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Destroy Me

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Arthur just stared at the shattered frame, broken shards of glass cutting his hand as he reached for it. Tears fell onto the picture in the frame, green eyes staring at the happy duo in the picture. It was supposed to be part of a gift for Alfred. It was supposed to be for their 2-year anniversary.


Before Alfred suddenly stormed out earlier that evening.


It was another one of their playful arguments that turned into yelling and screaming. It never went that far, but this time it pushed them over their limits.


“What happened to us…” Arthur muttered, hesitantly rubbing a thumb over Alfred’s face in the picture. They were at an amusement park just a few months ago, and this was by far one of the greatest pictures the duo had took together. Perfect lighting, both of them flashing goofy grins. They both held up peace signs, a tradition that they’ve grown accustomed to while taking pictures.


“To think that this is where we’d end up. I knew something was up when you started hiding stuff from me. And then you blamed it on me. Heh…” He continued talking to himself, more tears staining the dark stained wood he was sitting on. The picture slowly fell from his fingers, landing on the shards of glass still decorating the floor.


The sun was starting to set, bathing the interior of the apartment in a rich orange color. Glass shards shone in the light, glinting with every passing second. Memories of the argument keep replaying in Arthur’s mind, continuing until long after the sun disappeared into the horizon. He couldn’t stop the tears from coming, but eventually they stopped on their own.He couldn’t even get up, the last few lines of their argument playing over and over in his head.


“Why are you blaming me for this? What the hell is wrong with you, Alfie?!”


“Arthur. It’s over.” Alfred stared at Arthur, cold blue eyes staring him down while gripping the intact frame tightly. He made the last minute decision to throw it at the ground, not a sign of remove on his face. The frame shattered, glass flying everywhere. Arthur couldn’t even say anything as he watched the younger male walk out, taking the bag full of his personal belongings with him. The he collapsed to the ground, shock still flowing through his veins.


Then it hit him.


Alfred was gone.


“I better clean this up,” Arthur said, legs wobbling slightly as he finally stood up. He wiped the remaining tears away, plaster on a fake smile as he cleaned up the glass, throwing the picture in the trash as he finished up. He wasn’t hungry. He wasn't bored. He was just… empty.


Arthur slowly climbed into his side of the bed, not even changing out of his day clothes, tears brimming his eyes as he hoped to wake up and realise it was all just a bad dream. He hoped to wake up and be wrapped in Alfred’s arms again, the two of them pressed up against each other, taking in every second of each other’s presence.


He could hope, but he knew that this was reality.


And reality fucking sucks .