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So it can be us

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It all started on a fateful Tuesday. Yoongi woke up in the worst possible way, with his dog, Holly, climbing all over his face and licking into his mouth. Swearing at the poor pet, he threw animal off of him, climbing off of the bed himself. Glancing at his alarm clock, which said 7:12, he realized he will only have around twenty minutes to get ready before his first period started. Being a senior, he didn’t really need to go, but he only had about a month and a half until he graduates, and he really doesn't want to fuck anything up. 

Of course, Karma is a bitch and is never on his side. 

All he wanted to do is get through his day. That all he literally wanted to do. Not get into any fights, and definitely  not get into any fights. But that's where he ended up. In the school hallway, with blood all over his fist from punching someone who was calling a small boy, wearing a semi ruffly blue skirt, a faggot and how he should't be allowed to show his "disgusting" body in school. So, Yoongi decided to show that bully how disgusting a body can really look by punching his square in the face, probably breaking his nose, but Yoongi wouldn't know that because the second after he punched the asshole, he got the principle of the school in his face, with cold glaring eyes, all up in his face. He knew he fucked up from the moment the man told him, calmly to follow him. He sighed, looked over at the bleeding boy, who was slumped against the locker with a bunch of students (and a few teachers) gawking over him. 

Yoongi scoffed at all of the people crowding around the close minded boy. All he did was punch him for bulling. It wasn't even anything. So why the hell was he getting into trouble. If anything the bully should be in his position, which was now, conveniently, in the principle's office. 

Yoongi sat down on the seat, opposite to the man in charge. He was still glaring at him. Until he said this. 

"Your parents are on their way. You will not leave this seat until we see what happened to that poor boy you punched. We are going to have a very in depth conversation about your actions, okay, Mr. Min?" 

All the boy in the chair could reply with was a simple shrug. Around ten minutes later, there was a knock on the door, and Yoongi saw his parents's faces. Pure disappointment. Yoongi's heart broke a little. It's not like he wanted to go around and punch people. He had to stand up for that poor boy, who did absolutely nothing wrong. 

His parents sat on the seats next to their son. His mother spoke first. "I am so terribly sorry."

"Sorry cannot fix an unconscious boy, Mrs. Min. What can fix this little problem, is if you and your husband can get your child away from this school. This is, as you nice people know, not the first time something like this has happened. And If your son stays here, I doubt it will be the last. I think he's the problem, honestly." He ended with a tiny shrug, while the Min family stared in shock. This time Yoongi spoke up. 

"I am not the problem. That stupid boy called the other boy he was bulling, a," he waved his hands around, not wanting to say the cursed word. "He is the problem. He literally bullied an innocent boy for wearing a skirt. Who does that to people? Its 2019? He deserved everything that was coming to him."

The principle chuckled. "I don't think you are understanding me clearly, Mr. Min. I'm expelling you. You are always the start and end of fights. You are a threat to this school, and the students going here." 

"I'm about to fucking graduate-"

"Language, son," Yoongi's father cut in, angrily. 

"-I cant just leave. I only have a few months left! How am I supposed to Graduate?" 

After his little outburst, his mother spoke with a small and quiet voice. 

"I have an Idea, If you would like to listen to it, Mr. Kim. My best friend is a homeschooling teacher. She teaches her son and a few other boys a few miles away, in her home. If Yoongi were to live with them, and maintain his grades, would he still be able to graduate with this school? I know nothing about this situation is ideal, but my son needs to graduate. Would this be okay, sir?" 

Mr. Kim leaned back into his seat, thinking. Yoongi froze in his seat. His mother's best friend. He's heard so many stories about her. And her family. How they were hippies who lived in a cottage and wore flower crowns and were all vegan and shit. He really didn't want to go there. Like, at all. Yoongi turned to his mother, with a questioning look on his face. She simply glared at him. 

Fine, he thought. I deserve that

Mr.Kim started talking, this time to Yoongi's father. "Is this okay with you, Mr.Min? This little...situation?" 

Yoongi's dad looked at the man in charge, and said: 

"I'm not okay with any of this. I really wish none of this has happened. But, If my son can still graduate with this school, and he wont be, uh, danger to the other kids, then yes. All we want for him is to graduate. We wont let anything stop him from doing so. Even if he doesn't care."

Mr.Kim looked into Yoongi's eyes. The icy blue meeting the warm brown. Yoongi slightly nodded. 

"Then it's settled. Of course I will have to meet with this teacher, and we will have to get all of his grades switched, but as long as he's out of this school, then he can still graduate."