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Strangers on the Train

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Sans sighed sitting at the train station, it was another long day at the office for him and he really was looking forward to getting home. Maybe sit down and eat Papyrus' spaghetti. That thought alone made him shiver. He loved his brother very much, but his cooking of the noodle dish was much to be desired. Even the kid had a hard time stomaching it. Either way neither of the two had the heart to tell Paps the truth about it. So, they gladly stomached it whenever he made Spaghetti. Maybe someone would one day come into their lives and teach him a better way of doing it.


He chuckled softly to himself thinking of how happy he was to be out from the underground. Gazing up he admired the jeweled sky that was before him. How long had he dreamt about seeing them when he was in the underground? Now he was hoping that the train didn't show up so that he could just sit under the stars and admire them. Maybe he could go out in the field that the train passed just sit there and gaze at them till the morning came?


Footsteps caught his attention flicking his eye lights down from the sky towards where they were coming from. He couldn't see the person's face as they walked over near the bench, but he picked up the sound of music that must have been mutely blasting in their ears. He strained to make out whatever the song was but really couldn’t, so he just sat there watching them. His gaze moving down to their feet, they had a set of boots on with about a half inch heel. Sans estimated that they were half an inch. Hard to tell since there wasn't much of an arch. His gaze trailed up finding well... were those leggings? They had an almost interesting design to them that had him nearly sliding off the bench to examine them.


Nope, not going to do that. That might lead into other things. He mentally scolded himself knowing full well he was getting rather close to his heat cycle. 


The figure was female judging from the ruffles of the skirt that she wore. Now the colors caught him off guard a bit. It was a mix of blue, purple, and black. With little silvery flecks that seemed to flow into the various colors. Why does that look familiar? He pondered to himself before looking up at the sky then silently chuckled. It was a galaxy pattern on the skirt. Mentally he found himself enamored with the pleated skirt. The female shifted her body swaying side to side. He couldn't help but watch her. Dancing?  He chuckled again. Sans didn't dance much, and this female clearly didn't realize that she might be watched. Sans found himself pondering what she looked like. She was covered with an oversized black hoodie from her hips up. Her hands were shoved in her pockets much like his often were. 


Sans didn't have much more time to really observe the woman from where he had sat because the large metal transportation suddenly pulled in front of the station. Sighing he slid off the bench standing to his six-foot height. Smoothing out the oversized blue parka that he loved. His long black pants sliding down his femur to the tennis shoes he had on. Hated wearing the shoes much preferred his fuzzy pink slippers, but work required him to wear them. Shoving his hands into his pockets he walked to stand behind the female.


Slowly she turned, and he caught a glimpse of her face, well sort of, under the hoodie she wore. His breath hitched in his throat when he found himself staring at a pair of heterochromial eyes. One eye was a deep blue while the other was a pale green. They dark lashes that cascaded around them contrasted her fair skin. Her eyebrows were a hint of dark brown that reminded him of mahogany. Disappointment flared through him when he didnt see more of her face since from the bridge of her nose to the start of her jacket it was covered in a scarlet colored scarf.


Her gaze held his for a moment and he tensed. She was human after all, and some humans weren't as friendly as others. Sans really didn't want her to start screaming because there was a monster in front of her. The woman's gaze softened or at least that's what he thought. Hard to tell sometimes since he couldn't really see much more of her face. Maybe if her cheek bones weren't so covered he might be able to tell. Instantly he wanted to say hi. Why? Well that was a mystery in on itself. For all he knew it was because she didn't scream. Though he worried she might scream if he did talk to her.


That would really suck. But hey... best to see if I can make a new pal... He chuckled to himself.


"sup." Sans spoke watching the woman for a moment. But she didn't respond, she just watched him. Tilting his head curiously he tried to think, then the familiar sound of music reminded him she had it blasting in her ears. And with the fact that his mandible didn't move too much when he spoke well... it was easy to see how she might not be able to hear him.


So, Sans pulled his hand out from his pocket and waved to her, making sure to wiggle his phalanges for a bit of an extra measure. The woman's gaze landed on his hand only for him to hear a soft chuckle from her throat. Ooh, he didn't have to say anything, and he managed to get her to laugh already. This was looking promising. But his thoughts were cut off when the doors of the train opened. The woman gave him a curt nod before turning to board the train.


Patting his jacket, he withdrew his ticket scrambling to catch up with her. Not wanting to part ways with her just yet. Though once on board he turned only to find she wasn't where he could find her. Disappointment struck hard then while he looked over the seats he could see. Nope not seeing that little black hoodie she had been wearing. How the hell did I lose her in a manner of minutes? He wondered to himself before moving to one of the nearest seats. Sliding into the little booth he turned to look out the window pulling out his phone. Going across town took forever but it was the last communal train for the evening. Honestly, he wanted to watch the stars instead of going home right away only to crawl into bed.


When the train pulled out of the station he started to look through his games before finding them boring. Sliding his phone back into the pocket of his parka he turned his attention to the window again. Watching the city go by. It was so relaxing. It would be nice to go for a walk with someone at night to enjoy the brisk air while staring up at the stars. Sans’ mind went back to the pleated skirt girl, did she like going for walks? With a skirt like she had on he found himself wondering if she enjoyed looking up at the stars like he did.


Then his mind took a turn for what some might consider the worse. Recalling the leggings that seemed to wrap snuggly around her calves; going up under that skirt. For a moment, he wondered what it would be like to have her pressing back against him while they looked up at that jeweled sky. The curve of her ass pressing into his pelvis maybe he could shift the skirt up, leggings down and… His sockets widened then in realization.

No, shit no! Not now. Not here for stars sake! Sans thought to himself looking down to find his magic already attempting to solidify down below.


His gaze snapped around him finding there were quite a few humans around him where he was. Suddenly a shortcut home didn’t sound so bad. In that same thought he pouted wanting go to that field and admire that jeweled sky. It must have been a sad sight to think about a skeleton monster pouting because his heat came earlier than expected. The need to take care of the swelling magic struck. Perhaps he could go into one of the emptier train carts and take care of his problem while he still could.


Glancing around he zipped up his parka hoping that it would hide his growing erection and slid from the booth. Walking into the next train cart over he glanced around finding no one there. Though this one seemed to have more private carts which proved convinient for his little issue. Interesting, he had never been in these areas before. Going into one of them he didn’t check to see if anyone there.


It wasn’t till the sound of a bit of a fast beat caught his attention after he had closed the door. ‘How do you do? You like me. And I like you. Come and take me by the hand, because I want to be your friend…’ The song was oddly familiar to him since he tended to watch YouTube a bit too much. He recalled the fast-paced tune to be matched with what was it, Nightcore? Yeah that had to be it. It made him turn fully to find, the galaxy pleated skirt girl. Her body pressed into a corner her legs stretched out on the seat she was sitting on. A phone resting in her lap blasting music. Well that explains why she didn’t stay in the other cart. But as his gaze lifted he noticed her eyes were closed.




Now he was conflicted with the want to stay and see if he could get her to talk to him like he had tried earlier. And the need to take care of what was going on below his pants. Looking over he could see her chest moving up and down slowly. It was a good hint that she might have been sleeping. Before Sans could restrain it, a soft purr that came from him knowing she was right there. He felt the sudden warmth spreading through him. More than likely he wouldn’t see her again. There was an ache for him to talk to her, learn about her. At the same time, he didn’t want to interrupt her if she were sleeping.


Suddenly he was staring at the two different eyes as they slowly opened. Blinking for a moment as they took in the sight of him being there. Shit! He hadn’t meant to wake her. So instinctually he moved his hand to wave at her again wiggling his phalanges like before. The gesture registered in his mind before he brought his hand to his forehead making him feel like such an idiot. A soft chuckle reached his metaphorical ears and he perked up staring at her with his eye lights.


Galaxy Skirt moved to pick up her phone, her thumb pressing down on the side. The music started to go down in volume to where it still could have a conversation. Sans guessed as much since he could now hear the quiet hum of the lights in the small area. “Sit.” A sweet soft voice spoke to him, but it took him a minute to register whom said that. Then it registered she had said it even though it was slightly muffled by that scarf pulled over her face. “I don’t bite, I promise.” The voice came again.


Sans moved to the other side of the cart shifting his parka so that it would cover his now straining erection. Nope, the thought of taking care of that was suddenly out of his mind. Especially in the presence of Galaxy Skirt. For the first time, he noticed also that he was speechless. She moved sitting straighter dropping her legs onto the ground he noticed her boots had been removed to reveal white socks underneath. Would she miss those, if I took them? Probably. He mentally scolded himself for even thinking of stealing her socks right off her feet.


“So, you going to say anything skelly. Or are you just going to sit there and stare at my feet?” That voice came again which made him look up at her.


Did she just call him Skelly?


“uh… well... sorry, i didn’ mean to stare…” Shit, he never had this issue before. Moving a hand to the back of his skull he rubbed lightly feeling a bit nervous. “wait did ya call me skelly?”


Another chuckle came from her then which had him looking at her once more. That’s when he saw her jacket was open revealing a white shirt underneath that swooped a bit lower than he expected. Especially when his eye lights took in the sight of the plump breasts that were there. That was not helping him with the straining magic he was feeling. Not when he could literally count the freckles splattered across her breasts.


“Well, don’t exactly know what else to call you. Since I don’t know your name. Probably won’t see you beyond tonight though either… So, Skelly seems pretty fitting.” Her voice rolled over him with each word making him shiver slightly.


Galaxy still had that red scarf over her face hiding it from his eye lights. Sans could feel his phalanges want to pull it down so that he could take in the rest of her. She had to be pretty without it, but it was hard to tell. Dawning on him he understood the reasoning behind her calling him skelly. Alright then well two could play that game.


“alright then galaxy, i take it ya don’ ride the train that often?” He hummed at her relaxing back into his own seat. Trying to ignore the straining erection that was there. Don’t worry I didn’t forget about you. But I want to talk to her. He mentally told himself.


“Galaxy eh? Staring at my ass a bit were you?” There was a click in her tongue then that had him wincing.


“you’re ass-uming things there, kid.” Sans threw a pun out there, but she wasn’t wrong. His gaze had lingered on her ass but only to take in the details of her skirt. “was just admiring the pretty little twinkles that were there.”


“That was weak, and you know it.” Galaxy scoffed at him but none the less she chuckled at him.


Her eyes glittered with amusement before reaching over to pull out a small bag that was sitting off to the side. Sans tilted his head before she held it out to him. Glancing into the small red velvet bag he counted a few multi colored candies. “Want a Jelly baby?” Her voice called to him.


“did ya just… quote the fourth doctor?” Sans asked in a surprised voice getting her to snicker once more.


His gaze moved up to her watching her shoulders rise and fall into place. Shit she had quoted Tom Baker. Let’s see here galaxy pleated skirt, techno music that often-featured anime girls, and now liked to watch Doctor Who? Who the hell was this chick?


Sans felt his perpetual grin widen more as he reached forward grabbing one of the multi colored beans. It was a yellow colored one with white specks. Parting his teeth slightly he popped the candy into his mouth chewing on it while his magic took in the flavor. Sans grimaced tasting something off. It was like almost sulfur. Looking at her he took in the sight of her shoulders quaking. Oh, fuck she pranked me! But he finished the candy off shooting a glare at her.


Galaxy doubled over letting out a full-on hardy laugh before retrieving a package out of her bag. Something on her hands caught his attention for a second but it faded as the package was thrown into his lap. Looking down at it he mentally groaned. ‘Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans.’ So not only a Doctor Who fan but a Harry Potter fan as well. Throwing the box back at her he couldn’t be mad she got him good.


“Hard to resist when someone doesn’t know ya Skelly. So worth seeing that look on your face when you bit into the rotten egg bean.” Galaxy snickered before shoving the box bag into the oversized bag she had been carrying. He didn’t recall seeing that before.


Sans eyed her while she returned the box to the bag that was at her feet. Taking a moment, he further examined her. The red scarf was on her face loosely, but it seemed kind of snug to her face. Probably to shield her nose from the cold. The carts weren’t exactly the warmest, and she was human. Lowering his gaze, he found his gaze taking in her breasts once more. The way the lightly jiggled while she was bent. Doesn’t a bra prevent them from doing that?  He found himself wondering. But upon further inspection he found that there was no fabric between her shirt and her breasts. Which meant no bra… The purr was inevitable this time. From his current frustration of his growing need and the sight of those fleshy beauties it rolled out. His sockets widened, and his hand clasped over his teeth.


Embarrassment flooded through him from him making that sound. What the hell was wrong with him? One didn’t just make sounds like that for no apparent reason. Damn heat was starting to become harder to control. The human female had him literally squirming in his seat. Sans needed to contain his noises before she started to think that he was a creep of some sort. His gaze trailed out to look the window taking in the scenery that passed by. Counting from one to ten. His soul seemed to go back to a calm rhythmic beat which helped him get more complacent he guessed. His attention drew back to her now only to find two toned eyes focusing on him with curiosity in them.


What is she thinking? Sans wondered wishing he could see the rest of the face. Humans were easier to read with their face. But that red scarf was in the damn way! His phalanges twitched to yank that scarf away.


“That was such a cute sound you made there.” Galaxy chuckled suddenly. “And look at that face its so adorable. All flushed with a blue tint. You look a bit flustered Skelly.”


Sans pulled his hoodie on his head, immediately drawing the strings to pull them tight over his face. This was not happening he was not going to let her sit there and taunt him about his magic that suddenly. Temptation to just shortcut blinked into his mind. He nearly did just that till the seat next to him shifted. Nope not going to look even though he could scent her there. Smelling of something floral but dark and sweet. It had him purring again.


His hood was forced down making him face her now. So close… too close… he needed to get away before his heat forced him to do something he might regret. Moving off he slid away from her. Though her eyes seemed to soften, they flickered from amusement to a sudden sadness. So, she moved back over towards where she was sitting. But her gaze didn’t focus on him. “Sorry I’ll stay over here.” She muttered after a while.


Sans felt his perpetual smile wane a little after that, he hadn’t meant to do that but her being that close had some effect on him. He had immediately wanted to pull her onto his lap to ravage her. Galaxy propped herself back into her corner removing her hands from her pockets. He hadn’t even noticed her put them back in. And now his gaze landed on the gloves themselves. They were fingerless so just above her knuckles her finger tips were revealed. Taking a moment to admire the similar pattern painted on her nails as to what was on her skirt. The gloves were black but the white design on them resembled the bones of the human hand. That made him chuckle.


“got a thing for bones, eh?” Sans asked his grin widening before moving to sit over on the other side with her. Maybe… he could convince her to help him out. His mind went to that field where he was headed to star gaze…


“Well I guess you would have known that the minute you saw these. They are like for Halloween, but I love wearing them year-round.” Then her gaze fixated on him flashing with something he wasn’t sure if he remembered or not. The kid often gave that gaze. “You’re in heat, aren’t you?” 


That shocked him because while humans whom have been around monsters could feel the sexual pull they rarely were able to pinpoint what it was. He swallowed the lump that formed in his metaphorical throat not sure how he should respond to that question. Just as he was about to respond she started talking.


“Trust me. You’re not the first monster I have come across. My buddy BP he got it really bad when he came over one time. His was eh...” Sans watched her as her gaze looked out the window seeming to search for the right way to explain it. “Passive I guess the right word would be. Rubbing on me while he purred constantly needing to be scratched behind his ears. Yours however, I can feel the tug of it. Almost like it’s trying to get me to swoon towards you. Making me want to be on you. It’s taking a lot to fight off that urge since you know…” Her gaze flicked back to him. “We just met.”


There was so much in that he wanted to respond to. The fact that she admitted to having a monster in her place, instantly feeling envious of Burger Pants. The feline monster that worked at the MTT resort was obviously good friends with Galaxy, got to see her on a regular basis probably. Sans found himself envious. But she admitted to feeling the tug of his heat that was something he should address.


“ya know burger pants?” He asked almost instantly wanting to smack himself in the head. Why couldn’t he address the issue of his heat currently.


“Hmmm… know yes. We work together at the resort.” Galaxy responded idly almost nonchalant. Her gaze was focused on him while she spoke. With each word he could see the scarf moving along with her jaw. “Outside of work he comes over time to time. We play games and such.”


Now Sans was a bit hesitant. What if she was claimed by BP, he really would hate to step on the cat’s tail. But last he heard he was with Tops; the blue bunny that sold Nice Cream at the park. Everyone loved Nice Creams. “you’re not datin' bp are ya?” He asked hating how accusatory his voice sounded.


The look she shot him said it all for him. Her mahogany brows were pulled in a downward angle as she looked at him. “Tell me that was a bad joke. Tops is like my best friend that brings Nice cream when I’m all crampy and shit. I would never do that to my blue bunny.”


Raising his hands up he showed the sign for calm down. “easy. when ya mentioned his heat i assumed that ya helped him with it. tops is a good friend of mine too. and i would hate to show bp a bad time if i felt he was being dishonest with tops.” It was the truth, but he felt relieved that she wasn’t with the feline. All in all, she was comfortable around monsters. He had even learned where she worked. Good, now I know where I can find you for these kinds of chats again. It was wrong of him to take that information, but she was proving to be fun.


“You’re a protective Skelly. But I think we are getting off topic here. You’re either in heat or going into heat. Which you are a bit vulnerable. Why did you even bother leaving the house? You had to have known that it was coming up.” Galaxy asked her arms moving to rest on her stomach. Those two-toned eyes fixed on him while she remained in her relaxed state.


“work gives time off for it. but wasn’ expecting it for a while. it kind of happened after i got on the train. was going to take care of the issue when i got back here. ran into ya though and wanted to get an opportunity to talk to ya.” Sans admitted hoping he wasn’t being too forward. He definitely enjoyed talking to her over taking care of his current state.


Those eyes flicked downwards then, dammit he said he was going to take care of it. And that obviously had hinted he was currently in a state. But she didn’t move away from him like the last girl whom had seen him like this had. That had to be promising right?


Silence stretched between them and Sans felt his sweat starting to form on his skull. Even more so when that gaze moved up to his skull. What was she thinking? He desperately wanted to know what she was thinking because she hadn’t said anything. Shifting uncomfortably in his seat he turned so that he could face her. Shoving his hands in his pockets. “i chose talkin' to ya over takin' care of it. i figured i could take care of it after we parted ways. convenient for the train to have these private areas.” He admitted after a while in attempt to break the silence.


“You can take care of it if you would like, I don’t mind. I accidently walked in on BP and Tops one time. Sadly, I wish I had walked back out.” That made Sans look at her and he could see hints of pink spreading across her face. Galaxy had just admitted to being a voyeur. And fuck he found it hot! The idea of her watching him stroking himself seemed appealing.


“how lon' did ya watch?” Sans asked, and he swore that pink shade got darker.


“Um well…” Now she was the one whom was nervous and getting a bit flustered. He was definitely loving this. “I stayed even as they finished. Which when they found me I ran out of the room. They still won’t let me live it down.” Her face was bright red now. It had him snickering, which earned him a rightful glare. “What it was hot to watch!” Galaxy defended herself immediately.


“oh, i am sure it was.” Sans hummed feeling a sort of confidence rise over him. “did ya manage to help yourself off later? because i am willin' to bet my bottle of ketchup ya did.” And to emphasize it he pulled out his bottle from the inside pocket of his parka. Wiggling it side to side for her to see and that blush deepened.


His gaze flicked down over her legs admiring the pattern of small zigzags embroidered into her grey leggings. The skin under them must have been like what little he had seen. Did she have freckles there too? Her body shifted softly, and her hand came up to snatch that bottle of ketchup from him. Sitting back in her spot she eyed it as he lifted his gaze up to her.


“Did you hijack a hot dog stand? This looks like it came from one of those vendors in the park. Most of them started to carry packets now. So, seeing this retro thing brings back memories.” Galaxy responded her other hand moving up to the scarf. And with a few tugs it fell loosely off to the side. Sans could feel his soul thumping so fast now taking in the new details that made Galaxy. Freckles decorated her cheeks; her nose was almost button like. As she spoke he took in how soft they looked her lips parting occasionally, to reveal she had a small gap between her two front upper teeth. “Who the hell carries a bottle of ketchup with them?” She asked smiling brightly at him and he swore he was about to expel that magic that was straining right there.


His shoulder rose and fell. “most don’ question what i do. because it's me.” He responded to her and what she did next had him gazing in wonder. Because those soft lips were wrapped around the pointed tip of the bottle as her fingers squeezed the contents.


She removed it after a bit her tongue rolled out to swipe over her lips experimentally. Seeing if any happened to be there. Absent mindedly he did the same to his teeth thinking how her lips would feel. The motion caught her attention. “He has a tongue.” She spoke with amusement. Oh, hell no, she was trying to turn the tables. They would have been turned if he hadn’t caught himself.


“yeah i do. and i know how to use it too.” Sans responded cockily.


The bottle was then handed back to him, in which he wasn’t sure whether he had gotten his answer or not. His grin turned smug looking her over. Yeah, she must have gotten off later thinking about BP and Tops going at it. And he would have loved to watch her, seeing as she crumpled during her climax. Probably would have been there to aide her. Suddenly, her hand was extended out to him, that made him look up at her. An amused look on her face while she stared at him. Cautiously he took her hand feeling the softness of her gloves. But the graze of her fingertips nearly had him shuttering. The heat rising into his palm.


“Guess it’s time to make formalities.” That statement caught him off guard. “The names Luna. Luna Solarium.”


“sans….” He responded instantly. Forgetting about his whoopie cushion that he often would use when meeting new people. “sans the skeleton.”


Galaxy had a name…. And it was better than fucking Galaxy. It was Luna Solarium. How does one get such a fucking name like that? Literally Luna meaning moon and Solarium deriving from the word Solar which meant the sun. She was the sun and the moon. If he hadn’t been turned on before her name would have had him striking a boner hard. And the fact he still had a hold of her hand. They had exchanged names, throughout the conversation of ketchup and voyeurism. It was an awkward way to start up a friendship but hell he’d take. Especially for someone name Luna Solarium, whom worked at MTT resort, and liked to watch monsters fuck.


“So, you asked a question about whether I got off after I saw them…” Oh Luna was talking now. And her hand was retracting from his nearly had Sans whining not wanting to let go of that hand. Because it was the hand of the sun and moon. He must have a word fetish or something because he should not be thinking of being hard about that. “And you were right.” Shit he nearly missed that because he was too worked up in his own mind.


“of course, i was. ya wouldn’ have watched them finish if ya weren’ turned on by it in some way. interestin' to find a human that likes to watch monsters have sex.” He could see her cheeks were turning that pretty shade of pink again. Too cute. “ya are cute when ya look all pink.” He snickered seeing that pink turn to a deep shade of red.


Now what happened next, he couldn’t be sure if he had thought it up in his head or not because as soon as he commented on her being pink she lunged. Soon he found himself pressed against a wall with her just above him. A smirk of confidence showing in as the redness turned to pink. Well hell… he didn’t expect that especially when she has her fingers curled into his shirt. The hood has fallen off her head to reveal her hair pulled back into a ponytail. It was the same mahogany tone as her eyebrows all be it a bit darker.


“You think I’m cute? What else you got rolling around in that skull of yours hmm?” Luna asked her hand becoming less tense as it slid down the front of his shirt where his parka wasn’t zipped up. He had only zipped it halfway to hide up the swelling of magic. But hell, her being above him was having a whole new effect on him. His hands came up to press on her hips pulling her to where she was over his lap. Forgetting about that damn erection. But her gasp reminded him as well as the soft graze of her resting on it. “Ah… I see.”


“wait no… its not like.” Sans was quick to defend himself, but a gloved hand moved over his teeth. Making him quiet just then.


“Easy there, Skelly. Do you want some help down there? I can offer some help. But got to make sure your cool with it. Consent is huge.” Luna offered and shit if he didn’t feel like he was hearing things. She must have read his mind. “I know how BP gets. He’s all purry and shit trying to snuggle to me till I call Tops. Then he gets to have him. Now if you got someone say something I’ll get off and we can resume our nice chat. But I saw the way you looked when you came in. It can’t be comfortable.”


Luna wasn’t far from wrong with each thing she did it was becoming increasingly impossible for him not to reach down and stroke himself. The field wasn’t far off he would have waited but here he had a willing female offering to help him out. And had experience with Monster Heats. While not interacting in the sexual act but she had been through them none the less. But BP was a submissive heat, how would she deal with a dominant heat?


“while i am seriously considering your offer, ya have to know my heat isn’ like bp’s. he has a submissive heat where he is more willin' to receive that give. mine is dominant. right now, i am fightin' not to flip ya down on this bench and fuck ya. it's why ya feel that pull. makes ya want to be on me and such. i imagine ya wouldn’ be offering so much if it weren’ for that.” Sans offered wanting to be honest.


“I’m not sure I want to have you fucking me… not because you’re a monster or anything like that but because we just met.” Luna responded, and he got that. Sex was big for humans unless they were prostitutes or something. Which he highly doubted that was the case with her. It was clear she held some standards. But he wanted to see where this was going to go. His phalanges absent mindedly moved over the pleated skirt tracing each little star. Because they were literal silver stars. That was nice. “I can offer the usage of my hands though. Just to ease up the tense feeling of your magic down there. What you say Sans?” The way his name came off her tongue had him feeling like he was going to cream there.


This was one hell of a tempting offer, though he would have enjoyed more if he allowed him to fuck her rather than allow her to use her hands to get him off. The dominance of the heat had him wanting to make her submit to him. But for now, … His gaze focused on her gloved hands. “as much as i understand the whole no glove no love rules ya humans have. i would prefer if ya would take those off. i want skin on skin feel for this.” He chuckled lightly admiring the smile that he was getting from her at the moment.


“Alright I can understand that. Move to the other side against the window.” Luna muttered getting off his lap, his hands almost pulled her back down on him not wanting her to get up. She just felt too good there. But he allowed it for now… he kept telling himself he had control of this situation. Moving to the other side he situated himself like she had before he had come into the room.


There were a few things he registered in the matter of moments that he fixed himself. One there was the sound of a click where she stood. Then the lights went out. And finally, there was a dim light coming from above. Lifting his gaze, he gasped at the sight of the starry night above. Well talk about ambience. “I love these carts for this very reason. You seem to like things involving the galaxy. So, I figured that you might like this little feature. Maybe you will use this cart more often when you come on the train this late again.”


The sound of rustling fabric came next making him move his gaze down to her. The jacket was tossed to the other side now she stood in a white tank top and a light grey cardigan. The cardigan was removed and thrown to the other side with the jacket. Those gloves were still on though. “gloves off please, luna.” Trying to not sound so demanding. He watched as her hands rubbed together. Nerves? Wasn’t she the one whom offered? It only took a few moments before they were removed. Folding them similar to how Paps would fold socks. She threw them over on top of the pile of clothes.


There she stood in leggings, a skirt, and a tank top. Looking down he moved trying to unzip his parka not wanting her to be the only one to remove top layers. He had been so enthralled with the way she removed them that he hadn’t thought to remove his. Smooth, Sans, just freakin smooth. He scolded himself throwing the parka over to the other seat. She crossed the room with grace before climbing back into his lap. But instead of sitting above his bulge she sat just over his thighs.


This felt off for him, for some reason or less. His mind trying to think over what could make this better. Looking up at her he could see she was a bit hesitant, he could somewhat see in the dark being used to living in the underground. Focusing on her hands. There was some sort of raised skin there. His phalanges moved over to touch the top of her hand, that was definitely scar tissue. He didn’t have time to examine it before she removed her hand from his. “Please don’t ask.” Luna begged. Fair enough, he wouldn’t ask.


Sans felt her lean forward and he reached up to grab her upper arms. A small gasp escaping her when he pulled her to him, his teeth pressing into her mouth. His magic forming a sort of lips, so he could kiss her. At first, she was hesitant, but then she melted into that kiss. Good. Suddenly that off feeling went away. Which helped him feel better. The tug on his jeans made him relinquish his grip on her arms. Luna sat up straight a soft chuckle escaping her. “This is supposed to be simple and your making me feel like a lover.” Luna chortled. Sans said nothing. She had no idea that if she made him feel half as good as he was expecting that she might have other problems. Something about her had his soul thrumming hard within him. And he wasn’t about to let this be a one-night thing. Fuck that.


Expertly she undid the fastener on his pants, he couldn’t help but watch her as she did. His hand moved to lace through the mahogany curls finding the little scrunchy that held her hair up into that ponytail. Slowly he removed it watching dark curls move to surround her face. A beautiful stranger, that’s how he currently saw her. Tossing the scrunchie onto the bag she had stopped to watch what he was doing. But once he moved his hands back to her hips that seemed to reassure her. The zipper came down and he instantly felt better with the tension no longer being pressed on his crotch area. It may have been magic didn’t make it any more comfortable in his work pants.


Her fingers trailed over the soft fabric of his boxers lightly tracing around his shaft. It sent a shiver through his spine. That felt good, it also gave him perspective that she didn’t have long nails. There wasn’t much in a nail over the tip of her fingers. It felt good none the less. Her fingers pressed against him softly stroking him within the confines of his boxers. It made him groan digging his phalanges into her hips. In a way making sure that she was there. His gaze lifted to the ceiling watching the stars. Afraid that if he looked at her that he might do more. Luna’s breathing seemed to quicken, she must feel excited too. No doubt the heat that was emanating off him was surrounding her. It would make her want to be touched. Dominant heat, gotta love the way it makes others react. Sans chuckled to himself.


“go on.” Sans felt the sudden need to encourage her. Since she seemed a bit hesitant. “i won’ do nothing that ya don’ want done. even though it’s killin' me not to help ya out.” Now he could sort scent her arousal in the air. This was exciting for her to be able to help him out. In a way he found it rather endearing. It made him curious.


Letting his magic flare, a bit he looked through her at her soul. And found her human soul, she was so open right now it was a bit terrifying. Her heart illuminated a pretty shade of purple that as it went to the center started to show a deeper blue but in the very center he could see a cyan coloration. But there was a fourth color at the very edge of her soul a pretty shade of green. Kindness, Compassion, Integrity, and fucking patience. No wonder she hadn’t jumped his bones right away, she had been waiting for him to be comfortable with her. Made so much sense.


The feel of his boxers being adjusted pulled him from his thoughts looking down at where her hands were. Tiny little things, he found himself admiring how her hands looked. When she pulled the fabric down the blue glow filled the room. The way her eyes sparkled at the sight made him feel a sense of pride. Not many could say they could have literal blue balls. Watching her face, he could see her biting her bottom lip in anticipation. Her hips shifting slightly, to which he smoothed his palms over her. Comforting her, reminding her that he was here.


“That’s big.” Her voice came out in a soft squeak.


“hmm… well thanks. i actually like bein' told that.” Sans responded letting one of his eye lights flicker at her. Signaling a wink, it had her giggling which seemed to relax her. “hey…” He caught her attention just then. “if your uncomfortable then don’ worry about it please luna. i can deal with it at home if need be. i’m very patient when it comes down to it.” Sans felt the need to tell her that. Let her know that this wasn’t expected of her. But stars did he fucking appreciate it.


 Those words seemed to encourage her, and he took in the sight of her basking in the blue glow of his magic. It was something out of a romance novel. He gasped when her hand moved to wrap around the base of his shaft. “Sorry…” Luna whispered. “Too quick?” Sans could only shake his head in response, feeling the heat that she emitted onto him felt so good. Luna shifted up closer it confused him while he watched the edge of her skirt was near the opening of his pants. She looked so focused on the blue ecto cock that she had in her hand.


Her hand moved slowly at first going upwards it had him stiffening. A moan escaping him, before diving into a soft purr. That hand felt so soft. Sans moved to palm her ass underneath that skirt finding that the leggings covered there. Sexy things but annoying right now. He wanted to feel how squishy and soft she was. It seemed to encourage her because now her hand stroked his length up and down. Squeezing him every now and then. Damn she had him squirming. He wasn’t exactly a lengthy guy down there but what he lacked in length he made up in width. Her fingers only managed to wrap around him, her thumb and index finger not touching. It was a reminder of how small she was compared to him.


Licking his teeth at that thought he moved his hand up into those dark tresses. Pressing against the back of her head to bring her closer. His magic claiming her mouth when he pressed his teeth into her soft lips. She moaned… fuck she moaned at that. Parting his teeth his tongue slid against her lips asking for her to open for him. Luna did, and he delved into what most would consider a French kiss. She tasted of coffee and chocolate, as well as this fruity flavor that was close to candy. Those jelly beans, he concluded after a while. Her hand seemed to move faster when he kissed her.


It felt so good being locked in that kiss, but he remembered humans need to breath, so he pulled out. Luna gasped for air. His hands moving up to the straps of that tank top she wore trying to figure out what would be the best way to pull it down. Finally, he settled on pulling it up. His phalanges tucked under the bottom of her shirt moving it upwards, it made her hand move from his shaft to pull them from the shirt. Tossing it off to the side he held her arms in place. Taking in the sight of her topless above him. There was no bra, her skin was pale, rosy colored nipples pebbled when they were exposed to the cool air. He purred leaning forward letting his tongue slide around one of her nipples. He felt Luna move above him letting out a small whimper.


“luna…” Sans breathed against her breast. “let me take care of ya. i can feel your need. let me help you.” Allowing his magic to form lips to wrap around her nipple suckling on it causing her to writhe on him. Her palm finding his shaft once more to slowly stroke him.


The soft moans that she made had him going shifting himself so that he was thrusting up into her hand. It felt so good, the feel of her hand wrapped snuggly around his cock. It had him moaning soft vibrations onto her breast. That caused her to cry out. “No… I-I c-can’t.” She whimpered out making him pull back. Looking up at her curiously. “Told you. First time.” Luna hummed softly at him. It made him want to show her how much of a good time she could have.


Reaching up he pulled her closer to him making her gasp out. He groaned feeling her hand tighten around his shaft. Almost causing him to cum right then and there. Gliding his tongue up over her throat he tasted her soft skin. There was a hint of sweetness to the way she tasted. It made him want more. Moving his teeth to her ear he held her in place. “okay, but the next time i see ya, luna. you’re goin' to know how much of a good time i can give. because fuck what your doin' for me. it’s takin' a whole lot for me not to tear off those leggin's, pull you into my lap and let you ride me all the way across town. and luna…” He paused making sure she was paying attention. “i will find ya, again.” It wasn’t a threat it was a damn promise. “now finish me off before i change my mind about takin' ya in this cart.” He growled.


Normally he wouldn’t be like this, but he was reaching his peak. And she wasn’t going to let him help her anytime soon. Well not tonight anyways. The feeling of her hand wrapping tighter around his shaft was almost enough to make him squirm. That soft hand stroked him with more determination to help him get off. Pulling her closer he parted his mouth revealing fangs that were rarely seen. Of course, she didn’t see them at this moment either even as he positioned them where her neck and shoulder met. He cried out before feeling himself cum, blue magic splashing onto her pale flesh making her belly glow so nicely. Then he bit down, making her cry out. His magic surging through that bite making her body feel immense pleasure that was duplicated from the way she had made him feel. Her hips shifted in his lap, her hand released his shaft making it dissipate now that the magic wasn’t swelling up. Her hands came onto his shirt gripping him tightly.


Pulling her flush against him, her breasts crushing into his rib caged letting her buck on top of him. Said I wouldn’t fuck you. Didn’t say that I wouldn’t get you off in some way though sweetheart. This is the best I can do for now. And that bite will make it easier for me to sense you later. Sans mentally thought his left eye flaring up with his magic making her feel like she was being taken to the stars. He had done this with a monster, once, and they said it was a fantastic. So, he could only imagine how she must feel. Her body shuddered when she finally came down from that high, her body collapsing on his. His tongue lapped at the blood using just a hint of healing magic to seal the wound. There would of course be a scar but nothing too noticeable.


Luna’s body trembled on top of his, he hummed softly to her trying to put her a bit more at ease. Had she fallen asleep? Sans wondered while his hand moved through her hair. The tips of his phalanges stroking her scalp while she rested there. It seemed almost precious holding her in the aftermath of both of their climaxes. Sans knew that she had climaxed because he could smell it heavy in the air. Slowly her body shifted on top of his, her hands clasping on his shoulders to push herself into a sitting position.


It was a strain not to look down at those breasts that were bared for him. She made incoherent mutters under her breath, more than likely telling him off. Sans only hummed in response to her almost seeming like he was asking her what she said. “Why’d you bite me?” Luna asked, her voice not coming out as harsh.


Well… he didn’t want to tell her it was, so he could find her, in case some of the things she had told him weren’t true. The stuff about BP and Tops, yeah, he believed that. But working for the resort. Mettaton loved everything about humans, but he hardly tolerated them working at the resort. Plus, where she had come from wasn’t in the direction of it. No, Sans didn’t believe she worked at the resort.


“ya were makin' me feel too good. and i wanted to help ya with your situation. shouldn’ have to bear that achin' walk by yourself. i just helped give you a little push off that rocky cliff ya were standin' on.” Sans chuckled softly his hands dropping down to her hips slowly stroking the bared skin. So soft!  


 Luna seemed to be gaging his response or at least that’s what he was thinking she was doing. It was nice to think of her being on top of him for now. But she shifted off him pulling her shirt back over her body. Her finger traced where he had bit. They both shivered at that. “easy. that’s sensitive for both of us. i poured quite a bit of magic into ya. felt good didn’ it?” Sans felt proud of himself. Yeah, he was tired but hell so worth it. In a way him doing that linked him to her. That two-toned gaze locked back on, and he saw a hint of mischief flash in them for a second. Her finger running along the mark again making him groan out. It was satisfactory to see her do the same. Well hear her do the same.


“Ooh I kind of like that. So, if I touch it before going to bed tonight you going to feel it?” Luna seemed to chuckle in delight turning to grab her other clothes. Sans took this opportunity to right his clothes as well. “My stop is coming up Sans.” Her voice didn’t sound like a happy one as she zipped up her jacket.


Sans admitted not wanting to part ways yet, he had just met her and already he wanted to drag her back to his house for some cuddles. Walking past him she pulled on those boots zipping up the sides. Now he got a good look at them. They were Doc Martins boots. Nice sturdy ones for people whom are on their feet a lot. He grabbed his parka pulling it on lazily, admitting he felt much better after all that magic was released. It had a different feel to it. He still watched her fiddling around with those bone gloves. Admiring how she didn’t seem to shy about them when she looked up at him. Say something you bonehead! He yelled at himself.


“eh… i enjoyed spendin' time with ya. could i…” Why was he so nervous? She had been just touching his dick a few minutes ago. “c-could i… get…” Sans huffed in aggravation thinking this over. It should be easy. “your number?” There it was out. Fuck! That was so hard.


Luna’s head snapped up to look at him after he finished, and he flinched at the sound of bones popping in there. Yeah that did not sound good to him. “Um... sure. Sorry not used to guys wanting my number...” She muttered something he couldn’t hear after that before pulling out her phone. Passing it to him so that he could type his number in. Unlocking it he found the ever-popular Van Gogh’s Starry Night painting set as her background image. Finding her contacts, he added his name and his digits. Without a second thought he sent himself a message from her phone wanting to get her number right then and there.


She must have thought his comment before he came was just something he had said. If that was the case boy was she in for a big surprise. Licking his teeth, thinking of what he could do with her when he found her again. Normally he was lazy about things, but for her hell he’d go for it. Once she was dressed he could feel the train slowing to a stop. Cursing the lack of time that they seemed to have suddenly. Gathering up her bag she held out her once more gloved palm for her phone. His gaze picked up a faint blue glow under her jacket. But no one would see it if they didn’t get too close to her. “I intend to shower when I get home. So, I’m not too worried about it being there for right now.” Luna spoke taking her phone and shoving it into her pocket.


Sans was conflicted, he wanted to grab her and shortcut her to his bed. They didn’t get to have their cuddles afterwards. He was one hell of a snuggle monster too. He grabbed the front of her jacket prepared to take a shortcut home. But one look into those two-toned eyes told him he would regret that. So, he pulled her close crushing her close to him before kissing her like he had done before. His fingers pressing into where he had marked her, making her shiver against him. Of course, he shivered as well but it felt good.


“text me when ya get home please. i want to know you made it safely.” Sans asked pulling from that kiss looking down into her eyes. That was not helping his case.


“Alright, Skelly.” Luna winked at him before pulling her scarf over her face. Letting go of her he watched her walk towards the door of the privacy booth. The click sounded again which made him realize she had locked the booth. She looked over her shoulder at him one more time before walking out.


The booth seemed rather lonely without her there. Moving up he shoved his hands into the pockets of his parka thinking things over. Needed to learn more about Luna Solarium. His mind went to the Nice Cream Vendor. Of course, if Tops knew what he was up to he might not share that information so lightly. Deciding he didn’t want to stay on the train he short cutted home landing on his bed. Removing his parka, and pants so that he wouldn’t get confined in sleep. Falling back onto his bed he stared up at the ceiling. “luna solarium, where on earth did ya come from? and how come we haven’ met sooner?” His smile was wider knowing she would text at some point. Or at least he hoped. But now with that magic in him spent he closed his eyes. Only to feel a shiver move through his body, she touched that damn mark. Stars she is going to kill me with pleasure.