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domestic - thorbruce

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Audible whimpers and grunting could be heard in the near bathroom to the den of Avengers Tower. Thor was sat a few feet away from his younger brother Loki on the couch, staring at a phone as Loki read a book. “Mr. Staaaarrkk!” Thor looked up as the voice was heard, still from the bathroom.

“Would you please move your hammer off of the toilet seat?” Loki murmured, daring to look up to meet eyes with his brother. “I cannot listen to him whine for any longer. Is that what's wrong? Thor's eyes widened in realization. He got up and made his way to the bathroom briskly, knocking softly on the door.

“Y-yeah, come in!” Thor opened the door and saw none other than Peter Parker standing awkwardly next to the toilet, clutching at his crotch. Mjolnir was sat on top of the toilet seat. “Uh-Mr. Thor, could you p-please move your hammer?” “Of course, Spider-boy. I apologize.” He quickly left the bathroom to let Peter take care of what he was there for, swinging his hammer in the air in the process.

“Did it really take you that long to realize why he was in there for ten minutes?” Loki didn't look up from his book as Thor sat back down. “I forget where I put my hammer sometimes, kill me.” “This is the third time.” Loki flipped to the next page. Well, Thor couldn't argue with that.

He sat Mjolnir on the ground, picking up the phone he was staring at earlier. It wasn't his. He didn't know who's it was, but he suspected Clint or Tony- maybe Bucky or Bruce. The lock screen didn't give him any clue to who's it was, as it was the plain beach background the phone comes with. He heard the toilet flush and Peter walked out again, relief written clearly on his face.

“Thank you Mr. Thor- I would've just used the bathroom in the lab but Mr. Stark would've made me leave anyways, so-” “Do not worry about it, child. I need to be more careful about where I leave my things.” Thor offered a smile. “Damn right you do,” Loki muttered under his breath, but Thor ignored him.

“Also, before you go, do you know who's electronic device this is?” Thor got up and showed the phone to the boy. “I'm pretty sure that's Dr. Banners. He leaves it lying around a lot.” Peter looked up to meet Thor's eyes. Thor towered over him by a few feet. “Thank you, spider-ling. I'll go deliver it to him now.”

And that Thor did. He knocked lightly-again, before getting permission to enter. Thor spotted Bruce hunched over a desk, working on some sort of small machine Thor couldn't understand if he tried. He was dressed in his lab coat. He looked tired. “I found your device in the den. I thought I'd return it.” Thor handed it to the smaller man. “Oh, uh, thanks. I should probably stop leaving that around all the time.” “What are you working on?” Thor asked curiously, gazing down at Bruce's project.

“Tony was a kinda busy, so he asked me to repair Clint's hearing aids.” Bruce explained. “I'm trying to do it from the inside-out, just so I'll be able to do it quicker next time.” Thor nodded slowly in response. He gazed at Bruce again. He realized they hadn't spoken much since his planet, Asgard, was destroyed. Everyone had been so busy with the whole Thanos thing.

Even after they had killed the Mad Titan, everyone had been so caught up in dealing with their emotions after the whole ordeal that Thor hadn't spoken with Bruce. He couldn't help but feel a pang of guilt, seeing how close they became during his sisters reign.. not to forget Valkyrie and Loki's assistance as well.

“..he always seems to find one way or another to break them.” Thor snapped out of his thoughts, Bruce looking up again, chuckling softly. “Perhaps Stark just isn't good at repairing them!” Thor let out a laugh, and Bruce joined in. “I wouldn't be surprised!” Banner sat up straight, his back audibly cracking from being hunched over a desk for so long. Dark curls fell over his face and he moved them away quickly, meeting Thor's eyes.

“Hey uh, what have you been doing? I mean, since the whole.. y'know.” Bruce asked awkwardly. Thor pulled up chair sitting close by, sitting down next to the smaller man. “Well, I have been adjusting to a mortals life. It has been.. interesting. I would have never thought humans did the things they do. Loki is also a chore, as you can imagine- but he's doing better.” Thor began going off on a tangent.

The two sat there for a while, just chatting since they had clearly been neglecting to do that. Thor hardly saw Bruce out of the lab anymore. He always looked tired. Bags under his eyes made him look much older than he was, greasy curls on top of his head showing he had been neglecting to shower. He clearly needed a break.

Both mens heads popped up as they heard the door swing open quickly, and loudly. “Mr. Thor!” Peter was standing there. “You know that really old movie.. Back to the Future? With the time travelers and stuff??” No, I do not know that movie. “And you know how it's Friday, and you know how-” “He's trying to say, we're watching a movie.” Tony appeared in the doorway, putting his hand over Peters mouth. “Yeah.” Peter straightened his posture, moving Tonys hand. “Do you wanna come?? Mr. Captain America Rogers and Buck-”

“Of course I'll join.” Thor dipped his head. “Banner. Would you be joining as well?” Bruce's eyes widened in surprise. “Well, uh, I kinda-” “C'mon, Bruce. You don't have a choice.” Tony decided as he left the lab, Peter in tow. “We'd really like you to be there-!” Peters voice called from outside the door. “Well?” Thor looked at Bruce again. “Alright, uh, just let me take a quick shower.” Bruce fiddled with his fingers. “Great!” Thor gave that sunshine smile he was so good at doing. “Is this movie any good?” “Right, you haven't seen any of these movies they're always watching, huh?” Bruce laughed as he sat up.

“Well, there's a first time for everything.”