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At World's End

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              It was their first night with all three of them under one roof so it was inevitable, really, that they’d end up here. With Hermann having been posted up in Anchorage for so long, Newton frequently at the Sydney lab and Tendo based in Hong Kong they rarely managed to all end up together. Two of them from time to time, certainly, and often the third would call in using a video or hologram chat depending on the availability. But it had been almost two years since they’d managed to be under the same roof at the same time and they were going to take advantage of it.

              Newton stood between them, babbling about his flight in and his concerns about how they would handle his specimens that were being flown in from Sydney, as Hermann carefully worked on undoing the buttons on his shirt. Tendo gave Hermann a look from over Newton’s shoulder, eyebrow raised with a hint of amusement while Newton carried on as if they weren’t both carefully undressing him.

              “I’m just saying, they better be more careful this time. They ruined that spleen the last time they moved everything and that was before all this defunding bull shit started. You know, maybe I should request to talk to the council, really make them see reason because clearly Pentecost isn’t explaining to them what fucking morons they are for doing th-oh…” Newton’s words stuttered to a stop as Tendo began sucking at a small patch of skin just below his ear. Hermann watched closely, observed how Newton’s eyes fluttered closed, lips parted softly as he leaned back into Tendo. They were both so beautiful, how Hermann had managed to be lucky enough to have them both was beyond him. One of the remaining marvels in the world.

              The last button on Newton’s shirt finally slipped free and Hermann slid his fingers beneath the fabric to press them against his skin. He teased his fingertips along Newton’s abdomen for a moment before pressing his palms against his curves, gripping his hips to pull him in closer. Tendo moved with him, the three of them all pressed tightly against eachother as Newton gave a quiet gasp from between them.

              Hermann felt hands tangle in his shirt somewhere near his waist. Wasn’t certain if it was Newton or Tendo or possible both of them as they all tried to be close and touching. Hermann tilted his head down, found Newton’s slightly chapped lips with his, and claimed them needily. It had been far too long since they’d had an opportunity like this and Tendo’s suggestion of trying something a little different now that all three of them were there had him even more eager.

              He could tell when Tendo pulled away from them to help ease the white button up shirt off entirely without interrupting their kiss. Hermann sucked at Newton’s bottom lip, took immense joy at the moan this seemed to drag out of him, and then finally pulled away. Newton chased after him a little but Tendo took a gentle hold of his belt loops to hold him back. The tattoos had spread even further than last time they’d seen each other; dipped down along his collarbone and onto his chest. He’d be completely covered someday and Hermann reached to trace one of the newer lines gently.

              Tendo’s hands had moved along the waist of Newton’s pants to undo them as Hermann watched but kept his distance. He felt stifled in his own clothes, too warm for once, and as Tendo’s fingers deftly worked on the button fly of Newton’s pants Hermann began working on removing his own outfit. He flushed a little when the other two’s focus turned fully on him; when they both stared as he carefully removed and folded his shirt as if he was one of the most erotic things they’d ever seen. Eyes heavily lidded, a smile playing on Tendo’s lips and Newton’s parted softly and invitingly. Hermann took a little extra care as he slid out of his pants, his cock already flushed and erect, as he felt a small thrill of pleasure at the hunger in their expressions.

              “You can’t wait to have that beautiful cock inside you, can you?” Tendo spoke into Newton’s ear, hands pushing his skinny jeans down around his thighs so Newton’s own erection was visible. “You still comfortable with your hands being bound?”         

              “Yeah.” Newton spoke breathily, tried to reach to touch himself only to have Tendo catch his wrists to stop him. He gave a whine but didn’t resist too hard as he ground his hips back against Tendo’s groin in retribution. Tendo whispered a curse before letting hiss wrists go to give him a gentle nudge in Hermann’s direction.

              “I’ll get the rope then. Why don’t you give Hermann some love?” Hermann moved to help close the space between them, the two of them reaching and pulling each other in against one another. Now with their bare skin pressed together Hermann could feel Newton’s warmth radiating off of him, the feel of their erections between them as they rushed into another kiss. They fought for control this time, both of them wanting to taste the other as hands groped to feel along the dips and curves of hips and thighs. Both of them wishing to express the vastness of their longing over the extended months and distances.

              “Love you.” Newton mumbled the words into his mouth at a moment’s reprieve where they both attempted to catch their breaths. Hermann felt his heart swell in adoration as he brushed already sweaty hair off of Newton’s forehead.

              “Love you too, darling.” He glanced up as he saw Tendo step close behind Newton once more. He’d pushed the suspenders off his shoulders, undone his shirt though he still hadn’t undressed any further than that. He looked roguish and handsome as he gave Hermann a quick wink. “And you too.” A small grin spread on Tendo’s lips as he rested a hand on Newton’s shoulder.

              “You tell me if I get it too tight or if its in anyway uncomfortable, alright, babe?” Tendo let his fingers trail down along Newton’s left arm to his wrist. Guided his arm back where he worked carefully and deftly to get the rope looped around it before gently pulling Newton’s right arm back to match it. Hermann watched Newton’s face as Tendo bound his arms behind his back, watched for any flickering moment of discomfort but only found that heady lust and appreciation. Tendo pressed to lips against Newton’s shoulder blades and the back of his neck as he got the knots in place until Newton’s hands were fully secured behind his back. “Are you good?”

              “Yeah, yeah that’s good. Really good.” Newton gave a careful experimental tug and seemed satisfied. Tendo leaned forwarded, catching Newt between them once more as he snagged Hermann in a kiss that lasted for only a few tantalizing seconds before he pulled away.

              “Hermann, sweetheart, if you don’t mind getting him ready, I’ll check to make sure the swings set and good to go and then get undressed.” Tendo lingered for a moment, taking each of them in hand and giving a few teasingly light strokes. Hermann’s moan chorused Newton’s this time but Tendo’s touch disappeared far too quickly. Newton leaned into him, mouth eager and needy against his collarbone as he pressed them together.

              “Come on, darling.” Hermann carefully led Newton the short distance to Tendo’s bed to retrieve the lube from his drawer. He lowered himself on the edge of the bed so that Newton could come to stand in front of him. He placed a soft kiss to the head of his erection, earned himself murmur of approval from Newton as he put some of the lube on his fingers.

              Hermann kissed Newton’s belly, nuzzled against it and reached between his legs to carefully start working him open. He teased at first, gentle and careful until Newton mumbled his name in frustration as he finally pushed a finger inside of him. He relished the sound of his needy whimper and Hermann sucked in the head of Newton’s cock to hear another moan. When he pulled back off of it with a slight pop of his lips, he peeked around Newton’s side to find Tendo watching them with rapt attention.

              Hermann pulled his finger free from Newton to turn him around so he was facing Tendo as well; he kissed Newton’s hip as he slipped his fingers back inside of him and let Tendo see his reaction. Hermann followed Newton’s cues as he added another finger, spread them carefully and kept his eyes locked on Tendo’s who licked his lips in anticipation.

              Tendo slid his shirt off finally, worked on his pants slowly as he watched them from across the room. Newton’s hips were rolling back against him now, pushing Hermann’s fingers in deeper, as Tendo freed his own cock and giving it a few lazy strokes before moving over to them. He took Newton by the hips, pulled him carefully away from Hermann now that he was worked open, and started to lead him towards the swing. Hermann took a moment to slick up his erection, eyes fluttering at the feel, before he took a second to clean his hand with a wet wipe from Tendo’s stash.

              “I’ll adjust these once you’re in place. It’s just easier to have them on before you lie on the main straps than after.” Tendo was helping Newton slide the straps up along his legs to his thighs. Hermann watched as he guided Newton to carefully lie across the two main support straps, broad and padded to hold his weight. Hermann let Tendo take the full lead on this, he was most familiar with ensuring Newton would be secure and in place, lying on his stomach across the straps as Tendo carefully adjusted the ones around his legs so they were held off the ground and apart. “That comfortable, sweetheart?”

              “Yeah, that seems good.” Newton sounded a little nervous as Tendo let him hang there on his own, his hand trailing down along his calf for a moment.

              “Are you ready?” Tendo waggled his eyebrows at Hermann suggestively, his pants hanging low on his hips, open and hiding nothing. Newton looked, delicious, hanging with his arms behind his back, the straps holding his legs in a bent position and spread wide. “I’ll give you the choice, gorgeous.”

              Hermann’s heartbeat quickened, his breath caught short as Tendo mouthed at his neck, hand roaming to cup his dick firmly. Hermann pushed into that touch, into his teasing as he contemplated Newton hanging there.

              “I’d like to fuck him, if that’s alright.” Hermann lifted his hand to the back of Tendo’s head, twisted some of his product stiff hair in his fingers as Tendo sucked possessively at the spot on his neck.

              “Of course, baby, whatever you want.” Tendo licked at the spot that felt hot and bruised when he pulled away. He stepped out of Hermann’s way so that he could move to stand behind Newton’s legs. His back was arched just slightly with the hold the rope on his wrists, his ass round and presented. “Are you ready, Newton?”

              “Fuck, yes.” Newton squirmed a little in the swing as he answered, legs spreading a little further. Hermann gave a hum of appreciation at the sight of it, at the feel of Tendo stepping up behind him and pressing close. He took Hermann in hand to line him up with Newton’s hole and helped guide him in, pulling a little on the straps to bring Newton back onto him with them both moaning. Newton was tight but willing, legs quivering as Hermann let his head rest back against Tendo’s shoulder. He felt just as good as Hermann remembered.

              “Wait for me, won’t you?” Tendo nipped at his earlobe as he made certain Hermann was seated to the hilt inside of Newton. He did as was asked despite the temptation to pull back and push himself fast and rough back deep inside of him. To start fucking him without a second’s thought. Instead, he watched Tendo move to stand in front of the swing so his dick rested in front of Newton’s face.

              “Remember to let us know if you need us to stop, darling,” Hermann murmured as he traced a hand down along Newton’s spine. Tendo combed his fingers through Newton’s hair with a look of adoration, cock twitching, long and proud.

              “Yeah, I will,” Newton said, knowing they were waiting for confirmation. Hermann watched as Tendo stepped forward, let Newton wrap his lips around the head of his cock and take it in. He had forgotten how exciting it was to watch them both while in the room with them, to have them there in the flesh. He envied Newton a little while at the same time relished the feeling of his warmth surrounding his dick.

              Hermann pushed against the straps as he pulled his hips back, pulling out almost all of the way before letting Newton come back onto him in a quick and rough stroke. He tried to match Tendo’s pace as they settled into a rhythm, watching him fuck into Newton’s eager mouth as he thrust deep into his ass. He gripped Newton’s thighs, dug short cut nails into Newton’s skin as they both quickened.

              “That’s it, sweetheart, god that’s good.” Tendo spoke quiet encouragements to Newton who was moaning around his dick that was slick with spit already. Hermann thrust a little quicker, could feel that tightness in his balls that signaled he was close far sooner than he wished. It had been so long though and even longer since they’d all been together like this. Far too long apart and now that they were together it was because they were close to the end.

              Hermann looked down at Newton’s back, hands smoothing the small crescents his nails had dug into his skin, as he moaned. Right then it was just this; the creak of the straps, Tendo’s soft whispers of adoration, Newton’s moans of pleasure and Hermann’s heart beat pounding in his ears as he drove himself fast and hard into him.

              “Newton…oh god, darling…” Hermann muttered the words, admired the blue rope on Newton’s colorful skin, watched those lips and Tendo’s slack jawed look of pleasure. He thrust himself once, twice more into Newton before he felt himself fall over the edge and come inside of Newton with a choked sound. Hermann took a few moments to collect himself as he heard the world re-center around him. Opened his eyes to watch as Tendo gave a moan, looking indecent and beautiful as he came down Newton’s throat. Newton, who so readily took it all, swallowing around Tendo’s cock greedily as he sucked every last drop.

              They stayed still for a moment, Tendo pulling back so Newton could take a few gasping breaths that turned into a demanding whine when Hermann pulled slowly out of him. Newton’s cock was still erect, hanging down towards the floor flushed and dripping with precum.

              “What should we do with this?” Hermann said teasingly as he brushed a thumb over the head of Newton’s cock causing him to give a small buck of his hips.

              “It’d be a shame not to enjoy it,” Tendo said as he slid up besides him to kiss Hermann roughly before patting Newton’s ass. “Let me help get you re-situated.”

              Hermann stuck close this time to offer extra support to make certain Newton didn’t slip given his general state. Tendo got Newton rearranged so he was sitting rather than lying on the straps that he lowered a little so he was a bit closer to the floor with his feet on the ground to help keep him steadier. Hermann kissed him and could taste Tendo mingling in with Newton’s own flavor.

              “We’re all set.” Tendo spoke from close by but lower down. Hermann nipped at Newton’s lip before pulling back to find that Tendo was already kneeling between Newton’s legs and holding a hand out to him to help him down. Hermann carefully lowered himself down besides him, folded his legs so he’d be comfortable without too much weight on his left knee. Newton watched them both with wide-eyes and Hermann leaned in to kiss Tendo first. It was sloppy, slow and a bit showy with shared purpose.

              “Guys, hello?” Newton huffed; a pleading and demanding tone in his voice as Hermann pulled away from Tendo to raise an eyebrow at him. They moved to kiss once more but this time they caught the head of Newton’s erection between their lips. Hermann let his tongue trace along the underside of the head of his cock, felt his lips brush against Tendo’s before he pulled away. He watched Tendo take Newton into his mouth and suck along the head as Newton thrust his hips towards them.             

              Hermann leaned down, ducked below Tendo some so he could mouth at Newton’s balls. Tendo’s cheek pressed against his, the two of them close and tangled together as they both worked along Newton’s length drawing sharp moans and curses from him. When Tendo pulled off of him to catch his breath Hermann took his place, taking all of Newton into his throat and bobbing his head to hollow his cheeks out around his length.      

              “Oh god, please, yes.” Newton gave a gasp of warning and Hermann pulled off. Both of them ran their mouths along his length once more as he jerked his hips. Hermann reached up and slipped a couple of fingers back inside of Newton, curled them just so, as Tendo stroked Newton quickly. Both of them lapped at his cock’s head, tongues pressing against the slit until Newton gave a cry. It stringed itself across both of their chests as Hermann finger fucked Newton through his orgasm and Tendo’s hand continued to stroke long and firm along his length.    

              They both waited for Newton to come back down, hands smoothing over his thighs as his legs shook a little and he leaned back into the swing. Tendo helped him to his feet before they both got Newton carefully out of the swing and unbound his hands. There wasn’t much talking after that, small little declarations as they piled into the shower awkwardly to clean up. They would all end up crammed into Tendo’s bed, curled up with each other naked but warm beneath the blankets. At least if the world was going to end the three of them would be together.