink, and only if Asuma isn't there.”

“Come on, where's the trust,” Anko—wearing a shoulder cutoff leather-up bodycon dress, showing plenty of cleavage and fishnet stalkings—playfully asks with a sly grin. “Can't two sexy ass friends just hang out at the bar and make every guy drooling over us tend to our every alcoholic need?” At Anko’s insistence, they were certainly dressed to kill sobriety and end marriages.

Kurenai can’t help but smile broadly at her friend. The red-eyed beauty always felt they had an odd dynamic. Anko’s certainly not someone she ever thought she would be close friends with, but Kurenai is happy they absolutely are. “I've had my fill of alcohol as of late,” Kurenai says, pondering the liquid-cause of, and solution to, all her lingering woes. From the heartache of Asuma to the ecstasy of Naruto, Kurenai asserts, “I think I need to take it easy for a bit.”

“I don't care if it's one drink or ten; water or sake,” Anko tells her friend confidently. “I just want to hang with my number one babe. I hadn't seen that perfect ass of yours in weeks and I'm going through withdrawals.” Anko pinches Kurenai’s round cheek as a group of civilian men, already drunk on their blundering feet try to holler for a grab themselves. Anko easily ignores them as she whips out a kunai, spins it in the air like a propeller before effortlessly grabbing the handle and easily sliding it back in the lacy holster of her inner thigh. The civilian drunks sober up fast and moved away from the trained killers with purpose.

“I've missed you too,” Kurenai says with a smile, bumping a smirking Anko's shoulder.

Kurenai notices the pause of conversation as Anko studies her, before curiously starting, “you know,” in a serious, yet light tone. “I was expecting a lot worse.”

Kurenai is certain she means Asuma, though still asks, “in what way?”

“Are you kidding,” Anko snorts incredulously. “I know you were head-over-heels for him. To a room full of nosy Jōnin, that was never a secret and with this whole escort thing between him and that bitch-princess, I was expecting an emotional wreck to open the door… if you opened the door at all! Instead, your house is clean, not a single fucking snot-tissue anywhere, and if I’m being honest,” Anko continues undeniably checking Kurenai’s assets out. “You're looking kinda sexy.”

“Anko,” Kurenai calls mildly scandalized as she slaps her friend's shoulder to stop her from admiring her body. It’s the afterglow she still feels from the tip of her ebony locks to her dainty toes. Kurenai hadn't realized how relaxed she was walking, possibly even sexy, until Anko said so.

Anko chuckles and grins hungrily at the raven-haired beauty. “Relax, I'm not hitting on you... unless you want me to-”

“Anko,” Kurenai admonishes. Vividly recalling a couple of nights Kurenai experimented with Anko. Though fun to be sure, they both ultimately know their preferences.

“Alright, alright,” Anko concedes, throwing her palms up in surrender. “Anyway, I was scared you might be depending on the training, you know? Using a mask, putting on a brave face while you bottle it all up. We both know how bad that can end up, but I'm not getting that vibe from you at all.”

“I don't know what to tell you,” Kurenai answers honestly. It's not as if she can confess how incredibly good her body feels after hours of sex with a genin. She still has trouble accepting it herself. It’s not that Kurenai is free of her agonizing heartache, or able to stop the thoughts of Asuma from entering her mind every ten seconds, but she knows it won't conquer her. It's not unlike drowning for forty seconds and breathing for twenty. Terribly agonizing though it may be, it won't kill her. “I do hurt, Anko. I am hurting… but I also feel like it won’t last forever, you know what I mean?”

“Of course,” Anko answers. “It means there's a shelf life on that self-imposed agony and that’s a relief in and of itself.”

“I have hope it won't last forever,” Kurenai admits, woefully, wondering what that says about her love. She’s lost herself in the pleasures of the flesh to forget about the suffering ache of her broken heart. Does tossing aside the pain for pleasure mean she also tossed her ability to love again? Kurenai feels that’s an answer she won’t learn without time and opportunity. Her emotions are still a wreck but her body is tingling and that’s all it is for now. “Without that silver lining, I'd… well, I guess I would be an emotional wreck with a mountain of snot-tissues all over the place.”

“I'm sorry this happened to you babe,” Anko sympathetically asserts, wrapping her arm around Kurenai’s slim waist. “But I'm glad you're not off the rails bat-shit crazy. Bitches like that annoy the fuck out of me. Like they can't survive without their man! Fucking bullshit.”

Kurenai laughs at her friends irks. “Obviously I'm not content with how things are going with Asuma, but he was clear from the beginning. I just... I overextended I guess.”

“Well,” the busty kunoichi starts, hugging her friend by the hip. “Lucky for you Anko-nee-sama doesn't buy her friends boxes of tissues.... she gets them boxes of condoms,” she proclaims, snaking her hand from Kurenai’s hip up to her soft breast for a hefty grip. “Anko!” Kurenai laughs, trying to hit her evading friend as Anko continues to say with cheer, “so, let's forget all about that miserable shit and get laid!”

“How about I try to forget, and you handle the rest,” Kurenai counters with a smile, to which the shorter beauty groans in playful disappointment. “I'm sorry, Anko, but as I've already said, I still have training plans to do.”

“Kami, they're fucking genin!” Anko states in great disbelief. “You don't need to put so much effort into their training. They got so much basic shit to learn, their entire first year is just an idiots guide to, how not to die from Tree-Walking. Just toss 'em a few scrolls and wish em the best of fucking luck.”

With a humored huff, Kurenai shaking her head in playful disbelief, asserting, “how they ever overlooked your exemplary skills in educating future shinobi of the Leaf, I will never understand.”

Anko nods with viral meaning, stating as fact, “it's like they can't see how easily scorn and torture build character. My brats would make Hokage for sure.”

The mention of Hokage reminds her of Naruto. It's an odd feeling to know beforehand, to actually plan on going over to a genin's home for the purpose of guiding sexual exploration. Kurenai is neither excited nor disgusted by her physical arrangement with Naruto. It just is. She can't deny it's immoral or loveless, but she can't deny having already enjoyed sex with him on multiple occasions for several hours. She can't deny how mortified she would be if anyone found out, but she can't deny how thoroughly she enjoyed losing herself on his thick shaft. She may have misgivings about the whole affair, but she’s still going to meet him, and it's more than likely she'll experience many orgasms because of it.

The arrangement she has with the young blond, though unofficial, isn't so different from the seduction training of elite reconnaissance and undercover work. She's aware Konoha employs such tactics of information gathering, though not as much as many other villages. She, herself was offered to serve the village in that capacity. Kurenai turned it down, though she knows Anko did it for a number of years. It's how the curvaceous kunoichi found her love and talent for torture.

In the end, Kurenai knows it's not a matter of the heartfelt intimacy, but of guilty cravings of the flesh. Intellectually, it may be better to go without such carnal hunger, but she's not hurting anyone, there is a clear benefit to the village, and more importantly, she can forget about Asuma and her hurt, if only momentarily.

Since Anko knocked on her door earlier, Kurenai's been wondering if she should tell her voluptuous friend. They keep secrets from each other; there's no way they can't with their profession. This, however, isn’t a secret for the security of the village. This is personal. It’s personal and many would say immoral. It has the potential to change their relationship forever and Kurenai's not sure she's ready for that.

The two beauties enjoy their night out—the men lusting around them, more so. As promised, Anko took them to one of the larger bars that cohabitate shinobi and civilian alike. They dance and though they drink, Kurenai has no more than two, no matter how many times Anko or hopeful bachelors try to persuade her otherwise. It's not long before their friends join them, and much too soon than she's ready for, Asuma walks through the door to the cheers and adulation of many of her peers in the bar—minus Anko, Yūgao, Kakashi, and Genma.

Kurenai is easily savvy to his awareness of her, but as the nauseous tightness of her stomach dreads the thought of actually speaking with him, she informs Anko, “I should get going.”

Anko breaks away from a muscular hunk, protesting after Kurenai, “Aww come on. Just stay for a little while longer. You're going to have to be around each other eventually.”

“Maybe,” Kurenai agrees. “But not now.”

Approaching between the sexy kunoichi, Genma asserts, “I'll walk you,” moving to join Kurenai without her consent.

“I'll be fine,” Kurenai conveys simply. “But thank you-”

“I insist,” he counters amiably, stepping to the side to invite her to go first.

Aside from his assertiveness, she has no reason to doubt Genma. They’ve all known each other since they graduated from the Academy. While he’s always been a bit aloof about his goals, he’s always had her back. Kurenai simply nods, and as they leave the rowdy bar, she can feel ‘his’ eyes on her back, like a concentrated ray of magnified sunlight. She ignores him as much as the clenching in her chest, not unlike how he disregarded her as Genma escorts her from the bar.

They walk to her home because she can’t exactly tell him she’s going to a genin’s apartment to have copious amounts of sex. It's on the way back, on calmer streets, that he finally says, “he's being an idiot.”

Asuma, Genma, Gai, Kakashi, Hayate, Yūgao, Anko and herself are not only peers but also friends which means that just because Asuma isn’t there, doesn’t mean his agent isn’t and the raven-haired beauty truly doesn’t want to deal with this right now. ‘Genma is supposed to be my friend too,’ Kurenai thinks with growing irritation, asking with a little heat, “are you here to speak for him?”

“I won't deny there are a few things he wants you to know,” Genma simply states. “And as one of his more sociable friends, I suppose I fill that role.”

“I don't...” she starts but only sighs the end of her comment. Rethinking her reactive need to be defensive, she rather says, “It's unnecessary, Genma. You shouldn't have to.”

“I want you to know,” he returns.

“If it's all the same to you,” she says with more heat in her tone. “I'd rather enjoy my night.”

“I want you to know because... Because,” he huffs a bit of laughter. “I guess I'm selfish in the end.” She looks at him confused. He sets his eyes and takes her hand, ending their walk. As delicately as their calloused hands can, he holds her fingers rather than her whole hand before revealing, “he isn't going to marry the princess.”

She's shocked, suddenly feeling the cold of the night as goosebumps spread throughout her irresistible body but he continues to say, “he told me himself.”

“Genma… I…” ‘don’t know,’ she thinks as her emotions destabilize feeling more than she can process as he continues.

“But I don't think you should be with him,” Genma tells her straightforwardly. “I want what's best for you, Kurenai, and though I care for you both, your happiness means more to me. I know him and I can say with confidence, he'll be fine if the two of you aren’t an item. That’s just the way he is. You are one of a kind, beautiful in every way. I know this is sudden, but you amaze me. We lead dangerous, often short, lives and a future with him may not be worth it. All I ask is you consider the possibility someone else can love and cherish you the way you deserve.”

He raises her hands to his warm lips and imparts a deep kiss on the back of each hand. As one of his long-time friends, Kurenai doesn't want to say anything she'd regret later, and so says nothing. As a kunoichi, she doesn't recoil from the non-threatening, flattering gesture but as a woman with an aching heart to protect, she’s stunned by his affection. With all her intelligence, Kurenai can honestly say she wasn’t expecting a confession from Genma. Even when he raises his warm hand to her cool left cheek. She says and does nothing as he turns and leaves.

Kurenai's sharp mind replays his words as her feet continue walking. Learning about Asuma's non-marriage was shocking enough but in the same minute, Genma pronounces his romantic interest in her. It consumes her mind as she automatically walks home, and is surprised to find Anko leaning against the front door.

Walking up to her friend, she can tell she's inebriated by the blush in her cheeks and her unfocused eyes. “Anko? What are you doing here?”

“I juss wanted to make ssure my best babe was okay,” she says with a slur.

Before Kurenai can say more, Hinata-chan walks out with a glass of water and extends it to Anko. Having lied to her own father about training, the indigo-haired kunoichi arrived a day early, much to her welcome surprise. “Sensei, welcome back.”

“Thank you Hinata-chan,” Kurenai tells her student. “Go get ready for bed. I won't be back till late.” With a short bow, Hinata-chan leaves and Kurenai nods to Anko to go.

“Thanks, kid,” Anko says and slowly follows Kurenai. “So?” Anko asks as they slowly walk to Anko's apartment.

“I can't think about this right now,” Kurenai states, having been attempting to make sense of the ways this is either right or wrong, exhausting or empowering, inconsequential or significant. Kurenai’s emotions simply feel too raw, inflamed with aggravation, and her propensity to use her mind even on matters of the heart is failing her massively. It’s just too overwhelming, and it’s unlikely she can make the right decision like that, so Kurenai just breathes and walks.

“What'd he say,” Anko asks with a bit of a snicker, adding, “not that I can't guess. No matter how cool he thinks he is, it's soo obvious to these chocolate eyes.”

In a detached tone, Kurenai replays Genma's words verbatim as if she were reading a report rather than recounting a personal experience. “I recall having heard he had a crush on me when we were fourteen but nothing came of it. I suppose I can't say I'm entirely surprised by his affection,” Kurenai figures aloud. “But his timing leaves a lot to be desired.”

“Like an STD,” Anko groans. “Cropping up at the worst time. But, you know, early bird does get the worm, and he's been wanting to feed off yours for years now.”

“Kami, Anko,” Kurenai huffs with mild humor. “Do you have to paint such a vivid picture?”

“I'm nothing if not creative,” Anko chuckles happily, Kurenai laughing with her. “And yet, he's not wrong about the job. Any mission could be our last.”

“He also said Asuma isn’t marrying the princess,” Kurenai states. “Though I have no reason to doubt him, I just find it hard to believe.”

“What a shitty asshole,” Anko bellows incredulous. “What's his fucking deal, chucking all that shit on you? Just say the word babe, and I'll forsake all men with you... for a solid month. Sorry, but going without dick for any more than that and I'll likely rape someone.”

Kurenai smiles despite her preoccupied mind. “Don't ever change Anko.”

“Not a chance, babe,” Anko states as they near Anko’s rough accommodations. Anko could find a better home but her past is not easily forgotten among the village. While not neighbors, Naruto doesn’t live far from Anko, making Kurenai ponder if she’s just a sucker for the shunned. “You want to come in?” Anko asks. “I’m pretty sure I still got a bottle of the good stuff.”

“Thanks, but I should be off,” Kurenai relays.

“Come on, you told the kid, you'd be back late and everything,” Anko protests, taking her friend's hand.

“I'm just going to train a bit,” Kurenai assuages, squeezing Anko’s hand as she discerns how different their definition of ‘training’ is. “Take my mind off of things for a while.”

Anko gives Kurenai a quick peck on the lips, “alrighty. Night babe.”


Stepping in front of a disgusting red door, Kurenai wonders why Naruto lives here when it’s leagues worse than Anko’s place and he should be able to afford something better. Barely tapping twice, the door swings open. The golden-haired resident gives her the widest grin before he rushes forward and wraps her in a strong hug, planting his face between her lovely neck and shoulder. Her body shudders to feel his radiating warmth and toned muscles of his shinobi-body. Her sexy dress doing nothing to dampen the impregnating feel of him as she tells him, “wait, wait. Inside, inside, Naruto.”

Rather than letting her free, he easily picks her up—to her humored surprise—and carries her in. “I'm so happy you came,” he expresses jovially into her neck and ebony locks, forgetting the door as he walks into his apartment.

She closes the door with her free hand as she tells him, “I can see that. While there's nothing wrong with enthusiasm, this is still inappropriate.”

Chuckling, he lowers her to solid footing but he doesn't let her go. He's beaming with a great smile as he immediately wants to know, “so, what's my treat? You said if I did good in my training, you'd give me a treat. What is it?”

The warmth of being so adoringly held doesn't outweigh how improper it is, so she reaches around her and unfastens his hands to pull away from his hug. Still, holding his hand, she leads him into the much cleaner apartment towards his old ratty couch—wondering what his personal attachment to the overly worn furniture might be before asking him, “does that mean you'd like me to help you train?”

“Sure! But you should probably know...” Naruto trails off after she plops him on the couch while she sits on the coffee table in front of him. Still wearing her berry-red, cocktail mini dress from her night out, the hem of the lace fabric rides up, nearly reaching the apex of her gorgeously crossed legs, showcasing a tremendous amount of toned thigh. Naruto's eyes grow incredibly dark, dilated pupils brazenly declaring his base want as he gazes at her beautifully crossed legs. Momentarily lost in need, they're close enough for Naruto to reach over, eager to touch her.

Kurenai grabs his hand as she sighs. ‘This boy,’ she mentally utters. “Naruto, remember to control yourself.”

He shakes his head but it does little to regain his control. “I... You just look so beautiful and sexy... it's hard. This is three hundred times worse than waiting for Ramen.” Gazing at her with pleading eyes, he craves to know, “can- can we start now?”

Fixing her lustrous pitch-black mane behind her ear, Kurenai can't deny how flattering being wanted to this degree is, though she doesn't appreciate how disruptive it can be when they need to talk. Letting out another sigh, Kurenai stands—sashaying the hem of her skirt to cover as much thigh as she can—she answers, “we can't start just yet, but thank you for the compliment.” Kurenai then takes him by the shoulders and rotates him in his seat, positioning him to face away from her before she sits on the couch behind him. “For now, let's talk like this. You were saying?”

Thrown off by how odd it is to be looking at his blank wall all the while talking to her, Naruto asks, “what?”

“You were saying I should know something? About your training?”

“Mnn, oh yeah,” he exclaims. “Lately Sakura-chan's been training with me, so I don't know if that'll be a problem or not. We're still keeping this secret, right?” He asks the wall.

“Yes. Yes, we very much are, yes,” she tells the back of the blond's head. “In fact, unless I say otherwise, don't ever reveal or even admit to what we're doing to anyone. If you do come across anyone who suspects, deny it and tell me right away, understand?”

“Got it,” he answers. “…It's kinda weird talking to you like this.”

“Whose fault is that,” Kurenai returns. “Haruno-chan was the Kunoichi of the Year... how often does she train with you?”

“Hmm, before this week, we only ever trained during team meetings, but now we train together every day.”

Thinking about the possibilities of the girl’s change of attitude towards Naruto, Kurenai asks, “do you think she might be using training to spend more time with you?” Kurenai already knows Haruno-chan is of the same beliefs as most of the village when it comes to the Jinchūriki. It's possible the pink-haired girl isn't aware of a growing attraction.

“I don't think so,” Naruto answers. “She tells me every day it's only about getting stronger and how much she loves Sasuke-teme,” he says with a gag. Kurenai wonders about Naruto’s love. From Kiba-kun, Kurenai knows about the Uchiha’s popularity among kunoichi, and having seen his photo, she can understand the attraction. The future of Naruto’s love seems destined for heartache. “I think she just wants to get stronger,” he sullenly concludes.

“I don't feel that'll be much of a problem, then,” Kurenai asserts. “Does she know about your secret training?”

She can hear his smile when he answers, “for the most part. She knows about my clone training and I told her I was working on shape manipulation, but she doesn't know what jutsu it is.”

Chakra shape manipulation?’ Kurenai focuses on before curiously asking, “what jutsu is it?”

Forgetting why his back was to her, he abruptly turns around in sheer excitement, and eagerly exclaims, “it's the coolest jutsu ever! It's so awesome!” His fists are clenched from bubbling energy when his blue eyes are stunned by her sitting form. She's very seductively sat with her legs crossed, facing him with her elbow propped on the top of the couch and her head resting on the palm. With her other hand flat on the cushion between them, her breasts are more pronounced and he can't tear his eyes away. Her beautiful midnight black hair frames her gorgeous face and he swallows a large lump stuck in his throat. “It's- it's so awesome, it- it might be worth two- er, three treats,” he nervously tells her as his eyes feed on her alluring figure.

Kurenai rolls her eyes at having to deal with his arousal again but allows him to remain facing her. She snaps her fingers and gestures for him to look her in the eyes, repeating the interesting bit of his explanation. “Chakra shape manipulation? As in changing the form and movement of chakra?” Still aroused he nods before she continues. “Though I hadn’t expected you to be learning that quite so soon, I think one reward will more than cover any progress you may have made last night-”

“I mastered it,” he quickly tells her, then clarifies, “well, I mean I can do the jutsu, it's just not quite battle ready yet- Ah! But that's more because I've never been in battle. But yeah, I mastered it! And it's really really good! You'll be so amazed, I'm sure of it,” says Naruto as he shuffles a little closer to her. “So, um, can we do... you know, something extra?”

It's painfully obvious what Naruto wants; to the point she's half amused and half annoyed. Kurenai takes a brave metaphorical step toward amused, and inquires, “does the jutsu have a name?” He nods vehemently. “Do you know it's rank? Because if it's anything less than a B, you can forget this whole-”

“It's an A-Rank, but honestly, it should be S-Rank,” he interrupts inching closer to her. Feeling his radiating heat in tandem with his growing arousal, she again wonders about his body. ‘No one should feel so warm,’ she thinks as she allows his eyes to trail up and down her tightly clad body.

Rather than move away from his growing lust, she instead looks at him suspiciously, curious about the details behind this A-rank jutsu he’s mastered, especially since she very much doubts Kakashi had anything to do with it. It’s possible that someone else is teaching Kakashi’s student but even that seems unlikely. After she considers his reward proposal, she responds, “if—and that's a big if—if this jutsu is something spectacular, I'll consider a more appropriate reward. Now, what did you master?”


“I'm your sensei,” she responds, ignoring the nature of the study. “Sensei's don't lie to their pupils.”

With a huge grin on his face, Naruto hops away from her and around the coffee table. Looking around his clean apartment, he explains, “I'm not going to use it on anything in here, but believe me, it's crazy destructive.”

“That's fine,” she answers with an amused huff, as if she needed to actually see property damage as validity. “I know nearly all of Konoha's and even some enemy A-Rank jutsu.”

With a nod, Naruto calls, “Kage Bunshin no Jutsu.”

Lost as to the need for a clone, Kurenai watches on as, without any further hand seals, Naruto, with as serious an expression she’s seen on any ninja mastering their skill, extends his palm forward. The clone seems like he’s scratching the air above it, when—to her great surprise—blue wisps of visible chakra quickly grows into a solid sphere of spinning spirit energy. She can feel the extreme refinement of the dense chakra ball as he wills it into a perfect ball of energy. It nearly makes the hairs on the back of her neck stand up when he calls, “Rasengan!”

Her bewilderment at the miracle in front of her couldn't last long enough. No matter how long she stared, it wasn’t until Naruto allowed it to fizzle out did she snap out of her face-stricken awe. She hadn't even realized she was standing so close to him until he canceled the highest form of shape transformation there is. Though she's never seen the incredible jutsu developed by the Yellow Flash himself, it's fame is nearly as widespread as his Hiraishin no Jutsu. She'd even heard of Rasengan from Genma when he was part of the Fourth's guard platoon along with Raidō, and Iwashi.

“How?!” is all she can think to gasp.

The toothy blond chuckles good-naturedly as he steps in to wrap his arms around her yielding waist, “pretty sweet huh?”

She rips his arms from around her waist and drags him to the couch, making him sit as she kneels down in front of him. It's easily an arousing sight for Naruto as she's effectively between his legs and he can easily picture her mouth wrapped around his member like in some of the pictures she showed him to satisfy his semi-hard erection. But her face is nearly in panic and he can't understand why she's so frantic, which has the effect of keeping him calm enough.

“You don't understand,” she frantically starts. “Do you have any idea who created that jutsu?”

“Uh, the fourth Hokage?”

“Exactly!” she calls looking him directly in his unenthusiastic eyes. “And it took him three years to master it! That's not a jutsu anyone can just do, much less a genin fresh out of the Academy. Hokage-sama might be the only one in the entire village who can possibly do it. Naruto, this is a big deal. You have to tell me how you learned that technique.”

Naruto didn't expect such a reaction but, fortunately, Naru-nii came up with something he can make work. “...well, I'm not sure I can say.”


“No, it's... jeez, um, I mean it could be forbidden,” he tries and she tilts her head and sharpens her eyes confused. Naruto slowly pats his stomach, looking away from her and tentatively asks, “you know about it, don't you?” When she looks down at where he pats, she understands. “That it’s illegal to talk about it? I just don't want you to get in trouble.”

“I understand,” Kurenai claims, grasping what Naruto means. “For argument sake, what does that have to do with the technique?”

Naruto hums a second before answering, “sometimes, I'm in my head or, I guess it's the seal, and uh, I don't know... it's really hard to describe, but, it's like a maze in there, and I met someone-”

Her stomach tightens at the flash of her father’s smiling memory as she asks, “you met... it?”

“No,” he lies, though he hates himself for it. “I met someone else, well, it was more like a voice than an actual person I could see. Anyway, it warned me about the seal and taught me Rasengan.” Kurenai is speechless and without thinking, she rests her extended forearms flat on his thighs. Naruto feels the perfect softness of her large breasts graze against his knees, but rather than be swayed by her incredible allure, Naruto has to ask, “ne, was I not supposed to do this? Did I do something wrong?”

Kurenai looks up to him and can easily read how worried he is, or to be more precise, how worried she's making him. She reaches forward with her right hand and lightly pats him square in the chest. With a smile, she reassures him, “hey, it's okay. You didn't do anything wrong. I'm only surprised. Have you told anyone else? Kakashi-sensei?”

Pfft,” is his reply. “I would've if he gave a damn. Even though you attacked me, you're still a way better sensei than him.”

Her face winces a bit as she recalls her shameful assault on him. “Well, I can understand your point of view but always remember he's one of the strongest shinobi in the village, and he's gone through a lot.” Naruto says nothing more on that, and when she notices his eyes travel down to her cleavage, she's quickly aware of her position; on her knees, between his own, leaning over so even her breasts slightly grazes his thighs. She spots his thick erection bulging against the restraints of his pants and easily recalls their deal.

Kami, he learned thee Rasengan,’ she mentally calls out in disbelief. ‘What does a reward for that look like?

“Nai-chan,” he moans, becoming more aroused by the second.

I suppose I'm already on my knees,’ she points out, grabbing the waist of his flannel pants and boxers. She shimmies them down slowly all the while watching his pained face. Popping free of his cotton restraint, she's almost concerned by how hard and throbbing his veiny member is. Actually seeing him up close, her first impression is quite simply, ‘yes.’ Her second is, ‘fuck me.’ Like the potential she can see in his future, she can feel to the point of humming the potential for many orgasm-filled nights.

The purple crown of his cock is perfectly carved to slurp her insides with every thrust and drag. The shaft is thick and his base is faintly ringed with what she can only assume is the knotting muscle. Taking in fleshy musk of the upward curve phallus, her mouths waters. It pulses desperately for attention and Naruto cries again, “Nai-chan, please.”

Taking his hot base firmly in her right hand, she gives him a sympathetic smile before leaning down and assuredly licking the head of his angry crown, coating it in her flowing saliva. He groans happily when she sucks at his bulbous head, unconsciously shirking his hips forward. Kurenai leans her weight on his thighs to keep him still, pressing more of her soft breasts against him as her mouth laps and sucks him off. With her lips sealed around his thick cock keeping the pressure taunt as she slurps up and down his meat, she isn’t surprised when his hands dive into her raven-mane gripping her head as she bobs up and down his.

Though not exactly enthusiastic about giving him a blowjob, Kurenai does enjoy the sexual act as she takes his sizable balls in her free hand and massaging them. Naruto, in particular, is enjoyable to tease. She enjoys hearing his pained gasps, the way he scrunches his eyes shut, his legs spasms and how he grits his teeth as she starts taking as much of him in her small mouth as she can.

Taking the cock out of her mouth, Kurenai, informs him, “cum whenever you want Naruto. Just let me know,” she adds before dragging her tongue along the double-ridged underside of his thick shaft when she feels two hands grip her raised bubble bottom. She whips around to see another Naruto. His clone from earlier smiles at her before focusing all his fascinated efforts on kneading and massaging her firm posterior.

Kurenai isn't sure how she feels about this, sandwiched between two Narutos… but the possibilities it conjures up… Kurenai grows sodden.

The tight material of her cocktail dress is peeled over the rest of her ass giving the clone a most beautiful view of her thonged ass. He can see the sheen of liquid coating the inside of her thighs and without much delay, he moves the thin silk out of the way and dives in face first.

Mnnn,” Kurenai moans around his saliva-coated cock. Feeling Naruto's hands all but force her on his shaft, she returns her attention to the meat pole in her grasp.

As the clone enjoys his meal, Kurenai devours hers to the throat, bobbing up and down his thick meat all the while sucking and swirling her tongue around him. When she feels two fingers explore her moist cavern, and his mouth sucks on the protruding bundle of nerves, she moans gutterly around Naruto's rod as she squeezes till he yowls.

“Nai- Nai-chan, I'm almos...” she hears but she's having some difficulty understanding since she's starting to get close herself. Doing the hard thing, she pulls away from both Naruto's. Though still jerking the original, she turns to the clone and asks for, “tissues. Or a towel.”

The clone quickly returns with a towel and Kurenai is amazed by the amount Naruto cums all over it. The pungent tang probes her nostrils, arousing other centers of her impure brain, alerting her body to grow hotter and wetter and ready for more. She gives the towel to a disgusted clone before sitting on the edge of the couch. His warm hand is immediately pressing against her lower back, clawing at her mini-dress attempting to remove it. Though Kurenai still feels her frustration beg for release, she prefers finishing their conversation and so grips his eager hands and moves away.

“Naruto, we still need to talk,” she says, though his eyes are so dilated she can barely see any blue left as her drinks her near nubile form in. The lust on his face unequivocally says he’s overwhelmed with need and she sternly states, “you need to listen to your sensei. Calm down and regain control.”

He doesn’t. At least not initially. Still fully erect, he grips himself as he pleads with her, “I don’t like this. Can’t we just- I really want to just-”

“I know, but you have to control your urges,” Kurenai explains as she readjusts herself in her mini dress. “Impulse control will help you be even better as a shinobi and a lover.” Kurenai watches him calm down mentally—looking utterly heartbroken in the process—but physically, still fully erect. Sighing sympathetically, Kurenai walks over to him, takes him by the hand and leads him to his bedroom. Without the light on, closing the door behind them renders the room pitch-black.

“I can’t see,” Naruto states.

“I know,” Kurenai acknowledges, leading him to the bed. Once naked in the darkroom, she settles them in the creaky old bed—Naruto on his side with Kurenai behind him. “Just relax against me,” she tells him. “Focus on my voice, okay?” Holding him felt like sitting too close to a fire as she states, “right now, I want to talk about what we’ll be going over. I’ve already explained in our lessons a bit of the practical side of things, what goes in where, why it feels good, varying positions, but most of that is simply technique. There’s more to making a woman feel good than technique.”

“How do you mean,” he cautiously voices.

“Woman are sensual creatures,” Kurenai explains. “We want to feel an emotional connection to the person we’re physical with.”

“I get that,” Naruto admits, constantly looking for anyone that can acknowledge him. If he didn’t have Ji-chan, Teuchi-jiji, Ayame-nee-chan, and Iruka-sensei, he knows he’d go insane. Not wanting to travel down that gloom, Naruto asks, “you don’t…” Naruto turns around, enjoying the slide and settle of her fluffy soft breasts against his chest, and only barely managing to make out her eyes. “You don’t love me, right?”

Allowing the change of position to stand, despite the stiff hot rod pressing heat against her pelvis, Kurenai answers, “I’ve already explained that we won’t be romantic-”

“But that’s my point,” Naruto interjects, leaning in flush against her, his head in the crook of her neck, pelvis-to-pelvis, chest-to-chest and both growing warmer. “I know you don’t think about me like how I think about Sakura-chan, but I still feel really really good when I’m with you. That might not be the same but you’re super important to me.”

“It’s better with the person you love,” Kurenai upholds, talking to the naked blond in his bed while thinking of a coal-haired Jōnin escorting a princess.

“The person I love doesn’t love me back,” Naruto answers flatly, angling his aching erection so its hard, curved length can hook up the moist apex of her legs in closer. “Doesn’t that mean if I can’t have that connection, all I can hope for is techniques to… you know, help me make sure no one ever regrets being with me?”

“I’m sure no one will regret being with you,” Kurenai alleges, feeling him pepper her chest with kisses, often sucking hard enough to pull the skin, sending a delectable sensation throughout her body that makes her tighten her legs around his throbbing member.

“You did,” he absentmindedly points out as he takes her hardening nipple in his mouth and starts sucking. His suction moves her supple flesh in his mouth delighting in the soft feel and her gentle whimpers.

“Tha- ahn, Naruto…” Kurenai tries, feeling his eager hips press forward enough to spread her leaking lips against it. “That wasss mnn, different.”

“Why,” he asks between massaging and sucking on her delicate teets.

Why indeed,’ Kurenai muddles to think before stating, “well, I didn’t, AHHNN! Naruto,” she calls feeling his head push in the drowning entrance of her cunny. Despite the slurping pressure, Naruto only slides in halfway. “UUHHG,” Kurenai groans at the engulfing intrusion. Narutos shifts them over, putting his weight on his knees between her widening legs before he thrusts fully to capacity.

“Nai-chan, Nai-chan,” Naruto groans in rapt pleasure. “You feel so…”

The bed is creaking loudly in tandem with the wet smacking noise of the growing hot room. Desperate flesh hunting for euphoric release rut against each other, Kurenai moaning in bliss from his unrelenting dick-digging, splitting her sodden center repeatedly in force for the steadily approaching point of no return.

As her mind slowly ascends to bliss, Kurenai feels as much as thinks that knowledge is half the battle and as he pumps furiously at her fluttering walls in a hungry rhythm, she concludes that there’s more to Naruto than meets the eye. Putting the conflict and ache in her heart and mind to the side for the moment, Kurenai squeezes Naruto’s pounding pleasure pole, forcing his head to snap back as he groans loudly. His hips don’t relent doubling the intensity of their pleasure. The sweaty ebony haired moaned louder just as she’s about to reach her peak when Naruto buries himself balls deep, tonguing her cervix and groaning as his own release fills her sodden quim to the brim.

At the pressured rush of steaming man-milk bulging her uterus, her entire sex spasms and clamps around him as her entire body erupts in volley after volley of mind-numbing, toe-curling orgasms. Her cunt sucks him in as she holds on to his flush body for dear life, barely withstanding the reverberating bliss of miniature aftershocks.

Though calming down leads to its own surprise when Naruto slides up against her to bring needy lips to hers. Though she felt his inexperience, she also felt his passion, his appreciation, his happiness and rather than reject his emotions outright she returns as much as assists, holding firm his head and tilting for optimum effect. They kissed until her lips felt swollen and in no time at all, his battering-ram was eager for more.

They rutted together in various positions to mindless orgasms for the rest of the night and the tree times his cock knotted her up, were the three times she collapsed from the extreme euphoria. Kurenai didn’t leave until the early hours of the morning and though her entire body felt sore and ached, she hummed deliciously, like half her body was an erogenous zone. With the practical way he learns, he just needed to see her reaction and he would eventually exploit that sexual weak spot until she was gushing and begging him for rest.

Slowly walking back in her little red dress, Kurenai couldn’t help the smile on her face. Not simply because her body was aglow with lively delight, but because she felt content in her decision to give her heart time to mend, to feel, to grow again. Asuma hurt her and though she hadn’t counted on the blond bundle of energy to provide such a distraction, she can’t simply forget that so soon. If Genma is right, than Asuma will truly be fine and if not, she’ll eventually discover so. For now, Kurenai will take care of her students, her village, and let the loud blond genin to take care of her from time to time.


Chapter Text





Observational Log: Week:01 Day:01. 01 Days out of(/) undetermined(?)

SUBJECT: Summer Fox*¹

AGE: Undetermined*²


HEIGHT: Confidential*³

WEIGHT: Confidential*⁴

PENIS SIZE: Beyond Average.



According to the latest reproductive organ study published in the Journal of Medicine, the average length of an adult’s genitalia is 5.6 inches(14.2cm) long with a circumference of 4.8 inches(12.2cm) when erect. The margin of physical variation does not exceed .7 inches(1.7cm). Fifteen percent of the male population is over 7 inches(17.78cm) and only three percent are over 8 inches(20.32cm).

According to the Journal of Urology, the average size of an adult testicle is measured at 4x3x2 cm and the average measure of semen per ejaculation is one teaspoon. It’s noted that younger males ejaculate two or three more times than older males, however, it’s only a generalization.



Subject: Summer Fox—from here on will be referred to as SF—has been measured at 7.4 inches(18.8cm) in length when erect. Circumference measurements from tip to base when erect are as follows: Crown; 5.5 inches (13.97cm), Neck; 5.2 inches(13.02cm), Shaft; 5.6 inches(14.22cm), and Bulbous Gland(his knot); 5.1 inches(12.95cm).

The spherical erectile tissue at the base of his penis is not larger than the crown or even the widest part of his shaft nor is it always triggered. Further study is required at this point, however, the sensation it creates is so singular, it effectively aids physical sensation upon climax.

Testicle size is slightly above average, measuring at 5.2x4.1x3 cm.

Average quantity of semen per ejaculation is measured at three tablespoons.

SF has irregularly high levels of stamina and staying power. Personality and living conditions play a significant role in framing his style of intercourse; typically observed as long in duration and unyielding in intensity.



The vagina SF regularly engages in sexual intercourse is measured at 3.4 inches—average for a woman of my height and weight. However, as the vagina is made for birthing babies, it’s exceedingly elastic and can expand up to 200% when aroused, correcting the vaginal length of SF’s partner when sexually aroused to 6.8 inches(17.2cm). Given the angle of entry, SF regularly fills to maximum capacity.

SF’s crown is pronounced and the thickness of his shaft works in tandem with the crown to induce—with every stroke—a highly pleasurable dragging against the soft barbs of the vaginal wall. Considering the stage or round of intercourse, effects can range from delicious friction to mind-numbing pleasure and possible catatonia.

SF sexual appetite is ravenous and his lust is on a hair trigger, however, he always asks for some form of consent, whether it be vocal or physical. SF will need extensive training in self-restraint. Once SF is in the throes of passion, all lucidity and technique are discarded for the sake of reaching climax. While naturally-endowed advantages ensures partner’s satisfaction, SF will require prolonged instructive discipline to expand his sexual ability to that of masterful.

To begin with, areas of training will include massage training, nipple and breast play, and kissing. Future education will feature oral sex and—at SF’s repeated request—anal sex*⁵.


Personal Notes:

I may be starting this observational journal now, however, the bargain struck between Summer Fox and I—which has progressed to consensual sexual congress—began nearly two months ago. I will not be going over the events that’s lead a woman of my standing to this unexpected point in my life. Truthfully, I still have notable reservations about the entire affair, however, I’ve come to realize that this ever-present concern stems more from the condemnation of society as well as reaping the disappointment of my friends and colleagues, than it does with SF himself. He’s a singularity, and if this relation wasn’t with him, I’m certain it would NOT have happened with anyone of his standing.

I now look to the future; as I always have. In that respect, SF has boundless potential; both in and out of the bedroom. Due to behavioral constraints imposed by our governing organization, I am hampered by how much I can influence his training as a shinobi. Taking into account that he can be in multiple places at once, I’ve decided to use this ability to expand his knowledge base. It’s unlikely either of us would be punished if I recommended a scroll for him to read. However, without even handing him the first scroll, I know this will be a challenge for the hyperactive male. Fortunately, this is the purpose by which I live my life happily.


*¹For the purposes of anonymity, SF’s Full Name will not be documented.

*²SF’s age is unspecified. Public Records may have been compromised.

*³For the purposes of anonymity, SF’s Height will not be documented.

*⁴For the purposes of anonymity, SF’s Weight will not be documented.

*⁵I am not looking forward to anal sex. Not with his size. Toys and preparation may be needed.


Observational Log: W:01 D:03 03/?…


Personal Notes:

SF has the kind of penis most woman wish were on taller, hotter men. Even calling it a penis feels insufficient. It truly is a cock. No other way around it. And Kami does it do the job. While Summer Fox is certainly not perfect or highly skilled, and tends to forget when he’s too excited, I can’t fault him too much without noting my own shortcomings. I sort of lose my own head; not as much as he does in the beginning of our session, but after round four or five, I’m mindless. It’s so bad sometimes I don’t even notice we’ve started another round without a condom… kami, the creampies…

I have a theory. It’s been brought to my attention through the comments of my colleagues and though I hadn’t anticipated it, it does explain the buoyant joy of it all. While the term Honeymoon Phase is generally reserved for newly formed romantic pairings due to the feelings of perfection in discovering each other, at its essence, the phrase is simply a union that shares a wildly acceptable biological experience throughout the initial stages of their coupling. While SF and I are not a pairing in any conventional way of the word—that is to say romantic in nature—we do share a bond, a connection, that’s deeply gratifying and dare I say, addictive. As an emotional relationship, the honeymoon phase wouldn’t apply to us, but as an honest physical union, it most certainly does.

As the most responsible of the two, I should begin to move us past this bubble of bliss. The bargain struck between SF and I centers around guidance, sexual enlightenment, and self-improvement, not numerous cream-pies, mindless orgasms, and nestled slumber*¹.

As for his knowledge base, I decided to start him with various scrolls on different Taijutsu styles. With my own team to manage and develop, I can’t dedicate as much time on SF’s training as I would like but it’s my hope I can slowly slip in Genjutsu or Fūinjutsu theory and begin to round him out as a shinobi.


*¹Every time I wake up in his horrible bed—either before or after a round of coitus—SF is always holding me. Always! While it feels comforting and nice more often than not, I’m beginning to ponder the depth of this behavior. How alone was he?


Observational Log: W:01 D:05 05/?…


Personal Notes:

After a week of vigorous lessons at his residence, I’ve had it!

While I would never use jutsu on undeserving civilians, I’m still an infiltration specialist. Henge’d as an obscure Konoha Housing Rights Division officer, I easily met with SF’s landlord; a fat, balding, inbred and shoved in his unshaved face the Article Code expressly ensuring all tenants have a right to clean, habitable housing, and landlords are required to maintain livable units—ones in which doors and windows are not broken; the roof and walls keep out water; plumbing works, there are no vermin running free in the building or unit, and dispenses HOT and cold water. Hot Water!

If I have to wash off the copious amount of dried up evidence in his freezing cold shower again, I’m going to burn that building to the ground!

Lastly, the Honeymoon phase seems to still be in effect. Having learned SF is the only occupied apartment on his floor, I’ve become noticeably more vocal in my more mindless moments of bliss. I’ve instituted a day-on, day-off rule. Hopefully meeting every other day will ease the cravings.



Observational Notes: W:02 D:01 08/?



According to the latest orthodontic study in the Journal of Medicine, the average length of an adult tongue for a male is measured at 3.3 inches(8.5cm).



In addition to the canine trait on his sexual organ(his knot) SF also has a long tongue with observable nodules that produce above average friction when licking. SF tongue is measured above average at 4 inches(10.16 cm) in length.



SF is enthusiastic with regard to licking and sucking my vagina. The exterior of his tongue provides a wonderful amount of friction. However, SF lacks awareness when picking up his partner’s cues. As a result, SF has little sense of how to build toward an intense climax. Instruction should focus on pacing, the inclusion of simultaneous stimulation—nipple play, hair pull, or muscle massage—and combinations.

As his instructor, I’ve also explained the complexities of kissing properly: Compromising with your partner, of leading and following, of biting and sucking, of erogenous zones like the neck, earlobe, collar bone, of bringing the whole body in closer, whether it be hands on the face, neck, lower back, or my personal favorite, in my hair.

Despite obvious inexperience and repeated instruction, SF was enthusiastic throughout and eventually found a rhythm that worked well with me. Further practical experience and guidance are required.


Personal Notes:

He’s noticed kissing is another one of my weak spots. There’s just something about two, hot, saliva coated tongues squirming inside my mouth, against the roof or teeth, at the same time my pussy is writhing as he drills me... Without thought, my body just clamps down on his thick length and I orgasm that much harder because of it.

As such, we’ve spent a fair amount of time on the subject of kissing. I’ve revealed three personal thrills during kissing that make my knees tremble; gripping and tugging my hair, allowing me to suck his tongue as he drills me, and tasting my own juices on his tongue and lips. Unsurprisingly, our make-out sessions end with my cunt squeezing the cum out of his cock.

This was before he left.

It’s unfortunate I’ve only spent a week with him before his team was assigned an escort mission. It was shocking to learn how they had received said mission. While I begrudge low-rank missions as much as every shinobi in the village, I would never raise my voice and demand better missions from our Hokage. I was sure SF would be reprimanded in some way shape or form, however, I’ve learned—after the fact—that SF seems to have a working relationship with Hokage-sama. It makes sense considering certain details.*¹

Of course, I refused to engage in our usual activity the night before his mission. As a general rule, shinobi tend to not engage in rigorous sexual activity before missions. However, I utilized the time to go over strategy and his gear, and was upset upon discovering everything he owned was worn and or old. He explained that it’s all he could afford which didn’t make sense. As I had plenty to spare, I gifted him a standard shinobi field pack, complete with Kunai, Shuriken, Makibishi spikes, Exploding Notes, Cable Wire, a couple Flash and Smoke Bombs, Emergency Food Pills, and an empty Sealing Scroll.

SF was through the moon, to say the least. He used the day and many clones to present me with a gift of his own, an unusual flower; dirty because of all the earth still attached, but pretty and thoughtful nonetheless*². Though he was worried about how things might change when he returned, I reassured him that I would still be here when he got back and I had no intention of breaking our arrangement.


*¹For the purposes of anonymity many details of SF’s relations will be restricted.

*²Our bargain shouldn’t have room for gifts, however, I allowed it given his insistence it was special, though he didn’t know how. Will check with a specialist.






It took Ino half a day before she simply decided to do it. Due to her age and her clan’s prominence in the village, buying one made her nervous. It would certainly get around if people found out the heiress to the Yamanaka Clan, Yamanaka Ino bought a vibrator to pleasure herself at sixteen. Ino listens to enough gossip and bathhouse rumors to know that would definitely be talked about at length. Her clan would also be looked down upon. But according to her body, her fingers weren’t enough to reproduce the high of pleasure she achieved with Naruto.

As a ninja, Ino found out she had nothing to worry about. She was in her bed that evening with a vibrating dildo the length and girth that most reminded her of Naruto. While acquiring the sex toy was all too easy, using it seemed to be a problem. For some reason, it didn’t fit, and Ino isn’t sure why. She was plenty wet. After sucking Naruto off as Sakura, she has a fairly accurate idea of his size, and yet something wasn’t quite the same. Ino tried putting it in until it hurt and had to stop.

To ease her frustrations, Ino’s been making do with the vibration against her clit and training harder with her team, but it’s been the most confusing issue of her week. Not the only confusing occurrence. Recalling her conversation with Sakura when she dropped off her report before Team 7’s mission, Ino is growing more and more confused about Naruto. Sitting at the register of her families empty flower shop gives Ino plenty of time to try and make sense of Sakura’s evaluation.

“How’s your training coming,” Ino had asked an annoyed looking Sakura. The Yamanaka was absolutely thrilled by how disheveled the pink-haired kunoichi looks. Un-moisturized, unconditioned, un-beautified, Sakura looks like she went through an obstacle course in the densest part of the forest. Ino smiled with obvious satisfaction, clearly angering the pinkette as she adds, “I don’t want either of you two slowing Sasuke-kun down.”

“…I hate you,” Sakura plainly spits. Though the vitriol was plain as day, Ino shrugs it off. “Do you have any idea how much that baka trains?! It’s practically attempted murder!”

“It can’t be that hard,” Ino chuckles with amusement.

Narrowing hateful eyes on the long-haired platinum-blond, Sakura simply growls, “have you water-walked yet?”

Unsure of what Sakura is implying but unwilling to appear unaware, Ino shrugs with her response, “we’ll be starting tree-walking this week actually. I’m sure we’ll be water-walking in no time. Why? Have you?”

Smugness is the only other emotion the pink-haired girl showed that day as she told her, “well when you start tree-walking, you’re going to feel proud when you can hold it for thirty minutes, and you should. As a student of Iryō-ninjutsu, I can tell you that’s above average for ninja our age. Do you want to know how he trains… What lunacy you forced me to be apart of? That idiot fights Kage Bunshin of himself on water for hours! Everything he does is jacked up to insanity and it’s killing me! It’s a personal best if I only pass out once.”

Ino didn’t believe it. Not that Naruto. Not the Dead Last of their class. How could she? He was the most hopeless case the Academy had ever seen. If he wasn’t an orphan, Ino was sure his parents would’ve taken him out after failing the second time. Ino even asked Asuma-sensei what’s the average length of time one can hold tree or water walking. His response of, “hours,” also came with a caveat.

“Just because a thing is unlikely, doesn’t mean it’s impossible,” the gruff Jōnin-sensei told them. “This world is filled with odd and unexpected shinobi. The Nara technique of Shadow Binding is as unique as the Yamanaka techniques mind-walkers and the Akimichi techniques of body weight and size manipulation. Then there are Kekkei Genkai which is a different league of weird. You never know what you may face out there which is why teams are the most effective way to fight—to cover each other’s back.”

It suddenly didn’t seem so impossible, though that doesn’t explain why Naruto was so horrible in school. Clowning around is fine and all, but when it came time to actually doing the work, Naruto was always a failure. The blond loud-mouth was a paradox Ino couldn’t ignore because she knew her mind simply wanted to think about the biggest event in her young life since graduating from the Academy. The event that turned her from a girl to a woman now made Ino hyper-aware of Naruto, despite how pathetic he is… ‘or appears?’ she wonders.

It almost made Ino happy when Asuma informed them he wouldn’t be marrying Princess Tomoko. Not because she hadn’t liked the princess when she got to meet her—Tomoko-hime even said she looked like a family member. Like many in the village, Ino was impressed by the grandeur of the royal daughter and was looking forward to the announcement of a wedding; partly because it would be such a momentous event the entire village would celebrate and also because she would get to buy a new dress.

No, Ino was happy because the news of it was more distracting than thinking about her urges. More so when she learned that Asuma apparently has a sweetheart within the village. He had come into the shop after the princess left to buy roses. Red roses. As a student of botany and flower arranging, Ino knows what red roses mean. They’re the unmistakable expression of deep emotion, whether it be love, respect, admiration, devotion, heartfelt regret, and sorrow. And any florist worth their petal knows twelve roses mean ‘be mine,’ or ‘I love you.’

Considering the princess was gone, it wasn’t hard for Ino to deduce Asuma-sensei had a special someone in Konoha. Initially, it made her wonder about honor and duty to one’s village. She never thought Asuma-sensei would prefer not to marry the princess until she saw his face as he purchased the roses; which could only mean he’d do it out of duty. Simply put, it was expected of him. He clearly loved whoever this woman was far more than his face expressed for Princess Tomoko. It was a salacious thrill that thankfully had nothing to do with Naruto. This distraction made Ino feel like she could breathe, and the Yamanaka heiress was desperate to know who this woman was.

Ino doesn’t recall anything from the bathhouse talk or from some of the older girls working for her Clan. She had even asked Shikamaru. The pineapple-head was too bored to care but when Ino promised to wake him up every time he tried to go to sleep, he deduced Asuma’s sweetheart was either a Jōnin-sensei or a Special Jōnin. When Ino asked her mother, she mentioned how reserved Asuma is about his private life, primarily due to being the son of the Hokage and that meant most of the woman seen with him never lasted.

Despite her curiosity to know the identity of this kunoichi, what was more interesting was the fact that he came back three days later and then four days after that to buy a dozen red roses, which told her he either had multiple women, or he was really really sorry to one who wasn’t having it. She wished him luck the latest time he came in to purchase a dozen long stem roses.

Sitting alone in the shop waiting for any customer to come in and distract her from her medical scroll on ‘Basics of Water Release,’ and her unsuccessful exploration of her sexual awakening. Ino plans to try her vibrator again once her mother returns when the bell above the door finally rings, automatically making her sit up, close the scroll, and speak with practiced cheer, “welcome to Yamanaka’s Flower Shop.”

Ino’s happy to see her mother return, though she’s talking about orders with a woman she’s never met—likely a potential client—which means she’ll have to wait a little longer before she can run to her bed and relieve some pent up stress.

“I’ll only be a few minutes sweetie,” her mother calls as the pair head into the hallway leading toward the greenhouse. Assuming the potential client simply wants to see their wears, Ino guesses her mother will be five minutes tops as she starts removing her apron. As it often happens when Ino is ready to leave, the chime above the door rings again, automatically prompting Ino to cheer, “welcome to Yamanaka’s Flower Shop,” while at the same time hoping this won’t take long.

Tying her apron back in place, Ino immediately recalls the beautiful kunoichi as Team Eight’s sensei. Ino’s only seen the ebony-haired sensei in passing around Hokage tower and remembers thinking, ‘with her long dark locks, large red eyes, and shapely athletic body, that’s a woman who stands out.’ Women like her make Ino, along with other girls, wish she can grow up faster to have a body like that. “Ah, Yūhi-sensei, how can I…” Ino greets with a smile that quickly sours.

“Afternoon, Yamanaka-chan,” Kurenai smiles her greeting. Before Kurenai even makes it to the register, she notices how frightened the young blond is, frozen in panic at the sight of the exotic flower in her hand. So terrified was the girl, that Kurenai began to wonder if the potted flower was a poisonous plant she was unaware of. “Ino-chan?” Kurenai calls, dispensing with the honorifics.

Ino’s head snaps up to the beautiful sensei. The question of why she has a Fire Slipper Orchid, one of the rarest flowers in the world, in her possession is on the tip of her tongue when she hears her mother call out from the back. “I’m nearly done, sweetie.”

Instantly Ino thinks about the deal she made with her parents; keep the profit of the rare orchid’s sale or allow the Clan to try and cultivate more; which of course will take no less than fifteen years. Ino had decided not to ask Naruto if there were more orchids. She didn’t want to see him. She didn’t want to feel urges. She didn’t want to lose control… at least not with the Dead Last. For the thousandth time, Ino thinks how much easier this would all be if her deflowering happened with Sasuke-kun rather than Naruto. Clearly, there were more Fire Slipper Orchids, and for some unholy reason, Kurenai-sensei had one.

“Where did you get that… sensei?” Ino nearly snaps, only barely recalling Kurenai-sensei is her superior and respect is due. Hearing her mother return with the potential client, Ino knows she doesn’t want her mother to see the orchid. It would raise questions of who discovered this ‘golden’ garden that Ino didn’t want to be answered. She didn’t want anyone to know Naruto gave her the orchid all those weeks ago. And now, to her dread, Kurenai-sensei may answer those questions for her.

“Pl- Please, sensei,” Ino begs, moving around the counter and extending her hand. “Please, please, please, can you come with me? I- we- can’t…” Kurenai-sensei is clearly confused but trusts her and takes her hand. Exiting the shop with haste, Ino is shouting behind her shoulder, “mom, I’m heading out! I’ll be back soon!”

Despite her panic as they rush through the market’s street, Ino happens to note the ebony-haired sensei’s calloused palm and couldn’t help but be envious. Ino wonders how much training it would take to create so many callouses when the young sensei stops her cold.

“I feel this is far enough, Yamanaka-chan,” Kurenai states, stopping between buildings at the edge of the street. “Can you tell me why we had to rush out of there in such a hurry?”

Ino looks around nervously a moment before responding, “I can… but, can you please tell me where you got that orchid?”

Kurenai eyes the girl skeptically. Clearly, there’s a story here and the young Yamanaka is agitated. Still, she answers, “it was a gift, though I’m unaware of this particular orchid. Now, would you care to answer my question?”

Ino isn’t sure what kind of cover-story she can come up with that would be convincing when she hears a squeal. Ino and Kurenai both turn to Ino’s elated mother. She’d found them and the way Ino’s stomach tightened up felt like she was kicked in the gut. “Ka-san-”

“Another one!” The normally calm brunette Yamanaka exclaims. Moving closer to the rare orchid, the Yamanaka matriarch looks from Ino to Kurenai and back before stating, “I’m fairly certain the Fire Slipper Orchid my daughter had received was from a boy. Why my daughter didn’t think I would find her rushing off strange, I do not know, but I’m curious, Kurenai-sensei, are you perhaps delivering this orchid on his behalf? Would that mean you know his identity? I know my Ino-chan has reservations about the boy-”

“Ka-san!” Ino hisses.

“Ino, recall your manners,” her mother warns, returning to her normally calm and collected demeanor. Ino calms down as her mother continues. “As I was saying, I realize this can feel embarrassing for all involved, however, as a mother and florist, I can’t ignore such extravagant gifts.”

Kurenai smiles politely before stating, “I’m unaware of the details surrounding this plant-”

“I’ll explain it to you,” Ino interjects. “If we can go to lunch?” One look at her mother and Ino adds, “alone please.”

“Really now, Ino, for this boy to go so far…”

“Please,” Ino begs her mother with both hands clasped together.

“…Fine,” Ino’s mother replies, before turning to Kurenai. “However you must tell me who this boy is- Not as a mother, but as a florist. Clearly, he’s discovered a gold mine.”

“I take it this is a valuable flower,” Kurenai hazards an easy guess.

“One of the most,” Ino’s mother simply states.

“Well, Yamanaka-san,” Kurenai begins. “If anything, I can assure you this boy does not know it’s value. He simply thought it was pretty. With your permission, I’d like to take Ino-chan to lunch.”

Using her mask to perfection, Ino’s mother nods her acceptance, however, Ino knows she wants answers and it seems like she won’t let it go. Turning to her daughter, she extends her hand, sternly asking her curious daughter, “the key to the register? You left with it.” Sure enough, wrapped around Ino’s elbow is the key to the cash register and the realization that she had to suffer all this because of a small bit of metal annoys Ino to no end.






Once the pair have settled in a nearby tea shop with the apparently valuable Orchid on the table between the kunoichi, Kurenai states, “I feel I’ve been patient enough, Ino-chan. How about you start with the orchid.”

With a huff, Ino slowly answers, “it’s one of the rarest orchids in the five nations. Taking fifteen years to bloom, the market value is as high as seven-hundred and fifty thousand ryo per stem.”

Kurenai could not keep the shock from her face. ‘Seven-hundred and fifty thousand ryo per stem!’ Kurenai wonders if she’ll ever stop being surprised by the boy. First, his chakra reserves, then Rasengan, to then learn of his nature manipulation training and of course the sex. To Kurenai, the surprise isn’t simply the orchid with such an astounding value but also because Ino seems to be the girl Naruto wanted the lessons for to begin with. He’d always mention his teammate Sakura, but never once did he bring up the heiress to the Yamanaka clan.

For some reason, the obviously beautiful platinum-blond sitting before her seems to want to keep Naruto a secret from her family. If nothing happened why would such a secret need to be kept? Unless the girl doesn’t want to acknowledge unexpected feelings for Naruto. It’s understandable. Kunoichi of late seem ravenous over the Uchiha or the Hyūga boys. Most boys seem to dislike Uchiha-kun primarily because he has the tragedy, the wealth, a face, and natural ability that receives all the female attention. Kiba-kun, in particular, will go off on such a tirade if the Uchiha is brought up.

The two are silent long enough for the tea to arrive. In that time, Kurenai wonders what Ino and Naruto’s relationship is, and so asks, “why don’t you want your parents to learn about Naruto?”

Ino gags in response, which seems like an exaggeration in Kurenai’s opinion, but then again, Kurenai is aware and often reminded of how effortless Naruto brings out negative reactions out of people. Kurenai is really starting to wonder what kind of life the blue-eyed boy has led. The sensei has heard and seen too much extreme behavior not to satisfy some of her growing curiosity. “You know, if you have feelings for Naru-”

“I don’t have feelings for him,” Ino cuts her off, adding, “who would? He’s the worst in just about every way you can think of!”

That’s definitely not true,’ Kurenai thinks with a tingling tightness of her legs before imagining Ino yelling that very rebuttal to Naruto. It would certainly explain why he’d want to gain more experience with girls… though, the sex doesn’t make sense. He would’ve asked, ‘how to date,’ not, ‘how to make girls feel good.’ Unless the pair have done some physically romantic activity which Ino is extremely embarrassed and ashamed about. ‘Possibly a moment of weakness?’ Kurenai wonders, before asking, “how would he know to bring you this orchid?”

Again, the girl seemed dejected to answer, “a couple of months ago, he was coming back from his training in the forest and I noticed a petal of the orchid stuck on that disgusting jacket of his.”

Yes, that jacket is absolutely horrendous,’ Kurenai can’t help but agree.

“I never told him how valuable it was but you can probably guess how much I wanted to know every detail,” Ino finishes.

That must’ve been when they first started being aware of one another in a setting that wasn’t the Academy,’ Kurenai thought. Understanding the lengths Naruto goes to for his dreams, Kurenai wonders if Ino is apart of that future he sees so clearly. ‘Maybe he’s using Ino to get over Sakura,’ Kurenai wonders, though quickly coming to the conclusion that isn’t the type of impression Naruto reflects. “And you haven’t seen him since,” Kurenai wonders aloud.

“Kami, no,” Ino answers with such ire, it mildly annoys Kurenai. “You’re not going to tell my parents are you?”

“I’m not certain,” Kurenai answers honestly. “How difficult is it to tend to this orchid?”

“Very,” Ino simply puts.

“Which means it would likely die under my care,” Kurenai reasons. “I need a specialist to avoid killing it. Would you prefer I deal with another florist? As a shinobi, I don’t feel your parents would appreciate my taking such a rare prize to their civilian competitor.”

“You can sell it,” Ino suggests.

“Again, I would need a florist for their connections,” Kurenai responds. “Unless you’d like me to stand in the market place trying to convince someone to spend seven-hundred and fifty thousand ryo on an orchid. Do you know what you can buy with that amount?”

“Then…” Ino grasps for ideas a couple of seconds before suggesting, “then give it to me and I’ll sell it for you. Just please don’t tell my parents about that baka.”

Again, Kurenai is irked by the casual way Naruto is disregarded, and so assuages the blond. “I will not tell your parents, however, I will not lie to them either.”

“Thank you Kurenai-sensei,” Ino states with clear relief.

“I also have two conditions you must adhere to,” Kurenai adds surprising the girl. With her silent nod, Kurenai declares, “one, you will take and tend to the orchid until I decide whether to sell it or not. I will, of course, pay you for the work.” Though it was a gift from him, Kurenai should talk to Naruto about it. It’s a very expensive gift after all and he might have different ideas for it if he knew the price. “For my second condition, you will join me for a little reconnaissance work.”

She hesitates to ask, “uh, what kind of reconnaissance?”

“Intelligence gathering,” Kurenai answers. “On one, Uzumaki Naruto.”

“What?” she gasps. “Why?”

“I have questions that need answering,” Kurenai simply states, taking a sip of her tea.

“About that idiot?” Ino asks. “What’s there to know that you haven’t already heard? There are all sorts of rumors about him, like, stealing, rape, and murder, but, I’m not so stupid to believe that kind of fear mongering. I only believe what I see, which is the stupid pranks he does, he’s talentless, which is only worse because he’s so loud and annoying about becoming Hokage.”

Having heard all of that and more, Kurenai expresses her dissatisfaction. “Well, I wonder about all of that.”

“Why?” Ino can’t help but ask the beautiful kunoichi. “How do you even know Naruto, if you don’t mind my asking? You’re Team 8’s sensei, so why would you care about that idiot more than Kakashi-sensei?”

“You shouldn’t speculate on Kakashi-sensei’s diligence toward his students,” Kurenai quickly asserts before adding, “Uzumaki-kun has been assisting me for several weeks now. Interacting with him has led me to wonder about a number of things I would like clarification on.”

“Like what?” Ino follows up, not at all expecting the idiot to be helpful to such a beautiful woman, but then wondering about what Sakura said of him. Ino’s mind is curious and her body is pushing to delve deeper into his world.

“Like everything,” Kurenai answers easily.

As Ino mentally repeats, ‘it has nothing to do with him and everything to do with the deal,’ Ino states in a huff, “okay.”






Ah, the Escort Mission to Wave,’ Naru-nii recalls with melancholy.

I’m just happy it’s not another stinkin’ D-Rank mission,’ Naruto thinks as he walks with his team in formation around Tazuna-jiji. ‘Besides, I have way too much energy,’ Naruto adds.

Yeesh, maybe it was a good thing I never had sex…,’ Naru-nii comments more to himself before really thinking about it.

The way Naru-nii trails off, Naruto adds, ‘how amped up I’m feeling, I’d say you were right, if you weren’t so wrong Nii-san.

Naru-nii laughs before offering, ‘relax. You’ve got clones training right now. Dispel them when you want to feel tired.

That helps, but it’s more physical energy than chakra energy. Nai-chan wouldn’t even budge the night before I left. Like, that’s so mean! And now we’re walking suuuper slow when I feel like I can run all day!

Well, putting the smoking hot sex aside, I get having too much energy. Which is good because you’re going to need it for this mission. Actually, there was something that I wanted to talk to you about.

What’s up?

You remember how I said we have to be careful with some stuff? Like, if we change too much, I won’t know how things play out before they happen to you?


This is one mission I want to change no matter what.

What about the future?’ Naruto’s concern asks, trying to calm down his energetic muscles.‘You said it could be dangerous to change stuff.

I can still help in other ways; like with training and info on shinobi to watch out for,’ Naru-nii assures him. ‘Besides, I think we can both agree you’re already doing stuff I’ve never done.

Okay,’ Naruto agrees with a shrug. ‘So what do you want to change?

There’s a person I want you to try and save,’ Naru-nii expresses. ‘His name is Haku. You’ll know it’s him because he looks like a girl and he’s got long dark hair. He also pretends to be a hunter-nin.

Why’s Haku so important?

Haku is one of those shinobi who’s had it as bad or worse than us. He lost his parents too and he was alone until he met Zabuza.


Kiri Jōnin. Crazy strong. You’ll have to be extra careful around him. He thinks he’s a monster, and to some extent he is. He knows a lot about the dark side of the shinobi world but he’s wrong about the things that matter.

What’s that?

Friends aren’t tools. Ninja’s have feelings. And we’re not just fighting machines for the highest bidder.

Why would Haku be with someone who thinks like that?

Because to Haku, Zabuza is like Iruka-sensei or Ji-chan. Zabuza was the first person to care for Haku and Haku will die to protect him.

Naruto nods in understanding, making Sasuke look at him oddly. ‘So how can I help him? I can’t imagine anyone would ever make me change my mind about Ji-chan or Iruka-sensei.

You have to convince Haku that his existence DOES matter, and you have to convince Zabuza that shinobi CAN be more than tools or killing machines.

Yeah but how?

You’ll figure it out,’ Naru-nii simply states. ‘You’re me after all. I have faith in you.

Hmm,’ Naruto’s mind wiggles with suspicion at the puddle ahead.

What?’ Naru-nii asks.

There’s something weird about that puddle…

With a lot of mirth in his voice, a humored Naru-nii asks, ‘what’s weird about it?

I don’t know,’ Naruto responds. ‘I guess it’s just weird to see a puddle all of a sudden.

Hearing Naru-nii chuckle a bit, he then advises, ‘well since you’re on mission, you should definitely keep your eyes open, just in case.

With too much energy to just wait and see, Naruto simply takes out a shuriken and tosses it with deft accuracy at the puddle. To Naruto’s great surprise, a clawed hand shoots out of the dematerializing water, ‘clanging’ against Naruto’s blocked shuriken.

…Huh,’ Naruto thought to which Naru-nii laughs and says, ‘have fun using up that energy!

Naruto didn’t know what to expect from his first battle, but he’s full of energy and he’d been sparring against multiple clones with Sakura’s accurate tactics for weeks, making him rather calm. Despite the power aching to be released as a pair of ninja sprint toward them with deadly intent, Naruto thinks, ‘thank Kami.’ Without even acknowledging his team or sensei, Naruto crosses the middle and index of each hand and shouts, “Kage Bunshin no Jutsu.”

Ten clones appear surrounded by thick smoke. In the distraction of the extra bodies and smoke, the sharp claws of the gauntlets cut in from the left and the right. Two clones are popped instantly, one by each attacker, yet Naruto only needed the physical extension of their weaponized hands for a couple of well-timed clones to grab each gauntlet, holding them inert for simultaneous strikes from the remaining Narutos to the body and face of both attackers. Naruto, himself felt such gratification driving the knuckles of his energized fist into the temple of one of the assassins, he wanted to do it again.

After Naruto had absorbed Sakura’s pinpoint timing of attack from the clones she always commands, Naru-nii helped Naruto to quickly pick up on the trick to fighting multiple attackers at once: focus on his own openings while using his ears more than your eyes to read an attack. Shinobi ears can hear the shifting of dirt, splitting of air, metallic humming and even note the distance and timing by how fast sound reaches the ear. It’s how Naruto fights all his clones two or three at a time. With Naru-nii’s experienced guidance, Naruto eventually recognized a few of his own openings and learned to expect attacks and focus there.

These shinobi don’t seem accustomed to such all-around continuous attack.

Like a Naruto-barrage, the second they turn one direction, a clone is striking at their blind spot. The assassins take out another two clones before two more clones throw kunai at the killer’s heads, and as expected, the fast ninjas dodge, allowing Naruto and a clone to catch the thrown weapon in a sprint toward the killer’s backs and stab them between the tenth and eleventh rib, directly into the liver.

Having experienced multiple times how a liver shot can incapacitate, the would-be assassins are shocked to stillness long enough for more cloned kunai to be brought up to their necks, threatening them with execution via severing the jugular.

With pressure firmly kept on the kunai in their liver, the assassins aren’t in any immediate danger of bleeding out or a quick death as Kakashi calmly walks up to them, impassively congratulating his genin student. “Well done, Naruto,” Kakashi says as he walks around the black-haired assassins. “Gōzu and Meizu, the Demon Brothers. Chūnin from Kirigakure.”

What did you guys do with the Demon Brothers?’ Naruto asks, Naru-nii.

Ya took care of them already,’ Naru-nii asks more out of surprise. ‘Man, I wish I could figure out how to see with this thing.

Yeah me too,’ Naruto wistfully agrees.

We just tied them to a tree,’ Naru-nii recalls. ‘I assume they were arrested since we never saw them again. Still, you should ask them who they’re working for.

In the deepest voice he could muster, Naruto asks, “who are you working for,” while Kakashi and an irate Sasuke-teme are disarming and securing them.

“What makes you think they’re working for anyone,” Tazuna stiffly asks.

“Because they would’ve let us by if we weren’t a target,” Kakashi answers. “I think it’s time you were open with us, Tazuna-san.”

Tazuna, of course, explains the real circumstances of the mission. Team Seven were told of the destitute living conditions the people of Land of Wave is suffering due to the greed of a shipping magnate named Gatō and how he uses Gatō Company as a front for illegal dealings. “Gatō’s effectively bankrupted our country with his company’s monopoly on shipping and the only way to revitalize our economy is to build a bridge to the mainland.”

“Naturally he wouldn’t want this bridge to be built,” Kakashi easily interprets. “Ma, ma, what to do… this is easily an A-Rank mission… It’s likely to only get harder from here on out…”

“Please, we can’t go back,” Tazuna proclaims. “I have to continue! Everyone is depending on me to finish this bridge!”

After all the help Naru-nii’s given Naruto, helping Haku has been the only request he’s ever made, and truthfully, after hearing a bit about the supposedly girl-looking boy, Naruto would’ve helped him regardless of Naru-nii’s request. So, Naruto shoulders his pack and easily chimes in, “we’re wasting time, Kakashi-sensei. The faster we get there the faster we can help these people!”






Ino was upset. No, she was angry. Outraged even. Kurenai-sensei and Ino had just left the second most popular grocery in the market—the same grocery she shops in, her clan shops in, most villagers shop in at least once or twice. While the number one grocer in the market has more product, they can be overpriced, which is why the number two spot will always have business. The number two grocer, Mitsuwa’s, is also run by a retired shinobi which means active military receive discounts.

Kurenai explained the reconnaissance was a twofold plan, though she would only share the first, which was walking in the blond idiot’s shoes. Ino didn’t see the point, however, Kurenai mentioned Naruto—despite only earning genin rank pay—doesn’t have the type of expenses that would keep him perpetually poor. So, Kurenai had entered the most popular of the grocer separately to observe, while Ino, henge’d as Naruto, shops for basics. Before Ino can get one thing in the basket, she’s chased out with a broomstick… ‘a broomstick, of all things!

In the second grocer, Mr. Mitsuwa took over the tender from one of their cashiers and proceeded to charge Ino-in-Naruto’s guise, four hundred and eighty ryo for a single candy bar when the price tag clearly says ten ryo. At the first word of outrage, Ino got Naruto banned from the grocery store for life.

Both Kurenai and Ino were shocked and regretful for getting Naruto banned. “Let’s try not to ban him from the weapons shops,” Kurenai says as they walk the crowded markets.

“Well, that asshole overcharged me by over four thousand percent for a stupid candy bar!” Ino yells, feeling an absolute need to defend herself. She hadn’t even done anything wrong. More than that, Ino had done so much to avoid the blond blue-eyed boy, and now she’s literally disguised as him. Ino was stressed enough. “I could buy premium steak for that amount!”

They walk the market toward their next destination. No longer disguised as Naruto, Kurenai explains to Ino as they walk, “it’s critical shinobi fuel their body for maximum performance. I had wondered why instant ramen—a meal lacking many essential vitamins and minerals—seemed to be the only thing he eats. Now we know.”

“I still don’t see why this matters,” Ino shamelessly admits. Sure she wasn’t expecting to be treated like that but Naruto must’ve deserved it somehow. “For all we know, he probably pulled a prank on Mr. Mitsuwa,” Ino reasons.

“That’s a possibility,” Kurenai agrees. “We’re investigating because I want to know how much Uzumaki-kun is accountable for. Imagine what happened to you at Mitsuwa’s happening to him all the time for no reason.”

“That doesn’t make any sense,” Ino comments. “No one can be that mean for no reason. I’m certain Naruto’s done something.”

“Well let’s see what we learn,” Kurenai states.

Kurenai enters the familiar shinobi weapons shop, ‘Ten Out of Ten,’ a few minutes before Ino, henge’d as Naruto, strolls in as she imagines he does. Kurenai is greeted warmly by the man in Chinese garb. The shop's owner, Dānyī-san, is enthusiastically helping Kurenai, while Ino waits. Like Ino in her clan’s flower shop, Dānyī-san’s daughter also works in the weapons shop but the bun-haired girl refuses to help Ino-Naruto. Ino even calls to the girl, who only replies she’s busy stocking.

Dānyī-san excuses himself from Kurenai, saying, “I’ll only be but a moment, Yūhi-dono. I must deal with such a rude customer.” The older man didn’t have to walk far to tell Ino-Naruto, “I have nothing for you this month, so leave, boy!”

Unsure what the arrangement might be, Ino keeps it moving for Kurenai’s reconnaissance, replying, “but I need to buy a field pack.”

“Boy,” the old Chinese man warns, heightening himself to tower over Ino-Naruto. “You should consider yourself lucky I’m even letting you buy our secondhand inventory. Without me, you’d be fishing through the recycling center for the broken and useless.”

“B-But I’m a shinobi,” Ino-Naruto returns. She’s never heard of a shinobi weapons dealer refusing to sell to a shinobi. “I have ryo, I can buy your best!”

“These weapons are for true shinobi, not some demon Dead Last!” the man profanes. “Now get out of here before I ban you like all the other shops!”

Sure enough, every other weapons shop had violently reminded Ino-Naruto that he was banned. Throughout the day, they learned that it was not just the weapons shops but the wears, accessory, and armory shops as well. Restaurants were worse and even furniture stores were hostile. Ino couldn’t believe it, yelling out in sheer frustration, “what the hell!” As they walk into Naruto’s building, Ino also has to yell, “And why are we here?”

Kurenai was deep in thought, compiling a report of the day in her head as she passively answers, “the only other person he could ask to take care of Tori-chan is in the hospital, so he asked if I would feed her.”


“A beautiful royal purple Sterling,” Kurenai answers, thinking of the best feature inside his apartment, excluding the boy himself. As they ascend to the top floor, they both wonder why the hallway lights aren’t on. Entering Naruto’s apartment, they quickly learn the electricity is out, then eventually discover the water and power to the entire building is gone.

Even in the dark room, the Sterling wouldn’t leave as Ino irately comments, “you know, it wouldn’t surprise me if the landlord’s charging him as much as a clan home to live in this dump.”

“I’ll figure out what’s going on later,” Kurenai conveys, hoping it’s not what her brain is suggesting it is. “In the meantime, I think we gathered enough intel to move onto the second leg of the mission.”

“Gathered enough aggravation you mean,” Ino totes. “Kami, I was ready to kill someone! How could anyone who has the honor of selling clothes ever treat another human being like that? Fashion is beautiful and that idiot needs it more than anyone!”

“At least we’re more aware of why he has so many jumpers,” Kurenai adds. “The only place that would sell him an outfit has boxes of unsaleable merchandise.”

“That orange garbage shouldn’t exist in this world and he’s selling it one at a time for as much as premium shinobi linen! How does Naruto not murder someone? And did everyone get together and just agree to call him a demon? ‘Demon this,’ and, ‘Demon that…’ It’s… urgh!”

“Keep in mind this is more difficult for you because you’re accustomed to a significantly different mode of address,” Kurenai reminds the platinum-blond. “You’re the heiress of the Yamanaka Clan and he’s just an orphan no one likes. Obviously, they would treat you with more respect. Remember, he’s accustomed to this… even if he shouldn’t be.”

“…I guess, but still,” Ino argues. “That doesn’t explain everything.”

“Well, hopefully Iruka-sensei can help fill in some of the gaps,” Kurenai tells the girl as they begin to leave.

“Iruka-sensei,” Ino repeats. “Why him?”

“Aside from this ‘Ji-chan’ of his, Iruka-sensei is the only other person that seems to know him,” Kurenai affirms. “I’ll meet you at the hospital next Sunday, visiting hours.”

Ino remains silent, taking it all in, and simply nods.






Are you in Land of Wave yet?’ Naru-nii wonders. ‘I’m almost gone here.

Not yet,’ Naruto thinks. ‘Still in the fog.

How are you and Kurama getting on?

Not bad,’ Naruto hesitantly answers. ‘He can be pretty stingy but he had a pretty good idea I wanted to run by you.

What’s up?

He wanted me to use up all my chakra on a bunch of clones to do whatever I want throughout the day, then he’ll let me use his chakra instead.

Are you nervous about that?

Yeah, I guess I am,’ Naruto admits. ‘I mean I don’t want to lose it or anything.

I get that, but remember, he’s angry because everyone thought of him as some mindless monster only capable of hate,’ Naru-nii explains. ‘But I can tell you he’s not terrible and his chakra’s not terrible. It’s up to you, though. He’s your partner after all.

Yeah,’ Naruto affirms as their group slowly advances in their little boat under the cloak of thick fog. ‘I guess I just wanted to talk about it. I feel better now, thanks.

Anytime,’ Naru-nii voices. ‘I won’t be there when you meet Zabuza and Haku. Remember, just because I told you what happened to me, doesn’t mean it’ll happen the same to you, so keep your eyes and ears open. Haku will be the one in a mask pretending to be a Hunter-nin. If you see any white rabbits, be ready.


“There!” Sasuke calls as he throws a shuriken into the bushes, startling a few birds to take off in the air.

After checking the shrubbery, Naruto yells, “Ah! You killed a rabbit!” With big balls of tears in his saddened eyes, he quickly cradles the motionless rabbit in his arms. He looks from Sasuke to the bleeding rabbit, continuing to yell, “how could you be so cruel!”

“I- I sensed something-” Sasuke defends.

“Oh! Thank Kami,” Naruto interrupts. “Usagi-chan’s still alive!” Rushing over to Sakura, Naruto presents the injured furry animal, asking, “could you?”

“What am I, your vet,” Sakura asks though taking the bleeding animal and working her best to heal its injury, after which, Kakashi yells, “get down!”

They all get down just before a giant sword spins lethally overhead like a tossed shuriken, filling their ears with a deafening metallic hum until it lodges itself halfway through a tree ahead. Feet land on the long handle of the large sword and the Demon Jōnin they belong too amplifies his awesome killing intent.

Despite the suffocating killing intent, Naruto moves into place with as much stealth as possible. It wasn’t until Kakashi-sensei cleared the mist and told his team he would never allow his comrades to die that Naruto recalls the summit Naru-nii has him climbing toward, of the training he’s killing himself over every day, and then he remembers who has worse Killing Intent than Zabuza… Kurama. Staring down the Demon Jōnin after staring down the Demon Fox suddenly didn’t feel so challenging.

“Ne, you should give up now,” Naruto calls out to the unmistakably strong Jōnin. “Because you’re looking at the greatest Hokage there’ll ever be!”

“You’re acting big, wearing that headband like you’re a ninja,” Zabuza slowly, evilly, chuckles. “But a real ninja is someone who hovers between life and death numerous times. Only those in my Bingo book deserve to be called Ninja. Guys like you, can’t-”

“So, all I have to do is beat you to deserve being called a ninja?” Naruto interrupts.

“Naruto-” Kakashi warns as Zabuza chuckles evilly.

“You should have been a comedian brat,” Zabuza spits. “You would’ve lived longer.”

“How about this,” Naruto irately yells back. “How about I let you have the old man behind me,” he bargains as he points to the old builder, “if you beat me. But if I beat you, I get your sword!”

“Naruto, enough!” Kakashi admonishes even as his stern red and black eyes remain fixed on Zabuza. Though Naruto feels it in his body to listen to his sensei, he also knows—through no fault on sensei’s part—that Kakashi doesn’t know everything.

Again, Zabuza laughs before bringing up his index and middle, activating jutsu. “A clone is more than enough for you,” Zabuza states as a water clone emerges. “Kakashi, if you interfere, I’ll kill the brats and the old man behind you.”

“Kakashi-sensei,” Sakura warily calls but isn’t sure what she wants to ask. Whether it’s about Naruto, them, or the mission, this is all dangerous territory and it’s looking closer and closer like one of them wasn’t going to survive it. While her duty kept her by Tazuna-san, she worried more about Sasuke-kun and her team.

Naruto moves away from the safety of his battle-ready Jōnin-sensei—who’s stuck between the mission behind him and the assassin in front—to the clearing beside them, all the while the water-clone is eying him. Naruto takes out prepped kunai for each hand, spinning them in the air before gripping them in a fighting pose. The water-clone rushes to the blond, and as a taller faster adult, he was on Naruto in a second, bringing down the clone of his large sword with scary speed. Naruto smiles as the sword slices down for the kill before speaking, “boom.”

Both Naruto and Zabuza’s water clone explode, surprising some longer than others. Kakashi and Zabuza were able to sense the kunai being thrown from the bushes at the original Demon of Hidden Mist, and when Zabuza blocks it, Kakashi and his Sharingan are on him. Though Zabuza stops Kakashi’s kunai to the neck with his bare hand, a couple of shurikens thrown low and from Zabuza’s blind spot are embedded in his leg.

“It’s over,” Kakashi harshly states as he locks Zabuza’s injured arm in an arm grapple before expertly breaking it at the elbow then immediately follows up with a strike to the rogue Kiri-nin’s nose. Despite a broken nose, the Kiri-nin rolls back with the force, attempting to gain some distance, but Kakashi is far more mobile, never letting up on the constantly retreating Kiri-nin until the half-naked ninja is leaning heavily against a tree, visibly exhausted with a kunai deep in each limb.

Before Kakashi can execute the killing blow, two senbon stick the eyebrow-less assassin in the neck instead. Turning to the direction of the senbon, the mostly stunned group find a masked ninja with long black hair standing calmly on the long branch of a tree. Naruto emerges from the bushes as Kakashi checks Zabuza’s body, asserting, “definitely dead.”

“Thank you very much,” said the sweet voice of the hunter-nin. “I’ve been waiting for the right moment to kill Zabuza.”

Uwah,” Naruto bemoans, looking at the senbon and thinking, ‘so, this is Haku.’ “That’s a hell of a shot.”

“He’s a Tracker-Nin, from Hidden Mist,” Kakashi mildly states, happy his blond student isn’t irrationally outraged by the impressive skill of someone who could be as young as Naruto himself.

“You’re very knowledgeable,” the Tracker-Nin comments.

Naruto and Naru-nii had discussed how to handle the situation enough to realize they needed more time. Neither one could come up with a plan that could readily convince Haku to not sacrifice himself for Zabuza, so they decided to just go with ignorance for the moment and taking the time to ask as many questions as they could in the hopes that a plan will form. So, Naruto takes the large sword from Zabuza’s back and examines it as he asks, “do you think he had anyone he cared about? Someone who might be sad he’s gone?”

“Zabuza Momochi killed over a hundred Academy students before becoming a member of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist,” Haku calmly states from behind his mask. “He’s murdered too many since then to have anyone he cares about.”

“I doubt that,” Naruto returns, knowing the truth and slowly lifting the sword. “I bet even Zabuza had someone he cared about. We’re not just killing machines after all. We all have people we want to protect.”

The quiet that followed is broken by a scoff from Sasuke. “Don’t pretend that was protecting us, Dobe. I don’t need your protection!”

“Sasuke,” Kakashi admonishes.

“Ninja are tools,” Haku tells Naruto. “They are the highly tuned instruments of death for the use of a village or a benefactor paying for their services.”

“Nope!” Naruto calls loudly. “Friends aren’t tools. We have purpose and it’s got nothing to do with just killing.”

“If you ever felt any loss at all, you’d know how stupid you sound,” Sasuke retorts. “You think being an orphan means you know loss!” Though Naruto’s angry enough to attack the last Uchiha, Kakashi deals with him instead.

“Sasuke!” Kakashi barks, grabbing Sasuke by the shoulder, though the avenger simply shrugs his Sensei’s hand away before walking away.

As Naruto glares at the angered Uchiha, Haku walks to Zabuza, lifting the large adult by the injured arm. Naruto walks to the masked Haku and extends the handle of Kubikiribōchō. “For the person he cared about. Tell ‘em Zabuza fought hard!”

“Naruto,” Kakashi calls. “That weapon can earn you a lot of ryo if you keep it.”

Though he wavers a little at the prospect of ryo and all the ramen it can buy, Naruto asserts, “this matters more than ryo, sensei. And besides, shinobi are more than tools.”

Haku pauses for several moments, staring Naruto in his confident baby-blue eyes before eventually taking it. As Haku leaves, Naruto knows he’ll see them again. Though he was really hoping to help Haku here and now, thoughts of Ji-chan and Iruka-sensei tell Naruto it’ll take more than that. Still, Naruto is happy he told the masked boy the truth.

Lowering his headband, Kakashi wobbles on his feet before he drops to one knee. “Kakashi-sensei!” Sakura calls, running to check on him. Sasuke returns as Kakashi explains, “I used… my Sharingan… carelessly.”

“We should go,” Sakura states as she does her best to ease her sensei’s physical exhaustion, though, Sakura feels like it’s not nearly enough.

“Oi!” Naruto calls, and from out the trees at the other side of the clearing with the scorched radius from the clone’s explosive notes, six Narutos and Tazuna-san walk toward them. Kakashi, Sakura, and Sasuke turn to the Tazuna-san next to them, who promptly grins before popping into white smoke. A clone of Naruto appears in its place before it dispels as well. As Naruto receives a small cache of memories, he notes no pain at all.

It must be easier when there’s not a whole day’s worth of training to send back,’ he guesses with a shrug. As a prankster, Naruto loves getting away with a hoax and smiles as he answers his team's bewildered looks. “You didn’t think I’d actually risk the real old man in that little bet, did you?”

As Tazuna’s primary defense, a confused Sakura asks, “when did you…”

“Before Kakashi-sensei cleared the fog,” Naruto answers, thinking how helpful Naru-nii’s been with details of what’s supposed to happen on top of all the training he helps guide. With the help of his clones, Team Seven make it to Tazuna’s home with their chakra exhausted Sensei.






In a small clearing next to a river, Haku dresses the last of his precious person’s wounds. With thoughts of the ninja team who did this to Zabuza’s immaculate body flashing in his mind—none more than the golden-blond, blue-eyed boy—Haku can’t help but think, ‘that was unexpected.

While Zabuza is a powerful shinobi, attacking without an exit plan is a sure way to die in their world and this was too close. The Konoha shinobi almost killed his special person. Turning to Zabuza’s Kubikiribōchō, Haku knows he’s no different than that finely crafted tool for murder… ‘I am his tool.’

Returning his eyes on his injured owner, Haku mentally asks, ‘what would I do without you?’ With his wounds and his hyper-extended elbow, Zabuza will be down for a minimum of two weeks, but he needs medicine now. Understanding why they need the ryo, Haku sighs before sorrowfully asking an unconscious Zabuza, “will you be alright next time?”


Chapter Text





Looking down at a cane-leaning Kakashi-sensei, the blond genin answers his surprised sensei, “I’ve been tree-walking for two months now. Why?”

“Well, I never taught you that, did I,” Kakashi returns looking up a tall tree to the branch Naruto is hanging from the bottom of using solely his chakra to stick. Turning to Sakura, calmly tree-walking up a different, yet just as tall, tree, he adds, “I never taught either of you.” Understanding the type of validation Sasuke needs to keep from losing mental and emotional balance, Kakashi tries to keep it light and inconsequential.

“Hmph! Sakura-chan is the smartest Kunoichi in our class and I’m not so dumb I can’t pick up a scroll to figure out tree-walking,” he proudly calls, though he would avoid scrolls if he can be told instead. “Maybe you’d notice your other students a bit more if you weren’t giving Sasuke-teme private lessons!”

Surprised to hear the claim, Sakura asks her sensei, “what lessons,” before realizing that it shouldn’t matter to her if Sensei favors Sasuke-kun. ‘Everyone should,’ she thinks. ‘He’s the best!’ Though, at the outraged face of Sasuke-kun, Sakura suddenly doesn’t feel right about learning an ability he clearly hasn’t yet and begins to walk back down to the forest floor. Something in her brain didn’t feel right about that rationality and Sakura didn’t like it. ‘Sasuke-kun should be up here with us,’ she mentally yells.

“Sakura is doing very well with her Iryō-ninjutsu and I’ve noticed your training as well, Naruto,” Kakashi comments avoiding compliments to keep the third genin from seething. Truthfully, after he’d heard Sasuke’s ambition to, ‘kill a certain man,’ Kakashi knew he had to keep a closer eye on the Uchiha than his others and felt the three genins worked out favorably for the avenger. If Naruto continued his growth beneath Sasuke and Sakura remains supportive, than chances were good Sasuke could turn out relatively balanced with time, and the Uchiha clan wouldn’t die out.

“Whatever,” Naruto calls back, sliding down the tree and meeting his team on the forest floor. “Since only one of us needs training, I guess I’ll keep an eye on Tazuna-Jiji.”

Noticing Sasuke fuming for feeling so left behind, Sakura can only think to say, “I’m sure Sasuke-kun will get it in no time,” while Kakashi tells Naruto, “if you’ve mastered Tree-walking, we should at least try water-walking.”

Naruto turns to Sakura, expressing, “it took me a week to learn tree-walking and even if it takes the teme less, I bet you he won’t get it on his first try.”

“Hardly anyone can get tree-walking on their first try,” Kakashi states looking to relieve the tension, only for Sakura to flinch and Naruto to add even more tension by replying, “Sakura-chan got it on her first try, and I learned how to walk on water a week after I learned to walk on trees.”

“Don’t be so fucking full of yourself you idiot!” Sasuke yells. “You think I care you learned one thing all shinobi have to learn?! I don’t! Because no matter how many lifetimes you train for, you’ll never gain the power of the Sharingan!”

“Yeah well, when you do finally decide to get your pink eye you can copy this,” Naruto yells as he gives Sasuke the middle finger. Naruto walks away as Kakashi holds an absolutely fuming Sasuke back.

Though Sakura would much rather stay with Sasuke-kun, to cheer and support him—to be his strength—Sakura doesn’t want to risk Ino’s retaliation should the platinum blond inadvertently learn from Naruto that she stayed with Sasuke when she didn’t have to. With a muscle-tearing hurt in her chest, Sakura glumly tells Kakashi, “Sensei, I’ll stay with Tsunami-san.” She turns to an absolutely seething Sasuke-kun and tells him with pitiful cheer, “I know you can do it Sasuke-kun-”

“Just shut up and leave!”

Though hurt, Sakura is empathetic to Sasuke-kuns feelings of embarrassment and so truly knows he doesn’t mean to snap at her. She leaves her sensei and her love.






From behind Haku, Gatō and his two guards enter the moderately room unannounced, though the Kiri-nin heard them well before they reached the room. Zabuza is laying in bed while Haku tends to his wounds.

“You Kiri-nin must be worthless,” Gatō spits. “I’m not paying you to lay about.”

Zabuza says nothing so then neither does Haku.

Walking up to the bed like he’s in no danger, Gatō is about to place his hand on Zabuza. Sensing the kunai in his master's hand, Haku takes it upon himself to act angered and irate for the Zabuza’s injured state, grabbing and breaking Gatō’s hand. Haku not only wanted to keep Zabuza from aggravating his injuries further, but he also wanted to keep his master from brashly jeopardizing their future plans for the Fourth Mizukage with the money they’ll earn here.

“You have a week,” Gatō yells, holding his trembling injured hand. They talk of their target’s family as they leave, but Haku is more concerned with his special person. He can’t care about a family he’s never met more than the person resting before him. His special person is suffering. Grabbing a basket after a quick change, Haku heads into the forest.


“Oh, nee-chan, you woke me,” Naruto mumbles. He rubs his eyes of sleep as he informs her, “ne, you shouldn’t be out here by yourself. It could be dangerous.”

“What about you?” Looking at his headband, Haku gently asks, “are you perhaps a ninja?”

Far more awake, Naruto smiles greatly as he adjusts his forehead protector. “Sure am! I’m going to be the greatest Hokage ever!”

“Oh,” Haku smiles at the cheerful blond. “Is that why you’re out here? Training?”

“Yup! There aren’t any shortcuts so I need to become super super strong if I want to be the greatest Hokage.”

Mnnn, but why?” The question makes Naruto tilt his head and Haku adds, “you already seem very strong.”

Naruto shakes his head at the pretty girl, vocalizing with passion, “no, no, no. I need to be super strong! I have precious people I need to protect.”

“Do you believe you can only be truly strong when you have a precious person to protect?”

“Mmm,” Naruto hums questioningly, thinking about Naru-nii. Certainly, he didn’t know everyone he’s protecting but his precious people are among everyone. “I don’t completely know,” Naruto admits before he clarifies. “I’d definitely do everything in my power to protect my precious people, so yes, but there are also friends I haven’t met yet, right? Just because I haven’t met them yet doesn’t mean I wouldn’t protect them too… right? I don’t know. Like, I just met you today but we could totally be friends. We could be the best of friends!”

“Maybe we could,” Haku smiles prettily, making Naruto blush a bit and miss Kurenai a lot.

“We definitely would,” Naruto states, extending his hand. “I’m Uzumaki Naruto!”

Humored by the very upfront attitude, a smiling Haku takes Naruto’s hand as he introduces himself, “I’m Haku.”

No way!’ Naruto mentally screams, expression of shock clear on his face. “Haku!”

“Uh, yes,” Haku states slightly apprehensively and on alert. “Is there something wrong?”

“Eh? Oh, no,” Naruto tries to recover. “I was just surprised is all. You’re way cute!”

Haku actually blushes as he looks to the ground and recalls why he was out there. “I have to collect some medical herbs.”

“Can I help?” Naruto asks, wondering how to help Haku. “I’m actually pretty good at picking plants. Just show me what it looks like.” After Haku shows him the plant, they both begin searching and picking all the while Naruto tries to wrack his brain for a plan to help Haku.

“Thank you for your assistance Naruto-kun.”

“Ne, can we meet tomorrow,” Naruto asks. “Same time and place?”

Surprised, Haku simply nods before leaving.






Guarding and assisting Tsunami-san was going well until she courteously comments, “you must be very strong if you don’t need to practice with your other teammate, Sakura-chan.”

It irked Sakura that she immediately pictured Sasuke-kun rather than Naruto, but as Sasuke is the only one who can’t tree-walk yet, the Rookie of the Year is the only one in training while Kakashi, Naruto, and Sakura are on guard duty.

Tsunami-san continues, “it’s rather lovely to see someone so pretty who is also ninja.”

“…ah, um, thank you,” Sakura manages around her trepidation.

“I’ve heard from father your teammate has defeated all the attackers you met along the way here. Naruto-kun must also be very strong.”

Internally, Sakura heaves as she makes a mental note to switch with Naruto tomorrow and weakly mentions, “we’re all very strong.”






Ino is running to meet the beautiful Jōnin-sensei at the entrance of the Hospital. Kurenai smirks as the girl isn’t running because she’s late, but because she wants to be right on time, and Kurenai is amused by that. Ino stops before her at eleven on the dot, before she bids her good morning and they walk to the recovery ward. After the nurse confirms with Iruka that he’s up for visitors, the kunoichi walk into his room.

Kurenai and Ino had already heard the lower half of his body is paralyzed, though knowing it and seeing it are two completely different things. It was hard for them to see. For Kurenai, this is a fellow sensei and comrade who was injured protecting a student from a traitorous sensei. And for Ino, the nice Chūnin had been her teacher for years. To see a man who taught her the principles, the foundations, of what it means to be a Konoha ninja, so broken was heart-wrenching.

Though the bed is the standard hospital bed, soft shapes are placed around his form to keep him upright with his limbs properly bent. Iruka smiles at their entrance as he raises the back of the bed to make facing them easier. “To be visited by one of my best pupils and the Genjutsu Mistress of Konoha,” Iruka sings. “How did I get so lucky to see such beautiful ladies today?”

“That’s kind of you to say Umino-sensei,” Kurenai starts while Ino smiles mournfully at the compliment.

“Please, Iruka is fine,” he asserts with a wave. “Have a seat. What can I do for you?”

After moving seats close to his bed, Kurenai explains from the beginning. “Some weeks back, I enlisted the help of Uzumaki Naruto. It was a mundane task but I’ve since had many chances to speak with him and he’s mentioned you a number of times.” Iruka chuckles with a wide grin as Kurenai adds, “to hear him talk, you were the only sensei in the Academy.”

“Yeah, well, he’s was a troublesome one, but I was happy to learn he has a good heart,” Iruka happily expresses.

“I have to admit, Umino-”

“Iruka,” he repeats.

“Iruka-san,” Kurenai corrects with a small smile. “He’s mentioned some things that don’t make sense.”

“Such as,” Iruka wonders, though he likely knows.

“His education is of special interest to me, or the lack thereof,” Kurenai begins. “I’ve come to learn that not long after he graduated, he can tree-walk, water-walk, perform A-Rank jutsu, and he seems to have an absurd amount of chakra. His Kage Bunshin, in particular, can last far longer than what would normally be life-threatening to the majority of shinobi, and he seems to have an unfathomable potential to learn, which completely contradicts his class rank.”

“You’re kidding,” Iruka gasps, taking each remark about his favored student with more and more brow-raising astonishment. “Are you sure we’re talking about the same Naruto? Blond spiky hair, blue eyes, whisker birthmarks?”

The raven-haired beauty nods and adds, “somehow, he learned on his own the reason he couldn’t do the Bunshin no Jutsu is because on top of having large chakra reserves, he has large Tenketsu and I don’t have to tell you how exceedingly difficult it would be for him to attempt justsu that only requires a minimal amount of chakra.”

“No, yes,” Iruka hums in deep contemplation. “Like trying to accurately tip a full barrel of water into a teaspoon without spilling. He’d have an easier time learning S-Rank jutsu than D-Rank.”

A monumentally bewildered Ino tries to make sense of this information, crunching her face confused as she asks, “excuse me, sensei, but are you trying to say that Naruto is actually strong? Like he’s been strong this whole time even though he failed to graduate three times and is the Dead Last of our class?”

“Oh, how I hate that title,” Iruka mumbles. Despite having used it many times herself, Kurenai is growing more and more tired of hearing it as well, especially to describe Naruto. Iruka then explains to the platinum-blond genin, “Ino-chan, rather than thinking of the Academy’s final test as the ultimate authority on the intelligence or ability of every single student, wonder instead if standardized tests only work with standard shinobi.”

“Um,” Ino hums trying to understand, then asking, “you mean to say that Naruto isn’t normal. Like Kurenai-sensei said, his tenketsus are apparently larger, meaning he would have a hard time utilizing low chakra techniques.”

“Yes,” he agrees with a proud smile, and adds, “but more than that, more than Naruto’s specific example. If the final test was instead the Nara’s Shadow Bind, how well do you think others would perform then? What if the final test was water-walking? How well do you think Naruto-kun would do? It’s not unlike judging a fish by its ability to climb a tree. Why wouldn’t everyone in the class, including the fish, not believe it has no talent after failing such a simple test?”

“All students can learn and succeed, Ino-chan, but not all at the same time and in the same ways,” Kurenai reinforces, happy to know there are some instructors out there who are genuinely passionate about teaching.

“I guess, but he still did poorly in class,” Ino cautiously points out. She’s smart enough to see both these sensei have positive opinions of Naruto despite the mountain of evidence, or maybe a hill of evidence at this point, that says otherwise.

“Is there any credibility to the grading of his tests?” Kurenai asks, recalling Hinata’s claims of unfairness when grading his tests. “I’ve been informed that despite answering questions correctly, he still receives zeros.”

“Ah,” Iruka says with clear embarrassment. “While I wouldn’t say he answers everything correctly, I can, in fact, confirm that behavior among the staff.”

“Can you tell me which instructor,” Kurenai asks.

“All of them,” Iruka sadly states. “Any sensei that can use tests to reinforce their bias of him, did so repeatedly. What’s more is if his text manuals were ever lost or stolen, he would not be issued another one.”

Still irate by her experience in his sandals at the market, to only hear about how he was apparently treated in school, Ino couldn’t help but ask, “so then how-”

“He used to break into the Academy’s library late at night,” Iruka sadly mentions. “I caught him once,” Iruka adds with a smile. “I’m sure that’s how he started breaking into places.”

“It’s that systemic…” Kurenai wishes she can say she’s surprised but at this point the picture of Naruto’s life is clear. Any way or method Naruto could be screwed over, he was. Ino couldn’t believe what she was hearing. She was so sure he was just an idiot, but now two intelligent adults are saying different, and after playing as Naruto for a day, she couldn’t completely deny it.

“I- …okay,” Ino speaks, clearing her troubled mind. “Not that I don’t believe you, and truth be told, the way he acts out makes even more sense now, but this is hard to accept, mainly because I don’t get why everyone hates him so much. How could so many people hate one boy for no other reason than being an orphan? It just doesn’t add up.”

“You’re right Ino-chan,” Iruka glumly states, weakly slamming his head against his pillow. “It saddens me to say when I first met him, not only did I not understand him, but I didn’t want to. I had my own personal reasons for refuting him, you see.” Kurenai didn’t need to hear why but it’s forbidden to talk about so Ino can’t completely understand. “While it’s surprising he’s learning that much in such a short period of time, his enthusiasm isn’t. In my personal experience, I was happy to learn the one thing about Naruto you can always count on.”

“What’s that?” Ino asks.

“That boy never gives up,” Iruka asserts with a smile. “Orphaned from birth, a child of poverty, nearly all his sensei belittle his intelligence, hated by everyone, mistreated by most, attacked and beaten by some; you would think someone going through all that for years and years would simply give up or turn to hate and violence. But not Naruto. He fights that much harder, like something I’ve never seen before. He gives me hope… that this world can be a better place and it’s why I’ll defend him with my very life.”

The strength of his eyes as both women felt his conviction was palpable. Laying paralyzed only aided the truth of his words, and more than Kurenai, Ino was in awe that someone would actually go so far for Naruto of all people. One of her favorite sensei’s positive opinion of him made her uncomfortable as she thought of all her insulting thoughts, taunts or abuse of him. Kurenai simply felt impressively pleased to know more about the loud blond and finds herself hoping he’ll come back soon.

The remainder of the visit was reformed to pleasantries while both kunoichi nest deep in thought about a blond genin they thought they knew.






It would’ve been a fun couple of days if not for a few things.

One, Naruto keeps creaming his pants after constant wet dreams. The reality of Naruto’s morning generally finds him in the washroom cleaning his boxers of a heaping quantity of spunk before anyone else is awake, wishing over and over to get back to Kurenai soon. It doesn’t help that Tsunami-nee is really pretty and bends over often. She may be a mother, but she still has an attractive figure. This has been a constant problem he attempts to remedy through excessive training.

Two, Sasuke refuses to acknowledge Sakura, which Naruto can see hurts her. The fact that it hurts her, means it hurts Naruto and he just wants to punch Sasuke for not realizing how amazing their pink-haired teammate is, repeatedly making him wonder, ‘what does she even see in that asshole!

Living together in close proximity like they all are, sharing the washroom, the dining table, and chores, Naruto can’t help but see the introverted attitude the Teme seems to have with them is ever-present. For some odd reason, Naruto always imagined that once he returned to his home, he would relax and smile more or something to that effect. Witnessing how wrong he is, Naruto can’t help but wonder why Sakura-chan would prefer someone so mean to her over someone who actually cares about her.

Lastly, neither Narutos have yet to figure out how to help Haku. Naruto and Haku talk every day for an hour in the forest and it’s been one of the best times he’s ever had with another boy near his age. At two years apart, the eighteen-year-old brunette is super nice and funny, and though it unnerves him how girly he looks, he’s super thrilled to have met him. With every new piece of information the Narutos learn, they wonder if a plan might form that would actually work considering who Haku’s special someone is.

A big part of the problem is, and isn’t, Zabuza. If Zabuza dies at their hands, Haku may not want to be friends anymore, or even come to Konoha with them. If Zabuza lives, the Narutos don’t think Haku would leave him to live a different life. Naruto himself wouldn’t leave Ji-chan or Iruka-sensei, so how could they expect Haku to leave Zabuza? The Narutos are stuck on this point, however, they’re currently content to hang around with the Hunter-nin.

“You don’t have to guard me,” Tsunami tells Naruto. He and seven clones are sitting at the dinner table trying to cut a leaf with chakra alone. It’s been going well. After weeks of trying he’s finally seeing some real progress. Naruto turns to the pretty mother as she explains, “I know how much father enjoyed having you with him. He said you and your clones helped construction move thirty-seven percent faster, which is incredible.”

Naruto chuckles as he responds, “yeah, I have a lot of energy and I wanted to help.”

“Ah, to be young again,” she says whimsically with a smile. “I think it’s a nice… to see that side of a ninja.”

Confused, Naruto asks, “what do you mean?”

“Forgive me,” Tsunami says. “I only mean to say it’s nice that ninja can help build. We here primarily know about their strength to destroy rather than help. Father’s told me how much you want to help us, and from the bottom of my heart I can’t thank you enough.”

“No sweat,” Naruto proudly tells her with a big smile.

“Naruto-kun,” Tsunami calls. “Is it true you changed into my father on your journey here?”


“That’s just so unbelievable,” Tsunami states with a giggle. Naruto puts his fingers together and henges into her father, to her joyful surprise. “Oh my! You look exactly like him.”

Naruto hunches his back like Tazuna does, pretends to look around the room in confusion and mimics his voice, saying, “Tsunami, be a dear and help me find my glasses.” As they’re already on Naruto-Tazuna’s face, Tsunami laughs at the dead-on impersonation. “Why I can’t find those blasted things anywhere!”

When Naruto changes back to himself, Tsunami claps for the performance and even the clones join in. The next morning, Kakashi-sensei rotates their assignments again as it seems Sasuke finally learned tree-walking. He certainly did it faster but Naruto didn’t care about that.






Kurama was irate, displeased, frustrated, and anxious. After establishing a connection through the seal to communicate with his container, the puny blond no bigger than his nail runs up to the damn gate. The sight of his grin annoyed Kurama further, forcing the great chakra beast to pace to alleviate his aggravation.

In the dark dankness of his seal, Naruto noted, “it’s pretty rare for you to call me down. What’s up?”

Kurama used to live for the land gifted to him by his father; the peace and tranquility his father’s land provided him. Even now it aches to think of that loss. Kurama did not want to be sealed, however, he did not want to be controlled even more. The loss of his father, then siblings, and then even his land to then be controlled and hated by so many, the only source of comfort, of peace in all this is the few moments his brat container has with his mate. And now he’s been cut off. Pacing angrily within the large cavern beyond the gold prison bars, Kurama demands to know, “why has it been so long?”

Naruto tilts his head confused, angering the chakra beast further. To Naruto, they’ve only had a handful of conversations since they first exchanged names and the Kyūbi has been surly in every one. Their conversations don’t even feature much more than Naruto’s pathetic development in tapping into his chakra. Naru-nii confirmed there are several transformations that happen depending on the amount of Kyūbi chakra he takes in, but he hasn’t been able to reach the first transformation yet. Though that has more to do with time constraints then ability—his team, Kurenai, and Naru-nii’s training take up most of his waking hours.

With squinted eyes, Naruto asks the bristling Kyūbi, “why is ‘what’ taking so long?”

“YOu…” Kurama cuts himself off, angrily grumbling as he moves to the gate and settles comfortably on his front paws to closer inspect the blond. “I thought you were a human of your word.”

“What?” Naruto snaps, growing more confused. “I am!”

“Than why haven’t you mated,” Kurama surly asks. Seeing the shocked confusion on his face, Kurama raises himself to look down on the puny brat. “You said you reached a deal with your mate that guaranteed carnal satisfaction. I’m so disgusted with myself for believing you, a human!”

“Wha- Ne, Kurama,” Naruto sputters, completely thrown off by this weird topic of conversation. “You know I’m on mission, right?”

“And?” Kurama retorts. “I’m the strongest of the tailed beasts! I shouldn’t have to wait to feel something other than this dark abyss!”

“Well, I mean,” Naruto tries, unsure how to respond. “There’s not really much I can do until I get back. Trust me, after the week I’ve been having, I want to get back as much as you do!”

“As the container of the greatest tailed-beasts, I demand you mate with your teammate!”

“What?” a shocked Naruto hollers, though he blushes profusely, nearly making Kurama laugh. “I can’t just sleep with Sakura-chan!”

“Have you asked her,” Kurama returns smugly.

Pulling up short, Naruto mumbles, “well, no, but- BUT I don’t need to ask her, you big dummy! She doesn’t even love me!”

“That explains nothing,” Kurama shrugs off. “Why should I deem you worthy of my chakra when you’re unable to even mate regularly?”

“Hey now,” Naruto tries to reason with the oddly bratty Nine-Tails. “Come on, cut me some slack, will ya? It’s pretty amazing that I even have Nai-chan training me-”

“More!” Kurama interjects. Naruto looks confused and exhausted as Kurama adds, “you must gain more power to attract more mates. You will continue training with my chakra and when you are as great as I, you will acquire more mates.”

“You remember we’re supposed to be stopping that masked dude from taking all the Bijuu right? Your brothers and sisters?”

“An impossible task since you can’t even handle the strength of a single one of my tails!” Kurama verbally jabs and Naruto’s shoulders sag. “You must train harder. It’s clear to me, the more power and attention you receive, the easier it will be to attain willing mates.”

“…I guess,” Naruto questions. “But I’m kinda hoping to marry just one, so how about I just have a lot of sex with one. I mean it’s not like you can tell who I’m having sex with, so why would I need multiple women?”

“…I suppose that would also work,” Kurama agrees. “That will be your price, brat. For my continued support against Madara’s plans, you will acquire a life-long mate designated for frequent copulation… or multiple mates. As long as you don’t lose to the other Jinchūriki, I don’t care which.”

Naruto throws his head back rolling his eyes before he says, “how about we just keep training on using more of your chakra without losing my mind and we’ll worry about who I have sex with later?”

“More, brat,” Kurama reminds him with hard eyes and growl. “Moooooorrreee.”

With a deep exhale of air, Naruto nods, “I got it, I got it. I know it’s not fun here and I really want us to be like Naru-nii and future-Kurama, so for the both of us, I’ll definitely try. We’re teammates after all.”

Kurama says nothing as Naruto leaves, unsure of how to react to the brat’s assertions. Truly, he’s is different than his previous wardens… different than many humans, however, that shouldn’t matter. ‘It doesn’t,’ Kurama stubbornly thinks as he lays down for a nap.






After talking with Kurama, Naruto had been waiting for Haku to show up all morning. Unsure why his friend is late, Naruto leaves a clone just in case he shows up and returns to Tazuna’s residence to find a crying Tsunami on a large brown-haired man’s lap being fondled over her clothes. Try as she might to resist the man with a tattoo on his left shoulder and bicep groping her, she’s clearly more concerned with her son who’s on the floor being kicked by another man with bluish-white hair and black eyes. They’re both laughing until Naruto enters.

The bigger of the two is reaching for his sword while the smaller had drawn it, but neither is faster than Naruto’s rage-filled speed, slicing the neck of the one beating on Inari before throwing that same kunai at the larger one’s head, killing them both. Helping both Tsunami and Inari while his clones drag out the corpses, Naruto asks, “what happened? Where’s Sasuke and Kakashi?”

“They- They said my father’s already dead,” Tsunami wails. “And that Inari would be next if I- if I didn’t-”

“It’s okay,” Naruto states, putting his hand on her shoulders. “They won’t hurt you again.”

“Please you have to save my father,” Tsunami calls.

“I’ll leave a few clones,” Naruto tells them before rushing out of their home.

When he gets to the bridge, he finds Sasuke fighting Haku with his mask on while Kakashi and Zabuza fight it out some distance away. Sakura is fighting several of Gatō’s mercenaries by herself, effectively keeping them from killing Tazuna. Sakura needs his help, he wants to make sure Haku is alright and he can’t let Kakashi kill Zabuza. Naruto simply wants them all to stop. Then he spots Gatō at the end of the nearly complete bridge, laughing as he watches on from the safety of a group of large and imposing men.

For one man to cause so much chaos, to hurt so many lives and laugh all the while? Naruto was sure this is why he works so hard to be strong; to stop men like this; to stop men threatening the lives of innocent people, in the present and in the future.

“Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!” Thirty puffs of white smoke reveal thirty angry clones of Naruto. It’s more than he uses for training but as he knows they won’t exist for too long, he’s positive they won’t be too draining. Naruto sends fifteen to aid Sakura, confident she’ll manage his clones to perfection since he always has the hardest time when she leads them in their sparring sessions. Ten attack Gatō’s men from the front while the other five jump over the bridge to travel under it.

Wondering if the dome is the same one Naru-nii described, Naruto jumps inside the cage made of ice-mirrors and finds Sasuke’s cut up and bleeding but noting no severe injuries as his raven-haired teammate yells, “you idiot! Why would you jump inside?! What kind of shinobi are you!?”

Irked at being yelled at for trying to help, Naruto throws back, “wha- one who can water-walk! Which is a hell of a lot more than I can say about you!”

“Tch,” Sasuke coughs, before turning to the ice mirrors and yelling, “Katon: Gōkakyū no Jutsu!” Sasuke’s fireball may be large but it doesn’t damage the mirrors, to which Haku notes, “they won’t melt with that level of firepower.”

“He’s right, that’s pretty weak,” Naruto points out.

“Shut up!” Sasuke yells back.

“You shouldn’t have come here,” the hunter-nin tells Naruto before all the mirrors light up and fire senbon after senbon at the pair of Konoha ninjas. They prick and cut all over but the attacks are shallow and non-lethal, and thanks to Naru-nii, Naruto knows why. Haku doesn’t want to kill. Haku’s not a killer. It hurts Haku to do this, and from what Naru-nii said, Zabuza knows this as well.

When the onslaught of long needles finally subsides, both Naruto and Sasuke are thrown roughly on their backs. Though he feels like he’s got a thousand little cuts aching all over his body Naruto stands, calling out to the mirrors, “I had to come Hunter-nin! Zabuza owes me his stupid sword!”

Though Zabuza and Kakashi only focus on each other, Zabuza responds amused, “Oh, the comedian is back.”

“Uzumaki Naruto, the ninja who beat you!” Naruto yells proudly, muzzling most of the action on the bridge. “Get it right!”

“Whine all you like, boy, but you beat nothing,” Zabuza claims. “A pathetic brat like you could never take Kubikiribōchō from me. You’ll die right where you are.”

“We’ll see about that,” Naruto calls before turning to the masked Haku. “Ne, Hunter-nin, you’ll learn soon enough, but I won’t die until I become the greatest Hokage ever!” Snapping his fingers together, Naruto cries from the pit of his stomach, building not only his vocal outcry but his profuse reserve of chakra. Like the second stage of Rasengan—power—Naruto increases the volume and output of his spirit energy, forcing his abundant reserves to the precipice of his large tenketsus and holding the buildup there until the pain cascades throughout his entire muscle system. If he could see himself, he’d know, like the others watching him, how awash he is with blue luminescent power shrouding his crouched form.

Through the painful ripping, he howls, “Tajuu, Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!”

A mountain’s worth of white smoke puffs before the entire mirror dome fills with Narutos. While some escape and break the mirrors from the outside, some attack from the inside, smashing one mirror after another until Haku flies out of his Ice jutsu. Though reeling from the burst of energy, Naruto rushes the much faster boy. The speed of Haku’s fist snap against Naruto’s face, stomach or any opening the Hunter-nin could easily land, but Naruto is relentless.

Despite losing in taijutsu, sharp pain is no reason to stop or slow. He takes as much pain as Haku can dish, battling to absurd ends for this brunette boy and his future counterpart. Naruto’s clones disperse one at a time, causing constant smoke as both boys trade blow for blow, converting a loss of footing into a strike at distance, parrying one punch into an effortless counter, and though it appears one-sided, Naruto doesn’t relent, putting his all into more… into feeling more truth. Naruto is learning who he is fighting a newly found friend and he won’t stop; not until Haku gives him a reason too.

Despite lacking in skill, the more Naruto fights on, the more his body adapts and the more he sees. Then, as sudden as the next sharp inhale, Naruto moves faster than he’s ever felt, stopping and evading more than he had before—countering and deflecting more—until Naruto finally feels it. That hesitation. The physical conversation between them, tells Naruto that Haku doesn’t want to do this. Naruto can somehow feel that Haku’s fists ache to hit him, and they don’t want to anymore. It’s all Naruto needed to clearly see the oncoming strike, palm it in his strong grip, keeping a huffing Haku in place while Naruto rears back his own fist, drawing energy not just from the rotation of his entire body, but with the strength of his convictions… of what this means to win.

Like a tight spring snapping free, Naruto slams his unwavering fist directly into Haku’s mask with an impossibly heavy ‘thrack!’ The Hunter-nin is launched a great distance away, hitting the ground with a hard thud before rolling farther. If Naruto didn’t have legitimate reasons behind this fight, it would’ve hurt him even more to do that to someone he cares about, and that horrible anguish rises violently from his taut stomach.

AAAAAHHHHHH,” Naruto screams to the heavens, wrecked with raw emotions. “ZABUZA!” With less fog and fewer clones, Naruto vaguely sees Kakashi and Zabuza still facing off, though both are paying more attention to him and Haku. “I’m coming for your weapon!” Unbeknownst, to Naruto and Sasuke, a water clone of Zabuza materializes threateningly behind Sasuke before the Demon of Hidden Mist tells Kakashi, “don’t even think of interfering, Kakashi. Or my clone kills your little pet.”

Zabuza immediately breaks away from Kakashi at break-neck speed, shouting at the blond ninja, “you want it, brat? You got it!” Zabuza was truly a monster and he was on Naruto in seconds, bringing down his enormous sword with great stone cutting speed. A kunai in each hand and chakra constantly flowing from each foot, all Naruto could manage was evading or blocking, getting cut no matter what. Even if Naruto blocks a direct assault, the concussive force alone is enough to rattle his skull, deafen his ears, and send him flying—chakra suction or not—all the while Zabuza laughs.

“You need to do better than that if you want to beat the Demon of Hidden Mist,” Zabuza yells as he toys with Naruto, confidently digging in little cuts every so often, not only feeding his blade, but his own blood-lust.

Naruto uses everything, every technique he knows, every clone available, every tool in his pouch and nothing could stop Zabuza from having his way—kicking Naruto harder than he’s ever felt, punching him with the force of a sledgehammer, cutting into aching muscle with his sword—drawing more and more blood from the red-stained blond.

“Congratulations, brat!” Zabuza yells, as he parries Naruto’s kunai strike with his leg before kicking him in the face. “I officially recognize you as a shinobi,” Zabuza adds before finishing his combo with a kick to the stomach, sanding Naruto far enough for Zabuza to jump in the air and prepare a downward cut. “Now you can die like one!”

Gleefully, Zabuza brings down a lethal cut, strong enough to howl in the severed wind as the assassin attempts to cleave Naruto in two. Naruto barely manages to bring up both kunai, creating a V to catch the razor-edge of the legendary blade. But even still, with the force of his technique, Naruto instantly drops to one knee, slamming chakra-infused bone and cartilage into cracking concrete as inches of the blade digs into his trapezius muscle, sprouting blood up the side of his jumpsuit’s collar and his face.

“Naruto!” the blond ninja hears Sakura call, but his blurry attention can only focus on the madness of Zabuza’s cold face.

Oi! You dumb Fox,’ Naruto’s mind calls as all strength in him fluctuates and sputters as much as his free-flowing blood. ‘Get off your ass, I could use a little help here!

A large red eye pulses within him and like a second heart, bigger than his head, pumps more disgusting power into Naruto’s small body than he’s ever felt in training. Everyone begrudgingly witnessing the fight is suddenly stunned to see red chakra surround his body and steam the air around. Not a second later, his wounds begin to heal faster than is medically possible and Naruto is left with more power than he knows what to do with…

… but Naruto knows exactly what to do with this absurd strength.

The animalistic blond heaves the great sword up with super strength from is already healing trapezius wound, and rolls forward towards the mercenary, sniping both the assassin’s set feet with his kunai. Zabuza growls in the pain at the kunai embed through his feet and into the stone below as Naruto’s left hand grips the assassin’s right wrist. While a clone lands next to Naruto, Zabuza tries to pull away but the blond’s insane chakra-covered grip is unyielding, until he resorts to striking Naruto in the face to let go—a hit that would’ve normally knocked him out is ignored and healed in seconds—all the while Naruto and his clone are shaping a glowing ball of chakra in his right hand.

“You think you know what it means to truly be strong,” a bloody Naruto bellows passionately at the assassin, though all on the bridge clearly hear. “I’ll show you how the greatest Hokage there’ll ever be protects his friends!” Growling fiercely, Naruto focuses on condensing the great ball of rotating power until it’s perfect. Leaning in, the blond, bloody and beaten ninja slams the destructive ball of chakra straight into Zabuza’s gut, roaring for all to hear, “Rasengan!”

No matter the perspective of the explosive attack; from Kakashi’s, Sakura’s, Sasuke’s, Haku’s, none could accept a small bloodied blond genin smashing a condensed tornado of chakra into a former Kiri-Anbu’s gut and rocket the seasoned shinobi thirty yards away, spinning the taller mass like a propeller all the while. The hard, bone-breaking landing looked like mercy as it seemed like Zabuza would go on forever.

In the infinite quiet of the bridge, a heaving Naruto sends two clones to get him as he slowly walks over to a stunned and held down Haku whose mask is in pieces on the floor. The clones keeping Haku from interfering dispel and upon realizing he kept Haku back while he beat the beautiful boy’s special person, Naruto grows very nervous. He can’t imagine Haku would be happy about that and immediately apologizes, “ah, Haku, I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to beat your special person! But I had to prove to him that friends aren’t tools. You- He-… I mean, if there was another way-”

“…Did you know,” Haku slowly asks.

Confused, Naruto asks, “know what?”

“That the person you met in the forest and the Hunter-nin by Zabuza’s side were one and the same?”

“Oh,” Naruto follows, responding, “yeah.”

“You…” Haku is taken into silence until his clones bring Zabuza’s weakened body. Kakashi and Sasuke close in as the Demon Ninja coughs and sputters blood through his sharpened teeth, prompting Naruto to happily bellow, “oh thank Kami you’re alive!”

The extensively wounded former Kiri-Anbu managed to painfully communicate, “… I… under… estimated… you.”

Anxious about Haku, Naruto ignores the statement to ask, “Ne, Zabuza-jiji, instead of your sword, can Haku come with me to Konoha?” Though everyone is surprised, Naruto ignores them to add, “I promise I’ll protect him with everything I got,” while heavily smashing his fist in his palm.

“No,” Haku gasps, wincing in pain. “Do not ask this Naruto-kun! I won’t leave Zabuza-sama!”

“Why not?” Naruto counters, looking from Zabuza to Haku. “Zabuza-jiji isn’t the only one who cares about you.”

“I’m his tool,” Haku calls back. “I’m meant for nothing more than to kill anything he desires!”

“That’s not true,” Naruto calls back. “I heard you! During our fight, I could tell every punch you landed, every kick you tagged me with, you didn’t want to kill me. You didn’t even want to hurt me!” Haku is stunned to hear the admission but Naruto turns to the sprawled Zabuza and states with a pointed finger. “I bet you even he knows friends aren’t tools. Shinobi aren’t murdering machines. We build! And we protect! That’s my Nindō!”

Haku tries to argue, “well you’re wrong!” But, like his fists striking his blond friend, the beautiful boy doesn’t feel complete conviction.

“…Haku…” Zabuza moans weakly.

“No, Zabuza-sama,” Haku pleads, tears streaming down his swollen face. “Please let me remain by your side!”

“…No…” Zabuza wheezes. “…Go…”

“Sakura-chan,” Naruto calls, turning to his teammate. “Can’t you help him?”

Sakura’s face has been set in perpetual surprise for the past five minutes and is stunned into awareness by Naruto’s direct question. Thinking past her reservations, she turns to Kakashi for his directive when Sasuke proclaims, “he’s our enemy! You can’t heal our enemy!”

“No, he’s not!” Naruto defends Zabuza against his teammate. “He was only doing it for the money and that was taken care of like five minutes ago.” He points over to where Gatō should be, and when they all look they see a group of mercenary looting Gatō’s dead body for anything of worth. “No payment means no job, which means he’s not our enemy!”

With a stiff nod from a moderately wounded Kakashi, Sakura tries her best to heal their once-enemy. Naruto turns to Haku, pleading, “I wish I could’ve met you first, really, I do, but I’m meeting you now and that has to count for something, right? Please, Haku, won’t you be my friend?” Haku looks pained in a way that has nothing to do with his wounds as tears flow freely.

“…Go…” Zabuza adds. “If I… mean… anything…”

Tear-filled, Haku nods once, croaking, “…a-as you wish, Zabuza-sama.”


Even with Naruto’s help, it takes Tazuna another week to finish the bridge. To Naruto’s immense despair, Haku doesn’t talk to him but for, “excuse me,” or, “I’d like to be alone, please.” Naruto tries to give him space but every day, every hour, he’s hoping Haku would search him out so they can talk like they did in the forest. Even Naru-nii’s enthusiasm and jovial gratitude for helping Haku didn’t truly break his melancholy. ‘Naru-nii was right,’ Naruto thought. ‘Haku is a person to be remembered… and now he hates me.

Naruto was expecting worse the morning they found out Zabuza had left in the middle of the night, leaving Kubikiribōchō behind. Though the people of the city threw a huge celebration for Team Seven’s departure, even naming the bridge after him, Naruto couldn’t truly feel joy. Even though he genuinely felt happy, he nearly felt obligated to smile and laugh along with the others. His mind was always empathetic to his long-haired friend and how it’s his fault Haku was separated from his special person.

It was a rather sullen journey back to Konoha, but at least it was faster as they ran most of the way back. As per the conditions of Konoha’s security, Team Seven walk the last five miles toward the village, absentmindedly understanding they’re being observed and reported on just as everyone else is when journeying to the hidden village. Just before the group reaches the large gate, Team Seven can see Anbu guards waiting for them.

“Naruto-kun,” Haku calls in his lovely voice. Surprised to hear from him, Naruto doubts he even heard properly. The others move to meet security as the pair remain and Haku continues, “I’m sorry I’ve been so distant. I know you didn’t deserve that but I had to sort out my thoughts and feelings.” Taking Kubikiribōchō from his back, Haku extends the large heavy sword and presents it to Naruto. “Zabuza-sama would like you to hold on to Kubikiribōchō… as would I.”

Surprised by it all, Naruto slowly nods and takes the very heavy blade, instantly accepting that he wouldn’t ever be proficient with a sword bigger than he was. Looking at a mournfully smiling Haku, Naruto simply states, “thanks Haku.”

“He wanted me to tell you he’ll take it back at your rematch,” Haku adds with a friendly face, though Naruto’s face pales as white as a ghost when they hear Kakashi call, “come on you two.”

As they walk, Naruto asks for clarity sake, “does this mean we’re friends again?”

Haku’s smile is more genuine when the beautiful brunette asserts, “I left the person who means the world to me to be here… with you. You couldn’t get rid of me if you tried.”

“Really,” Naruto asks happily, feeling his energy spark once again. “Really, really!”

“Before he left, Zabuza-san told me, if the world had more men like you, they wouldn’t need men like him. He ordered me to keep your dream alive. And I’m happy to do so.”

Naruto has to hop to reach enough height to bury the tip of the massive cleaver into the dirt so his hands would be free to give Haku a big bear hug.


In front of a stern Sandaime, with Anbu surrounding five shinobi, four are at attention while Naruto is struggling to lean the large sword in the corner of the Hokage’s office. He tried using the metal wire like Haku said to keep it at his back but it was so annoying. Naruto felt carrying it or leaning it against him was easier.

After finishing a quick overview of Team Seven’s mission, the Sandaime sternly asks, “your preliminary report states this Kiri-nin, Haku, along with known associate, the Demon of Hidden Mist, Momochi Zabuza, were an enemy combatant during your mission. And it’s only because their contract was terminated that Haku decided to emigrate to Konoha.”

“Ne, Ji-chan,” Naruto starts, giving Kakashi stressfully harder heart-palpitations as Naruto’s informal response to the strongest ninja in their village flabbergasts everyone but Sakura. “Since we’re friends, can Haku live with me?”

“Naruto!” Sakura whispers her yell.

“Naruto-kun,” the Sandaime begins to reply. “You must remember when to show my office the respect it deserves if you’re ever going to take my hat.”

“Hai!” Naruto straightens. “Hokage-sama, can Haku please stay with me?”

“We will submit her application of asylum,” Sandaime states. Having yet to be informed about Haku’s gender, the older man continues, “it will be reviewed by both the civilian and shinobi council, however, this will be a military decision. Should everything run smoothly, I don’t foresee any issues. However, while her application is pending, I would prefer if you both stayed in different quarters. Call me old fashioned but with the exception of marriage, I believe girls and boys should not share one room.”

“Ji-chan,” Naruto starts, completely forgetting his earlier formality toward the office he covets. “Haku’s a boy.”

“No way!” Sandaime calls flummoxed, looking at Haku’s beautifully feminine, smiling face.

“I know, right,” Naruto sternly adds, groaning philosophically. “This world is full of mystery.”

“Yes, even at my age, wonders never cease,” Sandaime agrees in a wise tone, nodding with his eyes closed. After the room is forced to accept this monumental break of decorum without explanation, the Sandaime rolls the scroll up, calling out, “job well done, Team Seven. For representing your village with exemplary bravery, your mission will be upgraded to A-Rank. All but Kakashi and Naruto are dismissed.”

“I’ll wait in the hall,” Haku tells Naruto.

When it’s just the three of them in one of the most secure buildings, in the most secure rooms in all of Konoha, the Hokage announces with authority, “S-Class Security protocol. Sarutobi, Hiruzen, 000261, Kage.”

Immediately the once bright office hums to life as the windows are darkened and thousands of previously unseen Fūinjutsu characters glow blue along the walls and floors. Naruto hears at least ten locks but he doesn’t know from where. The now dark room is lit by lamps as neither Kakashi or the Sandaime react to the overly hostile changes. After a second of utter silence, the Hokage states, “for the moment, this will remain an S-class secret. The report concerning this technique will be redacted to further reflect how vital this information is.”

“Hai, Hokage-sama,” Kakashi states as Naruto warily adds, “Hai.”

Turning to Naruto, the strongest shinobi in Konoha demands to know, “Naruto-kun, how is it that you learned the technique known as Rasengan?”

Growing less nervous, Naruto answers, “um, well, I don’t know how best to explain it, but, um, when I fought Mizuki-sensei, I went into the seal… at least I think that’s what it was. It was dark and weird. I was in this giant room when I heard a voice. It told me not to pull the seal and then told me I should get stronger. It gave me three tasks that turned out to be the three steps to learning Rasengan.”

Hiruzen eyes Kakashi for a split second before his analytical observation focuses on Naruto again to ask, “this voice, did you see the face it belonged too?”

“No,” Naruto answers honestly. “Just the voice in the room.”

“Was there anything else in the room,” the Hokage asks.

“Hell yeah,” Naruto admits. “A bigass gate with a huge red fox behind it… who’s a bit of a dick.”

“So you’ve spoken to the Kyūbi,” Kakashi asks.

“Yeah,” Naruto answers. “But like I said, total dick. ‘Wretched humans this,’ ‘Greatest of the bijū that.’ I just tune him out.”

“And it was responsible for the red chakra witnessed,” Hiruzen asks.

“Do I look like a charity, Ji-chan? His chakra’s the rent he owes me for staying in my body,” Naruto proclaims.

Hiruzen turns to the head Jōnin and commands, “Kakashi, make sure your students are aware to never reveal anything about his red chakra shroud. This mission and its details are never to be spoken of again.”

“Hai, Hokage-sama,” Kakashi confirms.

Turning to Naruto, Hiruzen asks with more softness in his voice, “is there anything else the voice told you?”

Mmnnn,” Naruto hums, scratching his smooth chin. On the way back from their mission, the future and present Narutos had discussed the likely outcome of using Rasengan in public. Naru-nii agreed it was the right call to use the technique so they set their minds to trying to answer what they thought the likely questions would be. They agreed to use the same idea they used with Kurenai on others, but Naru-nii thought there could be an opportunity for more.

More what,’ Naruto asked his older self as Team Seven plus Haku travel through the trees from branch to branch.

Well, you’re getting closer to the second part of mastering your nature manipulation and I learned it using the help of another shinobi named Yamato, but I can’t think of a way you could meet him and ask for his help without causing a ruckus.

Why did he teach you?’ Naruto asked.

Kakashi-sensei thought he could help train me and asked for an assist.

Do you think we can make him do that again?

Who knows,’ Naru-nii freely admitted. ‘I suppose if they know that you’re ready for that, they might ask him. Since I had to learn it in days with thousands of clones, Kakashi felt he needed Yamato-taichou because he can do Wood-Release jutsu and that helps negate Kurama’s influence over us. You have more time to take it slower so maybe they won’t need him.

Kurama mentioned once how much he hates wood-release,’ Naruto mentally chuckled, thinking how pleased The Demon Fox was with ‘his human’ when Naruto told him they were headed back to Konoha.

Yeah,’ Naru-nii agreed. ‘Let’s just go for it and see what happens. Even if we don’t get to meet Yamato-taichou, we’ll figure out another way.

In the now fully secure office of the Hokage, facing the esteemed God of Shinobi, Naruto snaps his fingers and goes for it. “Oh, the voice mentioned something about perfecting it.”

Taken aback, the Hokage repeats, “perfecting it? You mean to say the Rasengan is an incomplete jutsu?”

“Uh, I guess,” Naruto shrugs. “I’m still working on it so I can’t say for sure.”

“How,” the Hokage asks, keenly interested. “How are you trying to perfect it?”

“Duh, with more training,” Naruto states. “I learned I have an affinity for Fūton chakra, so I thought I’d combine them.”

“Kakashi,” Hiruzen sternly commands.

“Hai, Hokage-sama,” Kakashi states, understanding his Hokage’s unspoken directive.

But Naruto doesn’t, promptly asking, “what?”

“Kakashi will be assisting your training,” Hiruzen answers the boy.

“Oh, now you want to train me,” Naruto bellows incredulously. “Are you sure your precious Uchiha can spare you?”

“Naruto,” Hiruzen calls sternly and Naruto buckles, hardly ever hearing Ji-chan talk to him like that. “This is important! It’s simply amazing one so young would learn the Rasengan, a technique that took the fourth Hokage years to master. Adding to that, it’s also an incomplete jutsu that somehow you intend to add Fūton chakra to is simply astounding! For the good of this village, this is a top priority.”

Crossing his arms, Naruto grumbles under the old man’s stern admonishing.

“You don’t seem surprised,” Kakashi points out, looking closely at Naruto. “This is a technique developed by the fourth Hokage and that doesn’t excite you as I would have expected.”

The Hokage stands at his full height, looking down at Naruto and sternly asking, “did you know?”

The Narutos hadn’t planned on this. Panicking for more seconds then he felt allowed, Naruto goes with the only explanation he can think of, “yeah, well… K-Kurenai-sensei told me.”

Both men are surprised by the admission. While the Third Hokage commands no one visible, “bring Yūhi Kurenai here at once,” as Kakashi asks, “you showed her?” Though the Hokage seems more interested in another point, asking the elite Jōnin, “why does Kurenai-kun know more of your student’s techniques than you do, Kakashi?”

“Hey, let’s get one thing straight here,” Naruto calls out over both adults. He turns and points to Kakashi, stating, “you were too busy with the teme to help me, so, while I was helping Kurenai-chan, I asked if she could teach me some stuff. She said she wasn’t supposed to because of some stupid rules I don’t remember, but she was still nice enough to give me some cool scrolls and even a field pack since my gear was so old. So, yeah, I showed her. That’s when she told me it was the Fourth’s technique.”

Both men are silenced until the Kage—knowing the blond rather well—warily inquires, “and did you tell her how you learned it?”

Nervously, a wilting Naruto answers with a pitiful chuckle, “… Well, she asked…”

“Kakashi,” the Hokage interrupts.

“Hai, Hokage-sama,” Kakashi responds, understanding his commander’s unasked instruction.

Not understanding as well as the veteran Jōnin, Naruto raises his voice in defense of Kurenai. “She better not be in trouble, Ji-chan! She didn’t do anything wrong!”

“She’s not in trouble, Naruto,” Hiruzen says with a smile. “However she needs to be made aware of her Hokage’s position on this information. And as her commander, I need to be absolutely certain she understands what’s expected of her.”

“She does!” Naruto continues to defend. “She totally told me not to tell anyone. I only used it on Zabuza because he was crazy strong and I couldn’t beat him without it!”






Kurenai wished to Kami she was anywhere but here, at a dango shop with Anko, Ino, Genma, and Asuma.

In their pursuit of intelligence gathering, Ino and Kurenai had inadvertently banned Naruto from two of the last few critical shops that would sell to him. Add to that, Kurenai’s scare tactic to get his landlord to fix the hot water apparently scared the lard of a man to simply run off with all the tenants’ rent. Having skipped out on loan payments, property taxes, utilities, among other expenses, the village immediately shut off the electricity and water and if the delinquent account isn’t settled in the next forty-six days, everyone who hasn’t left yet will be evicted and the complex foreclosed.

Kurenai only wanted to meet Ino before Anko arrived to tell her to sell the Fire Slipper Orchid. She may not know what Naruto wants to do with it, but she’s certain he’ll need funds soon. To her surprise, Ino showed up with Asuma. As her sensei, it’s not unusual for Asuma to be with Ino, but Kurenai sent a note to talk about the intelligence they’ve gathered, and that’s a topic Kurenai doesn’t want to discuss around Asuma. It just felt too odd for her. Even as the pair approach her, seated cross-legged at a table for three, her stomach tightens and her skin itches.

“Ino-chan, Asuma-sensei,” Kurenai addresses.

“Kurenai,” Asuma states taking a seat. “First Naruto-kun, and now Ino-chan. As her sensei, I didn’t want to pressure her too much to learn what you needed from her, so I thought I’d tag along and ask you in person.”

He needed a reason to come see me,’ Kurenai’s mind wonders as she takes a regal sip of her tea. “I’m sorry I wasted your time,” Kurenai asserts. “I was gifted a unique flower recently and I simply wanted to tell Ino-chan to sell it on my behalf.” Turning to Ino, she requests, “please let me know what fee the Yamanaka Clan require to facilitate the sale.” Ino simply nods, and Kurenai can tell the clever girl detects the underlying history between the Jōnin-senseis. Kurenai can’t be sure her own red eyes were as apathetic to the love of her life as she would like them to be, but Asuma hadn’t looked anywhere else besides her which was a dead giveaway.

“That’s news,” Asuma casually states. “What sort of flower?”

“That’s private Asuma,” Kurenai asserts with a tone that left no arguments.

Taking out and lighting up a cigarette, Asuma replies, “must be some flower.”

Ino can tell this is thee kunoichi she’d been looking for; the one that Asuma is in love with. It was simply too obvious to her trained pupil-less eyes, and so she asks Kurenai, “just out of curiosity, would your favorite flower be red roses?”

Slightly taken by the question, Kurenai answers honestly, “yes they are,” to which the girl squeals and turns hopeful eyes on Asuma. Kurenai wants to roll her eyes but her mask of indifference is set.

Clearing his throat, Asuma asks, “should I assume you’re the reason why Ino-chan’s been on our asses lately about training more?”

“I believe Ino-chan to be a very capable and intelligent kunoichi,” Kurenai tells Asuma, making Ino blush at the unabashed compliment. “Does she need a reason for her desire to be stronger?” Though Kurenai is certain Ino’s sudden motivation to improve has everything to do with hearing about Naruto’s impressive progress.

“Oh thank Kami he’s here too,” Anko’s overly relieved voice calls out. “Now I don’t feel so bad for picking up a stray.”

“I’m not some lost puppy, Anko,” Genma responds as they both walk up to the table for three.

“Anko,” Asuma starts before addressing Genma with a bit of an edge, “Genma.”

Genma simply nods with his usual indifference. “Kurenai… and little Ino-chan. What are you doing here?”

“She was invited,” Kurenai bluntly states, growing more anxious. Turning to Anko, Kurenai silently asks with her eyes, ‘why?’ Anko lightly shrugs, responding with a roll of her eyes, ‘no helping it,’ as she drags a chair next to her best friend.

“Since you’re here Yamanaka-chan, hows your inventory lookin’ on red roses,” Genma asks, stunning Ino as she’s brought in the middle of all this. “Hope there’s still some left for the rest of us.”

Kurenai knows how much Anko enjoys drama. As soon as the dango arrive, the buxom midnight-haired kunoichi will be in heaven. Though taken at first, Ino has always had a force of personality that easily helps her navigate any social situation, including the two bulls eying their red target and so answers, “of course Genma-san. It’s our most popular purchase. Please come in whenever you like. I can even show you a few cards your mother may enjoy.”

Anko snorts along with Asuma. Though a genin, her pupil-less blue eyes dare Genma to say anything. It’s clear the girl wholly supports her sensei, but Kurenai couldn’t enjoy this any more than Genma did. Even looking at Asuma now, laughing his big-bear-laugh shoots a melancholy ache through her chest. Her heart is still mending and this isn’t helping. She simply wants to leave.

“At least now I can scratch you off the list,” Asuma asserts.

“What list,” Anko asks suspiciously.

“She hasn’t told you,” Asuma casually inquired. Kurenai deflates a bit when Anko shakes her head. ‘What could I say? Anko, look at this flower a genin gave me. She would wonder why the hell I would even bring it up,’ which Kurenai needs even less. Before Asuma can dig up any more clues, Kurenai ends his round-about expedition by asserting, “Anko, would I be a horrible friend if I didn’t tell you about a flower I received that I’m now asking Yamanaka-chan to sell for me?”

“I’d like you a hell of a lot less if you wasted my time on hot garbage like that,” Anko affirms.

All while looking at Asuma, Kurenai responds, “good to know.” Though Anko had said that, Kurenai is fairly certain Anko is actually interested who gave it to her, but in front of the men, she wouldn’t sell out ‘her babe.’

Before any more can be said, two Anbu immediately appear in a flurry of leaves. “Jōnin-sensei, Yūhi Kurenai,” the masked shinobi starts. “Hokage-sama requests your immediate presence in his office.” Looking toward the others, she can tell they judged the urgency of the tone as well, but all Kurenai can think is, ‘thank kami.


Chapter Text




Running at top speed from rooftop to rooftop, Kurenai had no concrete idea what to expect when she was suddenly summoned to the Hokage’s office. They sprinted so fast, Kurenai’s certain she broke her personal record, reaching Hokage tower in a minute, fourteen seconds. Though winded, she didn’t let it show, employing the shinobi taught Continuous Circular Breathing technique to constantly supply her brain and lungs with oxygen. Seconds later, Kurenai drops into Hokage-sama’s secure black room for sensitive material with not only Kakashi, but Naruto.

He’s back,’ she thinks amused, happy to see that despite some blood on his torn jumpsuit, he seems uninjured. To her surprise, a warm thrill flutters from her heating center. Given the amount of amazing sex they had before the blond’s departure, Kurenai expected to have a hard time coping without, but after every passing week, she felt further satisfied somehow. While every night her morally-unrestrained subconscious dreamed of their next night together, her physical desire was manageable, especially after accelerating her own team's training.

Now in the Hokage’s secured office, one look at Naruto, and despite the darkness of the room, she can see his pupil dilate as they grow hungry for her. Oddly enough, her body is roused awake, transitioning her toned-tense muscles to grow soft as a cushion for his pounding pleasure. Before they can be found out by two of the sharpest shinobi’s in all of Konoha, Kurenai steps forward at attention, “Hokage-sama.”

Taking a seat, Hiruzen proceeds to inform her, “I’ve been told a number of things concerning your relationship with Naruto-kun. You’ve been summoned to explain yourself as well as hear my inclination on this affair.”

He found out,’ is Kurenai’s first gut-wrenching thoughtless response, but as her brain frantically dissects everything, she realizes his tone seems off; not of a man who found out a Jōnin-sensei with a previous romantic entanglement with his son is currently sleeping with a fresh out of the Academy genin… regularly.

Fortunately, Naruto both assists and completely stuns her with utter surprise as he sternly maintains, “Ji-chan, you said she wasn’t in trouble. You’re making it sound like a court-marshal.”

“Naruto-kun this is important,” the Hokage huffs, as Kurenai wonders why Naruto isn’t being yelled at for calling the leader and most respected shinobi in their village… ‘Ji-chan, like it’s the most natural thing in the world! Not even Asuma calls him anything near so personal a name,’ she realizes. Nearly instantly, she then recalls Naruto mentioning a Ji-chan often and finds that shocking revelation impossible to keep from her perfectly symmetric face. Whipping her head from her leader to the blond genin and back, her singular thought shockingly yells, ‘How the hell is the God of Shinobi his Ji-chan!?’ The only way her mind alleviates her anxiety is when she registers this isn’t about their sexual encounters.

The Hokage’s stern voice continues. “Kurenai-kun, in the past few minutes, Naruto has told us-” “Only because I don’t want to lie to you,” Naruto interjects in a low voice. The Sandaime sighs before continuing, “he’s shown you the technique known as Rasengan, correct?”

“Hai, Hokage-sama,” Kurenai promptly answers. “A little over a week before he left for his mission.”

“And do you also know how he came to learn this technique,” her leader demands to know, and in his presence, her urge to satisfy his curiosity is so strong she’s certain she would answer any question he may have, even, to her dread, her sexual relation with the blond.

“Hai, Hokage-sama,” Kurenai responds. “As he did not want me to violate your edict, he refused to elaborate, however, I understood what he was attempting to explain.”

“Is there anything else you can tell us,” her Hokage asks of her, and despite her earlier assertion she would be truthful in all things, Kurenai answers, “simply that he trains diligently.”

“Hmm,” her Hokage accepts and Kurenai is slightly relieved. “For the moment, this will remain an S-Class secret. Is that understood?”

“Hai, Hokage-sama,” Kurenai responds.

“Did you explain to Naruto-kun the hierarchy by which genin disclose their techniques,” the strong elder asks of her. “As well as the common practices of a Konoha team dynamic.”

“Now wait a minute-” Naruto starts to cut in when Kurenai quickly answers, “Hai, Hokage-sama.”

“And he still showed you,” Hiruzen thoughtfully says, more to himself than anyone.

“Hai, Hokage-sama,” Kurenai still answers.

The Third takes a long drag of his pipe, momentarily in deep consideration when the elder finally expresses, “thank you Kurenai-sensei,” taking her by surprise even if she didn’t show it. “I’ve always known how dedicated you were to the future generations of this village, but never more so than now. I feel proud and fortunate to have you within our ranks.” Dazzled, Kurenai wanted to cry as her devotion to her home has never felt so venerated.

Hiruzen turns to Kakashi and asserts, “Kakashi-kun, from this moment forward I expect better.”

“Hai, Hokage-sama,” Kakashi returns nearly like an apology.

“Naruto-kun, your training will be strictly monitored from here on out,” Hiruzen tells the blond.

“What does that mean?” he asks truly curious.

“It means I need to oversee your training,” Kakashi answers.

“Why? I’ve been doing pretty awesome on my own,” Naruto points out.

“You are a special case,” The Hokage admits.

“Because of the fox?”

“Among other things, yes,” Hiruzen admits.

“What other things,” Naruto irately asks.

“…Things like you’re an important shinobi to this village,” the older man says compassionately, adding, “And I have to protect the future Hokage after all.”

Trying to keep the grin from his face and failing, Naruto grumbles, “fine. What’s going to happen to Haku? He’s a really good person who had a lot of bad crap happen to him.”

“I do not object to a neighborly association or even a social one,” the Third evenly states. “He may utilize any of the vacant rooms on your floor, however, he will be on probation for a number of years, the strict guidelines of which will be explained to him. He’s not the first asylum-seeker this village has ever seen and if it is truly his wish to stay, he will abide by our rules until we are satisfied. As such he will not be able to leave this village for quite some time, which means, for the moment, he cannot be a field-shinobi, if he’s ever a shinobi.”

“Can we train together?” Naruto quickly asks. “He’s wicked strong.”

“Only if it’s supervised,” Sandaime answers. “Speaking of… Kakashi, Kurenai, we cannot be so blind to progress by what we think we know. More than any, I understand the magnitude of the bond between a student and his sensei. To my very core, I believe no other significant perspective of tutelage should interfere with that development, that relationship. Many successful shinobi have been produced in this manner, however, so too has it contributed to our failures… my own included. And so, Naruto-kun’s development will now be two-fold with Kakashi as lead architect. Kurenai-kun, I understand you have your own team, as such, I only ask for any assistance you can manage without hindering the progress of your own students. I mean it. You’re no use to me if you burn yourself out.”

“Hai,” Kurenai speaks.

“Hokage-sama, that will not be necessary,” Kakashi begins to explain with the smallest measure of shame in his voice. “My shortcomings are clear to me now. You have my word I will do better.”

“Kakashi-kun,” Hiruzen starts, softer in tone than his authority. “You are by far one of the most brilliant shinobi I’ve ever had the privilege of witnessing, but there are simply some tasks better managed together, as a team, as a village.”

When Kakashi nods in understanding, Kurenai bids her leader, “if I may, Hokage-sama?” At his eye blink, Kurenai turns to the silver-maned shinobi, asking, “Kakashi-sensei, you live in a one bedroom apartment correct?” Unless shinobi are part of a clan, work in a military position that sees no combat, or their family are civilians with homes, most shinobi tend to keep a simple apartment. Death is too constant of a companion to plan for a home so Kakashi’s answer of, “…that’s correct,” is no surprise.

“That’s what I thought,” Kurenai responds then turns to Naruto. Before his eyes dilate and lid even further, Kurenai declares, “Uzumaki-kun, I’m sorry to have to be the bearer of bad news, but your building’s landlord has fled Konoha with all the funds meant for business expenses, which means your apartment currently doesn’t have running water or power, and in another forty or so days, all tenants will be evicted.”

His squinted eyes are doing the math. “… … Wait, are you saying I’m homeless?” he voices before loudly crying out, “Ah! What about Haku? I said he can stay with me. Mmn, no, Zabuza-jiji’s not going to like this…”

“With the Hokage’s permission,” Kurenai begins to suggest. “My home has three bedrooms and a study that could be converted-”

“I’d rather ask Sasuke-kun,” Kakashi interjects. “It would be advantageous if two of my students lived under one roof. And he has more than enough space.”

“Ha!” Naruto laughs at the suggestion. “Not with that huge head of his.”

“Naruto-kun, he’s your teammate. It wouldn’t hurt you to be a little more empathetic considering you know why his home is empty,” Kakashi tries when the Third Hokage calls out, “enough! Kurenai-kun, I appreciate your offer however I would feel more comfortable if Uchiha-kun is asked first. If he disagrees, try other avenues. Kurenai-kun’s offer is the last resort, understood?”

The senseis nod, though a part of Kurenai is beginning to realize how much more difficult it’ll be to meet her blond bed-mate now. She informs the shinobi elder, “Hokage-sama, while possible outcomes are currently unclear, Uzumaki-kun has found a very rare plant that he gifted to me with a market value of seven hundred and fifty thousand ryo.” They all repeat the amount under their gasping breaths as she continues, “I realize apartment buildings range in the millions, but-”

“I’ll have a list of possible properties sent to you,” the Third cuts in. “I will expect progress reports. Dismissed.”


Kurenai’s mind disobeys her moral’s will to stop thinking about how hampered her sex-life now is. Her intellect is rebellious in its tremendous desire to locate suitable alternatives for their lessons to what now appears to have been the heaven that was his apartment. Her mind can’t help but yell, ‘he literally had the entire top floor to himself!’ With Hinata-chan and her all-seeing Byakugan living in her home during the week, and this Haku boy living with Naruto every day, the difficulty of keeping their lessons secret went from an E-rank to an A-rank.

A new location means a new routine which means a higher risk of discovery and all with the same Naruto.’ This is the math Kurenai’s mind is incessantly trying to solve as they walk out into the hall. Kurenai spots a beautiful girl waiting and finds it odd when Kakashi walks up to her, disclosing something she couldn’t hear.

Kurenai’s assumptions about the pair don’t travel far as she hears, “careful, Nai-chan.” Turning around Naruto is leaning the weight of a sword longer than he is against his shoulder and has to lower himself for the tip of the immense blade to clear the doorway. His immediate question after he got her attention is, “uh, um, when do you think we can-”

Kurenai cuts him off just as her own rising core temperature moistens, asking instead, “where did you get such a… actually, why does this sword look so familiar?”

“Mn? Zabuza-jiji wanted me to hold on to it for a while,” Naruto responds.

“Zabuza… Momochi, Zabuza?” Kurenai gasps as Kakashi and Haku walk over. “As in the ‘Demon of the Hidden Mist?’ He’s one of Kiri’s Seven Swordsman! That's- Don’t tell me that’s actually Kubikiribōchō?” Kurenai asks, looking over the large sword.

“You are well informed,” Haku comments standing beside Naruto.

Now Kurenai is wondering why this beautiful girl is next to Naruto when the ever-surprising blond states, “Kurenai-chan, this is Haku. Haku, this is Kurenai-cha-”

“Yūhi Kurenai,” the raven-haired Jōnin-sensei clarifies and she wonders how it’s possible this bowing boy could look more beautiful than many other actual girls.

“We should get going,” Kakashi states, taking the lead toward the Uchiha compound.

As the four begin to walk, Kurenai makes certain Naruto is in front of her while Haku stays beside her, and requests of anyone, “maybe someone can tell me how a legendary sword like Kubikiribōchō, came to be in your possession when its previous owner is a notorious assassin.”

“Naruto-kun made a wager with Zabuza-sama,” Haku begins to explain to her in a positively enchanting voice. ‘He even sounds like a girl,’ Kurenai mentally gasps as Haku states, “if he defeated him, than Kubikiribōchō would be his prize.”

Kurenai didn’t mean to laugh in disbelief, especially not in such an unladylike manner—deep from her toned gut. Without a single denial from Kakashi and at Naruto’s hurt expression, Kurenai couldn’t help the, “no! He- He was one of Kiri’s highest ranking shinobi; having graduating their Academy at the age of nine by single-handedly killing all their students.”

“Well excuse me if it’s so hard to believe,” Naruto pouts.

Kurenai has to work hard not to make it seem like a lovers spat as she evenly states, “I’m sorry, Uzumaki-kun, I didn’t mean to doubt you, it’s just, the odds of a skilled shinobi defeating Momochi Zabuza is nearly 700 to 1, whereas a genin defeating him…” Kurenai trails off as it seems like Naruto is ruffled by her rational objection. Despite being analytical by nature, Kurenai ignores the statistics and simply states what’s underneath it all. “I’m happy you’re back Naruto-kun.” ‘More so now than ever,’ she mentally adds, gasping like she only just dodged a strike to the heart.

With his, “Mnn,” and his wide grin, she can tell that’s all he wanted to hear as Haku explains what happened. Halfway to the Uchiha compound, they all hear a loud shriek that they discover belongs to one of Guy-sensei’s students. The black-haired kunoichi with two Chinese buns in a qipao-style blouse breaks from her team and rushes straight to Naruto, or rather the massive sword he’s carrying over his shoulder.

“Kubikiribōchō! Kubikiribōchō!” she repeats in total amazement. The pretty girl is beside herself as Kurenai recalls her from the weapons shop, ‘Ten Out of Ten.’ Snapping away heart-shaped eyes from the sword to the blond genin, she has to ask, “where? Why? When? Please!”

“If it isn’t my most beloved rival, Kakashi of the Sharingan,” Guy calls triumphantly, causing Kakashi to slink deflated.

“…Guy,” Kakashi lamely greets.

“Oooohhh,” Guy yells with pumped up fists. “That’s what I hate about you, my fierce rival! You’re too cool! Kurenai-sensei, you’re youthful radiance is as bright as the springtime sun!” He laughs proudly while Kurenai can barely chuckle politely.

“So this is Guy-sensei’s eternal rival,” Lee observes with bright, star-filled eyes before whipping around to Neji, likely itching to challenge the genius Hyūga again. Neji simply sighs before walking away.

“Na, Guy,” Kakashi starts. “We have an important matter to attend to, so… bye.”

“Wait,” Tenten calls to Kakashi before turning to Naruto. “My family collect rare and valuable ninja tools from across all the nations. Kubikiribōchō is one of the legendary Seven Swords of Kiri with the ability to regenerate itself using the iron from its victim's blood! What do you want for it?! How about a discount on shinobi gear for life?!”

“I remember you from, Ten Out of Ten,” Kurenai says moving between a senbon-armed Haku and an unaware Tenten. “Regardless of any offers made by your family, your father will, I repeat, WILL stop treating Naruto-kun like a second-class citizen. You can also tell Dānyī-san from now on Naruto’s ryo is just as good as anyone else’s. Is that understood?”

Though Tenten had a difficult time looking away from the sword, she nods once before informing the blond, “please don’t do anything until we talk again!” then rushes away. When the group continues toward Uchiha compound, Kakashi walks up beside her and asks, “care to explain.”

Surprised by the question, Kurenai actually cranes her neck in disbelief as she asks, “aren’t you aware of how poorly your student is consistently being treated in the village; not just by civilians, but shinobi as well?”

Kurenai can’t tell if he is or isn’t aware because she suddenly realizes the mistake she made by leading their walk after telling Tenten off… Naruto and Haku are now behind her and Kakashi. Despite the growing humidity preparing her womanhood for some very aggressive snuggling, Kurenai tries to walk as mechanically as possible, hoping the blond behind her doesn’t lose his head over the swaying of her hips or perky rear.






Naruto had no idea how long he’d been staring at Kurenai’s ass for—vividly imagining gripping and massaging the round flesh as he mindlessly drills her hot honey-pot—until Haku elbowed him hard enough to break his yearning reverie. When Naruto reads the knowing smirk on the beautiful boy’s face, Naruto immediately blushes down to his neck. Turning away from the chuckling boy, Naruto tries his best to control his pangs of lust while they walk, though, looking at the sway and swing of graspable flesh her every step incurs, his desire is continuously testing his weakening control.

“Ne, Naruto-kun,” Kakashi calls from behind his little orange book, bringing Naruto out of his daze.

“Mn? Yeah?”

“If you let me do all the talking, I promise to treat you to ramen at Ichiraku’s,” Kakashi bargains as the walk the empty main street leading to the largest residence.

“Really?!” Naruto eagerly hoots before his mind considers further possibilities. “Wait a minute, shouldn’t you treat us for completing the mission anyway?”

“That does sound fairly standard,” Kurenai adds with a bit of a smirk.

His shoulders deflate a bit but he agrees as they enter the grandness of the once populated Uchiha mansion. Naruto had never entered the Uchiha compound and was astounded to see how grand it was. Despite how deserted the old traditionally designed buildings are, it all looks regularly maintained. Naruto and company just pass the third gate entrance when they meet Sasuke-teme in the open courtyard before the main mansion, wearing an informal yukata with the Uchiha crest on it. Kakashi takes the lead as Sasuke-teme eyes each of them.

“Sasuke-kun,” Kakashi starts.

“Kakashi-sensei,” the raven-haired avenger returns. “You know I don’t like unannounced visits.”

“We’re here because your teammate would like your help,” Kakashi starts but before Naruto could energetically correct him, he continues to add, “I know it’s difficult for the two of you to accept one another, but I believe that’s only because you’re more alike than you realize. You both know pain and more importantly, you’re teammates. The conflicts you face together means something and Naruto-kun would help you just like I know Sasuke-kun would help you,” the elite Jōnin tells each boy. “In the world we live in, you don’t have to like each other to completely trust in one another. So, Sasuke-kun, the situation is Naruto-kun is now without a home. As his teammate, we thought you would like to help him.”

When Uchiha-kun grumbles his agreement, Kurenai begins wondering how easy it would be to sneak into the large compound. ‘Maybe Naruto can sneak out?’ she immorally wonders when Sasuke adds, “in return, I want my Sharingan Kakashi-sensei. You promised and I won’t wait any longer.”

“Fine,” Kakashi dully agrees.

Before any more can happen, Sasuke also stipulates, “I may have a responsibility to the Dobe but I don’t have one to a Kiri traitor.” With onyx eyes of steel, he tells Haku, “call me crazy but I don’t trust you.”

“Fine,” Kakashi agrees.

“Not fine!” Naruto breaks the bargain previously struck, saying, “Haku’s my friend and I’m not just going to let him live on the street!”

“We’ll find him another place to live,” Kakashi promises, adding, “think of how much stronger our team will be if you and Sasuke-kun took this opportunity to make peace with each other.”

“Sasuke-teme doesn’t want Haku to stay, that’s fine,” Naruto agrees. “It’s his house, but I wouldn’t feel right about it. So, thanks Teme but Haku and I’ll find somewhere else to live.”

“Naruto,” Kakashi attempts. “Try to be reasonable. You have my word Haku-kun will be fine and Sasuke-kun is your teammate.”

Naruto knows that makes sense and struggles to sort his thoughts. Despite how much Sasuke-teme annoys the hell out of him, the spiky-haired blond does understand certain sides of the avenger. Kakashi’s right, they both know loss and Naruto understands that to his core. But, what he can’t understand is how someone who is so loved by everyone around him—who is so gifted—can act like a complete douche to everyone! While Naruto struggles for every friend, Sasuke-teme only needs to walk outside and nearly the entire village would love to be with him.

Then there’s Sakura-chan,’ his mind angrily thinks. Though Naruto is supremely happy Sakura-chan is training with him now, and can’t help but push himself that much harder because she’s there, the pink-haired love of his life is, instead, in love with this arrogant ass for no discernible reason. It’s the strongest reason for their rivalry. ‘A now this extra pearly ass-wipe of a teammate wants to separate him and Haku? Not happening!’ “I get that we’re teammates Kakashi-sensei. We’re shinobi of the Leaf so we have to work together, but we’re different because I do trust Haku.”

“Don’t say I didn’t warn you when he stabs you in the back,” Sasuke retorts.

Naruto didn’t see Haku’s fist tighten as he proudly declares, “he wouldn’t!”

The silence that follows is filled with stern glares, ended only when Kurenai turns to the elite Jōnin-sensei. “Kakashi-”

“There are more options than two boys living with you.”

“I don’t even want to know what you’re insinuating,” Kurenai naturally responds, though flooded with guilt. “But I believe I have a viable alternative.”






“Of course,” Iruka-sensei tells the group after a tearful Naruto hugged his favored Sensei, sweetly blubbering his apologies before they explained the situation. As simple as those two words, an excited Naruto and the ever-serene Haku have a place to stay.

The Umino residence was in the more economical section of the shinobi sector, clearly left to the devoted Chūnin from his deceased parents. It was a one-story three bed, two bath—not nearly as large as Kurenai’s two-story home but the unkempt and wooded backyard was more than large enough for the boys to train in. The interior of the home was clearly a workaholics cave with stacks of books, scrolls of essays and student development sheets.

The Umino residence was also far from the main populous of Konoha, and as much as Kurenai tries to deny it, it’s much closer to her house than Naruto’s apartment. ‘That’s something, at least,’ Kurenai muses. She was silent as the boys picked between two equally small rooms, nearly reflecting the equal war within herself. Like an unbiased observer, she observed a mental war between her body’s yearning for sexual release with Naruto, and her moral integrity willing her to uphold decency and civic responsibility.

While Naruto was away on his escort mission, her mind ran the longest marathon on this single topic, going round and round looking for an answer she can live with, because while sex with Naruto is unbelievably marvelous, she still can’t bring herself to tell her best friend—who’s a sex goddess in her own right. It means deep down, Kurenai knows it’s wrong and she just can’t keep this moral burden up any longer. No matter how good it feels, she knows it’s not right and while Kurenai still wanted several nights with him, it was beginning to feel like her nocturnal time with Naruto was numbered.

That was until her mental gymnastics is thrown for a loop with another point of contention: Naruto nearly died at the hands of Zabuza Momochi. With a highly intellectual, visually vivid mind, Kurenai can easily form mental simulations of what it must’ve been like for a genin, fresh out of the Academy, to face a seasoned black-list target in their bingo book… and her chest constricts her breathing at all the ways her bedmate could’ve died. ‘He could’ve died… thirty-eight different ways I can think of…’ and that thought makes her stressed and anxious.

It’s simply ludicrous he survived and it’s left her in an agonizing state of doom to the point that simply acknowledging his well-being with her eyes wasn’t enough. Sometimes knowledge is a scary thing and Kurenai just needed an anchor, something to steady her. Wrong though it may be, right now, the raven-haired Jōnin needed to touch him… to feel his breath… his pulse… his heart.

Despite the circumstances, Kurenai had given herself permission to be free with this boy. She let him in, and to her grand astonishment, she’s grown comfortable doing so. Her body needed to feel he’s actually safe, and yet, she can’t. For the foreseeable future, Haku will likely be in close proximity to Naruto and Kakashi has been mandated by the Hokage to take a more vested interest in Naruto’s training. Sadly, the observation, ‘he doesn’t live alone anymore and he’ll always have company,’ feels like she’s being sentenced to prison.

As the big-dick blond in question creates clones to retrieve the few belongings from his apartment, Kakashi lazily calls, “Haku-kun, I’ll be back in a moment. I need to speak with Kurenai-sensei.” Slightly confused, Kurenai follows the elite Jōnin outside to the unkempt wilderness that is the front lawn. When they were alone, he cuts straight to the point. “Whether it was your intention or not, you’ve undermined my authority as Team 7’s sensei.”

Kurenai expected this and respectfully explains to her senior Jōnin, “it was never my intention to weaken your place as their sensei and team-lead. This simply played out within our blind spot; yours as much as mine.”

Though silent a moment, it’s not tense before Kakashi points out, “with regard to Naruto, the third feels the way he does because of what he couldn’t see in Orochimaru.” Though unsure why he would bring it up, Kurenai agrees with a nod nonetheless. “But Naruto isn’t Orochimaru. I’ve checked on that kid a number of times and despite his solitude, I felt comfortable he wouldn’t turn to his hate.”

“Is that why you’re dedicating more time with Uchiha-kun,” Kurenai asks, though she’s sure Obito fits in there somewhere. “To curve his hatred?”

“If my team is going to maintain its unity,” Kakashi begins to say, ignoring her question. “I can’t wait to raise Sasuke’s skill level.”

Kurenai understands what that truly means, and though she’s aware Uchiha’s introverted personality type is necessary within their ranks and have their uses, she’s not sure how sustainable that model is with someone like Naruto on the team. “You want Uchiha-kun to be the captain…” Kurenai accuses the elite Jōnin. “…as a counterbalance to the dominance of his unstable feelings. You’re using Naruto-kun and Haruno-chan to taper off his hatred of Itachi and his trauma.”

“Don’t expect to reach me for at least a month,” Kakashi easily continues.

“You need to think of another way,” Kurenai tries to impress upon the elite Jōnin. “That’s avoidance and no matter how much better it would be if Uchiha-kun was the best, Naruto-kun isn’t going to stop growing.”

Kakashi disregards her concerns and simply reports, “Naruto and Sakura are more than capable of completing D-Rank missions on their own. You don’t need to supervise. Just sign off as sensei. I’ll also have either Guy or Asuma check in-”

“Guy,” Kurenai quickly cuts off.

After a moment, Kakashi casually states, “it’s not my place to butt-in, but he told us Tomoko-hime is a petty and spiteful person. As the third born daughter, she has little prospects in the way of any significant power or marriage, so she's very rebellious and has no respect for shinobi or her own family. He ignored you because if she learned how much he cares about you, or you him, she would've delayed her return that much longer simply to feed off of your pain. Apparently, she even prefers more feminine boys; you know, the frail, hairless, pretty ones.”

… … Kurenai silences her mind for seconds allowing that revelation to sink in and test the fragile waters of her loving heart and honestly, it only made her angry. It’s such an Asuma thing to do, protect her from pain as best he can. ‘And what? Now it’s okay for me to be with him? After the perfect way he brushed us off?’ Her mind recalls Genma’s words, ‘he’ll be okay,’ and she can’t but wonder if that’s truer now more than ever. Despite the context, the agony continues to drown her chest with heavy hurt.

No,’ she thinks. ‘This wasn’t just that. This was a fear.

Though Kurenai loves Asuma for how much of a man he is, her village places a lot of importance on teamwork and even a friend would’ve been treated better than she was. Kakashi was told, and more than likely so was Genma, which is likely why Genma feels he’s better for her than Asuma-kun. ‘What was he waiting for? Commitment for shinobi who are so often near death can be harder or easier, but could that be the reason why he hesitated? Why he thought it’d be better if I went through that?’ She can feel her heart harden as she flatly tells Kakashi, “he may have overextended himself trying to avoid hurting me. As you’re the leader of Team Seven, I’ll respect any choice you make.”

Kakashi just nods as they both reenter Iruka’s house to find it empty. The Jōnin-sensei find the boys in the backyard and Haku is showing Naruto how to throw senbon when Kakashi interrupts. “Haku, we should go.”

“Hai, Kakashi-san,” Haku returns.

“Wait!” Naruto calls confused, and for once, Kurenai feels the same.

For a moment she entertained the notion that maybe Kakashi preferred boys until the elite Jōnin answers, “Naruto, part of receiving asylum in Konoha is a mandatory interrogation.”

“Really?” Naruto calls with a hint of worry. “For how long? Can it wait? We were going to Ichiraku’s for some ramen.”

“It’ll take as long as it takes and it has to be now,” Kakashi mundanely states. “Just don’t freak out if Haku’s not back in two days or three days. The more information they have to go through the longer it’ll take. Team meeting tomorrow; seven, sharp.”

With a respectful bow to Kurenai and a hug from Naruto, Haku departs with Kakashi, leaving the sexy Genjutsu Mistress of Konoha and a sexually starved blond boy with a big dick and mountains of energy alone in an empty residence. Kurenai manages a gulping swallow before her thin waist is captured by strong, hungry arms, pulling her softness to him like he’s trying to fuse them together.

She can feel his heat and muscle as he moans repeatedly, “Nai-chan,” exciting her nipples to hear such need for her.

“W-wait…” Kurenai tries, feeling slightly short of breath with an amorous rumbling in her chest. His arousal was easily pressing against her round rump and within the orbit of his radiating warmth, her body grows softer, like a hot cushion with zealous lubrication. Without her consent, her ass rubs against his steel rod and like recalling hunger, her appetite grows rapidly to uncontrollable heights. ‘Cock,’ her mind bids as Naruto absentmindedly begins dry-humping against her, moaning, “Nai-chan!”

“N-Naruto… wait,” Kurenai tries, even though it thrills her to the bone at the thought of him deep inside her, spreading her slick walls repeatedly until she cums hard enough to pass out. “Not… here,” she manages as the last vestiges of reason slip away.

Holding her so comfortably tight that she can feel his racing heartbeat, he simply lifts her off her feet and her flexible legs bend back and wrap around him at the knees, fixing herself deliciously against his raging hard-on as he walks inside the house. With every step, her weight presses down on his rock hard rod, growing overly wet with an itching need. She can feel the pulsing shape of his head pressing between her soft cheeks until he just clears the threshold, then she’s on the floor, on all fours, with a magnificently hard phallus eager to rearrange her insides. The realization triggers a massive rush of blood toward her already twitching wet cunt.

Naruto whimpers as he shoves the mesh armor blouse up and over her bandaged thighs and pelvis. Groaning like a wounded animal, Naruto, without thought or permission, unsheathes a kunai, spins it in his grasp and expertly cuts through a binding, unraveling the complex impediment. “Naruto!” he hears and is immediately remorseful… until he sees her pulsing peach, sodden and swollen for him and he forgets everything, including his own appendage to stuff his hungry face in her sensitive womanhood.

MMN!” Kurenai groans deeply from her tight core. ‘Yes!’ her mind screams, feeling his long tongue lap her never-ending stream of honey. Feeling shackled in her clothes, Kurenai struggles to take off her blouse, but when he dips his long slippery organ in her twitching snatch to get at the richer fluid deep within, Kurenai’s mind blanks out as she groans loudly. She drops midway through taking off her blouse as the tension cable of her impending orgasm tightens frightfully fast. It’s been too long, he wants her too much, and after what Kakashi told her, the ever-present ache in her heart needs this just as bad.

Ahhh! Haahh! Mmmnn! Na-Naruto! I’m- I’mmmnn, almost!” she moans. The building ecstasy churns her cunt-connected sanity madly and she bangs her heavily aroused head against the tatami mat. Her mouth salivating profusely, spilling down her chin and neck as the unyielding coil filled with unbridled ecstasy is ripped to shreds when his mouth finds her engorged clitoris and sucks. “CUMMMMM-” She screams, her lower back arching with full body spasms as her strong legs try to snap together, though it’s not enough to keep his hungry tongue out of her spewing snatch. Kurenai screams from within her white and red blouse as her entire body erupts continuously for nearly a minute. All the while he laps and sucks at all the juices erupting from her radiating pleasure center.

Kurenai finally sinks to the floor, boneless in a haze of euphoria. Suffocating in her blouse, she weakly removes the moist cloth and vaguely learns Naruto is naked behind her. She becomes more alert when he lifts her waist to his pleasure weapon’s level.

“Wa-wait, Naruto… I’m still-AAHH!MMMNNNN!” she mewls as he penetrates her sensitive folds to her depths, delivering the exact exhilaration her body has been craving. Kurenai moans along with him, who clearly feels the same. The hot wet connection only lasts until his need to be even deeper in her sodden center overtakes him. With a tighter grip on her strong hips, he drives his meat pole the full length of her gushing canal, ripping a deep moan from her throat as his fat cock-head kisses her puckered cervix.

“I missed you so much Nai-chan,” he moans desperately.

Weak and losing control fast, Kurenai doesn’t respond, concentrating instead on the delicious friction he sparks within her as he pulls out and quickly plunges back in to a wet ‘shloop!’ ‘Wai- I’m still aahhnn…Ahhn! Ahhn! Sensitivvvvvv,’ Kurenai panics but her voice is gone as he pulls out and pumps his massive hardness back in, ripping a, “Cuummmmiiinnnnnnnggg,” scream from her throat. Curling her back and toes as she full-body spasms in repetitive rupturing pleasure, her twitching cunt grips and pulls him in, jonesing for his man milk.

Naruto moans loudly, happily, by her clamping sucking grip and isn’t far behind. After a minute of a full-body orgasm, Kurenai sinks to the mat below, sweating and breathing heavily. Naruto flips her over to see her thoroughly debased and debouched appearance. Her pink nipples on her large breasts stand stiffly at attention, her hair is a mess, shiny and stuck to her feverish skin, her ruby red lips moaning and rubbing against each other and her half-lidded eyes are unfocused and heavily dilated. Inflamed by the splayed evidence of his lust, Naruto slopes against her sweating body, hungry mouth to flushing chest as he uses his knees, feet, and pelvis to pump his engorged need in and out of her sopping mess.

Haah! HAhnn… Ahn… ahhh… Na- Na- I’mmmmmmnn,” Kurenai tries, instinctively wrapping her legs around his pumping ass and her arms around his nipple-sucking blond head. Over and over his unyielding speed is maddening, fucking her like tomorrow is the end. ‘The end,’ her heart clenches at the thought of his near death. ‘He could’ve died,’ it hurts her to realize and Kurenai fucks him that much harder, quickly closing in on a grand third orgasm. “Fuck me Naruto! My pussy’s aching! Fill me up!”

“Nai-chan! I can’t- You’re so-” The horny blond starts to say before forgetting his words and takes enough of her pert breast in his mouth she can feel his teeth as he hungrily sucks and fucks, Kurenai’s eyes roll back as another body-shattering climax ruptures her every pleasure nerve in her body, only this time, Naruto slams in, to his balls, and dumps stockpiles of cum into her quaking cunnie. If the pumping liquid filling her quaking cavity wasn’t so thick, she would’ve feared he was urinating a day's worth of pressurized piss. At the gelatinous flooding of molten man-milk in her quaking center, Kurenai cums continuously, losing her mind in the process and ascending past all problems into pure bliss.

“Nai-chan! I can’t get enough!” Naruto bemoans from the pain of so much pleasure. Despite milking him dry, he hasn’t softened and in her frenzied euphoria, she couldn’t do anything but let him have his way with her. He brings both her knees to her chest before going balls deep with another round of hot beef injections. Her breast swing trapped between her raised legs as he beats on her gushing walls, continuously keeping Kurenai in the high heavens, triggering orgasm after orgasm up and down her squirming body until his balls tighten and he unloads shot after shot of his hot cream. Kurenai sees white for an indiscernible amount of time, feeling only heavily vibrating bliss.

When she comes to, Kurenai realizes she’s in a bed, it’s dark outside, making it darker inside and more than anything, Naruto is resting on top of her, his head nestled between her soft breasts and his groin firmly against her own. At the feel of his hot hard body on top of her, a humming pleasure makes its presence known along with half his flaccid penis still inside her. Kurenai enjoys the tranquilizing feel of him against her as her body celebrates the refreshing feel of a good, hard fucking. It certainly wasn’t the longest of their sessions. The need between them just propelled it to another level of sensitivity all its own.

With Naruto between her breasts, hugging her with a fear she may flee, Kurenai rubs the top of his silky blond hair, enjoying everything about the moment. She doesn’t tend to hug him back when she wakes up like this, but she can’t forget he nearly died. Every ninja in the village knows any mission can go bad at the drop of a hat. There are no guarantees in their profession, but still, with Kakashi in the lead of a C-Rank mission, she had no doubt everything would be okay.

He not only survived what was changed to an A-Rank mission, but he fought Momochi Zabuza and actually won!’ Her chest aches with the statistical possibilities of his death. It’s very possible Team Seven could’ve returned with the announcement that the blond trouble-maker, who shouts to all who will listen, how he’ll one day be the greatest Hokage ever, is dead.

Though Kurenai never really returns his desperate hugs, she holds him dearly now. Her rising body temperature triggers her cooling sudor and she leans down to pepper the top of his head with ardent kisses. Pleased within his slumber, he hums and she starts to feel him grow within her.

“Naruto…” Kurenai softly calls as she massages his fine scalp. It takes several more calls to finally rouse him out of slumber, all the while his penis steadily spreads her sticky and white walls. Sleep addled, he looks directly at her a moment before a wide smile breaks across his face.

“How are you feeling,” Naruto manages to ask before more sensations register. She can clearly read on his face when it registers that he’s on top of her and growing semi-hard inside of her. His piercing blue eyes dilate and are lidded as his cheeks blush for an overall expression of lust-filled hunger. Before he gets too ahead of himself, Kurenai rolls them on the bed so she’s on top.

Leaning up as she saddles his groin, Naruto has the most amazing look of a naked goddess, hard nipples on perky C-cup breasts, long, black, fuck-me-hair of a mess framed around her beautiful face, elegant neck, and toned shoulders. Feeling her weight on his groin with her knees and toned legs bracketing his torso was its own majesty. Naruto was instantly hard at the drug inducing sight of her and instinctively bucks his hips up. But even if he had the leverage to dive in deeper, Kurenai lifts herself just high enough to remove his curved meat rod from her soaking quim.

“Nai-chan,” Naruto tries, sitting up.

Feeling the copious amount of semen in her begin to ooze downward, Kurenai places a gentle palm on his chest stopping him. Sitting on his engorged arousal, rubbing herself against him as she explains, “Naruto, do you remember what this position is called?”

“I- ah, you’re rubbing,” Naruto tries to say, enjoying the way she slowly grinds her pussy lips, lubricating the underside of his throbbing erection.

“Naruto, I’m not going to allow you inside me unless you tell me what this position is called,” Kurenai promises, growing wickedly fond of the pained face he’s making as she rides his thick log, coating it with her juices and his dribbling cum. “Come on. I taught you this, remember?”

“I- mmn, don’t remember?” Naruto calls between gasps, gripping her thighs as he tries to thrust for more friction.

Kurenai takes his hands and fixes them above his aroused head, giving him a much close view of her swinging breasts. “Come on, I know how smart you are.” Kurenai dangles her tits so they barely brush against his hot chest as she continues, “I’m riding you. What are girls called when they ride a stallion?”

“C-Cowgirl,” Naruto whimpers.

Kurenai releases his hands so she can sit up straight. Taking his pulsing cock in one hand she slowly lifts herself and aligns his pleasure rod with her dripping love tunnel. They both groan in satisfaction as she impales herself with his beating sex. In this position, women have much more control and Kurenai easily navigates his thick-headed trajectory with her angling, squeezing him all the way to their mutual satisfaction.

Fully stuffed, Kurenai remains still, slowly asking the groaning blond, “Naruto, why did you think you could beat Zabuza?” Naruto’s response was to grip her thighs and try to fuck her. She dashes his hopes when she grabs his hands and plants them over his head again, leaning in closer to look him straight in the glazed eyes. Her face is inches away and despite being wrapped so euphorically inside of her, her face and red eyes are serious. “Why did you think you could beat Zabuza?” she asks again.

Regaining some clarity, Naruto realizes she’s asking him a serious question; one he didn’t have much of an answer for. He isn’t sure what to think, though the silence is interrupted when she continues. “Ninja survive because we take careful stock of our opponent and use that knowledge to develop a strategy to defeat them or if the option is available, run. What was your strategy against the Demon of Hidden Mist?”

Again, Naruto couldn’t think of words to answer but could see her growing concern. She almost looks in pain to him when she continues, “were you really willing to throw your life away over a sword? There are people who care about you, Naruto. Iruka-san would be devastated if he learned you died trying to fight someone as strong as Zabuza. Your ‘Ji-chan—,’ which, don’t think you’re getting out of explaining that one to me—our Hokage cares about you and would’ve been saddened to learn of your death. I-” Kurenai pulls up short, though her cum-filled womanhood squeezes him hard. They both moan as she wonders if it would be a lie to say she cares for him nearly to the point of love. Her love for Asuma clearly shows the difference between the two but it would most assuredly hurt her if Naruto died. She couldn’t help think how his death would taint her life, make her a bit spiritless… lose her fire.

“I think of you as a special person in my life,” Kurenai concludes. “It would’ve hurt us to learn of your death. So why would you be so reckless?”

Naruto is stunned—dick-in-pussy-forgotten stunned. ‘She was worried about me?’ His mind asks. Being worried he could die is not something anyone has ever expressed to him, except maybe Iruka-sensei when he fought Mizuki. But this beautiful, strong kunoichi actually cares about him like Iruka-sensei does. It actually excites him to learn he’s made another friend; another special person he would do everything to defend. And he swiftly realizes that’s always been his answer.

“Nai-chan,” Naruto starts looking completely in her worried red eyes. “I mean it when I say I’m going to be the greatest Hokage but that means there are super strong ninja out there I have to fight. No matter what they want, they’ll hurt anyone just to get it and I need to be even stronger than I am to make sure they can’t ever hurt the people that mean the most to me. The Hokage always protects his people.” Naruto’s hands move out of her grip to cup her beautiful face in his palms. “I didn’t care about the sword, I cared about Haku. And I didn’t think I could beat Zabuza, but, I just had to. I’m sorry I scared you, Nai-chan. I didn’t… I didn’t think that I could do that… to you.”

This fucking boy,’ Kurenai’s mind yells with affectionate aggravation. Rather than tell him anything, she leans down and kisses him. She rarely instigates this type of affection. For the sake of maintaining their emotional boundaries, her mind simply won’t allow her to cross those boundaries. While Kurenai understands kissing can be a part of sex, she prefers to kiss someone she’s in love with.

Swirling her dainty tongue deeply around his large rougher organ, the feeling overwhelming her isn’t simply sexual or loving, but of gratification, praise, adoration, and triumphant. While she may have her reservations on the morality of their relationship, there’s little doubt this boy—this shinobi—will be someone great. He may have a long way to go to surpass the four before him, but the foundation is there. She can see it. And that deserves this kiss.

He risks his life because he cares,’ is her answer. ‘He still cares despite it all,’ she thinks recalling everything she learned of his daily life. Her awe of him is enough for a make-out session. It’s as simple as that. As uncomplicated as his needy upward thrusts, and as natural as her responding downward grind, it’s the first time they’ve ever have slow simmering sex.

On top, Kurenai takes the lead, rolling her hips and angling his rock hard cock to churn her insides in all the right places. Her red eyes flutter with his every sparkling pull and quivering push against her gripping walls. Her red lips constantly moan and she nearly loses all awareness every time he rouses her melting g-spot. He grips her strong thighs, massaging them as she rides his cock closer and closer to their peaks.

“Naruto, I’m… ahhn… going to help- AH!.. make your dream com- ah! Ahnn! Cum! True!” Kurenai moans with her eyes closed, tweaking her nipples as she nears the greatest drop.

“I’m almost-” Naruto groans, tightening his grip on her. Leaning her hot and wet body forward, Kurenai picks up her tempo when she felt her massive end only a few hard thrusts away, and Naruto didn’t disappoint. He grips her hair-matted face and crushes her moaning red lips against his, sliding his tongue into her mouth to suck on hers as his final thrust busts his balls and Kurenai’s mind explodes with ecstasy.

He moans along with her as her lower back snaps to an arch, quaking and jerking powerfully with mind-rippling pleasure as her quivering cock-pocket clamps and swallows hungrily around his entire length. Kurenai’s buzzing mind only wants to pull as much of him in her as she can, milking him for all she’s worth until she’s brimming with his hot seed. At the feel of his knot expanding at her entrance, plugging her up while he shoots stream after stream of his hot white goo, the Konoha beauty falls forward, thinking along the lines of, ‘he’s going to get me pregnant,’ as she surrenders to unconsciousness on top of him.

When they wake to the aches and pains of satisfaction, they dovetail the previous session with another round of slow, deeply intimate sex and for the first time ever, Naruto has enough presence of mind to play with her clitoris. With her direction, the eager blond combines that stimulation with the sensitive spots within her he knows hugs his cock the hardest until she’s squirting her orgasms and screaming his name.