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Strangers on the Train

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Sans sighed sitting at the train station, it was another long day at the office for him and he really was looking forward to getting home. Maybe sit down and eat Papyrus' spaghetti. That thought alone made him shiver. He loved his brother very much, but his cooking of the noodle dish was much to be desired. Even the kid had a hard time stomaching it. Either way neither of the two had the heart to tell Paps the truth about it. So, they gladly stomached it whenever he made Spaghetti. Maybe someone would one day come into their lives and teach him a better way of doing it.


He chuckled softly to himself thinking of how happy he was to be out from the underground. Gazing up he admired the jeweled sky that was before him. How long had he dreamt about seeing them when he was in the underground? Now he was hoping that the train didn't show up so that he could just sit under the stars and admire them. Maybe he could go out in the field that the train passed just sit there and gaze at them till the morning came?


Footsteps caught his attention flicking his eye lights down from the sky towards where they were coming from. He couldn't see the person's face as they walked over near the bench, but he picked up the sound of music that must have been mutely blasting in their ears. He strained to make out whatever the song was but really couldn’t, so he just sat there watching them. His gaze moving down to their feet, they had a set of boots on with about a half inch heel. Sans estimated that they were half an inch. Hard to tell since there wasn't much of an arch. His gaze trailed up finding well... were those leggings? They had an almost interesting design to them that had him nearly sliding off the bench to examine them.


Nope, not going to do that. That might lead into other things. He mentally scolded himself knowing full well he was getting rather close to his heat cycle. 


The figure was female judging from the ruffles of the skirt that she wore. Now the colors caught him off guard a bit. It was a mix of blue, purple, and black. With little silvery flecks that seemed to flow into the various colors. Why does that look familiar? He pondered to himself before looking up at the sky then silently chuckled. It was a galaxy pattern on the skirt. Mentally he found himself enamored with the pleated skirt. The female shifted her body swaying side to side. He couldn't help but watch her. Dancing?  He chuckled again. Sans didn't dance much, and this female clearly didn't realize that she might be watched. Sans found himself pondering what she looked like. She was covered with an oversized black hoodie from her hips up. Her hands were shoved in her pockets much like his often were. 


Sans didn't have much more time to really observe the woman from where he had sat because the large metal transportation suddenly pulled in front of the station. Sighing he slid off the bench standing to his six-foot height. Smoothing out the oversized blue parka that he loved. His long black pants sliding down his femur to the tennis shoes he had on. Hated wearing the shoes much preferred his fuzzy pink slippers, but work required him to wear them. Shoving his hands into his pockets he walked to stand behind the female.


Slowly she turned, and he caught a glimpse of her face, well sort of, under the hoodie she wore. His breath hitched in his throat when he found himself staring at a pair of heterochromial eyes. One eye was a deep blue while the other was a pale green. They dark lashes that cascaded around them contrasted her fair skin. Her eyebrows were a hint of dark brown that reminded him of mahogany. Disappointment flared through him when he didnt see more of her face since from the bridge of her nose to the start of her jacket it was covered in a scarlet colored scarf.


Her gaze held his for a moment and he tensed. She was human after all, and some humans weren't as friendly as others. Sans really didn't want her to start screaming because there was a monster in front of her. The woman's gaze softened or at least that's what he thought. Hard to tell sometimes since he couldn't really see much more of her face. Maybe if her cheek bones weren't so covered he might be able to tell. Instantly he wanted to say hi. Why? Well that was a mystery in on itself. For all he knew it was because she didn't scream. Though he worried she might scream if he did talk to her.


That would really suck. But hey... best to see if I can make a new pal... He chuckled to himself.


"sup." Sans spoke watching the woman for a moment. But she didn't respond, she just watched him. Tilting his head curiously he tried to think, then the familiar sound of music reminded him she had it blasting in her ears. And with the fact that his mandible didn't move too much when he spoke well... it was easy to see how she might not be able to hear him.


So, Sans pulled his hand out from his pocket and waved to her, making sure to wiggle his phalanges for a bit of an extra measure. The woman's gaze landed on his hand only for him to hear a soft chuckle from her throat. Ooh, he didn't have to say anything, and he managed to get her to laugh already. This was looking promising. But his thoughts were cut off when the doors of the train opened. The woman gave him a curt nod before turning to board the train.


Patting his jacket, he withdrew his ticket scrambling to catch up with her. Not wanting to part ways with her just yet. Though once on board he turned only to find she wasn't where he could find her. Disappointment struck hard then while he looked over the seats he could see. Nope not seeing that little black hoodie she had been wearing. How the hell did I lose her in a manner of minutes? He wondered to himself before moving to one of the nearest seats. Sliding into the little booth he turned to look out the window pulling out his phone. Going across town took forever but it was the last communal train for the evening. Honestly, he wanted to watch the stars instead of going home right away only to crawl into bed.


When the train pulled out of the station he started to look through his games before finding them boring. Sliding his phone back into the pocket of his parka he turned his attention to the window again. Watching the city go by. It was so relaxing. It would be nice to go for a walk with someone at night to enjoy the brisk air while staring up at the stars. Sans’ mind went back to the pleated skirt girl, did she like going for walks? With a skirt like she had on he found himself wondering if she enjoyed looking up at the stars like he did.


Then his mind took a turn for what some might consider the worse. Recalling the leggings that seemed to wrap snuggly around her calves; going up under that skirt. For a moment, he wondered what it would be like to have her pressing back against him while they looked up at that jeweled sky. The curve of her ass pressing into his pelvis maybe he could shift the skirt up, leggings down and… His sockets widened then in realization.

No, shit no! Not now. Not here for stars sake! Sans thought to himself looking down to find his magic already attempting to solidify down below.


His gaze snapped around him finding there were quite a few humans around him where he was. Suddenly a shortcut home didn’t sound so bad. In that same thought he pouted wanting go to that field and admire that jeweled sky. It must have been a sad sight to think about a skeleton monster pouting because his heat came earlier than expected. The need to take care of the swelling magic struck. Perhaps he could go into one of the emptier train carts and take care of his problem while he still could.


Glancing around he zipped up his parka hoping that it would hide his growing erection and slid from the booth. Walking into the next train cart over he glanced around finding no one there. Though this one seemed to have more private carts which proved convinient for his little issue. Interesting, he had never been in these areas before. Going into one of them he didn’t check to see if anyone there.


It wasn’t till the sound of a bit of a fast beat caught his attention after he had closed the door. ‘How do you do? You like me. And I like you. Come and take me by the hand, because I want to be your friend…’ The song was oddly familiar to him since he tended to watch YouTube a bit too much. He recalled the fast-paced tune to be matched with what was it, Nightcore? Yeah that had to be it. It made him turn fully to find, the galaxy pleated skirt girl. Her body pressed into a corner her legs stretched out on the seat she was sitting on. A phone resting in her lap blasting music. Well that explains why she didn’t stay in the other cart. But as his gaze lifted he noticed her eyes were closed.




Now he was conflicted with the want to stay and see if he could get her to talk to him like he had tried earlier. And the need to take care of what was going on below his pants. Looking over he could see her chest moving up and down slowly. It was a good hint that she might have been sleeping. Before Sans could restrain it, a soft purr that came from him knowing she was right there. He felt the sudden warmth spreading through him. More than likely he wouldn’t see her again. There was an ache for him to talk to her, learn about her. At the same time, he didn’t want to interrupt her if she were sleeping.


Suddenly he was staring at the two different eyes as they slowly opened. Blinking for a moment as they took in the sight of him being there. Shit! He hadn’t meant to wake her. So instinctually he moved his hand to wave at her again wiggling his phalanges like before. The gesture registered in his mind before he brought his hand to his forehead making him feel like such an idiot. A soft chuckle reached his metaphorical ears and he perked up staring at her with his eye lights.


Galaxy Skirt moved to pick up her phone, her thumb pressing down on the side. The music started to go down in volume to where it still could have a conversation. Sans guessed as much since he could now hear the quiet hum of the lights in the small area. “Sit.” A sweet soft voice spoke to him, but it took him a minute to register whom said that. Then it registered she had said it even though it was slightly muffled by that scarf pulled over her face. “I don’t bite, I promise.” The voice came again.


Sans moved to the other side of the cart shifting his parka so that it would cover his now straining erection. Nope, the thought of taking care of that was suddenly out of his mind. Especially in the presence of Galaxy Skirt. For the first time, he noticed also that he was speechless. She moved sitting straighter dropping her legs onto the ground he noticed her boots had been removed to reveal white socks underneath. Would she miss those, if I took them? Probably. He mentally scolded himself for even thinking of stealing her socks right off her feet.


“So, you going to say anything skelly. Or are you just going to sit there and stare at my feet?” That voice came again which made him look up at her.


Did she just call him Skelly?


“uh… well... sorry, i didn’ mean to stare…” Shit, he never had this issue before. Moving a hand to the back of his skull he rubbed lightly feeling a bit nervous. “wait did ya call me skelly?”


Another chuckle came from her then which had him looking at her once more. That’s when he saw her jacket was open revealing a white shirt underneath that swooped a bit lower than he expected. Especially when his eye lights took in the sight of the plump breasts that were there. That was not helping him with the straining magic he was feeling. Not when he could literally count the freckles splattered across her breasts.


“Well, don’t exactly know what else to call you. Since I don’t know your name. Probably won’t see you beyond tonight though either… So, Skelly seems pretty fitting.” Her voice rolled over him with each word making him shiver slightly.


Galaxy still had that red scarf over her face hiding it from his eye lights. Sans could feel his phalanges want to pull it down so that he could take in the rest of her. She had to be pretty without it, but it was hard to tell. Dawning on him he understood the reasoning behind her calling him skelly. Alright then well two could play that game.


“alright then galaxy, i take it ya don’ ride the train that often?” He hummed at her relaxing back into his own seat. Trying to ignore the straining erection that was there. Don’t worry I didn’t forget about you. But I want to talk to her. He mentally told himself.


“Galaxy eh? Staring at my ass a bit were you?” There was a click in her tongue then that had him wincing.


“you’re ass-uming things there, kid.” Sans threw a pun out there, but she wasn’t wrong. His gaze had lingered on her ass but only to take in the details of her skirt. “was just admiring the pretty little twinkles that were there.”


“That was weak, and you know it.” Galaxy scoffed at him but none the less she chuckled at him.


Her eyes glittered with amusement before reaching over to pull out a small bag that was sitting off to the side. Sans tilted his head before she held it out to him. Glancing into the small red velvet bag he counted a few multi colored candies. “Want a Jelly baby?” Her voice called to him.


“did ya just… quote the fourth doctor?” Sans asked in a surprised voice getting her to snicker once more.


His gaze moved up to her watching her shoulders rise and fall into place. Shit she had quoted Tom Baker. Let’s see here galaxy pleated skirt, techno music that often-featured anime girls, and now liked to watch Doctor Who? Who the hell was this chick?


Sans felt his perpetual grin widen more as he reached forward grabbing one of the multi colored beans. It was a yellow colored one with white specks. Parting his teeth slightly he popped the candy into his mouth chewing on it while his magic took in the flavor. Sans grimaced tasting something off. It was like almost sulfur. Looking at her he took in the sight of her shoulders quaking. Oh, fuck she pranked me! But he finished the candy off shooting a glare at her.


Galaxy doubled over letting out a full-on hardy laugh before retrieving a package out of her bag. Something on her hands caught his attention for a second but it faded as the package was thrown into his lap. Looking down at it he mentally groaned. ‘Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans.’ So not only a Doctor Who fan but a Harry Potter fan as well. Throwing the box back at her he couldn’t be mad she got him good.


“Hard to resist when someone doesn’t know ya Skelly. So worth seeing that look on your face when you bit into the rotten egg bean.” Galaxy snickered before shoving the box bag into the oversized bag she had been carrying. He didn’t recall seeing that before.


Sans eyed her while she returned the box to the bag that was at her feet. Taking a moment, he further examined her. The red scarf was on her face loosely, but it seemed kind of snug to her face. Probably to shield her nose from the cold. The carts weren’t exactly the warmest, and she was human. Lowering his gaze, he found his gaze taking in her breasts once more. The way the lightly jiggled while she was bent. Doesn’t a bra prevent them from doing that?  He found himself wondering. But upon further inspection he found that there was no fabric between her shirt and her breasts. Which meant no bra… The purr was inevitable this time. From his current frustration of his growing need and the sight of those fleshy beauties it rolled out. His sockets widened, and his hand clasped over his teeth.


Embarrassment flooded through him from him making that sound. What the hell was wrong with him? One didn’t just make sounds like that for no apparent reason. Damn heat was starting to become harder to control. The human female had him literally squirming in his seat. Sans needed to contain his noises before she started to think that he was a creep of some sort. His gaze trailed out to look the window taking in the scenery that passed by. Counting from one to ten. His soul seemed to go back to a calm rhythmic beat which helped him get more complacent he guessed. His attention drew back to her now only to find two toned eyes focusing on him with curiosity in them.


What is she thinking? Sans wondered wishing he could see the rest of the face. Humans were easier to read with their face. But that red scarf was in the damn way! His phalanges twitched to yank that scarf away.


“That was such a cute sound you made there.” Galaxy chuckled suddenly. “And look at that face its so adorable. All flushed with a blue tint. You look a bit flustered Skelly.”


Sans pulled his hoodie on his head, immediately drawing the strings to pull them tight over his face. This was not happening he was not going to let her sit there and taunt him about his magic that suddenly. Temptation to just shortcut blinked into his mind. He nearly did just that till the seat next to him shifted. Nope not going to look even though he could scent her there. Smelling of something floral but dark and sweet. It had him purring again.


His hood was forced down making him face her now. So close… too close… he needed to get away before his heat forced him to do something he might regret. Moving off he slid away from her. Though her eyes seemed to soften, they flickered from amusement to a sudden sadness. So, she moved back over towards where she was sitting. But her gaze didn’t focus on him. “Sorry I’ll stay over here.” She muttered after a while.


Sans felt his perpetual smile wane a little after that, he hadn’t meant to do that but her being that close had some effect on him. He had immediately wanted to pull her onto his lap to ravage her. Galaxy propped herself back into her corner removing her hands from her pockets. He hadn’t even noticed her put them back in. And now his gaze landed on the gloves themselves. They were fingerless so just above her knuckles her finger tips were revealed. Taking a moment to admire the similar pattern painted on her nails as to what was on her skirt. The gloves were black but the white design on them resembled the bones of the human hand. That made him chuckle.


“got a thing for bones, eh?” Sans asked his grin widening before moving to sit over on the other side with her. Maybe… he could convince her to help him out. His mind went to that field where he was headed to star gaze…


“Well I guess you would have known that the minute you saw these. They are like for Halloween, but I love wearing them year-round.” Then her gaze fixated on him flashing with something he wasn’t sure if he remembered or not. The kid often gave that gaze. “You’re in heat, aren’t you?” 


That shocked him because while humans whom have been around monsters could feel the sexual pull they rarely were able to pinpoint what it was. He swallowed the lump that formed in his metaphorical throat not sure how he should respond to that question. Just as he was about to respond she started talking.


“Trust me. You’re not the first monster I have come across. My buddy BP he got it really bad when he came over one time. His was eh...” Sans watched her as her gaze looked out the window seeming to search for the right way to explain it. “Passive I guess the right word would be. Rubbing on me while he purred constantly needing to be scratched behind his ears. Yours however, I can feel the tug of it. Almost like it’s trying to get me to swoon towards you. Making me want to be on you. It’s taking a lot to fight off that urge since you know…” Her gaze flicked back to him. “We just met.”


There was so much in that he wanted to respond to. The fact that she admitted to having a monster in her place, instantly feeling envious of Burger Pants. The feline monster that worked at the MTT resort was obviously good friends with Galaxy, got to see her on a regular basis probably. Sans found himself envious. But she admitted to feeling the tug of his heat that was something he should address.


“ya know burger pants?” He asked almost instantly wanting to smack himself in the head. Why couldn’t he address the issue of his heat currently.


“Hmmm… know yes. We work together at the resort.” Galaxy responded idly almost nonchalant. Her gaze was focused on him while she spoke. With each word he could see the scarf moving along with her jaw. “Outside of work he comes over time to time. We play games and such.”


Now Sans was a bit hesitant. What if she was claimed by BP, he really would hate to step on the cat’s tail. But last he heard he was with Tops; the blue bunny that sold Nice Cream at the park. Everyone loved Nice Creams. “you’re not datin' bp are ya?” He asked hating how accusatory his voice sounded.


The look she shot him said it all for him. Her mahogany brows were pulled in a downward angle as she looked at him. “Tell me that was a bad joke. Tops is like my best friend that brings Nice cream when I’m all crampy and shit. I would never do that to my blue bunny.”


Raising his hands up he showed the sign for calm down. “easy. when ya mentioned his heat i assumed that ya helped him with it. tops is a good friend of mine too. and i would hate to show bp a bad time if i felt he was being dishonest with tops.” It was the truth, but he felt relieved that she wasn’t with the feline. All in all, she was comfortable around monsters. He had even learned where she worked. Good, now I know where I can find you for these kinds of chats again. It was wrong of him to take that information, but she was proving to be fun.


“You’re a protective Skelly. But I think we are getting off topic here. You’re either in heat or going into heat. Which you are a bit vulnerable. Why did you even bother leaving the house? You had to have known that it was coming up.” Galaxy asked her arms moving to rest on her stomach. Those two-toned eyes fixed on him while she remained in her relaxed state.


“work gives time off for it. but wasn’ expecting it for a while. it kind of happened after i got on the train. was going to take care of the issue when i got back here. ran into ya though and wanted to get an opportunity to talk to ya.” Sans admitted hoping he wasn’t being too forward. He definitely enjoyed talking to her over taking care of his current state.


Those eyes flicked downwards then, dammit he said he was going to take care of it. And that obviously had hinted he was currently in a state. But she didn’t move away from him like the last girl whom had seen him like this had. That had to be promising right?


Silence stretched between them and Sans felt his sweat starting to form on his skull. Even more so when that gaze moved up to his skull. What was she thinking? He desperately wanted to know what she was thinking because she hadn’t said anything. Shifting uncomfortably in his seat he turned so that he could face her. Shoving his hands in his pockets. “i chose talkin' to ya over takin' care of it. i figured i could take care of it after we parted ways. convenient for the train to have these private areas.” He admitted after a while in attempt to break the silence.


“You can take care of it if you would like, I don’t mind. I accidently walked in on BP and Tops one time. Sadly, I wish I had walked back out.” That made Sans look at her and he could see hints of pink spreading across her face. Galaxy had just admitted to being a voyeur. And fuck he found it hot! The idea of her watching him stroking himself seemed appealing.


“how lon' did ya watch?” Sans asked, and he swore that pink shade got darker.


“Um well…” Now she was the one whom was nervous and getting a bit flustered. He was definitely loving this. “I stayed even as they finished. Which when they found me I ran out of the room. They still won’t let me live it down.” Her face was bright red now. It had him snickering, which earned him a rightful glare. “What it was hot to watch!” Galaxy defended herself immediately.


“oh, i am sure it was.” Sans hummed feeling a sort of confidence rise over him. “did ya manage to help yourself off later? because i am willin' to bet my bottle of ketchup ya did.” And to emphasize it he pulled out his bottle from the inside pocket of his parka. Wiggling it side to side for her to see and that blush deepened.


His gaze flicked down over her legs admiring the pattern of small zigzags embroidered into her grey leggings. The skin under them must have been like what little he had seen. Did she have freckles there too? Her body shifted softly, and her hand came up to snatch that bottle of ketchup from him. Sitting back in her spot she eyed it as he lifted his gaze up to her.


“Did you hijack a hot dog stand? This looks like it came from one of those vendors in the park. Most of them started to carry packets now. So, seeing this retro thing brings back memories.” Galaxy responded her other hand moving up to the scarf. And with a few tugs it fell loosely off to the side. Sans could feel his soul thumping so fast now taking in the new details that made Galaxy. Freckles decorated her cheeks; her nose was almost button like. As she spoke he took in how soft they looked her lips parting occasionally, to reveal she had a small gap between her two front upper teeth. “Who the hell carries a bottle of ketchup with them?” She asked smiling brightly at him and he swore he was about to expel that magic that was straining right there.


His shoulder rose and fell. “most don’ question what i do. because it's me.” He responded to her and what she did next had him gazing in wonder. Because those soft lips were wrapped around the pointed tip of the bottle as her fingers squeezed the contents.


She removed it after a bit her tongue rolled out to swipe over her lips experimentally. Seeing if any happened to be there. Absent mindedly he did the same to his teeth thinking how her lips would feel. The motion caught her attention. “He has a tongue.” She spoke with amusement. Oh, hell no, she was trying to turn the tables. They would have been turned if he hadn’t caught himself.


“yeah i do. and i know how to use it too.” Sans responded cockily.


The bottle was then handed back to him, in which he wasn’t sure whether he had gotten his answer or not. His grin turned smug looking her over. Yeah, she must have gotten off later thinking about BP and Tops going at it. And he would have loved to watch her, seeing as she crumpled during her climax. Probably would have been there to aide her. Suddenly, her hand was extended out to him, that made him look up at her. An amused look on her face while she stared at him. Cautiously he took her hand feeling the softness of her gloves. But the graze of her fingertips nearly had him shuttering. The heat rising into his palm.


“Guess it’s time to make formalities.” That statement caught him off guard. “The names Luna. Luna Solarium.”


“sans….” He responded instantly. Forgetting about his whoopie cushion that he often would use when meeting new people. “sans the skeleton.”


Galaxy had a name…. And it was better than fucking Galaxy. It was Luna Solarium. How does one get such a fucking name like that? Literally Luna meaning moon and Solarium deriving from the word Solar which meant the sun. She was the sun and the moon. If he hadn’t been turned on before her name would have had him striking a boner hard. And the fact he still had a hold of her hand. They had exchanged names, throughout the conversation of ketchup and voyeurism. It was an awkward way to start up a friendship but hell he’d take. Especially for someone name Luna Solarium, whom worked at MTT resort, and liked to watch monsters fuck.


“So, you asked a question about whether I got off after I saw them…” Oh Luna was talking now. And her hand was retracting from his nearly had Sans whining not wanting to let go of that hand. Because it was the hand of the sun and moon. He must have a word fetish or something because he should not be thinking of being hard about that. “And you were right.” Shit he nearly missed that because he was too worked up in his own mind.


“of course, i was. ya wouldn’ have watched them finish if ya weren’ turned on by it in some way. interestin' to find a human that likes to watch monsters have sex.” He could see her cheeks were turning that pretty shade of pink again. Too cute. “ya are cute when ya look all pink.” He snickered seeing that pink turn to a deep shade of red.


Now what happened next, he couldn’t be sure if he had thought it up in his head or not because as soon as he commented on her being pink she lunged. Soon he found himself pressed against a wall with her just above him. A smirk of confidence showing in as the redness turned to pink. Well hell… he didn’t expect that especially when she has her fingers curled into his shirt. The hood has fallen off her head to reveal her hair pulled back into a ponytail. It was the same mahogany tone as her eyebrows all be it a bit darker.


“You think I’m cute? What else you got rolling around in that skull of yours hmm?” Luna asked her hand becoming less tense as it slid down the front of his shirt where his parka wasn’t zipped up. He had only zipped it halfway to hide up the swelling of magic. But hell, her being above him was having a whole new effect on him. His hands came up to press on her hips pulling her to where she was over his lap. Forgetting about that damn erection. But her gasp reminded him as well as the soft graze of her resting on it. “Ah… I see.”


“wait no… its not like.” Sans was quick to defend himself, but a gloved hand moved over his teeth. Making him quiet just then.


“Easy there, Skelly. Do you want some help down there? I can offer some help. But got to make sure your cool with it. Consent is huge.” Luna offered and shit if he didn’t feel like he was hearing things. She must have read his mind. “I know how BP gets. He’s all purry and shit trying to snuggle to me till I call Tops. Then he gets to have him. Now if you got someone say something I’ll get off and we can resume our nice chat. But I saw the way you looked when you came in. It can’t be comfortable.”


Luna wasn’t far from wrong with each thing she did it was becoming increasingly impossible for him not to reach down and stroke himself. The field wasn’t far off he would have waited but here he had a willing female offering to help him out. And had experience with Monster Heats. While not interacting in the sexual act but she had been through them none the less. But BP was a submissive heat, how would she deal with a dominant heat?


“while i am seriously considering your offer, ya have to know my heat isn’ like bp’s. he has a submissive heat where he is more willin' to receive that give. mine is dominant. right now, i am fightin' not to flip ya down on this bench and fuck ya. it's why ya feel that pull. makes ya want to be on me and such. i imagine ya wouldn’ be offering so much if it weren’ for that.” Sans offered wanting to be honest.


“I’m not sure I want to have you fucking me… not because you’re a monster or anything like that but because we just met.” Luna responded, and he got that. Sex was big for humans unless they were prostitutes or something. Which he highly doubted that was the case with her. It was clear she held some standards. But he wanted to see where this was going to go. His phalanges absent mindedly moved over the pleated skirt tracing each little star. Because they were literal silver stars. That was nice. “I can offer the usage of my hands though. Just to ease up the tense feeling of your magic down there. What you say Sans?” The way his name came off her tongue had him feeling like he was going to cream there.


This was one hell of a tempting offer, though he would have enjoyed more if he allowed him to fuck her rather than allow her to use her hands to get him off. The dominance of the heat had him wanting to make her submit to him. But for now, … His gaze focused on her gloved hands. “as much as i understand the whole no glove no love rules ya humans have. i would prefer if ya would take those off. i want skin on skin feel for this.” He chuckled lightly admiring the smile that he was getting from her at the moment.


“Alright I can understand that. Move to the other side against the window.” Luna muttered getting off his lap, his hands almost pulled her back down on him not wanting her to get up. She just felt too good there. But he allowed it for now… he kept telling himself he had control of this situation. Moving to the other side he situated himself like she had before he had come into the room.


There were a few things he registered in the matter of moments that he fixed himself. One there was the sound of a click where she stood. Then the lights went out. And finally, there was a dim light coming from above. Lifting his gaze, he gasped at the sight of the starry night above. Well talk about ambience. “I love these carts for this very reason. You seem to like things involving the galaxy. So, I figured that you might like this little feature. Maybe you will use this cart more often when you come on the train this late again.”


The sound of rustling fabric came next making him move his gaze down to her. The jacket was tossed to the other side now she stood in a white tank top and a light grey cardigan. The cardigan was removed and thrown to the other side with the jacket. Those gloves were still on though. “gloves off please, luna.” Trying to not sound so demanding. He watched as her hands rubbed together. Nerves? Wasn’t she the one whom offered? It only took a few moments before they were removed. Folding them similar to how Paps would fold socks. She threw them over on top of the pile of clothes.


There she stood in leggings, a skirt, and a tank top. Looking down he moved trying to unzip his parka not wanting her to be the only one to remove top layers. He had been so enthralled with the way she removed them that he hadn’t thought to remove his. Smooth, Sans, just freakin smooth. He scolded himself throwing the parka over to the other seat. She crossed the room with grace before climbing back into his lap. But instead of sitting above his bulge she sat just over his thighs.


This felt off for him, for some reason or less. His mind trying to think over what could make this better. Looking up at her he could see she was a bit hesitant, he could somewhat see in the dark being used to living in the underground. Focusing on her hands. There was some sort of raised skin there. His phalanges moved over to touch the top of her hand, that was definitely scar tissue. He didn’t have time to examine it before she removed her hand from his. “Please don’t ask.” Luna begged. Fair enough, he wouldn’t ask.


Sans felt her lean forward and he reached up to grab her upper arms. A small gasp escaping her when he pulled her to him, his teeth pressing into her mouth. His magic forming a sort of lips, so he could kiss her. At first, she was hesitant, but then she melted into that kiss. Good. Suddenly that off feeling went away. Which helped him feel better. The tug on his jeans made him relinquish his grip on her arms. Luna sat up straight a soft chuckle escaping her. “This is supposed to be simple and your making me feel like a lover.” Luna chortled. Sans said nothing. She had no idea that if she made him feel half as good as he was expecting that she might have other problems. Something about her had his soul thrumming hard within him. And he wasn’t about to let this be a one-night thing. Fuck that.


Expertly she undid the fastener on his pants, he couldn’t help but watch her as she did. His hand moved to lace through the mahogany curls finding the little scrunchy that held her hair up into that ponytail. Slowly he removed it watching dark curls move to surround her face. A beautiful stranger, that’s how he currently saw her. Tossing the scrunchie onto the bag she had stopped to watch what he was doing. But once he moved his hands back to her hips that seemed to reassure her. The zipper came down and he instantly felt better with the tension no longer being pressed on his crotch area. It may have been magic didn’t make it any more comfortable in his work pants.


Her fingers trailed over the soft fabric of his boxers lightly tracing around his shaft. It sent a shiver through his spine. That felt good, it also gave him perspective that she didn’t have long nails. There wasn’t much in a nail over the tip of her fingers. It felt good none the less. Her fingers pressed against him softly stroking him within the confines of his boxers. It made him groan digging his phalanges into her hips. In a way making sure that she was there. His gaze lifted to the ceiling watching the stars. Afraid that if he looked at her that he might do more. Luna’s breathing seemed to quicken, she must feel excited too. No doubt the heat that was emanating off him was surrounding her. It would make her want to be touched. Dominant heat, gotta love the way it makes others react. Sans chuckled to himself.


“go on.” Sans felt the sudden need to encourage her. Since she seemed a bit hesitant. “i won’ do nothing that ya don’ want done. even though it’s killin' me not to help ya out.” Now he could sort scent her arousal in the air. This was exciting for her to be able to help him out. In a way he found it rather endearing. It made him curious.


Letting his magic flare, a bit he looked through her at her soul. And found her human soul, she was so open right now it was a bit terrifying. Her heart illuminated a pretty shade of purple that as it went to the center started to show a deeper blue but in the very center he could see a cyan coloration. But there was a fourth color at the very edge of her soul a pretty shade of green. Kindness, Compassion, Integrity, and fucking patience. No wonder she hadn’t jumped his bones right away, she had been waiting for him to be comfortable with her. Made so much sense.


The feel of his boxers being adjusted pulled him from his thoughts looking down at where her hands were. Tiny little things, he found himself admiring how her hands looked. When she pulled the fabric down the blue glow filled the room. The way her eyes sparkled at the sight made him feel a sense of pride. Not many could say they could have literal blue balls. Watching her face, he could see her biting her bottom lip in anticipation. Her hips shifting slightly, to which he smoothed his palms over her. Comforting her, reminding her that he was here.


“That’s big.” Her voice came out in a soft squeak.


“hmm… well thanks. i actually like bein' told that.” Sans responded letting one of his eye lights flicker at her. Signaling a wink, it had her giggling which seemed to relax her. “hey…” He caught her attention just then. “if your uncomfortable then don’ worry about it please luna. i can deal with it at home if need be. i’m very patient when it comes down to it.” Sans felt the need to tell her that. Let her know that this wasn’t expected of her. But stars did he fucking appreciate it.


 Those words seemed to encourage her, and he took in the sight of her basking in the blue glow of his magic. It was something out of a romance novel. He gasped when her hand moved to wrap around the base of his shaft. “Sorry…” Luna whispered. “Too quick?” Sans could only shake his head in response, feeling the heat that she emitted onto him felt so good. Luna shifted up closer it confused him while he watched the edge of her skirt was near the opening of his pants. She looked so focused on the blue ecto cock that she had in her hand.


Her hand moved slowly at first going upwards it had him stiffening. A moan escaping him, before diving into a soft purr. That hand felt so soft. Sans moved to palm her ass underneath that skirt finding that the leggings covered there. Sexy things but annoying right now. He wanted to feel how squishy and soft she was. It seemed to encourage her because now her hand stroked his length up and down. Squeezing him every now and then. Damn she had him squirming. He wasn’t exactly a lengthy guy down there but what he lacked in length he made up in width. Her fingers only managed to wrap around him, her thumb and index finger not touching. It was a reminder of how small she was compared to him.


Licking his teeth at that thought he moved his hand up into those dark tresses. Pressing against the back of her head to bring her closer. His magic claiming her mouth when he pressed his teeth into her soft lips. She moaned… fuck she moaned at that. Parting his teeth his tongue slid against her lips asking for her to open for him. Luna did, and he delved into what most would consider a French kiss. She tasted of coffee and chocolate, as well as this fruity flavor that was close to candy. Those jelly beans, he concluded after a while. Her hand seemed to move faster when he kissed her.


It felt so good being locked in that kiss, but he remembered humans need to breath, so he pulled out. Luna gasped for air. His hands moving up to the straps of that tank top she wore trying to figure out what would be the best way to pull it down. Finally, he settled on pulling it up. His phalanges tucked under the bottom of her shirt moving it upwards, it made her hand move from his shaft to pull them from the shirt. Tossing it off to the side he held her arms in place. Taking in the sight of her topless above him. There was no bra, her skin was pale, rosy colored nipples pebbled when they were exposed to the cool air. He purred leaning forward letting his tongue slide around one of her nipples. He felt Luna move above him letting out a small whimper.


“luna…” Sans breathed against her breast. “let me take care of ya. i can feel your need. let me help you.” Allowing his magic to form lips to wrap around her nipple suckling on it causing her to writhe on him. Her palm finding his shaft once more to slowly stroke him.


The soft moans that she made had him going shifting himself so that he was thrusting up into her hand. It felt so good, the feel of her hand wrapped snuggly around his cock. It had him moaning soft vibrations onto her breast. That caused her to cry out. “No… I-I c-can’t.” She whimpered out making him pull back. Looking up at her curiously. “Told you. First time.” Luna hummed softly at him. It made him want to show her how much of a good time she could have.


Reaching up he pulled her closer to him making her gasp out. He groaned feeling her hand tighten around his shaft. Almost causing him to cum right then and there. Gliding his tongue up over her throat he tasted her soft skin. There was a hint of sweetness to the way she tasted. It made him want more. Moving his teeth to her ear he held her in place. “okay, but the next time i see ya, luna. you’re goin' to know how much of a good time i can give. because fuck what your doin' for me. it’s takin' a whole lot for me not to tear off those leggin's, pull you into my lap and let you ride me all the way across town. and luna…” He paused making sure she was paying attention. “i will find ya, again.” It wasn’t a threat it was a damn promise. “now finish me off before i change my mind about takin' ya in this cart.” He growled.


Normally he wouldn’t be like this, but he was reaching his peak. And she wasn’t going to let him help her anytime soon. Well not tonight anyways. The feeling of her hand wrapping tighter around his shaft was almost enough to make him squirm. That soft hand stroked him with more determination to help him get off. Pulling her closer he parted his mouth revealing fangs that were rarely seen. Of course, she didn’t see them at this moment either even as he positioned them where her neck and shoulder met. He cried out before feeling himself cum, blue magic splashing onto her pale flesh making her belly glow so nicely. Then he bit down, making her cry out. His magic surging through that bite making her body feel immense pleasure that was duplicated from the way she had made him feel. Her hips shifted in his lap, her hand released his shaft making it dissipate now that the magic wasn’t swelling up. Her hands came onto his shirt gripping him tightly.


Pulling her flush against him, her breasts crushing into his rib caged letting her buck on top of him. Said I wouldn’t fuck you. Didn’t say that I wouldn’t get you off in some way though sweetheart. This is the best I can do for now. And that bite will make it easier for me to sense you later. Sans mentally thought his left eye flaring up with his magic making her feel like she was being taken to the stars. He had done this with a monster, once, and they said it was a fantastic. So, he could only imagine how she must feel. Her body shuddered when she finally came down from that high, her body collapsing on his. His tongue lapped at the blood using just a hint of healing magic to seal the wound. There would of course be a scar but nothing too noticeable.


Luna’s body trembled on top of his, he hummed softly to her trying to put her a bit more at ease. Had she fallen asleep? Sans wondered while his hand moved through her hair. The tips of his phalanges stroking her scalp while she rested there. It seemed almost precious holding her in the aftermath of both of their climaxes. Sans knew that she had climaxed because he could smell it heavy in the air. Slowly her body shifted on top of his, her hands clasping on his shoulders to push herself into a sitting position.


It was a strain not to look down at those breasts that were bared for him. She made incoherent mutters under her breath, more than likely telling him off. Sans only hummed in response to her almost seeming like he was asking her what she said. “Why’d you bite me?” Luna asked, her voice not coming out as harsh.


Well… he didn’t want to tell her it was, so he could find her, in case some of the things she had told him weren’t true. The stuff about BP and Tops, yeah, he believed that. But working for the resort. Mettaton loved everything about humans, but he hardly tolerated them working at the resort. Plus, where she had come from wasn’t in the direction of it. No, Sans didn’t believe she worked at the resort.


“ya were makin' me feel too good. and i wanted to help ya with your situation. shouldn’ have to bear that achin' walk by yourself. i just helped give you a little push off that rocky cliff ya were standin' on.” Sans chuckled softly his hands dropping down to her hips slowly stroking the bared skin. So soft!  


 Luna seemed to be gaging his response or at least that’s what he was thinking she was doing. It was nice to think of her being on top of him for now. But she shifted off him pulling her shirt back over her body. Her finger traced where he had bit. They both shivered at that. “easy. that’s sensitive for both of us. i poured quite a bit of magic into ya. felt good didn’ it?” Sans felt proud of himself. Yeah, he was tired but hell so worth it. In a way him doing that linked him to her. That two-toned gaze locked back on, and he saw a hint of mischief flash in them for a second. Her finger running along the mark again making him groan out. It was satisfactory to see her do the same. Well hear her do the same.


“Ooh I kind of like that. So, if I touch it before going to bed tonight you going to feel it?” Luna seemed to chuckle in delight turning to grab her other clothes. Sans took this opportunity to right his clothes as well. “My stop is coming up Sans.” Her voice didn’t sound like a happy one as she zipped up her jacket.


Sans admitted not wanting to part ways yet, he had just met her and already he wanted to drag her back to his house for some cuddles. Walking past him she pulled on those boots zipping up the sides. Now he got a good look at them. They were Doc Martins boots. Nice sturdy ones for people whom are on their feet a lot. He grabbed his parka pulling it on lazily, admitting he felt much better after all that magic was released. It had a different feel to it. He still watched her fiddling around with those bone gloves. Admiring how she didn’t seem to shy about them when she looked up at him. Say something you bonehead! He yelled at himself.


“eh… i enjoyed spendin' time with ya. could i…” Why was he so nervous? She had been just touching his dick a few minutes ago. “c-could i… get…” Sans huffed in aggravation thinking this over. It should be easy. “your number?” There it was out. Fuck! That was so hard.


Luna’s head snapped up to look at him after he finished, and he flinched at the sound of bones popping in there. Yeah that did not sound good to him. “Um... sure. Sorry not used to guys wanting my number...” She muttered something he couldn’t hear after that before pulling out her phone. Passing it to him so that he could type his number in. Unlocking it he found the ever-popular Van Gogh’s Starry Night painting set as her background image. Finding her contacts, he added his name and his digits. Without a second thought he sent himself a message from her phone wanting to get her number right then and there.


She must have thought his comment before he came was just something he had said. If that was the case boy was she in for a big surprise. Licking his teeth, thinking of what he could do with her when he found her again. Normally he was lazy about things, but for her hell he’d go for it. Once she was dressed he could feel the train slowing to a stop. Cursing the lack of time that they seemed to have suddenly. Gathering up her bag she held out her once more gloved palm for her phone. His gaze picked up a faint blue glow under her jacket. But no one would see it if they didn’t get too close to her. “I intend to shower when I get home. So, I’m not too worried about it being there for right now.” Luna spoke taking her phone and shoving it into her pocket.


Sans was conflicted, he wanted to grab her and shortcut her to his bed. They didn’t get to have their cuddles afterwards. He was one hell of a snuggle monster too. He grabbed the front of her jacket prepared to take a shortcut home. But one look into those two-toned eyes told him he would regret that. So, he pulled her close crushing her close to him before kissing her like he had done before. His fingers pressing into where he had marked her, making her shiver against him. Of course, he shivered as well but it felt good.


“text me when ya get home please. i want to know you made it safely.” Sans asked pulling from that kiss looking down into her eyes. That was not helping his case.


“Alright, Skelly.” Luna winked at him before pulling her scarf over her face. Letting go of her he watched her walk towards the door of the privacy booth. The click sounded again which made him realize she had locked the booth. She looked over her shoulder at him one more time before walking out.


The booth seemed rather lonely without her there. Moving up he shoved his hands into the pockets of his parka thinking things over. Needed to learn more about Luna Solarium. His mind went to the Nice Cream Vendor. Of course, if Tops knew what he was up to he might not share that information so lightly. Deciding he didn’t want to stay on the train he short cutted home landing on his bed. Removing his parka, and pants so that he wouldn’t get confined in sleep. Falling back onto his bed he stared up at the ceiling. “luna solarium, where on earth did ya come from? and how come we haven’ met sooner?” His smile was wider knowing she would text at some point. Or at least he hoped. But now with that magic in him spent he closed his eyes. Only to feel a shiver move through his body, she touched that damn mark. Stars she is going to kill me with pleasure.

Chapter Text

The sunlight shimmered through the blinds of her bedroom, normally it was an annoyance to Luna. But today it didn’t bother her. Her body felt oddly sore after last night's encounter. Did she really get to give Sans the Skeleton Gaster a handjob? It struck her as almost surreal because of all the times she had seen the skeleton never once had she considered doing that. Chalk it up to being in the right place at the right time.


About a few months ago was when she had noticed Sans sitting at the bar, yeah, she had known he came there before. But she always had kept her head down. Just serving the patrons their food and drinks. Some of the human patrons getting a bit more handsy with her. It took a lot not to bash their heads in. 


However, the fire elemental had taken a stance when one of them refused to let go of her waist. Grillby had marched right over and got the guy to unhand her. She had glanced over at the bar watching to see if anyone had approached it. Instead a skeleton had been leaning over on the bar. Sleeping away any troubles he had. He wore that oversized parka with the white she was guessing sherpa inlay like it was made for him. A pair of basketball shorts falling just below his patella revealing long ivory bones before dipping into a pair of socks which were concealed by a pink fuzzy slippers . His head was rounder than the average human skull, and that grin he had even while he had been sleeping made her smirk.


It was a shitty night, but the sight of the sleeping skeleton made her want to go over and strike up a conversation. Though he was at the bar. That was Grillby’s spot, so she went about her business; though she needed to go make a few more drinks. Walking over she glanced at the skeleton still expecting his sockets to be closed. They hadn’t been, now she had a pair of white eye lights focused on her. Sitting up she took in the pretty blue blush that powered across his skull. Luna could count how many times that she had seen that look.


“hey did it hurt when ya fell?” The skeleton hiccupped at her, grabbing the condiment bottle that was next to him.


“Um… what?” Luna asked him rather curious .


The skeleton snickered at her. “because ya look like ya fell from heaven.” The low chuckles he gave in that baritone voice of his had her shivering in a good way.


The skeleton was sloshed three ways to Sunday and he was shooting a pick-up line her way. Luna of course blushed offering a chuckle of her own. That made his laugh stop and she worried she might have offended him. Turning back to her work she slowly stirred up a few drinks thinking it was best to distract herself. Though she swore she could feel those eye lights still staring at her.


“stars… ya have a nice butt…” He commented now making her cheeks turn a bright shade of red. “and i’ve seen my fair share of asses. but yours…” He made an audible purr… did he just purr? “yours has this sexy curve to it that i want to sink my teeth into.”


Luna snorted at that. “Not sure if I should take that as a compliment or if your telling me I have a fat ass.” She replied covering her mouth, finding it hard to believe that she had just said that to a customer. The other patron still making her a bit harsher, she really should be nicer to the skeleton. He was only commenting on her ass.


It earned her another fit of laughter from the skeleton guy. “don’ get cheeky with me kid. and it wasn’ an insult. i honestly mean it ya have a really nice ass. i want to come over and squeeze it see if it feels as soft as it looks. humans are so fuckin’ sexy it hurts.” He commented.


Luna turned to face him eyeing him up as she took in the sight of him chugging down the condiment bottle. It was red which hinted that it was ketchup. “Are you drunk off of ketchup?” Luna asked him to get his attention. Removing the bottle from his teeth he hummed softly at her. His fingers making a come-hither gesture.


it's not just ketchup sweetheart, this has fire rum in it. and it’s the best. grill’s knows how to get me to relax after a lon ' day of work.” The skeleton held up the ketchup bottle, watching her with those eye lights of his. “try a little sweetheart, ya might like it. just a warnin’ though ya might not want to drink anythin’ else ever again.” His words go into slurs making a drawl in the way he says them. It sounded almost sexy to her if he weren’t sloshed.


Luna glanced up taking in the sight of Grillby still having a word with the human patron. The skeleton turned to look where she was seeming to take in the sight. But before she could take the bottle he stood up and shoved the tip of the bottle in her mouth. Making sure to squeeze a more than generous amount in her mouth causing her cheeks to puff out in reaction. Luna squealed in response as the tangy sweetness met her tongue, it swirled around with something spicy and heated.


She had never attempted monster drinks because Grillby had warned her that they could make her drunker than the human ones. That definitely was the case here. Moving back the bottle popped out of her mouth making her stare at the skeleton across from her. He grinned at her. “ i forget humans get drunker off monster alcohol than monsters.” Concern flashed over him then. “ya okay kid?”


His voice sounded distant almost as her head spun, she needed to get back to work. Moving her hands to the counter at the back of the bar she kept herself propped up. A small giggle coming from her at the same time. The skeleton’s eye lights practically sparkled at her giggle. “I ’ma fine…. Silly skeleton. I’m not supposed to drink. Boss might light me up for that.” Luna chuckled lightly at that leaning forward to lean against the counter near the skeleton. Her gaze landing on his perpetual grin.


nah , i’d take care of ya. grillby will listen to his favorite customer.” The skeleton chuckled moving a phalange to curl through a strand of her hair. Looking down at her rather fondly. “never seen someone drink ketchup like that. well other than me. take it ya liked it?” His voice sent more chills down her spine.


“Believe me I’d never consider drinking ketchup, but it wasn’t that bad actually. The fire rum adds a bit more spiciness to it. And it tingles going down the throat.” Shit this stuff was making her a bit too talkative. “ What's your name?” Luna couldn’t help but ask that question staring into his eye lights. Something thrummed heavily inside of her. She told herself it was just her heartbeat.


“mmm… sans…. sans the skeleton.” The skeleton responded moving closer to her.


There wasn't much more that she could remember after that. Seemed the rum did a number on her pretty damn good. Luna recalled being really attracted to the skeleton, especially with the way he commented about her ass. Though she never really approached him after that, too afraid that it was done out of his drunken state. A theory that proved to be true when he never approached her. It didn’t sting, she knew that when people drank their memory wasn’t all that it was cracked up to be. Luna also knew he might feel embarrassed about what he had done to her.


Luna hummed to herself while she stared up at the ceiling. Guess that’s where the little crush started then isn’t it? Luna reasoned with herself. That tug in her chest always felt so strong when Sans was around. Chalk it up to a crush! She scolded herself even while she lifted her hand to stretch it out. Taking a moment to look at the scar tissue that crisscrossed over the top of her hand. Bad memories need good ones. Like last night! The thought about last night made her feel so good. Luna chastised herself rethinking all that had happened last night.


  Luna had gotten off from work at Grillby’s, the fire elemental normally allowed her to stay in the guest bedroom that he had. One look at the female bunny monster that was eyeing Grillby up told Luna that was not the brightest idea. Grillby was good to her ever since she started working for him, he really didn’t need her help too much, but it was nice to think he did like having her around. The job didn’t pay much but it kept her out of Tops and BPs hair for a while. That was something they needed as a couple. Why the two kept her in their home was still mildly concerning for her.


So, she had to resort to going on the train since BP’s place was across town. When she started working at Grillby’s she had lived with a friend. Her memory slightly fuzzy about what happened between the two of them. Perhaps it was just an illusion that her mind tried to make up.


Taking the train across town in the middle of the night tended to suck. Though she didn’t expect to find Sans standing behind her when the train arrived. And boy was he ever observant. Not wanting to risk embarrassing herself she had made her way towards the Lover’s carts. The train was often used for couples to get date night going. It's how she had known about the skylight in the cart. Plus, it made things more peaceful, she could fall asleep listening to her techno music while the train went down the line.


Luna had not expected to open her eyes and find Sans staring at her with such interest. That purring sound had drawn her out of her dreamlike state. So, she invited him to sit down and talk for a bit… Hell I was hoping to make a buddy out of him not give him a handjob.   Luna reasoned with herself. That was the intention to make small talk and enjoy his company, then his heat hit her hard. Making her aware of the fact that she wanted to feel him sink into her. Wouldn’t have been a bad idea really. Except well how did BP put it? Oh yeah, her virgin would have been showing. And Sans had wanted to take care of her. 


Luna wanted him to take care of her too with the way he had touched her, sucked on her breasts, but she admitted her favorite was when he kissed her. Just the feeling of his magic tingling over her lips while she jerked him off felt amazing. Then he had bitten her as he came. Sans had claimed that it was to help her over that edge she was standing on. Luna admitted being very turned on by the skeleton whom couldn’t remember her. Then he asked for her number afterwards . It felt so magical.


When she had gotten home that night she had texted him letting him know she had made it home safely. After discarding her jacket and scarf on the coat rack she makes it up to the loft bathroom. Doing exactly what she had told Sans what she would do.


Luna recalled the little promise he had made to her last night. About finding her and making sure she had a good time. It thrilled her, but in that same thought, she knew she wasn’t really holding her breath. It would end up like that night at Grillby’s, of course, this was why she told him she worked at MTT Resort. BP often told her to tell guys that she worked there so that they wouldn’t go stalking her. Though there was some wrongness in telling Sans that. Sitting up she stretched out giving a small huff as certain bones popped. It felt good when they did that.


“I feel guilty, but I am in no rush to get pinned to a spot and fucked within an inch of my life. That handjob last night nearly had me wanting to be on his lap. His heat is way stronger than BP’s ever was.” Luna muttered to herself clambering out of the bed.


Guess I better get dressed and go get some breakfast. The guys are probably up. Now honesty was not one of her soul traits, but she detested lying. Telling Sans that she “invited” BP over to her place and that she worked at “MTT Resort,” had her feeling pretty shitty at that moment. All Sans had to do was walk into Grillby’s during her shift and find out the truth. But it nagged at her wanting to be open with him. Maybe I’ll tell Tops, he can give me a Nice Cream and make me feel better about myself.


Self-pity, one of her emotions she hated. Hard not to feel self-pity when she was single and kind of emotionally starved for love. Parents had worked all the time not really wanting to be home to deal with their “children.” Her brother who was ten years older than her tended to have this sick little fantasy she would be his plaything. So, when she left her family home after mommy and daddy passed away she had never been more thankful in her life. That starving sensation for love though earned her some rather sketchy boyfriends. Count them as you make the bed.


Enrique, Latin lover easy on the eyes. With a cruel streak a mile wide especially when it came to call her degrading names. Stopped degrading me when I punched him in the gut. She admitted to herself fixing the top sheet. 


Bobby was sweet, but he had a nasty habit of telling her that she wouldn’t go anywhere without him. Attempted to handcuff me to his bed… ha! Of course, she had turned the tables on that one cuffing him there. Telling him that he couldn’t contain her. 


Fluffing the pillow, she shook her head thinking that if a guy wanted to contain her he would find a better way of doing it. George, yeah, he called her by his ex’s name. And when she pointed it out one time he slapped her across the face.


After George though she met BP and Tops, they weren’t looking to get in her pants. But when she came across Tops with a bruised face he didn’t let her leave. And when Tops brought her home BP kind of warmed up to her. The feline didn’t much care for anyone thanks to that bucket of bolts. Luna was starved for love and affection so sometimes she came off as cold. Guys who knew what kind of lover she was tended to stay away from her. If Sans knew what was good for him, he would do the same. Luna sure wouldn’t wish herself on her worst enemy. Even as she smoothed out her comforter. Self-pity fucking sucked major donkey balls.


The sound of her phone vibrating caught her attention. Sitting down on the bed she looked over at it. Taking it from the nightstand. Drawing her little Z pattern, she unlocked it finding a text message from Sans. It made her smile softly when she leaned back against the wall before opening the message.


Skelly: mornin’ sweetheart. hope your sittin’ down.


The quizzical look on her face was there when she read that last part. Why was he hoping she was sitting down? She was about to text him back when a sharp arousing sensation made her drop her phone. Clamping a hand over her mouth she moaned into it. Her body was shaking, and she felt her legs spreading slowly as if showing off her body to anyone. A throbbing sensation snaked over her clit making her reach down with her other hand. Drawing small circles around the sensitive bud through her pajamas. Is that him? Fuck that feels… Her thoughts were cut off when she fell back on her bed. Moving her hand to go down her pants.


Turning her head, she buried it into her freshly fluffed pillow slowly rubbing into her sex. She felt so slick even while she bucked her hips into her hand. Pleasure coursed through her as she moaned into the pillow. Slowly she dipped her finger into her sex slowly stroking herself while Sans’ magic went to work through her. Next time she would have to ask him to give her a minute so that she could fish her vibrator out of her nightstand next to the bed. Another rush of magic flooded down to her core making her whimper.


Then her phone started ringing, playing Epona’s song. “Fuck off!” Luna yelled at the phone squirming on top of the bed. Reaching for the phone she hit enter trying to push the need to orgasm down.  Attempting to make her voice sound casual she placed the phone to her ear. Halting the motions of her other hand dipping inside of her. “Hello?” Luna hoped that she didn’t sound too annoyed.


The sound of a growl could be heard on the other end making her pull the phone from her ear. Looking down at the screen trying to see who it was she gasped, Sans had called her. Bringing the phone to her ear she heard him panting. “hey sweetheart…” He huffed in that baritone voice that had her squirming. “enjoyin’ yourself…hmm?”


Damn if he didn’t have such a sexy voice even over the phone rolling over onto her back. Attempting to shimmy her way out of her pajama pants. “Lovely wake up call.” She moaned into the phone using her shoulder to cradle the phone against her ear. “What did you do to me Sans? I thought magic only lasted a bit.” Not that she wasn’t grateful, but she wanted to know.


“hmm… oh the bite. i surged it with my magic. it makes me know when your close, but there are other benefits.” Sans suddenly gasped, Luna imagined that he was probably laying in his own bed stroking himself. Especially with how she was currently feeling. “it makes it so your helpin’ me through my heat as well. think of it this way we both get to feel good.” He groaned making her pick up the pace on her slit.


“Fuck… that’s not what I threw myself into last night.” Luna chuckled softly moaning into the phone hearing him curse softly on the other end. “I guess I can deal with this for a few days.”


The sound of his chuckling on the other end. “still thinkin’ of passive heat sweetheart. mine lasts a week. so imagine yourself good and well-practiced with your fingers. because i intend to get my fill of your help.” And Luna gasped hearing the way he chuckled maniacally on the other end. Yeah, she should have known that he was going to do something especially when she didn’t let him fuck her on the train.


“Just keep in mind I don’t have heat leave like you.” Luna whimpered proceeding to finger herself, loving the feel of the way his magic took through her body. Her body was shaking the thought of him on top of her thrusting deep inside of her. Popping her cherry and taking what separated her from others like her. “F-fuck Sans.” Luna moaned softly.


“close babygirl?” Sans purred into the phone. The skeleton could purr, she remembered him purring at her when he introduced himself to her at Grillby’s. Making her truly like being around him. “i want to hear ya cum for me. feel as my magic surges through ya. that’s all me babygirl. cum for me…” He purred again.


It was all she needed to push her over the edge making her cry out his name into the phone. Her back arching off of the bed before collapsing back down. Turning onto her side she panted hearing him snarl her name on the other end of the phone. Good, he got off as good as I did. Using her foot to push the blanket aside, she moved underneath it. Wanting to get warm seeking to be cuddled by the heavy comforter that she had.


“well… now that’s out of the way… how are ya this mornin?” Sans responded on the other end sounding so casual about it. Though she could hear the hint of smugness that was in his voice. There was no doubt he was smiling on the other end of the phone.


“You enjoyed that way too much.” Luna chuckled pulling her blanket over her body wrapping it comfortably. Her gaze drawing to the clock to see it was twelve-thirty. “It's almost afternoon. God, I slept most of the day away.”


“hmm… come to my place we can sleep the rest of it away.” Sans hummed into the phone making her shiver. Tempting thought considering that they had just had phone sex in a way. The idea of snuggling up to him seemed to be a good one.


“Ugh I can’t and you know that. Shit… I think I might have to work today.” Luna commented hearing him start to hum on the other end, the sound nearly lulling her back to sleep. “You make an excellent music box. You have an amazing fucking voice.”


“i’ll keep that in mind from now on when i decide to use my magic. could get used to hearing ya cum on the phone. though i would like to see it at some point.” Sans commented she could hear shuffling on the other end hinting he was moving around.


“Maybe one day.” Luna commented snuggling under the blankets feeling like her mornings were going to be filled with her squirming like no tomorrow. A yawn escaped her into the phone making her curl into the pillow.


“why don’ ya get some sleep sweetheart. we’ll try to keep these to mornin’ sessions. this way i’m not interferin’ with your job at the resort. just keep in mind… my heat lasts a week. and i intend on trackin’ ya down afterward.” There it was again, that little promise he had made to her last night. “i hate bein’ in heat, makes it to where i have to be restricted.”


Luna wasn’t sure how to respond to that. Part of her hoped that he would find her. That was the part of her that was starved of love. While the part of her that felt self-pity told her to keep him at arm’s length. “Keep telling yourself that Skelly. Last night you got lucky. Might not get that lucky again.” She smiled letting out another yawn. Her self-pity winning this one.


“we’ll see sweetheart. we’ll see. i admit i am lookin’ forward to our mornin’s together.”


And with that, the call disconnected. Luna tossed her phone onto the nightstand. Sans was going to be making her feel such extreme pleasure in the mornings during his heat. It was exciting but at the same time, it was a bit scary. “Sans the Skeleton Gaster… good luck finding me. I admit I am looking forward to you trying.” Something about the lazy skeleton putting forth some effort to find her had her turned on once more. Ignoring it she turned on her side and closed her eyes.


~ . ~ . ~ . ~ 


Sans hummed softly to himself sitting back in his bed, he couldn’t believe how well that mark worked. And how good it felt to have her play with along with him. Yeah, that monster he had surged with magical energy one time had responded nicely. But… it hadn’t been the same way that Luna had responded. Pressing his hand over his sternum he could feel his soul pulsing erratically, it felt rather good. Looking down at his phone seeing the call he felt his grin widen.


“she responds so well to me.” Sans hummed to himself.


Getting up out of the bed he readjusted his shorts making sure they were upright. The bustling sound of pots and pans clanging together made him realize Paps was home from his morning workout. Wasn’t it Wednesday? Didn’t he have that thing with his puzzle buddy? He felt himself wondering. Sliding his slippers on his feet he figured he should go greet his brother.


Depositing his phone on his bed he knew he wouldn’t hear from Luna for a bit, he had worked her over enough that she probably was good asleep. I’ll remind her in an hour or so… He stopped that train of thought, he wasn’t sure if she had work tonight. Not really wanting to get her in trouble he decided best to leave it to the mornings. Luna hadn’t seemed to disagree. But maybe text her to make sure.


As he walked down the stairs he found his sudden interest in the little human rather perplexing. She wasn’t someone he knew very well, all he knew was she was willing to help him through this rough as fuck time. Monster heat cycles normally happened once a year, unless the monster was a boss monster. Due to some unforeseen circumstances, he was a boss monster. So he went through his heat three maybe four times a year. If he had a mate he would be going four times a year till he got that mate pregnant with child.


Wouldn’t that be something, someone carrying my child. Sans smiled to himself once he reached the bottom of the steps.


Luna Solarium though he worried about his current interest. Normally humans were all for screwing a monster to prove they weren’t racist. Or they were too racist to give a shit whether the monster fucked them. It made Sans sigh annoyingly. Humans were fucked up in their own way. There was none of those two in Luna last night as she ‘helped’ him out. Even asked to make sure he was cool with it. Said consent was a big thing at that point. Now that his brain wasn’t filled with lustful thoughts he found himself capable of thinking.


Walking into the kitchen he found Papyrus starting work on some sort of muffin. “mornin paps.” Sans replied going to the fridge and taking out a bottle of ketchup. Sitting down at the table he glanced at the bottle, recalling how she sipped on his bottle last night. Most humans get disturbed by that. Not her. She embraced it. Sans smiled taking a drink out of the bottle.


“IT'S ALMOST TWO IN THE AFTERNOON SANS. WERE YOU IN BED ALL DAY?” Papyrus spoke mixing his ingredients into the bowl.


“got home late last night. work had me workin' till almost eleven. wanted to enjoy some time in the fields so i could do some stargazin’ but…” Sans knew how his brother would react to this next part. Paps was a good younger brother seeking ways to aide him through the painful time when his magic became unbearable. “my heat started.”


Papyrus froze making the mix, turning to look at Sans at the table. Sans could see the concern on Papyrus’ face. “You Didn’t Get Involved With Anyone Did You?” Papyrus lowered his voice showing how worried he was. Sans understood where he was getting at, the last time a human got involved they had gotten hurt when they were under his watch.


“i did paps… but they walked away unharmed.” In fact, Sans was rather proud of himself that he hadn’t grabbed her and done what he wanted. “i know the rules, i can’ leave for the week that i am in heat. but do ya think ya could stop by grillby’s and get me a burger, please?” It would be different if it were just monsters. A monster could handle when a boss monster went into heat. A human, they were a bit more delicate. Luna would be able to handle him if she were his mate.


“OF COURSE, BROTHER EVEN THOUGH I CAN’T STAND WALKING IN THERE. BUT DUE TO YOUR DESPERATE NEED, I WILL MAKE SURE THAT I GET YOU A BURGER. DO YOU HAVE ANY OTHER REQUESTS?” Papyrus’ voice going back to his normal tone. Especially when Sans had told him he hadn’t hurt anyone during his heat.


“nah bro, just a burger will do good. ya goin’ over to your puzzle buddy’s house today aren’ ya?” Sans asked wondering what his brother’s plans were. Sans had been pleased about a few months back that his brother had found someone to enjoy puzzles with. Papyrus was lucky to have submissive heats, as well as being a-sexual. He could still spend his time with his puzzle buddy. Sans hoped to meet whomever it was Paps did puzzles with. It would be nice to know whom was nice enough to spend time with his cool bro.


“YES, TODAY WE ARE GOING TO PLAY THIS NEW GAME THEY TALKED WITH ME ABOUT LAST TIME.” Papyrus never spoke about his friend in any sense where Sans could pinpoint who they were. Whether they were monster or human. Male or female. Papyrus never gave him an idea of who they were. Only would text him so often to let him know he was safe, or he was coming home.


Sans felt rather left out in a way. In a sense though it was only fair. Sans wasn’t intending to share the adventure he had with Luna last night. So, Papyrus had his Puzzle Buddy, and Sans had well… he didn’t have Luna. Yet… Sans finally came to reason that he wanted Luna, because even in his non-lustful thinking, he found himself thinking about her. About how she was still the moon and sun. “that’s cool bro. just be safe out there, please.” Sans smiled up at Papyrus.


“Of Course, Brother. I Hope Maybe One Day To Introduce The Two Of You. They Love Puzzles But Most Of The Time When I Arrive At Their Home, They Are Lazing About Much Like You. Sometimes Playing Their Video Games.” Papyrus smiled which caught Sans by surprise. He hadn’t thought Papyrus would share information about his puzzle buddy before, neither had Sans asked.


“no kiddin’ bet ya yell at them like ya do me.” Sans chuckled softly taking another drink of his ketchup while Papyrus went back to work on whatever he was making. “watcha makin’ there bro?” Sans asked with a bit of curiosity.


“BLUEBERRY MUFFINS. MY PUZZLE BUDDY LOVES THEM AFTER LONG SHIFTS. THEY HAD A LONG SHIFT LAST NIGHT, SO I FIGURED THEY HAVE BEEN PROBABLY SLEEPING ALL DAY MUCH LIKE YOU.” Papyrus chuckled lightly which quirked Sans’ curiosity. Did they work late? It made sense since about a week after meeting them Paps had started to bake muffins for them. Mumbling something how they needed a good start to the day.


Sans admired the way Papyrus looked after his friend, it made Sans feel accomplished that he had raised him right. There was so much doubt that he had done something wrong over the years. But Paps turned out to be an amazing skeleton, and the coolest guy ever. “that’s so cool of ya bro. but you make muffins every week. don’ ya think ya should change thin's up a bit?” Sans felt the need to change things up for Pap’s puzzle buddy.


“NO, SANS. I KNOW WHAT THEY LIKE. AND THEY LOOK FORWARD TO MY BLUEBERRY MUFFINS EVERY WEEK.” Papyrus made a Nyeh sound meaning he felt accomplished. Welp no arguing that. So, he let Papyrus go to work on those muffins. Sans smiled watching him for a bit, feeling a bit out of the loop. “Would You Like One When I Am Finished Brother? I Should Make A Few. They Never Finish Them All.”


That made Sans frown, Paps was an amazing baker. Then again Paps tended to bake in mass quantities. When he should have only made like a dozen he made twice as much. If it were just his buddy, then Sans could imagine that it could be a bit overwhelming. Especially every week. Poor buddy, muffins must seem rather overwhelming at this point.


Paps left a few hours later making sure to grab the box that held what looked to be like Chinese checkers. It interested Sans to ask him when he got home if he and Paps could play. That was for later. Heading back into his room he looked at his phone on his bed. A grin widening on his face while he took a seat.


Sans-ational: hey sweetheart, need to ask if mornin’ sessions are cool? don’t want to disturb ya at work with my needs. so i can restrain my magic. just need to know when ya work.


Luna might have been awake at this time at least Sans hoped so. She was probably still worn out between last night and this morning. Looking up at his ceiling he groaned. Normally he was cool with being home on his own and left to deal with his laziness. At this moment though he longed for company. His eye lights trailed to the empty bed, thinking it would be nice to have someone there with him. Someone he could lean over and kiss, hold close to him.


Life on the surface showed him a great wonder of things. Like watching couples walk through parks together. With hand in hand. Sneaking kisses when they thought no one else was watching. Frisk had started to date, her current boyfriend seeming too good for her. The kid had held his hand while watching the stars one night. Undyne and Alphys would snuggle together while looking up. Sans longed for someone to do that with. He had someone to do that with once upon a time but it didn’t work out. Maybe that’s why I am so interested in Luna. She seems like someone who would want that kind of thing. I guess I won’t know unless I ask. I’ll ask at some point, not this early though. He sighed, his thoughts were interrupted when his phone went off.


Moon: Mornings are fine. I am off on Wednesdays and the weekends. I work late on Tuesdays and Fridays though. Mondays depend on business. I am glad I can help you out, Skelly.


It made him feel better that he wasn’t going to be bothering her too much. And he had a better idea of what times she would be home. Though she stated she worked late… did that mean she was on that train often Tuesday nights? Clicking his tongue he decided to take the risk.


Sans-ational: ride the train often on tuesdays I take it?


He scrutinized the message after hitting send. Not supposed to get that kind of personal that fast. Humans have their securities about them.


Moon: Sometimes. Depends on how tired I am. Sometimes work can run me down.


Where did she stay when she was too tired? Worry ate at him next thinking of her staying somewhere where she shouldn’t. Some human getting their hands on her and doing things that were unsavory to her. It made his protective instincts flare and before he could stop it, he sent another message.


Sans-ational: ya could stay at my place if ever need be. and i don’ mean to get ya here so i can have my way with ya. but i don’ like the idea of ya bein' somewhere that’s unsafe. ya are way too nice for somethin' like that babygirl.


Sans groaned rereading that message. He was about to say ignore it when another message popped through.


Moon: Thank you Sans. I do appreciate it, I might take you up on that offer at some point. I need to go, I have company for tonight. Talk to you later.


That made Sans smile thinking of her possibly sleeping downstairs on the couch. No… they had a guest bedroom, one he could move out if need be. She deserved a bed. That on his mind, he decided to take a nice long nap, why not he was home alone.


Chapter Text

Papyrus walked out of the house heading over to his friend’s home with the box of freshly baked muffins tucked under his arm. A lot going through his mind as he walked. Sans had come home late during his heat starting up and there had been a female’s scent on him. He denied hurting anyone, but still, there was an unfamiliar scent about him that had Papyrus worried. Alas, there was nothing that neither of them could do about it. The scent had been human from what Papyrus could tell, and if they reported Sans for hurting them they would cross that bridge when it came time.


For now, Papyrus wanted to go and enjoy his day at his friend’s house. Well, BP and Tops’ house she just happened to live there. Papyrus knew at some point she might look for new accommodations and he would be ready with the biggest offer he could muster. Though he would have to make sure that was cool with Sans too. That would require him to meet her again. 


Walking up the steps to duplex he tucked the container of blueberry muffins and the game under his arm. Raising one gloved hand he knocked on the door only to be greeted a female voice inside called telling him she was coming. The sound of locks clicking the door was soon pulled open revealing his Puzzle Buddy, Luna Solarium. Papyrus beamed seeing her sporting her usual skeleton gloves along with black pajama pants and an oversized white long-sleeved shirt. He didn’t need to glance down to see that she had slippers on. No, she wasn’t entirely like Sans, but she had similarities to him.


“Good Afternoon Luna, I Trust You Slept Well?” Papyrus smiled keeping his voice low in case she had another night of drinking. The human was prone to what they called hangovers, something he had learned the second day of meeting her.


Papyrus had never been more thankful since the night that he received a call from Grillby, stating that he needed to retrieve Sans. A few months ago, Sans had hit one of his depressing moments thinking about his former lover. So, what did his older brother do? He drank his depression away. The night his brother had decided to get really drunk, Papyrus learned two things. One, his brother tended to mix ketchup with fire rum. And two, Sans had found himself enthralled with a human, a human he forgot about the next day!


Grillby had found them behind the bar with Sans holding a sleeping human in his arms. Normally the fire elemental would have shooed them away from that area. But he had explained to Papyrus that too many human patrons would have taken advantage of Luna. And Papyrus could understand why even as he took a seat at the kitchen table looking over at his puzzle buddy. Luna was a sweet woman, had more care in the world than most would. Though having compassion as a soul trait it's no wonder.


Luna had been the only one out of the two to retain memories of that night. And Papyrus wished he hadn’t told her about Sans being depressed. She had quickly pleaded with him not to bring it up unless Sans remembered. While his brother had been at work Papyrus wanted to check on her to make sure she was okay. Monster alcohol hit humans harder than expected but they ended up feeling way better than before they had started to drink. He had not expected her to answer the door in a pretty good mood asking if his brother was okay. BP and Tops had been out for work, she had been home alone. Trying to shovel a poor attempt of some mushy cereal down her throat. Papyrus had taken her into the kitchen and proceeded to make her breakfast. Then he found her doing word searches and crosswords at the table. Luna had confessed love to do things like this when she was younger. Before Papyrus knew it she had board games down and they were going at it for hours.


That was how they had started their weekly puzzle night. And how Papyrus always made blueberry muffins for her. Though the minute he studied her he could sense something different. The aura in the room gave off a slight electrical buzz. Getting to his feet he walked over to Luna scanning her over. Nothing seemed out of normal except…. Reaching up to her shoulder he pulled aside the fabric. Luna froze on the spot turning to glance over her shoulder at him. She had been cleaning up the table so that they could play. Papyrus looked down at the fresh mark on her shoulder. Not daring to touch it. He knew that if he touched it he would send pleasure to her core and get her worked up. It was the magic that was surging through that mark that made Papyrus gasp.


“You’re The Human My Brother Ran Into Last Night.” Papyrus stated still trying to keep his voice low.


Luna looked down in shame almost instantly as he stated it.  Almost as if he had been her parent who had scolded her. That wasn’t his intent. Reaching up he touched her cheek, it was no secret that Sans had made a good impression on the woman that night at Grillby’s. “Yes, I wanted to help him out. I had not expected him to bite me the way he did. But it's there. There is no getting rid of it. Do you know exactly what the mark’s purpose is?” Luna asked still looking ashamed.


That upset him, Sans knew responsibilities better than anyone when pulling this kind of stunt. Especially when he was in heat. So why he didn’t take the time to explain it to her went beyond what Papyrus currently comprehended. There had to be a logical reason behind it. “The Mark Serves As One Of Two Things Or Both Depending On The Situation. You Recall I Explained To You About Me Being A Boss Monster But That I have A Passive Heat. Well, My Brother Has A Dominant Heat. Where I Can Leave The House And Not Have To Worry About Someone Attempting To Jump Me Due To The Pheromones I Emit, That Isn’t The Case For Sans. His Dominant Heat Forces Him To Be In One Place For A Week. That Mark Allows Him To Connect With One Person. When He Is In Need He Can Feel Them Through The Mark To Help Him Take That Edge Off. It's Kind Of Like Splitting The Heat Between Two. Being That You Are Human Though You Don’t Need To Worry About That Surge Of Neediness To Jump Someone. Or Have Someone Jump You. The Other Reason Is To Bring Quick Pleasure To Someone.”


A quick scan through her told Papyrus that she had a large quantity of magic flowing through her body. That must have been the reason for the bite. “Did Sans Offer To Take Care Of You Last Night?” Papyrus asked not wanting to jump to conclusions and be upset.


“He did, but I am a bit uncomfortable with the idea of casual sex. The idea was to help take the edge from him, so he could make it home. Should have seen him Paps he looked so uncomfortable last night.” Luna explained that made sense. Her compassionate nature willed her to help someone out. It resulted in her getting marked by Sans. She was lucky that they weren’t soul bonded or that mark would prove as a mating mark.


“I Understand And Thank You For Caring For My Brother. But This Is Rather Risky Considering You Know At Some Point He Might Remember That Night. And The Chance That This Is Just Something Through Passing Heat. I Am Aware Of How Attached Humans Get. I Don’t Want To See You Hurt Luna.” Papyrus confided in her getting her to sigh. His brother had no idea how much of a good woman Luna was.


“Don’t worry Paps, I am not expecting anything concrete out of this. I mean I can hope but… I don’t expect it. Even with what he keeps reminding me.” Luna replied.


“Keeps Reminding You?” Papyrus asked retracting his hand from her cheek to fold his arms over his chest and staring down at Luna. She seemed to wince at the body language that he had just shown.


“Sans told me last night that he was going to find me once his heat was over. Reminded me this morning that he still intended to. I recall you telling me that he doesn’t make promises so I’m not looking at it that way. I imagine he will forget about me when his heat dies down and go about his life.” Luna explained further. And while Papyrus had told her that Sans hated making promises, it was still a promise.


So, he’s finally woken up to see her. Bet he still doesn’t remember that night at Grillby’s. Need to keep a close eye on this don’t want either of them getting hurt. Papyrus thought to himself.


“I Am Not Sure If You Are Entirely Correct And I Would Rather Not Give You False Hope. Are You Okay With That Mark Though? It Is Rather Intense Especially When He Decides To Connect With You. From My Understanding, It Feels Like The Literal Sense Of Sex. And I Know You're Not Fond Of Casual Sex.” Papyrus was going to do the job of informing her how this worked. If she wasn’t comfortable with it, he could always retract the magic out of her. Or make Sans come and do it. Though Sans coming to do it might be a bad idea. Since he already promised to find her once his heat was gone.


“It's not actual sex where he is physically penetrating me. So, I can deal with it. We kind of have it set up with mornings so that it doesn’t interfere with my work at the bar.” Luna admitted to Papyrus. He had learned that after that first night Grillby had shifted around Luna’s schedule so that she wouldn’t encounter Sans. Grillby was overly protective of this human. Though Tops was infuriated with Grillby over it saying he was being too dad-ish over her. Especially since Luna had rather strange schedules.


“As Long As You’re Sure Luna.” Papyrus smiled handing her the box with the muffins in them. Taking a moment to stare at her, for the first time in a long time, she didn’t have bags under her eyes. Sans must have worn her out good this morning to the point she got some sleep. “You Look Better Than I’ve Seen In A Long Time. Now Let’s Get On Our Way About Playing That Game Hmm?”


Papyrus took hold of Luna’s wrist and walked her back into the living room only to find BP sitting on the couch staring expectantly at that box of muffins. He was dressed in his blue jeans and black AC/DC shirt. It had Papyrus wanting to take her back to his house and play the game. Tops and BP were good monsters, but they didn’t know personal boundaries. Especially BP when he got into heat. The one time he came over he found the feline snuggling up to a rather uncomfortable Luna. The poor thing had been stiff as a rod, and Paps understood why. BP was a taken monster, she didn’t want to screw up anything. So when it came time to get BP away Paps had to call for Tops then proceeded to take Luna out of the house.




“My house Paps. You’re a guest here and if you want to play games in my living room then gotta pay the toll.” BP spoke a grin spreading on that feline face of his.


“Stop being an asshole BP. Or I’ll tell Tops about the tub of Breyers ice cream you have in the back of the freezer.” Luna responded then making the feline flinch. That was rather satisfactory, to say the least. It was a tug on his wrist that he realized he was being pulled up to the stairs. Papyrus froze realizing where she was about to take him. Not that it wouldn’t have been a problem. Except they weren’t DATING! And Luna had the mark on her from his brother. No! NO! That would not do.


Papyrus pulled his feet to a full-on stop right there nearly wincing as Luna was yanked back. Colliding into his rib cage if it hadn’t been for his quick reflexes she might have fallen to the ground. His arm that had been holding her wrist snaked around her waist. Managing to keep her from sliding. “Miss Luna, I Am Afraid I Will Have To Decline Going Up To Your Room.” Papyrus spoke firmly.


Luna turned to look up at him confusion written firmly in her eyes. “What? Why? It's cool we can sit down and play the game on my bed.” Luna responded. Nope, that would definitely not do. Not with his brother already promising to try and find her. The human didn’t know how monsters worked.


“It’s because you’re his friend and you have an interest in his brother pipsqueak. If you take him into your room in a way that’s your way of showing off your quarters to him. Thus, inviting him into the opinion that you want to date. Remember how I told you about sharing food that you are eating with a monster is like a marriage proposal. Well showing them your quarters is like asking them to date.” BP piped up then getting up from his chair. Walking over to help straighten out Luna. “Keep telling you pipsqueak we don’t have the same thinking as you. It would be one thing if say like Tops or I sent him up there to get you but it's completely different if you invite him in there. Here’s a better perspective. How would this look if you invited him in there while he was in heat?”


Papyrus watched as the realization set in, especially after the conversation that they just had about Sans marking her while he was in heat. Papyrus lightly patted her on the head. “It's Okay Miss Luna, You Are Still Learning About Monsters.” He commented walking over to the table to set up the game.


Out of the corner of his socket he saw BP sniffing and then freeze. Luna stood there looking up at him with an unsure look on her face. Then BP buried his face into her neck where Sans’ mark was. Nope, that will not do. Papyrus was determined to stop BP from mauling his brother’s well… eh… what did he call her exactly. Oh, maybe heat mate would work. Walking back over he grabbed BP by the scruff of his neck and lifted him up. Not hard at standing nearly a foot taller than everyone else. “Miss Luna Might I Suggest We Take This Puzzle Night To Perhaps The Coffee Shop Around The Corner.” Papyrus suggested.


Glancing down at Luna he saw her trembling a bit, it was the mark. Any monster that touched it that wasn’t Sans or monsters in relations to Sans would have her feeling off a bit. Maybe even feeling vulnerable or defiled. Papyrus glared at BP, he would have words with him once he managed to get Luna to go upstairs. Clearing his metaphorical throat, he got Luna’s attention.


“Oh, alright. I guess.” She lifted her gloved hand to rub the back of her neck. “Let me go get changed. Guess coffee would be the better route to deal with this.” Then she turned and headed up the stairs.


Papyrus didn’t let go of the tan feline monster for fear he might run after her. He knew how good the feline’s sense of smell was. There was no doubt BP could smell Sans’ magic all over Luna, and coursing through her body. It may have been another monster’s magic, but it smelled like sexual magic nonetheless. Which for monsters was a power trip.


“You Better Not Even Think Like That Burger Pants.” Papyrus growled out at the cat ready to take the protective stance if need be. “She Is Marked By Sans Currently And If You Are Thinking Of Running Your Paws All Over Her Then You Best Think Again. Even if I Have to Spend The Next Week Here To Ensure You Don’t Go Near Her. Which Will In Turn Will Get Sans Coming Looking At Where I Am Going.”


“Why is Sans’ magic all over her if he doesn’t remember anything to do with that night?” BP growled back looking up the stairs to seek out Luna. Obviously wanting to go after her.


It wasn’t so much that question that bothered Papyrus as why Sans didn’t warn her about how monsters might react. Unless Sans didn’t know that she lived with monsters. The latter made more sense, Luna was rather good at hiding in truths.


“It's Because You Gave Her The Sense That Monsters Need Help With Their Heats During Your Last Heat Cycle. Apparently, She Ran Into Sans On Her Way Home Last Night And He Was At The Start Of His Own Heat Cycle. So Being The Compassionate Person She Is, She Went To Help Him Out. Not Realizing How Giving We Monsters Can Be. So, What Did Sans Do, He Gave Her The Heat Mark.” Papyrus responded, and he watched BP freeze in place.


It was BP’s flirtatious manner and such that this arrangement might get messed up. It was no secret that he wanted to have Luna as a third in the relationship between him and Tops. One of the reasons he felt so OBLIGATED to have the sweet human stay with them. That was how it went till Luna came home the day after meeting Sans. Then all that hope went out the door. The crush had formed because the two had been drunk behind the bar.


Papyrus didn’t need to look too hard to see the jealousy that BP had towards his older brother. It was understandable, Tops and he had found Luna first. Didn’t mean they were entitled to her. Tops was walking down the stairs dressed in his usual denim overalls with red shirt underneath. The bunny looked over at Papyrus and tilted his head to the side. “Do I want to ask why you have my mate hanging from your gloved phalanges, Papyrus?” Tops asked, and BP started to sweat.


“I Am Refraining Him From Chasing After Luna While She Is Changing Into Some Going Out Clothes. We Are Going To Take Puzzle Night To The Coffee Shop Around The Block.” Papyrus responded before handing Tops his mate. To be fair, he didn’t want Luna to come back down seeing him still holding the feline.


“Chasing Luna?” Tops asked in a confused tone. Taking BP and holding him against him but the grip was firm. Giving Papyrus a sense that he would not let the feline go. “Is there something going on with Luna I need to know about?”


Papyrus sighed looking upstairs to ensure she wasn’t coming down. The situation was rather private for her, but things needed to be brought up so that she didn’t get herself into more trouble. Other monsters would respect Sans’ mark where BP saw it as Sans didn’t have her yet. It angered Papyrus to think BP would try to swoop in while his brother wasn’t here. Tops on the other hand was more respectful.


“Sans Marked Luna With The Heat Mark Last Night When They Ran Into Each Other On The Train. From What Luna Has Told Me Sans Intends To Look For Her Once The Heat Is Over With. Burger Pants Caught Wiff Of The Sexual Magic And Thought He Would Get A Bit Closer Than I Like. Her Face Was Exactly Like How The Mark Is Explained. Luna Did Not Like It. And If Sans Finds Out He’s Touching Her When She Clearly Has His Heat Mark Then I Feel Sad For What He Will Do To Your Mate Tops.” Papyrus explained.


Tops’ ears twitched looking up at Papyrus then his look darkened looking down at BP. “BP, love, now you know better than that. Especially from a heat mark. You do know Sans won’t hesitate to wipe the floor with you if you touch her while she is marked. And especially since he knows your mated to me.” Tops mentioned showing Papyrus that he knew his boundaries. Tops turned his attention to him then. “I will coordinate my schedule to be home when she is to ensure nothing happens Paps. You can trust me on that. But um… she does realize how screwed she is with that mark right?” Tops asked his ears twitching once more.


Papyrus sighed, perhaps she didn’t know especially with that promise Sans made. “While He Is In Heat It Isn’t So Much That I’m Worried About. I Know She Is um… Reserved About Casual Sex.”


BP suddenly snorted at that remark. “Yeah she's reserved because she’s a virgin.” It was about that time that a doc marten boot collided with the top of his head. He groaned rubbing the top of his head. Looking up, Papyrus followed to find Luna peering over the bannister with a smirk on her face.


“Oops, it slipped.” Luna muttered getting both Tops and Papyrus to chuckle.


~ . ~ . ~ . ~


The walk to the coffee shop was a pleasant one, Papyrus admired the way Luna wore the red scarf he had given her. She didn’t take too well when he attempted to give it to her the second week of knowing her. Said it didn’t seem right to take it when they didn’t know each other that well. Though when he gave it to her upon the second month he insisted she take it because they were a lot closer. Luna had taken it even while grumbling because she hadn’t given him a present. He chalked it up to The Great Papyrus has the gift of her friendship.


“BP had no right to tell you that.” Luna muttered after a long while which caught his attention.


“That You’re A Virgin?” Papyrus asked looking at her seeing her sink into her jacket much like Sans did when he was embarrassed. “It's Nothing To Be Ashamed About Luna. It’s Natural To Not Want To Share Your Body With Just Anyone. But If I May…” He looked around making sure that no one was in earshot before lowering his voice to a whisper. “Why Haven’t You Done It?”


The snort he heard from her was comical. Papyrus sensed that she was not all thrilled with it. “I lived with my brother before I came to Ebott Town. Think he exactly allowed me to bring guys over, so I could bang them. Plus there was the fact I was under the age of twenty-one. So going to meet guys at a bar kind of out of the question.” Her voice came out a bit muffled by the scarf. It was odd hearing her talk about her sibling. He knew she had one, but never once had she mentioned it. “If I were to be honest though I never found myself in the right um… point to go that far with anyone. Yeah, I’ve dated but beyond the usual groping, kissing, and hugging stuff never went to that point.”


Papyrus smiled thinking of her reserved like that. It fit her. The few months that he had known her she kept private details like about her brother or ex-lovers as she often called them rather quiet. Luna was the oddball when it came to humans he supposed. She had even told him so. Something along the lines that she just didn’t fit in with humankind, said she should have been born a monster. Papyrus told her she shouldn’t wish for such things.


Life in the underground always seemed happy but it was not without cost. It nagged at Papyrus since he had wanted to take Frisk’s soul so that they could be free. Undyne had wanted the same at one point, but it wasn’t till the small human child showed them that things could be nice without them having to take her soul.


Though Papyrus often wondered how it might have been if Luna had been born a monster. What would the magic have made her? Papyrus smiled faintly to think if she had been born a monster he would have had a good friend down there.


“Earth to Pappy, are you listening?” Luna’s voice rang through forcing him to turn and look at his friend. He couldn’t see her mouth, but her eyes hinted she smiled. Her eyes are entrancing. Sans better appreciate her.


“Sorry Miss Luna, I Was A Bit Lost In Thought.” He looked up finding that they had arrived at the coffee shop. He really should text Sans letting him know that he wasn’t at his friend’s house. Just to give his brother peace of mind. Sans still worried about when Paps went out by himself perhaps because monster hate crimes were still at large. Though not as much for the last five years. “Mind Ordering For Us While I Text My Brother…” He pulled a twenty out of his wallet and handing it to her. “I Don’t Want Him To Find Out Later I Was At A Coffee Shop When He Thought I Was Going To A Friend’s House.”


“No problem Paps. What would you like exactly?” Luna asked reaching up to take off the scarf, but she didn’t make a motion to take the money from his gloved phalanges. Her gaze was focused on him.


“Just Some Coffee With Cream And Sugar. Maybe A Cinnamon Raisin Bagel if they have any. It’s Pretty Late In The Day, So I Am Not Sure If They Have Any.” Papyrus smiled at her watching her turn to walk towards the counter. “Luna?” He called out to her, getting her to turn back around. His eye lights dropping down to the money. Her response being a smirk before turning back to walk towards the counter.


Papyrus sighed shoving the money back in his pocket. He couldn’t help but smile at the sweet little human. Finding one of the couches with a coffee table. It reminded him of his and Sans’ home. Maybe I can have her over one day doing puzzles and playing board games. The thought was warming to Papyrus while he set everything. Luna came over after a bit placing a cup and a bagel in front of him. Papyrus remembered then that he was supposed to text Sans.


“I Forgot I Need To Text Sans. I Was So Lost In Setting Up This Game That I Had Forgotten What I Was supposed to be doing.” Papyrus chuckled pulling his phone out from his beige bomber’s jacket.


He had changed much in the ways of how he dressed back in the underground. Changing what Luna called hot pants for denim jeans which covered him nicely. When he first started wearing them Undyne had him talked into skinny jeans which held too tightly to his pelvis. But when Luna came into the light she laughed at first then showed him bell-bottom jeans. Or as she called them flare. Retro, was what she called them none the less they weren’t as snug and he didn’t have to worry about tucking the legs into his boots.


Coolskeleton95: Hello Brother, Wanted To Check In And Let You Know That I Ended Up Going With My Puzzle Buddy To The Coffee Shop Near Their Home.


BigBrother: cool bro. just be careful, please.


CoolSkeleton95: I Will Brother.


Shoving his phone back into his pocket he smiled at Luna while she turned the board. Setting it so she had the blue marbles. And Papyrus had the red marbles. Of course, he knew why on more than one occasion her favorite color was blue. “So... ready to get your butt whooped.” Luna beamed at him before sitting back in her seat.


“WE SHALL SEE HUMAN!” Papyrus laughed making a lot of people in the coffee shop jump or drop their coffee. Which in turn had Luna chuckling.


They played about three rounds too focused on the game to really think about where or who was around them. He and Luna got like this often with BP trying to distract her, but Luna proved stronger at the will of patience. Normally it was Papyrus whom ended up calling Tops to get his mate out of the room. “Luna, Do You Wish To Learn More About That Mark?” Papyrus asked.


Luna was mid-move when he had asked but he wasn’t attempting it to get her to lose. It was more he could inform her properly. He watched as she moved her hand to trail over that mark, but he grabbed her hand before she could touch it. “Careful. Lest You Want Sans To Set The Magic Off In Your Body Here Then You Will Not Want To Touch It. In A Way You Touching It Signals To him That You Want To Play.” He explained a bit; relieved when she dropped her hand down to the board.


“I didn’t realize you guys could do that.” Luna muttered after a bit taking her turn. Managing to take out a few of his marbles.


“It's Not Something We Do Without Careful Consideration. I Am Surprised Sans Did It At All. If You Two Had Been Soul Bonded It Would Have Made You Not To Want To Leave His Bed Till He Managed To Impregnate You If That Is Possible. We Are Still Unsure About The Dynamics Of Whether Human Monster Procreation Can Happen.” Though he knew it was possible in truth because he had received images of a familiar blond from his close friend Valiant. But there was no need to let humans know even though he felt he could trust Luna with that information but she would get confused by the talk of dimensions. 

“He Can Go Into Heat Four Times Out Of The Year With A Mate. He’s Glad He Only Has To Deal With Three For Now.” Papyrus commented studying the board.


“I’d imagine it's possible human monster children to be born. Monster and human souls exist. Soul bonding is kind of like marriage why can’t two different souls bring a new soul into the world.” Luna responded which made Papyrus smile. Luna was one to believe that humans and monsters could coexist. Look where she lived.


“Off Topic, You Tend To Do That Often It Seems. But The Mark Works Like How It’s Described. A Heat Mark. It could fade when his heat is over with.” Papyrus explained a bit further. “Depending On How Much Magic He Poured Into It. I Can Feel The Magic Radiating From The Mark.”


“He said that he would be able to feel when I was close. So I imagine he wanted to put more magic in me for when his heat died down. But I still believe he will forget about me it’s not something I’m worried about.” Luna explained and Papyrus frowned taking his turn before sipping on his still warm coffee. That was something he wasn’t sure about. He had never marked anyone in himself so there were some things he didn’t know about.


“I Couldn’t Tell You If He Could Be Able To Sense You If You Are Near Him Or Not. Unless You Are Wanting To Tempt Fate. We Could Um….” Papyrus blushed an orange hue worried what would happen if he brought Luna close to Sans. “Test That Theory. But Sans Can’t Leave The House You Would Have To Come By.” If Sans had promised anything after his heat, Papyrus could only imagine if she was there while he was in heat.


“Virgin, remember. And I don’t think I want to lose my virginity to find out if a skeleton was pulling my leg or not.” Luna admitted her cheeks turning a rosy color in response. It doesn’t stop her from thinking about it.


“Why Do You Like My Brother? I Don’t Understand What Happened That Night To Make You Develop The Crush You Did For Him.” Papyrus always wondered but he was worried Luna wouldn’t give him that answer.


“I’m not too sure to be honest Pappy. I mean me and him were able to talk without feeling any sense of awkwardness. But he had this genuine look when he saw me. Sure, the pickup line was corny, and the comment of my ass was unexpected. But he had a certain boldness about the way he talked. I don’t recall what we talked about after that because he got me drunk off fire rum-infused ketchup.” Luna chuckled.


That caught Papyrus off guard, Grillby had stated she was drunk off alcohol, but he had never stated what kind of alcohol. Probably because he didn’t know. “You Drank Ketchup?” Papyrus asked tilting his head to the side making Luna laugh.


“Oh yeah, he got me to come closer. My dumb ass moved closer towards him. Before I knew it, he shoved the bottle in my mouth and squeezed. So, I drank it down. Must admit guy has to have the guts to pull a stunt like that and get away with it.” Luna grinned, and yeah that was something, not even his brother would have pulled if he didn’t think he would get away with it.


“Um… Off-Topic Do You Feel A Tugging Sensation?” He asked curious about it. And that made Luna sober from her laughter. The look of unsureness was there.


“How did you know? I mean I always assumed that it was my heart, but it only happens when I am near him. Or when I talk to him.” Luna blushed furiously and just like that Papyrus had his answer it wasn’t a crush.


The walk back home was rather quiet, but it gave Papyrus to go over everything that he had learned. Luna was a virgin, from the way she talked seemed like her family didn’t much care for her. And her soul was attempting to call out to his brothers when he was near or talking to her on the phone. The virgin part wasn’t of importance. The family thing, well… who did she have in her life to spend Gyftmas with? Papyrus learned more about his puzzle buddy in one evening than he had learned in the few months of knowing her. The soul call though, how the hell was that affected when it came to the heat mark.


Approaching his home, he walked up the steps to the two-story home pulling out his keys. Unlocking the front door to step inside. He found Sans sleeping on the couch the television was on playing some sort of crappy movie. Papyrus sat down in the recliner looking at his brother's sleeping form. Thinking all that he learned tonight, his brother deserved to be happy. “Sans?”


Sans opened his sockets to look over at him, his smile getting wider before rolling to a sitting position shoving his hands into the pockets of his shorts. Something that he did often. “hey bro. have fun at puzzle night?” Sans asked after a long yawn.


“It Went Well But I Was Wondering; Would You Like To Come With Me Next Week? I Really Want You To Meet My Puzzle Buddy.” Papyrus offered.


“hmm, you sure paps? i don’ wanna intrude on your guy’s fun.” Sans responded getting a smile from Papyrus.


“I Don’t Mind. Besides, I Learned Quite A Bit More About Them Tonight. And I Honestly Think That The More Friends They Have The Better. I Learned That They Are Quite Lonely. I Think You Might Bring A Big Smile To Their Face Even With Your Silly Puns.” Papyrus choked that last part because he hated Sans’ puns. But Luna would get a thrill out of them, and he would sit through them if it meant more true smiles that she showed this evening.


“ah well if you’re cool with it bro then i am cool with it.” Sans smiled when his phone vibrated catching Papyrus’ attention. Sans looked down at his phone unlocking the screen. He was reading something. His smile got wider before he hopped off the couch. “welp i wanted to wait for you to get home before headin’ to bed. you’re home now.” Sans walked up and hugged Papyrus before sauntering off to go to his room.


Papyrus sat there a moment longer smiling knowing that it took Luna just as long to get home. So that message had probably been her letting him know she was home. It felt good to know that the little human would take care of his older brother.


Chapter Text

It was Friday evening and Luna had finally sat down so that she could get off her feet. The crumpled brown paper bag that she held in her hand being tossed onto the nightstand. Bringing one foot up she started to unwind the knots feeling the tense strain loosen on the top of her foot. Maybe I should consider a different set of shoes for when I am at work. Luna thought to herself sliding the first boot off. She could literally feel the heat emanating from her socked foot. Maybe a foot soak wouldn’t be too bad.


Her phone started to go off getting her attention. Luna knew who it was without checking the caller ID. She had started texting him whenever she got home late. And he would wait till she was situated before calling. Picking it up off the nightstand she answered it. “City morgue, you stab ‘em we slab ‘em. This is Irene, how may I direct your call?” It was a cheesy line but hey she never claimed to be a comedian.


A stream of amused chuckles came from the other end of the phone. His voice was so good to hear after the long day. “if only i had a quarter for how many times i heard that one.” Sans responded after a bit while she undid her other shoe. “how was work babygirl?”


“Long, and exhausting. Starting to wonder why I took a job where I was going to be standing all the time.” Luna responded stretching her legs out on the bed. She felt so grimy. “Debating on taking a hot bath after we finish tonight.” About the only time, the hadn’t done anything at night was when she had worked late on Thursday. Something along the lines of he knew she needed rest.


“no rush tonight babygirl. you can call me after your bath if you would like.” Sans replied after a moment sounding as if he were shifting in bed. “i am really not in a rush this evenin’ won’t say its not uncomfortable but i really don’ care if we do anything or not.”


That made Luna frown a bit. Wondering if he was growing bored with her already. True there was only so much that one could do over the phone. And masturbation wasn’t exactly thrilling all the time. She wished she could suck up her courage and go to him to help him out. Part of her was terrified about her first time though. It would be painful or so she had read up online.


“ya there, sweetheart? didn’ lose you to sleep did i?” Sans’ voice tugged her from her thoughts. Probably for the best since she was feeling that spiral of self-pity rising inside of her.


“I’m here.” Luna muttered reaching over to open her bag that contained her food. It was a burger from the bar. Occasionally, she treated herself to one. Mostly on her long shifts, recently she hasn’t felt up to cooking anything. And eating at times tended to be a challenge.


“what ya got over there?” Sans asked trying to make some conversation it seemed. She sucked at this. The last few nights had been mostly them getting off before going to bed. Wouldn’t surprise her if he was getting bored with that.


“I got a burger from Grillby’s,” No harm in telling him that not like he would figure out that was where she worked. “Some fries. Figure magic food would be nice to eat instead of regular burgers. Fries always get soggy and nothing is worse than a soggy French fry.” Magic food stays fresh and hot longer than human food. The only downside to it though was one could never gain any weight off it. Unless one was a monster.


“can’ say that i am surprised that ya have a burger. do you frequent grillby’s often?” Ah, there it was the question she saw coming when she told him about the burger. Luna admitted that she wasn’t surprised.


“I am there often enough that some of the regular’s know me on sight.” Luna responded.


“i should go more often. i did something a few months ago to upset grillby. don’ remember what it was but it had to be pretty bad.” Sans sighed on the other end and Luna felt her heart sink. Was Grillby mad at Sans for getting her drunk that night? Maybe she should tell him to forgive Sans. It wasn’t like she had been hurt or he had taken advantage of her. “hey, i have an idea for tonight. a little bit of a change of pace ya could say.” His voice had taken a tone of excitement making Luna think he was thinking about this all day.


“Okay.” She pulled out a fry and started to nibble on it. “What's your idea?” Admitting that curiosity was rather getting the better of her.


“i um…. want to learn more about you. i don’t want you to think its all sex with me. while grant it this all is fun. i do want to get to know the person behind that helpfulness on the train.” Sans spoke making her heart swell up in excitement.


Her plans to take a bath or a shower tonight went out the window when he said that. Sans the Skeleton wanted to learn more about her. It was rather endearing to think about it. Maybe they could have a friendship after this. “I am up for that. I need to get changed out of my work clothes and into my pajamas.” Luna commented.


Sans was quiet on the other end for a moment, she could hear his phalange tapping against the phone like he was impatient or thinking. “can we video chat?” he spoke after a while catching her a bit off guard. “i-i mean w-we don’ have to but… i kind of want to see ya. and i can’ leave the house. i love my brother but seeing someone else for a change would be rather nice.”


Luna thought it over for a moment not seeing an issue with it. Except she didn’t want him to see her scarf down that burger like no tomorrow. She was starving. “Sure, but after I eat. I don’t want you to see me become a savage while scarfing down this burger. I haven’t eaten since this morning.” Luna admitted.


“that’s fine babygirl. you take your time to eat. i remember you telling me you are off on the weekends. so, we have time tonight. and if not tonight maybe over the weekend.” Yeah, there went those touchy-feely emotions that she got around him.


It brought her back to the conversation that she and Papyrus had the other day. Maybe it would be better to ask Sans about things than tiptoe around him. After all, he was the one who put that mark on her. “I learned a bit more about that heat mark you put on me.” Luna spoke after a bit unwrapping her burger.


“oh? i’m a bit surprised not a lot of monsters know about it too much. mostly because some monsters don’ want to get attached to someone that isn’ their soulmate.” Sans responded though she couldn’t help but feel a bit disappointed while she bit into the burger. The last bit of that line kind of made that thumping feeling in her chest wane. That’s odd.


“I have a good friend who explained it to me. I admit I guess I don’t know as much about monsters as I would like to think. He explained the mark to me in a better light.” Luna proceeded to explain taking another bit at the end.


“eh, just be careful. i would rather you be here with me while you have that on you. since i know how some monsters can react to the magic that mark gives off. monsters won’ force ya but they will attempt to seduce ya in hopes of winning a chance to sleep with ya.” That was a bit of a sobering effect on her to learn. Her cheeks flushed with color recalling the way BP had attempted to get as close as he possibly could. Everything in what he had done was so wrong.


“What happens if they touch the mark?” Luna had heard Papyrus talking to BP and Tops about it but wanted to keep it hush-hush so that she wouldn’t know. It kind of bugged her about it.


“you won’ like it. you will want to push them away. my magic can seem rather possessive more than i would like at times. but it's reflected from my soul. only me or someone related to me can touch it and not make you feel like your being defiled. i take it you felt that the other day. because i sure did. kind of jolted me out of my sleep.” Sans explained further. She hadn’t meant to wake him up, hell she had wanted to push BP off her when he got too close. Papyrus had beaten her to it though.


“That’s about what I felt when they brushed against it.” Luna mumbled softly feeling some of the sauce drip onto her fingers when she took another bite. A growl came from the other end of the phone telling her Sans had not been happy to hear that.


“i know i shouldn’ be possessive but for the time being your marked with my magic. humans i don’ expect them to understand. but a monster will know better. our bodies are made up of magical energy, so we sense magic when its near or around us.” Sans explained, and she blushed in a way Sans was saying that she was his for now.


“Did you just call me yours in a way?” Luna asked him, finishing off her burger in a few more bites. Wanting to really see him it. It had been three days since the stuff on the train happened. Her crush was going to kill her she just knew it. Perhaps it would when Sans decided he was done with her.


Sans muttered something on the other end of the line, and she chuckled imagining him that shade of blue all over his face. It must have been a sight to see when he got all flustered. Shoving the wrapper back into the greasy paper bag she saw the remainder of the fries. She could always eat those before she went to sleep for the evening. “Alright. I am going to get changed. How exactly are we going to do this?” She asked getting to her feet, so she could remove her blue jeans.


“well we could use skype. or facetime. though i think facetime only allows split-screen. as much as i enjoy lookin’ at my mug i want to see you more.” Sans explained the sound of something clicking on his side.


“We can use skype. My user name on it is Stargazer69.” Luna responded pulling the cotton sleep shorts up her legs. Looking down at her knee-high socks she worried that she should take them off. But she didn’t want her toes to get cold. Her phone made a sound that hinted there was a request from someone in one of her apps. “You just added me.” Luna laughed not even bothering to look. “In a rush?”


“told ya i want to see you luna.” Something in the way he said her name made her smile. Slipping out of her long-sleeved shirt she traded it for her Starset tank top. Making sure to remove her bra, normally after work that was the first thing to go. She had gotten home a little later than expected.


“Alright I got changed. Let me get off this call with you and I will get on skype. Okay?” Luna asked getting confirmation on the other end of the call.


Ending the call, she had a split second to think about what she was going to do. Sans know doubt knew her interest in voyeur. Would he answer while stroking himself knowing that she would get turned on by it? Her cheeks heated at that thought grabbing the phone stand that she had propped on her nightstand. Settling the phone on it she opened her skype app, watching the cyan-colored screen glow. While it was loading she turned on a light. Giving enough to see into her room. Hopefully, that was enough. Hitting accept to the request she hit video call.


 The call was answered right away showing a mattress with the blankets tussled about. Though the skeleton in question was missing. The feed was fumbled knocked over a few times before finally it set up. Then said skeleton flopped onto his mattress in front of the screen. “hello beautiful.” Sans smiled into the screen.


Luna chuckled softly pulling her knees to her chest. The action earned her a purr from Sans. “stars i’ve missed that face. even if i only saw it one day. it feels so nice to see you after three days.” Sans sat up moving back into the corner similar to her. He was dressed in his basketball shorts an oversized t-shirt.


“I admit it's nice to see you again.” Luna commented leaning back against her own wall. This was almost as good as them being face to face. Though she knew what would happen if they were face to face. It was inevitable.


“so, i mentioned i wanted to do thin’s differently tonight. now i know your kink is watchin’ but that’s not why i am doing the video call. this is more to gage your honesty. there's a big difference in answerin’ with a truth or a fib. or…” He paused his grin faltering a moment. “hidin’ a fib in a truth.”


That made Luna stop almost immediately. He had known she wasn’t honest about things. Guess she shouldn’t have been surprised. Looking off to the side she felt a bit ashamed. “hey, look at me luna. i get it you didn’ know me very well. afraid i might track ya down or somethin’ can’ fault ya there. but i know mettaton and as much as he claims to love humans he don’ like the idea of them workin’ for him. so don’ sweat it okay, babygirl?”


“BP said I could use that whenever I was unsure of someone.” Luna confessed after a moment.


“an’ with anyone that’s good. i can see someone goin’ there to look for you and finding bp. that feline would no doubt put anyone in place. but with me, yeah i’m gonna go lookin’ for ya. but it ain’ to hurt ya or do unsavory thin’s.” Luna looked up to the screen finding him closer now to the point she could see his eye lights flickering. “well unsavory thin’s that you won’ enjoy that sounds a bit better.”


He wasn’t condemning her for lying to him, in fact, he seemed more understanding. It eased her a bit more than she realized. Pushing the self-resentment, she constantly felt aside. The starvation for love riding the reigns currently. Uncurling her knees from her chest she leaned forward to rest flat on her stomach. Grabbing the pillow before she was fully flat and propping it under her breasts. “that’s better. now i can gauge your reactions.” Sans smiled into the screen.


“So what exactly are we going to do?” Luna asked grabbing the bag from the restaurant wanting to eat those damn fries. Her attention flashed to the screen worried he might get offended if she ate in front of him. Nearly dropping that bag back to where it was.


“if your hungry babygirl please eat. it isn’t goin’ to insult me any. now what we are doing is just goin’ to be for some fun. i want to learn a bit about you. feel kind of bad fuckin’ you with my magic and not knowin’ much about you. so think of this as an awkward date of sorts.” Sans stated his own pillow under him while he rested on it.


Pulling out the fries she looked at him while placing the little box on the nightstand behind the phone. Taking one and placing it in her mouth. Her mind thinking to this awkward date. “Why would you even want to date me? Even calling this an awkward date entails that this is still a date.” Luna asked using her hand to cover her mouth while she chewed. Her voice coming out a bit muffled by the food.


“um… well…” Her gaze fixated on the screen seeing that his face was a shade of blue. “guess there’s no beatin’ around the bush with this one is there. i admit i had wanted to talk to ya before you boarded the train. even looked for you when i got on. was kind of bummed when i couldn’ find you…” Sans looked off for a moment. “was really happy to find ya in that car though. felt like i was given another shot if you get what i mean. anyways figure this would be a better way of easin’ ya into somethin’ than you getting’ all worked up about me lookin’ for you.” Sans chuckled lightly.


“So, because I helped you out is that the only reason you're interested in me?” Luna asked him trying to figure out about that. If that were the case it wouldn’t hurt but she wanted to know. That would determine the next step in all of this.


“if it were that simple i wouldn’ go through all this to make it easier for me to come to you when my heat is up. but the truth is i have interest that go beyond sex. helpin’ me out was a big plus side for me. so take it like that if you will.” Sans explained his face turning bluer by the second.


That wasn’t exactly the response she had expected him to say. Being human and living on the surface she found some guys said things that girls wanted to hear to give them the opportunity to sleep with them. But this and with the conversation she had with Papyrus on Wednesday well she felt that maybe there was something more to go on here. “Alright, I’ll go along with this. What is it you are wanting to know about me?”


Sans hummed for a moment seeming to think over what he wanted to know. It made Luna chuckle he had this all planned out and yet he didn’t. “well how about the obvious, you had a lot of galaxy-themed items on the night we met. heh your name alone is a tribute to the stars. but why the galaxy themed items?”


Luna grinned lightly. “My name is my pride. I admit to being called the moon.” Luna wasn’t about to go into the idea that someone would one day call her their moon. That would be seeming too much like Game of Thrones right there. “But it's because of my name and interest in the stars that I go out to find themed clothes like that. My dad always found ways to surprise me with things when I was younger. Bought me a telescope for my tenth birthday so I could look at the stars.” Luna smiled thinking about her father, it was nice to talk about him again. “Am I permitted to ask you questions?”


“would be unfair if i were the only one gainin’ information now.” Sans explained propping an elbow into the mattress before moving his head onto his palm. “the way you talk about your past. sounds like you had a great childhood.”


Luna schooled her features, great was a way to explain how her parents made her feel when they weren’t working. But he didn’t want too personal right now. And she rather not get into the painful shit. It would be a bridge they would cross in the future. “What’s your favorite activity?” She smiled at him.


“pfft… that’s an easy one sweetheart. sleepin’, nothin’ better than climbing into bed and pullin’ a blanket over you to catch a few z’s. coming up to that would be spendin’ time with my bro. he’s the coolest you know.” Sans responded getting her to chuckle. He seemed like the type to just sit back and relax. “what about you?”


Of course, he would turn the question on her. Luna smiled lightly drawing circles on the pillow. “I play video games a lot on my time off. I really should get out of the house more. BP is always telling me to get off of my ass and do stuff. Not like he’s one to talk.” Luna didn’t notice her slip till it was a bit too late.


“you live with bp an’ tops?” Sans asked sitting up in his bed. He seemed to be looking at her video feed now rather intently. That one was going to be hard to cover up and she knew it.


“Well, yeah. They took me in nearly a year ago. I kind of live in their loft. Its set up to be my own little gamer crib of sorts. Of course, we made renovations to seal off my bedroom away from the gaming area so that BP and Tops can play when they were up for it. I know I made it sound like BP came over, but it's more along the lines he comes in the loft to hang out with me.” That was not something she wanted to tell him right off the bat. “Do I need to worry about waking up to you in my room now?” Luna asked half-joking.


Sans purred once more. “would be lyin’ if i said i wasn’ tempted but no you don’ have to worry about me showin’ up till after my heat. i’m a bit much to handle in this state. doubt ya would be going to work if i were there constantly. dominant heat monsters tend to be a bit clingier than most.” Sans was at least honest about it.


“Just making sure.” Though the thought of Sans ending up in her room wasn’t a bad idea. Imagining how they could just start kissing. Pulling him into the bed and…. Holy Fuck! No! Bad Brain Bad!


Sans snickered a moment later. “guess it's your turn to ask a question. but in all seriousness i won’ be in your room unless you invite me there luna.”


Luna scratched under her chin, technically he had asked two questions. In turn, she had the right to ask him a couple of questions. “Do you enjoy reading? And if so what's your favorite book?” It was a not so personal question and a lot better than the one she wanted to know the answer to. Like why he had forgotten her so easily the first night they met.


“that’s two questions babygirl. you do know that right?” Sans asked with a that grin widening.


“You asked me two questions yourself so only fair I get a secondary question. After you answer we can go back to one question if you would like.” Her head was resting on her pillow trying not to draw out the yawn that was threatening.


“guess you’re right.” Sans stated resting his head back down on his own pillow so that he could stare at her through the screen of his phone. “i do like to read. though my favorite book is a toss-up between the hobbit and star wars: a new hope.”


“A fantasy and sci-fi nut. Not surprised there. Especially given you named me Galaxy within moments of finding me.” Luna chucked watching as his face lit up that blue coloration once more. This guy was so easily flustered when she brought up things like that. And it was hardly fair because a flustered Sans made for a cute Sans.


“you an’ i both know why i called you that babygirl. and don’ go sayin’ I was starin’ at your ass. i only let my eyes lights lin’er long enough to figure out the pattern that was there.” Sans explained and she couldn’t help it she burst into laughter that nearly had her crying.


It took her several moments to regain her self-control. Though the many times Sans had asked what during her fit of laughter hadn’t helped her any. Using the back of her hand to wipe away the tears from her eyes she looked at the screen seeing him dumbstruck. It took all she had not to start laughing again. “You realize with the lighting that was there at the time you might have had to stare a long ass time to make out the silvery specks on a nearly black skirt. Am I right?” Luna decided to point out.


And to her amusement she watched Sans turn his face away from the screen. The blue hue on his skull seeming to darken in embarrassment. Luna was still attempting to not snicker her ass off. He was too damn cute. “yeah well you have a booty-ful ass, that much i will admit to.” Sans responded then.


That had her humor spiking but she felt somewhat a sort of déjà vu. How she longed to remind him of those rather choice words he had spoken when he got sloshed. Not wanting to add more to his pile he probably already had she bit her tongue. “You’re lagging behind Skelly, your turn to ass a question.”


Sans beamed at her making her realize that he appreciated an equally bad pun being thrown back at him. “guess i am babygirl. hmm… ya asked about my favorite book. be kind of corny if i turned the question back around on you so i won’. i admit though got a favorite genre of movie?”


“Oh yeah, I do enjoy romances but those are commonly known as chick flicks. Can’t say I see you watching one of those with me. Then there is horror, something maybe to get you to jump out of your seat and into my lap. Though judging from your size my thigh might fall asleep under your weight. Scifi is a good choice as long as it’s a good one. B-rated sci-fi films can get rather cheesy.” Luna chuckled knowing that she was pulling Sans’ leg here. He asked for one genre and here she was listing a bunch like they were going to go see one together.


“ya know i asked for a single genre. and your listin’ a bunch. though i admit your reasonin’ is gouda.” Sans winked at her getting her to chuckle again. “can i get an actual answer please.”


“Oh he assumes that saying please will get him what he wants.” Luna grinned at the screen before adjusting herself to where she was laying the correct way on her bed. “Guess I have to say romantic comedies. Because I love the way that they fall in love. Its not hypothetical I know that much. My second favorite is superhero action movies.”


“guess we will have to find a common interes’ when we cross that bridge eh. nothin’ agains’ either but paps loves too many superhero movies and romcoms aren’ my thing as you stated. i guess you knew i was fishin’ to ask you for a movie date sometime.” It was something that she had known, and she definitely appreciated him asking.


“Dinner and the movies out is classic cliché. Order me pizza and throw something on the television, I’ll be good. I don’t want to doll up, I do that enough at my job.” Luna cleared her throat realizing how that might sound. “Not that I wouldn’t mind getting dolled up for you. I just…” Luna sighed.


“hold the brakes babygirl. i get what you’re sayin’ and i understand. no need to get all defensive. i’m sure the first chance you could dress up for me you’d go through all the stops specifically. you seem like that type with the kind of soul you have.” Sans explained to her which caught her off guard.


“You’ve seen my soul?” Luna asked. She remembered asking BP and Tops about it but they kind of shoved it off. Tops explained stating that souls were kind of an intimate thing. To be shown at times of passion when the other was ready. While BP told her the only way they could see her soul was if they drew it from her body.


“i um….” Sans was stuttering now. More than likely he hadn’t meant to share that information with her. “w-well i looked at it on the train. kind of wanted to see what kind of person you were. i was a tad curious. i’m sure livin’ with two monsters you know what kind of stuff is unheard of. since souls are rather intimate. i will apologize.”


“No.” Luna felt the need to comfort him once more. Even though he had known what he did was wrong she was touched he wanted to see what kind of soul she had. “Can you tell me what my soul traits are?” The smile on her face showed genuine interest because she longed to know what made her, well her.


“you’re unusual for a human. most that ask me to show one or two colors. not you, you have four.” Sans mentioned snuggling more into his pillow. They were both getting kind of tired and she was sure that this wasn’t going to last much longer. “your soul traits are: compassion, integrity, patience, and kindness.” Sans continued.


 Luna was surprised by what her soul traits were. Taking a moment to analyze each one she hummed softly to herself. Compassion was a definite, that one she always seemed to nail herself with when humans had learned about Soul Traits. Kindness for sure. She didn’t have it in her heart to be cruel to someone without them giving her a good reason for that cruelty. Patience, well… one look at Sans recalling the first time they had met. Recalling how patient she had been waiting for him to remember. Hell, she was still waiting for him to remember. Didn’t look like that was going to happen. Not that it mattered she was enjoying time with him. But the last one caught her off guard.


“Integrity? That’s odd.” Luna spoke watching as Sans cocked a bone brow up in curiosity.


“well i can’ say you are the most hones’ person. but you have stron’ morals. you hide things because you feel they would be detrimental to your well bein’ or the well bein’ of others. you’re also not very good at hidin’ things. i knew off the bat you didn’ work at the resort due to past experiences. of course, i thought of that when my lust finally calmed down. you had me pretty worked up. which is another thin’. ya chose to help a strange monster with his personal issue because you felt it was morally right to do. not that you thought of the consequences of your actions. the traits are there to show more or less the barest of what you have. but they don’ define you.” Sans explained to her with a lazy grin on his face. It was something Luna was currently grateful for.


“I don’t think I have ever been more grateful for stepping onto that train that night.” Luna admitted letting out a long yawn.


“babygirl?” Sans called out to her getting her attention. “you need to get some sleep. i have kept ya up long enough i think. maybe we can continue this another time. i don’ mind.”


“What about taking care of your need?” Luna asked him not sure if she wanted to go to sleep just yet. This was actually nice to sit here finding more about each other.


“i didn’ call you so i could see you naked. think i can wait till i get to see that in person. see my soul trait is patience. and i have an abundance of it. tonight, was just to learn about your interests more than anythin’. think i have enough to go on for now.” Sans responded pulling his own blanket over his shoulders.


That made Luna shift her body so that she could shimmy under the covers herself. She hadn’t missed how Sans and her had a similar soul trait. It made her smile to think of that. We have more in common than we realize. And as that thought passed her mind she fell asleep hit her hard.



Sans cursed seeing her fall asleep while still on the call. That damn light was still on, he hated sleeping with the lights on. Nearly tempted to shortcut over there to turn the damn thing off. But… he had just told her he wouldn’t go into her room without her invite. Sighing, he made himself comfortable under his blankets. Just watching her on the screen had him more at ease. He felt like a bit of a creeper. But she fell asleep on me. Sans mused to himself.


The game had gone much more to his liking. He had even gotten bonus information out of it. Finding out where she had lived. The little dishonesties were harmless, and clearly, they didn’t affect her soul. Which probably meant she didn’t tell them often enough. To strangers, it was a safety issue and he understood. Helping a monster in heat on the train warranted some unwanted attention.


 Letting his gaze trail over her he found her hands were still gloved. Did she ever take those off? Well, Luna had done so when he asked. Which was gratifying. His mind went back to the night on the train recalling the scarred flesh. Someone did that to her. There was no doubt that both hands had similar marks on them. She had asked him not to bring it up he so desperately wanted to know who had hurt Moon. His gaze looked at her pin back hair, oddly he found himself seeing it before. Before the train even. But where?


Frustration filled him, reaching forward he was about to end the call when he heard the door open on her end. Pulling away from the screen he sat out of sight of the camera watching. Footsteps moved closer to the bed before a fuzzy blue and white paw came into view. They carefully removed her gloves folding them like she had done the night on the train. That paw moved up to remove her scrunchy smoothing out her hair. Luna muttered a thank you in her sleep before turning to face the wall.


The phone was then moved until the face of a blue bunny rabbit appeared on the screen. He grinned into the camera and Sans sighed. Of course, Tops was her roommate like BP. Only natural that he would know they were talking at night.


“I know you’re still there, Sans. Papyrus has told me how you don’t like it when he leaves the light on in your room. “Sans watched through the phone as Tops turned to turn off the light then moved out of her room. Another light came on once it was registered that the door was closed. Tops flopped into a bean bag looking at the phone. Then Sans noticed BP was scowling at the phone.


“hey bp. you look like someone stepped on your tail today.” Sans retorted getting the feline to scowl even more.


Tops was texting someone and Sans couldn’t help but wonder who. Within the next minute or so Papyrus came into the room What the fuck?! Papyrus turned on the larger light and walked over to sit on the bed looking at Sans. Papyrus was still dressed in his pajamas.


“Brother, I Know This Is A Bit Odd But The Three Of Us Need To Discuss Something With You About Miss Luna.” Papyrus stated getting Sans’ mandible to drop open. Staring at the phone he could see the blue bunny snickering. Tops texted Paps, but how does Paps know about Luna? How does he know I’m involved with Luna? The fuck is going on here!


Sans glared into the phone looking at the smug-looking bunny and feline. “okay i expected this from you two…” He turned his attention back to his younger brother. The glare fading to a confused one. “but not you. what’s going on exactly here?”


Papyrus took in a deep breath. “I Guess This Is My Fault For Hiding Things From You The Way I Have. But I Have Known Luna For A Few Months Now. In Fact, She Is The Person That I Go See Every Wednesday The One I Make Muffins For.” Now it all makes sense, Papyrus never brought up anyone because he had been seeing a woman.


“is she more than your puzzle buddy bro?” If that was the case, he would retract his magic from Luna. Was this why Papyrus wanted to talk? Because he was hurt Sans was more or less magically screwing a woman he was interested in.


“What? Oh No, No, No…. Sans.” Papyrus chuckled shaking his head. His hand going to the bottom of his sternum like it was the funniest thing he had ever heard. “Luna Is Just A Good Friend Whom I Enjoy Doing Puzzles And Board Games With. When I Went Over On Wednesday I Could Sense Your Magic On Her.”


Sans winced imagining Luna having to tell Papyrus about what had happened. Then things were starting to add up. Turning his attention to glare into the screen. “which one of you two was all over her?” He recalled Luna asking what happened when someone else touched the mark. He doubted she let anyone at work touch her so that left either Tops or BP.


BP’s face dropped from a scowl to one of pure terror when Sans had asked that question. Tops sighed shaking his head looking at his mate. “Told you he was going to be upset if he found out. Guess she has been trying to figure out that mark more than we thought.”


“I Did My Best To Satisfy Her Curiosity. Guess It’s Better She Asks The Monster Who Gave Her That Mark More Than Asking Her Friends.” Papyrus commented but there was a hint of anger in that last part that made Sans question about it. “As I Said Before If You Two Hadn’t Led Her To Thinking Monsters Need Help With Their Heat She Wouldn’t Have Ended Up In This Position.”


“Papyrus, we have apologized many times. And yet you are still taking it out on us.” Tops voice came through the phone. Papyrus was clenching his ungloved hands into fists as he turned to look into the phone. No doubt his brother glaring daggers at the two.




The years of training Papyrus had to do to get a more inside voice was suddenly out the window as he went off on the two. And Sans understood better than the other two. Luna could have been hurt by another monster if they decided to not respect her wishes of not having sex. BP and Tops had her believing she was helping monsters not realizing how far her help could have gotten her. Sans cringed at the thought of a monster pinning her down, only to force themselves upon her. Because they were in need of releasing that pent-up magic. Of course, the monster would have been gravely upset after but that didn’t excuse the act.


“paps…” Sans broke his brother’s tirade before it got worse. “you said you wanted to talk to me about this all. what exactly are we goin’ to talk about?” It was clear that BP and Tops were more there to survey what was going to be said. That the real conversation was coming from Papyrus.



Papyrus sighed rubbing his upper arm in a way that told Sans he was nervous. “Luna Mentioned The Promise You Made Her. And Before You Say It Wasn’t A Promise The Way You Worded It Is A Promise. Even I The Great Papyrus Could Read Through That Small Puzzle. I Don’t Want To See Either Of You Hurt. I Am Protective Of You Both. Luna Has Shared Some Details With Me, Tops, And BP That Will Take Time For You To Learn About.” Papyrus explained, and Sans instantly wanted to ask if he knew what had happened to her hands. This wasn’t the time. “I Want To Know What You Intend To Pursue With My Puzzle Buddy?”


As much as Sans wanted to tell his brother that it was none of his business, he couldn’t. This was a woman that Papyrus had become good friends with. Sans had wanted to meet the person Papyrus spent Wednesdays with and he had met her. Somehow out of all the people that had to board that train that night it had to be Papyrus’ puzzle buddy.


“ah… geeze bro i don’ think you’d wanna know that i was going to ask her out on a date when this was all through. truth is i found myself rather infatuated with her after that night. thought this is a human who doesn’ seem to mind that i’m a monster. you know i have a thing for humans. and as much as i want to say she was just there, i can’. i found myself thinkin’ about her when i came home, and when i woke up the next mornin’. kind of want to see where that thinkin’ will lead.” Sans admitted to his brother.


“You sure that’s not the heat thinking?” BP cut in getting a glare from the other three monsters.


“fuck you cat! i know the difference between heat thinkin’ and regular thinkin’. hell, tonight i didn’ think once about sparkin’ that magic in her so i could get off while we talked. all i thought about was how nice she is to talk to.” Sans growled rather annoyed with BP.


“That’s All I Want To Know. She Is A Good Human, Sans. Has Been Rather Sweet To Me If You Must Know. I Intended To Bring You By The House Next Wednesday To Meet Her, But Your Little Promise Worried Me. I Don’t Want Her To Be Pushed Into Something That You Don’t Intend To Be More. Please Don’t Bring Up This Little Conversation With Her. We Rather Her Not Be Irate With Us When She Finds Out We Violated Her Privacy. Tops And BP Have Been Listening To Your Phone Conversations Since Wednesday Evening. Except When You Two Start Going At It.” Papyrus explained, and Sans could feel the heat going to his cheek bones.


“ah, don’ worry about it bro. I won’ say anything. don’ like hiding stuff from her either though.” Sans admitted which got his brother to smile.


“It's Only For A Short. Not Like You Are Hiding A Terrible Secret From Her. Just More Of Her Friends Trying To Find Out Your Intentions. I Admit If I Were Into Her I Would Have Attempted To Date Her Within The First Month. But I Didn’t Feel Much More Than That.” Papyrus beamed, and it put Sans more at ease that he wasn’t taking something from him.


Sans was left alone in his room thinking about the conversation that he just had. Not about how Luna knew his brother and for the past few months. Of her spending time with him, getting to actually know him. How did Paps even meet someone like her? Sans chuckled his smile getting wider before going back to his original thoughts. What did he have planned for Luna Solarium once his heat was over? He hadn’t been dishonest about wanting to go on a date with her. Though, he didn’t exactly want to share his new-found interest with so many so soon. Leaning back against the wall in his bed he looked up at the ceiling.


The idea of Luna going on a date with him had his soul thumping hard. It was as excited as he was to see that pretty little human outside of this heat cycle. He wanted to explore his new-found interest. Then Frisk came to mind, he had been dodging her advances for a while. Even with her boyfriend, the young teen had spoken about a sort of heart-throbbing sensation that he felt towards the older skeletal brother. Mostly because he couldn’t come to trust her like everyone else. Too much power in her hands. She could take him from Luna and throw him back in the underground once more. Guess I better make sure the kid is cool with this too. Don’t want her getting her little teenage heart in a tizzy over me being interested in a different human.


Sans sighed moving down to curl into his bed, his mind tracing back to Luna curled up. It made him smile brighter before drifting off to sleep.


Chapter Text

Luna sat in bed looking at the calendar on her phone. Shock rippled through her knowing that Sans was no longer in heat. He had delightfully informed her that last night before she had gone to bed. They did the video calls as well, but they didn’t fool around on them. At this moment she was a tad bit concerned about when he deemed it necessary to come for her. Hell, I kind of expected him already. Was the instinctual thought.


Her mind had played so many scenarios of him just popping over to claim what he so valiantly wanted. It made her a bit unsure if she wanted to stay in the house. Sans knew where BP and Tops lived he had to have. At the same time, he had mentioned he wouldn’t come into her room without her inviting him into it. Why the hell was she so fucking nervous? 


Then there was the possibility that he might show up at Grillby’s. True there was never a discussion where they asked each other what they did for work. But what if he wanted to bring over a burger from there for her so they could have those video chats in person instead. He could show up while she was working? There was a possibility that he might not notice her or he could forget her too.


Clamping her hands at the top of her head bringing them slowly to stroke through her thick dark auburn strands. Deciding to move underneath the blankets in an attempt to hide herself. Getting yourself worked up over this is doing you no favors. Besides, you're going to have your crush, the guy you’ve liked for the last few months face to face once more. And each time he has spoken to you on video chat its never once been about sex. Luna groaned in self defeat because that little fucking voice was right. Plus, it was a Wednesday. Which meant that she was supposed to spend the afternoon with Papyrus. Pulling the blanket off her head she glanced at her clock and groaned again. It wasn’t even seven in the fucking morning!


Shoving her head into the pillow she told herself that she needed sleep. She probably didn’t get any since she hadn’t gotten home until well after two. Then spent an hour on a video call with Sans. Three hours of sleep wasn’t enough, especially when she had a couple of human customers accost her yesterday. They had attempted to throw her onto the table. Grillby had thrown them out of the bar in retaliation, telling them to never come back. She always seemed to attract the losers when they came there. Or the humans dead set on ruining monster reputation.


Grillby wanted her to stay the night, especially after he saw the damage. There was no telling how bad it truly was. He had offered to make her a fresh burger since Monster food had healing qualities but she kind of wanted to deal with the pain. Plus they had just finished cleaning up the kitchen she really didn’t want him to go back there and make her food. A reminder that humans can be shitty. Her hand absentmindedly rub the bruise whining into the pillow from the pain. Muttering curses to those jack asses. Sans had called knowing she would be taking the train which put her a bit more at ease. While she had spent an hour on a video call she spent nearly two on a regular call.


Climbing out of bed she glanced down at her clothes realizing she hadn’t gotten out of her work attire. Stripping out of them she donned a white tank top and black shorts. If that was all she wanted to wear she would have been fine. But she felt too exposed. If Tops saw that bruise, he would flip out on Grillby for not taking proper care of her. Wouldn’t be the first, wouldn’t be the last. Digging out her panda pajamas she figured this would do. Now her panda pajamas were a one-piece outfit that had a hoodie. The hoodie was a pair of rounded black ears. So she looked like a panda when she put it on. Pulling the outfit on she zipped it up and climbed into bed. The soft material brushing against her nose. Within minutes she was surrounded by warmth and fell asleep. Finally!


~ . ~ . ~ . ~



Sans looked to his brother as they made their way to Tops and BP’s. Today was the first day he was out of the house in the last week and the air had such a fresher feel to it. That’s at least how he felt about it. Though he thanked Paps for letting him sleep as long as he did. He couldn’t imagine how he would have been after he had stayed up that late then having to get up super early. Today was Pap’s puzzle day, which meant Sans would see Luna in person! The excitement coursed through his bones. What do I say to her? Maybe I should get some flowers? There has to be a flower shop along the way. Maybe some daisies. Don’t want to get roses right off the bat. She’ll think I’m trying too hard.


Sans was so busy thinking he didn’t even hear his brother speaking to him. “Sans?” That pulled Sans from his thoughts turning to look up at his brother. Papyrus smiled tugging his scarf a bit tighter around his collar bone. “I Imagine Your Mind Is Going A Million Different Directions. But Um… Could You Keep It Casual, Perhaps? I Didn’t Exactly Tell Luna I Was Bringing You With Today. This Is Kind Of A Surprise For Her.”


Sans smiled brighter when he heard his brother say that. “no problem bro. i um… am a bit nervous. talkin’ on video with her is all good. but this will be the second time i have seen her in person if you get my meanin’.” Sans looked up, seeing Papyrus’ smile was tight like there was something on his mind. “eh… nonetheless i'll be on my best behavior bro. that much i can promise. no punny business.”


Papyrus instantly groaned moving his free hand to his face. “Really Sans?” Papyrus spoke firmly getting Sans to chuckle. It put his brother a little less tense. Sans wasn’t about to ruin anything for him. “Just…. You Know What She Will Probably Be The Type To Like Your Ridiculous Puns.”


Three monsters knew Luna Solarium better than he did, and he felt envious of all three of them. They heard her laugh, enjoyed a cup of coffee with her, made her muffins and took in the delight of watching her eat them. They knew where she lived and worked. Sans felt like an outsider looking in. All because of one simple night where he happened to get on the same train as her. Did he really think he was worthy of trying to ask her on a date?


“i don’ know bro. you have had a few months to get to know this woman. and she got to know you on her own terms. i kind of forced my way into knowin’ her by givin’ her the heat mark.” Sans suddenly stopped looking down at the ground. Idly kicking a small rock with his shoe covered foot. “maybe i should go home let you enjoy your puzzle day.” 


Papyrus sighed stopping mid step before turning. Now Sans was watching his brother come back towards him, placing his hands on his shoulders. “Sans…” Papyrus looked off to the side almost like he was trying to figure out how to say something. “It May Have Been Through A Heat Mark That You Have Gotten To Know Her. But You Aren’t Giving Yourself Enough Credit. If Luna Hadn’t Wanted You To Get Back In Touch With Her After That She Wouldn’t Have Given You Her Number. She Wouldn’t Have Texted You Every Night Last Week When She Got Home From Work. She Wouldn’t Have Video Chatted With You For An Hour Every Night. Trust Me You Two Are Louder Than You Realize. It’s Why I Am Confident About Bringing You To See Her Today.” Papyrus grinned at him. “She Might Not Be Her Best Due To Being Tired, But She Will Be Happy To See You And I There.”


Sans could feel the momentary confidence boost as he looked up to Papyrus. His brother was right, she had done all those things. “you’re the coolest bro.” Sans smiled.


“I Know.” There was a sense of sly confidence in his younger brother’s words. It had caught Sans off guard a bit but he tried to act casual about it. “But You Must Remember Sans, You’re Pretty Cool Yourself.” Papyrus started walking again and Sans followed wondering when his brother had started being so good at his little pep talks. 


The walk was tedious to Sans, he much preferred to shortcut but with the way his nerves were, he needed the walk. It was for the best. Papyrus informed him that it gave Luna more time to get ready before the arrival. Sans wondered what she did often before Papyrus came over. He recalled Paps telling him last week that she often liked to play video games. The thought of sitting in one of those bean bags Tops and BP were sitting in while playing video games with her was a nice visual. Maybe even have her in his lap, oh that sounded even better to him. To have that tiny little body of her curled in his lap while she clutched to the controller. 


Something sparked his magic stopping him mid step. Someone touched that mark that wasn’t Luna. If it was BP Sans would have that cat against the wall in a heartbeat and not in a kinky manner. The mark shouldn’t still be there, but if it was then it meant he did pour too much magic into it. Continuing his steps he moved more with a purpose to get to the house. “paps would you mind takin’ a shortcut?” Sans asked getting a long drawn out sigh from Papyrus.


“Shortcuts Are Lazy Sans. I Keep Telling You This. But…” Papyrus placed his hand on Sans’ shoulder. “I Can Tell You’re Anxious To See Her. So Lets Shortcut. But Remember Today Is Puzzle Day. And Her Attention Might Be Focused On Doing Puzzles For A While.” Sans knew that he wasn’t about to interrupt the flow of things.


Focusing on the front door near the bottom of the stairs he closed his eyes. Willing his entire being to that spot. Making sure to focus his magic on Papyrus too so that he could pull him through the void. For a moment they both floated in the void, before rematerializing at the base of the stoop. Looking up he found BP sitting outside smoking a cigarette. His attention focused on Sans. “Oh, look the comedian. What are you doing here?” BP asked with that snide tone. It didn’t matter about the attitude he wasn’t the one touching Luna that meant someone else was.


“Sans Is Here To Meet My Puzzle Buddy, BP. We Are Going To Spend The Day Together Like We Do Every Wednesday.” Papyrus explained to BP.


BP rolled his eyes before focusing his feline eyes on Sans in that very moment. Climbing off the railing before walking back into the house. “You guys can go to the loft. I really don’t want to see any of you today.” There was an annoyance in BP’s voice that told Sans he wasn’t happy for him being here.


Sans and Papyrus looked to one another then shrugged before heading into the house. BP and Tops had a nice two-story house it was in the center of town. And a hell of a walk from the train station. Looking up, he could see the loft. Tops was coming down the stairs wearing a pair of grey sweatpants, and a black tshirt. His long ears being pushed down by the baseball cap he was wearing backwards. “Oh, hey guys, give Luna a bit to wake up. She had a rough night at work last night. She should be down in a few moments.” Tops beamed.


“It Would Seem BP Wants The Three Of Us To Stay In The Loft Today Tops.” Papyrus explained getting a frown from Tops. “He Stated That He Doesn’t Want To See Us Today.”


Tops sighed moving his hand up to his forehead pressing two of his fingers to the bridge of his nose. Seeming rather annoyed. “Are you kidding me? I mean I get he’s possessive of her because he’s feline, but this is ridiculous…” Tops muttered softly.


“Possessive? But He Is Your Mate, Why On Earth Would He Be Possessive Of Someone Who’s Not His Mate?” Papyrus asked seeming not too thrilled with that aspect. Sans admitted the same feeling, but he was going to stay quiet. His gaze locked on the loft in hopes to see the human woman stepping out soon..


“Well… after the way he acted last Wednesday we all sat down and talked the following afternoon before she went to work. BP stated that she was our human and that she should have asked us before allowing Sans’ to bite her.” That snapped Sans’ attention to Tops. She didn’t belong to them.  Hell no she didn’t, but she didn’t belong to him either. Tops continued though. “Luna told him to stop acting like a household cat.”


Papyrus cocked his head to the side, and Sans could equally feel the similar confusion. What did BP’s behavior have to do with how him being a household cat? “I Am Afraid You Have Lost Sans And I To Whatever You Are Trying To Explain.”


“Its because cats are complete assholes who think the world should be served to them on a silver platter.” A husky feminine voice came from above getting Sans to look up. Luna was leaning over the edge of the banister looking down at them all. Her eyes were tired behind the thick glasses she currently sported. Wearing a Panda bear onesie, it looked like. It was too adorable on her.


Standing up straight she moved a gloved hand to cover her mouth while she yawned. “Come on up guys I’ll explain further when you get up here.” Luna turned walking into another room.


Sans looked to Papyrus who was staring at that room with dread. He understood what his brother was thinking. Tops must have read into that situation at the same time. “Paps, the loft isn’t her bedroom. We put up a wall in there to give her privacy when BP and I are gaming. So, you’re not going into her room, but you are going into the game room. Let me get Luna her coffee so that she can be able to focus. Nothing too difficult today. As I said she had a rough night at work.” Tops was looking out for Luna, Sans could appreciate that. Within moments of entering the kitchen Sans could pick up the stern conversation that BP and Tops were having.


Moving behind Papyrus he nudged him towards the stairs not wanting his brother to pick up on the conversation that was going on. Because from what Sans was hearing it was not a very nice one. Tops was definitely throwing some colorful words, which was out of character for the Nice Cream Vender. Papyrus huffed starting to walk up the stairs. Sans took a moment to study images of BP, Luna, and Tops all together. She’s lived with them for a while now. And in all of them she wore different sets of gloves.


The two entered what was called the gaming room. Sans could say he was impressed that there were two windows at the back of the room and in between them was a sixty-five inch flat screen mounted to the wall. Underneath it was a tv stand that had been conveniently transformed into a bookcase. It had a few consoles on the top below were binders. One for each console and then another one labeled blu-rays. More than likely they had movie nights up here.


His gaze trailed to the walk-in closet that was transformed into what appeared to be a junk food room. There was even a popcorn machine in there. Various Marvel or DC posters decorated the walls. Marvel being on one side of the room and DC on the other. In the center of the room directly in front of the television was a coffee table, a black microfiber couch, love seat, and recliner. The three seats were faced towards the coffee table. But in front of the coffee table were three bean bags. One blue, one tan, and the other was black with little pieces of silver glitter embedded into the fabric.


Luna sat in the black bean bag her attention focused on her phone. Looking like she was texting someone. Sans smiled happy to see her in person. Within moments she placed the phone down on the table. Soft techno beat tones filled the air. She hadn’t been texting anyone she was setting up music for them. “Hey guys. Figure we can listen to some tunes while we play a game of Scrabble. Its my game of choice this time Pappy.” Luna smiled up at them both. Her gaze locked on to Sans and he could see her cheeks heating up, yeah she was glad to see him as he was her.


Papyrus walked over and claimed the couch behind the coffee table. “I Know The Rules Miss Luna. Are You Okay With Sans Being Here?” Papyrus asked his voice coming off a bit nervous. Sans admitted he was nervous too but if she didn’t want him there he would respect her wishes. Even though he desperately wanted to stay.


“He’s fine to stay Pappy. I knew he would probably show up at my place sooner or later. I’m glad that you two came together to be honest. I feel like I’ve been your dirty little secret.” Luna shook a finger at Papyrus. Sans watched his brother’s face turn a bright shade of orange attempting to avert his gaze in embarrassment. Landing on something on the opposite side of the room from the junk food closed. Turning Sans looked where his brother had been staring to find an oak door. It was closed with a small whiteboard on it. It read her name on it.


“Tops Wasn’t Kidding When He Said Your Room Was Sealed Off From The Game Room.” Papyrus mentioned looking back at Luna while he removed his jacket with clear intent to get comfortable. It was like it was ingrained in his daily activities. Papyrus had stated that he had known Luna for a few months. So this type of behavior warmed Sans’ bones, it meant his brother was truly comfortable.


“It was the other bedroom. We took the old door out, sealed it into a wall and made it so that my closet goes into the bathroom. I have my own master bedroom up here. Tops and BP share a room down stairs. They arranged it so the upstairs is my area.” Luna smiled looking over at Sans. “Are you going to sit Skelly?” 


Sans wanted to smack himself, the entire time he had been just standing there watching her. While she and his brother had this conversation. Walking over he took a seat in the recliner. He wanted to move closer to her, recalling the hurtful expression she had the night on the train when he had moved away. Looking her over now that she was closer he could see the dark circles that were under her eyes. Instantly feeling guilty for keeping her up for as long as he had.


“heh… sorry. was worried ya weren’ gonna want me here today.” Sans admitted pulling his hands from his pockets. Reminding himself that he had this down; he could do this, spend time with both her and his brother. “what are we doin’ for food?”


“Sans We Had Dinner Before We Got Here.” Papyrus cut in. Yeah, they had dinner, but Luna had just gotten up for the day. The sun would be setting pretty soon so a lot of the day had already been wasted. Sans wasn’t about to leave knowing she might be awake for the rest of the day.


“we ate bro.” Sans pointed a phalange towards Luna. “she hasn’ figured since she is providin’ the space for us to play in, why not provide her with some grub?” The expression on Papyrus’ face shifted to interest.


“Miss Luna, What Would You Like To Eat? Sans Brings Up A Good Point Since You Have Just Gotten Up. Tops Informed Us That You Had Just Woken Up When He Came Downstairs.” Papyrus smiled at her, honestly Sans would pop across town for whatever she wanted. At the same time, he hoped that it wouldn’t take too long to get. Her next day off was over the weekend.


“Um….” Luna looked almost dumb struck before picking up her phone. Her face became one of horror when she realized what time it was. “Oh my… I really did sleep in late. It's nearly six.” Her gaze dropped down to the game in dismay.


“I Was A Little Late Today Due To Waiting For Sans To Get Up.” Papyrus confessed to Luna. It got the sweet girl to look up at him. “Are You Still Wanting To Do Puzzle Night Even If It Is For A Few Hours?” Papyrus asked, Sans watched his brother for a moment. In a way he hoped Luna would say yes, because these nights meant the world to his younger brother.


Luna was tapping her chin in thought looking down at her phone again. “Let me call in tomorrow. Grillby won’t mind.” Luna explained bringing up her phone to type in a number. “As soon as I verify with him that I don’t have to come in tomorrow we can discuss what to do further.”


Sans was surprised to find out Luna worked for Grillby. There weren’t too many humans that the fire elemental had hired. Most of them don’t like being around monsters. There was another human that he knew of that worked for Grillby but she was gone. It puzzled him though that he had never seen Luna in Grillby’s. He had admitted to her last Friday that he should go more often.


Being The Judge for Monster’s was hard but there were a few unsavory monsters out there that he made sure to keep an eye on. Papyrus was in the right when he told BP and Tops that Luna could have gotten hurt because of their carelessness. Sans internally shivered to think that she might have met a monster that would have thrown her against a wall and taken what they wanted. It was a conversation Sans wanted to have with her in person though. Because he needed her to understand that she couldn’t just go helping every monster that was going into heat.


It was a huge risk if a monster hurt a human. Since coming from the Underground eight years back things were still tense with the humans. Toriel had gone through a lot to get custody over Frisk. Turned out the kid had been from the local orphanage, had gone exploring. It's how they ended up down in the underground. Humans weren’t exactly innocent of their own crimes, he had seen some with pretty high Levels of Violence. And it was terrifying. It made him think about if he should check Luna. Would that be going too far?


“paps?” Sans muttered softly getting his brother's attention. “have you ever checked luna?”


“Eh… Well…” Paps paused looking down at the ground. Shifting rather uncomfortably in his seat. “She Has Some Levels Of Violence. When I Asked Her About Any Acts Of Violence She Might Have Done She Said They Were In Self-defense. Luna Isn’t Very Open About Her Past. Though Her HoPe Is High. Her Defense Is Very Low Along With Her Attack.”


Sans frowned learning that information, it meant she was an easy target. And the woman walked home alone every night. Took the train from Grillby’s to this part of town. The house was still a fucking mile away from the train station. His anger gripped him at the thought of her getting hurt. Paps had been right to chew those two idiots out. A gloved hand touches his shoulder pulling him from his thoughts. Following that grip he found his brother staring at him.


“Take It Easy Brother. I Can Feel Your Magic Stirring In You And It’s Rage Magic. Please Calm Yourself Before Miss Luna Returns.” Papyrus reminded him. Allowing Sans to reign in his anger at that moment. He and Luna would be having that talk about her long walks. Stars, I might start escorting her back and forth. I can’t say I will sleep easy knowing she is out that late.


Luna walked back into the room taking her seat back in the same bean bag. Her gaze landing on both him and Paps. Sans forced a grin on his face trying to push those thoughts from his mind. Can’t let her see, she will think I am as possessive as BP. I’m not, I just… well shit protective. He had known this woman for a week, and he wanted to protect her. Eye lights falling to her skeletal gloves recalling the rough flesh that was underneath them. Hiding her hands so no one would see her wounds.


Someone’s already hurt her. She won’t talk about it, at least she won’t talk about it with a stranger. Paps has known her for a few months has stated she doesn’t talk about her past. Did an ex-boyfriend do that to her? If so then why? What could a sweet little thing like her do to deserve that to be done to her hands? His mind was so engrossed in his thoughts that he hadn’t paid attention to his surroundings. Until Paps calling his name pulled him out.


“hmmm?” Sans responded looking up. Finding Luna was looking at him with concern.


“Luna Says She Was Thinking Of Ordering Italian. Since She Knows I Don’t Care For Pizza. You Two Can Split The Pizza While I Get An Order Of Spaghetti. Would You Mind Popping Over To Ratolli’s And Picking It Up For Us?” Papyrus suggested with a smile at Luna.


“uh… yeah… sure! i can do that bro no problem.” Sans responded mentally smacking himself in the head. Focus Sans, focus.


“I can come with if you would like Sans.” Luna opted in just then mentally breaking his focus on his thoughts. His attention focused on her. “If it's not too much trouble. Have to phone in the order, they usually take about a half hour. It will give us a chance to start a few rounds into this…” She gestured to the game of Scrabble that she was currently opening.


“yeah. would lo- “Sans stopped himself thinking he was really going to say he would love to have her come with. “that’s cool. be nice to have the company while i wait for the food. you cool with short cutting though?” He had to make sure, since Papyrus didn’t much care for it.


“There’s a first time for everything. Never done short cutting before. Anything I should be worried about?” Luna asked. Paps was already dialing the number to Ratolli’s his phone to the side of his head.


“first time tends to make you feel a bit disoriented. an’ the more you do it the better it gets if you get what i mean. are you goin’ in your panda suit?” Sans asked not minding, she could just wear a burlap sack and he would be perfectly fine with it. As long as she was comfortable.


Luna seemed to glance down at her outfit, it must have dawned on her what she was wearing because her cheeks turned as red as Paps’ scarf. Pearly white teeth met with her bottom lip making indents into the soft flesh. Sans nearly choked on a groan from the move alone. “Shit I didn’t even realize what I was wearing. I assumed I was still in my work clothes from last night.” Luna muttered rubbing her hand over the back of her neck.


“eh it’s bear-ly acceptable outside attire.” Sans stated nonchalantly. And almost instantly he could hear his brother’s groan. Luna however was snickering.


“Really Sans?” Papyrus stated placing his hands on his hips. “You Couldn’t Last One Day Without Making One Of Your Silly Puns.” Yeah Papyrus was never one to care for his puns. But to hear that giggle was nice.


“sorry bro. she was askin’ for it.” And that earned him a smack to the face with a pillow. Where the hell did that come from? Looking down at his lap he tilted his head seeing that the pillow case had fluffy cloud on it. His gaze trailed over to Luna, she was already armed with another one. “oh you’re in for it now sweetheart.”


Sans leapt up from his chair moving quickly to swing at her with the pillow. The woman rolled out of her bean bag to the side of the room. A death grip on her own pillow. But the grin on her face was so alluring. This was going to be fun. Sans descended across the room holding the pillow up against his shoulder. He was so close to her, her eyes flickered with amusement for a quick second. Then they flashed back to the challenging look. Not taking a minute to think about what that look was for, until a pillow hit him in the back of the head.


Sans stopped turning around to find Papyrus giving his Royal Guard stance. A third pillow in hand while a shit eating grin on his face. “DON’T WORRY MISS LUNA, I THE GREAT PAPYRUS SHALL PROTECT YOU!” Papyrus bellowed. 


“Well The Great Papyrus. We have an intruder amongst the castle. We have a rogue teleporter that has infiltrated the arena. We must stop him at all costs before he accosts our queen in her bed chamber.” Luna led on, and the joy that Papyrus showed while Sans watched him warmed his own soul. The Moon and The Sun! Stars!


Of course, that thought was interrupted when he was nailed with a pillow on the top of the head. Sans short cut across the room before he could get hit by another pillow. His attention focused on Luna and Papyrus standing side by side armed with pillows. “you royal guards can’ stop me.” He grinned watching as his brother charged at him.


A quick short cut to behind Papyrus, Sans swung the pillow nailing Papyrus in the back making his brother fall over. Papyrus was laughing so hard he couldn’t get back up. Sans turned to look at Luna whom had taken stance on top of the couch. The grin on his face stretching wide while he stepped forward.


“what’s this a pretty little royal guard? don’ recall you bein’ here the last time?” Sans played along, and he could see that spark of playfulness in her dual toned eyes. His gaze trailed along her body taking in the sight of where she held the pillow. It was hanging loosely at her side. Disarming her should be no problem for him. Luna was grinning that he didn’t realize that his brother was up behind him, the pillow hit in the back sending him sprawling onto the couch.


Two things registered to him the minute he hit that couch. One that couch was comfortable as hell. And two a body had toppled on top of him. The pillow placed on his shoulder while they situated themselves. Sans glanced up finding the front of Luna’s body pressing into his back. He was conflicted he wanted to short cut from under her and continue this match but at the same time she felt so soft. Just resting on top of him. Fuck! This is hardly fair.


“Welp I think I’m going to take a nap right here for a bit Pappy. Mind getting the game all set up?” Luna chuckled, and she did place her head on that pillow. Closing her eyes.


Sans hummed contently pulling his own pillow under his head, looking up he saw Pap take a seat on the love seat. His brothers eye lights trained on Luna. “She Fell Asleep.”  Papyrus spoke softly, and Sans stilled.


Slowly he turned his head looking up at her. Surely those eyes were closed, her breathing was slow, and her body was slumped against him. Looking at his brother he was unsure what to do. If he short cut he might wake her up. She needs that sleep. I am glad I can help but she’s kind of pinning me to the spot here. Very carefully he turned his body to the point where she was resting on his chest. Thanking the stars, he was soft due to his magic. Papyrus walked back over picking up a blanket, draping it carefully over Luna.


“what about the food?” Sans asked knowing she would have to eat sooner or later. His hand moving to caress her shoulder.


“I Can Ask Tops If He Could Run And Get It. I Want Us All To Enjoy Ourselves.” Papyrus commented, Sans could feel his brother watching him. “You Seem To Be A Lot Happier Around Her Brother.”


What kind of statement was that? Sans wondered lifting his head to look up at Papyrus. “what’s that supposed to mean exactly?”


“It Means Exactly How It Sounds. I’ve Watched You For Some Time Now And Lately You Have Been Depressed Even More So Than Since She Left. Cooping Yourself In Your Room After Work Every Night. For The First Time You Are Getting Out Of The House And Doing Something Besides Work Or Drinking.” Papyrus commented getting Sans to sigh.


The mention of Her didn’t help Sans any but he didn’t want to discuss that. So he could deflect like he always did. “jobs takin’ a toll on me bro. that’s all. and i know no one else can do it. but sometimes i wish someone else could.” He glanced at Luna seeing her curled into his arms. He could get used to this. Especially when his soul thrummed peacefully in his chest. “she helped me forget in that one evenin’ that i wasn’ the one everyone looks at and fears. that i wasn’ the one that tracks down the bad seeds to eradicate them.”


“You Don’t Have To Be That One But…” Papyrus didn’t finish that statement because Sans knew where it would go. It was probably more of the reason BP was on the defense about him being around Luna. Because a monster could hurt her to get to him.


“but i’m the one whom was doin’ it in the underground. only fair i be the one to do it up here. with her i can feel normal i guess. and don’ go gettin’ started about the kid. it feels weird to me watchin’ her grow up, datin’ and all that. then she wants to date me. no thanks.” Sans stroked his phalanges through Luna’s dark brown hair.


“Then Why Not Tell Frisk That. She Is Not Going To Be Happy You Found Interest In Another Human When You Haven’t Given Her An Answer About Whether You Are Interested In Her Or Not.” Papyrus mentioned, and he was in the right.


“because i don’ want her resentin’ me.” There were other things behind it how he didn’t like that Frisk could reset everything. Ending up throwing him and all monsters back into the underground. Not that he thought she would do such a thing. But it was better not to tempt fate. “i know i want to see how far thin’s will go with luna. but due to my job i ain’ even sure how far that is.”


“Sans You Being…” Sans glared at Papyrus not wanting him to finish that statement. He didn’t need to be reminded of what he was. “Your Job Won’t Have An Effect On Any Blooming Relationship.” Papyrus smiled moving forward to take Luna’s glasses off. Placing them on the table.


Sans gave her a squeeze seeming to think it over. Admitting that he was content in this moment. A thought of having her snuggled against him each night seemed like a welcoming thought. “maybe paps. just maybe.”


Chapter Text

Papyrus sat there watching his brother just hold his puzzle buddy. He hadn’t told Luna that his brother was coming with him today. To say he was surprised by her reaction was putting it lightly. Then again, Luna was used to having things drop into her lap, or so she said. Papyrus was still trying to get over the way BP had acted earlier. It annoyed him that he was still unsure what Luna had meant about BP’s behavior.


“What Do You Think She Meant By Cats Being Assholes?” Although Papyrus didn’t normally cuss because such language was expected of someone of his standards. But he wanted to phrase it in a way that Luna had.


“eh… i’m not sure entirely. i know a lot of humans prefer dogs to cats, but now that i think about it. bp has always been a bit different in comparison to say the greater dog.” Sans explained breaking out of his momentary trans from staring at Luna.


A soft snicker could be heard coming from the door. Tops came in carrying a pot of coffee, but his attention focused on a sleepy Luna in Sans’ arms. Papyrus watched as Sans regarded the bunny but made no attempt to release the sleeping woman from his grip. He needs this after the week he has had with her. Papyrus acknowledged though he hoped he wasn’t getting his brother into a mess.


“Figure she would fall asleep. Took me over an hour to get the coffee going. I had a long talk with BP, he has left the house for the evening.” Tops eyed Sans for a moment there was a click of his tongue. “Want me to put her to bed?” Papyrus wasn’t sure if it was a question or a statement though.


“nope, she seems to be quite comfortable where she is.” Sans remarked and almost instantly the three watched Luna snuggle herself closer. Which earned a bigger grin from his brother, wrapping his arms tighter around her frame.


“Tops We Ordered Food For Us And Miss Luna. Sans And Miss Luna Were Supposed To Shortcut To Go Get It. But We Got Into A Rather Entertaining Pillow Fight. To Which Miss Luna Probably Exerted Her Remaining Energy So That When She Tried To Body Slam My Brother She Just Decided To Fall Asleep.” Papyrus explained getting Tops to chuckle.


“Wait? Luna body slammed Sans? That’s so funny. And you fell? Dude you are losing your A-Game.” Tops snorted moving his hand to cover his mouth once he set the pot of coffee on the table. “I mean sweet Luna here is a buck thirty at most. And don’t tell her I mentioned her weight, but she is a tiny little thing. Only five foot two.” Tops continued to chuckle, and Sans sighed heavily.


“Tops We Were Wondering If You Could Perhaps Go Pick Up The Food For Us. We Will Gladly Pay For the Gas You Need To Go Get It.” Papyrus continued seeming unphased by how hilarious Tops was finding the situation.


The blue bunny focused on Sans his eyes dropping to the sleeping human in his lap. Sans swore that he could see the gears in the rabbit’s mind working. After a bit Tops focused his attention on Papyrus. “Um… did you want to come Paps? Can I trust he won’t molest her in her sleep?”


“hey!” Sans responded almost immediately a bit of a hurtful tone in his voice at his friend’s accusation. “if i were to molest her i would have taken her into the bedroom and done it. not waited till she was passed out.”


“I Think It Might Do Me Some Good To Go Out And Get The Food With You. I Know We Offered To Pay For It She Tends To Pay For Me Whenever She Can Get Away With It. Um... Luna Mentioned Something About Calling Grillby. How He Wouldn’t Mind If She Called In Tomorrow?” Papyrus mentioned getting to his feet brushing his clothes off.


“Which means she called in for tomorrow evening. Probably for the best given how tired she is.” Tops looked down at Luna smiling lightly. “Good, she will need the rest. Are you two coming to hang out tomorrow then?” 

“I Have Work Tomorrow Night. But I Don’t See Why Sans Can’t He Usually Takes An Extra Week Off During His Heat Cycles.” Papyrus explained.


“Hmm… well I’m going to say this now. A couple weeks from now I am planning a surprise party for Luna. It's her birthday. I have already got Grillby closing the bar tonight aside from a few friends of mine and BP’s. Figure you and Sans could come since you have gotten close to her. Muffet’s baking a cake with no spiders involved. I really don’t want Luna passing out with that neat little surprise. All you guys gotta do is bring yourselves. And maybe a present or two. Don’t mention it to BP. He’s really sour over you and Luna getting close.” Tops stated that last part directly at Sans.


Papyrus grinned hearing that they were throwing a party, and for his puzzle buddy no less. “You Can Count Us In. I Have To Go Shopping At Some Point.” Papyrus was struggling to keep his voice at a low level to allow Luna to get some extra sleep.  “Alright Let’s Get Going. I Want To Make Sure She Eats When She Gets Up. She Practically Lives Off The Food At Grillby’s.”


Tops shrugged his shoulders. “Not like it bothers us any since monster food does nothing for humans. Luckily, Frisk never starved on Monster Food. If Monster Food did add weight it might bother a boyfriend if Luna started to get… Pudgier. Then again seeing her a little plump might not be a bad thing.” The bunny chuckled walking towards the door. He stopped mid-stride looking back at Sans. “I shouldn’t have to say this but I am going to say it. If you two decide to get physical take it to her room. This is where we all sit and I would rather not think about what she’s done and not done on any of the furniture in her.”


Papyrus looked at Tops sockets wide taking in what he had just said. Looking down to his brother he arched a bone brow. Sans let out a long sigh. “i just got off my heat. seriously i’m not even thinking that right now. sweetheart just needs to get some sleep. i’m just a convenient pillow.” Sans shook his head glaring at Tops.


Tops shook his head and walked out of the room. Papyrus understood where Tops was coming from, but he also understood where his brother was coming from. All he was doing was holding Luna, everyone was assuming that he was going to jump her while she slept. Maybe he should consider puzzle nights back at the house instead of at Luna’s place. The last week has been constant drama he felt. He would talk it over with her when he returned with food.  


Luna shifted in her sleep finding something warm and comforting against the front of her body. Not remembering when her bed felt this good. Her cheek brushed against soft cotton sheets never felt this amazing before and the way that blanket practically snuggled to her body was utter heaven. Burrowing closer to her mattress she inhaled deeply expecting the soft fragrance of her favorite fabric softener. Instead she was greeted by the scent of ketchup, a different fabric softener, and a scent she couldn’t quite place but she found it rather pleasant. Lifting her head back she felt what she was on tense suddenly.


Opening her eyes slowly, it took a moment for them to adjust to the light that assaulted them. Staring down she found she was staring at something white. Her sheets were a maroon coloring the last she checked. Did she change them at some point this morning? When the hell did she get white sheets? White was the worst color to have on one’s bed, especially during that time of the month. Sliding her hand over the material she heard a groan above her head. “babygirl not that i mind ya runnin’ your hands over me but i’ve already been warned by tops i need to behave.” A sexy baritone voice spoke to her.


Tops warned her bed to behave? Where the hell did he get off telling her bed what to do? She was going to have words with that bunny. Muttering something under her breath she moved to press her face back into that soft cotton material. Only now her bed was laughing, what a sexy fucking laugh it was too. Moving her head to the side she pressed her ear to the mattress listening to the sound. It sounded like Sans. When she looked down though she found a familiar blue parka. And a skeletal hand moving towards her face. Now that wasn’t part of her bed.


Slowly oh so slowly she lifted her head to stare up at the grinning face of none other Sans the Skeleton Gaster. Her mouth dropped open while she stared up at him. It took a moment for her to put things together. She remembered having a pillow fight and then snuggling to his back. Shit! She had fallen asleep. Skeletal fingers moved to her jawline pressing up to close her mouth. “don’ wanna catch flies now sweetheart.” Sans winked at her.


“Sh-shit…. I’m sorry I totally didn’t mean to fall asleep on you.” Turning her head to look around. Papyrus was nowhere to be found. She was alone in the game room with Sans the freakin’ skeleton. The guy who she helped with his heat for a week. The guy who had promised would find her. And now had her on top of him. And worse when she got an idea of what she was wearing she groaned. Of all things to be wearing her panda outfit was not one of them.


“you needed the rest, i just happened to be a convenient bed. you lookin’ a bit confused there, ya okay?” Sans spoke sounding concerned at the end. “paps will be back in a bit. he an’ tops went to get the food from ratolli’s. apparently bp isn’ gonna be back tonight either.” Sans muttered something at the end that she couldn’t understand.


Sans didn’t know the half of it when it came to BP. The feline had been rather hostile towards her since finding out that she had done things with the skeleton. He outright claimed that she was his and Tops' human. Something she didn’t care for too much. They were mated, and honestly, she would feel like a third wheel. 


Papyrus had been a godsend when he popped into her life. It was a soft shove for BP to understand she wasn’t about to be his female. Unknowingly she rested her head back onto Sans’ chest thinking things over. Looking down on the coffee table she caught sight of her glasses, she needed those. Leaning forward she grabbed them, placed them on her face, then returned to her previous position against the comfortable skeleton. It all seemed to collide at once, it was just her and Sans in the house.


“Surprised you haven’t done anything though I imagine that was because of what Tops said.” Luna muttered enjoying the warmth that he was giving off.


“don’ think you’re ready for any of that. i don’ want to jump into any of that. it would be one thin’ if i were in heat, it’s another when i’m not. i take it bp isn’ exactly helpin’ my case any though.” Sans sighed his phalanges combing through her thick hair. It was really comforting. “do ya remember anythin’ that happened before ya woke up?”


His voice sounded so sexy as each word rolled out. “Give me a bit it will come back to me. Sometimes I can get like that when I haven’t had enough sleep.” Luna muttered nestling her head into his chest earning her a purr from Sans. “Why do you do that?”


Sans' shoulders rose and fell like it was nonchalant. “i am content right now. so, um…” She felt his body tense a bit which she moved her hand to his chest. Drawing small circles on his sternum. It made him gasp at first when she felt her fingers slide off the side. “sweetheart, i am tryin’ to behave an’ doin’ that is gonna cause problems.”


Luna chuckled removing her hands down from his chest, “Alright I will stop.” Luna smiled turning so her back was against his front. Shoving her hands into the pockets of her panda onesie. Not one bit embarrassed by it. “You were going to say something?”


Sans mumbled something under his breath curling his arms around her waist. Pulling her up against his chest. His phalange tracing circles on her stomach. Luna felt at peace at this moment, her chest felt warm oddly. “luna, um… i want to brin’ ya by a friend's house to explain somethin’ to you. tops and bp really slipped on this one by not explainin’ some thin’s.” That made Luna turned her head to look at him.


“What exactly is your friend going to be explaining?” Luna asked seeing his grin strain and his arms tighten.


“monster heats. how not every monster is like me, paps, tops, or bp.” Sans looked a bit concerned about this. Probably because most women wouldn’t like the idea of a guy trying to help them understand. Sans was a monster, and he wanted her to learn about his kind better.


“Okay, when would you like me to go with you?” Luna asked sitting up, her back was starting to hurt from sitting for so long. Sans slipped his arms from around her letting her get to her feet.


“okay? not that i don’ appreciate how willing you are. but um… why?” Sans replied not getting up, he looked like he was comfortable. 


“I am willing to take whatever knowledge I can get Sans. Our brains are like sponges. I mean Papyrus helped me understand that mark you left on me.” Luna mentioned noticing the way Sans flinched at that. “Woah, Skelly easy. I didn’t exactly mean it that way…” This is what she did, she managed to screw up one way or another. 


 “i have to set up somethin’ with them. once I have it set up then i can grab you an’ we can go. give me a day or two.” He added after a bit. Moving her hands back to the base of her spine she stretched feeling three pops. Moving her hands back to the base of her spine she stretched feeling three pops.



That had Sans to his feet almost instantly moving behind her. His hands moving to her back to press against her spine. Drawing small tight circles on the edges. “shouldn’ do that. it could screw up your back pretty bad for the future.” He paused for a second but continued to massage her back making her feel good. “i should have taken the precaution and explained things to you that night. even through the phone. for that, i failed that responsibility. but i ain’ gonna let it happen again. not if i can help it.”


Luna knew what he meant, even as he pulled her back to the couch. Though he didn’t sit back on it he moved to push her down. Luna climbed onto the couch pressing a pillow under her head. Her stomach pressing down, she felt him kneel beside the couch. His hands pressing more firmly into her back making her let out a soft moan.


The soft chuckle that came from Sans made her turn a bright shade of red. The skeleton was enjoying the fact that he was turning her into a moaning mess. Just from him massaging her back. His phalanges pressed into the tops of her shoulders making her gasp softly. How long had it been since someone had willingly gave her a massage? Though she regretted that thought when one phalange slid over the mark that was still present.  A jolt of pleasure went down her spine straight to her core making her whimper. Sans let out a groan of his own, his hands trembling. Instantly his hands moved from her shoulders down to her back.


“f-forgot about that, sorry. wasn’ tryin’ to ya know.” He let out a nervous chuckle while he pressed on her upper back.


“Sure ya weren’.” Luna mocked the way his voice drawled. That made him tense a bit. Luna became worried she might have said the wrong thing she turned her head only to find his right near hers. His eye lights widening with enthusiasm.


“are ya mockin’ me, sweetheart?” His voice went off into a purr while he got closer and she moved back a bit. “don’ worry let me just take care of ya. you look like ya could use a hand. ” He snickered backing off and returning to the task at hand.


Luna was tempted to press her lips into his teeth at that very moment when he had gotten close. It wouldn’t have been the first time she had kissed him, but she didn’t want to lead him onto something further. Especially when she wasn’t ready for that herself. Entranced in her thoughts she didn’t notice his hands dip lower till a sharp pain jolted her. Luna hissed out as the stinging sensation shot right back up her spine killing any good feeling she had going.


“sweetheart?” Sans asked making her turn to look where he was touching. His hand was touching her hip. Looking up at his face she watched him, his eye lights shimmering in curiosity. Almost like he was studying her.


“What’s up Sans?” Her voice came out a bit confused while she watched him. His bone brows furrowed for a moment then his phalanges pressed into the spot a little harder making her yelp out.


In an instant Sans was to his feet looking down at her. “take off the panda outfit.” His voice came out in a command. Luna rushed to think over what had just happened. What could have caused that much pain to her? He hadn’t even put that much pressure to cause… Oh Shit! “luna, you need to take it off. i want to see why you yelped out like that.”


“No… it's just a bruise I got it at work.” Luna moved to sit up. Her body pressing into the corner of the couch in an attempt to make herself look small. Sans didn’t scare her, but his commanding tone wasn’t something she knew how to deal with… outside of the sexual commands. This wasn’t a sexual command.


Sans must have noticed her reaction. His eye lights vanished while he pulled up his hoodie. Lowering his head to look at the ground. Luna had never seen anyone do that before… no that wasn’t right she had seen someone do that before but where? His fingers twitched tapping against the base of his parka, she knew that move. It was one she used often. He was attempting to calm himself. “i….” He sighed, walking over to the recliner sitting down. “i’m sorry. just i don’ particularly like seein’ you in pain. especially when i am tryin’ to do something to comfort ya.”


It warmed Luna, his words were genuine. “I need to put some clothes on underneath Sans. I am just in my panties. Give me a moment if you will?” Luna stood looking over at Sans, she could see the faint cyan blush under his hood. “What? I stripped down and didn’t bother with clothes.” It was a lie she changed into her night attire before but he didn’t need to know that.


Luna turned to walk towards her room only to find Sans propped against the frame of her door. Eye lights hidden under the hood watching her; the glow coming from them seeming almost spooky to her. That grin wide and predatory with his hands shoved into his pockets, he hummed softly. “ya remember why we played that game over the video calls?” He asked reaching up to pull down his hood. “it was so i could gage when ya lied to me. temptin’ as it is to think you naked under those clothes, you wouldn’ do that to paps.” That smirk of his growing wider by the minute.


“Sans… I…” Luna wasn’t scared oddly even with Sans acting the way he was. It was odd, but her chest throbbed when he pushed himself away from the frame. He held up one hand silencing her.


“take off the panda suit, i want to see what kind of injury you have nothin’ more babygirl.” Sans spoke moving a single step at a time stopping at the love seat between her and the door. When he called her that name it made her core twitch with need. He made sure to use it or her own name when he came during their morning phone calls. The reminder of the way his baritone voice sounded in those brief moments made her shiver.


Luna swallowed reaching a gloved hand up to the zipper that was just below her neck. Pressing the metal between her index and thumb. Yeah, she could turn and run out of the room. But then she risked Sans being hurt by her actions. He just wants to see the injury. He’s seen you topless with only leggings and a skirt before. No biggie here, right? The sound of the zipper sliding downwards seemed louder than it was.


Sans watched her his eye lights trained on her face while she shimmied her arms from the sleeves. It was much cooler with the thing off at least she assumed it was from wearing the onsie. It had absolutely nothing to do with the way the fact that Sans had been touching her moments ago. Pulling them out to reveal the white tank top she had on underneath. Swallowing the dry hard lump that was formed in her throat. She eased the onesie down her hips careful not to pull the shorts that were underneath. Stepping out she was reminded that she was barefoot as well. Leaning over, she picked up the panda onesie, tossing it on the coffee table.


“sit, please.” Sans sounded like he was trying to remain patient. It made Luna look up at his face he looked really relaxed at this moment. He just wants to see where your hurt.


Luna walked over to the couch where he had given her a massage moments earlier. Sitting down while she tried to relax her nerves. It was hard given the position she had herself put in. It was just her and Sans in the house. How much did she truly know about the skeleton? He plopped down on the couch beside her.


“It’s really nothing Sans.” Luna admitted hoping to talk him out of it. His boney hand moving down to the side where her bruise was earlier. He hummed softly before pressing into it making her hiss from the pain again.


“luna, it's somethin’ if it's causin’ you that much pain. just relax, let this bag of bones help you out okay?” Sans lifted his face to flash that perma grin at her. Luna could only nod which had his skull turning back down. He hummed softly lifting the shirt revealing the purplish bruise that was there.


That looked worse than she had thought. Luna learned a long time ago not to look at her injuries when customers got a bit to handsy at Grillby’s. Sometimes they would throw her onto the tables, or against them. This incident however she had been cornered into a booth. The fire elemental always intervened before it got worse. It was getting worse each time. How long would it be until a customer tested their luck too far? Or if Grillby considered her too much of a liability? It made her self hate rise deep within her thinking of the day that Grillby would grow tired of trying to defend her.


“i think i have somethin’ for ya babygirl. but you are gonna have to eat it before paps and tops come back okay?” Sans spoke pulling her from of her thoughts making her look over at him. “i get the feelin’ you don’ want tops seein’ this. same goes for paps. so i’m gonna give ya some monster food to help get rid of it. on one condition though?”


Luna looked at him for a moment, he was offering monster food to help her heal. It was a warm sensation to think he was going to do that. What would that condition be? Would he ask her to have sex with him? “What condition?” Luna asked.


Sans purred at that. It made her worry a bit more, his body turning to face her. A skeletal hand moving up to touch her face. “i want to walk you home after work every night. i will bring ya back here then shortcut to my place.”


That was an odd condition. There was logic to it as well. How had he come to the idea of walking her home when she had stated it came from work? “Why?” Was all that came from Luna.


Sans shrugged his shoulders his cheekbones dusting with cyan coloration. “why not? i see how far ya walk every night. it bothers me to think that neither tops or bp will give ya a ride here. tops is understandable since he works most of the day. that bunny does so much for his little business and I applaud him for it. bp on the other hand, i don’ know why he can’ help ya. thought about havin’ words with them both. but i think this will be much better.” Sans admitted.


Luna smiled, this was Sans being the guy that she had come to have a crush on. “I think I can agree to that condition.” Luna admitted.


“alright then.” Sans retracted his skeletal hand from her face opening his parka to dive into one of its secret pockets. This guy had two pockets inside of it. One she knew held his bottle of ketchup. What was in the other she was curious to find out. His hand delved into a pocket withdrawing a cinna bunny.


Luna had heard about the cinna bunnys, they were as popular as Grillby’s burgers or Tops’ Nice Creams. Her tongue slid over her upper lip reminding her of how hungry she suddenly was. No food in her stomach would do that to her. It was a cinnamon roll shape like normal but there were two loops at the top forming into bunny ears. Sans broke off one of those ears and held it out to her. Luna reached up to grab it only for it to move away before she could. Brows furrowing together her gaze lifted to Sans.


“nah ah babygirl. let sans feed you.” He grinned at her. This caught her off guard a little unsure how to take the idea of him feeding her the cinnamon treat. “humor me babygirl. i haven’ seen ya in a week. and after the week we had together i think you are entitled to some pamperin’.” Sans stated after a bit.


Luna swallowed once more feeling that lump form in her throat. He wanted to pamper her? There was a sickening feeling in her soul that made her unsure. This was all to pay back for what she had done for him during his heat cycle. This was all a false sense of security that her love-starved self summed up. Nonetheless, best to humor him as he had asked. Maybe he would forget about him walking her home from work each night.


Parting her lips slowly she opened her mouth for him. She could hear him make a happy noise placing the treat in her mouth. Her cheeks warmed to the idea of him feeding her. Closing her mouth she slowly chewed on the piece of cinna bunny. There was a tingling sensation on the very tip of her tongue she savored closing her eyes. Slowly she chewed it.


Sans took hold of her arm, guiding her back over to his side of the couch. Moving her against him, her head resting against his chest. Luna finished the piece that he had given her looking up at him. He held another piece above her head, his eye lights shimmering in delight while he looked down at her. Her cheeks warmed opening her mouth. Once more he placed the piece in her mouth, she closed her eyes. Before she could close her mouth though she felt him move pressing his teeth to her mouth. The move made her tremble accidently swallowing the piece of cinna bunny. 


The action made her sit up cracking her head against the top of his skull as she did so. Luna was choking harshly trying to dislodge the cinna bunny from her throat. Sans groaned rubbing the top of his skull with one hand. The other was patting her back firmly but at the same time gently.


“well that went better in my head i admit.” Sans muttered fully focusing on her back now. “come on sweetheart breathe for me.”


Luna finally gasped for air but when she let that out she couldn’t stop the laughter that came with it. Her cheeks flourished with shades of red from what he had attempted. It was clearly meant to be a romantic move. Damn, her emotions were all over the place with this guy. The only thing that stayed constant was how warm her chest felt when she was near him.


“Can’t say I have ever had that tried on me before.” Luna breathed in turning to face him.  A smirk on her face. Welp! He initiated it might as well finish it. She giggled to herself noticing the way Sans moved back against the couch. “Where ya goin Skelly?”


She didn’t give him a chance to answer before she climbed into his lap. Left hand gripping onto the couch cushion. He had a good hold of the cinna bunny as she took the other ear off. Placing the cinnamon ear between her lips she leaned forward watching as the eye lights widened in his sockets. Pressing her lips against his teeth, feeling as they closed around the treat. Breaking it in half they delved into that kiss just a bit more. The cinnamon ear slowly being chewed and swallowed. His hands found their way to her hips holding her steady in his lap.


Just as she slid her tongue against his teeth she heard the door to the game room open. Her head tilted up to see Paps and Tops standing in the doorway. Well, so much for savoring this moment. Pulling out of the kiss she smiled at Tops. “I smell pizza.” Luna chimed getting a groan from Tops, even as a skillful phalange moved to touch that pesky mark. Making her tremble in Sans’ lap. He muttered something that she couldn’t make out, but she was sure she’d hear it later at some point knowing him.


“Luna don’t torment poor Sans.” Tops commented walking into the room. Though the smirk that he was giving was one that told her to continue. “It is poor manners to torment us monsters.”


“Funny I see you torment BP all the time when you suck on those popsicles.” Luna retorted feeling the skeleton under her shake lightly. His deep chuckle escaping him.


“Well BP is my mate and needs to be kept on his toes constantly.” Of course, Tops would say that. Harsh reminder of her single life. Darting a glare over to Tops she shifted in Sans’ lap wiggling herself into a comfortable position. Sans let out a soft gasp.


“That was cold Tops, just cold.” Luna grumbled leaning forward. Sans placing his hands on her hips as she did. It was more to help keep her secure. Flipping open the box the scent of cheese and baked dough filling her nasal passages.


Snagging two slices she leaned back holding one of them out for Sans. The pie had been bought with both of them in mind. Papyrus came in a few seconds later carrying a container. It was spaghetti and meatballs. As much as he protested they didn’t cook it right, it was one of his favorite dishes. Feeling the slice of pizza slide from her hand she adjusted herself to where Sans could eat. This is rather nice. Luna thought taking a bite of her own piece. Tops sat across from her in his bean bag snagging his own slice. Dark brown eyes sparkling with amusement while he studied how she was sitting. Luna just shrugged proceeding to eat her pizza.


The bunny knew better than anyone how she felt about Sans. She chalked it up to a crush, nothing more. But Tops mentioned something about how it could be a crush if she had only known him for a few hours. Luna didn’t know. There was no answer that she could give that validated it. But Sans only had known her for a week, of which this time he remembered. And yet she assumed he was having a similar reaction to her. Stars, she honestly hoped so.


Luna glanced over at Papyrus who was studying her. A bone brow arched. Luna just shrugged, not really caring how it was seen. The only one in this room currently who wasn’t aware of her emotions was the one whose lap was currently her boney throne. Boney throne? I kind of like that idea.


Things were rather quiet while the four of them ate, Luna glanced up seeing Tops looking down at his phone. A frown marring his face. BP had been straining them both with his jealous antics. Luna knew that at some point it would come down to the fact she might just have to look for a different place. Maybe it was time to seriously consider it. There was a nice little apartment above the library, it was a bit closer than this place. Tomorrow was her day off, she would have time to scope it out.


Papyrus sat there watching his brother just hold his puzzle buddy. He hadn’t told Luna that his brother was coming with him today. To say he was surprised by her reaction was putting it lightly. Then again, Luna was used to having things drop into her lap, or so she said. Papyrus was still trying to get over the way BP had acted earlier. It annoyed him that he was still unsure what Luna had meant about BP’s behavior.


“What Do You Think She Meant By Cats Being Assholes?” Although Papyrus didn’t normally cuss because such language was expected of someone of his standards. But he wanted to phrase it in a way that Luna had.


“eh… i’m not sure entirely. i know a lot of humans prefer dogs to cats, but now that i think about it. bp has always been a bit different in comparison to say the greater dog.” Sans explained breaking out of his momentary trans from staring at Luna.


A soft snicker could be heard coming from the door. Tops came in carrying a pot of coffee, but his attention focused on a sleepy Luna in Sans’ arms. Papyrus watched as Sans regarded the bunny but made no attempt to release the sleeping woman from his grip. He needs this after the week he has had with her. Papyrus acknowledged though he hoped he wasn’t getting his brother into a mess.


“Figure she would fall asleep. Took me over an hour to get the coffee going. I had a long talk with BP, he has left the house for the evening.” Tops eyed Sans for a moment there was a click of his tongue. “Want me to put her to bed?” Papyrus wasn’t sure if it was a question or a statement though.


“nope, she seems to be quite comfortable where she is.” Sans remarked and almost instantly the three watched Luna snuggle herself closer. Which earned a bigger grin from his brother, wrapping his arms tighter around her frame.


“Tops We Ordered Food For Us And Miss Luna. Sans And Miss Luna Were Supposed To Shortcut To Go Get It. But We Got Into A Rather Entertaining Pillow Fight. To Which Miss Luna Probably Exerted Her Remaining Energy So That When She Tried To Body Slam My Brother She Just Decided To Fall Asleep.” Papyrus explained getting Tops to chuckle.


“Wait? Luna body slammed Sans? That’s so funny. And you fell? Dude you are losing your A-Game.” Tops snorted moving his hand to cover his mouth once he set the pot of coffee on the table. “I mean sweet Luna here is a buck thirty at most. And don’t tell her I mentioned her weight, but she is a tiny little thing. Only five foot two.” Tops continued to chuckle, and Sans sighed heavily.


“Tops We Were Wondering If You Could Perhaps Go Pick Up The Food For Us. We Will Gladly Pay For the Gas You Need To Go Get It.” Papyrus continued seeming unphased by how hilarious Tops was finding the situation.


The blue bunny focused on Sans his eyes dropping to the sleeping human in his lap. Sans swore that he could see the gears in the rabbit’s mind working. After a bit Tops focused his attention on Papyrus. “Um… did you want to come Paps? Can I trust he won’t molest her in her sleep?”


“hey!” Sans responded almost immediately a bit of a hurtful tone in his voice at his friend’s accusation. “if i were to molest her i would have taken her into the bedroom and done it. not waited till she was passed out.”


“I Think It Might Do Me Some Good To Go Out And Get The Food With You. I Know We Offered To Pay For It She Tends To Pay For Me Whenever She Can Get Away With It. Um... Luna Mentioned Something About Calling Grillby. How He Wouldn’t Mind If She Called In Tomorrow?” Papyrus mentioned getting to his feet brushing his clothes off.


“Which means she called in for tomorrow evening. Probably for the best given how tired she is.” Tops looked down at Luna smiling lightly. “Good she will need the rest. Are you two coming to hang out tomorrow then?” 

“I Have Work Tomorrow Night. But I Don’t See Why Sans Can’t He Usually Takes An Extra Week Off During His Heat Cycles.” Papyrus explained.


“Hmm… well I’m going to say this now. A couple weeks from now I am planning a surprise party for Luna. It's her birthday. I have already got Grillby closing the bar tonight aside from a few friends of mine and BP’s. Figure you and Sans could come since you have gotten close to her. Muffet’s baking a cake with no spiders involved. I really don’t want Luna passing out with that neat little surprise. All you guys gotta do is bring yourselves. And maybe a present or two. Don’t mention it to BP. He’s really sour over you and Luna getting close.” Tops stated that last part directly at Sans.


Papyrus grinned hearing that they were throwing a party, and for his puzzle buddy no less. “You Can Count Us In. I Have To Go Shopping At Some Point.” Papyrus was struggling to keep his voice at a low level to allow Luna to get some extra sleep.  “Alright Let’s Get Going. I Want To Make Sure She Eats When She Gets Up. She Practically Lives Off The Food At Grillby’s.”


Tops shrugged his shoulders. “Not like it bothers us any since monster food does nothing for humans. Luckily, Frisk never starved on Monster Food. If Monster Food did add weight it might bother a boyfriend if Luna started to get… Pudgier. Then again seeing her a little plump might not be a bad thing.” The bunny chuckled walking towards the door. He stopped mid stride looking back at Sans. “I shouldn’t have to say this but I am going to say it. If you two decide to get physical take it to her room. This is where we all sit and I would rather not think about what she’s done and not done on any of the furniture in her.”


Papyrus looked at Tops sockets wide taking in what he had just said. Looking down to his brother he arched a bone brow. Sans let out a long sigh. “i just got off my heat. seriously i’m not even thinking that right now. sweetheart just needs to get some sleep. i’m just a convenient pillow.” Sans shook his head glaring at Tops.


Tops shook his head and walked out of the room. Papyrus understood where Tops was coming from, but he also understood where his brother was coming from. All he was doing was holding Luna, everyone was assuming that he was going to jump her while she slept. Maybe he should consider puzzle nights back at the house instead of at Luna’s place. The last week has been constant drama he felt. He would talk it over with her when he returned with food.  


Luna shifted in her sleep finding something warm and comforting against the front of her body. Not remembering when her bed felt this good. Her cheek brushed against soft cotton sheets never felt this amazing before and the way that blanket practically snuggled to her body was utter heaven. Burrowing closer to her mattress she inhaled deeply expecting the soft fragrance of her favorite fabric softener. Instead she was greeted by the scent of ketchup, a different fabric softener, and a scent she couldn’t quite place but she found it rather pleasant. Lifting her head back she felt what she was on tense suddenly.


Opening her eyes slowly, it took a moment for them to adjust to the light that assaulted them. Staring down she found she was staring at something white. Her sheets were a maroon coloring the last she checked. Did she change them at some point this morning? When the hell did she get white sheets? White was the worst color to have on one’s bed, especially during that time of the month. Sliding her hand over the material she heard a groan above her head. “babygirl not that i mind ya runnin’ your hands over me but i’ve already been warned by tops i need to behave.” A sexy baritone voice spoke to her.


Tops warned her bed to behave? Where the hell did he get off telling her bed what to do? She was going to have words with that bunny. Muttering something under her breath she moved to press her face back into that soft cotton material. Only now her bed was laughing, what a sexy fucking laugh it was too. Moving her head to the side she pressed her ear to the mattress listening to the sound. It sounded like Sans. When she looked down though she found a familiar blue parka. And a skeletal hand moving towards her face. Now that wasn’t part of her bed.


Slowly oh so slowly she lifted her head to stare up at the grinning face of none other Sans the Skeleton Gaster. Her mouth dropped open while she stared up at him. It took a moment for her to put things together. She remembered having a pillow fight and then snuggling to his back. Shit! She had fallen asleep. Skeletal fingers moved to her jawline pressing up to close her mouth. “don’ wanna catch flies now sweetheart.” Sans winked at her.


“Sh-shit…. I’m sorry I totally didn’t mean to fall asleep on you.” Turning her head to look around. Papyrus was nowhere to be found. She was alone in the game room with Sans the freakin’ skeleton. The guy who she helped with his heat for a week. The guy who had promised would find her. And now had her on top of him. And worse when she got an idea of what she was wearing she groaned. Of all things to be wearing her panda outfit was not one of them.


“you needed the rest, i just happened to be a convenient bed. you lookin’ a bit confused there, ya okay?” Sans spoke sounding concerned at the end. “paps will be back in a bit. he an’ tops went to get the food from ratolli’s. apparently bp isn’ gonna be back tonight either.” Sans muttered something at the end that she couldn’t understand.


Sans didn’t know the half of it when it came to BP. The feline had been rather hostile towards her since finding out that she had done things with the skeleton. He outright claimed that she was his and Tops human. Something she didn’t care for too much. They were mated, and honestly, she would feel like a third wheel. 


Papyrus had been a godsend when he popped into her life. It was a soft shove for BP to understand she wasn’t about to be his female. Unknowingly she rested her head back onto Sans’ chest thinking things over. Looking down on the coffee table she caught sight of her glasses, she needed those. Leaning forward she grabbed them, placed them on her face, then returned to her previous position against the comfortable skeleton. It all seemed to collide at once, it was just her and Sans in the house.


“Surprised you haven’t done anything though I imagine that was because of what Tops said.” Luna muttered enjoying the warmth that he was giving off.


“don’ think you’re ready for any of that. i don’ want to jump into any of that. it would be one thin’ if i were in heat, it’s another when i’m not. i take it bp isn’ exactly helpin’ my case any though.” Sans sighed his phalanges combing through her thick hair. It was really comforting. “do ya remember anythin’ that happened before ya woke up?”


His voice sounded so sexy as each word rolled out. “Give me a bit it will come back to me. Sometimes I can get like that when I haven’t had enough sleep.” Luna muttered nestling her head into his chest earning her a purr from Sans. “Why do you do that?”


Sans shoulders rose and fell like it was nonchalant. “i am content right now. so, um…” She felt his body tense a bit which she moved her hand to his chest. Drawing small circles on his sternum. It made him gasp at first when she felt her fingers slide off the side. “sweetheart, i am tryin’ to behave an’ doin’ that is gonna cause problems.”


Luna chuckled removing her hands down from his chest, “Alright I will stop.” Luna smiled turning so her back was against his front. Shoving her hands into the pockets of her panda onesie. Not one bit embarrassed by it. “You were going to say something?”


Sans mumbled something under his breath curling his arms around her waist. Pulling her up against his chest. His phalange tracing circles on her stomach. Luna felt at peace at this moment, her chest felt warm oddly. “luna, um… i want to brin’ ya by a friends house to explain somethin’ to you. tops and bp really slipped on this one by not explainin’ some thin’s.” That made Luna turned her head to look at him.


“What exactly is your friend going to be explaining?” Luna asked seeing his grin strain and his arms tighten.


“monster heats. how not every monster is like me, paps, tops, or bp.” Sans looked a bit concerned about this. Probably because most women wouldn’t like the idea of a guy trying to help them understand. Sans was a monster, and he wanted her to learn about his kind better.


“Okay, when would you like me to go with you?” Luna asked sitting up, her back was starting to hurt from sitting for so long. Sans slipped his arms from around her letting her get to her feet.


“okay? not that i don’ appreciate how willing you are. but um… why?” Sans replied not getting up, he looked like he was comfortable. 


“I am willing to take whatever knowledge I can get Sans. Our brains are like sponges. I mean Papyrus helped me understand that mark you left on me.” Luna mentioned noticing the way Sans flinched at that. “Woah, Skelly easy. I didn’t exactly mean it that way…” This is what she did, she managed to screw up one way or another. 


 “i have to set up somethin’ with them. once I have it set up then i can grab you an’ we can go. give me a day or two.” He added after a bit.Moving her hands back to the base of her spine she stretched feeling three pops. Moving her hands back to the base of her spine she stretched feeling three pops.



That had Sans to his feet almost instantly moving behind her. His hands moving to her back to press against her spine. Drawing small tight circles on the edges. “shouldn’ do that. it could screw up your back pretty bad for the future.” He paused for a second but continued to massage her back making her feel good. “i should have taken the precaution and explained things to you that night. even through the phone. for that i failed that responsibility. but i ain’ gonna let it happen again. not if i can help it.”


Luna knew what he meant, even as he pulled her back to the couch. Though he didn’t sit back on it he moved to push her down. Luna climbed onto the couch pressing a pillow under her head. Her stomach pressing down, she felt him kneel beside the couch. His hands pressing more firmly into her back making her let out a soft moan.


The soft chuckle that came from Sans made her turn a bright shade of red. The skeleton was enjoying the fact that he was turning her into a moaning mess. Just from him massaging her back. His phalanges pressed into the tops of her shoulders making her gasp softly. How long had it been since someone had willingly given her a massage? Though she regretted that thought when one phalange slid over the mark that was still present.  A jolt of pleasure went down her spine straight to her core making her whimper. Sans let out a groan of his own, his hands trembling. Instantly his hands moved from her shoulders down to her back.


“f-forgot about that, sorry. wasn’ tryin’ to ya know.” He let out a nervous chuckle while he pressed on her upper back.


“Sure ya weren’.” Luna mocked the way his voice drawled. That made him tense a bit. Luna became worried she might have said the wrong thing she turned her head only to find his right near hers. His eye lights widening with enthusiasm.


“are ya mockin’ me sweetheart?” His voice went off into a purr while he got closer and she moved back a bit. “don’ worry let me just take care of ya. you look like ya could use a hand. ” He snickered backing off and returning to the task at hand.


Luna was tempted to press her lips into his teeth at that very moment when he had gotten close. It wouldn’t have been the first time she had kissed him, but she didn’t want to lead him onto something further. Especially when she wasn’t ready for that herself. Entranced in her thoughts she didn’t notice his hands dip lower till a sharp pain jolted her. Luna hissed out as the stinging sensation shot right back up her spine killing any good feeling she had going.


“sweetheart?” Sans asked making her turn to look where he was touching. His hand was touching her hip. Looking up at his face she watched him, his eye lights shimmering in curiosity. Almost like he was studying her.


“What’s up Sans?” Her voice came out a bit confused while she watched him. His bone brows furrowed for a moment then his phalanges pressed into the spot a little harder making her yelp out.


In an instant Sans was to his feet looking down at her. “take off the panda outfit.” His voice came out in a command. Luna rushed to think over what had just happened. What could have caused that much pain to her? He hadn’t even put that much pressure to cause… Oh Shit! “luna, you need to take it off. i want to see why you yelped out like that.”


“No… it's just a bruise I got it at work.” Luna moved to sit up. Her body pressing into the corner of the couch in an attempt to make herself look small. Sans didn’t scare her, but his commanding tone wasn’t something she knew how to deal with… outside of the sexual commands. This wasn’t a sexual command.


Sans must have noticed her reaction. His eye lights vanished while he pulled up his hoodie. Lowering his head to look at the ground. Luna had never seen anyone do that before… no that wasn’t right she had seen someone do that before but where? His fingers twitched tapping against the base of his parka, she knew that move. It was one she used often. He was attempting to calm himself. “i….” He sighed, walking over to the recliner sitting down. “i’m sorry. just i don’ particularly like seein’ you in pain. especially when i am tryin’ to do something to comfort ya.”


It warmed Luna, his words were genuine. “I need to put some clothes on underneath Sans. I am just in my panties. Give me a moment if you will?” Luna stood looking over at Sans, she could see the faint cyan blush under his hood. “What? I stripped down and didn’t bother with clothes.” It was a lie she changed into her night attire before but he didn’t need to know that.


Luna turned to walk towards her room only to find Sans propped against the frame of her door. Eye lights are hidden under the hood watching her; the glow coming from them seeming almost spooky to her. That grin wide and predatory with his hands shoved into his pockets, he hummed softly. “ya remember why we played that game over the video calls?” He asked reaching up to pull down his hood. “it was so i could gage when ya lied to me. temptin’ as it is to think you naked under those clothes, you wouldn’ do that to paps.” That smirk of his growing wider by the minute.


“Sans… I…” Luna wasn’t scared oddly even with Sans acting the way he was. It was odd, but her chest throbbed when he pushed himself away from the frame. He held up one hand silencing her.


“take off the panda suit, i want to see what kind of injury you have nothin’ more babygirl.” Sans spoke moving a single step at a time stopping at the love seat between her and the door. When he called her that name it made her core twitch with need. He made sure to use it or her own name when he came during their morning phone calls. The reminder of the way his baritone voice sounded in those brief moments made her shiver.


Luna swallowed reaching a gloved hand up to the zipper that was just below her neck. Pressing the metal between her index and thumb. Yeah, she could turn and run out of the room. But then she risked Sans being hurt by her actions. He just wants to see the injury. He’s seen you topless with only leggings and a skirt before. No biggie here, right? The sound of the zipper sliding downwards seemed louder than it was.


Sans watched her his eye lights trained on her face while she shimmied her arms from the sleeves. It was much cooler with the thing off at least she assumed it was from wearing the onesie. It had absolutely nothing to do with the way the fact that Sans had been touching her moments ago. Pulling them out to reveal the white tank top she had on underneath. Swallowing the dry hard lump that was formed in her throat. She eased the onesie down her hips careful not to pull the shorts that were underneath. Stepping out she was reminded that she was barefoot as well. Leaning over, she picked up the panda onesie, tossing it on the coffee table.


“sit, please.” Sans sounded like he was trying to remain patient. It made Luna look up at his face he looked really relaxed at this moment. He just wants to see where your hurt.


Luna walked over to the couch where he had given her a massage moments earlier. Sitting down while she tried to relax her nerves. It was hard given the position she had herself put in. It was just her and Sans in the house. How much did she truly know about the skeleton? He plopped down on the couch beside her.


“It’s really nothing Sans.” Luna admitted hoping to talk him out of it. His boney hand moving down to the side where her bruise was earlier. He hummed softly before pressing into it making her hiss from the pain again.


“luna, it's somethin’ if it's causin’ you that much pain. just relax, let this bag of bones help you out okay?” Sans lifted his face to flash that perma grin at her. Luna could only nod which had his skull turning back down. He hummed softly lifting the shirt revealing the purplish bruise that was there.


That looked worse than she had thought. Luna learned a long time ago not to look at her injuries when customers got a bit to handsy at Grillby’s. Sometimes they would throw her onto the tables, or against them. This incident however she had been cornered into a booth. The fire elemental always intervened before it got worse. It was getting worse each time. How long would it be until a customer tested their luck too far? Or if Grillby considered her too much of a liability? It made her self hate rise deep within her thinking of the day that Grillby would grow tired of trying to defend her.


“i think i have somethin’ for ya babygirl. but you are gonna have to eat it before paps and tops come back okay?” Sans spoke pulling her from of her thoughts making her look over at him. “i get the feelin’ you don’ want tops seein’ this. same goes for paps. so i’m gonna give ya some monster food to help get rid of it. on one condition though?”


Luna looked at him for a moment, he was offering monster food to help her heal. It was a warm sensation to think he was going to do that. What would that condition be? Would he ask her to have sex with him? “What condition?” Luna asked.


Sans purred at that. It made her worry a bit more, his body turning to face her. A skeletal hand moving up to touch her face. “i want to walk you home after work every night. i will bring ya back here then shortcut to my place.”


That was an odd condition. There was logic to it as well. How had he come to the idea of walking her home when she had stated it came from work? “Why?” Was all that came from Luna.


Sans shrugged his shoulders his cheek bones dusting with cyan coloration. “why not? i see how far ya walk every night. it bothers me to think that neither tops or bp will give ya a ride here. tops is understandable since he works most of the day. that bunny does so much for his little business and I applaud him for it. bp, on the other hand, i don’ know why he can’ help ya. thought about havin’ words with them both. but i think this will be much better.” Sans admitted.


Luna smiled, this was Sans being the guy that she had come to have a crush on. “I think I can agree to that condition.” Luna admitted.


“alright then.” Sans retracted his skeletal hand from her face opening his parka to dive into one of its secret pockets. This guy had two pockets inside of it. One she knew held his bottle of ketchup. What was in the other she was curious to find out. His hand delved into a pocket withdrawing a cinna bunny.


Luna had heard about the cinna bunnies, they were as popular as Grillby’s burgers or Tops’ Nice Creams. Her tongue slid over her upper lip reminding her of how hungry she suddenly was. No food in her stomach would do that to her. It was a cinnamon roll shape like normal but there were two loops at the top forming into bunny ears. Sans broke off one of those ears and held it out to her. Luna reached up to grab it only for it to move away before she could. Brows furrowing together her gaze lifted to Sans.


“nah ah babygirl. let sans feed you.” He grinned at her. This caught her off guard a little unsure how to take the idea of him feeding her the cinnamon treat. “humor me babygirl. i haven’ seen ya in a week. and after the week we had together i think you are entitled to some pamperin’.” Sans stated after a bit.


Luna swallowed once more feeling that lump form in her throat. He wanted to pamper her? There was a sickening feeling in her soul that made her unsure. This was all to pay back for what she had done for him during his heat cycle. This was all a false sense of security that her love-starved self summed up. Nonetheless, best to humor him like he had asked. Maybe he would forget about him walking her home from work each night.


Parting her lips slowly she opened her mouth for him. She could hear him make a happy noise placing the treat in her mouth. Her cheeks warmed to the idea of him feeding her. Closing her mouth she slowly chewed on the piece of cinna bunny. There was a tingling sensation on the very tip of her tongue she savored closing her eyes. Slowly she chewed it.


Sans took hold of her arm, guiding her back over to his side of the couch. Moving her against him, her head resting against his chest. Luna finished the piece that he had given her looking up at him. He held another piece above her head, his eye lights shimmering in delight while he looked down at her. Her cheeks warmed opening her mouth. Once more he placed the piece in her mouth, she closed her eyes. Before she could close her mouth though she felt him move to press his teeth to her mouth. The move made her tremble accidentally swallowing the piece of cinna bunny. 


The action made her sit up cracking her head against the top of his skull as she did so. Luna was choking harshly trying to dislodge the cinna bunny from her throat. Sans groaned rubbing the top of his skull with one hand. The other was patting her back firmly but at the same time gently.


“well that went better in my head i admit.” Sans muttered fully focusing on her back now. “come on sweetheart breathe for me.”


Luna finally gasped for air but when she let that out she couldn’t stop the laughter that came with it. Her cheeks flourished with shades of red from what he had attempted. It was clearly meant to be a romantic move. Damn, her emotions were all over the place with this guy. The only thing that stayed constant was how warm her chest felt when she was near him.


“Can’t say I have ever had that tried on me before.” Luna breathed in turning to face him.  A smirk on her face. Welp! He initiated it might as well finish it. She giggled to herself noticing the way Sans moved back against the couch. “Where ya goin' Skelly?”


She didn’t give him a chance to answer before she climbed into his lap. Left hand gripping onto the couch cushion. He had a good hold of the cinna bunny as she took the other ear off. Placing the cinnamon ear between her lips she leaned forward watching as the eye lights widened in his sockets. Pressing her lips against his teeth, feeling as they closed around the treat. Breaking it in half they delved into that kiss just a bit more. The cinnamon ear slowly being chewed and swallowed. His hands found their way to her hips holding her steady in his lap.


Just as she slid her tongue against his teeth she heard the door to the game room open. Her head tilted up to see Paps and Tops standing in the doorway. Well, so much for savoring this moment. Pulling out of the kiss she smiled at Tops. “I smell pizza.” Luna chimed getting a groan from Tops, even as a skillful phalange moved to touch that pesky mark. Making her tremble in Sans’ lap. He muttered something that she couldn’t make out, but she was sure she’d hear it later at some point knowing him.


“Luna don’t torment poor Sans.” Tops commented walking into the room. Though the smirk that he was giving was one that told her to continue. “It is poor manners to torment us monsters.”


“Funny I see you torment BP all the time when you suck on those popsicles.” Luna retorted feeling the skeleton under her shake lightly. His deep chuckle escaping him.


“Well BP is my mate and needs to be kept on his toes constantly.” Of course, Tops would say that. A harsh reminder of her single life. Darting a glare over to Tops she shifted in Sans’ lap wiggling herself into a comfortable position. Sans let out a soft gasp.


“That was cold Tops, just cold.” Luna grumbled leaning forward. Sans placing his hands on her hips as she did. It was more to help keep her secure. Flipping open the box the scent of cheese and baked dough filling her nasal passages.


Snagging two slices she leaned back holding one of them out for Sans. The pie had been bought with both of them in mind. Papyrus came in a few seconds later carrying a container. It was spaghetti and meatballs. As much as he protested they didn’t cook it right, it was one of his favorite dishes. Feeling the slice of pizza slide from her hand she adjusted herself to where Sans could eat. This is rather nice. Luna thought taking a bite of her own piece. Tops sat across from her in his bean bag snagging his own slice. Dark brown eyes sparkling with amusement while he studied how she was sitting. Luna just shrugged proceeding to eat her pizza.


The bunny knew better than anyone how she felt about Sans. She chalked it up to a crush, nothing more. But Tops mentioned something about how it could be a crush if she had only known him for a few hours. Luna didn’t know. There was no answer that she could give that validated it. But Sans only had known her for a week, of which this time he remembered. And yet she assumed he was having a similar reaction to her. Stars, she honestly hoped so.


Luna glanced over at Papyrus who was studying her. A bone brow arched. Luna just shrugged, not really caring how it was seen. The only one in this room currently who wasn’t aware of her emotions was the one whose lap was currently her boney throne. Boney throne? I kind of like that idea.


Things were rather quiet while the four of them ate, Luna glanced up seeing Tops looking down at his phone. A frown marring his face. BP had been straining them both with his jealous antics. Luna knew that at some point it would come down to the fact she might just have to look for a different place. Maybe it was time to seriously consider it. There was a nice little apartment above the library, it was a bit closer than this place. Tomorrow was her day off, she would have time to scope it out.


Chapter Text

Puzzle night commenced without a hitch after everyone had eaten. After about three games of Scrabble Sans and Papyrus deemed it time for them to go. Even though Sans hadn’t seemed to want to let her out of his lap. The punny skeleton left though with his brother reluctantly. Now Luna and Tops were sitting in the kitchen. His gaze lowered to the ground, that frown was getting worse by the second.


“Are you sure?” Tops asked after a moment, lifting his head to look at her from her perch.


Currently, Luna was sitting on the counter dressed in a black pair of sweats and her white tank top. Her slippers nestled snugly on her feet. Arms crossed over her chest thinking over what she had just told Tops. Luna had explained that it was time for her to consider other living options. BP was becoming a bit overbearing and the longer she stayed more than likely the worse it would get. That wasn’t something she intended to deal with for very long.


“Yes.” Luna spoke with her voice sounding more confident by the minute. “You and BP mated earlier this year. I have been living with you guys for over a year.  I can’t…” Luna wasn’t even sure where to go with that last bit.


“You can’t be expected to entertain BP’s current train of thoughts.” Tops seemed to finish that statement with ease. Luna nodded solemnly in response, not sure she could put it any better herself. “Is it because of Sans?”


That was a good question, wasn’t it? Since Sans had popped into the bar a few months back she hadn’t really been able to get the thought out of her head. “I don’t think this has anything to do with Sans. Though I am sure BP will think so. This is more I need to stop relying on others to bail me out of stressful situations.” Luna admitted to him plus if he decided to come looking for her she didn’t want to put BP and Tops in his path. They would end up hurt by him and that wasn’t something she could live with. Though she wasn’t sure she convinced herself that this didn’t have hopes that Sans might have noticed her too.


Tops moved forward, grabbing hold of her gloved hand. His paws fiddling with the bottom of the glove. Managing to get it off of her hand without much of a fuss. Luna dropped her gaze straining at the sight of the scarred flesh. Hard to believe that it was done almost sixteen years ago. Focusing back on Tops he moved his paw over her hand being delicate about where he touched the scars. He and BP wanted her to embrace those scars letting them show. Instead, she just hid them feeling ashamed that she had them. They were a terrible reminder of a past she longed to forget. The skeletal gloves were her current favorites, she had found them shoved in the back of her sock drawer one day. Recalling a tag on them with a message that read: Ya always loved these so these are my last present to ya. Smile beautiful your gorgeous no matter what. It had a simple signature reading RM but for the life of her, she could not remember who that was. 


“I know it's not much, but me and BP are always going to be here. I know Sans and Paps are pretty miffed about you not knowing about heats properly. But Sans stated he was going to remedy that.” It was a reminder that she was going to be spending time with Sans and a friend at some point to discuss Monster Heats.


“That’s not a conversation I am looking forward to.” Luna admitted getting a soft chuckle from Tops, he drops her hand moving into her. His arms holding her close to his chest. This time he was careful not to touch the mark as he had done earlier. “Question how long is that mark going to stay on me?”


Tops stepped back then looking at her face for a moment then dropping down to her shoulder. “Eh, unless he poured an ungodly amount of magic into it, it should have faded. But since its still there I guess he did. Those marks are rather a mystery to us. Sans knows more about that stuff than we do.” Tops explained.


“Well I have a place in mind that I want to scope out. I am off tomorrow. Figure might as well. I get the feeling that BP is going to get worse with each day. And who knows how he is going to act next Wednesday if Sans comes over again. I really hate the tension between them.” Luna grumbled lightly.


“Want me to come with you tomorrow then?” Tops was instantly there to offer. Luna shook her head slowly as much as it would be nice to go looking at that little apartment, she knew he had his own stuff to tend to. Tops frowned letting out a long sigh. “My little dove is going to spread her wings and fly.”


“Oh, dammit Tops don’t go getting all sentimental on me. You start crying, then I start crying, the next thing we know we will be half a bottle of vodka and two tubs of ice cream into a chick flick.” Luna muttered getting Tops to chuckle.


They both jumped at the sound of the front door slamming open. Looking over towards the entrance of the kitchen a few moments later the door slammed shut. Muttering could be heard coming from the living room. Luna hopped off of her perch, her slippered feet landing with a soft thud. She stood beside Tops watching the entry to the kitchen. The tan feline walked into the kitchen looking at both her and Tops. She wasn’t ready to deal with this, not after the way he had treated Sans and Papyrus earlier. Looking back at Tops she kissed him gently on the cheek before walking past BP.


 The feline didn’t bother to stop her. Halfway up the stairs, she could hear them arguing. That had never been the intent when she had moved into their home. To be the one who causes drama, this was meant to be a safe haven for her. But she had to develop a crush on a punny skeleton. A punny skeleton who you aren’t even sure likes you back . A dark voice whispered to her even as she walked into her bedroom.


Crossing the threshold to her bed she slumps down on it. Looking towards the door, she didn’t want to think what Tops and BP were talking about. Falling back in her bed she kicked off her slippers and turned to her side. Glancing down at her ungloved hand, she cursed knowing her other glove was downstairs. Nope not going back down there, not unless the house is on fire.


Why did Tops have to take it off? Lifting her hand, she stared at the scars that marred the tops of her hands. Recalling the pain and how much it hurt when they had been it repeatedly by the stick. It had barbed wire wrapped around it. Making the skin split to the point she feared she would have had disfiguration. Well, scars were a form of disfiguration, and her body was littered with them thanks to him . The wounds had never gone to her palms thankfully. The memory faded from her mind but that didn’t stop the tears that rolled down her cheeks. Turning slowly, she pressed her face into her pillow managing to cry herself to sleep.


~ . ~ . ~ . ~


 Morning came quicker than she anticipated but she had felt a lot better than the previous day. A soft yawn came from her when she looked at her phone noticing that Sans had sent her a text message last night. Must have been right before he had gone to bed himself. It was sent like an hour after he and Pappy had gone home.


Skelly: night babygirl.


It seemed that it was going to be his little private nickname for her. She was down for that, it was better than him calling her galaxy all the time. The fact he had texted her before had made her smile. Then again, she assumed he might have done it because she was really tired. Luna admitted yesterday was a blast but the very little sleep she had been operating on didn’t help her one bit. Halting her thoughts on yesterday she tried to focus on the latest expedition.


Today she was going to scope out that apartment above the book shop. Her mind reeling over the conversation she had with Tops even while she pulled herself out of bed. Deciding jeans and a long sleeve shirt would seem appropriate. Tops hadn’t been excited at the idea of her leaving, but she didn’t want to be in their hair constantly. Grabbing the clothes, she walked through her closet to the bathroom. She figured that since she was going to be looking at that listing she might want to shower so she didn’t reek before meeting the owner of said apartment.


Hot water running she stripped out of her sleep clothes trying to get the events of yesterday out of her head. Sans had allowed her to fall asleep on him, and he had acted so casually about it. George had never cared for that and he was the one who swore she would never leave him. Tossing her clothes into the hamper she climbed into the shower. Her mind was in overdrive. Saying that Sans didn’t know her was an understatement, he knew her somewhat from their various conversations over the phone. Was he trying to date her? That’s just your heart telling you what you want to hear Luna. Sans can find a better human out there. Is he even into humans?


Luna grunted those thoughts distracting her from what she had been doing. Grabbing her loofa, she poured a generous amount of Bath and Bodyworks Dark Kiss onto it. The scent was flowery with a hint of something dark but fruity. One of her favorite scents she admitted and very hard to find, she had to buy it in bulk or on the website. The delivery boy was still terrified of BP the last time he had tried to drop off a package. Starting to scrub her body down examining herself as she went, she didn’t need to shave quite yet so that was a relief. That would have made the shower take twice as long. 


Shutting off the water she grunted as the brief sting of how hot she had it was reminded when she stepped out. Grabbing the large fluffy black towel from the rack she started to dry the water droplets from her body. Wondering how her mind went so many places at once. Didn’t this start out with thinking about Sans? Wiping down the mirror she looked at the mark that was still on her body. It had a small blue glow to it. Sans’ magic. Luna reminded herself that it was time to get dressed. Unsure how many people were interested in that apartment.


Once she was dressed she slipped back into her room, her gaze landing on the folded gloves. They were sitting neatly on top of her phone. Tops must have brought the other glove up after she had already fallen asleep. The bunny was oddly stealthy when he wanted to be and could get into her room without her noticing. Grabbing the gloves, she carelessly pulled them back on her hands, not wanting to see the marks of her past. Sans had wanted to ask about them the night on the train, she had known that. So, she did what she always did, told him not to ask. It was better than hearing ‘Oh you poor thing.’ or ‘You probably deserved it.’ The fuck was that about? She had often wondered why she preferred monsters to humans and it was because she knew what to expect from monsters. Where humans she didn’t know what they were capable of.


Pocketing her phone into her back pocket she fixed up her bed. Making sure that it was made neatly. Habit setting in from living with Tops and BP, when she lived with her brother she didn’t care if her bed was made. She just left it a haphazard mess, along with leaving articles of clothing all over the floor. When she moved in with Tops and BP though that had changed drastically. Because Tops had made a point to make sure she was tucked in every night. The first time he had tripped over one of her shoes. Nearly hurting himself when he had done that. What did Luna do? She straightened the fuck up! Making sure her clothes were put away in either her hamper, her dresser, or her closet. Her shoes stayed in her closet, and her bed was made every morning. Shamelessly she wondered if she moved out if she would revert to how she was. Probably not.


Heading downstairs she walked into the kitchen. Freezing in the archway as she took in BP standing with his back to her. Without a second thought she turned and walked the other direction making sure to snag her sweater off the coat hanger. Out the door, she went thinking she would just hit a coffee shop this morning. While she walked down the street her gaze was focused on the ground. At some point she would have to stop avoiding BP, but for now, she didn’t want to talk to him. He was upsetting both her and Tops. His behavior could have gotten Papyrus and Sans to not come over yesterday.


Tugging her earbuds out of her pocket she needed to distract herself. It took only a few seconds to hook them into her phone. Sliding the unlock button she ignored the text that was from BP, must have sent it after she left. Her finger drug over her Spotify app, queuing up her Nightcore setlist. Almost instantly the Nightcore version of Owl City’s Shooting Star started to play when she pressed the buds into her ears.


Entering the coffee shop she and Papyrus had been at a week ago she hummed along with the tune of the song. What time was it again? Her phone already slid out she settled to see it was about ten in the morning. Eh… not too late not too early. That sounded good to her. Ordering a cup of coffee and a muffin she took her seat in one of the comfy chairs. Music still blaring into her ears she hummed the tunes to herself.


Breaking the muffin into pieces she opened her phone to find apartment listings. It might be a good idea to see the inside before debating on it. The listing had been up for a few weeks now she found out. Oh, there it is! She found it on an apartment website. Sliding through the pictures she smiled seeing it was unfurnished, there was a bay window that overlooked a park. Around the window were some bookshelves. That made her smile. The kitchen was small but good enough for what she needed. The place came with appliances which was a huge plus.


All in all, the apartment was everything she could ever really want in a long-term home. Taking a sip of coffee, she eased back into her seat looking at the number. She should go see it before she made the ultimate decision. There was a rent amount, not bad, something she could afford every month along with utilities. It might be a bit tight at first but it would be okay. Sipping on her coffee she dialed the number that was listed. Better to go see this place sooner rather than later. She wasn’t sure about leaving the guys still. Nothing wrong at looking.


~ . ~ . ~ . ~


Luna had gotten ahold of Sharon, apparently, she ran the book shop downstairs and was renting out the apartment. Sharon admitted that she used to live in the apartment but now she moved into a house across town, which was why the place was up for rent. It made Luna envious of the woman to get a house rather than an apartment, or just a room in a house. When Luna requested to come see Sharon had been much obliged. Which led Luna to this point. There was a secondary entrance off to the side of the building which led to the apartment. A woman with bright red hair stepped out of the shop walking up to Luna.


“You must be Luna. I am Sharon. You look just like you sounded over the phone.” The woman complimented getting Luna to turn a shade of red.


“That would be me. Luna Solarium.” Luna replied taking the hand that the woman had offered when she got closer. Fingers wrapping around Luna’s smaller gloved hand.


Sharon dropped her gaze down to the gloves arching a brow. “Those are interesting gloves if I do say so myself. But Halloween is a bit far from now. And the weather is starting to warm up.”


“Oh….” Luna hesitated a moment not used to people asking about her gloves right away. How could she put this without the woman prying into more details? “I like how they look. And it doesn’t feel so bad on my hands, I don’t get overheated. It's still pretty cool outside.” Her hand moved up to tug at the sweater a bit hinting that she was still dressing in winter wear.


“Alright well, let's take you upstairs and you can check the place out.” Sharon smiled turning to walk back to the one side of the building.


There was no key needed to open the door that opened to the stairway. The hallway was painted a light purple coloration with lights to guide the way up. The stairs were made of wood. Looked to be oak if she were to guess correctly. Sharon pulled out a key to unlock the front door, turning to smile at Luna. They both stepped in, Luna felt her breath hitch in her throat. It was gorgeous. The living room had a cocoa-colored carpet, it led to the kitchen and broke off into white tiling.


“It's rather small for family situations but when it comes down to it, the place is nice for guests coming over. Perhaps a boyfriend that wishes to stay the night.” Luna didn’t miss the way Sharon winked at that. Too bad I don’t have a boyfriend. Luna thought. “The bathroom is separate from the bedroom, it has a bathtub with a small shower. The shower is stand alone.” This was sounding like a way better deal than she anticipated. “Don’t you live with Tops and BP?” Sharon asked.


“Um… yeah, I do.” Luna responded turning to look at the woman. Now it would really suck if Sharon turned out to be racist. It was the one thing about humans Luna couldn’t stand. How they could easily discriminate against monsters.


“I see you walk by often. Sometimes with Tops when he’s running his Nice Cream stand. I stopped him one time and he said you were his roommate. I am a bit curious. Why are you looking at a place?” Sharon responded.


Luna did not want to get into her personal problems with Sharon. She had just met the woman. “They are mated, as nice as it is to live with them, I feel like a third wheel so to speak.”


Sharon made a face that Luna could identify as understanding. Luna hoped she was reading that right normally she could given her empathic abilities. She was trying to be a bit more honest with people since Sans had caught her in a manner of three lies. 


When monsters had come to the surface there had been a book released by Queen Toriel and it had listed about soul traits. It listed that there were seven soul traits: Kindness, Justice, Patience, Bravery, Integrity, Preservation, and Determination. It was said that even humans have soul traits and Luna was pinning Sharon with the kindness soul trait.


“I understand your reasoning. I have been married for five years, and I love my husband very much. Maybe you will have some sparks when you move into here. I am glad to hear you live with Monsters since I have a monster that works in the shop below. I don’t want to have someone move in here and have them be rude to him. He’s such a cinnamon roll.” Sharon smiled making Luna feel a bit more at ease.


The rest of the tour went off without a hitch. The more Luna saw of the place the less chance she saw herself turning it down. But when the two parted ways she bid farewell to Sharon. Only to run into Papyrus? Sure enough, Papyrus walked up addressing Sharon. It was then that things clicked, during the tour Sharon had mentioned that she had a monster that worked for her. And that he was a cinnamon roll. Luna chuckled finding it amusing. Papyrus’ eye lights then focused on her.


“Luna?” He spoke walking past Sharon to hug her. “Wowie! I Didn’t Know You Knew Sharon.” He spoke letting her go.


“I am… uh…” How did she put this without sounding like how she felt she sounded? Like she was letting BP and Tops down.


“Luna is looking at the apartment upstairs.” Sharon responded before Luna had the opportunity to. The surprised look that crossed the tall skeleton’s features made Luna cringe. “Well, Luna let me know if you are still interested. Since Papyrus is here I best be heading off home.” Sharon waved before heading off, leaving Luna alone with her puzzle buddy.


The silence between them seemed to be drawn out. Papyrus slid his hand over her shoulder and down to her back before escorting her into the book shop. It made sense that he might want to get to work. Luna didn’t take the skeleton for much of a slacker like his older punny brother. The thought of Sans made her feel warm. Part of her wondered what he might be doing right now. Pulling out her phone she winced seeing it was one in the afternoon. There were a couple of messages from BP that she just bypassed. Not yet, I will deal with him at home. She thought to herself lifting her head to find Papyrus standing in front of her. His arms crossed over his chest.


Lifting her head up she stared at Papyrus’ face she could see the concern. “Um… Pappy?” Luna spoke softly.


He pulled out a chair and sat down in it. Not wasting a moment, he snatched her from where she stood. Pulling her into his lap. This was… new. “Pappy?” Luna spoke again feeling his arms lock tightly around her as if he was scared she would run. Why was he holding her like this? What was going on in that skull? Luna didn’t want to interrupt him, so she sat there letting him hold her.


“What Happened?” His voice came out so soft she wasn’t sure if she heard him at all. Making herself as comfortable as she could on his lap she tried to rethink what he said.


“Nothing happened per se.” Luna started up figuring out what he said. “I just didn’t care for the way BP treated you and Sans yesterday. They are mated as well, I am just kind of in the way. BP being a possessive cat isn’t helping me any. He texted me three times today, I am not ready to face him. Figure it's time I get out on my own. It would be better in case if Sans decides to join us for Puzzle Night again.”


Luna hadn’t known the taller skeleton had cared so much for her since they had initially met. At first, she thought the skeleton would have scolded her for getting drunk with his brother. Grillby sure had done it. But over time she saw the skeleton as a good friend. Now even more so.


“Are They Going To Be Upset That Your Considering Moving Out?” Papyrus’ voice came in a bit more at a hearable tone.


“Tops is understanding of it. I talked to him last night before BP came home. I haven’t spoken to BP though. Kind of avoiding that conversation with him. For obvious reasons.” Luna responded feeling his grip loosen.


“So, This Isn’t Due To Something You And My Brother Did While Tops And I Went To Get Food?” Papyrus looked at her and the comment made her burst out laughing. To think that the Cinna bunny condition would have been the cause of her moving. 


“Stars no Pappy. Your brother and I had a good talk. He wants to bring me to a friend of his to help explain monster heats. As well as walk me home after my shifts at Grillby’s. That was all that happened while you guys were gone yesterday.” Of course, she wasn’t about to bring up the kissing that had been shared. Probably best to leave the sweet cinnamon roll out of that. “This is me putting myself into an independent role. It's about damn time I do, I’ve lived in Ebott Town for five years now and I haven’t lived on my own. And besides this puts me a little closer to the train station.”


Papyrus then completely relaxed falling back into the chair. Almost as if a weight was lifted off his shoulders. His one arm protectively wrapped around her waist pulling her closer to him. Forcing her to rest on his chest. This was odd. Since she wasn’t used to Papyrus being cuddly with her. But ever since the heat mark had been placed on her she found him being a bit huggier and stuff like that. Not that she minded but it was a bit odd.


“The Mark Makes Me More Protective Of You. Since It Is My Brother’s Magic. I Can Touch It And You Won’t Feel The Wrongness Like If Another Monster Were To Touch It Or A Human. My Brother And I Have Always Had A Close Bond. Sans Has Explained To Me Since He Has Only Used That Mark Once Before.” Papyrus explained. Luna winced hearing that Sans had used the mark once before. That kind of cemented That she was probably going to be put into the friend zone as soon as it faded. Damn it stung.


“No worries. Are we cool now? I don’t want to distract you from your work.” Luna commented happy to know that he would be just downstairs when he worked. If she took that apartment.


“Are You Set In On Moving Into That Apartment? I Noticed Miss Sharon Stated If You Were Still Interested. I Imagine That You Are Since You Had That Look Of Wonder When You Came Downstairs.” Papyrus smiled down at her.


“Moving into that apartment would be a damn blessing. But I still want to cool things over with BP and Tops so to speak they are my friends after all.” It was something about Luna she learned to cherish. The idea of having friends close. She had a hard time fitting in with humans, so she naturally chose monsters.


“Alright. Well, Sans Informed Me About Him Walking You From Work. Alas, He Has Been Called Away By The King And Queen Of The Monsters. He Has Some Official Monster Work To Do. Since He Will Be Unavailable For A While I Shall Escort You From Work. If That Will Be Alright?” Papyrus asked but she couldn’t help but notice how nervous he was suddenly.


Luna leaned forward looping her arms around Papyrus’ neck hugging him tightly. “That would be perfect Pappy.” Luna smiled feeling him hug her back giving off a confident Nyeh in the process.


~ . ~ . ~ . ~


Walking into the house she was greeted with the sound of silence. It was odd. Shrugging off her jacket she made sure to pull out her phone mentally recapping on her morning. Had coffee and a muffin, though would have preferred breakfast at home. Saw the apartment a consideration, still, need to talk with the roomies make sure shits cool with them. Saw Papyrus, a definite bonus, she was starting to get more attached to the skeleton. Maybe she should invite him over for dinner sometime. A different time other than puzzle night. Though she admitted feeling a touch disappointed Sans was going to be gone for a while.


That was okay, or at least that’s what she told herself. Shoving her phone into the back pocket of her jeans she walked into the kitchen. Her stomach growling with hunger. Yeah, yeah, I get it muffin wasn’t enough. Luna grumbled more to herself mentally. Normally she didn’t much care to eat too much, a mustered habit from when she lived with her brother. Thoughts of him had her freezing. Her eyes closing to focus on pushing them away. Her hand reached up under her glasses to rub her eyes. Why was he coming up so much?


“You’ve been gone for a while Pipsqueak.” A voice startled her out of her thoughts making her jump. The fear etched on her face made the feline’s scowl turn soft but only for a second. Raising his paws so she could see them. “Easy just me.” Though his voice hinted he was upset.


“I had errands to run since I didn’t have to work today.” Luna finally spoke walking over to the fridge. Pulling out a couple of eggs. Deciding that an omelet would suffice for lunch or dinner. “Told Tops about them last night. Thought he might relay the message to you.” Luna was still kind of irked at him for his treatment to Pappy and Sans.


“Yeah well he didn’t, he slept in the goddamn guest room last night for some goddamn reason.” BP seemed down about that. It made Luna wince, yeah mates rarely slept in separate rooms. The fact that Tops had done so meant Tops was seriously upset.


“Maybe it had something to do with the way you treated his friends yesterday.” Luna snipped cracking the eggs into a glass bowl. Pulling out a fork and mixing them together.


BP was grumbling behind her. “They are more your friends than ours. The only reason Papyrus started coming over was because you had to get drunk with his Comic brother.” BP snipped right back. Oh yeah, like she hadn’t been reminded of that often from him.


“Well you know, I work in a bar. Sometimes getting drunk with a customer is a good thing. You know since you obviously like to point out how Virgin I can be.” It felt nice to throw that right back at him. She hated it when he pointed out that she was a virgin, at twenty-four years old she absolutely could not stand that she was a virgin.


“I guess I could be kind of a dick about that.” BP grumbled. Wait! What was this? Turning she looked over her shoulder. Mostly to check and see if Tops was in the room. Forcing BP to state something like that. Tops was not.


“Come again?” Luna asked wanting to make sure she was hearing it right. Though she wasn’t sure she was pressing her luck at this point.


“I said I guess I could be a dick about that!” He yelled a bit louder. Getting Luna to give him a smug look on her face. “Yeah, yeah. You got me pipsqueak. I am a dick to you at times. But I do it to toughen you up. I remember that fuckin’ black eye you had when Tops brought you home.”


Luna shuddered, recalling how the bunny had found her in the park. It was a bad day for her, just after she left George. Though she did earn that black eye after cuffing him to the bed. Though she had tossed the key down the sink drain after he had hit her. Taking her possessions and leaving. Living out of her backpack wasn’t hard enough. Hell, all the furniture in her room was arranged due to Tops and BP, as well as Grillby. When she had gone to work that night, he looked like he was going to set the place on fire. Thankfully he didn’t.


When she had gotten off that night she had a lot to think about. Money really wasn’t the issue here since she had a good inheritance from her parents. Mommy and Daddy had nice jobs that could support their children for a while after they were gone. Luna reminded herself. The job at Grillby’s was to put money away since she wanted to keep a good amount in her shoebox. There were reasons why she didn’t want to open a bank account.


Upon exiting the bar, she found the Nice Cream vendor standing there. His arms crossed over his chest and a smile on his face. “Hey, cutie. Got a proposition for ya? If you wouldn’t mind having a Nice Cream over it.”


That condition had been her telling Tops how she got that black eye. When he had inquired about where she was staying she simply shrugged. The bunny insisted she stay at his place for the night. She had tried to leave the next day, but he insisted on another. Before she knew it, she was there more permanently than she anticipated. It was why when she had considered moving that she brought it up to Tops. Because she knew out of the two of them Tops wasn’t going to let her leave. The bunny had a stronger protective streak than the cat.


She had tried to date, but most of her dates were um... looked over by the bunny. To which he made sure that they understood something. They met Tops when they would come to pick her up. No matter the time or the day. Tops always made sure to be there when they would show up. And he would run through exactly what he expected of them. Luna didn’t mind, it was Tops’ way of weeding the bad ones out. Except almost all of them were bad weeds. After about three months into living with the Cat and Bunny, she gave up dating. Becoming rather disgruntled when anyone tried to pick her up. Until Sans decided to comment on her butt.


When Papyrus had dropped her off that night she was coherent enough to make out the surprised look on the bunny’s face. He didn’t seem to have that front he put on when meeting a guy, she brought over. Instead, he seemed to just smile. Though she didn’t hear the end of it when Papyrus revealed she had gotten drunk with Sans. The rabbit just laughed his blue fuzzy but off. Even fell on his ass in the doorway. To which Luna flipped him off. Which also led to Papyrus scolding her, stating a lady should not show such gestures. Which earned him the finger as well.


For once in the few months she had lived with the two months she heard the bunny give his seal of approval. To a skeleton who forgot her the next day. Luna couldn’t have been more heartbroken and embarrassed.


“So….” BP’s voice spoke through interrupting her trip down memory lane. Her dual-toned gaze lifting to look at him. “What were you doing this morning?”


Luna snorted but BP really should know. Normally she would wait for Tops to get up. “I was scoping out the apartment above the bookstore.” And just like that, it was out. Turning her attention back towards her eggs she ignored the sudden toss of a chair. The sound of it hitting the wall and possibly denting it seemed a lot louder than it should have been. Tops was going to be pissed about that later.


Within moments BP was on top of her only to be stopped by Tops coming in the room. It had to be Tops coming in the room because BP didn’t get his paws on her. Glancing towards where the guest bedroom entrance was, sure enough, the blue bunny stood in just his sweatpants. A scowl on his face.


“Afternoon Tops. Want half an omelet? Not sure I can eat the whole thing since I had a muffin at the coffee shop.” Luna offered pouring the egg mix into the pan. Her mind trying to think back to whether she had put butter in there. Crap she hadn’t. “Scratch that looks like its scrambled eggs.”


Out of the corner of her eye, she watched Tops advance into the kitchen and lean on the island. His brown gaze fixed on his mate. Resting his chin on the top of his curled paw. “Nah, but thanks for the offer cutie. How did lookin’ at that apartment go?” Tops asked never taking his attention off his mate.


“Oh, it's gorgeous Tops. I even have a place for all my books. Though I am going to need to get some furniture. Found out Papyrus works at the Bookstore just below it.” Luna beamed at that though she knew Paps had a secondary job at one of the schools.


It wasn’t that either of them was being mean to BP. But with the way he had been acting this was a much-needed wake-up call. A knock to the head to say Luna wasn’t his. It had been one of the things Luna had expressed would be difficult to deal with. Tops, of course, had assured her that they would handle BP together.


“Are we going to fucking allow this Tops? She’s known Sans for two weeks and already she is moving out of our home?” BP started in his voice starting a bit harsh.


“This isn’t because of Sans, BP. This is because she wants to get a place of her own.” Tops countered.


“This isn’t because of Sans? Don’t give me that we both know it is.” BP then turned his attention back to her. “Why don’t you go move in with him then?!”


Luna flinched suddenly at those words her back to BP. Papyrus and Sans had their own personal lives. There was no way in hell she would go over to their place asking if she could stay. “Because I want my own space. And me moving into a place of my own is so I can get away from your possessiveness. Tops told me what you said to them yesterday. That wasn’t cool. Considering that Papyrus comes over here every week for the last three months.” Luna stated grabbing a spatula starting to mix up the eggs, so they would cook more evenly. “It wasn’t till Sans re-entered my life that you became an ornery feline.”


“What the hell does that mean?” BP snapped, slamming his paws on the counter.


Luna signaled for Tops to come over. The bunny obliged coming up beside her. Handing him the spatula before turning to face BP. “It means exactly how it sounds BP. In human terms a feline who thinks it’s the head honcho of the house. Struts its stuff like it’s the shit. And thinks that whatever is in its house is its rightful property.” Luna paused letting that sink in. “And I am not your rightful property. Nor will I put up with being treated like property.”


Tops snickered from behind her. The scent of eggs filling the room along with the sound of the pepper grinder could be heard. Tops knew how she liked her eggs. Her gaze landed on BP who wasn’t seething but she could see the way her words affected him. The gears were working in his head before his head snapped up to look at her. Ears pulled back but not in an angry manner. A small smile on her face before walking towards him wrapping her arms around him. It elicited a soft purr from BP.


“Just because I move out doesn’t mean that I am not your friend BP. I am thankful you and Tops took me in. But I need to spread my wings. Need to get out there. If I end up with a relationship with Sans or not, then that’s what the stars have in mind for me. No one can rewrite the stars after all.” Luna chuckled feeling a soft rumble in the chest she was pressed into.


“Yeah well, that Skeleton better thank the stars if he gets you.” BP sniffed making Luna sniff as well, the scent of burning eggs made them both turn. Tops had managed to burn her eggs in a short time.


“Um… let's get takeout on account of a celebration eh?” Tops chuckled nervously.


Chapter Text

The week went faster than Luna had anticipated. Making her first months rent on Saturday since she had wanted to get moved in by the following Wednesday. After explaining to Papyrus that she would be unable to do Puzzle Night on account of she was getting ready to move into her new apartment. What she didn’t count on was the Skeleton showing up at her house at six in the freakin morning.


“Paps…” Luna whined looking up at the tall lanky skeleton whom was standing in her now packed bedroom. “I thought you said coming in my room went against monster customs.”


     Luna moved to rub her eyes trying to get rid herself of exhaustion. Which was not helping. The skeleton had apparently gotten in the house. A damage report would need to be done before she started her move. When he first started coming over he had this annoying knack for kicking down doors. A feat he had learned from his bestie Undyne. A fish woman she hadn’t had the pleasure of knowing.


“WELL SEEING HOW YOU WILL BE MOVING OUT TODAY, THIS WILL NO LONGER BE YOUR BEDROOM!” Papyrus explained forgetting his inside voice suddenly. The sound made Luna wince as she picked up her phone. Reading the good night message from Sans.


“Whelp guess I’m up now.” Though she hadn’t gotten much sleep again.


     Getting to her feet she glanced out her bedroom door seeing the glare Tops and BP were giving the skeleton. It made Luna chuckle while she got up pressing her hands into the base of her spine pressing outwards till she heard a popping sound. Not noticing how Papyrus winced at that.


“You know that’s not good for your back.” Papyrus spoke suddenly remembering his inside voice.


“So I’ve been informed. But it feels good none the less. I’m up sooner than I want to be but alas there’s not much I can do about that.” Holding up her phone she decided to text Sans.


Lunabee: You leave me with your brother, and suddenly I get a six in the morning wake up call. How cruel. :(


     She didn’t expect a reply from Sans since he might be sleeping. Glancing at the two she sighed figuring a shower this early wouldn’t help her. The sound of boxes being picked up pulled her attention. Papyrus was already picking up her already packed stuff. Panic surged through her, jumping towards him she latched onto the box. Trying to drag it down. That didn’t even stop the large skeleton. He just kept walking dragging her with him. Tops and BP snickering the entire time.


“Miss Luna I can’t get anything done while you are dangling from the box. If we are to commence puzzle night, then we must get you moved into your new apartment. Thus, we can do the Friendship bonding in your new home. I shall make Friendship Spaghetti even!” Papyrus shook the box before reaching the stairs dropping Luna on her ass.


Watching the tall lanky skeleton walk off with her box in hand. BP came over and helped her off the ground. “Best accept that Papyrus is going to be constant in your life.” The cat grinned before heading back into the room to grab a few boxes himself. “Especially if you soul bond with his brother. That is going to be the best part.” BP snickered heading down the stairs.


Wait? What?! What the hell was that about? Her mind was suddenly in overload thinking of being soul bound to Sans. Cheeks were burning with redness and heat at the thought of something more. Chest felt as if it were about to blow up. It was all the tell-tale signs of a girl totally going fan girl on a guy. A hand touched her shoulder making her look back into a chuckling pair of deep brown eyes. Tops moved both his paws under her arms to help her up to her feet.


“Down girl, your no where near that. And I don’t want you getting your hopes up in case if it doesn’t happen. Not trying to kill your lady boner. But I want to be the more logical one of us.” Tops spoke, and it felt like a bucket of ice cold water had been dumped on her head.


“Yeah, you’re right.” Luna admitted in a defeated tone. “Its just a crush after all. I mean yeah I get texts from him, but its mostly on the friendship terms than the lover terms.”


“Oh yeah, because friends call friends babygirl.” Tops grinned before winking at her as he stepped into her room grabbing a box of his own. “Just don’t get your hopes up. Sans has been well guarded since the underground. He doesn’t talk about it with no one. I don’t want to see you get hurt because he doesn’t want to open. Okay Luna?”


     It was something she hadn’t expected to hear from Tops, it wasn’t an outright demand for her not to see Sans. But it was a heads up not to expect things to escalate too far. Taking in a deep breath she walked into her room with her head held high. Today wasn’t about Sans, it was about her moving into her cute little apartment.


     A few hours later she was sprawled in her new apartment on top of the couch that BP and Tops had given her. Why? She still wasn’t sure. Tops said something along the lines of “We can get a new set later. You need this now.” That also included the television, a new dining room table, and the queen-sized bed that came from the bedroom. Luna glared at the two monsters having a sneaking suspicion they were spoiling her.


     Lifting her head, she glanced over at Papyrus whom was setting up a game of chess while sitting in her given recliner. Hopefully she could get some decent sleep tonight. Tomorrow was Thursday which wasn’t as late as her shift on Tuesday, but it still sucked. It was only about nine in the morning. Tops and BP had headed back to their home already. Warning Luna that if she didn’t keep in touch that they would hunt her down. Not like she was hard to hunt down.


The silence was starting to bug her. It was too early to be this boring. “So, where’s Sans at anyways?” Luna decided to ask him. Curious where her crush was at this very moment. How pathetic did she sound?


“He is actually working. He should be home some time before the weekend I hope. The King and Queen have him doing some things. He may groan and grumble since he can’t be lazy bones. But he will do them none the less.” Papyrus responded getting Luna to sit up rubbing her eyes. Coffee sounded so fucking good right now.


“What does he do exactly Pappy? I don’t recall you saying what he does for a living.” If he had it must have been something she had forgotten. Then again there was very little she forgot about the skeleton. She needed to stop, this wasn’t helping. Plus, she was scared about hurting Paps’ feelings. That was the last thing she wanted to do.


“Um… well…” Paps paused for a moment which had her attention suddenly. He seemed to be thinking over something. “I c-can’t tell you what his monster job Luna. I don’t think Sans would appreciate that. But I know for his human job he actually works at the school. A hall monitor or something like that. Though if he is as lazy as he was at Sentry duty then I imagine he doesn’t get much done.”


That made Luna snicker. The thought of Sans taking a nap somewhere, perhaps in a broom closet. It made her smile fondly. “I thought he said his job was understanding of his heat?”


“They are. As monster citizens we are required to have time off for our heats, as well as our monster jobs. Otherwise we would have some rather conflicting times. My job as a royal guardsman isn’t much needed as Sans’ so Sharon doesn’t need to worry about it. Plus, my heat is submissive. All I need is a few cuddles every now and then and I am fine.” Papyrus mentioned.


Luna wasn’t used to him talking about his own heat so casually. Moving down onto the carpeted floor of the living room she stared at the chess game looking up at Papyrus. He signaled for her to go so she did. “You’ve never mentioned your heat like that. What is the difference between Dominant and Submissive heat?” Though she was sure that she would probably soon find out from Sans’ friend. What was the harm of finding out some information from Pappy.


“Submissive heat…” Pappy took his turn leaving Luna to think about her move. “Sounds about what it is. We are kind of um… on the receiving end. Example I like to receive cuddles. Especially since I am A-Sexual.” Right, that was how she knew Paps wasn’t interested in her because he really wasn’t attracted to anyone. “Dominant heats are exactly how they sound. I think you humans actually have something similar called I think BDSM.”


Now Luna snorted shaking her head at that comment. “Oh no no no Pappy.” Her hair flew all over as she clutched her stomach knowing exactly where that conversation was going. “I think the proper words your looking for is D/s which is an acronym for Dominant/Submissive. BDSM is Bondage, Discipline, Sadism, and Masochism. It can involve D/s but not entirely. But that’s a bit off topic.”


Papyrus looked at her oddly for a moment. “You know an awful lot about that kind of stuff Luna. I know what those terms mean, and I am a bit surprised.”


Luna sighed seeing where that was headed. “I have a lot of time on my hands Pappy. When new stuff pops up I tend to investigate it. My brain is a void for useless knowledge so to speak. Not really into the whole DSM part, but the bondage part I might get into.” The shock of whom she was talking to about this with then hit her. “Oh my god I just realized….”


The words couldn’t leave her but suddenly she heard Papyrus start to laugh. Looking up he was half bent in his chair letting out loud Nyeh Heh Heh Heh’s. Like it was the funniest thing he had ever hear. Her face was as red as a tomato. After a while the skeleton took in a deep breath calming down for a moment. “I believe Miss Luna you have…” His shoulders shook again while he attempted to hold back another fit of laughter. “Told the wrong Skeleton about your fantasies.”


Mortification hit her then, if he told Sans she would never be able to show her face again. “Please keep this between us Pappy. I don’t think I could handle the idea of him finding out. It’s so embarrassing to say I fantasize about being tied to a head board or something.”


     That statement didn’t help her case any. Papyrus stopped laughing but he was staring at her with wide sockets. Why the hell had she said that? A soft whine erupted from her throat before snatching a pillow off the couch and burying her face right into it. Death, she so wanted death right now. This was not happening to her. She had not just confessed one of her dirty secrets to her cinnamon roll puzzle buddy.


There was a soft tug at the pillow made her lift her head to look up and find Paps had a grip on her pillow. “Miss Luna. I won’t tell my brother. As amusing as it is to watch your face turn as red as the peel of an apple, I think this is your secret.” It was a reminder that Paps had kept that night secret from Sans in the first place.


“I just… I sound so weird at the moment Pappy. I was talking about your heats and all of a sudden there I go confessing my kink.” Luna groaned shoving her face into her pillow. Wishing a hole would open up underneath her.


“Luna. Its alright, it shows me you are comfortable around me enough to share such private information. You are always so closed off about anything remotely related to you. Its like…” Papyrus paused making her lift her head. His gloved hands were touching the bottom of his mandible. “Its like you distance yourself from everyone willing to learn about them. But you don’t want to let them in on your own life.”


     It was true, that much she knew. The only reason Tops knew about George was because he had pushed for that information. He wanted to know how she had gotten the black eye. The blue bunny had been pissed to say the least when he found out how she had gotten it. But he hadn’t gone looking for George. Though when the questions came up about the scars on her wrist she clamped shut tighter than a clam. Happy to learn about others, but not willing to share her own details.


“I guess I just don’t like talking about myself. I would rather listen to what people talk about rather than have my own input.” Luna admitted resting her chin on top of the pillow. Her attention fixed on the game, taking her turn managing to knock out his rook.


Papyrus furrowed his bone brows together studying the board “I am not used to a female whom isn’t willing to talk about themselves. But I admit I am curious why you wear gloves all the time.” Papyrus admitted.


     That froze Luna looking down at her skeletal fingerless gloves. Sans knew she had scars, but Papyrus didn’t. Running the palm of one hand over the top of her other she seemed to be in deep concentration. A deep breath going into her lungs then coming out slowly she made a decision. Sliding her fingers under her gloves she rolled them off slowly. This caught the attention of the taller skeleton. Her fingers rolled up the gloves into a ball.


“Oh my, Luna, your…” Papyrus started but stopped. “You wear them to hide your scars. How…”


“Please, this was hard enough. I don’t want to talk about my injuries. Or my scars. They are apart of a past that I don’t live in anymore.” Luna admitted to him the game suddenly forgotten. Her head resting on the pillow.


“I can understand that. The underground wasn’t all sunshine and roses. I had Undyne and my brother. But things weren’t always easy. We did things we didn’t want to. Until Frisk came along.” Papyrus explained moving onto the ground with her, his gloved hand taking hold of her smaller one. A finger trailing over the scar. “I understand why you clung to Tops and BP the way you did now. They weren’t a part of your past, nor would they ask about it.”


     Luna nodded, Tops never asked about the guys whom mistreated her after that one. He found understanding that she didn’t want to relive those memories. It was hard to deal with, at one point she thought about seeing a therapist but turned it down when she realized it might wipe her out. She was financially alright. The finger ran over her scar making her shiver once more. Lifting her attention to Papyrus. Unaware of the tears that were rolling down her cheeks.


He pulled her to him hugging her tightly she let it out sobbing into his chest. Unknowing of the sleep that overtook her. When she woke she was tucked in on the couch. Snuggling a pillow to her body, her gloves were back on her hand. Sitting up she touched them lightly admiring how they had been smoothed over. Glancing around she found that he had left. Of course, he did. It must have been uncomfortable for him when she shed her tears.


Climbing from the couch she folded the blanket up. Tossing it on the back of the couch. Her gaze landing on the unfinished chess game. Papyrus’ knight was set off to the side on top of a folded piece of paper. That was interesting. Her hand moved to set the knight delicately off to the side. The paper in her fingers within seconds. No doubt it was from Papyrus. Was he upset that she had broken down. Fear itched at her, taking a seat back on the couch she opened the paper.


Miss Luna,

I know that there are things you dislike talking about. But know that I, The Great Papyrus, am always willing to lend an ear if need be. Holding in your feelings is not good for you. It builds up more stress than you know. And that stress is not a good look for you. At least consider talking about things. When you fell asleep I figured I should take my leave. I imagine you are worn out after the long move. Plus, Sans texted saying he was coming home tonight. I wanted to be home to greet him. You are welcome to come by for our friendship spaghetti still.


Your Friend


The Great Papyrus


     Luna smiled warmly while rereading the letter, hugging it to her chest. Papyrus was one of the sweeter people to come into her life. Yes, she had Tops and BP, but Papyrus was the one to make the move to get closer to her. He had even invited her over for Friendship Spaghetti. Oh wait, did he leave an address? Sure, enough there was one there. It made her wince. No wonder Sans rode the train that night. It was on the opposite end of town.


     If Sans came home tonight it meant that Papyrus would get time with him. There was no need to impose on that. So, she did the next best thing. She turned on the tv and put on a movie. The cable guy would come over the weekend since that was her free time. Then she could hook in her Netflix information and such.


    Papyrus hovered over the stove watching the water boil. His mind going back to his puzzle buddy. He had never once seen her break down like that. It was distracting, he had wanted to stay with her keep her company. Papyrus always admired how strong she was, for being a human whom had no qualms being around monsters. The way his brother seemed calm around her that night at the bar.


-They both forgot all that had happened, Sans didn’t remember the night at all. But Luna didn’t remember past the introduction. Since they both had started to drink the alcohol infused ketchup. Grillby had not been angry with either of them. When Grillby had called Papyrus, he had not wasted any time getting to the bar as quickly as he could.


The bar had been empty when Grillby had allowed him in. “Papyrus your brother is behind the bar. I am waiting on Tops to come pick up Luna though. Could you perhaps wait for Tops to get here? Sans won’t let her go.”


That had startled Papyrus, his brother would not let a human go? Sans had secrets that woke him sometimes in the night. Whenever he had pushed about them he would cry why a human would do that? Paps knew to never push why but the fact his brother currently had a human that he wouldn’t let go ached at his very soul. “WHERE IS MY BROTHER?” Papyrus spoke to the flame elemental.


Grillby looked at Papyrus retrieving his specs from his face cleaning them with a small cloth. White eyes regarded Papyrus for a minute before a nod of the head sent him to the bar. Walking around it, Papyrus froze at the sight that he beheld. His brother currently had a human woman cuddled into his lap. Blue coloration staining his face while he looked down at her with adoration. She was unconscious. “Sans…” Papyrus spoke softly not wanting to startle his brother.


White eye lights lifted to look up at him. “oh, um.. hey paps. i was goin’ to introduce ya to her but she kind of just fell asleep.” His brother half heartedly chuckled. “would you believe how cute she is? and she is so squishy. grillz keeps insistin’ i let him take her upstairs. but whats he gonna do to her up there.”


     Odd Sans never really got possessive of humans like that. But Papyrus wasn’t sure if he could count this as possessive. All he knew was that Sans wasn’t being hostile with the woman. Glancing down he found she was quite lovely. A bit pale for a human. The sweatshirt she wore was modest barely showed off her womanly features. But underneath that her jean leggings showed off the curves of her legs. Was Sans going into heat?


“That’s because I am here to take you home brother. You have been here for quite a while.” Papyrus recalled many times taking his brother home after a long night of too much ketchup and laughs. “She has friends that are coming to pick her up from what I understand.”


“no. lets take her home. she will be happy there. through out talkin’ to her tonight i sense she isn’t very happy.” Sans stated pressing his mandible into her dark brown hair gently nuzzling her. If it weren’t for the fact that what Sans was considering was kidnapping he would have been fine with that.


“We can take her to her home. Where she will be taken care of. Brother, we can’t just bring her to our home because she isn’t our human like Frisk is. You must get to know her before you insist on that. Getting to know someone takes time. You don’t want to rush this brother, even you aren’t lazy enough for that.” Papyrus tried to reason.


Sans got up a bit clumsily. Cradling the small woman to him, she was tiny in comparison to the three monsters in the room. “alright bro. you have a point.” He nuzzled her again before walking, seems they were taking Luna home. His brother’s phalanges stroking through her hair. Grillby stepped in front of Sans though. “grillz if you don’ move you’re gonna have a bad time.” Sans warned.


“Brother I will take her home. You have work at the school tomorrow morning. I will make sure she gets there. Don’t worry I will get all the information you need.” It was a long shot but hopefully it would work.


Sans pouted. His brother actually pouted looking down at the woman. If he didn’t know any better, he would say that his brother was feeling something kin to loss even as he handed the woman to Grillby. “you best not let humans touch her again grillz. they get too rough with her. don’ know how to treat her. i managed to get her to relax. she may be human but she a good girl... bro you make sure she gets home and tucked in. i’m gonna just short cut home.” With a long look at the woman in the flame monster’s arms, Sans sighed a popped out of the bar.


“That was interesting to say in the least bit. I have never seen him so worked up. I have other human waitresses in this bar but Luna well… even I feel protective over her. Its why I wasn’t about to let him walk out with her.” Grillby handed the small woman to Papyrus. “Get her home. Tops can give you the information for Sans. At least he won’t leave her bruised like the last guy...” That last line Paps never heard because he was out the door heading to his car.


It was odd to see his brother acting that way. But it made Papyrus smile even as he buckled her in. He knew where Tops and BP lived so he wouldn’t need directions to get there. Halfway there she awoke groaning lightly. “Damn fire rum.” Her hand moved to her forehead. “Hey funny bones you got any…” Her voice stopped, oddly Papyrus wished she would talk some more.


“My brother has gone home. I am ensuring you make it home safely as well. I am The Great Papyrus. And you should not drink anymore tonight. When I get you home I will ask some questions. Could you do that for me?” Papyrus kept his voice low so not to increase the headache she had. When she nodded he kept driving towards her home. –


     That had been a few months prior, Luna recalled Sans introducing himself to her, and her to him. But beyond that neither of them knew what happened. Sans had looked so protective over her. For a moment Papyrus might have confused it for love struck. Would it have been love struck? He wasn’t sure. A crackling sound came from the living room just as he finished spaghetti.


“Hello Sans. I trust your job went well?” Papyrus stated hearing his brother walk into the kitchen.


“no casualties thankfully. but yes it went well. shouldn’ you be hangin’ out with luna?” Sans asked and Papyrus noticed the way he spoke her name with fondness. “i mean it is puzzle night after all.”


The sound of a chair being slid out could be heard. Indeed he had hoped she would come over after she woke. But that didn’t look to be the case. Then again it would be late once they all finished. Maybe the walk home would be a bad one. Papyrus wouldn’t have let her walk home though he would have insisted she spend the night, have a sleep over.


“She moved into an apartment today. We were up early in the morning. She was pretty worn out by the time we got around to playing Chess. I made sure she was tucked in and came home. Left her a note saying I went home. It is a nice apartment. I imagine you will see it tomorrow when you pick her up at Grillby’s to take her home.” With his brother back he could take Luna back and for the home. Turning to face his brother he saw Sans had a big grin on his face.


“yeah bro. i look forward to seein’ her tomorrow.” Sans stated looking at his brother. Yeah his brother had been lovestruck the moment he had met Luna. That much Papyrus was sure of.

Chapter Text

     Sans had been dreaming, he knew that because the events of that night were still fresh in his mind. However, his subconscious tended to take a whole different twist on what had happened. Luna was above him once again. They were on the train on their way to who the hell knew. At this point in time all that mattered was what was happening. And he was going to take that gorgeous brunette with the two-toned eyes.


     His phalanges had a good hold of her skirted hips on both sides, giving an experimental squeeze. Feeling the soft flesh beneath it. A hand sliding under the skirt and up to the waistband of her leggings. Those would have to go first, especially since he didn’t want to rip them. Her ungloved hands resting on his shoulders while he tugged down the leggings. A bitch to do since the things practically clung like a secondary skin. Finally getting them off he flung them off to who knew where.


     Just in that galaxy pleated skirt and a pair of panties, she looked so gorgeous. He wanted to keep her. Just take her home and keep her in his bed. Sans groaned leaning forward pressing the front of his skull into her chest. Her hands would shift up to his head giving light strokes. Comforting him, telling him that this was okay. Of course, it was okay. He was going to have her. Then she wouldn’t go back home to BP or Tops. No, she would be coming home with him. Lifting his head up he looked up into her beautiful face. One hand sliding up behind her head to pull her down, pressing his lips into hers.


This was it, this was the moment he needed even as he tugged her panties down from her hips. He was going to claim her and…. and… “SANS…” No, not now. Dammit Paps, couldn’t he give him a break. “SANS! WAKE UP!”


Too late, the dream dissipated. But he was lifted from the bed to stare down at his brother. The younger brother out of the two always capable of carrying him off like he weighed nothing. Even though he was six feet freakin tall! “bro…” Sans spoke in an annoyed lazy tone.




     Was his brother seriously inclining that he should take her out for a date? Sans glanced over at the video game console he had bought for Luna. It was going to be a house warming present since he was sure all the other ones were Tops and BPs. But he hadn’t had the chance to take it to her. With Toriel and Ass-gore constantly demanding his time to be The Judge. A title he honestly hated now. The opportunity to spend a day with Luna did sound rather appeasing though.

     Tapping his teeth for a moment his smile turned into a frown while he thought of what to do with Luna. The idea of doing something like what they had done the night they met seemed appealing but that was to help him with his heat. So that was a no go. All while thinking, he didn’t realize that his shorts felt a bit snugger than normal. Nothing out of the normal. That had been happening a lot since he had met Luna, especially when he dreamed about her. That seemed to halt any plan making he had going on.


“WERE YOU DREAMING ABOUT HER AGAIN?” Papyrus’ voice interrupted him, and Sans could feel that blue blush form over his cheek bones. Turning to look at his brother. Sure enough, Papyrus’ face was angled downwards at his shorts. Not his every day shorts but his sleep ones.


“would you really like to know what i dream about doin’ to your puzzle buddy?” Sans asked a smirk on his face.


He watched his brother’s face contort from suspicion to down right annoyance. “SANS N-“


“how our bodies would fit together?” Sans grinned wider. And before he knew it he was dropped on the bed. Sending him into a fit of laughter.




Sans sat up his eyes glimmering in bewilderment as his brother unknowingly made a pun. “hey she might find it humeros.” Sans retorted hearing the door slam shut to his room. Looking down at the bulge in his pants, he knew he needed to take care of his morning boner. “mmm… i bet she wood feel so much better than my hand.” Sans purred before going to work.


~ ~ ~


     Luna had been relaxing in that nice bath tub she had. It was Saturday, her day off. And she was looking to laze about till that damn cable guy showed up to hook up her internet. The hot water felt good even as she sank into it. Taking a bath at the guys’ house always seemed rather uncomfortable. In her own apartment however it felt good. Her hand moved to scrub where Sans’ mark had been, it had finally faded. Making her pout. That was her only connection to Sans, and now it was gone.


     Damn, talk about a drop-in emotions. She had gone from feeling relaxed to depressed all with the thoughts of one skeleton. Her brain had fooled her into the sense that he was avoiding her now. Even though Papyrus had stated he had to go back and do his monster job. Luna didn’t understand the need for two jobs. Grillby only had one job. Reaching under the water she pulled the plug and climbed out of the bath tub. Instantly grabbing her fluffy black towel. One look at her still dry hair had her huffing. She needed to wash that.


     Normally she washed it in the bathtub but a quick look at her fingers told her that she needed to get out. Stepping into the corner shower she turned on the water. Only thing better would be if the water flowed down from the ceiling. Her fingers pushed through thick strands of dark mahogany hair making sure it was thoroughly wet. Washing it could prove tedious at times, but she wouldn’t give it up. The shower was quick and to the point. Didn’t need much more than a quick wash down.


Her fluffy black towel wrapped around her waist a knock at the door made her groan. If that was the cable guy this early… well she would be thrilled but at the same time annoyed. It was just barely after one and he wasn’t scheduled to show up till two. Those silly domestic house wife shows popped into her mind thinking about how the cable guy either showed up too early or too late. That would be her luck but she had a small problem. She didn’t have any clothes on.


“Shit…” Luna stuttered out running into her bedroom grabbing out a robe and a pair of pajamas. “Just a minute!” Praying that the cable guy wouldn’t take off. She really wanted to watch something other than DVDs she wanted to watch something on the streaming service that she paid for.


     With an ungraceful tug of her pajama pants she wished she had time to put on underwear. Maybe even a bra. Because the girls were looking mighty free suddenly. Pulling her robe up her arms she tied the sash as tight as she could before rushing to the front door. Her fingers frantically combing out the tangled strands.


Undoing the deadbolt, she pulled the door open only to find a skeleton at her door. Not just any skeleton, but Sans the Skeleton. “Um… hi.” Luna spoke a bit surprised to see him there. He had a rather haphazardly wrapped present in his hands. Was that todays paper? It made Luna snort.


“hey sweetheart, paps told me you moved. and i figured i should bring you a housewarmin’ gift.” Sans explained holding up the present in front of her.


     This was unexpected out of anyone whom she thought would get her a gift, Sans wasn’t on that list. Reaching out she took the gift from him and smiled, wondering if she should open it in front of him while he stood there. Her gaze drifted from the present to him noticing the way his eye lights were gazing at her. A look down and she found that he was staring at some rather exposed flesh. With just the swells of her breasts peeking out. Color flushed her cheeks moving to pull the package over the exposed area.


“Um… eh…. uh… come in and take a seat. I need to go finish pulling on some clothes.” Luna backed up into the living room. There were some boxes still lying around. She was trying to get everything situated in a way.


     Sans didn’t hesitate he walked casually into her apartment. His gaze swooping around to take everything before landing back on her as she closed the door. Luna felt so exposed to those little eye lights. Had he texted saying he was coming over? Why hadn’t Papyrus given her warning? Luna had not been prepared to deal with her crush at this very moment.


Placing the box on the table she noted it was quite heavy. Her curiosity ate at her wanting to open it. But she needed to deal with the fact she was half naked in front of him. “Let me go get dressed.”


“you don’ have to luna. its not like i haven’t seen your…” Sans seemed to stop when she looked up at him. His cheeks were dusted with a cyan coloration, it was utterly adorable. “ya know maybe gettin’ dressed isn’ a bad idea.” He hummed at the end of that while his gaze darted back down.


Luna groaned moving her hands to her robe attempting to close the damn thing. This was way too embarrassing. “Yeah I am going to go get dressed before someone thinks of how many ways we can get the cable guy to blush.” Walking back to her room she heard the snicker Sans gave off. It made her smile none the less.


     Luna came back out dressed in her jean leggings, and a long-sleeved maroon sweater. Though when she came back out she couldn’t find Sans right away. Turning her head, she found him looking around her apartment. Well that gave her time to put her gloves back on. Since he wasn’t looking directly at her. Going over to the coffee table she eyed it trying to find her gloves. They weren’t there!


“lookin’ for these?” Sans voice came from behind her. Craning her head to look back she saw he had her gloves in his skeletal hands. “till the cable guy comes i got a challenge for ya. how about you not wear the gloves hmm?”


     Luna tilted her head to the side trying to gage what he had just asked of her. He didn’t want her to wear her gloves? Why? Her gaze dropped down to the scars on the backs of them and winced. They were not a pretty sight. She really needed to put some lotion on them to keep the skin moist. Looking back up at Sans she watched him shove her skeleton gloves in his pocket. Yeah. she had other pairs, but he was asking her not to wear them, just till the cable guy showed up. Luna could do that.


“Sure, I need to go get my lotion out of the bathroom though. My soap has some shea butter in it doesn’t mean they don’t dry out.” Luna smiled turning to walk towards the bathroom.


     The lotion was resting on her bathroom sink. Giving the bottle a couple pumps she smoothed the beige liquid over her skin. The doctor said if she used the lotion the scars would fade over time. She honestly hoped so. Summer was killer on her when it came to wearing those gloves. Looking them over they had a slight shimmer from the way the lotion settled into the skin.


     A skeletal hand came into view reaching for one of her hands. It grasped her right hand letting the thumb phalange run over the top of the scar. Looking over she found Sans standing there. He was watching her hands. His touched turned into exploring when he reached out with his other hand. Shifting her weight, she turned fully towards him, that way they weren’t at an odd angle. Sans traced her hand with his phalanges. Like he was trying to memorize it. That grin of his seemed rather concentrated.


“ya cover them up. and they are the prettiest things i’ve seen. so small and soft.” Sans commented turning her hand so that her palm was up. Tracing the lines in her hand. The movement made her giggle. Her hands were so damn sensitive.


“I hide them for reasons Sans. Everyone always looks at what shouldn’t be there rather than whats actually there.” Even the nail polish she had was never enough to deter people from looking at the scars. Tops often helped paint her nails since she hated the way the manicurist looked at her hands. “Just want to hide my hands.”


    With a gentle tug Luna was pulled back into the living room, he helped her sit on the couch. But he refused to let go of her hand. It amazed her that he was so curious about them. Making herself comfortable she wondered why he had really come over. The package on the table caught her attention recalling that he had brought her a gift. There was no unwrapping it though since she only had one of her hands. And she rather not attempt to take it away from him. He seemed like a cat curiously playing with a yarn ball.



Though a quick survey of her couch reminded her that she had still been sleeping on it since she had moved in. That had to look bad. Then something clicked in what he had said, he had said for her to keep the gloves off till the cable guy came. How exactly did he know that?


“Sans.” Luna asked looking over to him waiting till white eye lights were focused on her. “How do you know that the cable guy is coming over?” She asked with curiosity.


Sans hummed for a moment before his eye lights flickered to a piece of paper that was on the coffee table. It had times written in on what days. It made sense since her gloves had been just above that paper. “doesn’ take a genius to put things together, sweetheart. um… would you like to hang out when he leaves though?”


Her heart stopped. Sans wanted to spend time with her after the cable guy left. Focusing her attention on the skeleton whom still had a good grip on her hand she studied him. Looking for any sign that he was pulling her leg so to speak. That cyan blush that covered his face told her he was not pulling her leg. She had not given him an answer because his hand pulled from hers moving to the back of his skull. His shoulders shaking hinted he was chuckling. But the sound seemed, depressing.


“you are probably goin’ to be busy today anyways.” She heard when she tuned in. It was so weird sometimes when he didn’t move his maw. Sans stood then glancing down at his feet. “i should probably get out of your hair anyways, hope ya like your gift.”


Luna stared up at him for a moment in mute shock. He had asked her to spend the day with him and now he was going to leave. No! Dammit! He was here she waited a good week for him to pop back up and she was not about to let him just pop back out. Lunging forward as quick as she could she gripped onto his arm. Sans stiffened in her grip, looking back down at her.


“I’m still waking up, give me a chance to respond before you jump to conclusions Skellie.” Luna explained, it wasn’t a lie. She was trying to process things still. And him asking her to hang out was one of those things.


     It was a lot to consider at this moment, but she enjoyed having Sans to herself like how she had Papyrus to herself on Wednesdays. Not that she didn’t appreciate Sans coming over with Paps, but that time was reserved for puzzles. Sans moved back to sit on the couch beside her a soft sigh coming from him. Was that relief she heard in that sigh? Not something she should investigate at that very moment.


“are ya sure sweetheart?” Sans asked trying to get some reassurance. He looked as nervous as she had that night on the train. “i mean it is your day off. you deal with monsters all the time at Grillby’s. i doubt you wanna deal with one on your time off.”


     Luna couldn’t help the snort that erupted from her. Her hands quickly moved from his arm to cover her mouth. The blush that formed over her cheeks came next. Did she seriously just snort at that? Worried she might have just horrified Sans she glanced over to him. He had a confused gaze on his face. How was it possible a skeleton could make that many expressions? It was adorable none the less.


“You’re right.” She finally spoke dropping her hands from her mouth. “I do deal with monsters all the time at my job. I also deal with a lot of humans. And I will say this I would rather deal with monsters than humans. As odd as that sounds it’s the truth. Human kind is a bit overrated in my opinion. But I want to spend the day with you. Maybe…” She paused unsure how her stating this was going to work. He could just pop out when she said this. “Maybe we could do something similar like Paps and I do with Wednesdays. Make like Saturday a day for you and me. I know puzzles aren’t your thing. Since you seemed to tune out most of last Wednesday on us. I am sure we could find something though.”


     Her gaze had diverted to the ground worried that she might see a look of mortification on his face. Not in the mood to see her hopes get crushed. The shift in the couch told her he was moving. Still not ready to face him telling her no. A skeletal hand pressed against her cheek while the other was braced behind her. This made her look up and find Sans about an inch away from her face. His eye lights looked like little white stars for a second before blinking back to the little pin pricks.


“i would totally be up for that. i was worried i was imposing on wednesdays for paps anyways. its weird he talks about you a lot.” Sans commented a soft chuckle escaping him. “well at least now i can place the person he is hangin’ around with. i didn’ find out it was you till a week or so ago.”


     Luna got why Papyrus had done that, it was because Sans had forgotten that night. She didn’t want to be brought up to him. Luna never wanted him to feel guilty for drinking so much that night. It was a night she cherished and honestly wished to relive. For him though it might be a reminder that he was unable to cherish that night like she had. So, she had asked Papyrus politely to keep it quiet. Though she hadn’t intended on him keeping quiet about her in general. Whatever, Papyrus felt he as doing the right thing and she was grateful to him.


“Probably wanted to keep my privacy up. Although it is nice to spend time with him. The puzzles help me to relax and get into a sort of Zen when my Tuesday shift is over with. Grillby has been getting quite a few human patrons coming in and they tend to…” Luna wasn’t sure how to word it. She wasn’t sure how Sans would react either. Maybe she shouldn’t say anything.


“rough.” Sans spoke after a bit. The expression on his face was one of solemnness. “i figured with how bad that bruise was on ya the last time. grillz steps in i imagine and gets ya out of there. but it doesn’ happen till after the fact.” His hand that had been planted on the sofa behind her moved to touch above her thigh pressing in making her wince.


How had he? Her eyes widened looking at him. “paps may have taken ya home last night because i had to have a nice little chat with a certain human. didn’ like them bangin’ ya into the table. but…” His gaze shifted off while his hand moved from her cheek down to her shoulder. A light push sent her back falling onto the pillow she used for sleeping. “your always so nice to them. givin’ them that warm smile even though they hurt ya. why?”


“Its business. If I am rude to them then it would hurt Grillby’s profits.” Luna explained feeling him tug her legs up into what she assumed was his lap. The press into her thigh made her whimper it made him be a bit gentler about it. A warm sensation flowing over the area. “Plus, they deal with me more than they deal with Grillby. You didn’t hurt them, did you?” The worry over whether Sans would be in trouble ate at her.


“nah. i told them to keep their mitts to themselves.” Sans replied, her gaze lifted to see him working on her thigh. His sockets closed almost like he was focusing. “maybe i should talk to grillby about the way they treat ya. you’re human they should treat ya better than that. you’re not there to appease their carnal cravings.”


“Maybe not. But they might not have anyone that can do that for the. Why not take it out on the one that’s providing the drinks and such.” Luna muttered softly almost halfheartedly. “Humans don’t think things through all the time. And when they do when it comes to a sexual fantasy. It can be consensual sometimes.”


     When the word sometimes passed her lips, she felt Sans stiffen. His sockets opening to lift going to her chest for a moment. It lingered there, Papyrus had told her that her chest was where her soul was located. That boss monsters were the only ones that could see the colors without pulling a human into an encounter. Sans was staring at her soul, and she couldn’t help but wonder why.


“has any of them ever done somethin’ like that to you?” His baritone voice coming out with deadly seriousness. It didn’t frighten her though. He wasn’t angry at her.

“You think they would have gotten away with it if they did?” Luna mentioned getting Sans’ gaze to meet her own. “I’m pretty well armed at night Sans. It may not be a gun or a knife but the thing packs quite the electrical buzz when it hits.”


     Her taser had been a gift from the female bunny that frequented the bar. True it wouldn’t stop if they all decided to gang up on her. But Luna knew how to get when the going was good. Sans watched her seeming to mull over her words. Phalanges prodding at the no longer sensitive muscle. Bruises came with her line of work. Especially when some of the humans whom came into Grillby’s openly told her she was sick for working for a monster. Luna just greeted it with a smile.


“you’re a lot tougher than you look. that little toy won’ work on others out there. me and paps are gonna look after ya that’s for sure.” It was the first time she realized that Sans hadn’t intended his escorting to only be a week. And it was obviously something he had discussed with his brother.


“You two work hard enough between your monster jobs and human jobs. You just got back, yet here you are treating a wound that I have. I don’t know what kind of work you have but it makes you drink.” Luna stammered unable to stop the words before they came out.


Sans looked at her eye sockets wide in surprise. “y-you kn-know a-a-about that?” That cyan blush creeping up to his cheek bones. Did he forget where she worked?


“Yeah Sans, both Grillby and I know what you put in your ketchup bottle isn’t just ketchup. Its not good for you to do that kind of stuff.” Luna sat up moving her hand to touch his cheek bone. “Work gets rough but drinking your problems away isn’t the answer.”


Sans sighed bring a hand over the top of hers. Pressing her palm into his cheek more. “fair enough.” He paused for a moment before looking up at her. “this was supposed to be me givin’ you a pep talk, yet here you are givin’ me one. so not fair.” Sans chuckled.


     They both groaned at the knock on the door. That was no doubt the cable guy. Luna boldly slipped her hand into the pocket of Sans’ jacket retrieving her gloves. There would be stuff for her to sign and she didn’t want the guy staring at her hands. Not noticing that when she with drew her hand he poofed across the room. Going to answer the door.


“ello.” Sans spoke, and Luna immediately heard the yelp that came from the other side. That was a human not expecting a monster to be answering the door. “hey cable dude. come to get connected with me?”


Luna snorted getting a side glance from Sans while she pulled her gloves over her hands. “Uh… L-Luna S-S-Solarium?” The cable guy asked getting Sans to turn back towards him.


“maybe.” His grin must have been wide. Luna was tempted to let him torment the poor guy, but she really wanted that connection. She needed her internet, so she could watch stuff.


“Sans let the poor guy in please. I want my internet to be set up.” Luna was about to get up and go over there so that she could remove the skeleton from the door. But Sans stepped aside.


The guy came in craning his head around the room till his gaze landed on her. What she saw reflect was at first surprise, then it transformed into disgust. In a flash it was gone. Luna had seen that look too often when it was directed at her or monsters. Chewing her bottom lip, she was about to tell the guy to get the hell out of her apartment.


“Um… Luna?” He spoke talking to her, only getting her to nod her head in response. “My names Kenneth. I am here to hook up your internet service.”


     Luna climbed off the couch adjusting her gloves. Making sure they were snug around her wrists. Though she didn’t really introduce herself to Kenneth, since he obviously knew who she was already. Directing him into the kitchen to a shelf that was set up by BP a day ago. The guys were in and out of her apartment fixing it up for her. Luna patted the shelf pointing it out to him. The modem and router already set up there for him to do his hook ups.


“Okay.” He leaned closer to her. “Is he bothering you?” His voice came out soft, Luna couldn’t believe what he was insinuating.


Luna leaned in closer to him. “He isn’t bothering me. The only thing that bothers me is the fact you are asking that question. He is a guest in my home.” Luna spoke softly noticing the look of pure anger that flashed in Kenneth’s eyes.


     Luna didn’t quite care for the way humans thought they could treat monsters. In fact, when she found protests on the streets stating how monsters were ruining mankind she was the first one to get into their faces. Her monster friends didn’t realize how many fist fights she got into by defending them. How many black eyes she had to nurse. Sure, three out of the five knew where her injuries stemmed from. But she would never outright tell them.  There were probably quite a few humans out there that saw her as a traitor to her own kind. She didn’t care. Monsters were locked away by humans years ago, they didn’t get a say in it. Why did humans suddenly think they had a say in the lives the monsters chose to live?


     There was no doubt in her mind that Kenneth here was the type to be against monsters being above ground. Just based on his reaction to her being in the apartment with Sans. And the words he had just spewed. She dared that angry look he was giving her. Dared him to try something. Because it wasn’t Sans at this very moment that he needed to worry about.


     Leaving Kenneth to his work she walked back over to the couch finding Sans sitting on it. His normal smile seemed rather strained. For a moment she wondered if he had heard the conversation between her and the cable guy. Climbing onto the couch, she sat close to him turning her attention towards the television. It seemed the guy’s appearance had made the mood even worse for her and Sans. It wasn’t like she really wanted to talk about her ways of defense anyways. Especially with the way that the skeleton brothers were finding ways of protecting her. It wasn’t that it was annoying, it just made her feel a tad useless.


     Pulling her phone from her pocket she inhaled a deep breath trying to figure out what to eat for dinner tonight. At some point she needed to do some grocery shopping for actual food to keep in the house. Grillby had been nice enough to make sure she had food each night. Completely oblivious to what was going on around her she didn’t notice the skeletal hand that was moving behind her. Until it was pressed against her chest, yanking her across the couch till her back hit the side of the skeleton it belonged to. His arm moving to wrap around her waist. Glancing over her shoulder to look back she saw Sans’ attention was fixed on the kitchen.


     Following his gaze, she landed on the human male that was standing in her kitchen. Even though he was working, she wasn’t sure what was going on. Turning herself slightly she moved her gloved hand over Sans’ cheek pulling his attention. That perma grin seemed rather strained now. Kenneth was making him uncomfortable. Sighing she got up or attempted to. Sans pulled her back down now she was in his lap though. His skull shook from side to side. Luna sighed once more before moving into him.


“Everything okay?” Luna asked in a hush voice getting little white eye lights to focus on her.


~ ~ ~


     Nothing was alright at this moment, because Sans knew the moment he saw that human in the hallway shit was going to start. But he allowed the human to come into Luna’s apartment, because she had asked him to. He hadn’t missed the way the man stared at Luna, the different emotions that flashed before settling on a neutral face. This human, this man named Kenneth was not good. Worse he was in the house of one of his friends.


     It was a struggle not to grab her and pull her away from him while she carelessly brought the man further into her home. One peek at the man’s soul and he felt those judging instincts flare to life. What once might have a been a vibrant deep blue was turning dull and grey. The man’s stats were somewhat scary. While there were no execution points there was levels of violence. What came with reading his stats also came with reading Luna’s. Her levels of violence were little to none. There was still some there. Probably from defending herself as she had told Sans earlier.


     When the man leaned into her Sans choked down the growl his hands curling into fists in his pockets. He didn’t hear the conversation, though he didn’t want to stay there watching. After a while she came into the living room, his phalanges itching to pull her into his lap. Wanting to protect her. That man knew where she lived, and he was not a good man. Luna sat by him, Sans was satisfied but at the same time not. Wanting to pull her close. Short cut her back to his place, keep her there.


     Too lost in his own thoughts he noticed she had pulled out her phone looking through it Her current online search was for some sort of food. Moving in she probably hadn’t had a chance to get food. This was her day off before she had puzzle night with Paps. Sans looked over at her noting the way she held herself. Getting her to keep off those gloves was nerve wrecking, but he noticed she dressed to conceal herself. Most women would flaunt what they had if they looked as gorgeous as she did. Who broke you? Sans wondered.


     The sound of a drill caught his attention immediately having him pull all his protective instincts into overload. This was an oddly familiar feeling. Though it wasn’t like when he lived underground where he had felt the need to protect his brother from Frisk. This was like he was protecting Luna, again. The couch shifted, and she got up. Sans froze. No, don’t go in there. Not with him. Sans nearly whined. Lunging forward to grab her waist. Holding tightly before pulling back. It landed her in his lap. Sans fixated his attention on the kitchen wondering if the man would be watching her. Better not be. It was a protective thought? Right?


She shifted on his lap turning to look at him. “Everything okay?” She asked in a hush voice.


“mmm… no. i don’ trust him.” Sans explained knowing how that must have sounded. Hell he deemed himself crazy suddenly. It made him clutch at Luna even tighter pulling her into his boney body.


With that in mind he focused his magic making him feel softer. His ecto body taking form under his clothes. Its what defined his shape after all. Magic just seemed to fill it there when he didn’t want it to form. Too much could drain him, so he didn’t always have it. Luna’s hand moved from his cheek to the back of his skull lightly caressing there. It was nice.


“I don’t trust him either.” Luna spoke after a while. Good they were on the same page. That made this a bit easier.


“don’ interact with him without me there please luna. he’s not a good person. call it a feelin’ in my bones.” Going into too much detail would require him to explain his job.


     Not something he wanted to tell her about. Sans was the only one to tell whomever he wished about his job. And that circle was small. Luna did deserve to know but he wondered if she would look at him the same. Knowing what he did. It left a sour pit in his nonexistent stomach.


     His phalanges reaching up to stroke the dark mahogany strands of hair. It was starting to curl after it had dried. It felt good when it wrapped around the tips of them. Almost like he wanted to be wrapped around her. That was a calming thought. Think about that. Think about her pulled tightly to him clinging to his bones like everything depended on it. The sound of the human on the phone snapped his mind out of that thought quick.


     Kenneth strode into the living room his attention fixed on Luna currently resting on Sans’ lap. Sans dared the human to make one bad remark towards her. But Sans was smart leaving his face neutral. Luna turned to look at the human. It made Sans wrap his boney arms around her tighter.


~ ~ ~


“Finished?” Luna asked the guy whom was now standing in her living room. This guy had Sans on edge, worse than she had ever seen him before. It was probably because Sans might have heard the conversation she had in the kitchen.


     Luna sure hoped that wasn’t the case because as much as she would like to see some racist get their just desserts. She would rather it not happen in her new apartment. It was one of the reasons she hadn’t slugged the fucker when he asked if Sans had been bothering her. Hell no! Sans had every right to be in her home. This, Kenneth, didn’t. Suddenly the image of Kenny from South Park popped into her mind. Oh my gosh they killed Kenny! It made her mentally snicker recalling that very quote.


“Um… yeah. I just need to run a cord call it in then I can be on my way.” Kenneth muttered something else under his breath. Something she couldn’t hear, but the way Sans’ body tensed under her told her that he had heard it.


“Cool well just hook it up please then you can be on your way.” She tried to keep a cheeriness in her voice. It was getting rather hard though. She just really wanted this guy out of her apartment. And it wasn’t because Sans was holding her too tight. That she could handle. It was because this guy was in what terms Luna used so un-fondly a Monster Hater.

Chapter Text

     When the cable guy left Sans released a sigh of relief, she was safe. But Luna had not moved since the first time she had tried to get up. Instead she had managed to make herself comfortable in his lap. Like she had adjusted to being treated this way. His actions rolled through his skull trying to think of how this would be taken. Recalling BP’s behavior made him wince. Could he be acting like BP? Regardless she wasn’t fighting him.


“would you like to move?” Sans asked worried that she might be upset and not saying anything.


“Do you want me to move?” Luna asked not glancing up from her phone. Whatever she was looking at seemed to have her attention.


     Honestly, he didn’t want her to move. It felt so nice to have her there. It felt better than nice, it felt… right. But he didn’t want to freak her out. Humans didn’t work much like monsters. Monsters could get along and not worry about discomforting the other. Humans were a touch more sensitive. The guy had made her uncomfortable. And had taken Sans’ protection rather well.


“not really.” Sans smiled a bit wider now before his attention was brought to the still wrapped package on the table. She had yet to open it.


     Using his magic, he took hold of the package, it gave off a light aura around it in the shade of cyan. Bringing it over he focused until it rested on her lap. Luna lowered her phone to look down at it for a moment seeming to realize that it was just there. That two-toned gaze focused on him for a moment, he gave her a nod to get her to proceed. His arms wrapping snuggly around her waist while she adjusted herself. Her rear rubbing against his pelvis in the best way. Though he did his best to not let his magic swell up.


“You didn’t have to get me a house warming gift. Though I fear your brother might be bringing me more board games with each week.” Luna muttered, the sounds of paper being ripped registered.


“well its not every day i get to hang with my…” Sans stopped himself knowing what he nearly said he was about to call her his moon. Damn that would have been bad. “bro’s best puzzle buddy.” That sounded worse. And he felt it with the way her body seemed to drop at that. Fuck he was just bad at this.


“Right.” Luna’s voice came out hushed but her attention focused on the package. Getting the remaining scraps of paper from it. Sans fought the urge to snuggle into her shoulder she seemed so precious in his lap. Like a cute little kitten.  “Sans… I know you were going to say something else. I could hear it in the way your tone changed. Thought we agreed to be honest here.”


     Well color him impressed she had caught on to his little lie. Of course, it wasn’t really a lie. She was after all his brothers best puzzle buddy. None the less he had hidden a truth in a truth, it was therefore a lie. A soft chuckle escaping him. Leaning forward he pressed his mandible against her shoulder nuzzling her. It made her lift her head back. Does she feel it too? Whatever is going between us? Please don’t be pulling my leg.


“i um…” Sans paused unsure if he was really going to say this, but she wanted an answer. Best not to keep the lady waiting. “you’re my moon.” His voice came out soft almost a near whisper. He was so close to her shoulder that she had to have heard him though.


     Luna’s body was unmoving in his lap, he felt his soul shiver from the way she was so quiet. With a shift she moved placing the box on the table not opening it any further. Had he said the wrong thing? He hoped not it would crush him if she became upset. Sans had confidence, but this was breaching unknown territory. Her body turned to face him, he studied her face. There was no anger there.


~ ~ ~


     Had Luna heard him, right? Had he really called her His Moon? Hope flared in her chest that maybe, just maybe she meant something to the punny skeleton. She felt that familiar pressure in her chest, shit was she going to have a heart attack and die? What a way to go! Adjusting herself fully to where she had been straddling his lap she faced him. A smile tugging at her lips. Say something you doof! Before you scare him off. Oh right!


“I’m your moon?” Luna repeated wanting to smack herself really hard right now. What the fuck was that?! Mentally yelling at herself. Okay recovery. “That’s a cute name. Kind of like that one a little more than Galaxy.” She chuckled. Okay, but you can do fucking better!


     Sans let out a nervous chuckle then, it was at that point she realized he was blushing something fierce. Realization set in that he was as anxious as she was. Cute! Luna leaned in pressing her lips to the side of his cheek. His body seemed to stiffen at that. A hand pressed into the back of her head. Cradling it, for a second. His skull turned till teeth met her lips and it took sheer will power not to groan into that.


     The kiss lasted forever it seemed, but she wasn’t wanting to part from it. A couple weeks before she had been on top of him giving him a hand job. On a train no less. Now here she was kissing him like no tomorrow in her new apartment. Tempted to take the skeleton to her bedroom so she could break it in so to speak. Phalanges moved through her hair caressing her scalp carefully. It felt intoxicating. Why hadn’t she let him take care of that night?


Because you didn’t want your first time to be like he was with a stranger! That inner voice yelled at her. Oh yeah that was right. But still. This felt a bit out of this world.


Sans pulled back from the kiss falling back in his seat, a sigh escaping him. Was that a good sigh? Or a bad one? Did I jump the gun? Luna felt her thoughts going every which way not sure what he was thinking of. White eye lights lifted pinning her with that stare. He hummed moving his hand from the back of her head to her cheek cradling it in his palm.


“babygirl.” Sans breathed his pet name for her making her blush. At some point she wanted to ask him why he had labeled her with that. “as much as i want to have you spread and underneath me. think we both need to learn about one another. its takin’ a lot of will power like it had the night on the train not to just take you.”


Luna wanted to cry because she wanted him to take her. Her body felt so hot and needy. His words however seemed to cool her down. “i don’ want to rush this. i came over with the intent on spendin’ time with you. not to fuck you mercilessly. i need to know though.” He paused that nervousness from before seeming to show. “do you perhaps um… feel things for me?”


That was an odd question! Then again, given the situation she might be asking the same question. A smile spread across her face, not trusting words she nodded her head slowly. The look of joy on his face was utterly priceless. “then i’m gonna do this right, because babygirl you need to have this done right. dunno what happened to you before but i see it whenever i look at you. somethin’ broke you a long time ago.”


Upon hearing those words her smile died into a frown watching him. Dread filled her thinking he would ask about her past. She didn’t want to talk about that. Not now, not right when things were looking positive for her. Sans’ thumb stroked her cheek. “stop, i can see those cogs workin’ in that brain of yours. i want to know at some point. not right now though. for now, i want us to just enjoy this moment. and um… well maybe i should give ya your birthday present early.”


Birthday Present? What the fuck! How the hell did he know her birthday was coming up? Oh wait she knew. “I’m gonna murder me a bunny and a cat.” Luna grumbled unaware she had said that aloud.


Sans chuckled a bit louder now this time with more confidence. “don’ fault them for tryin’ to be good friends to ya. they care a lot for you more than you will realize i am sure. but well… see this isn’t necessarily a present for you more than this is for me. because stars that would be awesome to think you would accept it right off the bat.”


     Luna snorted seeing much more of herself suddenly in him than she realized. Adjusting herself she leaned forward resting her chin on his sternum. Just enjoying the warmth. Sans immediately wrapped his arms around her body. She wanted to hear what he had in mind for her birthday, but this moment was too good to be true. Sans felt things like what she felt.


     Sans let out a nervous sigh one hand sliding from around her to dig into the pocket of his parka. Why was he still wearing that? He should be comfortable. Sitting up she watched him, that blue blush still on his cheek bones. Withdrawing his hand from his pocket her placed something on the top of his head. Luna studied it when he removed his hand. It was a little blue bow, like the type one would put on presents.


Her gaze drifted from the bow to his face and the back. Seeming to take it in. “guess it’s convenient i didn’ put the ribbon on your house warmin’ present.” Sans smirked, looking still very flustered. “i ain’ very good at this babygirl. sure, i could do this no problem in the past, but that’s not somethin’ you want to hear. paps said it was bad manners to bring such things up.”


Did he have to be so fucking vague? Her gaze lifted to the bow seeing it just stuck there to the side of his cranium. This was supposed to be a present for her birthday. A birthday that Tops and BP told him about. While she was annoyed they had told him, she felt herself kind of thankful for it. “Sans…” She whined. “The anticipation is killing me.”


“well don’t want you dyin’ on me then. guess i better get to the point, then you can rest in peace.” Gah! Death puns. She glared daggers at him noting that he seemed to just enjoy that more. “ooh you look scary baby. what you gonna do? hmm?” He was toying with her and fuck it was working.


     Luna’s mind reeled with ides of ways to torment him. A grin splitting her face when a thought hit her mind. Shifting closer that she had before, her hands moved downwards to the bottom of his shirt. The fabric felt so soft under her touch thick too. Before she could move her hands up further he grabbed her arms. Sweat beading the top of his skull.

“hey remember what i said about me losin’ control? best not continue that movement. i really want to do this right. because your important to not just me but my bro too. and paps would kill me if i screwed this up so let me do this the right way.” Sans huffed at her making her grin.


“Are you nervous or something?” Luna asked him with blatant curiosity.


“fuck yes! you can put a guy on edge baby. i will just say this. each time you woke me from my sleep by touchin’ that mark i felt my control slippin’. i wanted to track you down and do things to you that would be a wet fantasy.” Sans explained. “though that would have been too easy compared to what i have in mind. can ya behave? or else i will bend you over my knee and give ya a good spankin’.”


Luna arched a brow tempted to find out if he really would do that. The idea of being spanked by him sounding oddly erotic. Her mind instantly went there at the thought of him shoving her over his lap. Tugging her jeggings and panties down, baring her ass to him… and he must have noticed where her thoughts were going. A growl erupted from him.


“stars woman. you’re gonna dust me where i’m sittin’. you would like somethin’ like that wouldn’ ya?” His words starting to shift more into the drawl.


“I would but um… I am not very experienced with any of that stuff.” Luna admitted softly.


“what ya mean?” Sans asked seeming to have lost the thought of her present suddenly. Turning her face from him she really didn’t want to explain that to him. It was embarrassing enough. Sans’ hand caught her chin. Lightly tugging it back to where she was looking at him. “luna… what did you mean by that?”


     Luna didn’t want to go into the fact that she was a virgin. It was a killer when it came down to it. Not like she enjoyed being one, hell some nights she wanted to have sex just to see what she was missing. Tops had explained to her when BP started teasing her that she might be demi sexual. It surprised her to know that monsters knew about things like that. It made sense though, she didn’t like the idea of having sex with a stranger. Due to her first interaction with Sans at Grillby’s he wasn’t really a stranger. She could explain to Sans that she was a demi sexual but then that would bring up the fact he had believed they were strangers when they met.


“Never had anyone try that kind of thing honestly. I’m kind of inexperienced in the sexual department. Public sex was a first for me that night on the train.” Luna mentioned watching his face drop to a surprised expression. There went his interest in her probably. Luna just shrugged showing she didn’t have much more input on the topic.


Sans smiled at that moving his hand to stroke her cheek. “can’t entirely say i have much experience in the too kinky side myself. but if your wanting to try something at some point we can try. if it is too much then i will tell ya whether i’m into it or not. that night on the train though. as hot of an experience as it was. never again. theres some things that are meant private.” He winked at her then making her chuckle. Upon further inspection she found he seemed to be sweating. Moving her hand up to his forehead she swiped at the drops. They had a cyan glow to them. He was nervous. He gave a soft chuckle before noticeably swallowing. “luna… would you do this bag of bones the honor by allowing him to court you in the act of dating?


     Luna tilted her head taking each word Sans had said only to analyze it. Bag of Bones? Her gaze trailed down his body noting that probably meant himself. Honor? Well that meant something like a right to. Okay that one she understood. Court? Shit that was an old term dating back to like…. Well she didn’t expect Sans to say that. The last word clicked instantly after her continuous drabbles. Dating! Sans wanted to date her!


“Holy shit!” She hadn’t meant to say that out loud especially when he seemed to flinch at the word. Moving she placed her hands on his shoulders looking at him. “Tell me this isn’t a joke and I am waiting for the punch line? Because honestly if this is a joke I am so throwing you out of my apartment.” It was a bit harsh but with how she was it was understandable.


“sweetheart, as much as i love jokes and puns this is something i am takin’ quite serious. if paps were here i bet he would die in shock.” Sans retorted proving that this was indeed not a joker.


Okay, not a joke. Check! Moving her hands, she grabbed the thickest part of her skin on her arm. Pinching it between her fingers. Winching the moment pain shot through her. Not a dream. Check! “you really never thought i would ask you out?” Sans asked then seeming to take in account what she was doing.


“Well… um…” Luna sighed sitting back in his lap feeling the need to curl up. How could she explain this to him? “All your friends talk so highly about you. Its no secret that you hang out with the Queen of the Monsters all the time. As well as her daughter, the Ambassador of the Monsters. I just…” Luna could feel that self-pity rising in her. “I have nothing to offer honestly. I’m just a waitress at Grillby’s whom lacks basic monster knowledge it seems. What I do know is because it took a lot of nerve to ask BP and Tops. You could do so much better.”


     That was the self-pity talking at the end there and she knew it. Her gaze dropped to her lap messing with her fingers, unsure of exactly what else to say. She hadn’t really answered his question but with all she had said would he still want that. Sans let out a sigh getting her to look up at him. Part of her had expected him to push her off or ask her to get off. Instead his hand moved up to the bottom of her chin. Cupping it there, allowing his thumb to stroke near the corner of her mouth. His smile was soft almost warming.


“yes, toriel is one of my closest friends. she is married to ass-whore though.” Sans started off and the name he gave Asgore made her chuckle. “frisk, eh, the kid has honestly wanted me to go out with her for a while now. but… i have known them since they were like little, and not baby. but just too young for me. plus, we have a friendship that i don’ want a relationship any different out of. you’re a waitress at one of my favorite places. you’re cute too, especially when you get all pink and flustered. you don’ give yourself enough credit either. i don’ know all about you. but i intend to learn about you. and don’ overthink about me. i’m lazy, sometimes obnoxiously annoying, my favorite past time is napping. so i’m not perfect.”


Luna was gonna cry she just knew it. Worry ate at her that she was going to somehow screw this up. That wasn’t something she wanted to do. His hand moved from her chin up to her cheek holding it there. “you have so much more to you. this…” He gestured to her body. “is packaging, that if given the chance i intend to unwrap. so i can see what kind of precious present awaits. and no that is not a sexual joke either. though now thinkin’ about it…”


     Sans didn’t get the opportunity to finish that remark because Luna leaned forward pressing her mouth to his teeth. It took a moment to respond before his hand moved into her hair, pressing to the back of her scalp just holding her there. After a while he broke the kiss, his sockets were closed when she happened to look. Sans honestly looked so content. “you still owe me an answer babygirl.” Sans reminded her after a second while opening one of his sockets.


“If your willing to put up with a simple girl like me. Then yes, I will date you Sans the Skeleton.” Luna smiled at him. That smile on his face became even wider like she made his birthday wish come true. Speaking of birthdays… Her gaze lifted to that blue bow he still had on his cranium. Reaching up she took it off. “And I am keeping this. So, I can say this is the bow my boyfriend was wrapped in.” Luna chuckled.


Sans chuckled blushing fiercely this time. Seemed that title was one he liked. “Guess we should get some food hmm?” Luna asked trying to wiggle her way off his lap. Sans caught her wrists holding her there for a moment. Looking down at him for a moment she was going to question if everything is okay. “Sans?”


His grip slid down to her gloves, pulling them off of her hands one at a time. Before taking them both in his. “can you not wear them when its just us?” Sans asked after a moment making sure to fold them up how she had them before. “your skin is so nice. and i like how soft it feels when you touch my face or hold my hand.” He looked up at her. “i’d like my girlfriend to be comfortable around me, not hide from me.”


It was at that moment Luna’s heart melted. This punny skeleton just became her boyfriend. And shit like that didn’t happen every day.


~ ~ ~


     Sans watched Luna climb off his lap to go order food. His soul was pounding in his chest unbelievably fast. How had he gotten so lucky? After Tops had told him about her birthday party he had wanted to ask her then. It would give him more time to get to know her. He wasn’t sure why he had asked her today. It just felt so… right. Then again, he called her his Moon. It set the stage perfectly. Eye lights still locked on her ass while she disappeared in the kitchen he let out a breath he hadn’t realized he had been holding.


     There was no doubt that Luna was broken. Something happened to her to make her doubt herself so much. The way she talked about him was like she held him up on this pedestal. When he had pulled off her gloves to study her hands more. She never left them still for very long. There were scars that much he knew. Sighing he looked at the unopened box, she was distracted with him and that cable guy. She had forgotten about it. Not that he minded being her distraction.


“luna?” Sans called out getting her to peak out of the kitchen from him. Her phone was pressed to her ear. “don’ forget about your present babygirl.”


     Luna gave him a warm smile nodding her head before going to order. They both had decided to order a cheese pizza. The little lady loved greasy food as much as he did. Sans felt really comfortable being around her. Never dated a human before. Best make sure you know what your in for Sansy boy. He thought to himself before whipping out his own phone.


     He had known from the night he had met her that she was interested in monsters. Because the woman had an account on the Undernet dating site. Stated she was interested in meeting humans or monsters. Sans admitted that he had lightly stalked her there but nothing too bad. All her pictures were taken in her bedroom or at a park. The main image had been her with her hoodie up and that red scarf hiding her face. Pulling up her page he stared at the picture, noting that her eyes were what stood out.


     Sans had to admit heterochromatic was a rare trait amongst most breeds. He got lucky that his eye lights could pull off something similar when his magic was at work. Looking it over he found himself a bit lost in her pictures. There were only a few. Not noticing the movement in front of him.


“So you been stalking me huh?” Sans froze looking up to find her staring down at him. Shit! “Its okay I might be guilty of some light stalking myself.” Luna admitted sitting beside him. Putting his phone away he didn’t hesitate to grab her and place her in his lap.


She was his girlfriend now. That was her rightful place. Luna giggled shifting till she was leaning against his chest. This was nice, better than anything he had felt in a long time. That loneliness that plagued him often seeming to shy away whenever she was around. “My boney throne.” Did she just…


“your boney throne?” Sans asked looking down at the top of her head. Even as she lifted her head back to look at him. That grin growing bigger that he took in her dimples. She fucking had dimples. So fucking cute.


“I kind of deemed you that the night you came over to BP and Tops when you seemed satisfied with me in your lap back then. So yeah I deem your lap my boney throne!” The way she stated it sounded like a proclamation she was addressing to some invisible kingdom.


Sans snorted which in turn went into a fit of chuckles. “shit sweetheart you can sit in my lap anytime. it will be reserved for only you though.” He nuzzled his mandible against the top of her forehead. Yeah shit was going to be good from here on out he just knew it. “you’re such a nerd you know that?”


“Hmm yeah. BP used to tease me with that shit all the time. But then Tops would say that he was nerd too. Tops really is as much of a nerd as me in the long run. If those two weren’t soul mates, I am sure that I would be Tops’ soulmate.” Luna mentioned. A sense of possessiveness struck Sans at that remark.


“got a thing for bunnies?” Sans asked after a bit feeling like he might be outmatched by the rabbit.


“Not really. Tell the truth, and if you tell Tops this I will never forgive you…” Sans honestly didn’t think she would resort that far, but he nodded his head to show he was listening. “I am deathly scared of rabbits. Especially when their ears are up in the air.” Luna explained to him.


“you’re kidding right?” Sans asked finding that a bit of a surprising fear suddenly.


“Afraid not Skellie. When I was younger my mom took me to a petting zoo. Gave me this bag of carrots before she got distracted by some other adults. I walked into the rabbit area. Used to love how cute they were with those fluffy tails and long ears. Sadly I didn’t know that there was a fucking huge bunny in there. The thing jumped me, tackling me down to the ground. I swear I saw my life flash before my eyes. All while these scary red eyes were staring down at me.” Luna shivered in his arms and he swore he could feel that fear coming off her. “That rabbit took off with my carrots and its leap managed to break three bones in my rib cage. Mom was pissed when she found out.”


“shit. then how did you live with tops?” Sans moved to rub the palms of her hands trying to ease her into a comfortable stage. It was clear that had been a very traumatic point.


“Tops always has his ears down. I never picture him as a bunny but more a blue cat like BP. He likes to wear hats which made it easier.” Luna explained getting him to understand more about her.


“at least your mom took care of you. broken ribs aren’t really fun to deal with.” Sans stated only watching her huddle down a bit more. “she did take care of you right?”


“Oh yeah sure she did. After stating it was my fault.” Luna muttered after a bit. Sans really wanted to push on this, but her body language was telling him to not. His soul was sinking, her mom had been mad at her for being attacked by a giant bunny. He was about to ask when she started talking. “She said I shouldn’t have gone into the bunny pen. I should have stayed near the goats. I wanted to tell her I was more likely to get hurt by a goat rather than a bunny. But I knew better than to be a smart ass.”


     Sans felt his soul take a nose dive. He couldn’t understand how anyone’s parent could be that way. How could they state it was her fault for going in there? Shaking off the questions he cuddled her closer to him. Just wanting to hold her. His squishy human. But the closer he got to her the more questions about her past came to his mind. Were her parents the cause of those scars that were on her hands? Papyrus had mentioned she didn’t care to talk about her past. Hopefully at some point he could get her to talk about it. For now, he was content he shared her childhood fear.


Sans looked at the unopened box remembering she still needed to open it. Once more using his magic to float it over towards them he set it in her lap. “time to open your gift babygirl.” He spoke into her hair. Giving a light kiss at the top of her head.


     Luna nodded her head peeling the tape off the box. He hoped to make her feel happy rather than depressed. She doesn’t like talking about it because it’s a reminder. Just like I don’t like talking about those runs. Sans tried to not shiver bringing up Frisk’s murder runs. His hand moving to caress Luna’s cheek, her head tilting into his touch while she opened the box. Maybe he went over board and spent too much. It was worth it to see that smirk on her face.


“You bought me a Nintendo Switch?” She asked turning her head to look back at him. Sans could only give a short shrug with a grin.


“you looked to have played the consoles at tops and bps. but i know that they don’ have this one.. figured it would be a good incentive for them to come over once in a while.’ Sans admitted of course it meant that he could have some video game bonding time with her too.


“You want to play a game with me? I noticed that you have a couple of them in here. Theres a racing game. That sounds like a good one for us.” Luna smiled pulling out Mario Kart. An idea formed in Sans’ head that had him feeling pretty confident.


“sure. but how about we make a bet?” He asked pulling her closer to him. That memory forgotten for now. This woman felt so good on his bones. “we play mario kart. If i win two out of three games you give me a really good kiss before i leave and agree to go out on a date with me next sunday.” Had to make it Sunday since the party was on Saturday.


“Being off-ly specific on your girlfriend there Skellie.” Luna shot at him to which he just shrugs again. “But I am game…” He saw the wheels turning in her head while she placed the box off to the side. Something clicked in her head. “Let’s cancel out the kiss. More than likely I am going to kiss you before you leave. But if I win… I get to tease you as much as you did that week you went into heat. And you can’t touch me.”


     Shit! Why hadn’t he thought of that? Probably because you were trying to be the gentleman dumb ass! Well yeah, he was trying to play the gentleman but fuck, he nearly wanted to lose just so he could see what she did. The only down side would be he couldn’t touch her. Fuck! He wanted so badly to touch her. Touch her, stroke her, take off her clothes and… Stop! Stop! STOP! Don’t go there not with her sitting on his lap. His mind reeling back from throwing her down and…. FUCKING HELL STOP!! How bad had he tormented her during his heat? How bad could this be?


“deal.” Sans spoke.

Chapter Text

     Well stroke his pelvic bone and fuck him sideways! Apparently, it had been bad when he had tormented her. Sans had lost and bad. Now he was sitting in the recliner a blind fold over his eye sockets. Thankfully that was about the only thing that had turned into a kink around the brunette. His clothes were still on since that was apart of the whole set up. But, where was she? Luna had gone to do something while he got himself situated in the chair.


     The game had not gone according to plan. They both had accepted each other’s terms. Having played Mario Kart before he was sure he could win. The game was easy enough. But he hadn’t intended on her being better than he was. Turned out she used to play it a lot on the Nintendo 64. So, she had a good grip on most of the tracks. Sans had won the first game, she easily won the second. She won the third, and he won the fourth. The final round though she beat him mercilessly even had past him a lap ahead. Though she wasn’t a sore winner. Not once during the times that she had beaten him had she rubbed it in his face. For that he was thankful.


You are getting your punishment for masturbating while thinking about her this morning! That annoying voice cooed at him. Yeah, he was going to reap what he sewed. In the long run he was probably going to enjoy this a lot more. Not that he would ever regret masturbating to the thoughts of her riding him. It would have been better if she had been there. Might want to stop thinking like that before your magic starts to swell again! That voice warned.


     The chair lurched back, and his legs sprung up. The recliner’s foot rest had just shot out from where it normally rested. The entire action had him jumping. Uneasiness flitted through him the chair was out to get him he just knew it! Soft lips pressed to the top of his skull making him ease, strands of soft delicate hair moved over his face. Sans froze, was this one of those angels that humans spoke about seeing just before they died. That was how he was feeling honestly, he was going to die. His sins were crawling up his back till a scent filled his naval cavity making him groan. The scent of something flowery mixed with vanilla. Then something minty came when that person spoke. “Sorry about that. You look so tense. Ease up okay, I’ll still go on that date with you on Sunday.”


It eased him some to know that Luna was back in the room with him. She had gone to go get changed out of her clothes so to speak. His nerves instantly calming at her being back. Moving his hand, he reached out where he thought she was managing to grasp her. In an instant he registered he was touching the bare skin of her thigh. “heh, luna? are you um... naked?” The question came out. Phalanges pressing into her thigh again noting that she was squishy yet soft. He noted that she was trembling at the same time. The apartment wasn’t cold.


“Yeah, kind of how this is going to work.” Luna spoke her voice seeming to have a hint of amusement to it. “Well not fully. I still have my panties on.” That was something Sans wanted to see.


     He knew that he shouldn’t be touching it was part of the deal. Sans just couldn’t help himself. Nor was Luna trying to stop him. Her body was swaying slightly from side to side, he assumed she was nervous. This wasn’t something she entertained often. Pride swelled in his soul at the thought of her doing this for him. Giving her a reassuring pat on the thigh he slid his hand from her. Resting it back own on the arm rest.


“nervous?” Sans asked after a while feeling it was best to keep her talking till she was willing to do what needed. For some reason it felt good that he was making her nervous. Put her a bit on edge for what she is doing to me.


“A bit. Never done something like this before. If it gets to be too much you will tell me wont you?” Luna asked him, that made him perk up. First time doing this? That made his soul swell even more. And he doubt she would be hurting him, so what reason would he have to telling her to stop.


“sure babygirl. just take a deep breath okay? if anyone should be nervous it would be me. since ya know… hehe i’m the one blind folded here.” Sans admitted his hand lifting to gesture to the red scarf that was covering his eyes. It was interesting to say the least. “you have your gloves off, though right?”


     Sans was adamant about her not wearing them around him. Especially when they were alone. But hell would freeze over if he allowed her to wear them when doing something like this. Luna’s hand moved to touch his. Soft warm fleshy fingers caressed the top making his turn. Phalanges making direct contact with her palm. That had him feeling giddy. Purring his approval while he pulled her hand closer to his face lightly pressing her knuckles to his teeth.


“good girl.” Sans spoke after a bit getting her to chuckle. He felt all his nerves seem to dissipate with this.


     There was a quiet moment he still had a grip on her hand. When his phone went off making them both jump. Sans growled in response pulling his hand from hers to dig through the pockets of his shorts not finding the damn thing. Who the hell is calling me right now? If its Jerry I am so shoving him in the freezer the next time I go to Grillby’s! Annoyance came next when he couldn’t find his phone. Then it was shoved at his hand. Looking up even though he couldn’t see anything the ring tone obviously louder. Luna must have gotten it out of his jacket.


“Its Pappy.” Luna’s spoke moving she must have hit answer. Paps’ voice coming though.




“bro ease up.” Sans took the phone placing it against his ear hole hoping to muffle Papyrus’ voice. He hadn’t wanted Luna to hear that Paps had talked him into coming over. The sound of her feet walking away made him groan. “i’m spendin’ time at luna’s. um she is my girlfriend after all now. probably should spend some time with her.”


The loud gasp that came from the other end of the phone was evident. His brother never stated it out loud but Sans knew that Paps didn’t think he had it in him to ask anyone out. “YOU ASKED HER? AND…AND… SHE SAID YES! WOWIE THIS IS THE BEST DAY EVER! MY BROTHER AND MY PUZZLE BUDDY ARE DATING!” Sans could tell even though he couldn’t see that Papyrus was dancing with glee.


Sans felt content knowing that his brother was happy. “BUT I THOUGHT YOU WERE WAITING TILL HER BIRTHDAY?” Papyrus asked in sudden realization.


“can we talk about it when i get home please paps? i’m kind of wantin’ to spend some time with her before i head home. we have honestly been having a lot of fun and lost track of time.” Sans admitted.


“Oh, of course brother. My apologies. I might head to bed early since I have an early shift tomorrow at the book store. I intend to bring Miss Luna some breakfast. I am sure she hasn’t gone grocery shopping aside from the basics.” Papyrus explained now lowering his voice. Good, going back to his normal voice for too long tended to make Sans’ skull want to crack. Wait, Luna needed to go shopping?


“maybe i should take her shopping for stuff tomorrow. you’re always getting on me for being too lazy.” Sans chuckled hearing the gasp from the other end. Sans idly played with the red scarf loving how soft the fabric was. And it smelled just like Luna.


“Alright brother. I need to go and get some rest. Enjoy your evening. But you really should take her on a date at some point.” Papyrus scolded, yeah Sans knew that was going to come. Which was why he had already offered to go on the date with her next Sunday.


“already got that covered bro. we are going out next sunday.” Sans had some things in mind to do with Luna but he needed to do some further research to find out what she was into.


He and Paps said their farewells. Sans wasn’t sure when he would be home to be fair but he knew he was more excited about what she had in mind. “luna?” He called out calmly feeling her hand brush against his to take his phone. Not wanting to shove it into his pocket since he was pretty sure she was going to end up in his lap.


“Don’t worry I gave you both your privacy. I didn’t want to eaves drop on your conversation.” Luna explained, Sans got a lock on her voice reaching for her. Hands gripping what he assumed was her hips making her squeak in response. “Sans… the deal was no touching.” Though her voice was filled with chuckles.


Sans pulled her into his lap her back was against his chest making him hum in contentment. “yeah i know but things keep stalling this out. i’m rather curious what you are going to do to me, babygirl.”


     Hands trailed up her sides touching all the soft areas. Luna wasn’t petite when it came to her body mass, woman loved junk food as much as he did. Not having sight gave him a different perspective. Her body was warm, skin soft but other areas were calloused like her hands he found. Those areas were below the waist. Making sure not to linger on them he trailed up finding the only shred of clothing that she seemed to have on. They were cotton, bikini style he guessed. Was there a little design on there perhaps?


Phalanges twitched when they neared the center between her legs. Wanting to touch that core. Before they could reach her hands were on his wrists pulling them away. It made him groan in protest, but he didn’t fight her. “Ah. Ah. Skellie the deal was that you couldn’t touch. I don’t mind the explorative feels but that’s going a bit into uncharted territory.” Luna spoke though her voice was nervous once more.


“hmmm but babygirl i was just tryin’ to map it out a bit.” Sans teased her. He tensed feeling her body sit up from his chest. His hands scrambled wanting to pull her back. Before he could grasp her, she was back in his lap. Her own hands guiding his back down to the arm rest.


“Take it easy Sans. Or we will stop this from here.” Luna told him while shifting in his lap.


     It occurred to him that he was trying to cling to her almost like a child would a beloved teddy bear. That wasn’t smooth at all. Embarrassment flooded him next while he took in a deep breath exhaling it slowly. He could do this, that wasn’t hard. Sending a calming vibe of magic through him he eased back into the chair, but his hands were still gripping tightly to the arm chairs.


“This is… well…” Her words were coming out, but he wasn’t sure exactly why she was stuttering so much. It put him a bit more on edge, he let himself purr softly hoping that it would calm her down. It worked! Luna took a deep breath. “The idea behind this is to help me learn about your physical need. You’re not human and yeah I could ask what does it for you… but this is a better means.”


Her voice trickled with amusement at that last bit. Oh, he bet she was enjoying this. “Still nervous?” Luna asked him out of curiosity. Sans nodded his head slowly. He couldn’t help but be nervous, he didn’t see her as that type of person, but he felt a touch vulnerable now. “I think I have left over ketchup from the hot dogs I made yesterday. And some fire rum. Let me check.”


     Just like that she was out of his lap again. Sans growled in annoyance which only fueled her laughter. Frustrating woman! Getting up from the chair he yanks the scarf from his eyes. Now that he can see he short cuts over to the kitchen and freezes. Luna’s back was to him she was nearly naked aside from the panties she was wearing. Speaking of those panties, they were a black set with little cyan hearts on them. Cute! Bikini cut like he had assumed, they hugged her ass. Stars she has a cute butt. Why do I feel I’ve told her that before?  


     His gaze landed on the bottle of ketchup off to the side as well as a bottle of fire rum. The sound of something hitting glass caught his attention. Pulling him from his inspection of her. The closer he got to her the more his gaze roamed over her. That’s when he saw them, the scars on her back. They were moving over one another like how he put his syrup on his pancakes. Without thinking he moved to touch them. The minute his bone met skin he felt her flinch.


“did that hurt? i’m sorry.” Sans spoke softly worried he might have upset her.


“I-its okay, really. They are apart of my past. They don’t hurt. Guess I’m doing a pretty good job at teasing you aren’t I?” Luna asked her voice trying to sound humorous, but it came out… flat.


     Sans knew better than to push. Luna took a deep breath turning back to face him, once again he found himself staring at her. The front of her was untouched by marks. For some reason he was thankful for that. In her hand she held a glass which had thick red substance, it smelled tangy and sweet. It was more of a shot glass which he was glad of. Didn’t want to get shit faced after all. Fire rum tended to play with his memories too much.


“to a night of torment.” Sans chuckled tipping the glass back feeling the way the fire rum tickled his senses. The magic of the fire rum making his soul pulsate hard in his chest. “shit think you laid the fire rum a bit too strong babygirl.”


“Sorry. There’s a reason why I’m just a waitress. I don’t usually make the drinks too often. You’re not in there a lot either. Hard to know how to mix it.” Luna admitted to him making him cringe.


     He really should consider spending more time there while she was on shift. If he had known about her sooner, he could have been with her already. Maybe she wouldn’t have got those marks. Sans reached out to touch her cheek. Tilting his head back towards the living room.  His hand slides down into hers while they walked back. Sans admitted he was sure damn lucky he had the guts to ask her out tonight.


“if you don’ want to do this luna. i won’ be upset. you can back out at any time. and i will be fine with it.” Sans offered smiling wider. He didn’t want her to force herself if this wasn’t something she wanted to do. His instincts were telling him she was trying to impress him.


“I don’t mind. Just give me a bit of time before we go all the way.” Luna admitted when they got back to the living room. The fire rum helping to ease him into a sense of relaxation.


“thought i’d tell ya just in case. its there at any point. and this isn’t about sex luna. i mean that. if it were just sex then i would have left it after my heat died down.” Sans admitted to her taking a seat back in the recliner. Taking hold of the scarf.


Luna snatched it from him before climbing back into his lap. “Already broke the illusion. No sense in putting it back on.” She chuckled leaning forward her lips found his making him bite back a groan. What was she doing to him? His hands pressed down into the armrests.


     Her body inched till her breasts pressed flush into his chest. Feeling the peaks of her nipples hardening. Parting his jaw, he kissed her deeper, her hands cupping his jaw when his tongue delving into her mouth. The taste of fire rum on her tongue. So, she needed liquid courage as well. It made him inwardly chuckle at how shy she really was.

~ ~ ~


     Luna didn’t know what had come over her when she made that bet with Sans. Perhaps it was the excitement of him asking her to date him. Or perhaps she wanted him to show her what losing herself to him would be like? Whatever it was she was glad he wasn’t pressuring her. When he had come into the kitchen touching her back she had flinched. The scars on her back were easily forgotten sometimes. Normally she had a good memory of where all her injuries were. Don’t focus on those. Focus on your boyfriend. Hes what matters right now.


     His words were echoing through her head even as her hands moved up his shirt. Sans seemed to take that as a sign pulling from the kiss. Pulling up the shirt quickly, he tossed it aside letting it land somewhere in the room. Hands moving back down to the armrests doing his best to stay within the terms of their agreement. It impressed Luna.


     Attention dropping to his chest, there was a brief shimmer that glowed through his bones. That was impressive and was beautiful. Raising one hand she trailed it up the center of his sternum testing the bones. They were denser than most human bones, a bit rounder too. They felt smooth under her fingers. Sliding them up over the top of his ribs she heard him hiss.


“yeah that’s one of the spots sweetheart.” Sans muttered the sound of fabric getting gripped under his hands.


That only encouraged her to move more the small finger moving to the back letting the tip of her short nails drag on the inside of the rib. Watching him start to tremble underneath her. “Bones are sensitive, aren’t they?” Luna spoke leaning forward. 


“mmm… yeah… they are rather sensitive to touch especially when…” His words were cut off into a whine when she trailed her tongue along the sternum. Making sure to let her tongue slide over where each rib was connected.


That made Sans’ hands gripped her face pulling her head back, but Luna pursed her lips. Letting soft cool breath blow out over where she had licked him. “fuck…” Sans snarled.


“I said no touching Sans.” Luna cooed softly hearing him growl, but true to his word he removed his hands sliding them back down onto the armrest. “Better. Now you gonna listen or do I need to find some way to bind your hands to the chair?” Luna smirked looking up into his sockets.


His eye lights were flickering rather quickly, that cyan blush was prominent on his cheek bones. There was a press of something against her clothed crotch. “Ooh I got a rise out of you it seems. Does bone daddy like the idea of being tied up?” Luna asked getting a growl from Sans.


“no, its not that. i have been tryin’ to keep it down for a while but…” Sans cleared his nonexistent throat turning to look off. It made Luna giggle to see how shy he was getting. “did you just call me bone daddy?”


That made her chuckle, out of everything that she had brought up it was that comment. She blushed moving back away from him slightly giving enough room. Her palm pressed into his crotch making him moan. “I did. You call me all these cute little nicknames like babygirl or sweetheart. Only fair I have something to call you… intimately.”


He looked to be thinking on something, her index finger trailing along the edge of his shaft. His hips responded thrusting up shifting her up slightly. Reminding her how much bigger he was with her. “you got a daddy kink?” Sans spoke.


     Luna lowered her gaze down to his crotch taking her time to slip between his waist band. It was a valid question. Not really a daddy thing, must have a dad for that kind of interest. But the idea of calling Sans Bone Daddy in bed with him buried inside of her made her feel all kinds of squirmy. Biting her bottom lip her mind thought over it, it sounded hot.


“I don’t know if I have a Daddy Kink, but I can definitely call you that in private.” Luna smiled at him, while her hand inched down wrapping her fingers around his girth.


“good.” Sans moved his hands to her hips gripping onto her firmly. “hold on babygirl gonna make us a bit more comfortable.” Luna went to ask what he was talking about when her stomach did a flip. It took a moment before it situated, and they landed with a flop onto the couch.


Glancing around she tried to figure out how he did that. Sure, she knew some things about Sans but not all things apparently. A soft chuckle came from him getting her attention to look down at him. “took a short cut.” Sans winked at her moving his hands up to rest behind his skull. “the recliner is nice but put me in a bed or on the couch any day.” Sans purred at her.


A shortcut? But they were kiddie corner from the couch. Was he that lazy that he didn’t want to get up? It made her chuckle and shake her head. Leaning down to kiss his teeth. “So, when your pop across rooms that’s you short cutting?” Luna asked breaking the kiss.


     Sans nodded his head giving her the answer of what he had done. That was impressive, but it left an unanswered question in her mind. Why was he on the train that night? Teleportation, especially in the blink of an eye he could have been home just like that. Looking down at a relaxed Sans on her couch she smiled softly pulling out his shaft. It glowed brightly against her palm. He was thicker than her wrist now that she had a chance to see him in better light.


“take a picture babygirl. it’ll last longer.” Sans perked up.


     Luna glanced up at him a grin on her face, that sounded like a damn good idea at the moment. Since he had done the honors of teleporting them over to the couch, her phone was closer. Moving to the side she reached over grabbing her phone from the table. Watching as Sans’ sockets go wide. One handedly she unlocked her phone, getting the camera app to run. Leaning her body back she made sure to angle it to catch his face at the same time. Her hand wrapped around the base of his shaft before snapping a picture. The click sounding loud in the room.


Pulling her phone away she looked at the image finding it quite satisfying. “Well look at what I have here. A picture of my boyfriend’s dick.” Luna chuckled softly closing her phone before placing it back on the table. “Now that’s out of the way. Think I should get on the way.” Luna murmured.


     Inching her body up the length of him, being careful with his shaft at the same time. This was a touch nerve wracking. Memories of the one time she tried this the last guy had thrown her down. Nearly pushed her limits. Sans was still a stranger to her, but she had more trust in him than she realized. Positioning herself over him she angled him upwards hoping not to hurt him. Keeping her full weight off him she rocked her hips slowly. Grinding her core against his length. Feeling the way his magic just barely pressed into her.


Sans groaned the sound of his phalanges pressing into her couch. “fuck luna…” His voice came out husky lifting back onto the cushion of the seat. It was clear he was fighting not to grip her, for that she was thankful. Leaning forward she kept her weight from pressing down further.


     Kissing his sternum ever so lightly. Her hand moving to trace over his pelvic bone where his hips would be. Sans shuddered underneath her thrusting up to press into her crotch a bit more. Luna was glad she had angled him so that the tip was pointing up. It would have hurt if he had penetrated her through her panties. Luna whimpered while pleasure thrummed through her. “god what i would have given to get you to make those sounds that night…” Sans purred the vibration pressing up to her lips while she kissed his sternum again. “you sound so amazing now… just thinkin’ about how ya might sound when i’m thrusting deep inside of you.”


     Luna looked up to find his sockets were closed. Like he was envisioning it for a moment. The image was tantalizing in her own mind, the thought of him pushing her panties aside. Positioning himself…. Luna winced giving her thigh a pinch to ground her to the present. Not wanting to push herself into going further with that fantasy. “You still with me Sans?” Luna asked remembering the fire rum and how it affected him the night they met.


“mmm… wouldn’ wanna be anywhere else babygirl. and what happened to bone daddy?” He asked opening one of his sockets to look down at her.


“Sorry, slip of the lip.” Luna chuckled and within moments Sans sat up wrapping his arms around her. Instantly the thought of him not touching her went out the window.


Sans pulled her tight into his chest holding her there kissing her deeply instantly taking control of her movements. Fear came up worried that he might push her too far. Swallowing hard she tried to not panic. His movements froze at that, looking down at her. “don’ worry babygirl. i remember you askin’ me not to go all the way. i will respect that. just got ya to be my girlfriend. would be bad if i scared ya off right after i gotcha.” Sans leaned in closer kissing her neck.


     Was he going to put a heat mark on her again? She honestly hoped not, sometimes she would accidently rub it and it would set him off. There was no bite though, he just nuzzled, kissed, and licked the side of her neck. It put her at ease then with him taking control. Her body able to relax pressing her crotch into him. Grinding against him, it had him lifting his head back. One of his hands moving down to cup her ass feeling it through the thin panties she wore. Those panties were no doubt slick with her own arousal.


     His breath came out shaky, the tell-tale sign that she had noticed last time. Sans was close, but she wasn’t it had her nearly pouting to think she wouldn’t be able to get off. That was okay to her. This was meant to tease him more than anything. Seemed she went a bit further than she intended. In her mind though he deserved it.


“You’re close…” She whispered to him moving her fingers to press into his ribs making him groan at the mere touch.


     Moving up under his mandible he lifted his head willingly allowing her to kiss up his cervical vertebrae. That caused him to shiver, just from something as innocent as a peck. If he reacted that way, then… parting her lips to press her teeth against the area. Sans cried out as he came onto her stomach. The liquid felt a bit warmer than she would imagine. Leaning back she made sure to close her mouth as she did, but he pulled her closer. His bones were making rattling sounds while he cuddled her close.


“d-d-don’ move j-j-just yet b-b-baby g-g-girl.” Sans stuttered moving his hands to comb through her hair, she could feel him panting like he had ran a marathon. It was amusing to her to think he had gotten worked up that much. There was that tugging at her chest once more.


Papyrus had never told her what that meant but she recalled he had asked about it. Guess it was nothing of importance. Sans was purring once more, the vibrations coming through this chest pressing onto her. And then he just stopped.


“you didn’ get off.” He spoke after a while leaning back with her in his arms.


“Sometimes it takes a bit more for me. I’m not worried about it really.” Luna explained looking down to see the glowing secretion that was still on her stomach. It was pretty for it to be cum.


Her hands slid down to touch the stuff pushing it around lightly. At some point she would need another shower. Maybe once he got his cuddles. Before she could continue that thought even further she was pushed back to lay on the couch. A gasp escaping her while her focus landed on the ceiling. Oh no! This was not the way she intended this to happen. Glancing down she could see Sans adjusting his shorts, worry ate at her that he was going to pull them down and go further than she intended.


“Sans?” Her voice came out a bit startled, till she saw him adjust his pants up.


“easy babygirl. just pulling them up.” Sans looked up at her his smile apparent. “told ya we aren’ gonna go all the way. but i got off. you didn’. won’ take no for an answer this time.” Sans moved on her caging her underneath his body. It made her swallow while she looked up at him.


He seemed almost predatory at that moment. His expression was soft, his boney fingers pressed into her hips tugging at the waist band of her panties. “deep breaths okay. i’m not going to hurt ya. you look like a deer in the headlights suddenly.” Sans froze for a moment. “has nobody thought to take care of ya?”


     Luna had never given anyone the chance really since it always tended to lead to them wanting to go further. Further than she was willing. So she shook her head slowly. His face darkened while he cursed. “idiots all of ‘em.” Sans was starting to miss more letters to his words. Almost like he was slurring. “they don’ know what kind of gift you are. to rock a guys world with an orgasm without penetrating your soft body, that takes fuckin’ skills.”


     She blushed in embarrassment at the idea of that compliment. A hand cupped her face bringing her out of those embarrassing thought. “i still won’ penetrate without you wantin’ it. we still gettin’ to know one another. but i ain’ lettin’ this go. you need to get off babygirl. your bone daddy is gonna help ya.” He leaned down to kiss her, his tongue sliding through her lips to tangle with hers.


     The action alone making her groan and press her thighs together. Shifting them up and down together to cause friction to her sex. Making her moan into that kiss. Sans pulled away making her whine in protest. His hands pressing into her hips gripping onto her panties, tugging them down her legs. “i love how small you are. makes you seem so adorable and sexy at the same time. to think i could…” He paused pulling her panties over her feet and tossing them somewhere. “better not think about that. or else I might be inclined to act on it.”


     Spreading her legs, she watched him look down between them. Her mind raced back to think whether she shaved today or not. Sans hummed softly sliding his hands up her back moving her further so that her back was resting against an arm rest. “your so pink down there.” And the embarrassment just kept coming. Glancing up she found her thick weighted blanket which she just thrown over the top of the couch, so it was out of the way. Snagging it down she watched it float over her lower half hiding herself from him.


“hey!” Sans protested grabbing hold of the blanket trying to tug it away. She wasn’t about to give up her shielding. He then stopped humming again. “okay princess, you don’ wanna let it go?” He eyed her from where he was at. Luna shook her head profusely. His eye lights twinkled with mirth. “okay.”


     Within seconds and speed, she didn’t know he possessed he moved underneath the blanket making her squeak. Trying to pull herself out she found herself trapped when he grabbed hold of her legs. Shit! No! Need to…. Something drug across the opening of her sex making her freeze in place. Did he just… lick me? Luna lifted the blanket peering under.


     Sans’ skull was positioned at the opening of her sex, boney fingers were curled on the outsides of her thighs. Both holding her in place and keeping her spread open. A soft blue glow emitted before she noticed his tongue, it slid over her once more making her whimper out. Her body involuntarily shaking from the action. “you taste good princess.” He spoke after a moment slipping one of his hands from her thigh to her sex. Pressing two fingers against her bundle of nerves. Drawing lazy circles around it making her squirm and twitch. “relax and enjoy. you’ve made me feel so good twice, now i want to make you feel good.” He moaned starting to go to town on her slit.


     Dropping the blanket Luna moved her hands to the arm rest gripping on it a bit tighter. Within seconds her had her whining and moaning. Her body squirming to pull from his face. He pushed the blanket from them both exposing her suddenly to the cold room. Sans groaned apparently enjoying her, luckily, he never once penetrated her with his tongue. Seeming content with just licking the outside. That thought lasted all but a few seconds before he pushed her thighs onto his shoulders.


His tongue slide inside of her making her cry out in a bit of pain. Sans froze and pulled back looking down at her sex. Then back up at her. Confusion contorting his face, showing emotion over his face that was not normal for a skeleton. Normally she would have laughed if she didn’t want to hide her face in mortification. “what?” Sans’ voice came out soft almost like he was whispering a secret to someone. He leaned back down pressing his face into her sex again. His tongue sliding inside of her till he stopped. Pulling back instantly to look up at her. “no way. you’re a…”


Luna pulled her hands over her face mortified, how could she look at him now. “ woah woah... calm down princess, shit.” His hands grabbed hold of her pulling them from her face. “whats with the hiding?”


“Its embarrassing. I’m in my twenties and I’m a fucking virgin.” Luna whimpered even as Sans adjusted himself into a sitting position. He pulled her into his lap. “I should have already lost that pesky thing a few years ago. But I just…” Her arousal suddenly gone with her mortification.


“there’s nothin’ wrong with that babygirl. if i had known i wouldn’ have put the heat mark on you. shit, i feel like such a selfish ass.” Sans hugged her close. “i don’ regret it though. don’ think i ever will. why didn’ you tell me?” He asked after a bit.


“Oh yeah, I could hear that one. Let me help jack you off, but I don’t want to have sex because I’m a virgin.” Luna still wasn’t about to tell him she was a demi sexual.


Sans chuckled momentarily. “well I see where that would be taken. i understand that. now i get what you meant about first time. and why you aren’ ready to go all the way still. that’s okay. i’m patient.” He pressed his teeth to her forehead. It calmed her some, still feeling overwhelmed with embarrassment. “are you still aroused? i can still go back down on you.” He nuzzled her softly.


“Not really. Thank you for the offer though.” Luna muttered in defeat. She shouldn’t be like this.


“no thanks necessary. gotta take care of my babygirl.” He purred softly, making her feel all warm from his words. “would be a bad boyfriend too.” That made her snicker softly. “go get a shower then we can put a movie. relax on the couch. i could go for some cuddles right now. can my princess do that for her bone daddy?”


It made her feel giddy the way he stated the last bit. Princess, Babygirl, sweetheart… how many more nicknames could this guy deem her with. “Yeah we can do that.” She turned to kiss the top of his skull. “Thank you.”


“no thanks needed sweetheart. just be more open with me. can’ read minds, only soul bonded couples can feel things like that.” Sans nuzzled her again before helping her to her feet. “go get a shower. i’ll find something to watch.” Sans patted her ass sending her off towards the bathroom.


While she walked in she missed the fond look he was giving her.


~ ~ ~


     When he heard the shower start he got up himself and walked into the kitchen. Running the faucet with warm water before splashing it over his face. Was he dreaming? Not only did he have his moon suddenly as his girlfriend, but she was untouched. How had he gotten that lucky? She had some sexual experience, but her touches seemed innocent now that he had time to dwell on it. The whole teasing thing seemed practiced though, like she had done it before. Don’t think too much into that. You know you will get possessive. And you have only been dating for a few hours. He reminded himself while he snagged up his shirt pulling it back on.


     He felt more relaxed than he had during his heat cycle like he had worked all that pent-up frustration. Luna made him feel that way. Glancing at the bathroom door he smiled wider, he needed to prove that he was worthy of her. Sans was determined to keep her. He could feel it in his soul. Climbing back on the couch he set it up, so she could rest on his lap while laying down. He would get his cuddles, and if she fell asleep so be it.


The water turned off after a good twenty minutes, she stepped out in a towel before heading into her bedroom. Figuring that she was going to get some clothes on. Which proved right when she came out in an oversized shirt and some shorts. Walking over to the couch he took hold of her and placed her in his lap. “Find anything good?” Luna asked after a bit.


“yeah. wanna watch hitch hikers guide to the galaxy?” He asked wanting to see if she wanted to watch it.


Luna snorted in response only cuddling closer to him. He pulled the blanket over to wrap around them both. Wanting to keep her warm and toasty. “That’s fine with me. Not sure how much I’ll actually watch it though.” Luna admitted. Sans wasn’t sure how much he would watch either. Pulling his phone out he texted Paps letting him know that he wouldn’t be coming home due to being tired. He was gonna crash at Luna’s. His bro would understand he just knew it.


“its okay. mind if i spend the night here?” He asked after a bit.


“Sure. I would be cool with that.” Luna smiled up at him, he instantly felt warm. Hitting play they both laid across the couch with her curled-on top of him. They got through the dolphins singing before drifting off to sleep.

Chapter Text

     Sans walked into Grillby’s feeling rather exhausted. It had been a long night. And the week was only going to get longer it seemed according to Toriel. Why did he have to agree to this JOB? Why couldn’t he have just said no? He hated it! No monster wanted to be mated to someone who was a killer of fellow monsters.


     Even Toriel was considering going back to Ass-Whore. Sans truly felt he had a chance with the former queen. The two of them shared a love for jokes, hell he would have even taken more of a liking to the kid. Especially after the genocide runs. That was saying something. Sans was close to asking her out too. He needed more Spine. Hehe, Spine!


     Shoulders slumped, and pockets shoved into his pockets he started to walk towards the bar. Freezing for a second when he caught sight of a human in the bar. Unable to see her face he found himself looking her up and down. Curvy, not too thin and short. Dark hair was pulled up into a hair tie. She was dealing with another human’s that Grillby served. Not the place they should be.


Looking forward once more he walked towards the bar climbing up on his usual stool. Not looking up at the fire elemental who was cleaning a glass. So spick and span Grillby was. Everything had a place in his bar. Even Sans.


“Looks like you have had a rough night Sans,” Grillby spoke to him still cleaning the glass. “Do you want to talk about it? I know you hate bringing it up to Papyrus. Since you wish to protect him from what you deem as the evils of the world.”


Grillby had no clue what the world was like. At one time Sans had given up on the idea of coming to the above ground since he was sure it was dangerous. More dangerous than the world they had come from. Sans wanted to protect Papyrus. It wasn’t fair.


“i hate being the one to judge them. i hate having to be the one who must get rid of them if they choose not to live within what we consider our laws. being the judge underground was a lot simpler than it was up here.” Sans started off not going to tell him about the genocide run, the fire elemental wouldn’t remember it. None of them ever did!


“You could always tell the Queen you don’t want to anymore Sans. Everyone has a choice up here. She made sure we knew that.” Grillby offered up. Yeah, there was a choice. But then who would ensure that those monsters who were still angry with humans wouldn’t step out of line. It's not like anyone could pick up his mantle.


“as good as that sounds grillz, i can’ and ya know that.” Sans moved to place his boney hands over the top of his skull. Rubbing it callously. “i can’ even have a mate because of my job. who would want to date someone who dusts their own kind?”


     That was not a confession he intended to share with anyone, not even his brother knew how lonely Sans had gotten. Papyrus had Undyne and the kid to hang out with. Sans thought he had Toriel but soon she would be with Ass-Whore. Still made him chuckle calling the goat king that. The small lazy skeleton longed for someone to cuddle him after a night of work. Rub his skull tell him it would be alright.


“You sure you would want a monster?” Grillby cut off his thinking with that statement.


Raising his head, he looked at Grillby arching a bone brow. “well… logically speaking we aren’ sure if humans can have kids with us. but…” Sans took a moment to glance over at the woman he had noticed earlier. “i could see the appeals of havin’ one for a mate. always liked how soft they felt under my hand.”


“Ah, looking at my waitress I see. That one’s been here a few years after we were freed. Humans gave me a hard time about hiring her seeing as she was underage to serve alcohol. At least by human laws, she was. But she’s a damn good worker. Shows up on time. And the customers love her.” Grillby sighed getting Sans to turn and face him. The guy looked tired himself but beyond that, he could see him eying the human female with a fatherly expression.


“care about her a lot don’ ya big guy?” Sans asked a bit curious about how Grillby knew the little human.


“Like us, she hasn’t had an easy time. Seems she takes better to monsters than she does to her own kind.” Grillby admitted after a bit picking up another glass. Going to work cleaning it.


     That confused Sans. A human who got along better with monsters than other humans? How was that possible? It wasn’t uncommon though, Frisk got along better with Monsters, but she could get along with humans as well. Glancing over at the woman he wondered if he should check her, see how she truly felt about her job. Or being around other monsters for that matter? Nah, just leave it. Grillz was happy to have her working for him.


“Going to ask again… you sure you want a monster for a mate?” Grillby inquired. And for a moment Sans swore he could see the fire that made Grillby crackle with mirth.


“can i get my usual? extra strong this time. kind of want to forget this night. it was really bad this time grillz.” Sans leaned down resting his skull on the top of the bar.


“I can tell, you still have the dust clinging to you,” Grillby commented. That made Sans jump looking over his jacket. Sure, enough there was dust covering his jacket. How could he be so insensitive?! No wonder he would never have a mate! He just walked into his favorite placed covered in the dust of his brethren.


“shit… maybe i should just go home. i’m sorry grillz. never meant to come in here like this. probably makin’ the others sick to see me like this.” Sans stirred uneasily.


     Just as he was about to hop off the seat Grillby produced another one of his jackets. He had about three of them since Papyrus always made him wash them. After the one time he came home covered in ketchup it was understandable. Sans looked up at Grillby confused.


“You left it here one night when you got so drunk you ported into the back. Scared poor Gladys out her pantaloons.” Grillby placed the material delicately on the counter. Then went to work fixing up Sans’ drink.


     Slipping off the stool he pulled off the other jacket, one look at it and Sans felt the instant shame. No matter how many times he washed it, the dust would still be there. Fishing out his phone, wallet, and house keys he put them on the bar top. Then he opened a rift to the void dropping the jacket down. Mourning its departure while it descended into darkness. Once the rift was closed he slid the new jacket on feeling so much better already.


     It almost felt like a layer of sin was washed from him. Climbing back on the stool he looked at the retro bottle of ketchup that Grillby reserved specifically for him. The fire elemental had grown tired of Sans constantly drinking straight from the dispenser when he came over. Instead, he bought these nifty little red bottles that Sans could bring back at any time. It made shit just easier. Grillby knew to lace the bottles with fire rum. That served to ease Sans into a dull dreamless sleep.


     Taking a large swig, the bottle was empty within minutes. About the fourth one in Sans didn’t feel anything. No guilt, no sorrow, just nothing. His skull fell on one of his arms cradling the fifth bottle in the other hand. Life felt so much better. Right now he was just Sans the drunk, not Sans the judge. It was utter bliss.


“i’m gonna take a nap grillz. wake me when paps is ‘ere please.” Some of the words coming out a bit sloppy from how drunk he felt.


     Grillby never responded though, which was odd. A feminine cry could be heard across the bar. Temptation rushed through him to turn his head to see what was going on. Instead, he looked up to see Grillby’s face go dark. Oh boy, someone’s about to get their asses kicked. Hehe. Glad it’s not me. With that thought in mind, he closed his eyes just focusing on sleep for the moment. Time ticked by, slowly… sounds around the bar filled his ear holes. Why wasn’t sleep coming for him? The dogs were lapping at their beers. Grillby was arguing with someone. They sounded drunk, they were telling Grillby that they can touch her if they felt like it. She was a human after all and not a monster. Really wanna fuckin’ punch that guy. Sans grumbled mentally.


     The scent of flowers filled his nasal cavity making him hum. It was behind him at first. Booted steps sounded on the wooden floor. The one board behind the bar squeaked meaning pressure was there. Opening his sockets, he gazed up at the most pretty face he had ever seen in his miserable life. He should have turned away, but he couldn’t help it. Freckles dotted across the bridge of her nose. Pink lips were glazed with some sort of lip gloss. What flavor would they be if I licked them? That dark brown hair was pulled back into a tight ponytail. Loose strands dangling at the sides. The kicker was her eyes, two different colors. Unusual for a human. He locked on them seeing the surprise in her gaze.


Oh! She thought I had been sleeping. Silly human, don’t you know? One doesn’t sleep in a bar. That’s at least what he told himself. Talk! Talk to her dammit! Before she thinks he’s just another creep like the others!


“hey did it hurt when you fell?” The words were out before he could even slap his hand over his mandible. That was the lamest pickup line in the book. An angel like her was going to slap him he just knew it.


“Um…what?” The expression on her face was one of curiosity rather than of anger. Oh… maybe I can get away with this after all! hehe…


“because you look like you fell from heaven.” He had to finish it the pick-up line was already there. Unable to help the chuckles that were coming from him already. Fuck he was drunk.


     The angel’s face flushed with color next. A lovely shade of red took over her pale face making her so much more adorable in his mind. And then she laughed. That made him freeze, she was laughing at the lamest pickup line in the book. Was that my soul you just caressed sweet thing? He wondered to himself. Stars she is so pretty! I want to take her home. Introduce her to Paps. Bet they will get along. She will love doing puzzles with him. Or… oh, I could hope, lazing about with me on the couch. Sans was willing to bet his lucky sock she was softer than his big fuzzy blanket at home.


     She turned away from him. Sounds of glasses clinking together told him she was making drinks. Grillby didn’t let anyone behind the bar normally. Speaking of behind… Sans dropped his gaze over the jeggings she wore. The elastic fabric clinging to her curves, that oversized sweater did nothing to hide the swell of her ass.


“stars you have a nice butt…” Oops, didn’t mean to say that out loud. Might as well just keep digging that grave that he was currently in. She would probably grow tired of him and walk off. “and i’ve seen my fair share of asses. but yours…” He purred, it was involuntary but fuck what was she doing to him? This one for sure was going to get him smack, he knew it. He was like a force begging to get smacked down. If it was this pretty angel doing it, he didn’t care. “yours has this sexy curve to it that i want to sink my teeth into.”


Yep, he was going to die. With the biggest fucking smile on his face. All that pent of flirtation he had inside of him was just unleashed on this unsuspecting angel! Perfect fucking angel at that. She made a sound that did not sound one bit like one of those ethereal beings should make. Sexy none the less though. She snorted.


“Not sure if I should take that as a compliment or if you're telling me I have a fat ass.” The instant those words left her mouth she clamped a hand over it. Oh, let me kiss you, then you can be silent that way. Let me find out what heaven tastes like for this night.


Sans burst into a fit of laughter more at his thoughts rather than at her. Though he had to admit she was pretty ballsy for saying that with Grillby in the room. The fire elemental had a knack for being punctual. The Angel was giving out all kinds of crass currently. “don’t get cheeky with me kid. and it wasn’t an insult. i really mean you have a nice ass. i want to come over there and squeeze it see if it feels as soft as it looks. humans are so fuckin’ sexy it hurts.”


     That last part he wasn’t sure where it came from. Sure she was sexy but other humans he would have to see. Sans was the first to admit the soft fleshy beings came as a kink to him. The idea of warm hot flesh rubbing against his bones got him so hard. Especially when they looked as good as his little angel. That made him pause. His little angel? Why not? Grillby asked if he wanted a monster for a mate? One look at the pretty thing in front of him made him want to bring her home. That dark brown hair pooling over his sternum sliding through his rib cage. Yeah, he could feel that magic swelling now. Not even thinking about it being sexual. That was just picturing her sleeping in bed with him.


     His hand toyed with the ketchup bottle in his hand. Maybe he should go home? Stop harassing the sweet tantalizing thing in front of him. This angel wouldn’t want anything to do with him. The tip of the bottle reached the opening of his maw giving a firm squirt. The tangy yet sweet taste of the ketchup with the burn and spiciness of the fire rum. Making him feel good all over again.


“Are you drunk off Ketchup?” That voice, he could be lulled into eternal happiness with that voice. She asked a question… focus!


     The bottle tugged from his teeth lifting his gaze to her. Seeing that she turned around once more. Gracing him with that pretty face. She needed to be closer, get her closer dammit! Humming to himself he tried to concoct a plan to get her to come away from the back of the bar. The idea of using his magic was tempting. Though that might scare her. One glance at the bottle and a plan formed. Lifting his other hand, he motioned for her to come closer.


If she was so curious about his ketchup, then maybe she might like a taste. His soul flickered when she came close. That was new! “its not just ketchup sweetheart, this has fire rum in it. and it’s the best. grills know how to get me to relax after a long day of work.” As well as bring in the prettiest little things he had ever laid eyes on to work at his bar. Sans knew Grillby spoke highly of the waitress. Stated she fit in better with monsters than humans. Thoughts of her fitting into his life seemed adamant. He doubted she knew what accepting monster food meant. Though he could explain it to her afterward. It was worth a shot.


“try a little sweetheart, ya might like it. just a warnin’ though you might not want not want to drink anythin’ else ever again.” Or want anyone else ever again! Because once he had got her he doubts he would let her go. Something about her made him want to keep her.


It was there he could see it. The angel was tempted to try it, but her gaze lifted looking over the counter. Sans turned to follow it, landing on Grillby. Oh right! She’s at work. Afraid to upset the boss. Fuck it… I’ll take the blame for this. I need her to loosen up, she’s as stiff as a board. There was no turning back now. It was set into motion the minute he turned back around shoving the condiment bottle between those perfect lips. Surprise registered in her eyes when he squeezed. A bit too much then he intended.


Her body thrashed back. Pressing into the back of the bar once more. A moment of panic surged over Sans worried that he might have startled her. Staying where he was making sure to watch her every move. If she spat it out he would leave her alone, but if she swallowed it. He would be on her like a dog with a bone. His grin spreading wider at that thought. “forget ya humans get drunker off monster alcohol than monsters.” Sans was still concerned that hit to the back bar looked to be quite painful. “you okay kid?”


     Maybe he shouldn’t have pushed her that far. A giggle escaped her telling him she had swallowed the ketchup. Holy shit! She accepted monster food, from him no less! The logical side of him was telling him she had no choice, that she was just being nice. While his once depressed side was jumping for joy. The angel had accepted his courtship. “I’ma fine… silly skeleton.” Silly? He had been called many things but silly was a first. “I’m not supposed to drink at work. The boss might light me up for that.” She came closer leaning over the counter, she was right where he wanted her.


Light her up? What did she… ah! Fire her! She was worried about losing her job. He doubts Grillby would fire her. Especially when Sans told him that he had done it with intentions. “nah, i’d take care of ya. grillby will listen to his favorite customer.” Taking a lock of her hair and watching it curl around the tip of his phalange. “never seen someone drink ketchup like that. well other than me. take it ya liked it?” He could see her shivering, was it too cold in here?


“Believe me I’d never considered drinking ketchup, but it wasn’t that bad actually. The fire rum adds a bit more spiciness to it. And it tingles going down the throat.” The regret was imminent on her face the moment those words came out. Seemed the alcohol was making her a bit too talkative for her tastes. “What's your name?”


“mmm… sans… sans the skeleton.” Moving closer to her. Wanting to be near her. It seemed things were going to work out in his favor after all. “what about yours sweet angel?” The endearment rolled out of him before he could stop it.


     The angel just smiled at him before climbing back behind the bar. No! Come back! I want you close. Going behind the bar was against all Grillby’s rules he knew that. The angel was on the other side though. Fuck it! He can grill me later. he he grill me later. Snagging the bottle, he slipped off the stool. Walking a bit unsteady around the bar to find his angel sitting there. Her back was pressed against the front counter, eyes closed. Taking in the sight of her he noticed the burgundy fingerless gloves she had on. That was different.


     Moving down onto the floor he reached out for her. Perfection was in his grasp. He wanted to touch it. Before he could though she moved climbing into his lap. That small body pressing into his front, it made him inhale her scent deeper. The soul within him doing happy little flips just from the feel of her being so close. Once she was settled he sat there shocked beyond comprehension. Instinctually he wrapped his arms around her pulling her to him tighter. So small, yet so perfect. He didn’t know her name but for some reason, he didn’t want to be without her.


She tucked her head under his mandible seeming to make herself comfortable. “you know what it means to accept food from a monster right? especially when they share it with you?” Sans asked curiously wanting to see how much she knew.


A soft hum came from her. “If a monster offers and it is accepted then it’s a start of a courtship,” Angel admitted shortly after.


Smart girl. Working in a monster bar meant she probably had to learn about their different customs. Like when Grillby went into heat. “that’s right.” Sans made sure she knew she had been right.


“Was you shoving a bottle of ketchup in my mouth asking me out on a date?” Angel giggled clinging tighter to him. Sans felt in heaven.


“maybe?” The unsureness in his voice made her flinch. “okay yes, you are too perfect. how did grillby even convince you to work here?”


“That’s a story for another time. Perhaps I can tell you when you take me out for dinner or something.” Her voice sounding off and exhausted.


Combing his phalanges through her dark tresses noticing how thick it felt. Knocking out her hair tie, that didn’t matter. When her hair cascaded around her face he felt breathless for the first time in well… a long time. His Angel was gorgeous. “i’ll take ya where ever ya want babygirl.” The endearment was there, and he felt it fit.


“Good. Can I sleep on you? That fire rum is making me so tired. I just want to sleep.” His Angel asked. Sans nodded his head. She could sleep on him. He wanted to take her home, let her lay on him all night. Fear ate at him that she might be terrified when she woke up. Being in a place she didn’t recognize. Did Grillby let her stay here often? Within moments he heard her breathing come out soft and even. That didn’t take long.


Something about her called his soul. The tugging at his chest made him snuggle her more. Closing his sockets, he instantly recognized he didn’t feel lonely. Even just from her being there. Normally he would just put it on that he just had somebody. That wasn’t it though. It was something to do with her he just knew it. Drawing little circles over her stomach he noticed she squirmed letting out a soft giggle. Footsteps approached on the other side of the counter. Unwrapping an arm from around her waist he moved over to grab the bottle. Taking a large swig from it.


“Sans? What happened?” Grillby’s voice came sternly as the fire elemental came around the corner.


“she’s a little tired. gave her something to drink. i’m gonna take her out for food when she wakes.” The words rolled out of him like they were meant to come out. It felt so right to say them.


“Sans…” Looking up he could see the way Grillby’s hands drug down his face. “You have a human fetish. Everyone knows. And won’t you end up hurting her when you realize she isn’t what you want in a mate?”


Taking another swig from the bottle he took some time to process what Grillby had just said. What did he want in a mate? A monster was normally the only choice they had down in the underground. Yeah, monsters liked having him around but he doubts they enjoyed his sense of humor. Angel had laughed without the influence of the alcohol before. “let me try with her grillby. when i saw her earlier i felt i had stumbled into heaven.” That heaven pick up line corny as it could be was starting to fit. “i feel it in my soul. i know she is good.”


“She is a good person.” The warmth was closer now. Grillby had moved a lot closer than Sans was comfortable with. The fire elemental reached out moving to take her from him. No! He couldn’t have his angel.


“don’ do it. less you wanna have a bad time.” Sans felt his magic flare up instinctually.


“You can’t keep her!” Grillby snapped sending a glare that normally would have hurt Sans. He felt possessive. She was his.


“she’s mine.” Sans snapped back pulling the small female closer to him. It jolted her a touch, a soft groan escaping her when he did. “its okay babygirl. just me moving you a bit.” Sans cooed in her ear.


“Sansy…” His angel cooed back.


   Grillby sighed pulling out his phone. Sans knew what was going to happen. His brother was going to be called. He didn’t care he had her. Papyrus would see, she was perfect. The perfect little mate for Sans. That made him freeze but only for a second. A mate? The thumping in his chest told him his soul was excited with that. It wasn’t just the skeleton that wanted her, but his soul as well.


“you got my soul doing flips babygirl. it wants you as much as i do.” Sans spoke softly.


“What did you say?” Grillby spoke once more. Sans looked up to see him close the phone. Papyrus would be here soon.


“my soul… it's weird. i feel it calling for her.” Nuzzling the top of her head he sighed contently.


“It's calling to your… oh shit.” It was rare that Grillby cursed. When he did it meant things were going south. “I hope for her sake you don’t screw this up, Sans. If your soul is calling to her that means it found its mate…” Sans didn’t get to hear the rest suddenly feeling tired. Drifting off to sleep. He felt at peace with his angel in his arms.


     Sans awoke looking up at the ceiling. It wasn’t his usual ceiling that he had in his bedroom. Glancing around he took in the living room where he was laying. Nope, not his house. The television was on the Netflix menu. Hitch Hikers Guide to The Galaxy was the selected title. Something shifted on top of him. His gaze dropped finding the angel from his dreams curled up into him. Heaven! Instinctively he pulled her close.


“was that a dream or déjà vu?” Sans asked himself. Using magic, he floated the remote to him, so he could turn off the television. It didn’t matter which. His Moon was asleep in his arms. Dwelling on that dream could wait till tomorrow. Or rather later today. Unsure of the time currently.


     While he laid there, he thought over that dream. His soulmate? Could Luna be his soulmate? It was very possible. Monsters were in tune with their souls more than humans. It would explain the attraction he felt for her the instant he saw her at the train station. That need to talk to her made more sense. To memorize everything about her. Convincing her that she was his would be a lot harder. He was patient, he could convince her. For now, he had her, as his girlfriend. That word made him feel all giddy. His soul did a flip in his chest, showing him how happy it was about that word too. Sans fell back asleep cuddling his moon to him.

Chapter Text

     The alarm went off with a loud annoying buzz. The owner of that alarm not wanting to move from where they were curled up. A large weighted blanket pulled over their small body. The buzz turned to a beep then pulsing through out the room every thirty seconds. It did it about three times before a hand slammed down on the clock missing the off button. Alarm still blaring Luna tossed off the blanket pulling her sluggish body towards the edge of the bed.


“Shut the Fuck Up!” Luna yelled at the alarm starting to slam it down on the night stand just wanting it to shut up.


     Aggravation came next, she began to slam down harder. Knocking her phone, glasses, and even that large glass of water off. Scrambling to grab the water she tried to grab it. Not wanting a squishy carpet. It illuminated with a blue glow before it could turn over dumping its contents on the floor. The glass hovered back onto her night stand. Making her forget all about that alarm, for about five seconds. Glaring daggers at the alarm she tried to fiddle with it again. This thing needed to be thrown in the trash.


A boney hand moved onto the alarm turning it off. Lifting her gaze, she landed it on the smiling skeleton whom was now beside her bed. “mornin’ babygirl.” Sans spoke leaning down to kiss her forehead.


“Morning…” Luna started with a grumble before having a cup of coffee shoved in her face. Oh coffee! Good… Nestling the cup in her hands she pulled it closer raising it to her lips giving it an experimental sip. It wasn’t scalding. That made it perfect. Realization hit her next Sans was in her bedroom. “Why are you at my home at?” Her gaze trailed to the clock reading it was noon. Ouch she felt she had just gotten to bed.


“paps and i think you need to talk to our friend about your interest in monster heats. told you that i was going to have someone teach ya.” He winked taking a seat on the edge of her bed. “you agreed to it last night after all.”


     Once her coffee was secured on the night stand she flopped back onto her bed. Tugging that thick heavy blanket over her face so she could hide. No! She didn’t want to go anywhere. The blanket gets pulled on trying to be removed from her body. An amused chuckled filling the room. Luna held tight moving to grip the blanket between her legs. Not willing to give up without a fight. It was her day off, and she wanted more sleep.


The bed dipped, signaling that he had climbed onto her bed. Movement told her that he was climbing up to where she was. Imagining six-foot Sans climbing onto her bad made her blush profusely. It was a queen-sized bed, but she could imagine him dwarfing her while she was on it. Hands pressed onto either side of her body. Slowly she lowered the blanket coming face to skull with him. Eye lights twinkling with mirth he watched her. “you either can get out of bed willingly or i’m gonna have to resort to playin’ dirty.” Sans explained with a click of his tongue.


“Oh and how will you exactly resort to playing dirty?” Luna asked seeing the amusement flicker in those eye lights.


“well we could always short cut there with you just wearing what ya got on underneath.” Sans offered up. One glance down told her she would be fine with that. The only thing she would be embarrassed about was the fact that she wore no bra. Still unsure whom she was meeting she didn’t want to appear like a complete slob.


“I can be cool with that. I can blame you for my disheveled self. Say your such a bad influence.” Luna grinned mischievously at him.


“well that was one of the easy ways princess.” Sans rolled off to the side standing to his full height. Shoving his hands into the pockets of his blue parka. That amused smile still on his face.


“Don’t see how your going to get me out of bed then.” Luna offered turning onto her side pulling the blanket over her body. Cuddling into the soft pillow. Sans’ expression shifted to one of envy for a brief second.


“suit yourself princess. i did do try at the least.” Sans explained pulling out his phone. In a few seconds he was texting someone. Once he was finished he shoved the phone back into his pocket.


      Why did she suddenly have a bad feeling? The door to her bedroom swung open emitting a tall lanky skeleton. Oh Fuck! The grinning bastard got his brother involved. She shot a glare at Sans whom simply shrugged his shoulders taking a step back from the bed. Papyrus walked up to the bed and folded his arms over his chest. Luna shrunk under the blankets.


“H-hey P-Pappy…” Luna squeaked.


Papyrus sighed looking over to Sans. “You have to make me do this don’t you.” Papyrus shook his head before reaching down to the blanket.


     In one swift tug the blanket was pulled from her grip. Revealing her in her pajamas. A white tank top, a pair of black shorts that didn’t even go down to her mid-thigh. With white knee-high socks. A whistle could be heard, cutting into the silence the room currently held. It was long, low, and very appreciative. Both Luna and Papyrus narrowed their gazes on Sans. Who was just sitting there, eye lights flickering over her small body. “what i’m appreciating my babygirl.”


“Miss Luna, we have very important business to attend to today. We must be punctual when we arrive. This will be the first time you have ever met Queen Toriel Demmur.” Papyrus folded his arms over his chest looking at Sans shaking his head. This was irritating, Luna could see that look on Pappy’s face. “Please get dressed we must be punctual.”


     Papyrus turned walking out the room. Making sure to catch the handle of the door knob on his way out. The slam wasn’t really that loud, but it still made Luna jump. Then that annoying chuckle came from the side of her bed. Rolling dual toned eyes over to fixate on her loving but currently in so much deep shit boyfriend. Just standing there hands shoved in his pockets while his eye lights looked her over once more. Waiting for those eye lights to be focused on her lower half. Her hand took hold of the pillow closest to her head. Throwing it at him, watching when it collided with his face with a satisfying poomph sound.


     A boney hand retracted from his jacket to grab the pillow from his face. Pulling it down to examine it for a second. In a flash Sans disappeared. Her heart raced looking around the room trying to locate him. Before feeling something plush hit her in the back of her head and land beside her thigh. Her gaze dropped down to the pillow for a moment, understanding the thought that struck. Reaching for it… she didn’t get it in time. Two strong arms wrapped around her holding her arms in place. Pressing his chest into her back.


“as much fun as it would be to see whom can win pillow fight. paps has a point. we need to get a move on it, so we can go see tori. i’ll be out in the living room while you get dressed princess.” His voice was soft yet filled with amusement. Kissing her cheek, he let her go before short cutting out of the room.


     Luna groaned not wanting to do anything today. Why couldn’t she be lazy? Getting out of bed she stomped her way over to the dresser pulling out one of her bras. It was going to be one of those days she just knew it. The kind of day that shit just didn’t go her way.


     After a tediously long hot shower, provided with protests from the skellie brothers stating that they needed to go. She got herself dressed into a pair of grey leggings, a black pleated skirt that fell past her knees, and a white buttoned up shirt. To which she wore a long-sleeved shirt that clung to her body underneath. The last thing she adorned herself were her black skeletal gloves. Sans eyed her from the kitchen while she laced up her boots.


“don’ have to over do it for tori, babygirl. she is very relaxed.” Sans stated bringing over her a fresher cup of coffee. Since the one in her room had long been forgotten.


“As Papyrus stated this will be my first-time meeting Queen Toriel Dreemurr. Which means King Asgore Dreemurr, Ambassador Frisk Dreemurr, and Prince Asriel Dreemurr will be there.” Luna sighed feeling like she was a bottle of cheap perfume sitting on the shelf with the expensive stuff.


     Sans sat down beside her, she could feel his eye lights boring into her from the couch. She should let it go and just deal with this meeting. Sans had stated that they were going to see a friend so casually. Not once had she considered that casual friend to be Queen Toriel Demmur. A hand rested on her shoulder, stopping her from the tight lacing of her boots. “princess… take it easy please.” Sans’ voice came out soft.


     It startled her for a second when he dropped down onto the ground. That boney hand dropping to grab her laces finishing up the work she had started. Luna felt pampered all the sudden. His skull lifted looking up at her, hand moving to cup her face bringing her down. Giving a light peck to her lips. “regardless of who we are going to see. you are perfect okay? don’ think you need to dress up all fancy or act a specific way. be you, i like you.” That was a smooth way of putting she admitted.


Sans got back to his feet offering her a hand, which she took graciously. Pulling her up from the recliner. They both exited the apartment. Luna making sure that the door was locked before heading down the stairs. Papyrus was waiting in the red corvette convertible. This wasn’t the first time she rode in his car. Recalling that night at Grillby’s. Probably wouldn’t be the last. The two slid into the back seat. Sans moved an arm over her shoulder tucking her against him.


“We should be there in about an hour. They live on the outskirts of Ebbot. Since Asgore likes to have his large garden. Think we ever should move to the outskirts brother? Sometimes I think it would be better than living in the part of town we currently are. Out there seems so…” Papyrus started to talk when he drove.


“Peaceful.” Luna mentioned after a moment. Not catching the look that Sans had given her.


     It was peaceful on the outskirts of town, but Luna knew that. Hell, she had daydreamed owning a nice little cottage out there one day. Sure, she had the funds to maybe buy one of the houses that were on a nice stretch of land. Maybe find the time to do more artwork. The passion to draw, paint, or even sketch had died a few years ago. After Joseph…


     The memory made her fingers flesh recalling the pain each joint felt. Her brother had dislocated each finger out of spite… oh sorry step brother. He couldn’t stand the thought of her calling him her brother. Sans took her hand seeming to think the flexing was a signal that she wanted it to be held. The move made her feel warm. Snuggling tighter into his side.


     Glancing up into the rear view mirror her gaze caught Papyrus’ for a moment. And his eye lights seemed to be bouncing with happiness. Happiness more for his brother and her. Papyrus had stumbled into her apartment last Sunday making the two of them jump out of their skin. To which Papyrus accused them of canoodling near noon. Honestly, if he thought them sleeping on the couch together was bad how would he have reacted to what they had done before.


     Sans had taken her shopping for groceries. Which she paid for. Even though he tried to pay for them. Luna didn’t need coddling. If he wanted to spoil her it was one thing, but she didn’t want him to pay for her food. Especially if he wasn’t around to share it with her all the time. They had parted ways Sans saying that he had some things to do at home. Luna felt lonely when she walked into the apartment. That loneliness was pushed aside by the fact that she had more unpacking to do.


     Luna had managed to finish setting up the apartment by Monday night. She might change some things around in the future for now she was content. She enjoyed when Papyrus would come over just before his shift spending about twenty to thirty minutes doing puzzles with her. Discussing their day. It felt like he was keeping a good eye on her. Paps was the best when it came down to it.


“You look tired Luna, why don’t you take a nap?” Papyrus offered.


“Nah.” She didn’t want to admit how high her nerves were right now. Especially with how close Sans was. She could hear him telling her to relax again. “I like watching the scenery change. Would have loved to be able to draw some of this when I used to.”


“You used to draw?” Papyrus asked Luna cursed her big mouth her fingers flexing once more at the memory that came with it.


“Mmm… yeah. I stopped a few years ago though. Can’t seem to find the time for it anymore.” It was an easy lie. That didn’t stop the look Sans gave her though.


     That was right, Sans seemed to be able to tell when she was lying too easily. It was a touch unnerving. She didn’t want to go into conversations about her past to them right now. Didn’t want to hear about how they would bring justice for her wrong doing. It was the past, best left forgotten. Joseph can’t hurt me anymore. That’s all. Luna regarded Sans with a look. Watching his body move that told her he was huffing.


After a few moments of staring out the window she felt him lean closer. “its apart of your past. but i felt those fingers twitch when you mentioned drawin’. you have time for it. but somethin’ is preventin’ you from doing it.” His thumb moved over her fingers to emphasize his point. Of course, he had known she was lying. Damn lie detector that one.


“Its in my past. Not something I like to think about.” Luna muttered softly. The memory of the pain made her close her eyes. Please just leave it be.


“would you draw somethin’ for me?” Sans asked making her open her eyes. Turning to look at his face. Seeing he was smiling softly. There were no nagging questions about her past, he wanted her to draw something. It warmed her heart to think he would want something from her.


“I’ll think about it.” Luna responded after a bit. He leaned forward giving her lips a light kiss.


     Annoyance flooded through her when she was shaken awake by Sans. It was a gentle shake of the shoulder nothing too rough. And she wasn’t annoyed with him but more at herself. Sleeping in Papyrus’ car had not been the plan. Somewhere between watching the scenery and snuggling with Sans she had fallen asleep. Luna huffed letting Sans help her out of the back seat.


“you’re upset you fell asleep?” Sans asked closing the door once she was out.


     Luna didn’t respond just stood there. A stinging sensation glossed over her eyes, reminding her she forgot to put in her eye drops. Blinking several times, she tried to well up tears to make the stinging go away. That didn’t help. Sliding her hand up to her face it moved the glasses that clung out of the way. Letting her press two fingers into her sockets and rub profusely. Still didn’t work!


“calm down.” Sans’ voice rumbled into her ear making her pull her hand down away from her eyes. Looking back at him where he stood. He was standing directly behind her. His mandible hovering close to her ear. “its not going to be that bad, princess. they are casual monsters just like me, paps, tops, and bp.”


Sans didn’t hesitate to take her hand turning her to walk towards the front door. Papyrus was fidgeting rubbing his gloved hands together while his gaze remained on her. Luna watched as Sans gave a curt nod to Paps which calmed him. “Everything okay?” Luna asked.


“yeah, you’ve been around paps a bit longer than me. when you feel anxious he can feel your anxiety. we are a bit more open to human emotions when we are around them for so long. our magic becomes in tune with you.” Sans explained leaning in to nuzzle her. “i envy that connection that he has with you. but i’m sure i will have it at some point.”


     Luna bit back the comment she wanted to make. Knowing that Papyrus would feel it didn’t settle well with her. It must have been why BP and Tops avoided her like the plague when she was on that time of the month. Made sense she got grumpy and often.


     Papyrus rang the door bell which seemed out of character. If it were her apartment he would charge right in holding out a puzzle or a pastry of some sort for her to eat. Luna stood tall pressing her heels together to appear proper like. While Sans stood there hand in hers while the other was shoved into the pocket of his coat. After a minute or so the door opened revealing a white goat woman. At least Luna assumed she was a goat woman. Her dress told Luna that this was a female.


     The woman stood a similar height to Papyrus, kind violet eyes addressed them all. Something about them told Luna that they held some wisdom to them. White fur was smoothed out evenly over her body. It made up for the lack of hair, Luna guessed. Long ears cascaded down from the sides of her head to her shoulders making her appear gorgeous even with the two small horns posed at the top.


“Oh, you’re here. Welcome!” The goat woman smiled her voice coming out soft but sweet. “Come in please my friends. I have snacks waiting. The children are out in the yard playing so that we may have this conversation.”


     Papyrus turned to look at Luna offering her a smile one that Luna didn’t feel inclined on returning. One thing she knew about him was that he was a gentleman. And he was going to let her be the first to walk in. Swallowing the hard lump that formed in her throat she took a step forward. Noticing Sans wasn’t letting go of her hand anytime soon. Good, less chance of her bailing on this. Approaching the door she watched the goat woman tilt her head off to the side a bit.


“You must be the friend that Sans and Papyrus talk about. Well, mostly Papyrus.” She smiled. Ouch, why did Sans not talking about her hurt that much. “I am Toriel Dreemurr. But please call me Toriel if you may.”


The goat woman stepped to the side allowing Luna to walk past. Turning she looked at Toriel. “Um… pleasure t-to m-meet you. I-I’m Luna… Luna Solarium.” Why couldn’t she have taken it a lot cooler than that way.


     Sans sauntered beside her, his hand squeezing hers gently. It was a reassuring gesture. Letting her know that she was doing fine. Papyrus walked up on her other side. Toriel closed the door then lead the three of them down the hall way. Luna was grateful for the silence since she didn’t know what one talked about with royalty. Couldn’t she have gone to Grillby’s had him explain it to her? Or better yet why not have her boyfriend explain it to her?


     The thoughts were overcrowding again. Papyrus looked back at her showing a warm smile, that sent Luna into ease. Toriel led them into a small office, there was a coffee table set up in between a love seat and a couch. Toriel took the love seat while Luna, Sans, and Papyrus took the couch. Luna sitting between the two bone boys.


“I’m not entirely sure how to talk about this topic. Its rare that we get humans whom are actually interested in Monster Heats. But the topic is rather… well uncomfortable when it comes down to it.” Toriel started off. Luna didn’t miss the way Toriel’s eyes lowered to take in the sight of Sans holding her hand. “Oh my, Sans, are you dating this sweet girl?”


“guilty as charged tori. we just started dating earlier this week.” Sans chuckled his thumb stroking the top of Luna’s knuckles.


“Then why are you having me explain this to her Sans? As her designated date mate shouldn’t you be the one to explain this. After all it will be your heats that she will be participating in.” Toriel scolded then.


“eh… well…” Sans seemed at a loss for words. Luna admitted to wondering the same thing.


“Luna and Sans just recently started dating your majesty. When Sans arranged this with you he had not been dating her yet. It was set up a week before he was sent out on assignment.” Papyrus piped up.


“yeah… you were gracious enough to set this up would be rude to just bail on ya. all because of i had to ask her out. plus, there was the off chance she could have said no to me.” For a flicker of a moment Luna noticed the way Sans’ face fell. Almost in a depressed manner. Before turning right back into his casual lazy grin.


“That makes sense.” Toriel smiled turning her attention to Luna now.


“plus i wanted you to get to meet her.” Sans commented.


“Oh, I believe we already met in a way. Although I doubt she remembers the monster whom she had saved that night.” Toriel smiled warmly which made Luna question. “You’re quite the monster rights activist in your own way. I didn’t even know that man was coming at me with that bat till you tackled him down.”


“That was you?” Luna asked a bit stunned to think of that night.


“Indeed, I admit bad idea to go out so late at night to gather ingredients for pies. But I thought my cloak would hide my features. Monsters were still freshly freed at that time. And a lot of humans were still scared.” Toriel smiled again though it wavered slightly.


Papyrus and Sans turned to look at Luna now it was her turn to feel a bit unnerved. Well it wasn’t like she was hiding this from them. She just hadn’t gotten around to telling them. It had been so long ago she had even forgotten. Never expected a thank you for the move.


“When I first moved to Ebott about a year after monsters were freed. I kind of was shacked up with a boyfriend at the time. I worked for a while at the little diner near the Library. On my way home one night I saw this guy running at a monster with a baseball bat. So I did what came naturally. I tackled him.” Got a few good kicks in till the guy got me back. Broke a few ribs and bruised me up pretty good with that bat of his. “I am sure anyone else would have done the same.”


“But no one else did my dear.” Toriel admitted getting the attention of the three. “You did it all on your own, wasn’t the first time either. Nor was it the last time for you in the hospital. You had this knack for standing up for others yet when it came down to the physical stuff you couldn’t muster the strength to keep the fight going.”


Damn Toriel seemed to have been checking up on her. Luna didn’t miss the way Sans and Papyrus cringed at the mention of a hospital.


“how often were you in the hospital?” Sans asked clearly trying to restrain his irritation. The sound of grinding teeth could be heard.


Luna could divert but she knew it would be only a while before he got the answers he wanted. It was obvious that the queen had access to her stuff. If Sans wanted he could ask her then Luna might be in for punishment later. “Two to three times a month. If I was lucky.” It was the truth.


“And if you weren’t lucky?” Papyrus spoke next.


Luna sighed her shoulders sagging looking up to Toriel for some assistance. “Hospital records showed her there for three weeks at one point around the time of June.” Toriel confirmed the gasp that came from Papyrus surprised her.


“sweetheart, you were reckless.” Sans piped in. That was definite anger on his face.


     Yeah, she was. Especially since it was about a month after that when Grillby had walked into her hospital room.  One look at that fire elemental and she knew that her fighting days for monsters was over with. That had been the worse she had experienced a broken arm, fractured leg, two black eyes, and a busted lip. He offered her the job she needed to get her out of her suicidal habits. That’s what he called them at least.


“I am not sorry for what I got myself into. Humans are awful to monsters when it comes down to it. Fuck, humans are awful to their own kind. All it takes is looking or acting different to make them act that way. I was tired of it. I wanted to do something.” Luna told them before looking up at Toriel. “How did you even get the information on me? It was so dark that night I doubt you saw what I looked like.”


     Toriel gave an ashamed look as she got up from the couch. She moved cautiously over to a desk pulling out a large folder. With her name in bold print written in big black marker. How much history did they have on her? Luna felt more nervous suddenly. Like she had walked into a den of starved hyenas that and she was the main course. Toriel placed it on the table. Dread crept its sneaky ass up her spine when she looked at it.


“When we emerged, we were still dealing with some hate. Some of the humans reported a woman attacking them at night. When Undyne became apart of the police force, well… I called in a favor. We got a lot of information on the woman. Mainly description. Seems the only thing that ever stood out really was a hooded figure wearing fingerless gloves.” Toriel sighed obviously looking guilty for something. “The humans never mentioned once injuring anyone. But I overheard one of my monsters talking about a woman whom ended up in one of the hospitals too often. I admit Catty has a bit of a mouth for gossip, but this was something I couldn’t pass up. When I questioned her she mentioned the injuries. They assumed that you had gotten them from a boyfriend.”


Luna knew which monster was, gritting her teeth she recalled the oversized lavender colored feline. She had talked Luna’s ear off so badly she felt her ears were going to bleed for a week. Still… that didn’t tell Luna how they put two things together. It was pure coincidence. “That still doesn’t explain how you put two and two together.”


Toriel grinned and Luna felt that familiar dread. “You assume we can’t see in the dark. Living underground for as long as we have we gained more of a heightened ability. We can’t see much. But I did see you. Your hood had fallen revealing your pale features. But the most unique thing about you…” Toriel paused moving her hoof up to her face. Somehow Luna watched the goat woman gesture to her eyes. “I asked Catty to show you to me. When she did I saw you in that bed. And knew that you were the Monster Saving Vigilante. You helped a good dozen monsters before I had Grillby step in.”


“Why?” Luna asked looking down at the envelope. “So many monsters are still being hurt out there. No one is stepping up for them. Even four years after you guys made it to the surface. Three years since you guys were made actual citizens. No one is standing up for you. They would likely watch you get turned to dust before they step in and do something.”


“I had Grillby step in because each time you came into the hospital your injuries were worse. To the point that your old ones weren’t even healed. Two to three times a month at first. But each time it got worse. To the point, you probably would have ended up killed. I recall the record of you getting stabbed. Took it right to the thigh if I remember correctly.” Toriel spoke and Luna felt Sans’ hand tense in hers. No getting out of that talk later.

     Moving her free hand up to rub her face, admitting she was kind of glad she wasn’t out there doing it still. Didn’t make her feel any better. Any time she heard a record of a monster getting hurt it always made her feel like she wasn’t doing enough. But Grillby was insistent she keep herself out of it. It wasn’t that Luna was unable to fight, but more… she picked fights with people whom can knock her away. Like a kitten trying to take on a rottweiler.


“Grillby taught me to defend myself. After he found me. Stated a lady shouldn’t fight unless she must. Took him a good two years to get me decently trained. Then he had me dressing to hide my features, just in case some of the guys I fought before would find me at night. Pulling my hair up, shoving my hands in my pockets, wearing a coat that was one or two sizes bigger than me.” Luna wouldn’t bring up how often some of those guys showed up at Grillby’s.


How often they tend to stay near the area where she worked. The small threats they offered when she got off work. Each time one of them came in Grillby took a stand. He was the first monster to truly accept her into his world. Then it was Tops and BP. Soon after Papyrus. “I don’t look for those fights anymore, especially since monsters are apart of the police force. And humans are facing charges for assaulting monsters. It wasn’t an easy process…”


Toriel nodded her head in confidence. “There are monsters out there that are very appreciative of you. But there are some that are still… well I guess this brings up the point of this meeting. I know for Sans this is rather humiliating considering it was his experience that brought this up. I do apologize for this my dear friend.”


“don’ mention it tori. want to make sure my sweetheart understands what comes with the territory.” Luna took a moment to glance over at Sans. The expression on his face was unreadable. The minute those eye lights focused on her she knew that they would be having a talk when they got back to her house.


“How much do you know about monsters in general?” Toriel asked the question, getting Luna to refocus her attention back on the goat woman.


“I know what I have read in the books you guys offer at the library. Monster-lore is fascinating. Like how your souls are more a part of your physical being. Unlike how humans have flesh. I know looking at another monster’s soul is rather intimate. I’ve studied the various soul traits, even the ones that appear more…” Luna drifted off her voice lowering. “Dark Ones.”


     There were dark soul traits out there, with the good ones that glowed brightly came the ones that barely shimmered. It was sad to think what might have caused them to be that. Fractures happened too, that part made her shiver. The soul could be damaged by emotions, or loss of hope. Luna wondered often how many fractures she had. Don’t recall Sans saying if he saw any. My life is good now, surely if I had any they would be healed now.


“Sounds like you know quite a bit. I know Monster heats is not one of those topics that are found in those books. Simply because there are some children who check those books out. The thought of them finding such information it's well...” Toriel flushed for a moment. “not dignifying… I always imagined that if a monster ends up bonded to a human that a monster would explain it.”


“I forget that a monster has yet to take a human for a bonded soul. If they had we would know by now if a hybrid were possible.” Luna put in that information.


“Indeed. I can honestly say I do hope that it is possible. I think that would be a way for the two worlds to be combined. Agreeing on the life that two individuals bring to one the world.” Toriel smiled fondly.


Luna wasn’t going to rain on the goat woman’s parade. Humans were likely not capable of growing fond over something like that. Some would be but others would see it as an abomination. If Luna knew one thing it how human kind reacted to change. It was never good.


“Any who… back to the topic of heats. Monsters tend to go into a period where they experience a higher sex drive. Some monsters experience once a year, twice if they have a mate. They are considered lesser monsters. Examples would be Lesser Dog, Jerry, or a Froggit. Those monsters all have what is known as a submissive heat. I will explain that when we get to that.” Toriel explained, Luna had heard this before but didn’t want to discourage her.


“Boss Monsters like me, Sans, and Papyrus we have heats that can go about three times a year. Four if we have a mate. I am a submissive heat, I know that seems rather not so lady like but well we are here for a learning experience.” Toriel looked at the other two in the room.


Papyrus fidgeted making Luna turn towards him. “I am a Submissive Heat myself.” Luna could tell he was uncomfortable sharing that information. Reaching over she hugged him gently. He returned it making sure to nuzzle into her hair.


Luna turned to look at Sans who was giving her a smile but he looked to be nervous. “you know what i am. but let me refresh your memory just in case you forgot. i’m a dominant heat.”


“Dominant heats are rarer,” Toriel spoke grabbing Luna’s attention once more. “There are only a few that I know of that have the dominant heat. Given how much of a lazy bones Sans is, we are rather surprised.” Luna chuckled at that.


“The difference between them is simple. Submissive Heat Cycles are more willing to receive the pleasure than take it. We don’t give off the pheromones as strongly. Thus we seek those who can aide us with that time period. Dominant Heat Cycles are prone to luring someone. The pheromones they give off can entice even a more stubborn person to lay with them. Say even someone who hated a monster. Not something we seek to prove either.” Toriel continued.


“I knew of the two differences. Papyrus explained them to me once before. Same with BP and Tops, but he seemed annoyed with them when he found out that I didn’t have as much knowledge as I should. They only explained to me how they might be during it. Never how when I encountered a heat dominant how it would make me feel.” Luna mentioned.


“They should have made you more aware. Some monsters aren’t as forgiving about being locked away like others. Even as a submissive heat they could attempt to force you to soothe their ache.” That surprised Luna, she never viewed monsters as being that way. But spending a long-time locked underground she would be rather sour towards humanity as well.


“I never thought of that.” Luna admitted.


“Humans are well… unaware of how monsters react. It is why during that time we spend in our homes to avoid such behavior. Sans stays in his house to avoid getting jumped on because of his pheromones. Plus our magic build up strong during this period. That it makes us a bit dizzy. Needing someone to help take just a bit of that edge off. I admit what you did was rather brave on your part. But please refrain from doing it in the future. We are still dealing with monsters whom seek to hurt humans.” Toriel’s smiled dimmed near the end.


    If it had been any other monster other than Sans she doubt she would have done it. Luna was demi sexual, but she got where the Queen was coming from. Why Papyrus was so angry at BP and Tops. Even Luna was a bit upset with those two. Why didn’t they tell her all this from the start? Part of her wondered if she sounded stupid to Sans that night on the train. He must have been like look at this silly human, has no clue what she is getting herself into. Her gaze locked onto the floor feeling suddenly guilty that she might have pushed him into that.


A reassuring squeeze could be felt on her hand, reminding he had ahold of her still. She glanced over at him and he tugged her hand enough to pull her into his side. “relax sweetheart. we aren’ grillin’ ya. we just don’ want anyone to get hurt. besides look at it this way. ya caught my socket when you did that. though wasn’ hard with how cute ya looked that night. don’ be so hard on yourself.” He placed a gentle kiss on her forehead, his voice lowering to a soft whisper. “besides, i wouldn’ take that night back for the word. if anyone gonna be hard on ya… well i’d rather be hard for ya… he he.”


Did he really just say that? Luna felt her face flush with color and for a moment she swore she looked like a tomato. Toriel cleared her throat, Luna looked over to see the goat woman had an annoyed look on her face. Yeah, she totally heard him. Pulling away from Sans she tried to recompose herself. It was hard. Now her mind was distracted. Thanks Sans!


“How about we get some tea then we can discuss things a bit further. Or perhaps you would like to borrow some books about monsters? I can tell there are some things that are nipping at your curiosity. I guess I know why Sans wanted me to have this conversation with you now.” Toriel chuckled getting up.


“Why?” Luna asked feeling like she knew the answer to it.


“Because of the fact that some of our monsters would have used you. Hurt you bad enough to the point you wouldn’t even be able to fight them. They could take your soul… a-and…” Toriel was suddenly at a loss for words.


Sans, however, wasn’t. “they could have either ate your soul to gain power. to which who knows what would have happened. or they could have crushed it thus ending your life. you would be like a candle snuffed out.”


That comment suddenly floored Luna, and she wasn’t sure how she felt about it. To think that a monster would have done that was… a bit disturbing. Her mind went to each of her friends taking in how they were. Why didn’t they resent humans the way these monsters they described did? And if there were monsters out there doing that, why hadn’t she seen them? Or was something stopping them? Too many questions…

Chapter Text

     They had taken a break from the discussion. Luna could feel the twinge of a headache coming over her while she remained plopped against the couch. So Uncouth. This wasn’t even her house, yet here she was just slouching on royal furniture. Her mind was buzzing with so many questions. They hadn’t even covered very much. Just mostly about the heats. Luna hadn’t had a chance to ask about the heat mark even. At the thought of that mark, her hand slid up to touch where it had been. Sexual shivers no longer coursed through her body. But there was still a faint sensitive feeling.


     Sans and Papyrus had gone to do something outside. Seemed they were giving her the chance not to be swamped with explanations. It helped to have this silence. Glancing around the room she took in its elegant but simple décor. It was decorated like a study. It held the relaxation of an entertainment room. Nothing like one where meetings were held but more a place where friends could sit and discuss things. It eased Luna into a sense of comfort.


     Toriel appeared in the doorway carrying a bunch of books in her hands. Walking over she set them down neatly on the coffee table. Luna wanted to learn what she could about monsters. It still baffled her to think that there were ones out there that were sour towards humans. Monsters that were having to be dealt with. No doubt they didn’t make things easier for the racism that humans held towards monsters. It wasn’t fair. Luna’s gaze trailed up the individual titles before settling on the large envelope, it wasn’t very thick. But it was still her life.


“I am sorry for prying into your personal life.” Toriel spoke making Luna jump. Diverting her eyes from the folder to stare into the sorrowful look on Toriel’s face. “How did you survive what had been done to you?”


     Realization slammed into Luna at that moment. Toriel knew! Knew all the things Luna kept hidden from anyone who entered her life. Panic spread through her to think that the goat woman might tell the others about it. That was the last thing she needed. Looking away she turned her attention to the window. How did she survive? At some point, Luna was going to have to talk about it. Why not talk to someone who she had saved?


“You really don’t want to know the answer to that.” Luna responded her.


“Sonia...” Toriel spoke and it made Luna flinch.


Her dual toned gaze focusing on the goat woman in front of her. The fear that showed was obvious. That name brought pain and fear. It wasn’t her name. Unsure when it had started she felt her body shaking like a leaf. Why did she say that name? Looking away from Toriel her gaze focused on the ground trying to ignore the dread that inched up her spine. It was unlike anything she had ever felt before. Of course, there was always that paranoia. That fear that he might come looking for her if someone found out who she was.


“That’s not who I am anymore.” Luna whispered feeling the tears well up.


“No, clearly it's not. You made sure that wasn’t who you were when you changed your name and moved to Ebott. Even took to dying your hair a bit lighter than it should be. Your hiding from someone. That someone that hurt you.” Toriel offered up her voice soft.


Luna rubbed her arm. “How did you find out?”


“Your name only went back to just before you moved to Ebott. Plus a name like Luna Solarium strikes some as an odd choice. It concerned me that a human showed up if it weren’t for the fact you saved monsters from getting beaten… I would have thought you had something dark in your past. It is dark, but it was out of your control from what I understand. I guess that’s why you didn’t care how close you came with death each time you fought someone.” Toriel sounded distant almost hurt.


“Maybe. I guess I just wanted to feel the pain to make me forget. The first year was rough. Nightmares… waking up in a cold sweat. I tried lovers to help drown the pain with affection.” Luna shrugged not caring how it sounded. It was her coping method. “Mommy and Daddy didn’t exactly help stop him from doing what he did. Sometimes it felt that it was encouraging.”


“I noticed he is significantly older than you by about six years. But they weren’t the ones to give birth to you. You have drastic differences in comparison to him.” It didn’t surprise Luna they had looked up Joseph. All the medical records, as well as the restraining order, were proof that Luna had a troubled past. Most would assume a boyfriend. She wished it were the case.


“They were rarely home, left us with the servants. I was his… playmate more than a sibling. There to entertain him when he got bored. Too bad they didn’t tell him how to play nice.” The word nice came out almost sarcastic. Toriel didn’t say anything. She waited for Luna to proceed.


Better her than anyone who you see on a regular basis. You don’t want the pity after all.


“If I tell you this, it stays between us. You don’t judge me. You don’t pity me either. Got enough of that from the doctors whenever they had to patch me up.” Luna stated firmly.


“At some point, my dear. You will have to let those that are close to you in on your past. It defines the person you are today. I could see the shock on both Papyrus and Sans’ faces when they found out you were the vigilante who saved monsters. I also saw Sans’ protectiveness.” Toriel chuckled like she knew a secret.


“I’m not ready for the oh you poor thing. 'Or the how on earth did you make it through that?' conversations. I just don’t want to deal with that. I went through thirteen years of hell. All I want is to forget it happened. Create new memories, maybe happier ones.” Luna confessed.


“I understand. Will you indulge this old goat though? Tell me what he did to you, at least your hands. It’s not every day I see someone wear such fashionable gloves. Yet not wear them for fashion sense. If that makes any sense.” Toriel asked it wasn’t a push, but it wasn’t her turning down the conversation either.


Luna sighed she would have to do this. “It started after he found out I took his figures to play with. Yeah, I had Barbie dolls, but I wanted the cool commando looking, guys. Turns out they were pretty rare collectibles.” Luna began rubbing her hands together gently caressing the tops of them. Feeling the fabric rub against the calloused skin.


“He found me playing with them. He had this stick that he and his friends wrapped in barbed wire. They found it while wandering the fields. Thought it was the coolest thing since swiss cheese.” Luna chuckled momentarily, Toriel didn’t respond to that.


“H-he found Daddy’s h-handcuffs.” Don’t stutter dammit. Its already been done! A violent voice inside her head screamed. He he it sounds like Joseph.


“Cuffing my hands to the end of the bed. We had those railing beds that I always hear parents complaining about. Saying that kids could get their heads stuck in them or such.” Luna shrugged figuring sharing that little bit of information couldn’t hurt. “Anyways… the stick wasn’t like too long, but it looked deadly.” Luna shivered at the memory of the thing, often it was what terrified her. Felt deadly too.


     Luna rolled her hand slowly feeling that soft fabric slide over her fingertips. The cloth was easy to forget. It was a second skin to her. Though the truth was she used them to form the façade, hiding what lay beneath. Peeling the gloves of she rolled them together in a small ball. Setting them beside her hip. Unease came when she ran her thumb over one of the scars. The skin feeling rough but sensitive. It gave her a good tingle. Something so bad can cause a good reaction. Must be a masochist. That’s the only explanation. Luna focused on Toriel before pushing her hands out in front of her. Hovering them in the air for a few moments before tilting her palms down. Toriel’s violet gaze dropped taking in the sight. An audible gasp was heard before soft-furred paws took hold of one of her hands.


“He did this to you.” It wasn’t a question but more a statement. Finishing the story always came hard.


“Yes, it was… my punishment.” Luna explained feeling the soft fur brush over the scars making Luna shiver. Toriel looked up. “They’re sensitive. Think of it as the skin under… erm well, you are covered in fur. But um…” Luna scanned her over trying to find the best way to put this. Finally settling on Toriel’s ears. “Think of it like the inside of your ear. When you touch it, it gives off a tingling sensation.” Luna smiled.


Toriel nodded in understanding. “You are such a sweet woman. And I have only spoken to you for a few hours. I admit that it is nice to get to know you though. I wish we could have met before this was done to you.” Toriel explained running her paw over one of the scars.


“These are from when I was ten. Monsters have only been free for five years. It wouldn’t have helped to be fair. I am okay now, not talking about it helps. Oddly enough it helps me to think that it never happened.” Luna smiled offering that small piece of information for comfort.


“Didn’t your parents do anything about this?” Toriel asked.


     Luna sighed giving a small tug of her hands to signal she wanted to be released. Toriel pulled her paws back settling back into the love seat across from Luna. It didn’t take long before she had her gloves back on hiding the sins of her past. “I told you I was more of a playmate for him rather than his sister. I doubt they ever really saw me as their daughter. I was just someone else’s kid whom they had to take care of. Though they did do something good for me. When they passed away they left me a good sum of money. Not sure why but I wasn’t going to complain. Had to wait till I was eighteen to get my hands on it.”


Luna knew that it sounded like she was greedy but fuck it she earned every penny when it came down to it. Taking the years of abuse at the hands of her stepbrother. He had taken every opportunity to hurt her, he knew enough then to do it invisible areas where some would question. Flexing her fingers, she recalled when he dislocated them. It hurt like hell when the maid had to put them back in. But the maid never said a word ill about her brother. “I know it sounds greedy but I-“


“It isn’t greedy my child. You took what you needed. I imagine that’s how you came to Ebott. And if it is greedy then I am glad you took it. You might have ended up dead if not.” Toriel cut her off before Luna registered it the goat woman had moved over to the couch beside her. A paw wrapping around her shoulders, pulling her into a hug. It was so warm at the same time comforting. “You are a good person Luna. None of that should have happened to you. I understand why you wouldn’t want to discuss that with anyone, but you should confide in someone.”


     Luna buried her face into Toriel’s shoulder, the fabric of the sleeve felt soft and relaxing. Almost comforting. There was a light buzzing sound in the air. Toriel shifted making Luna pull out from the hug. Toriel wasn’t looking at her but more behind the couch. Turning slowly, she found Sans standing there, his hands were shoved in the pockets of his hoodie. Attention fixed on the ground. “how are things going in here?” Sans asked his voice coming out soft, but it could be heard. There was almost a hint of anger there too. Had something happened?


“Things are good. Toriel brought me those books for me to look over. I guess I should start reading them before we have to go.” Luna smiled looking over to the books.


Toriel got up from the couch brushing off her dress. Before taking said books between her paws. “That won’t be necessary, my child, you can take these with you. Borrow them for as long as you would like. Figure it would help if you weren’t rushed. Allow me to get you a cloth bag so that you can carry them easier.” With that Toriel left the room.


Luna turned to look at Sans he was still standing there. “Sans?” She spoke but he didn’t respond. Luna went to get up but then he was on her. One second behind the couch, the next he was in front of her. Boney hands retracting from the jacket to wrap around each of her shoulders. “Sans?” Again no answer, it was then that she noticed she couldn’t see his eye lights. It was terrifying like a grim reaper was staring at her, gripping hold of her so that they could drag her to the underworld. “S-s-sans…. y-you’re…” Her words cut off when he pulled her against his chest hugging her tightly to him.


Boney fingers dragging through her hair carefully. The action tugged her hair from the ponytail she had pulled it in after the discussion about monsters and their heats. The scrunchy falling behind her somewhere. Luna didn’t think about that when she noticed how shaky Sans was in that embrace. Luna wrapped her arms around him holding him close. “Hey, big guy… everything alright?”


~ ~ ~


     Everything alright? Was she kidding? She shouldn’t be asking him that question, he should be asking her that. It was wrong to have listened in on such a private conversation. But for once he got to learn about his moon. And it was information that he knew she didn’t want to share willingly. What he had heard filled him with anger and hatred. A human had hurt her. It had only been one instance that she was discussing but the way Toriel discussed it after seemed like it was more than once.


     This human, whoever they were had caused Luna to come to Ebott. Sans could be thankful for that since she was now here. Here where he could hold her. Here where he could protect her. He would protect her like she had done all those monsters. It still angered him that she put herself at that much risk just to protect them. Papyrus was equally shocked stating. ‘She never seemed like the type to be violent. But I could see her being the type to risk herself for others. I don’t see her any different, but I feel… I should be protecting her.’ It was apart of the conversation they had outside.


     Sans had agreed with Papyrus, so the brothers made a silent promise to one another. Luna was apart of their little family whether she liked it or not. And being apart of that family meant she would have to deal with their over-protectiveness. “everything is fine babygirl.” Sans spoke after a bit wanting to comfort her. Leaning back his gaze dropped down to her face. There wasn’t any fear there, just concern.


She’s so perfect. How could anyone think to hurt her? Maybe I’m being biased. No, Paps might think the same way. Sans concluded moving his hand from her hair to caress her face. Loving how soft it felt under his bones.


     A smile curved on those pink lips of hers, the concern being pushed out of her features while she stared up at him. The feel of his soul flipping in his chest at that smile was noticeable. It made him lower his gaze to her chest aware that his eye lights had come back just from holding her. It was an odd sensation how easily she could push that anger aside. “luna i um… want to get a look at your soul if you won’ mind.” It was a risky chance since he could imagine it might freak her out a little.


“Oh…” The sense of her pulling back made him grip her shoulders a little bit tighter. “Isn’t that a bit intimate?” Hasn’t what we been doing intimate babygirl? His mind responded.


“it is but i would like to see it… outside ya know…” Sans diverted his gaze off towards the doorway of the room. Something had come in but at the same time hadn’t. It was a familiar yet new sensation to him.


“I guess… I don’t really see the harm in it.” Luna mentioned not trying to pull away from him.


     Sans sat down on the couch next to her, looking back at her chest. Where her soul was hidden. Hidden underneath cloth, flesh, muscle, and bone. The thought of her bones made him shiver with lewd thoughts. He bet she had pretty white bones underneath all that extra stuff. A skeleton could have an interest in another’s skeleton after all. “you need to relax. if you don’ it could hurt really bad. and i don’ want to hurt you.”


     This wasn’t the same as pulling her into an encounter, but he imagined the menu that Frisk spoke about would pop up none the less. Focusing on her chest he moved a hand from her shoulder reaching down. From her perspective, he imagined it would look like he was about to cop a feel on one of her breasts. That made him chuckle. To which she lightly punched his arm. Yeah, that’s where her thoughts had gone. Straight down the gutter.


     His hand became engulfed in a cyan glow. The first tug always came a bit rough. Her body stiffened, Sans purred attempting to calm her. That seemed to work, lifting his attention to her eyes there was a spark of unsureness there. It went away almost instantly. That’s good. Focusing on her chest once more the second tug pulled out her soul. Though it didn’t stop Luna from gasping. Her hands immediately went to her chest. “any pain?” Sans asked worried about how she might be hurting.


Luna shook her head, but her hands didn’t lower. “Just felt a bit weird is all. I am okay though.”


Understandable humans weren’t used to the feeling of their souls being pulled out from their bodies. Moving his hand that didn’t have hold of her soul from her shoulder to her cheek. Comforting her some. “it's okay. it feels off i know. this is the first time you have had your soul pulled from you.” Sans explained, and he watched her eyes. They were looking down at something. They went back and forth. “that’s a menu. don’ touch anything. well.. you can touch but, not FIGHT. you won’ like that too much.” Sans offered getting Luna’s attention she nodded briefly before turning her head towards his hand.


Oh right her soul. Sans turned his head as well and gasped at the sight of it. Humans saw souls as people, or that’s how they came off when they explained in those movies about ghosts. The little cartoon heart lightly floated in his reach, it trembled slightly signaling Luna was either scared or nervous. “easy princess. your emotions are easier to read here.” Sans offered.


It was beautiful! The edge was a vibrant emerald green that pulsed excitedly. Pointing to that layer he smiled at her. “kindness. you have quite a bit of that.” His hand moved down to the next layer, it was a touch smaller than her kindness. The navy blue went into three different shades. Probably from lying or hiding as much as she does. “this is integrity.” He noticed the way she flinched. Running his thumb over her cheek. “its okay. its still a strong trait in you.” Next was an orchid purple that made him smile. It nearly overwhelmed all of the colors in her soul. Her greatest trait probably the one she had the most when she was a kid. “compassion. i believe this is your largest trait. since it overtakes the rest of the traits.” Sans smiled at her. In the very center was a bit of cyan color. Almost seeming like it didn’t quite belong there but was nestled in. “this… is patience.”


As Sans said that he looked over the heart and frowned. All of the other traits except for Patience had residual cracks in them. Some of them sealing others looking worse. It seemed her kindness was fairly battered. Without thinking he traced his thumb over her soul making her moan. Looking over to her he blushed. “sorry. think i forgot how sensitive these things are.”


“It's fine.” Luna muttered looking at the thing. “What are all the cracks?” She had seen them too. If he told her that they were result of her past she would know that he had been listening.


“when you go through harsh experiences in your life your soul feels it. may take a long time for it to show but, they do. maybe from when you got into those fights for six months.” Sans explained watching the soul flip in his palm. He caught a bad crack along the back. It was healing though. Still, that patience had nothing done to it. The scientist in him wanted to examine it further.


“SANS THE SKELETON! WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING?” A very angry feminine voice called out from behind them. Instantly Sans removed his hand from Luna’s cheek tugging his hoodie over his head. Trying to bury himself within it. Nope, that wasn’t going to get him out of this one.


“i um…” How could he wiggle out of this? Toriel moved in front of them. Out of the corner of his eye, he could see Luna looking at that menu. Had to be. Her hand moved to press a button before he could stop her she pressed another button. A shiver rolled over him. Shit, she checked me.


Sans let go of her soul watching it for a second. It didn’t flow back into her chest instead it fluttered its way to his face. The glow brightening for a second before lightly pressing against him. It made him purr feeling a warming sensation roll throughout his bones straight into his soul. It then chose to retract back into Luna’s body. Leaving Sans very confused.


“How did you do a Soul Kiss?” Toriel asked grasping both his and Luna’s attention.


“Um… well, I don’t know. When I hit check and when I read something I instantly wanted to kiss him.” Luna responded shrugging her shoulders.


What did she read? Fuck I feel so vulnerable right now. There were so many thoughts going through my head. She isn’t upset so that tells me she doesn’t realize I know about her past. That’s a good thing. He could feel himself having a mental freak out. Sweat beading his skull while he looked up at Toriel.


Her face was still heated with anger directed at him. It dissipated to a knowing smirk before she sat down on the love seat again. “Did you give him permission to see that Luna?” Toriel asked sounding oddly protective.


“Yes, he asked me before. It was an odd feeling, but it was okay. It was a well… learning experience. I never thought I would get to see my own soul. I recall him telling me I am a bit different from other humans.” Luna mentioned making Sans wince when Toriel’s gaze focused back on him.


“Checked her soul before, didn’t you?” Yep, there was that accusatory tone.


“just a quick peek tori. nothin’ more.” He pulled his hoodie a little bit tighter.


Toriel sighed shaking her head before looking to Luna. “Just make sure that you don’t allow a monster to do that without your permission. If they pull it out during an encounter nine times out of ten that’s bad. Especially with those monsters out there that we spoke about earlier.”


Sans forced the growl to stay down. The sense of possessiveness washed over him making him halt. Possessive? He had just started to date her but… could it be possible to have such strong feelings over someone like Luna in that short of time? Need to examine that later.


“Here are those books, my child. Um if you could give me a chance to catch up with Sans for a bit?” Toriel gave a pleading look to Luna. Sans felt like he was in danger.


“Sure.” Luna seemed to jump at that and Sans wanted to cry. Grab her to just keep her pinned to that spot before Toriel could do whatever she was planning.


     Luna got up from the seat next to Sans. He had to force his hand to retract from her body. She felt so good, hard not to touch. Turning her body to face him Sans found himself staring up at her. A moment of bewilderment hit him when he saw how red her cheeks were. What had caused that? She leaned down placing a small peck on his cheek before she headed out of the room. Once more he felt the warmth spread through his bones straight to his soul.


“So…,” Toriel spoke up snapping Sans from his happy thoughts. “Want to explain why her soul is drenched in your magic, Sans?” That tone, ooh that wasn’t good. That’s the ‘you’re in big trouble mister’ tone.


“um… well…” Yeah, he had hidden that his magic was drenching her soul, trying to seep into the cracks. In a way, it was attempting to bond with it. But without the soul to soul direct contact, the bond wouldn’t be formed. “i may have given her a heat mark when my heat started. we met right when it started. one thing led to another and yeah… i wanted to do more than take what she gave me.”


“Sans!” Yep, that tone. He really didn’t like that tone one bit. “That is meant for someone you are mated to or seeking to mate. Not some random stranger. That mark… it… it..”


Sans sighed noticing how Toriel seemed to be stuck. “i know its meant for our mate but…” Sans moved his hands to his skull. “she could have disappeared without a trace. i might not have found her again. for a brief moment, she made me forget that i was lonely. for a brief moment, i felt complete. i had someone who didn’ see me as the judge but just sans. frisk doesn’ even see me as just sans anymore.” The kid saw him as The Judge every time he came back from his patrol and covered in dust. He recalled the way she flinched at him. And yet she had the gall to try and ask him out once.


Sans looked up to see Toriel and there was no anger on her face. “if it makes ya feel any better. i’ve felt drawn to her before i even spoke to her. i wanted to be friends with her before she helped me with my heat.” Sans paused. “and when i gave her that mark i wanted to take her home. so there’s more there i just can’ pinpoint it. i care enough about her to get possessive. and to squash, whatever flesh bag caused those cracks.”  There was a snarl with that last line.


“Her soul isn’t as damaged as some we have seen. But it is damaged none the less. Your magic is trying to heal it. As well as bond with it. I am glad you found someone, my friend. You two are good for each other I just know it. Maybe you need some time off from being The Judge. You have never stated how much it bothers you.” Toriel moved over placing a paw on his shoulder.


“its fine. ya don’ have someone else for this. that can read them as well as i can. sometimes it just gets to be a bit bonely if ya get my meanin’. luna has been helpin' so much for the last few weeks. if not just spendin time with her in person but phone calls and texts. i feel like she cares more than i realize. then to find out life had dealt her a bad hand prior.” Sans offered up admitting he himself had been dealt a bad hand too.


Luna would eventually learn who judged the monsters. Would she not want anything to do with him if that were the case? His soul sagged in his chest. “don’ tell her who judges the monsters, please. i like how she looks at me now. i don’ want to see her flinch from me as the kid does. i’ll beg too if need be.”


“That’s not necessary Sans. I won’t tell her but I don’t think you should hide it from her. She might accept you for the job that you do.” Toriel explained to him.


“i ain’ riskin’ it. paps and i have someone in our life that doesn’ know about me being a monster killer. i’m not about to fuck it up by telling her what i am. paps cares about her, not in a lover way but a big brother almost. he likes lookin’ out for her. surprised me to find out he knew her for so long.” Sans chuckled never knowing his brother could be so good at deception.


“Don’t worry. The only person who will be telling Luna about what you do should be you. Though I am quite upset you listened to a private conversation. Don’t think I didn’t feel you listening by the door.” Toriel scolded him again.


“you know the mom tone doesn’ work very well on me.” Sans chuckled deflecting that conversation. His attention flicked to that folder Toriel had pulled out. There was so much information in it. But if his dream were right and she was his soul mate… being sneaky would hurt her. His soul welled up with happiness at that thought, his moon could be his soul mate.

Chapter Text

     Luna sat in her window near her bookshelves cradling her face. Tears streaking down her face her mind racked with questions. There was so much to think over with that dream… Yes, she knew telling Toriel about what happened would bring back the nightmares. This was different. This was torment! Whoever those vermillion colored eyes belonged to was pure evil.


     They whispered thing to her in her dreams making her feel like she was nothing. Fueling that self-hatred, she had for herself. Then there were the actions that she did in those dreams. The knife, holding it up to Sans or Papyrus. The sight of Sans bleeding in a golden room. The memory wracked through her making her scream. No! She would never do that she would never hurt her skeletons.


     Her body trembled looking back out the window trying to cease the tears that stung through. Sans had gone to bed an hour ago. Advising her to get some sleep since she had to work the next day. Of course, she had to work the next day! It was Friday. Then she would have her boyfriend on Saturday, then there was that date he promised her on Sunday. Yeah, good thoughts that’s how to think about it. Don’t let those dreams get to you.


     Luna badly wanted to call Sans. He was asleep, Papyrus always stated he slept like a rock. But maybe… pulling out her phone she pulled up Papyrus’ number. Her puzzle buddy was always there for her when she needed. She just hoped he wouldn’t be too mad for calling so late. Swallowing the hard lump that formed in her throat she hit dial.


One Ring… This was a bad idea she just knew it. Calling him this late at night. He was going to be mad. Tears rolled down her face falling onto her bare legs. You don’t need that silly skeleton. Come back to bed lets have some fun! That voice it was the one from her dreams.


Her gaze trailed around looking to see if that voice was in the room with her. Body shaking, she pressed her back against the shelf. Where the fuck are they!


Two Ring, near the end the line connects.


“Luna?” Papyrus’ voice came through tired the phone pulling her from her thoughts.


“P-P-Pappy!” She sobbed into the phone still looking around the room. The sound of someone moving around on the other side of the phone could be heard.


“Luna. What's wrong?” Papyrus seemed more awake suddenly.


What could she tell him? She was scared because she thought someone was in her house? But there wasn’t anyone there! That there was a voice plaguing her currently. Telling her to come to bed so they could throw her into those dreams. Torment her with thoughts of killing her friends. Sobs wracked through her throat and she cried she couldn’t talk.


“LUNA! Dammit, Hold on!” Papyrus dropped the phone because she couldn’t hear him. Though there was a sharp knock on the other end of the line.


She felt like her lifeline had been cut short now she was drifting out to sea. Now, look what you did. He’s gonna go get trash bag now. That’s no fun! Hmph… Trash bag? Who was that voice talking about? A sharp buzzing sound could be heard before someone appeared in front of her. Luna lost it. Screaming bloody murder, she lunged for them attempting to tackle them. Her apartment was so dark that she couldn’t see a thing.


“shit…” The person cursed struggling to grab her and pull her off them.


“Leave me alone! I won’t hurt them! You hear me!” She screeched sounding like a banshee.


Hands gripped her wrists holding them in place ceasing her from trying to beat on them. Luna struggled but the person under her moved to push her back. Before she could grasp what was happening they pinned her. It got darker, her stomach flipped, and they were both thrust into a couch suddenly.


“get her off paps! she’s freakin’ out!” The person yelled when she pushed back. Tears rolling down her cheeks.


Two arms took hold of her plucking her away from the person. Luna fought the new intruder trying to get from their grip. Immediately she gripped the boney arms attempting to pull herself out. They gripped tighter to her.


“Sans! I won’t be able to hold her for very long! Please do something! I am greatly terrified by the way she’s behaving...” The voice came from behind her.


     The one on the couch moved to stand on the couch. She watched as they came closer her fist clenched together ready for them. Silently daring them to do something. Even while she tried to give off the tough girl persona she was scared shaking like a leaf. Then it registered there were two glowing white dots staring at her in the dark. The room was so dark she couldn’t make anything out.


“Sans?” She cried out.


A snap of fingers could be heard and the room was filled with light revealing Sans standing on a green couch. “in the flesh princess.” Sans offered before holding out his arms. “come here.”


     Luna was lowered a bit so Sans could take hold of her. Immediately she clung to him holding him as close as she possibly could. It registered that she had attempted to attack him back in the apartment. Memories of his HP back at Toriel’s house flashed in her mind. One good hit and she could have dusted him. Guilt swept through her, turning into a sobbing mess.


“paps… make her some tea please.” Sans spoke to the person behind her. She realized that she had been fighting the one person who had gotten her help.


“Yes brother.” Papyrus spoke walking towards the kitchen.


Sans was rubbing her back holding her close. Luna was still shaking violently. There was no voice telling her to come back to bed. No dreams pulling her into situations where she would have to kill her friends. It was a lot to take in. A soft hum filled her ears making her relax.


‘i’m here princess calm down.” She felt him shift pulling her with him into the corner of the couch. Luna clung tighter moving to press her face into his shoulder. Inhaling his scent just wanting to be closer to him. Sleep overtook her making her forget about everything else. Sans had her, that was good enough.


~ ~ ~


     Sans looked down to find her body had gone limp in his arms. Pride swelled in his chest at the thought that he was able to calm her down in this state. Holding her close he wasn’t ready to let her go. What had scared her so bad that she didn’t recognize him? She had downright attacked him like he was an enemy. She had even struggled with Papyrus. It was like she hadn’t been… herself.

     Papyrus came into the room looking down at them both before looking back up at Sans. Yeah, he could feel it too. Something was very off with Luna suddenly. “Do you think it was about the stuff Toriel spoke to her about?” Papyrus asked.


      No Sans didn’t think it was about those humans she took out while being a vigilante. Maybe it was her past coming back to haunt her. Papyrus didn’t know about the genocide runs. Nor did he want to tell his younger brother about them. The kid with the red eyes and the rosy cheeks. So what could he say to his brother. “eh… maybe.” Sans felt bad for lying but he wasn’t about to expose Luna’s past. Especially when she didn’t want it exposed. “i don’ want to take her back home. if she wakes up like that again then she will be so worn out for tomorrow.”


“Then let her stay here. You can pop over to her apartment and pick up stuff for her. This way she can feel well rested when she wakes.” Papyrus seemed to be beaming at that idea. Then again, Paps never got the opportunity to cook for Luna.


“am i sensin’ pancakes in the mornin’?” Sans hummed with confidence.


“Only if your Lazy Bones gets out of bed in time.” Papyrus walked over to the couch. Sans saw that look and shook his head holding Luna closer to him. “Sans… don’t be a baby bones. You need to go get her stuff. It would take me too long to drive over there. We both need to sleep for tomorrow.”


Sans shook his head again. “but she's so soft….” Yeah maybe he was acting a bit childish but how often did he get to hold her like this when she was asleep. He was kind of drunk off of the way she had clung to him. It felt good like he was needed.


Papyrus sighed folding his arms over his chest. “Sans, you need to get her stuff. Or else you are just going to have to let her go home tomorrow. Wouldn’t it be more fun to spend time with her at home before we get to Grillby’s? There’s a chance that she might not spend as much time with you there then.”


     Dammit! Paps was right! Fuck! Why did he have to be right?! A grumble escaped Sans as he climbed off the couch getting to his feet still holding her to him. Looking up at Paps who was smiling smugly. If he wasn’t his little brother, he would smack that grin off his face. Looking down at the couch he frowned. It looked uncomfortable. “it looks so uncomfortable here. my rooms a mess and i don’ want her in there till i clean it.”


Papyrus gasped suddenly. “Who are you and what have you done with my brother? He would never willingly clean his room unless I yelled at him or did it for him.”


     Sans sighed moving to lay Luna on the couch. It took a lot to remove her hands from his body. Muttering something under his breath along the lines of ‘i’ll give you somethin’ to yell about.’ His brother was just pulling his leg he knew that. It was a bit of a stress relief given they had to just fight off a little five-foot-three woman. Sans admitted she could put up a good brawl. Especially if whomever she was attacking was unaware of her.


     Humming to himself he flared his magic up deciding the spare room needed to be pulled out. It would be best for Luna. BP and Tops had just got her off the couch, so he didn’t want her reverting to it. The thought of keeping the guest room out for more nights like this crept in his mind. The hopeful grin when he situated the room in between his and Papyrus’ came next. Stars maybe this place could be a second home for her. A monster could hope. Moving the picture of the bone off to the side he hummed a bit more.


“guest room is ready. i’ll carry her there when i get back. anything besides clothes i need to grab?” Sans asked Papyrus who threw a blanket over Luna.


“I have bath products for when Frisk comes to sleep over. So, won’t need that. Maybe get her a toothbrush. Oh um… you might need to grab undergarments for her.” Papyrus mentioned, Sans felt his entire face bloom with color. The thought of seeing what kind of underwear she had rolled through him. “Maybe she will be willing to have a second sleep over!” Papyrus gasped his volume going up. “I can make friendship spaghetti on Saturday!”


Sans moved a finger over his teeth chuckling softly at his brother’s excitement. That didn’t sound like a bad idea. A nice weekend with His Moon and his brother. “we can talk to her about it okay paps. for now, get some rest. i’ll go get her stuff.” Sans was nearly ready to pop over to her apartment. “need me to tuck you in?”


“No, I can manage. Good Night brother.” Papyrus walked over to the couch leaning down to kiss the top of Luna’s head. “Sleep well, Luna.” It was platonic, there was affection in it, but it wasn’t the way Sans said it. At least that’s what Sans told himself.


     Watching Papyrus go off to his room, Sans shuffled closer to Luna looking over her sleeping form. His Moon. She was in his home. Moving his hand over her head he ran his fingers through her hair. He needed to move. Needed to go get that stuff before he picked her back up again. If that happened, he wouldn’t be going anywhere till the morning. Huffing softly, he stepped back and short cutted back to her apartment.


     The apartment was dark upon his arrival, it made him wince when he thought back to her reaction. The exhausted look on her face was anything to go by she wasn’t in her right mindset. Sans saw the books open on the table along with something else. Walking over he stared down at the toy knife. A curious expression on his face. It didn’t fit there, and he hadn’t seen it before. Shrugging he proceeded into her bedroom.


     The bed was a mess, the blankets tossed aside like she had just wanted to get them off. The room was lightly scented with sweat which told him it must have been a nightmare. Finding the dresser, he looked through the top drawer. Socks, panties, and bras.


      Every fiber in his bone was telling him not to look through each set of panties. But he was overwhelmed. Taking the time, he found she seemed to have a thing for neutral colors. And they were all bikini style, except for a pair of lacey panties that were well… his mind went straight to the gutter when it came down to it. Hey, he was dating her. He was allowed! Don’t Judge! Pervs!


     Placing the adult panties back in the drawer he settled on a pair that had crossbones on the back of them. It was a black pair; the bones were white with roses in the center. Cute! Okay, now he was being a super perv. Especially when he found thigh high socks. His tongue formed and lulled out of his mouth at the thought of her wearing them. Sure, it was her birthday, but he could get a little treat. Adding them to the pile. Picking out a black pair that would go with anything he could pick. Not realizing that he had picked up that adult pair of panties once more and shoved them into the pocket of his shorts.


     Next drawer he found night clothes. Shorts, tank tops, and were those booty shorts? Bringing up a blue pair he unfolded them, gawking at how small they were. He quickly put them back and closed the drawer. If she chooses to spend the night again we can bring her back and allow her to pick out some night clothes. With some heavy suggesting about those shorts. Because fuck! I can imagine her in them now. Eh… why not… Reopening the drawer he pulled them out and tossed them with the other clothes.


     Oh, shit forgot the bra. Going back to the top drawer her found a nice black bra. Simple. With no padding. He felt like he was dressing Luna for his pleasure. Well… maybe he was. Only fair he could pick out her clothes occasionally right. Only the best for His Moon. Going down to the next drawer he found shirts. Mostly plain ones but there was one that had a grim reaper on it. Nothing special just a simple doodle. But it read Cute as Hell. Unfolding it he noticed it was a tank top with a low swoop that would show the tops of her breasts. Yep, that one was gonna do, but he didn’t want her getting cold. Dragging his gaze to the closet she more than likely hid sweaters in there.


     The bottom drawer had jeans, and if he wanted her to wear those socks jeans would not do. The second drawer had an array of skirts. Pleated ones none the less. The schoolgirl look was cute. Looking over to the tank top it was a dark gray so any of the skirts would work. Digging in he found that Galaxy one. Oh, good memories. Thank you Skirt for giving me a chance. Placing it back that was for another time, pulling out a navy-blue skirt that had little red bows every other pleat. Alphys is going to flip when she sees Luna in this. Of course, he would have to ensure they didn’t try to kidnap her.


     Going into her closet he turned on the light immediately finding her book bag. Perfect!  He snagged it up bringing it over to her bed. Opening it he glanced inside finding a sketch book. The grin that came next made him sit and open it. There were a few sketches. There was a detailed sketch of Grillby, it looked to be done at an angle. The fire elemental was cleaning a glass. Next one was of Tops and BP cuddling on a couch. Little hearts floating around them. With Kawaii done in little bubble letters at the bottom. That made him snort.


     The next one made him smile fondly It was a drawing of Papyrus. It looked like he was in deep thought looking down at something. Puzzle Night. Paps always gets that look when he is trying to figure out a puzzle or solve one. Turning the page, he froze finding an image of him. He was resting his head on his arm over the bar at Grillby’s cradling a ketchup bottle in the other hand. The way she captured his details was like she had spent hours studying him. Probably did and I never noticed. I feel so shitty for not seeing her sooner.


     Closing the sketchbook, he returned it to the bag. Taking the time to fold each article of clothing to place neatly. She said she didn’t have time. But clearly, she does. There were small shakes in some of the lines. Maybe it's her hand. Humans get pains in their hands sometimes when they do something repetitive. She’s got talent. Going back to the closet he looked at the row of cardigans surprised to find a blue one like his hoodie. Unable to resist he tugged it down deciding that one was good. He placed it in the bag as well.


     Looking through her apartment he made sure to grab her skeletal gloves for her hands. It was one thing to make her not wear them around him. It was another around others. Finding her glasses, he placed them in her bag. Then there was that jacket she wore. Looking at it now he realized that it was huge. On her tiny frame especially. Made her look bigger than she was. Though he was surprised to find a taser in one of the pockets. Shouldn’t be surprised she said she used it.


     One last look he confirmed that he had all that she would need. Guess that will do for now. Making sure the front door was locked he took hold of her coat and the bag. Short cutting back to his house. Resting the items near the front door he walked over to find her still asleep. Instantly he picked her up cradling her in his arms like she was a bride being brought into the honeymoon suite. Purring the moment, he felt her sling her arms around him. Bringing her into the guest room he made sure to close the door behind him using his foot.


     Not sleeping in my room tonight. Not every day I get to cuddle her. Using his magic, he pulled the blankets down before settling her in. Again, she didn’t want to let go. Need to get my shorts off Princess. He kissed her forehead that made her let go turning to face the wall that the bed was near. Sliding his shorts off so he was in just his boxers and shirt he climbed in behind her.


     If Sans were to think over his actions and how he behaved tonight he would be seen as a shameless gremlin. Maybe even a bit too much. That worried him to think that she might be deterred off by that. Pulling her over he turned her so that she was snuggled into his chest. Hope you know what you got yourself into Princess. I’m starting to think you are truly my soul mate. When Paps woke me, I was scared something happened to you. Humming to himself he looked at the ceiling. Moving his fingers through her hair. She was his, there was no doubt about that. With that thought, he fell asleep.

Chapter Text

     Luna awoke the next morning feeling amazing. She was clinging to something that was warm, it had her inching closer. When she tried though she nearly rolled out of the bed. A hand snaked around her waist holding her in place. Someone muttered ‘careful my moon’ half asleep. Lifting her head, she looked up tiredly at the sleeping face of Sans. When did he get here?


     One look around the room though she recalled that she wasn’t in her room. Memories from the night before flooded her brain and she choked a sob remembering how vulnerable she had been. Don’t think about it, remember what you have told yourself all these years. If you leave it in the past, then you will be fine. It was a mantra she had to remember constantly. It helped her through the worst of the nightmares.


     It hadn’t helped her last night. Then again last night wasn’t like any of the others. She didn’t feel like herself. That childlike voice whispering to her how much fun it would be. When she looked down after they pressed a blade into her hand she had noticed the scars were gone. And her hands were childlike. Papyrus had been dressed in a sort of armor when she had come across him. He was talking to her and she had sliced the blade at him. The memory made her body shake, tears spotting her eyes.


Don’t hurt Pappy! She had cried last night. But they had. Leaving her to only watch as her beloved friend turned to dust.


     Sans hand moved up and down on her spine pulling her from her memories. Lifting her head to look at him. He peered at her with half-lidded sockets. Another hand moving to caress her cheek. “easy princess. i’m here.” Sans spoke his voice laced with grogginess making him sound even sexier than she imagined.


     Leaning down she rested her head on his chest. Pushing those memories aside. He didn’t stop massaging her spine. A soft purr vibrating through him. It was how he comforted her, she mused to herself rubbing her face into his chest. “my moon.” Sans whispered softly. It made her smile.


     A knock on the door disturbed the intimate moment making them both turn. The door opened emitting Papyrus, immediately the scent of something sweet filled the room. Luna felt her stomach growl in response reminding her to eat. Sans chuckled at the sound while she sat up.


“Breakfast is ready Luna.” Papyrus smiled at her not retreating from the doorway. His gaze focused on her while she attempted to figure out how to get from the bed.


     Sans seemed to watch her internal struggle before moving to get closer to her. Luna backed away till her body pressed back into the wall. His hand came up beside her head. An amused purr slipping from him the minute his phalanges clicked against it. “gotta pay the toll princess. one kiss to get out of bed.” Sans smirked at her making her flush. Papyrus was standing right there. She had never kissed Sans openly in front of anyone.


     Leaning forward she felt her nervousness shoot up. She could duck out of it, but he could grab her she knew that. Would he though? The temptation to find out was there. Alas, she settled on pressing a chaste kiss to his teeth. Or at least she assumed it would be chaste, Sans had other plans. That hand that had been against the wall moved quicker than she had expected to pull her into him. Taking the opportunity to deepen the kiss. A gasp of surprise escaped her when he did this.


The sound of footfalls hitting the ground hard were getting closer. Luna wasn’t sure what happened when Sans was abruptly pulled from her. Thankfully Sans’ grip had become lose around her. Glancing up she could see Papyrus holding his brother up. An annoyed look meeting Sans’ amused one. “She needs to eat brother. Stop being such a… a…” Papyrus couldn’t say what he was thinking.


“i can’t help but get all boned up for my babygirl.” Sans snickered before getting dropped on the bed. A predatory look crossed his face when he focused on her. Moving towards her, but before he could get closer she was snatched up by Papyrus. “hey!” Sans’ voice became distant when she was jostled out of the room.


Papyrus didn’t even make it to the stairs. She spotted Sans waiting there leaning on the railing. Her gaze roaming down his body taking in the shirt and boxers that looked seriously soft. “i want my princess.” Sans stalked closer hands out at his sides.


     Luna glanced up to see Papyrus looking over the banister. Her eyes widened knowing what he was thinking. No way! No freakin’ way he would do that! He did! A hand pulled her tighter to his chest while the other pressed down on the railing to hoist himself up and over. Luna closed her eyes, the sensation of falling making her stomach lurching. It made her cling to Paps tighter than she could imagine. The impact came but she still felt it jolt through her. “Sorry about that.” Papyrus chuckled. “Normally he isn’t that spry this early. Had to improvise.”


Sans’ chuckle could be heard throughout the room like an evil villain taunting the valiant knight. As Papyrus set her down Sans appeared behind them his arms snaking around her waist before pulling her to him. His face nuzzling into her already tangled messy hair. “Sans! Really?” Papyrus whirled around. Luna chuckled turning her head to look at Sans.


“You got me, oh dark wizard. But the Princess does need some food. Please.” Luna pleaded with him hoping that he would let her go eat. Especially after falling from the second floor.


“hmm okay.” Sans chuckled leaning in to kiss her neck. He was being super affectionate today. It didn’t bother her any. In fact, she rather enjoyed the attention.


     Luna started to walk towards the table that was set off to the side. Sans had reluctantly let her go. He popped ahead of her making sure to pull out the chair for her to sit in. What was going on with him suddenly? Smiling she thanked him and took the seat, once she was pushed in he had leaned down placing a kiss on the top of her head. She felt all giddy about the way he was treating her.


     A plate was placed in front of her making her lower her gaze. Nearly choking as she did. There were three pancakes done up in perfect circles. Cooked to a golden brown with lighter edges. Clearly, Papyrus had taken the time to make sure each one was perfect. But at the top one had blue writing on it like he incorporated dyed batter into the mix. It read Happy Birthday Luna.


     She had forgotten it was her birthday. Accepting an earlier shift at the bar tonight just so she could start her weekend off early. Tops and BP knew the date, but she never seemed to want to celebrate it. So, they never made the plans for it. Yet, here she sat in the home of the Skeleton Brothers who made her birthday pancakes. It was overwhelming, to say the least.


     Bringing her attention up she found Sans and Papyrus sitting at the table. Luna smiled at them both hearing a click, it was at that moment she noticed Sans had a phone in his hand. The smug smile formed over his face when he turned to look at the picture. Papyrus leaned over his brother's shoulder to look at it. “I believe we have a picture we can put up on the wall now.” Papyrus smiled sitting back in his seat.


Luna groaned. “No, I look like a train wreck I bet. My hair is all over the place. And let’s not get started on my outfit.” Looking back down at the pancakes she smiled. “Thank you. This means a lot to me. Though I am going to whoop a certain bunny’s ass for telling you guys it was my birthday.”


     Picking up her fork and knife she looked down at the pancakes. They looked too good to eat. With a quick intake of breath, she cut into the pancakes. Making small triangles out of the circles. A bottle was placed in front of her making her look up. Butter Pecan Syrup. Ooh! Taking the bottle, she couldn’t help but lick her lips before pouring it over the pancakes.


     She felt so pampered, even though she was sure she could use a shower and…. Some fresh clothes! Ugh, she had forgotten that coming here last night had not been planned. Sans just had brought her over after she pinned him to the ground of her apartment. Taking the first bite of pancake she hummed at how delicious it was. Looking over to Papyrus she could see he had a big smile on his face. Once she swallowed the pancake she looked between them both.


“Need to head back to my apartment when I’m finished. Need to get a shower and some clothes for work today.” Luna explained taking another bite of the pancakes. She had told Sans the night before that she had an early shift today. She figured that he had told Papyrus, and if he hadn’t then she would tell him.


“You can use our shower. I asked Sans to pop over to your apartment and pick some clothes out for you. I hope that was alright.” Papyrus offered up nearly making her choke on the pancake.


     Swallowing it down she turned to look at Papyrus not finding any joking look on his face. That would be out of character for him though. Then She looked at Sans who nodded his head near the front door. Luna turned in her seat to find her backpack and jacket were resting near the front door. He must have put her clothes in the backpack to make them easier to carry. But… he had gone through her drawers.


“Um… did you get me a bra?” Luna asked a bit skeptically.


“yep.” Sans answered so casually.


     Why was she so shy? He had seen her in just her panties, hell he had seen her in even less. Going through her clothes shouldn’t have been much more embarrassing but… there was that one set of panties. They had been a gag gift from BP, telling her that if she ever needed a quick lay that they were for easy access. Being that they were discreet but for the most part crotchless. Had Sans found those panties? Her face flushed with color when she looked at him. Eye lights were trained on her face before he winked. Oh, fuck! He had!


     Luna lowered her head gripping tightly to her hair partially wondering if he had picked out panties for her. If he did then those were likely the set, he had picked out. She should have thrown them away. But the opportunities to use them kept playing in her mind. She may have been demisexual, but she was into experimentation. After all, she had admitted being a shameless voyeur. Well, not shameless. Sans let out a knowing chuckle and she couldn’t help but glare at him. All the while Papyrus ate his breakfast unaware of how his brother and his puzzle buddy were acting. Must be apart of their relationship!


     Breakfast had passed by so quickly she wasn’t sure she wanted it to end. Looking around she realized that she was in their home now. Luna was sitting in the kitchen doing the dishes. Oddly it felt rather domestic. It was definitely a nice distraction from what she had gone through the night before.


     Sans came up from behind her wrapping his arms around her. Burying his face into the side of her neck she could hear him humming. It was starting to feel surreal like she would wake up finding out that this was all a dream. That Sans wasn’t her boyfriend, or even wanting a part of her life. “you should go get your shower babygirl. wouldn’ want ya to be late for work.” Sans mumbled into her neck.


“I’m almost done with the dishes then I can go grab my shower.” Luna smiled before turning to look at him. “You got work today?”


“hmm… no, i do have some things i need to do though. not gonna stop me from picking you up or droppin’ you off at work. need to make sure my princess is safe.” He seemed to snuggle even tighter to her pushing her over the counter slightly.


“Sans…” Luna laughed placing her hands on the counter to steady herself. “I’m gonna get a bath in the sink if you keep that up.”


“as long as you don’ get all soapy on me we should be good.” Sans smirked making Luna roll her eyes knowingly at the pun. Pulling the plug, she let the soapy water drain.


     Turning her body in the obviously relaxed grip she faced Sans. This time he pressed closer to her a boney hand moving to cradle the side of her face. Leaning in he claimed her lips making her melt. Convincing her that this was all just a dream. There was no way possible her crush could be here kissing her in his kitchen. One thing led to another Sans had her pressed back into the sink. A growl erupting from him when the kiss deepened to nearly sexual.


     If they kept this up she would definitely be late to work without a shower. Pulling back she sighed tilting her head upwards so he could kiss her lips. Not the smartest thing since she was sure that because of his height he could lean down and continue to kiss her. Instead he opted to peppering her throat with kisses. “Sans I need to get that shower.” She shivered out at that whisper. Sans responded with a grunt but he stepped back. Moving to his full height while staring down at her. Leaning down he kissed her forehead before backing up more.


“gonna make it hard to focus on anything today.” Sans chuckled looking her over she could see the way his eye lights dropped then looked up. She could almost sense a hunger in him, probably like the way she was feeling. That kiss had been nothing but a taste of what he could really do to her.


“hey… um…” His confidence seemed to shift to nervousness when he looked off to the side. “paps brought up a pretty neat idea. i don’ know if he was gonna ask before we took ya to work or after ya got off. but um… would you mind spendin’ the weekend here? we got the guest bedroom out. it was nice even for out of a blue to have you here last night.”


Luna lowered her head to look at him fully on. Last night had been unexpected, but she admitted waking up in Sans’ arms cuddled to his side was warming. Here he was offering her an opportunity to do that again. A smile formed on her lips looking at him. “Yeah.”


“yeah?” Sans seemed surprised that she was agreeing to it.


“Yeah, that sounds like fun. I mean I spend Saturdays with you. Kind of owe Pappy a makeup for missing out on Puzzle day, figure I could play a few games with him after I get off from work tonight to make up for it. Plus, we have that date on Sunday. Why not it would save you guys from having to drive or short cut over to my place as well.” Luna admitted.


Sans stepped forward his arms moving. Nope! Luna dodged to the side. “No! I need a shower, Sans….” He continued to walk towards her that predatory look back on his face. “Sans…?”


Shit! Luna ran out of the kitchen not taking a second glance behind her to see if he was following. There was a chuckling sound though that came from the kitchen. Never had she expected him to be this playful. Seemed he liked to play cat and mouse. Her preferably being the mouse.


    Luna didn’t get too far before doing a face plant into Papyrus’ lower abdomen knocking her onto her ass. Sans walked out of the kitchen casually looking down at her. A snicker erupting from him before he leaned down to help her back to her feet. Papyrus shot a look at Sans who just shrugged. “she said she would be willing to spend the weekend here paps.” Sans offered up.


Luna could see the expression on Papyrus’ face shift to one of pure excitement. “REALLY?” His voice came through loud that she realized she could hear the ringing in her ears. He must have noticed the way she winced because his voice went to his lower voice. “We are going to have so much fun! We can make friendship spaghetti and do puzzles. And... and…”


And they broke Papyrus. Sans helped his brother to sit on the couch before leading Luna to the bathroom. “um… i didn’ grab any bath products. frisk spends the nights sometimes so i hope you won’ mind using her stuff.” Luna eyed the body wash, shampoo, and conditioner. The shampoo and conditioner were coconut scented, while the body wash was lavender. Coconuts and lavender seemed okay.


“It's fine. I will grab some of my stuff when we stop by my apartment tonight. Not that I don’t mind coconut and lavender but…” She let that draw off.


“would rather your stuff than you smellin’ like frisk.” Sans seemed to finish that line.


“I have nothing against the Ambassador.” Luna started but Sans held up his hand to halt her from saying anymore.


“no, um… let me pop over to your apartment get your stuff. i would prefer you smellin’ like you rather than frisk. that kid's my friend. you’re my girlfriend. give me a bit why don’ ya start your shower so the water can warm up. think i forgot your phone as well…” Sans offered stepping back a smile on his face. Before she could respond he popped out of existence.


     Luna really hoped she didn’t insult him because she didn’t want to smell like Frisk. Sighing she walked over to the shower turning on the hot water waiting for it to heat up. Removing her shirt, she looked down at her bare breasts. The water heated up, reaching in she turned the nozzle for the cold water just enough. It would keep the hot temperature she loved but not too hot at the same time. Removing her shorts and underwear she stepped into the shower. Forgetting that Sans was coming back.


Tilting her head back under the water she hummed softly to herself. It felt good to let it cascade down her body. A static sound could be heard in the room. The shower curtain was pulled to the side just slightly and she jumped at the sight of three bottles being passed to her. “told ya i would be right back babygirl.” Sans spoke a nervous chuckle escaping him.


“Sorry, the water feels good though. Thanks for grabbing my stuff though.” Luna replied.


“no problem. gonna go get changed. i got a shower last night before bed. take as long as you need though. paps and i don’ mind.” Luna smiled before hearing the door closed. Giving her some privacy once more. Looking down at the bottles she made sure to grab the shampoo first.


     After her shower, she looked around trying to figure out if she brought in her clothes or not. Apparently, she hadn’t. Letting out a long drawn out sigh she eyed the large fluffy towel that had been placed on the counter. Wrapping it around her body, divulging in how soft it was. Skeletons must really like soft things for them to like a big fluffy towel like this. Securing it around her waist she stepped out of the bathroom. Greeted by the chilled air of the house.


     She walked down the hall until she was close to the stairs. Her hands moving onto the banister to look down seeing that her backpack was still down there. Teeth pressed into her bottom lip at the prospect of going to retrieve the bag. It was Sans and Papyrus, while Sans had seen her mostly naked. Papyrus had not, and she didn’t want to scar her friend.


     A purring sound came from behind her. Turning she found Sans changed into black jeans, a black t-shirt that read bad to the bone, and his jacket. Luna couldn’t help but look him over admiring the way he looked. It was rather sexy to see him in something other than the shorts and white shirt. The minute she locked gazes with his eye lights that cyan coloration filled his face. “take a picture princess, it will last longer. oh, wait…” He held up her phone in his hand. “you can’t.” He snickered.


     Luna walked over trying to grab it from him, instantly his hand went up holding her phone above his head. It made her get close her hand going onto his shoulder while she moved on her tippy toes attempting to grab it. Not registering that her towel was starting to slip. Unaware of the boney hand that crept up to her back pulling her closer to him. Holding her there. Luna turned her attention away from her phone to the skeleton. All too soon did she become aware that she was naked.


“ya know…” Sans hummed leaning down to press his forehead against hers. “we could always take this session into the bedroom and see where it can go from there?”


Okay yeah… she should have expected this. Given how she was still naked. Can’t fault the guy for getting that way with a wet naked lady pressing against him. So… was Luna going to torment him? Hell FUCKING yes, she was!

“Oh yeah… I am sure that would be fun.” Luna watched him bring that other hand closer. It would be killer to do this to him with how nice he was being with her. She was ready to make her move when she felt something being wrapped around her wrist. Blinking slightly, she lifted her arm and glanced down at a little silver chain bracelet. There were nine little charms on it. Each one was a different planet but in the center of them was a moon.


“happy birthday princess.” Sans kissed her forehead before pulling back from her. “keep teasin’ me though and you will be in for a  g o o d   t i m e.” Sans chuckled before placing the phone in her hand.


     Luna stood there shocked for a moment. He had taunted her to get her pulled close, so he could sneak a bracelet around her wrist. Twisting her wrist slowly she looked at it till she found a small skull head near the clasp. Its eyes were glowing a pretty cyan coloration. It reminded her of the color of Sans’…. well don’t go there. Less she was willing to follow Sans to his room and have that good time he promised her. Tempting all the while she looked at her phone and gasped it was already nearing one.


     Luna ran down the stairs and snagged her backpack and jacket from the front door. Luckily, she always kept a spare stick of deodorant in her bag for when Grillby tended to make her stay in the guest room. It became essential with her late days. Why had Grillby wanted her to work early today again? Something to do with stocking supplies or whatever. Seemed off but the way he made it sound was like she would be managing the front. That was fine with her.


     Opening the bag, she started to pull out the clothes. Only stopping once they were out. Taking them in she snorted a chuckle. Sans definitely had picked them out. But it also explained his clothing choice. In a way, they were going to match. Pulling on the clothes she used her fingers to smooth all the tangles out of her still wet hair. No hair tie to pull it up after all. Pulling the cyan cardigan over her shoulders she hummed softly.


     Stepping out into the hallway of the skeleton brother’s house she fumbled with the heel of her doc martens. Leaving the backpack on the bed for later. “I knew having him go get you clothes would have turned out well… different. But I have to say he chose nicely.” Luna turned to find Papyrus standing in the hallway. He looked different. The shirt he wore was white with a metal robot on it designed in pink and silver with black hair. She recognized him from that series she saw. Mettaton or something, honestly the guy reminded her too much of Freddy Mercury from Queen. The pair of jeans he had on seemed to be ironed. Who irons jeans? But what surprised her the most was the red flannel shirt he wore unbuttoned on top of it all.


“Pappy you’re looking pretty sharp there.” Luna smiled walking up to give him a hug. Scenting a brief splash of cologne. “Do you have a date tonight?”


“Um… well… yes, I have a date tonight after Sans and I drop you off at work.” Papyrus fiddled with his red gloves that seemed to blend pretty well with the ensemble. It meant that puzzles would have to wait but that was fine with her. If Pappy was going to go on a date she wanted him to enjoy it.


“Well then let’s get me to work so you can go off on your date.” Luna smiled letting him go before heading downstairs.


They found Sans sitting on the couch flipping through the channels. Turning his head, she watched his eye lights take in her outfit before landing on her bare hands. “no gloves?” Sans asked tilting his head to the side.


“Figured maybe I should try something new.” Luna mentioned rubbing her bare hands. Feeling strange without them. “I have them in my pocket just in case.”


Sans got to his feet walking over to her. It made her have to tilt her head back so that she could look up at him. Stepping back when he got a bit too close. He took her hand in his bringing it up to press the top of it to his teeth. “i think this is a great start. we ready?” Sans asked looking behind her towards Papyrus.


“Yes. Did you get everything you needed before we leave?” Papyrus asked only to receive a nod from Sans.


Luna was abruptly pulled towards Sans. His hand letting go of her while it snaked around her shoulders. She wasn’t sure when it happened, but she was starting to realize Sans’ behavior had changed. He had been super affectionate before, now it seemed like he wanted to bath her in any kind of affection he could offer. Not that she was complaining.

Chapter Text

     The car ride to Grillby’s was quiet, Sans had a hold of Luna in the back seat. Allowing her to lean up against him. Her eyes may have been closed but she was so very awake. Sans was purring in her ear making her feel all kinds of warmth. “How are you making me feel that way?” Luna asked.


The purr stopped for a moment. “i might be giving off a little too much magic. can’ help it though. whenever you’re in my arms it just feels right.” Sans nuzzled the back of her head.


“Does it hurt you?” Luna asked him.


Sans hummed in thought. “not really. makes me a bit more tired than normal. its something that i wouldn’ want to stop doing though.”


“Okay, you’d tell me if it hurt you right?” There was this creeping suspicion that he might not. Honestly it would be okay. Since they didn’t know each other that well. It felt like such a short time. Thinking back on it she had only really gotten to know Sans after he had gone into heat. That was almost a month ago.


“i would tell you luna. wouldn’ want my princess to worry about me.” Sans kissed the side of her neck making her shiver softly.


~ ~ ~


     Sans was lost in Luna. He wasn’t sure when he had started losing himself to her. But he was to the point he didn’t want to be found. It was his soul and he knew it. Luna was his soul mate. Telling her that would scare her most likely. Humans didn’t believe in the possibility of soul mates. They didn’t believe in souls for that matter. Unless they were religious of sorts.


     That dream had done so much for him, but he wondered where it had stemmed from? What could have brought up a night at Grillby’s where he spoke to Luna and got her in his lap? If it were a night that happened why was he struggling to grasp it. Too many annoying questions filled his mind. It went back to the night before. She had been so scared when she had tackled him. Her soul was screaming out of fear. It was the only reason he pulled her from her apartment through the void. The minute they landed she had continued to fight. But her soul had ceased screaming.


Not to mention every time I go there I feel this strange aura. Like something that’s there. It shouldn’t be there. He had felt it when he had gone back earlier to get her bath products again. His bones idly shivered at the presence. Though he couldn’t pin point it.


     Looking down at her relaxed body he smiled wider. The next time he went into heat he was sure their relationship would be good enough. The next time he went into heat he was going to soul bond her. They would have to have that talk. Hopefully she wouldn’t see him as crazy. BP and Tops were soul bonded. Perhaps he could talk to them see how she took to them being soul bonded.


     Sans wanted to be the best for His Moon. Looking down at her wrist he smiled seeing the bracelet there. The little skull charm was imbued with his magic. It would help if anyone dared to hurt or take her from him. Using the bracelet to help find her. It had been between that or a little necklace. But the bracelet seemed more fitting.


     Maybe…. He could only hope that if they soul bonded he could give her a ring. The thought made his soul flip in his chest. A sudden pulse seemed to echo out to him. Looking down he watched Luna press her hand over her own chest. That made him curious, but he would leave it be.


~ ~ ~


     They arrived at Grillby’s in time for her shift. Sans and Papyrus got out of the car with her. Luna whined not wanting to part from them. Turning she planted her face into Sans’ chest wrapping her arms around his waist. Just wanting to go with him wherever he was going. How the hell was she so clingy all of a sudden. And in such a short time. They had just started dating not even a week ago.


Good way to get dumped right away. Be all fucking clingy. What the fuck is wrong with you Luna? That inner self hatred voice yelled at her.


Sans however chuckled hugging her gently to him. It made Luna sigh contently wanting to stay like that. Super clingy Bitch! Luna was about to lay the smack down on that fucking voice if they didn’t just fuck off. “come on princess. you get me tonight after your shift, tomorrow, and all of sunday. and you are all mine on sunday. we are talking an all-day thing.” Sans promised her making her lift her head to look up at him.


“An all-day thing?” Luna repeated.


“tell ya what. the next time i see you after you walk in that door. i will tell you what i have planned, okay?” Sans winked at her making her blush.


“Okay.” Luna replied before Sans handed her off to Papyrus. She immediately hugged her puzzle buddy. “You have fun on your date tonight okay?” Luna looked up at him seeing the tangerine colored blush that spread across his face.


     Stepping back from the two she waved to them one last time and headed into the bar. A familiar buzzing sound popping behind her. Before she could enter the bar she, wondered what kind of human would harass her today? Or likely where the next bruise would be? It was hard to be a waitress in a monster bar. Humans never showed Grillby any respect, but she was there constantly backing him up. Telling them that they shouldn’t be in his establishment if they were going to be that way.


     It was part of the terms of the job. The fire elemental had even offered her a position as a manager. Luna had turned it down just wanting to be a waitress. It was easier that way, especially with all that Grillby had on his plate. Though she did help him from time to time. The Fire elemental proved to be more of a father figure than she could ever hope for. Its why she always made sure to make her shifts and work her hardest. Not once complaining about her job.


Luna pushed open the door to look around the now empty bar not even finding Grillby there. Worry ate at her as she moved into the bar. There weren’t any customers. “Grillby?” Luna called out.


“SURPRISE!” A bunch of voices came from all over the bar making her jump back. “HAPPY BIRTHDAY LUNA!”


     Luna looks over to find Grillby, Toriel, a teenage brunette as well as a younger goat wearing a yellow and green striped sweater by the bar. Tops and BP hopped out of one of the booths. Sans and Papyrus were standing behind Grillby. There was a tall fish woman with blood red hair standing beside a little yellow dinosaur off to another side of the bar. She wasn’t sure exactly who they were but at this moment she didn’t care. “What did you guys do?” She sent an accusing glare over to Tops and BP.


Tops walked over slinging one arm over her shoulder, before pulling her into a tight embrace. “Throwing you a birthday party. You refused to let us throw a late one last year, so we decided to make this one a surprise. Welp Surprise!” Tops snickered.


“Yeah pipsqueak lighten up a little you are our favorite human after all.” BP joined in on the hug that Tops was already giving her. Tears started to prick at the corner of her eyes feeling them slide down her face. How could she remain mad at them for doing something so sweet?


“You guys are going to make me cry.” Luna muttered pulling back.


It was at that moment Tops realized that she didn’t have her gloves on. His furry paw took hold of her hand looking over finding it bare. “Lulu, you’re not wearing the gloves. Did that Skeleton finally break you of your habit?” Tops asked stroking the top of her hand lightly.


Luna could feel her internal voice screaming at her now. It had warned her that it was a bad idea for her to not put on her gloves. Warned her that she would be putting herself in a vulnerable position. BP then pulled the wrist with the bracelet on it. “Hey pipsqueak whats this? You never wore jewelry before?”


That drew Tops’ attention, the bunny grabbed that hand bringing it up to eye level. Which was pretty freaking high. Luna felt as though she were reaching for the stars. “Oh, my this is new. It looks pretty.” She could feel her shoulder becoming sore, but she just smiled. “This is real silver. Holy crap someone went all out.” Tops looked own at her flinching momentarily. “Sorry Lulu.” He moved down towards her bringing her hand so it was level with her chest.


Sometimes the guys forgot how short she truly was. “Sans gave it to me for my birthday.” Luna felt her heart swell with pride at saying that.


“No kidding. Looks like he gave ya a bit of his magic too.” Tops commented turning her wrist to show her the skull charm. “See this…. it has his magical signature. Think he finally remembers when you two first met?” Tops had a hopeful look on his face when he looked up at her.


“If he does then he hasn’t said anything about it. I really don’t care honestly. I won’t be that kind of person whose petty when someone first meets them. We are dating now. Apparently, he was going to ask me out on my birthday. He chose to do it sooner.” Luna watched as the two exchanged a look before Tops got back to his feet.


“Well I think your letting him off too easy pipsqueak. If I had done that to Tops he’d never let me live it down. Would bring it up during any fight.” BP muttered looking over at the bar. “Not that you’re the type but still. It don’t sit well with us.”

“Why don’t you go meet Frisk or Undyne.” Tops offered up giving her another hug. “And its so good to see you. But you look like you could use some more sleep. Up too late playing video games I bet. We are coming over this Wednesday with Paps for pizza. You can’t turn us down Lulu.” Tops chuckled kissing her forehead.


~ ~ ~


     Sans watched Luna make her way over to Toriel and Frisk. The poor thing looked genuinely terrified when they all had popped up. Watching her interact with Tops and BP was a bit hard but he managed. That territorial instinct was riding hard for him. Grillby was messing with something behind the bar, within a few moments’ music filled the place. Starting off with some party tunes.


     Tops and BP made their way over to the bar stopping in front of Sans. The look on their faces promised nothing good. Why did he have a sneaking suspicion that they were plotting something? “sup guys?” Sans spoke trying to keep a calm demeanor about him. His gaze trailing over to see that Luna was laughing about something with Frisk.


“Hey Paps… could you keep an eye on Luna for a bit?” BP spoke getting Sans to retract his attention to the two. What the hell was going on?


“Of course. You four have some talking to do after all. I will make sure hat she is made unaware. Just remember that if you take too long she will notice.” Paps spoke getting Sans to turn his attention to him.


“four? whats going on?” Sans felt like he was suddenly in danger.


“Something for your own good brother.” Was all Paps said before big fiery hands grabbed Sans by the shoulders. Hauling him over the bar.


     They took him into one of the guest rooms, it had Luna’s scent in it. But it seemed almost faded now. Like she hadn’t spent time here in a long time. Sans was forced to sit on the bed. Looking up to find BP, Tops, and Grillby. Now Grillby had been mad at him for a while, for what he wasn’t sure. He had a sneaking suspicion he was about to find out.


     Looking around the room he found different pictures on the wall. Most of them were from the underground. There were two that weren’t though. Getting off the bed he walked over staring at one of them. It was a picture of Grillby standing beside a much younger Luna. She had a black eye. Her smile though was genuine while she pressed into the side of Grillby.


“That’s when I first met her.” Tops started, and Sans understood what this was. It was the talk about if he hurt her. “I found her in a park sobbing her eyes out. That backpack she carries all over the place was the only thing she had. When I found out she worked at Grillby’s I thought well she can’t be all that bad if she works for him.”


Sans knew Grillby wouldn’t hire anyone that had malice in them. Or sought to hurt others. He had his own unique abilities to read the souls. The fire elemental didn’t like the idea of being a judge though. “I got her to tell me what happened. You know with the black eye. It was fresh when I found her the first time. Turns out she was living with some guys, told her that she was going to do what he said. When she refused he hit her.” Sans felt his magic flare at that. The thought of anyone hurting Luna seemed to just piss him off. “Of course, she handcuffed him to the bed after that. Throwing the key down the sink.”


“smart girl. take it she grabbed her bag and just left. you approached her with the idea of moving in with you and bp then?” Sans asked looking over his shoulder at them.


Tops had a fond smile on his face and for once BP didn’t look so disgruntled. “Yeah guess she didn’t realize I was a bunny. The next morning she got up and I swear she screamed bloody murder. It was then I found out she has a fear of bunnies. Luna thinks I don’t know but I’m not that dumb.”


BP snickered at that. “She told me she pictures you as a cat. That’s how she is able to deal with you better. Pipsqueak was so terrified that she jumped into my arms. And I didn’t much care for her…. yet.”


“what changed that?” Sans asked turning to face the three in the room.


“I was rude as ever to her. Giving her a hard time about every little thing she did wrong in the house. I thought she was after Tops. Then one day she snapped. Guess I pushed her too far. Before I knew it she had me slammed against the wall screaming at me. She called me Joseph, told me she wasn’t my play thing.” BP’s shoulders sagged looking down at the ground. “I knew that she was talking to me but at the same time she wasn’t.”


“She won’t talk about it when we asked who Joseph was. Stated it didn’t matter that it was the past.” Tops frowned leaning against a wall. “She didn’t come out of her room for a week after that. Except to go to work. It took me and BP going into her room to fix things up.” Tops mentioned with a sigh.


“Took a lot of fuckin’ convincin’ but we got it done. I saw her in a different light. She wasn’t after my mate but was just looking for a place to fit in. Didn’t much care for humans, we imagine its humans that did that to her hands.” BP mentioned getting Sans to turn back looking at the pictures.


     There were some smaller ones. Pictures of BP and Tops with her. Luna with a greater dog. She looked happy but at the same time she didn’t. There was another frame that made him stop. It was him. He was behind the bar holding Luna to him. She looked to be asleep, his arms were wrapped around her. Holding her like she was the most precious thing in the world. But… but… when was this taken? Taking the picture off the wall he heard a small chuckle come from behind him.


“Fire Rum has a few effects that I am aware of. One of them is the loss of memory for some monsters if they drink enough.” Grillby’s voice came through. “You had four bottles of fire rum infused ketchup that night. I think you gave her a quarter of that bottle.”


“my dream was real then? i really met her when i was drunk?” Sans looked down at the picture taking in everything. He had met Luna before the train, had gotten her drunk. Held her in his arms like she was important.


Because she was fucking important. She was his fucking soul mate. How fucked up was he that he couldn’t remember that night?


“You did. And I was pissed that you allowed yourself to forget your soulmate Sans. She wasn’t aware of it but she could feel a connection to you. I didn’t know till I found you both behind the bar. You wouldn’t let her go. You knew she had been hurt somehow. I imagine it’s the magic that makes you The Judge.” Grillby mentioned sitting down on the bed.


Sans looked at him frowning still holding the picture between his boney hands. “grillz when was this picture taken?”


Grillby took in a deep breath letting it out slowly. “Right before she met Papyrus. The night before in fact.” Sans dropped the picture not registering that he had done till it hit the ground. The glass shattering upon impact. “Its okay. You meeting her that night brought Papyrus and her together. They became the best of friends. I knew one day Papyrus would bring you back into her life.”


“I didn’t expect it to take as long as it did. The longer it went on the angrier I got. I lashed out once, that wasn’t fair to you. When she found out she threatened me to use a fire extinguisher on me.” Grillby chuckled.


“paps knew?” Sans asked but he had a feeling he knew the answer to that.


“Yes, Paps knew. But per Luna’s request he wasn’t allowed to say anything.” Grillby confirmed making Sans shake his bones rattling.


“why?” Why did Luna request such a thing? Did she not want to be with him?


“Because she didn’t think you saw her as worth your precious time.” BP answered. “The woman has dealt with the shit end of the stick most of her life. Being hired by Grillby was the best thing according to her. Tops and I taking her in made her feel warm. She fuckin’ cried for three days when you ‘forgot’ about her. Broke her fuckin’ heart and yet she still fuckin’ helped you in your most desperate time.”


BP wasn’t yelling but Sans could hear how pissed off he was. The tone told him everything. He had forgotten Luna, left her feeling worse than anyone probably ever did. Yet she hadn’t brought it up. Guilt washed over him bringing him to his knees. His soulmate! How could he do that to the one whose soul had been made specifically for him? Bringing his hands up to his face he let them dig into the top of his skull.


“how do i fix this?” Sans asked unsure of what to do.


“You already have in a way.” Tops spoke walking closer to Sans lowering his hand to him. Sans looked up at the bunny seeing the smile on his face. “You didn’t just use her for your need. You stepped up, got to know her. And then you asked her out. Without knowing of your previous engagement. You needed to know though. You needed to know about it so that you can make it up to her.”


Tops was right he had her now. Picking up the picture he looked down at it before opening the back of the frame. Sliding the image out from it. “i’m keeping this grillz.” Sans spoke folding the picture up and placing it in his parka. He took hold of Tops’ hand. The bunny pulled him to his feet.


Sans stared at the three monsters before him, they had watched out for her. Took care of her when he wasn’t around to. Now was his turn to take care of her make sure she stayed safe. Make sure that she felt cherished. “looks like i have some lost time to make up for. starting tonight.” He looked through the three of them his smile appearing warm. “thank you for lookin’ out for her. but i think that its my turn.”


Shoving his hands into her pockets gripping the soft lacey panties that were concealed there. Not sure why he even brought them with him. It felt right in a weird sort of way. “Sans…” Grillby spoke up. “You hurt up you pay your tab and full and will be banned from my place permanently.  I take things involving Luna very seriously. Soulmate or not, she is like a daughter to me. I took a high responsibility when Toriel told me to watch out for her. Even if that means banning my favorite customer.”


Sans nodded. “duly noted.” He couldn’t fault Grillby for that. “just know when i soul bond her… and i promise i will. you are throwing us a party.” Sans grinned knowing it was a cocky promise but a promise none the less. The three monsters knew he didn’t make promises lightly.


“If you soul bond her I will throw you two a party and provide a suite. But that’s only if you soul bond her.” Grillby chuckled walking out of the room. “Come on before Luna notices we are missing.”


    Sans walked out of the room a smile on his face. Suddenly his dream from that one night made a whole lot of sense. It was his soul’s way of telling him something he needed to remember. He was grateful for that night now. It had planted something in Luna that had her help him out. Maybe it was her soul. Compassion and Kindness were strong traits. The untouched Patience made more sense. Souls could develop traits as they go, perhaps she had developed Patience when she realized he had forgotten about that night. It explained why it was untouched from the cracks. Because her patience never wavered.


Walking back into the bar he watched her dancing with Frisk and he could feel his soul pinging loudly calling out for her. Everything made so much ore sense to him. Looking over at Papyrus, noticing the smug look his brother had on his face.


“yeah, yeah i know i’m a blind idiot.” Sans sighed looking back out at his mate.


“I am just glad you are finally seeing what you have been missing brother. She is a gift, I saw that much when I started to spend more time with her. I knew after the incident on the train that she was your soul mate. She told me about how she felt a tugging in her chest. It was her soul longing to be near you.” Papyrus explained sipping lightly on an orange drink, probably a soda since he was the one who had to get them home.


“thanks bro. you’re so cool. you knew how much of an idiot i had been but you kept your promise to her. making me wait till i met the woman who i have found even now.” Sans walked over and hugged Papyrus close.


~ ~ ~


     Luna chuckled dancing with Frisk, the young ambassador wasn’t as intimidating as Luna had originally thought. Turns out she was happy that Sans had found someone to date. They were mimicking the moves to Caramel Dansen while it blasted through the bar. Undyne, the fish woman, was dancing on the other side of Luna. Surprising her that the tall woman could dance so well. The yellow lizard, Alphys, was totally fangirling pulling out her phone to record the three of them.


     This was so much more fun than Luna could ever imagine. Tops came over to join the three of them. Something about watching a guy bunny mimic such feminine moves made Luna grip her stomach burst out laughing. It was hard to keep up with the dance. Walking back over to the table she sat down next to Toriel who was shaking her head.


“I haven’t seen Frisk have this much fun since she stopped having sleep overs at the boys house.” Toriel chuckled.


“She doesn’t anymore?” Luna asked catching her breath. Taking the seat across from Toriel. Grillby comes over now that shes noticed he’s back. He places a light bluish-purple drink in front of her.


“Well… she has been so busy with her studies and being Ambassador that she doesn’t have much time. Though she has time for her boyfriend. I guess I should talk to my child about it. The boys have always been good to her. She should remember who her friends are.” Toriel looked down at the drink. “What is that?”


Luna chuckled for a moment picking up the drink. “This is what I call a blueberry swirl. Cream, blueberry compote, just the sauce not the blueberries, and cake flavored vodka all combined in this little concoction. I have a weird taste thing.” Luna took a sip tasting the way the creamy substance coated her mouth.


“Luna is by far my strangest customer when it comes down to it. She created it one day because I had blueberry sauce left over from pancakes. Turns out she loves the syrupy substance. Almost similar to Sans’ love for ketchup.” Grillby shakes his head. “Those two are a weird couple.”


“Oh so your not mad at him anymore?” Luna grinned taking another drink. Noticing how Toriel just couldn’t stop staring. “Would you like to try some Tori?” Luna chuckled softly.


“I-I shouldn’t. I have to make sure Frisk, Asriel, and myself get home safely.” Toriel stuttered looking down at the drink. But Luna could see it in her eyes the goat woman wanted to try it.


Luna made a split decision sliding it over to Toriel sitting back in her seat. The goat woman lifted her violet gaze up to look at Luna in surprise. “Go on. You can take a break from being a mom or a queen for an hour or so. Your kingdom can last without you for an hour. Besides we are at my secondary home. Grillby will make sure you and Frisk are safe.”


“Well… when you put it like that I suppose I could just try it. But… only one. No more after this.” Toriel didn’t seem confident as she stated just one. Luna would confide in that though. The lady might not have a high tolerance for alcohol the same way Luna did.


     Saying that Luna didn’t have a tolerance for monster alcohol. Avoiding fire rum since that night was pretty much a need. Toriel picked up the glass, Grillby moved his hand up to his glasses tilting them down to watch. The feeling that the lady didn’t take the time to do things for herself settled in Luna’s mind. That just would not do. Toriel brought the glass up to her snout taking a moment before pressing furry lips to the side of the glass. Tilting it just enough to get a sip out of it.


     There was a bit of silence at the table while the music played in the background. Toriel’s face shifted from side to side seeming to take in the flavor before it lit up. The next thing Luna knew the goat woman downed the entire drink. Leaving both Luna and Grillby stunned to say the least.


“That was delicious reminds me of a blueberry cream pie. It was absolutely fantastic.” Toriel piped up making Luna feel a bit more at ease. “And you created this drink yourself?”


Luna shrugged her shoulders momentarily, Grillby patted her shoulder before heading back to the bar. More than likely to make another drink.  “I did it because I was having a rough day. Just wanted something sweet but at the same time alcoholic. Its not listed on the menu but those who know me and have tried it can come in to order it. Grillz calls it the Cosmic Special.” Luna chuckled.


“Cosmic Special?” Toriel questioned.


“Luna Solarium. My name is basically a play on words. Luna meaning moon. Solarium is a room that is built to admit sunlight. Don’t ask. I narrow that one down to solar. Therefore we get the cosmic reference. And because Grillz described the drink as out of this world.” Luna admitted.


“How did you come up with such a clever alias I wonder?” Toriel inquired making Luna sit back.


“I have a love for things that are outer space. When I was a kid and things got a bit too… rough so to speak. I would go out to the fields lay on a blanket to watch the stars. I knew all the constellations by heart. I fit more in there than I did at home or school. Luna Solarium just fit.” Luna admitted softly. “My dad did try to make it work with me. He bought me a telescope when he realized I would go out to the field. I think sometimes that he’s the only reason I got any inheritance at all.”


Toriel’s violet eyes softened. “I am glad you are willing to talk about all that. You should be allowed to.”


“You already know a lot about me. Without me knowing that you had investigated me that deeply. Didn’t realize that saving monsters from beatings would get a background check done on me.” Luna chuckled.


“For that I apologize. When we found out who you were and that your history only went back the few years it had we wanted a bit more in depth look. You were so young when all those medical reports came in. I imagine your dad brought you to the hospital?” Toriel asked trying to get more information.


“When things got to severe yes. He hated what was going on. But there was nothing he could do about it. He was as abused as I was.” Luna shrugged her shoulders.


“How did you get away?” The question was not what Luna had expected. Most of the time she told people that her brother kicked her out.


“In truth, once I was able to gain access to the money I took all my legal documents and ran. I withdrew everything from the account my dad set up for me. Took the first train out of town. Went as far as I could before I landed in Ebott.” Luna admitted toying with one of the paper coasters on the table. This wasn’t easy to talk about. At the same time, it felt nice.


“Got my name legally changed to Luna Solarium and just never looked back. I have no reason to. I was the oddball in school, everyone always liked my brother more. If he said jump they would all say how high. I never met any of the other family members. I wasn’t allowed to do much after school except my chores and entertain my brother.” Luna shrugged her shoulders looking off to the side.


A soft furred paw rested on the top of her hand making Luna focus her attention back on the goat woman. There was sadness in those violet eyes. “You don’t have to talk about this now. You are here to have fun and enjoy your birthday. I can see these memories are bringing you down. That isn’t something I want to see on this joyous day.” Her paw slowly stroked the top of Luna’s hand making her feel all warm.


“If you were my child I would have cherished you. You are such a beautiful woman. Given all that has happened to you its surprising to see you turn out the way you are. The courage you show as well as the kindness. Papyrus would describe you as Valiant. But there is much more than that.” Toriel continued getting Luna to blush profusely.


Luna went to say something before another furry arm wrapped around hers pulling her out of her seat. “Come Lady Luna we must dance. You promised me a dance.” Asriel laughed not giving Luna a chance to say farewell to Toriel. The young goat boy already had Luna on the dance floor doing twirls with her.


     Toriel’s words replayed in her mind so often that night that when Papyrus had her dancing with him she was trying to focus. Why hadn’t her past affected her the way it would with others? Too deep in thoughts she hadn’t noticed the spin Papyrus threw her into. Feet tripping over the other she saw the ground coming soon but Sans was there in a blink of an eye. Hands pulling quickly from their confides to wrap around Luna. Making her crash into his chest.


    Luna flushed with color when a slow song came on. Others grouped up to dance alongside. Luna looked around the room knowing this was probably where it ended for her. Sans hadn’t stepped one foot on the dance floor all night. She wasn’t about to force him. “We don’t have to…”


“i want to.” Sans interrupted her making her look up at him. “ain’ gonna lie i got two left feet. but the birthday girl deserves a chance to dance with her boyfriend. dance with me princess.”


Luna admitted dancing with Sans was more than she ever thought possible. It was a slow song so there wasn’t much more needed than to slowly sway side to side. Sans’ hand moved to her hair bringing her head down to his chest. Before sliding back down to her side. It felt nice to be in his arms. Then BP walked over, his attention focused on the floor. The feline bent down to pick something up.


“Oh wow Pipsqueak. Didn’t think I would ever see these again!” BP came back up holding something black in his paw.


     Taking a moment to study what he had in his paw. It was a black lacey garment, it registered what it was just then. A boney hand took the garment from BP she watched as it slipped into the pocket of Sans’ parka. BP snickered looking between the two of them. While when she brought her attention to Sans’ face he was doing everything to avoid looking at her. His face turning a bright blue in response but those eye lights were focused elsewhere.


“Oh damn… this is priceless.” BP snickered getting Luna to glare at him. “And I’m gonna go watch from… over there.” He pointed in a direction before making his way over towards Tops.


Luna looked back at Sans. “Care to explain why you have a pair of my panties in your pocket Skellie?”


“not really.” Sans responded


“Sans… why do you even have those? I honestly thought those would be the pair I would be wearing tonight when I found out you picked my clothes. Now I find out that you have had them in your pocket the entire night?” Luna accused him.


“pfft… if you were to wear them at any time it would be on our date. i wasn’t about to let you dance around with everybody so revealing on under that skirt.” Sans responded.


Luna snorted at that thinking that he had thought that far when he had picked them out. But she had a feeling that wasn’t the reason they were in his pocket. “You’d want to take me out in public wearing something like that?”


“well… not the whole day figure you could wear them near the end of the date. not that i was thinking along the lines of having sex but… be nice to see you naked under the stars with just those on.” Sans admitted to her looking off once more.


Luna felt herself blush so hard that she wasn’t sure her face would ever go back to the normal color. Burying her face in his chest she couldn’t help but laugh about it. This was just way to amusing in her mind. “how does bp know about that particular pair anyways?” Sans stated a bit of a harsh tone.


Luna had to take a breath before lifting her head. “Because they were a gift from him that’s why. During a game of truth or dare he found out I was a virgin. And bought them for me. Said they were my ‘about to lose my virginity’ panties. I kept thinking of throwing the things away but…” Luna shrugged. “I kept thinking of the possibilities of wearing them.”


Sans looked down at her a shocked expression on his face. “you think about kinky things often i take it? how is it you haven’t lost your virginity yet exactly?”


“You’ve seen my work schedule. Don’t have a ton of friends. Sure, I’ve dated before, but they never lasted long enough to think it was that special to give them it. Guess just never found the right person to give it to. Doesn’t mean I can’t have a kinky sense of thought.” Luna told him.


Sans gave a smirk before leaning in close to her. Something slicked up against her cheek when he did. Luna imagined it was his tongue. “have to tell me what those are princess. when you’re ready of course. i’m a patient skeleton. for you i give all the time in the world to be ready. doesn’t mean i can’ think about what it will be like when i do have you.”


That confidence in his voice had her shivering in such a good way she worried that she might cream herself right on the spot. Thankfully she didn’t. It didn’t stop the soft moan that had escaped her though. The chuckle that erupted through Sans could be felt vibrating through his chest.


     The rest of the night went by in a blur. Too fast for Luna’s opinion. Tops, BP, Grillby, and Papyrus had given her gifts ranging from video games, puzzles, and a new coat. Grillby had picked it out for her seemed he deemed it to be appropriate. It was a black duster with a soft cream-colored plush lining. When Luna had put it on she felt like Carmen Sandiego from that cartoon series. The cake came after everyone singing happy birthday to her. She blew them out. It was a chocolate cake with a sweet cream frosting. Specialty from Muffet’s bakery.


     The party ended but Luna soon realized they had been going at it for four hours. That was long enough in her opinion. She was now resting in Sans’ lap in one of the stools. Her face buried in his chest since she was facing towards him. Sans proceeded to rub his hand up and down her back making her hum in content. “probably should head back to the house soon. you said you wanted to grab some clothes for you to sleep in.” Sans spoke after a bit. Reminding her of how late it was getting.


“I don’t have my keys to get in even. Didn’t exactly walk out my front door when I left.” Luna admitted with a soft chuckle into his shirt.


“oh, that’s right. well we can pop over there grab some clothes then pop back if you would like.” Sans offered.


Luna shook her head still too tired to want to do any of that. “Could I borrow one of your shirts perhaps to sleep in? We can pop over tomorrow night then. I’m kind of tired from everything today.”  


“sure, princess we can do that.” Sans scooted towards the end of the booth gathering Luna up in his arms. He held her close to his chest carrying her once more like a bride. “paps… she’s gettin’ tired. think its time to head home.”


     Luna muttered a protest, but she knew Sans would ignore it. Too many of the Cosmic Specials, that’s what she blamed it on. She had about four of them before Sans had cut her off. Saying it wouldn’t be good if she got a hangover the next day.


Papyrus turned looking over at them both smiling. “Alright Brother. Miss Luna be sure to say thank you to everyone before we leave.”


“Thanks Everybody. This was the best Birthday ever.” Luna grumbled softly though she was clearly excited just very tired.


The sound of chuckles filled the room, but they faded when she was carried outside. Feeling how the temperature dropped a bit colder than expected. It didn’t last long before she was pushed into the backseat of Papyrus’ car. Sans leaned over her making sure her seatbelt was on before settling himself in. Putting his own on, he pulled her close to him letting her head rest against his chest.


“Will she be alright?” Papyrus asked.


“yeah, she just needs to have a gatorade or something with electrolytes when we get home. this way it can prevent a hangover.” Sans explained as she felt his phalanges move through her hair.


Luna closed her eyes falling asleep on Sans once more. It was the best birthday she could ever ask for. That much she was sure of.

Chapter Text

     Luna awoke Sunday morning curled around Sans, he was awake, however. She could tell by the way his hand moved through her hair. Phalanges combing it gently. A shower was needed since she could feel the oil build up. They had a lazy day the day before, so she had lounged around the house in her sleep shorts and one of Sans’ shirts. He had thankfully taken her to her home so that she could get some underwear to change into. Which she took the opportunity to find an outfit to wear for their date.


     Looking up at Sans she saw his sockets were closed seeming to be just relaxing. A second later one opened peering down at her with a white eye light. A soft sigh almost a happy one at that coming from him while his hand slid down to press into her back. Luna loved the morning attention. It was better than waking up alone when she was in her apartment. Reminding her that she was going to be heading back there tonight. It made her want to scream. Maybe she could after their date.


“mornin’ babygirl.” Sans hummed, his voice coming a bit tiredly.


     One look at the clock on the nightstand told her it wasn’t morning anymore. How the guy managed to get her to sleep past eleven each day she wasn’t sure. No matter. It was the fact she woke up in his arms. Surrounded by him each day that was the best.


“Its almost one in the afternoon. The proper greeting is good afternoon.” Luna grumbled burying her face into his chest. Taking a deep inhale of his scent. Taking in the scent of ketchup, snow, and something musky but subtle. It was pleasant to her sense of smell. Made her want that scent on her clothes like a fabric softener.


“can we talk about something?” Sans asked making her lift her head to look up at him. There was a look on his face that she couldn’t place very well.


Luna reached over to grab her glasses from the nightstand. Placing them on her face before moving to sit up. “Talk about what?” Luna had a bad feeling in the pit of her stomach suddenly.


Sans tapped his phalanges together since the one hand was no longer wrapped around her. That grin that was normally there seemed strained suddenly. Something was wrong, and Luna knew it. Moving her hands to his face she cupped his chin making him look at her. “Sans? You can talk to me you know that.”


“it's not that simple princess. yeah, i can talk to you but… i wasn’t there when you needed someone to talk to.” Sans started off getting Luna to back off a bit.


Sans sighed reaching down to grab her hand in his. What was he talking about? Eye lights couldn’t seem to focus on her for a bit darting back and forth. Seeming to avoid contact with her eyes. Luna felt the fear inch up her spine. “What are you getting at Sans?”


“you went to grillz. you went to tops, hell even bp. and you went to paps. but the one person who should’ve been there for you was me. i screwed up so bad princess. i don’ even know where to begin to make it right.” Sans closed his sockets again, for a moment she thought she could see something leaking down the sides of his cheekbones.


Luna moved over planting herself in his lap since he was sitting up his back pressed against the pillowed headboard. That caught his attention making him focus on her. Luna had a guess of what he was talking about, but she needed to hear it from him. “Sans come on. I need to know what you're talking about before I can give you an answer you deserve.”


His eye lights pinned on her face then. “stars, i don’ deserve you.” Sans moved his hands to both sides of her face effectively cupping both cheeks. “could you forgive this old bag of bones? i had such a rough night at work that night. i just wanted a drink to make me forget. fire rum was always the best choice but if i knew i would meet you… i wouldn’ have done it…” His words were cut off as he closed his sockets.


    Grillby, Tops, and BP were dead the next time that she saw them. That was the silent promise she made in her head. This was the exact reason she hadn’t wanted them to say anything. Well, one of the reasons. Sans was obviously upset he had forgotten about that night. This wouldn’t do. It was their date night.


“Sans…” She tried to get his attention. His sockets weren’t opening but she could tell he was listening. “Listen, this isn’t all your fault. Papyrus told me I should bring it up to you but…” Luna didn’t know where to begin with all this. “I was scared okay. I am not used to being open about my feelings too much. My past has me pretty screwed up. Its why I was rather surprised when you asked me to date you.”


Sans opened his sockets looking up at her. “why wouldn’ i? you’re gorgeous. you have a heart of gold. the most adorable laugh i have ever heard. and for some strange reason, you like me. i can’ even fathom why.”


“It's hard to explain. I always enjoyed watching you when you came into Grillby’s. Never knowing how to properly approach you.” Luna turned her head to the side her shoulders rising and falling slowly. “I don’t exactly have the confidence. Plus, the bar is Grillby’s spot. Didn’t want to step into his territory. It was a bit surprising when you spoke to me that night.”


     The tears were prickling at the corners of her eyes. This was why she didn’t like talking about this. Always so damn emotional. She had managed to steel herself when she had spoken with Toriel the night of the party. “I didn’t know what to think when Papyrus drove me home. But he stated you wanted to make sure I got home safe. I felt so touched by the reaction.” Her hand moved to her chest making a soft sniffling sound. “Then it seemed like it all got washed away. It wasn’t your fault. But I knew at that moment I had developed a crush through some sort of drunken stupor. I had been harboring that crush since that night.”


     Luna felt him shift beneath her, within a few seconds he had her pinned down to the bed. Sans was hovering above straddling her hips. Looking up she could see his eye lights, they were little cyan colored hearts. “stars luna you are so perfect.” He spoke before burying his face into the side of her neck making her shiver. Fangs scraping her jugular. “my only regret about that night is forgetting it at all. i wanted to remember it because it would have given you to me sooner rather than later.”


     Raising her hands up she went to wrap them around him, but an alarm went off making him groan against her throat. “dammit…” Sans sighed pulling back from her neck. Retracting from her body managing to shake her hands from his shoulders. His hand went into the pocket of his shorts to retrieve something. Pulling out a phone that was making the alarm sound. “well princess you best get a shower. our date is about to start. we have a movie first. dinner reservations around five. so best get movin’.”


     Luna groaned not wanting to move from what they were doing. It was unfair. “It's not fair!” Luna cried climbing out of the bed to roll to her feet. Going to grab her back. Digging out the galaxy dress that she had worn the night on the train a white button-up blouse. Snagging underwear and leggings. She turned only to come short when Sans stood there a grin on his face.


    That grin was all kinds of evil and she knew that. “fair? that's a four-letter f word princess.” Sans snickered. He held up something in his hands. Making her look downwards to find he had picked out a dark blue set of panties like the ones that BP had gotten her. They were a pastel blue with hints of white. Clearly, he had hinted at his usual color choices near his own. Below the panties were some socks. Pulling the panties aside he held the socks up letting them unfold. Of course, thigh high stockings.


“thought we could make the evenin’ a bit interestin’. Indulge me, princess.” Sans smiled his cheekbones turning a bright cyan dusting across them.


    Luna looked between the two things her cheeks heating up. The panties were clearly a reminder of what he intended to do later tonight. It wasn’t a sexual thing, but he had stated he was going to ogle her under the stars with nothing but those panties. A sexual shiver rolled over her spine admitting that she was looking forward to that.


Taking the items from him, she felt him lean forward kissing her lightly on the forehead. “enjoy your shower princess.” He whispered letting her walk out of the room to the bathroom. 


     In the shower, she feels the hot water running down her body making her feel warm. Sans’ words replay in her mind realizing he felt shitty when he realized he had forgotten about her. He wanted to make it right that much she was aware of. Luna knew he wasn’t dating her to make it right but that self-loathing part of herself believe that was the only way he would date her.


     Clean she stepped out of the shower, taking the towel that Papyrus had cleaned for her the other night. Drying off her body from the droplets from her skin. Bringing the towel over her head scrubbing the top of her hair. Not realizing that she was about due for a lightening soon. The dark roots peeking up at the top of her head. The dark auburn coloration shimmering with light shades of red just at the top.


    The bra was the first to move over her breasts, it was a strapless bra one that pushed her breasts up slightly. Pushing her breasts together showing a touch of cleavage. The stick of deodorant resting on the counter of the sink. Using it quickly she wished she had grabbed a small bottle of perfume to put over her wrists and neck. It would have been something subtle.


    Next came the panties, picking them up she unfolded them her cheeks heating. Looking it at the back of the panties had small hearts amongst the sheer material. The front having a white ribbon doing a sort of corset design weaving through the pale blue lace. Of course, they were crotchless giving a hint that the area between her legs would be open and bare. Need to cross your legs at the theater and dinner. Leaning down she slipped the panties up her legs. Feeling how snug they felt over her bottom.


    Luna felt exposed even after she pulled the skirt on which thankfully spilled past her knees. The pleats hiding the top of the thigh high socks Sans had picked out for her. The finishing touches were her buttoning up the blouse nearly missing buttons when she did. Combing out her hair she braided it to fall down the front of her lightly dangling over her breast. The cleavage she had prompted earlier peeking between the buttoned center of her blouse.


    Feeling her outfit was perfect she walked out of the bathroom. Only to run back in again so she could hang up the towel. It wasn’t her apartment, there was no reason to be a slob here. Upon walking out she ran into Papyrus. Now, normally she hadn’t had any reason to be nervous around the younger skeleton brother. But the risk of him finding out about the panties she had on underneath.


“Oh Luna, you look nice. But I have seen you in this outfit before. It's your normal work attire.” Papyrus inquired.


Luna frowned for a moment looking down at her outfit, he was right. “I guess it is. I don’t get to dress up too much.” Feeling like she wasn’t really doing a good job for hers and Sans’ first date.


“Have no fear I, the Great Papyrus, have an alternate outfit for you. Since I had not been able to give you your birthday present. I am entitled to give you it now. Nyeh.” Papyrus smiled grabbing her by the wrist.


“But… you did. You got me that sweet kitten puzzle.” Luna explained to her puzzle buddy.


“That was a small present. I was made aware of your date with Sans. Being that I helped you move out of BP and Tops’ home I knew what was in your closet.” Papyrus pushed open the door to the room at the other end of the hall. It had police tape.


     Luna swallowed looking around the room finding a red race car bed in one of the corners. The room was rather neat much like the rest of the house. Papyrus was obviously OCD in some ways. Every figure that adorned his shelves had its place. A box of bones placed underneath them. Papyrus opened a door which led into a closet. A light flickering on to light up the area. Papyrus was pushing through some outfits in there till he pulled out a garment bag.


Papyrus walked out of the closet a bright smile on his face. Unzipping the garment bag to reveal the dress. Luna brought her hands to her mouth. The sleeves of the dress were lacey white designed with little flowers leading into a white bodice. The bottom of the dress had a baby blue colored skirt that clearly was a bit shorter than the galaxy skirt she was currently wearing. “Pappy I couldn’t accept this.” Luna had a feeling that he overspent on the dress seeing the way it was designed.


“Nonsense Luna. I wanted something nice for you to wear on yours and Sans’ first date.” Papyrus smiled holding the dress out to her.


Luna took the dress looking up at Papyrus she pressed her body into him nearly bursting into tears. “You are so amazing Pappy.” Luna spoke burying her face into his shirt.


“You are most welcome Luna. Now go get changed before my brother gets worried that you have changed your mind.” Papyrus chuckled turning her to walk her out of the room.


     Luna wasted no time, still not wanting to be found out about the risky garment she wore, she headed towards the bathroom. Stripping out of the blouse and the skirt. Slipping on the dress she looked at herself in the mirror finding it hard to believe she was wearing something so enchanting. The dress had transformed her from the little nerdy gamer to the princess Sans fondly called her. The self-hate within her, as well as the love starvation, finally silenced.


Stepping out of the bathroom she looked up at Papyrus. He had been waiting for her outside, a tangerine orange glow dusting across his cheeks. “I knew I made a good choice. Now you look as beautiful as we both know you already are.” Papyrus smiled hearing a door at the other end of the hall close.


    Both she and Papyrus looked down the hall seeing Sans had stepped out of his bedroom. The smaller skeleton was dressed in a white button-up shirt, the buttons a black coloration. He was a bit too far, but Luna swore he had skulls on those buttons. The white button up was tucked into a pair of black jeans sadly seemed the only nice pair of shoes he wore were sneakers. The cyan and white dockers that the laces were always undone.


     Sans stopped looking up to find both Luna and Papyrus staring at him. Eye lights trained over on Luna flicking up and down taking in the outfit. “holy shit…” The sound of snapping fingers making him vanish from where he was. Luna looked around wondering where he had gone. A strong set of arms tugged her from behind making Luna squeak. “princess you look good enough to fuckin’ eat.” Sans purred bringing his mandible to her ear. Arms pulling tighter till she was pressed into his chest.


“Sans… language. Luna is the lady for the evening. No need to be so vulgar or lewd towards her.” Papyrus complained obviously.


      Luna felt the blush creep over her cheeks, Sans’ hands moving over her stomach making her squirm in his grip. Sans made no attempt to hide how entranced he was with her at that moment. Nuzzling the side of her neck.


“sorry, paps. princess looks good though. can’ help but admire how good she looks right now.” Sans looked up to Papyrus who grabbed Luna and pulled her from his grip.


“I am glad you like it now… you are going to be late for the movie. Undyne also secured that area you requested for this evening. Don’t be late!” Papyrus had lifted Luna up onto his shoulders making her squeak once more. With her halfway bent over the taller skeleton’s shoulders she stared down at the carpeted floor of the living room. Unaware that Sans was getting a good view of her rather uncovered sex.


“Pappy! Put me down please!” Luna whined out trying to move back so that she could tumble down the front of Paps rather than the back.


     It was too late. Sans was chuckling softly making Luna look back at him. His cheekbones dusted with that cyan blush. She wanted to cry but she needed to remain quiet so Paps wouldn’t find out her rather ‘exposed’ state. Shooting Sans a promising glare of revenge. Sans however just shrugged it off shoving his hands into the pockets of his jeans still ogling up her skirt.


Papyrus noticed. “Sans! Behave yourself. Luna is a lady that is not how we treat a lady.”


Oh sweet cinnamon roll, how she wanted to shield him away. Sans smirked. “i know she’s a lady paps. but you are kind of holding her un-ladylike.”


That cause Paps to gasp before she was set back on the ground. He paused to make sure that she was standing straight before backing away. “My apologies Luna. I don’t think I was in my right state of mind when I did that.”


“Oh, it's alright Pappy. No need to worry too much.” She lowered her head hoping her bangs would hide her embarrassment. Silently calling Sans names in her mind.


That lasted two seconds before the accused skeleton moved to wrap his arm around her waist pulling her to him. His hand moving to the small of her back working out the strained muscles there gently. “welp we best be on our way princess.” Sans smiled looking up at Paps. “frisk and asriel should be here in about an hour. try not to get too crazy okay?”


“Will do brother. Have fun on your date. I put all that you need in your car already.” Papyrus called out making Luna stop on the stairs.


“You have a car?” Luna asked him.


Sans made her walk down to the bottom of the stairs taking her new jacket off the coat rack. Offering it up for her to slip into. “yep, most of the time i don’ use it but tonight is special.” He smiled fondly at her.


     Luna slid her arms into the jacket turning her back to him. Once it was fully onto her shoulders he leaned in kissing her lightly on the back of the neck. A hand grabbing hold of her wrist. Cool metal touched it making her look down. Somehow, she had forgotten to put the bracelet back on after her shower. “Shit. I can’t believe I left that in the room.”


“it's okay. you’re not used to it yet.” Sans kissed her cheek pulling her towards the garage.


     Sans didn’t have a flashy car like Papyrus’ red sports car. Instead, he had a small blue Honda Civic. The interior was cloth covered and surprisingly clean on the inside. There was a pillow and blanket haphazardly thrown into the back seat making Luna chuckle.


“that’s for when i am at the school. i come to take a nap in my car when i am on my break.” Sans admitted softly before grabbing the blanket immediately folding it. Moving it to rest on the floor of the car along with the pillow.


Luna had the feeling he wasn’t used to doing such things since she could see the way it was folded. It was a touch messy in her opinion, but she didn’t try to judge. Although when she had tried to go towards his room the day before he had warded her off by popping two blue bones in her path. He was rather nervous about her being near there. Although she wasn’t sure why. Luna just left it alone.


“You didn’t have to fold it, sweetie. It might be used later.” Luna offered up.


“we’ll see princess.” Sans smiled helping her into the car then walked around to the other side so that he could get into the driver's seat.


     The movie theater was across town making Luna smooth down her skirt for the umpteenth time while she sat in the passenger seat. Sans was surprisingly a good driver, she had only seen him walk, take the train, or just as he calls it ‘short cut’ places. Or let Papyrus just drive him. His boney index finger was lightly tapping on the steering wheel making Luna a touch nervous. That was one of those nervous habits she had read about. Luna had one herself. She constantly rubbed her palms over the tops of her hands. More so when her gloves were off.


“luna?” Sans spoke after a bit catching her attention. Lifting her head she made a soft hum to acknowledge she heard him. “i meant what i said earlier. i want to make up for the time we lost. we could have been together so much sooner if i hadn’ got drunk that night.”


Luna looked off to the side unsure of how to respond to this. It wasn’t all his fault. It was her fault too. She could have approached him sooner. “I’m at fault as much as you are. I made everyone hide it from you because of my own lack of self-confidence.”


Sans found a parking spot turning off the car. He turned in his seat looking directly at her, his eye lights focused on her face. “look we both are at fault in this manner. but from here on out we are together. now is better than never. i have you and i plan on keeping you. its… important to me.” He reached up cupping her cheek. “just be patient with me like i know you can. especially when i must go do my monster job. no more doubting yourself either.”


     Luna winced hearing him say that. She was about to respond when he kissed her gently halting any words that she was going to say. They both got out of the car a few minutes after breaking the kiss. He gracefully took her hand in his walking towards the theater. It surprised her that he had wanted to see a movie first. Imagining it had something to do with the Reservation.


     Sans let her look at the movies, so she could choose, unfortunately, none of them were to her liking. Luna didn’t care for going to the theater. She would rather wait till it came on Netflix or on DVD. Movie theaters made her wary of things. After Sans picked the movie they both walked in the ticket taker holding his hand out to her for her ticket. Sans moved in front of her handing off the tickets to the guy. Luna stood there for a moment questioning the motion.


     He picked a row in the back of the theater, Luna smiled at him when he found two seats just below the projector. Sans wasted no time ridding the center armrest with the cup holder. His arm moving to her shoulder before pulling her to him. The gesture made her chuckle while she rested her head against his. It was a reminder of how real this was for her.


     Halfway through the movie, Luna could hear soft snoring. Glancing over she shook her head slowly seeing that Sans had fallen asleep. The movie wasn’t all that entertaining, so she understood why he might have passed out. What she didn’t understand was the way he held her. At some point during the movie, he had managed to lower his arm from her shoulder to her waist. His other hand meeting it in an iron grip securing her to the spot.


     The behavior was strange but eventually, she moved herself over to his lap. Trying to make the way he had her more comfortable. Since she had to lean forward a bit while next to him. A lading a bit down was glaring at Luna disapprovingly. What was so disapproving about sitting in her boyfriend’s lap while he napped? Her stomach gurgled reminding her that she hadn’t had breakfast that morning.


The dim orange light of a torch coming down the row made Luna sigh in annoyance. No doubt it was that woman from ten minutes ago’s doing. Luna could see it coming closer before the ticket taker from before stood in front of her. Luna tilted her head back to look up at him.


“Miss, I have to ask you and your friend to leave.” The ticket taker spoke in a hushed voice.


Luna held her temper down. This could be a misunderstanding after all. “Is it because I am in his lap? We aren’t doing anything just watching the movie.” She admitted to him.


“No, no… that’s not it. We don’t encourage interspecies relationships in here is all.” The ticket taker responded.


Luna looked up at him taking in his words before her solemn face turned to a glare. Did he seriously? Luna pulled trying to get her feet but the grip around her waist tightened making her freeze. Looking back, she found Sans very much awake. “easy princess. it's fine.” Sans lifted his gaze to look at the ticket taker. “rather rude to tell us that after we’ve paid and sat through half the movie.”


“Well either sit two seats apart or leave.” The ticket taker responded, Luna tried to get up again, but Sans pulled her back down tighter. Holding her firmly in his lap. That was utter bullshit and she knew it. “It's your choice but your behavior is making other customers uncomfortable.”


“I don’t care if it’s making them uncomfortable.” Luna finally spoke her voice coming out snarky. “Their dirty looks are making me uncomfortable. Maybe they should mind their own god damn business.”


     And almost on cue, the woman from before looks over at them. Luna glared at the woman ready to give her a piece of her mind. Racist bitch! Luna struggled to get out of Sans’ grip once more wanting to do something about the way they were being treated. Four years! Four fucking years and they still treated monsters like they were beneath them. Were they ever going to change? Luna doubted it. That woman was despicable!


“no worries pal. but i expect a refund. tryin’ to show my princess a good time. here you are raining on my parade.” Sans snuggled her tightly before getting to his feet. His arms locked around Luna’s waist. Probably was a good thing too. Since Luna would have punched the ticket taker in the face.


“Of course, Sir. We can do that for sure.” The ticket taker frowned.


      Sans started to walk not once letting her go. It was an awkward walk, but Luna knew if he let go she would lunge at the two who were making them leave. His mandible pressed against her ear when they turned the corner. “please calm down. i can sense what you want to do. but you need to not. toriel and grillz have been wanting to make sure you didn’ get hurt anymore. i’m going to encourage that. now stay here while i get our refund.” Leaning up he kissed her cheek. 


     He waited for her to nod before pulling away. Luna sighed pressing her back against a wall. Sans’ words repeating in her mind become a sort of mantra for herself. Eyes closing while she folded her arms over her chest. Stupid woman! Stupid ticket taker! The mantra repeated itself. Opening her eyes, she sees the ticket taker take a seat at his station. That mantra snapped itself into nothing at the sight of that bastard.


      Luna unfolded her arms from her chest walking over towards him. She got about a few feet from him before an arm slipped around her waist halting her movements. Luna turned to find Sans gripping her once more. A smirk on his face even though it seemed tense. “princess thought i said no.” Sans tugged her back almost dragging her out of the theater.


“It's not right…” Luna muttered to him softly. “They can’t do that. Interspecies bullshit, that cunt in there said something. She didn’t fucking care about that they wanted to have a good time.” Luna tried to struggle out of his grip wanting to go back in the theater.


Sans wasn’t having it. Luna felt her stomach flip when darkness took over her sight. When they popped back into reality they landed on a tight cloth area. Sans landing on her still behind her while she was crushed onto the cloth. How did he weigh so much? He adjusted himself pulling some of his weight from her, so she could breathe. Remaining on her so she couldn’t move. A soft chuckle escaping him while he nuzzled the back of her neck.


“princess you keep fightin’ me on this, daddy is going to have to punish you.” He spoke in a soft almost predatory voice. “don’ fuckin’ care about the damn movie okay. you going in there seekin’ a fight you won’ win i do care about. i don’ want to see you hurt, nor do i want to see you in jail.”


A hand moved to caress the side of her face lightly. Proceeding to rub his mandible against the side of her neck now. “too pretty to go there. let’s go find somethin’ else to do okay? nights still young. just glad i got a reservation at a monster friendly place.”


Luna sighed knowing that this was only because Toriel had something about her being hurt. Ending up in the hospital so many times. “There must be something we can do.” Luna pouted hating the way they were treated.


“we can talk to tori about it. you are right about it being wrong but if you had attacked the ticket taker it wouldn’ have gone much further than that. plus, as i stated i don’ want to see you in jail or worse hurt.” Sans kissed the side of her face lightly.


     Luna blushed lightly realizing how much Sans had already thought about this. It was embarrassing to think she was willing to go head first into a fight. Years of passive behavior almost thrown out the window. If Sans hadn’t been there she didn’t want to think of what would have happened. Sans purred lightly before sitting up unlocking the door of his car. Getting out of the car he stood to adjust his clothes.


Backing out of the car herself Luna tried not to tumble while making sure her skirt stayed down. Covering her bottom. Getting to her feet she looked up at him. With a step, she wrapped her arms around him holding him close. “I’m sorry. I just hate the way they treat you guys.” Luna spoke softly.


It was odd she expected Sans to be more upset with her, but he wasn’t. There was a look of pride on his face. “i know princess. but we can’ force them to understand. well, not with violence.”


~ ~ ~


     Sans drove in silence not saying a word. Casting glances over at Luna. She was feeling guilty. He wasn’t angry with her, he was angry with those two humans back at the theater. It was their fault for her poor mood. The night had been going well so far. She hadn’t even fought about the panties and socks. Of course, he hadn’t been expecting Paps to pull out such a gorgeous dress.


     His brother had impeccable taste when it came to the feminine fashion. Sans blamed Mettaton for that. The flamboyant bucket of bolts made a habit to attempt to spend time with Paps. Looking over Luna sitting next to him he mentally sighed. Mind reeling back to when Paps had Luna over his shoulder. Finding those alluring panties revealing much to the wandering eye. Thankfully his brother hadn’t caught on.


Sans’ mind tried to think of how to make up for the remaining time that should have been eaten up by the movie. Catching a mini fair going on funded by the Ebott school. Sans grinned at the idea of letting Luna have some fun. There were some games where she could win some prizes. Spoiling his Moon sounded fun right now. Pulling into a parking spot he looked over at her grinning.


“come on princess. think i found a way to waste some time.” Sans smiled before climbing out of the car.


Thanking the stars, she got out of the car. The unsure look on her face while smoothing down the skirt of her dress. Sans smirked in understanding. Walking over he placed his hand on the small of her back. Working some of his magic to keep the skirt down so to avoid her flashing any of the kids that were around. “better?”


Her two-toned gaze landed on him questioningly. “made sure your skirt don’ fly up babygirl. that’s for daddy’s eyes only.” He winked at her before taking her hand. Leading her into the fair. Need to distract her from the theater. She gets so upset about things that are out of her control.


“Sans…” Luna called out attempting to keep up with him.  It made him slow to a stop turning to face her. She was panting slightly before looking up at him. “What are we doing exactly?” She asked him. “We aren’t dressed for something like this.”


Sans chuckled pulling out his wallet fishing out a bit of cash. “treating my babygirl to a good time.” Sans smiled leaning down to kiss her mouth lightly. “i think this fair goes for their fundraiser things. i forgot that it was this weekend.”


“Sans, you don’t have to pay for…” He cut her off putting a hand over her mouth not wanting to hear the rest of that line.


“i want to. i don’ do anything i don’ wanna do princess. this is my way of spoilin’ ya. the bracelet was nice, and gettin’ me as a present was sans-tastic but let's face it i didn’ do much.” Sans admitted to her taking the hand that had the bracelet on it. Lightly rubbing over the skeleton charm.


Shock hit him next when she lunged herself into him. Wrapping her arms around his waist. A soft purr vibrating through his body, reacting to the way she reacted. “You bonehead. Materialistic are just that. I don’t need any of that stuff. If I wanted them, then I would buy them. But I don’t.”


Sans rolled his eye lights holding her close. “yeah still want to spoil my…” Sans wanted to say mate. “moon.” That was a save leaning down to squeeze her tight before pulling out of the hug. “now lets waste some time.”

Chapter Text

     Luna snickered tossing the softball shallowly in the air. Letting it fall back into the palm of her still ungloved hand Sitting nervously on the seat above the dunk tank was her skelly boyfriend. His boney hands fidgeting in his lap while those white eye lights watched her. Somehow thanks to the kids of the school Sans had been roped into this opportunity. One Luna couldn’t turn down. The kids felt it was justice since Hall Monitor Sans often liked to play pranks on them.


     Luna had agreed with the kids. Thinking the three bucks she spent was worth the chance to dunk him. Sans sat watching the ball go up and down, following it with his eye lights Anticipating when she would toss it at the large target that was held off to the side of the tank. Taking a good look at him she could see the blue sweat that dotted the top of his skull. Luna paused from tossing the ball in the air and grinned brightly. Taking the opportunity to retrieve her phone from the pocket of her jacket. Her camera app opens she angled it up making sure she could see him in the lens. “Smile Sansy Boy!”


     Sans perked at that not really getting the chance to have any form of reaction before she threw the ball. It hit the round target with a loud smack. The seat beneath him going out giving her a brief second to snap the picture. Stepping back, she chuckled while Sans came back up sputtering trying to clear the water so that he could get air.


Luna backed off to the side looking down at the picture. Seeing the moment of shock on his face before the initial drop. Unable to help herself she texted it to Papyrus.


Lunabee: [Image]

Lunabee: Best Date Ever!

Coolskeleton95: LOL THAT’S PRICELESS!


     Luna agreed wholeheartedly. Glancing back up she could see the look on Sans’ face promising retribution while he climbed back on the board. The kids had gotten him to agree to a full hour of them getting the chance to dunk him. Luna blew a playful kiss in his direction watching yet again as he got dropped into the tank. The children playfully chanting: “GET DUNKED ON!”


It was adorable to watch them dance around and chant each time. At some point, she joined them. Twirling around in circles. Chanting the little saying, totally missing the blue blush that formed over Sans’ face.


      The soaking wet skeleton pulled himself out of the tank once all the children had the opportunity to dunk him. Making his way over to his girlfriend who was unaware of his approach.  Luna proceeded to chant and twirl until two boney arms wrapped around her. Hoisting her up in the air but keeping her coat around her so not to flash any unsuspecting kiddies. Luna let out a giggling squeak trying to wiggle in his grip. “think someone else needs to get dunked for a bit.” Sans grinned walking towards the tank. Raising her slowly looking like he was going to throw her in.


“Sans No!” Luna yelped trying to get out of his grip.


“sans yes.” He chuckled.


Unlike Sans who changed into volunteer clothes, Luna was still dressed in her date apparel. Getting the outfit would mean cutting their date short abruptly. Something Luna didn’t want to happen. Sans pressed his skull against her upper arm looking up at her from where he was. A grin wide on his face. “only fair babygirl.” Sans chuckled.


At a loss of what else to do she blurted out: “I’ll do anything.” She was desperate to save the cute little dress that had been gifted to her.


The words halted Sans from proceeding over to the tanks Looking down she could see him see to think over her words. Seconds ticked by and his smile became wider. “anything?”


Luna could feel the metaphorical pen in her hand at that moment. Sans being the little devil offering deal of the lifetime. All she had to do was sign her soul over. She must have taken a bit too long to think because he inched her up higher. With another squeal, she gripped onto his arm tightly. “Anything Dammit!” She shrieked.


With that confirmation, Sans instantly stepped back. Lowering her once more. “just remember you said anything.” Sans smirked knowingly at her.


     Luna slid her feet back into her flats that had fallen out when he had lifted her up. Wondering what she had just agreed to. Sans walked into the volunteer booth. She imagined he was retrieving the clothes that he had worn for the evening. Luna giggled at the image of the sopping wet clothes he was currently wearing leaving droplets while he walked away.


     Turning away from the booth she looked down at her phone. Figuring she could send a few more memes to Tops. Unaware of the annoyed woman who approached Luna. When she got closer to the point her chest nearly pressed into Luna’s phone it made her lift her gaze. Staring up into a set of enraged eyes. Not sure what she did to earn that anger Luna took a step back. “Can I help you?” Luna asked.


“You have no shame do you.” The woman accused Luna of making her step back more since she had advanced.


“I am not sure what you’re talking about.” Luna wondered if perhaps for a split second her dress had revealed the sinful panties that she had worn. An apology forming over her tongue.


“You…” The woman angled a sharp blood red acrylic nail that had a brief line of silver that Luna would have admired. If the woman didn’t point it deadly at her. “Acting so flirtatiously with… with… one of them.”


One of… It took a bit for Luna to catch up. Her dual toned gaze narrowing dangerously when it hit. Shoving the phone in her pocket she pushed both her hands down. Trying to appear harmless. “Flirtatiously? I think I am all in the right means when it comes down to it. I mean he is my boyfriend after all.” Luna smiled sweetly at the woman.


The woman, that now if Luna looked closely was the same from the theater, advanced. “You should learn to stay with your own species.” Luna stepped back more proceeding to back up. “How would your parents take to know you are dating one of those underground abominations?”


      Theater lady made two mistakes in that single sentence. Assuming Luna’s parents gave a shit about who she was dating whether or not if they were alive. And calling her Skelly Boyfriend a fucking abomination. All logic within Luna snapped. “At least I can get appreciated by someone. When was the last time someone appreciated you? Honestly, you look like something a cat tried to eat but couldn’t stomach. So it spat it back up.”


     The comment alone was enough for theater lady to swing. Luna took a step to the side when the woman’s stomach met with the dunk tank. Watching as the woman clumsily tripped into it. The sound of water crashing above Luna’s head. Water droplets lightly coating her auburn hair. When the woman came up for air Luna took hold of her shirt pulling her close.


“People like you are the true abominations. Unable to change the way you think. Unable to accept people who are different. If we were back in the early nineteen hundred I bet, you would have a slave. Unable to see them more like a person rather than an item or a piece of property that belonged to you.” Luna gave the best growl she could muster being a human.


     A male grabbed Luna from behind gripping her by the jacket. Effectively dislodging Luna from the woman’s shirt. He didn’t keep hold of her long, tossing her away from the dunk tank. The sight of a large tree coming into view once she situates. This was going to hurt. Bracing her hands over face wanting to shield it. The impact never came. Nor could she move her arms down. Opening her eyes, she could see a blue glow enveloping her.


Her gaze darting the best she could trying to figure out what was going on. “ya know, normally i don’ care how you react to me as a monster. i do however care that you throw my girl like she’s a rag doll. at a school event no less.” A familiar baritone voice came from behind her.


Luna was forced to float back until boney arms gripped her holding her to him. “think ya owe her an apology. your lady fell into the tank. shouldn’ have thrown my girl like that. could have hurt her.” Sans took Luna’s hand lightly kissing the top of her fingers just above her knuckles. Before giving her a knowing look.  


     Luna could see a pulsating yellow light in his left socket. Taking the daring moment, she looked back at the two. Seeing the man, who she not so lightly named Brute, help theater lady out of the tank. Shooting a glare in Sans’ direction. Once theater lady was out of the tank Brute stomped his way over to them. Sans instinctively pushed Luna behind him coming face to face with Brute.


“Your girl attacked my wife.” Brute accused shooting Luna a look. Oh if looks could kill Luna would be dead on the spot. “Keep your whore in line.” Brute spate that last part.


“ ‘scuse me?” Sans growled at Brute. “whore? i’ll have you know she is a very respectable young woman. and i don’ much like you usin’ that tone when referring to her.”


Brute smirked at Sans. “Saw what was under that dress. Not so respectable if you ask me.”


     Luna flinched slightly before attempting to make it around Sans. Wanting to get in this man’s face. What business of it what she wore under her dress? Sans didn’t restrain her though. Instead, he allowed Luna to pass. She did making sure her hand grabbed between the man’s legs and squeezed. She could feel Sans flinch behind her. But she was focused on watching as Brute’s face contorted into agonizing pain. Lowering his gaze to Luna, who had a smirk on her face. “Married right? Might want to explain to your wife why you were lookin’ up another girls skirt.” Luna snickered feeling as Sans place a gentle hand to her back. Slowly drawing lazy circles up her spine.


     About that time Principal Asgore decided to show up. Luna retracted her hand shoving both into the pockets of her jacket. The smile fading into a hurt expression. His words had hurt her on a deeper emotional level than she could imagine. BP said some hurtful things. He at least was being playful about it. Where Brute had been callous seeking to upset her.


      Asgore approached wearing a pair of khaki pants and a dark grey button-up shirt. The large goat man with honey colored eyes. The golden locks that were combed into a nice braid along the back of his head. Adorned with the large horns that sat at the top of his head. Folding his white furry arms over his chest he looked between the two couples. “What is going on here?” Asgore spoke his deep voice rumbling almost menacing.


“She attacked me!” Theater Lady shrieked. “As well as just attacked my husband.” She gestured to Brute who was gripping between his legs now. Doubled over in agonizing pain.


Asgore looked between the two for a moment before looking at Sans. Expecting some sort of explanation. Sans sighed moving in front of Luna. “i just got done volunteering. went to get changed since i promised luna here a nice night out. we were going to head to dinner. when i came out of the volunteer booth i heard the lady over there spoutin’ some hurtful things.”


Luna watched while Sans narrowed his eye lights on the woman. That yellow pulsating light seeming to have died down. “she attempted to swing at my girl, missing only to fall into the dunk tank. then the woman’s boyfriend had grabbed my girl flingin’ her towards a tree. luckily i had been there or we both would have known how that would have ended.”


Asgore flinched looking at Brute giving a disapproving shake of the head. “from there he called my girl a whore. to which i let her judge what kind of punishment he should have gotten. she chose a good squeeze to the balls was in order. i feel it was fair.” Sans’ shoulders rose and fell carelessly.


“I see.” Asgore moved walking towards Luna seeming to look her over. A large furry hand moved to her face tilting it from side to side. “Is this true young lady?”


For the most part, it was true. Sans just had left out the part where Luna turned back to spout some rather mean things at the woman. Or that she had grabbed the woman by the collar. “Yes.” She responded feeling like the goat was going to eat her.


Asgore nodded his head lightly before looking at theater lady and brute. “I believe I am in the right to call the police. You could have hurt this young lady if it had not been for Sans.” Asgore then turns back to Luna that honey gaze pinning her to the spot. “I am going to call the police. Would you like to press charges?”

Shock tore through her while she stared up at Principal Asgore. It wasn’t something Luna was used to she was unsure of how to answer. Never had she thought about pressing charges. Sans was watching her, in a way he seemed to understand. Pressing charges would be a long drawn out battle. “princess, it's your choice no pressure remember.”


Luna glanced over at Sans seeing there was no pressure. Merely smiling at her while his hand massaged her spine. Luna gave Sans a nod in agreement before turning back to the Principal. “The only one that got hurt deserved what he got. Any woman would have reacted similarly when being accused of being a whore. There is no need for me to press charges. But I can give a statement if it helps.” Luna stated.


Asgore nodded in understanding looking back at Sans. “Sans has given a statement in a way. Luckily Undyne is here.”  Asgore sighed rubbing his temple pushing a few strands of those golden locks being pushed messily. “I just wanted this fair to be fun.”


“It is fun.” Luna comforted the large goat man. “Especially watching my boyfriend get dunked in the tank.” A soft chuckle escaping her, but it was cut off when Sans chose that moment to press his hand into the curve of her ass. And squeeze just enough.


Asgore rolled his eyes, obviously not missing the stunt Sans had pulled. The large white goat man stood straight a second later sliding a paw out in her direction. “Forgive my rudeness. In dealing with all the commotion I failed to introduce myself, Asgore Dreemurr. The principal of Ebott Elementary. And the former king of New Home in the Underground.


Luna swore she saw Sans tense when Asgore offered his hand to her. Not wanting to appear rude she slid her hand into the massive paw. Much like Toriel his fur was white and pillow soft to the touch. “Pleasure to meet you. Luna Solarium, a waitress at Grillby’s.”


      Another massive paw came up effectively trapping Luna’s small hand in his grip. A brief sense of panic rose in her. But much how she read others she sensed no cruel intentions from the large goat monster. It was a strange sense only came when she was in a certain proximity of the other person. Normally only came when the person was acting strangely. At least that’s how Luna interpreted, she had been told that it was a form of Empathy by certain books. Which she had dismissed when she had read about it back in high school. That was until monsters and magic came to the surface. It was because of the ability that Luna had come to trust Tops the way she had when she first met him


“I know that name. My wife Toriel…” Though she wasn’t sure why he felt the need to state who his wife was. Everyone knew who his wife was. “…was telling me about you. The human with four soul traits, and…” He leaned closer making her realize that she was obviously small compared to the large monster in front of her. “the vigilante. I must say those kinds of qualities are impressive with someone like you.” 


Luna nodded her head slowly not sure what he meant about someone like her. Sans wrapping his arms around her waist caught her attention. Along with the sense that he wanted to pull her away coming off strongly. Tugging on her hand she signaled to Asgore to release her hand. Relieved when he did so.


“sorry to cut this short, but we have dinner reservations.” Sans had his head beside her neck. His mandible poised carefully over the junction between her neck and shoulder.


Asgore frowned at that, his honey colored eyes focusing on Sans. “Oh?” The goat’s frown deepened. “Right, well if I could get the two of you to write out a statement. I can turn these two…” Asgore motioned to the two behind him. “over to Undyne when I manage to get her to come over.”


Luna didn’t want to agree too quickly. Feeling as if Sans had been put on an edge. The tight embrace he had her it seemed… possessive? “that’s fine.” Sans pulled her to him more, noting that anymore and she would probably be in his ribcage. Luna made a quick guess, she was dealing with her empathy for this guess, but she had a feeling Sans did not care for Asgore.


     After writing out their statements they went on their way. Sans not seeming to release her from the grip till they reached the car. It was hard to walk, but she managed. He helped her in but before he could close the door he took hold of her hand. It was the one Asgore had held. Bringing it to his face, she was unable to read what he was thinking. Turning his face, he pressed her palm to his cheek rubbing it more into him. A soft blue glow seemed to spill from his hand over hers. She could feel a bit of an off-sensation trembling through her. Almost making her feel submissive.


“Sans?” Her voice came out a bit husky at the feelings that formed over her. It caught his attention making him lift his head to look up at her.


It lasted a second before he let go of her hand, the blue glow receding back from whence it came. The submissive feeling going away. But not the way her body felt still. Sans mumbled out a soft apology. With her hand in the car, he closed the door. Walking around so that he could get into the driver’s side. Hearing his deep inhale of breath when he slid beside her.


“You don’t like Asgore do you?” Luna asked curiously with what she had been thinking about earlier. Sans looked up at her with a bit of surprise flickering on his face. Before it transformed into a deep frown.


“it's not that i don’ like him just…” Sans paused almost as if he were thinking of the response. “he did what he had to. tryin’ to ensure we got our freedom. i didn’ think he had the feelings for tori when i grew a spine in hopes to ask her out well…” Sans sighed averting his gaze. “i was a bit late.”


Luna blinked puzzlingly for a few moments. It made no sense as to why he had acted that way with her. Sans had been interested in the Queen of Monsters, once upon a time. The King was married to Toriel which had stated that Sans had missed out on his chance to talk about his feelings. Something akin to jealousy sparking within her. “Not sure what that has to do with me. I doubt he would be interested in me.”


Sans flinched at her words bringing his gaze back to her face. “he was interested but i may have been misreading it. he adores tori. but…” Sans paused once more. “if you were a monster you would see it as a huge honor if he was interested in you. being he is royalty and all. many monsters when we were underground tended to throw themselves at him.”


She could see now why Sans had been so clingy during the conversation with the king. Had a monster he was interested in back in the underground gone in pursuit of the king? Was he concerned that she was going to pursue the king? Moving her palm to his cheek. “Guess it’s a good thing I am a lowly human who isn’t into all that royalty stuff.” Luna spoke with a smile on her face.


Sans looked up at her, disbelief forming in those white lights that were centered in those dark sockets. “ya can’ be sure of that princess. ya are more than a lowly human and deserve more than-“


     She cut him off by leaning into him pressing her mouth against his teeth. Sans froze unsure of what was going on at first before he gripped her shoulders. He held her close to him deepening the kiss, his tongue sweeping into her mouth. Massaging hers gently. A hungry growl erupts from Sans before he pulls away startling Luna. Pulling from his grip she moved back to her seat looking down.


“princess…” Sans huffed heavily moving his hands over the front of his skull. Almost as if he were trying to reign in some sort of control. “i’m tryin’ my damndest to behave but you are makin’ it so hard. do you have any idea what you do to me?”


His gaze flicked up to her looking at her like he expected an answer. Opening her mouth to answer but were silenced when he shifted in his seat climbing over to the passenger side. “ever since the train, my thoughts have gone farthest from innocent possible. stars, i want to take you right here. let you cry out telling everyone who was making you feel so good. but…” Sans whispered softly in her ear.


Luna could feel her sex clenching. The tell-tale sign of something slick forming down there. Pressing her thighs tightly together she tried to not squirm. Sans inhaled deeply before lowering his head down to her lap. A soft purr vibrating from him. “need to make it for dinner.” Sans spoke. The way he said it made Luna wonder if he was saying that to her or to himself.


“just…” Sans slid back into the passenger seat starting up the car once he had his seat belt on. Sans never did finish that last sentence. Driving towards wherever he had those reservations. Luna admitted seeing a frustrated Sans was rather exhilarating and a bit of a turn on for her.


     Dinner turned out to be a steak house that was a bit closer to the end of the train line. Luna knew that because she had often found herself sitting in the field that was out there. It had a nice view of the stars. Looking up at the restaurant she was unfamiliar with it. Mostly because she tried to be… modest with her money. Steak houses were rarely cheap.


     That wasn’t to say she didn’t love a good steak once in a blue moon. Not many knew of her ravenous side. Only BP had known since he had brought home a steak that was shaped in the face of that Flamboyant Robot’s face one time. Told her he didn’t want it. So Luna devoured the thing. Which earned her a ‘damn girl’ from the feline monster.


“Why a steak house?” She asked curiously turning her head to look over at Sans.


“heard they have a good burger.” Sans casually stated leaning back in the driver seat. “not a hard monster to please when it comes to food. wanted something that would give us both something good. seen what you eat most of the time. can’ say you're healthy but… you eat what you can afford.”


     Luna could roll with that logic about being pleased. Opening the car door her stomach reminded her again that she needed to eat. Sans followed suit, making sure to lock the car once both doors were closed. Walking up to her Sans offered her his arm a wide smile on his face. “don’ worry about any racists here though, this place is monster friendly. plus, i made sure to ask for a private booth to hide any wandering eyes.” Sans winked at her.


     Luna slid her arm in his, both walking towards the restaurant. Upon entering they were greeted by a small monster who looked like a ball. Razor sharp teeth aligned its small mouth while the rest of its body looked like a porcupine. I’ve seen something like this before. But where? Luna thought to herself studying the monsters black beady like eyes.


“Oh, Sans.” The monster spoke out its voice coming out almost garbled with a slight high pitch. “Been wonderin’ when you were gonna show up.” The creatures common tongue a bit rougher than Sans’ on a regular basis.


“sorry crit got distracted at the fair. princess here chose to pick a fight. had to stick around to give undyne a statement. ya know how that goes.” Sans explained.


The monster, now known as Crit, nodded his head though it looked like his entire body went with said movement. “I understand. No worries about that I know you are good when you come here. Just was starting to wonder if you chose to head back to Grillby’s or something.” Crit turned to look at Luna just then. “Seeing her now I can see why you requested what you had in mind. Bet she will make you excellent offspring. Tell me do humans lay eggs?”


Luna looked at the small monster her jaw dropping in shock. Sans chuckling at her reaction moves to close her mouth. “no crit. humans grow their offspring within them. more particular the women do. their bellies protruding out of them. it almost looks like they have a ball under their shirt and when they walk the look similar to a penguin.” And to iterate Sans let go of her arm proceeding to waddle in a circle.


A laugh escaped Luna seeing her skelly boyfriend waddle around like a penguin. Even though she knew too well that the discussion was on her producing offspring. A high-pitched laugh could be heard from Crit making Sans stop his movements slipping his arm around Luna’s waist. “anyways… can we get our table now? princess’ stomach has been growling non-stop for the last hour. need to get her fed.”


“Right this way then.” Crit stated tucking himself into a ball and rolling off towards a direction. Luna gasped instantly recognizing what Crit reminded her of.


“yeah a human-based those corny eighties movies off him oddly enough. he finds them hilarious in his own opinion. but try not to bring it up around his family. they tend to get a bit snotty about it.” Sans spoke in a hushed whisper to her before following the tumbling ball through the restaurant.


Luna snickered at the idea of a bunch of angry critters being pissy over a movie. The mental image of them surrounding a television while watching it. The image made her snort in amusement. Sans looked back at her his grin going wider. “oh don’ worry princess it only gets better.”


     Something about that statement had Luna dreading the worst. Crit stopped in front of a table looking back at them. Sans grabs her hand instantly shortcutting to where Crit was. Pressing her other hand to her forehead she fought off the dizziness. Shooting a glare over at Sans who is now smiling sympathetically.


     Taking a moment, she looked at the booth noticing this didn’t have them sitting across from one another as a normal date would be. It was a horseshoe-shaped booth covered by a red cloth that went nearly to the ground. A single candle providing ambiance. With smaller lights situated around the booth to help read the menu. For a steakhouse, this place was hitting some high marks in her book.


Luna slid into the booth slipping over towards the center. Sans following closely behind her. In a way, she was thankful since she was sure the way she had to maneuver Crit would have gotten a good view of her undergarments and what they weren’t covering. Settling herself in Crit slid two menus over to them both. “Your waiter for tonight will be Jim. Enjoy you two.” Crit winks though it comes off a bit terrifying with those sharp teeth before he rolled off. Probably back to his post.


“Okay, I did not expect this.” Luna muttered softly opening the menu.


Sans moved his arm over her shoulder pulling her close. Affectionately rubbing his cheek to hers. “what did you think it was going to be fast food?” Sans smirked, but when Luna shot him a look it died. “okay i admit this isn’ quite my usual getup but i figured you won the bet and you still went out on the date. why not treat you out to somethin’ that would be out of my norm. can you fault a guy for tryin’?” Sans asked.


Luna pressed the hand of her free arm against her cheek looking over at him. He had thought this through. It touched her in a warm fuzzy way. Moving closer she kissed his cheek. “Okay, I am not complaining I hope you know Skelly. I just…” She looked off for a moment. “am not used to guys pulling out all the metaphorical stops for me. This is extremely nice. I’ve already had a great time tonight. And yet I get the feeling it doesn’t end here.”


Sans hugged her tighter. “because it doesn’ princess i have one last thing we are going to be doing before this night is over. i admit i am not lookin’ forward to you going home tonight. was really enjoyin’ snugglin’ ya in bed.” The sigh that escaped him made her heart melt into a puddle. The temptation to stay one more night was there. She would have to see how the night would end.


      For now, Luna was satisfied with kissing him on the cheek. Something caught her attention when she swore she saw a poof of green hair sashay over to the table. Narrowing her gaze over to the end of the table she shifted up in her seat to look over the table till that green poof came into view jumping on the end of the table. “What the fuck?” Luna stared at the green monster came into view placing a clawed hand on her….it’s hip. It was green all over with lighter shades along it's under areas like its arms. It had huge ears that looked like large fans pointing downwards. A green wig in a slightly darker shade than its skin cut into a bob. All in all, Luna labeled this as a Gremlin.


     The Gremlin narrowed sharp pale blue eyes on Luna. Just inside of the pale blue she could make out a pale shade of yellow. The two colors effectively popping with the overdone powder purple eye shadow done over its eyes, contrasting with the bright red lipstick. “What never seen a Gremmie before?” It spoke it’s voice deep but somewhat scratchy.


“Well…” How could Luna put this without insulting it. “I have seen a Gremmie I guess, but I was used to calling it a Gremlin.”


    The Gremmie smirked at Luna walking across the table giving Luna to assess its outfit. Unlike Greta the Gremlin, this Gremmie was dressed in black dress pants with a white button up. Its feet sported a set of ruby colored high heels. For a moment Luna imagined the Gremmie clicking those heels together three times wishing for it to go home.


It stopped in front of her making Luna look up at its face. She had a hard time telling whether it was smiling or whether her statement pissed it off. “Finally!” The Gremmie seemed to be grinning. At least she hoped that was the case. “Someone gets it!”


That confused Luna as the Gremmie took hold of her face. Luna could feel those claws pressing into her cheeks. It leaned closer to her pressing those unbelievably red lips against Luna’s cheek making her feel slightly uncomfortable. That lipstick was staining her cheek she just knew it. Sans cleared his throat causing the Gremmie to stop. “Yes, Skeleton?” It spoke coarsely.


“get your grimy mitts off my princess dammit, jim.” Sans seemed to bark at the one now known as Jim.


The name didn’t fit that was for sure. Luna wanted to call Jim Greta but judging by the way he was kissing her cheek that was what he was going for. Why Greta though? If anything, he would get more noticed as Stripe rather than Greta. “What if she likes it?” Jim shot back at Sans.


Luna watched as Sans glared at Jim. There was a buzzing sensation in the booth. If she didn’t do something this might end up bad. Slipping her hand that was pressed against Sans’ side under the table. That buzzing sensation was getting thicker and Luna could feel Sans’ irritation. “do i need to repeat myself, gremmie?” Sans snarled at Jim.


     Jim who was merely grinning like he was about to rain on a kid’s birthday party planted another kiss on Luna’s cheek. Luna felt Sans tense about ready to lunge. Just as her hand slipped between his legs accidentally landing on his pelvic bone on the outside of his pants. The buzzing sensation faded, now leaving a flushed Sans in the aftermath. His eye lights watching her out of the corner of his socket.


      That behavior he had stated he was trying to have seemed to be flying out the window right then. She hadn’t meant to touch there, just lightly sooth him by touching his leg. Totally not intending on touching that area. Jim seeming to notice the attention was no longer on him stepped back effectively releasing Luna. “Well, that just bummed me out. What the hell do you want to drink?”


Both Sans and Luna looked over at Jim now. Luna scoffed finding it hard to believe he had asked that in such a manner. Where was his mannerism as a waiter? “its fine princess. i’ll explain in a bit. bottle of ketchup. and what would you like princess?” Sans asked.


“Um… lemonade please.” Luna squeaked out feeling one of Sans’ hands move over her thigh.

“Is that all? What about your food?” Jim tilted his head to the side the green bob shifting into the air. The annoyance in his tone was setting Luna into a mood. The sudden urge to kick him off the table was there. But she resisted.


She hadn’t gotten a good chance to stare at the menu. Without thinking she flipped it open trying her best to ignore the way Sans moved his hand down to her knee. Looking over the menu she tried to pick up on the words till she found a center cut sirloin. It was one of the leanest cuts out there. No Grisel. “C-c…” Her words cut off when Sans slid his phalanges higher under the skirt of the dress.


Sans leaned closer looking over her menu seeming to grasp what she wanted. “center cut sirloin…” He looked over the sizes. “make it a nine ounce. any sides princess?”


Luna gritted her teeth thankfully he had stopped moving his hand higher on her leg. It was so public, and yet he was daring to reach under her skirt. Lifting her gaze to the menu she spotted two items that were listed for sides. “Sweet potato and broccoli.” The words came out a bit hissed when that hand inched higher.


Jim sighed turning to Sans. “What about you?”


“just a burger. you should know how I take it since you are often at grillby’s when i go. fries too extra crispy.” Sans relaxed beside her.


Jim nodded walking towards the end of the table. Luna watched him hop off land gracefully on the ground. And take off towards the kitchen. The way he acted was strange. “gremmies are strange monsters. they lived in the darker parts of the underground. they are rude because that’s the only behavior they know.” Sans purred softly into her ear.


That hand didn’t seem to miss a beat at that moment slipping between her legs. Luna pressed her thighs together in hopes of stopping him. It only made Sans chuckle. “been tryin’ to behave princess. your hand still on my pelvic bone isn’t helpin’ much.” Sans spoke softer.


“You looked like you were going to smite him.” Luna coughed trying to press her thighs together. Her gaze shifting throughout the restaurant. Trying to make sure there was no one watching them. The idea of someone seeing how far Sans’ hand was would be embarrassing.


“thought you liked a bit of voyeurism, hmm?” Sans hummed sliding one phalange over the top of her thigh.


“That’s watching. Not being watched.” Luna hissed at him.


Sans smirked broader removing his hand from between her legs. It slid over to grip the hand she still hadn’t removed bringing it up to his teeth placing a gentle kiss on the top of her hand. “okay.” That was all he said. There was no disappointment in his face, nor was he pressing the issue. In fact, he had removed both temptations.


“You’re not mad?” Luna asked knowing most guys would be mad about being turned down so many times.


Sans looked over at her. That grin contorting to something serious. “i get the feelin’ that you haven’ had the most understanding or patient of boyfriends in your past.” Sans stated firmly turning his entire body to face her.


Luna looked away knowing how that would go. She hesitated to give him the answer but recalled how relieving it felt to talk to Toriel during her birthday. Sighing she looked down at the red table cloth. Easily making out the threads on the table. “You could say that.”


She missed the surprised look on his face while she continued to count the threads. “Most of the guys I dated had their reasons for dating me. They saw me more like a….” Luna found her fingers tracing circles on the table. “I’ve gotten used to being treated like such. Maybe it was why I got used to being beaten each time…”


Luna felt Sans turn more to face her though she didn’t do the same. It was better to not look at him while talking about this. If she looked at him she would chicken out. “I was nothing but an object.” She murmured softly the threads seeming to meld together while something blurred her vision. The way she said was didn’t sound like she truly believed that it wasn’t true.


“luna…” Sans spoke, she didn’t look up. It would break her. The tears already streaming down her face. Sans leaned closer bringing his mandible up to her outer ear. “you’re not an object. you are my moon.” Sans whispered pressing his teeth into the side of her neck. “i talk it up. but when it comes down to it i don’ want to push you into somethin’ you don’ want.”


Luna still didn’t want to look at him, the words touching her deeper than she realized. Almost as if some of the cracks that her soul had were starting to fade. Leaning back into him she rests against him. Closing her eyes while she waited for dinner to arrive.


Jim, the Gremmie, came back with their drinks. Luna could see that Sans just had a bottle of ketchup. No fancy glass what so ever to go with that. Sans took the opportunity to take the sleeve of his shirt rubbing it under her eyes. Wiping away the tears. When the Gremmie left Sans leaned into her pressing his teeth to her lips. Taking a moment to kiss her lightly. It was a kiss of adoration more than meaning anything more.


      After a bit he pulled back looking down at her while he placed his hand to her cheek. “you are my moon.” Sans spoke his gaze lowering down to her neck. Seeming to contemplate something in his mind. Taking a moment, she reached for her lemonade taking a sip. She wasn’t sure that Sans would share what was going on in his skull. Though the way he eyed her neck almost as if it were the main course of dinner rather than the burger he had coming.


“If you know that Gremmies like to be the center of attention. Then why did you let him get to you like that?” It had been apparent that Jim had nearly got under Sans’ metaphorical skin.


Sans looked away from her neck making her feel a bit more at ease. “uh well….” He tried to start but it seemed the skeleton was at a loss for words. “it's rather complicated, to be honest. something we can talk about at a later point. if that’s okay?”


     Luna could feel the sting of disappointment. That electrical sensation from early practically had pulsated through her. She wanted to know why it felt like that. “Alright.” Luna grumbled knowing that if he wasn’t going to push more about her wanting to be touched under the table that she shouldn’t push more about his behavior.


      Dinner, for the most part, was great, Sans had only held her caressing her above her waist during the entire time. Now sitting there stuffed from the amount of steak she had eaten she tilted her head up to kiss him at the bottom of his jaw. Savoring the purr that he emitted. The sound making her want to cuddle into him more.


“you ready for the finale of the night?” Sans asked halting the purrs.

Chapter Text

     After they walked out of the steakhouse, Sans had pulled out a blindfold from his pocket. Looking over at Luna with a soft smile. Not that Luna didn’t trust him but… the sudden usage of a blindfold had her feeling a bit unsure. Especially when she recalls the last time either of them used a blindfold. “What’s that for?” Luna asked watching him move closer to her.


“this next part is a surprise. you would not believe what i had to go through to get undyne to get this spot.” Sans smiled.


“If it’s a surprise you shouldn’t have told me at the party you were going to enjoy seeing me under the stars.” Luna shot at him.


That smile didn’t waver. He dangled the blindfold on two phalanges. Waiting for her to give permission to place it on her head. Luna grumbled under her breath. “Okay fine.”


     That smile got wider spreading till it nearly reached the corners of his sockets. Walking up behind her she tried to relax. The blindfold came over her eyes placing her in darkness. Reaching her hand up she made sure her palm was facing towards the sky. Sans took her hand within seconds. A gentle tug came making her move.


     Glad that Sans didn’t just shortcut her back to the car. The shortcuts tended to make her dizzy. Sans had explained at dinner that they could cause that. When he first started doing them he got dizzy as well. After a while he got used to it. The dizziness faded. The way he had explained it seemed like he was looking to get her used to it at some point. “Sans, why did you explain how your shortcuts work exactly?” Luna asked him.


Silence, she was met with silence. The sound of the car door opening registered in her mind. “gonna help ya in princess.” Sans spoke after a bit. Ah, this might be one of those later topics.


     Secrets always came with a relationship. She couldn’t ask him about his monster job. Since Papyrus had stated that wouldn’t be a good idea. Luna had resisted that. When he dropped the subject at dinner she understood that. Now she was getting fairly annoyed at the refusal to answer. When his hand pressed onto her shoulder it would meet resistance. Luna stood her ground folding her arms over her chest. “princess?” Sans spoke.


“I know there are some things you can’t tell me, Sans. But please humor me.” Luna spoke trying to face in the direction of where she had heard his voice come from.


Sans sighed. “will you get into the car first. i can explain along the way if that’s okay.”


It was a meet in the middle. Luna bit her bottom lip contemplating it. Deciding that this would be the one time that Sans might give her an answer. Not that he hadn’t done so in the past. But something after the party had shifted in him. He played it off pretty well hiding it, but it was clear something had changed. “As long as you keep your word.” Luna explained before getting into the car.


     The car door closed leaving Luna to the silence of the vehicle. The sound of the other door opening came next. Her senses were getting a bit heightened since she was blindfolded. A hand reached over to pull her seatbelt over her, making a loud clicking noise. Her anticipation was high. Would he put it off? Another click told her he was putting his seatbelt on.


“okay.” Sans spoke the feel of the car starting as how she knew he was ready to start driving. “we have an hour before we reach where we are going. i will answer whatever you want but… if i can’ i will tell you. there are some things i can’ tell you, princess.”


He really was going to answer her questions. “Pappy told me that you wouldn’t be able to tell me about your job. I get that. So, no pressure about that. But you sounded like you were trying to ensure me that I would get used to the short cuts in the restaurant.”


“well… because this isn’ short term for me princess. when i asked you to date me i had considered long term. dating me comes with my laziness and short cuts. i won’ want to get up and physically walk at times. my body uses a lot more magic than most monsters. its why i’m constantly tired or napping.” That made sense to Luna but it stunned her that he meant for this to be a long term thing. Not used to being considered more than a fling on the occasion. Since she attracted mostly possessive guys that liked to beat on her.


“my monster job wears me out even more. i’m not tryin’ to hide things from you but from what i understand humans get skittish about long term confessions. the whole has to date for at least a year or two before gettin’ engaged. be engaged for three years before gettin’ married.” Sans let out an exasperated sigh.


“Have you tried to date a human before?” Luna asked him.


“no. paps did.” Sans sounded saddened by that which made Luna turn her head to look at him. The blindfold making it dark.


“He never said anything before.” Luna mumbled.


“he won’ its why he is so much wiser than when we first emerged from the underground. she seemed genuinely interested in him but turns out she was just curious. paps thought she was meant to be his soul bond. when he brought up the prospect of it she turned him down flat.” Sans’ words were showing his emotions.


“Aren’t you worried I am just curious?” Of course, it wasn’t that for her. When Sans had come back into her world she felt a stronger connection to him. Having his magic course through her veins made her want to be with him. It wasn’t curiosity that was fueling her.


“i know you’re not the most honest. but i think with something like that you would be.” Sans explained.


“It's not curiosity Sans. I just wanted to be sure you weren’t doubting my intentions.” Luna smiled. “You basically want me to get used to your shortcuts because you’re intending to marry me or something like that?”


“that’s one way of putting it yet. but i know human etiquette. i’m very patient. just don’ string me along.” Sans chuckled but she could hear the seriousness in his words.


“Ditto.” Luna responded.


     Throughout the car ride to wherever they were going Luna held back the other questions, she wanted to ask. Figuring it was best to discuss future things on a later date. This was, of course, their first date as a couple. The sound of the music playing from the radio had her feeling relaxed. Though the dress Paps had given her was causing her to feel a bit itchy.


     Sans turned off and they were met with an uneven road. The temptation to pull up the blindfold came next. The car wasn’t going fast she could feel the way that it hit the bumps. Her hands gripped onto the sides of the seats trying to make sure she was stable. The lurching sensation made her feel uneasy. “forget how bad the road is out here. next time we’re going to short cut here.”


     It warmed Luna to think that he would want to bring her back out again. Though he did say this was long term for him. After a while, the car stopped. Sans left it running though. “stay here i need to set something up.” Sans spoke before she heard something popping open behind them.


     He got out of the car and was gone for about twenty minutes. Luna eased herself back in the seat allowing the music to fill her ears. The door opened near her, Sans took her hand pulling her out of the vehicle. Stepping off to the side when she felt him climb into the car, the jingling of keys registered in her ears. “okay princess got it all set up.” Sans spoke gripping hold of her hand.


    Sans made no move to take off the blindfold still leaving Luna in the dark. While walking Luna picked up on the crunching of foliage with each step. Smelling something floral surrounded her senses. Off in the distance, she could make out the sounds of moving water. Hinting at a nearby river. There was only one place she knew of that had a river. “We are near or in the forest.” Luna commented.


“near. i wanted to give you the best view i could give. i wanted to kidnap you and bring you here the night on the train. i admit it might have been fun, but this is better.” Sans explained the humor in his voice obvious.


     They stopped after walking, Sans let go of her hand moving behind her. The blindfold was being removed from her eyes. It took a second for Luna to focus her attention. In front of her was a king-sized quilt settled amongst the grass. The color was hard to tell since it was too dark. But from what she could see it was a bluish gray. About a dozen pillows piled haphazardly around the blanket. There were small lanterns placed in various spots, ranging from colors of purple and blue. Giving off a soft ambiance.


“Sans… this is…” Luna turned to look at Sans. He was looking at her sheepishly that cyan blush filling his face. Words couldn’t describe the way this was set up. Opting to lean in and kiss him lightly over his teeth earning her a soft purr from Sans.


Luna leaned back looking at him. He took in a deep breath and sighed happily. “glad you like it, princess.” Sans walked over toward the blanket. Turning back to look at her he looked at the ground shifting uncomfortably. “i remember you um… statin’ you enjoyed star-gazin'. i figured this would be a nice way to finish up the evenin’.”


     Sans moved to hold his hand out towards her. That blush filling his face even more. Luna could feel a warm tingling feeling in her chest when he did this. Walking towards him she took his hand. He pulled her close giving her a chance to step out of her flats. Letting her gaze drop to see he had his fuzzy slippers on instead of the sneakers that he had on earlier. “wanted to be comfy.” Sans offered up before walking her further onto the quilt.


“if there were bathrooms i would have brought you some pajamas for you. undyne made sure we had permission to set all of this up for the night. wasn’ sure if i went overboard or not.” He stated allowing Luna the opportunity to sit down on the blanket. Following suit to sit beside her.


     Sans scooted back into the mountain of pillows laying back. Luna crawled over to him situating herself against him. Instinctually Sans wrapped his arm around her shoulders tugging her close till her head was on his sternum. His other hand snaking behind him to pull another blanket over to cover them both. It suddenly felt like their night was going to end here. “don’ want my princess getting cold.” Sans whispered making sure she was tucked in. The hand that tucked her in moving to rest on her hip.


“I can’t believe you did all of this Sans. You took something you learned over a game and turned it into probably the best part about this date.” Luna smiled snuggling more into this.


“ya sure it wasn’ the part when ya got to dunk me in the tank? or perhaps chanting with the kids get dunked on?” Sans snorted. “swear said it one time by accident and they picked up on it.” He muttered that last part.


Luna couldn’t help but chuckle thinking the entire night over. It had some rough patches but all in all she had the best time. “The entire date was perfect.” Luna smiled leaning up to nuzzle under his mandible. Her attention flicking up to the stars noticing how many of them she could see out here.


“ya gonna delete that picture you took earlier of me?” Sans asked out of nowhere.


“Hell no. That there is bonefied blackmail proof. Can’t be giving that stuff up so soon.” Luna admitted. Within seconds Sans had his hand in her jacket pocket pulling her phone from it. “Go ahead delete it. I will just have Pappy send me another copy.”


     Sans looked from the phone then to her those eye lights studying her face to see if she was lying. Luna smirked at him with mirth. Oh yeah, she knew that she had him there. The phone was tossed over his shoulder at that before he came down on top of her. Blocking the view of the stars. “Hey bonehead, can’t stargaze with you in my face now, can I?” Luna muttered still feeling rather cocky.


“ya sent the picture to paps? guess i gotta do some work and get rid of it there then too. can’ be havin’ blackmail photos going around.” Sans purred looking down at her.


“You know he might have already texted it to Undyne, who texted it to Alphys..” That list went on for a while, but with each name she ticked off, she could see that smirk of Sans’ grow even more. Not realizing how much deeper of a grave she was digging for herself.


“that’s a lot of work you are going to be putting me through princess. i have a reputation to uphold here. and yet…” Sans lowered his eye lights looking over her covered body. “you know what i think i am going to cash in on that promise you made me earlier.”


     Promise? What promise? She didn’t recall making any pr… Oh shit! Her gaze focused up at him to see that grin was downright predatory. The entire situation hit her then. They were in the middle of a field out in an area she didn’t know of. He was on top of her pinning her to the rather soft blanket. She was already stripped of her phone which he had just carelessly tossed over his shoulder. While she had been blatantly telling him about how that photo just got passed around to his friends. “Shit.” Luna cursed.


     Sans snickered. If it were anyone other than Sans, or maybe perhaps Papyrus if she were into him like that, she would be freaking out. But this was Sans, the guy who had been nice about not pushing her into a sexual situation earlier. And she had stated she would do anything not to get dropped into the dunk tank. “What are your terms?” Luna scoffed.


Sans hummed that predatory smirk shifting to a bemused one. “i think you know what i have in mind princess. it's not about me more than it's about you.”


“Not sure what the hell you mean.” Luna glared at him not quite caring for his vagueness.


“oh, you do. you have managed to help me out twice, both times turning me down when i try to return the gesture.” Sans continued. Luna couldn’t believe this what he wanted was to get her off? Why? As if he could read her thoughts he sighed. “i don’ like not having mutual pleasure.”


“But I did feel mutual pleasure.” Luna expressed to him.


“see you didn’ get off though princess. that’s big for me. watching you come undone for me, gasping out as you reach that moment of bliss. it’s well satisfying for me.” There was something in his eye lights while he explained this that made her feel all warm and fuzzy again. “figure this would be a perfect place for me to well… heh, help you reach that point. i won’ be doing anything you won’ want okay. if you want more then you need to verbally tell me.”


It eased her to think Sans wouldn’t be forcing himself inside of her when she didn’t want. Looking around at the pillows she realized he had planned for this. But something in what he said made her pause. “You said you like having mutual pleasure though.”


Sans’ eye lights dimmed looking off to the side. “i do but this is a specific instance. as i stated you already helped me twice. this is something i need to do for you. especially as your boyfriend. if you want to help me out, you need to verbally tell me.”


Luna appreciated the fact he was informing her of this. “I’m curious you have pointed out that I need to tell you verbally twice. Why?”


Sans chuckled softly moving one hand from beside her head to cup her cheek. “i’m a monster, i have a heat much like an animal but i am very much sentient. i still believe in consent. you’re a virgin, and if i do something that will hurt you i will feel it straight to my very soul. i want nothing more than to pleasure you like the princess you are.”


Luna blushed at that looking off to the side. A reminder that he still had heat cycles much like her monthly ovulation. That need to mate was there. But how deep those instincts went was a good reminder at that point. “what you say my moon? can this bag of bones give you some pleasure for this evening?”


He had stated it before he was taking her up on that promise she had made earlier. But this was very much in her control. She could say no and he would turn her down. “Alright. Just remember if I say stop to stop right?” That last part was a question.


“of course, you don’ have to watch. just feel me. look up at those pretty stars. i know i would be if i were in your shoes.” He chuckled moving to pull the blanket from her body making her gasp as the warmth escaped. “hmm don’ want to mess up your dress. mind if i remove it from you?


     Luna nodded her head not trusting her own voice for that. Thankfully he understood, he reached down taking hold of the bottom easing it upwards. Luna sat up moving her arms up over her head. This helped to make that itchy feeling go away. The dress probably needed to be taken in for a cleaning with how itchy it had been making her.


Her hands went to remove her socks, but Sans took hold of her wrists. Lifting her gaze up to his face he looked almost shy at that moment. “leave those on. trust me when i say i like the idea of you wearing them with what i’m going to be doing to you.” Sans spoke coyly.


Sans had picked out thigh high socks for her twice now. She understood the sudden kink he had. Luna nodded her head when he moved his hands to her sides. Pushing her up till her back was resting completely on the pile of pillows. Those eye lights looked over her body trying to take in her mostly nude form. “damn… i know i’ve seen you like this before but…” Sans sighed happily. “under the soft glow of the stars it seems like i’m truly seeing it for the first time.”


    Sans moved up before she could respond his teeth pressing over hers. It started off soft and slow a hint of something sparking there before his mouth formed into hers. The weight of him pushing her down into the pillows. The heat from him being above her was intense. Last two times she had been the one to be on top. Doing all of the contact, now she had entrusted someone else.


     Hands pressed into her shoulders inching over them to her back. The clumsy undoing of her clasp told her Sans was just as nervous as her. It was warming, her hand moved up to grip his shirt halting the kiss. He pulled back from the kiss grasping hold of the clasp, so he could undo it. “babygirl, easy… you could snap my control.” Sans cooed at her kissing her lightly again.


      The straps of the bra fell slack on her shoulders sliding downwards. It was one of those plain bra’s a simple white one with no padding. Luna felt she should have worn something a little more extravagant tonight, but she hadn’t intended for him to see her well… naked. A boney hand moved up to the center of her bra, taking it off her. Unceremoniously tossing it somewhere onto the blanket. “hello my dears.” Sans purred pressing his palms over her breasts. Luna would have chuckled if her breath didn’t hitch in her throat at that touch. “so… soft.” Sans moved down pressing his face between her two flesh pillows.


“Oh my god… Sans.” Luna couldn’t help but laugh his phalanges still stroking the sides of her breasts. “Do I need to leave the three of you alone?” It slipped out before she could stop it.


Sans moved his head up to look at her. That cyan coloration covering his face. Luna chuckled lightly seeing how flustered he was. That chuckle lasted all but two seconds till his head turned and he bit lightly into the side of her breast. Luna moaned shifting on the blanket.


This time it was Sans who chuckled. Getting up he hummed softly kissing where he bit. “don’ be a smart-ass princess. remember i will bend you over my knee.”


      That didn’t ease the temptation, more like fueled it. She recalled that he was trying to stay in control. If she tempted him too far he might go all the way without thinking. Sans parted his teeth sliding out a glowing blue tongue. She knew he had one but seeing it was a first. Winking at her he seemed to savor the surprised look on her face before he latched onto her breast. Her legs pushed out uncontrollably while he suckled on her breast. His tongue curled around the pert nipple rolling it gently. The sight of the pink bud rolling between white teeth did something to her inside.


     There was a slight pinching pressure that caused her to cry. Not caring if there was anyone nearby. Sans groaned in response slipping his hand down between their bodies. Blindly looking for something. Annoyance flared up when he sat up pulling her breast from his mouth. An audible popping sound could be heard. “forget how small you are.” Sans whispered looking down between their bodies. Warm fingers pressed into her at that moment making her squeak.


Her hands shifted to the back of her gripping hard on the pillows. Sans looked up to watch her face. Slipping the tip of one boney digit into her. The tight pressure making her hiss out. “yeah… that won’ due.” Sans spoke retreating the finger out of her. Luna hated that she was that tight down there.


     Sans shimmied his way down her body. Making sure to stop to press light kisses along her stomach while he did. Stopping just at her belly button. Luna froze looking down to see what he was staring at. Instantly groaning at the sight of the piercing she had there. It was a crescent moon that dangled from a small chain. “this is cute.” He spoke raising a hand to lightly toy with it.


“Rebellious phase.” Luna grumbled.


“still cute. got any other charms?” Sans hummed looking back up at her. Luna could only shake her head. “might need to work on that.”


      Luna didn’t get the opportunity to respond before he leaned in kissing her belly button. Letting his tongue swirl just on the outside. Being careful of the piercing while he did so. His kisses trailing lower till he was between her legs. Hands gripping her hips he pulled her down from the pillows. Luna was now looking up at the starry night sky. Swearing that the stars were twinkling in amusement.


      Spreading her legs apart she could feel the lacey fabric of the panties move with her legs. It wasn’t a discomfort still didn’t feel right. Lace wasn’t the nicest of fabrics, she much preferred cotton. A hot wet tongue glided over the line of her sex making her hiccup in response. Her body involuntarily twitching in an attempt to get away. How embarrassing… he hadn’t even done anything yet and her body felt like trying to hide.


      The movement didn’t deter the skeleton beneath her though. His tongue pressing against her sliding up slower. Till it reached the hood where her sensitive bundle was housed. Slipping just under the hood Luna whimpered feeling the briefest of press causing her to jerk. Sans hummed a chuckle at her. “someone’s sensitive. i definitely am lovin’ that.”


     Why did he have to sound like he was mimicking a McDonald’s commercial while he was down there? Luna was waiting for him to ask for fries with that. Instead, his tongue slid between the line of her entrance making her cry. Her legs instantly trying to slam shut around his skull. Sans was faster gripping onto her thighs keeping her spread for him. “Sans..” Luna whined. It didn’t stop him his tongue wiggled its way into her making her gasp.


One of those boney hands slid up her thigh. Drawing light circles on the sensitive flesh, she felt hot but at the same time cold. Staring up at the swirls of blue in the sky. There was no moon since it was a new moon. No, the only moon out tonight was her. Luna made a motion to look down, the skull between her legs was focused. The glow of his tongue being the only light other than the lanterns. She watched that hand move over to the top of her mound. Pressing a thumb into the hood of her sex. Pressing down on her clit.


Her body shifted against the blanket whimpering out, too much. This was a lot. But there was something else she noticed about his position. Sans wasn’t laying flat on his stomach but more his hips were cocked out to the side. The bulge was almost hard to make out but there was no doubting Sans was currently sporting a boner for her at that moment. Mutual Pleasure.


“Sans…” Luna called out his name in the form of sternness. She felt him stiffen between her legs. Lifting his skull to look up at her. “Let me… um…” How would she be able to put this? Sans tilted his head to the side, she noticed the way his thumb still pressed into her clit. “I want to h-help…” She froze feeling something shoot through her entire body. Forcing her to close her eyes while she focused.


“need to finish that sentence princess…” Sans chuckled she could feel him lowering his head. Using two fingers to open her hood. That tongue pressed onto her clit making her body arch upwards. “mmm… found that one. don’ think i can get to the other without taking something from you first.” Sans purred. “guess this one will have to do.”


      He proceeded to assault her sensitive bundle with nips and licks. Making Luna’s body respond to every single touch. It wasn’t long till she felt his other hand slip from her thigh. Pressing a digit into her once more. This time it seemed to go in but he didn’t go beyond the tip of his finger. Her body ached from pleasure and shivered from the ecstasy feeling that ruptured through her. Luna never felt so good. “SANS! PLEASE!” She cried out.


His assault paused looking up at her. “what you want princess?” Sans asked an amused tone in his voice making her open her eyes to look down at him.


“Fuck… I want you.” Luna felt like she was about to beg him.


“want me to what?” Sans asked bemused but there was a bit of surprise in his eye lights.


      Luna grumbled at him trying to figure out what way she could put this. It would hurt no doubt, but this felt right. Sans was the right guy for her to give this to. She felt her cheeks flush with color before locking those dual toned eyes on him. “I want to have sex with you Sans. You are making me feel way too good and I… want to know what its…” Luna paused looking to the side. Shit wasn’t she the one to approach him on the train. This was definitely that virgin experience for her. “I want to know what you feel like inside. I mean…”


Sans sat up in an instant grabbing her chin. Forcing her to look at him. “you sure babygirl? we’ve only been dating a week. i don’ want to rush you. this was supposed to be about you.”


      All the more reason that he was the right guy. Sure, they all had said that it was all about her but the second they wanted more they would proceed. Forcing Luna to get violent. Sans was still holding off his own need. “I’m sure. I know it's going to hurt. But that’s okay. Oddly it feels right with you.” Luna smiled sweetly.


Sans smiled muttering something under his breath… sounded something similar to ‘nothing odd about it.’ Though she couldn’t be sure. Sans moved to slide off his slippers before standing to his full height. Reminding Luna of just how tall he was. He looked off to the side himself now undoing his jeans. That blush spreading throughout his face. The jeans slid down revealing the blue boxers he wore underneath. They had little cartoon bone designs on them.


“Oh, those are perfect.” Luna snorted feeling much more at ease.


“hey, don’ be dissin’ my boxers.” Sans smirked dropping back down onto the blanket once the jeans were off his legs. Luna could see a faint blue glow emanating from them. “you’re sure about this? you can still tap out babygirl?”


Luna admitted this was a scary feeling but at the same time, it felt right. Sitting up she crawled her way over to him. Not missing the hungered look, he was giving her. It wasn’t even a sexy crawl. Moving her face up to his she kissed him lightly earning her a moan from him this time. Pulling from the light kiss she looked into his eye lights, they were flickering. “Yes I am sure.”


Sans pounced on her just then pushing her back into the pillows. She swore a few of them had been tossed outside of the blanket. “i’ll be as gentle as i can princess. i can promise that.” Something about the way he said promise told her he wasn’t kidding about it either.


His teeth were pressing against the side of her neck. Peppering it with sweet kisses. But she didn’t feel him making a move into her. His hips grinding against her sex, angling them to ensure that bulge pressed into her clit. “need to get you off first. it will make it easier.” Sans whispered softer. His movements were similar to what she had done the night he had lost the bet. More dominant however. 


“need to prep you, not exactly small princess.” Sans purred into her neck, she could feel him press his hand back to her entrance. Without a second thought he shoved one inside of her making her whimper out. “the sounds you make… stars… i could listen to them all night.”


Heat blossoming over her cheeks at those words. He thrust the finger in and out of her giving her time to adjust before plunging a second on it. Luna made a muffled whine that time feeling the pain that came with it. “easy. this one’s gonna take a bit longer to get used to.” Sans hummed. Waiting a moment before shifting his fingers in her tight slit. Occasionally spreading them inside of her, it made her grunt from pain.


“Sans… please…” Luna spoke her voice becoming hoarse.


“one more babygirl. you need to take one more for me. can you do that for daddy?” He lifted his head looking down at her. Luna nodded her head in response.


“good girl.” Sans kissed the top of her forehead shifting his fingers inside of her. Without warning that third phalange was added stretching her out painfully. “you’re doing so good princess.” Sans purred thrusting the three fingers shallowly into her. Her hands moved up to grip tightly onto his shoulders. Pressing her face into his button-up shirt.


There was something glowing under his shirt, but she couldn’t tell what it was. She could feel her body producing sweat she felt herself getting close. “So close…” She moaned into his shirt. He sped up with his fingers a soft growl coming from above her.


“i feel it babygirl. come on cum for me.” Sans moved his other hand to her hair. Holding her to him. Something broke within her, making her claw at his shoulders crying out into his shirt. Her face pressing tightly into the soft fabric of the cloth. “that sounded so beautiful.” Sans cooed slipping his fingers from her.


Luna felt her body quivering underneath him. It wasn’t her first orgasm but it was the first one that someone else had orchestrated by someone else. A quivering whimper rolled out of her into his shirt. Her fingers had a death grip on him. “you still want me to go further princess?”


Her body seemed to collapse back onto the pile of pillows. Sucking in deep breaths attempting to let out slowly. Eyes cracked open to look up at a very pleased skeleton. “You…” She panted. “look… satisfied.”


Sans chuckled lightly sitting back, Luna not missing the way he palmed his throbbing erection. It reminded Luna that she still wanted him. “i am babygirl. i got you to cum for me and it was beautiful. the sounds alone were enough to make me well…” Sans proceeded to palm himself.


Luna contemplated something for a quick second. It popped into her mind making situate herself. The feel of something slick and thick trailing down her thigh. Knees wobbly while she crawled her way over to him. Sans caught her movement arching a bone brow. “what are you up to princess?”


“Well… I’m ready… you have a boner. Do the math.” Luna smiled at him. Sans looked at her he had pressed himself back into another pile of pillows. His eye lights watching her amusement flickering.


“oh princess… come here.” Arms opening wide Luna climbed into his lap wrapping her legs around her waist. “that’s way better than you giving me consent to take you. you coming to me is something i much preferred.” Sans purred into her ear.


     Luna’s legs were loose around his waist allowing her to reach between them. Adjusting his boxers down some but it was harder than she imagined. Sans chuckled nuzzling the side of her face. Shoving her hand out of the way. The boxers were yanked back up, but he undid something on them. “they make holes in the crotch for a reason.”


      Luna could only roll her eyes in response to that. A smart retort about to pass her lips till she felt something thick, hard, and blunt against her. Sans had a grin on his face sliding it against her folds attempting to later her juices over the head. “ease yourself down when you're ready. this is for your pleasure remember.”


     Swallowing hard she nodded her head shifting herself a touch. Luna lowered her body feeling him press into her. It was tense. A light whimper escaping her. Sans lifted her up rolling her hips on his shaft. The face she made didn’t seem to ease the skeleton. “no what as nice as it is with you on top.” He turned pressing her back into the pillows. Arms hooking under her knees to bring them up. Sans rolled one over the top of his head. Pressing her ankles together.


“think this position will be better though. you okay with this?” Sans asked turning his head to nip at her clothed calf. Luna shivered to see him on top of her.


“Yeah, you look really good with the stars twinkling behind you.” Luna felt drunk suddenly. It was probably her empathy. Though she was pretty sure her raging arousal and need for the skeleton above her. “Can we quit talking and start fucking please.”


“oh, you mean like…” Luna gasped feeling him press into her spreading her sex open. Luna whimpered when the tip popped into her. “this.” It came out as a hiss before he pushed more of his length in her. It felt amazing, but it hurt at the same time. Luna threw her hands up gripping onto the pillows above her head.


“Oh fuck…” Luna whimpered.


Sans rolled his hips thrusting a little bit more of him into her. A pained groan coming from him, his arms wrapped around her thighs. Kneading gently at the soft skin that was there. A few more shallow thrusts into her. It wasn’t enough… Luna wanted more. “Sans more… please.” The plea came out as a whisper.


“as you wish princess.” A corny line she felt he took it out of Princess Bride. Luna could totally picture Sans curled up on a couch watching the movie. Sans spread her legs apart moving them from his shoulder down to his waist. “its gonna hurt. but once i get goin’ its gonna feel so good.” Sans slurred.


Luna smiled up at him feeling flush with heat. Boney hands gripping onto her hips, Sans leaned in kissing her. With a hard thrust, he pushed into her breaking that cherry that made her a virgin. Luna screamed into that kiss and Sans happily swallowed it.


     It hurt. It broke and it fucking hurt! But Sans had stopped moving. Irritation flared up in Luna next she shifted her hips into him. Wanting him to move, he told her that once he got going it would feel good. She wanted it to feel good, she didn’t want to feel pain. Thankfully Sans got the hint. He shifted his hips back extracting his length. Luna whined thinking he was going to withdraw from him. Legs wrapping tighter around his waist not ready for him to withdraw.


The second her calf touched his spine he thrust forward pushing back into her. Sans groaned pulling from the kiss his sockets closed. A hand moving to cup her chin forcing her to look up. Those sockets opened making her look at the eye lights that were there. They reminded her of stars. “look at me while i do this.” Sans moaned. “i want to watch you.”


Luna bucked into him making Sans chuckle. The other hand moving back onto her hips, speeding up on his pace. Especially since she seemed to be used to the size of him. The sound of bone meeting flesh could be heard lightly but not over the growls Sans was producing. “so good… i… i… knew it would be but fuck…” Sans growled thrusting deeper into her making her yelp.


     Luna understood what he meant, all those nights fantasizing about having the skeleton above her had her shifting underneath him. At first, it had started with just kissing, which led up to her thinking about him becoming hot and heavy. Luna wouldn’t tell him that she had bought a vibrator in the color of his magic. One that she found herself using when she was having a rough day.


“fuck… i’ve barely started and…” Sans whimpered at that moment.


He was close, Luna understood that much. She reached up to stroke the side of his cheekbone. Her cheeks feeling hot along with the rest of her body. “I’m close too.” Luna cooed at him.


She watched his eye lights shifted from pin pricks to little hearts. “luna… you mean so much more… your…” Sans leaned down kissing the side of her neck. “i knew the night we met at grillz… i knew… now you need to know.”


Luna whimpered feeling her body tightening up like one of those springs in an old mattress. “Know what?” Luna asked her voice coming out soft and husky. That spring snapped. The walls of her sex fluttered delicately almost like butterfly wings. She whimpered out.


“you’re mine. always have been and always will be. you are mine!” His whisper came out loud before a sharp pain erupted in her shoulder making her black out. Just as she felt Sans erupted inside of her.

Chapter Text

     Luna awoke feeling sore… but strangely she enjoyed the pains that were in her body. Maybe not the one in her shoulder so much. Rolling her hips and pushing her arms up she worked through all the sleepy muscles. It felt so warm. A skeletal arm was loosely hanging over her stomach hinting that he was right behind her. The darkness that encompassed her made her push at the soft covering. The heavy blanket pushed aside to allow sunlight to welcome her. Morning already? Luna pouted to herself.


Throwing the blanket completely off her. Everything hurt, why? Luna felt herself to pout trying to pull her legs from under the blankets. The skeletal arm pulled tighter trying to get her to remain still. “no…” A muffled whine coming from under the blanket. “stay…” It was obvious he was half asleep. Turning over she winced at the pain that erupted in her shoulder at the movement. Pulling the blanket off the sleeping body next to her.


Sans was attempting to pull her to him, his sockets still closed. He looked so cute. Leaning over she kissed the top of his skull. “I need food. I don’t run off magic Skellie.” Luna muttered softly.


“no…” Sans whined again moving his other arm to try to wrap around his waist. If he managed that there was no doubt he would keep her in that bed.


Slipping from his one arm she backed up falling right off the bed, landing with a loud thump. Adding just a touch more pain to her already sore body. Looking up at the ceiling she groaned till the sound of shuffling on the bed pulled it down. Sans laid against the edge of the bed his skull being cradled by his palm. Eyeing her up lazily. “not supposed to fall out of bed princess. you’re supposed to fall into it.” Sans chuckled.


“Fuck you. It's all your fault I feel like shit.” Luna grumbled.


The laughter that came from Sans didn’t make her feel any better. The next thing she knew she saw him leaning down to grip ahold of her. Pulling her back up into the bed. “No… I need food. And coffee. I have work.” Luna pouted trying to swat him from her.


“boy your grumpy post-sex.” Sans snickered pulling her into the bed. “no work for you. you are staying here in bed for the day.”


“I can’t, and you know it.” Luna argued.


“grillz will understand. he knew i was taking you out on a date. we can say you had too much to drink and need to rest. no need to go into specifics.” Sans kissed her cheek before climbing out of bed himself. Luna groaned falling back against the pillows.


“Sex sucks if it hurts this much.” Luna whimpered.


Sans snickering made her grab his pillow and toss it at him. It became engulfed in a cyan glow making her eyes widen. How were his reflexes that good so early? The pillow came right back at her nailing her in the face. Growling as best as she could humanely could she peeled the pillow off. When it was lowered there was a skeleton in her face.


“sex doesn’ hurt that much princess. it does when it’s your first time though.” Sans’ gaze lowered to something on her body making her realize that she was in clothes. “after breakfast i will get a hot bath going for you. need to make sure and give you post sex cuddles since you know…” He snickered. “you passed out on me.”


     He leaned in kissing the top of her forehead pushing her back down into the pillows. Tugging the blanket back up her body just below her shoulders. Luna was about to sit up when the blankets wrapped around her tightly. Whimpering she tried to fight the blankets. Before she knew it she was wrapped into what only could be called a blanket burrito. “Sans!” She whined.


“nope, not hearing it princess. you are off today. and i’m takin’ care of ya. now while i cook ya breakfast you are going to lay on the couch and watch some tv. after i call grillz you will get your phone.” Sans explained picking her up blankets and all.


     It felt weird being treated this way. Luna whimpered in response to it. Sans purred at her leaning over so that he could nuzzle her. Clearly, she wasn’t going to get her way. Though to be honest she wasn’t even sure how she would have been able to work given how tired and sore she was. There were people out there that claimed having sex before bed would give them a good night sleep. Luna right now disagreed ten folds.


     Not missing a beat Sans carried her out into the hallway and down the stairs. Ever so carefully depositing her on the couch. Which she was thankful he unwrapped her from the blanket cocoon. Almost like she was a moth emerging into its final form. Luna didn’t feel that way. She felt like the silk worm just flopping down on the couch.


“now just stay put unless you know you have to do nature’s call. then you can go do that. but other than that, stay put.” Sans chuckled before pulling her phone out of his pocket. How long had that been there? Sans shot a wink to her before disappearing into the kitchen.


     Luna huffed turning onto her side finding a large pillow against her back. He had managed to have one down here too? Smiling softly, she curled into it turning her head slowly so she could inhale the deep scent that was embedded into it. She could detect a hint of a tangy sweetness. Ketchup! The guy, erm skeleton, drank it in mass quantities obviously. Made sense things that belonged to him scented of it. Rubbing her face more into the pillow she savored the scent before turning her head to close her eyes. Sleep drifting over her.


~ ~ ~


     Sans hummed to himself pulling the eggs out of the fridge pressing the phone up to his earhole while he called Grillz. Now he had every intention originally of letting her go to work. That had been before she offered herself up for the taking. He had spent a good majority of the night after getting her tucked into bed reading up on how to properly care for a woman who well, lost their virginity. There were often complaints of soreness and exhaustion.


He recalled that Wednesday that him and Paps had gone over to her place. It was after his heat had finally died down. The idea that the heat mark had worked so well left his mind blown. The monster he had used it on the one time said just a night was okay. But anymore and she considered him too clingy. The thought made Sans freeze what he was doing nearly making him drop the egg. Did Luna think him too clingy?


     His mind went back to the mark he had made on her last night. The phone still ringing against his earhole. The worry now ate at him so bad that when the other line picked up all he could say was: “do you think i’m too clingy?”


“Sans?” Grillby’s voice rang through on the other end. A grumble of something that sounded like ‘too early for this.’ “Why are you calling me from Luna’s phone and asking me this question?”


Sans winced at that forgetting who he was calling. As well as forgetting what time it was. A quick glance at the clock told him it was about six in the morning. Shit! Why was he up this early? Oh right! His Moon Princess had attempted to get out of bed. Ooh Moon Princess. He liked the sound of that! “sorry grillz.” Sans coughed trying to get rid of his thoughts. “um… how badly do you need luna tonight?”


“Sans… normally I will give her the day off if she wants. But seeing as your calling…” The sound of shuffling over the phone told Sans the fire elemental was still in bed. “What did you do?”


Ooh an accusation right off the bat. Did he know? No, he wasn’t there. How could he have known?! “why do you assume i did something?” Sans hummed into the phone cracking an egg into the bowl. Looking into the other room, the television was off still.


“Because you are calling from my favorite waitress’ phone. Who I don’t exactly hear in the background nagging about how you have her phone. That thing is her lifeline. And the only way to get in touch with those that are important to her.” Grillby yawned.


“and i just told her that she wouldn’ get it back till i finished talking to you.” Sans winced cracking another egg into the bowl making it two.


Grillby laughed on the other end. “Don’t worry. She won’t be too mad. She’s just rather reclusive when it comes down to it. Rather than go out and party she likes to stay home, play games while texting people. But anyways… what did you do that you need to ask if I need her?”


“well we had our date last night and she’s a bit tired…” Sans started.


“Sans, what did you do?” Grillby cut him off.


Sans paused with the third egg in hand looking down at it. Studying how round and white it was. With a small light press, it would be broken into spilling out all the clear substance along with the yellow ball in the center. Grillby might come over and do the same to his skull if Sans told him. “Sans…” Grillby’s called over the phone once more.


“i may have marked her.” Sans blurted out without thinking.


“YOU DID WHAT?” A loud voice came from behind him.


Sans dropped the egg. The crack as well as the splat sounding louder than it ever should. Turning on his heels he gripped the phone pulling it tighter to his ear. Finding Papyrus standing in the kitchen doorway. Still in his pajamas. Oh right! It was still early and Paps hadn’t gone to work yet.


An annoyed look on Papyrus’ face was enough to tell Sans he screwed up. How could he explain that in the moment of climax he had claimed Luna as much as physically possible without a soul bond? Paps looked like he was ready to pummel him. All because Papyrus was rather protective of the small human female.


“um… mornin’ bro.” Sans spoke softly hearing the loud uncharacteristic snort on the other end of the phone.


“Tell Luna that she can have the day off, but I do hope to see her at some point this week Sans. I get the feeling with you marking her things are about to take a turn. Especially given if you keep her in the house this week.” Grillby laughed.


“wait whats that supposed to mean?” Sans asked.


“Oh, you’ll find out.” Grillby snickered into the phone. “Talk to you later Sans.” The call was disconnected leaving Sans to the mercy of his younger brother.


“SANS! WHAT DID YOU DO!?” Man, why was everyone asking him that today?


~ ~ ~


     Luna groaned hearing a loud voice echoing in the other room. She swore if BP was doing one of his weird cat calls again she was going to strangle him with the charging cord for the Xbox controller. Raising her arms above her head she stretched till a sharp pain in her shoulder made her cry out in pain. Ouch! Fuck! Ouch! That smarts!


     Luna sat up quickly; her hand shot up to her shoulder finding a painful sensation right where her neck and shoulder met. A press of fingers to the spot made her hiss out in pain. A large boney hand came in front of her pushing her back against a soft cushion effectively pinning her by her uninjured shoulder. Another hand moved to grip her shirt and yank it aside. Luna looked up into the face of a rather angry Papyrus. Shit did she do something wrong?


Papyrus made a face looking over something on her neck. “YOU HEALED IT?”


Healed what? She couldn’t heal anything. What was going on? “had to. didn’ want to hurt her further. i did it the way it should be.” Sans’ baritone voice calmed her from her panic. “paps… you’re scaring her. she hasn’ seen it yet.”


“Is it another heat mark?” Luna asked recalling the last time she felt the pain in her shoulder.


     Papyrus looked away from her that instant. His large hand removing away from her uninjured arm. The other righting her clothes back to the way they were. Something in the way Paps was reacting threw up red flags in her mind. Her gaze fixated on Sans who sighed softly a frown on his face. Walking over towards the couch. “its not a heat mark. but it is a mark.” Sans mentioned.


Paps got up walking over to sit down on the love seat. Sans took the couch next to Luna. “in fact, it’s the mark so to speak.”


“The mark?” That really didn’t answer her question. Instead it raised more. “Sans I don’t understand.”


“You Should Have Spoken To Her About This Before You Did It.” Papyrus’ voice was a calmer one now but it seemed too stern for it.


“heat of the moment kind of thing. i intended to talk to her about it afterwards but she passed out on me. didn’ think it would put me in that mindset to do it. just felt so good that i didn’ think. normally i’m able to reign in those thoughts or emotions but this was completely spontaneous.” Sans sighed.


“Wait… now I remember.” Luna perked up looking between the two skeletal monsters that were sitting in the living room with her. “You said something last night before I erm well…” She blushed looking off to the side. “Passed out.”


     Luna locked gazes with Sans trying to see if he would gather what she was talking about. Sans nodded his smile widening slowly. It made Luna breathe in relief because she would rather not share details on the dirty deed with Paps. “You had stated I was yours. I was always yours and always will be. What exactly did you mean by that?”


“SANS YOU SAID THAT?” Papyrus’ voice was suddenly back to being loud. It was still too early for that kind of tone.


“yeah i did bro. and you know what i meant every word. i don’ regret sayin’ it either.” Sans stated with such confidence his attention directed towards his brother.


     Papyrus sighed moving a large hand to his forehead making Luna notice that he was still in his pajamas. It was a black t-shirt with orange pajama bottoms. Which suspiciously looked like they had red sports cars on them. “She Doesn’t Have a Clue What Those Words Mean. I Have Been Attempting to Teach Her Monster Etiquette and Things Like That. But I Didn’t Have That Much Time From Your First Introduction. I Surely Didn’t Have a Lot Of Time From Your Secondary Since You Two Were Actively Engaging In Heat Sex. While At The Same Time Not.”


     The tired look on the taller skeleton’s face told Luna everything. Papyrus had known about something that she didn’t from the first time he had met her. He had been talking to her about everything involving monsters that BP or Tops had briskly refused to answer. Papyrus had become a teacher to her. Was it all just to prepare for when her and Sans got together? Did he know that they were going to end up together? “You Are Lazy Most Of The Time Brother, If Not All The Time. But This Takes The Cake So To Speak.”


“i told you i intended to speak to her about it. she fell asleep last night. didn’ feel right for me to wake her to discuss it. i was going to do it once i got her fed, bathed, and relaxed. thanks to you and grillz i have to skip the other stops and just dive into this all together.” Sans growled at Papyrus clearly upset.


     Sans focused his attention on her and Luna felt her heart stop. Sans usual smile was tense not even curving towards his eyes. Those white eye lights seemed not so bright suddenly. What was he having to talk about with her? Why was her heart pumping so fast? “i really intended to have this conversation last night. things got rather intense though. one thing lead to another. and i couldn’ resist myself.” His hand moved up to his upper arm rubbing it slowly while his gaze down casted to his lap.


“remember how when asgore touched you and i did something with your hand with my magic afterwards.” Luna nodded her head showing she did understand that. In some way she had known it to be his magic slithering its way over her hand to the point it took away whatever was left from when her and Asgore had exchanged formalities. “well… what i did is similar. only this is more permanent, sort of.” Sans winced seeming at a loss of words.


    Sans pulled his hands from his pockets making her look down. Her phone was in his one hand it seemed to be just loosely there. Reaching for the phone Sans gave it willingly. Opening her camera app, she turned the camera in a selfie mode. There on her neck was a large bite mark like the heat mark. But this time it was sealed leaving a more permanent look to it. That wasn’t fading anytime soon, not like the heat mark had. Lowering the phone, she stared at Sans wide-eyed, who was avoiding eye contact. “it’s called a mate mark. this is a lot different from the heat mark. the heat mark normally is reserved for those who we wish to test compatibility with. it is meant to fade. this mark however is meant to claim.”


“Claim?” Luna asked.


     Sans nodded his head and she detected shame in the way he looked. He wasn’t looking directly at her one bit. Luna moved closer to him, though she was in shock of what he was saying she could tell he needed comfort. “Sans, I’m not mad. But I don’t fully understand. As Pappy said I am still learning about monster culture.” Placing her hand on his she felt him turn his over. Boney fingers slid between hers, his thumb rolling over the scarred flesh.


“you might be when i tell you this next part luna.” Sans stated and she could hear the sadness in his voice. It didn’t belong there. Sans should never sound like that. “that mark pretty much warns off anyone. telling them you are off limits. i’ve gathered what you don’ say. those guys you were with treated you like a possession rather than a person. when i put that mark on you i feel i wasn’ thinking of you as a person at the time. i was thinkin’ of you as mine. you should have been givin’ a choice to get that mark.”


     It clicked in that moment what Sans was saying. That mark on her shoulder was permanent. And he had placed it there to ward off any who would come sniffing around her for more than a casual conversation. Luna couldn’t fight off the smile that inched across her face. “Are you saying in a way you claimed me as more than your girlfriend?” Luna asked.

Sans still didn’t look at her, but he nodded his head. The giddy feeling she felt crawl through her with more intensity. It was like she was able to understand for the first time what was expected of her. “Sans… why are you acting like this is the end of the world?”


“uh…” Now he looked up at her becoming startled when he noticed her face. “well…” He fidgeted in his seat her demeanor clearly putting him off. “you gave me somethin’ so precious last night… a-and… why are you smiling like that? shouldn’ you be mad at me?”


     Luna couldn’t help but chuckle, this flustered state was like what he had shown when he had asked her out. It was even cuter the second time around... Hell, Luna was sure she would never grow tired of seeing him like this. “Why not? I seen when Tops had claimed BP on the couch. Sure, it was rather predatory, but I hadn’t expected it from you on our first night. I’m more flattered than angry. You claimed me during a moment of intimacy. And got me to pass out.” Luna snickered using her free hand to cover her mouth.


“I Think She Might Have Cracked Brother.” Papyrus spoke up getting Luna to look over at him.


“No, not cracked just understanding. I honestly thought the only reason Sans was dating me was since he wanted to make it up to me. You know for helping him out at the start of his heat cycle.” Luna admitted not missing the shocked faces on both.


“stars princess no. if that was all i wanted spending time with you the day after it ended would have been enough. did you really think me that shallow?” Sans asked, and Luna had noticed the hurt in his voice.


“No, not really. But as you state I know nothing of Monsters. I am still learning things. Must understand I only know of human dating reasoning. And yes, I have had a few guys who only dated me to make it up to me. I have like not one good dating experience in my life.” Luna explained to him hoping that it made sense why she would think that.


Sans groaned pressing his other hand up to his forehead. “stupid humans.”


“SANS!” Papyrus gasped.


“no, i mean it paps. how they manage to keep human women satisfied is beyond me. especially when human guys treat them like… like… well like that. no wonder she has been so fidgety around me each time we spend together. she always felt like i was there for other reasons other than wanting to be around her.” Sans muttered seeming more annoyed by the second.


Those white eye lights fixated on her before turning a cyan coloration. “let me show you something princess. this is going to be mild in comparison to a soul bond but it's goin’ to show you how i really feel.”


     The left eye light grew bigger to the point it was four times its original size. The center of it appearing like a black pupil, while the rest became like a translucent flame. A tingling sensation sparked in her shoulder where he had bitten. The mark making her feel like the way the heat mark did. Only she wasn’t overwhelmed with sexual need. Instead she felt warmth spread through her covering her as an oversized blanket. Luna gasped feeling it trickle heavier into her chest grasping at her soul which was hidden. The warmth spread over her soul hugging it tightly, lightly caressing it which mimicked the motions through out her body. It was intense, yet Sans’ words repeated in her mind. This was mild.


“Holy shit…” Luna breathed out.


“you feel that right? that warmth caressing you? holding you close? that’s me. that’s how i want you to feel. not out of gratitude for helping me on my heat cycle. screw that. this is how i am sure i wanted to make you feel the night i met you at grillby’s. this was how i wanted to make you feel when I saw you in those cute panda pajamas.” Sans purred.


     He leaned into her his magic flaring up through her veins. Courtesy of that mark he had given her. Pressing his face into the side of her neck giving soft gentle kisses making Luna tremble lightly. “you are more than an object to me luna. you’re my little moon princess.” His words echoed through her mind.


     The magic was pulled back then leaving Luna gasping for air. Her body trembling with excitement. Sans was purring against the side of her neck for a moment longer. He pulled back getting to his feet. Once he was up he pushed her down on the couch letting her lay there. The blanket brought up over her shoulders.


“That Was Cheating Brother.” She heard Paps say.


“not really. it soothed her, she needed to be soothed. and i wasn’ lying about how i felt.” Sans responded before turning around to kiss the top of her head. “sleep well moon princess, when you wake i will have some breakfast for you. grillz said you got the day off.”


      Sans retreated from the room taking Paps with him. Luna felt overwhelmed at the way he had made her feel. How was she supposed to take this? The feeling that Sans had overwhelmed her with felt like adoration. Sans’ adored her? It wasn't love but hell she’d take it. Turning to face the back of the couch Luna felt the smile that spread across her face. Thinking of the day that Sans might love her.

Chapter Text

     It was a few days later and Luna still hadn’t gone home. The skeleton brother’s home felt like home to her. Plus there was something waking up in Sans’ arms that felt so right. Though this morning however she felt the tight embrace pulling her to him. Blinking she wasn’t sure how to take this. Papyrus had stated the mating mark would pretty much make Sans almost want to be around her constantly. Batting him off to go to work became challenging.


      Today was Wednesday though and she really needed to get a change of clothes from her apartment. Especially since it was puzzle day. Papyrus had stated they didn’t have to play puzzles or boardgames. Instead he just wanted to hang out to catch up so to speak. Luna understood, upon dating his brother her and Paps rarely hung out without Sans. That wasn’t a good way to maintain a friendship in her book.


      After about twenty minutes she managed to replace her body with a pillow into the elder brother’s arms. It had been the one she had slept on so it smelled like her. Sans took to it cuddling it into his body mumbling sweet nothings into it. Unable to resist the image of her Skellie boyfriend snuggled into her pillow she snagged her phone off the nightstand. Taking a quick picture before throwing some clothes on her body loosely.


      In a jumbled mess she managed to put on one of Sans’ shirts and somehow a pair of his shorts. It was just then that she realized her Skellie boyfriend was mostly naked under those blankets. Well glad one of us is cool with sleeping like that. Think he’s gotten comfy with stripping me out when he climbs into bed. The snort that comes from her was not very lady like by any means.


The walk down the stairs allowed her to hum peacefully. Walking into the kitchen she was greeted by the scent of pancakes. “Smells good Pappy.” Luna walked up behind the taller skeleton hugging him lightly around the waist.


“Good Morning Luna. Good To See You Up Today Before Twelve In The Least.” Paps spoke pulling down a mug for her. Luna promptly thanked him before pouring herself a cup of coffee.


Once settled in a chair at the table she hummed to herself sipping on her coffee. Papyrus chuckled placing pancakes in front of her. “I See My Brother Will Need To Go To His Room For Clothes This Morning.” Papyrus took his own seat with his food. His hand promptly petting her head.


     Luna looked down at the pancakes admiring how golden they were. The one dish she learned never to eat form Papyrus again was his spaghetti. He had made it twice during her stay at the Skellie brother’s home. And as much as Luna wanted to tell her dear friend how terrible it was she didn’t. So, she sucked it up and ate it as often as he made.


      Papyrus inhaled deeply freezing in his seat looking up at her. Luna didn’t notice the way his head lifted in the air taking a deep inhale through his nasal cavity. Papyrus then shifted getting to his feet promptly excusing him out of the kitchen. She figured he had something to do.


      Going back to her pancakes she cut into them. Mind going to think about the things she needed to do. If she were going to spend so much time at the boys house she was going to have to pick up some more clothes. Asking Sans to short cut her over there but today was her day to spend with Pappy.


      Luna stabbed the stack of cut up pancakes raising them. But before she could take a bite of them, something pressed into the side of her neck. Making her drop her fork. Purrs filled her ears while hands came up to hold her in place. Boney hands moved up to grasp at her breast making her breath hitch. Fingers slowly rolled the peaks of her nipples under the thick cotton shirt. It made her mewl softly at the touch. Unable to think about much right then.


“ya know how good ya smell moon princess?” Sans baritone voice comes out husky rolling out into a growl.


       Luna wanted to answer but those hands slid under the shirt. Inching upwards to grip her bare breasts. Giving her nipples a gentle tug when they were found. It made her pout in response. Sensitive? Why wasn’t she this sensitive the night he had sex with her. Not that she was complaining.


Realization slammed hard into her that they were in the kitchen and he was fondling her from behind. “S-S-Sans P-P-Pappy could come b-b-back.” Her voice coming out into a stuttering moan while he rolled his hands over her breasts.


       Her body was automatically responding to the torment he was giving her. Turning her head slightly she looked over finding he was bent over the chair. Unable to see his face since it was buried in the side of her neck. Bare bones exposed all the way down to the boxers that he was wearing. Her skellie boyfriend had just rolled out of bed.


        And thrilled that he had come down to see her immediately. His behavior however was startling. Another growl rolled out of his non-existent throat. “ya smell so good moon princess… i want to take you right here and now...” Sans rumbled parting his teeth to give a nip at the side of her neck.


       Red Flag! Big Red Flag! Pappy was home and they were in the kitchen. Sure, having sex in public places could be fun. Luna drew the line with Pappy though. Gritting her teeth to fight back at the moan that threatened to emerge. Pushing all arousal aside she placed her hands at the end of the table pushing back hard. The chair making a loud screech against the tiled floor. It made Sans back up removing his hand from her.


       Luna took the opportunity to scurry across the room pressing herself into a corner of the room. “Sans I don’t mind the attention, but Pappy could walk in. I don’t want to give him a…” Her sentence was cut off when he short cut across the room pinning her to the spot.


Bare bones pressing into her shirt. His hand moved to wrap around her waist pulling her closer. His eye lights in the shape of hearts. “we could take it…”


“HANDS OFF HER SANS!” Pappy had come back in the kitchen making both Luna and Sans over towards him. Their attention locked on the rolled-up paper in his hand.


“Pappy!” Luna cried out unsure what was getting into Sans. Was he in heat? “Whats going on?”


       Papyrus walked over towards them both grabbing a now growling Sans. Pulling him away from her body. Luna ducked under his grip running out of the kitchen. She was at the front door when someone grabbed her. Picking her off the ground. She squeaked looking back to find Papyrus clinging her close trying to run for the front door. What the hell?


“paps….” Sans’ voice now coming from the front of them.


Papyrus came to a jolting halt making Luna look forward. Sans was leaned against the front door, arms crossed over his bare chest. She looked over his thick bones the way that smile was curved wickedly. Something about him was off in general.


“Sans No. She Is Ovulating. You Can’t Have Her At Least Till I Ensure You Both Have The Proper Contraceptives.” Papyrus explained making Luna snap her head back painfully in his directions.


     Craptastic her period was getting ready to start and Sans was going nuts because her body was wanting to make babies. Sans whined, looking up she could see him shake his head. “i just want to cuddle her. wrap her in a blanket and keep her with me. you both can have your day but i want… no i need her cuddled to me…. she smells so good paps.” Sans purred that last part.


“like fresh honeysuckle after a rain spell.” Sans continued walking forward his arms out in preparation to grab at her.


Papyrus backed off looking down at Sans. “As Much As I Believe That Is All You Will Do, No. Not Until I Have The Proper Contraceptives For Her. She Doesn’t Need To End Up Pregnant If It Is Possible For You Two To Procreate. Now Get Ahold Of Yourself. You Are Scaring Her.” Paps snapped at Sans.


      That made Sans freeze, white eye lights focused on her then. His smile turning into a frown when he saw her clinging onto Paps for dear life. “oh princess, i’m sorry. its similar to my heat. you smell so good to me that i want you all the same.” Sans seemed to get ahold of himself now. Stepping off to the side. “i need to get to work anyways.”


     Luna shifted as Paps got the gesture that she wanted to be put down. He placed her on the ground lightly still watching Sans warily. Luna felt like a kitten facing off against a large Pitbull. Unsure how to approach it but still wanting to cuddle it. She was hesitant for a moment walking up to him. Her arms wrapped around him kissing him lightly on the cheek bone.


     Sans purred wrapping his arms around her holding her close to him. Moving his head capturing her lips into a gentle kiss. After a few moments he reluctantly retreated from her taking a moment to look over her body. “see ya after work.” Sans smiled before short cutting out of the room.


Luna let out a breath that she hadn’t realized she had been holding. Papyrus came up from behind her pressing his hand into her shoulder. “Come On. Before He Rethinks His Decision. It Took A Lot For Him To Short Cut Back Upstairs.”


     She wanted to go get her phone, but she had a feeling she would be here again. Sans’ words ‘see you after work’ echoed through her mind. Yeah, she was sure even if she stayed home he would just come to get her. Walking out the door she grabbed her backpack that was still downstairs. It needed to have some fresh clothes put in it. Right now, her boyfriends already worn clothes were cleaner than the ones in her bag.


     Papyrus withdrew his keys from his jacket making sure to snag the coat that Grillby had gifted her. Holding it out for her to slide on while they walked to the red sports car. “Do Not Feel Bad For Sans. You Can Say No To Him Once In A While.” Papyrus smiled opening the door for her. “But We Really Need To Snag Some Magical Condoms From The Monster Shop So You Don’t End Up Pregnant. And Do Not Allow Him To Talk You Into Soul Bonding.”


    Soul Bonding, oh she wished. But Papyrus was right, their relationship was still too fresh for that kind of step. Sans had already mate marked her apparently which he was using as a temporary way to show his emotions. It was too dull those pesky doubts that she had every so often. More so using it at night just to ease her into sleep.


Sliding into the passenger seat she eased herself carefully back making sure her seat belt was on. Lifting her attention to Papyrus when he got into the driver side. “I know better than to do that Pappy. It's too early. That’s a big decision don’t want him rushing it.”


Paps looked at her his smile tense. “It's Not Him I’m Worried About Rushing Into It. His Soul Traits Are Justice And Patience. If He Chooses To Soul Bond You Then Its Because In His Mind It’s the Right Thing. You Are The One I Am Worried About.”


Luna tilted her head to the side when Paps started the car. Adjusting the shifter into reverse, backing out of the driveway. “Don’t Get Me Wrong I See How Much You Care For My Brother. But I Don’t Want You To Rush Into Things Because Of What He Wants. If You Set Time He Will Have The Patience To Wait For You.”


It occurred to her that Paps was ensuring she was getting an actual relationship. “Paps…”


“Tops Told Me How He Met You.” Papyrus responded looking at her with his white eye lights. “You Never Mentioned Anything About Your Past But We Need To Know Things. Sans Deserves To Know So He Can Avoid Anything To Upset You.”


     Luna never thought that past relationships would come up. Especially when entering a new one. Tops had broken the friend code by telling Paps about when they met. Moving she rubbed her eye remembering exactly where the black eye had been. Looking off to the side she avoided eye contact. Papyrus had always wanted to know the details of her dirty past.


“I can talk about it tonight. You and Sans at least should know of how I dealt with everything. There are somethings I don’t want to talk about.” Mostly her past involving Joseph, that was a touchy subject too touchy.


     The drive to her apartment seemed shorter than anything but Luna was thankful. It avoided the uncomfortable conversation for the moment. That was till they reached her front door inside the hallway. It had been kicked in. Luna looked over at the door noticing the way the door knob was stuck in the wall making her frown. What had happened?


“Luna?” Papyrus’ voice filled with concern.


     She couldn’t answer while her gaze took in the rest of the mess that her apartment had become. Thankfully she didn’t have a lot of dishes or things to fill it. Otherwise, she would have so much more to replace. Walking towards her bedroom, clothes were thrown all over the place some destroyed beyond repair. Red spray paint curved over her blanket the word Whore imprinted deeply. The same word carved in large letters in the wall above her headboard.


     Turning her head she looked at the wall that was at the entrance of her room. Only to let out a shrieking cry seeing her what she recognized as her family picture blown up in an eight by ten. Only it didn’t have her parents or her brother. Instead it was her dressed in an elegant dress. The frilly Lolita type gown making her seem more elegant even at eight years old. A young boy’s arms were wrapped around her, he barely could be seen. The only visual were his blond locks, olive colored skin giving subtle hints at his chin. A smirk curving those lips while he held a younger Luna… no a younger Sonia in his arms. Nearly possessive seeming brotherly. The words above the picture reading ‘YOU’RE MINE!’


      Joseph had found her! Luna backed away from the picture tears spilling down her cheeks. This was deliberate he intended to make her find the picture, the words whore written around it in red spray paint. Slut carved elsewhere. Monster Fucker placed off near the frame of her door. Luna felt a pang to her chest, something was breaking with in her. Breaking, making sure that the crack spread.


     Luna wanted to run, scream her lungs out. Scream until her voice became hoarse and her throat became raw. A hand pressed against her shoulder making her let out a startled shriek. A large hand gripped her not giving her a chance to pull away. She was pulled back into a clothed chest. They gently turned her head bury her face into that bomber jacket. Luna sobbed gripping tightly taking one last time at the marks over the wall. Seeing the words that were painted on the floor. ‘My Sonia.’


     Her body racked with fear while she clutched at Papyrus. The painful reminders of each beating she endured coming to life. Making anything she endured after her brutal childhood seem like a dashing memory. Papyrus growled holding her tightly, he was her lifeline currently. Keeping her from dipping further into those memories.


“We May Need To Have That Conversation Sooner Rather Than Later.” Papyrus growled.


He was right. She couldn’t run from this. If Joseph was around, then it wouldn’t be long till he managed to get her alone cornering her. What would he do to her now that she was no longer an itty-bitty minor? The thoughts made her cling harder to Papyrus. He carried her out of the room clearly grasping that the longer she was in there the worst thing possible.


Paps deposited her on the couch making her curl into a ball. Not a second later Papyrus was on the phone calling someone. He didn’t leave the room as whoever answered the phone. Luna caved in on herself passing out on the couch not wanting to endure the way her apartment was more terrifying than the estate where she had grown up in.


~ . ~ . ~ . ~


      Papyrus felt a mix of emotions but the one that seemed to be riding him hard was protectiveness. Luna had taken the initial damage in her common rooms rather well. But when she had entered the room Papyrus could sense the change in her body. The tenseness of her shoulders could be visibly seen. He had followed her into the room only to find the way it had been destroyed.  


      Anger fueled him next the words written on her blanket. But when she turned to look at another wall pure terror appeared on her face. He turned to find an image of a small girl that looked like Luna. Dressed up like a princess would be or at the very least an elegant lady. The dress was a dusky purple accented with white. There was no doubt in Paps’ mind that this young girl was Luna.


     Taking in all the words he felt that anger rise especially since the air was tinged with fear. Reaching out he took hold of her wanting to comfort her. This was his brother’s mate as well as his close friend. She jumped at the initial contact, but it didn’t stop him. He gripped her pulling her to him holding her close. Whatever was going on in her head was bad.


      Luna had passed out when he got Undyne on the phone. This was something that he expected the monster police to handle. There was something underlining this, telling him that if the human police dealt with it then whoever did this would just make them go away. Luna came from a wealthy past. That picture clearly told him that this person knew her. Which meant they might come from a wealthy past.


     The words on the floor the name, he had known something was off with the name Luna Solarium. It didn’t sound like the normal name like Sarah or… Sonia. That was Luna’s birth name, he could feel it in his soul. Gritting his teeth together while on the phone, the pheromones from her being fertile making every instinct with him scream in protectiveness. Protect my brother’s mate! They screamed at him.


“I will come over, get someone to photograph it. But it’s clear she can’t stay there Paps. Where will she be…” Undyne spoke into the line.


“SHE WILL BE STAYING WITH SANS AND ME.” Papyrus interrupted his friend. Instantly regretting it.


The long sigh that came from the other end of the line felt heavy. “Alright. Get any of the clothes that aren’t messed up into a suit case. This might take longer than most cases. Especially if what you are telling me is true.” Undyne groaned on the other end clearly stressed by this.


“I Will Do That. If You Have Any Questions You Can Find Her There.” Though Papyrus wondered if Luna would tell Undyne anything about her past. She doesn’t have a choice anymore. Her past literally knocked down her door. Papyrus tried not to think about that as a pun.


“Right. Get her out of there, please. And have Sharon lock the hallway till we get there.” Undyne muttered before clicking the phone. The sound of it hitting the receiver.


Papyrus shoved the phone into his pocket moving to shake Luna awake. She was startled awake making him grip her trying to soothe her. “Easy…” Papyrus spoke trying to soothe her. “It's Just Me.”


      Luna’s dual-toned gaze focused on him making him pull her to him. With how scared she was he didn’t want to risk her waking up to being in the living room by herself. Shifting her he pulled her onto his back holding her there in a piggy back. A small sniffle escaping her before she buried her face into the leather of his jacket. Whoever put that fear in her was going to pay.


      Looking at the bedroom Papyrus didn’t want her to see what was in there. Something red caught his attention. The scarlet scarf he had knit for her was resting on the back of the recliner. Untouched clearly. Walking over he snatched it up and handed it back to her.


“Put That Over Your Eyes. We Have To Go Into The Room And Pack A Suitcase. I Don’t Want To Leave You Out Here With The Door Being Broken.” Papyrus explained.


     The scarf slid through his gloved phalanges, turning his head he looked back at her seeing her do as he asked. It warmed his soul to think that she obeyed without question. Once the scarf was secured over her eyes he walked in the room sitting her down on the bed that was untouched by the dried spray paint. Luna directed him around the room thankfully. It took him about an hour to get a bag situated for her.


“There’s one more thing.” Luna removed the scarf from her over her eyes.


      It made Papyrus growl instinctively before seeing it rest loosely over her shoulder. Walking into the closet she grabbed something in the back of the top shelf. She pulled out a floral shoe box clutching it close to her. It's Important. I can’t ask her anything without Sans. Hopefully, he can seep comfort through the mate mark when we discuss all this.


     Luna came out of the closet looking around the room. Papyrus snatched her up before she could get a good look. Growling at her before shoving her face into his chest. “Don’t Look…”


      Gathering her and her bag he made sure to snag the Nintendo Switch from the tv and walked out of the apartment. Taking the occupant and what few belongings she needed with him. A quick gaze around the tragedy he knew his brother would not take this well. And for once Papyrus hoped his brother would be the one to Judge this human.


~ . ~ . ~ . ~


Sans short cut into his living room from the garage falling back on the couch. Papyrus should have been out with Luna for their puzzle day. Or that’s what he thought till he looked over to find his brother brooding on the other side of the couch. That’s also when Sans took in the large suitcase that was resting next to him.


“hey bro… how was puzzle day?” Sans asked trying to come off his carefree self.


       Papyrus locked eye lights with Sans making him gasp. The chill vibrating through his bones while he took in the shift in the air. The tangerine coloration of Papyrus’ magic taking over the normally white eye lights. They sparked with hints of yellow telling Sans what he needed to know.


what happened?” Sans voice deepened looking at the bag. Then to around the room, his Moon’s scent was in the house but he didn’t see her.


“I Took Luna Home Today…” Papyrus started making Sans refocus on his brother. Had she done something to upset him? “Only To Find Her Apartment In Utter Shambles.”


Sans was on his feet in a second, where was his Moon. He was walking towards the stairs till a large bone appeared in his path. It was tinted in tangerine coloration making him look back at Papyrus focusing his gaze on the younger brother. “Allow Me To Finish!” Papyrus raised his voice.


      Sans gave a territorial growl before hearing the door upstairs open. Both of them lifted their attention to find Luna walking down the stairs. Her dual toned eyes were pink, stains streaking down her cheeks still. The bone was blocking unintentionally separating them from one another. The pheromones that her body was giving off were laced in fear making him coo in response. His Moon was distressed.


Sans turned to look at Papyrus who dissipated the large bone. The second it was gone Sans grabbed Luna by her shoulders pulling her into him. The trembling he felt her body gave off had him growling like a territorial animal. Without warning, he swept her entire body into his carrying her back to the couch. Depositing her beside Papyrus. “hold her for a bit.”


Short cutting to his room he looked around it finding the thick heavy blanket he used when he was dealing with his anxiety. It was similar to his jacket a blue fleece material with cream colored plush accenting the border. Short cutting back down stairs he wrapped it around Luna. Pulling her to him and she let it out sobbing into his chest.


Looking up at Papyrus he saw a floral shoe box in his lap. It was opened showing a stack of letters, two birth certificates. Grabbing one of them he looked at the name on it noticing it just read Sonia. Attached to it was an adoption form reading a name Sonia Montgomery. Sans winced knowing that name. Joseph Montgomery was a known monster hater. Looking down at Luna he wasn’t mad at her. But he understood more than anything why she wanted to escape her past.


“sonia?” Sans called her watching her instinctively pull away from him as if he had hit her. Sans gripped her. “luna… no. it's me.”


He held up the adoption paper getting her attention to focus on it. “is this what your name was before you changed it?”


The surprise that her gaze held made him chuckle. “tori should learn to close doors when discussin’ things. your past is meetin’ ya though princess. time to come clean. time to tell us about you.” Sans leaned in kissing her forehead trying to give her some courage.


Luna curled into him again making him try to poor some comforting feelings into his babygirl through that mate mark. Looking over to Papyrus the two brothers shared a look silently promising that they would protect the sweet human that wormed her way into their lives. But first… they needed to know what they were dealing with. “tell us everything princess. this isn’ a choice anymore.”

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     Luna remained wrapped in the super soft blanket sitting in Sans’ lap. His boney hand rolling over her back lightly drawing small circles down her spine. Unlike this morning this was done purely out of soothing. The gesture was nice but she couldn’t explain to either of them how what she was going to tell them next might put her into a full blown panic attack.


     When it came down to it, it wasn’t that she didn’t want to share the details of her past. Luna couldn’t. Staring at the floral box seeing the paperwork spilled out over the table. The boys had looked over each paper finding out about her dirty past a bit more than she had wanted. It was understandable.


      Papyrus came back into the living room handing her the hot cup of tea. Making sure she took it gingerly. Luna blew onto the tea knowing the boys were waiting expectantly. Taking a sip of the tea allowing its warmth to coat her throat before she set it on the table. Situating in Sans’ lap she looked between the two of them.


“I really am not looking forward to this.” Luna admitted.


“take your time moon princess.” Sans hummed.


Paps moved closer pulling her feet into his lap gently stroking the ankles of her bared feet. That was nice, but at the same time, she felt a touch overwhelmed by all the attention. Luna glanced over at the floral box reaching out for it. Cyan magic engulfed it, lifting it up into the air bringing it towards her. It rested in her lap.


Reaching in she pulled out her birth certificate which had her adopted name on it. “Sonia Montgomery.”


~ She had been born Sonia Valmontia, a name that was old ranging back to when Monsters lived on the surface she found out but birth parents names. Sonia hadn’t bothered to look them up since she hated them. They had put her in the fate she had been subjected to. That wasn’t the best way to explain it.


From birth she had grown up in the orphanage, they dropped her last name only calling her Sonia. Sometimes they called her Little Sonia. It stuck hard till the day they walked in the door. The Montgomery’s, one of the wealthiest families that lived in the small town of Orchid. The wife had become barren after giving birth to their son Joseph. Some sort of complications or that’s what Sonia had heard from the Sisters of the Orphanage.


The Sisters were excited to have the family in their orphanage. Apparently the only child wanted a sibling to keep him company since his mommy and daddy were busy. All the other girls were swooned at the idea of having an older brother. Joseph never took a second glance at them. About ready to tell his parents till Sonia had stepped from the bathroom.


Something had drawn the boy towards her. Before she knew it he was staring down at her. The smaller female stepping back when he had approached. Sonia always had those empathic abilities when he had approached her she immediately got a bad feeling. Especially when those dark eyes became darker when they flicked over her body. No this wasn’t a boy who wanted a sibling, he wanted a toy. Something he could break.


She didn’t get a choice in the matter though since he came from wealth. It was either The Sisters handed her over legally or they would withdraw any support from the orphanage. The Sisters obliged thus Sonia was sent with them, going from Little Sonia to Sonia Mariella Montgomery.


Mommy, that’s what Mrs. Montgomery insisted that Sonia call her. Sonia didn’t want to. To which Daddy stated she should be grateful. Sonia wasn’t. She hated her new family with a passion. Daddy at least tried to make her happy. Getting her little gifts here and there. Mommy didn’t like that too much.  Always would take away the gifts.


The first incident was harmless or at least that’s how Sonia had felt about it. Joseph had invited her into his bedroom. She was six and he was sixteen. Looking over her innocent body with hunger even while she glared up at him with those dual toned eyes. Mommy had made it clear she needed to listen to her older brother. When she declined Joseph’s invitation his gaze darkened gripping her by the back of her hair and slamming her into a wall. ~


Luna looked up feeling Sans still behind her. Turning her head, she watched him out of the corner of her eye. His sockets were black no visual eye lights. Sadly she couldn’t stop, leaning back into him. Her back pressing into his chest. Tears already streaming down her face. Sans instinctively wrapped his arms around her. Focusing on Paps for the comfort.


~ Daddy had come upstairs when it had first happened wrestling the teenage boy from Sonia. Joseph proceeded to push his father off him wanting to get back to the damage he had inflicted on the small girl. Thankfully Sonia had retreated to her bedroom.


Hours later Daddy came into the room looking for Sonia. He found her hiding in the closet, scooping her up in his arms he walked over to the window sill placing her on the padded bench in front of it. His hand moving over her back, nothing in a sexual way but more for comfort. Sonia had only gotten a bruise on the side of her face… this time.


The second time Sonia had been learning how to cook with one of the maids. Pancakes! Sonia had loved pancakes and the maid thought eight years old was a good age to learn the basics. Mommy didn’t see the issue in it so she allowed it. The maid had gone to the other room to switch the laundry. Explaining what Sonia needed to do.


Joseph came into the kitchen watching Sonia stand on the step stool. Too short to reach the stove naturally. The stool was needed for her to watch whatever she was cooking. Walking up behind her while she plated the pancake. Whispering her name catching those dual toned eyes. Surprise at him being there only switching to anger when she felt what he intended to do.


He hated that glare. Had told her she would learn to respect him. Joseph punished her gripping onto the hand with the spatula. Sonia dropped it out of fear. Putting up resistance making him move him behind her. Sonia struggled when he pushed her hand closer to the hot pan. The instant her hand pressed into the hot surface she screamed out in pain.


The maid came in but a second too late before Joseph had released her hand. Stating she had put her hand in it. He had attempted to stop her, but she didn’t listen. Sonia called him out for the first time. Telling him he was a liar. Mommy showed up smacking her across the face telling her she shouldn’t insult her brother that way. That time she ended up with a first degree burn. Still lucky.


The third time, however, she hadn’t been so lucky. And it had started to break that strong will that Sonia had. Joseph had these collectible GI Joe figures that Sonia had found herself enthralled with. She had her own little Barbie dolls, but she was in an experimental phase at nine.


Tired of the frilly dresses that Mommy put her in. Daddy had indulged her allowing her to wear the shorts and t-shirts. Letting her be the tomboy that Sonia seemed to enjoy. He had even gotten her hair to be cut short so that she could go run through the forest without getting it snagged on branches. Mommy and Joseph didn’t like that.


Sonia had taken one of the GI Joe figures with her one time in the forest. All the way up to the tree house that Daddy had set up for her. It wasn’t the greatest, but Sonia loved it. Her sanctuary away from the house. She had fallen asleep from all the running and climbing. When she awoke Joseph was in her face. Pure rage on his face. What did Sonia do? Shot a glare right back at him.


That had been a mistake. Joseph grabbed her yanking her out of her sanctuary all the way back to the house. Hauling her into his bedroom where he threw her over the foot board of his bed. Sonia went to move but he grabbed her tossing her back over it. Finding the handcuffs, he had hidden under the mattress. He used them to secure her in place. Sonia didn’t cry just tried to fight the cuffs. To no avail.


Joseph came back with something that she thought should have been used in medieval times. A hickory stick but it was wrapped in barbed wire. For her disobedience, he informed her that she would get ten lashings, five per hand. The barbed wire had cut into her hand so deep that she was bleeding badly when he shoved her out of the room. Sonia still didn’t cry. But something in her had broke.


Daddy had come out of the room took one look at Sonia…. ~


“STOP!” Paps spoke up making Luna look up at him. Tangerine orange tears were streaming down his cheekbones. “Enough Luna, You Don’t Need To Say Anymore.”


The grip around her waist was tight but she could hear the electricity that pulsed through those arms. Looking back she saw Sans’ usual grin was in a firm downward line. Rage emanating in those eyes. Papyrus snagged her over to his lap cradling in his lap. It wasn’t to save her but more to comfort her.


“was there anything else he did?” Sans asked his voice was calm but there was something dark.


Luna buried her face into Paps’ shirt covered chest taking in a deep breath holding her hand out to Sans. He took it. It was her primary hand the one she used to draw. Rolling each joint he would feel the pop and pull but never come out of their fixed sockets. Sans’ sockets widened looking down at her hand.


“He got mad when one of the maids stated I had such pretty artwork. So he dislocated each finger. It hurt like hell.” Luna admitted.


“anything else?” Sans growled it out.


“Not really. Daddy always kept a close eye on me. When I turned seventeen Mommy and Daddy had gone out of town during a bad rain storm. The rain was so bad that they drove off the side of the road.” Luna mentioned.


“they got the judgment they deserved.” Sans spat out.


“SANS!” Papyrus snapped.


“no, they allowed a child to be abused by their son. did nothing about it. and your daddy sorry he didn’t do enough. comforting is one thing, but he should have had joseph and mommy tossed in jail.” Sans growled out the anger rolling from him.


“What Is Empathy?” Paps asked.


“I can sense strong emotions. It took a long time to control the ability. But I am on the receiving end of the whole thing. Like when your feeling happy it emanates from you and I feel it. It automatically makes me happy.” Luna explained.


“Wowie. Sounds Like A Fantastic Ability.” Paps explained before moving to set her back down on the couch. “I Had Better Get Some Food Going.”


Paps left the room, leaving her with Sans. That floral box was tossed across the room. His hands gripped her shoulders possessively turning her to press her into his chest. A hand trailing over her spine. Luna let the dam break sobbing into Sans’ shirt while he comforted her. He had known what she needed at that very moment. No words, just comfort.


“he can’ have you princess. i won’ let him. its clear he didn’ see you as a sister. more a little pet that he could torment. you were strong through it all. how you didn’ crack under it all i have no clue. no more though. we gonna sell that apartment and come live with us. paps won’ disagree he loves havin’ ya around. and your mine. i’d rather be back in the underground rather than allow him to get his hands on you.” Sans whispered harshly while she fell asleep.


~ . ~ . ~ . ~


Even when he felt Luna’s body go limp in his arms he didn’t let go. What she had gone through as a child was traumatic. Her adoptive mother shouldn’t have protected a monster like Joseph. Looking down at the frail human in his arms he could feel his soul breaking at the thought of hurting her. All her vigilante behavior made sense. It was an attempt to rectify what had been done to her. Her dealing out the judgement to those who mistreat monsters. Luna was a lot like him. Only she didn’t need EXP or LV to make those judgements. She relied on pure instinct.


Adjusting her carefully in his arms he cooed gently every time she whimpered. Telling them that hadn’t boasted well for her emotionally. It was bringing up all those bad memories. He knew that for a fact since he often had the same issue when it came to remembering the Genocide run with Chara. Smoothing a bony hand through her hair he looked down at her. Wanting to give her so much more than possible now.


Papyrus came back into the room looking over Luna sleeping on Sans’ lap. “We Cannot Let Him Get His Hands On Her. The Way He Left Her Apartment Was Like He Knew How He Knew How She Would React.”


Sans had no doubts about it. Given how monsters had explained Joseph Montgomery the guy was a force on its own. Callous and loved to torment. It was clear what he intended with Luna, abuse her to the point she broke. Would Joseph have Raped her?


“hmm… do we have dust’s number?” Sans asked lifting his gaze to Papyrus.


Paps looked down at Sans, his eye lights widening to nearly fill his sockets. It was an uncomfortable topic to bring up Dust. Especially given the price they would have to pay for his services. Dust didn’t do shit for free, especially since it took up a good amount of magic to go between dimensions.


Sans had the uncomfortable meet with the dark murdery version of himself when he accidentally screwed with his machine. Dumping multiple alternates in one room. Red, a darker version of himself was violent but not a killer. Axe, a cannibal who ate humans. Blueberry, a more energetic version of himself. Then there was Dust, the psychotic version of him who Sans was suddenly putting on the same level of Joseph.


“I Don’t Think We Need To Go That Far. He Hunts The Supernatural. He Won’t Go After A Human.” Papyrus breathed uncomfortably.


Sans purred when Luna rubbed her face into his chest. “i can’ judge a human like him. and you heard her. she came from money. joseph would buy his way out. it is better if we go about this in a more…” Sans rolled his eye lights off to the side trying to feign he didn’t care. “discrete manner.”


“I Don’t Like Bringing Him In. He Likes To Inflict Pain. Seeing That She Has Been Through Quite A Bit Aren’t You Worried That He Might Try To Hurt Her?” Paps asked.


Dust better fucking not touch his Moon. If he did Sans would find every way to scatter Dusty’s dust in the most filthiest place on the planet. And he had a few good places to do that. Looking up at Papyrus he showed off that grin. Papyrus sighed.


“Word Of Warning. You Invite Danger Into This Universe And He’s Likely To Drag Other Questionable Characters.” Paps warned.


He did have a good point as much as he enjoyed the idea of what Dusty could do to a guy like Joseph he didn’t want to think of him dragging other things into this dimension. Being a god damn hunter made him attract some questionable characters.


“alright, but we need to handle this joseph before he can get his hands on her. if he did that kind of stuff to her when she was a kid imagine what he could put her through as an adult.” Sans already could imagine. And they weren’t too pretty.


Getting up he gathered Luna in his arms carrying her up the stairs. Paps promising to call them both down for dinner when it was ready. Sans was thankful for Paps giving him a chance to be with Luna. He was more thankful for the fact his bro had kept an eye on her those months ago. Opening the door to his room he walked in.


Hours upon hours of work it was finally presentable for her to see. He set her down on the bed keeping a close eye on her. Her body turned grabbing hold of a nearby pillow, clutching it tightly to her body. Automatically she was seeking the comfort of being held. Stripping out of his jacket and jeans he climbed into the bed with her. Gripping her body and pulling her to him.


She muttered his name in her sleep making him smile. Focusing on her chest he worried about what he had in mind. Those cracks needed some care. No doubt the story tonight hadn’t helped with that. But most of all he wanted to give her some comfort. With a swift tug, he pulled out her soul. Making note of the discomfort she felt.


The little heart flew into his bony grip. The colors swirling together. One arms around her while he studied it. The cracks didn’t look as bad as last time. He guessed he had the date to thank for that. There were hints of his magic still seeping into them. Attempting to heal the damage. Cyan magic wasn’t as good as green. But it would get the job done.  Letting it go he looked up watching it float above his head. It didn’t bounce or flip it stayed stationary. Trying to act like it was invisible. That’s how she felt currently. Attempting to hide herself from everyone hoping they wouldn’t notice the pain she was in.  


He hadn’t seen compassion before the barrier broke. None of the monsters in the underground had carried one. Yet Luna carried a compassionate soul. Dusty might take interest in that soul trait. It made Sans growl at the thought of him hurting her. At anyone hurting her. No for now he would leave Dusty out of this equation. But it didn’t make him think any less about what Dust might do to Joseph. The thought made him smirk sinisterly.

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Sans felt the body next to him trembling to make him lift his head to look down at them. Luna was still deep in sleep, but her face was contorted into one of pain. Worry ate at him while he clung to her trying to soothe her with purrs. Moving the top of her head to his chest so she could hear them. That made her worse to the point she tried to push away. Initially pushing him from the bed.


Looking up at the blank ceiling he frowned. That was unexpected. Getting to his knees he peeked over the mattress to see her attempting to curl into a ball. Soothing her the usual way was going to be a challenge. While he wasn’t into doing someone unconscious the implications a nightmare this bad would have on her would be horrendous. They had made such great progress as a couple and he risked going back to step one by what he was considering.


Letting out a puff of air he climbed back on the bed reaching to grip her. She didn’t fight too much but she didn’t uncurl from her ball. He promised if he ever got ahold of Joseph Montgomery he was going to pay seriously. Yet he felt mildly responsible for her current condition. If he hadn’t had her tell about the past she desperately hid from everyone she wouldn’t be like this. But if he hadn’t pushed he wouldn’t know how much she truly needed him and Paps.


Luna was a lost soul afraid of letting anyone close because those who were supposed to be close to her abused her. An older brother who was supposed to protect her from those who would do her harm. Instead of becoming the one to harm her. A mother who was supposed to coddle her tell her things would be fine. Instead of being the one to tell her to sit and take it like a champ. Every notion that Luna had been wronged filled him with Justice. Justice to avenge those crimes that had been done to her.


A compassionate soul… she had compassion through her. Had seen it first hand on the train when she offered to help him out. It wasn’t out of her own need but her compassion to help monsters. Sans whimpered trying to ease her from the tight ball she was in. She needed that compassion to be given back. Needed to be shown that she was no longer going to be abused. Needed to be shown that she was loved.


Focusing on the mating mark he closed his eyes, sending comfort through the small link she carried on her. That link helped him somewhat to gauge how she was feeling. Right now, she was terrified. The memories no doubt plaguing her mind. A moment passed, she was still tightly curled up. A second moment passed, her body started to relax. Good, that was a start. A third moment passed, and she was uncurled from the fetal position lying flat on her back.


Sans puffed out a breath of relief releasing the magic he was using on her mark. The temptation to soul bond her was stronger than ever. Then he could push his emotions through the link, and it wouldn’t take as much out of him. A whine pulled him from those thoughts to see her starting to retract again. Shit… He thought. Snagging a pillow from the headboard he pressed it under her head wanting her as comfortable as possible. There was so much he wanted to do but she needed the pleasure to ease her into restfulness.


Climbing down the bed he pushed her legs open. Still wearing his shorts. Sans admitted the baggy clothing looked adorable on her. Thoughts of her in nothing but his jacket decided to plague his thoughts. For another time though. Luna needed him. He just hoped she wouldn’t be angry about this. His phalanges twitched reaching for the drawstring. Lightly tugging at it till the little bow she had it done in came loose. Easy enough…


This was nerve racking the thought of her waking up and chewing him out was a good possibility. Her hormones lingering in the air were egging him on. It was still unknown whether monsters and humans could procreate together. The thought of Luna swollen with his child had his magic swelling in his pelvis. Looking down at his own shorts seeing the straining cyan bulge he groaned. Last thing he needed… but the image was still there.


Sans had seen so many images of pregnant human females. Their abdomen stretched out rounded like soft pillows. Lifting Luna’s shirt, he took in the soft pudginess of her tummy. Lightly dragging his phalanges over the skin. His grin widening at the wonder if his magic would shimmer through? Would the child acknowledge him with a gentle kick? All possibilities… ones he found himself wanting to find out with the frail human female in his bed. Not the guest bed. HIS BED!


“fuck… your so beautiful princess…” Sans muttered to her, but it was more to himself.


A reminder of how lucky he was, of how grateful she waited for him too. It spurred him into moving to pull the shorts down her legs to reveal her clothed sex. They weren’t as extravagant as the crotchless ones but… he liked these ones none the less. They were white with a little cyan heart in the center of her crotch. Taking those off he carelessly shoved them into the pocket of his shorts. Holding in the groan that he emitted at the site of her sex. It was a sight that he would never grow tired of seeing.


The shirt would be harder to get off since getting it over her head risked waking her. After half undressing her he leaned back in his bed to admire his handiwork. The sight of her on his bed like this had those possessive urges hitting harder. It was due to her ovulating, or so he continued to tell himself. And in that same process, he kept telling himself that she needed to be pregnant with his kid.


Falling forward he moved till he got purchase of her hips. Placing feathery kisses against the inside of her thighs. Savoring the sounds of her soft chuckles. Luna had so many ticklish spots it wasn’t funny. He could spend hours with a feather just to see where she was the most sensitive. Yet another jot thought for another time. Coming close to the center of her legs his magic welled up in his mouth forming his tongue. That tongue that wanted in the essence of Luna. Parting his teeth, he glided the tongue over her soft flesh. Eliciting a lewd groggy moan from her sleeping form.


“you don’ know what you do to me, princess.” Sans mumbled bringing his mouth to her center.


Inhaling through his nasal cavity he groaned scenting her arousal. Nope, he couldn’t just go down on her. He wanted to be inside to feel the way her walls clenched around his magic. An experimental lick told him she was wet already. Lubrication forming from her ready to make babies. Just to be safe though he reached over to his nightstand digging into one of the drawers. The small tube of cinnamon-scented lube. One hand tugged down his shorts enough to spring free his erection while the other kept a firm hold of the lube.


Eyeing Luna he popped open the cap the spiciness of the cinnamon breaching his nasal passage. Hindering Luna’s natural scent for a moment. Regret that she would hate him for this came next, he could make it up to her. Maybe she would like to wake up to him taking her? Stars knew he wouldn’t mind waking up to her riding him. Wrapping his boney hand around his cock he slowly stroked himself spreading the thick warm substance over his length.


Capping the tube, he tossed it over his shoulder uncaring where it landed. Still stroking himself he leaned in guiding his shaft towards her entrance. At first, he was met with a little resistance. Forcing him to stop, she had been a virgin up until their date. Sans could still remember the feel of her tearing underneath him. The soft whimpers she made when he pressed harder into her.


He grabbed one of her legs fold it to where she laid on her hip exposing her ass to the cool air. Sans studied her to make sure she wasn’t experiencing any discomfort. Moving to lay on his own hip behind her he pressed himself against her core liking that he could watch from this position. Using the remaining substance on his fingers he spread it over her slit prepping her more for him. Didn’t want to hurt his princess after all.


Now he felt she was more than ready he took his time. Gyrating his hips to push the start of his length into her. His tip slid in making him groan at how tight she felt. Sans would never get used to how tight she was… a read up on her biology since she first told him that explained that it would take a while to loosen her up. He hoped she never would loosen honestly. He loved the way she wrapped around him, holding him snuggly. Admitting that he wanted to be inside her constantly if she kept feeling this good.


Luna groaned when he rolled his hips one more time. Shoving more of himself inside of her. Sans pushed himself up so that he was hovering over her. Cyan beads of sweat decorating the top of his skull. Looking over her body taking in the sight. She was laying down but if she were sitting upright she would be sitting sideways in his lap. His cock partially buried in her. Pressing one hand into the pillow beside her head the other hand (that hadn’t had lube on it) cupping her chin. His head lowered pressing his teeth into her mouth.


Sans thrust more into her feeling himself hilt finally. The entire length being enveloped by Luna now. Making him freeze above her, stars she felt too good. Shifting back he pulled his cock out till it was almost out before thrusting forward. Biting into the shirt that Luna was wearing to muffle his groans. Sans was lost in the ecstasy to be reminded that she was asleep though. Thrusting harder into her his hands moved down gripping her hips. Anchoring her to his body forcing his thrusts to become shallow but harder.


Luna whined beneath him and soon enough he became startled when fleshy hands pressed onto his shoulders. Lifting his head up he came face to face with a very awake Luna. “Hey there Skellie.” She moaned her voice coming out huskier than normal.


Sans froze making her whine once more. “princess…”


Luna placed her hands on his skull, giving him a smile. “Yeah? Why are you stopping?”


“y-you’re not mad?” Sans winced thinking that she might be if he pointed that out.


Luna looked off to the side seeming to think that over. Sans was ready to pull out when he felt her hips do a slow grind against him. Reminding him that he was still just bones. A soft growl coming from him as he summoned forth his ecto body. Giving her some soft padding. He didn’t want to bruise her after all. A small thrust forward had Luna moaning out. Sans placed a hand over her mouth grinning.


“paps finds out he gonna make us sleep in separate rooms princess. ya are still ovulating and frankly i don’ think i could handle not being in a room with you like this…” Sans explained to her.


Luna kissed the palm of his hand making him thrust more into her. The position made him realize how much deeper he can go.  His hand slid to the side of her face kissing her deeply thrusting harder into her. She whimpered with each thrust making Sans growled. Making him wish he was in heat; his knot would form, and he could lock inside of her. Sealing whatever seed, he placed inside. If monsters could get humans pregnant that would be a good way to find out.


Her walls fluttered against his cock making his ego flare up. He had her so close in a matter of minutes. Slowing his thrusts to an agonizing pace he felt each stroke into her hit nerves driving her wild underneath him. Through her first orgasm, he proceeded to ride her slow getting her slicker for him. The twitching sensation her body gave off after making him giddy. Her mouth was parted while she cried out his name only to be muffled by his hand once more.


Her moans were making it harder to stay in control of his thrusts. Grabbing one of the legs he adjusted her completely on her back. Wrapping her leg around his hip while he kneeled up on the bed. “okay princess… ya still with me here? i’m not quite done here. i want one more orgasm out of you before i get myself off. think ya can do that?” He hummed.


“Yes…” Her voice came out soft.


“didn’ quite catch that princess.” Sans grinned.


“Yes.” She spoke louder.


“yes what?” Sans stopped all movements making her whimper. My Spoiled Moon Princess….


“Yes, Daddy.” She spoke making him giddy again. Something in the way she called him Daddy had him getting harder.


“good girl. brace yourself now and make sure to stay quiet. Remember paps might not take too kindly to us going at it.” Sans winked at her.


Sans began thrusting into her harder thanking that he had the right mind to summon his ecto body. Otherwise, she might have bruises on her tomorrow. Keeping a firm hold of her hips he slammed into her finding a spot that had her scratching at the sheets. Her face turned just enough to press into the side of the pillow. That shirt was riding up to reveal the swell at the bottom of her breasts. She was becoming undone by him and him alone.


The sloppy sounds of her wetness mixed with his magic filling the room. Lifting his head back he parted his teeth, baring sharp fangs. Falling forward he found her mate mark and bit down making her scream into the pillow. Sweet irony taste of her blood filled his maw making him moan. It was enough to set off her second orgasm which in turn set off his. He felt his magic unload into her pussy. They road them out together. Stopping when they felt they had nothing left to give.


Sans retracted his fangs from her flesh licking the wound to clean and seal it. Luna gave off a soft weak chuckle. “Remind me to let you take advantage of me more often when I’m asleep.” Luna teased making him smile.


Sans found comfort resting his skull on her clothed breasts. “ya were havin’ a bad dream princess. i wanted to take it away.”


Luna hummed at first seeming to think it over. “Thank you… it means a lot. Was worried how telling you guys would affect me. Apparently, night terrors.”


Sans held her to him. He wasn’t knotted inside of her but he felt pretty close to it at that moment. Her talking about her dream made him stroke her sides. Post-coital conversation shouldn’t be depressing but… “ya wanna talk about it princess?”


“Not really. Its just memories being brought into my subconscious mind and I rather not talk about it. It could make it a lot worse.” Luna confessed.


Sans could relate to that notion. The genocide run often became all too real once more when he discussed it. He could still see Chara’s vermillion colored eyes and that knife. The memory sent shivers through him which Luna caught. Her hand moving up to caress his cheekbone. Looking down into those dual toned eyes he sighed happily. She was here with him. He wasn’t in the Hall of Judgement. He wasn’t facing off with a psychopath. Instead, he was in bed being held by his princess.


Cuddling up to her breasts he looked up at her and grinned. “ya liked being woken up to me fucking you?” Sans couldn’t help but ask.


Luna snorted. “Maybe.”


He took that as a yes. Retracting himself from her he could hear her groan from it. Still sensitive to things like that. “i’ll be right back okay.” Luna nodded her head making him grin before he adjusted his pants back up.


Walking out into the hallway he went down to the bathroom to retrieve a washcloth. He turned on the hot water waiting for it to heat up. Not knowing that the younger brother was right behind him.


“Could You Be Anymore Ignorant?” Paps spoke startling Sans.


“don’ know what you're talkin’ about.” Sans retorted.


“Oh Really?” Paps walked into the bathroom while Sans shoved the cloth under the water. “One She Is Ovulating. It Is Still Unclear Whether Or Not Monsters And Humans Are Compatible In Reproduction. And Two She Just Got Done Telling Us About Something Traumatic. And You Jump Her The Chance You Get.”


Sans expected this conversation but not from Paps. “she was havin’ a bad dream. tried to cuddle her but she ended up throwing me out of bed. she curled into a tight little ball which didn’ have me feelin’ much better. so i did what i thought was a good idea.”


Sans had a feeling that when she came down from her endorphin produced high that she might be sobbing. He would be there cuddling her caressing her and holding her close. She had stated at dinner she wanted to try to go to work. The brothers weren’t happy about it but they weren’t going to stop her.


“I Will Talk To Sharon Tomorrow About The Apartment. Since I Don’t Feel Comfortable With Luna Living There Anymore.” Paps stated thankfully switching the topics.


“i don’ wanna think if she had been there paps. she could have been taken or worse…” He had seen some tv series about humans killing other humans. Would Joseph had killed her if his obsession was that bad?


“I Know What You Mean Brother. Since She Entered Our Lives Thanks To Your Drunken Endeavors She Has Been Almost Like A Gift Bestowed Upon Us Since Frisk Has Moved On With Her Ambassador Duties.” Paps smiled.


Sans admitted that something good had come out of getting drunk at Grillby’s he met a cute waitress that was above and beyond what he had ever expected in a mate. “i know bro. i need to get back to her. let me clean her up and dress her then ya can come in if ya would like.”


He didn’t want to exclude his brother from spending time with Luna. Yesterday was supposed to be them spending time with one another but it had been interrupted. Papyrus nodded. “I Would Like That.”


Sans nodded walking back down the hallway and into the bedroom. Luna had the blankets pulled back over her body with her face pressed into his pillow. The door made a whine when he walked into the room making her lift her head up till just her eyes were visible. Such a goof. Walking up to the bed he climbed up and pulled on the blankets.


“No, it's warm.” Luna whined going into the blanket roll she had herself in.


“i bet it is but ya need to be cleaned up. especially when sleepin’ in my bed missy.” With a sharper tug, he managed to unwrap her from the blanket roll.


Looking over her naked lower half Sans found himself rather proud. He rolled her onto her back climbing up spreading her thighs. This was the first time he would be giving her aftercare. Running the warm cloth she jerked slightly making him look up at her. No pain, just… relaxed. “i’ll be gentle.”


“Ya really rode me good this time didn’t you?” Luna chuckled while he proceeded to clean her. Noticing the blue seed seeping from her sex. The temptation to take her again rising in him.


Soulmates had amazing sex once they found each other. Of course, he had heard so from monsters who were mated to monsters. Luna was human, but the last two times they actually had sex he found himself enjoying it. The way she wrapped herself around him. It didn’t feel like sex. Luna made him feel like it was lovemaking.


“paps is worried ya might get pregnant.” Sans admitted after a moment lifting his eye lights to see her face.


Luna didn’t appear offended by that. But he wasn’t sure what he was seeing. It looked like… curiosity. His hands moved up to stroke the side of her clothed belly loving that she wiggled at his touch. “i admit the thought of a child belonging to me and you growing in your womb is quite exciting.” He didn’t expect her to respond. He was just voicing his feelings.


Without warning, Luna sat up and grabbed the back of his skull pulling him into her chest. Sans rolled out a purr at the surprising affection she was giving him. He truly adored this woman and she had no clue the lengths he was going to be with her. It hurt not to soul bond with her right then and there. Because stars he wanted to so bad. His Moon Princess, she would be all his.


“I would gladly carry our child if I were to get pregnant.” Luna responded making Sans choke on a purr.


Sockets wide he pulled out of her embrace looking up at her face. Her cheeks were flushed a rather vibrant pink coloration while one of her hands that had left the back of his skull found a lock of her hair to toy with. Sans pounced pushing her back on the bed making her laugh. He wanted to ensure she got pregnant with his baby… stars she was perfect… their child would be perfect. He had baby names picked out in his head… if it were a boy he would….


The door swung open admitting in a tall lanky skeleton wearing black pajama pants and a shirt that read ‘The Great Spaghetor.’ Sans groaned knowing that Papyrus just ruined his entire night long baby-making session. Luna was still uncovered from the waist down so he pulled the blanket over himself and snuggled into her clothed breasts.


~ . ~ . ~ . ~


Luna looked at the rather large Sans shaped lump that was in the blankets while they smoothed over her body. Sans had just admitted he wanted to have a baby with her. It made her feel all kinds of giddy. Looking up at Papyrus who was scowling down at the lump like it had insulted his mother or something. Or Sans had insulted his Junior Jumble word searches more like. It made Luna chuckle. These two were something else.


“Feeling Alright? Or Do I Need To Escort A Certain Brother Of Mine Out Of The Room? So That You Might Get Some Proper Sleep.” Pappy offered making Sans cling tighter into her.


“No, he is fine Pappy. Honestly, he made me feel a lot better than if I were to ride out the night terror.” Luna admitted not wanting to think about how the nightmare might have affected her.


Luna was used to them coming every once in a while. Terrifying her out of sleep only to spend hours crying while curled into a ball. They were always the same. Her being back at the family estate to relive the torment Joseph put her through. She wasn’t sure how she would react now since she had Sans in her life. But she was thankful he had chosen a way to distract her from the dream.


Waking up to him fucking her had been well… an experience. Certainly, he felt good but he had done it from such a different angle she felt so full of him. Then he had formed his ecto body over her making her feel warmth like no tomorrow. Sans had offered to stop if she didn’t want to continue. She hadn’t even when they came together she had wanted him to continue.


“Alright. I Want To Ensure You Get Some Rest Since You Have Work Tomorrow. I Set Up Some Time For Tops And BP To Come And Pack Your Things up. We Will Hopefully Have Them Here By The End Of The Week.” Pappy explained making the reality set in.


Her apartment had been ransacked by who she assumed was her older stepbrother. Upon finding it she nearly had one of her panic attacks. It had been a while… no, she had one the night Sans had brought her to his and Paps home. That hadn’t been because of her past, that was something totally different. Something she still needed to explore at some point.


“I appreciate that. You guys have done so much for me. I don’t know if I will be able to ever pay you two back.” Luna admitted.


The Sans lump mumbled something that she was sure a rather lewd response to her comment. One which Pappy glared at. “Ignore My Brother About That… He Is Being… Eh…” Pappy looked over at the lump. “Your Ovulation Has Him In A Weird Mood.”


“How are you unaffected by me ovulating?” Luna asked curiously.


The blanket shifted to show a pair of white eye lights staring out of the blanket at her. Seemed she wasn’t the only one curious about this question. “I Am A-Sexual. I Got A Bit Cuddlier Than Normal. Constantly Pulling You Into My Lap And Holding You During Our Games. But With Sans’ Presence Claiming You As His Mate I Am Actually Handling It This Time A Lot Better.”


“Oh…” Luna responded recalling the few times that Pappy had come over only to yank her into his lap. Warding of BP or Tops whenever they seemed to get near her. The behavior made her look up at him. “Pappy you tended to come over a bit more when I went through this. Were you asserting dominance to BP and Tops?”


Luna watched the taller skeleton go ramrod straight, a tangerine orange dusting his cheekbones. Whether he verbalized the answer or not she had a feeling he was asserting dominance. In a way protecting her from any ‘suitors’ who would attempt to take her away from his brother.


“I Believe I Should Let You Both Get Some Rest. I Will See You In The Morning.” He commented walking out the door at a hurried pace.


“Oh, he totally was asserting dominance.” Luna chuckled when the door was closed. Not noticing the Sans lump was wiggling itself lower. “Sans what are you…..eep.”


Luna let out a squeak when her legs were shoved open further. A hot tongue rolling across her slit making her moan bringing the pillow over her face. She mumbled something into the plush incoherently while Sans chuckled. “now let's go for round two of baby making.” Sans snickered from under the blankets. Luna prayed Grillby’s would be slow tomorrow.


Chapter Text

Luna looked at the time knowing that Papyrus should have been here by now. Chewing on her bottom lip she knew that the boys insisted that she shouldn’t be walking by herself for a while. But Luna wanted to get home… The train station wasn’t too far. Rubbing the back of her neck she groaned starting to wrestle with her decision.


Her phone went of signaling the sound from Zelda that played when one opened a chest. Seemed like the perfect tone for Papyrus. Slipping her phone out from her pocket she looked at the message and pouted.


CoolSkeleton95: Apologies Miss Luna, I Am Running Later Than Normal.


Luna didn’t want to wait. Her feet were killing her enough. Biting her bottom lip, she made a decision. It had been a few weeks since fully moving into the skeleton brother’s home. There hadn’t been so much of a peep about Joseph. But… she had another issue. Her period never came.


She hadn’t told them yet, since she wasn’t sure if stress was putting off her period or not. Honestly, she didn’t want to get Sans all worked up for no reason. Plus… her neck was hurting quite a bit from him sinking his teeth into her constantly.


LunaBee: I am going to take the train home. I am really tired and just want to get home Pappy.


Shoving her phone back into her pocket she sighed. Sans was on his monster job this week so till Pappy got home it would be just her. Pulling on her jacket, the ping of her phone going off more than likely it was Pappy telling her to stay put. She was tired, today had been brutal on her feet. Grillby came out of the back a paper bag in hand.


“Is Papyrus here already?” Grillby asked his voice a lot gentler than normal.


“No, told him I’d take the train home.” She adjusted her gloves being mindful of the bracelet Sans had given her.


“You should wait for him. Those boys have been very worried for your safety.” Grillby tried to encourage her to stay. It was expected she knew that him and Sans were good friends.


“I’ve done this trip so many times on my own Grillby. What’s one night? Plus, it would do me some good not to get coddled so much. I am what… twenty-five years old now? Don’t exactly need a babysitter.” Luna admitted.


Grillby sighed walking over to her holding out the bag. Luna was grateful that he was constantly taking care of her. Taking the bag, she froze noticing the fire elemental wasn’t letting go of it anytime soon. He pulled her to him, she was embraced into a warm hug. It stunned Luna since she knew that he didn’t show affection often.


“Just….” Grillby paused like he was calculating his words. “Be careful.”


Luna nodded her head in understanding taking the bag. She could be careful. BP and Tops didn’t teach her how to defend herself for no reason. Pulling her earbuds from her pocket she plugged them in her ears and headed out of the bar. Walking down the road she started her playlist wanting to enjoy the music.


About a half hour away from Grillby’s Luna felt maybe staying at the bar. The hairs on the back of her neck were standing on edge. Looking over her shoulder she tried to get a grasp what had her feeling off-put. Something came out of one of the alleyways uncurling fingers that made her notice sharpened claws. They walked towards her. Normally Luna would fight but those claws made her go into flight mode.


The paper bag in her hand she chucked it at the shadow. The minute it was air born she took off down another alleyway her ear buds flying from her ears. Not having the time to shove them in her pocket since she could hear whoever it was running after her. Tears stinging her ears she made a quick turn around a corner only finding a dead end. Panic surged through her looking up the brick wall.


Toriel’s words meeting with Sans over the warnings of the dangers. Pulling out her phone she tried to call Papyrus when the world went black, a harsh tug at her chest rendering. It made her drop her phone to the ground the sound of the screen cracking under the weight she had displaced on the ground. A sob erupting from her when the sharp tug came once more. A heart attack! She was having a damn heart attack.


“Fight me Bitch!” The voice sounded gargled with frustration.


“Leave me alone…” Luna begged.


“You humans need to learn your place. I am going to show you your place.” The gargled voice warped into a snarl.


Luna pressed her hand over her chest trying to rub where it was hurting. There was so much pain. She couldn’t see anything. Tops’ words then popped into her mind.


“We call them encounters. The world around us will turn black. For Humans, their souls are ripped from their bodies. A menu appearing before them.” Tops explained.


“How do I get out of an encounter?” Luna had asked.


“There are usually four buttons that are present when your soul is ripped from you pipsqueak.” BP stepped in holding his cigarette in his mouth. Those green feline eyes watching her. “Fight, Act, Item, and Mercy.”


“Fight and Act are the ones you will use. Check Mercy every once in a while. If the monsters name appears yellow, then they are sparing you. But if they are white you must continue.” Tops went on.


“Sound brutal.” Luna remarked.


“It is but this was how we settled disputes in the underground. Its strictly turn base. If you are pulled into an encounter, then you will have the first shot. Use it wisely. If the monster doesn’t spare you then it is a fight to the death.” Tops finished.


Luna had a feeling that this monster wasn’t about to spare her. This would be a fight to the death. A reminder popping into her mind recalling that there were bad monsters out there. Ones that didn’t care to co-exist with humans. The monster stepped in he appeared black and white to her. She took in the site of it. It was a Gremmie. A bit taller than the one that had served her back at the steak house.


“Fight me…” He growled a black substance seeping from his mouth.


Another sharp tug pulled her soul out eliciting a sharp cry from her. She had been fighting him over the encounter. Looking up she saw her soul hovering above her head. The Gremmie coo’d at the sight of it. “Damn you’re a special one. Looking forward to shattering the thing into tiny bits.” He chuckled darkly.


Luna got to her feet looking out at the monster.


Act, Talk.


“Please, you don’t have to do this.” Luna begged him.


The monster chose to attack, Luna watched helplessly as he flung his claws towards her soul. She ran in front of it blocking the action when she turned her back towards him. The sharp feeling hitting her making cry out. Something out of the corner of her eye pulse a cyan blue on her wrist.


She didn’t have a chance to examine it standing in front of her soul trying to guard it. No one was going to save her from this. Minus one Hope. She was going to die in an alleyway. Minus one Hope. She wasn’t going to get the opportunity to kiss her boyfriend again. Minus five Hope. Tears streamed down her face.


Act, Beg.


“Please Spare me. I don’t want to die I have…” So many people I care for in my life. “People I care about.”


The monster growled at her. “You think we didn’t have people we cared about. Some of the monsters never made it into that barrier the mages set up. So, what did you humans do…” He sliced at her back she could feel the fabric of her jacket being ripped open. “Hunted them down like animals. Dusting them to ensure that no one knew of their existence.” Another sharp slice ripping at her shirt.


Act, Talk.


“Not all humans are like that though. You have humans who sympathize towards Monsters. We seek to aide you through all your turmoil’s.” Luna tried to reason with him. Hoping that she would get through to him somehow.


“Aide us? Really fucking funny considering. You humans have no wish to aide us. You wish to conquer us. Then what?! How long till you throw us back underground! Lock us away for good.” A slice came in contact with her skin making her fall weakly to the ground. Holding onto her soul. Unaware that her hope was leaking out slowly.


The cyan pulse was coming in more quickly nearly solid. Looking over the menu she sought something to aide her. Luna didn’t want to fight a monster knowing what that could do to them. Luna never wanted to kill a monster. The sight of their dust might break her. Monsters had been nothing but good to her. Grillby welcoming her to work at his bar… Plus one hope. Tops and BP taking her in when she wasn’t sure where she would go. Plus one hope. Papyrus keeping her company while she patiently waited for Sans to find her again. Plus one hope. Sans…


Another slice making her drop to the ground. The monster growled a triumphant sound. He walked up to her taking hold of her soul in those sharpened fingers. “Oh no… can’t let you get your hope up now. No one is going to save you human. Just like no one saved my mother when she couldn’t make it to the barrier. I watched her get killed just as it closed. Her dust seeping through the crack.”


A sharp claw digging into her soul making her cry in pain. Her body threatening to curl into a ball. So much pain was coursing through her. Looking up he seemed to be examining her soul. “Oh look… it isn’t just one human I get to kill but two.” Her soul was shoved in her face showing her a little white heart in the center of it.


A baby! She was pregnant. Sans had managed to get her pregnant. She was filled with DETERMINATION when she pulled her hand back and swung. Nailing the monster square in the face. Luna took hold of her soul, the option Fight being automatically selected. Coddling her soul she looked at the little heart and whimpered.


“Big mistake girly. Now you’re dead!” He growled unaware that the pulsating charm on her bracelet was now solid and another presence came into the encounter.


don’ touch her!” A deep baritone voice bellowed into the alley way echoing off the walls.


“Sans…” Luna sniffled happily.


The skeleton walked in front of her directly shielding her from the other monster. His hood was pulled up over his head making it hard for Luna to see his face. She had a feeling that his eye lights were black. Not that she wasn’t grateful but why was he here? He was supposed to be at his monster job. Then again, she could hear him arguing she was supposed to be with Papyrus. Which clearly she wasn’t.


“Judge…” The Gremmie’s voice quaked in fear.


Judge? Luna lifted her gaze to take in what Sans was wearing. And she instantly felt fear sink into her heart. He wasn’t dressed in his shorts or blue hoodie. He wore black slacks that she could see dust coating. The jacket he wore was made up of leather not giving off the initial softness that the skeleton naturally had. She was staring at a very different of her punny skeleton.


“luna…” His voice came out softer at the mention of her name. It was rare that he used her name. Always calling her babygirl or princess. But the mention of her name meant he was being serious.


“Yes?” Luna spoke weakly making sure to listen to whatever he said next.


“select spare and flee. if he attempts to pursue then he will wish he hadn’.” Sans explained further.


Luna looked over the menu doing just like he had asked her soul flew back into her chest. Nearly knocking her back. Color seeped into the world once more making it easier to see the green coloration of the Gremmie’s skin. He had a white mohawk on the top of his head. Reminding her too much of Stripe from the original gremlin movies.


“so, jamie…” Sans spoke his hands being shoved carefully into the pockets of his jacket. “you been fleeing me for quite some time. have to thank my girl here for finally giving me the opportunity to hone in on you.”


The gremmie froze at his words his attention focusing on her. Luna turned her head in fear at him looking at her. Sans immediately stepped in front of her. Effectively blocking her from his sight. Luna wanted to rest her head on Sans’ leg just to rest. The sound of foot steps came from behind them. Fear ate at her when a tall figure emerged from the shadows. Her hands moved clutching at Sans’ leg trying to alert him.


“easy babygirl… its just papyrus. took him a bit longer to catch up since that charm gave me a good sense of how to find ya.” Sans explained still not turning to look at her.


“Miss Luna. You’re Bleeding.” Pappy’s voice came from behind her making her sob. He got closer and she lunged for him gripping onto him.


Papyrus didn’t waste any time hoisting her off of the ground holding her close. “Pappy I’m sorry I should have waited… I just wanted to…”


He ran his hand over her back making her whimper. She missed the way that Sans’ body tensed at the sound. The hand retracted from her back she could feel Papyrus growl in response. “You Hurt Her. You Could Have Killed Her.”


The words spilled out before she could realize what would happen from her saying them. “He was trying to. He blames humans for the death of his mother before the barrier was sealed.” Her body was trembling in Papyrus’ arms.


“paps… get her home please. and heal her. i will be there as soon as i have a little chat with jamie here.” Sans’ voice sounded colder than normal. Luna turned her head against Papyrus’ shoulder to see Sans retract his hands from his jacket.


“Of Course Brother. Come Luna, We Must Be Off, I Picked Up Some Cinna Bunnies For You To Eat On The Way There.” Papyrus explained walking from the alley cradling her to him.


~ . ~ . ~ . ~


Rage overwhelmed Sans while he stared down the Gremmie. A second later and the bastard would have killed his mate. The sounds of foot steps retreating from the alley way made him relax some, but he still wanted this fucker’s dust. Things would be shaky he had a feeling for him and Luna. She knew the one thing he was trying to keep hidden from her. That he was the Judge. The one who hunted down those monsters that brought harm to humans.


Jamie was no different. He had killed at least three humans that Sans had known about. Managing to escape before he got there. Sans had to help Toriel deal with clean up. Dealing with the hush money for the witnesses to say that there was a human killer out there. The way the Jamie killed gave Nightmare on Elm Street a run for its money. His sharp claws practically carving up his victims like one would carve a Thanksgiving turkey.


Sans knew what he would do when he came around that corner. The sight of Luna hunched over trying to hide her soul from Jamie. A soul that was slowly leaking out Hope faster than she could retrieve it. He had seen her stats she was scared. Hoping she could see him again. Sans was grateful for that little charm he had placed on her bracelet. It linked directly to his soul and magic. Working like a homing beacon. The second she felt the pain that a monster had attacked her it responded. Sending out a signal to him.


“so…. got a question for you jamie?” Sans took a casual step forward retrieving his gloves out from his pockets. Taking the time to slip them over his boney hands. Knowing that things were about to get messy.


Sans wanted to pulverize this fucker. He put his mitts on his Moon. Hurt her to the point she was bleeding and sobbing into his brother’s shoulder. Papyrus wanted to beat on The Gremmie, but this was Sans’ kill. It was his mate that he dared to touch. With the final touches added to his attire, he stood firmly his left socket pulsating a violet coloration. It made judging them much easier.


are you ready for a bad time?” Sans asked his voice deepening when the blaster appeared beside him. A dragon-shaped skull with sharp pointed teeth, its eye lights radiating shades of violet and yellow. “you hurt my mate. i cannot simply forgive something like that. and don’t tell me you didn’t know she was mine. my magic is all over her along with my scent.”


Of course, if the Gremmie had been into the kill there would be no doubt he might miss things like that. Sans was willing to bet a weeks’ worth of Ketchup that this guy didn’t care if she was claimed by a monster. The kill was more important. It sent made Sans’ magic boil. The blaster sent its attack in the Gremmie’s direction. Mild at first, didn’t want to kill him right away.


“answer me, bucko.” Sans ground out but tried to keep his tone neutral. He wanted to hear why he picked Luna.


Because she was easy. Weak enough. Wouldn’t pick a fight with a monster because she was compassionate towards them. She wouldn’t want to hurt them because she was grateful towards monsters for everything she had been given. Didn’t give the Gremmie the right to go after her. Sans was mad she didn’t wait for Papyrus, but he could see she was worn out.


“How could you take a human for a mate! Especially after what they made us endure!” Jamie growled out at Sans.


“don’ think that is any of you’re business… but…” Sans shrugged. “ya are gonna die anyways. i guess i could tell ya. she’s my soulmate. ya know the one made perfectly for me.”


Jamie’s face contorted to something that resembled disgust. “You would take a human as a mate just because of that? Pretty sick for you Judge. I mean most monsters won’t touch the one who kills them because they cross a line.” Jamie giggled weakly from the gaster blast.


It was a low blow that Jamie dealt there. Trying to hit Sans where it hurt the most. Before it would have worked but now… He had Luna. The warmth of her compassion filling his soul, encompassing him in so much love that he didn’t believe he was worthy of it all.


“Should tell ya then Judge. Your mate’s cheating on you. Guess in her own way she can’t stand the idea of a monster touching her.” The Gremmie proceeded to cackle.


“explain how you would know that?” Sans knew Luna wasn’t cheating on him. She had been a virgin before their first date. And even while he was out doing his Judge duties she was at home with Papyrus.


“Had a good look at her soul.” The Gremmie chortled. “She has an extra soul inside of her. The bitch is pregnant.”


Sans felt his breath hitch at the mention of her being pregnant. “was the heart upside down?”


“Couldn’t tell ya. Bitch sucker punched me when I pointed it out. Seemed a bit surprised at the news herself.” Jamie stated making Sans smile proudly. His mate had reacted in a way most didn’t think she would.


“welp, that proves that monsters and humans are compatible. been startin’ to wonder since she hasn’ asked paps to go get those stick things humans use when they have their menstruation cycle.” Sans hummed happily now. He had managed to get her pregnant. There was a child growing inside of her.


“Wha- what?! You’re kidding. No! I refuse to believe it!” Jamie growled out running towards Sans. The proud feeling melting away into a rage. Jamie had known his mate was pregnant, yet he would have continued to try and kill her.


Summoning a patch of jagged and broken bones in front of him. Watching as Jamie attempted to halt his movements and fail. Falling into the jagged bone pile. His body being speared multiple times. Unsummoning them Sans took a step forward grabbing Jamie by the back of the neck forcing him back into the wall. The magic draining cuffs pulled from Sans’ jacket, he quickly slapped them on Jamie’s wrists harshly. They wouldn’t be needed for long, but Sans didn’t want to risk an attack. He had a child and a mate to live for after all.


“i love my human. she ain’ like the ones who imprisoned us many years ago. in fact, she has the most compassionate soul i have ever seen before. and she is mine. you attempted to take her life and the life of my unborn child.” Sans lifted his hand back summoning a sharp bone in his hand. “your judgment is death!


Sans stabbed, and he didn’t stop even when the monster dusted against the wall. The blasters being unsummoned since the judgment was sentenced. The clothing Jamie wore dropping along with the magic draining cuffs. The dust slipping down the wall similar to a waterfall. Sans found himself relishing in the sight of the monster’s white broken soul floating in front of him. Raising the dagger-like bone he was about to stab at it when the soul had a mauve glow around it. Plucking it from in front of him. Leaving Sans to stare at the wall in confusion.


“and they say i’m the cruel one.” A familiar baritone voice came from behind him.


Sans whirled only to find the skeleton lounging about on top of a dumpster that had its lid closed. The white soul in his grip still till it shattered fading from existence. Now Sans had more of a reason on edge. The murderer jumping down from his perch. The deep blue jacket with grey hood pulled up over his head hiding his features from the world along with the black scarf that he had over his permanent grin. Black jeans hanging loosely by his pelvic bone, but the baggy shirt did best to hide his bones. They didn’t hide the dried blood stains from whatever poor sap he had killed. But those eyes… the swirls of red and blue vibrating through them hinting at the madness he experienced.


“what are ya doin’ here dusty.” Sans spoke a bit on edge.


Dusty shrugged moving his shoulders up and down lightly shoving his gloved hands into his jacket. “guess you could say i’m your con-sans.” Dusty chuckled darkly.


“very funny. but what are you really doing here?” Sans asked one more time not too thrilled to have him in this dimension.


A week ago Sans had considered calling Dusty to get rid of Joseph for him. But Papyrus had talked him out of it. The monster’s high LV made it possible for him to go through the various dimensions doing what he considered ‘good deeds.’


“wolf monster in atlanta needs some removal.” Dusty stated carelessly. His term removal meaning he got to kill the thing. Those eyes fixated on Sans though his grin widening up to his eyes. “what were you about to do though?”


“being a judge.” Sans remarked.


Dusty hummed walking closer, Sans stood his ground still holding the dagger-like bone. On a normal day, Sans knew better than to mess with Dusty but this wasn’t a normal day. Sans had nearly lost his mate due to a monster who couldn’t let the past be the past.


“there’s a point that being the judge crosses a line. don’ care how much preservation magic you use. the soul needs to dissipate naturally to be with its family again. whether we believe they deserve that or not. what you nearly did was destroy that soul. what would the consequences have been then hmm?” Dusty taunted at him.


Sans didn’t speak knowing all too well what he was getting at. So Dusty continued. “you’re going to be a father. would you be able to hold your offspring knowing you destroyed a monster’s soul? without feeling the twinge of your sins crawling up your back?”


Sans paled at that thought. But at the same time, he eyed Dusty. “ya never cared before if one of us crossed that line?”


“i do now classic. my reasons behind that are strictly mine. try not to become me.” Dusty hummed before voiding off to who knows where.


Leaving Sans to think about what he had nearly done. Regret would have been evident. And Luna? Would she have been able to look at him the same knowing that he had destroyed a monster’s soul? Luna… he wanted to head home to make sure she was okay. Looking down at his judge attire he huffed, he needed to change. She needed soft Sans, not Judge Sans. Sans short cut to Toriel’s wanting to get back home as quickly as possible.

Chapter Text

Luna sat on the couch in the living room. Well not on the couch more of in Papyrus’ lap. Tears rolling down her face from how close of a call she had just endured. Papyrus had his bare boney hands over her back trying to heal the injuries The Gremmie had given her. They didn’t hurt anymore, not like the way she felt in the pit of her gut.


Papyrus, Sans, and Toriel had all warned her about the impending dangers that were out in the world. She had blissfully ignored them. Tonight could have turned out much worse for her if not been for Sans and his little birthday gift to her. Looking down at the silvery skull charm, the cyan glow was a steady dim light now. Luna would never take the thing off except for when she showered.


“It's Alright Luna. You Are Safe Now.” Pappy tried to comfort her. But she wasn’t having any of it. She hated herself. Unaware that the self-hatred she was producing had more hope leaking from her soul. “You Must Calm Yourself. No One Will Hurt You Now.”


She wanted to calm really she did. But every time she seemed to close her eyes the blackness of the world came over her. The Gremmie stood before her claws extended something dripping from those claws down to the ground. Calm wasn’t happening any time soon.


Pappy soothed a hand over her now healed back. Luna appreciated that he was trying. Turning her body into him she felt his arms envelope her. Pulling Luna into a tight hug.


“Sans is a…” Luna started off by saying.


“The Judge.” Pappy corrected her.


That made sense. It was a job Pappy couldn’t talk about with her due to how shadow like Sans had to be. The secrecy made it easier for him to encroach on unsuspecting monsters. It gave him the perfect opportunity to find out how they felt about humans. Luna had a feeling that Sans hid it from her for a reason.


“He Doesn’t Like That He Has To Do It. But He Does It.” Pappy explained.


“I understand. I am going to go get a shower I think Pappy. I feel grimy. Sorry for worrying you tonight.” Luna admitted feeling guilty for what she had put the skelebros through.


Climbing from Pappy’s lap she made her way across the living room. Before her foot could press onto the stair she felt her body freeze in place. Fear inched its way up her spine not used to what ever was going on. Looking around the area she tried to will her foot to continue up the stairs. To no avail. “Pappy!” She cried out in fear.


The sound of the table being knocked over could be heard and the footsteps were heard. But arms wrapped around her waist snuggly. The owner of those arms’ head resting on her shoulder. The feeling of being frozen was lifted from her. Allowing her to drop her arms to the side. What was going on in her crazy life? She wanted to cry but there was an odd calming sensation that pulsed through her. Keeping her from having a full-blown panic attack.


“shhh.. shhh.. shhh..” That deep baritone voice tried to hush her. “didn’ mean to do that princess. preservation magic is rolliin’ through me strongly.”


He spoke softly almost like he had scared himself more than he had scared her. Those arms pulling her back into his boney chest. Luna had been scared but the soothing calmness he was pushing over her had her a lot more at ease than she realized. Turning her head to look over her shoulder at him she could see his head was lowered, so she couldn’t see his face at all. Sans was trembling against her.


“Can I…” She started off feeling him jerk at the groggy crack in her voice. “Can I go get a shower?”


Sans lifted his head white eye lights focusing on her. Taking at that moment to process what she had said. His normal smile was formed in a deep firm line. “how about a bath princess hmm?”


“That works too.” Luna admitted a bath would be a lot better for her. Her muscles hurt badly after the running she had done.


Sans wasted no time picking her up bridal style giving her the brief opportunity to nestle her head into his chest. He smelled strongly of soap as well as cinnamon butterscotch. Odd combination in her mind but it was pleasant. Looking over at Pappy he could see him watching her and Sans. He gave a small smile of comfort. The look of worry was there. He shouldn’t worry so much.


He carried her into the bathroom. Setting her down delicately on the closed toilet. Honestly, the only reason they had a toilet was for her and whenever they had guests. The kind that had biological needs. Luna began to undress figuring he would tend to the water temperature. She wanted to argue that she was capable of bathing herself. But… she had a feeling Sans needed this.


Pappy had cooed and coddled her for the last four hours. It was burning well into past the midnight oil. Sans had more Judge work to do she was sure of it. Him fussing over her wasn’t going to help ease the worry that was currently eating at her. One look at his face though and she knew that this was something he needed. So, Luna kept quiet not wanting to upset him.


Water temperature checked plug dropped, and bubbles added Luna wasn’t sure what kind of bath she was getting. Till he started to pull off his own clothes. She silently hoped he wasn’t in the mood to do more than cuddle. Sex was amazing but right now she wanted a bath, so she could get to bed.


“don’ worry princess. i am just going to join ya. pretty late and ya look tired. just want to coddle ya for a bit before we hit the sack.” Sans expressed.


The bath was nice! The hot water making her skin feel a smidge of pain but beyond that she loved it. Sans was resting behind her while he took the opportunity to wash her. Even now he was combing her coconut oil conditioner through her hair. The tips lightly scraping her scalp making her relax more. He had taken his time washing her body, making sure not to linger over her more sexual areas. Apparently, he had meant what he had said just wanted to coddle her.


The bath was drained, and she was standing in the guest bedroom wrapped in a large fluffy towel. Sans was going through her dresser to find her some sleep clothes. He only had a towel wrapped around his waist. Luna took the opportunity to look over him since this was the first time he had actually stripped out of his clothes in front of her. His ivory bones glistened from the bath. His ribs were a lot thicker than the human skeleton she had seen in high school. Always referring to him as Randy. Luna definitely felt attracted more to Sans than she had been to Randy.


Something about a skeleton just seemed to strike her as attractive. There was something glowing between his ribs bringing out her curiosity. Clenching on the towel around her body she walked forward leaning forward to study the glowing thing coming from him. It looked like a heart, but it was upside down and a cyan coloration. Without warning, Sans turned making her jump back. She took a few mis steps landing on the ground making her wince.


Sans gasped moving quicker than she could imagine. “are ya hurt?” He was looking her over trying to judge if she was in pain.


Luna couldn’t help but laugh. Her body shaking under the towel. Luna wished it had stopped there. Her vision became blurred a stream of wetness trailing down her cheeks. Her smile dying instantly before she began to sob again. Sans ditched her clothes grabbing her pulling her into him. Arms cradling her tightly. She hated this, acting like a big baby. Sans slowly started to rock back and forth making a soft cooing sound.


“I shouldn’t be like this. I survived much worse than this and yet here I am balling over a monster who didn’t even kill me.” Luna whimpered into his shoulder.


Sans sighed, for a moment the room faded into darkness. When it lit back up she found herself not even in the same room. They were in Sans’ room now. He adjusted himself to where she was no longer against him. His hands moved up to her cheeks holding her so that she could look in his face directly.


“you are a survivor. don’ mean things don’ still scare ya, princess. i was glad i found ya. when i felt your fear i was terrified. couldn’ find ya right away.” Sans’ eyes were flicking from side to side seeming to study her face. Perhaps trying to gage her emotions while he spoke. “i coulda lost ya if i had been a second late.”


Tears continued to stream down her face. Sans used his phalanges to push they away his smile not on his face currently. “ya have no idea what ya mean to me, princess. i know we haven’ known each other for long but ya mean so much more than i let on. and the only reason i don’ say it is cause ‘mafraid ya will take off runnin’ in the opposite direction.”


Luna could feel her heart pulsing heavily in her chest. That was her heart, right? Or was it her soul? She never could be sure since they were both located in the same place. Still watching his eyes, she could see them flickering almost like they were glittering with tears like in those anime shows.


“you’re my moon princess. and i mean that in a literal sense. your soul when it came into existence is perfectly compatible with mine. in every way. from that quirky personality, your admiration for the stars, the fact ya drink ketchup with me…” Sans chuckled little glowing cyan puddles forming in the corners of his eye sockets. “i coulda lost all that tonight. paps coulda lost ya too. it would have crushed us both.”


The seriousness of Sans’ words dawned on her seeming to make the tears halt in place. Unable to say anything she watched him. Was he saying they had been compatible since the day they both came into existence?


“this bonehead got so lucky when ya dropped into his life. right when i thought nothin’ good would come of it other than makin’ it back to the surface. ya happened to walk in front of me at grillby’s and chuckle at my lame attempt at a pick-up line. then pop up at a train station in a damned galaxy print pleated skirt.” The cyan puddles were streaming down his face.


“heh look at me…” Sans removed his hands sitting back moving his hand to his face. Trying to rub the tears off his cheek bones. “tryin’ ta comfort ya and i’m sobbing like a big baby.”


“Yeah….” Luna spoke her voice still sounding like she was crying her heart out. A smile spreading across her face. “My big boney baby.”


They shared a chuckle together at the joking remark. “luna, there are still gonna be things that scare ya. that fear is there. bravery isn’ one of your soul traits. but ya stood up to him till me and paps got there. that took a lot of strength princess.”


Sans looked down at her still naked form taking in the sight. “let me get ya your clothes so that ya can get comfy.” He slid from the bed and walked out of the room. Allowing Luna to get a good look at him without his towel since it had been left on the bed. It made Luna chuckle, he was her big boney dork. And he was right, she had been grateful the day he had spoken to her at Grillby’s. He had made her feel like she wasn’t invisible.


He came back holding a tank top, a loose white button-up and some panties. It had taken a bit to teach him that she didn’t sleep with a bra on. Luna reached for the clothes but had them held out of her reach. Sans shaking his head. His grin small but ever present. “nah ah princess, daddy’s dressin’ ya.”


Sans took great care dressing her. He pulled the tank top over her head first, allowing her to stand up. His hands smoothing it out over her hips. His phalanges lingering delicately over her hips, but it wasn’t sexual. She had to sit down when he slowly slid her panties up her legs. When he settled them under the tank top she noticed the worry that was on his face. Something was eating at him just then.


Sans moved to hold pull the button up shirt over her shoulders. Luna could feel the confession eating at her while his hands slid down to the bottom of the shirt. Taking the time to button it up.


One button, I should tell him.


Two buttons, what if it’s too early to say it?


Three buttons, will he say it back?


Four buttons, if he doesn’t say it now that will be okay.


Sans didn’t button up any more buttons, his hands resting against her hips. The words were now burning themselves on the tip of her tongue. “luna… i…” He started.


“I love you.” She spoke before he could finish.


The words making him snap his head up to look at her. Was that surprise on his face? She could see his eye lights widen to nearly fill his sockets. “what?”


Okay, he didn’t say it back but… “I-I love you.” She sniffled smiling warmly at him.


His grin widened going up to the corners of his sockets like he had been given the largest bottle of ketchup. Before she knew it, he had ahold of her shoulders pulling her into a kiss. Okay, he still didn’t say it back, but he was kissing her. That was good right? Yes, its good you idiot! Her brain screamed at her. The mark he had given her on her shoulder was pulsating warmth through out her body. The blanket feeling that Sans always pushed through when he was around.


Sans pulled back looking at her. “i am so glad you said it first. i wanted to say it for such a long time. but i was worried it was too soon. didn’ want to make ya feel rushed into anything.”


Her heart skipped a beat at his own confession. But she didn’t want to hear the confession. She wanted to hear him say those three little words. Well, four since she had already said them.


“i wanted to wait till ya were…” He kept going on.


“Sans…” He paused looking at her a small hum coming from him. “Just say them please before I really start to cry again.”


“heh… wouldn’t want that would we.” She shot him a glare at that comment. “i love ya too, luna. have for a while now.”


Her heart jumped and oddly Sans looked down at her chest. Almost like he had felt her heart jump. Oh… it wasn’t her heart. It was her soul. That made him realize something just then. Taking a step back he looked up at her then back down to her chest one more time. Reaching up to scratch the back of his head.


“this is a little out of the left field. but can i see your soul please princess?” Sans asked sheepishly avoiding her gaze. The cyan blush spreading across her cheeks.


Luna arched her brow at the question. The memory of the pain the gremmie had put her through back in the alley way making her flinch instantly. Sans noticed the reaction, his face darkening. Oddly she could feel it wasn’t directed at her. The warm blanket feeling spreading thicker over her. “easy… it’s me princess. i won’ hurt ya. as long as ya don’ fight me it should pop out painlessly. the only reason it hurt with him is because he forced it out of you.”


Sans turned his attention off to the side. “the cracks make it hurt a lot more too.”


Luna remembered seeing the cracks that littered her little multicolored soul. Looking up at him she smiled fondly remembering this was Sans. The bonehead that she loved. “Alright.”


He smiled leaning in to kiss her lightly pushing her back on the bed. Her head resting on his pillow. Since the first time he had brought her into this room, she felt comfortable. More so than she had in the guest bedroom. Looking up at him she noticed he was still shirtless. That blue glow emitting from his chest. It pulsed at her making her feel more relaxed.


“that’s it princess… its just me. i wouldn’ ever hurt ya remember.” Sans spoke softly, his deep voice soothing her more.


His hand came up to hover directly over her chest, making her look down. It was palm up, but the moment she looked at it he turned it over. Fingers dangling loosely from where they hovered. Joints filling with that cyan coloration before they flexed up. The tug came instantly, watching as her multi-colored soul exited her body. It had been a lot smoother than in the alley.


“good girl.” Sans whispered making her look up at him.


His attention was focused on her soul that was loosely floating in the room. Sans dropped his hand keeping his gaze on her soul. He looked enthralled with it. Like there was more than just the colors. Moving his hand up she watched him pluck her soul from the air holding it lightly in his hand. That cyan glow in his own chest fluttering madly when her soul was brought close.


“Sans…” Luna spoke.


“hmm...?” Sans hummed still not looking at her.


“What’s in your chest?” That made his gaze snap up to her. The blush appearing deeper in his face.


“uh… its… my soul. today was rather emotional on me. still kind of is. so its more visible than normal, heh. guess i should put some clothes on.” Sans admitted making her look up at him.


“Your soul is beautiful.” Luna admitted noticing his entire face was the color of his soul now. His white eye lights forming hearts in their sockets.


“heh, not as beautiful as yours, princess.” Sans explained coming to lay down in the bed with her.


Seemed the idea of clothes for him went out the window. Turning into him she cuddled into his side. At first, he felt a bit harder, but something formed over his bones making her snuggle tighter into him. Almost like a form of muscle and flesh. Looking at his hand she could see her soul in his hand, his own soul trying to get out when he brought it up to his face. Looking it over at a closer range. His breath hitched just then.


“What is it?” Luna asked wondering what was wrong.


Sans pulled them both up into a seating position. Her soul pushed in front of her. The multi colors still making her feel like it should be on a stick. But in the center, there was a little white upside down heart. Sans moved a phalange over it.

“ya see that little white heart?” Sans asked she could hear the excitement in his voice.


“Yes… why is it upside down?” Luna asked.


“it’s a monster soul.” That made Luna panic, having forgotten what the gremmie had told her in the alley.


“A m-monster soul?” Luna tore her gaze away from her soul to look up at Sans.


He didn’t look the least bit worried or upset. In fact, she could see giddiness etched onto his features. Something rippled through her making her body tremble. It was oddly arousing. Turning her head, she could see that he pressed his fingers into her soul a bit tighter. Cyan magic pouring off his fingers


“mhm… it’s a baby princess. a hybrid at that. seems all that baby makin’ practice we did last week worked after all.” Sans explained.


How could she have forgotten? She was pregnant! The baby only being really tiny within her. Her hands instantly went down to her stomach pressing lightly over where she assumed her womb was. There was a baby in her. Her and Sans were going to have a baby!


Sans chuckled turning his head to kiss her forehead. Staring intently on the little white heart nestled in hers. Luna felt so complete for the first time in her life. Scratch that… she would feel even more complete when she was holding that baby after they were born.


“It’s the first isn’t it?” Luna asked turning her head to look at him.


Sans nodded his head. “we have to go see toriel and alphys tomorrow. they will want to run some examinations to make sure that everything runs smoothly.”


“Smoothly?” Luna asked.


“eh… monsters are made up of magic, and humans are made up of water. this is a breakthrough about us procreating with humans.” His smile turning downwards. “we can’ tell the humans about this princess. would ya be okay havin’ our baby in alphys’ lab?” Sans asked.


Luna tilted her head to the side wanting a bit more of an explanation as to why. Sans sighed looking off for a moment. “i knew about joseph montgomery before i ever met ya. he is one of the most revered monster haters out there. spewing how we monsters would use humans to carry our brood and things like that. he would use ya as an example to show the world that he is right. not to mention the other monster haters out there. they would rally against us pushin’ us back into the underground.”


Luna understood now. She could understand the logic behind that. “Alright. As long as they make the area more comfortable that a medical room.” Luna admitted.


Sans chuckled kissing the top of her forehead. “thanks, princess. i am so happy right now you wouldn’ believe.” He spoke while stroking her soul.


That felt so good to her oddly. It caused her to moan involuntarily. Sans turned his head that blush appearing a bit darker. “alright better put this away before things get outta hand.”


“Why does that feel so good?” She asked him before he could put her soul back to her chest.


“heh…” Sans pressed into her soul a bit more. Making her tremble where she was laying. “ya know monsters like havin’ sex much as humans do. but when we want it on a more intimate level we have what is known as soul sex. monsters are made up of magic so when someone touches us… um… well..”


Sans seemed to be stumped on how to explain this. “remember the first time i went down on ya? ya seemed to squirm at the very feel of me licking her. its something like that but more intense. and feels so good. when we have more time one-night i can show ya the possibilities.”


“Why do I feel I should be a tad hesitant about the way you say possibilities?” Luna asked her curiosity sparking up.


“well, as i said it can be pretty intense. touchin’ your soul is a whole new experience for humans. where for monsters who have a soul bond enjoy havin’ soul sex over the actual sex act. surprised me when ya had told me about tops and bp havin’ normal sex. but i admit myself…” She watched as he turned his head. “havin’ the sexual act is a lot more fun than just soul sex. though i have never had soul sex. like i said its rather intimate.”


Luna took in that information, her cheeks flaring up with heat at the comment he made. He enjoyed having sex with her. She could agree that having sex with Sans was something she enjoyed. Sans pushed her soul into her chest. His hand lingering over the shirt for a bit longer. She watched his smile die.


“luna… what i do as my monster job. i won’ fault you if ya couldn’ be with someone like me. bein’ a judge has its downsides. monsters who know what i do will interact with me. but beyond that, they wouldn’ want anythin’ beyond friendship. i won’ condemn someone to be with me knowin’ i dust monsters.” Sans hung his head low.


Where was that coming from? Mulling over the words she tilted her head to the side. The reality of what he said slammed into her hard. Monsters had shunned him from an attachment because he had to punish those who crossed the line.


“Sans… no. The way they treat you if that’s how it is, well it's wrong. You are putting your good nature aside to punish those who step over the line. In a way, we both are doing judgments on our own kind. You dust the monsters who deem to harm humans. And I beat the living crap out of the humans who wish harm to monsters. I am not going to shun you for doing what you have to do.” Luna stated firmly.


Sans smiled then. “And besides I said I love you even knowing what you did. Let's just say tonight opened my mind to various things.”


“heh… never really thought about it. but ya are right. your vigilante thing is very similar to my judge position. don’ let me catch ya doin’ it though.” He spoke firmly his eye lights narrowing on her. “i will bend ya over my knee so fast ya won’ be sittin’ for a week after i’m done with ya.”


Luna didn’t want to tell him the idea of him paddling her behind was more of a turn on. “besides… it’s not just ya anymore.” His hand dropped to cup her stomach. Reminding her she was carrying their child inside of her. “ya have our baby to consider. from now on ya wait till paps or i come to get ya from work. and i will tell grillz that it needs to be that way. he will agree when he finds out what happened tonight.”


Luna winced but nodded her head in agreement to what Sans was pointing out. It was a big reality check for her. She needed to be more careful out there. Especially with the baby. Sans reached down grabbing the blanket pulling it over their bodies. “get some sleep moon princess. we both could use it. tori gave me the rest of the week off from my duties when i told her what happened. so ya got me here.” Sans whispered kissing her lightly on the forehead.


“Alright. Thank you again. It meant a lot that you came for me.” It was a reminder she no longer was under her brother’s thumb. While she drifted off she heard Sans say something, but she couldn’t hear him. All she felt was the blanket feeling he pushed over her.

Chapter Text

Sans awoke that Sunday, looking over his mate curled in the blankets. It had been a hell of a week for them both. The minute the bracelet charm had sent a distress signal to his soul he knew he had to move. Without a soul bond, it made it that much harder for him to find her. Sans had never felt more scared in his entire existence.


Luna, his moon that lit up his night sky along with millions of glittering stars. Lowering his gaze down to her chest he could feel her soul thrumming beneath the skin, muscle, and bone. She never knew whenever he took her soul out from her body. Snuggling it close to them both while they slept. Sans hardly had healing magic. But damn he as trying to mend the damage to her soul. The damage that prick of a brother had done to her.


As an older brother, he wanted to teach Joseph Montgomery a lesson. Make him crawl his way to Luna and beg for her forgiveness. Paps always came to him when things bugged him. The nightmares, the disagreements with the other monster kids, everything. As a mate Sans wanted to see that man destroyed in every possible way.


Luna stirred turning onto her side cuddling into Sans’ pillow. Her face pressing against it. It was a day before she had to go back to work. She needed her sleep… speaking of sleep he wanted to climb back into bed with her. Snuggle him to his chest. But he wanted to do something nice for her.


She had been so accepting of his Monster Job. And… he felt his grin widen at the next thing that crossed his mind. Luna loved him. He could feel it when her soul vibrated in his hands as she confessed it. It rang true. Sans still needed to heal the damage that The Gremmie had caused. Damn Jamie… if he wasn’t dead already Sans would find great joy in killing him again.


Wait… that wasn’t him thinking… that was Dusty thinking.


Grumbling he popped downstairs into the kitchen. Paps had already gone off to work but upon entering the kitchen he knew he wasn’t alone. The blue jacket and black scarf resting on the back chair at the dining table.


"ring a ding ding classic.” The baritone voice came from in front of the stove.


The scent of peppered eggs filling the room. Sans turned to look at the jean-clad version of himself. The black tank top hanging heavily over his body. Unlike himself, Dusty was slim kept in shape from all the hunting he did. His gloves were removed showing off the sharpened claws he had. Sans cringed seeing his phalanges curled delicately around the handle of the pan.


“what are ya doin’ here dust?” Sans spoke accusingly.


“bein’ a much more thoughtful version of you to your mate than you currently are.” Dust snorted.


“she doesn’ even know ya exist and ya never showed interest in humans before why now?” Sans wasn’t sure what was going on with Dust. But something didn’t feel right.


“its mother’s day numb skull. And your mate is pregnant which makes her a mother to be. gathering from the fact that papyrus isn’t here you haven’t told him. or else he would be doing this task. there’s french french toast in the tortilla warmer on the table. and apple chicken sausage in the little bowl.”


Sans grumbled walking over to the cabinet pulling out a plate. It was Mother’s Day? Looking at the calendar that Paps kept hanging on the cabinet. All the x’s leading up to this date, sure enough, it was Mother’s Day. Sans focused a glare on the back of the murderer who was… making perfect sunny side up eggs. How was he not surprised?


“how do ya know how to cook those perfectly?” Sans asked.


Dust chuckled turning to look at Sans those red eyes with a blue center fixating on him. “the same way i can perfectly dissect the spine from the human body.”


The utter calmness that came from Dusty made Sans’ shiver. Dusty held out his hand for the plate to which Sans placed it there. The murderer brought it to the front of him placing the perfect eggs on the plate. “its monster food eggs. everything i cooked is magically infused. she needs monster food to heal the damage the gremmie caused.” Dusty explained.


Sans felt himself soften looking over the murdery version of himself. Dust was cracking two more eggs into the pan getting ready to cook. He looked… like something was on his mind. Not wanting to question it Sans walked over to the table finding the sausage and French toast.


Looking over at Dusty he paused seeing the navy colored slippers on his feet instead of his boots. No… “you’re not plannin’ on stayin’ are ya?” Sans asked.


“i am. figure i’d leave by lunch time.” Dusty responded flipping the eggs in the pan after dusting them lightly with pepper.


No… anyone but Dusty. His gaze moved to look out at the stairway. Luna could wake up at any time. Though with Dusty cooking breakfast they way he was told Sans that this was his intentions. Dusty wanted to talk to Luna in other words.


“why?” Sans asked plating two pieces of French toast and the sausage that was cooked to perfection.


“because you did a shit job of protecting your mate. she needs to be better informed. and who better than i.” He spoke matter of fact.


Like hell was Sans about to subject Luna to his murder copy. The fucker might enjoy being the one to kill her. Every protective instinct flared up in his magic unaware he was filtering that through the mark he made on Luna.  


Dusty seemed to perk up and turn to face Sans focusing those red and blue swirls on him. His teeth hidden behind a firm line. “you don’t want me here. i figured as much. we don’t get along at all.” Dusty rolled his eye lights as a remark to that. But mid-roll he focused on something behind Sans.


That mad smile returning to his face widening up to the corners of his sockets. “Sans?” A soft feminine voice spoke up.


Of course, she had woke up and had come downstairs. He hadn’t heard her come into the kitchen even. Sans turned to look at her she was rubbing her eyes under her glasses. Tiredness appearing eminent on her face. She was looking at him not noticing Dusty was in the room. That was a hopeful thought. Until the bastard popped directly in front of her.


dusty.” Sans spoke watching his alternate approach Luna.


“easy classic. not interested in hurting her. if i had wanted to it would have been before you even knew i was in the house.” Dusty spoke humor clear in his voice.


                ~ . ~ . ~ . ~


Had she heard this guy right? Was she dreaming or something? Even as she took another step back it did nothing for the tall looming skeleton who drew closer to her. Suddenly she felt like prey. But his remark he could have hurt her before Sans had even known he was here? Oh, stars…. why did she have this suddenly bad vibe about this guy?


Every nerve in Luna’s body was screaming at her to run. Especially from the skeleton who looked suspiciously like her boyfriend who was standing in the kitchen. A plate of what looked like food in his hand. The odd-looking dopple ganger kept proceeding forward.


Looking up into his eyes she instantly wished she hadn’t. Red and blue were coursing together blending into a mauve coloration. They glittered in delight while they looked over her. Almost like he was stripping her down to her bare bones making her feel every single one of her sins. Tears welled up in her eyes when they glinted a pretty light purple coloration.


It did nothing to escape the squeak that came from her when her back connected with a wall. His hands raising to press into the sides along her arms. Effectively trapping her there.


“dusty.” Sans spoke. Forcing Luna to realize that was his name.


“W-what can I-I d-do for ya D-D-Dusty?” Luna asked unable to stop the stutter that vibrated out of her.


His hands slid from the wall making her jump from the loud crunching sound of claws digging into the wall. Within seconds Sans was between them pushing Dusty away from her. The taller skeleton took a few steps back, but she could feel his gaze lingering on her even behind Sans.


“back off dust. you’re scarin’ her.” Sans turned to look over his shoulder at her.


Her back was firmly pressed into the wall. Turning her head, she took in the deep gouges in the wall. This guy had strength she gave him that. She moved her hand over them to touch, and all she could think about was how pissed off Pappy was going to be about the gouges. She wondered how much shit Sans was going to get into for it as well.


The wall was feeling mighty tight especially with Sans backing up as he was. “Sans… getting hard to breath back here. Could you please?”


Sans moved forward just enough to give her space. The energy that crackled in the room, however, tossed them both off guard. Sans was knocked out of the way and Dusty had her in his arms. Looking over his shoulder at Sans. Luna didn’t get time to say anything before darkness overtook her.


Suffocation…. Never being into breath play but she recalled the one time Joseph had pinned her. Pressing his hands into her throat effectively blocking her airways. That’s how she felt at this very moment looking up to find various eyes staring down at her making her clutch tighter into the body of her abductor. He made a soft purr in response to that.


Before long she was able to catch her breath. Still clinging to Dusty. Sucking in deep breaths she tried to look around the room. His hand moving up to lightly stroke small circles on her back. Everything about kidnappings registered in her mind and Dusty had done the big one. He got her to a secondary location.


“W-what do you want?” Luna shook the stutter out of her voice as she pushed herself from his body.


Attempting to find her footing she looked around the room they were in. It was somewhere that was rarely used, the furniture sparse. Outside she could make out the snow storm. Looking back at the skeleton that had brought her here she squeaked when she found him directly in her face. Wasn’t her week bad enough? First the killer gremmie. And now this Sans look-alike had taken her away to… where the fuck was she?


“to talk. classic made it pretty clear i wasn’ gonna be able to do that. so figure i’d bring ya to my place for that.” Dusty took a few steps back chuckling at how she flinched. “easy butterfly i won’ hurt ya. just need to ensure you are better informed of things.”


Dusty hummed turning to walk over to the kitchen sighing when he pulled out a chair. “come sit butterfly. i will make ya some breakfast since a certain numbskull couldn’ let me talk to ya in peace.”


Okay, he was nuts. He abducted her so that he could have a what… friendly little chat? Still this was his area. She had no clue where he lived. Looking down at the bracelet she was wearing she twisted her wrist to examine the skull charm. The coloration of the magic within it wasn’t a cyan color this time though. It was a mauve color. What the hell?


“interesting thing when you travel across dimensions with your boyfriend’s dopple ganger.” Dusty explained proving her theory. “when ya cross over into said dopple ganger’s dimension their magic becomes present.”


Luna was smart, being into the theory of alternate dimensions when she was in school. Had looked up the books into them. And if what he was saying was true then she was in his dimension. Instead of Sans’ mark being his, the mark now belonged to… Fear gripped her making her back up but the will to walk over and sit down came a bit stronger. It was his doing and she knew it.


Walking forward she took the seat that Dusty had pulled out for her. Her attention dropping down to her bracelet seeing that mauve magic swirl around in the orifices of the silver pendant. The little moon and stars on the other side reminding her of her boyfriend. The one who was probably freaking out over her not being there. Just indulge psycho boy in the conversation he wants. Then maybe he will take you home. Where Sans can wrap you into a blanket. She tried to tell herself.


Looking up at Dusty she was taken back by the smile that was crossing his face. It looked pleased but at the same time saddened. Almost as if he saw her but she wasn’t the one he was seeing. A boney hand raised to touch her face. Luna was proud of herself for not flinching back when those sharpened phalanges crossed her chin. He whispered something under his breath for a moment before allowing his hand to drop.


Those swirling eye lights fixated on the ground where he stood. Taking in a deep breath before turning to walk to the stove. “how do ya like your eggs, butterfly?” He asked placing a pan on the stove.


Sans and now this… Dusty tended to use these sweet nicknames on her. It wasn’t that she minded but why did he call her that. Swallowing hard she tried to focus on what he had asked. “I’m partial to hardboiled or scrambled. But you’re the host. Please feel free to make them how you see fit. If that’s okay…”


~ . ~ . ~ . ~


Dusty admitted that this hadn’t gone the way he had intended. He didn’t want to bring her to his home, in the middle of an empty Snowdin. Where she was trapped in his dimension. And yet here she was sitting at the table awaiting him to make breakfast for her. Dusty for a moment saw her, the woman who captivated each time he met her. But that wasn’t her, this was Luna. Classic’s mate.


And yet bringing her to his dimension put that link with him. He could will his intentions on her through the mate mark classic had placed on her. For a brief moment, Dusty wondered what it would be like to pin her down take her if he willed it onto her to be receptive. Take pleasure from those so many times he longed for. That thought dashed away quickly at the thought of his LV forcing him to hurt her. Thus killing the little soul, he could see pulsing in her chest. He couldn’t do that. Even if the longing ate at him.


Dusty wanted to smack Classic upside the head for not bonding with her already. No wonder he almost didn’t make it to saving her. There was no easy way for him to track her down. Using the dinky little charm to find her. If Sans had not made it in time he was close to stepping in that night. Afraid of what might happen to his ‘her’ if something had happened to Luna. Luna’s soul had been screaming while she attempted to protect her soul. The monster attacking her while she attempted to show mercy.


Even now her soul was sobbing out with fear because she had been taken from the cocoon of comfort Classic had made for her in his home. When Dusty had first seen her waking up her soul humming with curiosity he couldn’t help himself. He wanted closer. To touch her, hold her, smell her. Feel the way her blood coursed through her veins. How soft her skin was against his cold boney fingers. Much like ‘hers’ would be.


Cracking two eggs into the pan he focused on the task at hand. Cooking magic-induced food for her to eat. Her soul was still leaking out Hope. It needed repair before she dropped to about as hopeless as Classic was. The vibrating in his back pocket signaling what he knew had been coming. One hand pulled out the phone allowing his magic to make it float while he pressed the answer button.


“yellow.” Dusty spoke cockily.


The growl on the other end came as no surprise. “bring her back now!


Dusty had been a touch surprised that Classic hadn’t called sooner. Surely as soon as he and Luna had crossed into the thresh hold of his home the other skeleton would have punched through. Perhaps the dimensions were off by a few minutes or so. He was casually theorizing while Classic was growling primally on the other end of the phone. It seemed all too easy to piss off the vanilla side of himself.


“told ya i wanted to talk to her.” Albeit wasn’t in the intention he first had thought. “ya didn’ want to listen. especially when she came downstairs from that room. felt your magic flare up in an instant.”


And that wasn’t a fight that Dusty was wanting to have at that moment, not with Classic. The pacifist version of himself was all too sweet on a regular day. But if pushed too far Dusty was willing to bet his pretty little collar he had made for ‘her’ that Classic could kick his ass. Not something he wanted to put up with.


dammit, dust… bring back my mate. or so help me. i will throw ya into the void and lock the door behind ya.” Why did that sound like a fun way of foreplay to Dusty at that moment?


“i will return your mate to ya once she is fed and i have my chat with her. don’ worry so much classic. there won’ be a single brunette strand harmed on her pretty little head.” Dusty mocked even though every word he said was true.


The idea of hurting Luna cruelly was not what he had in mind. Though the idea of having her whimpering submissively…. Nope, not going to go there. She wasn’t his. Classic began to rant again on how he wanted his mate back making Dusty press the end call button.


Dusty didn't hear her asking anything. Normally when humans saw him or one of the alternates that looked like Classic they had a dozen questions. The term 'cousins' often being the likely of explanations. Since that was easier to explain over alternate dimensions or timelines. But butterfly wasn't voicing her curiosity. Moving to glance over his shoulder he could see her still sitting at the table. She was looking around the room, but she continued to squint like... she couldn't see very well.


A soft groan coming from him he placed the spatula on the ceramic holder that was on the stove. Digging his hands into the pockets of his black denim jeans. He retracted a navy colored glasses case. Walking over to the table he slid it across the table to her. "don' break 'em." He spoke firmly.


His attention once more focused on the task at hand. Trying to cook her breakfast. Determined to get her that breakfast that Classic had interrupted them from having. Why did he care? Well, Dusty wanted to see how she would react to him. His own curiosity peeking from the first time he met 'her'. Not Luna. A different her.


Butterfly had exhibited fear probably didn't help by the overprotective feeling Classic had pushed through the mark. It was the reason he had snagged her out of that area. Classic wasn't going to allow her to get comfortable for Dusty to give her his own advice. Even now there was that twinge of fear, but it was because of him being a stranger. Overall, he could feel her relaxing the fear slowly draining from her.


A creak of the chair made him turn to find her stretching her arms over her head. His sockets widened of his black frame oval-shaped glasses on her face. The lenses making her dual toned eyes pop more. Shit! She's cute with them on.


"Take a picture Dust it will last longer." She remarked making him quickly turn to face the stove again. A subtle mauve blush creeping to dust across his cheekbones.


"i was makin' sure ya wasn' carryin' a weapon or somethin'." He admitted.


She snorted. “Sure, whatever makes you sleep better at night.”


Dusty could hear the same fire in her tone that he heard ‘her’ give to those she worked with. There was no doubt the two had similarities but at the same time they were completely opposite. Her soul was warier of her surroundings taking them in. It was hard to concentrate. He went to look over at her again only to jump when he found her directly behind him.


“how did ya?” Dusty stated before he could stop the words from coming out.


“Please, I lived in a house with a bunny and a cat. Think I hadn’t snuck into their house before when I was out later than I should have been. It’s how I kept them from learning about Sans when I jacked him off on the train that night. BP would have blown his top otherwise.” Butterfly chuckled lightly getting closer to him.


Dusty wasn’t usually one to panic but why was she so close all of a sudden? Those dual toned eyes seeming to take in his appearance with the aide of his glasses. Her hair still must from just waking up. Allowing his gaze to roam further he could see her nipples pressing against the oversized shirt she wore. It clearly wasn’t hers guessing by the slight dark stain that looked a familiar brown that ketchup turned when it sat too long. The shorts were star patterned and, on her feet, she wore thick white knee-high socks. Being that he was a Sans he had that strange sock fetish they most shared in.


Thankfully he was able to swallow the whine that built in his throat. Maybe bringing her was a mistake. When he lifted his gaze, he found her grinning at him knowingly. He had been caught gawking at her feet.


“You know you and Sans have a similar liking to my choice of sleep coverings that I wear on my feet. Especially since for my birthday and our first date he chose out thigh high socks for me to wear.” Luna mused clearly pointing that she had caught him looking.


Taking in a deep breath he turned her pushing her back towards the table. Before his will snapped. Bad enough the other ‘her’ had been tormenting him while he had been doing his job. How was he supposed to know she worked there? Not to mention what she did to get turned on… the image of what he had caught her doing in the shower merely by accident popped into his head. Making him feel that jealousy all over again.


“stay seated butterfly. my home isn’ the best place for ya to be roamin’ around. did promise classic ya would come back in one piece.” Dusty spoke getting her back into that seat.


“Hmmm… I distinctly recall you saying and I quote.” She lowered her voice to about as deep as she could go. Attempting to sound like him matching his drawl perfectly. “I will return your mate to ya once she is fed and I have my chat with her. Don’ worry so much classic. there won’ be a single brunette strand harmed on her pretty little head.”


Dusty deadpanned looking at her while she looked over her shoulder at him. A giggle escaping her. She was enjoying this eh? He admitted he was too. It was nice to have someone who wasn’t looking at him like he was about to rip their throat out. Even if he was thinking about it. But Butterfly had a different effect on him. It wasn’t like ‘her’ but more he felt the need to cuddle Butterfly. Wrap her in soft blankets go chill out on the couch, perhaps watch that Rob Zombie flick… What was it again? Oh… Thirty-One.


Did she like movies with constant gore? Looking her over he wasn’t sure. That want to find out had him almost speaking till the scent of charred food reached his nasal cavity. Butterfly looked over his shoulder then back up at him. “Eggs are burnin’.” Still with that deep voice and that drawl.


Taking in deep a deep breath he turned and stomped back over to his stove checking on the eggs. They weren’t too bad thankfully. Far from perfect. Too many stake-outs where he had take out and other kinds of fast food threw Dusty into the idea of culinary cuisine. It kept his spectral brother happy with all the knowledge. Plating the eggs, he turned back around… and found her directly in front of him.


“Hey, Pal. Mind if I get some ketchup with that?” Okay, now she was sounding too much like Classic. And how did she keep up that deep voice?


The shit eating grin at the fact he looked disturbed telling him she was screwing with him. “not smart to be messin’ with me butterfly. go sit.” He hesitates for a moment watching her take the plate from his hand walking over to the table. “were ya serious about the ketchup?”


Luna sat down at the table looking around for something. It dawned on him she didn’t have anything to eat her eggs with. He opened one of the drawers and fished out a fork. Approaching the table he felt her eyes fixed on him. That need to embrace her striking hard with he saw the top of her hand when she took the fork. The scars had once been a deep wound once upon a time. The flash of that hand seeping with blood the skin split open to reveal the muscle underneath. A glance at her other hand showed similar marks. Three marks on each hand.


The tense sensation of self-loathing came within seconds her hand moving away from the fork to drop under the table. Dusty knew that reaction, that wasn’t her doing. Someone had done that to her.


“if i ask would ya tell me?” Dusty asked.


The swift shake of the head gave him the answer. He had a feeling Classic knew. Not wanting to put her in that vulnerable position again he placed the fork directly in front of her. Taking a seat across the table from her. His fridge was a bit barren since he rarely was home. When he did spend lengths of time here he tended to buy groceries. Rubbing the back of his neck he realized his gloves had still been off the entire time.


“guess i should explain my little lesson?” Dusty hummed.


~ . ~ . ~ . ~


An hour had passed during breakfast. The eggs long gone, leaving her feeling better than she had in weeks. Did he do something to my eggs? Luna found herself wondering while he explained the effects of destroying someone’s soul. Dusty was knowledgeable on things that the books had left her confused. Like she didn’t know that destroying a monster or human soul could cease their existence in the universe. Luna silently mourned whoever had been used in that experiment.


Dusty also informed her that she should always keep some monster food on her. In case if an incident like the night before happened again. Apparently, it would restore her Hope that she hadn’t realized she was leaking out till that he had pointed it out. It was a scary thought to think she could have died from it. Well, not die… he had stated her soul would shatter.


“if ya insist on not fightin’ the monsters at least stay out of the alleyways. seen how some of the more vengeful ones act and they don’ like to be caught out in the open. much like classic, they prefer to be cloaked in the shadows. but classic has to do that so he can catch them off guard.” Dusty goes on to explain.


It had pointed out that he knew a lot about Sans’ judge job. “Why do you call him classic?” Luna asked after a moment.


“alternate dimensions and timelines there are others similar to me. guess ya could say he is the original of us all. plus, its easier to call him that rather than sans. since ‘ma sans too.”  Dusty confirmed with her.


Luna knew that. He looked all too much like Sans just to be a distant cousin. He was sipping on a cherry coke while he explained things to her. A large glass of chocolate milk in front of her still that she was tentatively sipping on. He had been a great host for the most part.


“i can see them questions buzzin’ around in your head butterfly. out wit ‘em.” His drawl getting thicker while he spoke.


“What happened to you?” Luna could imagine at one point he had been like her boyfriend. But something had happened to make him this way.


“nuffin’ ya need to worry your pretty little head over butterfly. it ain’ a pretty story. won’ say much has changed since i got free from my barrier. but there are things classic needs to explain to ya. things like resets.” Dusty hinted at.


It was a keyword. And Luna knew that if she stated it like that Sans would be willing to oblige in that conversation. At least that’s what she was hoping.


“if he cares as much as he claims to he will tell ya butterfly. my job was to inform ya of the dangers classic is too scared to tell ya. there are some fucked up monsters out there that can’ stand humans. i used to be one of ‘em.” Something in the way he said ‘used to’ gave her a hint something had changed.


“I don’t want to push him. He has his secrets for a reason.” Luna responded.


“only because he’s scared of relivin’ em like you are scared of relivin’ your own past. those scars on your hands i’m willin’ to bet someone from your past did that to ya. and bringin’ it up only causes similar pain. one way or another he’s gonna tell ya. whether it be verbally or through the soul bond.” Dusty brought up.


Luna looked at him wide-eyed suddenly. Yeah, she was the mother of Sans’ child but she never considered he might soul bond with her over it. Dusty’s grin widened. “oh he’s thought about it. i be willin’ to bet my cherry chocolate cake on that fact. classic has thought about claimin’ ya every way he could possibly think of.”


The heat filled her cheeks at the aspect of Sans soul bonding her. Tops had told her that it was a euphoric feeling. One that intensified sex when it happened. There was also the sharing of other things. Tops hadn’t gone into the details too much on that.


“I get the feeling this isn’t something you do very often. Why did you do it at all?” The question had been bothering her since he had brought her to his home.


Dusty’s face became sullen like that wasn’t something he had expected her to ask that. “you’re right. but let's just say i was curious about ya when i saw ya face off against the gremmie. i thought for sure ya would have killed the bastard but ya didn’. ya only struck him when he pointed out ya had a kid inside ya. i have my other reasons for bein’ so interested in ya but nothin’ ya need to be worried about. i will be keepin’ an eye socket on ya in case if somethin’ like that happens again.”


There was a lot more to that statement that he was saying. She knew that. Luna sat back in her seat dwelling in the thoughts of what he had mentioned. Dusty had gotten up from his chair and walked in front of her on the other side of the table. Forcing her gaze to look up at him. Dusty hummed holding his hand out to her.


“we best gettin’ ya back. he’s buzzed my phone more times than i can dare to think. he wants ya back badly butterfly.” Dusty pointed out.


Sans seemed to be wanting her back home. She wanted to be home too. Placing her hand in Dusty’s she felt his fingers clasp around hers. The boney thumb stroking over one of her scars making her flinch just slightly. Sans had made it clear the gloves weren’t going to be staying on anymore. He allowed her to wear them to work or out but when she was home alone with him or Pappy he wanted them off.


Within a moment Dusty pulled her to him crushing her chest to his at first. He hummed but she didn’t feel the same suffocating feeling like before. Not yet. He dipped her down making her look up into his sockets. “indulge me in somethin’ butterfly.”


“What?” Luna asked unsure if she should ask that question.


“there’s this girl i am interested in…” Luna felt the hairs on the back of her neck rise. “she pretty little thing. unique and such. but bein’ hard to dealin’ with emotions i’m curious. if ya was her… would ya want anythin’ to do with me?”


“You want my honest opinion?” Luna asked. Dusty responded with a curt nod. “The first time when you popped in front of me it had terrified me. Try saying something along the lines. It would be a lot smoother than the whole creepy thing you did. I warmed up better to you when you were cooking. Then again food is an ice breaker for me. So maybe learn her interests?”


Dusty nodded reaching up to remove the glasses from over her eyes. “thanks for the advice butterfly. now close your eyes and take a deep breath.” Before she did that she watched him slide the glasses on over his face. The light-headed feeling forcing itself upon her while her feet left the ground.


When she opened her eyes, she felt her body being ripped away from Dusty. His hands seeming to want to protest at first before allowing whoever it was to take her. Looking back, she found Sans growling at Dusty. His hands curled protectively around her lower stomach. Everything was screaming at her that Sans was being super possessive.


Dusty chuckled looking at them both. “happy mum’s day butterfly.” He started grabbing his jacket from the seat near the table. “see ya round classic.” Dusty mused before vanishing from the room. Leaving Luna to deal with possessive Sans.

Chapter Text

Sans knew immediately what Dusty had done when he found himself thrown into the nearby table. The bastard had gone straight for Luna. Sans turned about ready to beat the tar out of a murderous version of himself only to hear the electrical static a second too late. The spot where Luna had been standing empty. And the only trace of Dusty was the coat he had left on the back of a chair in the kitchen.


Anger flooded through the normally carefree skeleton at the way his alternate had taken his mate. Sans instantly short cut around the house hoping that he had just taken her to another room. No such luck.


“no… he couldn’ have.” Sans could feel his anxiety peaking.


If he had soul bonded her he would have been able to pinpoint her more directly. He couldn’t even feel the bond mark. That only meant one thing. Dusty took her out of the dimension.


The one thing about Dusty was due to his high Levels of Violence he was very capable of more than himself. Sans being powerful by being a pacifist. When it came down to Dusty though… Sans wouldn’t put it past him to outright kill Luna just for shits and giggles. Dusty came from a timeline where Chara became unstoppable to the point Frisk was dormant. Chara constantly killed monsters. At least that’s what Sans assumed. One reset Dusty snapped, turning from pacifist to downright genocidal. Killing his own brother in order to stop the human.


Sans worried more for his mate’s safety. And since he couldn’t feel the bond that he had implemented through the mate mark it ate at him. Dusty took Luna out of this timeline or dimension for some. To Sans, they were all the same timeline just certain ones had different happenings. With Dusty, it was constant genocide runs. Axe went through cannibalism because his Frisk or rather Aliza ran through. Killing Asgore, Undyne running the Underground to the literal ground. The alternate versions of them all had different tales.


Any other alternate and Sans would have been… well, not okay. But at least he knew that she would be safe with them. Dusty still had his insanity going for him. Pacing in the kitchen he was having a breakdown. This was worse than the Genocide run that he had experienced. Sans didn’t want to think about the things Dust could be doing to her. Would she come back even more traumatized than when she left?


That made Sans stop in his tracks. The idea of Luna being more traumatized sent a sharp pain to his soul. He had to know. He had to make sure that His Moon was safe. Pulling out his phone he looked through the list of friends that he had going all the way to each one of his and Papyrus’ alternates. The one time he had broken the machine it had filtered in various versions of him and Paps. It took many months to get things all situated. The machine working and sending them back to their rightful dimensions.


Dusty was one of the only ones he knew of that could go through the various dimensions. Hunting both monsters and the human’s supernatural monsters. It reminded Sans too much of the show called Supernatural. Looking at the number would he seem desperate if he called? Yes! Because she was his damn soul mate. Pressing the green phone button, he brought the phone up to his ear hole. Sans could be calm about this yes.


“yellow.” All calmness went out the damn window the minute Dusty answered the phone.


bring her back now!” Sans demanded right off the bat. No asking nicely which might have benefited him.


“told ya i wanted to talk to her.” Like Sans fucking cared what his murderous self did. He needed to stay away from his mate. Why did he want to talk to her so bad anyways? “ya didn’ want to listen. especially when she came downstairs from that room. felt your magic flare up in an instant.”


His magic had flared up? How had he not noticed that? Then again, his magic did feel off since The Gremmie attack. That didn’t mean… “dammit, dust… bring back my mate. or so help me. i will throw ya into the void and lock the door behind ya.”


Sans just wanted Luna back. He didn’t care what Dusty did after that. Even while on the phone knowing she was somewhere with Dusty his magic was flaring up. The sight of the clawed wall where Dusty had pinned Luna earlier didn’t bode well. He should fix it but he would do that when Luna was back home safe in his arms.


“i will return your mate to ya once she is fed and i have my chat with her. don’ worry so much classic. there won’ be a single brunette strand harmed on her pretty little head.” Sans was about to protest one more time, but the call was ended abruptly.


Dropping the phone into his hand he stared at the image of Luna staring down at the birthday pancakes Paps had made for her. He couldn’t stop his magic from flaring more. The static charge vibrated through his arm and onto the phone. Spiderweb cracks forming along the screen and the phone abruptly shut itself off. Welp that phone was dead.


A whine escaped him before he dropped to his knees. The failure to protect his mate came stronger than he anticipated. Covering his hands over his face he just remained on the ground. Not having any will to move. A part of him was missing. And it was the part that Luna kept filled. His mate… Sans got up off the floor gritting his teeth tightly together. A thought rolling through his mind before he short cut down to the basement. His machine covered and somewhat disassembled.


There was no chance that Dusty would bring Luna back. Simply from the way he had reacted when he had pinned Luna into the wall. Like he wasn’t seeing for the first time. There was a pained look on his face that Sans had noticed. Sans never questioned what Dusty went through, but it reminded Sans too much of that Genocide run. Like he had just seen Papyrus die.


Grabbing the tarp that was covering the machine he pulled it down. Uncovering the dimension machine. After the first time, he ran into the alternate versions of himself that had caused quite a bit of chaos. It happened the first two years of him being on the surface. Throughout those two years, he looked after multiple versions of himself and his brother.


They had taken in a human to help them through their heats. Paid her rather well even for any sexual acts that happened outside of their heats. That human ended up going back with the Swap guys. A decision that had hurt Sans back at the time. But he had never been more grateful that he was now. He might not have ended up with Luna the way he had.


The machine was nearly put back together an hour later when he felt his soul tremble. Like something came back. Short cutting back upstairs he saw Dusty in the kitchen holding Luna in a dip like he was going to kiss her. Anger floored Sans’ actions. Before he realized it, he had crossed the floor yanking her out of his alternate’s arms. Her body jerked violently, it was a reaction he expected since she was probably terrified.


Sans focused his gaze on Dusty throwing warning growls the alternate’s way. If it weren’t for Luna being there at that moment, he would have attacked the bastard. It would leave Luna open for Dusty to go after once more. Dusty looked back at him arching his brows in amusement. A soft chuckle escaping him while he crossed the room picking up the jacket from the chair it was still resting on. Sans wished he had shredded the damn thing.


The worry Luna currently was sharing between the mark’s link should have calmed him it didn’t. “happy mum’s day butterfly.” Dusty spoke making Sans tense with Luna in his hold. The two locked gazes. “see ya round classic.” The amused tone in his voice before disappearing.


It left just him and Luna in the kitchen. Sans momentarily sent magic over her body trying to find any energy. Her soul pulsated better, there was no sign of the hope leakage any longer that was good. Why couldn’t he let go? Because it could have gone a lot worse, Dusty might not have brought her back. He could have kept her and soul-bonded her. Much like Stretch and Blue had done with Melody.


“Sans?” Her voice sounded like music to his ears. Let him just savor this a bit longer. Let him enjoy having her close. Just holding her from behind. All of this brought up a new list of problems in his mind. Dusty could come back at any time to take her from him. Sans wouldn’t have it.


“luna… i just spent an hour scared out of my mind because i couldn’ sense you.” Sans spoke pressing the top of his skull into the back of her neck. The natural scent of her going into his nasal cavity.


Sans knew that at some point she could turn him down and leave him. Everything he had done was not normal in any courtship. From the heat mark on the train. To just showing up with Papyrus to Puzzle night. Asking her out as a birthday present wasn’t exactly fair. He had put the mate mark and knocked her up shortly after getting her to live with him and Papyrus. Exactly how was any of that being a good date mate? Luna had taken it all with stride and ease. Like she would have done it in a heartbeat if he asked her again.


Sans pulled her tighter to his chest short cutting back up to his bedroom. There were times they slept in the guest bedroom together. After this, though he was going to insist that they sleep in his room. She was his soul mate. Placing her delicately on the bed he looked down at her. There was a twinge of worry that made up her face.


“What did you get into while I was gone?” Luna asked her hand reaching up to touch his face.


Sans didn’t hesitate to cover her hand with his loving the warmth that was seeping out from her palm. The compassion she was giving off shooting straight to his soul. “was about to fire up my old machine to come lookin’ for ya. that alternate of me is not someone ya need to be around princess.”


“I gathered. He terrified me when he had pinned me against that wall.” Luna admitted the shiver vibrating through her body.


Dusty could have done far worse than pin her into that wall. Sans knew what Levels of Violence did to monsters. How it affected them was unknown. For Axe, it caused an insatiable hunger. Dusty? Sans swallowed thinking of the madness his alternate had. His LV was going up due to the line of work that Dusty chose to do. A supernatural hunter, going after the paranormal creatures as well as the monsters Sans couldn’t get his own hands on in his timeline. Dusty went through the various timelines wiping them out.


“he’s not like that by choice. he did what he had to do to survive his timeline.” Sans didn’t like that he was making that excuse. But Dusty didn’t need to be damned for what he had to endure.


“Gathered that much. Especially when he was giving me advice about how to take care of myself. Said I should carry some monster food on me if I insist on walking by myself.” That made Sans growl he didn’t want her walking by herself anymore.


“no, ya won’ be walkin’ by yourself. that shit the other night could have gone a lot worse luna. that gremmie could have killed ya… and i would have…” There would be no doubt about it. He would have demanded Frisk do a reset. He couldn’t live in a world without His Moon. And he doubts Paps would as well.


“Sans… you can’t…” Luna was trying to speak even when he climbed over the top of her. Straddling her waist while he watched her face. This had scared her more than she was willing to admit. “I’m not a pet bunny you can only pull out when you want to play with. Nor can I expect you and Pappy to drop your own jobs to babysit me.”


Sans placed his hand over her mouth effectively silencing her before she had the chance to say anymore. He really didn’t want to hear what he or Paps could do. They both were going to ensure she was safe. “don’ care. ya ain’ a bunny or a pet but ya are important not to just me but paps too. we both are goin’ to have that conversation. an’ i know paps is gonna agree with me.”


Leaning forward he placed a hand over her chest. Luna looked down to where his hand was then back up at him. He could see that fear in her face again. “luna i need to do somethin’ but i will give ya the option to back out if ya want…” His gaze rolled off to the side. “though it’s a bit late to be sayin’ no to somethin’ like this.”


His attention flicked back to her face. The fear was gone which pleased him. That was good. Sans purred leaning forward to kiss her pressing his teeth to her lips. Savoring in the taste that was her. She kissed him back while his magic worked it through the joints of his fingers. His magic gripped her soul, she was relaxed enough for him to pull it out even while he sat back.


Luna watched him even when her soul floated in front of her. Then her gaze shifted to look up at her soul that hovered in front of him. It wasn’t docile like it had been the other night. It made him smile warmly. Seems Dusty had done exactly what he said he would do. Mending her soul so that it wasn’t leaking out Hope anymore.


“Sans? What?” He didn’t want her to finish that sentence moving into the corner wall on his bed he moved his hand over his own chest. Luna got to her hands and knees watching him.


“i need to do this luna. i need you to trust me though. if ya don’ trust me this could kill us both.” The downsides to doing this without her fully trusting him could be bad. Papyrus could come home to cyan dust scattered across the room as well as Luna’s body lifeless.


Something that Paps need to see or deal with. Sans removed his hand from his chest not pulling out his soul yet. He opened his arms for her to come over to him. She didn’t hesitate once making her way to him. Curling into his chest when she climbed up on his lap. Her little soul dipping down a little to show her nervousness.


“how much do ya know about soul bonding?” Sans asked her.


That made her perk up her cheeks heating a lovely shade pink. That made Sans chuckle. “quite a bit eh? doesn’ surprise me. ya did live with two monsters who are soul bonded. it's similar to what ya humans call marriage. this will be on a much deeper level.”


Sans looked off to the side knowing the risk that this would do. He would see her painful memories as well as the ones that brought her the most joy. What he saw she would equally see what he had gone through. The joy of the pacifist runs… the pain of the genocide run. The sight of Papyrus’ dust surrounding the red scarf that Sans had crocheted for him. It was something he didn’t want her to go through especially when he saw those cracks.


Her compassion suffered greatly for what her adopted family had put her through. Sans was trying to mend it. The soul bond would intensify his magic that was already seeping through her soul. Sans knew that this would help heal her but there were things in his past that would damage her soul. Like his treatment of Melody.


“ain’ gonna lie here. i’m gonna get a better view into what happened to ya. wanted to hear it from ya first though. me on the other hand, ya might see me in a light that is far less flatterin’. not always been the carefree bonehead that ya see before ya. the soul bond makes us understand one another on a far deeper level. thought dust was gonna do it to ya when he took ya. i could see that look on his face like he wanted to.” Sans shuddered at the thought of Dusty keeping Luna.


Her hand moved up to cup his cheekbone making him look down at her. “Sans you worry too much. He didn’t do anything but make me breakfast. Think I nearly gave him a heart attack when I snuck up on him. Then he got more annoyed when I started to talk like you.” Luna giggled.


Go figure his moon princess was a little troll as well. There was a reason he loved her so much. His soul mate! She was perfect for him. “ninja luna sounds like the best.” Sans chuckled cuddling her into his chest.


“Yeah guess I am.” She giggl